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I want you to imagine a life where everyone judged your skills objectively. That would be great right? Now think of a life, or even simply a childhood, where that was not the case - here is Lee Silverman, a grown-up whose life was markedly full of people who liked making assumptions about him.
Dad interview 'underestimated' audacity

​Mr. Silverman, my dad, had and still has to cross the boundary of underestimation. All through his life he has had to deal with people miscalculating and belittling his skills. For anyone, this could be a huge problem because many potential opportunities wouldn’t be offered. This means missed experiences, and when those accumulate it can be life changing. Fortunately, he has managed to use these assumptions to his advantage. I have to admit that if a significant boundary in my life was being chronically underestimated, while I might not give up the fight, I wouldn’t be able to find and use the silver lining to it all.

Doing the interview was something pretty new; as it was, I did more listening than asking. Creating the podcast was more difficult than I thought it would be. I used Audacity, something I had never worked with prior, which wouldn’t let me make some of the edits I wanted.  I’m very happy that I made it work though. I learned more about my dad as a person, and not just as “Dad” - hopefully, this will make me more empathetic to my parents. They are both their own people, with lives, thoughts, and experiences outside the role of ‘parent’. This project also served as another reminder to stop assuming opportune paths will fall into my lap, and that my life thus far has been easy and a lot of fun. Making this podcast also let me (fortunately? unfortunately?) find out that my dad and I have similar laughs.

The prep work for this project was definitely outside of my comfort zone, for several reasons. I am not particularly intrusive, and so I don’t have much experience in asking others about their past. This led to a lot of trouble in coming up with a topic, with questions, and the like. There was also the issue of uncertain depth; I don’t know a lot of details about my parents’ childhoods, but I don’t want to accidentally ask a question that leads to bad feelings.

Again, thanks to Mr. Silverman for his stories, and to all the people who listened to this podcast!
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Business Project - Daniel Varnis

Here is my Business Project and all of the links to go along with it. This blog post contains a lot of enriching, thorough, and deep information about the Great Depression, Great Recession, The New Deal, and President Obama's Administration, showing how they all connect in different ways through video representations to visual infographs.
Compare/Contrast of the Great Depression & Great Recession:
This visualization can be found here or below. The link forwards you to the same picture, just with a higher resolution and allows you to zoom in to your liking.

Compare/Contrast of the Obama Administration Program & The New Deal Program:
Click here to see the Google Story Builder Presentation
(Please excuse on the video, you will notice that the typing starts to glitch and isn't technically inline on the visualized document about a minute into the video. That was something Google did while creating and finalizing the video)

Annotated Bibliography:
Click here to see the Annotated Bibliography containing all of the sources and citations used in the making of this project
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Crossing Boundaries

Education is not for everyone, even those who are top in their classes. School is sometimes not fit for the future of an individual who wants to go their own way. Going against parent's rule is a struggle faced by a young man who wanted to follow his heart and do his own thing.

Throughout this project I procrastinated too much. I'd set aside time to do it but never found myself doing it until the last couple days. I think this project has taught me that procrastination is not the way to go when completing a project. On the flip side, I learned that crossing boundaries can be a life changing event. The creation of this podcast included using a new, complex program that I'd never dealt with before. It was a challenge to create, edit and polish an audio file only using the sound waves. This led to an honest peer review that greatly helped me out. I picked through my podcast and leveled out the bits and pieces that were off. Although I couldn't make it perfect, I think that I did the best I could working with a program used for music editing. When I sat down with my dad, I expected a long chat with him about something completely off topic and have to steer him back to the topic but instead he kept on topic, covered every question of mine and got through the interview in one piece.

Kenny & Tyanna History Business Benchmark

The Great Depression caused FDR’s New Deal to be implemented in America’s history, but today the Great Recession is Obama’s Administrations problem. For our history benchmark, we had to summarize the main ideas of the New Deal and the Obama Administration, while finding similarities and differences. We also had to find out the possible successes and failures of Obama’s administration programs based on the success and failure of the New Deal, while keeping mind of the essential questions.

By: Kenny Le and Tyanna Pleasant

Chart 1

Chart 2

Click here for our annotated bibliography.

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We've all had those friendships that kind of went downhill. People drift away from each other for many different reasons, for better or for worse. Maggie Hohenstein realized that the relationships she had with her friends was becoming emotionally unhealthy for her. The conversation I had with her goes over the details of her middle school social life and her final decision on how she would deal with her friends.

converation final
Audacity was a new program that I had never used before and I think I adapted pretty quickly on how it worked. The questions and conversation was kind of natural because Maggie and I are really good friends. We have sort of skimmed the topic once or twice before but I felt like this project would be helpful in understanding a bit more of her past. What I thought was the hardest part was the music choice because music specifically made for conversations is hard to come by. I ended up using the intro of a song and then looping it on audacity and then choosing the end of another song for the end of the conversation. 

Suburban War by Arcade Fire
The Good Times Are Killing Me by Modest Mouse

Karly & Kristi's Business Project

Living within an economic crisis, leaves people with a lot to endure. The consequences are awful, as both the Great Depression and the Great Recession caused a crash in the stock market. Many Jobs were laid off as a result, particularly the primary and successful companies within the US. The economy was not only affected within the US but also globally. Without economic improvement, the US would simply not have been strong enough in the world. The poverty needed to be reduced, higher education needed to be pursued and health care needed improvement as well. Reflection of the past is greatly vital especially now that the economy is better off than it was when Roosevelt and Hoover were in the picture. President Barack Obama is now in their footsteps and his outlook seems to be quite similar to Roosevelt’s. The Great recession only occurred because attempts of help failed, regarding the Great Depression. This suggests that mistakes are being repeated to cause another economic crisis after the Great Depression; the Great Recession.

The history within the struggle that people lived through, is represented in this comic to enlighten people who may be younger than a teenager. The depths within the history of the United States are shown in this comic. World War I was greatly responsible for all of the occurrences that are displayed figuratively and literally.

In the introduction page, there are two boxes; one representing the Great Depression and another representing the Great Recession. There are also two clouds representing the two presidents. The sole reason why Roosevelt and Hoover are two clouds is because both are from the past, intended to look eerie and cloudy since they are no longer current. The comic is set up so that one can differentiate between each cloud and box because one will always be greater than the other. For instance, The Great Depression was greater than the Great Recession, therefore it is a rectangle withholding greater volume than the Great Recession’s cartoon representative. Furthermore, as Hoover was greater in size than Roosevelt, one can assume that their ghosts would reflect this size difference. That is how the two cloud cartoons are set up to be differentiated. Overall, this cartoon is meant to entertain and inform a young audience about all the factors that play into the Great Depression and the Great recession.

Annotated Bibliography:

Our comic down below

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The Greatest of The Greats

Project by Jordan Hairston and Merrick Saunders 

This project was created to compare and contrast the programs that would help America recover after we suffered from economic recessions. The project compares The New Deal (created by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress) and Obama's Plan (created by Obama and Congress.) This project will reveal information on both topics and help to come to a better understanding on how our Nation was able to stand tall once more after we have fallen. 

Link To Our Website:

Link To Our Annotated Bibliography:
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Business Project (Great Depression and Great Recession)

​Goldie Robins and Antonio Reveron

Click Here! :) 

We created a website, because we felt that this would be the best way to express everything we wanted to express and really give as much information as possible. We included everything between the start of the New Deal and when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to the stimulus package from President Barrack Obama. We really talk about the new and old stuff and compare and contrast it. Some are very similar, yet very different at the same time. I hope you enjoy our website! Lots of fun went into making it. :) 
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Great Depression Vs. Great Recession

​For this mini project my partner Franklin and I decided to create a small podcast where we discuss the causes of the great depression and make comparisons with the recent great recession. We tied in the information we've been learning in class during the past few weeks and we created an easy to follow along conversation in the form of a radio talk show podcast. After we compare the two economic downturns we use sources and statistics to predict what we think will be the outcome of the great recession.

Link to the podcast

Link to our annotated bibliography:
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Great Depression and Great Recession Project

For this project, our assignment was to research the Great Depression and Great Recession. We then had to summarize the causes of each, and learn what the Government did to attempt to fix each. We then compared the Great Depression and Great Recession, and used our knowledge of the Great Depression, to predict whether or not the response to the Great Recession will be successful. We then had to create a unique project to present all of this information. Click here to for a link to our annotated bibliography.

Project made by: Seamus Kirby and Brandon Hall
Business Project
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"Striving for Education" by Emalyn Bartholomew

​It's easy to get caught up in what people deem as the "social norm", especially when defying it would ostracize you even more. Listen as my mom, Stacy Bartholomew, talks about her experience with overcoming boundaries in education set in both societal ways, and familial ones. 
Crossing boundaries set by society come with a completely different set of repercussions than those set by family. When you have to take on both headfirst, it's a daunting task to say the least. Talking to my mom was interesting, especially learning stories and aspects of her life that have never been brought up before. As I look at my own life, especially as it leads closer to college, I see the differences in how she was raised, but also many similarities in our mindsets. 

The hardest part of this project for me was not the actual interview, which came naturally and flowed well as a conversation between my mom and I. It was, however, figuring out which stories and aspects to cut out of the podcast, while choosing the most beneficial ones to stay in. I set out with over 45 minutes of raw material, and sifting my way through that was difficult. However, it made me realize which parts of her story were more focused on the point, and which parts most reflected her story. 
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God's great test

This story is about my mother Dawn Lewandowski getting pregnant at a really young age and how she lived the rest of her life after her situation as a child started with children.

You will need to know that many situations happen with this story and my mother was not apart of the reasons why my sisters had the problems that they did.

You will also see that I set a boundary for myself to cross and you will understand why after listening to the full pod cost.
final Q3 BENCHMARK- _Crossing Boundaries_ podcast 1

   Crossing boundaries can be both physical and mental and happens in many cases. When one crosses a boundary they can do it with or without the knowledge of them actually doing it. In this case my mother actually crossed two boundaries as you know. One being the boundary of comfort and the boundary of responsibility. In the case of my mother crossing her boundaries made a plus, even if some negative things happened without the situation. When one crosses a boundary it can set both cost and benefits it just determines on what the boundary is.  While I was doing this project I learned many things I didn't know about my mother and sisters. I honestly would not do nothing different then what I did maybe interview my sister Tiffany. Tiffany is the middle child with her son is the care of someone else. The only reason why I did not interview her is because the whole story is very emotional and with the problems she was diagnosed with she would make the story more sad then it is and its hard for her to talk about that story because it's a huge part of her life. I believe that my peers were right, I took great time and I believe that my overall topic was very interesting and even though teen pregnancy story's are common today the added information with the lies and my sisters conditions make it better.

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"A Third Culture Kid" by Leah Kelly

Returning to your home country can be hard after living your entire life time overseas, especially when you don't think that you belong in either country. Listen to my mom, Shareen Kelly, talk about her life growing up in boarding school and coming to America for college from Africa. Also, listen to her reflection on being what society calls a "third culture kid".
In my mom's case, she has been crossing a boundary her whole life, which leads her to having felt like an outsider. When she was in Africa, she felt left out and misunderstood because she was white and that was not her native country. However, when she came to America for college, she felt like a foreigner as well because she was used to the Nigerian culture that she had grown up around. In her opinion, this was the reason behind some of her really deep friendships with other missionary kids-- they knew what she had experienced and they had experienced the same thing. Also, growing up without her parents made her value the little things that she could spend time doing with me and my brothers as we grew up.

The actual recording of this interview was easy-- my mom is a great conversationalist and gave me thorough answers, lots of backstory, and interesting tidbits that made the story feel more personal for me and I'm sure for the listeners. Also, she was not afraid to talk about how she really felt when she came to America, which is something that is very personal for her and something that I was glad that she was able to share so eloquently.

This was a really fun project to do. Not only did it help me get to know my mom better, but it also strengthened my interviewing and editing skills. Since I had to cut a lot out of the interview, it made me realize the details that are necessary to a story and helped  me figure out with ones could be cut away so that I am left with  just the raw story. Also, thankfully, I did not have many technical errors when using Garage Band, which was great.
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The New Deal: Sean and Kyler


Our project is in the form of a comic in which the Obama's "Big Deal" is presented as The New Deal. So the reader can understand how the New Deal is very much like Obama's focus on healthcare, work inequalities, and financial reforms.

The idea behind the comic inspired by an article about how Obama's "Big Deal" and new stimulus package, and attempts to turn around the Great Recession are like the FDR's New Deal. And how these points of great reform and economic depression are similar
Photo on 3-8-13 at 10.26 AM
Photo on 3-8-13 at 10.25 AM
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International Educator- Julian Makarechi

Julie Castagnet left everything behind just to teach children. She had to deal with not being with her family for her whole career. This young French woman took the chance to move to the US to find a job as an educator, but with doing so she had to separate herself form her home country and family. 

PLEASE NOTE: 9 minutes and 9 seconds into the podcast this question should be added: "Did you try to look for jobs to help with money, besides being an educator?". 

Julian Makarechi- Interview- Q3 BM

This is a story of a French teacher that decided to work abroad, in the US. There were some good things and bad things that occurred but she never stopped loving what she did. Not only was she the only person in her family to be come a language teacher but also the first to move to the United Sates.

If one wants cross boundaries they have to be willing to be brave, give it all they have and make sacrifices. It also comes with a lot of self motivation; to make a change one must feel very strong and confident about their goal. Crossing boundaries takes time and usually it is hard to do it on your own; one should accept help from others.

This was my first time using Audacity so I had problems editing things. I would recommend to use Garageband to avoid such confusion. I did not quite understand the way it was set up and wished things were more clear. 

Throughout this project I learned how make a podcast. The examples that were given to us in class were very helpful. Before this was assigned to me, I did now know all they key elements to make a well rounded interview. I used what I learned for my final project;  an intro, deep question, a conclusion and a reflection. The interviews we listened to gave me great ideas for how ask questions that will get the speaker to go into depth about the topic. 

I definitely feel that my strengths of this project was how the story was told and how it effected Julie’s life. I was able to get her to tell me things that I did not even know, and that ended up helping me to get more information on how exactly she crossed boundaries. Almost none of my questions made her have a one or two word answer, which was good. Another thing that made this project good was how we were both able to relate and have a great conversation about the topic. One thing that I do not believe that I did well on was my editing. 

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A Blessing Within A Tragedy

A young man (Jospeh Wactor-Brown:My Uncle) in his late teens was diagnosed he has kidney failure. This podccast talks about the struggles he faced with dialysis, work, school, family etc. He talks about his life after and before his kidney transplant. Also my mother (jamila medley) was interviewed about the boundies crossed during this time for her brother. Bounderies such as her thinking about donating her kidney, her first teenage boyfriend dying and becoming the doner. In the end of the pod cast you will discover the Blessing within the tragedy.
A blessing within a tragedy
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Business Unit Project/New Deal Website

Jalen Smith and Sarybel Melendez
The website that we've created describes exactly what had happened during the time of the New Deal And the Great Depression. This website supplies you with useful information about these events and also it supplies you with useful videos which gives you all a visual as to what happened during this time. We hope that you all will enjoy it and we hope that we have supplied you all with enough information to understand exactly what went on during that time. Thank you and enjoy.

Website Address
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Crossing Gender Boundaries by Jenny Cruz

​In life everyone wants to feel comfortable in the skin that they're in but sometimes it's not all about your complexion or race but gender. Through making this podcast one can learn that there are many boundaries even gender can get in the way but it's what you make of it and how you choose to portray yourself. There are a lot of sap stories out there but most are kleshay though still against societies norm. I believe boundaries are merely restrictions disabling us to speak or act the way we want to. 

"RISE" By Reginald Simmons

My sister's name is Courtney Simmons. She's the first of our family to go to college -- certainly a high achievement. Along the way, we've both faced a lot of heavy stuff, stuff that has made the future look very grim, but she's finally made it. I'm very proud of her, and I hope you'll enjoy this short story. 

My sister is doing something that no one in our family has done before. For a while now she's had pretty solid plans about what she wants to do after high school. It really feels good for me knowing that she'll really be able to do them. There have been a few hardships that we've had to deal with, but now, things look pretty good. Success in the things we do has always been something greatly emphasized throughout both our lives. Surprisingly, the actual process of editing the video was very fun. It was cool to work with the computer program and make something that sounded nice. Nice to me, anyway. I did have to go through a few different programs though. Still enjoyable. But the absolute most enjoyable part of the project was talking with my sister. Of course, I knew all of these things already, but it's still really interesting to hear it again. To see how she feels about it, stuff like that. I would definitely gladly do something like this again. I don't really use computer editing/ moviemaking programs often, so naturally I was a little nervous about having to put together an entire fifteen-minute audio clip. But, after reading a few manuals and playing around on them a bit, I got the swing of it. This project has actually made me a little interested int he process. I'd say my greatest difficulty with this interview was coming up with questions that were serious, but not so serious that they produced convulsive sobbing. It went pretty well. 


"Settle" by Two Door Cinema Club; Beacon

"Rise" by Hans Zimmer; The Dark Knight Rises (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]


"Young Adult" by Kenyatta Bundy

Living in the hood is never EASY. But throw in 4 younger siblings, and a single mother working 2 jobs, and you being the oldest of the house and having to deal with everything as if you're an adult. Certain people would break in this situation; but not my father. 

Kenyatta Bundy Jr

Podcast Reflection



            This project was an eye-opener for me in more ways than one. This project revealed a few things for me that I didn’t expect it to do. Those things include, understanding of my father, understanding of how GarageBand works, as well as what it means to really struggle and overcome boundaries at a young age. This project allowed for my father and I to sit down and have a deep conversation that was unlike any other that I’ve ever had with him. The deep interaction that occurred allowed for all walls to be broken down and the truth to come out. Throughout this project, I realized some of my own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to podcasts and creating them as well as when it comes to the interviewing process. The strengths that appeared for me during this time included; my mastering of GarageBand, as well as asking the necessary questions that allow for a true story to be told by the other person. I was able to get my father to talk for over an hour and fifteen minutes with only about ten simple questions. Although I had to edit about 90% of it out of my podcast in order to make it only twelve to fifteen minutes, this long conversation allowed for me to get some things that I normally would not have been told if I only asked simple questions about the specific story. Once the interview/conversation process was over, the editing had to begin and this is where I believe I did the very best. The cutting out, and mixing and mashing of different parts of the conversation in order to get a good twelve minutes of recording allowed for the best podcast that I could produce. With the many positives that I just talked about, it’s obvious that I would have a few weaknesses considering no one is perfect. My most apparent weakness came from my procrastination as well as lack of overall focus on the project after the recording was finished. Although I do not think my procrastinating affected the final outcome of the project, I do believe that if I were to actually not procrastinate I would have been a little less stressed out about the entire thing. To conclude this I would just like to say how much I enjoyed this project, and thank you whomever you may be for listening to this, and also thank Ms. Pahomov for allowing us to do this project. 

English Interview
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