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Math Benchmark Podcast #1

(Introduction, Chapter One, and Chapter Two)

Group Members:

Lexy Babcock

Goldie Robins

Jessica Maiorano

Gabby Santaniello

What Our Group Discussed:

We discussed the Introduction, Chapter One, and Chapter Two.

How We Discussed It:

We started from the beginning which meant starting with the Introduction and went in order to Chapter One and then Chapter Two. With that, for each 'section' we talked about we pulled out quotes and examples and really what we individually and as a group got from it. 

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

No. As a group we really agreed on our thoughts and what our take away was from the reading was have done so far. 


There were questions that were discussed in the podcast which then we were able to answer and discuss further as a group. 


First Podcast

First Podcast
Taylor Thomas, Jamie Murphy, and Anthony Best were present during the podcast. We described the introduction, first and second chapters. We discussed the main ideas of each section that we chose. The way we discussed it was by using quotes from the text or using a summary of what the text said, and put our two cents into the mix. We really did not have any points of disagreement in the discussion. We agreed on everything really. Some questions that came up were "I wonder what percentages of magazines or articles use selective surveys?" also "I wonder if anything has changed since this book came out in the 1960's?"

Freshman English Wilma Theater Residency!

Wilma 2014
Over the 3rd quarter, students in Red & Orange Stream English 9 participated in The Wilmagination Theater residency program. This special opportunity spanned over 6 weeks and included a collaborative memoir/creative non-fiction writing and performance unit designed by professional actors and myself. After weeks of writing and experimenting with thematic and theatrical choices, the students performed both individual and group memoir pieces at The Wilma on April 30th. The short film gives a snapshot of the experience. Enjoy!

This is the collaboration's 4th year running at SLA!

Q4 Artículo #3: ¿Las Religiosas Están en Desacuerdo?


Quarter 4

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Clásicamente, hispanos sido católicos. Pero recientemente, muchos se están convirtiendo en protestante. ¿Pero qué es realmente la diferencia? Obviamente, el Papa es una diferencia, catadrales protestantes son terribles, y los católicos pueden rezar también a todos los Santos pero los protestantes no pueden. ¡Sólo jesús para usted! Los protestantes no tienen que lidiar con las monjas, pero los católicos no tienen que memorizar la Biblia. También, es interesante que los protestantes puede interpretar la Biblia individualmente. En otras palabras, la Biblia no significa nada objetivamente. 

¿Cuál es mejor? Por un lado tenemos las monjas, muchos de Santos, iglesias grandes, papas, y una Biblia objetiva. Y en el otro hay iglesias horribles, sólo Jesús, no hay monjas, y la interpretación de la Bibla independiente. Sin embargo, estas religiones más cosas en común que no, y tampoco puede decirse que sea mejor o peor, porque básicamente son la misma cosa. 

Volver al artículo, el número de latinos católicos depende de un regristro por ciento cincuenta y cinco. ¡Y el número de los ateos es hasta casi el cinco por ciento! Buen trabajo, gente española, estoy orgulloso de ustedes. Todavía, el número de cruces es demasiado alto. Sigue trabajando, sin embargo, y sé que usted conseguira allí. 

Número de Palabras: 204

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." El Protestantismo Le Gana Terreno Al Catolicismo Entre Los Latinos. Al Día, 07 May 2014. Web. 07 May 2014.

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Quarter 4 Reflection 3

Quarter 4 Reflection 3 May 6th, 2014

Zack Hersh          Señorita Manuel

“Cubanos le dan vida al béisbol en Chicago”

Por Will Gonzalez

Cada semana, para mi reflexión, yo leo un artículo de deportes. Normalmente, el artículo es sobre los Phillies (como los Phillies son mi equipo de deportes favorito), y usualmente el artículo es por un autor que me gusta, se llama Will Gonzalez. Yo hago este cada semana porque lo me interese más que cualquier tema otra, y es muy chevere y disfrutable para leer sobre. A veces cuando estás haciendo tarea o trabajo para escuela, los artículos o los libros o temas que estás haciendo o leyendo es muy aburrida y yo no disfruto aprendiendo algunas cosas. Pero con los deportes, y los Phillies, no es así. Esta semana, sin embargo, el artículo de Señor Gonzalez no es sobre los Phillies, pero es sobre los jugadores que son de Cuba, más específicamente, los Cubanos en ambos equipos en Chicago, Illinois. Los Cachorros, el equipo del norte de Chicago, no están teniendo una temporada buena, pero los Calcetines Blancos, del sur de Chicago, están jugando muy bueno, y gracias en parte a sus jugadores Cubanos. Los Phillies tienen algunos jugadores de Cuba también, como un par de lanzadores. Estes jugadores, en ambos equipos, han estado jugando muy bueno.

Palabras: 219
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Half a Yellow Sun

This is my info graphic about my take and experiences reading this book. I often found the book very heart wrenching and hard to read at times but overall I felt is was an amazing book. This info graphic is also including my synopsis on the movie that I saw that I had to compare the book to. I felt that the book was well written and i felt that if the film was a book they would have the same writing styles. 
Half a yellow Sun Infographic
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Selfie Project -

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.14.55 AM
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.14.09 AM
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.14.33 AM
The first picture shows my best friend Danny. She has become a sister to me and I love her. This picture we were at  birthday party. Our girlfriends decided to take pictures of us then out of nowhere I started to burst out laughing while she stayed in her pose. It was a really great night and I enjoyed it.

The second picture show a really cute outfit I wore that day and had a really good day. My philosophy in life is that if you look and feel your best, then it will be a good day. I looked really nice that day and was really happy. I was feeling pretty cruddy that week and to look and feel good about myself that day made me feel like myself again. 

The last picture is my hair. my hair honestly gets a lot of attention. The first thing people notice is my hair half of the time and compliment it. I take a lot of pride in my hair because people also love how it looks and I like it too. I went through 6 hair colors before I actually decided on how I wanted it to look. 

​Selfies are life. Selfies capture a moment where you want it to be remembered. Selfies are there to look back on as we grow up as a person to see hoe stupid, silly, or weird we were. I love taking selfies of my friends and I. I look at them as little pieces of memories I would like to remember as we all go our separate ways in life. I live for moments that you can never get back.
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Daniel Varnis Capstone

Before starting this Capstone project, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to pursue a project that would, in some way, benefit SLA. At first I was going to hold an 8K race/fun run on Kelly Drive to raise money, but after finding out the financial difficulties, I began to brainstorm other methods of fundraising. After some time I found that a partnership with the Phillies would be a great idea, considering they’re notorious for holding various fundraisers for schools/programs. From this process, I actually learned the difficulty of being a successful advertiser. Throughout the various problems I encountered through this process of setting up the fundraiser, I realized that successfully advertising a product requires a lot of persistence, a passion for the product, and a good personality!
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.43.28 PM
​The image above is a screenshot of the email I received from the Citizens Bank representative finalizing the event for my capstone.
Fundraiser Poster PDF
​The image above is the official poster that was posted around SLA and South Philadelphia to advertise the fundraiser event.
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.41.43 PM
​The image above is a screenshot of the official website where people purchased their tickets for the fundraiser event. The website can be visited HERE, but tickets can no longer be purchased.
​Final Annotated Bibliography

Braves Logo. Digital image. CBS Atlanta. N.p., 11 Nov. 2013. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. <>.

This photo is the official logo for the Atlanta Braves through the Major League Baseball (MLB). I will be using this logo in the flyers that I will be made to advertise the fundraiser.  I don’t find any limitations with this photo, considering it’s the exact logo from the Atlanta Braves. I will probably being putting this picture to use across multiple mediums, some of which could be posters, advertisements, websites etc. Thinking about it, putting this logo on most of my things will be crucial if I really want to emphasize that this fundraiser is to help SLA through the Phillies and Citizens Bank Park as they play against the Atlanta Braves.

Caroline Davis, Personal Communication (E-Mail), January 8, 2014

In this email, I spoke with Ms. Davis about the status of my splash page. The splash place is where people can go online to purchase the tickets. At first we encountered an error with the website, it wasn’t loading. After a brief conversation, we solved the issue. We also discussed some other benefits that come along with this fundraiser. She said that if this fundraiser turns out to be a big hit, then there can be a lump sum amount of money to be directed towards Science Leadership Academy. Also, if we take into consideration that the Phillies have a HUGE rivalry against the braves, that may be a factor that brings in more ticket purchases, leading to more money for SLA!

Caroline Davis, Personal Communication (Telephone), December 12, 2013

This is when Caroline Davis, the leader of special events for the Phillies, contacted me say that she received my email. As we were talking on the phone, she explained to me that she thought this fundraising thing was a really good idea. She shared an electronic pamphlet with me that explained the requirements of a fundraiser. Ms. Davis explained to me that all of the necessary steps for a successful fundraiser can be found within that brochure/e-packet. Following the step-by-step procedure allowed me to get where I am today. As of right now, the fundraiser is in action and the website to purchase the tickets is live!

Citizens Bank Park. Digital image. ESPN. Citizens Bank Park, 2013. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. <>.

This is a panoramic photo of Citizens Bank Park, the home ballpark for the Philadelphia Phillies. I will be using this logo in the flyers that I will be made to advertise the fundraiser. I don’t find any limitations with this photo, considering it’s the exact logo from Citizens Bank Park. I will probably being putting this picture to use across multiple mediums, some of which could be posters, advertisements, websites etc. Thinking about it, putting this logo on most of my things will be crucial if I really want to emphasize that this fundraiser is to help SLA through the Phillies and Citizens Bank Park.

"Getting More Media Coverage for Fund Raising Activities." (n.d.): n. pag. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>.

This is an online article that contains details on how to gain publicity for a fundraiser. As of right now, all I’ve done is make some posters and put the ad in SLA’s advisory announcements. This website suggests that in order to gain a good amount of publicity, it’d be useful to contact the news and media. Having them advertise the fundraiser will not only spread the word, but give the fundraiser the opportunity to exceed expectations. This website also contains a contact box where I can get in touch with a professional that will give me tips and tricks to gaining publicity for my fundraiser.

Phillies. 2014 Group Ticket Brochure. Philadelphia: Phillies, 2013. Phillies. MLB, 2013. Web. 13 Dec. 13. <>.

This brochure contains all of the information that I needed when organizing the fundraiser. For instance, I was able to pick the game date. I decided to go with April 16th, 2014 because it’s “Super Phanatic Night.” Ms. Davis explained to me again that all of the necessary steps for a successful fundraiser can be found within that brochure/e-packet. Following the step-by-step procedure allowed me to get where I am today. As of right now, the fundraiser is in action and the website to purchase the tickets is live! There are some other tips inside of the brochure that I will use to help make this capstone successful.

Phillies Logo. Digital image. Twitter. MLB, n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. <>.

This photo is the official logo for the Philadelphia Phillies through the Major League Baseball (MLB). I will be using this logo in the flyers that I will be made to advertise the fundraiser. I don’t find any limitations with this photo, considering it’s the exact logo from the Phillies. I will probably being putting this picture to use across multiple mediums, some of which could be posters, advertisements, websites etc. Thinking about it, putting this logo on most of my things will be crucial if I really want to emphasize that this fundraiser is to help SLA through the Phillies and Citizens Bank Park.

Phillies Special Events, Electronic Communication, December 5, 2014

This was the first email that I sent out to the Phillies. In this email, I gave some background information on me, SLA, and my capstone. I also requested information on holding a fundraiser. This was one of my first attempts at communicating with Caroline Davis. I received a call from Caroline Davis through Citizens Bank Park about 5-7 days after I sent the email out. The original email was a lot of begging and explaining the budget predicament that SLA is in the middle of due to the School District of Philadelphia’s budget cuts. They were completely accepting of the idea and were willing to hold the fundraiser!

Science Leadership Academy Logo. Digital image. Penn Science Across Ages. University of Pennsylvania, 2013. Web. 10 Jan. 2014. <>.

This photo is the official logo for the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) through the University of Pennsylvania. I will be using this logo in the flyers that I will be made to advertise the fundraiser. I don’t find any limitations with this photo, considering it’s the exact logo from Science Leadership Academy (SLA). I will probably being putting this picture to use across multiple mediums, some of which could be posters, advertisements, websites etc. Thinking about it, putting this logo on most of my things will be crucial if I really want to emphasize that this fundraiser is to help SLA.

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I believe that Selfies are a way to express what you are feeling in that exact moment. Maybe you were feeling confident or happy , or sad and you felt that it was important enough to document it. When I take a selfie it is usually the happiest point in my day or the point where I feel the most confident or excited. In most of my pictures I am smiling because at that moment in time I felt that there was nothing else more important than taking a memory of what is happening. These pictures document some of the happiest days in my life like when I got accepted to college or my 18th birthday. I believe that when you take a selfie there is nothing more important going on around you than that moment in time. These pictures are all memories that have happened that remind me of my happiness during my senior year and I love them. 
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I believe that selfies are not only a capture of moment but a capture of emotion. Based on this definition and the pictures I posted below I would say that I portray myself to the world as a a typical teenager who spends a lot of time with family and friends but is very free spirited emotionally. I say that I portray myself this way because many of the selfies that I take are of me smiling or being silly. They also mostly contain family or friends. My selfies that I have below show the same. The first one show that I look like a very calm and collective person who is just having a normal day and knows that there is something in life to smile about. The second photo shows that I enjoy hanging with my friends and being silly with them as well. My last photo show me representing myself as someone who enjoys time spent with a younger sibling. All of these statements are true but they are what I see of myself. I am pretty sure that other people who see my selfies may view other wise. 
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I don't usualy take selfies, because I don't like pictures. I do not know why I don't like pictures just don't. When people attempt to take photos of me I tend to hide my face, unless it's a special occasion then I feel that it's okay. Other than that I don't care for pictures 
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The Seen Simplicity and Unseen Complexity

I believe that I present myself with a cultural understanding and appreciation for the world around me. I like to creatively express my humanity through artistic-ware as it represents the work of people with their cultures embedded in their works. I always wear cultural earrings to show that I value the art of cultural, feminine expression and specifically in the selfies below, I am showing my appreciation for afrocentric accessories. Furthermore the coat that I am wearing consists of detailed embroidery that I appeal to, as it is original work completed from a woman’s hard work and sweat. Yet another reason why I love wearing, and tend to wear cultural, feminine accessories and clothing- I am a feminist and take great pride and value in a woman’s hard work.

My goofiness is seen in these selfies as I am feeling happy and silly. However in these moments, there are no snippets of any other emotion that I felt throughout the day. For instance in the morning I felt serious from after I took these selfies. Yet my seriousness is unseen, the emotions within the abyss of my soul (my eyes) are unseen, even though my eyes are open. So overall the only thing that a viewer is able to see are the emotions and thoughts in one second of one moment in time without any other deeply significant thoughts or feelings displayed.

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I decided to draw all of my Selfies because i wanted to express my creative side, i feel that a picture couldn't help me express what i needed to get though, so i drew one based off of one i saw online, it was very interesting and it defied the laws of logic where the sheep are floating and so are the bricks to the building, i also drew one that represented a struggle i have had in my life, with this witch i have been battling since i was a child, but only a month ago was i able to defeat my enemy, it was a huge impact on my life, so i decided to drawl a selfie of it, the third one shows my love for nature and trees, by drawling a world 100% ran by tree people, making my self in this one, part tree, i got the idea when i was taking a picture of myself near a tree, and i thought, instead of using this picture with me near a tree, why not one of me being a tree. so this is where these self portraits came about.
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I think when I take selfies I generally do it so that I have a moment saved forever. I try to look happy for the most part in pictures, but more importantly I just try and be myself. I don't really care very much about how people perceive me in pictures, but I still take them. This is because when I look back at a picture I can remember things that happened on that day and I have that moment savored.  I chose a funny selfie where Dan is sleeping in the background to show that I am silly, a selfie of me at work which shows me being annoyed and wanting to go home, and a picture Molly took of me smiling because I think it shows a variety of my emotions.
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Mein Selfies

Presentation of the self is something that goes two ways; either it is the most important thing in the world, or it has absolutely no importance. I don't think this varies person to person, either. I think it varies day to day, or minute to minute. At school, I don't often bother with my presentation so long as I make sure I smell good in the morning, because I know that at school, nobody is going to bother me about how I look, and I generally don't have that kind of time (and the smelling nice bit is mostly because I give a lot of hugs- nobody wants to hug a smelly person). Anywhere else, though, If I'm going to be in public (even with my best friends), my hair has to be styled, my outfit sharp and well-matched, everything fitting beautifully. This is what I like to show people when I'm out; the well mannered, often soft-spoken young man with a sharp, smart eye for fashion (who happens to smell like a god-damned fruit basket with peppermint candies in). Outside of school or home, unless only my friends can hear, I dislike showing what's going on in my mind- the dirty jokes I catch, the vulgar thoughts I often have, or the more vicious, cruel thoughts that I keep to myself.

Photo on 5-1-14 at 9.27 PM
Photo on 5-4-14 at 2.36 PM
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Dream Weaver By Night Fate; Father Mcenroe

Soy Father McEnroe, el sacerdote del St.Patricks. Ese uno en el escuela St. Patricks English School for Boys. Que esta ubicado en Santiago, el capital de Venezuela. Unos cosas que son muy importante para mi son los niños. Creo que su educación es muy importante y no importa su clase social. Puedes ser del clase obrera o el clase alta. Políticamente soy mucho mas al lado Allende, el presidente elegido. Soy un izquierdista,  no soy momio. Para mi es muy importante tener alguien en el gobierno que quiere dar todos un chance. Allende hace este para nuestro pais. Con Allende ayudando unos niños de el barrio a donde esta mi escuela que tienen pocos recursos participar y tener un educación bueno. Seria mejor si todos fue educado y no solo los que pudrían permitírselo. Creo que soy igualitario, significó que quiero el mismo para todos. En él situación que somos ahora creo que es muy importante que todos tienen los mismos oportunidades de tener un buen educación.  

En este obra por Melissa Griffin veo una niña. Así lo veo, la niña siempre es el centro de atención pero ella no le gusta. Ella quiere caminar de esta vida y entrar una nueva. Ella a mi vea como un bailarín. Puede ser que el estrés de ser un bailarín es tan grave. El estrés que pone en su cuerpo y su mente. Los colores que son usado son muy apagados. Todo es muy marrón, incluyendo el cuerpo de la niña. Es muy interesante los figuras. Todo es muy baja excepto la nina. El tono de el obra de mi punto de visto es ir a un lugar nuevo. Ella esta en un lugar pero quiere ser en un lugar nuevo.

En el ano 1973 mi escuela era bajo el microscopio. Yo quería tener una escuela que incorpore niños de diferentes clases sociales. En 1973 el gobierno cambio y de repente ellos no le gustaba mi idea a tener los clases incorporados. Un memoria muy vivido que tiene necesita que ver con el cambio en gobierno ellos vinieron a St. Patrick’s y de repente empezó a tomar niños para el ejército. ¡Tomaban niños para pelear en la guerra! Eso para mi era una manera de tomar el poder. A mi este cuadro podría representar como yo sentía durante esta tiempo. En realidad sólo quería caminar de el situación entero. En esta situación yo soy la nina. Los dow queremos cosas mejores. El desierto es como mi patria de Venezuela. Los dos están en un estado muy mal. Esta obra me da el mensaje que en realidad hay algo mejor, pero necesitas ir y encontrar lo. La obra es una obra muy simple pero con mucho significado. Creo sí lo veas con él mentalidad correcto es una obra muy linda. Me gusta los cosas simplest, esta en específico porque es tan linda.

Desde mi punto de vista esta obra debe ser mucho más famosa. Aunque no es, tiene un concepto que es muy abierto a su propio interpretación. Es unos de los cosas que me gusta mejor de esta obra. No se que es el opinión de la pintura pero si es cualquier cosa como mio, creo que estará de acuerdo con ella.
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Roger's Selfies

I take selfies to remember the best moments of my life. I love taking selfies because it captures my moment, everyplace, every person, and everything in them has meaning to me. It is a way of capturing me by the beautiful thing that surround me. I am able to capture myself in this world with selfies. In a way it is a constant reminder of who I am and where I'm from. Every selfie holds its unique value to the taker beacuse that's what makes them. Some selfies show emotion while other show creativity. When I take selfies I feel like it can place me back in that specific day, time and place. Along with the people around me, I can watch myself grow in the selfies I take. Lastly, selfies, believe it or not, create the advantage of taking photographic art to the next level by having the photographer in his or her vision. People have asked me why do I take selfies? The only answer to that is through the selfies themselves because, each one I take can show a different answer. I take selfies because they're guide to my evolution, a creative way to view my past, and a resplendent way to represent the wonderful people in my life. 
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Ananda's selfies

Choosing three selfies out of the many that I have was hard but the three that I picked say a lot about me in a way. The first picture is a selfie of myself my niece and my nephew. These two children are my life and I would do anything for them. They have helped me to mature and they get me through tough situations. My nephew is 7 months and is the most jumpy cheerful baby that I know. My Niece is 6 years old and she is like a best friend to me yes she is starting to try and challenge me but that is all part of growing up. She has a really big heart and I know I can depend on her to always love me and never give up on me. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. The next picture I would call more of a self portrait. This is a picture of me last year during my dance groups end of the year recital. This picture was taken after our swan lake dance. It was one of my first ballet performances of stage. Basically I love to dance and I hope to dance for the rest of my life. Finally the last picture is of Shay and I. Its not the best picture of us but shay and I have been friends since 6th grade and have been in the same elementary, middle, and high school. She is a very dependable friend. We may have our up and down times but what friendship doesn't at the end of the day im here for her and I know she’s here for me.
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.57.54 PM
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photo (1)
photo 1

Many people take selfies for different reasons. To share them with friends, to keep them in private albums, or the usual flick of the day. Personally, selfies have become an everyday ritual in my life. I take them when I’m happy, sad, mad, or in any kind of mood. Of course there is something more behind just the picture. The selfie represents something with more meaning. I took lots of consideration when choosing three self portraits that represent my life. While I am a very private person, most of my life could be told through just one selfie. My friends are a big part of my life and is in 90% of my pictures. They appear in the picture but how they contribute to my life doesn’t. They are strong people who build my character each day and I think that is something you could not just tell from a selfie. My next portrait reflects the great love that I have for food. Chipotle is my favorite restaurant and I present that to the world clearly, with almost every post. The last picture reflects what I like to do in my free time. Stories help define my life and I spend a great deal of time reading and relating the books I read to my life. Throughout all of these pictures they all have one similarity. They are things that impact and influence my life and is apart of it everyday. This is how I reflect myself to the world with the things seen and unseen.


Selfie Game Too Strong

These three pictures capture most of my essence. I’m still not sure if I chose the right three; maybe there was another selfie that would be better suited for this assignment. I could go on for weeks contemplating the decision, or I could explain to you the meaning behind these choices. I prefer the latter.

So this first picture. You’re probably wondering why a 6’4” black male is masked up with a safari hat to compliment. Well, this kid is preparing for battle in the ongoing war of Ultimate Frisbee. This sport, as popular as butter on pop tarts, has become one of my greatest joys in life. I couldn’t have asked for a better hobby, workout, and overall fun experience. The second picture (please excuse the obscene gesture, if you knew Manny you would understand) is of my friend Emmannuel “Manny” Kouadio and I. I enjoy the company of my friends almost as much as Ultimate, even if I’m usually the driver for every event. Lastly, probably the best for last, is the poorly hidden face of Karoline Alexandra Castillo and I. No, I’m not forcing a picture, my 2 year girlfriend is just camera shy. This girl has been a “piece of work” (don’t tell her I said it), but has been the best bestfriend I’ve had. She puts up with craziness I offer (like the mask and safari hat), which is something I’m eternally grateful for.

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The Rockets have kept to their winning ways in impressive fashion with games that straddled this past weekend. First was a Friday showdown with undefeated Martin Luther King, which absorbed the entirety of a highly competitive B-Division Germantown team and have dominated everyone they faced. With respect to playoff seeding, the latter game against the former Division Champ Del Val was even more critical. SLA not only won both to take over First Place, but did so in ways that prove how versatile and dangerous this Rockets squad truly is. 

Prior to the showdown with SLA (5-1) on Friday, King had yielded just 13 runs in 5 games and blasted their opponents with 72 of their own. In light of the litany of upper-league players they inherited, King swaggered into the game with a level of confidence and arrogance that communicated a belief that they were unbeatable. Then the Rockets, who stormed back to steal one from King in the season opener last year, blasted King's "unhittable" pitcher- Clinton Hickson- for 17 runs on 21 hits en-route to a 17-10 win. 

The key to the offensive assault by the Rockets was the back-end of the order, led by Senior Jhonas Dunakin, which constantly got on base. This gave Senior Starting Pitcher and Leadoff Hitter- Ethan Reese- the unique opportunity of notching 6 RBIs (Runs Batted In) by going 4-6 with a clutch Double. Junior Stephen Eager-White kept his bat hot, going 3-5 with yet another Triple (3) and 2 RBIs. Sophomore Kevin Courtney, who earned Rookie of the Year honors in 2013,  continued his literal perfection at the plate in Divisional games by going 4-4 with 2 Doubles and 3 RBIs. Senior and Team Captain- Jeff Schwartz- followed up hitting for the Cycle (Home Run, Triple, Double and Single) in the previous 19-3 blowout of rival Randolph, with a 5-6 performance that included a Double and 3 RBIs. Freshman Kevin Williams made stellar stops at Third when King mounted a potential comeback, and he also hit a monster Triple of his own, finishing the day 2-4 with a Walk and an RBI. 

Hard throwing Courtney, who pitched 4 solid innings in relief, struck out the side in a critical 4th inning, and the Rockets pushed it out of reach against a King team that consistently lacked sportsmanship and respect for the game. Undefeated no more, dominant no more, confident no more, King followed up their first loss of the season by squeaking out a 12-10 win over Saul after blowing three separate multi-run leads to a team the Rockets had dismantled 18-3 earlier in the season. 

With respect to playoff seeding, the Rocket's come-from-behind win over a tough and disciplined Del-Val squad on Monday proved even more impressive. Freshman Lukas Supovitz-Aznar was sterling in his first Varsity start of the season, fanning 12 batters over five innings. His nasty curve and off-speed pitches reduced their best hitters to the likes of Little Leaguers swatting at flies. However, the Rocket's defense has some lapses and quickly found themselves far from the mountain top of toppling King 72 hours earlier. While SLA's hitters were patient and consistent, loading  the bases twice with no outs in the middle frames, in each instance they were only able to plate one run. Del Val's Starter- Conway- wasn't dominant, but his defense was outstanding and they contained the Rocket's aggressive base-running with the help of a few questionable calls, like a play at the plate that punched out Jeff Schwartz on a perfect slide, ending a major Rockets rally. Del Val's offense played great "Small Ball" and piled up 6 runs through the 5th.

Kevin Courtney came in for Aznar in relief in the 6th to shut down the heart of their order with a weak grounder to 2nd and back-to-back strike outs. And then the inning that will forever define the depth of this team unfolded in dramatic fashion. 

Bottom of the Sixth, down 6-2, Jhonas Dunakin comes to the plate and works a masterful walk to get it started. Aznar rips a hard single and Freshman Dave Baker follows with his first hit for Varsity. Again, bases loaded, no outs. Freshman Aaron Watson-Sharer hits a bomb to center, but their Center Fielder- Khalil Williams- made a sick grab and blasted a laser beam home, just like the one that caught Schwartz in the 3rd, to hold Dunakin on base. As the order turned over and Ethan Reese came to bat the feeling was creeping in that this was their last shot at a comeback. Three times with the bases loaded and no outs has to net more than 3 total runs, and net runs did they ever. 

Reese ripped an RBI single past a diving Short Stop, but those heavy arms in the Outfield forced them to hold the runner at third. 6-3, bases still loaded, just one out. Stephen Eager-White, who has been stinging balls all season, just missed one. However, the contact he did make mimicked a 'Suicide Squeeze Bunt' and the throw to get him at first, which he beat out, allowed Aznar to score. Bases still loaded, just one out, down 6-4 and Jeff Schwartz stepped to the plate. 

Del Val's Outfield had been playing him back all day. They knew what he was capable of, but he is so hard to defend against and Schwartz proved it again with a 2-run bomb over their heads to deep, deep center that tied the game at 6. Kevin Courtney followed suit with a two-run Triple in the Left Center gap that gave the Rockets an 8-6 lead. Del Val was standing around perplexed as their Coach came out signaling the end of Conway's day, but the Rockets onslaught was far from over and Del Val's Bullpen couldn't stop the bleeding. With two outs Jhonas Dunakin, who led off the inning, worked another deep count and was eventually hit by a pitch. Moments later he simply walked to 2nd on a signature "Mt. Airy" play that took advantage of the defense needing to protect against the runner on third. Aznar worked another walk and Baker ripped another hot shot single, which scored Courtney. Then Aaron Watson-Sharer, who hit a monster Home Run in his first At Bat of the season against Dobbins in a 28-0 win, blasted one to Right that knocked in another two. Reese drew another walk and "Mt Airyed" his way to 2nd. 

There was seemingly no end in sight as the Rockets lineup just kept finding ways to get on base. 45 minutes after Eager-White scored the 2nd run to make it 6-4 the inning finally came to a close when he flew out deep to Right. 10 Runs, 8 Hits, 3 BB, and 1 HBP later and the Rockets had a commanding 12-6 lead moving into the final inning in which Courtney shut the door with 2 Strike Outs. 

The epic come-from-behind win kept SLA perfect in "AA" Classification play (3-0), gave them a Tie-Breaker over the top two teams in their Division, and a loss by FLC across town put the Rockets alone in 1st Place for the first time this deep in a season since the program started in 2010. The 'never-say-die' attitude of this Rockets club and their potent offense, which can be temporarily contained but never wholly denied, continues to strike legitimate fear into their opponents. Scoring 95 runs in 7 games can have that effect. 

Next up, FLC on Mon, 5/5 and S Philly on Wed, 5/7. 

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Selfie or Self-Portrait

Photo on 4-7-14 at 9.04 AM
Photo on 5-2-14 at 10.59 PM
To take pictures of myself it's usually for business or just for some kind of professional things and I don't really take that many pictures of myself because this. I guess I just never been as camera crazed as some other people are. In fact it seems to me that the photos where I looked the happiest or look the most joy for photos that other people take. This is because I'm really bad at taking pictures when I expect them. Most people who know me know that if they want to get a good picture of me they have to get it in the moment because I can't really smile for the camera that's just not the kind of person I am.

This makes most of the pictures I have that one could consider selfies are simple tests of the camera that I was using. Which is why and most of the pictures you'll notice that my face very relaxed and expressionless. On the flip-side sometimes I do silly pictures when I find myself with free time while I usually delete them as soon as I take them I posted one for the benefit of this assignment.

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Still Life with Skull


“Still Life with Skull” es una obra de arte creado y pintado por Paul Cézanne quien era un pintor impresionista Francesa. El se termino la obra el verano de 1898 en un óleo sobre lienzo.  Hoy dia esta obra de arte está ubicado en El Barnes Foundation en center city. Para mi clase de español mi maestra decía que necesito interpretar un obra de arte.  Yo Gonzalo Infante no me gusta mucho las obras de arte porque a veces son muy aburridos. Como entiendo arte solo es un papel con colores pintados adelante. Creo que mi maestra es un poco ridículo que necesitamos interpretar un obra si ya solo tiene un historia. ¿Porque son importantes? Estaba pintado hasta 70 años y todavía tiene importancia. Pero elegio esta obra porque creo que tiene un historia detrás de él todo. Como que Cézanne está contando una historia asustadiza de su vida en Francia o solo un historia de la muerte y traición.

Cuando miro a esta obra pienso en sueños oscuros. En el parte atrás puedes ver colores oscuros para representar oscuridad y tragedia. Como lo veo Cézanne uso mas el color negro para acentuar el cráneo en la mesa. Las frutas a la derecha añade un tacto como si era normal para tener un cráneo en la mesa. Es como los colores brillantes de las frutas esta peleado contra la oscuridad de los plumas atrás, aunque si los plumas no había la fruta mezclaria con el fondo. Con las frutas ninguna de las frutas se parecen iguales porque en la vida real nada es lo mismo. Puedes ver que Cézanne era cuidadoso cuando pinte la obra porque puedes ver el detalle en los plumas y las arrugas en el mantel blanco. Es como la obra tiene textura, como si podía tocarlo podría sentir los pliegues en el mantel, y las plumas. Cézanne es muy talentoso para pintar obras como esas pero porque tiene la paciencia de pintar con mucho detalle.

Cuando miro al obra pienso en los desaparecidos y las personas muertos, porque la obra si es un poco oscuro y el cráneo me recuerda a muerte. Hay muchos diferencias de Francia y Santiago. En escuela hablamos un poco de país alrededor del mundo y hablamos un poco de Francia. Habia un tour de France y creo que habia un ataque de aviones que mató a 14 personas. In general es más tranquilo en Francia que Santiago donde tenemos pocos recursos, guerra, y todo es un lío. En la obra creo que hay símbolos para todo. La mesa es el mundo y en el mundo si hay muerte pero hay vida y esperanza.  En la obra las frutas representa la vida que  viene en diferentes formas y tamaños el cráneo representa la muerta pero la el mantel representa la esperanza de un futuro brillante. Cézanne tenía un passion para cráneos en esa etapa de su vida Cézanne era muy interesado el la muerte, entonces Still Life with Skull era uno de muchos obras de arte con cráneos un tópico llamativo y excéntrico.

Al final el proyecto no fue tan malo. No sabia que hay más en el arte y la pintura que sólo la pintura en el lienzo. Hay significados secretos y símbolos ocultos. Sin duda creo que Cézanne era un poco loco. Es que, ¿Quien puede pintar sobre la muerte y no siente ni um emoción que puede influir en la manera la obra resuelta.. Sólo se necesita un poco de tiempo y un poco de imaginación y  puede pasar cualquier cosa.

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Ryan Shaw Self-Portrait Assignment

These are three pictures of myself that I chose to represent me. While I understand that they aren't exactly "selfies" I don't really take those, so I chose pictures that I think represent me. The first picture is one of my friends and I. That's something that we are all defined by: the people who we befriend. The next picture is one of my family. Same as before, family is important, and they define me whether I like it or not, same as everyone else. The final picture is a picture of me, because despite what other people think of me, and despite how I think, I am me, and there is no one else like me. 
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Karly's Selfies

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.33.08 PM
So when it comes to selfies, I mostly play around on the camera when I think I look good. I'll only end up with one picture after 10 minutes of trying to take a good one. I take selfies with my brother, my friends, and even my parents. I think they're really fun because then I can look back on them and remember that happy moment with that person, or myself. I end up taking more on my phone then my Nikon, just because it's easier most of the time. Normally, if I'm taking a picture of myself I'll most likely post it somewhere. Most of the time I don't take them for no reason. I don't really know how I present myself to the world, but I know there's a lot left out when I take a selfie. A lot of things remain unseen because I will normally smile or make a pretty face in the pictures I take and I could be having the worst day, but it usually won't come out in the selfie. These 3 selfies are ones that I took within this year and only posted the last one, a lot of the times I take funny ones to but I thought these were better at representing how I really take pictures of myself. 
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