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What if? US History Benchmark

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.59.48 PM
This is a picture of one of the primary sources I made for our "What If?" project. The "What If?" project is mostly a creativity project where we can create an alternate future that occurred due to one specific change in American history. We then would need to create three primary sources to validate a future where this event had happened. Finally we then tie all three sources together along with three other real sources prior to the point of divergence into one final product. For my final product I made a website for a museum that featured American History for the alternate future. One can access this website by clicking here

For my project the main idea was, what if Napoleon Bonaparte never sold the Louisiana Purchase exclusively to the United States? My point of divergence was when Napoleon was considering to sell the Louisiana Purchase he asked his council for advice. In real history the council disagreed with him and he sold the territory in spite of them. However in this alternate future his council agreeded with him and so he considered the full possibilities of selling it to the other neighbor of New France, Spain. He ended up selling it to both to get more money, in this way it created much tension between the US and Spain, which turned into a war for many years after.

The alternative future would then be very different. The main difference is because of the increased contact with Spanish culture a much larger percent of American society speaks Spanish. In addition the united states is in a constant state of alarm in preparations of any kind of violence from Spanish troops. The two countries in the current day are at a cease fire much like North and South Korea. IN addition to this there is also a heavy Native American influence on American culture. Because Native Americans were never moved out west they were forced to interact with colonists and the mix of culture was more evident in society.

I had mixed opinions about this project. I like the creativity aspect and the ability to explore a change in history. It shows that the smallest of moments can change the future greatly, and it really helped with noticing how important small changes have been. The process for this project was simple I stayed on top of my work and did everything in a timely manor. It was challenging to make primary sources look old.

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4th Quarter Project: The war between two neighborhoods


The most challenging thing I found about this project is trying to tie it in with Globalization. I chose to write my journal story about something I knew about first hand and has actually been around too see and hear on my own. I also had a hard time with trying to make the paper sound more of a blog/journal thing instead of sounding like a thesis paper.

I always knew about this story because I am from one neighborhood and has friends in the other neighborhood. I have seen these things first hand, the 17 year old boy that died was friend of mines I knew since kindergarten and the mother and son caught in the cross fire was my friend mother and brother. These things have a great effect on me, I didn't physically get shot but these things messes up people minds mentally.

I think this story doesn't receive enough attention because its always something about African Americans doing something violent in the news. Everyday you'll see inner city violence on the news so this would be just another story. But the shootings doesn't always happen in the same place in my story there's a shooting almost everyday if not everyday. The violence is senseless and  is getting out of hand. I feel like the city of Philadelphia should put more police patrol out on the streets of Philadelphia. I don't think this story will get more attention over the next few months unless another innocent person is shot dead. I learned that inner city violence is somewhat of a disease it spreads through out the youth.

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Dominican Republic Election: Jareese, Sade Zillah

The country we were assigned was the Dominican Republic and the election was held on May 20th 2012. First, we got help from Uyen Nguyen who suggested that we get in contact with a man she met named David in the DR. 
Screen shot 2012-06-01 at 8.51.10 AM
And from there, I went onto Facebook and contacted David.
Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 10.27.46 PM
However, I did not receive a response from David which led us to find a new ways to get information that we needed. One of the group members, Zillah, suggested that we talk to one of the underclassmen, Franklin Mercado, because he's from the DR and has family who lives there and could help.  One Thursday afternoon, we all got together with Franklin and he phoned his cousin on Google Talk. His cousin, Carlos Mariano Mendez who is apart of the Military answered the following questions for us.

How old do you have to be to vote in the DR?

What is the voting process like in the DR?

Are you familiar with the voting process in the US?

What are some political parties in the DR?

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Bahama's Election Country

​For this project our group, Tyrone, Qyidir, and De'Lesha, were told to look at a country and research how their election process went. This project was harder than expected because it was a challenge to get in contact with the people from the different countries. It may seem as though it might be easy because of the technology that we have but it wasn't for that. 
After talking with our teacher we started to get moving along with the process because she gave us some ways to contact different people in the Bahamas. After sending out emails and days of waiting a response we finally got one from a teacher. She then forwarded this email to someone in the class who was willing to talk to us about the election process. We exchanged emails but we didn't really get information we were suppose to skype and interview him but things got hectic with other work. So this project wasn't really successful although we did get in contact with him we didn't really get the information. 
This was a fun project but because it wasn't stressed as much as the others it wasn't really focused on. So if we could have redid this project we would've taken more time out to really get in contact with and get the information from him. 
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 8.44.16 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 8.44.23 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 8.41.03 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 8.41.11 AM
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3 little birds sat on my window... (Briana)

English Journal Entry Part 3: #25


I wear a mask, but I’m no superhero

Because this mask is a lesson of being a zero

I work everyday and I work every night

But people depend on me to hold their might

I’m not considered as stupid, nor as average

But I try my hardest from not becoming a savage

I’m barely recognized for all that I’ve done

Because people’s reed blocks their minds from thinking they’ve won

But you see, I’m tired, I’m tired of being rung

I’m not a bell that you ring just for fun



English Journal Entry: #33


“I love anime”.


So, I don’t really know what to talk about…. Um:


In you and I, there’s a new land

(angels in flight)

My sanctuary, my sanctuary yeaa

Where fears and lies melt awayyyyyyyyyy

(Music will die)

What’s left of me, what’s left of me now


I watch you, fast asleep

All I fear means nothing


In you and I there’s a new land

(Angels in flight)

My sanctuary, My sanctuary yea

Where fears and lies melt away

(Music will die)

What’s left of me, what’s left of me now

…That’s all I can really remember right about now.


B is for Brain ‘cause I got brain damage, I’m deranged, insane got cerebrum like a cabbage.



English Journal Entry: #35


I wish I could freeze time. I just got over the stress with my math benchmark and now it’s back, and with more benchmarks in the third quarter. I need more time, it’s not even a choice right now. I wish I could get everything done so I can finally have free time. So I can draw in my spear time. It’s really sad when you can’t do something you love to do because every teacher is freaking punching and smacking you with benchmarks with no breaks in between. I thought I’d be able to get a better grade on this stupid stank benchmark but I don’t think I will. I always have more work than anyone else and I always have to be the leader. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t because people never really listen to me, or leave it to me. When I get stressed and people try to help after the fact I deny them. I need the help, but I don’t trust they’ll do it. It sucks, it really sucks. 

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Negative Space Reflection:

1. Photograph your negative space cut outs

2. Photograph your negative space drawings

3. Upload them to your blog

4. Answer the following questions in full sentences.

A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space around an object.

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

I found the negative space by tracing out side the actual objects.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist observe the objects in an easier  way and it is easier to see the shapes.

D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not

Negative space enhances drawings because the shape is more defined and clear.

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Egypt Election - Bach | Gina | Fangda

​About Egypt:

Egypt is located in northern part of Africa known as the Middle East. The country is known for its vast desserts, and its rich ancient history of Kings and Queens with pyramids that still exist. Today, the country is the worlds 6th largest supplier of liquified natural gas and oil is the main export. Although the country's oil and tourism industries are still very prosperous, the recent revolution and overthrowing of former president Hosni Mubarek has left the country's current political state in disarray. 

About Egypt's Election:

Election in Egypt is universal and compulsory to all Egyptian citizen over 18 years of age. Egypt has a two-round system for its presidential election. Previous to the revolution, Egypt's election process included a popular vote by the citizens for the head of state or president of Egypt. The president would be elected for a six year term after being nominated by the People's Assembly and then later confirmed by the popular vote. The People's Assembly is composed of 508 members, 498 of them are elected for a five year term and 10 members are added by the newly elected president each new term. The elections for the People's Assembly are carried out in three phases, in which there are 12 election days held throughout the country. Now that the revolution has occurred, the Egyptian people are currently writing a new legislature to carry out presidential elections.

Candidate Qualification:

- Be born in Egypt to Egyptian parents
- Not holding dual nationality
- Not marriage to a non-Egyptian
- Support of 30000 voters

Now in Egypt the top two candidates have decided to enter the runoff election next month (06/16-06/17). They are Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood and Ahmed Shafik who served under Hosni Mubarak as the prime minister.

Mohamed Morsi has been Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party(FJP) after the revolution happened in 2011. During 2000 and 2005, he was a Member of Parliament. Before the Freedom and Justice Party was founded, Mohamed Morsi had been a member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood. After that, he was elected by the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Office to be the first president of the new party. Mohamed Morsi was at first being nominated as a backup candidate, but later on he took the place of Khairat El-Shater as a formal candidate when the latter was disqualified.

Ahmed Mohamed Shafik was a senior commander in the Egyptian Air Force and later served as Prime Minister of Egypt for a period of 33 days, when Hosni Mubarak was in charge. Ahmed Shafik served in the army as an young officer and had attended the War of Attrition and 1973 October War. Later in 1983, he was appointed a military attaché in the Egyptian Embassy in Rome. In 1991, he had become the Air Force's Chief of Staff, and lasted for 5 years, when he became the Commander of the Egyptian Air Force. Seen as "one of Mubarak's old guard", Shafik became a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in February 11, 2011. Ahmed announced his candidacy in the Egyptian Presidential Election in November 2011.

We interviewed Mohamed Zayed, who works for the Ministry of Education and was also one of the visitors to SLA during the two weeks of May.
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 07.41.08 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 07.41.26 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 07.41.50 AM
Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 07.42.00 AM
We also reached out to Sharif Kouddous, who came to our class and spoke as part of the Pulitzer Center. He is now a senior correspondence in the Middle East for Democracy Now.

Here is an interview he did with Democracy Now on the topic of Egypt Presidential Election:

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 08.10.09 AM

The process of corresponding with an Egyptian person to interview them about their presidential elections was very long and required patience, however we are glad that we were able to learn something. Our group gained a new insight into this foreign land and was surprised to learn that presidents are elected in Egypt for a longer term than those in the United States and also the People's Assembly of Egypt has almost the same number of members as our American Congress and it functions similarly. We think that this was a good experience. If we were to do this again, we would definitely not procrastinate and spend more time talking to each other about the project. Our advice to others would be to pick a country that you're interested in so that you'll be able to fully appreciate the knowledge given to you in the interview.
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4Q Advanced Art Final Blog

​4Q Advanced Art Blog

During the 4Q I advanced my art skills extremely, I used variations of different of artistic methods to improve the way I look at my art and how the previous quarters have let me explore my individually as an artist. This quater I mainly focus on abstract pencil drawings as well as abstract water color paintings. Compare to my other artistic work throughout this year, abstract water color was a new adventure and I enjoy working with it as one of my final products to submit for the 4Q marking period.

Photo on 6-12-12 at 7.11 AM #2Photo on 6-12-12 at 7.11 AMPhoto on 6-12-12 at 7.13 AM

Photo on 6-12-12 at 7.13 AM
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You and The World Blog #3- Jeremiah Cunningham

In my previous blogs I talked a lot about STDs and what goes on in the world. This blog post is a little different. This is a “Post for change”. I will be encouraging the youth and adults to stand up against STDs and the billion of cases in the world today. This topic is strongly considered in medical facilities and a little outside in the streets. Us as people who sit bak and watch cases like this get larger by the day, can stand up and make a stand. Whether it’s going to schools and talking to kids, or just donating to Medical Facilities in order to support studies on finding a cure. WE MUST DO SOMETHING!

There is a lot being done as far as STD awareness goes. There is an annual celebration in April called “STD awareness month” which is dedicated to find a cure for the diseases and educating the youth and raising money for awareness. It also calls attention to the impact of STDs and promote testing. Adolescents and Teenagers are mainly vulnerable to STDs. That is why its important get out the message that Safe sex is much recommended and widely expressed by doctors and healthcare providers. Ages 15-24 are responsible for nearly half of the world cases of STDs.

    Family doctors are supposed to keep up with children’s health. When teens go to the doctor’s, the doctor asks the child are they participating in any type of sexual activity. It is not a guarentee that the child is telling the truth or not when they say no. That’s why the doctor goes on and tells them about the dangers of unprotected sex, and STDs. Although doctors give the child a little 3-5 minute pep talk, it doesn’t work. That is why my Post for change is to try and find a way to get that message out there either by video, Public Service announcement, or even making a pamphlet on the dangers of STDs.

My post for change is that I’m going to make a PSA (Public Service Announcement). This will cover mine and others’ views on STDs and how they affect our world. I will tell what STDs do to you and how we can make a stand. What I’m trying to do is get out and make people care about a subject that I feel strongly about. I was always scared to have intercourse when I heard of these diseases. Now that I have, I am terrified. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I just want to get out to the public the danger of such diseases and if you can PLEASE keep it in your pants. I would like to thank Ms.Dunn, Tyanna Pleasant, Keyaira doughty, and Chaveliz  for helping me with their views on STDs. I also would like to thank my father for telling me the dangers of STDs and how they affect.

New Project 5 - Medium
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Election Project Work

(Tariq, Sam K., & Sam S)

My Group's election country was Russia. Our Election was in early March and we tried several different ways of coming in contact with someone over there to conduct interviews. We emailed an english speaking school over there, as well as we tried to get in contact with luke van meter's brother who actually taught over there. We tried following up with these actions but they were to no avail.

If we were to do this project over again, we would have tried to physically speak to luke's brother, and go deeper with pursuing someone through Serge's family. We felt that there was hardly any physical connection therefore making it extremely difficult to establish a relationship with a stranger as well as getting them to do a task for us.

Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 9.24.38 PM

Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 10.21.32 PM
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History Journal #33: Industrial Revolution routine vs. your morning routine.

-Woke up

-Pushed the snooze bar

-Dragged myself out of bed

-Hopped in the shower

-Put lotion on

-Got dressed

-Ate cereal

-Packed lunch

-Put product in hair

-Packed bag

-Got papers signed

-Drove into school with traffic


Industrial Revolution~ No cars! No rice krispies! No hair product!


These 2 routines are different because we have a lot more technology then they have back then. I was woken up with the alarm clock, probably had cleaner water in my shower, got in a car, watched some TV. If I lived back then, I probably wouldn’t have as much to do in the morning getting ready wise.

What’s different?

-location of bathroom

-would go to work not school

-lack of transportation

-no quick food

-no electricity

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Eng. Journal #36:I wish I could...

I wish I could be tall. I wish I could stop coughing and having a stuffy nose. I wish I could get all this work done more easily. I wish I could be home asleep. I wish I could have another chocolate bar. I wish I could write forever without my hand hurting. I wish I could change the weather to warm. I wish I could eat without getting fat. I wish I could have a puppy. I wish I could play drums. I wish I could be a marine biologist. I wish I could paint my nails neatly. I wish I could have a second chance. I wish I could everything, but most of this stuff won’t come true anyway. I wish I could write neater…


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Eng. Journal #50: Art Questions


1.     Why do people create art?

I think people create art to express themselves. (Feelings, thoughts, etc.) Depending on what art means to people there are many ways people use art. Someone could be trying to tell a story, or they could also show and explain something instead of writing or talking about it.

2.     What makes art powerful?

I think art is powerful when it’s very well known when (if dance) it’s big and dramatic. It can be powerful to certain people if they can relate to it, like for music. A lot of art can be powerful if it’s done well. If the artist is confident in their work and it’s really good, it can leave a long lasting impression.

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Blog Post 3: You and the World

In my first and second blog posts, I have summarized the education crisis in the US. The issue is such an important and complex one that I could write several books about. Because this issue goes so far over my head and most other peoples heads, the best way to incite change is through awareness. So, to bring more awareness to this issue, I will be inviting a few friends over to my house for a screening of the film Waiting For Superman. Because I can't have everyone at my house, I encourage you to watch the film on your own time (you can watch it here)

This film does a very good job of explaining the issue and gives some interesting statistics (through really great graphics!). One thing to keep in mind is that this film portrays charter schools as the "miracle" that will fix US Schools, when in reality most charter schools perform the same or worse then neighborhood schools (check out this chart)

For my piece of original content, I have produced a fact sheet.


Education Statistics
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Art Blog- Quarter 4

Here is the list of things I've done:
Abstract emotion
Abstract Motion
Close up

Note: Just about every piece was done in: HB, 4B, 2B, 4H, 2H pencils; .07 MM draftline pencil; and charcoal. Only one thing was done in acrylic paint.

Abstract Emotion:
Title: Trapped

This was my very fist attempt at abstract- this illustration. I used all of the material stated above (minus acrylic). As an artist, my preference is traditional forms of art, so I usually stick pencils- because I love them. Anyway, this was very hard to do, because I honestly did not know where I was going with it. I started using the smooth surface of the charcoal to create a foundation- which turned out looking like a ground. From there I got an idea, I was going to try to to create sand (from a picture that I had). I glided a 2b across the page to create a curvy look. After several moments of this, I noticed that something was very wrong. I realized that I absolutely hated it and had not idea what to do with it next. So here's the interesting part- I just let go. I let my hands do the thinking and found that I started forming figures out of the curves that were supposed to be waves. Then I saw something. I saw faceless figures pop out of the pages in front of me, and I went from there. I began to define the figures. I shaped them and and used the charcoal to really darken then and contrast the background that I would eventually make a nuance of the darkness of the figures and the ambiante glow that surrounds them. I loved the idea of one distant figure that could be made of out of all of the others. So I made one center creature the one that is "Trapped". Many may interpret this as they please, but one thing to know is that I tried to induce a sense of fear. So if you want to know one thing for sure, fear is the motion portrayed in the shape of their bodies and through the center.

Abstract Motion: 
Title: Fly

I can confidently say that this is my least favorite of all of my drawings because I just couldn't the motion like I wanted. This one was all charcoal. I started with my foundation: a body. I then proceed to use different strokes of the charcoal to create the "wisping" and "flying" look of the person. The hardest pat was using lines and strokes to show the speed of the movement. In my opinion, degrees and indications of speed need to be shown to show that the object is moving at all. I used darker strokes closer to the figure and and they further they strayed away the the lighter and softer they became. This was to give it a look that it was dwindling away as well as moving. I can say that this mood is quite tranquil compared to trapped. I just want the viewer to feel like a feather when looking at the drawing. That was my objective.

Title: Bang 

Once more, a piece that I'm not the happiest with, but I'm glad that I resisted the temptation to use a human foundation again. This time I used a foundation of a circle- which I proceeded to shade. This was another piece that I didn't have a specific direction with so I just followed my hands. It had hit me that it felt as if the circle in the center had been similar to a planet, so I went with that mind set and and shaded all around it. Here the charcoal didn't really help me, os I used my heaviest pencils- HB and 4B, and smudged it around to really darken it. I then used my eraser to erase certain points. I wanted to give it light and give it an explosive effect- hence the title "Bang". I really do like that I was able to make it look as if it were exploding, and the mood from this in almost anticipation- it's like you waiting for something to end. 

Close Up: 
Title: Finger 

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this close up. In particular, this was in conjunction to my individual assignment of hands. Since I am left-handed, I examined my right index finger, and draw it just as I saw it. Using all of the pencils that I stated at the top, I started by tracign with my eyes the shape of my finger, and I then I added dimension by playing with the lighting along the side.

finger close up
hand I
hand II
hand III
hands IV
abtract arcylic
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Election Country- France

​By: Kate Pepple & Maria Hernandez


  1. We were officially assigned to this project in February, 6th.
  2. By March 5th, we spoke with an exchange friend from France.
  3. On April 9th, we officially talk to her online to plan specifically what she would be doing.

4. Once she agree to do it on April 20th, we sent her the questions.

5. The elections were April 22th.

6. By May 5th we had all the answer from the voters in France.

  1. What motivated you to come out and vote?
  2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?
  3. Do you vote in every election? (How regularly do you vote?)
  4. Are you always sure of who you are going to vote for when you walk into the booth or are you still deliberating?
  5. Where have you encountered the highest amount of ad campaigning? Radio, TV, print, internet, other.

Nathalie Gabory, 42 years old
  1. It is a civic duty, we fought for the right to vote
  2. That we stop making promises that cannot be held
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. On the radio

Emmanuel Kinger, 19
  1. Opportunity to express its opinion and hope to see a few changes
  2. I'd like the government to stop paying people who do nothing, do not work. And help those who do not need it.
  3. I’d like more competent people in government and less people who can only talk … And prevent capital flight of large enterprise, and bring back that are in tax havens.
  4. As soon as I get the chance (this is the first time I vote)
  5. Yes, I am sure
  6. Prints, radio, TV, everywhere actually

Zoé Gremillard, 19
  1. Because It is a civic duty to vote
  2. For now the political system right for me as it is, I just wish that all politicians aren’t "people-ized"  (like famous people)
  3. My first election
  4. I know who I will vote in the first round, the second round is going to ask me a little more thought I think.
  5. Election posters are very present, but upon all expectations, young people on facebook, have themselves publicity the candidate they preferred.

Roger Waeber, 56
  1. It’s a duty for the interest of French’s’ economy. To  keep our social rights, social protection that is one of the best in Europe, to keep good relationship the other country in Europe and in the world, and of course our freedom of expression and purchasing power
  2. I’d like more referendums for important decisions
  3. I vote for every elections and referendums
  4. I know who I’m going to vote for.
  5. On TV, with publicity and shows, papers…

Charlotte Waeber, 18
  1. It’s a duty to my country, and a chance we have (French) to express our opinion in order to maintain peace and economy in our country and in Europe.
  2. I would like more involvement of people in government decisions. That elected officials represent more the people than the French upper class. And that the government takes more economic decisions ( like more industries, more competitivity…) instead of social decisions
  3. It’s my first election
  4. I know who I’m voting for in the first round, but not in the second
  5. Mostly on TV and internet.

France & American Election Comparison:
France is similar to America in that they have a representative government, officials are either elected directly by the people or indirectly by officials already elected.  France elects presidents for 5 year terms, they also vote for officials in Parliament.  There are two chambers in Parliament, The National Assembly and The Senate.  French citizens also vote for members in local government and some non political candidates such as judges.  France does not have a strict two party system like that of America, yet they do have two parties that tend to be elected; on the left the Socialist Party and on the right the UMP.  Elections are always held on Sundays in France with the campaign ending the Friday before.  By 8pm on Sunday the results of the voting are starting to be published, before some of France's territories in the Western Hemisphere had even voted.  Because knowing the most likely results before they even vote, some elections in the America's are allowed to be held on the Saturday before. 

This project was an important lesson for everyone because we had the opportunity to interact with a young person like us, but from an other country; at the same time that we learn about their culture, and by comparing with our see how different the process is even when countries are in democracy (like the case of France and US), and just because is different doesn’t have to be bad. Also the exchange of ideas with people from other country makes us value their traditions and appraise more ours.
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English Journal #26: PART 3 – Write a journal about a mask

There is one Mask, South Philly Style,
worn with acceptance, not denial!
You can walk down the street, many places to go,
since you're one of a kind, it's worthy to show.

I am different, not a copy or fake,
I am something no one can remake.
I have sworn to be my own, not anything other,
the closest copy will probably be my brother.

You look around, you have many friends,
let them be THEIR SELVES, don't make pretend.
There is one mask, South Philly Style,
worn with acceptance, not denial.
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English Journal #41 – Write a letter you would never write to someone

Dear Leon,
I am very, very, very disappointed in you for what you did back in 1997. You don't remember, do you? You don't remember because you probably don't want to remember. Well here is a little FYI and reminder, you almost killed Ada! Yup, thats right, she is still alive... you feel salty. She was running as she tripped and flipped over a railing 40 feet high. She held on then you grabbed her hand. But you pulled a Scar and Mufasa act. You allowed her to fall, that was NOT nice! But now she is alive doing well in Raccoon City, winning, while you look stupid, hater.

–Dan (#1 RE FAN)
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English Journal #23 – Write about a time when you had an experience with something foreign

During Spring Break of 2011, my mom planned a vacation to Universal Studios in Florida. The problem was, we were driving instead of taking of a plane. So that meant sitting in a car for about 1,000 miles. Luckily it's the 21st Century and we have a GPS. The problem was, at about the 750th mile, technology failed on us. So as we we're passing through Savannah, we hit a detour. The GPS didn't notify us of the situation, we had to get off of I-95. As we pulled off the highway, we stopped at a Bojangles Restaurant to ask for directions. While they were explaining, we were understanding about 5% of it, due to the tense, strong southern dialect. So from there we went driving around Savannah trying to find our way back to the highway so we could proceed with our trek. 300 more miles to go.
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Mixers statement

For this quarter I have been exposing my work to everyone in a new and innovative way and what I did was go on and do live broadcast of my work and letting people hear it instead of just recording them and just having them for my own personal benefit. Somethings that I have learned are that you play what every you feel like and also what the listeners want to hear and also to put my name out their in every chance I get so people can get to know what I do and also how I DJ. I am proud to say that I am currently the number 2 most searched under my name DJ_MALO.

Check me out most days of the ENTIRE WEEK at 9:00 pm.

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Cancer " The Killer" Part 3

         This is the last blog that I will be doing with the “ You in the World Project.” This is the post for change. This project has really opened my eyes to the struggle that people go through with cancer. Not only do they struggle with the sickness its self they have to worry if their health care will cover them. Cancer tears families apart not only in America but the whole world. In my past 2 blogs I talked about how the environment is affecting our health. I also talked a little about the things we do effect our health. In my 2nd blog I talked about how health coverage is in America and how we have to fight so that everyone has equal health care if anything was every to happen to them.

         My Grand- Father was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 67. He had been a heavy smoker all his life, and was diagnosed with lung cancer, which soon spread to his brain and bones. Months before the doctors diagnosed him he was showing signs of some kind of sickness. He wasn’t himself and he became weak quickly when he would be doing any kind of physical activity. The doctors said that the cancer was forming quickly and it was spreading to other parts of his body. My family was trying to understand why doctors couldn’t see any symptoms of cancer before. Cancer forms over time not in a one-week span. Over the next 2 weeks he seemed to be getting a little better, he was taking so many medicines that doped him up it became very hard to talk to him. We wanted to spend as much time as we had left with him. He soon became very sick again and was admitted back into the hospital. That same day he died.

         I tell this story of my grand-pa to say that you have to be screened, for any early signs of cancer. You have to have annual cancer screens. Also you have to make sure that no matter what that you have proper health coverage if you every need it. Also there are so many things you can do to prevent  cancer such a lung cancer by not smoking, even second-hand smoking is very bad (when you are constantly around someone who smokes.) Not having my Grand- Pa still with me tares me up inside. Thinking that if he stopped smoking or took care of him- self a little better he could have been with us for a little longer. If he had went to screenings or the doctor when he didn’t feel good they could have caught the cancer in time so that he could beat it.  



         For my change I want to give back to the cancer community, cause even though my Grand-Pa didn’t really have the chance to fight. I want to make sure that other people have that chance. I am going to volunteer at different cancer events in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. For my change I am going to get a team together and we are going to volunteer to help out for the American Cancer Society 40th annual Bike-a-thon. The date for the bike-a-thon is July 8,2012. 

New Project 2
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Q4-Clouds and Moon

For the fourth and final two hour project, I decided to paint clouds with the moon above. I had the intentions of just painting clouds. However, when I was on YouTube learning how to paint clouds, I came across the video of someone painting clouds with the moon above. I loved the way that theirs came out. I wanted to see if I could do it myself. Therefore, I did. I liked the way that it turned out in the end. Overall, I was pleased with the work that I did. Below if a picture of the end result. Enjoy!

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