The Jash Episode 2

It’s catchy and fun it’s not boring.   
The Jash
by: Sydney Rogers, Israt Jahan, Avi Cantor, Hamidou Doumbia
Episode 2:

In this episode of Jash we will discuss the literary lenses. We connect previous chapters to three type literary lenses. We hope you tune in to next week episode and enjoy.


Chapter 11-20


Comments (6)

Leo Cassel-Siskind (Student 2019)
Leo Cassel-Siskind

i thought you guys did a really good job. It was fun to listen to but also really informative. The summary was good because it caught us up so I didn't feel left behind and I could understand what you guys were talking about.

Lauren Brown (Student 2019)
Lauren Brown

Great job overall! I like the introduction music and I really appreciated the clarity in all of your voices. I would recommend introducing yourselves in the beginning so that you don't have to say your name before you add to the discussion. There were also a loooooot of umm's and it made it sort of awkward. I feel like you guys should try next time to make it a little bit more conversational instead of having each member pretty much just take a turns. However, each of you provided some great thoughts and it was very interesting to listen.

Zoey Tweh (Student 2019)
Zoey Tweh

The beginning is hilarious. The recap, in the beginning, is succinct and easy to follow. Paxton was hilarious. I love Leo's excitement. I think the group dynamic is great and there are some interesting points that everyone even those who haven't read the book can relate to. Well done guys