Physics Circuit Project by Goldie Robins and Jessica Maiorano

Artist Statement

The reason our circuit project is on a Philadelphia Marathon poster because the Marathon is November 18th 2012 and we our participating in it by running the half marathon and the full marathon. We decided to make the poster big because it reminds us of the posters that people on the sidelines hold up while we run. The blue and green lights that are on our poster represent Students Run Philly Style. Students Run Philly Style is a program that train teenagers, like us to prepare for the marathon. The red lights represent the color in the Philadelphia Marathon logo. While running the half marathon/ marathon one feels like a star so we placed the lights on the middle of the stars. The sneakers one wears are the foundation of running and the main part of training so we wanted to light it up to show the importance and significance of the shoe. A circuit is, a complete and closed path around which circulating electric current can flow. Our project is made up of a three parallel branch circuit that each branch consists of three light bulbs. The reason behind making a parallel circuit is because we wanted to make the light bulbs all the same brightness and last longer. The voltage drop in each branch is the same because each light bulb has ≈ the same resistance.


Comments (9)

Sara Nesbitt (Student 2014)
Sara Nesbitt

I think your project is really cute and awesome!! It's cool how you incorporated something so meaningful to both of you, and made the poster look even cooler:) Great job!!!

Tyikenyua Anthony (Student 2014)
Tyikenyua Anthony

I really like your project and i like the connections you made with things that are happening in real life and what you love. The poster is really pretty and also the color scheme is very creative.