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"Crossing Parental Boundaries" By Antoinette Hiller

Honestly, who doesn't want to live their life the way they want to live it, especially teens. We all want the decisions we make to be right but we all know that most of our decisions are never truly right but do we understand our problem and do we want it fixed?
Crossing Boundries

Its clear to see how our worlds have changed in so many ways but do we as teens understand the changes we make in our lives, so that you as our next generation, can understand that though we didn’t always make the right decision, we never turn a blind side to the problems around us, by understanding the problem, we should able to change our thinking and put ourselves on the path we always wanted to be on by knowing we were wrong and correcting our mistakes on our own. She also taught me that though we don't always choice the right path at first, once we get our head in the right state of mind, we'll be sure to get it eventually. Hopefully other teens who have faced the same issues and dilema have found their way and fully understand that the authority is only trying to protect us and it's our job to listen so that we may one day pass it on and if not then hopefully if somebody is watching you create your mistakes, they'll see what they must do in their lives to make it better the way it should be. 

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Taylor, Ayo-ola, Nuri, and Aaron PSA

This PSA video is designed to try and bring light to common problems that happen to teenage drivers. One being not following speed limit laws in bad weather as well as using cell phones while driving. This video portrays a teenager (Taylor) driving in bad weather and texting while driving. And that she got into an accident. So this was designed to have a realistic example for a problem that could happen, and the consequences that come from it. 
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"What is Lying" By Jasmine Nieves

          My podcast is about lying. Lying and not telling the truth all the time, could make you go to a bad unsatisfactory place. Lying comes and goes all the time. Me and my friend, Nikki talked about what it really means to be a lier. Grounding, as what was said in the audio, makes us feel like we’re not ourselves anymore. Being myself and of course yourselves, is all that anybody wanted. Its like your fading away from the relationships you had with people. Breaking up a good relationship may not last forever, but it shouldn’t be based on lying because lying is wrong.
Interview with Nikki- Pahomov
    The things that I learned during this project is that lying is not ok. It is not ok because you are not telling the honest truth. Telling the truth, all the time, will get you somewhere. Lying will get you to a predicament you don’t want to be in. The reason this is, is because you would have to deal with consequences and you might feel alone when somebody finds out that you had lied. Crossing Boundaries means crossing the rules that have been set for us. When you cross them, you’ll know the next step that is about to happen. All these things could be the effects of lying. The causes of lying all depends on the person. It could happen without you even realizing its happening. The costs will definitely be the consequences that you have to pay at the moment. You could get grounded and things taken away from you.The benefits of these consequences is that you have eventually learned what you did and figured out not to do that again. Lying could also hurt people’s feelings. They might not even want to talk to you at the time. What I learned from doing this interview is that Nikki, the person I had interviewed, had almost felt the same way as me to getting into trouble about lying. Its like she understands me just like other people try to do the same. Editing and finishing up this project took me more than two hours to finish until the day that it was due, which is today. I agree with Nikki because, like everybody else, she is smart and she knows what she’s talking about, the interview flowed and she said more things that described about times she has lied and what lying was. The editing was a weakness because I went over and she kind of went over me when we were talk and their were door slams that happened when we spoke. I had to switch and switch programs just to get the interview right  

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