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La casa de Rihanna!

1. Esta es la casa de Rihanna. Esta en California. Esta cerca de Hollywood. Esta legos de Filadelfia. Hay un piscina grande. Hay muchos ventanas. Hay un grande jardin. Hay muchos albors alrededor la casa.  
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Morgan Taylor Selfie Assignment

I believe that selfies explain who a person is and who they want to be. They explain accomplishments and moments of happiness, the people you love and care about, the emotions and feelings you carry with you daily. Selfies, in some respects, are more than just pictures with duck faces. If you really pay attention you can see what the person or people are trying to show. In my first selfie I had just gotten a new scarf and hat. I hated the way I looking hats, but I took a selfie anyway. This shows my feelings of winter. There is a warm background showing the happiness love of the season, but at the same time there is no smile on my face. I look cold and sterile with almost no emotion, but depression. In the winter I get so sad because it is so dead outside and cold. At the same time I took this selfie to show how pretty I thought I looked, how sick I was from the cold I contracted, and how unhappy I was that it was freezing outside. My second selfie was of my family and I. Some of the people in the selfie are not actually family by blood, but we have been such good friends for so long that we became sisters. It is still winter, but as you can see I am not by myself. I am surrounded by the people that I love most. This selfie shows the important people in my life and how they impact my mood. The people and environment that you are surrounded by impacts who you are. I feel like the people in this selfie make me a happier person. The last selfie is of me at the beach. I think this selfie embodies my total being and who I am. I love everything about the beach, I love how peaaceful it is, how warm it is and how it is full of life. This explains who I am as a person, I am warm, fun, and full of life. I think you can see how happy and giddy I am at this exact moment, which is what I was trying to portray. So again, I think selfies explain who a person is, who a person wants to be, accomplishments, hopes, dreams, moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments of relief or anger, the people you care about, all emotions and feelings and many more.
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Dejah Harley Capstone

Name: Dejah Harley

Mentor: Alexa Dunn - She was a former writer for a very popular magazine. I wanted someone who would be able to assist me with the feel of my blog and making sure it overall looked presentable. 

Summary: My capstone is a blog,, where I can show my ideas, opinion, things I’ve learned, and tips on skincare, haircare, and lifestyle related things. 

Abstract: For my capstone I decided to create a blog related to skincare, haircare, and lifestyle things. I want to be a dermatologist so that’s where the skincare aspect of my blog comes into play. While learning about skincare, I also learned about haircare. Originally I thought the blog would only be skincare and haircare related, but I found myself also really enjoying writing about lifestyle too. To me, my blog is a reflection of everything I am curious or have any thoughts about. Throughout this year it has turned into a place where I can really share my ideas and what I’ve learned to help others. That was the goal from the beginning. My blog has has been a very useful tool in sparking conversations with different people about topics that I love.  I plan on continuing my blog throughout college and using it as a possible way to network with people as I have been. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.27.58 PM

Annotated Bibliography

"3 Rules To Smart Business Card Etiquette | CAREEREALISM." 2009. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

After getting business cards, I realized that I didn’t actually know how to use them. I hadn’t spoken with any professionals about the steps you take after getting the business cards. My initial plan was just to walk around the city and see how many people I can hand the cards to. This website helped me change that. It mentioned that when you do this, the likely hood of the person actually reading the card is slim to none, let a lone them actually checking out your website. Instead, it recommends that you spark a conversation with someone and give your card to them at the end of the conversation once you see that they are a bit more interested.

"Beautycrush." 2012. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

There are many people that inspired me to decide to do this blog. Sammi from has been one of those people. I have watched her for the past few years and continue to look through her blog. She is always professional. I also like the simplistic layout of her blog and really kept that in mind when creating my blog. It was just a lot easier this way to see a model for something that I could want to see.

Belle Beth Cooper. "16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners - The Buffer Blog." 2013. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

The first idea that this blog shows me has been a great addition to my blog. The key to success with any blog is to make sure that the readers and viewers also enjoy. This website recommends that you make sure you listen to the audience and get their response. I made a google form that is linked on my blog that helps me keep track of feedback. I have gotten some great suggestions through this and new ideas for videos. I also noticed a spark in views after I began doing this.

"Custom Business Cards | Staples®." 2009. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

I spoke with the dermatologist that inspired me to get into the field. He was saying that one of the hardest things about the trade is getting your name out there. By being younger than most people, it is very hard for me to make sure that people take me seriously. Also, my name isn’t something that people just know, it isn’t a common or well known name. The reason why I made the blog was to kind of get my food in the door. However, he recommended that I make business cards to make myself look more professional to others. This helped out a lot with getting different age groups to look at my blog and videos.

"Essie Button." 2012. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

Similarly to beautycrush, Estee from has influenced my blog content a lot as well. The design of her blog is also incredibly simplistic but her content especially is amazing. I make a point to come up with as many ideas for my blog as possible but when i get stuck on a new type of video to do I check out her blog for some inspiration regarding future posts. Some of the posts on her blog such as “Drugstore Favorites” or “ Monthly Hits and Misses” are things I plan on doing within my blog. They are things that I personally like watching and feel that other people will enjoy as well. I also make sure to mention her if I get an idea from her.

"How to Distribute Business Cards: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow." 2010. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

This was another site that helped me realize how to truly distribute business cards. One thing about this side is that it gets edited! They update the information frequently if they think of new tips for it so I constantly look back on this site for ways to improve my technique of distributing business cards. This site has given me ideas such as writing on the back of the business card to give it more of a personal touch. For each card I have been writing a DIY recipe or quick tip and people have been responding well to it so far.

"How to use the Canon t3i Rebel (600d) - YouTube." 2011. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

I got some feedback after the first few month of creating my blog about the quality. The person was saying that they enjoyed the quality but to get more people to watch, they would recommend that I get a better camera. I took that advice to heart and was able to upgrade to the canon rebel t3i for my birthday. I had had a smaller dslr before so i understood the basics but this camera was a lot more complicated because it offered a lot more. This video helped a lot with understanding the basic buttons and things you use every time you work with the camera.

"The Skin Cancer Foundation -" 29 Jan. 2014 <>

I am very passionate about spreading awareness about skincancer. I constantly check the skin cancer foundation site for more information about research that is being done and things to that nature. This also helped me to realize that my blog isn’t just about acne or eczema but about spreading awareness for something as serious as skin cancer. I am doing a series on sunscreen and homemade natural products become of the dangers of skin cancer.

Treat, James R. “Personal Email.” Email. 23 Jan 2014.

This source was my Dermatologist. He was the person that inspired me to get into the field. I started emailing him at the beginning of January. He has helped me develop some things that I wanted to showcase in my blog. He has also given me advice on the field and how to market yourself. I have made business cards because of our conversations. He also emailed me about things to do in regards to things to do in my undergraduate years.

" - Get a Free Blog Here." 2004. 29 Jan. 2014 <>

Wordpress is a blogging site. I have found other blogs for inspiration through this site but I also have my actual website through this blog. It is very easy to use and get adjusted to. I also was able buy my domain name through this website so that I didn’t have to worry about the long name. It is very affordable and provides wonderful free options for different website layouts. Also, I would like to make my own website from scratch and this is one of the few sites where I would be able to code directly onto the site without going through a lot of trouble with a domain name and such.

"YouTube." 2005. 29 Jan. 2014 <>.

While my goal with my capstone was to have a blog so that every post I did didn’t have to be about the same thing or a video, I still ended up using youtube as another main outlet that I had to design. Uploading movies directly to Wordpress can be extremely difficult so I just started using youtube as my way to upload videos. The people on youtube have given me a lot of inspiration. Also, more people have been able to find out about my blog have been through this site. I am able to target different types of learning audiences.

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La Casa:

Esta es la casa. Hay uno baño en la casa. Una la cocina y no tiene gimnasio. La casa es muy pequeña.  Está lejos de la piscina y la playa. ​La casa tiene diez habitaciones y uno ventana. Hay dos camas y una lámpara.
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Drue Boccuti Capstone.

I didn’t know what to do for this project and it took me weeks to figure something out. Then I started thinking about the things I like or hobbies that I had but nothing really came to mind. But then the summer came up, and everyone knows how much I love the summer and being down the shore. Then from that I started thinking about my moms friend who always talks about the school that he teaches at. He always mentioned that the kids that he teaches have nothing and some of them are even homeless. So once I had that in my head, my mind started racing about all the possibilities for things that I can do to help this kids in some way. I had never did anything with a fundraiser and I’m not the person to speak up or be loud. But I talked to my friends and my mom and they helped me out and encouraged me to do so. So, I had to take the time to get ready to raise my voice and say something. I had to look up different kind of drives and what different materials I would need to raise. But once I did that the ball started rolling and I started my Capstone.

These are pictures from when I went to drop off the gifts from my first drive, the clothes that I collected and also the kids wrote me thank you notes.



  • 1. "Fundraising Tips." Fundraising Tips. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

This source will be really helpful for me with the whole fundraising aspect, basically my whole project.. Fundraising plays a huge part in my project so this source will give me so many ideas. This website has over 15 very different ideas for ways to get the word out. The great thing about this website is it doesn’t just have what to do, it explains effective ways to do so. So, thanks to this website I can get the word out over than using just the advisory memo. Everytime I’m stuck on getting a new idea I will just check this website so I can get more creative and make it effective.

  • 2. "Change Vs charity." Edge Fund. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This website is different from the first one because it doesn’t help me with ideas about fundraising but it explains how to keep the change going. Originally I just thought I would ask other students at the end of my presentation if anyone would want to do it next year. But this might not be as effective in the long run. I need to make all the students feel the same thing I felt when I heard about these kids so that they want to continue it on and on, year after year. Start small and then work up to make the most change possible. Thanks to this website I’m now thinking about adding pictures of the kids so everyone watching can hear their stories.

  • 3. "The Need for Warm Coats." One Warm Coat. N.p., 2011. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This website is an organization that is collecting jackets from all over. Even though they are all the way in California, where it’s warm all the time, they are still very effective. One thing that I learned from this website was the statistics of kids who need the jackets. Also, there is quotes from people who are apart of this website. Hearing what it did for the people who needed them and the people who helped them might change someones mind. These statistics will help me when presenting my findings because I didn’t realize how many kids need them. Hopefully these statistics will stick in at least one viewer's head in order for some of these needs to be met.

  • 4. Wendroff, Alan L. "The Master Event Timetable (METT)." Special Events: Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2004. 23-29. Print.

In this chapter it was explaining The Master Event Timetable. I wish I would have known about this in the beginning of this process. This table will make me more organized for the next drives coming up, when I should make advisory memos and it will help me plan my presentation so that I won’t be cramming at the last second. I will never been trying to think of what is going to happen next. I’ve never thought about sending any thank you letters or saying a sincere thank you, but in this chapter that is one of the sections in the table. So, I got the idea that maybe I should include the pictures of the kids and write a thank you on a blog so all of those who donated can see the impact they made in everyones life.

  • 5. CraigslistFoundations. "Top Ten Fundraising Tips." YouTube. YouTube, 12 Aug. 2011. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This source refers back to a book called ‘Nonprofit Management 101’. I didn’t know about this book until after I watched this video. They covered a lot of the tips from the book but I’m going to go back and check out all the other tips. They mentioned a man by the name of Hank Rosso, and I’ve never heard of him before watching this video. He was referred to as the ‘Godfather of credentialed, respected, professional nonprofit employees.’ So this source was helpful in giving me more sources instead of actual tips like the other sources I have found.  I learned that there is a book all about Hank Rosso’s tips, ‘Hank Rosso's Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising”.  So just from this one source, I found two more books full of tips that people from all over the world use.  

  • 6. Bray, Ilona M. "How to Keep the Givers Giving." Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits : Real-world Strategies That Work. N.p.: n.p., 2005. 1-16. Print.

This chapter has five important subchapters and four of them are going to be very helpful. They are ‘Thank Your Supporters’, ‘Communicate Your Essential Message’, ‘Invite Supporters to Get More Involved’ and ‘Analyze Your Donor Base.’ Thanking the supporters is a major aspect that comes along with this protect and almost every source I found has said to do this. This website however gives me a clear example on what to write and what it should look like. I have been a little inconsistent with my advisory memos and they give a section for how often to mail your supporters, so I now have reminders set so I can send in my memos. These were two of the really important steps in this chapter.

  • 7. "Fundraising Detective." 'Fundraising Detective' N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

I thought it would be nice to read from a blogpost, and see how this tips helped the person who wrote the blog post. Not only did they share their tips, but they posted ten different types of links for me. One that looked like it could be really helpful when I’m looking for feedback before starting a new drive was ‘Clairification’. I checked out the website and the woman who runs it has advice plastered all over the site. Just some of the advice she gave to other nonprofit organizers was helpful to me. Even if it was just a little motivation to not be afraid and just go for it. She also offers coaching and consulting and good pointers for when presenting. This way I know my powerpoint will be the best it can be.

  • 8. Reid, Ann. "Capstone Help!" Personal interview. 17 Dec. 2013.

I was telling Ann all about my capstone. I told her that I was able to put the word through the memo, but that I was nervous. She suggested putting the word out on social networks and telling everyone in school face to face to make a more effective announcement. After my first drive with the toys I went to her and told her how it went and that one of the little girls went crazy over the books. I asked her her opinion on a book drive and she thought it was brilliant and she encouraged me to do that for the next one. She has been so helpful and she always gives me her honest feedback which is really helpful.  

  • 9. Nesbitt, Sara. "What Ideas Do You Have?" Personal interview. 13 Oct. 2013.

Before I even got the first drive started I went to Sara hopeless and confused. Sara was very helpful because she made a list for me with all of the things that I was interested in. Charity work wasn’t even on my mind, Sara remembered a story I told her about a homeless man and she was the one who suggested charity for my capstone. Once she said this both of our minds started racing and I told her about my mentor and where he teaches and how all of the kids are unfortunate and she thought that was an excellent idea. If it wasn’t for Sara I wouldn’t have this as my capstone and I wouldn’t of made a difference in all of those kids lives.

  • 10. "MEND Poverty." MEND Poverty. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

This website had five simple steps that got right to the point on how to have a successful drive. When I first got started I was on the website constantly to make sure that my first drive would be as successful as possible. I never did it before so I was really nervous that there wasn’t going to be enough toys and if I was going to be annoying by constantly reminding people to bring things in. But their second rules says exactly the opposite, don’t be shy to remind people to bring in what you’re asking for and just think of the final product. Every time I got nervous I just thought of the kids and how much they want the toys so that made me push through.

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Q4 Benchmark: "Obsolete"

This quarter I decided to incorporate my hobby into something that was already beautiful in order to make it mean something a little more than it already did. "Obsolete" is a speech made by another wonderful artist, who goes by the name of Pavatti Goldtail (if you'd like to view some of his artwork, go to this link to view it). Besides being a talented artist, Pavatti is also one of my very dearest friends. This speech, in fact, was written in response to something I'd said.

One day, when I was feeling particularly lonely, and had been comparing my relationship status to my own self esteem, I said casually that I'd decided to stop looking, to not bother putting myself out there, and that the longest relationship I'd probably ever have would be with my cat. Pavatti is a poet, a lover and an artist, so naturally he took offense. He then quickly produced this speech, slightly annoyed then at my self-misery, and made the entire group of us bow our heads in awe of the size of this gentleman's heart.

In honor of that, I thought I could make a visual book of Pavatti's speech to take with me to college, and look at when I felt that way again.

Each page took about 10 minutes to draw and 2 minutes to color.

Love is NOT obsolete

The happiest I've ever been is in love, 

and the most broken I have ever been has not been the result of heartbreak

You are 17, or 18, or 19, you're not in the position to at what your longest lasting relationship is going to be

I love cats, and I love my pets, 

and I love all my friends 

and every person who has touched my life I love in a way

A world without love is exactly what we fight against, 

why we fight for equality,

 and why we fight for people,

Because we love then and we hate to see them hurt

Because everyone should have an equal chance to be happy,

 to find love, in whatever form it may be they find it in

Love for their job, 

their passion, their dreams,

Love for one another,

 as a Brother and sister and lover

I know we all joke about it but I'm just a bit tired of hearing it so seriously too.

People say they're forever alone 

but it doesn't make them less lonely,


Make as many jokes as you want about crazy cat ladies and gentlemen

But love is not 

and will never be 


Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.37 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.37 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.38 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.38 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.39 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.39 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.39 PM #3
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.40 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.40 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.40 PM #3
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.40 PM #4
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.41 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.41 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.41 PM #3
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.41 PM #4
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.42 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.42 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.42 PM #3
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.43 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.43 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.43 PM #3
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.43 PM #4
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.44 PM
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.44 PM #2
Photo on 5-27-14 at 6.44 PM #3
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La Casa de George Lopez

Esta es la casa de George Lopez. Juegos en la television con su esposa, el hijo y la hija. Su casa esta en Hollywood, California. Hay más o menos cafes cerca de George's casa. Está lejos del Italiano Mercado. Su casa jardin es muy bontia. Porque hay el flor púrpura. Tambien hay un garaje con biblioteca en ya 3 planta de la casa.  George Lopez tambien tiene un much dinero en ya comprar la casa. La casa es un poquito general pequeño, pero mucho grande cocina. 
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La casa de Will Smith

Will Smith's crib
Esta es la casa de Will Smith. Esta en Calabasas, California. Esat cerca de Malibu. Esta lejos de New York. Hay muchos  árboles. Hay una piscina grande. Hay una cancha de baloncesto. Hay muchas mesas y sillas en la casa. La casa tiene en garaje grande. Hay multiple chimenas. Tambien hay estudio de grabacion in la casa. 
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Negative Space Reflection

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)
Negative space is the space around an object in a picture. Is usually colored in black or white based on what the picture is.
B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?
So in the first picture the negative space is purple. I found it by having it as a background and used a temple to cut out the house and parts I needed. In the second picture i started by coloring in the page then erasing the chair, table and plant. So I found the negative space around the the those things which is the gray area. 
C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
   It teaches patients because negative space drawings take a long time to make
D. How is negative space useful in creating art?
It shows you the balance between the picture and the parts of the picture that should standout and catch your eye immediately.
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Qrt 4 Art Work

Art History:  

Artist: Shepard Fairey 

Shepard Fairey is one of my favorite contemporary street artist, designers, and illustrators. His work I feel captures our generation with complete perfection. My most favorite deigns stem from his clothing line that he created in 2001 called “Obey.” Shepard gained a lot of fame when he created the 2008 historical hope poster for Obamas Campaign. Fairey isn’t afraid to speak through his art and deliver emotions from our generation through art.  

Fairey’s work began in 1984 when he started to design t-shirts and skateboards. Ever since then he has been making controversial statement art that I completely love. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 5.21.10 PM
My copy of his work: 
Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.42.30 AM
Copy a character: Charlie Brown 
Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 5.22.47 PM
Collage: The Things I Love
Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 5.24.30 PM
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La casa de Harry Styles

 Esta es la casa de Harry Styles. Está en london, England. Está cerca de O2 arena. Está lejos de torre Eiffle y torre inclinada de pisa. Gran piscina en patio y agradable tamaño garaje. La casa de Harry styles tiene a jardín.
Screenshot 2014-05-27 at 4.22.23 PM
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La casa

La casa tiene cinco habitacíon. Hay un cuatro. En la cuatro tiene una ventana y un guardarropa. Tambien en la casa tiene una cocina. En la cocina tiene horno y fregadero. En la casa tiene un baño. En el baño hay espejo y lavamanos. Hay un garaje. Hay una sala. En la casa tiene jardín. 

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La casa de Kim (:

kims house
kim house 3
kim house 4
Esta es la casa de Kim Kardashian. Está en California. Está cerca de Hollywood. Está lejos de Filadelfia. Hay muchos sofás. Hay un hermoso jardín. Hay una piscina grande. Hay una biblioteca grande. Su casa es hermosa!
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TAREA (día de entrega 29/05/14) Casa de una persona famosa

​1) Screenshot the photo of a famous person's house (You can choose any house really. It doesn't have to really belong to him/her).
2) Describe the house by telling:
  • "This is ....'s house." (Esta es la casa de...)
  • Where it is located (Está en...)
  • What it is close to (Está cerca de...)
  • What it is far from (Está lejos de...)
  • Some of the best features of the house (Does it have a garden? Does it have a gym? Does it have a large pool? etc)
If you can't remember the vocab for places that we learned, here is the link.
MINIMO: 8 frases.
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Mi casa

Mi casa es muy grande. Tiene seis dormitorios,  dos cocinas, cuatro baños, dos salas. También, tiene dos garajes y una grande jardín. Hay nevera en mi dormitorio. haytelevisiónn en todos los habitacions.

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La casa de los simpson

Simpsons house
Es casa de los Simpsons. Tiene tres pisos. Tiene un garaje también. Hay cuatro dormitorios. El sala tiene un sofa, dos lamparas y una television. La casa tiene verde alfombra. Hay ocho ventanas. Esta en Sprinfield en los suburbios. Esta cerca de Sprinfiels Elementry y Kwik-E-mart.
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¡Describe Una Casa!

spanish house picture
Está es la casa de mi amigo. Está en Filadelfia. Está cerca de la ciudad central. Tiene un dormitorio. Tiene dos pasillos. No tiene un garaje o un jardín. Tiene tres lámparas y dos sillas. Hay una ventana.
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Mi Casa

Mi casa tienen tres dormitorio. Mi casa tienen dos pisos. En mi dormitorio tienen cocina con refrigador y lavaplatos. En mi casa hay tres ellos y seis ellas. En mi dormitorio tengo tres camas, una silla, dos armarios, una ventana, y un televisíon.
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Mi Casa

Mi casa es muy grande y vivo con mi familia. Mi papá y mamá tienen su propio espacio. Mi casa tiene tres dormitories y dos banos . Sala de estar y una piscina. Sala de estudio privido. Dos cocinas y una sotano.
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Una Casa !

La Casa es grande !  Tiene seis cuartos y dos pisos y una escaleras . Tiene seis ventanas. La casa  esta en los surburbos y paiz. La casa no tiene la sala y baño, . Tiene un dormitorio.  Hay un biblioteca. No tiene cocina pero comedor. 
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Drue & Aazimah.

This is the podcast for each of our graphs from the previous podcast. Also, for chapters 7&8. Enjoy!

Link for podcast:

Links for graphs


Freshman Art-Reflection:

A.) Negative space is the extra space in a drawing. It makes the drawing what it is and contains the main point of the drawing.
B.) I found the negative space in my cut- out by looking at the different colors in my stencil drawing.
C.) It helps an artist to see negative space in a drawing because you can see things in a  drawing that you wouldn't usually look at or pay attention to.
D.) Negative space is useful in creating art because you can do some fun and interesting things. You can also make the drawing the way you want to.
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