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Negative Space

  In this unit, we learned about negative space. For our final project,we had a picture and we were to recreate the whole picture and use negative space.

      Negative space, as I learned this unit, is the space around the subject of a picture,painting, or basically, any kind of artwork. 

 In my cut out, I found that my my subject was a tree. I was then able to find that everything surrounding the tree and the space in between the holes of the tree was the negative space. Because of the negative space, I saw how defined the tree was and that helped me figure out where pieces belonged in order to bring the whole picture together.

  When seeing negative space, you get to truly see the subject. You get to notice the details and see how defined the artwork is.

   Negative space is very useful! It brings your whole piece together. It allows spectators to focus on the subject and not anything else. Negative space makes the piece beautiful.

photo (6)
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La Casa de Ringo Starr

Screenshot 2014-05-28 at 10.35.17 AM
Esta es la ladrillo casa de la infancia de Ringo Starr. Está en Dingle, Liverpool, England. Específicamente, es 10 Admiral Grove. Está cerca de el museo llamado “The Beatles Story.” Es aproximadamente 2 millas de distancia. Está lejos de la casa de Paul McCartney, 20 Forthlin Road, también situado en Liverpool. Está dieciséis minutos de distancia. Porque la casa es muy pequeño, no hay espacio para piscina o jardín. Pero, la casa tiene un árbole. Hay ventanas grande. La casa tiene un chimenea. Hay sólo dos cuartos. Cada cuarto tiene simplemente una cama y espejo. La sala es grande, para acomodar cuatro beatles. Pero, no hay tele… tele no existe!
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First Podcast- Helen Brent Raeven Sara

All group members were present during this discussion. 

What your club discussed/How you discussed it: We all sat in a circle and talked about chapters Intro, 1,2 and 3. We brought up numerous examples from the chapters and shared our thoughts on them... as well as sharing our opinions about why this example was put into the book. We also shared quotes, and personal examples that we felt tied in with the topic of that chapter. We compared a lot of examples from previous time periods to our time period, and talked about how different the results would be if these tests were during our time. 

Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion: We all agreed that the examples weren't relatable to us. We didn't disagree about anything. 

Questions that came up as a result of the discussion: No questions. 

Podcast #1

La casa de Britney Spears

Esta es la casa de Britney Spears. Esta en California.

1. La casa tiene muchos dormitorios.

2. En el jardín delantero, hay un árbol.

3. En el jardín delantero, tiene muchos flors.

4. La casa tiene tres ventanas en el segundo piso.

5. En el primer piso, hay dos ventanas.

6. La casa tiene muchos baños.

7. La casa hay una cocina grande.

8. La casa hay dormitorios grandes.


Q4 Reflection3

Michelle Friedman


Reflection 3

Quarter 4

Consulado Mexicano Dona Miles de Libros Para Escuelas en Colorado

En el períodico, Ponte Al Dia, por viernes, el 23 de Mayo, 2014, alguien escribió y publicar el artículo:  “Consulado Mexicano Dona Miles de Libros Para Escuelas en Colorado”. Recientemente en el stato Colorado en los estados unidos, un consulado mexicana dona muchos libros para escuelas que no tienen recursos suficientes para comprar los libros para sus estudiantes. Personas como el hombre o mujer que dona todos los libros para las escuelas estan muy importante para los estudiantes. En los estados unidos, y en todo el mundo también, escuelas no recibieron suficiente dinero de gobiernos. En escuelas en nuestro ciudad, muchos de los estudiantes necesitan aprender con libros de texto grandes por que sus escuelas no permitir las maestros a hacer lecciones creativos y originales. Pero, hoy ellos también no tienen dinero para comprar libros nuevos que no estan muy viejo.

No todos de las escuelas en los estados unidos están afortunados como las escuelas en colorado que recibieron miles de libros nuevos de el consulado mexicano. Muchos de los estudiantes en las escuelas que recibieron los libros tienen inglés como sus lengua secundaria y español como la lengua primera.

Palabras: 215

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First Podcast - Vannary, Ayoola, Dakota and Maleena

In this podcast, we talked about chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4. We recorded together as a group and went around in a circle type of discussion, but that did not worked out. We had to record and post this first podcast as soon as we could to receive feedbacks. In our next podcast, we will record together. 

Negative Space

What is negative space?

Negative space is anything that creating the object/image or out lining the object that is black.

Explain how you found negative space in your 1. your cut out? 2 in your stool drawing?
Negative space was around the object and inside the object I took what ever that would define the house and I was able to flip sertain peices of the house to make it look like one full house. In my stool drawing I drew all the space around and in the object to make that drawing.

Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
It helps and artist to see in negative space to define their art and create a clear image of what they are drawing.

How is negative space useful in creating art?

Negative space is useful in creating art because negative space can define you art and it can also mess up your art if you have to much negative space.

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Q4 Reflection 2

Michelle Friedman


Reflection 2

Quarter 4

Luchan por licencias para indocumentados en Harrisburg

El artículo “Luchan por licencias para indocumentados en Harrisburg” apareció en el periodico Ponte Al Dia a la miercoles, el veinte y siete de mayo, dos mil cuarenta. Este artículo esta por nuevos de políticos. Más específica, nuevos de las leyes de inmigrantes sin documentos que quieren poder conducir un carro.

Yo pienso que inmigrantes nuevos que quieren vivir en los estados de unidos necesitan poder a elegir si ellos van a obtener sus licencias de conducir carro si ellos quieren. Pero, hoy in pennsylvania ellos no tienen el opción porque pennsylvania dije que inmigrantes que no tienen todos los documentos de un ciudadano no pueden obtener sus licencias para conducir un carro. Ellos dijen que ellos necesitan a manejar sus carros para hacer todos de los quehaceres. Yo pienso que una licencia de conducir es cosa que cada persona necesita tener el opcion a obtener. Los inmigrantes sin documentos quieren vivir sus vidas con todas de las leyes en los estados unidos. Eso es cosa buena, y nuestro gobierno necesito a entender que nos ciudandos no viven con las leyes toda de la tiempo. Porque eso, los inmigrantes sin documentos que quieren manejar sus carros legalmente estan bueno.

Palabras: 220

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Briana Hicks Capstone


Making a Japanese comic was pretty daring on my part. I enjoy drawing so I thought it would be a piece of cake to make a Manga for my Capstone. Drawing a chapter for my Manga was one of the most stressful things to do during my Senior Year but, I got it done. For professional Mangakas (Japanese comic artist), they barely make their deadline on a good day only focusing on drawing. Trying to manage good grades, a healthy school life, hanging out with friends, and personal time all while working on a manga was crazy! Though if I could, I would do it again. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

​Click Here To view My Manga, 
"私の邪悪血液; Watashi no Jaaku ketsueki; My Corrupted Blood" Website.

Click Here To View Capstone Cover Page. 


Carter, Charles, ElizabethD, and Thomscher. "How to Draw a Gun." WikiHow. Mediawiki, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

So I know for sure wiki’s aren’t the most reliable but, this helped me grasp a better understanding of guns. I’m drawing weapons in my manga and I’m not the best with guns at all. The surface is always confusing for me to really understand and I always end up faking most of it. I want to know how to draw it without the difficulties of referring back to something. It’s not the most helpful but it gave me a step by step which will help a lot in the long run. Wiki isn’t all that bad for drawing things for the most part.

Crilley, Mark. "Mark Crilley How To Draw Videos." YouTube. YouTube, 04 Nov. 2006. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

MARK CRILLEY IS A GOD! He’s the one of the most reliable sources I have on here! I love Mark Crilley. He has published how to books as well as his own manga series out. His videos teaches me a lot! I’ve learned so much from him and just sitting down and watching them. His videos will help with whatever else I need help with in getting my manga on the road to success. He does step by step and he also does time lapses so if I don’t need the step by step I can just watch him draw it in his own way and try to adapt it to mine. >U<! HE’S AMAZING!

"Cheap Waistcoat." S, Cute Waistcoats For Women With Wholesale Prices Sale. Sammydress, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

Thought this site seem a bit redundant to the last one it’s not. What the other one lack is what this website made up for. The last website was only for men, while this site is only for women. I can focus on the smaller things within women clothing with this site just as I could with the other. Though I am better drawing female clothing, I still have room for improvement. This will help me map out and pick out the clothing for my female characters in my manga and it will help me further evolve as a mangaka.

Hart, Christopher. “Manga for the Beginner: Shoujo.” New York: Watson-Guptill, 2010. Print.

This book has taught me some secret short cuts for making manga drawings look amazing. Manga for the Beginner is amazingly reliable and there are 2 different volumes of Manga for the Beginner. This will help me draw in a different style than what I normally draw in with both my female and male characters and I’m pretty excited for it. This teaches me everything I actually needed to know except for the weapon part. To me this book lacks nothing extreme and if I needed to use it again somewhere in the future, I would definitely either check this book out again, or buy it.

"Hot Topic | ENTIRE SITE 25% OFF." Hot Topic | ENTIRE SITE 25% OFF. HOTTOPIC, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>.

Hot topic is reliable for today’s fashion. A lot of people see Hot topic as an emo/scene store but it has a large selection of EVERYTHING. It aims towards pre-teens, teens, and adults. I think this will help me with poses as well as the clothing for both male and female. This site can also help map out hairstyles and other things. Hot topic is more americanized than the other two websites I was previously on. Hopefully I use this site as much as I will the others. What this website lacks is the actual manga stuff, but again it’s the little things that count.  

"How to Draw Clothes (Part 3)." How to Draw Clothes (Part 3) | Welcome to How to Draw Manga — Manga University. Manga University, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

Since I had the real life clothing one, I had to find one specifically on manga style clothing. This may seem or look redundant, but to me it’s important. I need to know different ways on how to make it look real but not real at the same time. I want my ruffles, and my creases to be on the same level as a pro’s and by doing so I need different alternatives of how clothing looks in real life compared to with manga. This site is reliable to me and I know it will help me grow as the month past.

“How to Draw Weapons.” Manga Tutorials - How to Draw Weapons: Swords, Knives, Staffs, and More. Manga Tutorials, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

With this website I wanted to know the feel of the blade in a japanese cartoon style. It’s not that swords and such are hard to do, it’s just that it’s easy to make the sword or blade look unrealistic. The point is to make it look similarly close to “real” while keeping it in it’s traditional japanese style. I think this will help me work on my shading and with my manga hands. This website has helped me before in the past when I was still a beginner with manga and art altogether. So, now it should be of more help than it was before.

"Learn How to Draw Guns." How to Draw Guns, Step by Step, Weapons, with Our FREE Online Drawing Tutorials!, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

Dragoart does not look reliable at all. The whole website is cheesy and it’s mega flashy but it has multiple different takes on guns which is better than wiki’s. This site also shows a step by step for me and it has more offers. Plus, it doesn’t just have how-to’s on guns, it also teaches different perspectives of manga and drawing it. Though I wish it were more authentic, I’ll have to work with it. It is really hard finding legit manga things online but this site isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good choice for me.

"The Complete Idiot’s Guides." The Complete Idiot’s Guides. Penguin and Random House, 1 July 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

Finding reliable drawing manga how-to’s are really difficult. It’s almost impossible to find an .org for drawing of anything. So when looking for a good site I have to look through it carefully to make sure it will be of some benefit to and for me. This website is actually pretty helpful with the body structures of both male and female. Not only does it have that but it also offers some other things I didn’t take into account. Though it is a .com, it has been proven to be of great help for me. I know I will not regret using this site.

"Zeesebon." Men., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site is just clothing site. I needed a real clothing site to base off my guy characters because I’m not great with their clothing. It seems unreliable and it looks like it wouldn’t help but it does. I have a wide variety of male clothing and though it’s not already in manga form, I can adapt it to my own liking. This site also helps me compare my manga style male structure to a real male structure. I know it’ll help me for sure because I always need to improve on something. This site is just a small piece to a bigger puzzle.

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la casa de Lil Wayne

images (1)
"This is ....'s house." (Esta es la casa de...)
Where it is located (Está en...)
What it is close to (Está cerca de...)
What it is far from (Está lejos de...)
Some of the best features of the house (Does it have a garden? Does it have a gym? Does it have a large pool?
Esta es la casa de Lil Wayne.
Esta en Miami.
Esta cerca de la playa.
Esta lejos de mi casa.
Lil wayne casa tiene cinco pisos, un ascensor, un cien habitaciones, un piscina, oro banos, bonita vista, y un
Tanque de tiburones grandes!
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Whitney Houston Casa

Screenshot 2014-05-28 at 8.06.52 AM
​Esta es la casa de Whitney Houston. Esta en New Jersey. Esta cerca de el bosque (forrest). Esta lejos de centro comercial. 

1.No hay grande jardin. 
2. Hay grande piscina. 
3. Hay viente habitaciones. 
4. Hay veinte y dos ventanas. 
5. Hay tres largo escalera. 
6. Hay dos garajes. 
7. No hay tres gimnasios. 
8. Hay numeroso largo árboles.
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TAREA (día de entrega 29/05/14) Casa de una persona famosa

​1) Screenshot the photo of a famous person's house (You can choose any house really. It doesn't have to really belong to him/her).
2) Describe the house by telling:
  • "This is ....'s house." (Esta es la casa de...)
  • Where it is located (Está en...)
  • What it is close to (Está cerca de...)
  • What it is far from (Está lejos de...)
  • Some of the best features of the house (Does it have a garden? Does it have a gym? Does it have a large pool? etc)
If you can't remember the vocab for places that we learned, here is the link.

MINIMO: 8 frases.
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la casa de Rifah

  • Esta es la casa de Rifah.
  • Está en Filadelfia.
  • Está cerca de todas casas de green stream.
  • Está lejos de Chicago. 
  • La casa hay cinco dormitorios, tres comedors, grande jardin, diez guardarropas, y una persona. La casa es muy bien. 
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La Casa


La Casa es muy pequeña. En la cocina, hay un fregadero. En la bano, hay un lavamanos y una ducha. En la sala, hay una sofá y ventana. En la cocina, hay dos sillas. En la cuarto, hay una cama y unos libros. en la guardarropa, hay una espejo y unos zapatos y unas ropas.

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Esta es las casa de kany west. Esta en california. Esta cerca de el mercado. Esta lejos de holliwood. Tiene una peisna , jardin and un garaje.
Screenshot 2014-05-23 at 1.51.30 PM
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La casa de Adam Levine

Esto es la casa de Adam Levine. Su casa tiene tres dormitorios. Hay un baño con un lavamanos. Adam Levine tiene un jardín. En el jardín hay un árbol. No hay un comedor pero tiene una sala. En la sala hay una sofá. En la sala hay muchos libros. Esto es la casa de Adam Levine. 
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La Casa

Esto es una cocina. Tiene una estufa en la cocina. Hay ocho sillas y una mesa. Tiene mucho ventana en la cocina. Hay muchas frutas adentro de un plato. Hay una sofá en la cocina. 
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La Casa de Morgan Freeman

​Esta es la casa de Morgan Freeman. Está en New York City. Está cerca de heaven. La casa tiene una piscina. Hay 3 comedores, 2 cuartos, 3 cocinas, 2 garajes, 2 salas, 2 baños, y un sotano. En el comedores, tiene 4 mesas, mucho sillos y dos ventanas. En el caurtos, hay una cama, un pupitre, y una guardarropa. Hay muchos largos nevaras, un lavaplatos, y un horno en las cocinas. Las garajes tiene 18 carros. La salas tiene 4 sofas, 7 teles, una mesa, y una ventana. El baños tiene 4 duchas, 2 espejos, y 2 ventanas. Hay 2 lavamanos, una escalearas, muchas sillas, muchos teles, y una nevera en el sotano.
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La Casa de Beyonce

Está en la casa de Beyonce. Está en Los Angeles, California. Está cerca de las montañas y el aeropuerto. Está lejos de el centro comercial y la cárcel. En la casa, tiene uno una peluquería. Tiene un gimnasio y grande un jardín. Un jardín tiene muchos flores de color. Hay cien las ventanas en la casa. En la casa, hay dos la cocinas. También hay tres grande unas piscinas. La casa de Beyonce es muy bonita.
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