Q1BM2: Macbeth Choose Your Own Adventure - Kwan Hopkins and Jack Sugrue

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PicMonkey 2
My partner, Jack, and I decided that it would be really fun to write an Macbeth version of a "Choose Your Own Adventure". We felt that this was a very creative approach to this project. We found an amazing resource to help us with this kind of thing and it really set what we were going to do in stone. We started off thinking that there should be only the main story line and every time that there would be a decision to be made one would be either one that progresses the story or one that ends the story. We decided against that because it really takes a lot of the creativity out of the "Creative Project".

The purpose of this project was to find ways to make Macbeth even more interesting than it already is. We thought "What better way to show this than to create our own tellings of how Macbeth's life may or may not have gone?" To fully understand how this project works, one should have a creative and open mind so that they can see the other sides of Macbeth's story and not get upset. Many readers of Macbeth think he deserved what happened to him at the end of his story but others do not. Either way, anyone could get upset at the creativity that comes out of our Adventures.

We decided to use Inklewriter to help create our book. We used Inklewriter because it is for making interactive stories and that's exactly what we wanted to do for our benchmark. While it's not collaborative, we used it because it was our best option to complete this task. Since Inklewriter is not collaborative, we thought that we should find a way to work together or this. We thought that we should use Google Docs to type out our scenarios together. Then, we would copy and paste them into the interactive story. 

Another idea that we just had to integrate into out "Choose Your Own Adventure" book was a line that comes up very often in our stream: "IT'S OVER." When the reader has made a bad decision, they will most likely be killed. So when they are killed a picture of Kwan comes up with the caption "It's over." We decided to do this because it adds even more creativity to our book and it's really, really funny. We want whoever's reading this to be able to enjoy themselves and see that even Macbeth is something everyone can enjoy.

Writing a "Choose Your Own Adventure book" seems to have been a fun experience and a great productive use of our time. Not only were we able to review things that we read in Macbeth, we were able to have fun while doing it. We were able to create something. We chose to do this because it seemed to be very different from all of the other options. We think that that this is truly one of the reasons that we decided to create this interactive book and hope that everyone who reads it will be able to enjoy it.

You can find our story here.

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Ariana Flores (Student 2019)
Ariana Flores

I love the fact that you guys made a choose your own adventure book. You guys really thought out of the box and you can tell how much effort you put into this project. Well done!