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Script 1 (Claire) -

We learned how to say courtesy phrases such as thanks, excuse me and please.  This is a video of examples when you would use courtesy phrases.

Script 2 (Aissatou) -

We learned how to say our birthdays, We learned how to greet people and we learned about the weather in Spanish.

Script 3 (Ethan) -

We learned how to say the weather and different seasons.  This is a video of Ethan and Claire talking about the seasons and how the weather is different in each season.

Script 4 (Christian) -

Our group learned how to ask random strangers for their numbers and greet them.
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Mekhi, Nathan, and Nadya Videos

Warning: The following videos could not be embed because of their awesomeness and also because we didn't know how. Enjoy the hyperlinks.

A college girl is trying to study in a cafe while getting a decent meal. The waiter however is unskilled and not good at his job.


Some people on the plane recognize each other. They start asking questions to see if the face matches the description.


The seasons are rapidly changing and three students are very interested in the weather.

One day it can be summer the next winter.

Asking Time

Some students have a free period and are trying to sleep but are also trying to be conscious of time.


                                                                 Thanks For Watching

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Watson,Williams,Whyte Video 1

Sandra tells David the weather when he needs knows how to dress to go outside

(This is on the only video on facebook because it would not send from my phone to here so you could still watch it .)
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Spanish BM Videos 2 & 4

Situation #2: Weather report on Fox 29 News. The anchors Aniya & Israh introduce Madison giving a 3-day weather forecast.

Situation #4: Mom, Mariana and daughter, Lexi, aren't getting along very well and go to seek help from a therapist, Aniya. This video demonstrates basic getting to know you questions.  
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