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Kristian Ramos Dominant; Rocket Bats Rip Apart Edison Pitching for 14-2 Win

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.06.30 PM
Kristian Ramos was utterly dominant, striking out 13 and only giving up 1 earned run on 2 hits over 5 innings. Meanwhile, the Rocket bats were on fire from the first at bat when Shaion Denny hit a solo homer to the right center gap. Arsenio Gomez singled in the next at bat and moments later off Kristian's opposite field single. 

The mantra of the game was "Win The Inning", and the Rockets did just that. In the first it was simply responding to an early run by Edison to make it 2-1. But then the Rocket exploded for 7 in the 2nd and 5 more in the 3rd to blow it open. Those additional 12 runs included lots of extra base hits including
 a 3-run homer by Leo Cassel-Siskind, who went 2-3 with 5RBI on the day. After the 3-run blast Leo's next trip to the plate brought in two more with another rip into the gap. 

Arsenio "Pepe" Gomez was en fuego, going 4-4 with a triple and 3RBIs. Kristian Ramos did it on the other side of the ball as well, also perfect at the plate (3-3 3RBI). Alex Torres got into the action by smacking a triple into the gap in left center in the same inning as his brother, and Jaime Vaquero-Garcia ripped a double in his last at bat of the day to add to the pain. 

Honestly, Edison didn't know what hit them. The confident swagger they had taking the field after scoring just one run in the first quickly disappeared and may never return after this literal drubbing. SLA JV is in 1st place and 5-1 on the season. Next up, a showdown with natural rival Central on Thurs, 4/21. 

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Adam and Eve


3.8 billion years ago, the Earth was mostly ocean. And that ocean was populated by billions of tiny archaea and bacteria. That was life. Life stayed like that for 2 billion years. These prokaryotes existed in an “energy canyon” they did not have the energy to get bigger and more complicated, and the only way they could develop the mechanisms to get bigger and more complicated, they would need energy. It’s a paradox. So for 2 billion years, nothing really changed, and there was no reason life wouldn’t continue like that for billions of more years. But one day, complicated, diverse life began to develop. The theory as to how this miracle happened is as follows. An archaean (a bigger single celled organism) and a bacterium (a smaller organism) are floating along, and they happen to bump into each other. Improbably, impossibly, the two cells merge. The bacterium, now stuck inside a bigger cell, should struggle to survive. It shouldn’t be able to eat, or live, or reproduce. The larger cell should protest, should excrete the imposter bacterium. But that didn’t happen. Very improbably, very impossibly, the bacteria, called a mitochondria, survived. The big cell fed it, allowed it to reproduce, built mechanisms to keep the growing population alive. 

You might be wondering, but where did the energy for this growth come from? What about that energy canyon. The answer is across the cell membrane of the mitochondria. They are a special type of cell that produces a large electric charge across its membrane. It’s an electric charge equivalent to a bolt of lighting. So it grew, and diversified, and made proteins and DNA and organelles, it reproduces and spread, and over the next 1.8 billion years that 2 cell merge evolved into all the complex, eukaryotic life on Earth today. 


Based on this theory, the story in the Book of Genesis of Adam and Eve, of two things coming together and creating life, doesn’t seem that far from evolutionary biology. If Genesis is, as many Christian scientists believe, a romanization of reality, then this theory of evolution might fit into the Bible. 

The other societal implication that arises from this theory is the possibility of alien life. Because of the pure improbability of how complicated life came to be, it’s statistically very unlikely that this could have happened anywhere else, no matter the vastness of the universe. However, it is not that unlikely that we could find bacteria roaming the surface of far away planets. But alas, no E.T.


Inside of myself, there are mitochondria and DNA remnant of that original merge. If you look hard enough, you can see how I am related to the origins of life. 


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Battle of Undefeated Leaves SLA (6-0) Alone in 1st After 3-0 Win Over Kensington

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.16.40 PM
A true pitcher's duel unfolded in a scorcher on Monday with two undefeated teams battling for sole possession of first place in B-Division. The game only saw seven hits in total between the two teams thanks to dominant pitching from both aces. While Kensington's Matos held the Rocket's bats in check for most of the game it was Leon Finney at his most dominant to date that truly sealed the deal. 

Leon hates the cold, so this was his kind of game. He pitched very well in that freezing, windy showdown with previously undefeated Edison last week, but this was a different experience. Finney's fastball was blazing, his off-speed had good hitters looking silly and some seriously nasty movement along with excellent framing by freshmen Avi Cantor behind the plate led to 16 strikeouts on a hot one devoid of wind.

Leon would also get the first (and winning) run of the game in the 3rd when he worked a 2-out walk, stole 2nd, moved on to 3rd on a pitch in the dirt and then scored easily when a ball scooted past their catcher. Technically this was all SLA would need to win the game, but Lukas Supovitz-Aznar has other plans in the 4th when he crushed a fastball roughly 325ft deep to center over the cinder block wall to make it 2-0. He came through again in the 6th with some insurance by singling to the opposite field, plating ijustice Avery who had singled and stole into scoring position. 

The Rocket is used to scoring more than three runs in a game, but you don't need more than that when only the same number of balls actually finds a way to crawl out of the infield. In the fifth Kensington fans and players started to ask "Who's Your Daddy?" after a couple of walks and a weak single loaded the bases in a 2-0 game. When no one else reached base the rest of the way the answer was clear that Finney was theirs.

Next Up: The Rocket continues their road trip and visits Roxborough on Wed, 4/20. First Pitch 315pm

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Day Light Saving

Day light saving time is occurs twice a year where you turn your clocks an hour back for the winter and turn them an hour ahead for the spring. This is supposed to allow us to conserve time and energy. Studies show that day light saving time shows an overall increase in residential electricity. Back in World War I they took advantage of day light saving time to say electricity, coal etc. Benjamin Franklin was one of the first advocates for day light saving.  

People can argue that it saves energy, some say it does some say it doesn't. It has a mixed effect on people's health, some people suffer different types of health issues because their bodies and minds have a hard time adjusting to day light saving. 

I personally like dight light saving when we gain an extra hour of sleep but I don't like when it gets dark early. 

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SLA Boys Varsity Ultimate Wins Tourney!

The Science Leadership Academy won Division II of the Hip Hop on Pop Tourney in Oaks, PA on Sunday with four straight wins to take the day! The boys started their day with a 13-5 win over Barrack Hebrew Academy. The first game saw the team start slowly, winning half 7-4 before going on 6-1 run to win the game. SLA started slowly in their second game, going down 2-0 to Cardinal O'Hara before raising their level of play. Sophomore Saamir Baker led the team with some of his most inspired offensive play as a Rocket. SLA took half 7-4 in that game, and won 13-6. SLA played their most complete game in their third game, beating Strath Haven 13-2 to set up a finals match up against the host school - Perkiomen Valley.

The finals saw SLA get tested like no other game that day, with the teams trading early points. SLA struggled late in the first half against Perkiomen Valley's zone defense, and PV took half 7-5. But the Rockets saved their best for last, as the seniors stepped up to bring the Rockets back. Tri-captains Jonas Bromley, Miles Cruice-Barnett and Andrew Roberts played smart, disciplined ultimate against the tough Perkiomen Valley defense to put the Rockets on top 9-8. But PV was not done, tying the game at the time cap 9-9 to set up "Universe Point" to decide the game. 

On game point, the SLA offense clicked perfectly, and the game ended on a sophomore connection - Eli Block to Nate Little to Jori Gerveni for the win and the trophy! It was a great day of Ultimate for the Rockets, with all 11 players making key contributions toward the tournament victory. Go Rockets! 
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WAG Philly ILP

My ILP is wonderful. It is a great learning experience for me. I learn about different ways of rehabilitation in post-op animals or injured animals. I learned about the history of acupuncture and the benefits of it. There is also a sense of family at my ILP because I see the patients weekly and everyone is comfortable. 
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Q3 Art

I am not an art person. Seriously the last time I did anything similar to any of this, I was probably 11. So, personally, all of this is really difficult for me. Art isn't expressed mathematically, it cannot be calculated, and there is no clear answer as to what is right and what is wrong. It is also extremely difficult to personally be able to tell if what I create is worth anything or not. I guess the best thing for me was watercolors, because I made Star Trek space art, which was really exciting. 
Q3 Art
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ILP #2

       For my ILP I work for timoteo flag football.  In my ILP I do a lot of online work.  I organized there different papers that they get in from the people in the football league.  Now that the football season is starting there is a lot more work for me to do.  I decided to start a snapchat for them too.  During the games I take videos of them playing and post it.  And the people get excited to see the videos.  Now that the season started I am doing my ILP not just on Wednesdays I am doing it on Saturdays and when I am free.
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The actual cause of hangovers is unknown. We know that a hangover is a result from drinking too much alcohol, but why does alcohol cause hangovers? Some of the symptoms of a hangover include headache, fatigue, nausea, sweating, confusion, stomach issues. Many people believe that hangovers are a result of dehydration, given the fact that when you drink a lot of alcohol you have to pee a lot, and you're probably not drinking a lot of water. However, many studies have proven that there is no correlation between high levels of the hormones associated with dehydration and the severity of a hangover. It's likely that dehydration causes some of the symptoms of a hangover, but dehydration is not the direct cause of a hangover. 
Another theory as to where hangovers come from is that high levels of alcohol interfere with your body's natural chemical balance. In order to process high amount of alcohol, your body has to convert the enzyme NAD+ into an alternate form NADH. When you have too much NADH and not enough NAD+, your cells aren’t capable of doing a lot of things they normally do like absorbing glucose or regulating electrolyte levels. However this has also been shot down by a study that found when people are drunk they don’t necessarily have lower electrolyte or glucose levels. 
The most compelling theory so far is that hangovers result from a release of the toxic compound Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is the first byproduct of processing alcohol, and can be 10-30x more toxic than alcohol itself. In a controlled study, Acetaldehyde has been proven to cause all of the same symptoms as a hangover.
Hangovers have also been proven to be slightly genetic. Certain people don't experience hangovers as much as others. Sometimes, this is due to race. It is common for women to experience more severe hangovers than men, but that can be explained by the fact that women generally weigh less than men. Age also plays a role in hangover severity, but that can be due to the fact that as you get older you are less likely to binge drink, or your body is becoming more and more used to alcohol.

Binge drinking almost always leads to a severe hangover, and many college students binge drink. In fact, 80% of college students say they drink on a regular basis. Many college students binge drink because they work all week then the second they get out of class, drink in huge amounts. Hangovers can make you extremely sick, and sometimes too sick to go out or work. Some things you can do to relieve a hangover are drinking water or sports drinks, eating light, and taking pain relievers. 

As someone who is going to college in a couple of months, I want to be prepared for this new lifestyle. I want to be educated on why so many college students get sick when they party, and how to help myself and my friends be safe. 
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This quarter has been pretty fun! Its started off rough because this time we had two art history's. But I understand why she did it like that. My favorite piece of art would be the mosaic piece. At first I thought that we would be using pieces of glass. But when we asked Mrs. Hull, she said we were using construction paper. For my mosaic piece, I did a purple octopus, because purple is my favorite color. This project brought back memories of when I used to do mosaic pieces in elementary school. My second favorite was the water color!. I absolutely love love love to water color. But what I didn't know was that there was different ways you could water color. I only thought who ever you get the paint on there is how it's done. To know that there are names for different techniques was pretty cool. For my water color pieces I did a combination of 4 pieces split into two. I got one whole piece of paper and split it in half. Next I taped the two half pieces in another half to create four different sections. I split it up like that because I did not want to do four big pieces.

My hardest piece of art is my wire sculpture. Honestly I do NOT know how people get this stuff to bend perfectly. I tried to do the easiest thing which I thought was to do my name. Then I realized my name has 8 letters, so the back up plan was to do my middle name. Which was semi successful, I manage to do 4 out of the 6 letters. I could not get the "a" and the "e" to cooperate. SO it say "Nish" instead of "Nishae". I wish the wire was a bit thicker so it would bend how I want it to bend. I'm excited for next quarter, learning about banks, and loans and how all that good stuffs works. 

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Christian Moore Q3 Art

For Quarter 3, I decided to do art that reflected me. All my pieces mean something special to me, from my drawings to my colorings also. From doing the difference assignments, I learned that art can be very fun and is not as hard as people thought. Taking a basic shape and turning it into something we can all recognize is cool. 
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Quarter 3 Portfolio

     ​Starting off this quarter seemed harder than most. The projects seemed like they were getting out of my comfort zone but I like it. My favorite piece of artwork from this quarter would have to be my skull watercolor. Watercolor is usually used for bright and seemingly joyous art and I felt good switching it around. It was interesting to see how the colors blended to create this piece using the blowing technique. My second favorite would have to be the rocketship paper clip (that rhymed!). I was really stumped about what to make for my wire sculpture until one day I was in my Econ 21 class and we were given the assignment to make a creative paper clip out of wire. I took the opportunity to start making something cool out of wire and this was the result. As a senior it's good to remember that you are leaving in only a few months and have something that reminds you that you will always be a part of your school. At the end all these projects represented me in one way or the other. The abstract watercolor brings out my chaotic yet serene life. The Coat of Arms which took the longest shows how my family and I like to spread our wings and be adventurous. The metamorphosis, a beautiful representation of how humans think that they support the earth while it supports everything else. It all comes together for me especially as someone just trying to get out of school and make it through the year to take a step back and express myself. 
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Anastasia Petropoulos, Q3

This PowerPoint displays  the different pieces of art I have created over the past ten weeks.  
The first assignment I completed was the adult coloring. I never knew that coloring could be such fun, but for this assignment that is what I discovered. For each coloring book page I choose a color scheme I wanted to focus on.  The first two coloring book pages have a scheme of light secondary colors and the third page has a scheme of dark primary colors. For my self portrait I focused intently on the shape and size of my face in order to properly capture my features. I am very satisfied with the outcome, especially comparing it to my first self portrait. The value piece I create came to be using a lot of charcoal. Smudging was very useful during this process in producing a gradient scale.  I choose to draw a sphere for my value model because I thought it would nicely showcase my perception of using the light/dark scale. After reading the excerpt on basic shapes I decided to draw a pineapple for the assignment. I used a pineapple as the model because I figured that pineapples are constructed most of the basic shape and for that reason it would be easy to recreate. Also pineapple means "Welcome", I believe.... For the final assignment I choose to draw a bunny because I like bunnies. :)
This is my art, take as you will...
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Pedro: Q3 Art Blog

Quarter three of art this year was definitely a journey. There were ups and downs in and out of art, for me at least. Third quarter being the longest and most stressful made sitting down and taking the time to draw very difficult for us. But at the end of the day, everyone pulled through. This quarter, like the past two began with some art history. We answered a couple questions based on a text that we read and then we moved on to a lesson about abstract art. I created the head of a pharaoh made out of diamonds and triangles. I thought this would be a different and more urban take on abstract art. Next we moved on to advanced coloring. I drew a main character from one of the best selling fighting game franchises to date: Tekken. Once I got the sketch of him down, I decided to not use many colors. I brung out his gloves and his left eye because those are the features that stand out about him the most. The next drawing of the quarter was another self portrait. While I went for a more realistic drawing this time, I tried to focus more on the clothes that was on me. I scratched out features of my face because I wanted people to focus on the picture as a whole. After this we learned about value and the black and white gradient. We were asked to create a drawing of something with round ends so that we can give it a 3D look using value. I chose to draw a ball and I made the light come from the top right corner. The next assignment was about basic shapes. This was the hardest for me because I usually just hop right into a drawing. I decided to TRY and draw a teddy bear by drawing the shaped that made it before hand and then doing the same but adding detail. The final was animal shapes and I decided to draw my first dog, Kayto. He was named after the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. He was a beagle puppy. Unfortunately we had to give him away when we moved later that year. 
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Quarter 3 Portfolio

With a new quarter comes new challenges, and this quarter was full of new. The amount of mediums I consistently work with is typically limited to one, sketching. This quarter we went over many new mediums for me like wire sculptures, painting, and even mosaics. This variance was very effective in making me have to think of more creative ways to express the ideas I had for the project. The wire sculpture was probably the most difficult for me given my inability to understand how to accurately pose the figures. Other than that I feel all of the methods were done with very clean details and designs. Overall, I feel my work and understanding of these newer mediums were better understood after finishing this project.

My personal favorite part was the Coat of arms, it gave me a moment to look over family insignias. I knew my family had a Family Crest  which I used as the basis for my design, it was open in design and had small details that made it look clean. I wanted to replicate that feeling for anyone who saw my coat of arms. Of course, I added my own details, I feel the stripes added a bit of character.

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Jared trusty #3 blog post

In my 3rd quarter  blog post i have an assortment of my best works over the few months. My self portrait is of me as a baby while my other works are more modern and resent. The first thing i completed was the advances coloring, i have three different characters the first being Lavi the second soul eater and finally my own version of posiden. The next thing we did was basic shapes. With a perfict transition we then did animal shapes and value. Thank you for looking at my blog post bye. 
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Quarter 3 Advanced Art

This  Quarter I wanted to concentrate on just my drawing skills and a little of shading. This was a  little out of my comfort zone, which is good. I got to draw animals and a self portrait, which were the hardest things for me to draw. Hope you enjoy!
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Fodie's Q3 Art Portfolio

​I'm in the 11th grade and I'm in my third quarter of advance art. I'm not the best drawer but I have been improving a lot in art ever since taking this class. This quarter we had to do five major projects. The first major project was advanced coloring. We had to pick three different picture to print and color in. My first one was a picture I printed off the canvas page. The second was printed out picture of Pikachu. The last was a printed out picture of LeBron James. I chose these three out of everything else because I wanted to three different fun drawing to color in. My second major project was my self portrait. We did the same thing in the first quarter but my self portrait in this quarter was way better than my other one from earlier this year. I improved in a whole lot like lines, shapes, and coloring in my self portrait. My third major project was value. I drawled from white to dark by using pencils and marker. I started off light and then got darker.. My fourth major project was basic shapes. I drew a fish. I started first using shapes like square, triangles, and circles. After, I erased some of the shapes and fixed up my drawing and made it more look like a fish. My final project was animal shapes. I drew a shark. I drew it first and finally colored it in. As the end of the school years comes to a close, I will try to keep up with all the hard work and continue to improve. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will become better artist.

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Maggie's Artist Blog Post

I really enjoyed the assignments this quarter because I was able to play around and develop my skills in creating pictures out of simple shapes and colors. I have always enjoyed coloring. It’s something that I find very relaxing. I decided to use bright colors in all of pictures, because I think that using bright colors help make an image stand out more. I chose to color a sheet covered in flowers, a painting by Picasso, and an Indian woman. For the self portrait I took inspiration from a picture that I took last year on halloween. I used this photo as inspiration because halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. The basic shape assignment was the assignment I liked the best, because it forced me to draw something in  a new light. It allowed me to put my own spin on the drawing,  like the animal shape and valve assignment did as well.
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Advanced Art Quarter Three

This portfolio is a collection of my artwork for this quarter and it represents my skill and hard work and effort through out this quarter as well as how I have grown as an artist over these past few quarters and most of this year. This quarters portfolio consists of several drawings that include coloring, finessing skills in shading and using basic shapes to draw complex figures, and as well as a self portrait. We also continued learning more about art history and different techniques that very famous, very important, and iconic artists used in their work. 
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Q #3 Benchmark
Throughout this quarter, the art that I have been drawing I feel that my skills have been increasing throughtout every assignment. I've gotten better in mixing colors together. I feel as a student and as a young artist, feel that I am capable of creating a masterpiece just like every other artist that I have read and seen. My creativity has been getting better it has opened my mind into different things he has made me see things in a different way that I would have not seen before. I thought at once , that reading the history of the art was going to be boring and not very interesting to me , but sometimes it just takes time learning their every move the way they've got educated and what has inspired them to do what they did. I was once told nothing is easy and you've got to try hard to get there, this can be compared to an artist especially a young artist.
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Q3 Art Work

This quarter was one of the tougher quarters for art this year. In it were about nine different assignments. Many required close attention and others research, and a few both. This quarter I believed I completed decent artwork, however I was not very sharp on getting everything in on time.

I completed a self portrait of myself which was one of the hard drawings to complete because it took more time. however it was easy to understand because I was just drawing myself. I have done self portraits in the past so it wasn't too hard.

Next, I completed a drawing of a bunny. I felt like, since my art skills are not very high, a bunny would be ideal for my skill set. I admit, I needed some online help to draw it, but it is original and I am proud of the overall outlook of this drawing.

Then, I completed a shading exercise in which I had to draw different shades, from lightest to darkest, in a row to show the different values of shading. This helps artists understand what to shade and what to not shade as well as what values to use. Then I used this knowledge to draw a drawing of a tea cup using the shading values, which I believe turned out fairly well.

Lastly, I finished a drawing of basic shapes in which I used shapes like circles, triangles, and squares to draw a robot. Robots are supposed to be basic shapes anyway, but in my second drawing I added a little flare. I drew some curves were edges were in the original picture and just made the robot look more real, and the shape drawing exercise helped.

In conclusion, this was a successful quarter for art for me and I hope to finish strong in the fourth quarter!
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Q3 Art Portfolio - Huzaifah Malik

Throughout this quarter I experienced many different challenges. However, I learned new ways to draw and color sketches that I had never done. Being a color blind, I had trouble while coloring the printouts, so I decided to take a next step and tried turning drawings into colored sketches on softwares like Photoshop and CorelDraw. It took me some time to turn but I’m proud of myself that I overcame that problem. Furthermore, I learned how to make realistic things using basic shapes in the Basic Shapes assignment. I found it intriguing so I decided to make a cat out it. Overall, this quarter was pretty interesting and informative at the same time. 

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Quarter 3 Portfolio

This quarter I was met with many challenges. I found the wire sculpture the most challenging. In the future, I would like to work with wire more and sculpting to become better and advance my skills. My favorite unit was the metamorphosis drawing because I felt most confident about it. I went much slower with the process than I usually would which was helpful. I am more successful when I spread out my time in creating an illustration. Overall, I enjoyed each project with my favorites being the metamorphosis drawing and the watercolor painting. I plan to continue to create art and be patient with myself rather than rushing through projects and being disappointed. 
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