The Parker Podcast - Life of Pi by Yann Martel Ep. 2

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Jannah Groomes (Student 2022)
Jannah Groomes

nice intro music in the beginning! A nice conversation between the two of you, flows very nicely. good job using the historic lens to better understand where the author is coming from. 

Oskar Glahn (Student 2022)
Oskar Glahn

I like this episode because it gives good insight into author intent, as well as the new-historical lens. It was interesting to hear about how the author could be connected to some of the emotional journeys that take place in the book.

Geonni Gee (Student 2022)
Geonni Gee

I admire you guy’s ability to maintain a focused conversation. It’s very easy to get off track, especially when there are components of a book that confuse you. The historic lense is a very interesting take, I appreciate how we could hear your enthusiasm for the topic.

Melanie Lugo-Carvajal (Student 2022)
Melanie Lugo-Carvajal

I like the connections to other media, also the connections you made based on research, like when it was released, and the inspiration behind it etc. It just added another interesting element. The transitions to other conversations were also very natural, and overall it all sounded conversational but still professional. Also the audio is CRISP. Overall nice podcast!

Colin Clapper (Student 2022)
Colin Clapper

This is one of my favorite books and it was great to hear new perspectives talked about on a podcast. I really enjoyed listening and it made me want to read it again.

Lorna Elliott (Student 2022)
Lorna Elliott

i liked the conversational tone to your podcast and the research behind the author was fun to listen to, added good background it blended well into the rest of the podcast.