History of Public Education


(Please Note this was a group project)



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Aja Wallace (Student 2013)
Aja Wallace

What made you choose this topic to research? I also remember you saying something about not being able to talk to the class that much doing the presentation because it would have been to much. So how did you decided what was the best way to present the information the way you did ?

Jennifer Landham (Student 2013)
Jennifer Landham

If the public school system never existed, how do you think private schools would be as a result? would the children all be better? or would private schools become like the new public ones?

Siani Widman (Student 2013)
Siani Widman

Whats the difference between The Philadelphia School District and other regions? Do you think school district education being penalized for the economy?

Abraham Musselman (Student 2013)
Abraham Musselman

-Why would low unemployment lead to a less desirable inflation rate? -What could change about Philadelphia's economic system that would bring more money to the school system?

Jesus Jimenez (Student 2013)
Jesus Jimenez

First of all, nice presentation. I really liked it!

Is education being affected by economics the same way other assets in our society are (like macro eventually affects kenny, like macro might damage our market)? Does everything have to be divided between Macro and Micro, is there something in between?

Nathan Giello (Student 2013)
Nathan Giello

I looked at our website, Why do you thinks Philadelphia public schools are doing so bad? How does the Philadelphia School district compare to others in the region, state, and country?

Eryn James (Student 2013)
Eryn James

Do you think that students at SLA relate to Kenny's economic situation or no? How does his public education play a role in his personal economic life?