Fahrenheit 451 Podcast #2

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Oskar Glahn (Student 2022)
Oskar Glahn

I thought the whole thing flowed quite well. The in depth analysis of the new-historical and feminist lens in relationship with the book provided a lot of cool insight.

Teron Ingram (Student 2022)
Teron Ingram

I liked how you guys open the podcast with music. It was a little too loud though but it does It wakes the listeners up and brings their attention to it. Also I like your podcast image.

Cashmere Harvey (Student 2022)
Cashmere Harvey

i feel like it was a bit lengthy . but it’s her than that it was a really good podcast. ours was kind of long too so i really can’t critique anything lol !! there are definitely a lot of things i didn’t know in this book that were brought up inside of the podcast !

Ella Travis (Student 2022)
Ella Travis

I'll admit, I think the intro is a bit strange. brings up a bunch of events and facts in the book, there is a good amount of speaking from almost everyone. It's nice there's a bit of laughing during the podcast. I do get lost a few times but that might be my fault.