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Dayanna's Media Influency

When asked who I am, I usually categorize myself as an artist. That's what I identify as, It's a major part of who I am. From the age of 6 I remember always having a pencil in my hand, drawing away to "pass my time." As I got older and taught myself more and more about the greatness that art is, I realized what I was doing was beyond just a pencil and paper. It was a way to communicate my feelings, it was simply.... me.  That is why, I decided to make my slide mainly about my artwork. I did this by incorporating some of my best work, and other visuals of artwork I've done. Going into this, I knew that's what I wanted to focus on.  As mentioned in Presentation Zen, contrast is an important principle of making an amazing presentation. Using this method to catch the eyes of my audience, I highlighted words that stood out. Using another method from what I've learned, I left a great amount of empty space so my viewer doesn't feel bombarded with visuals of what I consider to be Who I am.
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Herstory Poem by Ameena Atif

She is from a happy childhood until her dad died.

She is from a Philadelphia ghetto.

She is from University of Pennsylvania , and college.

She is from pies on Thanksgiving and dark skin, from Drena Williams and Robert Williams and the Williams family.

She is from the loud voices and obnoxious attitudes.

From lack of equal pay and career advancements.

She is from Islam and Christianity.

She is from Philadelphia and chicken and koolaid.

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Who Am I? - Nzinga Bey

Tech project (2)

Maya Angelou once said When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. And that quote will stick with me all my life as well as the on one my slide. I can describe my self in thirty different ways. I chose to write words and use pictures. I like to show not tell.

Design process:

I decided to have a 50/50 slide. It shows a quote and then images. I decided to have a color contrast because I wanted the slide to flow nicely. I chose a light blue and white because a lot of my pictures are dark and I wanted my slide to be lively. As you can see I didn't use my name in the slide because I didn't want to have to much repetition. I believe my pictures are spaced out evenly by how much I like or care about them. My word font is big enough ,so people see the words along with the pictures. I wanted what I said to not over power anything else I wanted it to be equal symmetry in the mind.

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Media Fluency - Genero Accooe


Genero Accooe

12/ 1/ 15

Red Stream

The reason I designed my slide this way was to symbolize my nationality. My race is a very important thing to me because it is the one thing that usually differentiates me from other people I meet. The background of my slide is a symbol for biracial and seemed very important to include in the slide. The W and B were used to symbolize both sides of my race, but it was also used to show other characteristics I have. I used “contrast” technique to make the words easier to notice and keep up with.  

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Advanced Essay 2 Declan Zisser

I was young, and very protected. I was shielded off from all the harmful things that the world produces. I didn’t understand the negative, and I hadn’t experienced the negative. I spent my first couple years in the world going to “Mommy & Me” music classes, private preschool, dance classes, and my mom made me go to theatre camp. I grew up in a courtyard in Society Hill, and one of my best friend's parents were the head of the Republican Party of our protected neighborhood. I didn’t know what else was out there besides Starbucks hot chocolate, and arranged playdates. But I did finally have my first experience with the real world when I was 5.

I wanted to do Karate. I was inspired by all the Bruce Lee movies my dad showed me. He would always tell me not to tell my mom I was watching them. My mom was against the idea of me going to Karate classes because she didn’t want to see her baby get hurt, but my dad was all for it. The pride a father takes in their son being a champion is something you could only understand if you were a dad. They spent time looking for a “nice” dojo for me to go to, but there really wasn’t much for a 5 year old. I went to a place called Zhang Sah. It was an odd experience for me, I didn’t know anyone. No one here grew up where I did, and I knew no one. All the other kids gathered in a group and made friends with one another, and I was left out. A lot of my classes were spent like this, and I was always the one being targeted. I didn’t exactly mind, since the purpose of this was teaching someone self defense and I was well aware of the concept we were practicing.

I felt the most vulnerable in the locker room. I never knew to get changed in the locker room, or to go to the bathroom and get changed there. I remember when I went to the gym with my dad, and he got changed in the locker room. So I just did what he did. We all would go into the locker room before our class started to get into our uniforms, and put away our bags. All the other kids were laughing and talking, while I was left to myself. I was nervous to get changed in front of people. I took off my shirt cautiously, and slowly. I knew they were watching when I heard the conversation start to quiet, and I knew some of the other kids were peering over in my direction. I continued to take off my blue jeans, this was what I thought we were supposed to do. Their conversation came to a hush, and all the kids bursted out in laughter. I was nervous, and I didn’t know why they were laughing. One of them approached me.

“What you doing?!”

I looked at him scared.

“You gay for that.”

I was now confused, I didn’t understand the context of that word. After the day was done at the dojo, my mom picked me up. She strapped me into my seat, and we started driving. I was quiet, still thinking about what I had heard earlier.

“Declan, why are you so quiet honey?” My mom asked.

“Some kid called me gay. What does that mean?” I responded.

I could tell by the look on my mom’s face she wasn’t happy. She was silent for a few moments as well. I understand now why she wasn’t happy with the name I was called. All of her best friends were gay, and those friends were the same people that babysat me. It was something that she didn’t have to face anymore, and she found it so sad that a 5 year old would just say that. Homophobic beliefs are not something you just develop, they are taught. Whether if it is through religion, or close minded parents.

“It just means happy, Declan.”

She was silent after that. We continued the drive home, and I felt a sense of reassurance that I now understood the name I had been called. But I knew that’s not what that kid had meant. He meant to call me gay, like actually gay. I was able to pick up on that. A few days had past and my head was still wrapped around on this situation. I had to ask again, but I didn’t go to my mom for the answer this time. I went to my dad. We were going to the nearby park, and he was giving me a piggy-back ride.

And somehow in the most innocent voice you’d ever hear, I just came out and asked my dad “What does gay mean?”

My dad seemed shock, that wasn't a question he’d be prepared to answer for a 5 year old. He came up with a very simple answer for me.

“Well, it just means another boy likes another boy instead of a boy liking a girl.”

That was simple, it was music to my ears. It didn’t seem like a big deal at all, this was minor. What a pointless word. And I connect this back to the theme. Homophobia is something you teach. It is developed. If my dad had phrased what gay meant in a negative way, my positive thoughts about gay people in this country would be flipped. If only that kid’s parents said to him what my dad said to me.

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Media Fluency-Ethan Larrabee

tech slide
I chose this particular picture because it’s one of my favorite drawings. It really just stuck with me and I always found it fascinating how someone could create this with just a pencil. I used a decent font size and a font that I really like. I used red on black to create contrast to make the colors pop out. I used the rule of thirds. The picture is on the right and the word is on the left. This will prevent the focal point from being in the center of the slide.
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Who Am I?- Updated Slide


Based on the critique I received in class, I have learned several things from this project. One thing that I learned is to include a focus, or a main idea. This should relate to your prompt/question and be fairly noticeable. My main idea wasn't very clear, so I had to edit my slide to show the main idea of creativity and imagination. Another important thing that I learned I needed to fix was the coloring. Gold doesn't always work with black and white, so I had to change the color of my name. Finally, the unnecessary images that I included were deleted, for they only distracted the audience from the main idea- hence confusion and a lesser grade. With a few font changes, color changes and object relocation, I now have the slide above.
Leah Bradstreet- Who Am I- (2) (1)
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Herstory Poem

He is the apple of his father’s eye, like a gift from his mother.

He was sent from the heavens to lift his family from burden.

He was loved and cherished, this was certain.

His eyes were curious, brimming with the possibility of what laid ahead.

His lips were rough, they never did learn to speak words of love.

His mind was sharp, slowly learning what it meant to be a man.

She was her father’s worry and her mother’s biggest mistake.

She was a punishment from the man upstairs.

She was thought to be fearful, quiet and scared.

One day she closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and spoke her mind.

All of humankind simply turned a blind eye.

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Laura's Herstory Poem by Ari

She is from motherhood, from daughterhood and sisterhood.

She is from a childhood with two brothers.

She is from education, and hard work.

She is from responsibilities, part-time jobs,  and bullshit from brothers.

She is from the heart of an activist and the mind of a fighter.

From women’s rights and equality for all.

She is from Judaism. From prayers over shabbat candles, her mom’s famous kugel, and a b’nai mitzvah for every kid in the house.

She is from

From the nights in high school completing homework after a shift at the local art store.

She is from the love of art and from her parents not understanding her passion.

She is from the hundreds of pictures from her life neatly organized in albums; not daring to mix up her compartmentalized life.

She is from every person in her life that told her she was not good enough.

She is from a life of being put down because she is a woman.

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ME Magazine

The whole idea of my slide is to describe me and my life. It's the main focus therefore I put the title in the middle of the slide so that it is the first thing you look at. When you see my picture you will associate my name with it and that willl tell you what I look like The siz e of the pictures are relative to their "importance" in my life. Music is a very important part of my life therefore it's one of the larger pictures. My love for animals is a lso a huge part of my life. I love dogs and my favorite breed is the husky, which is why I chose a pictue of a husky puppy to represent that aspect of my personality. The picture of the shoes represents my passion for shoes. The picture of shoes I have there represent my favorite type of shoe the stiletto heel in my favorite color which is black. My favorite food depends on the time an since it's fall I crave apple pie all the time. The butterfly represents my nickname within my family. They call me butterfly because I'm beautiful but I go through life without a  care and I don't pay too much attention to my surroundings. 
Untitled presentation (2)
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Kyianna Thomas ME MAG......

I chose to make my slide like this because if you have a passion for something then you should want to make it feel like this is the last time you can do it. This slide is very creative. I wanted this slide to show how I felt about dance because I know that there is someone out there there who is just like me. This really shows how much I love dance. I wanted to put the pictures of me in the background because of the modeling shoot I had. This is a young lady who have been dancing for 9 years and wanted to show you the type of pictures dancers can take. This influence me to write about dance because of all the years i have been doing it and i feel like this is now something that is apart of me. I want this slide to make you think of dance not just as different types of dance. You should think of it as a way you feel and can show who you are. Enjoy it. IF DANCE IS LIFE THEN MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tylier Driscoll Media Fluency Slide

Me magazine slide
I made the slide look like this to make it look simple and to fit as much information in it as possible without making it too cluttered. My original me magazine influenced the way it currently looks because of the way that it's headed. I made my name twice as big the of the original size. All the colors math with each other and I made sure the font I used went well with the theme I was going for and I used repetition of for each of the text boxes to make them look alike to improve the quality of the slide.
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media fluency proj. : Muhammud

Untitled presentation (1)
I made this slide because it represents things that i like and  that i feel that i relate to the words that i have chosen  these words because they apply to me and  my personality and the things i do and this is why i chosen  these things.
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Me Magazine

Me Mag (2)
For my ​magazine i used the insert word art to make my title big and dark for it to stand out. I pasted photos that describe me. I pasted the photos together but not overlapping so you can see a clear image. I tried to cover as much space i can to make it look better. Looking at my slide you would see many different pictures of a certain thing. I made my photo sticking together box like and my name big and bold so you know it's my slide.
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Media Fluency Slide by Nick Ryan

Media Fluency Slide by Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan
Blue Stream

Slide Script

1. First, I created a slide and named it "Media Fluency Slide".
2. Secondly, I changed the theme from Simple White to Simple Black.
3. Thirdly, I changed the font to Anton.
4. Then, I typed the words "Step out of your comfort zone".
5. Then, I centered the words in the middle of the slide.
6. Finally, I underlined all the words and put the word "zone" in a bold font.

The purpose of doing this was to make my slide simple, eye catching, and clear. I did not want to add pictures or a lot of words because they are not what my overall message of my "Me Magazine" is. All those words and pictures were going to take the viewers' eyes away from what I am really saying. All of my experiences that I wrote about in my "Me Magazine" happened because I stepped out of my comfort zone, and I want others to receive this message and do the same.
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Media Fluency - Lauren Nicolella

Media Fluency (1)
​I used a pastel-based background, and a darker type of pastel colored-font to be in the letters. I used a darker blue to make my name pop, and stand out beyond the other colors and photos around it. Some of my photos bled through each other, the colors within the photos not clashing with each other to make it be too much going on at once, and they are things that describe me the most, as well as the words I used to describe me. I used a font that I thought looked nice, as it is easy to read and pleasing to look at. My influence and decisions to create this slide are my favorite things ever, so I made it look nice and the overall design make people get a gist of who I am. 
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Paxton's Me Poster

Untitled presentation
For my poster I place my name in the center because that is where one's eyes will go to naturally. After underlining my name with a fencing sword, which is my favorite past time. I then surrounded my name with all of my favorite pastimes. On the top left I have the Ender's Game books, they are my favorite book series. Next to it are a Ukulele and Play Station. Under my name is; the logo for Scratch, my favorite programming site, a piano, that and the Ukulele are my favorite instruments, and finally me doing a front flip over the empire state building in front of an explosion. It represents my love of parkour. All of this is placed on top of my favorite color, Magenta.
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Me Megazine

For my slide i tried to be as simple as i can be and not put that much stuff and get confused. And i put my picture in the top left corner, and put my name at the bottom. Then i put the map of the country if where i'm from, and put the caption on the top of the picture. In the bottom middle i choose to put the activity that i like to to do in my free time and put the name on top of the image. Then at the top right i choose to put my favorite show in another language. In the bottom right corner i choose to put my favorite show that is in english.  And i tried to use bright color so it can show on a dark color. So this is basicly my slide.     Thank you 
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Jake Watson

Untitled presentation

I designed my slide based on all of my favorite things. I put everything I like in this slide and obviously Lil Herb is my favorite rapper and I take a lot of influence from him so revolving the slide around him is the best way to describe who I am.

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