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Net Nutrality

Net neutrality is a principle that everyone who uses the internet is treated equal. Net neutrality stops the slowing down of your internet by your ISP and helps stay as fast as everyone else's no matter how much you pay for it. People like Verizon want you to pay extra out of your pocket for your Internet to stay fast. They also have the power to slow down your internet, or tell you what you can or cannot use. That is not fair at all.

With teens not having net neutrality could really mess things up. Teens use the internet more often, and if Net Neutrality is abolished we'd have a hard time functioning in everyday life. For our school, we use internet everyday. Slowing down our internet speed, could slow down our learning process. If our learning process is slowed down, we will be behind the everyday world. 

I think we can all come together and make net neutrality stand out to our ISP. If we push the fact that not only are people like Verizon taking things away from our children, they're taking things away from them too. We need fair treatment of internet in our life. Companies like Verizon should not stop us from having that.  We need net neutrality !
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2nd slide

images (3)
Why did you make the slide look the way it does? What infulenced your decision making?

I made it look the way it does because I really like this quote and I think that it says alot about myself because I try and be somebody I'm not and its ok to be different. Nobody is perfect everyone has their flaws and difference and thats what I think makes us who we are. What influence my decision for this blog is that I can relate to it so that why I choose to write about something that relates to me and my problems. 
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Net Neutrality

I agree with net neutrality.  At first, I was skeptical, because I thought ISP’s should be able do what they want, plus since we pay for internet it must be a product.  But then I learned that by creating high speed lanes, they are slowing down many peoples internet, which is not okay.  Furthermore, the internet is so essential in today’s world, so even if it is a product, it is also almost a necessity, like water and light.  I don’t think it should be treated differently, and don’t want to have to worry about slow internet speeds, because I don’t have the money to pay for fast ones. This would probably negatively affect the majority of people who use the internet.  It could negatively affect schools too, that can’t afford the best internet fast lanes, which would affect students learning.

Moreover, without net neutrality, ISP companies will decide what you can and can’t do and how fast your favorite movie on Netflix loads, or if your YouTube video buffers or not.  The internet should be a free space, and I don’t want my free time affected negatively, because ISP companies want more money.

I learned that on February 26, the FCC will have their monthly meeting, as well as make their decision on net neutrality.  I know Obama is a strong advocate of Net Neutrality, and has tried to regulate ISP companies. However, ISP companies have resisted.  


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Net Neutrality Blog

Net Neutrality is an important debate that is you need to know about. "Debate? That has nothing to do with me! Why do I have to know about this topic that doesn't even relate to me?"  It has more to deal  with you than you actually realize. For Net Neutrality will change how you use the Internet forever.

Net Neutrality prevents your Internet Service Provider charges you more money to view certain websites. Right now we currently have Net Neutrality. This is how, this is proven. Want to watch a YouTube video? Go right on ahead. You simply go on the website and *BAM* video. This is because we have Net Neutrality. But without Net Neutrality you are no longer able to do this without paying extra. 

This is a BIG deal. Your internet service provider wants to change your internet was forever. They want your money and that's exactly what they are going to get if Net Neutrality gets removed. You might think that this is grown-up buisness that has nothing to do with you but you are wrong. SO WRONG! 
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Media Fluency 2

Untitled presentation (2)
This time I made my words " IS MY LIFE " bigger to show the importance. I also made the chicken bigger to fill in the big space that was in my first slide. I spaced out Fried in order to make it blend in with the chicken part. I used the same links that I used before. 
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Net Neutrality

A simple and straight definition of ¨Net neutrality¨ is an ¨open internet¨. It is also having your  internet service providers treat you data equally without any bias. Having an open internet could be an advantage or a disadvantage. But nowadays, having an open internet is needed. First of all, most schools let their students use the internet as their source of learning material. That is one reason why an open internet is needed. But, let me get to my point why teens need to know about net neutrality.

Teens need to know about net neutrality because nowadays ¨net neutrality¨ is a big word for us. It is because we are all surrounded by technologies which mostly needs internet and having an internet is a very big deal to us. It is important for us to know about the internet or how it works but the most important thing for us to know is what’s in our internet. Teens especially need to know about because most teens use most of the internet that’s why teens especially need to know about it.

Having an internet is not the only important thing nowadays. It’s not just having an internet without knowing anything about it, it’s knowing what is in your internet. Also, having a good internet is not the only important thing for us teens to know but also the equal treatment in the internet. It is a very important thing in our lives but most especially an important thing for us to know what is in it and how our providers our treating our own and paid internet.

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Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is important for teens to understand for many, many reasons. I think, personally, the biggest and most important reason is due to the fact teens use the internet the most. 94% of kids age 12-17 use the internet daily, and 81% use social networking. This, of course, is kind of huge since net neutrality is going to slowly ruin the internet for all of us, especially those of us who use it this much.

Another huge reason is that it will cost all of us the ability to roam openly on the internet without worry. The direct definition of Net Neutrality is as followed. 
"The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites."
Without it, we can't do a lot of things we really want to. What if one day your ISP decided that if you or your parents didn't pay for it, you wouldn't have access to youtube. How would you feel?

The last reason I think important, as sort of said above, is that it will cost money. Teenagers tend to rely on family members, specifically parental guardians, for internet access. The lack of net neutrality would mean your parents might just have to pay more for certain things they might not use. So basically you need to know because it really affects you in the most ways because you are the one using it.


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Net Neutrality

Net Netrality
  1. What did you learn that is new information?

-Their will be a meeting on Febuary with the FCC. Their the chairman Tom Wheeler will pass the draft proposal of the new net neutrality rules. Wheelers previous proposal didnt work out well. Cititzens are fighting to have new rules for net neutrality.

  1. What are the differences in the articles?

-I dont really see any differences. Although, i do see the different perspective on the event. Each article has a different way of describing the event.

  1. Which one is the most trustworthy link?

I would say their is a ¨more trustworthy link¨. I feel like they all show the same thing and trys to educate us on the same subject. All links are ¨.com¨, so we cant determine it by that. Also, all the websites sort’ve portray the event simular.

Part ll

I couldnt find a pro-Democratic or rebublican source/article. Although i did find a link that shows how both democratic and republican want net neutrality.

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HWellner - Net Neutrality and Teens


Net neutrality is the idea the all content, ideas, and everything else on the internet, is equal. They should all be treated equal, so that they can all be found equally. It's a very important idea, because if this did not exist, ISPs would be able to charge extra by for different things that you should normally have access to. They can also slow down your Internet speed, and then charge you extra for the fast lane, which is what you had before. It's very important that people understand and become aware of net neutrality and that battle for it.
But why should teens know about it? There are many reasons that teens should understand it, and be aware of it, and the fact that it's under attack. ISPs want to get rid of it, so they can charge for all those things you already have, and turn the internet into a much worse place. Teens have the most influence over the Internet, because they are the generation that grew up with the current network. They know there way around it much better than most older people that run this country, who are the ones arguing about this. Most teens don't know enough about net neutrality, or what it is at all.
If teens know about this, and why it's at risk of disappearing, it would be a lot different battle. Teens would react, and the internet would flood with their opinions, from YouTube to Facebook, and Twitter to Instagram. And I can tell you right now, without a doubt, that virtually all of those opinions would be pro-net neutrality. With all those people, all those voices crying out against the ISPs, the FCC would have to listen. If they didn't, their would be such a vocal outcry, it would see some of the biggest protests in all of our history, protests that, whether we like it or not, could end up violent. If teens become aware of net neutrality, there would likely be no risk of losing it.
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net nuetrality (1)
As teens we are always on internet. Whether we are on social media, you tube, or doing work for a class our life revolves around the internet. The internet is a tool that we need to not only entertain ourselves, but to inform ourselves and others. Everybody knows this yet ISP's want to eliminate Net Neutrality. For those of you that don't know Net Neutrality is the rule that allows all websites to be treated equally. By equally I mean that all websites will load at the same speed.

Without Net Neutrality life not only gets harder but you become limited. Without Net Neutrality ISP's decide what is important for you. This means that specific websites will load slower and the internet will just become very very slow. Not only this but some companies like Netflix may not be available to you depending on what your ISP is. This is because ISP's may force companies like Netflix to pay more to be available. This means that we are going to be limited what we see is controlled by the ISP's some websites may even be inaccessible.
We teens need to educate ourselves and others about Net Neutrality. We need to let the people know that the freedom we have on the internet is being taken. Some of us may have dreams to become the next Mark Zuckenberg, but if Net Neutrality is gone they may never be able to accomplish that dream. Without Net neutrality will lose our freedom to learn and explore. Without Net Neutrality the internet will have restrictions. Without Net Neutrality the ISP's basically run our lives.

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Net Neutrality, Does It Really Matter?

mind mapping software
Look at the picture, this could be the world we live in if nothing good happens for Net Neutrality. First off, what is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality is the idea (could be law as well) that all internet data is treated equally without regards to anything else, it's just data. What could happen as soon as the 26 of February, is that you might have to pay for faster speeds on your browser and anything relating to your connection speeds. Look at it this way, to watch your favorite YouTube videos you'll have to pay more for what you should already be getting! Now before you go telling people Net Neutrality is better than no Net Neutrality, you have to learn some of the drawbacks of Net Neutrality.

According to The Forbes Business Journal, the main point that people have missed, "is that ISPs and the companies that control the Internet backbone infrastructure that knits everything together do not have the power to pick winners and losers either." In fact the author says, "Consumers decide what products and services are successful because we adopt them." Those points are very different than what the people who support Net Neutrality say. Supporters of Net Neutrality argue that, "there have been no rules in place to prevent ISPs from blocking content." Looking at that fact, an ISP could do whatever they wanted for their own gain. Is there a way to stop ISP's from doing what they please?

In fact, yes there is a way to stop ISP's if you are for Net Neutrality. The website helps you write a personal letter to the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) to push them to vote in favor of Net Neutrality. There is a hitch with that though, what if you are against Net Neutrality? The article on Forbes gives good reasons to be against Net Neutrality, like paying for different Ice Creams. Some may ask that me as the writer, do I have any opinions on this topic? I would say I do have an opinion, to a point. Since I am not you, I encourage you to choose what you think is right, after all, it's the World Wide Web and the Internet, and you don't want those to go away do you?
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Media Fluencey: Take 2

Media Influency (2)
My previous slide was unbalanced, too hard to read and was too busy. So I decided to try and fix these things that my fellow classmates told me about. To begin with I chose a completely new background that still from the same video game but instead just featured the main characters instead. That, I hope, fixed the screen too busy. To fix the hard to read I put my text in a part that you could understand m words and to make it more eye-catching, I made 'Reality' red instead of the game pink. And that was also a reason. In reality your blood is red, meanwhile in the game your blood would be pink. To fix the unbalancing part I put my text on the side that was more plain than the other side. Therefore completling my second slide. Thank you my fellow classmates for your advice.
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Los seres queridos en mi vida

Intro :

¡Bienvenidos! voy a hablar sobre los seres queridos en mia vida


Hola! Mi nombre es Alex, tengo qince anos. Soy de Camboya pero vivo en Filadelfia, Yo tener el pelo negro y tener los ojo café negro y soy camboyano.

Me gusta bailar y tocar la guitarra, piano y drums. :) Me gusta práctica musica solo de noches.aunque yo tender a jugar mucho yo lata ser serio en momentos

y loco, casi casi!


Te presento a Sam el me da risa y mi mejor amigo, un poco Es una Broma! Sam Le gusta Tocar la guitarra y escuchar a musica  

Tiene es un brillante persona! Asistimos a Science LeaderShip Academy.tener el pelo negro y tener los ojo cafe negro y tiene es una mezla de razas

Nos gusta musica, la guitarra, y animado


ahora Te presento a Mina, es mi novia. Asiste a Parkway High School. Tiene es uno hermano y hermana.tiene siempre deseado ir SLA que chevure. Mina el

pelo moreno y los ojos cafes. tienes le gusta musica, gustar guitarra, piano y flauta. Nos conocimos en escuela primaria. yo brezel en amado en quinto

grado.tres año después por fin pedir pasar de moda tiene dicho Si!


este es Siani y richard. teneis le gusta tenerrazónn y a ser divertido Richard tener el pelo negro y tener los ojo cafe negro y Siani tener el pelo negro

y los ojo cafe negro también. teneis le gusta actividades, para ayudar a otros, y musica. Yo pensar tenés son la un perfecto pareja.

Eli Block Benchmark 2

Eli Block

Aquí es mis amigos/amigas…

Es de mis…

Yo soy Eli Block. Tengo catorce años. Soy de Filidelfia, mi cumpleanos es el catorce de febrero. Me gusta platicar con amigos y estar de vago. con mi mejor amigo me encanta practicar deportes. Me de descendencia europa.

El es Conor Meier, es el mi mejor amigo. Nos encanta frisbee. Somos amigos por cuatro meses.

Ellas son Kara, Aniya, Alexa Destiny . El cumpleaños Kara once de agosto. Aniya es muy bonita . Alexa tiene una gran voz. Destiny es muy cómico y de moda. Decir hola!

Nosotros es Ijustice y Jlynn y yo. Ijustice el es muy alto, J’lynn es muy talentosa.

Es todo muchas gracias por viendo.

Eli's video
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Spanish benchmark 2 (Matthew Yemola)

Intro- Hola, te presento a los seres queridos en mi vida.

Yo-Los ojos, Alto, amigo, y nombre.

El-Se llama Justin. Tiene los ojos Cafés y el pelo café claro. Le gusta jugar Fun Run dos y jugar básquetbol también.

ellos-Se llama Justin y Charles. Charles le gusta bailar y ver videos en YouTube. Tiene los ojos cafés y el pelo café claro. Justin Le gusta jugar call of duty y jugar básquetbol también. Charles y Justin son catorce y quince años.

Nosotros- Se llama Justin, Charles, Nick, y yo. Somos todo divertido y inteligente. Ninguno de nosotros. Somos Lindos. somos moy locos.

Fin-Gracias. Adios amigo

Copy of E1 U3 Proyecto Prep (Matthew Yemola) (4)
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Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida

Hola, hoy yo voluntad hablar de Los Seres Queridos en Mi Vida!

  1. Me llamo David. Asisto a SLA. Mi gusta andar en  patineta Cuando tengo tiempo libre. . Tengo quince años. No me gusta nada bailar. Soy bajo y cómico. Tengo el pelo negro y los ojos negro. ¿Soy moreno, no?

  2. El se Eli. Eli es muy bobo. Somos amigos por un mes.  Asiste a SLA. Me de risa.

  3. Te presento a Drew y John. Drew y John son mi primos.  Drew es un poco inmaduro. Drew tienen los ojos negro. John es algo cómico. Ja ja ja!  John tengo los ojos negro. Les gusta Xbox Los fines de semana. John y Drew ir mi casa a menudo.

  4. Obviamente, El se mi familia. Nosotros somos muy enérgico. Nos gusta pasar un rato con familia, Depende del din. Nosotros somos cómico y talentoso. Stephanie(izquierda) es muy alta. Stephanie nunca tiene “F” en escuela. ¿Es bastante inteligente, no? Asiste a AIS.  Alyssa(derecha) es muy divertida. Asiste WMA. Mi Madre es tremendamente simpática. Mi Padre es trabajador.

  5. Yo trabajar muy en el proyecto. iGracias por tu atencion! iAdios!

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insanity defense

For my project I decided to focus on the Insanity Defense. Below is a visual piece explaining what the insanity defense is, when it is most used, and some of the examples behind it. what it is, and give some examples of how the controversy affects peoples lives throughout history. 


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Keith Hodge: mi maravillosa familia

Keith Hodge

Yo era nacido el 12/4/98.

Yo vivir en puerto penns.

Yo soy una máscara.

Yo soy una volantes ventilador.


Mi papá 46

Trabaja en septa una

overhead linemen.

Mi mamá alimentos favoritos

Naranja prohibición fresas


Buenas obras mi Mom Mom hace

El cuidado de las personas enfermas

Hablar con la gente cuando su malestar

cocinar nuevos platos

tiempo spending con niños

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Proyecto Q2-Destiny Patton (Script)

Intro: ¡Hola! Gracias por tu atención! Peroademás estos son los seres queridos en mi vida.

Yo: Mi nombre es Destiny. Depende del día, soy feliz o triste perocasi siempre feliz. Mi cumpleanos dos de enero. Tengo quince años. Ella yo tengo el pelo cafés y los ojos cafés. Mi favorito comida es pizza y ensalada.

EllaSu nombre es Asia quantos cinco años. Te gusta Frozen, Jessie, y Doc Mcstuffins. Ella tiene el pelo largo y los ojos cafés. Tremendamente energica muy loca sin embargo, la hamo somos como hermanas. Lo que me encanta es a veces, Asia encanta yo!

Ellas: Ellas nombre eres Sarah, Josefa, Star, Hannah, Mary, Grace, Marianne, Katie y, Jordy. Nos conocimos en campamento de verano. Cuando tengo tiempo libre hablamos. Ellas vivir lejos de mí los extraño a veces.

Nosotros: Su nombre es Lydia. Ella és muy guapa. Ella tiene rizado y los ojos cafés. Te gusta cantar y escribir. Ella és comica, alta y, sociable. Cumpleanos dos de Mayo. Ella tiene dos perros nombres Clifford y Albert.

Fin: much as gracias, adios!

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Nadya's Proyecto


  • Intro: ¡Hola! Te presento a los seres queridos en mi vida.

  • Yo: ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Nadya, pero mi apoda es Nah. Soy de Filadelfia. Tengo quince años, mi cumpleaños es el  cinco de noviembre. Mi comida favorita es pollo frito y pernil. Mis programas favoritos son Teen Wolf. Me encanta bailar es por eso que me gusta dormir.

  • ella: Te presento a Aubrey. Me da risa, Ella es loca. Le gusta comer. Ella es muy

bonita. Ella es mi prima.

  • el: El es Rahkim Mayers pero su apodo es A$AP Rocky. Es mi alma gemela. ¡Es un broma! Es el fabuloso. Me da risa mucho. Me encanta mucho.

  • ellas: Interview


¿Como te llamas?

Ramon: Mi nombre es Ramon

Namia: Mi nombre es Namia

Ellos nombres son Namia y Ramon\

¿De donde eres?

Namia: Soy de Filadelfia

Mone: Yo tambien

Ellos son de Filadelfia

¿Que te gusta hacer?

Namia: Me gusta jugar futbol

Mone: Yo tambien

Les gusta jugar futbol

Ellos son mis primos

  • Nosotros: ¡Nosotros!

Te presento a Emily, Janeesa, Devi y Yo.

Emily es mi tía. Ella le gusta ir de compras y cantar. Janeesa y Devi son mis primas. Janeesa le gusta para rato con los amigos y Teen Wolf. Devi le gusta bailar y Barney & Friends. Nos Encanta comer mucho y ir al cine.

  • Conclusión: Gracias por tu atención, Vale tengo que bailar práctica.


Spanish Benchmark Q2 Westaby

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Victoria, pero mi apodo es Vivi. Tengo catorce años y mi cumpleaños es veintiséis de agosto. Me gusta escritura creativa y a veces escuchar musica. ¡Ah, y dibujar! Tengo dos hermanas y un gato. Soy inteligente y más o menos baja.

Ella es Erica. Somos amigos por cinco años. Nos conocimos en escuela. Erica el pelo cafe y rubia. Los ojos pardos. Tiene catorce años, y su cumpleaños el cinco de marzo. Ella bastante adorable y algo baja. Asiste a Nuevas Fundaciones. Ella es mi mejor amiga.

Nosotras mi y mi hermana. Su nombre es Amanda. Ella es dos años viejo que mi. Ella es muy inteligente y guapa. Asiste a Lincoln la escuela secundaria. Ella es en grado once. Su cumpleaños es veinticinco de agosto. Nos encanta escuchar musica y pasar un rato con amigos. Nosotras también encanta dibujar .  

Ellas son mi mejor amigas. Ellas son muy inteligentes y bastante artísticas.  Alex es alta y muy cómica. Erica es bastante adorable. Les gusta dibujar y escribir. Ellas los dos asiste a Nuevas Fundaciones y es bueno estudiantes.

¡Eso es todo! Yo esperar te gusta y gracias por tú atención. ¡Adios!

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Los seres queridos en mi vida - Jae


Spanish piano starts playing. Título: “Los seres queridos en mi vida” comes in with voice over “Gracias por tu atencion, es mi proyecto, ‘los seres queridos en mi vida!’” music fades as it enters the “Yo” portion and “La Lista” starts playing.


Hola, mi nombre es Jamina pero mi apodo es Jae. Tengo quince anos, mi cumpleanos es el 17 de julio. Soy de Pilipinas pero vive en Filadelfia. Soy baja y muy trabajadora. No me gusta nada despertarse temprano. Me gusta ver la tele y ir al cine con amigos. Lo que me encanta es descansar y tocar la guitarra.


Te presento a Cindy. Cindy es mi amiga. Soy de China pero vivo en Filadelfia. Ella es muy tremendamente simpática, enérgica y divertida. Tienes los ojos cafés y el pelo negro. Tienes quince años, tenemos el mismo cumpleanos. Ella gusta escuchar música, especialmente coreano pop.


Jhazzelle y Jessica es mi mejor amigas. Ellas son una mezcla de razas. Ellas son delgadas y muy inteligentes. Tienen el pelo cafes. Les gusta hablar por teléfono, pasar un rato y platicar conmigos. Tienen frenillos pero muy guapas.


Nosotros somos TK y yo. Asistimos a SLA. Nos encanta comer, especialmente papas fritas. Tenemos el pelo negros y los ojos cafes. Tenemos quince anos. Somos genero favorito de música es pop. Nos gusta surfear la red y estar de vago los fines de semana.


Eso es todo por proyecto, “Los seres queridos en mi vida”, mil gracias.




Hola! Estos los seres queridos en mi vida.


Tengo 14 años. Tengo el pelo café y los ojos azules. Me encanta dormir y cocinar.


Sophie asiste a Central. Es mi mejor amiga. Ella Tienes dos hermanas. Le gusta surfear la red y platicar con amigos. Sophie es de descendencia europea. Ella es muyloca. La quiero mucho.


Kenna y Seyni asisten a SLA. Les gusta pasar un rato con amigos, descansar y estar de vago con amigos. Tienen el pelo café y los ojos cafés. Ellas muy bonita.


Emma y yo asistimos a SLA. Tenemos una hermana, el nombre de hermana de Emma es Zoe, y mi hermana es Heather. Tenemos el pelo café.


Gracias por tú atención. Estos los seres queridos en mi vida. ¡Adios!

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Yo- Hola, me llamo Hannah. ¡Me encanta pasar un rato con amigos! Me gusta mucho escuchar musica y leer. Me gusta el invierno.

Ella- Ella es Liv. Ella es muy divertido, un poco loca y bastante cómica. Tiene los ojos pardos y el pelo cafe'. Liv le gusta el color púrpura. Liv es bastante inteligente.

El- El se llama Nat. El es muy divertido y artístico. Nat le gusta dibujar y tocar la guitarra. También le gusta leer y escuchar musica.

Ellos- Ellos se llama mi amigos Matt, y Jess. Asisten en SLA conmigo. Matt le gusta practicar deportes y muy simpatico. Jess es muy bobo y energético Jess le gusta bailar, escribir, y leer. Son super divertidos y sociables.

Somos un grupo muy grande. Mi amigos se llama Jess, Liv, Kate, Nat, Anthony, Matt, Wes, Thomas. Ellos son cómicos y inteligentes. Nos gusta pasar el rato y hablar.
Los seres queridos en mi vida (1)
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