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2012 Presidential Election Polls

Interview Questions: 

Person #1

Ques 1- I came to vote because it's my right.

9- Every vote counts, my vote is important. I could be the deciding vote on the winning president.

6- The 2012 campaign, I was more involved. 

5- I think TV is the most campaigning device.

8- There will be no changes.

Person #2

Ques 1- Change, policy

2- The cost of education to go down, the loss of deductions, strong economy, maintain social/civil liberties/

9- It will affect change, it will support my candidate.

10- It wasn't heavily touched on, it was brief.

Person #3

Ques 1- To choose who the next president will be.

2- More jobs.'

3- I vote in the big elections.

9- I hope it will choose who the next president will be. 

6- The campaign this year.

Person #4

Ques 2- Less polarity in views.

10- I think so, yea.

9- Every vote counts, like the 2000 election.

6- 2008 elections.

Person #5

Ques 1- I always vote.

3- 2012 Presidential elections, the John Street election

9- Not that much in the grand scheme of things.

8- Budget in order.

3- In every one.


Who: 5 people

When: 4-5pm

Where: Andora Free Library


  • people didn't want to be recored
  • short, concise answers


  • how many people think their vote counts?
  • what people feel about this tense election, how it affects them

What if?

  • the popular vote determined the election
  • why people vote if elector votes determine the president

Learned about systemic and individual change:

  • some think there ail be change, other feel and know there will never be change

Role of individual creating and sustaining change:

  • I honestly haven't learned anything about it, but what I've already known. Individuals need to accumulate and create cohesive, precise demands to get what they want. But, the public doesn't know how much power they hold. 

Relationship between self and changing the world:

  • I think there needs to be an open mind about change that's the only thing that pertains to self. It's the general public who creates the demands. So, it's a collective thing when you make it out to be.

Additional Reflection: 

I think The Communist Manifesto explains a lot about this. Political issues and struggles. If the general public (proletariats) joined arms and decided to overthrow businessmen (the bourgeois), they may see the change they want to see. But, until people understand the power they have, there will never be change. I guess government and big corporations make people think they have no power, but we actually do.

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Citizenship Interview Questions

I guess I would say the advertisements that were put out on the T.V., radio, pretty much everywhere. 

No. I do not vote regularly in every election, but the important ones I try my best to be there and support who I think should win.

No, I do not know why we vote every Tuesday. 

I've seen more ads about campaigning on the T.V. 

I'm almost always sure who I am going to vote for when I walk into the booth. If I didn't, I'd be wasting a lot of people time trying to figure out who I want as president.

I learned a bit in school, but they never really focused on it so most of it I've forgotten.

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