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IM and text talk has become increasingly more popular in this generation. For the most part, people are very lazy, and decide not to type out full words or sentences. Personally, I type out full words and sentences when I talk to people online, but abbreviate everything when I text people. My research questions were, "Is there a difference between IM talk and text talk? What are the popular abbreviations?" I talked to a 20 girl, Fatima, from Spain to get her outlook. 

Isabella T: Is there a difference between instant messaging and text messaging?

Fatima L: not really. it is all kind of the same.

Isabella T: What are the most popular abbreviations?

Fatima L: a10 and a2 are usually used to say "adios" and aki is used to say "aquí"

Fatima L: numbers are usually used in abbreviations. it is also popular to say b7s which is "kisses". which is said instead of adiós/goodbye.

Isabella T: Haha, that's interesting. In english, people usually shorten words, but it seems like in spanish words are abbreviated by the way the words actually sound. Such as "aki" or "bn"

Fatima L: yeah, that is true. other ones are like "exo" (hecho) or "fsta" (fiesta).

Isabella T: Are there any weird abbreviations?

Fatima L: yeah i guess so. por favor is usually "xfa" and hasta luego is "hl".

Most people don't know that texting and instant messaging started or became popular in Europe before anywhere else. I did find it interesting that they use numbers as apposed to just using letters. 

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