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The mask by micheal hall & joshua melendez

The reason why me and my partner decided to do the mask was because at the time when we got the project, halloween was approaching. We thought it would be hot if we made the mask look creepier and scarier. We choose to use green and white lights because the eyes and mouth were already dark. We also wanted the eyes and mouth to pop out and be like “BAM”!! Also, we thought it would be cool if the battery was portrayed as the candy in the trick or treat basket, and when you take out the candy, the lights connected to the eyes and mouth would shut off. This is why we chose to do the mask.


Jessica Hinton, Symone Smith, and Imani Johnson 'Change the Game'

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Matthew Marshall

​My first quarter physics benchmark is a frisbee with lights through the top. I chose a frisbee because it is the sport I play. I feel this represents me because frisbee is a big part of my life. Being able to take something that means a lot to me an incorporate it into a project made me really want to do well. I wanted to make something that I would be proud of and could show my team and family.
photo (1)
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Circuit Project + Artist Statement

For my project, I decided to make my lights outline a Mac Apple on my laptop holder. I chose to make a Mac Apple, because at SLA we use laptops everyday. I liked the apple on the Mac laptop, so I thought it would be cool and original to make an apple outside of a laptop holder. On top of our Mac laptop case, there is an apple that glows. I wanted to represent that apple on my laptop holder. I use 6 light bulbs with 3 on each branch. I connected wires in a parallel series. 
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 2.44.11 PM
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 2.44.04 PM

Aazimah Muhammad- Hanging Mobile

Artist statement 

The heart is a symbol, that can mean a lot of things. Personally, I like hearts because they are pretty, and very easy to put your own spin on. However my project is three hearts that will hang down displaying a child’s mobile. I thought about a mobile, because my brother is expecting. Furthermore, when I was younger I used to have a Winnie the Pooh mobile, and I loved it. I though that my new niece or nephew would love it. So I thought about it, and I made it hearts for love. A mobile, that would have hearts and, and create enough light to keep the child company at night. I love hearts, and hearts are a huge part of who I am. I can draw hearts, and have each one mean something. They are peaceful to me, so I planned on making this project peaceful, and happy. 

In the beginning, I decided that I wanted my circuit to be bright, and noticeable. Then I changed my mind, and made it peaceful and calm for a child’s room. In doing this, I needed to make the current going through my bulbs, lower than normal so they would appear dimmer. I then needed increase my resistance, so that they current would be lower making my light bulbs dimmer. Also, my circuit uses wires, that connects the light bulbs to each other to make sure that it is a “closed circuit” without it being a closed circuit, the lightbulbs would not work. In the end, the higher the resistance, they lower the current, thus making a dimmer light for a more peaceful setting. 


Alisha's Circuit Sculpture & Artist Statement

​I picked the design of a child’s costume to light up, because I adore my younger siblings, cousins and family friends. I’m usually the one that watches over the babies and they love to dress up. This is my little cousin's costume of a lady bug. There are three lights on each wing that are centered in the hearts. Within each wing, there is a parallel circuit that runs off two AA batteries. On the sides, there is a green switch. When pressed down upon, it will light up. It is nice to look at and watch as it lights up. 
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Eric Loth/Zakee Jones "Swag Bag"

​This is what we call "Swag Bag". The reason why we choose to create a light up bag, is because, having a nice bag in school makes you feel really good. Having the thought that my bag lights up makes you feel invincible. School is half about having a nice bag and half about getting good grades.
Photo on 11-15-12 at 4.07 PM
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Artist Statement By Robert Jenkins and Helen Kilmartin

Artist Statement

We choose to create a crayon book using a pencil box that would light up different colors to give the idea that it was many colorful crayons inside of the box. But you would only see the light when you close the box. This is because we placed a switch on the top of the box that is turned on by shutting the box and released once it is opened. We liked this idea that it was simple to create and can be applied to use in the real world. Even after we completed the circuit we found that it was still room to fit actual small pack of crayons into the box. What this design shows about us is that we are creative students looking personal their daily tools that they carry to school each and everyday.

Dtuveson Circuit Sculpture and Artist Statement

I chose to use the Monster bottle because energy drinks are a key part of my personality. My energy for most things doesn’t come from motivation, and it doesn’t come from my caring about things; my energy comes from Monster. I thought that the bottle of monster would be better than a can because then I could put light bulbs inside of it, that way it would appear to be naturally radiating light.
Photo on 11-16-12 at 1.19 PM

Artist statement by Khari Evans

My project is a water bottle that lights up when touched. Water is a key part of life and without it we could not survive as we are. Drinking water is even more important as it is a finite resource and its availability has shaped human history. The light my project represents life so when one holds the bottle it give that life.

Photo on 11-16-12 at 12.36 PM #2
Photo on 11-16-12 at 12.36 PM
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Willie Willson, Artist Statement

I chose to make this sculpture the way I did because I feel it represents my inner nature.   The design was to make a bow out of lights.  Bows can be used as weapons, but also as tools for survival and protection.  I feel as though the symbol of the bow stands for many of the things I see in myself.   With the amount common ground I share with a bow, it would be ludicrous to make anything else.
Physics Q1 Project Screenshot
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Shannon Powers

This sign has been on my door for almost a year. It warns all who dare try to enter that it could be dangerous. I picked the sign because I wanted something that came actually from my house but also wasn't too sentimental. Even though you can't really tell in the picture there are 10 green lights that border the sign that now light up. I got this sign at a dollar store with my grandmother who means a whole lot to me. This just happens to remind me of going out and walking with her. It's also fun to think that this sign can now light the hall way for my dad in the morning when he passes my door.
Photo on 11-16-12 at 12.12 PM
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Artist Statement by Roberto A., Jalisa S.

This sculpture relates exactly to Jalisa Smith and Roberto Abazoski in many way. It's a vinyl doubling as an alien space ship hovering over the radio shooting its beams down to try and take it.

This unordinary experience is exactly what you'll experience when meeting Roberto Abazoski and Jalisa Smith. They're not aliens, but not normal either. They share an interest in music, old and new. Hence the vinyl and the boom box signifying the differences in music based on time. They "pick-up" on not only music, but everything else about them. The way they dress, their personality, favorite colors, etc. Roberto likes red, and Jalisa likes green. 

The list of meanings this sculpture has is infinite because the collaboration of ideas from both Jalisa and Roberto designed and built a new, original, and unordinary piece of art. 

Most people will not see what is on the sculpture, but this sculpture also means success, and understanding to them because this idea of lights on a circuit was new to them too, and when they got their circuit to work, it brought a sense of success that they finally understand circuits. Although, this can also relate to many people and things because this sculpture represents changing times, too. 
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 2.45.05 PM

Tsion Habtamu- BM Photos and Artist Statement

With Drake being my favorite current-day MC/artist, for my sculpture I chose to light up Drake’s eyebrows using a parallel circuit. Specifically his eyebrows because they are his most famous physical feature. With three bulbs in each eyebrow, the bulbs brightness is at its peak and powered by a 9-volt Duracell battery.

The following images show the sculpture once turned on. As well as a view of the battery when the bulbs are off (wires are exposed, and not connected). Lastly an image of the circuit while the sculpture is on (the wires are covered by electrical tape, and connected to the corresponding sides of the battery).
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 12.13.50 PM
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 12.13.58 PM
Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 12.14.11 PM

DeShawn's Circuit Project

Artist Statement:
Initially, I had over 60-70 pairs of shoes. I’ve had a variety of shoes, but I didn’t necessarily wear them all the time. I had Nike’s I used to love to wear in middle school, dress shoes, miscellaneous sneakers, and boots. I wasn’t very fond of throwing any shoes away, so they accumulated on my shoe racks. And that’s how I got to almost a hundred of pairs shoes.

I was urged by my mother to get rid of the shoes I didn’t want to wear. But, in my mind, I wanted to keep them because I presumed I’d wear them sometime, knowing full and well, I’d never step foot in some again.

My love for shoes is indefinable. I became a collector of shoes. Many multi colored Nike’s were scattered in my “library” of shoes, a myriad of sandals, and sneakers. In middle school, I was always known for having such a diverse shoe style. I loved shoes so much, I’d buy inexpensive shoes from thirft shoes cheating myself into believing my 10 size feet would fit them, when they were one or two sizes lower. It was a sad cycle. And I knew I had to turn my ways around because I could spend my money on something else! Something that could actually fit me.

I began to get rid of shoes, persuaded by my mother. And the irony is, she has a multitude of shoes that she does not even wear. But, that’s beside the point. I put maybe 40-45 pairs of shoes in two large shopping bags. I put them to the side, eradicating them from my system. I got rid of the small, the big, and the ugly. Sooner or later, the friends the trickled into my home took shoes from my collection, the ones I removed. She nearly took over half the shoes! And I felt nothing of their departure. I was actually ecstatic, now know, I can replace the space.

I wanted to do a shoe for my project because they are wonderful and versatile. I specifically chose the shoe, I used, because it had a plain outside and I knew it would be simple and to the point. That was my aim. My own personal motto is “simplicity and convenience.” I wanted to convey that with the structure part of my project. White and black pixelated shoes, with ample, smooth front face room, was calling for white lights to accompany its design.

Simplicity, with a touch of white, a tad of black, and pizzazz!
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Q1_Circuit Benchmark (Light-up Batman Cover) Briana & Merrik

The thing we choose to light up was the book cover of a Batman Vampire book. The reason we chose a book cover is that we like graphic novels. There were two copies of the Batman Vampire so we decided to use that one.  All the lights were meant to show the vampiric parts of the book. The bats and the eyes are one of the main things around vampires that we can find on the book cover. Just for emphasis we lit up the B in batman. The bright red lights were meant for looking like a vampire. In the book batman becomes a vampire and to show that we had his eyes light up. The bats are essential to the makeup of a vampire and to batman. Those were needed to show batman off.

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Taylor Ximines Artist Statement

The inspiration for my physics project was simply just love. I am a strong believer in true love. And as much as I love “love”, I love dolls just as much. So I figured why not let my project reflect on two things that I have a love for. I decided to let my doll have a heart on her back. To be a symbol for love.

photo 2
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Rosemary Flite Artist Statement

​For my sculpture I created a dog that when its paws are put together its eyes and collar will light up. To come up with this idea, I tried to think of something I enjoy and what came to mind was animals. At first I wanted to make a cat light up, but since I was unable to find a cat stuffed animal I settled for a dog. Since dogs usually will always have a collar too I decided to make both its collar and eyes light up. When I first began its eyes were red, but then I ran into some problems, so I decided that they needed to be changed and I made them green. In the end, my results were as you can see in the image below; a green eyes dog with a yellow collar.

Michael Roth Artist Statement

I chose to use a stuffed animal as my sculpture because I have always had an affinity for animals, stuffed and living alike. I chose to light its eyes up because I think that glowing eyes look cool. They were originally intended to be red, as red glowing eyes are the typical robot-eye color, but I ended up using green ones, which look just as cool, if not cooler. The collar was added because it is a typical thing for dogs to wear. I was initially going to use the ears as the switch, but in the end the front pows were both more convenient to use and more realistic in appearance. Now, when the paws are touched together, the lights turn on. When the paws are pulled apart, the lights turn off.
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Jalen and Isaac's Circuit Project

Artist Statement:

For our experiment our goal was to construct a working circuit made from a Nike sneaker. This experiment entailed many components. Before constructing this circuit we both knew that each of us liked sneakers, so thats why we chose to design a circuit made from a sneaker made by Nike. This Nike sneaker is beneficial for people, especially athletes who run at night because while runners are running the lights from the sneaker would illuminate the area around them. This helps people around them to see that that person is running at night. While making this circuit we decided to place four blue lights on one side of the sneaker and four orange lights on the other side of the sneaker and set them up in parallel series.
The reason we placed the lights in parallel series was because we wanted each light to get equal amounts of voltage from the battery. We didn’t want one side of the sneaker to be dimmer than the other. After putting everything together we had a working circuit. Although we went through so much trouble with this experiment we still managed to develop a working circuit. If sneaker companies go along with what we developed there is a possibility that this specific sneaker would sell greatly in stores all around the country.

Our Final Product Lighten Up

    Our Nike Sneaker Lighten Up In The Dark

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