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At different times of day you greet people with different greetings. In the morning it is good morning in the afternoon it’s good afternoon at night or in the evening good evening or good night. It is the same in Spanish. Instead of a simple hola; say Buenos diás in the morning buenas tardes in the afternoon and buenas noches in the evening or night.
Here is  a video on How to greet people at different times of day.

Here it is 

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SLA Playwrights Rake in the Prizes!!

Seven different SLA playwrights had winning plays in the 2012 Annual Playwrighting Festival run by Philadelphia Young Playwrights!

Congratulations to the following students:

Byshera Moore for her play Star Dance (Second Place)
Ellen To for her play Breaking Borders (Second Place)
Alexis Babcock for her play The Stranger (Third Pace)
Sarah Charlotte Brown for her play Waiting for a Mother (Third Place)
Maria LaTorre for her play Sono la rosa nella mi storia (Third Place)
DeShawn Mcleod for her play Just Do It (Third Place)
James Prell for his play In A Foxhole  (Third Place)

See the complete winners list here.
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Keystone XL Monologues


In history class we are learning about the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline will be from the tar sands in Canada to southern United States.For the project we had to make monologues from different point of views on the Keystone XL project that congress is debating on. My monologues are about the effects of the tar sands on the world, why people are trying to run through with Keystone XL and how stupid we are for even trying to do this.

Fighting the Good Fight

(Character has a hippie californian accent. Occasionally will smoke throughout the show and put intense feelings into certain points)

(sits in chair and puts on radio equipment.)

“Good Morning, all you tar sand blockers. This is John Gatti here on Climate Watch Radio Show giving you the latest news on the (raises fist) fight against Keystone XL! As most of you may know we are in a global crisis. Global warming is getting worse and is affecting our climate. I don’t know about you guys but I think winter decided to come early this year and not on its own account. Mother nature is trying to tell us that what we’re doing is wrong, but the government doesn’t want to listen because they’re corrupted. Corrupted by the green stuff. I’m not talking about the weed here people.”

(Deep breath in)

“That’s some good stuff, I’m talking about the money. 800,000 gallons of oil a day, at $4 a gallon for us, the oil company is making $32,000,000 a day (Slams fist on table) and their not one even on the fields working to get it themselves! Who needs that much money if all you’re going to do is spend it on yourself and ruin the climate for everyone else. These tar sands are dirtier than any other type of oil we’ve dug up and used. Those groovy scientist who study climate change say it will be game over if we go through with this.”

“It would raise the CO2 levels by .06% which is a big dent for one country. I’m talking to you government, I’m talking to you! (deep breath in) Well you groovy tar sands blockers ive run out of time. I hope you learned something new today and I’ll be back tomorrow to give you more news. Gatti Out People!”

Grumpy Tar Sands

(character is grumpy, rude and shows a strong dislike towards humans and their dumb ideas)

“Hey you, you dumb human”

“Yea I’m talking to you, you must think you’re doing something really good for your country huh? Digging up the rest of me and watching the rest of your friends turn me into oil. Either that or you just enjoy that paycheck you’re getting.”

“Hehehe I would too if i got paid to you know shovel humans and burn them for fuel. I wonder what they would give off? (laugh)

“What do i give off? Are you seriously asking me that? I mean I knew you humans were dumb, but I didn’t know you were that dumb jeez. It’s like talking to a plank of wood. Why are you working here if you don’t know what Im going to give off, but if you haven’t heard, I am dirtier than any oil you humans have dug up. I’m guessing tar didn’t stick out to you?”

(mumbles) “dumb ass”

“You got other more important things to worry about than what I said. Like what will happen to you and all your little human friends if this goes through.”

“Don’t ask me. What do I look like a freaking book? You got the internet go home and search it up yourself. Now get out of here I don’t want your scent getting on me.”

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2012 Election - Maleena Mel

Question I Asked:

1. What motivated you to come to vote?
2. What would you like to see change in our political system?
3. Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?
4. Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating?
5. Did you learn about voting in school? If yes, did that impact your willingness to vote?

Answer from people at the Pole:
Person 1. A African American women 
1. I came to vote to support people such as myself, and to see a change in the U.S
2. The things that i would like to see change, is more supportive act. Such as heath care, and lower tax. 
3. No, do you?
4. Yes, Because i really think about the right person before i come to vote, Who i know and believe that would make a change. 
5. Yes, Because it showed me the reasons why to vote, and how it counts to the U.S and also the future. 

Person 2. A white women 
1. I came here to vote today because i wanted to support my rights and see a change in the future. 
2. Yes, The changes i would like to see is lower tax, more jobs, and health care for everyone. 
3. I'm not sure.....
4. Yes. 
5. Yes, It impact me to see the change in the future. 

Person 3. A White women 
1. Are you a democrat or a republican? 
She said "Yes". 
2. I came here to vote today because i believe everyone deserve a job, and not stay home. Also because i don't want to pay any tax for anyone who is lazy to find a jon and just living off welfare. 
3. What motivated me to come today was people such as my self, and my friends who believe their should be a change. 
4. Yes
5. Yes, thats why i'm voting today....
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Citizen Interviewing

​I interviewed a man that was  25 years old named Mr. Thompson. I didnt ask him where he lived at.
Me: Im Steven Webb and I would like to interview you for a school project that my history teacher assigned us. 

Thompson: Okay  what is it about.

Me: Basically it is an interview on people voting and its just a few questions.

Thompson: Do you mind if I look at them before hand?

Me: Sure

Thompson: Alright I don't mine answering them.

Me: Alright, what motivated you to come out and vote?

Thompson : To be honest I only started to vote when Obama ran for president

Me: What would you like to see changed in out political system?

Thompson :Well it doesn't really matter to me although everything seems to be in great shape so I wouldn't change anything. 

Me:  Do you vote in every election? 

Thompson: Well as I was saying earlier I only voted when Obama was in office but I will most likely start doing it more. 

Me: Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?

Thompson: No 

Me: Where have you encounter the highest amount of ad campaigning? 

Thompson: I have seen a lot on the tv.

Me: What was the most memorable campaign ad that you have encountered?

Thompson: Obamas

Me:  Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating?

Thompson: Year for now

Me: What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election. 

Thompson: I want the violence to be taken down but that isn't going to happen. 

Me: What impact do you feel you vote will have on this election.

Thompson: I want to hope that it has a huge effect but I know that it really wont have a huge effect. 

Me: Did you learn about voting in school?

Thompson: I may have but I didn't really care. 

Me: Thank you for you time thats all of the questions that I have.
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A Renewal of Maycomb: An Editorial by Maudie Atkinson

A controversial editorial submitted by Miss Maudie Atkinson in the Maycomb County Liberal Citizens' Gazette. 
Read on to learn more about the trial and what Miss Atkinson says about the current state of Maycomb- and how the people of the community can change it. 
Catering to her liberal readers, Maudie shares a perspective that some may enjoy- but one that some may despise. See where your opinion falls.

Untitled 2
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Pole Place thing Civi Home work

What Motivated you to come out and vote?

I wanted to pick the next president.

Do you vote in every election?

No only ones I can make it to.

Where have you encountered the most ads for the campaign?

I here the adds the most on the Tv and Internet.

Were you sure of who you were going to vote for before you came out here.


What changes do you hope to see in philadelphia as a result of this election?

I hope that there will be less taxes.

The people I interviewed or tried to said they would not speak or did not want to be recorded.

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