S.E.X how big is it in your life. With people around you, With you. Are you pressured to have sex? Have you ever been pressured to have sex? I know you heard those, “Wait til your married,” Did you? Are you going to?

 Crossing boundaries is when someone does something out of the box, or at least something that most people would have chose a different option. With doing this topic that there are many ways that people can cross boundaries and it doesn’t have to be something as big as start a revolution but something small that still could at least changed one life, or stuck out to some people. 

I learned a lot of things after doing this project about not only how to do this interview but about myself, and my friend. I finally got the idea of interviewing people and making sure that I asked questions that the reader would have to think about and if I didn’t get the answer I wanted to go around the subject and bring it back to the big topic. In this topic I learned that the actual editing could be hard to do because you don’t know what to take out and keep in because we are the person doing the project we believe that everything is necessary and its not. Some of my strengths were coming up with the questions, getting the interviewee to come out and speak from what she believes in. A weakness would be my editing and coming up with a good opening paragraph.
English Project 2

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Niyala Brownlee (Student 2014)
Niyala Brownlee

You also choose a topic that most poeple would not be most comfortable to talk about. Its good that you have gotten a teenager to interview because we get o see her opinion. We got to know a lot about what she feels and what she thinks.

Tsion Habtamu (Student 2014)
Tsion Habtamu

I really liked the intro, and the questions that you asked. I agree with Taylor, the conversation and topic is already deep. The person you interviewed did a great job of answering the questions, and I really enjoyed this podcast.

Jalen Smith (Student 2014)
Jalen Smith

I also enjoyed listening to this interview. This was a very deep conversation and there are a lot of lessons in this podcast that people could learn from. Job well done.