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Watson,Williams,Whyte Video 1

Sandra tells David the weather when he needs knows how to dress to go outside

(This is on the only video on facebook because it would not send from my phone to here so you could still watch it .)
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Spanish Video#3: JLynn, Lydia and Matt

Spanish Class Skit

  In this video, a teacher is doing quiz review and two students answer their questions. In the unit that this skit represents, we learned the ABC’s in Spanish. Lydia and Matt were the students. JLynn was the teacher and our amazing teacher Ms.Manuel was doing camera work.

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Spanish Video #1: JLynn, Lydia, Matt

Phone number skit

For one of our scripts we did a video that involved a person walking up to phone and someone behind her asking her for her phone number. The people involved in this skit was Matthew and Jlynn. Lydia filmed it. This skit taught us numbers and How to ask someone for their phone number.

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