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It's Elemental: Barium

For the last art project of the school year this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed carving and printing, and I did not cut off a finger. This type of project wasn’t new to me because I printed during summer camp but didn’t focus on negative space or matting art. My element was Barium. Some interesting facts about Barium is that Sir Humphry Davy discovered Barium in 1808. It’s Atomic number is 56 Barium is found in salts that are used to make fireworks green. Barium is also used in metals to make them heavy sometimes used in silverware and X-rays. My print is called Barium Man. It suits the print because the carnie is holding up an anvil that is made by Barium. I had other sketches for Barium but this sketch was perfect At SLA we embrace using the five core values and during this project the values were useful in many areas.

Inquiry: The first question was which sketch shows the uses to Barium?  A good question that I asked myself was would this be easy to carve without cutting my self?

Research: To make my sketch I had to learn more about my element. I researched more about Barium to get an accurate design to see what it looks like. Based off of printing from before, your sketch should be easy to carve. Another thing is to know about negative space. If you know where your negative space is your print will turn out better than expected.

Collaboration: When it came time for printing we all collaborated as a whole to put out paints and take turns using the different rollers because there was more paint than rollers. Another way we collaborated as a whole was the clean up. We all came together to clean up the room when we were done so we wouldn’t be late to our next class.   

Presentation: For my presentation I matted the best print out of all the prints I made. I also decided to show the world my creations by blogging about them. It’s a good way to show off something you are proud off.

Reflection: Over all this was a fun project, if I could do it over I would try a new design that would have thicker lines and less detail. The more detail in the print the harder it was to carve. With a design that has thicker lines and less design it is easier to see the print and it looks a lot neater than mines was.   

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English Journal #10

What do you wish for?

I wish I could do so many things, I don't even know here to start. I wish I could spend time with my dad. And I mean a good time. No complaining, no worry, just having fun or relaxing. I wish drugs weren't misused. I wish they couldn't kill you. I wish I could help everyone who has any time of problem. I wish I could fly and go anywhere for free, just to see what it's like there.
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We had to inquire what our atom was. We also had to inquire about it's properties
Research - 
We had to research our el 
Collaboration - 
We collaborated on learning about our elements. We also collaborated on the cutting part.
Presentation - 
We had to invent a presentation on our element. We also had to choose between multiple presentation options.
Reflection -
We had to think about how this stuff worked and how our atoms were used. We also had to write this down.
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.11 PM
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.09 PM
Photo on 6-10-13 at 12.10 PM
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Journal Entry #13

“All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone, everything is in relation to everything else.” - Buddha

After all that I have learned from Buddhism some of their principles that align most with my values are that (referring to the quote) everything is in relation to everything else. I feel like this is saying that everything has some value, some worth, and is there to be here for a reason and that is my personal belief. In the beginning it talks about how everything both appears and disappears for a certain amount of time. Everything has its place in the world and their own amount of time that is sent in the world, which is also what I believe in.


“ There’s silence in our hearts because there’s inexpressive grief and lack of information so the only thing that we don is stream naturally toward a church a mace of spiritual growth”

“I think religion helps us to deal with what we don't understand, with what overwhelms us, with what makes life hard. It helps us gain an another”

“Alongside the prayers, there were angry calls for vengeance”

“Its very very important that we ourselves not become tragically victimized by this in a way that would turn us into any kind of vengeance mob.”

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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Throughout the year I spent in English and History class, I learned more about myself. I learned that I take a lot of things I have for granted, because I didn’t realize how bad people in other countries lives really are.

During this school year we learned a lot about other countries through the Holocaust and Colonialism. I am writing about Countries not always knowing what is best for other countries. The pieces of work that we did in class that have to do with this topic are the Torture and Obedience worksheet, the Night Themes and Insights worksheet, and the Graphic Novel Quote Responses on the Holocaust book we chose to read. I learned about this topic from reading the books, “Night” by Elie Wiesel and “Maus” by Art Spiegelman. Both of those books are about the Holocaust through Jewish peoples’ eyes. On the “Maus” Quote Sheet, we had to write quotes that we thought were interesting, what we thought about the quote, what the quote says about the book, and what the quote says about the world. On the “Night” Themes Worksheet, we had to write three quotes from the book about faith, relationships, hope, and control. We also had to write two statements and a deep question for each of those categories. These helped me learn about countries not knowing what’s best for each other because we live in a free country and we complain if our phone is going to slow, if there's traffic, or if something costs more than we want it to, but these people were fighting for their lives every day and we will never know what their experience was like. The Nazi’s were trying to control the Jewish people and wanted to kill them because they weren’t the “perfect” race. The last worksheet that helped me learn about this topic is the Torture and Obedience Worksheet. This helped me learn about the topic because it was a worksheet on a video that had to do with people shocking others if they answered a question wrong, but the people weren’t really getting shocked, and the video related to the book, “Night.” It related to “Night” because the Nazis tortured the Jewish people by putting them in gas chambers and keeping them in the concentration camps with barely any food or water. They also killed the Jews by putting them in a in a crematorium. We wait in line for the newest phones, newest sneakers, or even concert tickets, and the Jews waited in line for food and their death. Another piece of work that we did in History was a Colonialism Project. This helped me understand because after the Native Americans were colonized their whole world changed, and they didn’t want that to happen because they didn't know what the change would bring to their already formed culture but the Spaniards thought that colonization was best for the Natives even though the Spanish told them how to live their lives. An example of this in today's world is the budget cuts from the Philadelphia School District. They are taking away our rights to a better education from our electives, our sports programs, and even our counselors that help us with our college choices.

My thoughts about countries not always knowing what is best for one another changed throughout this year because I used to think that learning about other countries and the Holocaust was boring, but now that I learned about it in a different way I found out a lot more about the ways countries try to control other countries. Another way it changed my thinking was because it was in the perspective of people that were a part of the Holocaust rather than someone else’s perspective. I used to not like learning about History but the way that I learned it this year really changed my perspective on how I look at the world and it taught me that I shouldn’t take the things I have for granted.

Some Other Work That has to do with this Topic:

History Journal 9/12/12

English Journal Observations about LotF
Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 3.10.17 PM
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Reflection- Element Project

Inquiry -  This project reflected inquiry because we needed to ask ourselves how we would do each step. For example when we used the cutting tools we needed to ask ourselves questions like: "how will I cut out the finer details of my drawing" and etcetera.

Research - The project reflected research when we needed to find out what our mineral is used for. So in order to find out what would be an acceptable design we needed to research online what it has been used for.

Collaboration - The project reflected collaboration because often times I collaborated with fellow students and my teacher for my concepts. For example I went to a supervisor student to collaborate ideas about what to have for my final concept.

Presentation - It reflected presentation because we often tried to smoothen out final details to make the final product look nicer. For example when I was cutting into my design I often had to work out the final details to get the design I was looking for.

Reflection- The project reflected reflection because it allowed us to compare some of our previous looks to others and see which one worked the best. An example of this is how we did more than one print so if one we did didn't turn out just like how we wanted we could know what to change for the next one.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
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Journal Entry #31

Up for Trial:

Multinational Corporations.

Us Consumers

Factory Workers

Poor Country Elite

The System of Profit

A Mike Daisy Article

  • Foxconn makes over 15 percent of all the electronics of the world. ( last year they made over 52 percent of them)

  • the foxconn in shenzhen has 430,00 workers (each cafeteria only 10,00 people. Only 25 rooms and they’re always full.)

  • There's always guards at the factories carrying guns

  • There was a photographer taking pictures not at foxconn but near the premises and he was held for two days and beaten.

  • there was a epidemic suicide at foxconn. a month after month of suicide. now theres suicide nets so people can’t jump off the roof.

  • Some factory workers are very young. Youn as the age of 12 or younger.

  • There are inspections on the factories. They inspect under age workers but the factory always change the workers on the day of those inspections.

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Khalil Clark Capstone

Khalil Clark

Ms. Dunn (Mentor)


My capstone was done on H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This project was designed behind someone close to me after they were diagnosed with this virus. I was influenced to take this topic, and further my knowledge. My plan is to inform others about H.I.V. because it is a wide spread epidemic, and not many people are informed about the damage this disease can leave on a person. Although I jumped around this year with trying to settle down on one idea, I decided that H.I.V. would be a more successful topic. I am very passionate in becoming an advocate for others dealing with this virus, or those who are friends of people with the virus.

Here is a link to my Google Doc with my initial work:

Khalil Clark HIV Essay

Khalil Clark HIV Presentation
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Journal 1 history 9/11/12

Why is the world such an unequal place?

1. population- more people in a country can make the country richer or more poor.

2. Colonization- with many countries, people fought for freedom but lost money,power because they were poor.

The best way to deal with global inequality would be to accept that it's happening. Then, you should be more informed about what the population, currrency, alliances, and history of the countries history. Try to figure out what you have and how your life would be different if you didnt have the fortune or misfortune you have. Spread the word and worry about what will happen if your country changes and see if the alliances you have with other countries will change or stay the same.
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Journal 41 4/29/13

Never shall I ever forget . . .
the time I went to my grandmothers house
the big palm trees and flowers next to her.
Never shall I ever forget...
The smell of her cooking.
The colors of the room,
The feeling of excitement.
Never shall I ever forget . . .
her lovely personality that cheered the home
The things she would say to those she loved
Her small body
That walked faster than anyone which seemed like she was running
to make us happy because we were on a vacation.
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Journal 33 3/7/13

Lucille Clifton

Pray that what we want is worth running for.
I can pray all day but God won't come.
I can call 9-1-1 and the devil would come.
We do right we do wrong.
We send a million men to bring peace to the heart of the nation.

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Journal 26 2/4/13

Why are professional sports such a big deal in this country?

Professional sports are such a big deal in history because it is a hobby every american likes to do. It is something that can be played by anyone and everyone.
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Journal Entry #40

Monthly Review Press, New York 1972

Pg. 19-20

"They prove that colonization, I repeat, dehumanizes even the most civilized man that colonial activity, colonial enterprise, colonial conquest, which is based to contempt for the native and justified by that contempt, inevitably tends to change him who undertakes it; that the colonizer, who I order to ease his conscience gets into the habit of seeing the other  man as an animal  accustoms himself to treating him like an animal, and tends objectively to transform himself into an animal."

Amie Cesaire, I agree with everything this man says. He simply takes his idea of colonozation and exaggerates it to get the attention of the audience. No, excuse my language he unrefines it and removes the commonly used word "settlers" inorder to portray crudely how evil colonization is, was, and always will be. This does not only pertain to past even in our histories, but places that are being overthrown today. And you can no tame the untamable unless you become untamable also.

"Colonialism is influenced by racism." 
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Element Project

Inquiry:  I asked many questions when beginning this project. What is neodymium? How can I reflect the element's identity in a piece of art?

Research: I did quite a lot of research to educate myself on neodymium and it's purpose and importance in our lives. I researched both the science and chemistry of the element and the artistic application of the element.

Collaboration: My peers helped critique my various sketches. I was able to brainstorm better out loud and get good constructive criticism to improve my product.

Presentation: The presentation of the final element print is essential. I had to print neatly and cut and matte it precisely in order for it to look professional, well done, and well presented. 

Reflection: I reflected and looked at the bigger picture several times during my process, considering what my project would look like in a grade wide periodic table. I also reflected on my previous experience in science and engineering class with elements to help enrich my project.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 6.19.47 PM
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Journal Entry # 36

Violence is powerful but non-violence initiates action. For example actually I have no example, but I will explain my reasoning. If you are violent law officials will see you as silent and easy tagets, but if you are non-violent there only strategy is no longer effective and they must give you what you need.If you are non-violent this awaken the opposing party and tells them "no this is not a joke." Both of these acts of resistance will have consequence, but one will be less painful.

My Faith in non-violence by Mohanda K. Ghandi

"I have found that life persist in the midst if destruction and, therefore there must be a higher law than that of destruction... I have found, however, that this law of love has answered as the law of destruction has never done."

Ghandi's response to non-violence was not only plausible, but soothing. I have heard of him only when being compared to American activist ie. Doctor King. But actually hearing/reading his views makes me think of new ways we can end violence today.
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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

Final Portfolio

Jules James

Looking back throughout the year in history and in english the theme this year in history, to me was seeing things in different lens helps create a better understanding of the world. We learned about what happened in the past and also what is happening now. We didn’t just stick to one subject. We learned about about a lot of things that happened in different places. One thing I remember learning about in history was the Colonialism Project. In this project we had to search any place in the world that was colonized in the past and we as individuals prepared a proposal to make an exhibit. This project really showed me that there is a way of learning without just sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher talking our brains out and telling us to take notes. And some people, like me, consider this way to be the easiest and the fun way to learn. In some cases it’s nice to learn and find out new information on your own other than just getting a ton of facts thrown in your ear.

It wasn’t just the projects that helped me learn new things in different ways but it was also the daily journals we did. For example, one of the journals I thought was helping was History Journal #19. In this journal, the question was “What is your universe obligation?” I answered this question by stating the four people, things, or places that I that felt as though was extremely important in my life. I liked doing this journal because the answer for this question didn’t have a right or wrong answer. It was opinionated. At this time we were learning about the universal declaration of human rights. We learned about the different rights for humans such as being born free, no slavery, equality to law, privacy, and many other rights. We also learned about The Modern Day Sweatshops. It was interesting the way we gathered up all our information and used it on each other by having a trial. We performed the trial by playing in different groups such as U.S. consumers, the system of profit, the poor country workers, the poor country ruling elite, and the multinational corporation and we basically chose one group to put all the blame on for the sweatshops, that is all around the world, and we had evidence of how each other was involved in the sweatshops. “We don’t care about the employees. We just want a profit.” This is one quote that was said during the trial by the system of profit and I felt as though this was a good quote because they was really playing the role of the system.

In english there was a lot of feelings and description going on. This year was filled with emotion and I thought this was important to state because in english not everybody have the chance to learn about these things because they are either focused to read  books or they are learning about grammar. We had the opportunity to read books and work on our grammar also. So the theme in english was language has hidden meanings and influence. There’s multiple reasons why I feel like this was the theme. For example, language played a huge role in my english 2 classes. We learned about descriptive language and poetry throughout the year that really brought out people’s emotion and thoughts. “Love don't exist in the pool of me. But the pain from is its number one visitor. As the smiles that I call bodyguards of happiness try to keep the pain out, its too strong for the bodyguards who don't use weapons except the lies of a smile.” When you read these quotes you can see that they are not just a regular sentences that you say when talk to someone. Well these sentences and more sentences like this was written in my Descriptive Writing. During our process of writing this, we was told to write different description paragraphs about things we saw or a moment we remembered from before to help us write with a lot of description. I thought this was very helpful because not only did this help me write with more description but it also helped me with looking at every little details of things and using figurative language such simile and metaphors. After writing the descriptive writing we switched to the poetry lesson.

When I heard this I thought we was going to just read a lot of poems from popular poets, but we didn’t do that. We made our own Poems and we used different styles that I never heard of like riff, ode, and found poems. Writing these poems taught me that not all poems have to rhyme just for it to make sense or have significant meaning. “But throughout life these languages will never connect. They are strangers living in the same house.” (Language vs. Language) This quote to me was separating language and poetry. The theme of language also came into place in my English Journal #10 where I had to fill in the blank, I wish ___________, multiple times. “ I wish I had tattoos. I wish I could fall in love. I wish I cared.” These quotes show that the phrase “I wish...” can go as far as to want to take it. And this is the same with language and poetry. You determine how much of you you want people to hear in your language.

In conclusion, this year was filled with different lesson that in a way all connected. And as I look back at all my works that I did for this year I realize that when challenging yourself, you are bettering yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 10.33.38 AM
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English journal 41

Never shall I ever forget...
The time that I went to my grandmother's house
The big palm trees and flowers next to her house.
Never shall I ever forget...
The smell of her cooking,
The colors of the room
The feeling of excitement.
Never shall I forget...
Her lovely personality that cheered up the home,
The things she would say to those she loved.
Her small, tiny body
That walked faster than anyone which seemed like she was running.
And would do anything
to make us happy because we were on vacation.
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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

I have learned many interesting and life assisting things throughout this years English class, but one of the things that will stick out to me the most is the language that I have learned coming into this year and leaving this year. My ability to express myself through spoken word and written as well has grown throughout the year. Like I have my language has grown with me, and it has shown through my work and not just in English class, but also in other assignments that require me to write or express myself. With the help of Mr. Block and his English class, my growth has shown in my work. Here are some examples in which my writing has shown growth from now compared to the beginning of the year and my previous years as a student.

         Language evolves within a person. As a class we were just heading into our poetry unit and I wrote a poem about my stuttering. A line from my poem that stuck out to me or really shows how I've grown is like a butterfly I fell as if I'm encased in steel. I feel like that was my language in the beginning of the year, trapped. Now that I have grown, my language has as well and it has broken out of its steel shell that it was encased in becoming this very elegant language that it has become which I am proud of. This is just one of the ways my language has evolve over the years.

         Another example where my language has evolved along with me is in my Language Autobiography. I expressed my difficulty dealing with language itself. Since I am a person that stutters language is not really said to be my friend. In the autobiography I compared my stuttering and everyone else's speech to mine. I said "I’ll try to keep at my own speed by switching lanes and letting everybody go past, but it’s hard. My brain is a sweatshop. All of the work it has to put up with and the only reward is knowing that you’re living to do it all again the next day." This describes how I feel everyday. My confidence has risen since that moment. Which shows the growth and the evolution of my language and myself as one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

These 2 examples will always be the main part to my evolution with my language. This is what started it all. From me coming out of my shell to actually using the new language that I have achieved. Not overcoming my speech problem, but just knowing how to use it now it one of the abilities that I have acquired in my evolution of language. I am thankful that all of my hard work that I have done this year and all of the assistance that I have received from Mr. Block and Ryan as well. Without them and the projects that we were given, language would not have evolved the way it has inside me.



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Poetry Unit

I was raised by Nature.
The animals and cool breezes,
All things green and earthy.
The vegetables in my garden.
Flowers in my front yard.
The fish in my pond.

I was raised by a hippie of a mother.
One who loves all things natural.
All things pure.
All things pretty,
And all things living.

I was raised by train tracks
Train tracks leading virtually nowhere to the naked eye.
But leading to a whole different world to my friends and I.

I was raised by streams and rivers.
The ones that flow so peacefully.
So peaceful you can sit there for hours and admire their beauty.
The ones that house our fish and give them the gift of life.

I was raised by good music and good people.
The music that soothes our souls and expands our minds.
The people that bring nothing but positive energy and good vibes.

I was raised by the world.
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Humanities Final Portfolio 2013

6 External Links:

1. Journal

2. Journal 2 

A big part of the year that I really enjoyed was writing in our journals. I felt as thought that was one of the only things that I felt confident in because there was no right or wrong answer. Often, Mr. Block would choose a question that was somewhat controversial and really made you think. I enjoy talking about things that make me think because I feel as though as long as i'm thinking, i'm bettering myself. 

3. Arab Spring Video

The arab spring video has to be one of my favorite projects i've done all year. It was such an interesting topic, and my group and I worked so well together. It was a lot of work, but in the long run it was way worth it considering the outcome of our project. This project called for making a video about the topic and before my group and I actually started the project, I was a little bit nervous about how it was going to turn out because making videos is NOT one of my strong points, but all in all, it turned out great. 
4. Podcast 

For this project we had to make a 8 minute long podcast. Now this was the best assignment i've ever had in my entire life. I thought it was such a great idea and really gave the students space to express themselves and the things that make them happy. For my podcast I focused on things that made me happy in my life and why they made me happy. I loved this project and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

5. Descriptive Writings
Descriptive writing was one of the first units of the school year and a ver interesting one if I do say so myself. For my writings I chose to write about somethings that interested me, and that is art. While reading this essay I hope you really get a feel for what my painting looked like and the different textures that were included.

6. Poetry Unit

Poetry was one of my least favorite things to do. But after spending over a month of writing different types and styles of poetry, I kind of grew to enjoy writing it. I'm not the best poet, but I don't think i'm the worst. Here is a small poem I wrote towards the beginning of ur poetry unit. Enjoy. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 1.42.40 PM
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