Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why?

So our assignment was to make a video or podcast radio show about relationships. Our group decided that we wanted to make a podcast instead of a video because it would be easier for us to manage and give us more time to focus on our vocabulary and words.

What did you learn from doing this project? 
From this project I learned a couple new words like "horon" and "ventana" along with getting a change to work on diction and my speaking skills.

How do you feel about your final product?

We didn't do anything excessively fancy or over the top but I'm not ashamed of it either. There are small details that I'd like to tweak about it but overall I believe it's a good project.

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same?

I think I would of took a little more effort to make sure the recorded audios were more clear.

 Radio Show - Sophie, Marley, Tenzin, Kamilah


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