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Final Perspective Drawing

a. What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before?

One thing that I know now that I didn't know before was that there is  a such thing as an orthogonal line that is basically like a diagonal line but it's origin is the vanishing point. 

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better?

Learning this made my drawings cleaner and more precise. I'm not much of a visual artist so getting to use rulers in art was kind of like a blessing, it made drawing easier.

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If I did this assignment again I would pay more attention to the ceiling tiles because I wasn't using them at first but when I started to use them they were very helpful. 

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

My advice is to just go for it and don't worry about the lines being too perfect because it will drive you crazy trying to check and make sure that every line is exactly where it needs to be.

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

Although the slide share was very helpful my peers jumped in when the slides share confused me. Even though one point perspective is only three lines they often got jumbled and confusing. So where the slide share failed my peers got me back on track.

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Ray Albarouki - Q3 Art

​My inspiration for Quarter 3 was wealth. The largest goal in my life is to have wealth in myself; to be happy. The photos chosen are only a few of the many that I took, but they are the most important. I decided to only take photos of things in my room because that's one of the places I feel the happiest. Each photo is representative of my aspirations.

(unfortunately, my camera wouldn't upload the photos for some reason, so I took the photos of the photos from my phone. NO WHERE near as great of quality.)
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3 Obras

1. Your Body is a Battle Ground- Babara Kreuger - arte de imprimir
2. Death Church- Nikc Blinko- 1983- con un boligrafó
3. Alice Glass- Miko Vera- pintura digital 2013
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3 Obras

1. Lo que el agua me dio- Por Frida Kahlo, De mexico 1938
2. A painting of Miguel hidalgo Jalisco Governmental Palace, Guadalajara.- Por Jose clemente orozco 1927 mexico
3. The tempation of saint anthony- Por salvador Dali 1946
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Tres Obras de Arte

1. Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Het Meisje met de Parel) Pintando por Johannes Vermeer en Delft, Netherlands el año 1665

2.The Kiss (Lovers) Pintando por Gustav Klimten de Austria en el año 1908 o 1909 nadie no se

3.Miss Violence Pintando por Agnes-Cecile no hay información del año que fue hecho pero era pintando en Roma

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Quarter 4 Reflection 1

Quarter 4 Reflection 1 April 11th, 2014

Zack Hersh Señorita Manuel

“¿Resucitó Chase Utley?”

Por Will Gonzalez

Esta semana, mi autor favorito está vuelto, y con un artículo sobre mi jugador de los Phillies favorito: Chase Utley. Chase Utley siempre ha estado mi jugador favorito. Él es muy chevere, y un gran jugador. Para comenzar la temporada, Chase bateó .458, con dos jonrones, tres dobles (incluyendo el número tres ceintos de su carrera) y seis RBIs, en gran medida el bateador mejor de los Phillies. Como un fanático de él, estoy muy contento para verlo jugar tan bueno, aunque los Phillies no están haciendo que bueno (como yo pensaba). Muchas personas y fanáticos estaban sorprendidos de su éxito en el inicio de este temporada porque en los juegos de exhibición en el entrenamiento de primavera, Utley no jugaba bien. Él bateó .217 con cero jonrones, entonces todo el mundo fue sorprendidos (en una manera buena) por como él ha empezió su temporada. Por lo menos los Phillies, quien han ganado  tres partidos fuera de nueve, dejándolos con un porcentaje de ganar de .333, tienen un par de buenos cosas yendo por ellos. .333 es un porcentaje de ganar muy terrible, y para ellos poder de llegar a los playoffs, cosas tendrían que cambiar, o Utley tendré que continuar jugando extraordinariamente.

Palabras: 221
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3 Obras

"Embraced" ​Oil on wood panel, 70 x 57,5 cm.  2013 by Linnea Strid

 "ALLEY BY THE LAKE" by Leonid Afremov 24"x30" (60cm x 75cm) Palette knife Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas (46 x 36 inches) 2004, Yuan Li

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3 Obras de Arte

​1. Arrival of the Flower Ship por Vladimir Kush, Rusia, 2000.
2. What the Fish was Silent About por Vladimir Kush, Rusia, 2004.
3. Metamorphosis por Vladimir Kush, Rusia, (No puedo encontrar el año).
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.28.15 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.32.14 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.35.23 PM
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3 Obras

1. Exodus, Chagall 1966 Vitebsk, Belarus. 
2. African Sonata, Vladimir Kush, c.2000, Moscow, Russia 
3. Learning Walk, Jacek Yerka 2005, Torun, Poland
African Sonata
Time monster
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3 Obras


Sunrise by the Ocean por Vladimir Kuch. El era de Russia y pinto esta obra en pintado en 2000.

El obre se llama Indian Summer.  Era pintado en 1990 por Jacek Yerka. EL es de Polonia.

Marc Chagalles un artisto Bielorruso, Ruso, y Francés. En 1942 into A Wheat field on a Summer Afternoon. 

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