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Learner's Permit, License & Registration

             For the bureaucracy project we had to pair up and choose a task. The overal driving process wasn't difficult however it took a lot of research to understand some of the forms and to really be able to identify what has to come before what in the process. In my partnership first we assigned the roles for each other and then we both started looking for paperwork. I created the flowcharts while my partner filled out the forms and went back and made suggestions so that I could edit. The paperwork is very straightforward once I understood the process in which they needed to be signed and also what the different abbreviations for forms were. 
             If I could change anything I would change the registration process because even though it's very simple finding the papers making sure you have them all is the difficult part. 

Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for receiving a Learner's Permit & a Driver's License. 
Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for how to Register your Vehicle. 

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Income tax flow chart ( Tyler & LaMaya


​here it is flow chart

  • Briefly summarize the bureaucratic 'task' that you selected.
My partner and I filed income tax returns in order to report all of our income and to determine how much of our total income will end up being taxable income. The taxable income will be subject to the income taxes at marginal tax rates. We also file this income tax to keep the services that the government has provided for us. The government use the revenue that comes from the amount of income taxes of the tax payers.
  • Reflect upon the paperwork that you needed to fill out. Was it straightforward, easy, difficult, perplexing, etc.
The paper work that we had to fill out was the w-2 fors and the w4 forms i think that the forms could have been much more straight forward instead of asking for estimates and then to add line 6 to line 5 and divide number 9 by 1 and 2
  • If you could change one thing about the bureaucratic process that you flow charted, what would it be and why?
I think that if i could change one thing about to process I would make the process papers more straight forward and less time consuming it makes it so that you need every paycheck or credit card report
  • Why do you think the systems have become so complicated? 
I think that the systems have become more complicated because thats the way government like to make things i think its a way to discourage people not to do them so in the end they still end up getting more money.
  • Other thoughts, reflections, feedbac
I enjoyed this product i feel as if now i know what my grandparents go through when they sit on the phone for hours with the tax people with the music playing

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Disibility and Social Security

My partner and I did Social society and Disibility.   What we had to do was to research the process and the requirements of how to get disibility. From there we had to break down each of the steps that was required. We came up with certain questions to add within the process. From the questions you branch off and see if they meed the requirement.  my partner filled out the paper work from what i seen it was alot of information to go through. I would not change with the way it was flow charted. It will be easy to be followed. The systems become so complicated because there are more requirements that people required. Once I knew where I was going with this project it was fairly straight foward.

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Bureacracy Project Reflection

Please post to the SLATE blogger a reflection that encompasses these points - also post the image and the link to your flowchart:
  • Briefly summarize the bureaucratic 'task' that you selected.
  • Give an overview of your process
  • Reflect upon the paperwork that you needed to fill out. Was it straightforward, easy, difficult, perplexing, etc.
  • If you could change one thing about the bureaucratic process that you flow charted, what would it be and why?
  • Why do you think the systems have become so complicated?
  • Other thoughts, reflections, feedback.
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Chart- Passport Lauren and Rafiq


My bureaucratic task that I had to perform was applying for a passport. The process is fairly easy when renewing a passport. Basically, your passport has to be in excellent condition and mailed to the office. But before that a form DS- 82 has to be filled out. it would take about 5-7 days for processing.The paperwork was pretty straight forward to fill out. Easier that filing out the first time applicant. All the steps seem like they all should be there as a security measure. I figure some process has to be difficult because they have to be very detailed and it makes it that must harder for people who are trying to commit fraud. Especially for the traveling section, I think it has to be complex in some way to stop illegal and potentially dangerous people from entering and for citizens in other countries to make sure they are protected. This project could come in handy in my future if I would want to renew my passport, since it goes out in June 2012.
Here the link to the project
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Income Tax Flow Chart (LaMaya Mapp + Tyler Hankinson)

Link to Flowchart:

Income Tax Flowchart

The task that we selected to do research about was Income Taxes using the 1040 and W-2 form.  During this process Tyler and I decided to come up with a definition of this process. We both tried to figure out why we file income tax in order to understand it better. We both came up with, "We file income tax returns in order to report all of our income and to determine how much of our total income will end up being taxable income. The taxable income will be subject to the income taxes at marginal tax rates. We also file this income tax to keep the services that the government has provided for us. The government use the revenue that comes from the amount of income taxes of the tax payers."  Learning and understanding the 1040 and W2 form was long and hard but it was worth it because we will be using this information soon enough in the future.  Making the flowchart was difficult because there were so many things to talk about and so many directions to follow, so instead, we summarized the process. The paper work was easy but LONG. It required basic information of payments that was given to us. I would only change the fact that it was long and the math needed to do the work. It's probably long and complicated because many people cheat on their taxes when filing for income and when they do, they will be sued by the government.

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 12.35.34 PM
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New and Improved slide ! By Karoline Castillo

What I learned from the constructive feed back is that you don`t want to make your slide too tacky. Keep the slide percise and to the point. Also i learned not to put too many words on it. The audience does`t want to read a bunch of nothing, or get bored, so only put up what you want them to see. Make the color of your background match your picture, and pick solid colors. When you present i learned that you have to use the vocabulary, and you MUST wear your lab coat, talk to your classmates not Miss Hull ! I changed my slide completely. I made the picture bleed of the side to make it more interesting, and i took out all of the words and just added my name so my classmates won't get bored reading. I used black and white because i like the classic look to it, and the picture had a lot of white so a black background would make the pictures pop and stand out.
New slide
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Reflection on Q2 Media Fluency

​What I learned from last class was to make everything big. Make the picture big and the text big. It will make the audience contrast between the two baseball players. Then I learned that you can use the magnifine glass to see if the color of your text is the same color or are they different. I also learned that when you do alpha try not to make any part of your picture that you need disappear. The reason why I change the pics is because the other pic with Cole Hamels is too hard to use alpha to make it disappear. Ms. Hull said "try to use alpha without whipping out anything that you need". So I try to fix that and I fixed it. I also adjust the color in the text to make it match.
The Best
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Querid@ Gerbis Osorio,
Hola ! Buenos dias ! Soy Briana. Tengo 14 años. Cumplo los 15 años el 16 de enero. Soy de Connecticut pero vivo en Filedelphi aparecio en Nuevo York, Delaware, y California. En Filedelphi hace (mucho) frío está nieva en invierno. Hace calor y está en la primavera. En el verano hace sol, y (mucho) calor. Hace fresco, sol y viento en el otoño. ¿Qué tiempo hace en.

Me fascina bailar (ballet, hiphop, west african, modern). Me gusta escuchar musica. Tal como Beyonce, lil wayne, nicki minaj, usher, chris brown, en mucho mas. Tambien me encanta cantar. Odio jugar videojuegos y correr. Yo a veces gusta ir la escuela. Me gusta (mucho) practicar deportes y pasar un rato con amigos. 

Soy bob@ porque me gusta contar chistes. soy tambien talentos@. soy comenzó bailar cuando tengo 3 años . 

Con carino, briana
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Natalie Sanchez: Divorce Flowchart


My partner, Mathew Scuderi, and I chose to represent the process of filing for divorce in a flowchart. While marriage is an act that binds two people together in matrimony, binding in a legal domestic relationship, a divorce works to separate and officially terminate a marriage. 

The process of filing for divorce is a very tedious one. You start out by filing your divorce complaint (which consists of filing out four forms that ask you personal information about yourself, your spouse, and your relationship with the later.) After this you must take these forms to the family court 1133 Chestnut St. to receive a court term and number for your claim. You must pay a filing fee of $303.48 to file your complaint. If you feel like you will not be able to afford paying this fee, you can try to fill out the In Forma Pauperis form, which requests that your filing fee be waived. After you have received your court term and number, you must “serve” your spouse by giving them a copy of the complaint that you filed at the family court- this basically just lets your spouse know that you want a divorce. They must then sign a paper that states that they received the divorce complaint, so that you can “prove your service” (or prove that you have notified your spouse about your intent to divorce) before you present your complaint in court. After you have “proved your service,” you must complete several other papers that prove that you have permission from your spouse to file for divorce and that line everything up for the court trial date. In the end, once all of your papers have been reviewed, you will receive a paper in the mail, documenting your divorce. 

Filling out the paper work was extremely tedious and repetitive. They asked for several pieces of information more than once. My partner could not help me the whole course of the working period because of some complications that came up, so it was difficult to fill out the forms without his input. 

The process of getting a divorce is a long and tedious one. It takes time and patience. If I could change anything about the process of divorce, it would be minimizing the amount of paperwork that people have to fill out to get a divorce. The main steps to getting a divorce are to fill out the initial complaint, "serve" your spouse, fill out some other papers of information, getting your spouse’s consent to go through with the divorce, and finalizing the divorce. I would eliminate the parts of these forms where several requests for the same information are asked for, so that whoever wants to file for divorce would only have to fill out their information once. I also could not find the divorce forms on the internet, which made the process of mock filing for divorce harder than it needed to be. I would make the filing process easier by mandating that the divorce forms be posted to the internet on the family court’s webpage of the Philadelphia city council's website. These modifications would eliminate some of the stress of filing out the paper work for this process. 

I feel like the process is so long and tedious because the judge needs to know the history of the couple’s relationship before he can grant them divorce. He also needs to take into account how many people are dependent on the two parties and what things property they can divide. Basically, I these forms are needed in order to get the whole story of the former relationship and their income, property, etc. This way the judge will know what changes to make to the individual couples’ fiscal records (in regards to money, housing, and other things of that nature). I also think that this process takes a long time in order to give the spouses enough time to think through the divorce; they need to make sure they want to go through with this. 

On our flowchart, you will notice that near the middle-bottom part of the visual, there is a big block of text. I tried to break this block up into several pieces, but did not have enough space in my chart for another box. I used a separate lucid chart account from the one that our school provides for us, therefore, I could only have a limited amount of blocks in the chart.

Here is the link to our flowchart. 

(I had some issues with lucidchart. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will fix this later.)
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Definitions of War - Water

One person from the group post the following information as a comment:
  1. List group Names and Number
  2. Definition of War
  3. Percentage of years at war
  4. Link to your PUBLISHED and PUBLIC google spreadsheet with your data

Definitions of War

One person from the group post the following information as a comment:
  1. Definition of War
  2. Percentage of years at war
  3. Link to your PUBLISHED and PUBLIC google spreadsheet with your data


Blog Post 3

Many of my elected officials have agreed with the curfew law from looking at the many sources I used. No one tried to beg the difference or go against it. However, parents are disapproving of this curfew law.         I feel as though the parents should have a say so I this because majority of the time it’s not their fault and giving the curfew fine is not getting the parents any power of what should be done. Having this as a law is making more of our youth have unnecessary things on their record that doesn’t need to be there at all. There have been policies trying to stop what I’m stating as well.

We all need to find people with higher power and authority other than our mayor and governor who is agreeing with the curfew. Finding these people can help us fight for the curfew law to be a bit more reasonable. If not I have no choice but to find people who feel the same way and I do and try to persuade them to see things from our perspective. I honestly think that this is a not only a fight for our youth but for the parents as well. I think the parent’s perspective will be as more powerful than anybody else. Majority people who voted for this bill or more so on the pros side other then the cons. And the people with the power (mayor and governor) are all for it.

There are a lot f concerns and questions about this bill, but we are not sure who are actually working on getting these questions and concerns out. People in my class that are doing this topic as well are also not sure about who is working on it. There are really no more up to date meeting and anything about the curfew right now either. In my opinion it seems as though this is just up in the air and the people with the actual power doesn’t really care.

Here is a video from youtube talking about curfew in Philadelphia: Video

Screen Shot 2011-12-05 at 5.58.09 PM
Screen Shot 2011-12-05 at 5.59.56 PM
Screen Shot 2011-12-05 at 5.59.22 PM
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​Below, is a website where i learned some very interesting things about good slide design. I made my slide look the way it does because i learned from the websites I went on to keep it simple, and use color. Another thing I learned from the websites I used was to choose the right text that goes with your slide. 

When I read the Zen post, I learned to make your text big. You also have to make it a visual aid, because slides are not a text aid. This means to use a limited amount of text and not to overwhelm the audience.
media fluency

This I Believe; Unfaithful Fathers

I’d never underestimate the struggles of being a parent, because I haven’t yet been one. However, I do believe that no matter the hardships a person may be obligated to go through with their children, extreme violence towards that child is unacceptable and unnecessary. It solves nothing; it only leaves that child to be broken in the end, especially when they justifiably did nothing wrong.

            My dad isn’t a normal man, but then again, he is. He has no addictions to anything other than coffee and cigarettes, which wouldn’t give him the powerful outlook he has on himself. I can see right through him, but I’m unable to determine why he is the way he is. He honestly believes he’s better than everyone else, and what he says is right. There’s no talking to him; he may just be the most stubborn person I ever met, and fully realizing this, I unintentionally stepped into the beating of a lifetime.

            I wasn’t a good student in my early years of high school. I always attended class, but what good does that do when you don’t do any work? Anyway, I had an afterschool commitment that I attended, against my will. I had to go to Grade Recovery, a program that brought an F on my report card to a D. I wouldn’t consider Science Leadership Academy to be a normal school, which explains why on Thursdays we got out of school at 3:50 PM. Grade Recovery started at 4:15 PM, and was over at 5:45 PM. My best friend at the time would always suggest going to Papa John’s after long advisories and Grade Recovery as a way to cool off and just hang out. That Thursday, I got home around 7:30 PM, which didn’t seem to late to me. However, my dad felt differently.

            I came inside and tried to explain to my father why I had been so late, but he didn’t want to hear any of it. He threw me off though, because his tone of voice seemed so far from violent. I figured he didn’t mind, so I went upstairs to my room. I was sitting in a corner on my laptop, playing a game. When I looked up, I saw my dad. His face was redder than my face would be in a few minutes. I knew what was coming though, because as he came closer to me, I kept asking him to calm down. He picked my laptop off my lap and threw it at me. It hit me in the arm and bounced onto the floor. I was furious, because I didn’t have $1,000 to fix a laptop that wasn’t even mine, but before I had a chance to make that clear, he did something I’ll never forgive him for doing.

            As soon as I saw his hand coming for my face, I tried to duck, but he was too quick for me. He punched me in my left cheek, right below my eye. I could feel my skin being forced off my face, then coming back to my bones, much like how it happens in boxing. I was hysterical. I kept trying to get up and leave the room, and every time I would he would grab my ponytail and throw me backwards to the floor. My stepmother was in the doorway, watching as if she enjoyed what she saw.

            “If it were your kids you wouldn’t be standing there watching. You’d be going after him, making him stop. You’re really just going to stand there and watch this?”

            She had nothing to say. She just shrugged her shoulders as if it were nothing. Typical evil stepmother move; I felt like Cinderella, except with a father who was on her side.

            I didn’t care if my hair got ripped right out of my scalp; I was getting out of that room. I got up again, trying to leave, knowing I’d have to push my stepmother aside, which would only land me in more trouble. I tried to run, but this time when my father grabbed my hair, instead of pulling me backwards to the ground, he pushed me forward towards the steps. My stepmother moved out of the doorway, as if they’d planned this out precisely for weeks. Although I almost fell down the stairs, it was better than being in that room.

            I ran down the stairs, looked for my schoolbag, and headed towards the back door. I saw my little brother sitting in a chair, crying, asking me not to leave.

            “I have to buddy, I’m sorry. I’ll be back soon, I promise. I love you,” I said to Storm, as I kissed his forehead reassuringly.

            I didn’t have time to put on and tie my shoes, so I decided to skip looking for them. With my schoolbag and jacket in hand, I ran out the door and through the cold, muddy yard. I got to the graveyard, which was unfortunately locked. I didn’t have time to go around, which would give my father time to find me, if he even tried. I hopped the graveyard fence, and then swerved in and out of gravestones. When I got to the other side, I climbed over the fence and ran about 20 feet to my house. I ran inside crying, asking for my mother or brother. My stepdad said my mother wasn’t home, so I ran into my brother’s room. I fell on the floor, spilling out every detail of what had happened.

            When I went to school the next day, a teacher had noticed a bruise on my face. I had been late to class because I was covering the bruise up with makeup, or trying to at least. The teacher kept asking what had happened, but I kept denying anything. Finally, I told him I’d gotten into an argument with my dad. I tried to make him swear not to say anything, but he told me he would lose his job, so he brought me to the office, where they called DHS.

            DHS had come to my house a few times, interviewed me at school, taken pictures of my brother and I, making us all feel like criminals. The last time he came to my father’s house, I was present.

            “You’re daughter keeps defending you, and we realize this is most likely a mistake, and something that didn’t mean to happen. However, hitting your kids, especially hard enough to leave bruises is not okay. The next time we get reports on you, your children will be taken away from you,” said the man from DHS.

            As soon as he walked out the door, my father said something that caused me to live in even more fear of him than I already did.

            “Don’t think because DHS came, I wouldn’t hit you again, because I would.”

            He never hit me again, but we aren’t on the best terms. We hardly see each other, because I dread going to his house to visit him. When I do go, it’s to see my younger brothers and sister. I live at my mother’s house full time, which can be very hard at times, considering my father contributes nothing. Him being the violent, demented man he is left me broken inside, striving for a relationship with my father that will never exist. It wore me down inside, leaving me with a destroyed self esteem because my own father doesn’t try having anything to do with me. For this reason, violence from parents to children is a mistake. It’s wrong, and ruins more than it fixes, and should be viewed as unacceptable in all societies.

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ScotusBlog: Smith vs. Cain

In the Smith vs. Cain case there were two main questions: 1) Whether there is a reasonable probability that the outcome of Smith's trial would have been different but for Brady and Giglio/Napue errors 2) whether the state courts violated the Due Process Clause by rejecting Smith's Brady and Giglio/Napue claims​
Smith vs. Cain originally takes place in New Orleans and it about the Orleans parish prosecutors with holding evidence to a case involving five murders that Juan Smith apparently committed. The prosecutors withheld material evidence and smith is arguing that it was an unfair trial because the 5th and 14th amendments says that the prosecutor has to show the evidence to the defendant. This gets supreme court attention because with holding evidence has been a reoccurring event for the Orleans parish prosecutors and having the defenders having an unfair trial is also a violation of the 6th amendment. It happened with the cases Brady vs. Maryland, Kyles vs. Whitley, and Connick vs. Thompson. The prosecution did say that they didn't give the evidence and that it was a harmless error but it was witness statements which became inconsistent as the trial went on which is actually pretty important for the trial.

I think that the court will give Smith another trial because it sounds like the court hates the Orleans Parish prosecutors so they would probably be very happy to spite them even though Smith was convicted for murdering five people.
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