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Only The Good Die Young

In the heart of Austin, Texas lies a rancher in the middle of the woods. Living in that rancher are Sara Jane and her fiancé Luke. The high school sweethearts have been together for over eight years and their love just grows stronger every day and is a constant reminder of what happiness is. Growing up in a small town has its perks. More freedom, less people, basically easy living. There wasn’t a store on every corner, downtown was really 10 miles away and you knew everyone by first name. They didn’t live a very lavish lifestyle. Sara Jane was born a preacher’s daughter.

She would attend church regularly and on her free time growing up would tend the horses at her mother’s ranch. Her parents had been married for many years and she wanted her love to be just like that. When she met Luke in high school it was love at first sight. He made her heart flutter. She knew there was no other person that would make her more happy than him.

One day, Luke finally came up to her and told her he liked her. Her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach and she tried to utter the simply words “me too.” He knew how she felt about him before she even opened her mouth. He just felt the connection between them. He knew they could make it work. Staring right into her eyes with her hands wrapped in his, he asks “Will you be my girlfriend?” She smiles back and replies “I’m glad you asked. Of course I will!”  They were inseparable. They literally spent every minute together. He would pick her up before school and drop her off after school. They would go out for dates, and talk on the phone for hours. Until one of their parents yelled “Off the phone lovebirds, school tomorrow.”  Each day would start and end the same. However, things weren’t always perfect for them. They went through their periods of ups and downs and childish breakups. But they always found their way back to each other. 

Sara wanted to pursue a career in medicine ever since her grandmother passed away because she wanted to stop everyone from going through what she went through. However, she needed to prove herself. She needed to get into the best college. She needed to show everyone that she was serious about this.

She was a straight A student in high school and had perfect attendance, however she was scared that she was making the wrong mistake going to medical school and becoming a nurse because she was breaking the mold of everything her family does. Being a preacher’s daughter and her mother working on a farm, a nurse really doesn’t match their lifestyles. 

However, she didn’t want that to stop her. During her first three years of medical school she continued to get straight A’s until the last year of college when she moved on her own and became distracted. That was quickly changed when she realized that she wanted to be better and just get her last year finished. 

She graduated from college with a 3.89 GPA and was immediately placed at the neighborhood hospital. She started at the bottom of the hospital scale cleaning bedpans and making sure that each patient had water and then worked her way up to being the head oncology nurse, using her degree to the fullest. Oncology was the department that she wanted to stay with because she wanted to see if there was a cure to these cancers that people dealt with everyday and that claimed so many lives. 

The more she worked around cancer patients the more she began to question the way things were and how they were supposed to be and why people had to die. “Why does cancer exist” she asked herself one day. It just happened to be that she was standing in front of one of her patients rooms and he overheard her. “I ask myself the same question everyday when I wake up in here” he responded to her. “Oh my goodness, Mr. Johnson. I am so sorry I didn’t know you heard me.” “It’s okay sweetie, just be careful with what you say sometimes.” Those words stuck in her head for days after that incident. Mr. Johnson died a few months later of colon cancer and those were the last words Sara ever heard from Mr. Johnson. 

Sara and Luke were the most perfect couple, the did everything together and lived such a happy life. He loved that she was a nurse and he was a lawyer and their schedules matched up perfectly. He would cook dinner for her every night. They would spend hours just talking and then fall asleep in each others arms. What Sara didn’t know was that Luke was holding something from her. Luke sat Sara down one night during dinner and had to tell her something. “Sara, I need to tell you that I have been hiding something from you for the last few weeks.” “Okay, what is it.” “I went to the doctors the other day and they told me I have liver cancer.” “Oh my god, please say you are kidding.” “Why would I kid about that Sara?” “I don’t know Luke, but I cannot handle this.” “Why did you hide it from me?” “I don’t know Sara, I didn’t know how to tell you.” For three days there was not a word uttered between them. Sara was hurting and Luke didn’t know how to help her through it. His health was declining and he needed treatment. Sara made sure that he had the care he needed but was scared to loose him. He was her everything. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he knew he couldn’t be strong. Sara knew she had to find a way to cure him before she lost him. She couldn’t handle it. She would go to work every day and in the medicine cabinet try to figure out what could go together to heal him. One day she thought that if she could find a way to mix the medicines together, how would she know if they worked. She would have to find people who were dying of cancer and try it on them. But that was wrong. How could she do that? How could she potentially kill people while trying to save them? It could work, but there was no guarantee. 

She couldn’t tell anyone of these plans. These thoughts she was having were evil, but she needed to be sure that she was doing everything that she could. She needed to know that she tried to cure him and that if she couldn’t that she did everything to try to help him. She needed to plan this out. She needed to figure out how she was going to test the medicine on those patients. She had an idea but she wasn’t sure. The only way she could do it was by using their Iv’s. But how would she mix the different medicines? She would have to find a room and do all of it, or could she do it at home? She found a room in the hospital that she could mix all the medicines and fill needles so that she could inject the patient’s Iv’s with while no one was looking. She would do this and test the patients progress over a few days. 

Luke continued to get worse. Her treatments with the patients were a win and loose situation because there were good days and bad days. There was no clear set cure yet, but she wasn’t going to stop. Not with Luke getting worse everyday. But time was getting short. Most of her patients were getting closer to dying and she wanted to save them and save Luke but she didn’t know how to. There had to be a perfect combination of medicines she just had to find it. She then began to start making different combinations with three or four medicines and finally she started to progress. But how could she treat Luke? He was in and out of the hospital as his condition worsens. She had to tell him.. But she doesn’t know how. She was going to write him a letter. She was going to tell him before it was too late. She was going to try her mixture and hope for the best. 

When she went to the hospital later that night she injected him with the treatment while no one was looking and hoped that he will begin to feel better. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Luke had a bad reaction to the mixture and whatever the hospital on him and later he lost his life.  However, she still had the letter she wrote him and was going to bury him with it. 

Dear Luke, 

I am writing you a letter to tell you something. I didn’t know how to tell you in person however I just need to get it out. I did something very bad and need you to forgive me. From when you were diagnosed with the cancer I spent my days thinking about ways to cure you. I worked at the hospital mixing medicines to cure the treatment and I used my patients as guinea pigs. I am so sorry. I didn’t want to loose you. I love you! 


Sara Jane

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¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

La casa es muy enorme, moderna y muy vibrante. La casa tiene tres pisos o más. La casa es en las afueras. Esta cerca de un parque, las escuelas, y un supermercado. Es lejos de el transporte público y museos. El jardín es muy bonita. El habitación increíblemente espacio. Una piscina grande con silla de playa cómodo. Hay un sala de juegos para los niños. El garaje es muy espacio para largo carros. ¡Es la casa de sus sueños!

Las fotos de la casa descripción:
Tapa izquiera- En el sótano, el centro de entretenimiento con televisión, cómodo sillas y sofás.
Tapa derecha- Dormitorio Principal con grande cama, enorme principal baño, etc.
Fondo left- Segundo piso de casa con piscina, sala, baños, garaje, patío, oficina, y muy.
Fondo right- La guardarropa es increíblemente espacio y bonita.


Q4 Art

As the school year comes to a close I can finally see how I've grown as an artist. Finally realizing that art is copying what exactly what you see it is individualizing the pieces I am are trying to recreate. Although I am not the best artist I am proud of my work because it is truly a reflection of me. 
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Quarter 4 ART- Julian Makarechi

My name is Julian Makarechi, and I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy. This year I decided to become a better artist by taking Ms. Hull's. In her class I am able to explore any different parts of art I wish to. So, I decided to create three major pieces. Each piece of art has multiple steps.This quarter I drew 3 cartoon characters. For each, there were three stages. First I drew it with pencil, then with sharpie, then with colored pencil and then with both sharpie and colored pencil. I drew Baby Donald Duck, Baby Daffy Duck, and Maggie Simpson . 

Here is a link to my work:

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This quarter I did some fantasy drawings such as the dragon. There were also a lot of drawings where we had to focus on line hatching and shading which I thought was a still a bit hard. And lastly, there was a lot of drawings where I had to examining and study different things, such as the nose or face. These were all quick sketches that still produced a great drawing.

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Art Q4 V-Z

This quarter I struggled the most. I thought senioritis hit me last quarter, but this quarter was truly a "struggle" I felt overwhelmed by all the work that was due and being the procrastinating person that I am I made it really hard on myself. I dont believe this is my best work but I do believe I put in 85% effort to say the least. I really wished I could of spent my time more productively.
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Negative Space


The Cutout




Cutouts (on top)

Negative space drawings (located underneath)






1. Negative space is blank, unused space surrounding an object.

2. In my stool drawing, I found negative space by coloring in the drawing, and leaving the rest of the paper blank.

3. It helps an artist to see in negtive space because there is nothing blocking the view of the object.

4. It is useful in creating art because sometimes you only want to make one object. And you want that object to be as clear as possible.
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Quarter Art 4 Sketches

This quarter I wanted to focus my energy on producing 4 stages of a collage, 4 stages of a landscape outlook and draw 4 stages of a clear object. The way the you will see them chronologically is in a way that displays the stages of a clear object first, and then the 4 stages of landscape and then 4 stages of an abstract collage.
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.49.51 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.47.38 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.47.26 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.47.05 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.45.06 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.44.53 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.44.39 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.44.25 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.42.58 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.41.48 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.40.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.41.21 PM
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Art: Negative Spaces

Art BM Cutout
Art BM
  • A. What is negative space?
Negative space is the extra space surrounding the main focus of a picture making the main focus stand out.
  • B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?
I found negative space in my cut out by comparing the different colors. I found negative space in my stool drawing through drawing dark lines.
  • C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
Negative space helps an artist see things in a drawing that they wouldn't usually pay attention to.
  • D. How is negative space useful in creating art?
Negative space is useful in art because it can bring much more detail into a picture and make the main focus more eye-catching.
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DO NOT TOUCH Written by Jeff

Don’t Touch





Alright let’s get this straight. As I stated in my previous journal, I mentioned all the bullshit I had to go through. The girl I’m in love with played me in front of the whole class, not to mention her jerk-face boyfriend keeps pushing me. One day, I’m going to be rich, and they’ll regret everything they ever did to me.

Anyways, before I get too emotional on you, this journal has one purpose, and one purpose only: to please my mother. I went to a therapist recently because my mom thought I was depressed and all that, which I tried to deny, but she wasn’t having that. Pam, the therapist, suggested that I write everything that I’m feeling, and how my day went, and what exactly what went on.

At first i was like “yeah, definitely, it sounds like a plan” out loud to Pam, but really in my head I was like “man, fuck that”. Turns out my mom was thinking quite the opposite, because right when  we left Pam’s office, she drove me right to dollar tree to get a journal. Now, i’m actually kind of used to writing in a book. Its quite comforting since I have no one else to talk to, that actually understands what I go through. My first journal I filled in so much, I had to wrap it up with a rubber band because it was bursting with loose papers every time I dared to open it. I just decided to get a new one, so my mom gave me the money for it.

Oh, and lets get another thing straight: I’m going to be rich one day. When that day comes, I can sell this journal for money, and become even MORE richer. Please, hold the applause. Anyways, Let me tell you a little about myself, since my other journal is so old you probably can’t interpret anything. Hi, I’m Jeff (as you probably guessed from the cover). I’m 16, I love Nutella, cocoa butter, old school Dell computers, and Forensic Analysis. Yes, i’m weird- I get that numerous times throughout the day. Which I still don’t understand., because I don’t do anything to anyone. Why can’t anyone mind their business? The world may never know.  I also forgot to mention something very imperative: something happened, something big. I don’t know the full story, because my mother still thinks i’m still too young” to know, but I think I understand it enough. From my experiments, observations, and knowledge, there was a bombing. I’m not talking about the soda bombs that the immature “Jocks” put in the nerd’s locker numerous times throughout the school year. I;m talking about an atomic bomb. It was huge. The burnt imprint is still on the sidewalk, one whole decade later.  It left a big mess, and killed thousands. America never told us who it was, and why they did it-but thats nothing new. The government never tells us anything. When it all happened in the year of 2051, thats when things started to go wrong. The air was polluted, the smell of gas and chemicals was everywhere, and people went homeless. Most people’s homes were abolished, or should I say blown to smithereens.  Everything was gone. Pets, food, homes, people, clothes-everything. We slowly recovered by the little amount of grants and stamps that the government gave everyone in my area, called Aksala. My father had the cutest little shop where he sold bait for the river that flowed in our little town. Sadly, it died along with him. My mother and I are doing alright now, just struggling to get through each and everyday. The smell of gas and chemicals is still int he air however, and it annoys me so much.  Anyways, I’m going to bed early to night. It’s been a rough day. I have all this homework I don’t feel like doing, and it’s all due tomorrow (see, i’m no totally a nerd). So goodnight, whoever is listening...



I’ve been working my ass off for this stupid A that i should’ve gotten the previous quarters in history class. I love history, I do my journals, yet I still always get a B. Its not even a low B, its literally an 89.9%. Yeah, I know, its ridiculous. Anyways, that pretty much ruined my day. I’ve just  been so stressed out. Not to mention that Aya (the girl i’m madly in love with and give up my heart, limb, and both eyeballs for), just walked by me in the hallway today. Its not like she says hi to me anyways, because who would. Forget it, lets forget about this sad talk, let just change the subject. I have this really big pond in the back of my house, which all this old gunk and stuff from all the oils and chemicals the government collected from the bombing incident. It stinks, like i’m always complaining about. The creepiest thing happened though. I keep forgetting my new keys that my mom got made just for me on my dresser, so I just go in through the back door whenever I leave them, since the back door is always opened. I hop the fence, and fall into a glob of mud, or whatever it was. I brush it off the gooey brown dirt off of my new pants, then look up to the weirdest thing. Yes, a thing. I’m not sure if I was just seeing things, but it looked like a head. Thats when I started running, because stuff like that creeps me the heck out. When I got into the house, I had to take a second to catch my breathe, i’m not much of a track star. I shouted “MOM” to see if she was home. No response,which I expected. I went right into the shower-I couldn’t take the smell of that dirt on me. I turned on the water to the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. I start to think about what I saw, trying to decide if I was going crazy or not. I came to a conclusion: I must’ve bumped my head onto the ground when I fell of the fence to quickly. So i just went with that for the rest of the night. I’m satisfied with that conclusion, because now I can finally go to sleep, since I have to wake early for school, anyways. Which I should do now-so goodnight, whomever.



Today was just like regular day, except a couple of things. Okay, let me explain a little bit. I took a deep breath. It smelled of gas and chemicals. It's just that stupid smell that still never went away. You get used to it though (well not me, my mother has).

Anyways, as I was saying, today was really weird. As I was coming from that hell hole you call a school, I saw something very peculiar (and yes, that was one of my ten dollar vocabulary words I had to study for Miss Pahomav's class this week). There's this small pond behind my house that was really cute before all the chemicals and waste got into it, and made it all green and muggy. As I walked past it something glowed in the water. It looked like two glow in the dark eyeballs that my friends would by from five-below to scare me. HOwever, I could tell this wasn't a prank.  could've sworn I saw them blink too. That was creepiest part though. I mean, I just brushed it off and walked away, saying to myself "that school lunch must be having some sort of side effect on me", thinking I was just seeing things. Hopefully I don't see nothing creepy like that again.

Once again, i have another essay to write, I men, do they ever give us students a break? its almost spring break. goodness. So on that note, I should probably start my essay, which shouldn’t be THAT  hard since i practically write an essay everyday. So goodnight, stranger.


Jeff here,

Okay so  it happened again guys ("guys" refers to whomever cares and finds my diary in the future one day when i'm already filthy rich), I saw it again. It actually came up too. It was REALLY weird. Only the head I think. Because it looked like it had really bad weave on top of its head, so I could tell it was girl thing. Maybe I really am going crazy. Or is it just the school lunch? Or maybe its a ghost? I have no idea, but I really need to start bringing my keys, because I'm really getting tired of hopping my fence, only to walk past the pond with that creepy thing in it.

P.s: that essay was not easy, AT ALL. I went to bed at 5 in the morning. 5 IN THE MORNING.



Alright, I know i’m not crazy, because it actually came out of the swamp/pond/puddle thing thats behind my house, and let me tell you this thing is strange. First, it looks like a glob of mud. Its got a fat person’s figure, with mud on top of it. Basically like a sloppy joe burger. Now, before you think this is one of those boy meets robots type stories- its not. I’m not gonna so indulged into this thing, because I honestly am creeped out, and its me. I threw a stick at it, to see if it would like explode or something. But instead it just blinked again. I figured if it handle a stick, it could handle me (the stupidest concept you will ever hear in your life, yes I know.) The thing that gets me is that it actually moved its mouth. It’s weird. As weird as it might though, it’s still cool. I’m tempted to run  a couple of test on  the thing, but i’m scared how it would react. Will it eat me? will it knock my lights out? We’ll never know. Or will we...? Goodnight, brave world.

Jeff Again,

Okay, I found out something about it: I have no idea what IT is. Okay, okay, I found out a couple of things however. Running some text on the sample I got from it, I came up with a couple of theories. It has some type of critical mass of fissionable material, because it needed to create a chain reaction in the atomic bomb, for it to explode. Isotopes such as  uranium-235 and plutonium-239 were later found in my experiments. Both of these ingredients were both used in the atomic bomb, which makes sense because the glob and chemical was all goes right into the pond/swamp/puddle type thing in the back of my house, which might be the reason why this THING is in my backyard. Yes, I am pretty genius you could say, but what bothers me is how does it move its mouth? What makes it-IT? After doing some research, i found a couple of other interesting facts. For one, there is nothing else like it. There have been no other reports in newspaper, youtube, not even is there ANYTHING about a glob monster made from mixed chemicals. So you could say this is an amazing finding, and that i could become famous for this. Actually, while writing this, I just realized how rich I could become from just this glob monster! I could by my own house, my own dell company- or rather all the Nutella I want! That would be real nice.

But would that okay though? All this sounds so nice, but i’m not sure this is going to be the best choice. I mean after I call whoever I have to call, every  FBI agent and police officer would invade my house 24/7, and I don’t think my mom could handle that much in invasion and stress- especially since what happened to do Dad. She’s just been backed up on work so much so thats he can pay for all the bills, which I respect about her, so I won’t call I guess. That Nutella would’ve been nice though. Just for my mom though, which is amazing because i’m actually being considerate. Since that’s all I have to say for now, Ill just go to bed, goodnight- and let the force be with you.



Its the middle of the night, and i’m terrified. I heard some noise outside and looked out the window. Its the glob monster again ( yes, i’m calling it that now). ow, you’re probably wondering why i’m writing this right now, when I’m terrified, when I should be calling the cops or something. “Man, this kid is obsessed with this journal”- well you’re wrong. Its my stress reliever, and like I said before I gotta record almost everything I think in this book for when I’m famous. Anyways, lets get to the point.

I woke up to this vrooom-vrooom-vroom noise. Not like a motorcycle, but like a glowing sound,kind of like how a bee’s trailing sound he leaves behind him when he quickly flies right past you. Yeah, it was creepy. so i went outside, but instead of going right down the stairs, I jumped out of the window. I must say, it was quite painful but it was worth it. I went towards the glowing green light, and as I suspected-it was it. I don’t know what it is with me and sticks, but I always throw them at things. after I there basically a half of a tree branch at it, it shifted. It was like it didn’t feel the branch. In fact, it was like jell-o. I’m not scared of it anymore, its just more creepier than scary.

After it shifted, it kept making those weird noises. “Vrooom-vrooom”. I went closer, quietly, steadily, trying not to disturb it. Of course I slept on a couple of crunchy crunchy leaves and sticks, so I wasn’t as quiet as I thought. I shifted from side to side, disturbed by its surroundings.

I’m Face to “face” with the Glob Monster.

It continues t glow. It continues to make the “vroooom” noise. I hold my hand out, just like the scene in ET, where he touches the alien. I poke it. Worst decision ever made.

It start to grow silver blades as scales. Scales so sharp, it splits my upper part of my finger open. Blood dripping, I move back suddenly.  It starts to make the “Vrrroooom-vroooom” noise louder, and faster. “VROOOM-VROOOMVROOMVROOM”. I moves back, one step at a time. Now, you would think that a normal person would run for their lives, but I tried to make clear before, I’m not that normal. I watch it as it starts spinning, instead of swaying. It starts spinning faster, and faster, and faster- till I’m so dizzy i feel like fainting. It starts levitating , going up slowly, but surely. It’s about 8ft in the air-still spinning faster and faster.

It stops.

Now. Im. Scared.

I started to walk back faster, and faster, until I was basically behind the big bush in my mother’s garden, peeping through the leaves of it. I start shaking, this anxious feeling in my stomach.

Okay let’s stop here:

If someone finds this, please tell my mom I love her. I really do, and I didn’t say anything just for her. I’m really not ready to die, and so far, i’m going out of my mind right now. I’m probably sweating blood right now, thats how scared and nervous I am. So, uh, yeah- just tell her I love her.

Okay, let’s carry on now:

I’m basically shaking the bush right now, but as I watch the Glob monster frozen in time, I touch myself just to make sure he didn’t freeze me too. Good, i’m okay, i’m still here, for now.

It starts to sway once again.

Swaying so smoothly, like hands at a Jazz festival.

It starts to bring apart.

The globs start to scatter everywhere- in random places. Now at first I thought it was going to create mini minions, and starts to attack the earth, and take over everything-but thats just me being worried I guess. Instead, it started to spell “Alaska”. I wondered what it that meant. I mean, its 2067, what is that supposed even mean?

I stays there., jiggling on the ground like freshly poured Jell-O.  I stand up, to see it closer, and its still moving a little. Once again i throw a stick at it, and surprisingly it doesn’t move. I look back at my house to see if my mom woke up, which she didn’t thankfully. I look back.

Nothing is there. I think is sunk into the ground while I was looking,because little part were slowly disappearing into the grass. I just stood there. Silently , waiting for something to happen. Nothing else happened. I waited for another twenty minutes. I hear the crickets, as the leaves ruffle into the air. I start heading back in.

As I open the door, I hear the “vroom” nose, but when I looked back, there was nothing there. I ignore it, and go back into my house, up the stairs, in my bed. I really am kind of proud of myself though. These past few days have been really weird, but i’ve changed a little. I’ve learned to be considerate, and I appreciate things a little ore-such as my my finger (which I need to get fixed). But most importantly, I went ahead and did something out of the ordinary, just like my my dad told me to do. I mean I guess that’s good and all. But what confuses me is what actually happened, and what this means for me. What does “Alaska” actually mean? All their questions, and no answers. Oh well, I’m going to bed, now, because just reading this over gives me a headache. Goodnight, Dad.



I haven’t seen anything yet. Not a glob of mess, not a sound- absolutely nothing. Honestly, I’m glad. I don’t want to creeped anymore than I already have. So whenever I forget my key, I hop the fence as usual. I then go to the pond. Nothing is moving, it just still smells of gas and chemicals. It never went away. I wish it went away with the glob monster actually, that would be so nice.


Quarter 4 Arshelle Johnson

In the previous quarters I focused on character drawling. So this quarter I decided to change things up a little. I Still did one character drawing which was of snoopy. But I also did a figure drawling and a room in perspective. This quarter I also drew the coexist sign, which is made up of the different religions and sex symbols. This is the drawling that I was the most excited about doing this quarter. I also did a hand with designs on them and another design.  
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Bundy, Kenyatta- Q4 ArtWork

For the final quarter, I began with the original art that was provided to us. I then strayed away from that and began to draw whatever came to mind. I noticed as I went along that I wanted to try new things with the way that I draw and the tools that I use. By doing so, I decided to also change my signature because I felt as though I needed an overall change. Along with the other drawings that I did, I decided to do a "signature" piece. For me, this was my Batman piece. It was the last piece I did and the one that I'm most proud of. This is because this was the first time I've ever used anything besides a mechanical pencil on my art. I hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating them. I had trouble uploading my drawings to SLATE so I hope you're ok with a link to a google doc containing my Quarter 4 portfolio. 


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q4 art

This quarter was the shortest one of all meaning that there would be less drawings, but since they were the last portion of lessons they were the most challenging. These lessons really made shading and hatching more difficult, especially with fur. The drawings were fun to do. As additional drawing I drew musician Annie Clark, actor James Franco, and actress Danai Gurira as here role of Michonne on the television show The Walking Dead. 
2014-06-06 17.10.47
2014-06-06 17.11.02
2014-06-06 17.10.56
2014-06-06 17.11.20
2014-06-06 17.11.36
2014-06-06 17.11.55
2014-06-06 17.12.08
2014-06-06 17.12.13
2014-06-06 17.12.37
2014-06-06 17.12.43
2014-06-06 17.12.48
2014-06-06 17.12.54
2014-06-06 17.12.58
2014-06-06 17.13.02
2014-06-06 17.13.31
2014-06-06 17.13.24
2014-06-06 17.13.39
2014-06-06 17.13.46
2014-06-06 18.16.45
2014-06-06 18.55.15
2014-06-06 19.12.01
2014-06-06 19.17.33
2014-06-06 19.25.00
2014-06-06 20.02.29
2014-06-06 20.01.17
2014-06-06 19.35.30
2014-06-06 20.03.49
2014-06-06 20.04.39
2014-06-06 21.57.46
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Quarter 4 Photography: Collins

​This quarter, I am turning in my photography. I have been experimenting with photo shoots. I spent so much time editing my images. I learned how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to create some very beautiful looking images. I fell in love with the contrast intensity of a black and white image. I think that my photos begin being interesting, but the edit can change tone, message, or any story you want the image to express. 

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Q4 Art - Nia Hammond

​This quarter's art had fewer drawings, but they were also more advanced. I enjoyed the challenge each lesson presented. I noticed that as the lessons progressed, there was more and more detail about the importance of shading for every drawing. Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.35.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.02 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.07 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.11 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.16 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.33 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.38 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.42 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.36.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.46 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.37.20 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 9.38.59 PM
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Sci-fi story

  I always thought I had a great life. Never taking anything for granted, I was so humble. Just looking at my life you would think that I got everything I wanted. That I was set for life. However my family worked for everything we had. Born Jonathan Miles Harris, I am now 16 years old. I have black hair, I am 5 feet 6 inches. I am Milano male(Which is african american and Caucasian), With a heavy accent. I have reddish brown eyes, crooked smile, and I am 150 pounds. Who ever finds this short book will know what really happened to me.

    So to whoever saw my story on the news I disappeared when I was 13, and reappeared on my 16th birthday. From where I was I saw everything that happened when I was taken. Everyone tried to blame my parents for me coming up missing. Because my mother was a former drug smuggler for the black market people believed that she was the cause. Others came up with the theory that because my father was a powerful district attorney. He received death threats from people relating to the inmates, some people theorized that I was taken because of him.

    Breaking down the two theories was the job of the police and detectives, but It was impossible. My mothers past was filled with too many colorful people, and if this was a result of her past we could never know. My fathers was a smidge better, however still was a lost cause. After trying to ensure just for about a good 3 months the police gave up and left my parents with a huge burden.  

    When I was took by “this creature” I was scared for my life. I blinked about a good 130 times to try and see if it was a dream. I pinched myself over and over again, and I prayed continuously. I just wanted to be back in my room making a beat or in the gym. Really I would have preferred to be anywhere but here. I couldn’t stand being in this dark moving vehicle’s trunk. I remember what happened when I was abducted.

    It was a saturday, and I was walking to Acme to get snacks for the movie night my friends and I were about to have. While standing at the netflix box I was tapped and grabbed. Trying to put up a fight against 4 grown individuals was like a turtle trying to escape 4 different wildcats. After successfully getting my eyes and mouth covered I was shoved forcefully into a vehicle. After that I felt a heavy thump hit my leg, which were the snack that I just purchased. A feminine voice said eat these if you want to be partially satisfied during the trip.

    After being in this surprisingly roomy trunk, being tossed my fulfilling snacks, and not hurt during my kidnapping I had a feeling I wasn’t really in danger. Every so often I would hear the same voice ask me was I okay. I would answer yes, but can someone please explain. She would reply the same way each time all in due time. You’ll be caught up in all the confusion shortly sweety. I just knew from her tone that I wasn’t in immediate danger. After driving in a trunk for days, and only having the trunk be aired out once, we arrived in an open field in pennsylvania.

    As the 4 humans get out the car, I hear them speaking a different language.  When they spoke it was almost if they were devising a plan. I tried to listen to see if there were words I knew. After listening for about 40 seconds my thoughts became jumbled. I was so confused and went into a stage if mind where my eyes were completely shut, I couldn't move, but I was conscious.

    After being in this stage for about an hour, I woke up on a spaceship of some kind. Scared to death I yelled and tried to move. I couldn't move because I was strapped down. My throat was closing because the amount of air I had, I wasn't able to breathe. I felt like I was being suffocated, or the driest price of bread on earth. My airway was closing up and at a not soothing pace.

    2 people walked into the room and saw me struggling. One just stood there in amazement, while the other was a girl my age. She recited the words from the trunk and I went into the same stage. As I was laying there I felt a sense of relief as if a new adaptation was given to me. I was able to breathe in space now. As I woke up I remembered feeling safe again.

    However I realized that no person should be able to breathe in space. So many questions formalized in my mind. Why me? What are these things? What do they want with me? I wanted answers and I wanted them now. As I started to look around again the setting I was I'm started to adapt to my room. I start to pinch myself and blink again. Nothing happened I was still in this room.


    As Boredom started to rise, I start to interact with the things in my room. I went to play my game, everything on my play-station was the same. To pass the time for a while that's what I did. And every-time I got hungry I went to my mini fridge and got something to eat. I figured that if I stayed there I would get answers out of someone. After a good 6 hours of playing play station it got a knock at my door. It was the girl who saved me when my lungs collapsed.

    When she came in the room was dead silent for about 10 minutes. We both had awkward looks on our faces. Both of us wanting to say something. Until she says you must be confused. I reply kind of, but thanks for saving my life. I start to ask he about why I got here, and question what’s going on. She responded saying she doesn’t really know. We spend a little while talking and she ask me is she pretty? I respond saying yes she is very beautiful. She starts to cry and say that its been a while since she heard that. I ask her why she said that? She starts to tell me about her and her boyfriends latest break up. Conflicted with listening to this girl I just met, and figuring out where I am, I choose to listen to her.

    After talking for a while she ask can she show me around the space-ship. I tell her I am pretty tired, but I would love for her to show me around tomorrow morning. She exits my room and I cannot fall asleep for a while. I just keep replaying all the incidents that went down in the past couple of days. I try to comprehend everything, and even try to use my cellphone. None of that even worked. I was stranded somewhere else, and didn’t even know where I was. I still felt safe though I felt like I would be understood and taken care of. Around 5 o’clock I fall asleep and wake up 3 hours later. I feel really refreshed, and really hungry.

    As I wipe the sleep from my eyes I wake up to the same feminine voice saying goodmorning. I respond hey where am I? She tells me this time “you are better off here”. I say well can atleast tell me why I am here. She says that will be revealed in time.  She hands me a plate of my favorite breakfast, and the remote for my T.V. I thank her. As she walks out she says don’t worry you are safe here. I eat my breakfast and watch the new episode of my favorite show. Then a question arises in my mind how is my favorite show on, and i’m not on earth. As my favorite show is playing I recall what happened during the last episode. As the episode ends, the girl who I now know as jacell walks in.

    I start to get dressed and while i’m taking off my pajama bottoms she stares intensely at me. I know what she wants, but I quickly get dressed. We leave my room and go to explore the spaceship. We go to every area of the spaceship, we look at every attraction and place to eat possible. As we start to be around each other for this extended period of time we both get more comfortable talking, joking and having fun. As we are walking back to my room she grabs my hand. We continue to walk though. It's only when I got to my room she kisses my lips. I felt it coming though, but I was still surprised.

    As the weeks turn to months I am still on this spaceship. Everyone knows me, and pays more attention to me rather then when I was in Philly. I guess you can start to say I love it here. Me and Jacell are in a relationship now. I get to be free as in rules wise, and everyone likes me. In these past months I've had a blast, only things is I miss the people who loved me on earth. As time continues to pass I wonder "will I ever get to go back?" "Do they still think about me?" "What's happening now?". Questions clutter my mind on a daily.

    A years goes by, everything here is good. I still miss the earth but I love being here. I love my new friends, I love that if I go back to earth I can say that I breathed in earth without equipment. I love that I was made into a big issue, I love this spaceship as a whole though. I'm torn between my home and my new home. As I sit and contemplate all these things, I remember that even if I wanted to leave I can't. Then a thought comes to make the best of what I have here.

    Jacell comes and we walk through the park for a little bit. Then we go to the town hall. As we arrive I see all the lights off. I start to piece things together. We seen nobody on our walk, lights off, and I've been here for a year. I assumed it was a party. Unsure I didn't say anything to Jacell. I just walked in after her and as she turn on the lights everybody on the space ship jumped out at me from all angles. I was still surprised and I knew what it was. The party was great, they really knew how to make me feel special and welcomed. As I left the party everybody handed me gifts and I just loved that night.

As me and Jacell left arms full we walked back to my room. As I placed my gifts down, she pushed me onto my bed. Things from there got a little X-rated. I enjoyed her company that night. My one year on the spaceship was better than all my years on earth. As Jacell left in the morning, I got dressed. I'm starting a new engineering class. I still wanted to make music and play basketball, but I wanted to learn too. I get to my class and immediately felt welcomed. We were starting to make transporters.

    As a few more months passed Jacell and I moved into together. This was one of the best decisions I made. We got to be together way more. She would go to her job, and I would go to school. As time passed I became a better engineer. I was too of my class. When graduation came I gave the best speech of my life. Jacell and the lady from before were there clapping and screaming the loudest for me. After graduation I went out to dinner with the two of them.

    A few years have passed, and now I'm a engineer. I own my own company. I do my own things, and I own a house now. I moved out of the room and me and Jacell own a house. I gave fixed the spaceship so many times. Every time I help out, they give me new equipment. On my day off, I had some uranium. Looking at my first project, I replace me small stick of uranium, with a full stick of uranium. By multiplying the magnitude of the travel, this should be able to get me anywhere and back. My plan is to go back to earth and then come back. I tell Jacell my plans, and she says "if that's what you want to do." She tells me not to do it today. I respect her wishes. I wait a week before I leave. During that week I was shunned, and just by myself. I didn't understand it, and just felt disrespected. As I left, I kissed Jacell goodbye. And kissed the ladies cheek and got into the teleporter. As I touched down I wrote these words. "It feels great to be home." I spend a good minute looking at where I'm at. As my chest starts to hurt briefly. I feel as though

    I am being punched repeatedly. I ignore it, just thinking my lungs need to get use to the change in the air pressure. I collapse after walking for 5 minutes. Lying on the ground breathless, I think about the past couple years I had. I lie there fighting for life I hear a voice that says just let go, everything will be okay. I follow orders because the pain was intense. I let go. As I let go I can see the things that follow. My family with the addition of 2 little brothers come and see me on the ground. At my funeral I see tears of sadness and relief. My father and mother both say "it's okay. We have clarity of him not being harmed for that time." As they put me into the ground I am teleported back to the spaceship. Everyone yells we shunned you so your family could have peace of mind to not see you dead.

Quarter 4 Art Portfolio

This quarter I definitely felt more challenged by the sketches. There weren't as many of them, but the shading was definitely more tricky. However, I really enjoyed playing around with it and adding some shape to my sketches, as well as developing my own sort of style. 
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