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Will Smith

Will Smith es de Filadelfia pero vivo en Los Angeles. El es por lo general  alto y guapo. El es de costumbre sociable, cómico, inteligente, encantador, bobo, talentoso y bien deportista. Tiene cuarenta y cuatro años. Le gusta practicar deportes, a veces leer, cantar, y pasar un rato con amigos. No le gusta nada ir a la escuela y nunca relajar.

Niall Horan

Su nombre es Niall Horan. Tiene dieciocho años. Es de London, England pero vivo en Mullingar, Irlandés. Ella es bajo y un poquito delegado. Ella es cantar y bailar y comer. Le fascina estar de vago  con amigos y familia. También, es increiblemente hermoso. Sin embargo, no le gusta nada es dientos. Es por eso que, ¡es un amor de gente! 

Mila Kunis

Su nombre es Mila Kunis. Tiene veinte nueve años. Es de Chernivsti, Ukraine, pero vive en Los Angeles, CA. Ella es bastante guapa. Ella es muy inteligente. Le gusta bailar y cantar. No le gusta nada jugar videojuegos. Le gusta ir de compras y leer. No le gusta nada ayudar en casa. 

Taylor Swift

​Se llama Taylor Swift. Tiene veintedos años. Es de Pennsylvania pero vive en Los Angeles. Ella es rubia, algo alta, y bastante talentosa. Le encanta siempre cantar y también pasar un rato con amigos. No me gusta ver la tele tampoco nadar. A veces le gusta hablar por teléfono con amigos y también con mi familia. Sin embargo no le gusta nada ir al cine. ¡Es un amor de casi gente! 

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Mark Gatiss

​Se nombre es Mark Gatiss. Él está súper interesa escribir. Él está bastante alto. Pero vivo en England. Él está increiblemente y siempre talentoso. Como si fuera poco él está lindo con moreno y delgado.

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Avril Lavigne

Su Nombre es Avril Lavigne. Ella es comica y es muy hermosa.Le gusta cantar Y bilar.Tiene viente y ocho años. Es Belleville, Ontario, pero vive en Napanee. Ella es increíblemente talentosa. No le gusta nada ir la cine pero ella encanta realícese. Ella cantar y escriber la música los fines de semana.

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Senorita Miley

​Se llama Miley y Hannah. Es de California pero vivo en Tennessee. Tiene veinte y seis pero linda.
Ella es inteligente, también artística. Le fascina canta y baila los fines de semana. Le gusta estar de vago y ir al cine. Es ella súper timida y loca. No le gusta nada con mi familia pero fascine con amigos. Es por eso que ella es loca.  

Reese Witherspoon

Su nombre es Reese Witherspoon. Tiene treinta y seis años. Es de Nashville pero vivo en Los Angeles. Ella es muy guapaincreíblemente cómica. Le gusta bailar y ir de compras. No le gusta nada dibujar y ayudar en casa. Los fines de semana le gusta pasar un rato con amigos.
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Trey Songz

​Su nombre es Trey Songz. Tiene veinte siete. Es de Petersburg, Virginia pero vive en Miami. El es canta y baliar. El es basante guapo y súper sociable. El es increiblemente lindo. No le gusta nada ayudar en casa.
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Sandra Avery Monroe

Se llama Sandra Avery Monroe. Tiene quince años. Ella es muy linda pero ella es también loca. Ella es morena. Es de Filadelfia. Le gusta casi siempre comer. No le gusta nada ayudar en casa. Le encanta pasar un rato con amigos Los fines de semana. Ella es algo alta. 

Zayn Malik

Su nombre es Zayn Malik.
Tiene diecinueve años.
Es de England sin embargo la familia Pakistan.
Él es bastante lindo.
Él es algo loco.
Le gusta cantar.
No le gusta nada cocinar.

Mr. Mannequin

Se llama Mr. Mannequin. Mr. Mannequin, es súper loco lindo! Es por eso porque es de tener un millon de dolar y ser famoso. Es la también gusta ver la tele los fines de semana, depende del día. el le encanta salir con mi novia siempre. Es la muy loco, rubio, hermoso y lindo, y como si fuera poco, el tiene un abdomen muscular!
Photo on 11-14-12 at 3.25 PM
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Esperanza Gonzalez Home Network

This is my home- network. My ISP is Verizon, and it enters my house. Then, it's connected to my modem. From this modem I receive the connection of what's called " ethernet ". To be able to able to connect this modem, I use a the cat 5. From there I get connection to the internet with my wireless router airport. From the internet connection I get internet to an 3 iphones, 2 ipods, a sidekick, mac book pro, and hp touchscreen laptop. Since my printer prints wirelessly, I don not need a USB cable to print. And that was my home- network! Bye :)
Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 1.07.13 PM
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1. Name three major differences between the SLA AUP and the SDP AUP
In the SDP AUP they describe what people can and can’t do or watch. In the SLA AUP they have a category of what you can and can’t do.
2. What is the most unfair rule from both AUPs
The most unfair rule in SDP AUP is that you can’t bring your own hotspot. The most unfair rule in the SLA AUP is that you can’t keep personal files on your laptop.
3. With your group come up with three changes for both AUPs to make the policies better.
We think that the AUPs are fine and the consequences seem fair.
4. Now imagine you have children write an AUP for your home network with your group.


1. No inappropriate content.
2. No hacking into other people’s accounts.
3. Don’t touch other people’s computers without their permission.
4. Don’t download illegal things.
5. Don’t become friends with people you don’t know on the internet.
6. Respect everyone else on the network and on the internet.
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MARKING PERIOD 1 - Sarah-Charlotte Brown Journal

1. Explain in your own words what a sugar skull is. - A sugar skull is a decorated skull, often made out of sugar, that is used as decorations in celebrations. 

2. Explain how you came up with the design for your mask/skull.- When we first got this project, I looked up sugar skulls on google images to see what they usually looked like. From this I got the idea for my design. I tried to make it similar to the traditional looking ones, but also how I wanted it. 

3. Explain the process from beginning to the end, the process that you went from having   no mask to having a finished and painted mask.- First I designed my skull. Then I helped someone else plaster their face. When doing this I realized that the plaster made my skin break out. Because of that, I did not plaster my own face, but used someone else’s. After I had my skull, I waited a day for it to dry and then painted it with my design. 

Below are pictures of my mask, the design, as well as some other work from this quarter. 

The drawing of the girl is based of of this
photo (4)
photo (5)
photo (8)
photo (9)
photo (7)
photo (6)
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Eryn James: Sugar Skull Project

To me, a sugar skull is a creation to adorn and celebrate the life of someone who is deceased. Sugar skulls are from the Mexican celebration on the Day Dead, which is a national holiday. It’s main focus is to get family and friends together and remember the loved ones who have died. Sugar skulls are brought to graves of children as well as toys. They are gifts for both the living and the dead, made usually from granulated white sugar, icing and other decorative accessories. They are edible but are normally used as decoration. 

The decorations of a sugar skull are to represent how you feel or felt about the loved one or just to make something so ugly as death be beautiful. I thought about the death of my father as I decorated my skull. I decided that I only wanted to remember the good things about my dad, which I incorporated into the mask by using bright colors and  and images such as hearts, peace signs, flowers and smiley faces. My father was a really peaceful man although very cautious and would keep himself and his loved ones safe at any cost. 

The process of making this particular sugar skull wasn’t too time consuming but it was a very tedious process. First I had to find a person who would let me use their face as a base. Then I had to tediously apply plaster over their face, trying to capture the full figure of their face so that when the plaster dried it would actually look like a skull. 
Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.21.27 AM
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Sugar Skull

A sugar skull is a mask that represents culture. It`s spanish name is calavera.

I came up with the design for my mask from the spanish culture.

To make my sugar skull I used plaster to cover a face. After some time the mask dried then it was removed from the person`s face.

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lighting book bag

To start our project me and my partner had to decide what we wanted our design to be. At first we were thinking about making a light saber. We would have used a cylinder lighting tube and a very large battery to light it up. In the end we decided that we should light up a book bag. We gathered our materials and slowly set up what our bag would look like.  We then decided what type of circuit we should use. Parallel was the best option since  the bag was using 5 lights. A parallel circuit was made and then turned into a one circuit by combining the lights together.


The building of the circuit was very difficult. Making the wires connect was very challenging. Stripping the wires and connecting seemed very hard especially with only 3 tools. I liked the project though. Dealing with circuits was fun. Looking back on the project I wish that I had worked by myself and had more days to do the circuit.  I could have made my project more elaborate . 

Photo on 11-19-12 at 2.02 PM #2
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Danielle Little (Adv Art)


Sugar Skulls are made up a sugary base, and decorated with color icing. It is also used in the spanish cultures, to respect the dead. I research many Sugar Skulls, I notice the difference between the traditional ones verses the "americanized" ones. My design is a mixture of both. It explains the pain within the grieve with the red tears. I plastered the models face, let it harden. Then later painted the mask. 






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Graves, Nagee, LucidChart, Homenetwork

My L.A.N

This is my home network. My L.A.N uses  Wifi. We have 2 phones connected our network, as well as 1 tablet, 2 laptops, 1 printer and 1 Wii. They all are connected to the wifi. 


My OMG! moment was when I how the inter/ethernet works. I never knew so much goes on in a tiny little box. Also, when I learned how much work it takes just to go to a webpage. Knowing that there is a cable running underwater throughout the world carrying around credential information is very intriguing. 

Others should know..

What I believe that other people should know about their inter/ethernet is that anyone can connect to your bandwidth and run your bills up the wall, so locking it is the safe way to go. With no passcode lock protection, random people will use your network without caring about your bill.

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