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Thomas, Lauren LucidChart HomeNetwork

Comcast is my internet service provider. The coax cable travels from the telephone pole outside of our house into the side of our house, which runs through the walls where it is connected to our Modem. Our modem is then wired to the wireless router, which is locked. The router is wired to the desktop, whereas all of our other network devices are wireless. Our printer is wired to the desktop and our laptops are wirelessly connected to the printer so we can print wirelessly. 

On our home network we have an iPhone, iPod, HTC Touchpad and two laptops that are always connected. They are connected to the router wirelessly. 

The internet is $150 per month; we have the triple play. 

What I have learned from this project is that you have to have your network secured so no one can use the internet you pay for. 
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My network Sattera Mark

  This is a diagram of my network. My internet server is comcast. I learned that the internet is connected to my house by the telephone. Than to a router that's connected to my modem. The modem is connected to the ethernet which is connected to a wireless router. The router is provides my phone, iPod, ipad, and labtop with internet. 

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Mass Serge Tech Network Project

Hello everyone, this is my internet network at my house. Its pretty easy to take in. I made this with lucid chart. If you like my chart please feel free to comment or tell me what I could of done better. Thanks :)


Sugrue, Anna LucidCharts VerizonFiOS

1. Where does the internet come into your home?
-The internet comes into my home via a Verizon cable that is connected to the cloud.
2. What is your ISP?
-My internet service provider is Verizon.
3. How much does your connection cost per month?
-My internet connection costs $41.99 a month.
4. What is on your home network?
-On my home network I have three laptops, two iphones and an ipad.
5.How are these things connected to the network?
  -These things are connected to the network wirelessly.

My internet connection starts in the "cloud" or the interent at large. The internet is wired into my house using a cable cord supplied by Verizon FiOS. The cable connects to the modem, which transfers the signal to the wireless router by an ethernet cable. The wireless router sends a wireless signal, creating our password protected home network "stonegables" which connects my laptop, my brothers laptop, my dad's laptop, two iphones and an ipad. 

From this assignment I learned that when the interent isn't working the problem could be in the modem and not the router where I normally look. I also realized that the internet is plugged into almost every home in the world and still keeps working and running and connecting people all over the world. From this assignment I now fully understand the full complexity of the internet and how amazing the technology in this day and age is.

I would tell other people that keeping up a home network is not as complicated as it seems. Your home network is centralized in your router and you should look in to all the fun appliances you can connect in order to fully utilize your internet service. I would also tell them to always have a password protected  network so that your personal information isn't accesible by other people near by. 

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Roberts, Andrew LucidChart - ZWZ13

This is a diagram of my home network, which is named ZWZ13.  My internet, provided by Verizon Fios, comes from the cloud to my house via a fiber-optic cable.  It enters what I call a "Fiber-Optic to Wire Transfer Box", which is self-explanatory.  The signal is sent by wire to my landline and a Modem/Router, which then wirelessly connects to three laptops (my Mom's, my Dad's and mine) a tablet (Toshiba Thrive) and my Wii.  There are no phones connected to my network, as my family does not use smartphones.
While I was designing this diagram, I learned more about my LAN (Local Area Network) than I ever would have otherwise.  I previously knew that there was a box in my basement and that the router (which I later learned was a Router/Modem) gave me a connection, but I did not know precisely how.  
There is one thing wrong with my network, and that is that it is not named.  Unnamed networks are a sign to pirates that a network is not protected.  I have informed my parents of this, but they have forgotten. 

My Intranet


This is a diagram of my intranet. Your intranet is your internet network. If you have internet in you house then that and whatever it connects to is your intranet. My internet comes from Comcast, my Internet Service Provider (ISP). It comes into my house through a cable wire that connects to my modem. The modem then connects, with an ethernet wire, to the wireless router. I have a Netgear wireless router that then connects, wirelessly to my iPad, my sisters iPad, my family laptop, my school laptop, and my wii. It also connects with an ethernet wire to my desktop computer.

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Schwingel-Sauer, Zoe, Lucidchart, COMCAST

My Network
My network starts with the internet. The internet comes through my I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) cable cord, which is Comcast. Then then cable cord is connected to my modem. My modem is connected to my home computer through an ethernet cord. My modem is also connected to my wireless router. The modem is connected to the printer, the speakers and the U.S.B. My wireless network is used by two laptops. Something new I learned through discovering my L.A.N. (Local Area Network) is what the ethernet does. The ethernet cord connects the modem to the home computer, which "gives" the home computer internet. Before, I always thought that the internet working was directly related to the monitor, however now I know it's not. The one major concept that people who want to learn about having a home network, is that it's never just one item. Your home network is never just a computer, it's always something more. If you have a desktop computer, you must also have a modem, an I.S.P., and depending on what you want, you might also have a printer.
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Amanda Thieu's Web

My network

For my home network all of the items I own, is connected to the internet. The company I use for my house that provided internet and telephone network is Verizon Fios. It is connected with a fiber optic glass wire. This is connected to my modem that connects to my Verizon Fios wireless router. The wireless router gives wifi connection to any wireless electronics if they have the password. For example, 3 IPhones, a xbox 360, Ps3, a printer, 3 laptops, and my television. I learned what connects to what in my house and how the internet works. I also learned that even my printer is connected to my wireless router. I would tell someone that doesn't know anything about Internet and what not. You have to research a lot depending what network you want like Verizon, or Comcast, or Direct T.V. 
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Over the last couple of weeks, my class has been focused on the keystone pipeline project. We as students all had an amazing and unique view of how we can get our massages across in a greater idea. We were asked by Our History teacher to write 3 monologues. As writers we all know that if we were ask to only write one, then the process of getting our points across, would have been a little too to easy. We believe that if you get your point across, not knowing what to say because you have loss all your ideas on the other one’s, and you are still manage to make sense of what you are talking about, then to us, that’s a very good definition of mastering and know what you are talking about. I wrote 3. I was the Pipeline itself, a 7thgrader and the soil. It was fun to find differ ways to come up with such creative pieces. I hope you enjoy.

I will fight for my rights.


Life gets hard as time goes by. I always knew this day would come, I knew that I was going to be a big part in this country, It all started when my ancestor wooden pipeline was created, 1865, in essence. I knew that I would be developing, because The Governors think that everything has to be developed. Like bye, your pushing it, is was never that serious.

 I can feel all the pressure to the society, How everything is being “developed” according to the Head of states. It was always prophesied that I would be the topic of conversations. Later on in the years they develop domestic and international markets in a big way where they wanted to make things better so that they can get more benefit out of me. I loved all the attentions and all the fame. I loved the presidential debate, and the fact that I was center of attention?

I was a little too hype. But this was not what I wanted to be. I was concocted to help people and make life easier. My mission has failed because now they are using about 7billoin of the U.S.A poor people’s money. I will be the biggest and the longest pipeline ever built. According to my family history “The project, which would be the longest oil pipeline outside of Russia and China, has become a potent symbol in a growing fight that pits energy security against environmental risk, a struggle highlighted by last year’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico”. This is not my motive if I can help I would. But as for now it is what it is I hope they will not build me and if they do I am asking everyone who will be effect by me to please forgive me.



The people of Camden.


It’s that time of the year I receive seeds and crops from all parts of the United States. Farmers, gardeners, and non-profit people provide me with my needs. They give me their only hope so that I can grow them. They Moisturize, and feed me with water. Some people even go all out and get some special minerals and put them all over me. The famer treats me with respect and they show that is an honored to be in partnership with me. The famers of this town are the only reason why I can produce.

 I have always loved helping people out here because they are very grateful. It was about last week I received an old farmer who came from Canada, he had an old friend of mine. Her name Shovel, she told me that she was just used to dig and plant down Canada. He when on and on about how she over heard, her masters speak on the behave of the Governors. They were going to upgrade the country but she never finished telling me because he had to go. her last words were you will not be here forever. I mean if this is their decision then there nothing I can do about it. But before this end I will like to speak about the time and what I have done for this place.

 I am very important to them. I was a lot of help in all kinds of way, economically, house issues and even safety. So now is not the time to turn this fine little town we call Camden over to the hands of the amateurs. They don’t know what it takes to build a nation. So they’re trying to manipulate the brain of these good citizens, so that they can "so call” provide a lot of jobs for the people. The people of this town trusted me with their properties.

 Now everything is clear I understand what Shovel was telling me. What she was saying is that they were building a pipeline all threw the U.S. I’m afraid, because I know that it is going to effect me in a big way. Couple years ago there was oil spill. It killed all the trust the people of the town had in my kind. These people were left empty some of these people whole life depended on me. Camden has always been poor towns were, people depends on the food they grow, without a good and healthy soil there is no Camden.


Mother do you even know what this means? (Pause) To you, to me to the land of the free. This is my home, and my comfort zoon; I don’t know what I will do now. I was born and raised in  Nebraska, I started day care down here and also elementary school. It is cruel and arrogant that the United States is breaking their promises. What happened to “land of the free”, or “is it free of the land”. Did that even make any sense? That is exactly how I feel. The fact that America holds false promises and false hopes is bothering me. 
I dreamed that one day I would make it out of  here and be able to come back to a place that I once called home. Mother are you listening? (Pause) Mother this is not fair I am not moving, I refuse to leave, my friends and my school. (crying) You know what, I will send a letter to the Mayor. Dear Jim Suttle
I am currently an 7th grade student at New foundation charter school, I heard that I was suppose to be moving because of a construction, They are suppose to be building a pipeline from Canada and all threw the United States. I don’t even have to tell you, about it because you know. I’m asking for your help, my mom is poor and we live in a project, who knows if we’re be able to find a home like this one. Sometimes you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. The only reason why you are able to go back and help out in your community is because you yourself have a place call home. 
Since my mother and I heard about the good way of making things better, she has not been eating or saying anything for days. Who knows if she’ll die from worries? Not only that I am losing my home, but I am also losing my life. My mother is the most important person to me, she hasn’t even spoke to me in days. How would you feel? If my mom dies I am killing myself.

Sincerely: From one of us who cares.
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9-11th Grade Picture Day 2012

9-11th grade yearbook pictures will be taken on 10/23 and 10/26. Students will report to the library with their streamed classes. All students will be photographed for the yearbook. Picture order forms were also sent home with students through Advisory distribution. Please refer to the below picture day schedules to determine when you/your child will be sitting for a photo. Questions can be directed via email to Mr. Reddy at Yearbook orders are also still being taken until November.
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Pipeline Project: Adam Feliciano


Within the last few weeks in World History class, we’ve been doing class discussions and researching about the Keystone Pipeline XL project. As individuals, we all had our own opinions on how we felt about the topic. To express how we felt about the topic, we had the opportunity to create three monologues. For the monologues, we had to become creative thinkers and act as an object, person, or thing that is being affected positively or negatively on the Keystone Pipeline XL project. For my monologues, I wanted to make each one original and at the same time make all them have a different view on the project and how they were being affected. For my first monologue I played in the perspective of mother nature feeling betrayed by her children. For my second monologue I played in the perspective of a Rufous Hummingbird seeking hope that the construction company will stop. For the last I chose to play in the perspective of an abandoned car who is thirsty and wants the new oil, specifically the one that the Keystone Pipeline is distributing. 

Learned Anything?

After researching and creating each of the monologues, I learned that people and things have very different perspectives based on their environment and the situation that they are in. I learned that in ways, some people could benefit and some people can’t based off their needs and predicament. I learned that people we tend advantage of the resources in Earth because animals and other things can’t voice their opinion.

Monologue #1: What Have My Children Done?

(She's looking up at the clouds)

My kids are well behaved. They continue to do their regular routine, work, eat, sleep, clean, and reproduce. The cycle is going well and life feels good. 

What is that you say?

Oh no… the cars are just what they use for making life go fast and making things more convenient.

Yeah, what's the matter with life going fast? 

Well yeah, I'm sure they still see the beauty I have surrounding them everyday.

You said what about the factories?

(She thinks for an excuse)

Well I have to be understanding of the situation, they need ways to create new things and that all happens in those very special factories. Like the soil they make clean for me, it saves me a lot of work. Plus, I don't have to put so much pressure on the worms to work harder. Why are you asking me so many questions? Shouldn't you be doing your job, watering the lands that I create? Oh, so now you're saying you don't want to. The water you pick up isn't good anymore. Because there's a massive, robotic, worm, being created along the southern of America up into Canada. You say it's killing my trees? And hurting my air? You say that it would be used for transferring the oils from the tar sands? 

(She is angry)

I don't get it. I allowed them to take oil from the deep roots of the ocean, and yet they still want more? The tar sands were forbidden from being used as a resource. That's why I buried it into the sands. The oil is very harmful and I hid it to protect my children's lives. 


...I understand that you are the overseer of the lands and the oceans.


 Say what? They are the ones killing the trees and the animals and the air? They want to burn the tar sand's oil into the air? Have they gone mad? My children are being so ungrateful. Everything that could have harmed them, I hid them away. Why must they invade my personal property. I gave them life and yet they try to kill me? Do they not understand that if I'm gone, they will not survive? 

(She shakes her head, disappears)

Monologue #2: Look Up Here...My Nest!

(He sits on top of the nest and talks to himself)

Nowadays, there isn't anymore peace! 

I can't hum in the mornings because, they, are making this unbreakable silver tube. They are knocking over our homes, the trees, in which we make our nests. 

My kids are scared as they look down from the nest… They ask me questions like, "what if they knock down our home? How are we going to escape daddy? We can't fly." Or like "daddy would we run out of food soon?" How do you expect me to reply to that? ...I can't!

As days go on, we are flying further and further just to find twigs, food, and even new homes. Day by day, they walk around below and continue to make this, this, this thing that Gaia never intend on making. I mean if Gaia wanted you two-legged, two-armed, two-eyed, furless creatures to make this silver tube, to transfer the oils from the tar sands in Canada she wouldn't have buried it and held it to protect us from its harmful chemicals. 

Oh but we, the ones who can't talk, understand why Gaia held things under the roots of the ocean and hid things under the sands and the lands that we fly over appreciates her. Unlike you guys (he looks down at the workers) we only use what she has placed in our environment surroundings to keep us alive. You guys went beyond your environment surroundings and dug deep into the lands and released toxicants into the air. 

(His eyes widen as he laughs)

You guys are stupid and yet you guys think you all are smart. Just because you all make cars, bridges, and buildings, from harmful toxicants, doesn't make you all smart at all. Matter of fact, the only thing that you all are showing to Gaia is that you don't appreciate what she does to help you all live and you all show that you don't appreciate the beauties that surrounds us (he looks at butterfly, a deer, and a beaver). 

As I fly around this unbreakable silver tube I send droppings on you guys' bright yellow helmets, and yet you guys won't respond. Here's another dropping for you, the one who is sitting near the tree smoking that bright white stick.

(His eyes widen)

Is it me that you look up at? ...Why are your eyes beginning to turn red and watery? ...Is that a normal thing you guys do? What is this emotion that you make, shaking your head and wiping your face?

(He puts his wing on his head)

If he responded to me, then that must mean that you guys are different. Then if all you guys are different, then that must mean that one of you guys must care about Gaia.

(He gets happy)

Quick! I must call the others and bring this to their attention. Together, we will all send droppings onto them and make them stop this work…

(He flies off)

Monologue #3: Hey, I Want Some New Oil!

(Sitting in the vacant parking lot thinking. He is very mad.)

Oh so it's like that huh? You guys just abandoned me and let me sit here in this big vacant parking lot? Ever since those hybrids and those more efficient cars were and still are being invented, you guys think that I'm not good enough. I mean, what's so wrong with just releasing a little smoke into the air? The world is a huge place and by me releasing a little smoke won't make a difference at all. 

(Newspaper falls on windshield and he reads)

The all new 2012 hybrids! Update from your old car to the the most efficient car today.  Hurry... before the sale ends!

(He laughs)

Those cars are no different then my generations of cars. They claim that it is more healthier for the air. Who cares, we release a little smoke into Earth's huge atmosphere; there's no way that we are accountable for rising the CO2 levels. That other article i read the other day tells me that it's just the normal cycle with the Earth. The levels of CO2 bounces up and down. Right now it's up and I believe that it will soon go down. 


I am so thirsty! I haven't tasted oil in so long. My throat is dry. The last time I tasted some fresh new oil was on January 4, 2003, it is now October 9, 2012. I can actually start to see myself rust. How insane is that? 

Those hybrids think that they are all that because they run on more mileage and they are "good" because they have more sophisticated technology built in. 

I tell you what, I can get you guys anywhere just as well as they can.

What is it that I hear now? Oh yeah something about new oil. I hear that that  new oil is from the Tar sands and that it is more thicker. Man, those new cars are so lucky. I bet it taste so fresh and better than the original. 

If only my owner would return day to give me something to drink. I'd be so appreciative to her and I'd scream less when she uses me. I always had a problem screaming when she had hit the brakes. Plus, she really hated the fact that I would leave trails of smoke when she rode me. She always complained on how her friends were always making fun of her because I was an old raggedy car. 

I feel so bad for not meeting expectations like those new cars nowadays. If only she would come back and give me some of that tar sands oil to drink. With the new taste of that oil, I'd promise her to never scream when she drives me nor try to release so much smoke into the air.


Important Information:

In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources than in all previous history.

The U.S. buried or burned more than 166 million tons of resources—paper, plastic, metals, glass and organic materials—in landfills and incinerators in 2008.

Between 1950 and 2005, worldwide metals production grew sixfold, oil consumption eightfold, and natural gas consumption 14-fold. In total, 60 billion tons of resources are now extracted annually—about 50% more than just 30 years ago. Today the average European uses 43 kilograms of resources daily, and the average American uses 88 kilograms.

TransCanada claims that the 1,661-mile project would “carry 700,000 barrels of crude a day from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries on the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast, crossing six states and creating an estimated 20,000 jobs.”

Cornell University study estimated that the project will create “only 2,500 to 4,650 temporary construction jobs,” according to CNBC.

Though the Keystone Pipeline is capable of transporting large quantities of oil -- up to 590,000 barrels per day -- and tar sand oil is more polluting than conventional crude, this pipeline is not the climate end game.


Jones, Christopher. "Keystone Pipeline: Facts and Fictions." 03 22, 2012. (accessed October 18, 2012).

" Global Warming Fast Facts." National Geographic News (blog), 06 14, 2007. (accessed October 18, 2012).

"Recycling and Environmental Facts." (accessed October 18, 2012).

Cohen, Peter. "Keystone Pipeline: Winners and Losers." 01 19, 2012. (accessed October 18, 2012).

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Keystone Pipeline XL

For the past two weeks, Science Leadership Academy students in World History in Mr. Block's class, have been learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL. This pipeline will be one of the most disasters in the United States. It's one of the dirtiest things in the entire universe. This pipeline is also going to hurt people, physically,mentally and emotional.
My partner and I collaborated to make five unique monologues and two complex videos.  By doing this we can inform our school community and many other vieweres who are interested in this contraversial topic. Take a moment or two to watch thee videos and/or read the descriptive monologues we wrote.


Monologue 1 The Solution for Polution:
(Earth is located between Venus and Mars, the Moon is Right behind the earth located more to the right of earth, while the sun is located to the left of earth. Earth is making very sick, she’s constantly coughing and sneezing because of the pollution inside of her. She has a handkerchief and a nice warm fuzzy sweater. The sky is black with alot of shiny stars in the sky.)

*Cough Cough*
I have always tried my hardest to be the best I can be, reaching my full potential. I have  many responsibilities. My mother, the universe is relying on me. Yet I never get any recognition for the work I do. You know I do get dizzy spinning around non stop. The sun’s bright rays constantly trying to get through my sisters layer. I feel a loss of respect I am never thought about. Key decisions worldwide usually never reflect how this will affect me long term. The air has always been my friend but now, it has become my enemy. Air is thicker, the fog is killing me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been sending everyone signs, the extreme heats in the summer and the winters getting colder each year.  I don’t know if I could take the keystone pipeline. This pipeline says to be good for the economy of the United States but its killing me and everything inside of me.(Cough Cough*)Even the little tiny people inside of me that worry more about the economy than their lives.
I mean I have a sister the atmosphere to look out for, as well as my blood the ocean, imagine if there were an oil spill. My blue cold blood would not be able to handle the thick grey oil that will kill my creations the creatures of the sea and of the land. My life is depending on the prevention of the keystone pipeline. I remember when I was younger, life was  much easier. There was no cars, no planes. Nothing.  i remember when the tiny human people would ride a horse to get from the one side of a country to anonther. Trains were really helpful too. AI had  a few coughs a years but not as much as now. (Ahh Ahh Ahh Chouuuuu!) I am about to explode!   
Instead of the  Keystone Pipeline XL I have a better plan.
My cousin the sun emits multiple rays into the earth. A few years ago, scientist realized that these rays are energy and it can be stored. Well they created solar panels to start storing it for little things like light inside the house or the radio. Let’s think big now. What if these solar panels, can be put on top of a train. The train will travel from point A to point B while its getting the energy from the solar panels. Cough coughh )This way the little people inside of me can go from one place to another, and bring goods from one state to another without having to waste coal, or waste energy on cars for gas. It’s not only faster but it saves me and every little thing inside me. Please replace the Keystone Pipeline XL with this idea. Even tho it will take a little bit of work, it will create energy to transport people and goods from one side of the United States to the other. Say no to the Keystone Pipeline XL and say yes to the Solar Powered train system. Together we can save me and everything inside.

Monologue 2: Where’s Our Home?
Margret, Margret! Come meet me in the kitchen.
(pacing around the kitchen, wife walks in and he sits down)
Some people from the government just came. Talking about some they can take our land. Only gonna offer us some 15,000 dollars, don’t make much sense if you ask me since we got a good 5 acres of land. Honey I know, I know but there aint nothing we can do about it. They said  something about eminent domain, meaning we have no rights for this land. (jumps up)

This is not fair! I worked too hard for this dog on land. I have a barn out back with five horses three cattle and I can’t just pick up and leave. We just got a new pump out back, Jimmy just got braces, and the chickens got a new cewp. There is nowhere for us to go what do they expect us to do. Coming through a small town like Lamar County. I wonder what we’re going to do about my grandmother too been living on the acres next to us coming close to a century now. She put all her life savings trying to keep our family acres together. They come in here don’t even know what we’re going through the struggles that we will face because of this pipeline. What is the keystone pipeline anyway? Don’t we already have oil in the middle east? (turns to wife) Alright well don’t go on telling the kids yet.

Monologue 3:
No more Drinks?
(Soda drops from the vending machine)

Todays the day, today is the day. I can’t wait to tell everyone that our work from America is being cut down. After all these years of depending on them for our trade we are done. The Keystone Pipeline, muah (blows kisses). Nothing better than it. Now I can relax not have to worry about whether or not we need to ship out to those Americans. Yeah, you know how much they over use their oil, at least we won’t be the ones helping them. (turns head as his friend begins to talk) I never thought of it like that though. We do ship almost half of our oil to them what about our oil plants? I don’t know but it’s not like there are many other jobs here for  us that pay paying low. This pipeline is bad for the environment. It’s bad for everyone. Creating this pipeline will destroy my life now that i think about it.  What about my job, less oil means less of a need for me. The keystone pipeline won't only destroy the environment even more it will put me and others out of a job. I hate the keystone pipeline.

Monologue 4:
Mr.President says no to Pipeline

I have hope for this nation. Sadly nobody will be able to have a dream if I don’t win the 2012 election. In 2008, I promised that I will make the economy better. I also promised the U.S will help clean this pollution.that we the American citizens, will clean this mess.But I will assure you that our kids and the upcoming generations will have a place to live in and breathe freely without having to worry about possessing a disease that will not only harm them, but potentially kill them. How will I do this with the keystone pipeline though.

(tying his tie, looks down at index card into the mirror)

Let me try this speech again. We need to become independent from other countries. The keystone pipeline will allow us to create jobs helping our economy. (deep breath) I can’t do this anymore. I don’t think I want the keystone pipeline, it is damaging our environment it is putting people out of their houses leaving people homeless. Is it worth creating jobs when people are losing homes? I need to find a way to make it work. Have the people whose homes we are taking be the ones getting the jobs building the keystone pipeline. (rubs hand on head)

Before I was Barack Obama the president, I was Barack Obama the boy living in hawaii with my grandmother. Ugh I can’t keep forgetting this. My grandmother who risked everything to make sure that I am where I am today. What if this were her? But is it worth it the fact is this will help the States. it is too close to the election to be rocking the boat what do the people want? ( begins pacing up and down) The fact that my election can be based on something as dependance on foreign oil. There are other solutions we need to work our way up to no dependance on these oils. There are other solutions, such as solar energy. You know I’ve never really agreed with George Bush, but when he said that we were “addicted to oil”, yeah I have to agree with that. But what do I do when my opponent will kill me for doing this changing my opinion this far down the line, so close to the election. But I will not lie to the people I will be the voice of for four years. I will say the truth and hope for the best that’s all I can do. (walks out the door)

This Pipeline will Be The Death of Me
(Waiting in front of the court building for the trial. Looking through all the pictures and the evidence that has been left by the cops. The documents from the hospital, the pictures of the injuries the cop left all over my body. A phone in my right pocket with a few leftover dollar in my wallet in my left pocket.) All the witnesses are here with me, well the ones that are ready to testify.)
This is injustice!  After looking at all of the images when I can be doing way more. I don’t even understand how or why on Earth I would get this hurt? Don’t we have the right of freedom of speech? my voice had to be heard I had to stop it but the abuse got unbearable. I didn’t quit because thats why i am here. (The plaintiff’s lawyer asked him if he was fighting for the earth’s rights, and/or his rights. The plaintiff replies extremely fast trying to not sound stubborn but reassuring. Well of course sir. I’m here to fight for what’s right! and the Keystone pipeline XL is not right! it emits more three times more toxins than gas can release in one year.
I understand that this is a country where we all want what’s good and cheap. But what they did to me another fellow activist and what they will do to our country is not acceptable. To start of these gases that will be emitted into the atmosphere will hurt the earth more than two times than regular gas. They will first extract tar sands from Canada. The process of extraction will cause a great amount of pollution but then processing it through the pipelines from Canada to Texas will cause a greater disaster. (Ring,Ring,Ring.It’s the lawyer calling. the layer is waiting inside of the courtroom. He is rushing the plaintiff to go inside because the judgement will start in ten minutes.) Okay I will be ready in a few more minutes. Yes I know we will be proceeding into the courtroom any minute but I want to make sure that everything that I have brung in is used without being jeopardized. Okay well back to concentration. so these pipelines will create a gas that evaporated and won’t be used. It will stay in the ozone layer and will create a massive disaster to the world. The gas that will be created from the tar sands would be used to fuel up cars and a few members from the government claim that it will boost up the economy. But what will the economy without an Earth? Nothing ofcourse.
if this injustice continues then we will have no earth and according to the amendments we have the right to sleep. I know for sure that a lot of rights are broken. I am a slave to The Pipeline. I am afraid of falling asleep and waking up in a world which we would have to use masks to breath. This pipeline will be the death of me.(The plaintiff walks inside the building and the scene ends with him shutting the door.)

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Pipeline Monologue-Jeremiah Cunningham

In History, we discussed the keystone mercy pipeline. We talked about the pros as well as the cons. We also discussed how it is affecting the world today and the environment. We learned that this can be a good way to transport oil and it would be cheap and affective but it does have risks. What if it leaks and we have a repeat of the spill in the Gulf Of Mexico? How well could this plan go and how could this pipeline hurt or better others lives. These were some of the questions that were going through my lives when I was completing my monologues alongside my partner True Black. We really took the time to focus on how peoples lives would change if this pipeline were to go bad, and how President Obama feels on the subject considering that he gets the final say so. 

The Lucky One
  (Sitting in a chair twidling his thumb.) You are scum. You (Pause) are scum. A sick, vile virus among the population of humanity. You think your riches or your big fancy house makes you special, makes you unique? You are nothing more than a mosquito, sucking the blood out of society and those who depend on what it gives. You and everyone similar to you are meer insects to people who’ve had to crawl and struggle their entire lives to get by. People without chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, or fancy butlers serving them five star meals. Those are people with real riches. I can sit in this chair all day and lecture you on this. The sad part about it is people don’t care as much for human riches as much as they care for small green slips of paper with dead white leaders on them. And for those who do have it use it to hide from the real world like cowards while they watch us struggle through life from their high placed pedestals.

  Why did I try to steal from you? What would you care or understand? I’m going to prison regardless. Hmmp well if you must know I’m no criminal. A thief, but not a criminal. No, they are not the same thing! A criminal is someone who purposely breaks the law because they are too lazy to get a job and make something of themselves. Now there are two types of thieves. People who steal because they want to or people who steal because the have to. I steal because I have to. The funny thing is it wasn’t always that way.

  It was about a year after that pipeline was made. I lived in a rural area not too far from the pipeline and my family business was around that area to. I worked as a tourguide, take people through the forest, let them experience nature, stuff like that. It was called Natures buddies. Of course you’ve never heard of it, probably not good enough. You’d be that one person who had no one to come with. (Pause) Oh yeah, you married? (Pause) You have any kids? Yeah (mumbling) I bet even your parents be too ashamed to come with you. Anyway! I made a good salary, settled down, got married. Hmmp, I remember when I first met her. She came in for a tour one time with her friends, we talked for a little bit after the tour and we just connected ever since. I knew she was the one from that first hour we talked, but I guess you wouldn’t know about that would you. Soon after she gave me something to live for... two kids. They were my pride and joy and I really felt that it was just gonna get better from there. Thats when... it happened. (Pause) The pipeline burst. You probably heard about it. (Pause) Yeah but the only thing was they were sugar coating it. The the pipeline spewed thousands of gallons of oil a minute and ravaged the wilderness and everything else around it for miles, including our business.

I was out of work. Soon after I lost my home. In the blink of an eye I had no job, no home, and my emergency money was running dry. I felt like a boy in a book I read called House of the Scorpion when he was locked in that room because they found out he was a clone. I tried for months to get a job but no everyday job wants to hire someone who tread through the woods talking about trees and animals. Hmmp, you’d think people be more grateful for the tour’s we gave. I tried everything, I learned that those fundraising things they have on commercials are all bullshit. Just a bunch of people who steal from the public and barley give any of the money they raise toward people who need it. They’d much rather take almost all of that money for their own self purposes. Another thing I realized was that those who had plenty of money to give to a corner full of the homeless are the one’s who most likely would give us the finger and drive off.

My money was running dangerously short. My families ribs slowly began showing more definition everyday. I knew I had to do something. Then it hit me, Robin Hood stole from the rich to help the needy. As bad as it was I had two option, either steal food until I can find a real job, or watch my family wither away. That’s why I’m here now. This isn’t what I wanted, this is the life I was forced into. I know you have to call the cops, just please whatever you do keep my family out of it. They deserve better than me anyway. (Pause) What?! Your giving me this? But... but... this is ten thousand dollars, your just giving me this? (Crying) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Ever since that incident I’ve thought I of myself as unlucky, but now I see I have a loving family and now I can support them. Thank you.  

Hood Tales
(Sitting on the steps when friends walk up) Sup man. (handshakes are given) Got some stuff on on my mind you know. Here walk me to the store.

  You know how that pipeline is about couple miles from here. (Puase) Well, I heard from an article that an engineer named Vokes said there were some weak spots in the pipe where it is most likely to leak and got fired. No one gave him a reason why he was fired but it’s easy to say that they fired him because he knew the potential danger. (Pause) Thats what you think. My stepdad did some work on that jawn when they was building it. Even he said that though there were some faulty areas, but after what happened to Vokes no one was willing to risk their job by speaking up.

   (At the store) Yo you want something? (Pause) Imma just get an Arizona. (Go into store and gets an Arizona.) Yeah but anyway, my stepdad said was that one weak spot happens to be just off the city. (Pause) I know of all the places right here. I don’t know if it’ll leak on us thats the problem. You know my mom don’t work, my stepdad just got promoted to work on constructions like the pipeline so he’s never around, I’m tryna finish my last year of high school and get into college. Another thing is you know that UCLA gave me a scholarship for politics and basketball. Only thing is if I do go my mom will be by herself most of the time and with her drug problem already bad I doubt think she can handle it, but if I go to Community College I can stay and support my mom but I won’t have nearly as many opportunity as I would if I went to UCLA. If something does happen with that pipeline if I’m not around my mom aint gonna be able to do nothing to help herself, if I am around and it happens we’d be homeless, but at least she’d have me around to keep her sanity intact. So I’m most likely gonna stay here with my mom. I know I’m giving up my dream but my mom means more to me then that and since my real father left us to rot and my stepdad is never around it’s my responsibility to take care of her because no one else will you know. (Gets back to his house.) Na man I can’t play ball today, gotta get some work done you know. (Pause) No prob man thanks for listening man, needed to get that off my chest. Talk to you later.  

Under My Wing
(Laying on the ground) Ah, my wing. Hello! Hello! Can anyone hear me!? Oh whats the point? Without my wings, I’m nothing but a small chicken appetizer served with a side of oil for any predator that finds his way to me first. (Looking up) Speak of the devil. Let me guess, you heard my struggling and it lead you to me. Yup, I can tell by the way your eyes are widening and licking your lips. Whew, the last thing you ate didn’t treat you well did it? Look, I know how you predators work; you sniff around til you find some poor, weak, defenseless creature to stuff your face with. You found me hear laid out on the ground and thought, easy meal. But I will give you a fair warning, you really don’t want to eat me. Why? Because I’m contaminated. I know, just a way for me to not get eaten huh. Well, let me tell you how it happened. See, you heard of that pipeline that was built under us? Yeah well about a week ago so I’m just walking around minding my own business, when out of nowhere all this oil spewed on me. That was just the start of my problems. So I escape the oil pool and thankfully I didn’t consume enough to kill me (mumbling) lucky me. Once I escaped I realized that the extra wait prevented me from flying, so I began searching for something to eat. Because frankly I was really hungry. So as I’m looking for some bugs to eat, out of the blue this giant metal hits. At first I thought it was a big predator so to stay alive I played dead. It turned out that it was just a couple of humans. So they leave and it was then that I realized that I had broken my wing. I walked and walked for miles searching for help until I finally broke down here, and the rest you already know. Bet you don’t wanna eat me now huh haha. Yeah bet you won’t whoa... (crunch crunch) (swallow)

Little Sasha

My sister and I are living the dream. I mean there’s nothing to explain or say but that we are the daughters of the president of the united states. What 12 and 14 year old do you see living in the best house in America. But this life does have its flaws. Everywhere I go, i hear someone go, “Hey what's your dad’s next move:” Or hay how did your dad really kill osama. But as of late people have been asking “Is your dad gonna accept that pipeline proposal?” Now I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with these people. I’m just a normal 14 year old girl trying to live my everyday life. I don't have time to worry about a stupid pipeline. I mean between me and you i think my dad is gonna accept it. My daddy promised jobs to the unemployed people of the US. And i did some research, Well when i mean research i mean snooping in daddy’s office. And this pipeline can provide thousands of jobs. It also is a good and safe,cheap effect way to transport oil. And its a lot closer. But then what if the pipeline leaks. We are gonna get covered with oil. Its gonna be the gulf of mexico all over again. I hate this. This one of the flaws of being a first daughter. When will this ever change.

Obama Drama
Damn. This is not a good look. I'm the president of the United States and Its the day of the speech and i'm STILL not sure on whether or not i'm gonna accept this pipeline or not. I mean I don’t want to but then again I do. What a president I am. I did promise jobs and this would be a good look for the economy. But what if it leaks. Then i’m gonna receive so much criticism and i don't need that during the run for my second term. OMG they just announced me. Ok i can do this. I have my mind made up this is what I’m gonna do. God bless america! I want to thank you. The americans, the citizens of The United State Of America.  I want to  talk a little about the keystone pipeline. Now its been some speculation regarding on whether or not i’m going to accept the application for it or not. Now, it does provide safe, abundant, cheap reliable energy. It also a benefit to having it as close as home as possible. If we don’t act now, it’s eventually is gonna find its way into the market. Some even say that its the safest most effective way to transport oil. BUT, When i think of this i think of how not long ago, we had this real bad oil spill around the gulf of mexico. Now, with all that oil, if it were to leak again, what are we gonna do as americans to clean it up. But you know what when it’s all said and done, its about the americans. And this project happens to provide over tens of thousands of jobs for the US population. And i remember specifically when i went into office one of my biggest promises was to find Jobs as a lot of jobs for the population of america. And thats just what i intend to do. Therefore we will start operation of building this pipeline, for the sake of the government, the climate, and the fate of the US citizens! Thank you and God bless America! That was my speech i Remember it like it was yesterday. Now those very words have came to bite my ass. I heard from my high school best friends. He actually introduced me to Michele. Yeah we had some good times. “Barack, How you doing? Oh yea yea im doing fine. HAD me a nice little house down in cali... But u know they are taking control of my land. Yeah Yeah, Me and my family are living in this hotel right now.. I just wanted to call and tell you how much of a bright president that you are. Thanks a Lot barack (CLICK) That was the worst click. What he did was what the kids now a days would say. He banged on me. That click was the click of failure. And that’s what i was. I had never thought that this pipeline would take a toll like this. I was so worried about what my people would think and call me a hypocrite but now they are calling me worst. A failure. I Have failed the people of the United States. “Biden Get in here, The nation had a promotion for you”!

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Pipeline monologue

Hi my name is Alisha Rothwell, and I am a student at Science Leadership. I have just finish studying about the Keystone Pipeline, inside of my 10th grade history class. I created three monologue that shows different point of views from three different characters. The characters names are, cindy (the high school student), Daryl Hanna (the old lady who was arrested), and a pipe names baby boy. Below i will post my three monologue’s that I made. Followed by on I re created.

My point


*a sound of the door slamming*
*talks to self, pacing back and forth*
How dare she tell me that I’m wrong??
Oh, it’s because I’m in high school sweety *imitating her voice sounding annoyed*
*phone rings, sits down*
Ugh who’s calling me? I’m not even in the mood.
*it’s her best friend*
Hey girl.
Did you do Block’s homework?
(mom starts yelling)
Hold on for a sec.
What?! I’m not eating.
Do we even have the money?
Don’t you think we should save some?
Because it’s too much money for transportation and relying on the pipeline to save us from being bankrupt is too risky.
No, that was just my mom getting on my nerves as usual.
She feels like because I’m 14 i’m not suppose to have my own opinions on the pipeline and our money habit.
Are you kidding me?
It’s the pipeline, how do you not know what that is?
Ooooh well they’re building a pipeline that is going to convert oil from Canada to Texas.
It’s suppose to save us a lot of money.
I heard Obama approved of it, but it’s causing a lot of controversy with those affected.
She does.
She works for them which confuses me even more.
I’m like, how do you work for a company that created this project yet you don’t agree with it?
See, I feel like this pipeline can help us in many ways su- (gets interrupted)
What do you mean?
You agree?
So you’re telling me that you think she’s right?
And why is that?
*long pause*

OH I get it! *emphasis on the OH* It’s because she works for them that she knows the ups and downs of everything they hide from the public.
Well I haven’t thought about it that way.
Hmm.. Well girl, I’m gonna call you back.
*hangs up and runs to her mom*
Mom! Mom! I’m sorry, I want to hear your side of the story.

My Story

*taping her foot*
My story...?
You wanna know my story?
*takes a deep breath*
Your government came storming in through my front door with papers.
I don’t know what kind. I couldn’t really read them because out of nowhere i hear the roaring from the trucks.
Loud noises!
There was nothing I could do, so I waited...
and waited..
I waited for them to go on their lunch break
I had an idea that if I were to stand in front of the construction, they wouldn’t be able to work anymore.
In the process, the workers were all yelling at me.
*becomes really agitated*
This one man had the nerve to say i was trespassing!
*in disbelief*
Can you believe that??
Hell no! I wouldn’t call it trespassing since I paid for this land with my own flesh and blood.
I mean if I didn’t y’all mother fuckers owe my mother and I about 65 years worth of money.
I paid 100 dollars a week to get my grass cut and trees trimmed, so my home would look nice and presentable.
What makes me so upset about this is that they gave us no warning. No time for us to react and make a decision.
*goes into deep thought*
Now that I think about it, We never really knew what they were doing the construction for in the first place until now.
Apparently they are making a pipeline from the South to Canada in order to transport hundred of thousands of tar sands to preserve energy.
I just think that’s pretty dumb. I heard Obama approved of it yet the north half of the country hasn’t been approved.
Wouldn’t it create global climate problems and cause carbon levels to rise? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me...
*calms down*
I guess.
Yes, that is all.
My name is Daryl Hanna. My mother and I were both taken off of our property in handcuffs, accused for trespassing, and the judge did not make us do jail time but let us off with a warning.
This is my story.
The pipeline is still being built and we’re still finding a new place for us to live.
This is ridiculous.


(looks up)
Are you there?
( He has this confused look on his face)
( spots a note across the room)
is that a note?
(Reads it)
Dear Metal Jr.
The workers we spotted the other day are taking me away.
I over heard them say something about using me to convert oil?
Weird right?
but listen, don’t panic baby boy
mommy is going to be ok.
You might even get picked up and brought with me.
And hey they’re taking me down south.
Well remember when we seen that man on the big tv?
I bet you remember him. We were going on our daily roll down the street.
Well anyway his name was Obama and he decides whether or not we could do certain things.
If he becomes president again then I have a chance to come back home to you.
He approves of it down south, so thats where im on my way to.
You always wanted me to go on vaction right hhahaha.
Well I left you food and water by the mud pale thats under the big truck that hasn’t moved.
Grandmom should be on her way but you know her old rusty self takes forever.
love you baby boy, now it’s your time to show me what i thought you paid off.

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Pipeline Monologue Project

This project is about the Keystone XL Pipeline that is being built in Texas. 
After reading this interesting subject our work is to write three monologues in the point of view of three perspectives. My first monologue is about a everyday normal office worker, since I wanted to imagine what a bystander thinks about this. My second is my own point of view about the subject. Since I really disagree with the pipeline my monologue is very optionated. My final one is about mother nature, but in this case father nature since I got a guy to do the part. The reason for this one was because I wonder what would the earth say if it could speak.
During this time I learned how terrible humans are when they are corrupted by greed.
Also how much this pipe will influence everyone's future.

Monologue 1- The Cubical Worker

(tired, walks to door and opens, LOOK DOWN) Lord what is wrong with the price of oil these day?
(angry) They cost more than a bar of gold!

(walks inside, irritated) If this blasted price don’t go down soon I’m going to have to walk to work. (sarcastic) Not like thats ever happening.
(sad) But I would really trade anything for cheaper gas...

(upbeat with a hint of tiredness, inside) (LOOK UP) “I’m home!
(crouches down) Oh what's this? That’s a very nice picture you have there.
(questioning) But why is the sky black, it should be blue.
(surprised) Wow you are learning about the environment so early on.
So tell me what you have learned?
"Wow that sounds very bad, but it’s your bedtime to go to bed.”  
(happy relaxed, lies down on bed) Ah! Finally a nice soft bed. (dark gloomy, in bed)  (LOOK UP) “hum, but is it alright?
I mean if this is true then by 2015 the air would be terrible!
I don’t want my family to be breathing toxic filled air! (confused) But what can I do? I’m just one person.
It’s not like if I stop everyone else would.
Besides biking is way too far I guess there is no other way but drive.
(questioning) Still if I do drive I would just help make the already terrible air worse and if what Josh said was true, (horror) than 100 million people will die because of it, and i’m helping to kill them.
Won’t that mean my hands are covered with blood too?”
(confused, LOOK DOWN) If I keep going with the car sooner or later it will harm my family.
But if I don’t how am I soposed to get to work on time?
(irritated) Ugh! It’s either I pay more or people die. (deciding) Money is important and all but family is more important.  
(enlightened) Yes, that right, family is much more important.
(amazed) What was I thinking!
(happy and questioning) Now, where did I put my bike?

Monologue 2- For a kid's point of view

(happy, sitting down in class, LOOK AT PRETEND LAPTOP) Yes it’s history class, this is going to be fun! 

What are all these for? (door opens) Mr. Block is back, gotta get ready for work. We are going to watch videos? Great! (interested, opens computer) Hum tar sands blockade, what is this about?

Interesting, that is a very big project.
Now let’s see where they going with this thing.

(angry) Wow, what is this nonsense?
Are they even allowed to do that?
(angry and questioning) Isn’t tasing someone like that and physically harming a unarmed person illegal?
What was the law that prevents that again?
Oh ya! “No cruel or unusual punishment” I say tasing some unarmed person should be protected by that shouldn’t they?
(normal speech, stands up, LOOK UP AWAY FROM COMPUTER) “Mr. Block I have a question.
(questioning) why isn’t the government doing anything about this?
(mad) This is madness!”
(normal speech) Ok, oh, ya. (surprised) *sits down*
Wow so much for the land of the free. Let’s see what else did they do.
(surprised) (excited) A video! Let’s see what this is about.
Ok so the old lady was just doing her daily routines on her land, ok.
(questioning and mad) Wait what? Why are the police coming? Wait a minute!
She got arrested? (inraged) For trespassing!?
(enraged and confused) On her own land!
(mad) What in the name of zeus is this?!
(mad and questioning) They go in on some old lady’s land and arrests her?
For what reason? Tresson? against what? Walking on her land? This is ludicrous!
(sarcastic) Good job US, you have finally done it, you make the rules you break the rules, what are we supposed to do?
Rob a bank and said I didn’t do it? Madness, just madness.

(surprised) Oh what's this? (questioning) Hum, a chat box.
“What is going on?” oh I can answer that one.

(in a on stage “I have a dream type of voice”, pretend to type)

“Is this the sound of liberty we hear? NO. It’s the screams of the people.
Is this the scent of freedom we smell? NO. It’s CO2 that is killing you and me.
Is this the land of the free we live in? NO. It’s a land where greed overpowers all.”

There, now send.

Monologue 3- Mothe.... Father Nature

 (use a chair to spin) (spin while reading the whole thing, sad, sarcastic and mad, waves hand wildly in the air)
Oh the sadness! Oh the pain! Oh the unjust I have suffered!
(slouched over)
Day after day I work hard to keep all my beloved creatures alive.
I feed them, I give them shelter, I care for them.
(questioning and mad)
But what did that get me?
(angry, quickly stand straight up)
I do my best for them and yet they are not satisfied! They want more and more!
(look confused)
Why can’t they see what they already have?
(mad and sad)
Now they are building this giant tube on me just to kill me faster, 800,000 barrels of oil a day? (mad) They have already done so much to me!
(sarcastic and depressed, speak in a shakespeare like voice)
Why, oh why do you do this to thy?
Look at this thing!
They dig out bits of me and makes it into this matalicy round thing.
Now they are using the tube to kill me more! What did I do to them?
They Strip off my skin and mine my bones, they drill into my flesh and drain my blood,
*hugs hair* they cut down my lush green hair to keep themselves warm.
(questioning mad) What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment? Where did I go wrong? (sad) I did what every parent would do, caring for her children.
Yet they keep on torturing me with their non stopped madness.

(questioning) Can’t they see that they are killing me?
Am I just that useless that they have to kill me off to be happy?
It is useless, they can’t hear my plead for mercy.
(mad and insane, holds hand out in front, gripping tightly) But there is one thing I still can do.
If I must die then they will join me!

Here is the Video of Father Nature!

(Video is at the end of the Bibs)

Keystone XL Pipeline- A large pipeline that pumps tar sand from Canada to Texas creating more then 800,000 barrels of oil a day. 
("Keystone XL Pipeline Project")

Tar Sand- Other wise known as "Oil Sand", the tar sand contains bitumen, a type of oil.
("About Tar Sands")

Green House Gases/Effects- The warming of the earth due to  large amounts of CO2.

Oil- A type of fossil fuel used to do many things, such as gas for cars.
("Petroleum Online")

Tar Sand Blockade- A group trying to stop the building of the XL Pipeline.
("Common Dreams")

Transcanada- The company who is responsible for building the pipeline.
("Keystone XL Pipeline Project")

"" Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Transcanada. Web. 16 Oct 2012. <>.

. "2012 Tar Sand Shale and Tar Sand Programmatic EIS."About Tar Sands. Web. 16 Oct 2012. <>.

. "CO2 Pollution and Global Warming."EnvironmentalChemistry. Web. 16 Oct 2012. <

. "Welcome to Petroleum Online." Petroleum Online. Petroleum Online. Web. 16 Oct 2012. <>.

. "Tar Sands Blockade." Common Dreams. Common Dreams. Web. 16 Oct 2012. <>.
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Cytosol by Kara and Huzaifah

  • The fluid inside cells
  • The part of cytosol that isn’ t held by any organelles in the cell
  • Cytosol is made up of concentration gradients, protein complexes, protein compartments, and cytoskeletal sieving. 
  • In cytosol, all the metabolic chemical reactions of the prokaryotes take place. 
  • The important composition is a lot of water, dissolved ions, water soluble molecules, and smaller molecules and proteins. 

    Picture from:
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Keystone Pipeline Monologues


            In the past few weeks, in my history class, I have been researching about the Keystone XL Pipeline. With our research we were told to create three monologues from different perspectives and make a video of one of the monologues. My first monologue was from the oils point of view. Its shows how the oil actually wants the pipeline production to happen and that the oli is really excited about it. My second monologue is from the point of view of mother earth. She shows how the Pipeline is hurting her badly. And lastly my third monologue is from the point of view of a farmer in Nebraska. It shows how the pipeline production will affect the Ogallala aquifer and that this should not happen in Nebraska. I did my video from the farmers point of view. Enjoy. 

First Monologue: Life as oil.

(The actor is lying down, in a dark room, which will be the pipe. The actor should be wear all black, which will look like the color of oil.)
(Should be happy and smiley) This is such a great idea.
(Shout it out) I wish those moving things up there could hear me. Hey pipe, what do you think about this? Are you even listening to me?
(Happy and calm) Anyway, I’m just amazed by the transformation I went through. I was first under Canada’s Boreal forest as tar sand, now as oil and then will be formed to be transportation fuel. When I am brought it will be cheap and reliable energy. While they are building this, they get more jobs that help them earn money to buy me. They also need money to buy you pipe.
(Really, really happy) Just thinking about it makes me so happy. I get to help those that need me. I get used for so many things all the time.
(Has a straight face and feels a bit bad) I might have done some harm around here, such as the extraction and production of this causes three times more carbon dioxide than average oil consumptions in United States. But there is a good side to all this and I’m being used for so many good things. I get to make those things up there happy and help them. (Smiles and fades away)

Second Monologue: Stop killing me!!!!

(Sounds of machines and drillers) This whole Tar sand production is killing me! All the carbon dioxide is affecting the air in which the people breathe in. This high amount of carbon dioxide is making it harder to get the sunlight, from you sun. The project is also affecting the personal areas of the people’s homes.
(Calm) If this continues to happen it will affect even more things and put me in real danger. I might not be alive anymore for these people to live on me.
(It begins to rain) If only the creators of this project would understand that.
(Still raining) It might be helping in one-way such as transportation, food, running people’s homes and other stuff. But this is harming in many other ways such as global warming, polluting the air and leaking into the water. There are better ways in which they can get oil. I just think they should not continue on with this.
(Shouts out, which is sound of thunder) And sun, I think you should be on my side and give me some support.

Third Monologue: STOP THIS!!!

(The background should seem like a farm or could just be sitting in a room.)
(Seem sad) I am a farmer in Nebraska. Home to one of the largest aquifer in the world, the Ogallala aquifer which lies here provides so much water for crops in the United States. By building the pipeline here, I think that it will destroy the resource. The Ogallala aquifer is not that deep in the ground but very close to the surface, so by having the pipeline built 4 feet deep in the ground it might actually be in the aquifer and destroy the water resource.
(Straight face) TransCanada should get their oil from a better place because Tar Sands is 16 times much worse than actual oil; it creates 3 times more Carbon Dioxide and might also have many leaks. So Tar sand oil is just dirtier than actual oil. If TransCanada builds this pipeline in Nebraska without Nebraska's agreement then it would actually be a violation of states rights. This pipeline will destroy personal properties and disturb so many landowners. TransCanada could build this somewhere else but just not here.


U.S needs oil that is cheap and reliable, so why not get it from a friend rather than be dependent elsewhere. (PBSNewshour)

While building the pipeline, it will create more job opportunities. (PBSNewshour)

The pipeline runs across one of the largest aquifers in the world. (PBSNewshour)

Tar Sands are sixteen time much worse then actual oil. (Friends of the earth: Tar Sands)

Tar sand is the dirtiest oil in the world. (Canadian Broadcast Corporation: Keystone Pipeline) 


“MCKIBBEN, B. (2012, July 19). Global warming's terrifying new math. Retrieved from

“Tar sands. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Descriptive Essay: Life is Like a Mountain (Revised)

All I need is confidence and courage. Why is it so hard for me to achieve those two things in my life? I started to realized that I lack those two virtues when it all started with this girl I liked in my middle school. I always think of myself as strong and determined, motivated and focus, is what I really think of myself. But I can always expect the unexpected. It’s really what life is about.

It was on a cool and cloudy afternoon, I was in the middle of my summer reading, a book called Son of the Mob. As the school year got closer during the summer, I kind of procrastinated on my summer reading. I, then, realized it wasn’t such a good idea to do that. One of the most annoying things that bothered me was the fact that my idiotic friends kept inviting me to hang out with them. I sighed and said to myself “Here we go again.” I just want to be at home, so that I can get my summer reading over with, I thought to myself.

I finally have a good, old friend asking me to join their birthday party; so I went. I can smell the aromatic smell of sweet, honey barbecue. I can also hear all the loud shouting, distant talking and guests talking loudly and uncontrollably. I was roaming the large, packed backyard looking forward to meeting new people. But I never knew that I would meet him, someone very familiar. A man, dressed in black, almost like the guy from the cover of the Son of the Mob giving this girl that he likes, that I like, beautiful, bright red roses. I felt like somebody just stab me in the back when I saw him giving her flowers. It just struck me suddenly.

As I’m writing this essay, I thought back and said to myself that I should have never went to that party. In my mindset, education is what I really care about, regardless of anything. I never thought this scene that I witnessed, is very similar to the cover of the book. I was kind of mad at myself for not attempting to talk to her at first. I seen a lot of these happened on TVs and movies. But unluckily, my situation is reality. Day by day, I can’t get the image out of my head and reading Son of the Mob sure made it harder to erase that memory.

Although, I could be at fault for not talking to her. I didn’t have enough confidence, which causes an agony in me. And now and then, every time I looked at the cover, it reminded me of one of my friends that gave the girl roses. I hated that feeling. It just recalls back all the things I went through that day. But the good side is I finished my summer reading dealing with what was on the cover of the book. I guess that’s the only thing I accomplished, so far. The book is now in my black, iKea desk in my room, never touched ever since.

In life, I know there will be obstacles that I have to face, kind of like mountains. We can overcome the mountain, but it will take time. Similar to my situation, I know I can get over this, but I need time. Society may expect me to go on and talk to her but they just look at things differently from my point of view. They expect me to do actions from their own experiences, however, I have my own. I don’t really care about their expectations because it’s my life, not theirs.   

I recalled back the time when we were in 7th grade, hoping that will erase some of the haunting memory from the party. And there I was again, still attempting to talk to her after school. I saw her with her talkative friends. I hoped they’re not talking about me being too scared to talk to the girl I liked. Nervousness had almost overcome me. Boom, boom. Boom, boom. My heart pounded rapidly as if I saw a creepy, looking ghost. However, the fear of her friends are more fearful to me than my nervousness. Now, I know two things can prevent me from talking to her. So then I figured out a cunning way to talk to her, and it is getting my friends that are friends with her to talk for me. It was the only solution that I can think of. I had to do it because I liked her so much.

I was kind of happy that I got one of my friends to talk to my crush. Everything went as I planed. My achieved plan was to get my friend to say all these positive things about me and trying to avoid the negatives. And I guessed she got interested in me because she attempted to talk to me later that day. I saw her in the hallway while switching classes.

“Kenny, hey!” exclaimed my dream girl.

“Hi!” I replied enthusiastically.
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Keystone Pipeline Monologues

  In World History, we have been learning about the Keystone xL pipeline and how it affects citizens of the US, the world and the environment. The keystone pipeline is a pipeline that the United States wants to run from the tarsands that are located in Canada, to the oil reserves in Texas. Many who are in favor of the pipeline believe it is a resource that supplies cheap energy. The people who are not in favor of the pipeline believe the long term affects that will take place on our ecosystem do more damage than good. I have written 3 monologues about the Keystone Pipeline and created 3 different personalities on how the pipeline affects them. 

Monologue #1  "I know what I know and what I know is true"
(This monologue is about a southern father who gets a call from his son, the conversation begins to become an argument about if the pipeline is a good idea.)

(picks up cell phone)


Well howdy son! how’s college?

good, good... better be good, all dat money I’m spending on yous

Where am I?  (sarcastically, surprised)

I’m in the ol’e shack? (laughs) The kitchen, you know what I mean.

you doing a what?

a surrr-vayy?

well son, sorry to dissapoint you but i do not know what a surrr-vayy is.

its a who?

oh i know, one of dem questionnaire thing-a-ma-bobers

yeah I heard about the Keystone xL, the greatest thing to come to america since the last four years.


son please repeat, you know I’m hard of hearing. For a second I thought you said you were against the pipeline. The american dream!

You are?!

Well son, you may be in a fancy college but let me educate you on this here project. The pipeline will create millions of american jobs, you know old Uncle Stewie will be getting a job, high payin too, if this pipeline goes through

ain’t no such thing as pollution

Are you against the american dream son? you know that if we pass this herrrr pipeline then we won’t have to rely on them god-forsaken foreigners. They don’t like americans why keep paying them then. let em die!

No, I am not being bias, I know what I know and what I know is true_

So what do you think?

Pueweyy! Bologna! SHI-!

I didn’t curse... (talks under his breath) little bastard

Son this pipeline will supply us cheap abundant and reliable energy.... This is why Romney know what’s best son.

No I am not just repeating the polo-tichians. I know what that means...

No Romney??? (puzzled face)

OBAMA?! (bangs fist on table) Obamaaaaaaaaa, is against the U.S. of A. He’s a muslim and secretly is building up the muslim brotherhood in the middle east within america! A muslim! A terrorist!  how un american!!! He hates white people... (son hangs up the phone). Hello.. son? SON?! GOD-DAYUM THE LITTLE TURD! CHELLY! THE LITTLE TURD HUNG UP ON ME!



Monologue #2. "WWTPD" (what would the president do?)
(the president ask his advisor about the pipeline. When informed he has to make a tough decision to please both pro and anti pipeline citizens.)

(picks up phone)
Hello, chief advisor Carl

Yes, please keep me (uhhhhh) up to date on the (uhhhh)  ramifications that the keystone pipeline presents.

Hmmm, lets start with the (uhh) good things shall we

Please say again. It provides what...?

Oh, excuse me, US jobs, yes I understand.

How many jobs are we talking about

Millions (says surprised). I see. Anything else that I should know? Tell me how cost efficient it is.

The tar sands would provide cheap, abundant, reliable energy you say? huh? (uh) Soooo (uhhh) so far passing the pipeline seems like a no brainer. Wouldn’t you say?

No? well why in the world wouldn’t you?

Okay I’m listening

Look at from an environmental standpoint, you say. Tell me how the process of using this energy efficient material harms the American soil.

It will damage the climate. How so?

Increases greenhouse gas emissions... thats no good. We need to keep the environment safe. That is a top priority.

Well thats all I need sir, thank you for your time.
(hangs up phone)
(Thinks to himself)

Well what should I do?
(puts feet up on desk and hand on chin and takes deep breath)

(Thinks to himself)
If I approve this, the activist will hate me and I won’t win the next term
But if I don’t then the jobless will accuse me of being anti-american and i would still not win the next term
Think Barack. You are the president!
Ha, (puts finger in the air) maybe if I allow building and gathering of the tar sands without fully approving the whole thing, then everyone will be happy.

(picks up phone and dials numbers)
Hello, secretary Katie Johnson.  Allow building of the pipeline in Texas but do not allow the whole thing to be built across the nation. No questions asked.

Yes that is all.

Monologue #3 "I can't believe you Ron"
(two men are in debate on how effective approving the pipeline would be.)

(on office phone)
My wife is good, how about yours?

good good good... so lets get down to business. So what do you think about the pipeline?

Please tell me you are not serious...

GOD RON! HOW CAN YOU BE SO IGNORANT?! (throws hands in air in disgust)


WHAT! (throws hands up in the air in disgust) THOSE ARE LIES!

(stands up and begins walking nonchalantly around cubical)

mmmmhmmm yeah, right but.... but... but... LISTEN! you make valid points but what about the earth?
(comically mimicks ron)
What do you mean, what do you mean? Listen to the words coming (pause) out (pause) of (pause) my (pause) mouth! THE ENVIRONMENT!  the…. NO DON’T CUT ME OFF YOU LISTEN! what about our future? our kids future? and their kids?


so ignorant! i can barely talk to you!

So what you’re saying is.....

I’m sorry you’re right, I won’t cut you off

Do I understand? (says sarcastically).   I understand that yes jobs now are necessary. I also understand that your one tracked mind is clouding you from seeing the full picture RON.

(says in high voice) You want me to shed some light on the full picture for ya?

Okay first of all pollution in the air is already bad... (rolls eyes, starts making chatting motion with hands)

No duh not  as bad as China’s but....


Thank you, now as I was saying.... this project will pollute the air, do we want it to get as bad as china’s, no we don’t so why make steps toward that?

Okay so we agree on something... Also It will not create as many jobs as they are advertising. We would be destroying people’s home and ruining american lives. Is the enrichment of one life worth the destruction of another?



pipes are effective but not full proof. what else?

THOUGHT SO... GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR. (rudely, abruptly hangs up phone)


1) "We will rely on allies instead of foreign countries" (video in class)

2) "Domestic oil prices will increase" (Fox News)
"Six Reasons Keystone XL Was a Bad Deal All along." Fox News. FOX News Network, 18 Jan. 2012. Web. 17 Oct. 2012. <>.

3) "Oil extraction from the tar sands emits three times more carbon waste than conventional oil extraction" (Friends of the Earth: Tar Sands)

4) "It will not be a major job producer" (Care 2)
"The Global Warming Cause." 5 Reasons Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Bad Idea. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Oct. 2012. <>.

5) "Local economies within the route will benefit from increases in tax revenues and business activity" (TransCanada) 
"TransCanada Corporation Home." TransCanada Corporation Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2012. <>.
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Love has no color (Revised)

Second memory (Revised):

   I ALWAYS saw this everywhere, interracial relationships. Whether it be white/asian, spanish/black, and more common mixes. I usually don't see a caucasian male with a female that is another race...  I don’t know why but it always seemed really cute in the movies. Picture perfect, and anyone who feasted their eyes on the movies would say so too. As I got older, my mind opened up more and I fell in love with my bestfriend who is now currently my boyfriend and its not like the movies, because we get different reactions... We were just sitting there as usual. Talking and laughing, Enjoying the warm weather and the hard concrete steps. His hair looked really cute the way it flowed to the right, and he just got a hair cut, which looked even cuter. I couldn’t help but smile, and the upright corners of my mouth frowned as I saw his partially hidden eyes droop. “Whats wrong baby?” I asked, I looked at the driver that he was looking at “He flipped me off”. I sat there wondering why would someone do that? I looked off into the distance as the car got away, coward. I learned to suck it up though, because it wasn’t the end of that.

   I went to A.M.Y (Alternative middle years) 5 for middle school. I went to the meeting in the summer to get my summer reading assignments. Everything looked pretty good and the only white kids that I saw were maybe five? I started my first year, thats when I saw it. Mixed in with everyone else was a bunch of white people! There were so many and I couldn’t believe it so I prepared for the worst. I hated this school and so did all of my friends. But I thank this school, because some of my friends were white, asian, arab and more! I remember one time I was sitting in Amy’s library with one of my good friends Miranda. It was a nice day, but rare. I didn’t get to see her much because she was always in the hospital, so when I do get to see her I’m pretty happy. She was white. She hung out with this group of white girls that I guess didn’t like me that much because her friend Melissa said “Why are you hanging out with black people?” and Miranda replied “Why AREN’T you hanging out with black people?”. And when I heard that I felt a twinge of happiness; she didn’t care what skin color I was. And no one else should either. But I had one BEST friend and his name was Scott Sicilia, and he was different .

   After starting my school at Science Leadership Academy, the school year was all tense and I had a five minute breakdown over benchmarks (You see, I wasn’t used to so much work being bombarded on me so I broke down, cried and all). So, seeing some old friends eased my mood. I went to the mall and I saw Scott again. He ran to hug me and honestly, it was the best feeling ever. I’m not going to bore you with the whole love story thing but basically, we went to the movies as friends, and left as boyfriend and girlfriend. As we held hands to walk, people were already glancing, maybe more than three times and my eyes started to jet everywhere on my body. Was my hair okay? Is there something on my shirt? No, there was nothing wrong with me. So why were they glancing? Soon, I would come to a conclusion that it’s the guy I’m with, because I will be experiencing a lot of these glances.

    I just, never really understand people. How can someone fight for equal rights, yet they show their fingers or frowns or throwing hurtful words at two teens that didn’t do a thing to them. I think that people just have resenment for certain type of people because of the ignorance. But it doesn’t even hurt us. It does bring us closer, and makes our skin even tougher than it already is.

   The first time I ever really felt angry and almost lost it was when a group of guys walked by and yelled out loud “What’s he doing here?” or “Yo he belongs in Kensington”. I would have thought that even today, some people would be more mature. One time I was with him at a bus stop and some guy came up in a car and said “I SEE YOU WHITE BOY” and his friend started laughing, I guess they saw the sharp and agonizing look in my eyes because they turned away and drove off. My boyfriend can defend himself very well but I won’t just let someone try to downgrade him. At other times, drivers stare as they drive by or flip us the finger. Occsionally we get “You guys are so cute” or “You guys are dating? That’s so nice!”. And it makes me feel good that we have some people who are accepting. I don’t care what other people think, but when you mess with me and my boyfriend there is obviously going to be a problem. No one should care who I hang around with and who hangs out with me.. It’s 2012 and people need to recognize that we aren’t in the old days anymore. I can be with whoever I want to be and go anywhere I want to go. There aren’t any Jim Crow laws, there isn’t any segregaion, we have a mixed president! So why is it a problem that my boyfriend and I are together? There are just some things in this world that I can never understand, I just remind myself that everytime we hold hands in public, it’s making a difference.
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Pipeline Monologue Project

​Opening Paragraph: In history class we were talking about the keystone pipeline that will help transport oil throughout the country. We discussed the benefits and problems that the pipeline can cause. Mr. Block assigned us a project about the pipeline. We had to create a monologue along with a video to showcase our understanding about the pipeline through a different perspective other than you own.

Hurt and Confused:

I can’t believe this. Now I know I’m not in the best shape, but I’m still going on. I have been for the past 2,012 years and more. I feel just fine. People keep saying that I’m going to die. When I was 2,000. Now I’m supposed to die in december at midnight. I can’t die then. My birthday is January 1. That’s way too close to the day where the world celebrates me. I think my insides are mad at me. The little people that live in me wants to put a pipe in me, yea I know what goes on down there. Then the pipe that’s gonna be inside will be 1,700 miles long, only  to pollute my insides, causing my breath to stink. I don’t want that. Not to mention that pipe will hurt, but if I fight back would good will that do. No I shouldn’t do that Mercury. I love myself too much. What Saturn? No that’s a dumb idea. Look you guys I get why they're putting this pipe in me. It’s not specifically for me, it’s more for my humans, you know the little people that I carry around. They need this and I am willing to sacrifice my health for the benefit of my humans. I just don’t understand. All of the resources that I provide for my people I just didn’t think they would need this contraption. Shut up Pluto, you’re just mad that you aren’t considered a planet anymore. You’re nothing. Always having a hostile attitude. Technically I wasn’t the one who said you weren’t a planet, my little people researched you. That’s beside the point. I need help with this pipeline thing that’s going on. How about you Mars, what do you think I should do. It seems like you used to have life on you at some point in time. O. That’s what you think. So there’s nothing I can do huh? I get it. If this is what they want then this is what I should agree to. I understand. I just hope that this is the right choice that myself and my people are making.

Happy sailing:

Children come on, we gotta go.( Begin to pack up twigs.) (Point) I overheard those men with the yellow heads talking. They said they were going to cut down this whole area for this pipe to come through here. ( Whisper to self)Why would they do something like that? Just knock down our homes. Then again I do get why they are adding this pipeline. At least we’ll get more oil and My country will, be in even better than what it already is. We could even sell some of the barrells and get even more money, but  (talks to kids)We’re going to have to move towards new jersey now. There’s other homes around there. you’re wasting time come on. It’s ok I know it’s you guy’s first time flying long distances, but you’re going to have to try. We’ll take breaks along the      way. We’ll stop and look for worms too. I promise. Hurry up. They’re starting up that machine. Come on now, we don’t want to be one of the last one’s leaving. We have to keep up with the rest of the family. You have to be kidding me. Look we’ll stop for bathroom breaks on the way there. They were having some convention about protecting all of our homes and habitat, but as you can see that’s not happening. No I’m serious. Why do you think I’m in such a rush? It was short notice. Apparently this rule has been around since 1917. The United States and the United Kingdom came to this agreement. No I didn’t hear this myself. It just made sense ok. I did believe it at one point, but I don’t anymore. We’re about to lose our house now come one before we get left behind.(Fly away with children)

Tar Sands vs. Shoe:
Awwww not again. I’m so sick of being put in this stuff. Its just nasty, like old oatmeal. Lace!, Lace! can you hear me or are you double knotted. You got messed up too, huh? Yeah, I thought so, that tar sand is real nasty, and its all over. Lace, can you believe that this is the stuff that will be in our clouds and our atmosphere. I know Lace, it’s unbelievable. We can’t stop this, we’re just shoes. Our only soul purpose in life is to be the sole. We protect people’s feet and that’s it. That’s right, we can change the world by stopping the keystone pipeline, here’s my plan. First we’re going to wet ourselves, so when so when they put us on they will be uncomfortable so they can’t pollute our air with co2 and other nasty gases. Yeah, that sounds good to me we should do it lace. We out!!!

An act was passed to protect destroying animals habitats between the U.S. and the United Kingdom
The pipeline is 1,700 miles long
Habitas will be destroyed for the pipeline
The tar sands give off Co2 wich pollut the air
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