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Briana's Drawings G-M (E2)

I actually like drawing cats for some reason. They're my thing I suppose. To be honest I think I didn't do too bad on this one though I wish it was a bit more cartoonish. This didn't really take that long to draw.


I don't do great with dogs. They're the opposite of my cat thing. (lol) I don't like the detail i did at all and I couldn't get it right after a few tries so I kind of just let it flow out. This was the best I could do at the moment. I'm trying to see it in a better light, but I don't the light is helping at all.


This was an interesting nose thing. It didn't really have a face and it wasn't difficult to do as well. I was expecting it to be more relaxed then to be a GIANT nose. xD I guess we live and we learn.


This ball face thing wasn't hard either. Sometimes i think I get a little cocky with art and when the going gets tough, well I get going. I need to work on not to get intimidated as quickly as I do.


 It was a face symmetry! WOOT. More or less I think I have the hang of faces. Symmetry can still be a bit tricky but I can get past it. It was sort of cartoonish so it wasn't that hard to nail it. 


Hands, where it all started with me. Hands are MY THING. I'm a MASTER at hands. I drew them too much as a beginner. All I need is a real life picture or someone posing and it's done. Half the time I can just picture it in my brain, but that only works with some things.


 EYES! I love drawing eyes. You can make them into anything you want. They're the easy part of a face on anything. I've learned that from experience.


 Kim was a bit… stereotypical but yea. She wasn't difficult to draw at all. Just some circles in a way. I felt a bit uncomfortable drawing this but what's done is done. 


This dog… it was easier I guess than the other one. I still had some trouble with it. I think I need to practice more with dogs and their fur because those can be tiresome. 


The baby face. I didn't like drawing it at all. I think all my baby faces look demonic and scary. I'm not the best with people let alone a baby! >.< I was a bit sad that all the baby faces came out ugly.


THE OTHER BABY FACE. This one was uglier than the last. I can't draw babies. They aren't my thing. I don't think they ever will be. Give me an anime baby and I can put in some work. Give me a real baby, and you'll never talk to me again. 


 I don't agree with spiders, but this was pretty cool. I liked the shading part. Doing the highlights were also pretty neat-to. Gold star for a pretty awesome spider. 


This. I don't like blending in pencil so I can erase the outline of the real shape or drawing. Mines always look dumb and I just don't know why. I don't know what I need it for yet, but I got a feeling it's going to be a round for a minute. 


Just some different shades of pencils I guess. Darkest to lightest type. I don't really like doing this because it's boring. It also takes some time to get it the right shade. :/ Guess I should practice doing this more too. 


This dog nose was awesome! I can draw the nose, but the actual dog will never do. I don't get it. To each their own I suppose. 


This cartoon doggy was worth it. It was cute. Also it was simple and fast to draw. :3 Simple is the key, but it's not always the answer. 


THE LAST BABY FACE! This one was the worst of the worst. I really don't want to put this one up, but it has to be put up. I really don't enjoy this one but I guess I should study more with the whole structure of a baby… and it's face.


 I really need one of these model dolls. These are cool and they are so handy. They cost a bit though. This wasn't hard to do at all. It reminded me of anime for some reason. 


This lip was pretty cool as well. Though I don't think I did the shading right, I like the effort I put into it. I think this was the best lip I ever drew close to a real person's lip. 


The same thing with the dog eye as I said with the dog nose. I can draw the facial of a dog right but i can't draw the dog. Tis sad. I thought the eye looked nice. I honestly have a thing for drawing eyes.


 Now this took some time. This is one of my best realistic eyes I've ever done. I couldn't believe I drew it after I was done and I looked at it fully. I was proud of myself for achieving something so great!


This creature looked weird. I didn't really know what it was but it reminded my of thing from the Adams Family. I mean it's not like I hated drawing this, it was quite easy. I guess I was sort of bored drawing this in the end. 


Drawing detailed fur is pretty hard. You have to do a lot of unknown shading to make it look "live". I thought it was interesting for them to give me a spotted fur but I tried to work with it. I thought this was pretty intermediate for the most part to get the hang of. 


Another fur drawing. I'm not amazing with them but I try to do the best I can with them. Zebra stripes were the next step and I would give myself a 75 if it was a grade. It's something about fur I can't really grasp for some reason. It's only real life fur too. 


Feathers are so elegant and TIME CONSUMING! They look easy and simple, but a lot of work has to go into each and every single feather. I like the look of them, but drawing them is a lot of work. I wish it was a quicker way to draw them, but you just gotta force your way through it with feathers/wings.


BA-ba black sheep have you any wool? xD It was a sheep I had to draw and it wasn't hard. They brought back some lesson that were learned earlier in the first few lessons of a-f. I had to do the squirkles if I'm not mistaken which is always quick and easy to do. It also gives off this cool feel when you do it right. 


"I'm a snake!" Drawing a cartoon snake. Not bad if I do say so myself. It was really easy; cartoons are always easy. All I had to do was add some hatching lines to give it a shadow and bam! The snake was complete. No harm, no foul. 


SHADING! Blending isn't my favorite thing to do nor is it the easiest when it comes to big pictures but I tried to work with this to the best of my abilities. You have to make all the shading stuff and then blend it in and at times it gets messy if you don't have the right type of material. It came out pretty well but I'm not that happy with it.


 It was a pot. Or maybe it was a vase? Whatever it was, I drew it with ease and I had no trouble with it what so ever. It was simple and plane. I was actually expecting something more difficult.


A lady's face. Not the whole face but part of it. This was a bit easy because I drew it like a cartoon and it wasn't that deep. I think I messed up with the detailed hatching for it. Though I think this, I also think it looks cool like this instead of the real thing. 


The bird wasn't hard at all. I liked this one it was relaxing and it was cute. Little animals are always nice to draw. I don't know how I really felt about this but it was nice to draw. It had no shading to really do so that was a plus for me. 


Remember when I said I was expecting something more difficult? Well here it is. This cat took about half and hour to an hour and I am satisfied with my work. For once, this cat looks as real as day! Though compared to online, mines doesn't look like a photo. I'm surprised myself I could pull of something like this and I'm proud of myself a bit to be honest. 


POINT OF VIEW! I love doing boxes in different points of views. They are the easiest to do and they are quick and simple! :3 They actually are the building block for drawing. It's always nice to go back and remember where things all started.


Another point of view but this time for a 3-D type of point of view. I thought it as boring. It was just an eclipse to be honest which took 15 seconds to even do. Sometimes I do like to draw more than just a circle. 


 A cylinder. We're getting there. (lol) It's better than an eclipse I guess. Still not that exciting to do but what are you going to do about it? I didn't really feel anything towards this, I just drew it to finish it.


A 3-D box with hatching to let you know what side the light is coming in at. Pretty relevant for a lot of reason to me.  Lighting is always a problem and at time I don't know where to put the shading and how much. So, this kinda helped me gather my confusion. 


Boxes again from 2 separate sides of the the paper. Meaning in short, two different view points. Nothing really big, you just need to know where things are coming from and how they are suppose to look when coming from that direction. 


HATCHING/SHADING. This was calming. Took some time though but it wasn't that bad. Going from light to dark I always worry I won't have to same shading the one online has. Though in the long run they never really turn out that bad so I'm content with this shading. 


Some more hatching. I have to apply my skills to different shading to make the picture look like an object. Kind of difficult for the most part but I got through it. It wasn't the funnest, but it wash;t that bad either. 


Different shades of hatching in 10 different boxes. Not that bad, though the box process surprisingly was a bit time consuming. Sounds strange for that to be the case but again, nothing too bad or out of my reach. 


A fur leg. I didn't do as well I wanted to which kind of made me feel a bit disappointed in myself. But I just have to pick myself up and try again. One day things will work out and I won't have as many problems as I do now. 


Remember when I said feathers were time consuming? WELL TRY DRAWING A WHOLE WING! Now that was my life. In the end I like the finish product but getting there had to be about an hour. That's not cool. When I start to draw, I have to finish it that day or it'll may look messed up in one way or another. 


This duck. (lol) It's not a duck. It was a swan and for the first few minutes, I was calling it a duck. xD Drawing the swan wasn't hard and adding the detail wasn't either. Though I say it wasn't hard, it does't mean it didn't take some time. Swans are deceiving in a way. xD I learned the hard way.

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BLOG:My name is Julian Makarechi, and I am a junior at Science Leadership Academy. This quarter I have decided to further my art knowledge by taking Ms. Hull's advanced art class for the second year in a row. In her class I am given the freedom to chose all my projects. So, I decided to create three major pieces. Each piece of art has multiple steps. The first piece I did was too create four collages. My first piece consisted of four artistic and unique collages made on keynote. The second piece I did was four different sketches of a character. I decided to use Stewie from Family Guy. First I sketched him out with pencil, then with a sharpie, then with colored pencils and finally with both sharpies and colored pencils. For my third I decided to recreate another character because it was so much fun. I did the same process for Stewie, but just with Hello Kitty.

Here is the link to all my pieces of art:

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Rice With Some Beans

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 3.55.13 PM



  • Oil
  • Sofrito (Homemade Spanish Seasoning)
  • Sazon
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Adobo
  • Chicken Bouillon
  • Gondules (Pigeon Peas)
  • Rice



  1. Add oil to rice pot
  2. Add sofrito and tomato sauce
  3. Add adobo, saxon and Chicken Bouillion
  4. Add gondules
  5. Add 2 & 1/2 cups of hot water to rice pot
  6. Bring to a boil
  7. Put rice in water for about 5 minutes in separate bowl
  8. Add rice to boiling water
  9. Leave uncovered until rice absorbs the water
  10. Then stir rice making it into a small hill
  11. Lower fire to medium let cook stirring every half hour
  12. Should be done within 45 minutes :)



Estimated there isn't a lot of calories that go on in this type of meal. it is a even amount that is good for the human but is also healthy in some ways because the ingredients are made naturally not so much with chemical machines. The body will deal with it in a well way. Becoming full quickly but still enjoying the delicious taste that it consists of. Some possible things that might occur is like blood pressure or even diabetes. 

The ingredients come from a urban country in which the spanish heritage takes place at the most. Such as puerto rico, mexico & Dominican republic. The farthest one that traveled was probably the one that came from the islands because of the fact they go over seas and with ships. It is originally grown from like crops and stuff and even some of the ingredients consist of it being made at home, not so much in the stores. 

This meal doesn't cost fairly much to make once the materials are found and priced. It is a little cheaper but not as cheap as fast food. Healthier of course than fast food. Some businesses that are involved is GOYA in which they are able to provide spices and tastes from the islands and urban areas in order to give the costumers the power to make a food with a delicious spice or flavor.


I learned about certain things that i knew a little bit about but i was able to extend my knowledge on it. I learned a lot bout the body functions and how the body develops during the beginning stages compared to the adulthood. In the beginning stages the child is able to have all of these neurons that help it engage in different things to learn and keep in mind. It is said to be that you tend to learn more when you are in the younger stages of life compared to when you get older.

Aside from the body and the evolution of the human race we learned a lot from the foods and how it is made and what it consists of. In the United States we tend to buy a lot of corn that is why most of our ingredients in our food and materials consist of. I also learned that just because you have a higher paying job does not mean you are the one with the better health. I always thought that if you had a high paying job and money to eat the healthy things you were healthier than the ones with low income. I was proven wrong because that is not entirely true.

In our food system i see me as a human which means that i am able to eat things but not all things. Corn will be a prime example of it because we are unable to digest it. If we was able to change the fact that we can eat corn then it would mean that we might be able to get the vitamins and minerals that we need in order to be healthier than what we are now. If i was able to make changes then i probably will. I think it would be cool to see if we were able to have the certain aspects and things that we don’t normally have.

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Art Piece: Collage

This quarter I decided to put together four collages.

My collages are about fashion because I love dressing up and looking nice. I pasted a bunch of pictures together out of my favorite magazines, Urban Outfitters and Seventeen magazine.

Here are my collages below:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.13.45 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.14.27 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.14.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 1.15.45 PM
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Q2 Art Drawings

I wanted this quarter's art to reflect my spontaneity, courage, and creativity. Some of the pieces may not look the same as the ones online, however, I would like to make the argument that every piece of art is different. Some pieces may not make sense, but my art is a representation of individuality. Please enjoy what I have below.

P.S. I added a few pieces that weren't assigned.
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.27.29 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.27.59 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.28.21 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.28.41 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.28.57 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.29.11 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.29.39 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.30.19 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 11.31.25 PM
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Quarter Two Art work

The drawings that I have done for this quarter are two character drawings and two forms of collages and one drawling by a master. The characters that I have drawn are Timmy Turner and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. These drawling were done in pencil sharpie and colored pencil. The two forms of collages that I have done are one on a paper and the other on my wall which I have been working on for a while. Both of these collages are made up of things that I hold important in my life. 
The master drawling that I did this quarter was painted by Judith Leyster, she was born July 28, 1609 in Haarlem, Netherlands. She died February 10, 1660. This painting of a striped specimen was done in 1643. This painting was published in the Tulip from her Tulip Book, this can be found in the Frans Hal Museum, Haarlem. 
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Media Fluency 2

Media Fluency
This is the new and improved slide about me. After presenting my older one I got some positive feedback not just from my Tech teacher Ms.Hull but from my classmates too. I was told that the writing was too close to the edge and it was irritating to the human eye. I learned that this was called a tangent which is when something is too close to something else to it becomes irritating to look at. I fixed my tangent by moving the words to the middle of the slide and making the filling of the letters transparent but the outline green to match the rest of the slide. 
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Take Your Power Back

Many individuals in a position of power of influence, use manipulation on the things around them for their own gain. The best example of people in a influencing position are the media. They can, and do, twist the “truth” around to shape the way we see the world. If we continue to allow the media to manipulate our views, we will always be bias towards each other.

In the “Ways of Seeing” Video, John Berger shows many examples of how society uses bias against itself. Both speaking on the topic and showing us real examples, he expresses his point on the issue. “... the publicity image steals her love of herself as she is, and offers it back to her for the price of the product.” Lots of the bias in todays society are influence from the media. Weather its about a women’s self worth, race issues, or political arguments, the media has an opinion. Everyone has bias’ and theres no way around it. We need to accept our bias’ for what they are if we plan on truly trying to be objective. Certain times throughout the video, Berger goes full circle back to how the media shows women in the world. How they change peoples views on the others around them, and themselves, and pick up the ones they see around them.

There are people that are using their bias to make others aware. There are people that take the bias they get from their magazine, TV and computer screen and taking it as the right thing. “The media are desperately afraid of being accused of bias. And that's partly because there's a whole machine out there, an organized attempt to accuse them of bias whenever they say anything that the Right doesn't like. So rather than really try to report things objectively, they settle for being even-handed, which is not the same thing.” [Paul Krugman] What does it mean to be right? Is being right supposed to be whatever your thoughts and opinions are? The media has a hard time telling the difference between what is right and what we want to think is right. They have the ability to slowly change what we see around us, controlling how we think. Aware or not the media has an impact on the public no matter what it does. If it doesn’t report a certain story, their own for attack and ignorance and if they do their open to attack on how bias they are. “To remain innocent may also be to remain ignorant.” To sit back and allow people to manipulate our choices is not the innocent way. Ignorance is no longer bliss when you wake up and realize you’ve been a puppet for some time now.

The easiest and most effective way to manipulate a society is through their insecurities. If you exploit what they hate most, you can begin to mold them into what you want think. Thats what the media has been doing to women especially. “To be naked is to be one self. To be nude is to be seen naked by other and yet not recognised for oneself.” They strip women down until they are where they want them to be, them build them back up with their same bais views. “Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.” We believe we are naked, when we are really just nude. We are not being ourselves. We are putting on an act to trick others into believing we are stripped down because thats what the media is telling us to do. Were being told to be who we truly are. Act the way we want to. Embrace our uniqueness. Show ourselves in the simplest way. Meaning, be who you truly are if you are what we want you to be. Be unique if its what were advertising. Act the way we want you to. Show yourself in the simplest form if you naturally look the way we want you to. Be who we want you to be.

If we continue to allow the media to manipulate our views, we will always be bias towards each other. Some people are okay with letting others control their actions, thoughts and opinions. But they know someone is controlling them. The media hides their true games in hopes to manipulate society into submission. Weather we care to admit it, we are not naked until we let go of the medias control on us. Until then we are just nude, a fake form of our naked self.

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BBQ Chicken Recipe


2 silver pans

1 1/2 cups of water (per pan)

30 Pieces of chicken winglets

2 Tablespoons of Garlic Powder

2 Tablespoons of Accent

18 oz bottle of BBQ sauce


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Clean out the pans with soap and water.

3. Rinse each piece of chicken in warm water, then place in the two medium sided silver pans.

4. Sprinkle the 2 tablespoons of Garlic Powder and the 2 tablespoons of Accent in each pan.

5. Place both pans in the oven, allow them to bake for 2 1/2 hours or until they get a brown coating.

6. Once finished baking, take them out and pour BBQ sauce. Continue to bake again for another 1 1/2.

7. Allow it to cool for 10 minutes, then serve. 



This dish is a healthy and easy dish to make. The chicken is not only fresh, but its low in calories and fat because it is baked. Out of the whole dish the only thing that has some calories is the BBQ sauce which is about 680 calories. It isn't an unhealthy dish. And considering it doesn't take a lot of ingredients to make its very easy and fast to put together and makes the perfect meat to a normal dinner.


This unit taught me a lot about what foods are healthy and what foods aren't. I have a better understanding of what is good for people ad what isn't. I also understood diabetes and how the body works. Due to this unit I cannot really look at the foods we eat the same because it seems as though the people who are in charge of our food are more focused on getting the job done then making sure the food we eat is safe. The issues I have with our food system is that health doesn't seem to be a huge factor for the people who retrieve the food for us and the people who eat it. All of the healthy foods are way to expensive, but the foods that aren't are cheap. The food industry seems to be a joke. The changes I want to make is to check the ingredients to foods and watch what I eat I'm willing to make these changes because this unit showed me I need to be more careful to what foods I eat.

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Artículo 1: El Presidente y Inmigración


Quarter 3

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

El Presidente y Inmigración

Sí, reforma de inmigración es todavía importante. En el discurso del Estado de la Unión el otro día, Barrack Obama habló fuertemente sobre la inmigración, dice “vamos aprobar una reforma de inmigración este año.” La reforma ha estado pendiente desde el año 2009. ¿Pero ahora está serio, verdad? Él prometió arreglar un sistema de inmigración roto pero tal vez sólo debe hacer promesas que puede mantener. Lo entiendo, necesita algo que decir. Tiene algo que hacer. Pero seamos realistas, con el estado del Congreso ahora ninguno de estos sueños se harán realidad. No me gusta ser tan negativo, pero por favor. Estos son fragmentos de esperanza lanzada por un hombre desesperado por cambio. Él y yo y mucho otros estado desesperados por cambio desde 2008. Sin embargo, Señor Presidente, entiendo. Usted está fuera de tiempo. Todos somos. Es la triste verdad pero tarde o temprano el ala derecha pronto agarre una vez más este país con el guante de hierro económico peligro, la avaricia y tiranía internacional. 

Lo que sea. Sólo tiene que continuar que me conceda una educación y permítanme despotricar, quejarse y juez desde mi trono dorado de narcisista superioridad y seré feliz. Sólo estoy bromeando, un poco. A veces quiero mudarme a canada donde paz y amor reinan sobre guerra y odio. En mi opinión, Estados Unidos nunca escaparán esta depresión bipartidista causada por una vida de auto-interés, avaricia y lujuria - un fuerte deseo de tragar toda las últimas gotas de los recursos del mundo y sangrar sus ciudadanos seco. Un estado vacío de intención pura, impulsado sólo por corrupción y desafecto.

Número de Palabras: 266

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." "Aprobemos Una Reforma Migratoria Este Año. Hagámoslo" - . Al Día, 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

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Through out this quarter I found that my art skills have gotten much better, It has become much more easier for me to make people, or to draw faces. Completing these lessons along with the ones from last quarter has helped me understand more how artist can draw humans and real objects to look as realistic as possible. I now see things from the perspective of an artist, I observe people and try to figure out how I would draw them, where I would shade, where the lighter and darker spots are, how the lighting is hitting, the form of the head and etc. I feel much more confident about my art now and am beginning to think about possibly pursing it in college. One of my favorite pieces from this quarter include the stretching person from behind and the girl with the buns. Even though the stretching person can be better I like it the most because it shows the growth in my drawing. The girl with the buns is also one of my favorites because this is where I mostly understood lighting, I had much trouble drawing hair and now I feel like I can understand it and continue to grow in this part. 
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Laura's famous chicken wings

Laura's Famous Baked Chicken Wings
5lbs of chicken wings
1/2 tbspns of adobo
1 tablespoon of garlic
1 packet of sazon
3 leaves of oregano
1 cube of a chicken seasoner
3 cups of water

Season the chicken wings hours or a day ahead
De-freeze the chicken wings
Set the oven to 400 degrees
Let the oven sit for a good 20 minutes or so that it can get hot enough
Season the chicken wings for a round 2 so it can grasp the flavor
Add the 4 cups of water into the pan
Place the pan in the oven and let it sit there for about 2 minutes
Take the pan out and place the chicken wings
Place the wings back in and set the oven for 350
Let it sit there for 2-3 hours depending on how you like the skin of the chicken. 
Make sure you check it time from time

The main thing that crossed my mind when I was looking at the ingredients used in my chicken was the fact that the meat was processed. But other than that the ingredients that were used were all natural. Two of the ingredients that oregano leaves and the spice leaves were grown in my back yard. The other ingredients like sazon and adobo are natural spanish spices with other spices combined in them. The chicken wings because they were brought in the store the same day my dad bought them. The one thing I can say about my dish is that no one makes it like we do. We don't use oil because that's grease and its unhealthy for you because you have issues and weight gain if you eat to much of it. This specific form of chicken wings does not impact the health. Not everyone can grow the products which is what makes ours natural baked chicken wings. Its 200 calories in this dish. Total fat 3.1g, Saturated Fat 0.0g, Trans Fat 0.0g, Cholesterol 74 mg (25%), Sodium 99mg (4%), Total Carbohydrates 0.0g. I would much rather eat this than fast food.

Post Reflection
This unit I have learned how to stay healthy and what to eat and what not to eat. Before this unit I never thought about what I ate or what was in what I ate. The main thing that I learned this unit was the about the diseases and the causes of death, it caught my attention quickly. Before this unit I never thought about what "Is this good for me?", "Does this food have something that it shouldn't have?". I just ate whatever I liked because it was good and put a smile on my face and satisfaction to my stomach.
After learning all this stuff about the food industry I will no longer just eat whatever. I will pay attention to every detail. My role in the food industry is slim, I don't personally think that one person affects the food system because it full of careless people who don't care about anything but making money. I think the biggest issue with the food system today is their carelessness, they don't let the consumer know what is actually going on, for example McDonalds. If people were to actually know what they were eating 9 times out of 10 no one would eat there anymore. Some of the main changes I plan on making to Mumford choices are asking questions and doing research, I don't plan on eating outside as much in fast food restaurants. Being the fact that I work at Popeyes makes a difference because I know what is in there and I know what they do to the food so I feel safe eating it. But other than that I plan on eating my food at home or somewhere that I don't have to doubt. The biggest impact of me changing my ways of food choices is me getting healthy and staying healthy. My main concern is getting a disease such as diabetes or something of that sort, so I am more than willing to make these changes. No doubt!

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Art of This Semester

Many of the pictures I've done this semester are merely sketches as of right now. Because of Benchmarks (Specifically Precalculus) I haven't been able to have complete pictures. I've only got one completed artwork this semester and I'm kind of disappointed at the fact that it was just one picture. Nevertheless, I'll manage to complete some of my personal arts come the next semester. Either way, here's what I've managed to do over my semester

God Tier: This is another Homestuck based picture, involving me and Alex. I enjoyed making this picture, mainly because of the colors and how they blend together. I feel like the shading is sloppy though. Give Homestuck a read if you want to learn about Godtier

Kane: This is still in sketch form, and I drew this a little while ago. I'm actually proud of how this sketch has turned out and I'm hopeful that the final product will be very pretty. I'm definately going to try to add a background to this.

Female Anatomy Practice 1: I need to work on my female anatomy, mainly because I can't seem to draw a female correctly without having the shoulders too broad or the hips not pinched in enough. So this was my practice. It definitely turned out better than I expected. I still need to practice, because, hey, practice makes better pictures.

I definitely had trouble uploading these pictures. The new lay out doesn't seem to work with my computer, so I'm hoping another update or fix is in progress that way I don't have to wait forever for the little bar to finally reach 100% after staying stuck at 99%.
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Food Rules Benchmark

Zucchini Fries


4 large zucchini

3 cups grated parmasean cheese



3 cups of eggs whites

Olive oil

Preheat oven to 450 degrees, with oiled large non stick pan. Chop zuchinni into thin fry shapes. Dip into egg whites and bread with parmasean, oregano, and pepper mix. Place on pan and bake for 15 minutes, then flip on the other side and bake again until brown and crisp.


I'd say that the nutrition for this is pretty okay. The zucchini baked itself is low in carbohydrates, only about 5 net carbs per large zucchini. So this meal is safe for diabetics, because it's very low on the glycemic index with a glycemic of 2, meaning it does not raise your blood sugar to a dangerous level. Mostly because half the carbs are fiber. The vitamins in zucchini are leaning towards high levels of copper, maganese, magnesium, vitamin k, vitamin c, potassium, folate, and vitamin A, while it contains some tract of all nutrients. The egg whites that cover the zucchini are high in protein. About 9 grams per cup, and about 1 carb per cup.  It's low in nutrients though, with only potassium and sodium, but a good source of protein. The parmesean cheese is very very high in fat, seeming as it is usually not that aged and because of industrial food processing. 1 cup is about 30 grams of fat, mostly saturated.  It's even higher in protein at a about 40 grams of protein in a cup. Parmesean cheese is primarily calcium, a lot of calcium, and then a little bit of iron and vitamin c. But high amounts of calcium. I used about half a cup of oil for the entire recipe. Which itself is about 108 grams of fat, which is a good mix of monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fat. It's purely fat, and a a little bit of potassium


So all in all, this food in about a serving which seems like about a cup for most is about 28 grams of mostly saturated fat,25 grams of protein, and about 5 carbs. You would be eating a very high amount of calcium,  but with other nutrients such as vitamin k, maganese, magnesium etc. all the nutrients from the zucchini this is a pretty healthy snack.

The fat can help your body absorb the nutrients in the zucchini plus the calcium. There can be very reactions to your body eating this food. One fact is that it is baked and therefore some of the nutrients naturally gets lost on the way. Secondly it contains eggs and dairy. The eggs can cause gas, bloating, and allergic reactions to those who are allergic to them. The parmesean cheese doesn't cause me any problems though, considering I am kind of a lactose intolerant. I get lots of acne when I drink milk or consume dairy, but parmesan cheese never effected me.

Also since all of the foods in my recipe are processed industrially, there is always a zap away of most of the nutrients from being absorbable for the body, and most of the nutrients being present in the food.Then the whole zucchinis being full of pesticides and possibly being genetically modified thing that plays in.But the fat combined with the nutrients of the zucchini can make a nutritious meal.

The food is very high in fat and protein, meaning it will keep the eater satisfied after consuming a small portion and give them steady ongoing energy through the day to burn. It's a good snack for anybody of any activity level. And is a great replacement for other unhealthy choices because It tastes like fries, pepperonis, and resembles carby foods like lasagna. So it's a better decision to eat zucchini fries instead of that stromboli, and the cheese pizza, and those potatoes fries, loaded with doe, carbs, and just empty crap your body doesn't need and will leave you starving the next morning. The zucchini fries will not only satisfy your craving for something fast foody, but keep your hunger tame.


None of these products come from sustainable practices. Zucchini are imported from Oregon and sprayed with chemical fertilizers. They come from industrial agricultural which is inherently unsustainable ( deforestation, chemical pollution, importation, fossil fuels etc.). The cows used to produce the milk to create the cheese are factory farmed, loaded with horomones, and living in filth, disease, death, and great pain. The cheese is made on machines by cheesemaking factories, and imported from thousands of miles. Everything on that list is imported. The olive oil from Italy, the zucchini from oregon, the cheese from god knows where, but all of the ingredients come from harmful practices.


The foods themselves aren’t bad, it’s the production, and economy that really make them not even food but imported products. Politically speaking the production/consumption style of these foods say yes to capitalism, and no to traditional ways of attaining food, and more sustainable ones. This meal is brought you by major corporations, and guilds of dudes who like to torture their food in the name of money, production, and takeover. As if we all couldn’t grow our own zucchini, pasture raise cows and culture and age our own cheese, or find our own oils to grind out and make.

This meals cost a lot of lives, land, and ozone that we are rapidly running out of.


The social is the political. I bought these at a supermarket, from a corporate chain store that exploits it’s workers who sells food products that exploit their workers and their land, and are all about eco-destruction. There was absolutely no social interaction involved in the purchasing of these items. I went to store, browsed through the colorful aisles and located my overpriced items, whose prices are inflated to generate profits for CEO’s and heads of corporations, not the workers, who are paid about 10 bucks an hour at this store. So they check out my items, and I pay the store, and I leave. 

If these items were being produced communally, I would have to talk to actual human beings about the actual foods I want, and make them with actual human beings. Instead, the processes of how the food is grown, imported, processed is all done by machines and their human slaves.

So this food, the way it was made, produced, attained, was pretty anti-social. When I brought it to share with others of course that was social. But the meal itself took a whole lot of antisocial behavior for one social event, which is kind of disturbing.


This unit I haven't learned much about things I didn't already know. Seeing as I just have a broad scientific background in nutrition for a high schooler. I learned about specific diseases and the origins of their names, but nothing truly significant that I wasn't aware of already. I think I learned a lot about GMO and how it effects the environment and it's possible dangers. We covered the Omnivore's Dilemna which is a book I was already aware of, because I had read it's counter book " The Vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Kieth, which I thought made more since. We should've talked about that book, because I think it makes way more sense and incorporates different sides of health debate.

Theres many things I think were wrong in what we learned. Michael Pollan is always pointing towards vegetarianism, but then we talk about how people with traditional diets don't have the flux of civilized diseases that we on a civilized diet get. Traditional diets are most comprised of meat, dairy, and vegetables. Local meat that is. But at the same time we are talking about how meat is bad for you and will give you all these diseases.

Also, the western diet has changed dramatically ever since the FDA proposed that a diet high in saturated fats and meat will kill you, consumption of grain, fruits, vegetables, and non-saturated fats has gone up in the past like 30 years, but heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses have also risen or stayed the same. Obesity has just grown,even though we are supposedly eating more like vegetarians. I think we focused on Michael Pollan too much, as if he is the chief of modern day health.  There is a whole bunch of things not being taken into consideration, like modern day medicine and how it effects what foods are pushed and which foods aren't.

Like for example to push cholesterol lowering drugs, there was this belief that having high cholesterol was a bad thing that was introduced in the 20th century, and the FDA had to create a diet that would lead to diseases in which high cholesterol was present. There was just a whole a bunch of useful science in this unit I felt was missing. I lot of perspectives of nutrition and diet that were missing. A whole lot of researchers and authors.

I think are biggest problem with our food system, is our food system itself. Capitalism, and agriculture are inherently harmful to the environment and not that healthy for us. There's evidence that the human brain has shrunk 5% over the last 10,000 years. Humans are shorter, and fatter. This is because of agricultural foods. The human brain could not have grown so big off of plant protein and wheat. Think of all the wheat and plants you'd have to eat to get the protein you can get in just two servings of steak. Like that's a lot of food, a lot of carbs you'd have to consume, and that can be a recipe for weight gain.

I don't think their is any choice I can make to counter the effects of living off of industrial agriculture. I can try to buy foods that aren't as bad as others, but in reality my consumer choice doesn't change the fact that what I bought took a whole lot of pollution, death, and suffering to import. And that I when I dispose of it the chemicals in my food product, and it's packaging will go back into the environment as pollutants.

My paren't always told us that we can eat anything and stay healthy and skinny, as long as we did not overeat.
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