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E1.U8- My y Alyssa

Alyssa: (walk in waiting for someone to bring to the table.) Hola, Tienes una mesa para dos personas?
My: Hola. Si, siga me
Alyssa: (walks in and trips over the edge of another table)Ouch!
My: Estas bien?
Alyssa: Si estoy bien. Gracias (sits down with boyfriend)
My: Mi nombre es My, voy a ser tu camarera hoy (hand the menus) te  a doy un momento para que usted puede escojer su comida?
Alyssa: Gustaria un chicha y tendra un cafe con leche.
My: Bien, ahorita vengo con ello
Alyssa: Gracias.

Alyssa:Que quere usted comer?
Enthony: Quiero algo que sea picante.
Alyssa: Tenemos sopa de pollo.
Enthony: Que tiene?
Alyssa: Es sopa de pollo con pollo, zarahiana ,cebollas, papa, scallions and cilantro
Enthony: Suena rico. Quero eso.
Alyssa: PABELLON CRIOLLO parece rico quiero probar eso y  PARGO GUISADO
Enthony: Pero no me gustan las cebollas.
Alyssa: Podemos ordenar lo sin las cebollas
Enthony: Si, bien.

My: ¿Que quieres comer?
Alyssa: Queremos sopa de pollo, Pabellon Criollo y Pargo Guisado
My: Algo mas?
Alyssa: No, muchas gracias.
Alyssa: Espera. No quiero las cebollas en mi Pargo Guisad. Por favor
My: Seguro, no hay problema.

My: Aqui tienes, Espero que disfrutas su comida.
Alyssa: Que rapido! Gracias

Enthony: Tiene cebollas
Alyssa: Senorita, te ordene algo sin cebollas pero tiene cebollas
My: Perdon. tiene que ser un error. ahorita vengo con el nuevo platillo para ti.
Alyssa: Gracias
My: erdon sobre eso. Aque esta su PARGO GUISADO sin cebollas
. buen provetio

Alyssa: Gracias

My: Puede traerle algo para postre?
Enthony: me gustaria el flan  
Alyssa: How about flan for both of us
Enthony: suena rico
Alyssa: La cuenta por favor
My: (hands check)
Enthony: Cuanto es?
Alyssa: Es 50 dollares
Enthony: Eso no es malo, pero no te voy a dar propina porque me diste servicio malo.
Alyssa: Si, la comida fue rica
My y Enthony  : (pay) Gracias
My Song 4

Wynn & Monisha (Podcast)

Sazon Restaurante                   5-2-12

Waiter: Monisha
Customer: Wynn

Waiter:¡Hola! Mi nombre es Jackie.
Customer: ¡Hola! ¿Como esta?
Waiter: ¡Muy bien! ¿Qué le traigo?
Customer: Pues... ¿Tiene un buen el postre?
Waiter: Sí, Pero Nosotros tenemos bueno pollo por la cena  
Customer: ...No, Me gustaría, pues... torta tres leches
Waiter: Bueno, ¿Algo de tomar?
Customer: Jugo de guayaba por favor
Waiter: Sí, un minuto.

Order and Problem:
Waiter: Aquí tiene.
Customer: Mmm, gracias!
Waiter: ¡Buen provecho!
Customer: Traígame pollo frito también por favor
Waiter: Pues... bueno.
Customer: Gracias!

Later...Waiter: Aquí tiene
Customer: Gracias pero no tengo hambre ahora.
Waiter: Pero, tú ordenadas ya es (it’s already?)
Customer: Pero... (Yo no lo quiero)
Waiter: Tú necesito pago por la comida!
Customer: Yo no estoy pago.

Resolved & Conclusion
Customer: Bueno, claro. La cuenta, por favor.
Waiter: Bueno, un minuto.
Customer: Gracias!

Communism Controlling Freedom in Vietnam

      In English class, we are doing a project called “You and the World”. In this project we have to choose a subject that we want to research about. For example a subject like “Pollution in our drinking water”. After choosing a topic we have to research about this topic and on a blog day. You have to blog on what you research on this topic. In total we have to make 3 blogs. After our three blog we are making a debate. We are going to be separated into 6 groups and each group chooses a topic to debate to the other about.

      Well for this project I choose the topic of “Communism ruling Vietnam”. The issue is that in Vietnam has been ruled by communist for 36 years now. Over the last year the communist in Vietnam has taken their power for granted. They started controlling his people and what they do. The reason why I am interested in this situation is because my family and I are Vietnamese and we felt like we have to do something to fix what the communist has done to our country. Also I like researching and learn more about my country.

    Well in my research so far about this subject. I have found out that the Catholic Church in Vietnam has been controlled by communists that rule Vietnam and they are claiming the land that the Catholic Church theirs so they can destruct the building to build a mall or a shopping center. This church is the most famous church in Vietnam and many people go to that church. Started to protest against knocking the church down. Soon after that situation a priest from that church has been beaten and arrested by communist cops. This problem soon raised its climax when the citizens are protesting even more and they are sick and tired of seeing communism control everything they do everyday.

     At this point, I wonder if Vietnam could just stand up together hand in hand try to stop communism from ruling our country. I wonder if the citizens can’t do it would the country get worse or better? Well I have several questions I hope someone could answer it for me. Can Vietnam be better without communism? Can it be better with democracy like America?


This is the communist flag in Vietnam:
This is the flag of the democracy side of Vietnam:

A Woman's Right

For our English class we are doing a “you and the world” project, for my topic I chose abortion.  Now a day’s in the United States abortion is legal but it is still a topic that raises a lot of controversy. Over the years there have been many debates on whether or not a women should or should not be able to make the choice on whether they want an abortion. As a fourteen-year-old girl this issue becomes one that is close to home. Not because I have ever been pregnant nor have I ever had a need for an abortion, but it brings up an issue on a larger scale of civil rights for women. A mere century ago women gained their civil rights in America, what does it mean when the government starts deciding what we can do with our bodies? Have women taken three steps forward just to take four steps back? My blog will focus on what it means to have an abortion in America, and whether or not it should be legal for women to make the decision on their own. 


In every state in America it is legal to have an abortion. Whether or not it is accepted, or even accessible is a different story. However this wasn’t true 30 years ago, but it all changed with Roe V. Wade which was a Supreme Court case in 1973 that legalized early term abortions. Abortion was legalized but because of the cost it is still difficult for many to get it, it can cost any where between 350 to 1000 dollars. Only 17 states in America provide funding for poor women who want abortions. For many this still makes it difficult to go through with abortion because they are living in low-income households.




            Most women who have abortions get them because it isn’t the right time for them and because of situations that they don’t want to put a young child in. For this reason 52% of women who get abortions are under 25. Being 25 it is difficult to afford it and that’s why organizations like Planned Parenthood are important because most health insurance companies don’t cover abortion or contraception. Over the past years in a study done by the Washington Post an increase in the percent of people who think abortion should be legal has risen. However there still is an issue on the underlying issue of how the government feels about it.

 “I do not believe in abortion at will. I do not believe that if a woman just wants to have an abortion she should... I do believe if you have an abortion you are committing murder.” –  Nancy Reagen

The issue on whether or not abortion should be legal is a continuos battle. In my next blog I wil look into the facts of what stages can you have an abortion? How would it help the government to have abortion as a choice?



Donesha & Alex (Podcast)

Restaurante: Sazón
Waiter: Donesha
Cliente: Alex

*Waiter walks in and greets customer*
W- Hola. Gracias por venir a sazón.
C-  Hola, gracias.
W- Aquí está su menu.
C – Bueno. Gracias. ¿Cuál es la especial?
W- Sopa de tortilla con un refresco. Esto costó $6. ¿Te gustaría probar?
C- Sí y yo quiero sopa de tortilla, huevos rancheros, y tamales.
W- ¿Algo mas?
C- Sí.
W- ¿Algo tomar?
C- Un refresco.
W- ¿Es todo?
C- Sí, es todo.
W- Bueno. Un momento.

Customer has conversation with other customer while waiting for food.

C-Hola. ¿Qué pasa?
OC- Bien, gracias. ¿Y tú?
C- Tambien. ¿Es buena la comida aquí?
OC- Sí, es muy buena.

*Waiter brings food in and customer complains of wrong order.

W- Aquí tiene su comida.
C- Ah gracias señorita.
W- De nada.
C- ¡Espera!
W- ¿Qué? ¿Qué incorrecto?
C-¡Si! Muy malo, señorita. El sabor muy terrible. ¡Puaj!  
W- Ah, lo siento. Un momento, por favor. ¿Sí?
C- Necesito una cuchara y un tenedor.
W- No hay problema.

*Waiter brings back out correct order and problem is resolved

W- Aquí tiene. Es correcto.
C- Ah, bueno. Gracias.
W- No, de nada. ¡Buen provecho!
C- ¡Comida es muy delicioso! Yo era muy bastante hambre.
W- Me alegro de que tiene su pedido correcto.
C- Gracias señorita. No te preocupes por este último problema.
W-Bueno. Lo siento.
Spanish Restaurant Podcast

Support the LGBT

This project was assigned in my 9th grade English Class. Mrs. Dunn, who is my english teacher had made it clear to us that this project called “You and the World” could be about anything we desired. In total we had to create three blog post and this is my first one. Therefore, I decided on something that is very common in this world. Others can be very judgmental towards them. Yet, others interpret them differently. These people that may seem different to society are  called the LGBT. Wether, or not you support them, all they want is their EQUAL RIGHTS!
Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 2.25.57 AM
The LGBT are people just like us,  so why can’t they be given this too!!!
 LGBT is an acronym which stands for Lesbian, Gay Straight and also Transgender. The issue is very highly known in many places and when people are trying to bring up awareness about this topic no one seems to care, after all, this is my opinion and view on this issue. The issue is that people that are different like mentioned above don't seem to be getting the equal rights others would normally get. But, there’s an organization called ACLU that helps protect people that reside in the U.S from any civil rights violations. This is what the LGBT project is willing to do for people who are different, they deserve a say in this world as well!  They shouldn’t be discriminated, because they are HUMANS, and need to be treated like one.
Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 2.26.27 AM
“Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.”― P.C. Cast, Awakened
   Also, I’m interested in this because I simply find it to be a world - wide issue that happens everywhere, but why is it that these people get treated unfairly? Why can’t they be treated equally? Is it just because they’re  gay or lesbian, because they prefer to be with someone of their same gender? These are the questions that wonder within me. The ones that simply aren’t answered quite yet. But, throughout this project these are the questions that deserve answers. Futhermore, this is something I can relate too. I know people that are related to me and don’t get treated the same way others do. I just respect them either way and support who they are as  a person. Just because they date someone of their same gender doesn’t mean I’ll treat them bad, I will treat them with my equality, fairness, and support they want and need. Being different makes you, who you really are. That’s why being different and being LGBT means earning equal rights. Their voices need to be heard.
Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 2.26.37 AM
Your voice matters, your sayings matters, so let your voice be heard.

To find out more information, check out this bibliography
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Genetic Testing: A New Improvement Or A New Age of Social Injustice

    The “You and the World” project targets students to focus on world issues that they are interested in and seek to find a possible solution for that problem. It is also a debate-related project that the students argue though different aspects and their view of the issue. 

     My topic for the "You and the World” project is Genetic Testing: A New Improvement In Our Lives Or A New Era of Social Injustice. I specially chose this topic because I am fascinated by my own identity based on my DNA. To first know myself is an essential step to interact and associate with other people based on the knowledge of my personality, behavior, and etc. 

      Imagine you could one day look at your genome straight from your tablet. This scenario was thought to be an inconceivable task decades ago. But, as the Human Genome project took an remarkable achievement in humanity, sequencing genomes is possible. But, it would took $350,000 and an extensive time to sequence one genome. But, everything was starting to change as new technology made sequencing genomes faster and less costly (less than $500). It may gave rise to an era about self-acknowledgement or, is it? 

​Figure 1: It shows the amount of people who took genetic tests based on the four categories, predictive test, affected mutation search, and research mutation search. In the recent years, the amount of people taking genetic tests increased. 

     As the society’s population began to grow and countries get crowder, more diseases and bacteria thrived. The need for new medicine are at constant need. A simple genetic test could detect an individual’s mutated genes and design a type of personalized medicine based on his or her DNA. It is could be a new treatment for cancer. It means that the government will not have to spend as much as millions of dollars for patients with a severe and rare disease that are not familiar in hospitals. 

     Despite its advantage, these medicine are expensive (up to $294,000 per year). Not everyone will be eligible for personalized medicine because it could be only used in patients who have a mutated actionable gene. Even if it is proven that these medicines and chemical compounds have some affect on cancer, the cancer will sometimes come back to the patients body. So, how high is the cure rate? Is it worth spending hundreds and thousands of dollars? 

      Biotech companies, like DeCode me, and 23andMe placed a feature called the odds calculator to predict the possibility for that individual to contact certain diseases. To avoid these risks, people will adjust their lifestyle, prevent, and ask for treatment before the illness strikes. It means that people’s health rates and life-expectancy of the world will increase. However, sometimes people could not distinguish from possibilities that have countless variations from facts. Therefore, resulting the individual to be overwhelmed by results that are tested by only a fraction of their total genome.   

Screen Shot 2012-05-09 at 9.07.31 PM
​Figure 2: This is a flash drive that holds an individual's genome. It comes from a biotech company that uses a famous Greek quote, "Know thyself" as their message. 

    As the world seeks for new scientific achievements to make our lives easier it could result a new age of social injustice. The advancement toward personalized medicine means that hospitals and labs like, illumina could have a chance to accidentally leaking people’s DNA to public. Say if you want to be employ to a job, but the interviewer will not consider you because of a high chance you will get Parkinson’s disease based on your DNA. 

    There is a Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) that guarantee security and privacy for all people’s genome results, but who will stop the economy from choosing the best people into their companies, colleges, athletes, and etc? Even with the protection of the GINA, will it prevent any and all future possible invasions of privacy toward genetic information as this technology become more and more popular and efficient? Will we proceed into the society featured in “Gattaca”?

To view my bibliography, click here



EU18:Bryanna y Ashley (Película)

Ashley Spells & Bryanna Jones .

Spanish Proyecto


Ashley- Mesera(Waiter)

Bryanna- Cliente(Customer)

bryanna & thomas walk in to savon for a date

penolpe sits them down
penelope : welcome to savon (
bienvenida to savon)

*seats bryanna and thomas*

Ashley(mesera) : ¡hola! mi nombre es Maria srta. que tal ?

Bryanna:Muy bien, pero tengo MUCHA hambre

Thomas:muy bien

ashley : ¿que le traigo?

Bryanna: Pueesss... aver, yo quiero una hamburguesa,papas fritas, un coca cola, y mostaza. Es todo

ashley :  bueno.

Ashley:y tú?

Thomas:agua. Es todo

* 30 mins luego*

*ashley : aquí tiene !

Bryanna:¿Qué es esto? ¿un el pelo? ewwwwww

ashley : lo siento srta

*2 mins later*

ashley :¡ buen provecho!

Bryanna: *comida* Mesera

ashley : aquí tiene

thomas : no , let me pay.
byanna :  :)) , bueno

thomas : lo siento , bryanna … no tengo nada de dinero !

byanna:¿Qué es esto?

Bryanna: *takes out money to pay* Aqui.

ashley *opens check book*

thomas: gracias

Bryanna ¡No,denada!


You and the World Blog Post #1

My name is Dylan Long and I am part of the freshman English class at Science Leadership Academy.

For our final quarter project, we were designated to choose a world issue, develop a passion for researching and gathering information about said issue, convey that knowledge to others, and seek to educate ourselves and others about said issue.

For my project, I chose the world issue of gay marriage. Gay marriage is a very biased and argued topic. It is rejected by the majority of society.

It is such a heated and discussed topic because religion and politics play an enormous role in the issue. Many religions find homosexuality to be a sin, and do not accept it by any means.

Others who do not see being gay as something bad (whether they are religious or not) believe that every human being deserves to be happy, and that love is love, no matter the gender.

I fully support gay marriage because I believe every human deserves to be able to pursue happiness and experience love, regardless of gender.

A more close and dear reason for my support of homosexuality is that one of my closest family friends, George (who was my little sister’s Godfather) who was openly gay and in a relationship with another man. George passed away from cancer.

When George passed, his partner, Chris, was devastated, as were my entire family and I. When George died, I took it upon myself as my duty to fully and openly support all forms of relationships between same sex couples.

The main issue I am researching is gay marriage in the United States. The majority of the states in the U.S. do not approve of gay marriage. Only 8 of 50 states have legalized gay marriage, while 30 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.

There have been amendments that have been presented in recent years that were aimed directly towards eradicating gay marriage once and for all in the United States.

The Marriage Protection Amendment was an amendment that if it had passed, would have confined unions of any type (including marriage), only if said unions were comprised of one man and one woman.

Very recently, North Carolina passed an amendment to their state constitution that will enforce that "Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State."

Since marriage is already banned in North Carolina, this amendment bans literally all forms of relationships between same-sex couples. It is evident that the majority of America opposes gay marriage.

The support for gay marriage among major political figures has been strongly among democrats.

The two presidents who have openly supported gay marriage (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton) were both democrats, as are 13 of 14 current governors that support gay

However very recently the current president, Barack Obama, made a very bold move and came out in favor of same-sex marriage.

Obama’s bold statements have sparked an international discussion over same-sex marriage.

His excuses for not initially coming out in favor of gay marriage are: he believed that a civil union would suffice, also if he came out in favor of it he would get too much criticism, considering homosexuality is disapproved of so harshly in the U.S.

Those who view gay marriage as something wrong or a sin are retaliating with reiterating their belief that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

Those who have the more humane approach to the situation are favoring his decision to come out in favor, saying it is a great move forward in the fight for same-sex marriage.

In addition to the newly passed amendment in North Carolina, Obama’s statements have pushed the debate over gay marriage into a full forced discussion, as it has exploded all over the news media.

On May 10, 2012, gay marriage was the topic of the front page article on CNN’s website, in addition to a side section titled “Same-Sex Marriage”, offering many other links to the international discussion that has now unfolded, as seen here:

(Front page of CNN showing the links of stories being reported over gay marriage)

Thus far, I am questioning the legitimacy of the cons of gay marriage. The majority of the research is either debatable, biased, or false.

As my research progresses throughout the project, I wish to learn more about the theories of how gay marriage would negatively impact the United States. I wish to learn more about this because I am very skeptical towards gay marriage having a harsh impact on the U.S.

To see my bibliography, click here


You and The World Project: Unemployment

   You in The World Project


Our English class project is called You and the World. This project is for us to get interested in events that are current and research information about an issue and tell others about it so we can educate ourselves and other people. We have to post our information on our blog and debate about our topics with the class.


My issue is how hard it is to found a job. There are alot less job openings in the U.S. today. The number of job openings in U.S. declined again in December. There was a decline in the economy, it was usually 4.5 to 5 million open jobs in America, now there are only 3 million. The U.S. economy is supplying an extremely low number of jobs. The government said that there were only 36,000 jobs added in January. Although an upgrade 150,000 jobs per month is enough just to keep up with our population growth. We begin to fall farther and farther behind.


All across the nation, state and local governments are swiftly cutting jobs. Government jobs use to be considered some of the safest jobs accessible, but now all government jobs local and state are facing terrible budget crunches. Actually it has gotten so serious that some cities are cutting their police forces by up to 50 percent.


Recent college grads are having a hard time finding a job.  Today’s graduates understand how bad the economy is now and how hard it will be to land their first meaningful job. Those who graduated between 2006-2008, their salary was $30,000 but for recent grads it has dropped to $27,000. According to Kate Helfrich a graduate from Case Western Reserve University, says “ I’m definetley feeling a little anxiety regarding the loan payment. You hear about programs that offer loan repayment and sign on bonuses, I don’t feel like we’ve seen that as much since the recession hit.” Bridget Coyle, who is also a graduate, wants to be a social worker, but this desolating unemployment rate is making it extremely tough. Besides this she is still very confident.


One idea of reducing unemployment is to break the cycle. There are many ways to break it.  One way is to provide government funding to companies who are becoming bankrupt. Another is get involved in technology because that is now in demand of our industry.








Video, Slim Job Growth In April

Click here for more information.

 Click here for my bibliography.






Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 10.11.00 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 10.13.51 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 10.12.41 PM

Human Trafficking- "Modern Day Slavery"

For this project in English class, we were told to choose a world issue that we felt passionately about. We were told to think of something that would help us develop our knowledge and passion in this area. Immediately, my mind jumped to human trafficking. Human Trafficking is often called ‘modern day slavery’, because it is, by definition, “an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them.” Victims of human trafficking are forced by one way or another into labor without their permission. This can be seen in manual labor, domestic labor, and sexual labor. About 87% of trafficking victims are sexually exploited.

Women and girls take up most of the trafficking victims, but that’s not to say that trafficking is not a real threat for everyone. In fact, there are more slaves today, an estimate of about 3 billion, than in any other time in history. While some people would immediately say that they couldn’t see any reason that this would ever happen, the trafficking industry takes in about $32 billion dollars of yearly profit. In fact, money is primarily the reason for trafficking. Poor families often sell of their young girls to rich family members or brothels in order to make some money. 

Human Trafficking is a real issue for everyone in the world- nearly every country is involved as either a country of origin or destination. Not only that, but also only one person gets convicted for every 800 people trafficked.

So why did I immediately think of human trafficking? Well, many reasons. I’ve already been involved in campaigns to end this horrific occurrence. One of the organizations that I’ve researched, and donated to, is the Not For Sale campaign, which essentially raises awareness and money to save victims of trafficking around the world. However, more recently, my good friends uncle created a movie called “Horse & Rider.” The film was created in partnership with Freedom Firm, which is another organization dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking, specifically those of sex trafficked victims in India. The film follows the stories of two girls who were rescued from the trade, and are now in a rehabilitation center. I was asked to sing on the soundtrack for the movie, along with a few other girls, and it was a great experience to get connected and proactive in the fight for the end of human trafficking. I realized that human trafficking is a huge issue across the globe, and no one is safe from it.  

This girl advocates for the Not For Sale campaign.

So now we know what human trafficking is, and how big of an issue it is. But how can we help? What can we, as citizens, do? I think it’s also important to think about what has been done already, how far has that gotten us? How much improvement has this cause seen, and how much can it expect to see within the next few years?

You can see the bibliography of my work here.

Corruption & Censorship

There are many issues and problems in the world these days. Some are recent and some have been going on for years and generations. There’s starvation, abuse, trafficking, abduction, global warming, etc. All these issues and many more are hurting and killing people around the globe. It has to stop and has to change starting with someone to stand up and say something.


So we all have to pick an issue to write about that we want to change. The issue I want to focus on is corruption & censorship. Both are connected and worldwide issues happening sense the beginning of time. People are changed, frightened, affected, killed, abused, misled, and hurt because of these issues. Has anyone ever even tried to stop corruption in jobs, education, homes, and government?

The harsh truth of how some jobs are corrupt in the way they hire people.
-So for those of you that want easy definitions:

 Corruption is basically when others, a place, an object, a belief, or television changes people.

 Censorship is just when something is blocked off to someone based on their age, gender, race, etc.


-For those who want detailed and brainy definitions:


Corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material, which the recipient is not due, under law. This may be called bribery, kickback, or, in the Middle East, baksheesh. In government it is when an elected representative makes decisions that are influenced by vested interest rather than their own personal or party ideological beliefs.

 Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication, which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.

It’s amazing how corrupt minded people censor others knowledge so they think that polluting the earth is okay.
Types of censorship:


State secrets and prevention of attention


Educational sources

Copy, picture, and writer approval

Creative censorship

Self censorship







Types of corruption:








Many think that corruption is awful and censorship is moral. The thing is, both of these are decent and terrible. Nothing is ever all good or all bad. Food is fine if you eat the right ones and the right amounts. If you eat too much or the wrong ones then it becomes a problem.

 Corruption is unpleasant if it hurts others but all right if it’s to protect someone. Censorship is fine if you’re keeping 5 year olds from watching adult swim but it’s dreadful if you’re taking advantage of being able to censor something. Why isn’t censorship enforced all the time? Why do some parents use too much censoring?

Some say this is wrong and not decent. Is it really? 
This shows how some people use sneaky corrupt ways to get what they want not caring about the one person hurt by it.
The world is so corrupt and censored these days that everyone thinks its okay to throw everything in the trash not realizing where it goes.

My Blog Bibliography. <--
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E1 U8: True Black y Audrey Pham

At Sazon:
True is the Waiter.
Audrey is the Customer.

Waiter is on the phone when the customer walks in.
Customer: Hola
Waiter: ….
Customer: Mesa para uno, por favor?
Waiter: …. Continue to ignore customer
Customer: Disculpe!
Waiter: Que?! Gets off the phone
Customer: Mesa para uno...
Remains polite
Waiter: ...Si.
Customer: ..Gracias.
Waiter guides customer to her table
Waiter: Qué le traigo?
Customer: Hmmm.. pues..
Waiter: sighs
Customer: Uhhh, no tengo la carta.
Waiter: Aye aye aye. Shoves menu to the customer
Customer: Gracias. Pues.... Me gustaría... la sopa de pollo!
Waiter: Bebida?
Customer: Té es bien
Waiter: Bien.
Customer: Gracias
Waiter: doesn’t say “de nada” back.
Waiter doesn’t come back until fifteen minutes later...
Waiter comes back with the wrong dish.
Waiter: Aquí está su sopa.
Customer: …Tengo un problema.
Waiter: sighs Como?!
Customer: Más temprano me gustaría sopa de pollo y té... No hay sopa de frijoles. Y necesito una cuchara.
Waiter: Doesn’t say lo siento or anything. Bien! Says bien in a very upset way.
Mumbles, por que eres mucho complicado...?
Waiter finally brings out correct order.
Customer: Gracias!
Waiter: ...De nada..
Customer: Aye dios mio! Hay un pelo en mi comida!
Waiter: Y...?
Customer:….Por favor, nueva sopa?
Waiter: Sighs Aye dios mio... bien...
Waiter: Brings a new chicken soup
Customer:: Gracias, gracias! Y traígame sal.
Waiter: Brings sal
Customer: Muchas gracias.
Waiter: nada!
Customer: Dónde está él baño?
Waiter: A la derecha,
Customer: Gracias.
Customer starts drinking the soup
Customer: Aye dios mio!, No me gusta la sopa! Té es frio. La cuenta por favor!
Waiter: Finalmente, bien! Ya tengo la cuenta!

Enjoy the podcast! 
*If you are listening to this mp3 with headphones/earphones: 
On garage band, we edited the sounds. Your right side earphone will be the waiter and the costumer speaking, your left side earphone will be the background music in the restaurant. We made it this way so it can sound better and so the music won't distract you too much. 
E1 Ut. 8 True & Audrey Spanish BM 1

Trayvon Martin Case

My “Me and the world project” is based on the Trayvon Martin Case. My major issue with this case is the racism involved in it. I am interested in this case because I like to get to the bottom of this case and if it actually involved racism and if it would’ve gone this way if it were someone of a different race.

Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old boy walking back from the store with a hoddie over his head with a Arizona and a bag of skittles in hand. According to the Los Angeles Times, the watchman of their gated community (George Zimmerman) had saw Trayvon looking suspicious. He then approached in the 17-year-old in his vehicle with bad intentions. Zimmerman was also on the phone with 911 at the time and reported that Trayvon looked to be a “real suspicious guy” a “black male” walking around. The police told Zimmerman to back off, but he then took it into his own hands. He approached Trayvon Martin armed, and from there on, they got into a fight. In the end, Trayvon Martin ended up dead, while George Zimmerman had a few cuts and bleed from the back of his head. Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder after several months of investigating. 

 My personal opinion on this case is that it was a racist act of violence. Nowadays, it’s all about the survival of blacks. I agree with the quote Trayvon Martin was killed by a stereotype. George Zimmerman is just the guy who fired the gun. - Leonard Pitts

 Trayvon was un-armed; there was no reason for Zimmerman to shoot. If they got in a physical confirmation that all it should’ve been. If Trayvon was a different skin color, I think the situation would have been different. I feel as though Zimmerman felt over powered and couldn’t beat Trayvon cause he was so much bigger than him that he had to use a weapon. I also think that people shouldn’t be targeted because of their race, but that’s apart of racism. There’s nothing we can do about it. People are going to be racist if they choose to. Trayvon Martin was killed by a stereotype. George Zimmerman is just the guy who fired the gun. - Leonard Pitts

The Scene where Trayvon Martin was shot.                                   

Trayvon Martin's body being carried to the 
                Funeral home

 Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin.

                    Trayvon Martin

              George Zimmerman                  


E1 U8 las Cazuelas restaurante, katie and treavon

Planning table

INTRODUCTION: las Cazuelas restaurante es a Salvadoreña y mexicano.

ORDERING: corn sopes con adicional queso y no cebollas, enchiladas de cangrejo y camarón.


Trae : ¡Hola! Bienvenidos a las Cazuelas
Katharina: ¡Hola!
Trae: ¿Qué le traigo?
Katharina: Me gustaría corn sopa con adicional queso y sin cebollas por favor  
Trae: ¿algo mas?
Katharina: ¡si! para mi comida quiero enchiladas de cangrejo y Camarones
Trae: ¿Algo de tomar?
Katharina: apenas agua, es todo.
Trae: Bueno

CONVERSATION between customers while waiting:

Katharina:(starts talking to another customers next to her) disculpe? hola
josé: hola!
Katharina: que tal la comida aquí?
josé: es mas ó menos bueno depende en lo que tú pides
Katharina: Bueno. muchas gracias
josé: Da nada!


Trae: Aquí tiene. Buen provecho!
Katharina: ay dios mío!
Trea: Que pasa?
Katharina: Hay un bandaid en mi comida!
Trae: lo siento! fijaré eso inmediatamente!


Trea: Aquí tiene
Katharina: gracias parece bueno!
Trea: yo hable con la jefe, su comida es libre.
Katharina: Fantástico!
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The effects of poverty on a student's academic success

For our quarter 4 Benchmark we had to chose an issue today that we are passionate about and we had to research and blog about the topic in order to raise awareness. For my last project of the year in English class I chose to study the effects of poverty on a student's academic success and the relationship between education, unemployment and homelessness. I wanted to learn more about this issue because I do not feel that I know enough about people who are suffering from poverty because of my middle-class upbringing. I also know how important it is for everybody to receive an education so they can do well in life. A student’s social class should not have an effect on the quality of their education, because everyone needs to be educated and literate to survive later on. People need to know about this devastating issue and do something about it even if they are not affected by it!

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP), “15 billion children in the United States (21% of all children) live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level.” This means that only three in four American adolescents graduate from high school. This is troubling because not graduating raises the chance of living in poverty by 49%. This causes 1 in 50 US kids to be homeless. Another reason for homelessness is that 44.9% of the kids that are now homeless had parents that were alcoholics. When children are homeless it makes them more vulnerable to getting sick and this how “more than 1 in 7 homeless children have moderate to severe health conditions, such as asthma” (CNN). This leads to 13 kids dying on the street everyday. How can people still live with the fact that 1.16 million homeless children will not graduate high school? Poverty has a negative impact on schools and makes it harder to have decent facilities and quality teachers. Schools in low income areas are just not prepared to take on all the challenges in giving poor students an education. “Pic 1” shows how important an education is to get employed and demonstrates that we need to make sure that all students get at least a high school diploma.

Pic 1: This graph shows the unemployment by level of education. It tell us that if someone does not earn a high school diploma they will have a harder time getting a job.

There are organizations in place to help. For example, the Pennsylvania's Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program. Their main goal “is to make sure homeless youth have access to appropriate education while removing barriers that homeless children face.” There are also many homeless shelters around the country but the problem is that a lot of people do not realize that they qualify as homeless and when they do they are too scared to join a homeless shelter, as explained in this video. People need to start standing up for kids in their communities and end the vicious cycle of youth homelessness.

At its roots, this issue can be traced back to the failure of public education to reach children in low-income neighborhoods in America. The student poverty issue is not as big as a problem at Science Leadership Academy (the school that I attend) because it is a magnet high school and it has a large variety of people. However there are still students who suffer from poverty and our school is affected by the budget cuts of the Philadelphia School District. This is why I question if every child will ever receive an adequate education and I wonder if there will come a time where all schools are more or less equal.

Pic 2: This pie chart shows the distribution of age when it comes to homeless people. It tells us that more than half the homeless children are below the age of 6.

Pic 3 : This picture shows the effect of poverty on people.

Here is a link to my Biobliography.

Illiteracy In America

    1 in 7 U.S. adults can't read. That's about 32 million people. Imagine looking at written words and being completely lost. Imagine walking through the world and not being able to read the signs around you. Imagine looking for a certain street on the way to a friends house and not being able to find it. People often don't realize how often the read, even if they don't sit down with a book every day. Reading is so much more then that. It's reading through a contract to make sure you aren't being scammed. It's looking at friends Facebook statuses and commenting in return. It's sending emails to teachers and friends.   
     I have always had a strong connection to both reading and writing. I read everything and anything and not being able to do that would stress me out. I can't imagine 1 million people living through that every day. It may not be quite as bad as cancer but it's still a problem, and a problem is a problem.

     In 2008 upwards of 1 million people lost their jobs due to the fact that they had little skill in reading and writing. The fact that they can't do these things that we take for granted are making it very hard for people to help them. If they can't read or write there are little to no jobs that would accept them. If these people learned how to read a whole new world would open up. They would have more ability to find signs that read "HELP WANTED" and to be successful in the interview.

    It's not that people are refusing to read or dropping out of school, it's that they don't have the ability. Many of the people in America who are illiterate are below the poverty line. This often means that they don't or didn't have the chance to go to school.

    Although the rate of people who are illiterate was decreasing it is still unsure how it will be affected in the 21st century. If it raises people will be shocked but it is unlikely to be a big enough news story to really inform people about what is happening.

    I'm wondering what some of these children who don't get the chance to go to school do. Are there not public kindergartens that will allow them in? Is it the parents not being able to take them? Are things being done to help the future generate have a high literate population?

To see my sources click here
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Richard y Brycen E1U8

Here is Me (Richard) the customer and Brycen (the waiter) show how a daily day to eat can sorta go bad. 
Here is our script if you need to follow through.

Restaurante: Sazón

Waiter: Brycen
Cliente: Richard

*Waiter walks towards customer*
W: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas?
C: ¡Muy bien! ¿Y tú?
W: Bien gracias. ¿Que le traigo?
C: Yo quiero Pargo Guisado.
W: ¿Algo más?
C:  Sí, traígame una taza DE agua.
W: Bien.
*Waiter walks back into the kitchen*

-Conversation between customers while waiting for food
C: *Starts singing*
W: ¡Cantas muy bien!
C: Gracias, Yo no pratico canto.
W: ¡jajaja!
C: ¡jajaja!  ¿Como esta Maria?
W: Bueno gracias, ¿Como esta tu Padre?
C: Mi padre es fantastico, gracias.

-Order Arrives
-Problem identified and reported
W: Aqui Tiene.
C: Gracias, pero yo no pedi esta sopa.
W: No se preocupe.
C: ESTOY mas o menos confundido.
W: No se preocupe, aqui tiene. ¡Buen Provecho!

-Problem Resolved
W: No se preocupe Aqui Tiene.
C: Gracias, es muy Delicioso. ¡Tengo la cuenta!
W: ¡Aqui Tiene!
C: Gracias amigo, Tener una buena.
Richard and Brycen E1U8

Privatization of Public Schools

For my ninth grade English class, we are working on a new project where we take an active interest in the world around us by picking a current issue that we are passionate about and blogging about it, as well as engaging in other activities about our topic. The issue that I have chosen is the privatization of public schools. The privatization of public schools is an important issue to my life because I am a Philadelphia public school student in a district that has been labeled as “failing” and is at risk of becoming completely privatized.

Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.10.35 PM

Chart depicting Philadelphia Public School District 4th grade national proficiency rating in reading, math, and science compared to other urban districts, and the national average. As you can see, every time, Philadelphia comes up short. Chart can be found here.

Many, many, schools and school districts have been labeled as “failing.” Because of this, districts have been privatizing schools, meaning that they place schools under the care or private corporations in the hopes that they will do a “better” job of producing higher test scores than the government can. The concept is extremely controversial because the companies that run the schools are for-profit, and not out to give students and excellent education, but to make money. When I first this, I was confused because prior to this information, I would have thought that the schools would act as a kind of black hole that sucks money and resources, not something that makes money. In actuality though, the corporations get money from the government for running the schools, and are allowed to do with it what they like.

            In Philadelphia, some schools have already been privatized and turned over to Edison Schools Inc (a private for-profit company) and we are at risk of the entire district becoming privatized. There are several factors that are contributing to this, lack of money (The Philadelphia School District has a funding gap of about $269 million according to the local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer), low test scores, and poor management. The schools that have already become privatized though, have not shown any improvement. 

            Study author Vaughan Bymes says, “By 2006, the achievement gap between the privatized group and the rest of the district was greater than it was before the intervention.” 

Protester holds a sign against privatization at a demonstration. Picture can be found here

  So far, I have collected information about the topic, but I am left with a feeling of wanting more, and confusion. It’s a extremely complex issue, and I have a few questions. These questions include what people are doing about this, and why ar these kind of things happening. 

I'm wondering how anyone could let this happen.

I’m wondering how things could’ve gotten out of control and gotten in such a despairing situation. 

You can find the sources I used for this blog post here.