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A Macbeth Machinima

This is the creative portion of my Macbeth project for my English class.  I made a Machinima in Minecraft portraying Macbeth's character change: he goes from a loyal and praised thane to a feared tyrant. You can see that video here.  

To make this project, I took a series of shots with some of my friends as actors and later put them together into scenes.  I added scene title slides and then finalized my video and uploaded to vimeo to make it easier to watch.
I encountered several difficulties in this project.  The foremost is getting the actors to do exactly what I imagined; it can be hard to convey a thought that you cannot put into words well.  I also had trouble with timing the stage directions.  My final difficulty, and perhaps the most annoying, is creating this reflection; I have accidentally deleted it twice.
I am proud of the backdrop the video is in, especially the courtyard.  I also like how when a character dies, he drops what looks like blood (it is actually a minecraft item named redstone).  
I would change several things, though.  The intro for each scene is too short; there is not enough time to read the quote.  I also would get rid of the little yellow circle that appears at the beginning of every shot, though I am not sure how to do this.
I learned from my colleagues' presentations that there is almost never just one way of doing a project.  All of the different projects surprised me; I had trouble coming up with an idea.
One thing I learned about myself is that when someone does not understand what I am trying to get them to do, it annoys me.  It is also oftentimes my fault.  I also learned that I dream bigger then what I am able to do.  I wanted to add a couple other shots as well as the ones that are there, but ran out of time.

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Macbeth Dies A Tragic Hero.

This is my Macbeth creative project for english class. I wanted to show his's stages throughout the play.  I wrote Macbeth's name 5 times to represent all the quotes that I incorporated. It also shows that Macbeth's name changes it's font, color, etc because it shows the audience how much his character changes. It goes from bottom to top, Act 1 to Act 4. I used two quotes from Act 3 therefore, I didn't amalgamate quotes from Act 5. For my first quote, Lady Macbeth was conversing with her husband saying that he wasn't a man until he killed King Duncan. That's why I drew LADY over lapping Macbeth to represent the dominance in Lady Macbeth's character. I colored LADY in pink because in the play she was using her feminine features (being a woman) to her advantage. The second quote which is blue is similar with the quote Macbeth saying that he will not sleep innocent any more because he feels extremely guilty on the deed he has done. I drew a night cap, "zzz", moons, and stars to represent his sleep. The third quote which is in yellow represents his royalty and greed. He has finally received the crown and is now convincing the murders that Banquo is their enemy as well. Macbeth is taking over Lady Macbeth's manipulative character trait and using it on the murders. The swords represent how many times Banquo gets stabbed. I drew the ghost of Banquo sitting in Macbeth's seat at the banquet. Whenever you see a gold crown it emblematizes Macbeth. The fourth quote is all red and bloody because the quote regarding that is when Macbeth says he has stepped in blood so deep... The red color betokens the body count that Macbeth has annihilate. The last and final quote which Macbeth recites is that he is not worried that the forest will walk to Dunsinane hill. So I split the Macbeth in half, I drew "MAC" in trees to represent the forest and the "BTH" as the hills. I had the idea to draw the "E" the moving people who carried sticks to the Hills and the crown exemplify where Macbeth is located which is in the hills. All of these Macbeth's are written to show the change in his personality once he was crowned King of Scotland. Since I love to draw and paint, this wasn't that much of a challenge for me. I'm most proud of the creativity I put into the project. I would change the quality of the work. I might add more quotes next time. 
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"Taking advantage of innocence will backfire"

This sculpture is an extended section of my Macbeth essay and the second part of my English benchmark. This sculpture shows Macbeth's character change, stemming from his wife, and also Lady Macbeth's downfall. 
​In this sculpture, the hearts represent Macbeth and the hands holding the hearts on each side represent Lady Macbeth. The hands are holding the hearts as a sign of control. The heart starts out as red, which show he was humble, kind, and felt things such as guilt just as any human would. It shows his innocence. The heart gradually gets white, which shows that he became neutral. he wasn't necessarily innocent anymore, but he was far from evil. His heart eventually gets black, showing that he became pure evil and out of control. On the left side, which represents the beginning of the story, Lady Macbeth's hand is black to show that she was pure evil, but as it gets to the end of the story, her hand becomes white and red. The white shows that obviously she is far from innocent, but she is no longer the evil one, and the red represents her own blood after she killed herself. There is a quote on each of the hearts that best represents that character at that point in the story. 

My process of building this sculpture was one of which where I needed to be extremely patient. I first had to sculpt everything with the clay and wait for it to completely dry before I could paint. I then needed to wait for the paint to completely dry before I could glue any of the quotes on. 

One of my biggest difficulties was just being able to finish in time because I wasn't planning on the clay taking as long as it did to dry, which kind of made me have to speed up the rest of my process. To overcome this I just did different things to speed up the drying process of the clay. I had it constantly in front of a fan and also left it near an open window over night so that it could completely dry. 

I am most proud of how this project really shows the character changes in the characters. I think I made a lot of wise choices when it came to color and placement of things to show the development of each character. 

If I had the chance, I would just start the sculpting a little earlier considering it took so long for the clay to dry. Other than that I am extremely happy with the outcome of my project.

From my colleagues, I learned how to think about the story of Macbeth a lot deeper. There were even new things that I learned about the story after hearing how deep some of my classmates thought about their quotes. 

After finishing this project, I learned that I knew a lot more about Macbeth than I thought I did. I am much more confident when reading Shakespeare now because this project really taught me how to analyze and look deeper into quotes. 

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Serge Mass Macbeth Shoe

My project is about how Macbeth's character changed as the story progressed. It shows how he was in the beginning of the story to the end with the use of color. I chose to use a shoe because I have a passion of collecting shoes. The red paint on the shoe shows the blood Macbeth is in and how the blood is corrupting him and his sanity. Then the red turns to black to signify his down fall. 

My process with this project was pretty long. I put in about 8 1/2 hours of work for this piece of art. I had to plaster a pair of black canvas vans. Then paint them red. Then let them dry. After I had to paint the back half black. Then after the shoe was done I had to write all 5 quotes on the nylon ribbon. Then to make the white nylon ribbon look like shoe laces, I made gold lace tips. Then on my canvas board, I hot glued red and black ribbon to the canvas and made them intersect at one point to show the transition and change of Macbeth's character. Once all the glue was dry, I glued the shoe to the board and the laces crossing the shoe. 

One difficulty I encountered was the plaster would not mold to the shoe. I had to cool the hot glue and glue the plaster to the shoe. If I would of use the hot glue when it was hot, it would of burned through the plaster and ruined my work.

I am most proud of my final product because it was the hardest I have ever worked on a project and I feel passionate about my work.

I would of used a jordan sneaker and I would of used my Angelus paint to make a custom wearable shoe. It would have been amazing.

I learned that time and hard work pays off because I spent my whole day sunday to do this project and it was worth it. 

I learned that if I don't rush things I can have an amazing output or product. I am capable of so much if I take my time. It shows in my pictures below. I also learned that I have a tendency to rush things. 
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Macbeth Creative Blog

This project was the creative part of an academic quote analysis of Macbeth. I personally chose to write a song because I am a pianist and I found this an effective way to communicate the downfall of Lady Macbeth. While she was not the tragic hero in this play, she is one of Shakespeare's only strong female characters. She was power hungry and then manipulated her husband into killing people for the crown. This eventually lead to her ultimate demise as the guilt became too much for her to deal with as she fell into suicidal insanity. 

My process in the was difficult to begin with but it became easier as things went along.  It was hard to see how I should start with the music, but once I got started it was easy to tell the story without words through music. 

As always, I think the hardest part was to start and to see how this story was going to be told within music. I just played with different sounds and different musical concepts until something felt right and then I stuck with it. Things pretty much fell in place once I got that done

I am most proud of the ending to the music. I really like the way it end because its very full of tension and very dramatic and then the music is softer and then ends.  I think that really fit her insanity and ultimately her death by suicide. This was a dramatic play and I think that fits well. 

There are things I would have changes about the music. I would have made a few different choices about maybe using a higher or lower key at times. I believe music is never going to be perfect and with every composing project I do there is something I would change. My music is never going to be perfect; but that's something I really appreciate about the art form. Its a constant strive for perfection we will never reach. 

I learned that there are many many ways to show the same concept. People made art in many ways, like sculptures and someone did something dominos and the crown. I didn't think that with something so old, such as Macbeth, that it could be so relevant today and that kinds who are 14/15 could produce such creative things with it. 

I learned that I really like using music to express things; that it really is a powerful art form. I never had the chance to use music in middle school for anything academic, so coming to high school and getting to use it has really been something powerful and different. When I read Romeo and Juliet in 8th grade I swore I didn't like Shakespeare; I thought it was very formal, stuffy, and irrelevant to the world today. But getting to use it in both academic and artistic mediums has made it much more powerful and interesting.
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The Corruption of Macbeth

For my creative portion of my project, I chose 3 quotes from my thesis, and brought them to life in fashion sketches. Each color, and garment, represents an adjective that I feel Macbeth or Lady Macbeth exhibited at that specific point in time. 

I have a weird creative process when sketching fashion designs, I go outside and look for inspiration, I try to close my eyes as least as possible because anything you see can inspire you. When I found inspiration, I then went straight to my pencil, markers, rulers, and, paper, and got right to sketching. I spent 1 day for each sketch because I wrote a a brief dialogue discussing why I chose the colors, and garment options for each quote. 

I encountered various difficulties throughout my creative process, I did not have enough time to put forth the quality that I wanted. I wish I could go back and give myself more time and manage the time that I had much more wisely. 

I learned from the feedback of my peers, that my sketches could have been better, but my reasoning behind them was phenomenal. 

I learned that I can put forth much more effort. If I set intermediate deadlines for myself, I would have been able to bring much more to the table for this creative piece. 
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The Domino Effect

My project is shows how Lady Macbeth and her crazed schemes pushed the first domino in the domino effect of tragic events in Macbeth, that eventually led to both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth's deaths. 
meet the cast pdf
The process for creating my final creative piece was a fairly easy one. I wrote the quotes from my essay on dominos, and made clay figures to represent events that corresponded with the quotes. One problem I encountered during the creation process was the fluency of the domino effect. Two of my clay figures were too heavy, and the the bases too wide. I rasped the fronts of those two figurines so that they would tip forward with more ease. The Macduff figurine with the toothpick sword could not knock over the final dead Macbeth either, so I added more dominos. By the end of my presentations, the domino effect worked beautifully.
I am most proud of the way the domino effect corresponds so well with my essay. the dominos and the clay figurines give a fluid, fast paced, and hands on version of my interpretation of the play. It was easy to explain and easy to understand, and it demonstrated exactly what I wanted to say. If I had the chance, (and the sculpting skills) I would make the figurines easier to identify. I would also add more quotes to further demonstrate my point.
From doing this project, I learned I could create a smooth good looking presentation without any procrastination stress. This is the first project I have completed in a long time where I completed it long before the due date and felt fully satisfied with the results. In the future, I will try harder to complete projects before I get frighteningly close to the due date, to limit the amount of stress.
Domino effect video coming soon.
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The Rise & Fall of Macbeth

My project is about the rise & fall of Macbeth. This is a creative extension of the Macbeth quote analysis that shows how Macbeth betrayed his friends and country.
My process in crafting the creative portion was thinking of the type of creative portion I should do, finding the pictures for the short story, and finding the right dialogue to use. The difficulties I had were finding the pictures and thinking of the creative portion. I overcame them by looking up specific events from Macbeth and narrowing down types of creative portions I could do. I am most proud of how the pictures match the event well because I had a hard time finding a few of them. If I was given the chance I would add a little more dialogue before and after the quote.
What I learned from the presentations was that a lot of people preferred to do Macbeth more than Lady Macbeth. As a result from doing this project I learned that I prefer the non-digital ones more than the videos.
Macbeth Creative BM
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Macbeth Creative Piece

​This a creative piece that shows Macbeth's downfall experience. I decided to draw for my creative piece. These two drawings are drawn by me. I decided to draw these two pictures because I thought it was pretty interesting connection to the book. In the first drawing I have the trees on the bottom and the hill with a sword at the top. During Macbeth, he said that the only way he'll be destroyed was if  The Birman Wood marched to Dunsinane Hill, we all know that trees can't walk, therefore this would never happen. In the second drawing I interpret the trees actually walking up to the hill. This means that Macbeth if finally destroyed and taken down. My process of this creative piece, was rough. I spend 5 hours drawing both pieces. The one thing I would change about this would be the background, I think I could of done more than just black and white. I learned that it’s very difficult to interpret someone else’s work without having them explain it you. It all makes sense after. What I learned about myself was that I’m capable of drawing both drawings in one day. I never knew that I could actually finish both pieces in one day. It took a long time, but the effort I put in to it, reflects the quality of my work.

2013-04-09 10.44.57
2013-04-09 10.45.42
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Creative Project about Macbeth

​This is my creative project to accompany the Macbeth analytical essay. My project is crayon art about the downfall of Macbeth and how greed, his power hungry mind and his ruthlessness influenced his downfall. While I was crafting this project, I really wanted to portray what made him insane and what made him fall into a downward spiral. I chose to use crayons and melt them for each act. I bought a canvas and split it into 5 different sections, one for each act. Then I counted how many kills he made for each act, how much his greed influenced him in that act and how much power he had and used. The red was for the kills/ruthlessness, the green was for the greed and the purple was for the power. Then I glued the crayons down with hot glue. 
​But before I melted the crayons, I wrote the quotes I used in the essay on the lines separating the acts from each other. I also wrote what act was what on the bottom. Then I got to the fun part, the melting of the crayons. I used a hair dryer on high and pointed it downwards to make the crayons run down the canvas. I am most proud of the way the colors blended together and how much that corresponded with the story without me trying to. Something that I wish that I could have done is take a video of it while I was melting the crayons so the viewers could see how the colors blended. Other than that minor flaw, I am really proud of my work. I learned from my peers that even with other types of medium, people can have the same type of story. I learned about myself while working on this project because I learned that if I keep reminding myself to get it done earlier, I could get the work done and not procrastinate. And thanks to Lauren Thomas for taking these lovely pictures fo my project.
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Creative Macbeth BM Portion

​I was always curious towards the death of Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare writes about her death, but not about how or why she killed herself. For my creative piece of my benchmark, I wrote a suicide note from Lady Mac's point of view that tells Macbeth's change throughout the book. My process was thinking of the right type of creative piece to do, then writing it in the correct manner.. Which is the thing I had the most difficulties with; correct dialogue. I couldn't write it as a 9th grade student, I had to write it from the perspective of a Queen from the 1600's. I mostly am proud of how lengthy it came out to be. Although, I would go back and change the placements of some of my quotes. A couple of my quotes are hard to understand because of the place I put them in their paragraph. Nevertheless, I'm still proud of how it came out. 
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Greed Will Be Your Downfall-Creative Portion Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

This project was the creative extension of my quote analysis of Lady Macbeth; 

In the beginning of the book Lady Macbeth is a greedy and manipulative character, however after Duncan is killed, guilt eats away at her heart as she becomes fragile and depressed. This project shows that greed is the downfall of Lady Macbeth.

My process during this portion of the project was all about using the art supplies and the utilities available to me. I started with painting my hands red and the stamping "bloody" handprints across the poster board as my background. I then took five separate pieces of blank paper and for each paper I had a quote that was the inspiration for it. For every piece of paper I did a collage of pictures that showed Lady Macbeth's personality and mindset at the time. 

One difficulty I encountered during this project was deciding what to put on each piece of paper that related to the quotes. Lady Macbeth is very complex and for most collages I couldn't just put one picture in it. I found it somewhat difficult to decide what exact items to draw or paint onto the paper. In the end I decided to put what I felt most represented Lady Macbeth and look at some of the interactions with Macbeth.

On this project I am most proud of my final product, and more specifically my collages that relate to each quote. I spent a long time on each collage deciding what exactly to put into it, and then executing it. I really enjoy painting, but to me I have to be really precise to be happy with my work, so it took me awhile to get it how I like, but I am really proud of my end product. 

If I had the chance to redo my project, I think the only thing I would change is get a bigger poster board so I could have bigger collages to show more aspects of Lady Macbeth given the certain quote. I say this because since Lady Macbeth has so much depth to her character it would've been nice to include a little more. 

I didn't get to see a lot of my colleagues' presentations, but from the ones I did see I learned that there are many ways you can interpret the quotes and put it into your own creative project. Everyone's projects reflected who they were in a certain way by showing what creative art form they used. I also saw the transition much clearer from different points of views. 

I learned that when I do creative projects I really like to combine multiple art forms to get (in my opinion) a better end piece. I didn't just use paint, I used paint, pastels, magazine clippings, my hands, and pencils. I also learned that I don't just like to give the "big picture" of a quote, I also like to show the little things that give the character more depth. 

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Macbeth Creative Portion

This creative project was inspired by the quote, “My hands are of the same color, but I shame to wear a heart so white” (Act 2 Scene 2, lines 76-77) Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth this after the two of them kill King Duncan. What she means buy this is that she has no problem getting her hands dirty from the blood of others if it means she will gain power. This also means that she is glad she does not have a pure white heart like her husband. This sculpture also represents the evolution of Lady Macbeth’s character. At first she is similar to the bloody hand. She is willing to do anything to get what she wants. She then starts to regret what she has done. At this point she wishes that she had a pure white heart, instead of bloody hands.

The sculpture is made out of two things, air dry clay, and this material I found the recipe for called “paper mache clay”. I started by sculpting the hand and the heart and then waited for them to dry. After the heart dried I painted it white with acrylic paint and glued the quote to it. At this point the hand was not fully dry, but it was dry enough to paint, so I painted it with oil paint. It turned out that using oil paint was a mistake because it did not dry fast enough and was still wet when I brought it into school. My main issue was with my materials not drying as fast as I thought they would. If I were to do this again i would either use materials that dry dafter, or allowed myself more time, so that they could dry properly.

I learned a lot from my colleagues about how they interpreted Macbeth similarly to me, and differently from me. In this project, I am most proud of the hand that I made, because I think it looks very realistic. The hand is the right size for a parson, and the colors (especially of the blood) seem just right. From doing this creative project, I realized how much I enjoy making things with my hands. I knew that I like giving my hands something to do, but this allowed me to take that, and make something with it.

Photo on 4-9-13 at 10.54 AM #2
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Guernica desde el punto de vista de Jesus

Cuando veo a este obra de arte, veo mucho dolor. Pero hay esperanza. El toro en la obra simboliza la fuerza y peligro de los humanos en el mundo por otros y los mismos. La lanza en el caballo simboliza el dolor de los animales usaron en la guerra y cómo humanos usen animales por fuerza laboral. La flecha simboliza la dirección correcto por humanos para tener éxito en sus vidas bajo los ojos de Dio. La espada rota simboliza guerra y la caída del dolor por los hombres en la guerra. La vela y la bombilla simboliza el pasado y el futuro de los humanos. Simboliza la esperanza en el pasado y la esperanza por un futuro brillante.   
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Guernica desde el punta de vista de Elmo!

¡Hola chiquitos! Vamos a ver la obra Guernica. A ver, primero, hay un toro. El toro es un animal muy grande. Tambien, vemos un caballo, ¡y tambien es grandisimo! Los dos pueden simbolizar el fuerza, y tabien el cariño. Además, vemos la luz. La luz se representa el heoré en contra de la oscuridad. Y hay un pájaro. El pájaro se simboliza la abilidad a volar y creer. Y finalmente, el fantasmo es una cosito escalofriante, y se representa el miedo! 
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Desde el punto de vista de Prince Royce.

1. La mama y una bebe: El dolor de perder a alguien. La muerte no nos separará.

2. Suldado: He intentado tan duro, pero yo todavía no te salvará.

3. Fantasma: Tantas muertes. ¿Qué está pasando aquí?

4. Heaven: Después de todos estos dolores, el infierno es el cielo contigo.

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George Bush- Guernica

Hola, soy Bush y yo era el Presidente de Estados Unidos. Veo el toro, ven la guerra. Veo el cuchillo, aceite y quiere conseguir unas gotas de aceite. Veo las luces veo esperanza y brillo de obtener aceite de guerra. El caballo me parece a mí más guerra que me gusta
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Beauty is the Beast

a. What is this project about?

This project features and depicts the the rise and downfall of Lady Macbeth. It displays her manipulative behavior, self-harm, and eventual demise in a fast paced form. It is the creative extension of my original character analysis and depicts how I see her in a multimedia form.

b. What was your process like in crafting the creative portion of this project?

The process for this project was tireless. It took several days/hours to concept, revise and complete the art work and depictions of the characters. I originally chose the black and white, comic-styled, look, as inspiration from the Macbeth movie we saw. Like the yellowish, dull undertone of the movie, black and white gives a subdued and bleached look which I thought would be perfect for Lady Macbeth.

c. What difficulties did you encounter in doing this project? How did you overcome them?

One of the main difficulties was constantly changing my mind about things. For the outline of this project, I had so many ideas and didn't realize it would take so much time until I did them. I also had to get rid and redo things that wouldn't work. This constantly happened until I just decided to stick to a revamped version of my idea.

d. What are you most proud of in this project? Why?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

e. What would you change/do differently if given the chance?

If I had more time, I would have chose a different medium/style to draw in.

f. What did you learn from your colleagues' presentations/projects?

My classmates individually view each character different and portrayed them in a different volume. They also each had their own vision of how to present the story.
g. What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project?

I tend to sympathize with the antagonist the most. This is mostly likely because I was able to see past their flaws, especially in Lady Macbeth's case. I realized that even the most bad people are still human. That even if they are considered "evil", they are just as fragile on the inside as everyone else.

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Lady Macbeth the Sly Fox

In Ms.Dunn’s english class orange stream wrote quote analysis about a character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I wrote about Lady Macbeth, she’s Macbeths crazy wife. In the beginning the once charming Lady Macbeth, was an intelligent, seductive woman who would use her charm for vicious deeds, until her plans change and she ends up ashamed of her ways. Lady Macbeth would use her charm for evil ways. She had one goal and she wasn’t going to stop until she got what she wanted. I liked Lady Macbeths character because she was insane. I think Macbeth wouldn’t be such a good book if it wasn’t for Lady Macbeth. She basically started it all, if it wasn’t for her Macbeth would have never turned out the power hungry dictator he turned out to be.

​For my creative I have two different parts to it.The first part I have a mini story of Lady Macbeth's point of view of everything. I added details that talk about her childhood, and how she met Macbeth. It gives more story/detail to Lady Macbeth. Shakespeare really didn’t give background on Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. I like knowing a little bit about the character and they because who they were.  The second part I made a short film of what I wrote in the story. The film has pictures in it. The film also adds dramatization to the 6 quotes I had in my Lady Macbeth Essay. This is the little kid in me but I love pictures. The book has to be really good for me not to care about the book having pictures or not. Some points in the book needed pictures, the scene with the witches would be ten times better if there was a picture of them dancing. Creating the video was a little hard. You want to make sure it’s not too long where the people won’t want to see it. It also takes a while to make an iMovie so it takes time and patience. The hardest part was trying to find the perfect background music. I wanted to do something from Scotland. It’s rare that you find nice bagpipes that won’t kill your ears. I finally found a song on iTunes that was perfect. The worst part was edit the movie because not everything goes the way you want it.  Overall I'm proud of my work, I think I did a good job on it. I’m most proud of the pictures for the quotes. My original idea was to have my friend pose as the pictures but that didn’t work. So I drew one picture I found some and added the quotes. I love the quotes I think some of them are really deep.

If I could change my project I would want to use a calmer version of the bagpipe music. I would also  like my friends to act out the quotes. That would be so cool to use diffrent people to see how they felt the quotes should look like. I’m still new to using iMovie so Tiarra helped a lot. When I watched her movie it gave me ideas to how to make my movie better. The projects from orange stream are really creative. From viewing their projects I learned new things from each person. I didn’t know that some people were artistically creative like that. What I took away from this essay is I love to free write. Doing my creative part I love making up stories, about people. using iMovie was hard but I like to experience new things, someday it might come in handy.

Click here for resources  

The Untold Story of Aileen McErlean (Lady Macbeth Essay)
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John F. Kennedy - Guernica

​Este obra de arte representa los aspectos positivos y negativos de sociedad durante la guerra frío. Los estados unidos creó bombas y armas luchar contra Rusia. En la pintura la puerta representa un comienzo nuevo para los estados unidos. El fantasma simboliza el pasado que perseguir nos país. La vela ilustra las memorias de todos las personas importantes. La paloma retrata esperanza para las generaciones futuras. Finalmente, la mamá y su niño representa fuerza sobrevivir durante situaciones difíciles.