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Aaron's Monologue


Dear Pennsylvania Governor or to whomever puts this is the paper shredder:

One, two, three, four? FOUR textbooks for a class of 32 students.

That’s what I’ve been handed to teach my students.

I’ve been working as a teacher since I got out of graduate school 6 years ago. It’s my passion.  I love learning from my students and challenging our thinking.   My  job  requires many hours of unpaid overtime but it is what is required to be an effective and caring teacher.   I’m not asking for a raise; rather I am  advocating for my students.   I teach five  classes of 33 students and am responsible for 33 additional students in my advisory.  My budget for my 198 students is as empty of nutrients as a Mcdonald’s ice cream machine.  I buy what I can - pencils to tissues to copy paper.  Most of my students’ families can not afford basic school supplies.  Other students work to support their families.  Each day is a balancing act; I question how much longer I can compromise.  We only have 20 mixed matched desks and six extra chairs; some of my kids have to stand up. Have you ever made a seating chart with no seats?

I continue teaching and learning with these wonderful kids who deserve much better because they remind me of the power of community.  They are generous and concerned young people full of potential.  While some people may believe investing in more affluent and powerful students is a better deal, investing in my students will have more impact.  Students from more affluent and well connected families are more likely to make it.  They have been given opportunities from birth.   Meanwhile, my students are treated as second class citizens in old, dilapidated facilities without the basics.  The 100 year old floor creaks;  the 1950s clock stopped ticking thirty years ago.   It is as if my students’ lunch line is serving leftovers and crumbs.  My student ask for more but  I can’t answer or provide everything for them. I’m one man.

Imagine going to a school where you are told to meet high stakes standards but have few tools to begin building.  I bring in paper and pencils but then am told to have everyone do a science fair project.  They  can’t all submit moldy bread science fair projects!  My fellow co-workers and I try to say something positive but the illusion has worn off.   We turn to parent volunteers parents who have time to come to school and can scrape together the bus fare.  We also volunteer by sponsoring clubs and tutoring for free.  It is not enough.  In a world demanding innovation and creativity, we are stifling the future leaders by underfunding their education and underappreciating their potential.

I know I live in a state where the elderly are better cared for than children.  It apparently is acceptable to have high rates of childhood poverty.  Yes, my students do not vote so you may not consider them your constituents.  They can not fund your campaigns nor make you more powerful.  When politician say “I will fix the system and bring equality and justice to the people,” we want to believe you.  But,  the justice and equality never happens.  Do you want to know why?  Because, the politician do not amend the system; the system amends the politicians. The politician must remember their power lies with all the people; otherwise, I no longer live in a democracy.  Too often, when someone is in a position to change the world, they stab the world in the back. Words mean nothing if they are not backed up by action;  I am waiting for the action.

The passion for education is dying because we have been set up to fail. While I tell myself, “we must do more,”  we can not do it alone.  Our students deserve more; they are counting on you.   We live in a country where we are told  we are equal under the law.  How is inequitable and unjust funding of public schools equality under the law?   If we  properly support our public schools,  the lives of our students will improve which will improve the quality of life for everyone in our country.  Mr. Governor, please open your heart and mind to my students.  Work to provide fair and equitable funding for public schools.  Let my students know they have a chance to reach their full potential.  

Sincerely, Mr. Queen


Media Fluency

Untitled presentation

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

I made the slide look the way it does because when we were going over the “ Presentation Zen “ and a website I found called "Fast Code Design" link he said make the colors pop, make your words big and have your images bleed out. I was taking the advice from the articles and the video we had watched.

What influenced your decision making?

You had given instructions to take the advice that the guy had given us, so I took that advice and turned it into something I liked which is how I came up with this slide.

Sources :

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Matt Lotkowski



I am just a simple traffic light. But my job is crucial in today’s modern society. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. I am just a simple traffic light.

It was a normal day, except for the rain and the fog. Droplets of rain are pelting me, but I can only focus on one thing right now, this car. I saw a car barreling towards me at 60 miles an hour, but I was Red. “Stop! Stop!”, I yelled, but the car does not respond.

Meanwhile, a family of 4 in a green minivan was making a right hand turn. I feel powerless That’s when it happened. I heard the screeching behind of the speeding car as it approaches the family in the minivan.  “But I told you to Stop!” What have I done or not done? Is this my fault?

Is see a tire roll past me an tip on its side in front of me. I see smoke and smell burning rubber. People are rushing towards the chaos behind me. I hear the yelling and moaning coming from the minivan, I assume. I hear a young boy crying for his mother.

I had only one job, and I failed. Why me? I did everything I was supposed to. It has been going well for years now. My job is to keep everyone safe. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. All day long long, every day. But in my daydreaming, did I forget to turn from green to yellow to red? Surely not, right? I do this every day, but what I fell asleep? Oh my God, have I made these children orphans? No! It was HIS fault. He had to be stupid not to see me, or drunk, or maybe he did this on purpose? What if he had a heart attack at the wheel?

Now I hear sirens. Thank God help is on the way! A man in a blue uniform walks up to check on me and he says, “Well here’s your problem. The light is broken.”  “What?”, I say to myself, “But I’ve been feeling fine.” How did this happen? I did cause this accident. I’ve been working fine for 12 years, and now this. I hope everyone is okay, I doubt they are though.

I am just a simple traffic light. Stop. Go. Stop. Go.

Fatoumata Slide

Untitled presentation (2)
This slide represent the 2 main activities that express me. The title is called Step Up its a movie that has dance offs and dance battles. These pictures explain the moves I do when im dancing and it describes my passion of how I like cheerleading and dancing. I used the cheerleading pictures to explain the move I used when im up at cheer offs and ready to cheer. I used the dancing pictures to explain of the moves I used. My title is large bolded text so it can bring the slide out and catch the person eye. This slide express me as much as my personality.
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¨DONT JUDGE¨ By: Jaszmine Randle

Jaszmine Randle

November 25,2014

Behind A Slide

The significance behind my slide is to prove against judgemental view points. Before children even can decide what they want to be in life they get categorized as the kid with the big head or the ugly child because of their appearances. You cant make a stereotype about a child that is unknown. You should not do that to a child since they are not known in the world yet. For example people judge ¨Blue Ivy¨ & ¨North West¨ because of their parents backgrounds & their appearances. No one even knows what they're going to be in life.

The way I designed my slide was using ¨MAKE TYPE BIG¨ I made sure that my text was big on my slide. I ¨MADE IT VISUAL¨ because I made sure that my quote was visual and I got my point across with a few words¨. Creating this slide helped me learn the different ways to create a billboard. A billboard can be as detailed as you want  or described in 3 words. Presentation is the key to a good billboard because however you look at the billboard unless its well designed you can't’ get your point across.

Untitled presentation
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Athalia's Slide

I chose to make my slide like that for many reasons. One reason is that I chose to use large text and I decided to manage my space so it wouldn't be too crowded. I also made some of my pictures bleed off the slide because not the full picture should be used. I wrote "Express Yourself" in red because I think that it would catch people's attention if it was on a billboard. It contrast with the light background which catches the eye. The pictures shows what I like which expresses me; myself. I like things simple but meaningful so I decided to make my slide not too flashy but resembles what I like. I sing and dance at church, so it became a hobby for me. I like working and helping out little kids, they're always make someone smile. I love chilling out with my friends and watch movies. Music and shopping is just my thing! I love music because everyone can relate to them and shopping is always fun.
Untitled presentation
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Destiny's Originality Slide

This slide is a representation of how it can be hard to be original and to be yourself but, you can do it. This relates to me because sometimes you feel pressured by your peers to like the things that they like and do the things that they do. I decided to make it stand out visually by using red. I also use bold text to grab the attention of the viewer and make sure the viewer will pay attention to the most important parts. Also, I made the background kind of a grey fade so the star can stand out a little bit more. I chose this design because I was inspired by quotes like ¨Be a fruit loop and a bowl full of cheerios.¨ but, this is my take on it. Basically, everyone is all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds but, some groups of people all act the same to please each other. And even though you’re the same shape as them or come from the same background, you stand out. And that’s what I’m trying to portray visually and for you to think about mentally.
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Deja's Slides

I choose this background because it represents everything I like and care about. My friends/family, food, being lazy, Disney, Netflix, music and dancing. This whole background represents me because its what I'm about and its who I am. I like to watch Disney movies and relive the days where all I had to worry about was if Nemo was going to be found and if Ariel was going to become a human. I love to listen to music all types, and I love to dance to the music whether its fast or slow. I like to hang out with my friends and have fun. At the same time I like to be a couch potato and eat junk food while watching Netflix. That's why I chose this background because it represents me.
Untitled presentation
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Happiness is Essential

For my slide I chose this picture collage because it shows me smiling, having a good time, and being weird and silly. It shows me being happy. I always thought of yellow as a color to represent happiness. So I included it in the background. As you can see there is a contrast between the black and white and the yellow. It makes the slide visually interesting, because of the dramatic colors. This slide represents that even though life can be tough you have to smile and find a happy place for your sanity. I chose the red font so it can pop out of the text. I chose this specific quote with my slide because it’s persuading whoever reads it that smiling is better than frowning. I put the quote in a ladder format to make it look more interesting. The picture of me smiling and happy proves that. I have some space because if the slide is too busy it would be distracting for it’s viewers and they won’t receive the message.

Happiness is Essential
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Jmack's Slide

I made my slide this way to show that right away you’ll see the three general things that are really important in my life. I didn't want my slide to have so many words or pictures because it’ll make the slide look too messy. My slide has a pretty colorful background with shoes bleeding off the screen so it looks bigger. I chose this background because it shows others how much I love shoes and gives a very strong image of colors to catch the reader’s eyes. I named my slide Justin’s World because there are the three main things that goes on in my life which is basketball, video games, and social media. I made the font big and the color bright so that it would catch the person’s eye. I put a picture of my basketball team and the organization I play for because it shows how dedicated I am to the organization. I made the social media and video game picture transparent because I am not getting as interested into those two things as much anymore. I think that my slide was a good start.

About Me - Tech
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Game On, By: Charles Velazquez

Untitled presentation
The reason why I created this slide is to show my love for video games but in a creative way. I wanted my slide to be simple but visually appealing as well. The black background has perfect contrast against the white wording and negative colored controllers.I wanted the viewer to see my interest with only a glance. I didn't want them to be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of pictures and wording, so I don't lose their interest. I also wanted to focus on, just one of my hobbies that define me. Not all of them, that would've taken forever to do. I used big font to really catch the viewers eye and so it can be seen from far away. I hope you enjoyed my slide and Game On.
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Matthew Yemola Me slide

I made my slide the way it is to make certain things stand out over other things. I chose purple as my background to make it stand out and be appealing to the eyes. I chose the font and font size that I did so it would appear bolder and more approachable. I made the picture the size that they are on the slide because I wanted them to all fit together well and for people to be able to see them. I put the pictures in the order that I did so that they would look neat and not be all over the place.
Untitled presentation (1)
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Tia's Slide

In this slide as you can see I have incorporated my passion of dance and basketball. I made all my text big so it would generally attract the eyes of people and allowing me to get my point across to the people of the community. I also incorporated the display of bleeding my pictures off the page, I put this because it makes my audience believe the picture is too big to fit on the slide but also gives enough room to add any particular element or wording to the extra space. I also added a large eye catching picture that grabs the reader's attention then soon leads them to the wording and gets the point of the slide across. I also made sure my slide was very catchy and could keep the readers eyes attracted. I was hoping that if a normal person was just driving down a road, would generally look at my slide and find interest, or at least generally question it. I add all these designs because I feel it will help catch the public’s eye very easily and will attract them no matter where they are. It will allow me to tell the people what I need without boring them and sending them back unto their steady focus beyond the ground. I want the public to know, I am passionate about basketball and dance and if either was ever to not be in our world we live in then there would be no reason for life, no reason for breathing, no reason for our world to rotate. Basketball is my passion, Dance is it’s sidekick, and put both together and that is life!
Slide about Me!
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Madison Militello

tech slide
For my slide, I chose three subjects to describe myself. These three subjects are tumblr, cookies, and cardigans. Tumblr is a good source of self expression for me. On tumblr, you can find quotes, pictures, and videos that describe who you are. You can reblog these posts onto your blog and the blog is a reflection of you. If you know me well, you know I’m always eating cookies. I’m constantly wearing a cardigan so I felt the need to include that in my slide. I used the color blue for my subjects because blue my favorite color. I learned that you must use bold colors to attract your reader’s attention. I thought the font was eye catching.
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Nick's slide

Tech Slide ¨Me Magazine¨ (1)
My slide represents the gaming side of my life. The white background signifies my simplicity. The ¨Riot Games¨ logo in the bottom left corner represents the games I play, Riot games being where I get most of my games. The person on the right side of the screen is my favorite champion, named Ezreal, who bleeds off of the screen. The rule of thirds applies to this, showing how each picture is only in one or two boxes. I used the colour brown for the letters because it matches Ezreal on the side.  I only used one point in this slide rather than filling it with other random points which don't apply to me. I used the background and Ezreal bleeding off the screen to make it visually depicting, making it much better to look at.
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Jamie's slide

Untitled presentation
My slide is inspired by my life. I think it really represents who I am, encompassing all my hobbies and passions. I made my text big so that everyone could see it. It also depicts how I love to surround myself in my friends and love ones. I added four different pictures of me to give more perspective. In each picture I have a close friend with me. Weather its being at camp, preforming, snowboarding with my friends, or just hanging out, this slide represents who I am and my love of fun.
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Emma Schwingel-Sauer

Me Slide
I wanted my slide to represent my passion for soccer. The first decision I made was to have my picture bleed. I found a soccer ball that had a trail to help it bleed off the screen. I also made sure that the picture would make the eye flow to the words as well (since the tail flows). Next, I added my words. I made sure they were big so people could read them and also bright so people’s eyes would be attracted to it. I chose to use three different shades of green because I wanted to add even more emphasis to the words and build them up by not only making them bigger, but also making the colors more vibrant. The green also worked because it was in the tail of the soccer ball flame as well. Then, I made sure to have a bit of empty space so it wouldn't be too crowded.

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Kim: All About Me slide

Untitled presentation (1)

I chose to create  my slide like this because, it represents me through, my colors and pictures that I’ve used. All of the pictures I used are important to me and make up my life memories. My pictures and colors also represent and show my personality. I have also chosen to design my slide look like this because, all of the things I used in my slide are important to me and all have significance to my life and help add to my slide in their own way. It also reflects on what I learned from the  helpful websites on how to make your slide(s) look unique and eye-catching. I also made sure that my slide had visual effect. A lot of things have influenced the design of my slide. One of the things that have influenced my design of my slide is, my liking for all of the things that I have on my slide. For example, I love pink so pink is one of my main colors in my slide and helps  add to the design of it. I also made my slide like this because, I feel that all of the words I’ve added to my slide are things that make people happy and can make the world a better place. Memories, are what makes up life whether good or bad and I think we should all have the chance to make them everyday.

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Victoria's Slide

I am a poet, using quotes from other people (sourced of course) to help me get my creative juices flowing. The background image can be attributed to my love of comics, especially webcomics. I make an effort to meet high standards set for myself in the intellectual department. I tried to make the image bleed, but it turned out to be ineffective. I used large texts and minimal words to make it work and look more appealing and easier to read. The image if from one of the webcomics I have a certain interest in. 
Me Magazine Slide (4)
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Eleanor's slide

Tech slide (1)
I made the slide the way it is because I thought a way to express myself would be a montage of things I like. I tried to make it visually appealing, using things such as the rule of thirds (but I might have failed at it because slides wasn't helping). I chose the palette (Colour Lovers, Unicorn Wings) I did because it looked really nice and relaxed. The font was good because it looked like actual handwriting. No font was partially transparent, so I settled for the next best thing. The type was big because it pops out unlike the font color, so it creates a neutral effect, not too pushy, not too inconspicuous. The contrast is in the pictures, if it was all contrast, there would be no effect because it’d cancel itself out. To be honest, it’s only this way because my scanner was acting funny, otherwise I would've drew something.  The palette of colors influenced my decision making due to its contents, there would be more variation if the colors weren't so similar. The small amount of transparent pictures for the things I searched for affected it as well, because I had to choose only from them. I used a lot of bleeding images because of this.
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Isaiah's Slide

I wanted my slide to tell a general idea or thought about my existence. I didn't want the slide to be too busy, so I left a lot of space open to catch people’s eye. The slide has a dark looking background, so I added more light to the picture and made the title a light color and a large text size for more contrast. The slide has more visual parts than text parts because when I brainstormed I decided I wanted to make the slide like a movie preview. Movie previews don’t spoil the whole movie,so they give as little information as possible to make people want more. The background took some time to make, but I decided to make the background a picture of me looking into a forest. The forest represents ominous and unpredictable events,while I just take it all in. The movie preview The Maze Runner inspired this background theme,so I just went with it. The title itself supports the background and the tension that’s emanates from the big picture. The background bleeds off of the slide,making the background look bigger than it actually is. The slide as a whole will need work, but this is a good start for me.
Tech-Media Fluency Slide
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