The Color Blue Podcast Ep. 3//The Color Purple// Author's Intent

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Maya Robinson (Student 2022)
Maya Robinson

I found this podcast really interesting because for my book club group we also read The Color Purple and we talked about similar topics. I liked the discussion of religion and it turning it into a spiritual aspect.

Melanie Lugo-Carvajal (Student 2022)
Melanie Lugo-Carvajal

The intro music was great and the overall vibe was too. You guys talked about the important stuff, the summary was very helpful to understand the author intent you did a good job organizing the podcast so it made sense to the listener

Colin Clapper (Student 2022)
Colin Clapper

I really liked the way the podcast was able to identify and distinguish the authors intent within the book. After listening to your previous episodes I actually feel like I've read the book, great work!

Ryan Hogan (Student 2022)
Ryan Hogan

The intro music was good. You have a good explanation of the book you’ve read. The only issues I have is the long pause at the start as well as the echoing in the audio

Jannah Groomes (Student 2022)
Jannah Groomes

GReat podcast! Everyone spoke clearly. very easy to follow along with what you guys were saying. I like that y'all did extra research to exactly find out what the author intent is.

Sarah Narvaez (Student 2022)
Sarah Narvaez

You guys wrapped up the book really nicely. It was a nice combo of analysis, summaries, and author's intent all mixed in there. Very entertaining to listen to. Great job guys!

Lianna Sophia Resuello (Student 2022)
Lianna Sophia Resuello

I think this podcast was really good and the flow of it went pretty well. I really like how you guys said what you think the author's intent is and not what you know. I think own opinion on it was good.

Teron Ingram (Student 2022)
Teron Ingram

Your podcast picture is very creative and I like that you opened your podcast with music. You guys brought energy and it made me want to keep listening to learn more about your book. 

Ella Travis (Student 2022)
Ella Travis

Lovely intro music. They pointed out things that the author put into the book, and what the author probably wanted them to understand about the book. Good amount of talking on almost everyone's side, especially Jade.