The Borough: Jenn Wright

For this project, the purpose was to write the lyrics to a song answering the question "De donde vengo yo?" or "Where do you come from?" The Process include writing the lyrics to the song, creating the music on Garageband and recording the lyrics with the music. 

I learned that it is much easier to be silly than serious. Because I am not a fluent speaker the meaning of some words becomes skewed. Last year I did a similar project and I tried for a serious song; it was so cheesy. This year I went the funny route. For me at least, the act of rapping is funny. I had to refresh my memory about Garageband, it is hard! 
It has so many buttons and knob that can do some really cool things. I'm really happy with the way the music came out though. I found it hard to rap to a beat, it did not happen. I tried my best to match my voice to the music to not much avail. If I could do it over again I would maybe have the basics of my music first and then attempt to fit the lyrics to the song. That seems backwards but I had to change some of the rhyming words due to grammatical errors and it messed with my flow. Yeah I said it, the flow. 

Niños en las calles

toque de queda es nada
asuntos primordiales- ¿a qué hora es la cena?

Me gusta o no me gusta, es mi barrio
dices lo que te guste
No puedo cambiar

Sí, están hablando malo
pero, otra personas, no yo
la reputación vale pero
Yo no contribuyo

Se llama "The Borough"
pero soló como un chiste
Es famoso para la gente loco
Yo no soy "Una Chica de Roxborough"

Yo no bebo alcohol
en los fines de semana
Yo prefiero jugo
con mis amigas como hermanas

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