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Q3 Art Reflection

  • a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  
  • After finishing the final drawing, I feel like a accomplish something that I could have not done when I first attended this class. I understand how to draw the perspective now in 3d correctly instead of 2d.

  • b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
  • If I could do this project again, I would add more details such as more tables and chairs and color it.

  • c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
  • I believe the drawing Sam did was successful because it is well drawn with neat lines and all the line meets the vanishing point. It has lines that are light and some shading that make the picture smoothing and nice to look. 

  • d. What did you learn about one point perspective?
  • I learned that one point perspective is fun and that if you want it to look right, you need a vanishing point and you have to use your eyes to make sure the line are straight and parallel to the line across.
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Q3 Art Reflection

Displaying IMG_1100.JPG
I finished my ceiling, part of my floor, part of a side wall, a table in the middle.  I would choose to draw a different wall if I could do this again.  The drawing I think is successful has color and multiple objects on all parts of the room.  It has neat and straight lines, and looks unique.  I learned one point perspective is very straight forward, but that it still is challenging and takes practice.  I also learned that if I work, that I could be able to draw complex things I did not think I could.

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Q3 Art Reflection

I feel like I accomplished everything required in the project. The only thing that wasn't quite correct would be the table, because that was two point perspective. That would be what I would change if I were to do the project all over again. Draw decent tables.

There's one drawing that I really like. It has everything on the walls, details outside of the windows, and is in color. I think this one in particular was successful because they got far enough into the project to add details such as color and a sun outside.

This unit taught me about orthogonal lines. I never knew those existed, and how important they can be in one point perspective.
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Lisa Kang Q3- Advanced Art

This quarter, I explored different kinds of artwork; from india ink, abstract art to basic shapes. Most of the artwork this quarter was focussed on the process of drawing rather than trying to create a super detailed or intricate drawing. These art works were the value, basic shapes and animal shapes. The pieces that I enjoyed the most was the abstract drawing and india ink because they're really different from the other pieces. The abstract drawing did not even feel like I was doing a lot of work because I find myself drawing random things all the time and I was able to do that but create something more meaningful. I did not really have a theme this quarter in my work but I learned a lot and I can feel my art skills improving.
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Q3 Art Project

I feel like I accomplished learning some patience and focus, I don’t spend time working on the same thing, I like to rush, this project asked me to slow down which allowed me to work to my fullest. I wish if I did this again I would spend more time working with details then on the actual walls, I would’ve liked to have detailed the ceilings and done some chairs. I didn’t see any on the wall but I know Wes’s was really good because when you looked it everything was proportional and it looked really 3D. I learned a lot about point perspective, I didn’t even know what a point perspective was. I learned a lot about how to work with horizon lines and how much spacing means in art.
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a) I feel that I accomplished the side wall with the window the best and I really like it compared to everything else.
b) I would change the wall facing towards you because it is a bit big.
c) I really like Syndye's drawing. She made the wall facing towards the door leading towards outside and with the sinks. It was successful because how descriptive it was. 
d) What I learn from the one point perspective drawing is that the drawing looks a lot better with a vanishing point.  

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Donesha Lee Q3 Artwork Portfolio

​Artist Statement

During this quarter I have made 6 pieces of art I could not be more proud of. I was able to experiment my skills with "Indian Ink", draw a beautiful owl, and create eye popping illusions. It has been a very interesting quarter. I have created everything "free hand", which is a huge accomplishment. I was even given the chance to play with shadowing techniques. It was truly an eye opening experience this quarter.  Throughout this quarter I was able to express myself using many more mediums. It could very challenging, however, the finishing products came out very well. However, I would say that as an artist in "A" band's class I still represented myself through my artwork. Every artist has their own style, and I think I've improved my skill set during this quarter.
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Quarter 3 Advanced Art A1

In this quarter we were assigned various art pieces to recreate each week. Within these weeks we learned about the history behind the art we were going to visually create. I enjoyed designing each piece of art in a way that I felt was original for me. This quarter allowed me to test my limits because I know that Im not the best artist but believing that it was my best and knowing that it was allowed me to become confident with my work. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

1. I feel that I did pretty well on my drawing. I did not finish the whole room, but I finished the required parts. I think my details were pretty accurate and my drawing was as realistic as I could have done. 
2. I would try to work faster so I could finish more of the room. Other than that, nothing.
3. One of the drawings looks really accurate and the details are amazing. I like that one.
4. I learned a lot! Before, I would never have been able to draw something 3D - I wouldn't have known where to start. Now, that has totally changed. I can now draw simple things in 3D. Thank you, Ms. Hull!
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Lauren Thomas Q3 Art

The reason I create art is to express myself. Even though the art may not be something amazing or profound, it is something I am proud of and happy that I created. When I look at my art, I see myself being reflected. This quarter I fell in love with painting my self portrait. I enjoyed using a new media (India Ink) and it was super fun to use and paint with. I wanted to paint more self portraits because I enjoyed making my first one so much. I create what I love and I have to be happy with what I create. I feel that my self portrait is the best thing I created this quarter; it shows a complex image in a simplistic way with an artistic attitude and a new media. 
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Adam Feliciano - Q3 Student Art Portfolio

During the third quarter art class, students had a series of tasks to complete. These tasks were creating a water color, drawling a metamorphosis, creating a mosaic, designing a coat of arms picture and creating a wire sculpture. For my water color, I chose to use all the basic colors in a contrasting pattern to signify the beauty of combining numerous amounts of colors. For my metamorphosis, I decided to show a transition of an acorn transforming into a bumble bee. When creating my mosaic, I wanted to focus on designing something simple and clean. I achieved this successfully be creating a car. For my coat of arms, I chose to use the colors blue and red to represent the good and bad times I had with my advisory. Lastly, to the best of my ability, I try to design a telescope for my wire sculpture. I chose to create a telescope because it represents me looking into my future and striving to achieve my long term goals in life.
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Q3 Art Reflection!!!!!

With my final project I accomplished stabilizing my motor skills, which I found to be a challenge going into this project. Over the course of the final drawing I found I was able to steady my ruler better with concentration and the fact that 100 points where on the line. 

If I where to to it again, I would protect my paper better so I wouldn't have to start over. I would also like to add more detail to my floor area.

One drawing I a saw was a perfect representation of the room with every single detail. It was perfect angle wise and as an artistic remake of our room.

I learned that with one point perspective, everything goes to one point of the paper and nowhere else.


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Q3 Art Reflection

I felt happy because I finished it, I handed it in on time and I did what was expected. For example, I did the wall, the ceiling, the side walls, floor, tables and chairs.  I would take my time and do it because I procrastinated a bit to much. As, I looked at someone poster, I noticed that their poster was detailed and nice looking. What I learned about one point perspective is it makes every thing easier. 

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Q3 Art Reflection - Gavin Lane

1. & 2. I feel that overall I scored a 90 out of 100 (outstanding!), and I say that because half of the 20 points for perspective I lost because my drawing is sort of two point perspective. I feel that in terms of what I accomplished I feel that I learned a lot about drawing one-point perspective and gained a better understanding about space.

3. I think Sydnye's drawing is very successful, because she fitted the details into the one-point perspective PERFECTLY. I think she had the whole layout on point.

4. I learned that rarely ever are there exceptions from the one point perspective rule of ''all diagonal lines go to the vanishing point''.

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Q3 Art Reflection

1. I have accomplished drawing the walls, ceiling, windows, and floor. I understood those, but I had a very hard time with the door on the right wall, the table & stool. The ceiling was a little tricky but that was because my box was a little bit off, when I fixed that then my wall came out better. The table was the biggest problem, I should have drawn it closer to the back wall.
2. If I could do this project differently then I would draw the door on the right wall better. The 3D was off. Also, I would fix my perspective of the table. It should be more looked at from the top. 

3. Luis was successful because his table is closer to the back wall, his ceiling has a good allusion, and his door is correctly drawn. He did a better job than me, and I can learn from him and fix my mistakes.

4. In a one point perspective drawing you have to always have all your lines going to the vanishing point. If not then, the allusion would be ruined and your drawing will look funny. Your drawing would be incorrect. The vanishing point makes things look 3D, like the room. Your vanishing point is what helped make everything in your drawing look slanted, but it made the drawing look like you were actually looking in the room, at the back wall.
photo (5)
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Q3 reflection

Savannah Manns

a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?

I feel as if I accomplished establishing my vanishing point, and establishing my Ceiling, roof, side walls, and floor.

b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?

I would get a longer ruler and make everything equivalent and correct. I would also spend more time on smaller details to make the the bigger picture way better.

c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?

I think that Liv Coppers drawing was really successful because everything was spot on. She had cabinets and everything was very accurate. She did an amazing job . She captured the whole wall, she had many cabinets and amazing desk and chairs.

d. What did you learn about one point perspective?

I learned that it is not only complicated but it makes things very three dimensional.
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Q3 Art Reflection (T.Harper)

Personally, after completing this very difficult project I think that I should receive the following points. 18 Points on my back wall, 17 points on the side wall. 19 Points for my ceiling, 17 points for my floor and 18 points for my table/chair. I think I should receive an 89 our of 100 points. 

I would redo my entire room. Changing the wall I decided. I decided to do the wall right wall with the windows. I would instead do the front wall where the boards are located. I would also redo the the table location. Instead of doing the bigger table I would do more smaller tables. 

The drawing I picked was Tatiana Reams. I think it came out really well. I think it was neat, not with many eraser marks and is very detailed. Everything was in its place and If I had to grade it I would probably give it a high grade. She also completed the full project. Did everything that was asked of her. 

I learned many things like how to even draw. I could not even draw as well as I could and now being able to draw an entire room. I think that's sick. I also learned more about vanishing points of how and where to draw the lines and everything. It was also clear how to make three denominational shapes.  
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Q3 Reflection

What I feel that I accomplished with my final drawing is the overall perspective of the classroom. I think that the ceiling came out fine also the floor lines and the back wall. I also think the door came out fine. I would change my corner separating the  window to the right and left. I wish I was able to make it look better and more clearer. I would also change the way of the picture and try harder to make it look like the room.  One drawing that I think is successful is one that has a smaller back wall and the classroom is larger in size. It has a door that is slightly opened. There is only one table and one stool. It has a nice proportion to it and is accurate with the classroom.  I think the person was able to capture the perspective of the classroom. What I learned about about one point perspective is that you have to have the have to make your picture based on the vanishing point. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

​I feel like I completed the task. based on the rubric I am confident with my piece. If I could do this again, I wouldn't procrastinate. A sucessful drawing was like, Xaviers. I think it was successful because it shows one point perspective. I learned that one point perspective is very important.

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Q3 Reflection (S. Baker)

1. ​Back wall: 20/20. I think I drew the back wall pretty accurately.
Side wall: 18/20. My side walls are a little off to me but I still think they're accurate.
Ceiling: 20/20. I think my ceiling looks great but I think it's off a bit.
Floor: 15/70. My floor has a nice outline but looks bland.
Table/Chair: 12/20. My table looks great but the stool looks weird.

2. I would change the way my stool and table looks. Since it isn't a really good representation of the two. I would also take more time trying to make my lines persice and not have so many erased lines visable on the paper.

3. I think Xavier's drawing is very nice looking. I like the way that his lines are dark it pops out to me. To me it looks like he took his time on doing it and that he tried to make sure everything about it was correct.

4. One point perspective focuses on the perspective of one point. And that making a drawing based of one point is challenging but rewarding when you get an accurate drawing
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Q3 Art Reflection

After doing this drawing, I felt that I accomplished good detail on my side walls.

If I could do this project again, I would add more tables and stools and I would lower my door from touching the ceiling.

The picture I found to be the most interesting would be Liv's picture. Her picture is very detailed and looks like she measured different parts of the drawing very accurately. She drew the wall that's across from the board. I think that her drawing is successful because it captures her wall's image very accurately.

From drawing one point perspective pictures, I learned that everything I draw in the picture must reflect back to the vantage point. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

  • I think I did good on the ceiling, back wall, side wall, and floor. I messed up on the table and chairs because it wasn't one point perspective. I think I did pretty well on the extra details. 
  • b. I would change my tables and I would make it so that only one side of the paper had work on it so you couldn't see the other stuff on the back. 
  • c. Gavin's is successful because it is very proportionate and well drawn. The detail was really great, especially the window view. He used the one point perspective really well. 
  • d. It helps a lot because then you know how to proportion things and it just looks better overall when you use it.

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Art Reflection


  1. I think I accomplished everything on the rubric except the side wall. My side wall was there, but incorrect in it's placement and the fact tat it should be an orthogonal above the doorway. Personally, I feel like I accomplished a lot. I've done a one point before, but never with an actual room, the one before this was a room I invented
  2. I would not do this project again, last minute. I would get more help with it, because I honestly did not really understand the art at first. I did not understand most of this, until the night before the drawing was due, and I think it was due to the pressure and the fact that my friend is an artist and offered his insights. 
  3. I think my left wall was the most successful, the windows look really nice, and they aren't too big or too small in relation to each other. It flows perfectly into the ceiling, and looks like a real wall
  4. I learned that one point is actually really simple, if you pay attention to details, like which line is straight and which should fall into the vanishing point
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Q3 Art Reflection

a. I feel like I accomplished everything that was listed on the rubric. I had both side walls, the front wall, the ceiling tiles, the floor lines, and a table in chair in my drawing.

b. I wouldn't do it again. If I had to, I would have managed my time better by drawing the easier things first and the harder things later if I can, as I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. I would have also drawn another table.

c. Sydnye's drawing was successful. She drew the back wall. She included everything that was listed on the rubric.

d. I learned to trust my eye more than I had before. If something looks wrong, I should just say "this looks wrong" rather than say "this is fine."
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