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Table 1 Water Filtration

We chose the country of Bangladesh to send our water filter to, because like many countries Bangladesh has lots of dirty water and a bad filtration system. Bangladesh needs simple, portable, and personal water filters that can be easily used by any person. Also Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world and it more than many other countries could really use a simple and very cheap water filter. 
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Mi Ambiente Para Aprender

Mi nombre es Sopheary Sok y tengo quince años. Soy estudiante de Science Leadership Academy. Está en el cuidad de central de Filadelfia. Está cerca de Schuylkill River. Es bastante pequeño. Hay cinco pisos y aproximadamente quinientos estudiantes. Nuestros almuerzos duran una hora, tenemos una clase en el Instituto Franklin todos los miércoles, y nos estamos cada uno provistos de una computadora. Tenemos muchos clubes como robótica, el cuarto piso y club de participación de la comunidad. También ofrecemos muchos deportes para el estudiantes como fútbol, béisbol, y baloncesto. Participo en softbol por que me encanta correr.

Las clases que tomamos son teatro, tecnología, arte, ingeniería, bioquímica, historia, inglés, geometría o álgebra uno, español, y almuerzo. Mi favorita clase es arte porque es más relajante que otras clases. No me gusta mucho historia porque leemos un libro aburrido. En ingeniería, necesitamos el cuaderno y un bolígrafo o lápiz. Hablamos y comemos con amigos durante el almuerzo. Es importante ser responsable con nuestra basura. En teatro, actuamos. Para tener éxito tenemos que estar preparado y prestar mucha atencíon en geometría. Es necesario participar activamente en español clase! En bioquímica, resulta útil tomar apuntes. Para pasar de inglés, trabajar duro y hacer la tarea!

La Srta. Manuel enseña Español. Ella es morena, algo delgada, y Filipina. No le gusta Miley Cyrus o Jonas hermanos. Le gusta correr. La Srta. Manuel es boba, inteligente, y divertida. Su clase es siempre chévere y interesante. En la clase, cantamos canciones en Español, tenemos mini concursos, estudiamos quizlet, y leemos cuentos cortos. ¡Es un amor de gente!

Science Leadership Academy es a seguro y mutualidad ambiente. Lo que más me gusta de SLA tienen ninguna intimidación y nos dieron mucha libertad pero no me gusta cómo las clases son más de una hora. Es muy creativo, innovador, y bondadoso. Estoy agradecido a asistir a esta escuela porque no hay muchas escuelas en Filadelfia son capaces de ofrecer tales cualidades maravillosas.

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Guns, Booze, Money, and Murder: The Story Of Guronzo, The Cold-Blooded Killer

    My name is Guronzo. I am an assassin and murderer. I will kill anything and anyone, as long as I get a good paycheck. I have murdered over 85,000 people throughout this job, not counting the people I like to sometimes run over when driving. I feel no guilt at all. I killed people by stabbing, shooting, slow torture, dismemberment, and burning. It made me a multimillionaire, and I have been doing this for 7 years. Plus, some people I kill are either rude, careless, or evil. I hop in my Phantom, and drive to my job. It an abandoned house that my boss turned into royalty with his millions. His name is Mr. Bobby. He is a man that has became a billionaire by stealing money from people’s credit cards and bank accounts. He is 38 years old and has been doing this for 15 years. Now, he hires people to do what he wants. I walk in his room, and I see him drinking Henessy, while 4 hot chicks rub his feet. That is the type of business he runs. Completely unprofessional, and non-government affiliated. He is a stripper loving, money obsessed, hypersexual, revenge-crazed psycho that will hurt anything that gets in his way. I love that guy. We share a lot of the same qualities. After he finishes the bottle, he gives me my assignment. I have to go kill the boss and executives for a company called ¨Furniture Gods.¨ They once got his order wrong. One time, he ordered a gold, $10,000 couch from them. They have messed up his order, and gave him 4 thrones. Man, I hate when people mess up my order. I have killed multiple store employees and delivery men over this sort if thing. When I order something, I don’t want it messed up. Period. He goes, ¨I’ll pay you $18 million if you do this, and do it right!¨ All I needed to hear.

    I hop back my orange Phantom, and listen to ¨Homicide¨ by Tony Yayo. After that goes off, I listen to Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle album. I then drive from L.A to New York City, since that is where the headquarters are located. I am strapped with the 2 Uzis, 2 357s with silencers, 2 daggers, and an AR-15. I drink 3 bottles of Ciroc, 4 bottles of malt liquor, and 5 bottles of Jack Daniels. Then, I go inside. I see this man in a gold suit. He welcomes me into the building. I pull out one of my 357s, and squeeze the trigger 16 times at his head. I hear others screaming, running. The noise starts to hurt my ears. I just pull out the AR-15 off my back, and start shooting at everyone I see. Any man or woman working here was going to get it. I caught about 27 bloody bodies just now, and I feel no sorrow. I just go on an elevator. I see one employee. He was very polite, and he offered me a 98% discount on beds and couches. Too bad he worked for this company. I have no choice but to kill him. His family and friends will never see him again. Oh well. I just put a plastic bag over his head, and start stabbing his neck and brain. I never get emotional about the deaths I cause. He was killed for a reason. I just start walking through after I get off of the elevator, and see 8 men and women discussing the company. I pull out my Uzi, and they all start screaming and begging. I just start firing like crazy. These people dare work for a company that messes up orders. My boss wanted a couch, and instead he got 4 thrones. Disgraceful. I keep blazing at everyone in the place with no sympathy. You won’t see your kids. Who gives a crap? When someone screws up, you kill them!! I see the blood on the computers, bloody bodies on the floor, brains on the walls and tables. Hahaha. Some man slaps the gun out my hand, and then punches me in the face. So, I pull out my dagger, and chase him. Once I grab him, I stab his arm. He begs for his life, talking about how he wants go home to his wife, how he wants to watch batman with his son. What does any of that have to do with me? So what if you want to be a pathetic child. I want your employees to start getting orders right dammit!! I start stabbing and slicing. He tries to crawl away, but I just jump on him, and start to cut off his nose, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. This goes on for 15 minutes because I wanted him to feel the pain. I see salt on one of the tables, and I start pouring them in his wounds. His screaming and whining eventually got annoying, so I let the 357 take him out. People will ask ¨Why do you kill do many people even when they had nothing to do with it?¨ Because you are connected with the people who did this. I hear cop cars coming. I run out the building, and I see this Escalade. I steal it, and I start driving away from the cops. After 7 minutes, I eventually lose the cops. I call my boss, and tell him what I did. He was happy, and I got paid for it.

      I celebrate by going to the liquor store, and buying all the booze I can get. Vodka, rum, beer, wine, gin, champagne, malt liquor, and whiskey. In total, that’s 33 bottles . After killing the cashier, I drink some of the booze, and save the rest for later. I decide to take a break for murdering, and I go to the movies as a nice, relaxed white man who needs just a little break. I decide to drive back to LA the next day. Once I get back, I travel watch the movie 22 Jump Street. It was very funny. I relaxed, and I did not even kill or shoot anyone. I just ate popcorn, drank some Jack Daniels that I bought, and enjoyed the film. I started driving around, and decided to play Motley Crue’s Too Fast For Love album. I enjoy it as I drive around town drinking an 40 ounce, and then drinking 2 bottles of Champagne. But now, I really want ton do something

       Now, I want to kill more people. It’s not only a fun hobby, but it helps train me for my next mission. So, I go to a local bar, and start talking crap. I piss everyone off, and they want to fight. They ain’t know about the submachine gun on my hip, so I pull it out and start shooting. They all act like sissies. I hear all this screaming, and see all this running!! I thought these cowards were supposed to be tough. Why aint y’all tough no more? Just because y’all catchin’ bullet-holes to the legs, arms, armpits, butt, back, brain, crotch, ears, eyes, face, feet, neck, and chest? All 37 of y’all have your white-trash blood, brains, teeth and eyes on floor? And y’all cried and screamed like little girls as it happened? What a disgrace. Some of them had desert eagles and was shooting, but I ducked & dodged all of the bullets fired at me. They all got bloodied up by that submachine fire, and rightfully so.

   I suddenly feel two fists hit my head. I see two men ready to fight. They start kicking me, and I eventually get up and grab a shotgun I see on the floor. I hit the guy with it, and he bends over the table. My sick, twisted head tells me to shove the shotgun up that punk’s rectum. And I do. You should of heard that coward scream. I then put the trigger 3 times. The bullets must have went to his heart or something. As for the other guy running, I aim at his right leg, and shoot it clean off his entire body. Wow, you should have heard him scream and beg for help. He was in so much pain, but he did not know that there was more to come. I pick up a machete, and start hitting and stabbing his back with it. Then I cut off half of his left arm. After that, I went back inside the bar to get some gasoline, and poured it on his body. I threw a lighter on his body, and watched him scream as he was burning alive. It’s really fun to watch people suffer, but it’s more fun when you have caused the suffering. That’s what’s so sick about me. I enjoy watching people suffer. I love to hear them beg for mercy, and love to hear their love ones beg and cry. I was always like this as a kid. I had a lot of hatred in my heart, and still do. This happened ever since I committed my first murders at age 10, in the year of 1995. I had an small uzi, a knife, and pistol strapped to my hip. My parents were kind and thoughtful enough to give me those guns. I went to see Friday. The movie person would not let me buy tickets because it was rated R. I was annoyed and angry. So I let the pistol talk to the man’s brain and throat. I heard screaming. So I pulled out my uzi, and made a mess out of the customers, and the people selling popcorn and snacks. Then, I just walked into the movie. I loved it. I also love the sequels that came out later. But that day showed me that murder can solve just about any problem.

    3 hours later, get a call from Mr. Bobby. He called me saying that I have to kill a glam metal band called Sexy Needle. Their latest album, Beer From Some Demon Chicks, went 23x diamond in 4 days. Mr. Bobby was a fan, and he asked for an autograph from the lead singer, Drunken Prophet. He refused to give him an autograph. Reason? He had to catch a plane very quickly. Mr. Bobby might be acting a little childish about this, but he is paying me to kill this band. So I will kill the band, their crew, and the concert’s crowd. They will be performing at the Martini Center. So, I stop by McDonalds for a power-up drink. Everyone is giving me a look. I walk in there sipping on Jack Daniel’s Honey straight out the bottle. I ordered 2 lattes from a cashier named George. I got lattes, but they were medium when I ordered large. How despicable. I pull out my glock, and I put 43 bullets in his head and neck. Brains all on the counter and floor. He deserved it. I hope he is being slowly tortured by Satan himself. Now, I hear all these customers screaming and threatening to call the cops. So I went to the car. I put an uzi and a submachine gun on my hip. Then, I bought my shotgun. So, now I am making a mess out of these men and women I see screaming and running. I am blowing off legs, hands, genitals, and jaws. I am also painting the store with brains, blood, hearts, and eyeballs. Holes to the throat, brain, and crotch. Just the way I like it. I laugh as I do this. Again, I feel no guilt or shame. I don’t care that I see children crying as their parents die and suffer. After turning every customer over the age of 18 into a pink and red mess, and after stealing some wallets, I put the shotgun on the counter. I pull out the sub, and go to the kitchen. Where the people be cooking. I start shooting at the 17 workers i see, as well as the manager. The grease, floor, and food are covered in red liquid. And it sure aint ketchup. There were 2 pathetic survivors. I decide to pick up a baseball bat I see next to me. I watch them beg as I walk towards them. After that, you know what happens next. Hahahaha!!!

    I later sit down in my car, drink 19 bottles of Jack Daniels and 14 bottles of malt liquor, and reflect about all of the craziness I have done in my life for about 4 hours. I start to wonder if I was wrong for all of these murders. Many people would say what I do, and have done, is straight up evil. And I am evil. I am not trying to be a pathetic loser like Gandhi. What a pacifist. I believe that when somebody wrongs me, or my friends, then I should kill them. They should not be breathing the same air as me. Period. And why would I feel guilty? Because the 5 year old brat won’t see his dad or mom again because I killed both of them? Man, please. I would be a clown to feel guilt over that kid. He’s a kid!! Why don’t he play with his toys or something. Speaking of death, I am obsessed with. Yet, I hate funerals and memorials. Can’t begin to tell how many of those things I shot up. So many of them. I might need to stop that though. The more bodies I catch, the more funerals and memorials I create. And that means funeral cars blocking the road. My policy for all killings is that the victim must be at least 18. I never kill children. That’s a little too far. But anyone else, man or woman, is fair game. I love to kill. I don’t know if I can stop. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. I also like to steal houses, mansions, cars, tvs and money. And I love to bomb places. I I have done so much bombing in my days. I just, to make it simple, love destruction and violence. These are all passions of mine that I have had since I was a young child. But, I might stop one day. This is a dangerous hobby. I could end up getting the death penalty, or get prison time. That’s not cool. I was born sadistic. I was born a killer. It really isn’t a choice. But, I may quit one day. But not today.

    After all of this self-reflection, I steal a Yukon that I see, and I go my mission. Yes I do. After arriving to place with a special luggage, I go backstage and see security looking around, a bunch of sexy groupies drinking bottles of rum and vodka, and a bunch of roadies and employees air guitaring. The security stops me. The uzis want to talk, not me. So I pull out both of them, and let them express themselves to everyone in sight. The are now bloody messes lying in huge red puddles. I then see gaurds holding tasers, and they are rushing towards. Same Uzis, same bloody results. I then put the uzis back on my waist. I finally see Sexy Needle, and they walked on stage. After the get on stage, they start to play a song called ¨Demon Strippers (Satan’s A Pimp).¨ I stop them with the glock. I aim it. The band starts complaining, and starts telling me to get off the stage. I see and hear the crowd booing me and chanting the band’s name. I pull some bombs out of the luggage and throw them into the crowd. I see 4 huge, bloody explosions. I hear start to hear screaming and running. The band gets scared too, and they try to negotiate and apologize. I let the glock take 4 members out. Now they are now corpses covered in red and pink. But, Drunken Prophet was alive. He did not know that my suitcase had a chainsaw. I chase him for 17 seconds. Then I cut off his right foot. After that, I start dismembering him as he screams, cries, and begs. As his rock-star blood sprays all over my clothes, body, and face. Then, I cut the head off. You shoul have heard the screaming. Fans, groupies, and security start running to attack me. I know their music is amazing, and it really is. But, sometimes great people must take great suffering. I start to shoot the fans with the sub. I really start to pile up bloody corpses. So many dead men and women. It’s crazy. I haven’t seen this many bodies piling up since 8 days ago when I bombed that nightclub. It was beautiful to see this many bodies on a stage. I also throw more bombs into the crowd. After all this killing, I decide to play with Drunken Prophet’s decapitated head. I kick it around a little. Then, I kick it into the crowd. Like Ice Cube said, today was a good day.

    Let’s fast forward 2 months later. The news called this event a terrorist attack. So many fans across the world were sad and angry. I can’t blame them. Sexy Needle had amazing music, and I have all of their albums on my phone. The band had a collective funeral 3 days after the event, which I bombed and shot up. But, they were a good band. I decided to quit the assassin job. I was a millionaire, and I wanted to adopt kids. Mr. Bobby understood, and he is still one of my best friends. I have also quit killing and bombing in general. It’s now been 3 and half weeks since I killed or bombed anyone. And I have also now adopted 2 young boys, and I love playing GTA 5 with these 6 year-old sons of mine. Not only is it fun, but it reminds me the many civilians and people I have killed. The many wonderful cars I have stolen, some which I still have today. And the many wonderful things I have stolen, such as tvs, booze, clothes, video games, and books. It’s just really fun for all of us. This murder-free life is a good life. I think I will continue to live it.


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Equipo Moreno

Equipo Moreno Pelo

Arielle, Jessica, and Christian

¡Hola! Nosotros somos Christian, Arielle, y Jessica. Bienvenidos a Science Leadership Academy. Nuestra escuela está en Filadelfia. SLA es muy creativa, aplicada, y un poco extraña, pero es por eso que nos encanta nuestra escuela. SLA es muy pequeña y tenemos muy pocos estudiantes. En la escuela, tenemos que usar nuestras computadoras en todas las clases. Este es muy diferente de muchas escuelas en el ciudad. Ofrecemos muchas actividades y clubes. Son americano y internacional fútbol, béisbol, ultimate frisbee, debate, robótica, poesía, glee y mas.  

Tenemos más de cinco clases. Son inglés, bioquímica, historia, español, y álgebra. Clase favorita de Arielle es bioquímica porque es muy interesante y divertida y hacemos experimentos. La clase favorita de Jessica es español porque nosotros aprendemos y cantamos canciones en español. Clase favorita de los Christian es el inglés porque es muy interesante, tranquilo, y porque le gusta leer. Utilizamos lápices, computadoras y cargadores para muchas clases. Necesita dormir y estudiar para tener éxito.

Nuestras favorita profesoras en SLA a Srta. Manuel, Srta. Giknis, Srta. Sessa. La Srta. Manuel enseña Español Uno. La Srta. Giknis enseña Inglés Uno. La Srta. Sessa enseña Bioquímica. Me gusta Srta. Manuel porque ella personalidad es simpática, cómica, inteligente y boba. Yo también, me gusta Srta. Giknis y Srta. Sessa porque son amable, tranquila y trabajadora. Sus clases es divertida, chévere y interesante. Él estudiantes a SLA ser amable, artístico, talentoso y creativo.

En conclusión, SLA es una de la mejor escuelas en Filadelfia. Nosotros somos dado un excelente educación y el estudiantes respetar la comunidad. Nos encanta la atención de profesores en la escuela, y todas las oportunidades la escuela tiene. Lo que más nos gusta de SLA es todas las divertidas actividades que tienen para nosotros. Creo que también nos gusta cómo SLA es muy tranquilo y libre.
Spanish - SLA
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                     La Gran SLA


Hola. Me llamo Mekhi. Soy Catorce años. Soy de Filadelfia. Él es David. Ella es Hayley y Él es Fabian. Estamos la biblioteca de SLA. SLA fue fundado en Dos mil Seis. Nuestro founder es el Señor Lehmann. SLA es situado en Filadelfia en veinte segundos y arco. SLA es muy original y mucho diverso. SLA es un bien escula. El estudiantes llegar computadoras. SLA tiene Cinco pisos. SLA hace frisbee, pista, base bola y bey bola. Nuestro escuela es cerca siete once, Au bon pain y otras escuelas. SLA tiene quinientos estudiantes. Me gusta SLA y soy no solo.

Nosotros tenemos la clase de Ingles, Biochemica, Historia, Técnicas de estudio, Ingeniería, Tecnología, Espanol, Drama, asesor, Y almuerzo. Nosotros gustamos Biochemica porque obtenemos que hacer manos en actividades como disecciones. Nosotros también gusta Drama porque otra vez nosotros llegar a acto y solo llegar suelto y relájese. En Drama tu necesitas zapatos porque nosotros van a ser activo. En Biochemica tu haría necesitamos un utensilio de escritura y papel suelto. También vas a necesitar a mantener la hoja de papel y un bata de laboratorio para disecciones. En inglés  nosotros ir a una acción clase y nosotros conocer con otras personas. Para ser exitoso en clase tienes a estar preparados y tienes a participar.

La profesoras son muy inteligentes y simpáticas. Ellas son ayuda la tarea, ellas ayuda con escuela trabajo. La espanol profesora, Señorita Manuel, ayuda la clase aprender espanol frases y conversacion espanol, y es bastante tranquila. La álgebra profesora, Señorita Thompson, ayuda la clase aprender ecuaciones, fracciones, y muchos mas, enseña muy bien. Ya esta son múltiple profesores enseñanza similar temas. Sin embargo ellos todos tener uno propósito, a tener cada estudiante llegar su más alto potencial. En orden a tener éxito, un estudiante necesario siempre poner su mejor  el pie delantero. Professors ayudar estudiantes obtener dentro de sus el sueño el colegio.       

Sla es muy interesante. La

SLA es muy interesante. Nos encanta Drama. Su clase es muy divertido. Mi profesor es muy inteligente y simpatica. Mr. Kay es talentoso y cómico. Lo que más nos gusta de SLA es almuerzo. Almuerzo es un hora. Yo sentir bienvenida. En la clase de inglés, nosotros leemos libros. La clase de inglés es un poco aburrido. La clase de álgebra es muy difficil. En la clase de álgebra, nosotros trabajamos muy. La  clase de ingeniería es nuevo. Nosotros escuchamos la música de Jazz. La professoro de ingeniería es muy simpático. Total, SLA es super bien escuela!

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SLA Promo

Hola! Bienvenido a SLA! Nos llamas Jorin, Kobe, Noah, y Fatoumata. Asistimos a Science Leadership Academy. Es en Filadelfia. Este es donde vivimos. Somos supér bien estudiantes y amigos buenos. SLA es cerca de dos tiendas y un museo. SLA hay approximate quinientos estudiantes y hay cinco pisos y muchos profesores. Tenemos un convención de Educon. Ofrecemos muchos actividades. Los actividades son fútbol, voleibol, básquetbol, y béisbol.

En SLA, tenemos las clases de español, bioquímica, inglés (literatura), matemáticas (álgebra, geometría, cálculo), salud, historia, arte, drama, y educación física. Nuestras clases son interesantes, divertidas, importantes y fascinantes. Nos gustan más debate, inglés, español, salud y bioquímica. En las clases necesitamos tomar apuntes, trabajar duro, prestar mucha atención, hacer toda la tarea y ser responsables.

Señorita Dunda enseña bioquímica. Ella es súper inteligente y creativa. Señorita Dunda es muy boba. Señorita Giorgio enseña matemática. Señorita Giorgio le encanta practicar deportes. Señorita Jonas enseña historia. Historia es muy aburrida. Señorita Jonas es muy simpatica y muy guapa. Su clase es espanol divertido. Su clase es historia aburrido. Su clase ingles es tranquilla. Su clase bioquímica es extraña. Su clase matemática es chevere. Somos muy inteligentes y supér tranquilos. Los profesores y los estudiantes son súper trabajador y muy divertidos.

Science Leadership Academy es asombrosa, diversa, y difícil pero divertida. Es la escuela mejor y pública en Filadelfia. En nuestra escuela hacemos todo diferente. Las clases son muy interesantes. En cada clase es importante participar activamente. Nos encanta que en las clases dirigimos las discusiones. Para más información visita.


equipo ensayo y video


Nadya, Jamie, Avery

Somos Los Sarcásticos.  Asistimos a Science Leadership Academy.  SLA es una escuela basado de proyectos, en el centro de  Filadelfia.  Está en 22 calle y Arch.  Está cerca de una estación de tren.  El edificio tiene cinco pisos pero el cuarto piso es prohibido. Nos gusta SLA porque tenemos muchos amigos aquí.  En SLA trabajamos duro, tomamos apuntes, prestamos mucha atención, y hacemos toda la tarea.  La escuela tiene acerca de 500 estudiantes y 20 profesores.   Tenemos desayuno y almuerzo gratis, expendedor automático, sudaderas oficiales de la escuela, y mucho mucho más.  Tenemos un equipo de Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Campo y Pista, Voleibol, Fútbol, Debate, y Robótica.  Tenemos también el club de música, ¨comunidad participación club¨, poesía club, club de cantar, y  club de bailar.  Participamos en Ultimate Frisbee porque es divertido y ejercicio bueno.         

Algunos cursos son bioquímica, inglés, matemáticas, historia, arte, y tecnología. Nuestros cursos favoritos son inglés y español. Estas clases son divertida y desafiante. Necesitamos unas plumas, una computadora, y nuestras revistas para inglés. Necesitamos una carpeta, un aglutinante, un lápiz, y computadora para español. Para tener éxito en esta clases tenemos que estudiar y foco en clases.

Nuestros profesores en Science Leadership Academy son inteligentes y comprehensivos. Tenemos muchos profesores. Tenemos una profesora en la clase de español. Su nombre es Señorita Manuel. La Señorita Giknis enseña inglés. La Señorita Giknis es muy divertida y loca. El Señor Todd enseña historia.  Su clase es tremendamente divertida, dependiendo del dia. En la clase de inglés leemos novelas. También escribimos muchos ensayos. Los Profesores en Science Leadership Academy son comicos. Nuestros compañeros de clase son diversos. Todos en Science Leadership Academy son muy fabulosos.

SLA tiene un otro campus.  Se llama ¨Beeber¨.  SLA es una escuela buena.  El  ambiente de  trabajo es mucho único.  En SLA podemos ser espíritu libre.   Los estudiantes son diversos porque es un ambiente fabuloso.  Lo que más nos gusta de SLA son los profesores y las clases.  SLA siempre es divertida.  A veces SLA es dificil.  SLA nunca es aburrida. ¡Science Leadership Academy es la mejor!

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Killing In The Name Of My Son

   Bam!! Bam!! That is how I am going against this dude with the baseball bat wrapped in the sharpest of barbed wire. I then jam the baseball bat up his rectum, and listen to the punk scream and cry. Just watching him beg for the mercy I refuse to give him. That’s not enough for this scumbag. I pick up the knife, and start stabbing him in the face as I think about how much I love my child. The man’s blood squirting on to my face. Can’t get it into my eyes. I then start chopping fingers off of his right hand as I hear his screams of pain. I know I am being just a tiny bit aggressive to this man. Why? Because this man tried to murder my 5 year old son, Jacob, at the store. He chased him with a chainsaw, and then attempted to gun him down with an M-16 until he found me. Why? Because the kid accidentally bumped into him. I was furious, but glad my son was not dead or injured.

       Now, I caught the guy. I then kidnapped him, and drove him to my house. Now, I am stabbing his crotch. I hear this punk screaming, begging for mercy. Screaming louder with stab. Crying more with each swing to his groin and stomach. Blood pouring all over his Polo pants. I just start laughing. I love to see my enemies suffer. It’s hilarious to see the scream in pain, and make all of these weird noises. He than decides to bite me. I could feel those little squares going into my hand. He knows he messed up FOR REAL! I leave him out in the yard, and go in the house. When I get inside, I see a bottle of gasoline and a lighter. So, I grab them. I then go to the dude, and pour the gasoline in his mouth, and his wounds. Then, I light a match, and throw it in his mouth. Now, he will feel the burn my heart and mind would if my son was killed or dismembered. Since he accidentally swallowed some of the gasoline, there is a fire in his throat. That’s cool. I am doing this because I love my son so very much.

        But, I see 4 SUVs, and then 5 people come out of each one. That’s 20 enemies. They all strapped. They are friends with the guy I had been beating up! Turns out, his name was Eruzo, and he ran a bank robbing organization! They are notorious for multiple robberies and homicides. Oh crap, this isn’t good. They all start shooting at me. The house is getting drenched in bullets, and my son is inside taking a nap!! He could get murdered!! I run inside, and grabbed my uzi, and my RPG. I then ran out ducking, and fired the RPG at one of the groups. I can see the heads and arms flying through the air, and blood is everywere. All over the lawn I work so hard to keep nice and pretty. I wish I could bring them back to life, tie them up, and slowly torture them for messing up my lawn.

        Now, it’s Uzi time. I spray at all the dudes. The sound of the gunfire was beautiful. The screams of pain, as well as the sight of blood and brains fly in the air, were like music to my ears. Their bodies looked like they were covered in ketchup when I was finished. Except for 1 guy. He didn’t get hit with any bullets. Not one piece of drop of blood on his Versace shirt, his Gucci pants, or his Air Yeezies. That man must meet Satan today. There is no way I will let him get away with this crap. I just picked up the chainsaw, and start cutting his crotch area. It was like he started peeing blood. After that, I open his stomach up with it. Then, I sliced his body in half. He was screaming. I liked it at first, but then it got annoying. So I threw a brick at his head, and did it as hard as I could. Now he is finally dead, thank God. I see the other dude. His insides are still burning. I decided to just let him suffer. The more the suffering, the better the revenge.

       I then realize I need to run away, and move!! My son is so innocent. He loves Halo and disney, and wants to be a superhero. So precious. I can’t let these dudes pull out their AKs and turn him into macaroni, so I then grab my son, and scream ¨We must run!!” So, I grab a bag full of guns, get my son, and we hop into my Maybach. We are moving to New York. That way, I won’t get arrested. But more importantly, my son can live. My son won’t have 27 holes in his head. I don’t want him dead. Now, it has been 4 months. I was only charged with manslaughter, and I am serving no prison time!! Yay!! I had also bought a very nice house there, and it has an arcade and a pool. And my son is doing good. He is happy, playing video games and watching the coolest tv shows. And I am also happy. I got baptized, and washed those sins away. While I will go to heaven, those men are burning all day, and all night while Satan dissect their bodies and lights their insides on fire. That’s all I want. My son to be alive, and for those dudes to suffer forever.

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En Serio

Bienvenidos a  Nosotros escuela Science Leadership Academy también conocido como SLA.  Hola, somos Jamal Hampton tengo años catorce.Trabajar difícil en SLA es un común característica. Nuestras escuela somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy. Science Leadership Academy está en  55 North 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Science Leadership Academy está cerca de y TFI (Aquí tenemos la clase de Museo experiencia). Science Leadership Academy es intellegente, divertido, y creativo.  Science Leadership Academy hay tiene más que quinientos estudiantes, tiene más que treinta profesores, y SLA tiene cincos pisos. Tambien, tenemos diferente programas. Tenemos TFI, después escuela consejería, benchmark proyectos, un grande almuerzo, y como si fuera poco tenemos Chromebooks® la computadora. Además, ofrecemos chévere ,robótica, danza deportes béisbol, fútbol, softbol, pista, voleibol, baloncesto, disco volador, y ellos son qué chévere. Yo participo en clases como geométrica, historia,bioquímica, Espanol, y literatura. SLA es divertido y ir a la escuela es no un problema.

Hola, somos palabras Jamal, Taytianna, Addison, y Kali. Tenemos quince y catorce años. Somos estudiantes de Science Leadership Academy. Esta en la ciudad de Filadelfia. Está cerca de restaurantes, tiendas, y otras escuelas. Nuestros profesores son muy antipático, útiles, y intelligente. Nuestro director es Senior Lehmann. Hay cuatrocientos estudiantes, siete treinta y uno profesores. Tenemos muchos clubs. Tal como, debate, arte, música. drama, robotics, y glee club.

      Nuestra  escuela es muy diferente y súper chévere!Nosotros cantamos y bailamos en las clases. Nosotros pintamos en las paredes de la escuela. !En serio¡ En nuestras escuela participamos mucho en los deportes.  Nos encantan último disco volador, fútbol, baloncesto y a correr.En la clase de Inglés, La Señor Kay, nos leemos libros.  Es bastante tranquila y chévere.En la clase de biochimica, La Srta. Dunda trabajamos en el laboratorio. La Srta Dunda enseña muy bien.

    Bienvenidos a Science Leadership Academy. Science Leadership Academy es bastante estricta. ¡Es una broma! Es mucho chévere. Nuestros escuela es realmente libre. Science Leadership Academy es pequeñ, pero bueno. estudiantes que ama pequeñ lugares, entonces Science Leadership Academy es adecuado para usted. Science Leadership Academy tiene unmontón de libertad.   Nuestros escuela Para más information. Contacto

Team Tranquilo:

Hola, nosotros asistimos Science Leadership Academy o SLA. SLA es súper diferente, SLA es a proyecto aprender escuela. ¡Qué chévere! Está en Filadelfia. SLA tiene mucho estudiantes y actividades. Nuestro escuela tiene deportes como fútbol, softbol, ultimate frisbee, básquetbol, béisbol y más. ¡Nosotros trabajamos duro y participamos activamente! Hay cinco pisos, pero el piso cuatro tiene cero clases. Ofrecemos escribimos, bailamos, corremos y cantamos clubs, y como si fuera poco profesores por lo general ayuda estudiantes después escuela. SLA tiene mucho de amable estudiantes y profesores! SLA es fantástica!

En todos nuestras clases tenemos que participamos activamente. Freshmen’s tiene la clases de inglés, español, historia, bioquímica, matemáticas, drama, tecnología, arte, y ingeniería. Por ejemplo

en la clase de inglés nosotros leemos, escribimos, y hablamos. En la clase de espanol nosotros cantamos en español y practicamos conversacion en espanol. También en la clase de historia nosotros platicamos sobre. Todos la clases tener proyectos y discusiones. Para tener éxito en esta clases estar preparado y prestar atención. Clases son muy divertido y interesante.

SLA tiene mucho bien unos profesores. Señorita Sessa enseña bioquímica, y Señor Kamal enseña ingeniería. Mi profesora favorita es Señorita Hull. Ella enseña tecnología, y es mi consejera. Enseña muy bien. Los profesores son simpáticos, listos, y sociables. Los estudiantes son muy bien también. Nosotros somos divertidos, y trabajadores. Estudiantes de SLA conmigo son responsable, participar (activamente) y son seria en clase.

SLA es muy diferente, divertido, y escuela conmigo trabajador estudiantes. Estudiantes de SLA aceptar todos personas. Las clases casi siempre son interesantes. Es fácil a tengo amigos. La comunidad es fantástica. Lo que más nos gusta los profesores y la computadoras de SLA . Los profesores son emocionada enseñar.  ¡SLA es el mejor!

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