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Science and Society Q1 Benchmark

Arroz con Habichuelas y Plantanos

Recipe for Arroz con Habichuelas y Plantanos:

Rice (8-10 serving):

You Will Need:
3 cups of rice
3 tablespoons of olive oil
6 cups of water
2 teaspoons of salt

What To Do:
1) Place water in a kettle and put the fire on high until it boils
2) Start with 3 cups of rice
4) Wash the rice then put in pot (no water yet)
5) take 3 tablespoons of olive oil and place it into the rice
6) mix that up on low
7) when water is at a boil, pour 6 cups of water into the rice
8) add salt and stir
9) place lid on it and put fire on high
10) when it comes to a boil turn it down low
11) keep it on low with cover
12) in about 20 minutes check on rice and stir again
13) if not ready let it sit for a couple more minutes and check it again until it is ready
14) when done, serve

Beans (8-10 serving):
*90 calories in each Bean can
*20 calories in each tomato sauce can

You Will Need:
3 16oz cans of red Goya Beans
1 can of tomato sauce
Adobo seasoning

(From personal Garden)
Half cup of diced green bell peppers
Half teaspoon of diced habaneros pepper
One tablespoon of ripe diced jalapenos
Oregano leaves
Basil leaves

What to do:
1) Lightly Cover Pan with Olive oil (thin layer)
2) Heat oil on low until heated
3) Crush 1/2 clove of Garlic, and chop up 1/2 Onion,
4) Place all peppers, garlic, and onion into the olive oil
5) Sauté vegetables in oil (DO NOT BURN)
6) Add teaspoon of salt to the pan
7) Add 8 oz of the tomato sauce
8) After stirring for a bit add another 8 oz of tomato sauce
9) Add the 3 cans of red beans
10) Stir
11) Then add a quarter cup of water
12) add a pinch of Adobo seasoning
13) Stir again then place lid on beans (fire on low)
14) when beans are tender it is done

Plantains (8-10 serving):

*40 calories in a bottle of olive oil (will be less because you will not use a whole bottle of olive oil)

You Will Need:
4 cups of water
2 cloves of garlic (peeled and crushed)
2 tablespoons of salt
some vegetable oil
a pan
a bowl big enough to soak plantains in

What To Do:
1) Take three green plantains and peel them (if you prefer sweet plantains then you have to get 3 yellow plantains)
2) after you peel them place them in a bowl full of 4 cups of water
3) add the salt and garlic to the water
4) let plantains soak for 15 minutes
5) when done drain them well
6) take the oil and cover the bottom of the pan at least an half of inch thick
7) place plantains in pan and fry, flipping over when needed for at least 7 minutes or until crispy and done
8) place paper towel on plate
9) take the plantains that are done and put them on the plate
10) take a paper towel and place over plantains
11) hit the paper toweled covered plantains with palm to flatten them
12) dip them in the salt water and take out IMMEDIATELY
13) place on plate and enjoy


During this project, Ryan and I had to make a dish that was not only
healthy, but we had to make a dish with natural foods. Our goal was to
prove that food can be healthy and taste good. Ryan and I made
Plantains, Rice, and Beans with freshly grown peppers. Our dish was
more natural than organic, because we had freshly grown peppers, and
unprocessed beans. The only thing we used that was organic was the
tomato paste hat we mixed in with the beans and peppers. Rice, beans,
and plantains are kinds of food that depending on how you make them is
how much fat and or calories will be in it. We tried to make them with
little processed ingredients as we could. But depending on how someone
makes these that is how healthy it will be for you. If they add a lot
of fatty ingredients to each then eating it every day would not be
good. But if you use a lot of natural ingredients and stuff that you
have grown from the garden and such then eating this everyday wouldn't
be to much of a problem. Especially if you are spanish, rice and beans
and sometimes plantains are eaten everyday so they find a lot of ways
to make them better so it doesn't make them sick or too fat. So it all
depends on what you add. We read the labels and packaging to see where
our foods came from, and we learned the rice was grown in Japan, the
beans we're grown in texas, and the plantains were originated in
Southern Asia. The food that traveled the furthest was the beans from
Southern Asia in the Bangladesh area, which was 8260 Miles away. The
second longest was Japan at 6762 miles for the imported rice. The
processing of these foods are fresh grown, picked, and sent out. None
of them are organic, or have any added chemicals except for the tomato
paste which was made from organically grown tomatoes. In a regular
restaurant setting, the meal we made would cost roughly between $4.99
- $7.99. Compared to fast food, our dish is actually healthy, because
it has no added transfat, it wasn't made in grease or a fryer, and it
didn't have any unnatural ingredients. The companies that make money
from our dish are the Goya Co. (Making the Plantains, and the beans),
and Canilla rice, (which gets their rice from 4 different countries,
but most commonly, latin america). When growing rice, they usually
plow it to collect it and fertilize it and ship it out to factories so
they can bag and distribute to the large grocers who produce and send
it out. Next, Beans are grown from seeds, and are harvested, picked
out of their pods, and packaged to be sent to the grocers who sell
them. Plantains are grown exactly like yellow bananas. They are grown
on large tree's or tree-like plants, and picked off to be sent to
factories in their cells, grown in groups of 5-6 bananas, which are
labeled and sent to supermarkets and grocery stores. Chefs and
domestic cooks make or use original recipes that involve some of these
products which helps make a lot of mixtures and blends form these
basic foods. When it comes to a lot of the ingredients it is better to
grow them yourself then buy them because you don't have to worry about
any of the pesticides and such. But when you are growing stuff
yourself you have to know how like you have to make a lot of the crop
depending on what you want since weather, and animals effect how many
of the crops actually last until you pick them. So for tomatoes and
peppers, which were two ingredients we used, I believe these are
better and easy to just grow yourself. Now when it comes to plantains
I think they have to be in a certain environment so unless you have
some top notch garden shizzle going on than that would most likely be
better just to buy.


In this unit I have learned a lot about the process many foods go through, and what is really happening behind the scenes. I also have heard a lot of different opinions and experiences within this topic from my peers, the people we had watched in the videos and read about in the different articles. I think the biggest problem in our food system is, truthfully, the people. I think as time has gone on and technology has become bigger people are becoming lazier and starting to depend to much on technology then doing things by hand. Yes, in ways it can be more efficient since it is faster and more foods can be sent out to many places at one time. But the things that use to be important to people, like how fresh the food was and more, are no longer important to people. The thing that people are beginning to worry about is time. If they will have time to make this, if they have time to do that, if they have time to ship this, if they have time to grow this or that. Its all about time now-a-days. Like when we were having a discussion in class about making dinner instead of going out and buying it every night or eating things from cans a lot of my peers made it seem like people who actually cook food are crazy or something. They kept saying that they don't have time or none of their family are home at the same time or that they didn't even know how to cook. And it was really interesting to hear about what everyone though because I grew up learning how to cook from my parents and aunts so I never really had a problem with actually cooking food instead of going out every night. Some ways that can help with it all is if not all the family is home then still cook and put all the leftovers in containers that way the rest of your family can heat it up and eat it when they get the chance, your family can take turns on who cooks dinner what night, and if you don't know how to cook you could always look up recipes online and even start as simple as making some pasta. I just think people are so use to things being faster and not time consuming that when they actually have to take the time to do something they don't feel like it because it is not what they are used to. So I think that has become a big problem for most people.
​Food Slide
Screen Shot 2011-10-25 at 11.26.00 PM
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Science & Society Q1 Benchmark

Ingredients and Recipe for Corn Chicken Stuffing (With Optional Stir Fry)


2 cups of water

1 package of STOVE TOP cornbread stuffing mix

8 pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast

1 can of condensed soup

1 package of microwavable streamed corn

2 green bell peppers (Optional)

1 raw white onion (Optional)

1 cup of vegetable oil (Optional)

Other things you will need:

Measuring cup



Metal Spoons

13x9-inch baking pan




PREHEAT oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit. 

Mix water and the stuffing mix in a bowl. 

Spread butter over the top of the mix

Place the stuffing mix in the microwave on HIGH for 6 minutes.

Cop the pepper and onion to any size you choose (Optional)

Place the copped vegetables in a sauce pan. (Optional)

Add one cup of vegetable oil, fry then set aside. (Optional)

Place bag of corn in the microwave for 4 minutes or until unfrozen.

Open the can of soup.

Place the chicken in the 13x9 inch pan. 

Pour the soup over the chicken and bake 30-45 minutes or until chicken is cooked thoroughly.

Take the chicken out of the oven.

Mix the corn, stuffing, and (optional) peppers and onions.

Spread/mix wit the chicken.


The food in this dish was processed for the most part. If I ate nothing but this meal everyday, I'm pretty sure I would have very high blood pressure since the stuffing mix has 500mg of sodium per serving and there is 6 servings per box. That makes 3000mg of salt per box.  In contrast, I would not have to worry about diabetes because there is only 12g of sugar in each box. There are some foods/drinks that have 3 times as much sugar as this box of stuffing. This meal was both organic and commercial. My mom bought the peppers and onions from SHARE foods. They grow their own vegetables and they don't use harsh chemicals to protect their foods (I know because I volunteered here during the summer). The rest of the food was commercial and bought from the supermarket. The peppers and onions were about 2 or 3 dollars. The only other food that could have been grown would have been the corn. Corn is really cheap too. The steamed corn was about 2 dollars a bag. This corn is much better than using corn from out of a can. Corn out of the can is very high in sodium. I’m pretty sure the chicken that I used was once mistreated because there was no label on the packaging saying it wasn’t! This isn’t the healthiest meal and if this were to be eaten everyday by someone, they would get sick and feel sluggish after a while. This is a meal that you would only have one like special occasions. But I think that it may be just as worst as eating a McDonalds cheeseburger everyday!

Unit Reflection:

This unit as taught me many things I didn't know or ignored about food. The movie "Food Inc" had somewhat of a big impact on the way I feel about how food is processed. Thinking about how they use ammonia to clean beef makes me sick to my stomach. A part of me wants to change the way I eat for health reasons but the other half of me isn't ready to make a total change. I think about how much I didn't know about diabetes and it scared me. I know so many people with diabetes that it's a shame that I didn't know more. I've realized how my eating habits effect my body and is my motivation for wanting to change. This unit has been one of the main topics that I've talked about during dinner time with my family. My mom helped me with the supermarket worksheet while we were at the market and we were both surprised by how many products weren't organic. Since diabetes runs in my family, my mom and I agreed to start making changes with the amount of sugar that is in food that we eat. This will be a much easier change for me because I have a red dye allergy and I have to check food labels anyway. My grandma has diabetes and my mom decided to take trips to the market with her to see the types of foods she buys compared to the foods we usually buy. My grandma says "eat like you have diabetes and you won't get it." This is going to be another one of my new food rules.

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 11.23.40 AM
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Tú vs usted

*You use ud when talking formerly like as if you were talking to senorita Manuel. You us tú when talking to friends. 

Hola fred que tal (tu)
Hola president Obama que tal (ud)

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 11.35.37 AM
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Food Bm

food slide .001

Own Reflection


Coming into the food unit I knew nothing about food.  I learned a lot of fascinating facts about food. For example 90% of our food is made from corn.  As I was watching the Food, Inc documentary I felt very bad for the ways that animals had to be brought in to be slaughtered.  As I was riding home on septa I was having a conversation with my dad and stated to him that I watched Food, Inc documentary and said,  “I feel bad about what happens to the animals as they get brought in to get slaughtered,” so his response to me was are you going to stop eating meat and become vegetarian?


As a response to this comment I stated, “I can never become vegetarian and that I will always be a meat eater and that it would be very difficult for me to cut this out, even though it is killing animals.” According to the 10 Biggest Issues with the Global Food System, most of the problems in the food system stem from one gigantic problem concentration of power, land, wealth, and political influence in the hand of a few large players who have gamed the system for their benefit.  Some changes I could make to my food choices are to eat healthier.  The impact of these could help me lose weight and not have the health problems I currently have now such as being over weight, and having high blood pressure.  Yes I would be willing to make these changes because I want to have a healthy life and not to have continuous health problems in life.




Food Recipe Analysis:

The recipe of Fudge Brownie contains at least 75% of processed foods and approximately 25% of whole foods. A pinch of salt is 1/16 of tsp and 147 mg of sodium. I cup of flour contains 440 calories.  Four eggs contain 280 calories. One teaspoon of baking powder has 440 mg of sodium. Two teaspoons of vanilla contain 0.8 mg sodium, 24 calories, and 1 g of sugar. One cup of butter is 112 calories, 880 mg sodium, and 112 g fat.  One 12-ounce bag of chocolate chips has 1,680 calories and 96 g of fat. 

With a “sugar high” you are going to have one of two reactions. You are going to feel either happy and energetic or nauseous and drowsy.  This is because the amount of sugar intake is increasing the amount of insulin in a person’s body. The insulin is trying to dominate the sugar in your blood. Salt is somewhat healthy for the body; however, the problem with salt is not the salt itself but the condition of the salt that influences the quality of the product. Salt is considered a healing process to the human body.  Flour can cause glucose levels to rise that can lead to obesity.  Eggs are very healthy, full of lots of vitamins, proteins, and fats, which is able to help a person lose weight by controlling your hunger for the rest of the day. Semisweet chocolate is healthier than dark chocolate because it contains less sugar, lowers blood pressure, decreases cholesterol levels and lowers the chance of heart disease.






Food Directions:

1 package semisweet chocolate chips

Cup of butter




Baking powered





1.     Grease 9x13 inch baking pan: preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2.      Combine chocolate chips and butter in a large saucepan.

3.     Melt over low heat stirring, constantly, remove from heat. In a small bowl combine eggs, salt, sugar: blend well.  Add chocolate mixture blend well. Stir in flour, baking powder, and vanilla until well blended.

4.     Stir in nuts if desired.

5.     Pour into prepare pan bake 25 minutes  or until brownie begins to pull away from edge of pan.

6.     Let stand until cool. Cut into bars.

Work Cited:

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Imani R. Potrite

I did not like this project at all. It was extreamly hard for me to get the shapes and try not to draw the basic shapes. Also it was hard focusing on her because the modal was moving a whole lot. I did this project because it was an assignment and because I wanted to try and be like at least I tried and not give up
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Imani R Clear Object

For this project I did the clear drawing. At first it was a little hard but then when I really started using my eyes and stop thinking about what I see it became easier. I did this because it was a class assignment and also because I really enjoyed this unit in art. I thought it was simple and it made me feel like a real artist
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Art Blog

The Beginning of “The Filling of a Shallow Shell”

A poetry book by Eryn James



My Honest Poem

How many of you have kept secrets from yourself?

Those "I shouldn't have eaten that last piece of chocolate cake" or that "I'm in love with my best friend" secrets

Well I feel like its time for me to be honest with myself,


Boys tell me I’m beautiful and I say thank you to be polite but I have no idea what it really means,

They say, "The sun is a reflection of your smile and the sky is envious of your demeanor."

Through the compliment I hear "Shawty you bad. Can I hit?" sometimes "Girl you are gorgeous and that alone should put a smile on gods face".

But I can never decipher between being a bad jaw and a queen so I just say thank you,


I sometimes forget that I’m a person and wonder who my classmates are talking to when they call out my name in the hallways,

I get nervous when people get close enough to hear my breaths because then I have to actually be in the room,

Rambling is one of my many talents because I tend not to make sense,

See I never know exactly what to say and sometimes I accidentally say what I’m thinking.


Sometimes I forget that divinity lives in my habits and that I was born from naturalist,


Truth be told I still hold my ex's name bottled into my bones because I don't know how to let go,

I seem to hold onto anything that feels good for that moment in hopes that the moment will last forever,

Or at least return just one more time so I can properly inhale perfection,


I have to admit I’m a hypocritical perfectionist,

I tend to try to fix everything around me but myself,

I figured since my innocence is well past tampered with I might as well leave it that way,


I see pain in paradise so I try to avoid changing the world,

I was brought up being taught that change is a mistake and beauty doesn't exist in these streets.


I don't have too many secrets but the ones I do have live at 30th street station where I go to talk to the ceilings,

Breathing my stories onto lunch time table tops,

I confide in the walls because I know bricks can keep secrets,

I often see my thoughts ricocheting off septa bus windows because they just won’t shut up,

6 am bus rides to basketball practice on top of homework and projects cant really keep you sane.

I think Facebook is a better therapist than the resource specialist at my school because it knows when to shut up and let me make a comment,


I'm sick of people telling me to write a poem,

My friends think because I’m a poet that’s the easiest way to get free,

I've discovered that writing cannot be the key to every shackle that holds you down,

My problems can’t be solved with a note pad and pen,

I turn to poetry only when I can handle recapping the worst of me,

But honestly when the my pen hits my life,

My world shakes like Hurricane Katrina is about to blow through my brain.

Sometimes I just want to say to hell with my writing,

I just want to scream even thought I know it wont solve anything but it takes way less time and effort than caring if someone with like my metaphors and similes.


Sometimes and only sometimes I wish I were more honest with myself.


Confession to A.J

I would've never thought that I'd found the perfect me in a person so opposite myself,

You’re the me that I could never be,

 I've always wanted to make the world a better place and by the world I mean the little part of it that belongs to me,

But I’ve come to the realization that without you my life wouldn't be as complete so I’ll go out on a limb and say that I can only make my world a better place if and only if I do everything within my power to make sure that the world you live in is precisely to your liking,

I'd never think that I’d find my soul mate,

A person ideally suited to me as a close friend but NOT a romantic partner,

In a being such as yourself,

I'd never make your world cry,

Or attempt to be yet another burden placed upon your back, 

Just as you'd never attempt damage my already broken soul,

You couldn't fathom what you do for me as a person so just try to concoct a remote idea of what you do for me on a more spiritual level,

On days where you feel like your falling apart like weathered stone I will graciously gather you like gold dust between my fingers and help re-construct you just as you were,

I love just as you were,

Just as you are, just as you will be

And I’ll stand beside you at times when you feel like you have to go to war with the world, just like you told me,

There’s never a day that goes by that you should feel any form of loneliness,

As long as I have a breath in my body the feeling of lonesome will not exist to you, I will always be here until my body is laid to rest,

I'll know that I've had my peace,

And it doesn't matter to me if you feelings are remotely connected to mine because what you can do for me in just one glance, one day spent together in silence,

In one passionate conversation,

In one innocent forehead kiss, in one reassuring hug,

Another can't do for me in 10 lifetimes and my gratitude is infinite.



This is for the girls who aren’t content with their bodies,

Girls who don’t understand the power they hold by just being women alone,

Girls who try to compromise who they are to be something they’re not for people, who don’t even matter,

Didn’t you know that sizes 8 -18 are just as beautiful as a size 2,

You are a queen no matter how large,

They always say the bigger the better,

So how much satisfaction can you get out of a dainty little doll baby?

Even if you wear a size 11 shoe,

You can still have your Cinderella story,

Glass slippers don’t just come in size 4’s,

You are still divine, 

I know some days you just want to let everything go and say I don’t care,

I know there are days when you want to dispose of your halo,

And on those days I will hold it above your head,

You’re still an angel on days when other peoples standards make you feel like a monster,

 You have a smile that could put the sun to shame,

And eyes that could strike Aphrodite with envy, 

Skin like softest clouds in heaven,

I want you to understand,

That the looks of a air brushed King Magazine Model can never amount to the natural beauty you posses,

A man will only love you correctly if you love yourself that way first,

So don’t rush the process,

Learn to love yourself slowly so you wont miss a spot,

And don’t pretend to be someone your not,

And don’t waist gods time praying you were somebody else,

You’re a commodity to this planet as the person that you are,

So don’t regret turning out the way you did,

Because every women has a day where she hates something about herself,

When she wishes she were never born because nobody told her what she had the potential to amount to,

And grated,

I am no Opra or doctor Phil,

I cannot pay to fix your faults or feed you some psychology mumbo jumbo to make you feel better,

But I can let you cry on my shoulder,

Let you create oceans of your tears in my lap,

Help you reflect on the person that you are,

And the women you aspire to be,

Help you recognize your elegance,

I can do that much for you,

Because that is just how much I care.  



Yesterday I wanted you be every reason I stood up straight,

I wanted you to become everything I breathed for,

I wanted you to be that reassuring feeling in the pit of my stomach that everything was going to be okay,

I wanted you to be my adrenaline rush,


Wanted you to be my pulse,


A love,

That ooo I cant stop this feeling and I don't want to kind of love,

I wanted you be everything I needed for tomorrow,

A reassuring hug,           

A rainbow after this thunderstorm,

Something beautiful to look forward to,

My piece of mind,

My sanity,

My will to stay just a little while longer,

Baby, help me hold on for a few moments more,

Help me remember yesterday and the images it captured of our happiness,

Help me find my grasp of reality because with you everyday will be easy like Sunday morning,

I wanted you be the love song that I never wanted to forget the words to,

But today I realize that no love is perfect and sometimes there’s no love at all,

Just lust in disguise,

And to embrace that is to embrace reality in its purest form,

With that being said,

Tomorrow I want you to be yourself whichever way you want,

I'm not expecting anything of you anymore just be you,

Be exactly the person god intended you to be at your worst so I can accept you that way first,

So when you reveal to me you at your best I'll know that I deserved it.


Confident Women Piece

I won't concern myself with degrading catcalls,

I'm a goddess and will never reduce myself to a "jawn",

A "bitch",

A "hoe",

Or a "shawty" for any boy who thinks he got enough mugga in his pocket to own me,

Priceless is what you should call a person of my stature, And no,

I'm not the most confident girl on earth let alone in this room but on days when my confidence is only knee high I still stride smoothly in my heels,

I’m gorgeous and I love almost everything about me,

My laugh,

My big feet,

(more stuff I love about me)

And it didn’t take validation from anyone for me to see,

I don't need a man to make me whole,

He is merely an extra attachment sold separately from my main masterpiece,

I won't label myself as a damsel in distress because I'm strong enough to break down any barrier between my happiness and me,

I’m the type of women who will grow old build a home standing on her own two feet,

I’m every mans fantasy,

I’m not conceited so there’s no reason to argue it but my advice to you is stop worrying about me and concern yourself more with becoming a queen.


Dear Love,

I’m not a love poet,

The idea of writing about a person that I have passionate feelings for scares me,

That makes the concept of rejection and heartbreak too vivid for me to handle,

But if tomorrow I decided that I wanted to write the perfect love story,

My first poem would be about you,

Not about how I love you but about how somehow you make the idea of love a lot less scary for me,

Every time I see you I smile like an absent minded child,

I'm not usually a love poet but if I were I’d write about how I see centuries of happiness in your eyes and how lost I get in them every time our pupils connect even if its just for a second,

I'd write about how your demeanor is that of a sunset,

Hurting and beautiful all at once,

Some nights I find myself waiting for the sky to turn purple and blue like a bruise so I can blow kisses at it at the in hopes that I can make it feel better,

If I were the type of poet who liked to look on the bright side of things,

I'd explain pain like art,

I’d write about how I like watching you,

Admiration without commentary,

I like to call you silent poetry,

You’re a perfectly imperfect masterpiece,

That fits right into the chaotic puzzle of my life,

I’ve never really thought about love,

But if we just pretended that I had I’d write about how I love hugging you,

I enjoy the sound of our hearts beating in unison against each other,

Its like your heartbeat is the bass-line to my rib cage playing symphonies on my insides,

There’s always music in me when you’re around,

It’s like you Boq (that music guy) and Beethoven sat in the chambers of my heart and had the most beautiful of conversations,

I know how you how you feel about the L word so I don't want to make love to you,

I want to make heavens with you,

Use a few hours to turn a bedroom into galaxies with you,

Scratch my future on you sides so there’s reason to be anywhere but beside you tomorrow.

I want to tickle you in places no other girl has,

I want to hold you so tight that my right hand is imprinted over your heart,

So you understand that I promise to love you on days when your heart feels like an avalanche,

And I know it’s hard to trust girls these days,

So think of it like this,

I want to be everything that no girl ever had the audacity to be for you,

A person who isn’t afraid to be trustworthy and honest with you, 

Sometimes when I call you with absolutely nothing to say it's not just to get on your nerves,

I just want to hear your voice and I was too scared to admit that,

See I have this crazy fear of forgetting what you sound like,

I don't want to lose you,

So when I get the chance,

I'm going to hold you like my last breath,

Cherish you like my heartbeat,

I’ll be good to you,

Sometimes when I'm next to you I get this fuzzy feeling all over me,

I think its God's way of saying, "this is the way it was meant to be",

I’ve finally found someone who makes me just as happy as I make myself and alls I want to do is give that back. 


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BM Reflection

I chose the safe water drinking act because I've been interested in fracking for a long time and I wanted to know tieback story behind it. In order to do that, I needed to also know about the SWDA because it has a huge factor into why people are upset. I chose this particular format, because I was attempting to have a chain of events, this lead to this, which lead to this. Most challenges was the actual presentation program, every time I would save my presentation to the site, the presentation would delete things and stuff. If I would do this over I would definitely choose a different presentation format.  This process was easier than I thought, just because everything was on governmental sites because this is very governmentally involved. If I would have known it was this easier I would have started the presentation earlier and realized the fail quicker, and then change the format of the presentation.
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Qyidir White Election Day 2011

Qyidir White


Election Day 2011


Donald Romaro


Me- So ser what motivates you to come out and vote today?

Donald- It’s just something I like to do. So that I know that I took part in something so important.

Me- Okay, What do you hope to see change in your neighborhood?

Donald- I just hope to see older people getting more involved, so that the crime rate goes down.

Me- But don’t you think that has a lot to with the cops and the way they play  their part in keeping the community safe?

Donald- Yes but its not their fault that these kids are running around getting into all types of trouble. Their parents should have raised them better.

Me- Thank ser hope you see the change around her.

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Voting Interview Questions and Responses

Names of Interviewees: Kate and Brian
Place of Interview: Mitchell Elementary School (pictured below)

1.) What motivated you to come out and vote?
I was motivated because back in the day, my people couldn't vote. After they endured dogs and hoses just so that I could go out and vote, I want to do so. Besides, I think politics is interesting.

My wife keeps telling me that I need to vote, so I did.

2.) What would you like to see changed in our political system?
I would like to elect an honest politician. So many of today's politicians just say what will make everyone happy, without doing anything.

I don't like the fact that election day is not on the weekend. I feel like this is all a waste of time.

3.) Do you vote in every election? (How regularly do you vote?)
Yes, I vote in every election because some of my ancestors could not. I just feel that it is my duty to continue to vote, since they never will have that opportunity.

No, I usually don't vote. I only vote when it's the presidential election.

4.) Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?
No, but that's a good question. I guess that we will never know.

No. It's Tuesday? I thought it was Wednesday.

5.) What was the most memorable campaign that you have encountered?
The campaign of Barack Obama was very powerful to me. I have never felt so connected to one man that I had never met. I just knew that he would be the perfect president.

The election of Barack Obama in 2008. I just have never seen so many people determined to vote. I was standing in line for like ten minutes.

6.) What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?
I hope that Philadelphia will become easier to live in. Hopefully the democrats will win, because this will help to do that. After all, the mayor is a democrat. That means there will be less opposing forces battling to get their way.

I hope that the flash mobs will stop in Philadelphia. I'm tired of feeling afraid to leave my house.

7.) What impact do you feel that your vote will have on the election? Did you learn about voting in school? If yes, did that impact your willingness to vote today?
I hope that my vote will help to choose the right person, but its only one vote. Yes, I did somewhat learn about voting in school, but my parents taught me the most about it. In fact, they are the main reason that I come out to vote, because since they've passed away, I feel that it is my responsibility to continue that tradition.

Hopefully my vote will be a step in the right direction. No, I didn't learn about voting in school. My parents told me about it. But, I was never really in to voting because people get too carried away with it. I don't feel like stressing myself out, hoping that someone will win or lose.
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Zucchini Bread Recipe

Zucchini Bread

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • 2 ¼ cups of white sugar
  • 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 2 cups of grated zucchini
  • 1 cup of chopped walnuts


1) Grease and flour two 8x4 inch pans. Preheat oven to 325º F (165º C).
2) Sift flour, salt, baking powder, soda, and cinnamon together in a bowl.
3) Beat eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar together in a large bowl. Add sifted ingredients to the creamed mixture, and beat well. Stir in zucchini and nuts until they well combined. Pour batter into prepared pans.

4) Bake for 40 – 60 minutes, or until tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in pan on rack for 20 minutes. Remove bread from pan, and completely cool.


Recipe provided by: "Mom's Zucchini Bread Recipe -" - Recipes, Menus, Meal Ideas, Food, and Cooking Tips. Web. 02 Nov. 2011. <>.

     I decided to make Zucchini Bread, which is a sweet-tasting desert-type dish, that I always remember my mom making frequently when I was a little kid. This recipe contains the typical ingredients that you would find in a regular cake such as sugar, eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract, flour, etc. However, the unique part about this recipe is that it contains a vegetable, which is not very common to find in a cake. This recipe is a delicious treat to have every once in a while, and something that is healthier to eat than regular cake, but if you were to eat this every day, you would be consuming a pretty big amount of sugar, which could cause you to develop diabetes after a while. The ingredients that were used in this recipe were both commercially grown and organically grown, which means this recipe has both positive and negative effects on the environment. This because the organic ingredients within this recipe are grown and produced using no chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides, fossil fuel and much more, however, the commercially grown food is grown using many different chemicals that harm the environment in countless ways.

     All of the ingredients in this recipe came from ACME, which is a company that sells both natural and organic food brands (consisting of ingredients that are 70% – 95% organically grown) that come from all over the world. The ingredients in my recipe that were 100% organic were the walnuts and the zucchini. ACME, and the companies that are ACME’s food providers, as well as the farmers that grew/produced the food are who made money off of this recipe.

     During this unit, I learned a great deal of things about food, the food industry, what I should and should not consider eating, and much more. All of the things of which I have learned during this unit have really opened my eyes to the point that I have even caught myself looking at the ingredients in some foods before I decide if I am going to eat them or not.

     Throughout this entire unit, one thing that has really stuck out to me is the movie, Food Inc., and how selfish the large food companies (that have taken over the food industry such as Perdue and Tyson) are. The only thing they care about is making as much money as they possibly can in the fastest and cheapest way possible; regardless of how unhealthy their ending “food” product is, as well as how poorly they treat their livestock. These two things are truly shocking and scary to me. The fact that when I go into the supermarket and buy a pound of chicken breasts and not know what is actually in those “chicken breasts” is something that really terrifies me.

A way to solve the problem we face which is large food companies taking over the food industry is by buying and supporting local farmers and purchasing more organic food from grocery stores. Not only will this help the fight against these large food companies (that claim they produce “food”, but don’t), but it will also benefit everyone’s health because we will be consuming REAL food, that contains no unknown chemicals, food that is naturally grown, and most importantly, food that is treated in a much more humane way.

Food Rule Slide:

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 8.42.48 AM
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Election Day Interview

Election Day Picture MMarton
*My interviewee would like to remain anonymous.

​Q: What motivated you to come vote today?
A: It is pretty routine for me, actually. I vote because that is my civil duty.

Q: Do you vote in every election?
A: As far as I can remember, yes. Like I said before, voting is my civil duty, and I try to fulfill that to the best of my ability.

Q: Do you know why we vote on Tuesday?
A: No, do you?

Q: Where have seen the most political advertisements?
A: I would have to say on TV. I watch TV regularly, and I see the majority of ads in the commercials.

Q: What is the most memorable campaign ad that you've ever seen?
A: The Obama advertisements. That was such a memorable campaign, so I guess the ads were very memorable as well.

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Clear Object Q1

I sketched this Beer mug, because I figured it would be easy. Of course as  Ms Hull always says " I will never give you easy work. They are all hard". How ever  while I was drawing this mug I feel like I tried a tab bit to hard. To me this looks like a "blue print" of how its suppose to look instead of the actual product. In the future, I would like to broaden my knowledge on perfecting an object to look exactly the way it does.
" Stay Classy!" ~ Mr Chase
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Artist statement _ Tyler Creighton

For this quarter we had to create a couple of projects. The first project that we did was still life drawn picture of a student model. This drawing took four classes , four hours to complete this drawing.We  also had to make a drawing of a clear glass object. It took the class about 3 hours to complete this drawing.Both the  drawling's had to look as real as possible. The  still life drawing  had the most detail out of the two drawings, the drawing started off with lines that was going to be body parts. Something I lacked in was putting all my effort into each drawings. In the still life drawing  i put a lot of  effort into drawling her upper body than the bottom. But for my glass drawing I believe I did very well but I do need to work more on the inside shading and the light hitting the glass in certain spots but overall I think I did very well.

In my glass drawling we had to make the glass look like it was sitting on the paper, as it the glass was in the paper, basically 3-D. We used charcoal for this project as our drawing utensil. Using it made it easier for shading and fading. When i started my drawling I realized it was more to a drawing then a shadow and a outline. This drawing helped me to realize being a artist is not easy it takes a lot of work and patience . This made me stronger in some sections. I started off by shading a the shape of my glass. Then i lightened the area where the light hit the glass. After that I darkened the outline of my object so I could shade it in. In the video we watched the artist next step was erasing and shading where the light sits in the object. Once i did that for the first hour I took the next two hours making this drawing look more 3-D. This drawing consisted of me shading the object, darkening the out line ,showing how the light hits each side of the glass and adds a shadow , these are all the qualities and high lights of my drawing to make this object look like real glass.    

Still life drawling

 For this assignment we had to draw a human model for four hours. Before beginning this drawling I had to visualize the size of the model and the size of the paper, and figure out how i would portion the drawling. I visualized my model dejah and put her on my paper.Most of my focus was on her upper part of her body and shading where the light hit her. My weakness of this project was being able to draw her legs, but overall i felt I  did a weak good job.

2011-11-03 14.13.32
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Election Day Interviews

Q1. What motivated you to come out and vote?
A1. I was raised in a family that voted and were always politically involved. I was taught the importance of voting and what each vote means. 

​Q2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?
A2. That there is more awareness given to the public in regards to the importance of their vote. By means of neighborhood committee meetings or by TV, because many do not know the importance of their vote.

​Q3. Do you vote every election?
A3. Yes

​Q4. Where did you encounter the most ad campaigning?
A4. Mostly on the tv and sometimes by phone

​Q5. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?
A5. More help and support for our school systems, especial from the parents. This can only occur if the school system makes or demands that parents are held accountable for their actions.
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Election Day Interviews


Interview #1: Ray Bailey (committee member)

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?

I'm a committee person for the Democratic party. My job is to make sure that people vote, and have the right to let their voice be heard.

2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

I would like to see the people be more educated about the process of how you become a candidate, and how the votes are tallied up.

3. Do you vote in every election? 

Yes I do. Every election.

4. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

The changes that I'd like to see in this election, would be that the candidates live up to their promises.

5. How would you feel if voting was mandatory?

I would feel that it takes away a person's right to choose to vote or not. 


Interview #2: Faye Tyler

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?

I'm a good citizen. It's my duty.

2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

I don't really know. There are a few things that I would like to see changed, but I can't think of them all now. 

3. Do you vote in every election? 

Yes I do.

4. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

Hopefully, a cleaner city.

5. How would you feel if voting was mandatory?

I would feel uncomfortable. If I knew I had to, it wouldn't feel the same to me. 


Interview #3: Judge John Younge

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?

I always vote. It was taught to me by my parents. They're from the South, and they always voted. I didn't know people didn't vote until I got older.

2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

I'd like to see a city where there is a minimization of money in politics. That the political figures focus on issues.

3. Do you vote in every election? 


4. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

I hope we get our fiscal house in order. And that we fix our tax situation, so that we attract businesses and people to our city. All this without harming poor people.

5. How would you feel if voting was mandatory?

This is a free country. With that comes the choice to vote. Maybe if we did early voting, or computerized voting, or maybe even voting on the weekend. Mandatory voting would be against our constitutional right to vote. 


Interview #4: Janienne Hinton

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?

To make sure I have a voice.

2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

More cooperation among different parties.

3. Do you vote in every election? 


4. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

More funds for the school system, and city services

5. How would you feel if voting was mandatory?

I'm for it if there's no fine. If there is a fine, I would be against it. 

Interview #5: Linda Tripp

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?

It's my civic duty.

2. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

That both political parties get together to make Pennsylvania a better state.

3. Do you vote in every election? 


4. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

Hopefully, both parties get together to change the future of our city and state.

5. How would you feel if voting was mandatory?

I'd feel uncomfortable. To make me vote for someone I don't want or have to vote for would make me uncomfortable. 

*The following interview was conducted the following day (Monday) via email*

Interview #6: W. Wilson Goode Jr. (Councilman - at - Large)

1. What would you like to see changed in our political system?

My law enacted campaign contribution limits but it's up to the "one person- one vote" to prevail.

2. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?

I will continue to increase economic opportunity in terms of creating new jobs, better wages and benefits as well as business and workforce diversity.

3. How do you think we can improve voter turnout in Philadelphia?

People vote when they believe that it will make a difference.

4. What inspired you to run for office? 

I'm the son of a Mayor but also the grandson of sharecroppers who endured economic discrimination - I fight for justice!

5. How do you feel about making voting mandatory?

People should go to the polling place to vote even if they don't like any of the candidates - and there is a ""NO CONFIDENCE" vote option.

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