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Who am I Online? James Adams

1.We watched a video about awareness for bullying

2.It makes me think that bullying is bad and people should stand up to bullies and not be bystanders

3.A jamaican cricketer comes up when you type in my name

4.I think people perceive me as a jamaican cricketer because thats the only thing the comes up when you type in my name.

5.The goal of internet trolls is to make you feel bad about yourself and to anger you

6.A positive result to online anonymity is that people can't find where you live or where your family lives. A negative result is that if you're applying for a job employers can't find out about you and they might find someone else and think it's you.
Turtle Soup
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Home Network, Accooe

  1. The service provider is Verizon Fios.
  2. My OMG (wow) moment was when I learned that my service provider could control my data and internet speeds.
  3. I would tell other people to use their home network to save data on your phone.
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Who am I ONLINE? Lilly Roman

​1) We watched a video in class about a boy named Jack. Jack had a bad day. Jack gets bullied at school and becomes a victim of cyber bulling at home. In the video, you can click an emoji to help him so he doesn't get bullied or hurt. After this we had an assignment to google ourselves and see what we find.
2) What it brings to mind that bullying can really hurt people and if we ignore it the problem only gets worse. When we ignore it its just as bad as being the bully.
3) When looking my name up online, I found a mixture of young and older woman including a youtuber. It was very weird seeing that this is what people will see when they look up my name.
4) When you look up my name many hipster blogs and youtube posts post up so I assume people would get a very chill vibe.
5) The goal of internet trolls is to get you angry for the sake of their own entertainment.

6) The positive of being anonymous on the internet is that people cant track you down but that can also be a be a negative, because people can then post anything they want.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.23.29 PM
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Who Am I Online-Conley

  1. In class we watched a video of this one eyed child (animated-that would horrible) who is bullied a lot in his daily life, that we get walkthrough of. The video shows the child being verbally and physically bullied at school, and a brief glimpse at some online harassment directed towards him.

  2. Specifically within the internet portion of this video, this makes me think about how we treat just ordinary strangers online, and how the things we say may be interpreted differently and offend some.  

  3. Online, I appear as a kid who uses social media as a way to express himself away from real life.

  4. I believe this would make people assume that I am a slightly more aggressive and confident person than I really am.

  5. The goal of internet trolls is to anger the person they are “trolling”.

  6. Online anonymity causes a lot of problems, because it is seen as a free pass for people to be hurtful and possibly offensive. It can also be a positive concept, in that people may use it as a way to express themselves in a way that they don’t feel comfortable in sharing with other people close to them.  
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 1.14.36 PM
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Who am I Online? EASTWOOD

1) we watched a cartoon video about bullying. If you press a special emoji you will see that the bullying stops.
2)It shows if you step up and stop it it wont happen but if you just watch the bullies will get away with it.
3)Online i appear as a young girl and my social media comes up.
4)I think people perceive me as a normal teenage girl.
5)To get people upset then they win.
6) a positive thing is that you can connect with friends and family whenever and a negative thing is that you can bully people with people knowing your true identity 
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Who am I online Alfaro Allah

​1.) In class we watched a video about bullying and being a bystander. Basically in the video it is about if you see someone getting bullied then you type this eye emoji that lets them know that they are not alone.
2.) This video makes me thinl of how many people get bullied and how many people look over what there going throw. But it made me realize that it always helps to help.
3.) Online you get my instagram but if you look in images you get photo's of my sister and only one photo of my mother. Also all my old projects from middle school are there too.
4.)I think people perceive me as a chilled kicked backed and someone who just chill
5.)The goal of internet trolls is to make you mad and they try to get a response out of you or freak out.
6.) Positively you can stay connected to all your friends and family negatively is that randow people will call you out and try to make you mad.

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.27.56 AM
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Who am I Online?- Satterfield

1. The video I watched was about a boy who was constantly getting bullied. An eye emoji would appear at certain times and if the viewer clicked it, it would make things better for the boy.
2. The results of bullying came to mind when I saw the video. It made me recall past stories I heard of people getting bullied.
3. I appear as a good person. When I look myself, I found my presentations from Prezi and my Facebook account.
4. I think people see me as a young, smart kid when they see me online. Besides Facebook, I'm not on social media a lot so there isn't a lot of that for people to see.
5. The goal of internet trolls is to prank and tease people online by saying rude things about them and messing up their info.
6. A positive factor about anonymity is that no one knows for sure who you are online. However, a negative factor is that if someone is abusing others online, no one can found who they are and thus not be able to stop them. 
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Who Am I Online Reflection- Bostani

1. We watched a video on and our activity was to hit the eye emoji to change the outcome!

2. After watching the video, I felt a horrible feeling inside of my head. If there is one thing that I want most of the world is for people to stop being so judgemental and mean and start treating people like people. Whenever I see someone getting bullied, I feel that something bad is eventually going to happen to the bully. To sum it up, that video made me sad.

3. I am pretty much myself online. If you were to look on any of my networks without knowing me, you will possibly come under the impression that I am a really socially active person that has strong opinions on the topic of aviation! I personally think that the first impression you get is truly me!

4. Like I said while responding to Question #3, I fel that the first impression based on online things of me are true and it really is myself based on my profiles.

5. The goal of an internet troll is to ruin people's online reputations and make them feel bad about themselves. This is often because they had a recent experience with another internet troll or maybe they just do it for fun. Either way, it's not cool!

6. The positive results of online anyomity is that people can talk about whatever they want without it being indexed in any way in the online record books. However, the negative result of online anyomity is that it makes more people in danger of bullying, racism, and other forms of mean people doing what they do.
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Powers, Online Identity

We watched a video in which a fictional character, Jack, has a very bad day. He is physically bullied at school and then is hurt even more by online messages when he gets home. As the watcher, you can click an anti-bullying emoji to support him. After watching the video, we googled ourselves to find out our online identity.

This video shows how bullying can hurt people, physically and online. It also shows how speaking up as a bystander can help, a lot.

Most things that come up when you search me, aren’t me. My social media accounts don’t have much personal information on them either.

If a stranger were to search my name, they could think that I am any of the people that show up.

The goal of internet trolls is to upset people, or to cause a conflict and make others suffer.

Online anonymity could be good or bad. Your future employers or schools could either get a good or bad impression of your supposed identity by what they find by searching you. If you have inappropriate personal posts online, that would be bad as opposed to being completely anonymous.
Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 9.10.56 AM
Full version and image credit can be found at:
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Xfinity, Nunez

  1. write in full sentences
  2. explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.
All of my devices in my network are TV cable, Xbox 360/Xbox one, wiiU, computer/laptop and cellphone.
  1. reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
  2. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?
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Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.01.29 AM
In Tech class we watched a video about a little boy named Jack. The video was made by the I Am A Witness Campain. The campain had an eye emoji that you could press to do something about the bullying. This reminds me of my sister. A girl in her class teases her about herself. I am trying to ger her to let me email the consler but she keeps on pushing it aside and saying it is nothng. Online I try to post as little pictures so when you search my name you dont find anything personal. I try to not put anything online that people would bully me for and if they do I would ignore it. I can't let something like that bring down.
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Your Words Have Powers. Use Them Wisely. Sashoya Dougan

Screenshot 2015-11-09 at 8.18.21 PM

In class we watched a bullying video that you could interact with, it was called #IamAWitness. During this activity we watched the video all the way through without interacting, we saw that as the video went on without our help the boy in it that was getting bullied just felt worse and worse. After the first time we watched it again, this time we interacted whenever we saw signs of bullying we stopped it and it made things a lot better, not only did the bullies stop bullying the boy, they actually helped him and looked out for him in a way too.

This video definitely made me questions every little thing that i do or say that someone could take very close to heart while I don't think anything of it. Since i don't have any social media yet I think the person that I am online isn't too bad. I think I’d be perceived as a busy and kind of fun person based of who I am online. Internet trolls tend to be negative, obnoxious and annoying, troller’s goals are to irritate, anger or upset whoever might happen to stumble across the troll.

When it comes to anonymity there are positive and negative outcomes, positive things could be that what you out can't necessarily be traced back to you and if something were to go wrong that person would get caught or in trouble, but then again that could be a negative side of it, if someone wrongs you on the internet it could be very difficult to find out who that person was if they were anonymous. The main thing you should take away from this post is that not only is cyberbullying wrong but any form of bullying is wrong and you should always be conscious of what you put or say on the internet because you never know who could be watching or reading and you never know who could get hurt by what you post. Remember, your words have powers so use them wisely.

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Sofian's blog stuff #3

On my LAN there's a router, 3 phones, a printer, 3 iPads, 3 iPod touches, an apple airport express connected to speakers, a wii, a macbook air, and one PC. I learned about networks, but nothing surprised me. I didn't know very much to begin with, but now it makes more sense. I learned that all the devices in my house are on one network. I also learned that if you take an image and edit it, then it's legally yours. I also learned how to get the embed code. I learned how to use slate, canvas and lucid chart. If I was going to tell someone something, I would tell them that all deleted internet activity on a home network, even if deleted, is still saved in an unknown file. 
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Shana's reflection

I found everything I suspected to find. I found social media, the website I work for, and my online portfolio for my photos. I think it matters to know what will pop up when you search your name. Jobs and schools are known for searching your name to make sure you have a clean look online and it's not worth missing a big opportunity over petty decision made online. 
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.14.16 AM
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Leonel Messi

Write an autobiographical post. You can write about yourself or assume the role of a famous person.

You must include:
  • a photo
  • an intro paragraph including name, age and origin
  • a paragraph about their physical characteristics and personality
  • a paragraph about their likes and dislikes
  • words from the "Más Palabras para Ti" page of your unit packet. BOLD THEM.
  • Close with a question. Your choice! You can ask the reader about their personality, about their likes/dislikes. You can ask if they like specific things (¿Te gusta...?). 
Hola, me llamo Leonel Messi. Tengo 28 años. Soy de Argentina pero vivo en Barcelona, España.

Soy alto, deportista y bastante famoso. Las chicas dicen que (say that) soy muy guapo. Es cierto.

Me ENCANTA jugar fútbol. Soy muy talentoso. No me gusta nada ver la tele porque es aburrido. Prefiero correr y pasar tiempo con mi familia. Me gusta escuchar música. Me fascina Aldrey y Pit Bull sin embargo (however) no me gusta nada la música de Shakira.

¿Te gusta practicar deportes?
Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.06.39 AM
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Today in class we watched a video about a boy named Jack that was getting bullied in school and if we click the eye emoji we can make everything better. This made me realize that bullying really effects people and make them feel worthless.  When I am online, I am like a ghost I don't post anything I get on and read what other people post and most of the time I don't even get online. I think other people don't think of my as anything online because I don't really be online. I want to expose the internet trolls because they hurt people feelings and then laugh about it. The negative results of anonymity is all the trolls and bullying of people. The positive result is that it is an easy way of communicating with your friends.
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 11.08.07 AM
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​In class we watched a video about a boy named Jack who was being bullied and what you can do to stop it. This video was made by the I Am A Witness Campaign. The campaign gets you using an eye emoji to respond to the bullying. The video makes me think of my friend who was bullied, we didn´t go to the same school but I would tell her to tell someone about her problem. But instead she pushed it aside. As for who I am online, I don´t really go online as much as people think I do. Typically I only go online for reading, researching and watching shows. Normally don´t chat with others to often. I don´t use my social media often even though I have one. To be honest I´m not sure how people would perceive me online but I try to be kind and polite to others as much as possible. The goal of internet trolls are to annoy you until you break down or get angry. They want to rip you into pieces basically. The positive results of online anonymity would be people not knowing who you are away from online. But the negative results of online anonymity would be not knowing who you really are with and people being bullied. 
Image 1004
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Kielar Reflection

Today in class we had watched a video about a little boy that was getting bullied. The bullies were doing all these mean thing to him and you could help him out by pressing this emoji. After you press the emoji the bullies do nice things to him instead bullying him. When I had seen this video I had felt so emotionally touched and bad for him. I remember when I was younger I was bullied by some kids but then I just learned to ignore it and ever since nothing has been able to really offend me. Online I am a complete ghost. I have never have a single social media and never felt as if I need one. Based on this appearance I think people tend to ignore me completely online which is both good and bad. In my opinion the goal for an internet troll is to annoy you and make you feel bad about yourself. The positive side of being anonymous is no one can bully you because you don't exist but the downside is you cannot interact with friend and be able to talk to them even though your not next to them physically.       
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Nile's Reflection

1 We watched the "I am a Witness" video in class. In class, we discussed Internet trolls and what their goal is online. The main goal for internet trolls is to get a response from the person they are trolling. This will make the troll seem stronger and higher than the victim.

2 This topic reminds me of cyber bullying because the main goal of internet trolls is to gain popularity and "authority."

3 As I am not ALL out on social media, I couldn't find myself at all -- at least by name. There are lots of people who have the same name but a different age. So I appear as many people. 

4 People may perceive me as an average human being. As far as I could see, no one seemed to have any records or suspicious backgrounds that employers would look for.

5 The goal of internet trolls is simply to get a response from other users so they can look bigger and more important than everyone else. Internet trolls are just bullies, since bullies always look better when their victim responds with anything.

6 The positive results of online anonymity is that you can always appear to be no one or anyone to other users. You won't appear to be who you actually are as a real human when you are online. However, a negative result of online anonymity is that you can be easily tracked down with a simple IP address. This can actually be positive, too because trolls or suspects can be tracked down.

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Who am I Online? Taylor Green

  1. For tech, we watched a video on how bullying can affect someone’s life and how being someone who stands up to bullying affects them too.

  2. It reminds me of the movie CyberBully and how she was almost driven to suicide because no chose to stand up for her.

  3. Online, I’m a nice person. I don’t get involved in any drama and I appear as friendly.

  4. I think people perceive me as nice because of how I am on the internet.

  5. The goal of internet trolls is to annoy and get a reaction out of you. If you react, they’ll only bother you more.

  6. Something positive about online anonymity is that you can express your opinion without getting in trouble, but something negative about it is that people abuse this power. They use this to bully and harass others without getting caught.
   (I used my own photo)
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Home Network, Ahmed Ahmed

1. In my house, there are 2 laptops, 5 smartphones, 1 desktop, 1 console, 4 tablets and 1 smart t.v.

2.  One "OMG" moment I had was when Ms. Hull told the class that everything that we do online is being watched.

3. I would tell others to be careful  online because everything is being watched and saved.
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  1. The video we watched today in class is the cyber bullying video from I AM A WITNESS website. The classroom activity from today is to look up yourself on Google search and see who you are online. Then we had to pick a partner and look them up and describe them in 5 words.

  2. This video brings guilt and fear to my mind on the topic of bullying because I may have done stuff online to people in the past that was not as serious but still considered bullying and I fear that I’ll do it again the future.

  3. The person I am found as online is nothing compared to who I am in real life. The only things you can find about me online is a picture or two and my science leadership account. You can find my Facebook, but there are more than one Mindy Saw’s so if the person looking me up had no idea who I was then they wouldn’t find out anything from Facebook.

  4. I think people would perceive me as a non social person based on my appearance online.

  5. The goal of internet trolls are to get responses from the victim of their choice.

  6. The positive results of online anonymity is that the person attacking gets away with what they do temporarily and forever if no one cares enough to find out. The negative result is that once you’ve done something, you can always be found even though it might a long while.

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Who Am I Online

  1. What video did you watch in class, what was the classroom activity today? - Give the reader of this blog a context for this reflection.
  2. What does this make video bring to your mind in reference to the topic of bullying?
  3. Who are you online, how do you appear?
  4. How do you think people perceive you, based on this appearance?
  5. What is the goal of internet trolls?
  6. What are the positive and negative results of online anonymity?
  1.  We watch a video a video on bully and it's impacted. The activity was to look yourself up on Google. I didn't find anything bad. I found actors with the same surname as me, my Facebook, and my Uncle.
  2. The video made me really think of the effects of bully. Some people cry themselves to sleep. Some deal with greater bullies with greater effects.
  3. I think I am seen very quiet on the internet. I don't post anything nor do i like anything weird on the internet.
  4.  I’ve gotten replies from teachers when they look up my name on the internet. My math teacher said that she couldn’t say anything I posted on the internet. She said that i look like a normal person and that good for high school and jobs.
  5. Internet trolls just want to make people feel bad about anything (your friends, your family life, your outer/ inner appearence, etc.).
  6. With internet anonymity it has a positive effect of taking people longer to find who you are. The negative effect is people can still find out who you are.
stop bullying
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The Effect of your Voice:

“What do you mean?” I laughed.

“When you talk to teachers your voice gets so high!” my friends giggled.

I scrunched up my face. “Really?” I paused to think and finally I understood their point.

“I do..don’t I! I do that a lot! How come you never told me?” I yelled.

When the laughter subsided I attempted an impression of myself in a high irritating voice.

“Hi teacher!!”

This was now another inside joke equipped in our arsenal of non-sensical ideas, but little did I know that this memory would correlate later in my life. A simple joke my elementary school friends and I had made opened up a much bigger question for me: Could how you speak be more important than what you say? I have always had a nervous energy around people who expected something from me. This translated into school because it’s a place of obligations and responsibility, especially from your teachers. Like my friends noted, my voice inclinations became extremely high when I spoke to teachers. It was very obvious why the frequency of my voice changed, but it is much harder to decipher how this affected the way teachers perceived me from this mere behaviour.

It’s complicated to think about how a small detail of a person’s voice can change the very perceptions of our personality. So, I decided to look into this topic to figure out if this is something people have looked further into. Scientist have taken this social psychology into their own hands and it turns out that the frequency of someone’s voice does have a lot of influence over perception. There are many voice augmentations that studies have shown cause people to sound unprofessional or uneducated. For example people with “vocal fry”, monotone, upspeak or high pitched voices are often turned down in job interviews because they sound less professional and intelligent to society.

Vocal fry is a raspiness or a shrill sound when people speak. This type of talking originates mostly from the California area and is becoming more popular with young people around America. Therefore, when people who speak with a vocal fry speak in these studied job interviews they are seen as young and uncertified because many young people speak this way. Upspeak in when a person finishes all their sentences like a question. To society this portrays an unconfident and unreliable person because it doesn’t seem like they trust their abilities, which is not something people want in an employee. Monotone voices on the other hand sound unintelligent and boring according to societal research. This is why people with monotonous voices often are ignored, or are very hard to listen to.  Having an extremely high voice is commonly found very annoying and shrill, sometimes even stereotyped as unintelligent as well.

Looking back on how my voice used to be around teachers this must coincide with how they saw me. For example I remember in my earlier years having valid points to speak about in the classroom, but never being taken seriously because of how I sounded. Anxiety caused my voice to fluctuate to high and shrill with a little bit of “upspeak”, which in turn must have made me seem unintelligent or hard to listen to. As I have grown up my voice has gone through many stages including a period of monotone, some vocal fry and upspeak.

During these stages people did mention how my voice sounded because it is something that is very easily noticed. Talking with an upspeak made people prone to question me more since I obviously was questioning my words. A high-pitched voice sounded fake and shrill. I had a monotone voice for a while which caused people to constantly question whether I was actually interested in anything that they had to say. A monotone voice caused people to become self-conscious and bored.

As I have entered high school I’ve found that my voice has fixed itself. It has become more deep and is more balanced. The only speak habit that has increased in intensity is my vocal fry. So, my voice is deep and sometimes a little raspy. I have noticed that most of the people in my family have a kind of raspy voice which may have originated from my great grandmother who spent a good portion of her life in California when she was in her early 30s. So, while this raspiness must have originated from my family, most of the women in my family have a high voice. The person that I must have gotten a deeper voice from is my grandmother because the other women in my family have a generically high voices.

Now that my voice has changed I have gotten comments on how different I sound. These day my voice is something that I still worry about, but for many trying to fit into society it is. Society has become so focused on being professional and intelligent that they have decided which voices sound correct. In reality our intelligence and importance can not be predetermined by our voices. Voices are purely a product of the society around us and the people we know.
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