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Jessica Kay Kenna Jamal

My Movie

Kenna, Jamal, Jessica, and Kawthar (Kay)

Courtesy phrases (thanks, excuse me, please) skit:

Bus driver (Kenna), Passenger (Jessica), random background people (some classmates in Spanish 1), and Jamal (camera guy)

Kay: Just got on a crowded bus.

Random background people: Standing in the way and talking.

Kay: Trying to walk through saying ¨Pérdón¨ as she bumps into people, while finding a seat.

Kenna: Yells ¨¡treinta calle!¨ for the next stop.

Random person: Yells at Kay saying ¨¡Con Permiso!¨ at Kay as trying to get off the bus.

Kay: Says ¨Lo siento¨ to the random person for being in the way.

Kenna: Yells ¨¡treinta y uno!¨ for the next stop.

Kay: Yells ¨¿Que? ¿cómo?¨ at Kenna (the bus driver).

Kenna: Repeats it.

Kay: Yells ¨¡Ay dios mios!¨ then keep telling people thats in her way ¨¡Con Permiso!¨.

Random background people: Still standing in the way and talking.

Kenna: Drives by the stop.

Kay: Says ¨Que lastima¨.

Numbers, phone number, age, name skit:

Person 1 (Jamal) and 2 (Kenna) will be chatting on computer screens through facebook messaging, make sure to include the pictures of each. While Jessica is filming, Kay will be helping Kenna and Jamal with their roles.

Person 1: ¡Hola!

Person 2: ¡Buenas Tardes!

Person 1: ¿Como te llamas?

Person2: ¿Me llamo Sofia Y tú?

Person 1: Soy Nocho.

Person 2: ¡Mucho gusto!

Person 1: Igualmente.

Person 2: ¿Cuántos años tienes (tú)?

Person 1: Tengo setenta-dos años. ¿Y tú?

Person 2: No, tengo veinte-tres.-

Person 1: ah Cuál es tú número de teléfono?

Person 1: Es el uno dos tres-quatro cinco seis-siete ocho nueve diez

Person 2: Mi es dos uno cinco-seis ocho seis-cuatro uno dos siete

Person 2 Gracias te llamo luego.

Person 1: ¡Adious!

Person 2: ¡Chao!

Days of the week skit:

Person 1: Hola amigo!

Person 2: Que pasa! ¿cuál es la fecha?

Person 1: Que es Sabado hoy.

Person 2: No

Person 1: Si

Person 2: No

Person 1: Si, Viernes era ayer. (Starts to get annoyed)

Person 2: Quedia calendario dice  Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, or Domingo

(They walk to the Calendario)

Person 1: ... oooohhh.

(The clanderio says that que es Domingo)

Person 2: Es la Domingo.

Person 3:(Comes out of nowhere) Menyanna es lunes

Person 1&2: NO, LUNES!!!!!!!!!! (Look at the  camera)

Weather skit:

Kay: ¡Buenos Días!

Jessica: ¿Qué tiempo hace


Kay: Hace (bastante) sol.

Jessica: Gracias

Kay: De nada

Jamal: ¡Hola! Jessica, ¡Hola! Kay.

Kay & Jessica: ¡Hola! Jamal

Jessica: ¿Qué es máxima temperatura?

Jamal: La temperatura máxima es 26 grados C.

Jessica: Gracias

Kay: ¿Qué es temperatura para mañana?

Jessica: La temperatura es 12 grados C.

Kay: Gracias.

Everyone: Adios

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Spanish Videos: Destiny, Lily & Kobe

1. In the beginning of the year we learned how to order food at a restaurant here is  Lily (pizza girl) taking Destiny (the customers) order.

2.In the beginning of the year we also learned about birthdays and numbers so here's Destiny (host of the show) seeing when are peoples birthdays and showing you the number dance!

3. We also learned directions like 'where is?'. So, here is Lily asking Destiny where is her English classroom.

4. Lastly, we learned the weather and the days of the week. So, here's Kobe and Destiny doing a weather report! 
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