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Macbeth Rational

The reason why we chose to do a playbill is because we thought it would give us a chance to show our creative freedom and are adaptation of Macbeth. The reason we choose to make it in a pamphlet way is because it can show a lot of things in a flip book style. The people we choose to to act in our play are very different from a typical cast of people because we thought that these peoples personalities would fit better in the extreme characters in Macbeth. The actors were chosen from there acting history. For example when we picked Michael Cain as King Duncan we thought of his role in batman and how he sort of acted as a mentor or parent for him. The purpose for this playbill is to get the audience excited for the play and make them feel like Macbeth is a really big deal to anybody who has read it. The reason for our ads is to get the reader of the playbill into art and to make them recognized the potential of any kind of art that we have.


This is a picture of us working on the Macbeth project and brainstorming ideas for our actors and other ideas for our playbill. It took us a while to find an appropriate list of actors that were at least semi-decent.


This is me writing the cast of characters and finishing there descriptions of why we put them in the play. It took a while for us to make reasons for our actors and for us to explain why they would be in our play. Also why they would be these characters it was, very difficult for us to get in the mindset.


This a photo of me trying to draw something good for the playbill but I couldn’t figure out so I spent awhile trying to draw something good.


This a photo of what me and my brother were working on to actually put into the final product it took us a while to figure out what would be the best fit as an ad.


Here is a photo of me working on the rational it is difficult to work on it because I had to fish for photos I took on the school days and figure out our whole process and how to do it in the right format.


Believe it or not I took all the photos I used in the pamphlet while walking with my family and when I saw these locations and I thought they were totally appropriate for Macbeth.

This play is brought to you by the local art studio BLACK CAT BANDIT without there support this play would not be possible please help support their art after the show. There will be a support box after the show.IMG_2223.JPG

(by Elogio Alfaro-Allah and Amado Alfaro-Allah)


(Elogio Alfaro Allah)

(Amado Alfaro-Allah)


Macbeth summary

The premise of the play is that our main character Macbeth is told that he is gonna be king. So during the play we see his struggles as king as the change we see him change the action is like no other and it is very exciting. Throughout the story there are a lot of different problems Macbeth runs into for example; he is very conflicted for most of the play when he is told a prophecy by three witches and now he is unsure whether to kill the king to be king or not do anything and not knowing whether he should stand by not knowing if the prophecy was true or not. This play will have you on the edge of your seat, wishing for more.

A playbill by the Three Kings brings you...



By Amado Alfaro-Allah

Ethan Larrabee

Sean Johnson

Costumes of Macbeth description

Since all of this takes place during the elizabethan era all of the costumes are fairly simple, but also full of variety. For example during that time period all of armor was very common on warriors and divine dresses would be worn by woman.

  • Macbeth will be wearing armor that looks very re-enforced and very protective. At the part when he becomes king he will be wearing a crown most of the time, also he will have blue robes that will compliment his large of gold jewelry.

  • Banquo will have a large amount of fur on most of the time with a stone that has his family crest which is very warrior like.

  • Lady Macbeth will have a single dark green dress and hair bun covers because that was a very popular style in the elizabethan era. When she becomes queen she will have a more frilly and divine colored dress but the colors would be very monotone.

  • The weird sisters will have ragged robes and that are black to really emphasizes their mysterious intentions and they will have gray hair because they are old.

  • Malcolm will have a plain color robe most of the time when he is not doing much but he will usually have his yellow armor on.

  • Macduff will have a rusty armor set most of the time and a lot of facial hair on his face and scruffy hair on his head.

  • Lennox will usually have some sort of paper he is constantly carrying and a very formal shakespearean clothes that are red.

  • Fleance will have a single colored shirt and baggy cloth pants that are held together by a rope. His face will usually be dirty and his hair will be short.

  • Porter will be wearing a bag over himself and he will have a dirty persona all together.

  • The murderers will all have black clothes all together and face masks with different animals for example; First murder will have a dog, the second will have a crows mask and the third murder will have a cat mask.

Macbeth Characters/Cast

  • Macbeth: He will be played by Chuck Norris because he has a reputation of being menacing and very scary in the few movies he has been in. Also because he could fit well in the age of the elizabethan era.

  • King Duncan: He will be played by Michael Cain because he is old and brittle, but still has that feeling of a wise old man. Also because it would be very interesting to have someone so calm and collected to be in the same position as King Duncan

  • Malcolm: Malcolm would be played by Nicolas Cage because he has the tendency to look young but still brave and cunning. In the play we picked him because we felt like he would make a pretty good Malcom because of his facial expressions

  • Donalbain: Donalbain will be played by Tom hanks because he still looks old but not to old to be the son of somebody. He also looks like he has the face and the body shape to play Donalbain

  • Banquo: Banquo would be played by Keanu Reeves because he is outgoing and still gives off the vibe of being brave and heroic from the Matrix series. Also because I feel like he has the record of playing brave and powerful people

  • Lennox: Lennox would be played by Harrison Ford because I feel like he isn’t really a fighter character but one that watches everything unfold from the sidelines.

  • Angus: Angus will be played by Philip Seymour Hoffman because he gives off that vibe of being a man to old for battle and watches from the sidelines. Also because he looks very cunning and doesn’t really have an opinion of war.

  • Fleance: Fleance would be played by Peter Ostrum (when he was still young) because he gives off the joyfulness of being a kid but when times gets tough it looks like he can get very serious

  • Porter: Porter would be played by Adam Sandler because he gives off a silly vibe and is very funny to see him play roles where he is the comedic parts

  • First murderer: Brain Wect will be playing the first murderer because he gives off a very menacing vibe and a scary glare that is perfect for a murderer.

  • Second murderer: Christian Bale would play the second murderer because when he gets mad it is very scary and fits the role as murderer pretty well.

  • Lady Macbeth: Anne Hathaway would play Lady Macbeth because she looks very light hearted and nice on the outside,but she can also be very menacing and mean.

  • First Witch:Susan Sarandon would play the first witch because I feel like she can be very mysterious, but also confusing to talk to and very scary.

  • Second Witch: Sandra Bullock because I feel like she can still give off scary and mysterious tension if she wanted to.

  • Third witch: Pam Ferris because she is very scary looking and her voice and really powerful. Also because she would make a good witch because of her role as Trunchbull in matilda.

  • Macduff: Macduff would be played by Joe Pesci because I feel like when he is in a position of power he does his best. Also him speaking in Shakespearean language would be entertaining to watch.

Macbeth Locations

Witches hut entrance

I picked and took this photo for the witches hut because the stone looks really nice with all the nature surrounding. It fits the motif of nature in Macbeth perfectly.


Macbeth’s castle of Dunsinane hill. The reason why I took and picked this photo is because the for and eeriness goes great with the prophecy that when the trees come to dunsinane hill Macbeth will be slain.


Forest where Banquo gets slain took this photo and picked it because I feel like the eeriness of the forest goes great with the vibe of Macbeth.


Here it is the finished project it took a while but with everybody's help we made it possible it was mostly just typing and taking pictures. But it was super fun to let our creative ideas flow into this small pamphlet that contains all our hopes and dreams. It was really fun to work with the guys it was very interesting of having Ethan and Sean as partners because they're 2 very different people kind of like opposites.

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