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2014 National Writing Day

One of the aspects of Philadelphia that I am a part of is a card game community. There are stores around Philly that host tournaments for a card game called Magic: The Gathering. I frequent one store in particular called Redcap's Corner. This store is situated within the Drexel campus so it attracts a lot of college students. They host events five times a week, these events range from fifteen to fifty people. They have an area behind where they sell games that is full of grey folding tables and chairs. This is where games are played. They have an upstairs area as well that they use for other events. In the downstairs area alone they can fit close to eighty people. Everyone who comes to the store is always friendly, and looking to trade cards or get in a game between rounds.
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2014 National Day on Writing

The block that I live on is very diverse and if I were to give it a label, I would label as a melting pot. I love the city of Philadelphia because it’s home and it’s where I was born. Most of my family lives in Philadelphia and the family members that do not live in Philly, live in close proximity to Philadelphia. The images of Philly that are shown on the news are not a full representation of the city. They only show the city through one lense and that is not the lense that I see my city through. The city of Philadelphia should be known for the great colleges that are located here and the history that this city possesses. Furthermore, Philly use to house the White House and most people don’t even know that. Philly is a place for anyone who wants to be a blue collar citizen or wants to be around them. All are welcome in the city of Brotherly Love and Sistely affection.        

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2014 National Writing day

Philly is known as the “City of Brotherly Love”. Philly is a great and bad place. There are so many opportunities in Philly. You learn or see something new everyday. We have the best cheesesteaks here in Philly. It’s crazy to believe that how Philly has so many amazing sights and historical events that took place here.

There are many parts of Philly, such as Southwest, South, West, North, Northeast Philly. Each place has it own feeling.

In Philly, the people here are love their sports team, whether it is basketball, football, hockey or baseball. Their is like a special bond between the fans.

The food in Philly is the best. Everywhere you go, there will always be a food store.

I lived in Philly my whole life so far and it has been a great experience. It is not just because of the sights here but just everything else about Philly makes it great.

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2014 National Day Of Writing

When you hear the word "Philadelphia", some people seem to get mixed reactions about it. Whether its about the cheesesteak, rocky, the declaration of independence, or even the most ignorant responses, such as “Isn’t that a Detroit-like city?” Trust me, Philly is nothing like Detroit. AT ALL. How do I know? Our Basketball Team Is named after a historical Reference, not a car part. Anyway, I'm from a small nook of what was Upper South Philly, Now seen as part of Center City, on the near outskirts. My Neighborhood Is Centered with Broad Street to the east, Washington Avenue to the South, Grays Ferry Avenue to the West, And South Street to the north. That area Is Called Southwest Center City. Prepared to go on a trip in time.

I moved into SW Center City When I was 2. in June Of 2000, onto a side street. At the Time, there was seven empty lots. 14 years later, the seven lots are now new houses. All of my neighbors were nice, for the most part. They were mostly white (I never had an issue with it). However, I had a better time at my great-grandmother's Apartment building. Her Place is off of Pennsylvania Avenue In Fairmount. Right Across the way from the Art Museum and a couple blocks from Eakin’s Oval And the Parkway. In Recent Years, that area has become the place to be. I love it any would never give it up. But Between both of these communities, they're equally home, even though most of the time im up in Fairmount. Thats another majority white area. Most of the time I dont seem to worry about demographics, but they don't matter, as long as you’re genuine, then we’ll be just fine. Besides, Philly Raised and Made Me.


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Write My Community

What people need to know about the community of Philadelphia is that Philadelphia

is the friendliest place in on earth, it also has the best food that you could ever find in the whole country and what I’m talking about is of course cheesesteaks because we are original and no one can make it as good as ours. Another thing that makes me proud of living in Philadelphia is that from my experience is that we are mostly known because of rocky and the Rocky steps.   

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2014 National Day on Writing

I don’t like or hate Philadelphia because it doesn’t really peak my interest to think about it. Also I don’t really know a lot about my neighborhood due to the fact that I don’t really pay attention to what goes on in it. However I do notice some people move out and after a month a person moves in. During holidays a lot of people have parties which can be annoying. The only major problem is the fact that people are always getting parking tickets for parking in front of people’s houses and in front of their garages. And in some cases people end up getting towed.

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Writing Day

People come to Philly because of its historical importance:  birthplace of the nation, home of liberty, we’ve all heard the story.  They come for history, but many neglect to see the city in its current state.  When you walk Market Street, you can feel the people.  So many people, living their lives, buying things, commuting, working.  The air feels alive.  When you walk through Love Park, you feel the activity.  People relaxing, talking, enjoying themselves.  Live music, the bands trying to make a little cash.  Over one hundred shops near Christmas time, selling things you can’t find anywhere else: hand-made ornaments, food you’ve never seen before.  These things make me never want to leave, making life outside of a city seem unbearable.  Too many people miss the most essential part of this beautiful city.  People come and see, but they don’t experience.

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The 2014 National Day of Writing

What should people know about my community, well that’s a very good question, what is their to know? Philadelphia is not known today for doing very much, it is the very definition of  a has-been town. Much like a war veteran who was cast back into society after the war all we have is old stories of our glory days! For example, we were the capital of America for a time and we were the place where the mail system was invented, but now we are nothing special. It is sad when the best part of a current city is just a food they produce, I mean Cheese steaks are ok, but really what else is there to be proud about? What has Philadelphia produced that makes it so much more extravagant than anywhere else? All this would not really bug me if not for the huge amount of praise residents give this city, if you can not name any current historic events or people making a change today then how can you say Philadelphia Still is a great place? Perhaps I am being too hard on Philly, to be fair we have gotten achievements it is just not that important compared to our past. As Philadelphians we have a legacy to follow and I just feel we have not gone out of our way to do something important in a long while, perhaps our golden age is behind us.
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2014 National Writing Day

One of the aspects of Philadelphia that I am a part of is a card game community. There are stores around Philly that host tournaments for a card game called Magic: The Gathering. I frequent one store in particular called Redcap's Corner. This store is situated within the Drexel campus so it attracts a lot of college students. They host events five times a week, these events range from fifteen to fifty people. They have an area behind where they sell games that is full of grey folding tables and chairs. This is where games are played. They have an upstairs area as well that they use for other events. In the downstairs area alone they can fit close to eighty people. Everyone who comes to the store is always friendly, and looking to trade cards or get in a game between rounds.

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2014 National day on Writing

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

During the day I find the city to be a dysfunctional family.

Sounds of a broken home surround the city.

From smashing of a mother plates

to the occasional curse words thrown in by an older brother.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

The sun blinding your eyes putting you under interrogation.

The city has proved me wrong.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

On my way to West Philly at dusk I see her beauty.

Maybe it's just me but smells seem stronger at night.

Freshly baked pita from the Lebanese restaurant at 4420 and walnut

mix with the smell of

Freshly baked naan from the Pakistani restaurant at 4201 and chestnut.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

Most city skyscrapers light have hidden the stars.

Not in university city.

The buildings have their own stars.

Making the night just the right amount of bright.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

Families are lured out of their homes by the smells that the night brings.

I have never thought much about

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

But the best is the sound

Whether it be the sound of silence 

from the near by mosque at prayer

or the sound of Oum Kulthoum

from the middle eastern restaurant up the st.

I had never thought much about 

the city I am from, Philadelphia.

That is until I saw her beautiful west Philly at dusk.

For night is when my city is most alive.

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2014 National Day on Writing

There are many misconceptions about Philadelphia; we’re loud, we’re obnoxious, we’re rude. The fact of the matter is we’re not. We’re not at all. To be completely honest, Philadelphians are the nicest, most caring group of people I have ever come across. Sometimes we care too much and that can come across as being rude, like our crazy sports games. 
Take last week’s Eagles game for example. The passionate screaming from the crowd was deafening, and the insults rained down on the Giants the entire game until Victor Cruz, a wide receiver from the Giants had a season-ending injury take place. The crowd fell silent and sent kind words towards Cruz as he was driven off the field. Sure, we can be brutal with our insults, but it’s only because we care so much about our teams. We know when enough is enough. We genuinely care about other people, even if they are a star wide receiver that plays for one of our most hated rivals. Even watching old videos gets us riled up, like the Flyer’s game 7 comeback against the Bruins (, or the Eagles fourth quarter rally against the Giants (

Philadelphians are also more generous than most people would ever imagine. Behind those hard, almost mean expressions that you see everyone wearing, is a kind heart that will gladly help in a time of need. My neighbor, who I’ve never spoken to up until last week, came to our house and gifted us a hot pot of gravy (tomato sauce for non-South Philadelphians) and meatballs. Even complete strangers will exchange a friendly “Hi, how are ya?” as you pass them. The smallest gestures like those are appreciated and brighten my day all the time.

New Years in New York has nothing on New Years in Philadelphia. The dancing and singing and overall feeling of togetherness cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. You will never be alone on New Years. Everyone is your friend. The Mummers, a group of people that dress up in extravagant costumes and dance, are a core part of what makes our city unique. They bring joy to everyone in the city, and my words definitely don’t do them justice. You have to see for yourself or you can never understand the Mummers (here’s a link! I’ve been a Mummer for seven years and I’m still not sure I understand. All I know is I love bringing joy to the people of Philadelphia, and it brings everyone together. It gives a new meaning to “City of Brotherly Love.”

Living in this city is exciting, and great, and wonderful, and I’m going to end this sentence now because I can literally go on forever about how amazing my city is. The city itself has so much to offer if you know where to look. I haven’t been anywhere that has come close to replicating what a Philly cheesesteak actually tastes like. We’re different and unique. We say things differently and make up new words altogether. Some people think it’s weird and make fun of our accents, but for me I take pride in the way I saw “cawfee” or the way I call tomato sauce “gravy”.

This is my corner of the world. This city made me who I am, and that’s something I take pride in. I can say with my head held high, “I’m from Philadelphia. I say things weird, I eat too many cheesesteaks, I’m too passionate about sports, and I’m damn proud of it.”

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2014 National Day on Writing

What people need to know about the philadelphia community is that it is incredibly diverse. We have west philly, north philly, northeast philly, south west philly, and Center City. Depending on what part of philly your are from your views and opinions can be radically different. Many people deep in west philly know of “the struggle.” They have faced various hardships such as discrimination and hate within the community. However there is also good in community. Within west philly there are many community structures such as community gardens and Enterprise centers to help build small businesses.

People also need to know that Philadelphia is in a bit of crisis. Studies have shown that the Philadelphia School district is subpar compared to districts elsewhere. Furthermore we have an astounding crime rate. Slowly however but surely we are set for improvement and growth. Recently a police station has moved into my neighborhood and more stores and businesses have began to open up in my area. Don’t be surprised if you see articles chronicling Philadelphia as one of the cities with the highest improvement rate.

People need to know that the philly of today will only become better tomorrow. Elections are coming up soon, new buildings are being erected, businesses are being opened. This is the recipe for success which attracts the best, the brightest, and the happiest from all over the globe.  
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Home Network, Randle

mind mapping software
Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection. Take this from the 1st assignment, when I sent you home to list the parts of your network.

-The devices that are connected to my internet connection is 1 tablet , 4 computers, 2 xbo 360 , 1 wii console, 4 phones, 1 smart tv, & 1 printer  

Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if so write about what you learned. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?

- Something that i did not know about home networks that if you are using school internet you must use there internet only no other hotspots or interne connections.  Something that i would teach people about there home network is that everything is connected and nothing can be delted. Even though you clicked the delete button it still can be pulled up and effect your future

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Home Network, Hardin

My local area network is Verizon Fios. All the devices on my internet connection are four cellphones, three televisions, and four computers. What i learned bout networks Was that there is more processing that goes into circulating the entire network than we believe. The OMG moment I had was finding out the amount of money spent a year on the cable and wifi. What I believe others should know about their ISP is the amount of money that their parents are sending for something that doesnt seem like it takes much to function and get access to. 
mind mapping software
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Measley, Home Network

In my homenetwork the internet comes from a Comcast ISP connected to a router and a router/modem combo through a Ethernet wire. My desktop, two TV's, Wii, Sonos sound bar, Blu-ray, and stereo speakers are connected to these devices. the gadgets with WiFi are four cell phones, multiple home phones, two Ipod-touches, four laptops, three kindles and a kindle-fire. I learned that my internet is a lot more complicated than I thought. I know that I probably would not be able to survive without it so I think that learning more about my internet would be a good to prepare, just in case something happens.

mind mapping software
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Climate Change Monologue Project

No. 1

Jerry Candell, 56

Los Angeles, Calif.

Hello, I’m Jerry Candell. I am 56 years old and I am a lung cancer survivor. I should be over the moon with happiness because I just heard the great news from my doctor who called to tell me that, as of right now, I am cancer-free and lucky to be alive. Honestly, though, that’s not at all how I feel. What i feel is guilty because I SHOULD be thrilled that I can finally get back to enjoying my life and doing all of the things I told myself I would do if I got better, but instead I feel almost as sad as when I got my cancer diagnosis. Why, you ask? Well, I spend so much time thinking how I got lung cancer. I’ve never been a smoker and none of my family members who I spent all my time with didn’t smoke either. I didn’t have a family history of lung cancer and actually most of my relatives lived very long and healthy lives well into their 90’s. I grew up with my family on a ranch in Montana where the air was always crisp and clean and you could drink the water right out of the streams. The sky was always full of stars and we spent our youth playing outdoors, camping and hiking and just enjoying nature. But after college I was offered the job of my dreams in Los Angeles and couldn’t wait to move to such a dynamic and energetic “big city” full as it promised to be of skyscrapers and highways and malls and people who seemed to be everywhere doing so many interesting things.  I spent all my years there hard at work, not bothering to notice that the city kept getting dirtier and dirtier. It got to the point that the smog hovering over the city made it difficult to breathe let alone spend any time outside, but I didn’t pay it much attention at the time, since I was either cooped up in my office or in the car or at home. It only hit me when I had to check myself into the hospital for treatment and I had all this extra time to just sit and think while I was fighting cancer, that maybe it was all that city smog and bad air that I had been breathing all those years in Los Angeles may have caused my cancer in the first place.  While talking to my doctor, we discussed this possibility. Considering the lack of cancer and my non-smoking medical and family history, the doctor told me that this might be the case for me. Climate change had a very devastating affect on my health and nearly killed me. Now cancer-free, I worry about continuing to live in Los Angeles. I don’t see the situation on in this city getting any better and no matter how much it seems some people try to help the environment here, it’s only a small drop in the bucket and I have no real confidence or hope that the air here will get any better any time soon. So, for my health and my peace of mind, if I want to really have a future where I have many more years to be able to live and enjoy all that life has to offer, I think I have to pack up and move back to Montana where I can breathe.

No. 2

Celia Carmichael, 39

New York, NY

Hello? Mother? I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked but, as you know, work keeps me very busy and I barely have the time to eat a real meal or sleep, let alone chat for more than a minute. Ever since I made partner, it seems that my workload has quadrupled. But on the other hand, I am the youngest partner in the law firm’s history so feel free to congratulate me on my latest achievement. All that money you and father spend on my education continues to pay off. As a present to myself, decided to buy that new Range Rover and move into Manhattan on my own into this gorgeous apartment on the 20th floor of the most prestigious buildings in town. I really feel like I’m at the top of my game right now and just happy; busy, really busy, but happy, really, really happy. And to put the icing on the proverbial cake, I’m pregnant.’m actually...pregnant. I’m going to have a baby. I’m going to bring a child into this world. A world where my child will probably have to fight so much harder than me to survive, to just breathe. I can’t believe that thought just crossed my mind. I blame those protesters. 300,000 of them are marching through the city right now. And it seems like they’re trying to warn the world that We're going to lose our planet in the next generation if things continue this way." And here I am, realizing I’m carrying the next generation. For all of my hard work to get myself financially ready for this new baby, maybe, just maybe I have to figure out a way to get environmentally ready so that I can help bring my child into a better world, rather than a world of climate disaster. I spent so much of my life in school working towards improving my education and getting my career off the ground that I didn’t take the time to appreciate or even understand the nature of nature and how impacts our lives and the lives of our children. Will my child even have nature to explore or grow up? Will the legacy I leave my child be a wasteland rather than a land of natural wonder and beauty? Will my child even have real grass to play on or real trees to climb? Will there by oceans and lakes for my child to swim in instead of just chlorinated pools? Will my child even be able to go outside? I keep going back to what I heard those activists shouting about the loss of the ozone and its possible dangerous and harmful effects and how the situation seems to be getting worse and worse rather than better. I can’t imagine bringing a child into this world who won’t even get the chance to touch or see or breathe the nature that I took for granted would just always be there while I buried my head in my books in my room. Maybe I need to start making some serious changes in my own life. Every little bit that I do can help a little bit. And if everyone else does their own little bit, then together all of our future children will have a promise of a natural and beautiful tomorrow. So maybe that present I buy myself will be a more energy efficient Prius rather than a gas-guzzling Range Rover. And I don’t really NEED that big apartment that will waste so much energy with all those lights and appliances. My baby and I can make do with less if it’s help ensure her future has more.

No. 3

Britney, 17

Malibu, California

Like, I love where I live. California is too bomb. The beaches are beautiful, the people are beautiful (obviously including me lol) and the weather is almost always perf. But like literally the worst humidity came through like turn down for everything and my hair was too ratchet for life!  I cried like 6  times at my school ruined my makeup. Couldn’t even make track practice like, I was such a mess. And then to make things even worse, I was like walking to my car to get home and it started to rain. Like are you serious right now weather? Why are you even thing?  SInce I couldn’t go outside for obvious stupid reasons, I went on twitter to rant about my awful frizzy nasty hair. All that was on my feed was white girl problems, drake quotes and the hashtag climate change. I was like climate is weather right? and change is like cool. Or bad? I was confused. I clicked on the hashtag and thousands and thousands of tweets about climate change popped up. I didn’t realize how bad and life threatening climate change is. I found out on urban dictionary that climate change is a long-term change in the earth's climate,especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. So like, it doesn’t just happen in a seconds it takes a minute, you know? Or sad stormy ones. I started following some climate change twitter accounts and they keep posting news about climate change stories and news reports.  Like the latest one I saw was a picture of  35,000 walruses barely fitting on a small piece of land. Too many glaciers and ice are melting because of climate change! Like it’s like 100 mes in my room at once like get out. I know that if we don’t help the environment climate change will get worse and worse. Since that I wasn’t like  aware of climate change until I saw the hashtag I think I’m going to make a twitter account just about information about climate change. I think my friends should know about this, ya know? We don’t need any more bad hair days.
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Jevon's Home Netwok Diagram

My home network connects the cellphones and laptops in my house onto the internet. I found that it is not a simple thing to get wifi in to a home. I learned different things about my home network like how I need an etherent cord. The precise system that gives my house internet has been displayed through this diagram.
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Home Network,Negron

Nadya's Home Network
My home network is very simple. The internet comes into my house by fios through a co-axial cable into my moms room and to a modem. My modem is connected to my desktop through a co-axial cable as well. The wifi is connected to all the electronics in my house such as the tablets, iPhones, Laptop,Wii and xbox. That is my home network.
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Home Network, Copeland

​My LAN consists of three electronics, my Chromebook, my home desktop, and my phone, pretty simple. Going through the learning process was quite an experience, for before this I had ever really taken this to detail. If there was one moment that changed things, it was when I learned about how detailed acceptable use policies are. AUP’s are so detailed that whenever I sign up for something now, I always and I mean always now read the AUP. Whenever you get an ISP always make sure you get what you pay for because companies are known for a bait-and-switch tactic.

mind mapping software
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Home Network Layton

The I.S.P I have is version Fios, connected to the house through a fiber optic cable in the basement. We have a modem/route combo in the living room and seven devices that use our wifi. Three phones, three laptops and a TV. One thing I realized while doing learning about home networks is how expensive wifi really is. I never really thought about it so, I would definitely mention to other people.  
Home Network Diagram (4)
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Climate Change Monologue Project

[Monologue 1] Earth Speaks

What is wrong with you?

Are you ignorant or just plain stupid?

You know that I was once beautiful? Why did you do this to me?

You know what I mean. For the past 300 years you have been destroying me. You had everything that you needed, but guess it wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t know what provoked you to use me in the ways that you did.

What did you use? You know what you used! Hmm, I guess I’ll start with the fact that you started pulling coal out of the ground. Why in the world would you do that?

Because you were cold?! That’s supposed to happen. I’m not in charge of that! It gets cold, because there are seasons!

But Nothing!

Nevertheless, I have plenty of coal to offer. As a matter of fact, thats not even my main concern.

No I am far from finished! The coal was only the tip of the tip of the iceberg. What I really can’t believe is that you are going deeper into the ground, past the coal for oil! Nowadays you people can’t do anything without petroleum. You take that and make it into oil to heat your homes, and gasoline to drive your cars. Why do you even have cars in the first place?

You mean to tell me that you are polluting my air simply because you are impatient?

Electric cars are available now right?

So why don’t you just drive those so you can stop taking my nonrenewable resources?

You know what I don’t think it would even make that much of a difference when you are constantly spilling petroleum and oil into my water. Did you ever think that i put it so deep into the ground for a reason? I mean come on! I put that stuff at the bottom of the ocean so idiot like you couldn’t go down there and get it, but i guess you weren’t able to connect the dots.

I am not overreacting! You don’t realize that you’re changing my natural climate! Because of you people are dying, and no one is taking responsibility for it. You wonder why parts of the United States got trapped in a polar vortex, and why there are droughts in on the other side of the the U.S. It is not supposed to pour down rain in Arizona, but it is. With that being said I haven’t even told you how all of your factories are causing typhoons and tsunamis in countries that are already on their last leg from all of the pollution that you constantly ignore.

Do you finally understand what I’m trying to say? If you keep this stuff up you will destroy yourself, and me.

Just because you don’t see much climate change in the U.S doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening in other countries around the world.

I warned you with Hurricane Floyd in 1999. I tried warning you every hurricane season since then, but you were still negligent. I really thought that you learned your lesson when I sent Hurricane Katrina through the city of New Orleans, but still you failed to heed my warnings. You should be grateful that I didn’t send any tsunamis your way, or even a massive typhoon. You have the power to stop these disasters from happening in the future. If everyone works together you can make a change. You all have the power to actually make a change. You need to stop climate change before its too late, before you pass the point of no return.

[Monologue 2]A Daughters Enlightenment

(A father and daughter are standing on a crowded bus)

Dad I’m sick of taking the bus, why don’t you just buy a car for Christ sake?

Bad for the environment? How can one lousy car be bad for the environment?

Ok, I get that the exhaust fumes pollute the air, but at least we wouldn’t have to take theses stupid, crowded buses anymore!

Because, it embarrassing! All of my friend’s parents have cars, while we’re stuck here taking the bus!

Dad climate change is not a big deal. It never was, and it never will be.

Look around! The weather is fine here!

How would I know what the climate is around the world? I’m not a scientist.

Fine I’ll research climate change before I go to sleep tonight.

(Daughter sits in her room on her computer)

Oh my gosh… I didn’t think it was really this bad. I never knew that climate change was real. This is terrible.

(Father walks into the room)

Dad I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were serious I thought you were just being cheap and making excuses.

If pollution can cause massive typhoons and tsunamis why are we even still polluting the air by driving traditional cars?

How could people be that cruel and heartless?

Millions of lives have been lost to what we call ¨natural disasters¨, and we stand by and ignore it! Simply because we don’t see any serious climate change here at home.

You’re right. These people don’t even know all of the damage that the’re doing. Just because the climate is fine here doesn’t mean other countries around the world are the same. We need to make a change for the better.

But how will I do anything? I’m just one girl, and even with the help of all of my friends, I doubt we could even get our voices heard. We’d just be making pointless noise that people would ignore.

A climate change rally? Oh yeah that’s right! I completely forgot about that rally! Dad can we please go to New York? I really want to be there to protest.

Sure sure, I don’t have a problem with taking the bus this time around! Could I see if any of my friends are interested in going with us?

Now I understand why you don’t own a car Dad, and I don’t mind anymore. I’d rather deal with being on a bus than be responsible for the devastation of countries. The people at school can say anything that they want, I know what I’m doing is right. When this rally comes, I know that someone will hear our voices.

[Monologue #3] Conversations With Grandma

Hey Grandma, how are you?

Really? Oh my gosh are you okay?

My God, how bad was it?

The entire coast line was decimated? Good you moved away from there.

You can say that again! I remember the storms before we left India. They did a lot of damage, Im glad we got out of there.

I like it here so far, things are really different here though.

Well for starters almost everyone has a home, and car. We get to go to school free too! They even send a bus to the house to pick me up!

The weather? The weather is fine, why do you ask?

Really? I don’t know much about college change, what is it?

Are you serious?

So you mean to tell me that pollution contributes to storms like that one?

I always assumed that storms like that were natural. I never would have thought that they were man made.

So what you’re saying is that those storms are supposed to happen, but just not in those areas. That make sense. I mean if those storms stayed out over the ocean, then there wouldn’t be any lives lost.

How can we stop that from happening?

A climate change rally? Where?

New York isn’t that far from where we live. I think that mother would be willing to make the trip once I tell her what its about.

Okay Grandma, I’ll tell them you said hello. Be safe over there, I’ll call you and let you know how the rally goes.

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Home Network, Mack

1. My devices that are connected to the internet is 3 iphones, 3 ipads, 3 ipods, a playstation 3, 3 laptops, and a printer. The internet provider is Comcast and the internet cable comes through my parent's room on the second floor to a coax cable that connects to a modem. I then have a wireless router. 

2.I learned that the router doesn't have to be connected to the modem. I also learned that it takes a lot of wires to connect to the internet than it looks like. 

3.I would tell other people that when you are ready to have internet, make sure you have a good spot to put all the wires at because you would want  place where you could have wifi connection from everywhere in your house.
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Home Network, Majarucon

My internet service provider is Comcast. The internet comes through a coaxial cable that connects to our modem/router which lives on the second floor which also makes a WiFi signal for all the devices that we use at home such as: our smartphones, laptops, and printer. While the desktop is also connected through a coaxial cable that is connected to the modem/router but not connected through the WiFi . I did not really have an OMG moment. I would tell people to make sure that their ISP is a good one because it sucks to have a slow/suckish internet.

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