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National History Day Essay: Micah Henry

This is my National History Day project for American History Class in 11th grade. I worked rather hard on this project the first and second quarter and this is the second part of my project. I was determined to finish this project and I did. I am proud of my work and I hope you will enjoy my essay!
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Albert Einstein

This historic scientist is a household name, but few know exactly why. How did he contribute to scientific advancement? Did his research really start the nuclear age? How did he become famous? My essay looks into these questions and more, talking about everything from Einstein's philosophy to relativity. Read the full essay here: 
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Quarter 2 Art By Lukas Aznar

Artist Statement

During this quarter, I definitely felt more comfortable with my artwork. I really enjoyed doing some of the artwork that was required of me this quarter. One of my favorite pieces of art work was the assignment where we were told to edit a photo and show the before and after. I enjoyed this because it gave us a chance to do a different kind of art which I enjoyed. When I was doing my college, I wanted to pinpoint something that I saw a lot in modern magazines. And while flipping through some pages I realized that most of the ads pinpointed one demographic; Americans. This was perfect for me because not only do I love the United States of America, but i felt like it would make for a cool collage. I cut out all of the things That I saw that seemed like it was being pointed towards that demographic, and I came out with this collage.

While drawing the fabric, I just really wanted to get the shading right. I think I did a really good job with that. As far as the editing of the photo, I think I had the most fun, I got to edit a photo of Kanye West and make his image seem much more dark yet stand out. I was really happy with how i toned down all of the background and pinpointed him as the main attraction. I then highlighted all of the bright colors and brought all of the attention to that. My final piece of art was a portrait of a poem. And the poem was about happiness, so I envisioned a town full of happy people. I think that it came out looking exactly how I wanted it to. At the end of the quarter I am very happy with all of my final products and I am excited to learn more and more about Art and how to make the best product that I can
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Q2 Art Portfolio

Hello, My name is Mingxue Zheng and the following slide show will contain the three artwork and one photograph that I've created in the second quarter of my senior art class. Our class is divided up into three groups, passing, middle, and FAS (future art student). As a "middle" I need to complete...

1.) Art Collage (8x11") 
2.) Fabric Drawing (8x11")  
3.) Edited Photo 
4.) Illustrating a piece of writing from Children's books. 

The first artwork that I was so hyped up about is the collage. I never did a collage that needs to convey a deeper meaning before. It took me 2-3 days to formulate ideas for the collage. 

My collage should be simple and visually appealing. There should be a sharp contrast as well. So, I did a "Hot & Cold" collage with a grandma crossing between the cold and hot terrane of the collage. On the cold terrane there is a lot of black and white landscapes. To add a pop of color, I added a series of blue butterflies so it will not be overly dull. On the hot terrane, there are a lot of orange to red color schemes; making a more vibrant atmosphere. 

The most challenging art piece was to create a fabric drawing. It took me a lot time to figure out where to shade. After a bunch of diligent tries, I finally have the drawing. However, it still doesn't look like a fabric. 

The third task is to edit a photo. I chose to edit a photo of Chinatown's signature landmark because I lived there. I am very proud of that picture as a Chinese immigrant. Since, I like everything to be sharp and colorful. I chose to saturate the photograph. 

For the fourth task, I chose to illustrate a piece of writing from Where the Wild Things Are. I chose to change the protagonist to a female because females should be portrayed as audacious and adventurous rather than obedient all the time. I also change the monster to a European horror influenced Chinese mythological creature. 

I really have a lot to improve. But, trying new things are always good. To me, art is a medium that helps me to imagine. Someday, the sometimes obscure imaginations within my brain could be drag into the world of reality. 
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NAFTA: Was It Really Worth It?

My website shows the long term affect of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Even though the ideas were initially great ideas, Bill Clinton (president that signed the treaty) wasn't ready for the disadvantages that this system has created. It's much more than trading when it's dealing with people's lives. 

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Miles Davis

Miles Davis was a Jazz trumpeter mainly known for his volatile temper and his eclectic and innovative music.

Here is a little website I made about him. In making it I tried to not only talk about him, but to display his music and some of what makes it special.

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Alexander Graham Bell

I dedicated my NHD project on Alexander Graham Bell, a man who changed the future with his invention. He was the first person to create a telephone or he was the first person to receive the patent for creating the telephone. My thesis is: "​Alexander Graham Bell lived his entire life with an effort to overcome and coexist with challenges as opposed to disregarding them. His challenges sparked ideas that began his progression in innovating. One of the most prominent technology now, cell phones, is due to his efforts to constantly think and innovate. Alexander Graham Bell has truly left a remarkable legacy that is evident in our daily lives." 

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The Leadership and Legacy of Norman Borlaug and the Green Revolution

My website is about the leadership that Norman Borlaug took to lead the Green Revolution, and the legacy that he left behind. He was the father of the Green Revolution, a large series of agricultural improvements that happened in roughly the 1960s, and it increased the world's food production. In his attempt to reverse the global food crisis, Norman Borlaug created a strain of wheat that helped to feed billions. Through years of hard work and dedication, Norman Borlaug was able to achieve great success that is responsible for the saving of so many lives.

Please click here to see the site I created!
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Andrew Jackson "People's President"

My website explains all about Andrew Jackson's life. You can learn more about why he was called the People's president by reading the information in my website below. Andrew Jackson impacted the lives of many people and changed perspective on how government and congress work. He also started up the 2 party system. Andrew Jackson really helped make America where it is today! Hope you like the website !


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Q2 Art Portfolio

​Artist's Statement

You can’t always limit what you can do, because then, you’re not creating. There have been plenty of times where I gave up on something, because I always compared my art to others, and it never worked out in the end. Art is something to be enjoyed, no matter what the medium. And if you’re not being you, what’s the point in making something for people to enjoy?

The secret to art isn’t skill, it’s loving what you do, and taking risks with yourself.
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How To Make Hummus

  • 4 Cans of Goya Chickpeas 15.5 Ounces Each 
  • 4 Lemon Squeezed 
  • 4 Pieces of Garlic (Less Than Half A Clove) 
  • Tahini (Sesame) Paste 
  • 1 Tablespoon Sour Cream 
  • 1 - 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil


  1. Grab the food processor or blender from the kitchen. 
  2. Get our 4 cans of chick peas reserved with the juice that was already inside the can. Open them and put them in the food processor. 
  3. Combine the 4 cans of chick peas, 4 lemons already squeezed, 1 tablespoon of sour cream and  4 pieces of garlic inside of the blender. Blend unto it’s like a paste. 
  4. Add a half a cup of sesame paste. Blend unto smooth. 
  5. Garnish with olive oil and sprinkle a little Sumak over the top (optional)
  6. Now you can eat it. Refrigerate left over. 


This dish is probably the healthiest dish of them all. Seriously it is. This dish is made up a least 90% of whole foods. The chickpeas were canned however they are still very healthy. The lemons are just squeezed and garlic is also a healthy ingredient. Tahini paste is also a type of whole food. Tahini paste is made from ground sesame seeds and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. The last thing that may be unhealthy to us is sour cream, however we are just using a little bit. 

In each Goya chickpea can there’s only 90 calories. The sugar is less than 1 gram and the fat is at least 1 gram. Since chickpeas are really healthy, our bodies will be able to process them really fast and it won’t hurt us at all. If we were to just eat hummus every day I think nothing won’t happen to us. Hummus is really nutritious and healthy for our bodies, so eating too much of it won’t necessarily make us obese. 

Our main ingredient is our Goya product which are the chickpeas and they come from here. The food company that makes Goya products are right in New Jersey which is right next to Philly so it’s not being made a billion miles away. It’s being made here right where we live which is good. Our tahini paste probably comes from the Middle East so that’s far away from us. But tahini paste is also healthy because it’s being made from healthy ingredients. Everything besides the sour cream is organically grown because all these are all different types of vegetables/plants. 

This meal is very very cheap, the chickpeas are only about a dollar a can and the tahini paste is also very cheap as well. All the other ingredients are at least 3$ so all together you can spend at least 10$ for the whole dish. Although, the ingredients are a lot the dish is really healthy instead of buying fast food which is cheap and dangerous for our bodies. 

If we were to grow the chickpeas ourselves, it would of been much healthier for us since we’re getting this ingredient from a can. Also, the chickpeas will probably taste really different from the can because the garden would be organic, but I think it would have a weirder taste than the can because we wouldn’t know what to do next with it. The tahini paste also can be homemade, but the process is really difficult and it’s also healthy in the jar as well. 

Lastly, this is a very healthy dish to eat at any time. You can eat it at breakfast or have it as a side at a dinner and everyone will enjoy it. You can honestly never go wrong with hummus at all. It’s so delicious. 

​Personal Reflection 

I liked this unit more than any other unit that we’ve been taught before even though it was just about food. I liked it because it I’ve learned a lot about all the foods we eat and what it can happen to us in the future. I think the biggest problem with our food system is that there is just so much of it and sometimes we can’t resist it. I feel that there is so many different types of food that we can’t even keep track of what other foods that can possibly be made. It’s like every day something new is being created and that’s not good at all. And when there’s so much food going around people feel the need to keep eating and eating. And soon we’re gaining 10-15 pounds overnight. 

The changes I could make to my food choices is making sure I don’t eat late. And not just eat and go to sleep right after. I mostly eat foods that are cooked in my house anyways and probably telling my mom to not always make fried foods all the time. I think I honestly need to eat more vegetables because I suck at doing that. My mom always has some type of vegetables on the table and I barely touch it. I think if I motivate myself to eat healthier that I would be able to make these changes. My food choices aren’t that hard, but the hardest one is being able to stay awake a little bit after I eat because I can eat once I get home and take like a 3 hour nap and I know that isn’t healthy for me at all. So all I need to do is make sure I watch what I eat. 

Food Rules Slide

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.41.36 PM
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Q2- Advanced Art

As an artist, I wanted to explore different mediums of art. I normally do a lot of drawings but there is so much more to discover. This quarter, there was four assignments. Two of them are drawings, one is a collage and the last one is a photo edit. In my artwork, I wanted to incorporate memories and things that were important to me as a child. I think that a piece of artwork would look a lot better if it was meaningful. My favorite piece was my book illustration because this is one of my favorite children's book. I really resonated with this particular scene in the book when Edward was sinking further and further into the ocean.
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Roy & Walt, NHD - Lauren & Caitlin

Short introduction to our project:
National History Day's theme this year is Leadership and Legacy. Lauren and Caitlin decided to create their project on Roy O Disney and Walt Disney. The two brothers created an entertainment empire based off of one idea. Even though the two were very different leaders, their legacy is remarkable. The Disney parks and films are enjoyed by many people every single day all over the world.

Visit our website here! 
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Chicken Quesadillas



  • Whole grain all flour tortilla wraps

  • skinless chicken breast

  • whole onion

  • whole green pepper

  • mushrooms

  • 3 blend mexican cheese

  • olive oil

  • salt

  • pepper



  1. Take your onion, green peppers and mushrooms and dice them up into tiny pieces

  2. In George Foreman Grill or in pan cook chicken breast until it’s safe to eat.

  3. Once cooked cut up chicken breast into small pieces.

  4. Grab a pan and cover pan with a light blanket of olive oil.

  5. Turn pan on to medium low heat and throw the tortilla wrap into pan.

  6. Take your 3 blend mexican cheese and sprinkle it until tortilla is completely covered.

  7. Take your diced cooked chicken breast pieces and put them on the layer of cheese spreading them out evenly.

  8. Take your diced vegetables and repeat step 7.

  9. Put another layer of cheese on the chicken and vegetables.

  10. Take another tortilla and put it on top.

  11. Once first layer of cheese has melted carefully flip the quesadilla so that the other side can do the same.

  12. Once both sides of cheese has melted turn off stove cut up into favored amount of slices and enjoy.


Not only is this meal extremely tasty it is also very healthy. With the only ingredient that I think is processed is the 3 blend cheese, every other ingredient on here is completely natural. This is an easy to make meal with all natural ingredients and while none of these ingredients are organic they are still better than eating processed foods. 

Now while meat is somewhat of a no-no from what I learned was poultry is the healthiest choice of meat to choose from. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and isn’t a red meat so the risk of cancer and obesity goes down my a significant margin. And since it’s not processed that adds more points to the healthy factor. Let’s look at the tortilla bread next. The tortilla bread I am using is all flour and whole wheat making it completely natural. Also thanks to it being whole wheat it’s way healthier than buying white tortilla bread which is sometimes processed to make it look white. To add a bit more health benefits to the dish I decided to add all natural vegetables . Green bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C, onions help regulate blood sugar to a safe level and mushrooms help combat chronic diseases. The 3 blend Mexican cheese is with pasteurized milk which makes it the only thing on this list thats processed. The only health benefit the cheese has is being low in cholesterol and sugars.


I’ve learned a lot about food this unit, especially about the western diet and how it affects humans. I always knew the western diet was little worse than everyone else’s diet, but didn’t know it was worse than what I thought it to be. I had no idea some of the top leading deaths in America were diet related and it shows how bad the American diet really is. Another thing I noticed was that there are more obese people in the south than any other part of the country. This is due to the amount of meat they eat which I learned is in correlation with cancer.

Some food changes I could make would be not eating as much processed foods. Eating foods that take forever to decay can’t be good if its sitting in your stomach. Cutting back on the processed foods would probably make me healthier overall; however, I think it would be insanely hard to do this since most of the foods we eat are processed. Also whole foods tend to be much more expensive than processed foods since processed foods can be made in a factory. Once I start living on my own and buy my own food I would consider not buying as much processed foods.

food slogan
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