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Q3 Art Journal By: Morgan Taylor

This quarter I dd only two of the projects that Ms. Hull assigned to the class, unfortunately the were both thrown out because I left them in the room on accident. The other 4 projects that were assigned I did not do because I regretfully used the class as a sort of study hall. I did benchmarks and homework when I should of been doing the artwork that was assigned. I talked to Ms. hull about what I did instead of trying to rush at the last minute to finish all of the work that I did not do. When I talked to Ms. Hull about my work ethic this quarter she explained to me how she sets us up for failure and that maybe too much freedom does not work with how I do things. One goal I have for myself this up coming quarter is to do all of my work and to have the same mind set as I did in the first quarter. I would like to get back to doing art well and having fun while doing it. I do not want to have another quarter like this, I have failed and learned. Next time I want to do a lot better.
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Q3, Blog

This quarter in art, I feel as though I didn't do as good as I could had. I feel as though I kind of slacked off but still managed to get most of the things done. However, I will do much better nice quarter because of the weekly check-ins. If I would had put the effort in it this year I would had got everything done.

This quarter we had to create two self portraits, one small and one large. I wasn't able to do either of them, because I'm not capable of drawing faces. I did try to draw them though, but I failed and decided not to use them. The other assignments were: color wheel, texture, 2pt perspective, and shade. As you can see below in the picture below my drawings. I can say that I tried my hardest on all of them, but didn't really accomplish anything. 

I know that I'm actually bringing myself down but I'm just telling the truth. Next quarter I'll do much better as I said before. Anyways, here's all my work:
Photo on 4-12-12 at 8.32 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 8.33 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 8.23.20 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 8.35.21 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 8.34.37 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 8.36.14 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 8.42.39 PM
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Q3 Art Journal

For the third quarter, instead of following the curriculum Ms. Hull designed, I wanted to paint one of the ceiling tiles in her room.  I decided to paint the Flying Spaghetti Monster since I'm a devout Pastafarian and I think His noodly presence would be a welcome addition to the art room.  Most art projects are supposed to take a week, but I'm still not done this one.  I'm very proud of it so far, though.  I found the picture "Touched by His Noodly Appendage" and used Photoshop to crop out everything but the FSM Himself.  Then I added a grid to the picture so that it was divided into 24 squares, or twelve columns and twelve rows.  I divided the ceiling tile the same way, so that I could more easily make the painting well-proportioned.  After a long time sketching, I realized I had miscounted the number of rows in the painting, so my sketch was too long.  However, since I need to paint over the sketch anyway, I can amend it once the background is done.  I've never done anything like this before, so I don't know how it will turn out.  I'm excited, though.  I'm really enjoying working on this.  So far I have the whole drawing sketched out and even with the measurement mistake I think it looks quite good.  When I finish I'm going to send a picture of it to the official website of Pastafarianism.

Pictures coming soon!
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Quarter Three Work


This quarter, I focused mostly on logo design. For the most part, designing a logo for Philadelphia's Teacher Action Group took up my time and energy. I started this project by following the concept that was given to me by the group. This consisted of the name of the group in bold font, Philadelphia is thin lettering underneath, colored backing, and sunburst rays shooting out of the text. I came up with the following design and several variations just in case:
​Eventually, I edited the design until I came up with this somewhat-final design:

Teacher Action Group Final
Accompanying the design(s) I created based on The Teacher Action Group's guidelines, I designed two logos that I was inspired to create for the organization. I drew my inspiration from protest, considering that The Teacher Action Group is all about fighting for teacher rights and making sure that teachers' needs are met, and that they get the resources they require. My design is focused on the exclamation mark, which is easily the most renown symbol of reaction and energy, which are essential emotions for protest. 
I started by incorporating the name (Teacher Action Group) into the longer component of an exclamation mark, and then I added a smaller exclamation mark into the smaller component of the larger exclamation mark. After some editing, I didn't like the smaller exclamation mark in the larger exclamation mark, because it seemed a little too repetitive. I came up with the concept of illustrating the Philadelphia skyline into the smaller component of the exclamation mark. After playing around with that idea, I found a final design I felt content with.
Below are the final two designs that I came up with based on the exclamation mark concept. I created two logos instead of just one, because they both serve different purposes. The horizontal logo is geared more so towards branding on websites and banners, whereas the vertical design is geared towards apparel such as t-shirts.
TAG Philly Horizontal
TAG Philly Vertical
Here is a picture of a t-shirt model that I photoshopped the vertical exclamation mark logo onto. I believe the design would be quite eye-catching, just enough so to intrigue people without being obnoxiously attention seeking.
Model TAG Vertical Philly
  • I created these designs using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
  • The project is not completely finished just yet.


A couple weeks ago, I began to design a logo for a blog Ms. Rami will be using. I started by playing around with the lettering of her name, and came up with several concept sketches which are shown below:
photo copy
After I sketched the concepts shown above, I started translating them to Adobe Illustrator and I came up with these two rough designs so far:
I really liked the concept of combining her initials to create a symbol. The two designs above will just be the beginning of this concept.
​Obviously, this project is ongoing, and will take a considerable amount of time to complete. Along with designing the branding of Ms. Rami's website, I will also be designing the layout of the site. I am really excited to be designing for Ms. Rami, and I can't wait to really start exploring more aspects of graphic design through application and self-learning.
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Quarter 2 & 3 Artist Statement

I’m Not Starving, I’m Fasting While Drawing 

Every since I was 4, and I was watching Dragon Ball Z on the television, I’ve wanted to create scenes of action and stories on paper.

So it started with scribbles.

I would draw a dot on a page to represent Goku or Vegeta, Dragon Ball characters, and when I wanted them to move I drew a line to show where they flew and blasted each other a where they fought.

Then it evolved to me drawing square faces and bodies. I drew Goku the most and by the time I was in the seventh grade I could draw him in my sleep.

Then, when I was introduced to manga, I knew damn well I would be doing this as a living when I grow up.

Manga is Japanese graphic novels. They generally have more pages than American comic books, but lack color and all pages are in black in white except for the cover, special pages, and maybe the first few pages of the first chapter.

Shonen, which is boy in Japanese, is a genre of manga that include many scenes of fighting, usually with supernatural powers, among the characters (to appeal to a male audience). I want to draw Shonen manga because I enjoy drawing scenes in which characters fight with powers; I’ve been drawing it all my life.

So, with that said, what I have been working on recently (with much pain) is my manga “Converse!”Making a manga is hard work, like most things, and it takes dedication and endurance. But the final product is so worth it (I have mini celebrations upon finishing a page or two).

But no, seriously, it is very hard. A manga artist usually has a team of artist for the background, effects, action lines, shading, inking, but most importantly a professional manga artist has a producer to tell him if his story is going a stray or what to fix and how to just be a better manga artist.

However, I am alone. I am sad.

But enough of that, let’s get to the important stuff.

The Birth of Matthew

Matthew has black hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, and is generally a nice individual. His name comes from my little brother’s last name and he is the main character of my manga.


The main character of any story, but specifically manga, must be relatable, attractive, memorable, and/or likable. If someone is going to read a book with pictures they’re going to want to look at something not…unappealing.

So I made Matthew and he gets positive criticism from my friends, avid readers of manga. So I knew I was off to a good start.

But, for my story, Matthew has to be sad to get his powers, so I came up with the story where his drunken father forces him to drive his in labor mom to the hospital. Being twelve and not a good driver Matthew and his mom get into a car accident and his mom dies, saving him by serving the car at the last minute.

His dad goes to jail and Matthew attends a boarding school; the rest of his family unable to claim him.

With a history like this Matthew is quite, and very cool headed. He’s seen some things, nothing really scares him, constant bullying has given him the ability to not give a f@!k about the insults flying his way, and he doesn’t mind being alone.

He does, however, fear since he didn’t cry at his mom’s funeral he’s emotionless and a “monster” so he cuts himself to invoke a reaction.

Which leads to Matthew’s quirks. He has a high pain threshold, he is a very fast runner, he owns a switchblade (for cutting), he’s passive assertive (“shut up, please.”), and he never smiles.

I like Matthew because he’s one of the coolest characters I have ever made, I can relate to him and he makes characters around him pop out. His hair is hard to draw, but drawing him fighting is so much more worth it. But moving on to the title.

Every Story Has One

I am a fan of single word titles for manga.

I am also a fan of exclamation points in the title of manga.

And in my head Matthew is never seen without a pair of Converses on. So…you know, out came the title.


…guess we can move on to the story.

Once Upon A Time…

First let me explain how people in manga get powers. It’s really cool yet simple at the same time.

When a person, in the universe of Converse, experiences an emotion to the fullest their soul overcharges and gives them unique powers. The only way for a person to get their powers is to know they have an overcharged soul; an OverSoul. An OverSoul gives a person heighten abilities in strength, speed, and supernatural powers.


So, yeah.

The plot for Converse is simple: two organizations compete and fight over people with OverSouls. One group made to protect OverSouls and tech them to defend themselves are called the Souls(?!), and the other group who capture OverSouls and steals their souls are called the Reapers.

Matthew runs into a Reaper agent but is saved by the Souls, later on he learns the leaders of the Reapers and Souls are twin brothers. Matthew meets friends, gets his weapon, learns about his powers, and ultimately learns every person with a soul on Earth is in danger so he has to get strong enough to beat the Reapers’ leader because Matthew’s element is the only one that can defeat him.

There will be hardship, betrayal, love, comedy, death, but most importantly, the power of friendship.

Or, something like that.

Actually Drawing This Shiatsu

I know I love drawing, and I know I love drawing manga, but Jesus Christ, this is the most tedious, frustrating, agonizing, time consuming thing I have ever done.

Professional manga artist has, like, and eight man team plus a producer.

I have stolen lead pencils and friends who can’t be pleased.



The cons to this business is that drawing a decent looking page takes much time. More importantly, coming up with a decent chapter, then drawing it takes a lot more time. For example, I spent an entire 65 minute free period working on Converse, and I only got a page done. Mind you, this is when I could find the right pose for one of the panels, but still.

I knew drawing would take long, I was ready to fight that battle, but the first chapter to a manga generally has to introduce the main character, explain the plot to some extent, and draw the reader in by being sweet, short, and interesting in a matter of 50 pages (Later chapters are 17-20 pages at a time after the intro).

Sweet Mary, mother of Lord, did this take forever.

I ran through 200 pages of storyboard before I finally landed on a beginning that 1) I’ve never seen before as an intro and 2) was so interesting I made my little brother, the Stone Face of Philadelphia say, “Wow.”.

Basically what I did was take the character who inspired the cover of Converse, a girl interested in film and photography, and have her make a documentary on how Matthew saved the world. Meaning, the intro actually starts at the end of the story, but through interviewing key characters of the story we learn the events that led to this through a collection of flashbacks. 

I know, it is awesome!

So I got to work immediately after finding the perfect intro and I ran into the time vs. drawing problem, after a week or so of drawing I have only 18 pages. 

The pros to drawing this hour eating monster is that I like when people read it and look at me and as “Are you updating soon?” I like when I finish a page I can’t believe I drew the scene. I like when I think about it, I turn my thoughts, a nonphysical, almost nonexistent thing into something everyone can see and feel.

When I first start a page, I draw the panel I’m going to work on. I don’t draw out all panels because…well I don’t know but I draw a panel translated from my storyboard and I add the characters inside with their actions and expressions. Then, I make sure to have enough space for the dialogue. If the person is talking they get a medium sized panel, depending on what they’re saying. If they person is screaming or calling out their super, awesome, KO move I give them a big panel and I may center them to leave room on the side for the words.


I’ve been told that I’m good at controlling space, so I rarely run into the problem of running out of space for speech bubbles. What I do have a problem with are hands and backgrounds.

The background I can avoid if I just make sure the scene isn’t zoomed out too much. However hands, I’ve worked my way from every body part and I’m now trying to master how to draw hands, which are very difficult to draw for some poses.

Then there is the bane of art career; the thing that will make sure I stay in accounting instead of drawing manga.

Drawing females. Oh, god.


In manga, and even American graphic novels, women are usually portrayed with big breast, thin waist, big hips and that doesn’t really sit right with me, ya know? So I ignored the female’s body and tried to conquer the face but they all come out looking like dudes with wigs.

When I finally did get it down though, I had to draw the body and that came out looking like a guy’s body too. I was/am stuck of how to draw a female’s body without objectifying her at the same time. It’s possible, but I’m just not there yet.

Someone like me should be discouraged, drawing for 13 years now and I can’t draw hands. Well, I would be if it weren’t for my past work. When I look at my skill from just a year ago I see such an improvement that I can’t help but feel good about myself. I’m sure a year from now I’m going to have hands and boobs mastered.

Then there’s the issue with how I ink my manga, Professional manga artist use calligraphy pens to draw there manga to give it a fine, finished look to give the impression they drew it once perfectly.

“What? I can’t do that. I can’t even afford a calligraphy pen!” Says me. 

I don’t plan on introducing myself to inking until I’ve master the pencil. That also goes for coloring, because I have a two page spread for Converse in the first chapter that would be colored if I have the tools and skills. Coloring and inking will come later in my artist career; most likely in college.

In the Distant Future

I really do see myself doing this in the future, drawing manga and such, because this life makes me happy, it gives me purpose. 

The people who have done it before me inspire me and I'm really glad I started at such a young age. I mean, skateboarding is difficult, playing the guitar is challenging, but drawing comes naturally to me. Though, with the many years ahead of me, there is much space for improvement. 

I've never taken an art class outside of schol and I've pretty much just learned based off of what I've other manga I've read. Which is why I love manga as a storytelling medium, because I can share my idea and stories into chronological pictures and depict a plot, scenes, actions, dialogue, and anything else a story could tell. 

I love the art and the elements it's composed of. It's hard but in the end, like all good written novels, or capture movies the final product will be something everyone could enjoy.
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El secreto de el ¡Cuy! por Sabian Rosales

Hay una familia en el castillo de Europa. Hay un papá, una mamá, un hijo, y una hija. La familia tiene un Cuy. Es un Cuy épico. El Cuy es muy importante. El Cuy tiene un secreto. El Cuy está triste. El Cuy llora. El Cuy le dice al papá, "El mar, mamacocha, no está contento. Mamacocha va a destruir el mundo." Hay un problema. Es un problema grande.

El Cuy le dice al papá, "Sube los Nubes más alta con tu familia." La familia camina hacia los Nubes más alta con El Cuy. Los Nubes más alta se llama Huillcacoto.
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El secreto de la cuy por argentina Marcus Burrell

Hay una familia en las biblioteca de argentina. Hay un abuelo, abuela, un hijo, y una hija. La familia tiene una iglesia grande. La familia tiene una cuy. Es una cuy grande. La cuy no es importante. La cuy tiene un secreto. La cuy está triste. La cuy llora. La cuy le dice al abuelo, "El mar, mammacocha, no esta contetnto. mammacocha va a destuir el mundo." Hay un no problema. Es un problema pequño.

La cuy le dice al abuelo, "sude la biblioteca mas alta con tu familia. " La familia camina hacia la biblioteca mas alta con la cuy. La biblioteca ma alta se cuy huillcacota.
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El secreto de cuy

hay una familia tiene casa pequena. la familia cuy. Es una cuy grande. La esmuy importanre. La cuy tiene un secreto. La cuy triste. La cuy llora. La cuy la dice al papa. el mar mamacocha no esta contento. Mamachocha va a destruir al SLA. Huy un problema. Es un problem Grande.
La cuy le dice al papa., "sube la Pizza Hut mas alta con tu familia." La familia camina hacia la Pizza Hut
mas alta con la cuy la Pizza Hut mas alta se cuy huillcacoto.

Cómo los leones consiguieron su melena!!

Hay una familia de pandillas de motocicletas  en el de chile hay una el desierto. Papá una hija la familia tiene un castillo grande. La familia tiene in león muy grande. El león muy importante. El león un secreto. Mommacocha no le gustan los leones. Mammacocha quiere destruirlos. 
Mi familia de motocicletas satisfecho con la mammacocha no matar a los leónes. Mammacocha  dijo dome tu moto y perdonoré a los leones. La familia rechazo la ofrerta de mammacocha. Mammacoca envió serpientes venenosas para matar a los leones. Mi familia tuvo que advertir a los leons antes de que demasaido tarde. las serpientes que empezar a matar los leones y les dijo todo lo que el león oró al creador para protegerlos de las serpientes, pero el don vino can un precio.
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La Vecina Mala

Hay una familia en una casa Bolivia. Hay un primo, una abuela, y gemelos de alma.. La familia tiene una castillo viejo. La familia tiene una vecina. Ella es no importante como la familia. La vecina tiene una problema. La vecina es muy enojada. Ella grita . La vecina le dice a la abuela “¡detener caminan en mi jardin o voy a quemar tu casa! ”

¡Perú es excepcional! (la Srta. Manuel y el Sr. Lehmann)

Show what you've learned about Perú (refer to your KWL and your handouts for Perú) by making an ad showing all the different things you can see and do there. 

Take a screenshot of your ad and post it to SLA blog. The title should be a nice tag line for Perú.

Put the names of the graphic designers (you and your pareja) in the title of the blog post, as well.
Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 8.26.21 AM
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El Secreto de la Puma

Hay una familia en el ginmaso de Filadelfia. Hay un primo, una prima, una madre, y una bisabuela. La familia tiene una casa muy grande. La familia tiene muchos llamas. Todos la llamas son muy pequeña. La llamas es no importante, tenemos sólo comer a veces. La llamas es no secreto, tiene ejecutar en la puerta. La llamas nunca llora, tienes son muy calma. La llamas siempre decir "Escapar ahora! O tienen comer tú!"

Parte 1: Alyssa and Katie

Hay una familia en el mar de Costa Rica. Hay un serena, un cangrejo y un pescado. La familia tiene una concha de mar grande. La familia tiene un estrella del mar. Es una estrella del mar pequena. El estrella del mar muy importante. El estrella del mar tiene un secreto. El estrella de mar esta triste. el estrella de mar va a llorar. el estrella de mar le dice a el padre "el mar, mamacoacha, no esta contento. mamacocha va a detruir el mundo. hay un problema, es un problema grande. 

la estralla de mar le dice a el padre " sube la montania mas alta con tu familia" la failia camina hacia la montania mas alta con la estrella de mar. la montania mas alta se llama huilcacota.  

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Parte 1 de Bryanna Jones y Donesha Lee

Donesha Lee y Bryanna Jones
Espanol Cuento

Hay una familia en la ciudad de Nueva York. Hay un papá, una hija, un gato,un perro, pero hay él ratón vive debajo de fregadero .Él animales tiene un problema. La familia tiene un gato y un perro. Él ratón es muy inteligente, pero el otro animales no le gusta raton.

“Tenemos qué problema, el inspector es venido mañana por nosotros.” decir el ratón.
“Ay dios mio!” decir el gato.
Que vamos a hacer.” decir el perro.

Secreto ÉL BUHO

hay una familia en bosque de antártica. Hay un papá,una mama ,un hijo, una hija. la familia tiene tres casa pequeña.La familia tiene el bú el búho es muy importante .el búho tiene un secerto .el búho está triste. El búho llora.El buho le dice al papá ,"el mar mamacocha no sta contento. Mamacocha va a dessiri el mundo".Hay un problema es probelma grande .El buho le dice al papá "sur comina en las montañas. 
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Artist Statement Creighton

​Through out this quarter we all used basic steps to improv our art work. But in the last two quarters, we have been working on shading, vanish point and reflection. In this quarter we worked on Self portrait small, Self portrait Large, Color wheel,texture, shade, journals.Idid not do the 2 point perspective, although I did attempt to try it I will show you my attempt on my blog.This quarter is beginning to show our skills and how they are improving and how they are beginning to grow and become more artistic. 

For this first part of the project we were assigned Two self portraits. Small and Large. Both of them included shading, shadow and great sketching. All of these skills that we have learned so far in advanced art. It did not take me a very long time to do my drawing even though I tried my best.I noticed that the smaller portrait looked like me a bit more than the large it was harder to line the lips and other small features that aren’t big but very easy to catch the human eye if crooked. Below are my two drawing both small and large and remember this is my best.

For the rest of my projects they weren't the best because they were rushed. But I did try my best and I feel I deserve at least a B. 

photo 3
photo 4-1
Color wheel 
photo 1-1
Shade (3)
photo 1
photo 4
photo 3
Texture Hair, Water, Scales 
photo 2-1
photo 2
photo 1
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Business unit project

Group members: Priscella Neives, Page Wayman and Qaswa Malik
 We chose to present it through slideshow and we picked our question " What causes systematic and individual change?"
We answered this question by finding the systematic and individual changes of Obama and Teddy Roosevelt including that always leaders are responsible for bringing changes and making new laws and systems to fulfill the needs of their nations.
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Infographic Reflection

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.34.11 PM

a. What went well? 
We found a lot of resources, which helped in our understanding.
b. What did not? 
We could not use more infographics for a good visual.
c. What would you do differently next time? 
We would use more and unique infographics
d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise : It was concise.

Be Visual: Its visual was good but use of graphics was less.

Be Transparent: It was a good overview of all the information of the topic.

Be Different: It was not much different.

Be Accurate: Resources were very informative which made it accurate.

Be Creative: It could be more creative and gracious if we add more inforgraphics. 

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El Secreto de la Puma

Hay una familia en el zorro de Filadelfia. Hay un papa, una mama, dos hijo y una hija. La familia tiene una casa pequena. La puma es muy importante. La puma es muy loca. La puma tiene no secreto. La puma le dice al papá. " El tigre no esta contento. El tigre querer a destruir nosotros. Hay un problema. Es un problema grande.

La llama le dice al papa, " Sube la árboles mas alta con tu familia. La familia camina hacia la árboles.



Mini self-portrait:



For this quarter we were assigned to do a mini self-portrait. Meaning we all had to take one picture of ourselves and draw our bodies, and faces with detail onto paper. This taught me a lot about positioning a picture onto a piece of paper, and analyzing and drawing shapes and face structures and applying it on to another artist based object.

At first, when I began to draw I sort of sketched out a few things with my eraser just to get myself started. I figured that by doing this it would make the rest of the process of drawing the picture a lot easier, also this way, I was able to position the picture in the right form on the paper. Then after I finished doing that, I took my pencil and began tracing over the lines in which the eraser already made. After I finished doing this I already began to see the outlining shape of my face. So then I started to draw my hair. Drawing the hair was a little difficult for me because I wanted my hair to actually look natural, I didn’t want my hair to look Juvenile. So I began drawing my hairline, and my cheekbones, and the rest of my face. I then drew my neck and a little bit of my arm. After that I began to draw my eyes. My eyes were surprisingly easy. I colored my eye in very dark with pencil, and then left one part of it white, because in the picture my eyeball was placed in that very spot, so I wanted to make that part become more noticed. Then after that I began to draw my other eye, and my forehead wrinkles, my lips, and my nose. Drawing my nose I have to say was probably the hardest part of that whole portrait. I think it was because my face was sort of tilted, and so I guess drawing my nose was a little bit of a challenge for me.

Overall doing this project was a little difficult but not too much, I had some struggle, but I believe by doing this project I have learned some techniques and skills that will help me in the future.



LARGE self-portrait:


For this assignment we had to make the same picture, except it had to be in larger contents. Everything in the picture had to be positioned and coordinated with the last picture that we drew. In this assignment we were given the choice of pencil or charcoal. I chose to do both because I pretty much did the whole thing in pencil but I wanted to make some things darker and lighter, so it was pretty cool to add that effect.

When I began this project, I first put my picture into Photoshop and put it on 24X36 and by doing this the picture in Photoshop was the same size as my canvas. So by doing that it really helped with the positioning of the project. I began the portrait by doing my hair first, and drawing the shape, and outline of that. I then began to draw the structure of my face, after I did that I drew a line vertically, and horizontally. I did this because it is way I can position the eyes, mouth, eyebrows etc.  I then began my eyes, and my eyebrows. After that I focused a lot on my hair. The shape of my hair I believe was good, but making hair look like hair was a little difficult, but I believe I succeeded. I then began to draw my lips, and a little part of my arm, and my neck, and then when it was finally finished I stepped back and looked at my drawing and I was pleased.

In conclusion, this project taught me a lot of techniques I could use when doing large projects. Some parts of this, I was a little unsure, but overall I believe I did a good job on this project.



Shade (4)  


         For this assignment we had to pencil shade four figures; one was a shading where it was dark on the top and then as you get towards the bottom of the paper the tone got lighter, another was when the shade began from the sides of the paper. It started off dark and got light as it hit towards the center, the third picture that I made was a shading that was made into two triangles and from each corner the shade was dark then as I traveled down the shading went into a lighter tone. The last one I did was a shading of a rectangle with a circle embedded inside. I shaded the rectangle first, and then the circle.

            When I started this project the first thing I did was create a boundary or a border for all my pictures just to give myself an idea of where to begin shading. I then took my pencil and I would start off dark and make my way down to lighter tones. I did this because I figured it would be easier to go from dark to light, than from light to dark. I think the hardest part about this project was I think figuring out which shade should come next to meet the last tone which is white, so I guess figuring out a tone leading into white I think was a little complicated.

            Overall this project taught me a lot about tones, and the different shades in which a pencil is able to produce. I believe I did a fairly well job on this project.



Texture (3)


         For this assignment we were conducted to make 3 drawings. Drawing #1 was to create scales, so I decided that I was going to do a snake, another drawing we had to do was make water, I made an ocean with a reflecting sun, and last, we had to make realistic hair.

            The first project I did was the snake. The snake wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, because as I watched the tutorial on how to make the snake scales it turned out to be a quite an easy process. in order to make snake scales, and make them  neat, and blend in together, I was initiated to draw evenly spaced lines down the snakes spine, and in between those lines I created a type of oval shape, which created snake scales. The other project I did was the sun reflecting onto the water. To do this I first created a horizon. Then I began lightly shading the ocean with my pencil leaving a little space of white to show the reflection of the sun. The last one that I did was the hair. The hair was fairly difficult for me I think because how to make realistic hair you have to really study your dark and light shadings, because when your making starands of hair there are some parts that are dark and light which makes hair look natural on paper. To make the hair I used my pencil and I lightly did the outline of some ones hair on google and I then began to do the dark areas first and then I began the light areas, and then later into the project I began connecting the front of the hair to the back.

            I believe this project was a huge challenge for me, but I’m happy with my pictures. I think overall I did a job well done.




Point Perspective   


         For point perspective we were all given an assignment in which we had to look out the art room window and draw simultaneously the buildings and objects that we saw.

            I began this project by first drawing two lines that cross each other and with those lines I was able to make the picture that I observed outside the window, making it look realistic. In the picture I drew every object in which a human eye could catch. I drew buildings, the street lights the horizon, the other little buildings in the background etc. I have to say the hardest part about this project was positioning the scene onto paper.

            Overall I think I did a fantastic job drawing this scenery, this was also a little of challenge but I was able to push through, and get it to look alive, and realistic, as if your standing 22nd street.



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Third Quarter Artist Statements. : )

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.03.23 PM
Above as you can see i tried to go with a different idea of the self portrait. Instead of doing my whole face I decided to just draw half of it and then for the final product put the other half of my face in a picture with it. As you can see it didnt really turn out how i wanted but it still works. I think being to draw myself was kind of weird cause im so use to seeing my own face yet I didnt even know how to start the portrait. It was weird to look at myself and capture all the little details. Overall I liked the process just not the ending product. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 9.57.46 PM
For the next project I decided to practice with shading. This I found to be one of the hardest projects. Part of it being because shading has always been difficult for me. I always found it to be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to drawing. I chose to do the circles since they seemed to be the easiest. I did three different sizes to try out and learn to do different sizes all at once. In the end I liked the way the biggest one turned out so thats why i included two pictures of that one and on the middle one I made it to stand out. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 9.55.51 PM
For my next project I chose t go back to something I did the second quarter which was use photoshop. I picked a random picture I had on my desktop and just went crazy. For this I wanted to make the center of the feather stand out. I always found it to be the prettiest part of the picture. Its so bright yet simple. I also love the overall color of it. The shade of blue and green makes the picture go from being simple to a really eye popping picture. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.04.19 PM
For my next project i did something a little more different. I chose to not use paint or anything like that but use a thread and needle. Lately I been into eagles and I thought it would be cool to draw it and then instead of color it or paint it go over it with thick thread since normal one wouldnt really show defeating the purpose of it. At first I had to ask for help from my mom. Even though it was hard to start it out i found myself enjoying the project. Overall im really happy with the end result and i have to say this is my best project this year. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.10.57 PM
For my last project I decided to go back to photoshop. This time i chose to photo shop a picture of the track team at one of its meets. It was a picture i took by accident but it still turned out pretty to me. Even though it was a nice picture i still think that the brightest of the sun brought the picture down. This is why i made the picture a little bit more light with the red of the track so it could blend in with shadows. 
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