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You and the World Girls in Philly

After reading I hope you  understand why I really would like to get involved in helping these girls out. Even You and the World Blog Post 1
     For the you and the world project my ninth grade class had to choose an issue in the world that they found interest in. My teacher assigned this project because she wanted us to help others. She also knew that people these days think that teens only care about themselves. Which is not at all true. There are teens that actually care about the issues of the world. The problem is that some teens think that they’re too young, and think that we can’t help. Maybe we can’t find a cure for cancer or adopt kids from Africa but we can start within our own communities. If I just walk outside I see litter everywhere, kids that really don’t care about their education, and teen fights. Those are tangible things that we might be able to change. I can start with something little, like getting involved with organizations and programs that seek to change things.

       For this You and the World project I would like to work with some girls in Philadelphia. I going to accomplish this goal by working with a camp called Teen Haven. I found interest in this project because I want to make a change in the way some girls think about life. In Philadelphia many girls grow up without a male figure in their life, in foster care, and have been raped. These factors can cause many girls to be depressed and build up a wall. It may also cause hurt, betrayal, and trust issues. At camp we attack these issues in group discussions and at camp fires.
    By reading articles and researching I’ve learned so many things about foster kids.In an article about facts on Foster care, it says that 60,000 children in the U.S. are foster chidren.  As you may know, foster kids are taken out of their home because of bad living conditions. Maybe their parent couldn’t take care of them because of money or they were being abused. Then, the kids are moved to completely different home. It;s like they have to start life all over again. They have to develop new relationships with their foster parents, make new friends, while their are still hurt by the old relationships they miss. On top of that they might be in a home that was worse than the one before. Most of the time their foster home isn’t even permanent. In a few months they might be in a new home, meaning that relationship process with have to start all over again. This might build up a wall and I can understand why. Who would want to make new friends just to have them go in a few months. All the drama that is happening in their life can cause a huge toll on them.  After foster care some girls may not be able to live normal lives. Some may have to though I haven't been through almost anything they’ve been through I know I can make a change. Sometimes all they need is someone to talk to or to comfort them. I hope that I can change their outlook on life, even though it’s rough.You live laugh and grow.

Annotated Bibliography  Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about Foster care.

Here's a link to my 2nd blog post    

Antrobus, Simon. "Why Growing up without a Dad Can Store up Future Problems."
The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 21 May 2012. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. <>.

This article is about how growing up without a father can negatively effect a child’s life. This article is a helpful tool to me. I can understand what some kids without fathers feel like and relate it to my own life not living with a father.

"Foster Care System." - Articles. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. <>.
This article is about what foster kids go through. It also show how much their life is impacted by their experiences. This is an excellent article because it is very insightful. This article answered all the question that I ever had about foster care. It is also well writtened.

"September 25 - October 1 | Coming of Age." September 25 - October 1 | Coming of Age. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. <>.

                 This is a good website to get pictures from because the site gives explanations of the          
                  pictures. It also isn’t just good for pictures, but article too.

"" Foster Care. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. <>.
                This website has very good information on foster children. The site also gives you a clear picture on how a foster                     child’s life might be. The site is insightful and shows some stactics of foster children.

  About Teen Haven." Teen Haven: About. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2013.


           This website is all about Waterstreet Ministries. This website is good if you want to do                                                                                        volunteer work. It’s also good if you would like to send your child to Teen Haven camp.

"Volunteer." Volunteer. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2013.


                     This website is good if you ideas of getting involved in foster care. The website is           also  good for stories.

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Poverty In Philadelphia

Jamison Turner

11-20-12       Orange Stream

Poverty In Philadelphia

Hi My name is Jamison Turner.  I am a freshman at Science Leadership Academy.  For english class we have been assigned a project called “You and The World” the aim of this project is to make a change in our world today.  We could pick any subject we wanted so I picked poverty in Philadelphia.  I think part of the problem maybe the amount of people that lost their jobs last year.  During this project I will  find try to answer a lot of questions.

One of the questions I had was how much has the poverty level gone up.  In 2010 about 15.3 % of The United States’ population was living in poverty.  In 2011 that number rose to 15.9%.  So the number of people living in poverty rose about .6%.  If the poverty number rose .6 % every year than in about 1/4 of our population would be living in poverty in about 16 years.  I think that is absolutely unbelievable. That will lead me into my next question.

My next question is what percent of people are living in poverty in Philadelphia.

The answer is 26.7%.  Since i am a Philadelphia resident I didn’t think that more than 1/4 of our population is living in poverty.  This is very depressing to hear because I didn’t think we had that high of a poverty rate in Philadelphia.  That is like saying that 1 out of four people in Philadelphia are living in poverty.  This topic will also lead me to my next Question

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 9.22.20 PM
My third question is what are some reasons for this many people living in poverty.  I think it may be the unemployment rate in Philadelphia because in 2011 the unemployment rate was 11.5% in Philadelphia.  This could be the biggest reason because you can’t provide for your family if you don’t have a job.  the government could help these people out with financial aid but instead they give billions of dollars to oil companies.  The government and economy definately have something to do with the poverty and unemployment rate.

Those are the general things I wanted to know about poverty in Philadelphia.  Know I am going to try to help people out who are living in poverty.  I want to make their life easier and set a good role model for younger people in the world.  I would also like to spread awareness to the government that a lot of people are living in poverty because of the amount of layoffs in the last few years.  

Bibliography here.  Click here to see a chart of unemployment in Philadelphia.  Here is a link to see a chart comparing the poverty levels in Philadelphia and the Suburbs.
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You and the World Blog Post #1: Pet Euthanasia

In English 1 in 9th grade, we were given an assignment to find an interest in current events and make a project on the issue that you choose. In the project we were to answer these questions: Why is this world issue important to me? How can I be a global citizen? How can change occur? I had so many different ideas flashing through my head but I finally chose one that is, in my point of view, very horrible. This idea has to do with man’s best friend, their treatment in the shelters and the list of animals that have been at the shelter for too long. Can you guess what my issue is? It is pet euthanasia. The killing of healthy pets just because there is no space for them in the shelter.

I’m sure that almost everyone has seen an ASPCA ad on their TV or on their computer. It usually pictures a sad and forlorn looking cat or dog and then they ask you to donate money towards the ASPCA to save the cat or dog’s life.

This is what pulled my heartstrings and made me think. I had just recently adopted a dog from PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) and when we were looking for shelters to adopt from, my parents would always choose the no-kill shelters to look at. I realized that no-kill meant that they have to keep all the animals until they are adopted. At “kill” shelters they have a list of dogs and cats that have been waiting for adoption for “too long”. Then they put them down. These shelters use euthanasia for the “unwanted animals” and the unhealthy animals. I understand why they would put the animals down so that they would be out of their misery. That is humane, but to call an animal “unwanted” only after 2 weeks, makes me think that they aren’t so humane after all.
At PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) they claim that euthanasia is the compassionate option. They state that  “no-kill” shelters can’t keep all of the pets that come into the shelter. They believe that all the “unwanted” animals would die a horrible death on the streets, and that they can solve that problem with killing all of those “unwanted” animals or “unadoptable” animals

The Daily Beast has something to say about PETA. In one of their articles they stated “The organization (PETA) has practiced euthanasia for years. Since 1998 PETA has killed more than 17,000 animals, nearly 85 percent of all those it has rescued.” PETA’s reason for so many animals killed is because of overpopulation. But some people have said that overpopulation is just a myth. They think that they can find a home for all of the healthy animals that they have been killing. Since that being said, there have been some improvements around the country but no one has yet achieved the no-kill rate of 0. In case PETA’s position on euthanasia hasn’t been clear at all, here it is. “Every day in the United States, tens of thousands of puppies and kittens are born. Compare this to the nearly 11,000 human births each day, and it’s clear that there can never be enough homes for all these animals. Shelters are stuck with the heartrending job of dealing with animals nobody wants. Those who refuse to spay and neuter their animals, who abandon animals when they grow tired of them, and who patronize pet shops instead of adopting stray or shelter animals make euthanasia a tragic necessity.” They call their animals “animals that nobody wants”. There has got to be people out there that want a unique kitten with no tail or a dog that stands out in the crowd with 3 legs. PETA just doesn’t give the animals enough time to live.

PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) is a no-kill shelter and they have plenty of shelters all around Philly that are clean and roomy, but not empty. Their animals are all waiting for people to adopt them. They only use euthanasia when necessary. Which for them is when the animal is hopelessly sick and not treatable. PAWS include on their website an about them page and on that page they say “All of PAWS’ efforts are privately funded and are aimed at reducing the homeless pet population, keeping pets healthy, and ending the city’s use of euthanasia as a means of population control for healthy and treatable pets.” They want to end the use of euthanasia and also help keep the population of homeless animals down. To me, PAWS does it all. They have foster parents, spay and neuter clinics, many shelters and if the animals have been at the shelter for too long, they put them on a special page where is says URGENT and the people adopting can usually name their price on them. People adopting tend to pick the smallest ones and the younger ones so they have a page for the “senior citizens” of the animals and if someone 65+ wants to adopt an older animal they get to name their price. There are plenty of other no-kill shelters in Philly just look it up online.

To wrap it up I have some questions that I hope answer by my next blog post. I wonder if there are any specific goals in any states in the U.S. about euthanasia. How can we change the fate of these poor animals or what could we do to help? I hope that I have given you new information for the day and that it was to some extent information that you wanted! Thanks for reading and click here for my bibliography.

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You And The World Blog 1: LGBT Equality

Hi, I’m Morgan Caswell-Warnick and I’m a freshman here at Science Leadership Academy. As part of the freshman English curriculum, we have the opportunity to go out and make a difference in the world we live in. We chose an issue we’re passionate about, research about, and then we go out and do something about it. I have chosen my issue to be LGBT rights. This has been an issue I have been passionate about for a long time and I finally am going to make a change. This issue is important to me because I know people who have had this personally affect them and I don’t think anyone should have to be mistreated like that.

In the recent election, three states chose to make same-sex marriage legal, giving gay and lesbian couples the chance to be legally married. Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota all voted to get rid of the federal amendment that defines marriage as a civil union between a man and a woman. Instead, they chose to define it as a civil union between two people. In turn, North Carolina voted and kept that amendment. Gay marriage is legal in 11 states in the US: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C.

While same- sex marriage isn’t legal in all states, some states recognize a civil unions or domestic partnerships. A civil union is similar to a marriage, but it is between two people of the same sex. The rights granted by it are similar to those of a marriages. A domestic partnership is different. A domestic partnership is not similar to marriage and you are not granted any rights similar to those of marriage. A domestic partnership is a sexual relationship between two people who live together and have a long-term relationship. The states the recognize civil unions are domestic partnership are Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island. The states to recognize a domestic partnership.

This is an issue that is going to continue to happen and change. With different states legalizing same-sex marriage, this is something that will evolve. And so as this keeps evolving, keep informed about it.

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You and the World Blog#1:Animal Abuse and Neglect

This is the beginning of my ‘You and the World’ project for English class. ‘You and the World’ is a project that will help my classmates and I address an issue that we are interested in that is going on in the world and try to help solve the problem or at least try to be part of the solution by volunteering or raising awareness. Throughout the last three quarters of the school year, three blogs will be created and posted to our Science Leadership blogs and they will each contain information and our progress on the project. By the time we get to the last post, we will have done our volunteering or raised our awareness and put information from what we did into that last post. I chose to address the issue of animal abuse and neglect.

I chose the topic of animal abuse and neglect for multiple reasons. For one, I am a strong animal lover and for a great majority of my life have had a dog that was rescued from a shelter. I also think that animals do not deserve to be beaten and treated the way that they are in some cases. Animals are living and breathing things just like us and they have feelings too so it is not fair for them to have to suffer. The only things most animals need is food, water, a place to sleep and most of all, love. It is not fair that some animals are denied that essential thing.

The true definition of animal neglect according to the HumaneSociety of the United states is "not giving an animal the right food, water, shelter or vet care.” As I stated before, these are essential things all animals needs to survive. If the simple things listed are not supplied, the animals will most likely die and the excruciating pain they go through would be almost equivalent to the pain of animals that are abused or harmed on purpose. It has also been stated by the ‘Humane Society of the United States’ that people that have some sort of emotional problems have a tendency to beat, shoot, stab animals or even set them on fire and the people who do this are likely to do the same types of things to people. Neglect and abandonment is the most common form of animal cruelty and neglect causes animals to be extremely unhealthy in size and weight as shown in this Neglect PDF

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 5.52.06 PM
Animal neglect and the different stages of body condition

According to there are a total of 5,000 animal shelters in America and about 5 million companion animals enter into one of them each year. Of the ones that enter the shelter, roughly 3.5 million of them are euthanized. Approximately 70 million homes across America own at least 1 companion animal, about 5 million of these animals go into shelters each year and 3.5 million animals in the shelter are euthanized. You do the math because any way you put it, too many animals are without homes or are being killed.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 10.24.57 AM
Chart of statistics of animals in shelters

In recent news, ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ the last movie of the best selling series by Stephanie Meyer, was recently released in theaters. In the after-party for the series final film, there were caged wolves meant to be for entertainment which raised a great speculation by PETA(people for the ethical treatment of animals). A spokeswoman for PETA questioned, “Didn’t it dawn on the ‘Twilight’ event organizers that real wolves do not belong at a party with blaring music and flashing lights?” This all happened after an actress in ‘Twilight,’ Christian Serratos, worked with PETA on a ad promoting people to go vegetarian and Kellan Lutz with an ad to adopt animals, not buy them and countless other ‘Twilight’ actors and actresses ads for PETA. This contradicts what ‘Twilight’ has been really trying to support alongside PETA to love animals and treat them with love and respect. Hopefully, they can regain their ground and get their good word back with PETA.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 12.53.21 PM
  1. Kellan Lutz with his adopted dog Kola to ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ pets for PETA.


B. Christian Serratos posing for an ad to go vegetarian for PETA.


C. Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart on a walk with their adopted dog, Bear.


There are still many aspects of animal neglect that I want to look into and get more research on. Things like where animal abuse is most common and possibly why people think it is so common there. I am also wondering what people can do directly to help these animals besides donate and adopt because some people are not economically able to donate and others are allergic or lack the space and as a result can not adopt. As I get deeper into this project, I hope to learn the different reasons that people have for hurting their companions.I also hope to really help to make a difference in the lives of some of the affected animals through the service part of this ‘You and the World’ project. Too many animals are being hurt and killed for too may silly reasons. Join me in my efforts to help these animals live a better life.

Click here for my bibliography.
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Why Abortion is Wrong - Blog 1

Hello, my name is Andrew Roberts and I am a freshman at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA.  For my English class we were asked to pick a subject that we cared about, and write three blogs about it, of which this is the first.  I chose abortion, the Pro-Life side of this issue.  I have always cared about human life and believe that “A person is a person, no matter how small.” (Dr. Seuss, Horton Hears a Who), or how young.  A baby inside the womb has unique DNA and therefore is not a part of the woman’s body, and therefore she cannot decide for it.
At 5 weeks, a baby’s heart starts beating, and its neural system and brain begin to form.  At 10 weeks, its fingers and toes have fully formed, and are clearly distinguishable.  This small person has so many characteristics of a normal person, yet the law does not classify it as such and allows one to take its life at will.

Not only is abortion immoral, the methods of killing the baby inside the womb are simply barbaric! The most common method, Suction Cutterage, is described by below:

The abortion dilates the woman's cervix and inserts a tube with a sharp edge on the tip. The other end of the tube is connected to a suction device, similar to a home vacuum cleaner but much more powerful. Between the sharp edge and the force of the suction, the developing baby is torn apart and the pieces sucked out through the tube.

This method is usually used for first-trimester abortions.

The baby, this living, growing person, is ripped apart, with no mercy, into pieces, cutting off its life prematurely.
Abortion was originally legalized in 1973, after the controversial case of Roe v. Wade.  Since then, over 53 million abortions have been performed, about one sixth of the current U.S. population.  This amounts to about 1.25 million abortions in the U.S. every year, and over 3,000 a day, as many people as were killed in the 9/11 attacks!  We have killed so many people, and will continue to do so if the law is not changed.  One may say, however, that more people is not a good thing.  There would be more hunger, more homeless, more without work.  But what if one of those 53 million people would have solved world hunger?  What if one of them would have created a huge corporation, employing millions?  By killing our unborn, we are killing our future.
But what if a woman is raped? She should not have to carry and pay for this person that she does not want!  But it is still a living, breathing, human being that you are unmercilessly murdering.  And even so, The Guttmacher Institute (the research branch of Planned Parenthood) reports that less than 1% of abortions are performed because of rape or incest.  Only 3% are done to protect the life of the mother.  And an astounding 86% are performed out of convenience!
Not only does abortion have its faults, Planned Parenthood does also.  They specifically target the poor, as 72% of abortions are performed on women below the federal poverty level.  The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, once said: “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Planned Parenthood not only encourages the murder of millions, but benefits and even prospers from it.  

A baby at 5 weeks.

Be sure to watch for my next post!

Facts About Abortion

19 Facts About Abortion In America That Should Make You Very Sick

Abortion Facts

“Why I am Pro-Life”  by Brett Kunkle



Littering and its Effect on the Environment

My name is Miles Cruice-Barnett. My stream’s English class at Science Leadership Academy is doing a “You and the World” project. What is a you and the world project? What we do is pick an issue in the world, or nation, or community, or wherever, and we do research on it. We then post a few blogs about it and go out and try to help fix the issue. My issue is about littering in public places and how it can effect the environment. 

First, let me start off by saying, we have all seen litter. If you live in the city you see it every day. But, did you know that because of this litter, the litter that is just a part of every day life, there is an island of trash two times the size of Texas floating in the Pacific ocean? Just think about that. You know how big your city is? Now think of your state. Now Texas. Now think of two of Texas side by side. Now imagine that is made of trash. That is a lot of trash, and the sea life is dying because of it. I had heard of this “trash island” before but I found an article on the New York Times website that I found really interesting and informative. You can check that out here.

Litter washed up on shore from the Pacific (Above)

Another, more obvious, reason that littering is bad, is that it just looks gross. The trash can contain diseases as well, that can be passed between animas that eat it. If trash is sitting in water, the water becomes contaminated, and when the water evaporates whatever was in the trash in now in the air.

The biggest source of litter is cigarette butts. Though small they can be very dangerous. The butts contain harmful chemicals, including arsenic, that can contaminate water and soil. The problem is that there are so many of them lying on the ground. For example: I was waiting for the bus the other day and saw just a few cigarette butts, but as I looked more, I counted at least 20 of them within 5 feet of me. So now cigarettes can harm us even if we don’t smoke.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 6.46.30 PM
Cigarette butts lying in the street (Above)

The U.S. spends 11.5 billion dollars on litter clean up every year (Source). You can help by doing these few things. You can STOP LITTERING. You could also volunteer for programs like Keep America Beautiful’s annual Great American Cleanup, or just volunteer at you local park to do a park cleanup. Or even if your walking down the street and see some litter, pick it up and throw it away, every bit helps.

In doing my research I also found this very interesting website that had tons of information, some of which included a pie chart on the most common litter. I did not realize until later, when I came across the same organization’s clean up project for a different year, that this information was for Australia. It made me realize that littering is not just a problem in America, but around the world, and that other countries have similar organizations that have the same mission. You can check out that website here, and the pdf for their annual “Rubbish Report” here.

My bibliography is on a public google document. You can check it out here.


YATW:World Hunger

Unknown copy 7

My name is Dejanyia Johnson and I am a freshman at Science Leadership Academy. About a month ago in my English class, my teacher Ms.Dunn introduced my class to a project called, “You and the World.”  In this project, we are supposed to pick an issue that we feel strongly passionate about. When she said this to us, so many issues went through my head that I could not pick one. So, I began to ponder and wonder which was important. Was it politics, the economy, the government, gay rights? I couldn’t think of just ONE. That is until I was going home from school and I saw a homeless man with a sign saying, “Will work for food.”That is when I began to think about people who are hungry and need resources. I picked the issue World Hunger. The reason I chose this issue is because there is no reason why anyone should be hungry, many people are dying everyday because of the malnutrition, and people who are able to be fed are taking advantage and not realizing that others suffer.

Today, there should not be anyone in the entire world that goes hungry or without a meal. Why? Well, according to Oxfam, “The world produces about 17% more food per person today than 30 years ago.” That means that everyone who is and was able to consume food, the amount they take in should have increased. But instead, the opposite happened. In the world today, about 925 million people are hungry . That is more than the population of the United States, Canada, and the European Union combined ! In addition to that, there are over three billion people who live off about $2.50 a day. This is one of these reasons why people are hungry. What can $2.50 get you to eat? That is not enough to feed one person let alone an entire family. This happens because, “More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening,” according to Global Issues. This means that not only are there gaps in the way the economy is set-up, but it is getting bigger and larger. The reason for the economies being hugely spread out is because the rich(which is about 20%) take up about 3 quarter

s of the economy, while the poor (about 40%) take up less than 5%. This is ridiculous! No one should have to scrape for a meal.


All over the entire world, people, both adults and children are dying from malnutrition. The malnutrition is trigge

red from them not being able to eat. That is what hunger is. At this moment right now, there are 905,814,184 people who are undernourished. That number continues to change everyday according to Not only that, but every five seconds a child dies from hunger related diseases. That means that there are about 17,280 children who  die from hunger in a day. That number is out of control! The fact that this issue is still going on makes my skin crawl. In addition, women who make up most of the population in the world, are the majority that makes up for the world hunger. Women take up 60% of world hunger. Just today, there are about 23,000 people who died today from hunger. That includes children, men, and women. Th

e crazy thing about this is that every country waste tons of money on food. I can not stomach that. Why? Because I know that there are still people out there who are starving and going without, but we can afford to throw money out on food we will not eat! Although most of the hunger comes from developing countries, we still have countries like America that have the money to feed the people, but chooses not to. I do not understand why. Why is countries like America trying to help out other places and help them with hunger, but can not muster up the same for their own. We are trying to build a strong nation, but yet contradicting ourselves with this foolery.  There are more than 1.4 billion people who are below the poverty line. That means that more than 1.4 billion people are hungry. These facts are so real that it seems unbelievable.

To add fuel to the fire

, people w

ho are able to consume on a regular basis take advantage of that and waste what they have. Today in America, there was about $362,160,257.00 spent on obese disease. That could be money going to people who are hungry! Not to mention, that is only in America! In addition, about 90,000,000 was spent on buying food that we later did not use. That’s just like throwing money in the trash! Something that should concern everyone is the price for food. How do individuals expect people who are of lower class to afford food if everything is above what they make? Like I stated before, some people only make about three dollars a day. That can not even get you a meal at an average fast food restaurant.  That is a sad, but yet it remains true.

images copy 21

This issue is very close to my heart. I believe that this is a strong issue because of the death that is caused and because that I know for sure that this could change. The reason I chose this was because I know that there are billions of people who are affected by this and I know that no matter what there will always be a problem unless some change is made.There are many ways that we can change world hunger. But first, people would have to realize that there is  an issue. The change can occur through many forms. We could have never ending donations for the hungry, a fund, and even more, Not only that, but both you and I can help contribute into that change. We can contribute by spreading the word out to friends, family members, co-workers,and more to help out.


With this project, I plan on being able to contribute to this issue. I want to be able to do multiple service projects and try to get in other areas to get the word out. I would also like to get one of my blogs published so that this could possibly stir up some change. What I really want people to know is all the facts and impact that World Hunger has on people. It destroys lives and kills people who are only trying to get by in life. The government and economies in countries causes this issue to expand everyday. I say that because how can people afford to get the right nutrition if all they get are the minimum? Everyone has the right to a meal. The reason people are still hungry is because no one wants to change what they are used to. If there is no change then there is no progress. Unless you want murder on your hands and you do not care that innocent people are dying, then you need to make a change! Remember that the population is almost 8 billion, and of that number there are about 25,000 people who have died today just from hunger alone! YOU CAN CHANGE THAT WITH SPREADING THE WORD! STOP THE HUNGER!

Click Here to see bibliography

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Una Carta para Ti.

Querid@ (name)
¡Hola! Mi nombre es Javier. Estoy tranquilo. ¿Qué tal? Tengo catorce años. ¿Y tú? ¿De dónde eres tú? Soy de Filadelfia. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Hace mucho frío aquí. ¿Cómo es en España? Es muy bueno para vivir en Filadelfia. ¿Alguna vez has visitado América? Nunca he visitado un país de habla española.  
Soy alto y delgado. Soy lindo y moreno. También soy bastante cómico, increiblemente atlético y muy inteligente. Soy italiano, irlandés, y cubano. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? Me encanta practicar deportes. Mis deportes favoritos son el baloncesto, el fútbol y el béisbol. Los fines de semana me gusta dormir y pasar un rato con amigos. También me gusta ir al cine y escuchar música. Sin embargo Odio ir a la escuela y detesto estudiar. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer?
Si usted no sabe, Filadelfia es una ciudad entre la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital. Es una ciudad grande. Aquí se conoce como “ La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.” ¿Cuál es tú equipo de fútbol favorito, Real Madrid o Barcelona? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que salvar a mi amigo, panqueques gigantes que comen hombres están atacando. Responde cuando puedas.
Con Cariño,


Disfruten de las fotos.
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Child Trafficking occurs right in US.

Hello, my name is Milahn and I go to SLA, Science Leadership Academy. I had to research a topic that was very interesting to me. This project is called You and the World. I chose child trafficking which is a dangerous topic. Child trafficking is something that is on going and growing. This isn’t a topic that is dressed very often but it should be. 

Ever wonder where else child trafficking occurs besides foreign countries? If yes, I have the answer. Child trafficking occurs right here in the United States. California, New York, Texas, Nevada, and Ohio are hot spots. Child prostitution is growing at this very second. Within forty-eight hours of a runaway or homeless girl is approached by a pimp. These girls are between the ages of twelve and fourteen. 

When brought into the life of prostitution the girls are trafficked in and out of the US. From city to city, and country to country. There is a triangle between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Sacramento. Because of the diversity, its easier to move the children from place to place. This makes it difficult for law enforcement to locate victims that could be alive. 

The main question is why they go with the pimps. The number one reason is because they want a father figure in their life. Another reason is they aren’t happy in their homes. They feel as though pimps love them more than their own families. They can take care of them and give them whatever they want. 

human trafficking
You may be wondering why most girls stay in the life of prostitution. The number one reason is because they are scared of their pimps. Harmful words and threats are made about the girls family. Along the lines of death. Another reason is judging. Some girls believe if they go back to their families they will be judged/ disowned by family members. 

I will be working with a new ministry at my church to help stop child trafficking. Working with this ministry will help me get a better understanding about the topic and more information to help. Even though this a dangerous topic I still want to help because the starting age to child prostitution is close to my age. Child Trafficking ISN’T right


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Una Carta para Ti

Mikes letter
Querid@ ________,
¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo Mike. ¿Cuántos años tienes tú? Tengo catorce años. ¿Cuándo es tú cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es el seis de abril. Soy de Filadelfia. ¿De donde eres? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? Hace Frío aquí en Filadelfia. Es una ciudad grande. Me encanta jugar videojuegos y salir con mi novia y amigos. No me gusta ir a la escuela. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Soy de descendencia europea. Soy Alemán, polaco, irlandés y italian. Soy deportista y cómico, también divertido. ¿Y tú? ¿Como eres? Responde cuando puedas por favor.

Con cariño,
Mike Ostrowski
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Una Carta para Ti

Querid@                  ,            
¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Me llamo Hannah Nicoletti. Soy de Filadelfia, se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.” Es una ciudad grande. Me encanta cantar, pasar un rato con amigas y practicar deportes. Me gusta Taylor Swift y Selena Gomez pero no me gusta nada Justin Bieber. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta leer. Soy un poquito tímida sin embargo soy bastante sociable. Me encanta reirme. Mi cumpleaños es el cuatro de febrero, tengo catorce años. Mi hermanos y yo somos muy locos, sin embargo son súper trabajadors. A veces me gusta correr.

¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Te gusta Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez y Justin Bieber? ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? ¿Cuántos años tienes tú? Responde cuando puedas. ¡Adios!

Con cariño,
                 Hannah Nicoletti                   
                          Me gusta                               No me gusta nada
     Hannah Nicoletti (Me)
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Mi carta


Mi nombre es Saul Salas. Tengo 14 anos, y mi cumpleaños es 19 diciembre. vivo en filadelfia. ¿Cuántos años tienes tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Tengo anos y tu?Me gusta jugar juegos de video. Me gusta ver los Simpson. También, soy algo alto. Cuando fines de semana, me encanta bromear y comico, serio. Casi siempre tengo tarea. Audios.
Photo on 11-29-12 at 10.54 AM
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Poverty and Hunger in Philadelphia: Blog 1

In English, we are all participating in a project called You and the World. This is a project where the students all choose a topic that appears in the news, and share their findings with everyone. For my topic I chose Poverty and Hunger in Philadelphia. I chose this topic because this is one of the biggest problems in America today. People are living in the streets and are starving and sick and cannot get the right care. I see these people every day walking to school, and I think about how different my life would be in their shoes.

For starters, we should probably consider what hunger looks like. When most people think of hunger they think of Africa, or India or Vietnam. They think of the poor kids with the big eyes and the skin and bone bodies, or with the pale complexions. No one thinks about what could be happening in their backyard. In America hunger looks very different. Hunger is parents skipping meals so their kids can eat. Or a person eating one meal a day so they can pay for a roof over their head. Hunger can even look like obesity. This is because when people cannot afford food, they pay for cheap unhealthy fast food, because parents are so worried about their children not eating at all, that they will buy whatever they can afford. No one realizes just how bad hunger can be. 

Of the twenty five biggest cities in America, Philadelphia is the second worst when it comes to percentage in poverty, and average housing income. This is because Philadelphia is also one of the most expensive cities to live in. The only large city worse in these categories is Detroit. From 2010 to 2011, the poverty rate in Philadelphia jumped from 26.7% to 28.4%. In Philadelphia one in eight households are suffering from some kind of poverty. In America, fifty million people went hungry last year. The job market is also largely responsible for this. Since the people do not have jobs they cannot provide for themselves. Minimum wage jobs are not helping the situation. Of the Americans living in Poverty, 70% of the families have at least one member working some kind of job. To see some charts and graphs describing poverty in Philadelphia click here.

Hunger in Philadelphia is not just a lower class problem anymore. The bottom of the middle class is also being greatly affected by hunger, and if hunger and poverty continue to progress the way they have been, then soon more and more of the middle class will be suffering.

When you here about all of these statistics, you probably are thinking, “wow I didn’t know hunger was that bad”, or maybe “if something doesn’t get done soon, could hunger and poverty start to affect families like mine?”. Both of those thoughts are important steps in stopping hunger.

Above, a family suffering from poverty (source)

Throughout this project I hope to better educate both myself and the people around me on how serious hunger and poverty are, and how lucky I am to not be starving and to have a roof over my head

.Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.13.56 AM
Above, Chart describing the families that suffer from poverty (source).

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 9.34.55 PM
Above, is a graph describing poverty amongst different races (source).

Thanks for reading my blog post, and my second post will be up soon!

Click Here, to see my bibliography.

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la mujer de Africá

la mujer de Africá

Sería a Dubia con mi novio

todos los días viviría  hotél de aqua 

concinaria la comida

 llevaría él bonita ropa de Dubia 

Comería la comida 

Iría lugares en la avión  

la mujer de Africá

Sería rico con mi marido y mi familia 

Sería  medico de doctor

si pudieria , yo sería cerrar a mujer de Africá

African Woman

Una otra Oportunidad

Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida.

Viajaría todo el mundo y me encontreia más gente

Nadaría con los delfíns y pengüinos

Iría a Antártica

Tendría una sonrisa todo el tiempo

Aprendería conocer comida de las cultas otra de me

Juagaría un deporte y ganaría un trofeo

Sería una actriz muy famoso y tendría un estrella en el Paseo de la Fama

Ayudaría las personas no tiene una casa

Sería más concentrado 

Exploraría naturaleza

Tendría divertía todos los días por todo mi vida



Una Carta para Ti

Querid@ _____,

¡Hola! Saludos desde Filadelfia! Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.” Es una ciudad grande. Es una ciudad entre la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital. ¿Qué pasa?

Mi nombre es Brandon. ¿Cõmo te llamas? Soy rubio. Soy bien tranquilo, nunca loco, pero lindo. Cõmico, correcto? Tengo quince años. ¿Cauntos años tienes tu? ¿Cuãndo es tu cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es el seis de septiembre. Soy  bastante inteligente, increiblemente cõmico, y mãs o menos divertido. ¿Cõmo eres tu? ¿Qué hora es? Son las cuatro y media de la tardes. Me gusta comer, cocinar, dormir, y ir al cine. ¿Y a ti? Detesto cantar y nadar. ¿Qué te gusta hacer?  Bueno, me voy porque tengo que comer. ¡Adios! Responde cuando puedas.  

Con cariño,


Photo on 11-26-12 at 2.55 PM
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Una viaje alrededor del Mundo.

Yo viajaría el mundo.

Sería interesante estudiar portugués en Portugal. 

Sería interesante estudiar italiano en Italia. 

Me gustaría mucha idiomas diferentes. 

Yo irá diferentes lugares estudiar la cultura. 

Me gustaría hacer muchos amigos en todo el mundo.

Me casaría alguien de una cultura diferente. 

Me gustaría vivir en otro país.

Me gustaría trabajar en otro país también.

Si pudiera viajar, yo sería.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 10.07.30 AM

Si Tuve el Tiempo

Sería mejor a todos el puntos yo hacer

Corría mas y sería mejor a pista

Practicaría fútbol cada día

Practicaría mas parkour así puedo mejor voltea y trucos

Jugaría bajo mas porque quiero aprender cómo jugar por oreja

Haría todo de mi traerá y proyectos

Estaría con mi amigos más

Ayudaría mi grupo de música hace música

Tendría un trabaja

Y nunca aplazaría 


Una Carta Para Ti

Saludos desde Joseff,

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Me llamo es Joseff Filamor. Soy Filipino, pero vivo

en Filadelfia, una ciudad entra la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital. Es una ciudad grande y  Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal.”  Hace frío aquí en Filadelfia. ¿De dónde eres tú? ¿Qué tiempo hace? Cuando tengo tiempo libre, me encanta skateboarding y fotografía. Yo también encanta platicar con amigos, surfear la red, trabajar y esta de vago con mi familiar. ¿Cuántos años tienes tú? Tengo catorce años ¿Cuántos es tú cumpleaños? De vez en cuando, divertido. ¿Qué eres tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que leer. Adios mi agmiga! ¡Responde cuantos puedas!
Con cariño, Joseff
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Te extrano mucho a mi amor <R.I.C Approved>

Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida

lo haría haber marcha atrás las manos del tiempo.

Si pudiera estar con el amor de mi vida una vez más.

Mi vida se sentiría completo otra vez. 

Cuando miró a los ojos y decir sus minas

mi corazón se sentía completo.

Dondequiera que voy, estoy manchado

dicen que mi sonrisa era como un salida del sol

y tiene los ojos de un ángel.

16 & 5’3 

enamorarse de un ángel de la nariz grande.

Si era posible llamar a los muertos

Yo estaría llamando todos los días.

te extraño mucho la forma en que me abrazas

la forma en que me besas,

la manera en que yo sentiría palabras no pueden explicar el sentimiento.

Como usted dice:

“yo nunco dejar de preocuparse,

Nosotros luchamos y me gustaría que no lo hicieron,

Mataría , pongo de rodillas y  exigir

Voy a nadar a través de océanos,

sólo para tenerte de vuelta en mis brazos,

besar tus labios otra vez" 

Si pudiera vivir nuevamente mi vida

yo deseo verte una vez más


The Afghanistan War, the War on Terror.

The Afghanistan War/ The War on Terror

My name is Joseff Filamor, I am a Freshman studying at Science Leadership Academy. For my English class, my teacher, Ms. Dunn, introduced the You and the World project to us. It is an opportunity for the kids at Science Leadership Academy to share what they think is important, then try to change the situation for the better through blogging.

On September 11, 2001, attacks were made on the Twin Towers. Killing approximately three- thousand people. This started the war in Afghanistan, in which troops are dying more and more everyday. I am very interested by this topic because my brother was once a troop in Afghanistan, and I feel as if I need to learn more about it. Also, I feel that not that many people know the full detail of the war and the effects it has on the world. Having said that, I will explain the details of the Afghanistan War on terror.

Everyday, troops and being deployed to Afghanistan, more and more each day. Causing their families stress and worries,  and leaving troops either seriously injured or dead. When my brother was deployed to Afghanistan, my Father was beyond stressed. Even though I was too young to remember, I still remember my Father watching the news and feeling depressed and scared for my brother Guz. Which is why I want people to know what effect it has on not only the troops deployed, but the families left at home. The war on terror is now the longest lasting war in U.S history, it is time for it to come to an end.
I made this video briefly addressing the War on Terror and why we should care about it.

Click HERE for a video I made about the War on Terror.

'Click HERE for my Bibliography 


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Una Carta para Ti


Querid Blanko,

Escribe unos saludos aquí.¡Hola! ¿Como estás? Mi nombre es Felix. Saludos desde me familia. ¿Como le Gusta?

Cuándo es tu cumpleaños. ¿Dónde está su casa, ¿cuál es su dirección? ¿Cuantos anos tienes tu? ¿Cuál es la diferencia de tiempo entre aquí y allá?

Me gusta skateboarding y correr. Soy de California, pero vivo en Filadelfia. Tengo cuatro otros parientes en mi familia. Me llamo hermanos Caleb y mis hermanas llamo Azalea. Mi cumpleaños es el 10 de mayo. No me gusta nada dormir. Bueno, me voy porque tengo que cenar. Tengo que decir adiós.

,Sincerely Felix

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​Si Hombres Podrían Tener Bebes

Si hombres podrían tener bebes,
el mundo no tendría muchas personas,
pero todo la gente pensarían que fuimos embarazada,
porque comeríamos las comidas mismas como ahora.

Si hombres podrían tener bebes,
carros deportivos serían mas seguro,
y Breaking Bad serían adecuado para niños,
así que veríamos en frente de nuestros hijos.

Si hombres podrían tener bebes, 
apreciaríamos mujeres mas.

Nunca más


por la vida sería mejor. 

El aire se sentiría más fresco,

Los pájaros cantarían más bella,

El sol brillaría más brillante.

Aun el mar sería lleno de vida-

Igual a ti-

Si me dejarías ir.

Verías el mundo mas claro de ahora.

Estarías ligero sin la carga de mi.

Si solamente, me cambiarías-

Sufrirías nunca más-

Nunca más


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