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Homelessness blog 3

This is you and the world blog 3. This is basically the summary. My project was on homelessness and the effects. It can affect many, and is a very important topic. The project was interesting because it explained homelessness to me, and how it was. The project told me homeless can hurt many, and that they can be affected mentally. I think homelessness should be shown to everybody, so more people can know the seriousness of it. Homelessness is defined as not having a set place to sleep at in the nighttime.


     My blog one just showed facts about homelessness, and how it can destroy people. It told that about 4,00 people are homeless. It tells how mayor Nutter banned feeding the homeless in public parks. Blog 1 was really my information blog, and that it helped people understand the aspects of homelessness. It tells way to contain homelessness, and ways people can help. It is really just to bring the reader into my blog, and get them ready for the blogs to follow. My blog one was really important.


     My blog two was about opinion, about how I felt. I really showed how I felt, and how important the subject was to me. Then I started to tell how it was wrong, and how that the people can help. It told how I felt about the mayor making this ban. I really disliked how he banned feeding the homeless. I also had other information in this blog. I showed how I kept up on my research. I really was passionate on this blow, and it will show.

     My post for change was that i was going to show my video to my advisory. If i show it to them, they can also try to make a change. That would make more people, and would be a greater change. The saying 2 heads are better that one can express the change, because more people can make a better change.


     This blog that I am currently writing summarized the blogs, and showed everybody that this is a subject I really care about. I hope we can help end homelessness for a couple people, so I can feel as though I made a difference. If I could help just one person I could feel so much satisfaction. My blogs were important to me, and if you read them you will feel the same.


For my bibliography click here.

Homelessness video

You and The World: Teenage Obesity Blog Post #3

Hey guys! This is the last and final blog post about teenage obesity in my perspective. 

            During the posting of these blogs, I have informed you on how important teenage obesity is, the effects, and the risks. Getting a chance to hear out other people’s voices about this issue was really helpful. I wanted to tell you the majority of some of the main responses I got from my survey. Thankfully, a lot of the people that took the survey agree with me on a lot of things that have to do with teenage obesity. Like me, people that took my survey said that teenage obesity is a very dangerous thing. They also said that people should be exercising more. I was glad to see that a lot of the students from my school agreed that our school store should be selling better and healthier snacks.

            I am pleased to say, there has been several successful acts of change for my topic. It gives me inspiration that I can make a change too. I researched a woman named Lee-lee Pina who has posted a website bringing awareness to people. The website gives information on blogs, books, and other things to make a change to prevent teenage obesity. It also gives information on things that might have been causing obesity. 

            I want to help stop teenage obesity. If I can’t stop it completely, I at least want to spread the word about this issue. I want to get people’s attention and show them that the slightest things can help you go a long way. I have made a simple guide for teenagers to stay fit. It’s a guide that says easy meals to make that are healthy, and easy excersizes they can do. I made this guide because actions speak louder than words. I want to get people’s attention and show them that it is possible to not go through a tragic experience, like obesity. However, I think this is a well-deserved time to show that one person can help a whole lot of people.

            Besides spreading awareness, I want to physically make a change to prevent this issue.  To make a change, I am raising money to donate. I will be donating money to theAltaMed Foundation. This foundation helps raise money to start more programs to help children with their health, nutrition, and exercise. No matter how much money I raise, it’s the thought and effort that counts. Either way, I will be ecstatic to help teenagers and even younger kids with their health.

Who knows? Maybe you can make a change too.

Click to this link if you want to read my bibliography and more updated information on how important teenage obesity really is!           

healthy guide

Jesus Jimenez Quarter 4

(Edit: I uploaded the pictures at a certain angle, yet they keep uploading upside down or on the side.)

This quarter, I focused more on finding my drawing style. I usually copy by sight, and I got tired of that. So I decided to go on a quest to make my own original art and find my style. I started out doodling, and the first drawing is of a video game character. It was a sketch I did, and eventually in the following weeks, I used Indian ink to do line art on it. I also shaded using the ink which was a risk because I had no idea how to shade.

I tried going as abstract as possible with my abstract motion drawing. I was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, since he goes fast and all. You can primarily see the influence on the checkered road. All I used was pencil, and was proud of it because I filled the page.

The following 4 drawings were done at school and at home. It was a character I was making or was stuck in my head for a while. I had no idea what to call her, so she ended up being the "Girl with green hair and brown hat". It never caught on, I never colored her in and didn't continue drawing her.

The next drawing is another character from some show I decided to draw. The inks worked wonders, and it really brought out the color. I was proud of this because it was my first time using the inks, and it made the sketch look really nice. I wish I could've done the whole body, but I really use a lot of space when sketching.

Last drawing is a character I made named Nikki. I made a series of sketches of her head, that I never showed. One is in my math book, the others are at home. She's a pretty rude person (which is awesome because I know how to draw her since I know what kind of person she would be and what she would be doing. I was proud of this one also because I designed the character, sketched it, and inked it. I gave up on the hands, because I still need practice. On the picture, you can see that there are some hands sketched on her. I'm still trying.

Last picture is a hat I want to make for a video game. I used blender (a 3D modeling tool) to make it from scratch, I'm still making it. I need to make the textures still and submit it. Hope it gets done! This was my second attempt at 3D modeling, I learned a bit.
Abstract Emotion (It wasn't inked before)
Abstract Motion
Rest of Work (Last 2 weeks)
Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 11.28.49 PM
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English Journal 49

​People create art for both themselves and others. Things can be for themselves when they feel the need to express themselves because they need an out from their life and also to prove something. For entertainment purposes, it’s created to make others happy.


Art is powerful though because it can change a person’s life. When someone puts their hearts out enough and are honest about their problems, then something will change. Also books can be an art because they have so many emotions added in

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Post for Change: Is this Generation falling apart?

Recently a freshman class has been studying a problem outside of school. The project  “You and the World” consists of three blogs. This is the third blog, which is the post for change, blog number one and blog number two explain the problem about teenagers going on the wrong path and becoming delinquents. Due to a survey, the high school dropout percentages have increased. There is a lack of enthusiasm in education.

Outside of your homes today we see teenager with tattoos especially on their faces, smoking on the streets illegally, not engaging themselves in school, and dressed inappropriately. Due to the lack of education, we wonder if we will have enough doctors, lawyers, and teachers in the near future. All teenagers are judged by this behavior, which is a social injustice. There is change despite that, and that change was discovered at Science Leadership Academy. Students at Science Leadership Academy are taught to become leaders and to strive for the best.

More than 50% of the students at SLA go to college for a high paying and well-educated career after graduation. On the contrast of the inept part of the generation, students have many sports and programs they attend before and after school instead of being on the street. We learn not just to be independent but dependent as well. Students are aware that there will always be a friend, staff member, or even teacher around for not just help on work but advice as well. We use each other for support, and there is nothing better than to know some will always be there to listen. Science Leadership Academy IS the post for change.

The original content is a video that shows a comparison in photographs. I decided to show the difference between the teens that are living in the moment, and the teens that attend Science Leadership Academy. Not only are the differences shown on graphs, they can be seen visually. Change is occurring as we speak, changes made not only by me but also as a group, a group located on 22nd and Arch, a group named Science Leadership Academy.

​Here is my Bibliography. 

My First Project
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International Domestic Animal Abuse Final Post (#3)

The last few blog posts, issues of the abuse of domestic animals, cats and dogs more specifically, have been discussed. Some cases of abuse I mentioned in Post #1 included members of the al-Quaeda terrorist group surgically implanting bombs in dogs on airplane flights in America, animals being found in the streets and turned in to shelters or animal patrol, and for fighting. Statistics mentioned in my second post showed reasons as to why families of certain members of a family abuse their pets, such as discipline, to intimidate others, or simply because they do not care enough to make sure their pet it safe and healthy. While it may take a while to reverse all of this cruelty towards innocent animals, the process does start small, and there is really no such thing as small change. 

For the last phase of the You and the World project, there is the last blog post. Referred to as the Post for Change, the final blog post for everyone involves writing about how we all acted on the issues that we researched. Besides writing about the it, students would shoot surveys out to the rest of the school as part of the research, join groups who also wanted to make a change happen, and collect money to donate to their causes.

In the past and still today, commercials, numerous websites, and even television shows and movies are played to spread the news of the cases of domestic animal abuse locally and internationally. In addition to that, there are shelters and societies to join and/or volunteer at to make sure you put in your work towards helping the prevention of animal abuse, or helping an animal recover and feel loved again. I feel as though commercials and television shows are a good way to get out information to everyone about different forms of animal cruelty, because so many people in the world watch television and come across these ads. Lots of people know about those sad animal commercials, right?

For me, however, I like to create media that makes a change. For one, some graphic design for posters (even virtual posters) catch someone's eye, and they have the option to look at it, because it is not an advertisement that is blocking the person from watching the rest of their show. Pushing out emails about the change towards friends first and have it spread on its own is a way I like to make change happen. First, however, I did some personal service to help animals in recovery. A few years ago, I volunteered with a few people from my school with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and helped get ready for opening by caring for cats, cleaning out their cages, sitting in rooms full of cats to play, and, at the end, donating. Sadly, after sending an email to see if that could happen again, I was informed that volunteers had to be 18, and that I should volunteer at the Philadelphia Zoo or at PSPCA, where younger people can help out. 

That is exactly what I will do to make my change. After donating to PAWS, my original organization of choice, I'm going to volunteer at the PSPCA. Having found out so late about the organization, I haven't gotten a chance to go to a volunteer's orientation (to go to after completing an application form). It might be too late to show you all how I worked for the better, but change is always good and better late than never. 

you&theworld orig. content5.29

My original content for my last blog post is a virtual poster that I created as a bright advertisement against animal cruelty. Featuring a picture I took of my own cat at the top, underneath that, overlapping words written in different fonts and sizes like "alone" and "afraid," words used to describe a pet who is/was being abused and how much that takes from their being. At the bottom is a question in a bolder and bigger font that says: "When will all this change?" I want to put this poster on Tumblr, Facebook, the SLA website, of course, and maybe even get it printed to hang it around the school. The poster doesn't get people to go anywhere in specific, but gets people thinking about animal cruelty and how it's not good at all.

In closing, I'd like to acknowledge my english teacher, Alexa Dunn, for helping me to get involved with fighting animal cruelty with this project, to PAWS for referring me to volunteer at other places to make my change, and also you for reading and commenting on my blog posts. In a bigger perspective, what would you do to stop animal abuse if you saw it? Would you care? It won't stay like this forever. There will be a change.

Bibliography & more here!

Thanks for reading, again!

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English Journal 11

​I learned that groups make decisions by leadership and strength. For example if someone is a strong independent person, everyone will rely on them, while is someone is weak they would be pushed to the bottom of the food chain. It all depends on the person’s survival skills.
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English Journal 6

-I’m always seeing the drama that people start because they need attention.

-I’m always seeing people, with smiles or frowns on their face.

-I’m always seeing the good in everything and everyone.

-I’m always seeing life go through its ups and downs.

-I’m always seeing people who struggle though life, just to make it out alive.

-I’m always seeing the bright sun above my head.

-I’m always seeing boys and girls, men and women, people who are short and people who are tall…people who are different. 

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History Journal 31 - Ethan

1. History Journal 31 “The world is just“ - In this journal Mr.block gave us a cartoon that showed three fish: 1 was extremely small and has a bubble saying “There is no justice in the world”, the next was a bigger fish saying “There is some justice in the world”, last there is a fish that is bigger than both of them saying “The world is just”. In this journal we had to discuss the meaning of the cartoon, which was of course the richer and more powerful you were, the more justice there was in the world and the poorer and less powerful you were, the less justice there was in the world. Than he had us add something to the cartoon that would change the message in some way, shape, or form. I added a large ship on the water and labeled it “U.S.S Economy” and current running through the ocean that was labeled “Consumer Current”. The consumer current represented U.S consumers and that it controlled how the fish acted and moved, the large fish could finally catch the littler fish with that little extra push from the consumers. Than the economy ship represented the U.S economy and it had a large fishing net dropping down on all the fish but the big one. This represented that the economy only leaves the larger fish to keep feeding in the ocean.
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History Journal 10 - Ethan

2. History Journal 10 - “What is religion?” - In this journal Mr.block left us with the simple question of what is religion? I had a difficult time answering this because my initial response was... God. However I realized this was not an answer he was looking for I thought of what it means to me to be religious. I said that “ Religion is a belief in a higher power which you put your complete faith into. Than he asked us his next question which was “Is religion a good thing or a bad thing?”. My answer to this was again hard to understand. “ Religion is one of the biggest causes of war, kings,dictators, and “messiahs” have used religions as excuses to kill millions of people and claim these acts in the name of a higher power. It has related to plagues, cruelty, and malice. At the same time though religion inspires great works of art, it gives people hope in a life after life and makes them feel connected with other believers from all around the world.” So for this journal I could not decide if religion was a good thing or a bad thing.
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English Journal 26 - Ethan Reese

3. English Journal 26 -  “Language and Domination” - The journal started with a quote “Starting me into awareness of the link between language and domination”. Previous in class I discussed about the idea of that words are the most powerful weapon in a humans arsenal. Our tongues are sharper than any sword, and more explosive than any gun, or explosive device. In this I said “ The more education a society has the more developed they become, without language the world would be a scary place. Instead of using words to solve problems democratically and not use war to do this. Language is more powerful than anything else.”.
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Rape In Africa Blog post #3

Hello Readers! I am glad you have chosen to read up on my research of Rape in Africa once again.Im going to dive into not really what is happening since you already know about that  part, but what has been done to put forth effort to stop this.this is my “Post for change”. Sadly, this is going to be my last post on what i have found out my issue.But as they say “Save the best for last”.

Check out my other blogs !
Here’s My Bibliography

There are a wide selection of groups and organizations that focus specifically in this global issue.Mostly on Woman abuse , and sexual assault.For example, we have the prime example of Rembombo , even though he partook in sexually harassing a woman, he has turned over a new leaf and dedicated his life to not only increase the self awareness,but to stop the violence for when he does see it . He goes and visits schools near his region to tell of his story, he is the Manager of “One Man Can” , an organization that supports men and boys to take action to end domestic and sexual violence and to promote healthy, equitable relationships that men and women can enjoy - passionately, respectfully and fully.

Thats just what Rebombo has done to show that he wants peace to happen and less violence.One thing that I want to show my concern is to also tell people what im researching about.Most people don’t know about this because since it mostly recurs in africa, they aren’t as concerned since they don’t live there.Even though it does happen here in Philadelphia, and people are concerned about sexual violence i think that this will be something people would want to learn more about.For my post for change , i made a PSA ( public service aannouncement ). I will present this to the classes of Red & Orange Stream. The public service announcement tells of what is going on, and what i was researching about. It shows the struggle, the pain, and includes plenty of visuals. If you are interested, here is the video:
New Project 13

Closing Of Schools - Last Blog

Hello, I'm back once more to sum everything up. But before I do that I would like to give out my acknowledgements. 

I give my acknowledgements first to my English teacher, Alexa Dunn. If it wasn't for her I would have never did all this research nor made the superb video I would show you at the end. I also I give my acknowledgement to a 9th grade student/one of my close friends, Azaria Burton. She peer edited my video and led me to make some changes to my video. And my last one goes to myself. I did this because to put a lot of effort for this work and I was happy of my work.

In my first blog I stated some facts about child abuse and what the Philadelphia School District is planning on doing in the future. I also showed some new reports I found that show you what is other people's opinion about the closing of the schools.

In my second blog I basically stated my opinion and how we could make a chance.

As last blog, after you read this you will see a video I created with the theme Closing of Schools. Enjoy.

For my bibliography click here.
Closing of Schools

Blog #3 Post for change

Wow we’re finally here, my final post. Through out this project I realized that I couldn’t judge things I know a little about. Within my research lately I came across this organization called The Water Project. This is amazing organization because it really helped me find out how I can make change in a way I feel is most necessary. If you came across my second then you read about my experience in Sierra Leone. Well if you did miss it then in 2010 I traveled there with my family and I so many differences in how they act from American society. But one important difference I saw was how they receive their water, which is in a bag. I know really a plastic bottle that you have to poke a whole in. I was so outraged, it was indescribable. But with this foundation I found they can donate water to the people of that country.

·      That’s a start to how I want to help end this major crisis.


       To raise money and make it aware to people. I plan to have a school wide bake sale. That I will try to raise as much money as I can. I will post influential posters across my school. Science Leadership Academy. These posters will not only make people of the water crisis but informing them about the Bake Sale that will be held.


Orginal Content
If you missed my 2nd and 1st Blog here you go

Here is all my sources
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Bullying-Blog #3

Hi, it’s me again, Lisa. This will be the last blog that I will be posting on bullying. In this project, there is a total of three blog posts. The first one is an informational post that had detailed one my issue, which is bullying. Also this post explains why I chose bullying as my topic. The second blog post was more about my opinions. Finally this blog post is a blog for change because now we are done with giving details about our specific issue but now we are planning to make a difference.

Like I mentioned in my last blog post, I will be announcing the results I found from my own survey. Out of twenty nine people who answered my survey, all of them believed that bullying was wrong. One of the questions asked, What do you think is the worst type of bullying.” The top answers for this question were physical, verbal, and cyber. Also a majority of the people thought that bullying affects people emotionally more than anything else. Another thing that I mentioned in the previous blog post was that there were some people who did not take things seriously.

There are many things that other people have done in the past. For example, there are several websites that allow you to sign a petition to show that you support anti-bullying. There is another website that allows you to make donations or volunteer at different events. If you feel strongly about this issue then you should donate if you want to but you should at least sign the petitions to show your support. I think that these are great ways to get more people informed but there would have to be lots of organization because bullying happens all over.

Another big part of this project is to raise awareness about our issues on our own. Something that I am planning to do to raise awareness is to print out quotes and sayings from other people about bullying and putting them up all over my school. By doing this, when students walk by, they can read it and it would make people have more awareness on my topic. I am not the only one with bullying as my topic. Some of my classmates who have the same topic as I do, also made posters and put them around the school. Since there are many posters and signs up on bullying, it would get more people to be informed. Also these blogs that I posted can also make more people attentive.

Along with raising awareness, we have to create a piece of original content. This means that we can make a video, poster and anything else that is original. For this part, I made a video with quotes and saying from normal people to celebrities. The purpose of using quotes is to show that other people about this issue.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me in my video and was will willing to be included in my video. I would also like to thank my teacher for helping and giving me feedbacks.
One person can make a difference, and that person could be you. Thank you for reading all my blogs.

Click here for my bibliography.
This is my piece of original content, which is a movie.
Q4- Bullying Video
Click here and here to watch other videos on bullying.
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Blog Post 3 Post 4 change

This last blog post is giving information on if there is awareness being done on our issue and give opinions on ways to change.


There are not many organizations that are raising awareness on unemployment. Although President Barack Obama’s budget plan is supposed to give states a way to gather more insurance taxes from businesses to provide the unemployment-insurance program.

      The unemployment insurance program is a joint federal-state program. The federal unemployment insurance tax rate of 6.2% on the new, larger base would be lowered so that the U.S. would be taking in more credit than it does under the system they use now.

There is also an organization called The Unemployment Help Center. It is a “private organization committed to helping unemployed Americans to find what services and programs suitable for them.  They say if your unemployed your in a good spot for exploring your educational opportunities, new health insurance options, new debt consolidation and mortgage assistance, among other things.” On this website there will be a form to fill out that will connect you with proper providers to search for opportunities for you. They say that it is not an application for unemployment insurance. After you fill out the form they will give you a link for your unemployment insurance office.


Even Philadelphia has unemployment project called the Philadelphia Unemployment Project. It has been around since 1975, it has put together the poor and unemployed to fight for economic justice, bringing distinct groups to bring out huge changes that help millions of unemployed people. They help people win unemployment cases, get healthcare, save their houses and a coach that will help them search for a job. This organization is located

·       112 N. Broad Street, 11th Floor

·       Philadelphia, PA 19102.



In conclusion there are a lot of organizations for people who are unemployed.  I feel these organizations will be really helpful to a lot of people. These organizations show that unemployed and working people can be a compelling voice in fighting for economic justice for the city, state and nation. I want to raise awareness by giving out brochures to the teens about unemployment so they can get a job now and be ready for the future.

Go here for my bibliography.

Go here for more information.               

Go here for information on youth programs. 


Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 10.01.57 AM
This a picture of one of the youth unemployment programs
Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 3.11.05 PM
This is a picture of the group of people in the Philadelphia Unemployment Program.
Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 3.11.30 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 3.10.51 PM
These are pictures of people protesting against unemployment.
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 10.00.38 AM
This is a picture of one of the participants in the youth employment program.
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.47.32 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.47.18 PM
Here pictures of the brochure i made for information on youth employment programs.
teen unemployment brochure
This is the brochure i made for teens.
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Communists In Vietnam: Post for Change

   The things that are done currently to raise awareness to my topic is a petition posted the official website of the White House. They put up a petition asking President Obama to help them find a solution to this problem. So far they have 150,000 signatures. There is also a video on YouTube that shows one of Viet Khang’s song asking the people who are watching the video to donate money. To an organization that is set up to help Viet Khang get out of jail. There is also a movement called the Viet Khang Movement. This movement is a organizations that matters in global, political, human rights,religious freedom and social equality. This group so far has set up two events. These two events are meetings where hundreds of Viet-American delegates come to protest against the administration and also to deliver their petition to the administration. The second event is about to present their concerns over the problem of human rights violation and also press release of Viet Khang and other prisoners that are put into jail for expressing their opinion.
   ​What should change about Vietnam is that the government should give the people democracy. They should give the citizens freedom in what they want to do or not to do, instead of letting the country crumble because the citizens and the government won’t cooperate. Also the citizens will continue to protest and go against the government's decision for the country. The ways I’m proposing for change is that I’m going to make a petition to sent to President Obama stating that he should send help over to Vietnam to help those prisoners get their freedom and go back to their family. The petition will also propose to the President that he should help Vietnam turn into a democratic country. This petition sends a good explanation of why he should help the country turn into a democratic country.  To give the people a chance to choose who they want to run for president or to choose the option of whenever or not the country should sell themselves to China or not. Here is the link to the petition and please sign it because your signatures counts.
If you want to start your own petition for your own cause here is the website to do so.

This is my original content:
Viet khang
The bibliography for the entire project. Here is the link for the bibliography.
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Blog post 3 on Food

Here it is, the final blog post on the issue of America’s food problems so far I have addressed some of the key controversial points of the issue. You can see the previous blog post here and the one before that one here.


What have I done to make a change? None so far, however I am going to present to 125 people about my issue and propose a way to change how America eats. I will have pictures and possibly a video of the event soon.


Though, how should people change what products they are selling at the store? There are a few things that you can do to change what food you find in the market. For one, don’t buy anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. If you buy drinks with high fructose corn syrup in them, you are just supporting the people who use it. You as a person can make a much bigger difference than you might think.


Also, try to buy organic foods too. Who really needs all that processed (bad word beginning with an s) anyway? Trader Joe's is a great example, most if not all of their products are organic and do not contain harmful chemicals that are used to sterilize the food more efficiently.


But what about the meat problem?  Think about becoming a vegetarian. Plants need a lot less energy plants take a lot less energy to grow than meat does. You can get protein from other sources than meat, like beans. If you don’t buy met, then you are not supporting the meat packing industry which will require less animals to be slaughtered.


All of these solutions not only provide ways to better your health, but also show that it is the consumer who judges what products are for sale. You can make a difference in what and How America eats. You are what you eat, and if you ask me. Americans can eat better.

picture from:

bibliography here.
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Animal Adoption Post for Change

   Animal adoption is something that any pet owner or lover should do. Even if you can’t own a pet you can still go to your local animal shelter and get a job or volunteer, or donate money. (to learn more about donating click here. When you volunteer you can be a dog walker, someone that cleans after the animals, and other things. (to learn more about volunteering click here 


  My family has about 10 rescued cats. The cats we have/had were all strays. Most of them came out of our back yard, we stared feeding them then we just decided to keep them. It something that my family has done for a long time. So when we even consider getting a pet we always think about saving one rather than buying one. Sadly some of the cats we take in get sick and have to be put down, we know that there is always another we can save.


  If you ever consider get a pet you should think about how you can get a pet and save a life. Just go to your local animal shelter, or there web site and see if they have what your looking for. Even if they don’t have what your looking for you should try giving another type of animal a chance. These animals are just looking for a family that will take care of them. They aren’t picky.


   My plan to get people to help is to just get the word out. I have recently posted posters around my school asking people to get involved. The smallest steps can make a big affect. Even if people just know not to buy pets and adopt that all they need. My plan out of these three blogs was too make sure they know that animals need a loving home, and they can be the ones to give it.


In order to see the positive change in this issues I can visit here to see how many animals have been saved. Right now Philadelphia Animals shelter is in 45th place out of 50. I hope to see an increase because the shelter with the most animals saved win 100,000 dollars.  


 To see my two other blog post click #1 #2 

 To learn more ways to get involved click here. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.32.49 PM
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English, Pro Choice

             In my last two posts you have learned the issues at hand and how important it is for women to have their civil rights. They should be aloud to do what they want with their bodies. This includes having options of abortion, contraception, and health care services that will support these things. Now that you have read my last two-blog post, this is my post for change. It becomes difficult to change people’s decisions about abortion, but we can change someone’s view on rights for women. The problem is people don’t know about what is happening they don’t know the laws that are trying to be passed by the government. So the first thing to do is get the word out! Let people know the issue at hand, send emails, tweet about it and update your Facebook statuses.


            Next, the main organization that is taking the hit with most of these laws being passed is Planned Parenthood. They are an organization that helps so many people and without them many young girls will be having teenage pregnancies, and many who are less fortunate will run out of options with contraception. So go on their website, and read their take action page. This is your opportunity, to sign petitions, find out about rally’s that issues that you want to get involved with, and even have the option to volunteer at Planned Parenthood. For these past two things that you can change they aren’t very difficult but it’s not always the big things you do but the small things that everyone do that make a difference. 


            At my school, Science Leadership Academy (SLA) the issue of abortion is a difficult issue to talk about. Because everyone comes from different backgrounds there are many different opinions on the topic. Only 63% of the SLA students I interviewed thought it should be legal. However 98% of the students supported the use of contraception. So in order to not force my opinions on people I have come up with a way to make the issue of abortion one that has to be less talked about. As teenagers these are the years where sex comes up more and more. However the topic of contraception is one that for many is a topic that they shy away from. But people need to know the facts and where they can get them. So in my school I am going to be putting pan flits from Planned Parenthood in the nurse’s office. 93% of the students said that it was okay with them to have these in the nurse’s office, and that it would be helpful for kids to learn about that.



            In order to raise even more awareness I am also making a twitter page with information about the issues, events, and ways that everyday people can help. I want people to know what is happening this means getting congresswomen and men to follow me and other organizations to look into the issues. There is still so much more that can be done, but these are all steps in the right direction. So for my original content part 2, besides the video on my 2nd blog post I have created a twitter page. This way only people who care about the issue can go look at it and spread the word about the issue. Go check out my twitter and follow me @ProChoiceProPPL, to find out more information on the topic and the issue of women’s rights.

            I would just like to thank everyone who helped me through this entire process. My mom Alison Sprague, my teacher Alexa Dunn, the entire Science Leadership community for their support, as well as Planned Parenthood who is going to provide the pan flits and who’s website is one I continuously looked to for facts. Most importantly thank you to all the readers because we can become the change and help women keep their rights.

Change for the Troops

Well, President Obama has been giving speeches about the transition supposed to happen. Since, this is such a hot topic, it has already been out to the public for many years now. Since the new treaty has been signed, there has been more buzz about this topic then there already was.

I personally believe that because of the death of Osama Bin Laden, this leaves me to the idea that if the Al Queda has no leader, can’t the Afghan soldiers fight the remaining Al Queda and Taliban on their own? I feel we should bring the troops home before 2014, not after.

To bring awareness to my topic I have emailed and posted on Facebook about a petition that they can sign and it will be sent to Congress.

I propose to search and search for organizations farther dedicated to bringing the troops home as soon as possible. Maybe there is even organizations that allow donations of money to specifically be sent to men and women over seas to provide better Medicare, food, and other important supplies.

I have made a video and a survey asking about people opinions, as well as to talk about the war's outcomes other related topics and the change starting to occur. People's responses to my survey were all similar, most people said the war was pointless and we need to stop killing and bring the troops home before 2014. 

 In conclusion, my change is to try and bring the troops in Afghanistan home before 2014. In my blog 1 I talked about the war and gave some facts about it. In my blog 2, i discussed some new events that occurred since my first blog. Through the 11 years we have been in Afghanistan we have lost many men and women, but gained many achievements. A year ago, the leader of the Al Qaeda was finally killed under the command of President Barack Obama. Obama has promised to bring the troops home, this was one of his biggest promises in his run for office in 2008. It’s 2012 now and finally he is keeping his promise. He has signed a security plan with the president of Afghanistan to transition our troops to a support team so we can begin to bring them back to America. Through these many years we’ve seen great achievements thanks to President Obama. So far, for my change, I’ve posted petitions on social networks so people can help me make the change, especially because this change is something bigger then one person could do. I also made a video about the war to raise awareness about it. All that’s left is to finish the video and release it. 

My bibliography
Please watch the video below. Thank you.
English BLOG video
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Post For Change

  This is my post for change for Animal Cruelty. Since I deeply care about this subject I wanted to do something to put the word out there.  In my last two blogs I explained serious cases of animal cruelty and types of animal cruelty. I explained how abuse was not the only kind of abuse and that neglect was a serious from of abuse as well. What I did for my change is that I made a video/commercial to put the word out that there are animals that need help. My video is for animals in the SPCA who needs to be adopted. My video explains that you can help by adopting or donating which could easily save the lives of these animals in need. My plan was to show not only put this video on the SLA (ScienceLeadershipAcademy) home page but, to show it to my advisory to further spread the word on Animal Abuse.

I just wanted to say that you can make a difference in animal lives and that if you see abuse don’ t be scared to report it because that’s why animals are abused.

Blog Post 2

Blog Post 1


-I wanted to thank my friend Haji for giving me the idea of talking about the Aspca and my student teacher Emma that helped me figure out an idea for my original content (video).


PSA- Animal Cruelty

Give a Hand in Helping Patients to get Personalized Medicine

​This is the final blog for my "You and the World" project and give students the opportunity to think about issues in the world and find a solution to the problem. The topic of my project is about Genetic Testing seek to find a solution to solve one of its disadvantages. 

Video Descriptions:
The video below is a public awareness video that allows people to help patients who are not able to afford personalized medicine. All $294,000 of it. Unfortunately, I can not find a reliable or a suitable organization to make such donation possible. But I bet that this issue will resonate in your mind and somewhere in the future personalized are price friendly and can be afforded by all civilians.

Message: If you ever encounter victims that was chained by their diseases, stretch our your hand and help them. 
Public Awareness1
​This is some of the contents that I wrote in my website. It sums up all of the disadvantages and the advantages to use genetic tests on personalized medicine and information about ones' self. Take you stance and spread your opinions!
Seeks Change
My Blogs

The completion of this project would not have been as great if Alaina Silverman does not gave me important comments about my blogs. I want to acknowledge my mother, Xiao Chen who gave me a lot of ideas for my public awareness video and all of the participants who volunteer to support the cause of this movement. Thanks for all viewers of my blogs and spread my message to support patients who have trouble to afford personalized medicine.  

For my Bibliography click here
For my survey click here
Go to my first and second blog for more details. 
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Q4 Blog Post

​During the fourth quarter I really went all out on my stuff. I dabbed into a bit of "anime," some abstract paintings using water color paint, and even made some rings using copper wire and gems. I feel as though I really don't know what I like and so that is why i went about doing a bunch of different forms of art this quarter. 

For my first piece of art, i created a picture of Gohan who is from the show dragon ball z. The show was a big part of my childhood and so i wanted to draw something from it considering it was something that i liked a lot. I put a lot of effort into it and i think the final product came out to look really nice. 

For my second piece of work, I created a picture of yet another character from the tv show, only this time it was a different person. It was a bigger scale picture so it took longer to draw in terms of there being more space to cover, however there wasn't as much detail put into this piece compared to the other. 

For my third piece of work, I created pieces of water color paintings that were abstract. It took a lot of concentration and focus. I had to really think about the movements of the brush before i started. Like, what was I going to make the picture look like? How big? What kind of feel will there be behind it? It was pretty challenging but I came out with 3 pieces that I am proud of. 

I also completed other pieces that i didn't submit for grading. Such as the rings that were made out of copper wire with gems. 

Pieces of art will be uploaded tonight**
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