Cancin No se: Aja Wallace

  •  Description of project
  • To write a song with 10-15 lines telling where you come from. Also stating important things about where we come from. 
  • What did you learn?
  • There are other ways to tell people where you came from instead of just stating it directly. Sometimes that can be a bit boring to the viewer. 
  • What are you expecially proud of?
  • I told where I am from but not directly almost metaphorically. I told about a piece of my home when I was younger and then talked about my family. It's telling where I come from in a different way then what other people might have thought you write for their song. 
  • What would you change if you could do it over again?
  • I might change some of the lyrics just to see how it might turn out. 
  • COPY of the lyrics in Spanish
  • Mi gusta recordarme de que me hace feliz  
  • El árbol es bonito con melocolónes
  • Melocolónes son muy jugoso
  • Mi papa ama melocolónes y ama sus amigos tambíen
  • El árbol pertenecer a mi abuelita
  • El árbol es sentimental para nosotros  
  • Lo extraño porque el árbol era mi amigo 
  • El árbol camino de mi vida, muchas lágrimas
  • Mi gusta recordarme de que me hace feliz
  • Amo familia 
  • Tres hermonos y una hermana 
  • Mama y papá son muy importante a mi 
  • Ellos apoyan y nunca me dejan
  • Mi gusta recordarme de que me hace feliz
  • Vengo de Familia            

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song due wednesday

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