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Shurelds,Milahn Lucid Chart,Home Network

2. Comcast, which is my I.S.P. is directly connected to the internet/World Wide Web. Then from the I.S.P. wires are coming out of it. The wires are going into the Modem which then connects to the wireless router. From the rowder a couple different things are used.The desk top, laptops, cell phones, home phones, Wii, printer, and T.V. 

3. I learned the difference between the world wide web and the internet. Also all of the different names and meanings for the machines/equipment that is connected to my home network. Such as I.S.P, modem, and router.

4.Make sure all of the wires are connected correctly. Also make sure you know the important things about having a home network and how to take care of it properly so you don't have to re buy different pieces of equipment. 
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¿Qué hora es?: Whats the time?

¿Qué hora es?: Whats the time?

Learn to ask and answer time in spanish

Carolyn Borock

Lesson Part 1

There are 3 ways to ask the time

Here is the 3 ways:



¿Qué hora es?

What time is it?

¿Qué hora son?

What time is it?

¿Qué hora tiene(s)

What time is it?

So did you learn something new? 

Want to test your skills?


  1. Without looking at the chart can you name the 3 ways to ask what time it is?

Lesson Part 2

Now do you remember numbers #1-12

Lets review them 



























Ok know you remember the numbers 

So lets move on to time.




Es lan una 

It’s 1:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las dos

It’s 2:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las tres

It’s 3:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las cuarto

It’s 4:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las cinco

It’s 5:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las seis

It’s 6:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las siete

It’s 7:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las ocho

It’s 8:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las nueve

It’s 9:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las diez

It’s 10:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Son las doce

It’s 11:00

en punto (on the dot) 

Es lan medianoche

It’s Midnight

Part 3

Endings la mañana ( in the mourning) la tarde ( in the afternoon) la noche (in the evening)

... y cuarto (quarter after)

... menos cuarto (quarter of)

...y media (half past)

... en punto (on the dot) when you use this its only when you have :00 

When you want to add 0:__ you put a y after you did son las or es lan 

Example: 0 y __

When you want to make it easier you menos it which means minus

Example: 0 menos __

LessonPart 4 

Adding 0:__ the blank. 

So lets just say you had 2:30AM.

You would solve that by putting all the components together.

So it would be Son las dos y media de la mañana.

Lets try another one a little harder.


You would solve that by adding son las or es lan in this case it would be Son las and since we are subtracting it so it would be ocho.

So all together it would be...

Son las ocho menos cinco de la noche  

Video Intro
This is a video that is going to be a real life situation of someone using time in real life.The video is two friends that ask each other the time, so they are not late for class. Remember to listen carefully.
Click here

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El Tiempo

I'll be teaching El Tiempo, the weather; in spanish.
Below will be a chart of the types of weather in english and spanish,
along with what to put in front of them. 
Also how to say the temperature and how to convert between temperature units.

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.49.26 PM
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Brittany Cooper's Home Network

​2. Comcast is my I.S.P which is also connected to internet, who is a server to the World Wide Web. The cable wire is connected to the Modem. The modem provides internet connection also known as wifi. The Wii, two I-phone, two HTC One X's, as well as my Mac Book Pro & my 8500 hp Office Pro Printer are connected to the wireless router. 

3. I learned that your home network is more than just internet. It is a World Wide Web. You might not know it but a lot is connected to the internet Such as phones , computers, I-pads etc. 

4. Something that people need to know about having ISP/Home Network is that it is expensive, depending on who the server is. Also that everything that you is forever on the internet. It never goes away, even is you think you "erased" it. 
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Samuels, Todd Lucid Chart Network.

2. To connect to the internet at home I use my phone and my laptop.
3. I learned about everything in my home and how my internet is connected I never payed much attention to it before, I learned about my own ISP, and a general understanding of the subject
4. I would tell other people that it costs alot to maintain having a home network, but it is very important so having internet is worth the deal, all depending on the customers service provider.
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Friedman, Michelle, Lucid Chart, Home Network

(Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.)

There are two laptops in my network; one MacBook Pro (mine) and one Acer laptop (my sister's). There is also an Apple TV that stays in the living room along with the Wii. My dad uses a Dell desktop too.

(Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.)

I learned that my network is extremely confusing and very expensive. I also realized that internet is not just some magical data, but  actually a complicated system.

(What would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?)

I would tell them that they need to make sure they understand how to hook up their network and also that internet is extremely costly.

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Asking and telling the weather in Spanish

If you ever need to ask someone or tell some one who speaks spanish or if you just want to learn here is a quick way to learn to say the weather in spanish.

A few quick notes (the flash card should be at the top)
Hace is for sol, viento, frio, calor, and fresco.
Esta' is for nevando, nublado, and lloviede.

Easy ways to remember the words

frio' sounds like Freezing

calor sounds like calefacion

sol sounds like solar

viento sounds like vent


Here is a video about speaking telling the weather in spanish.

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Yam Brandon lucidcharts Home Network

I have many devices on my L.A.N. I have devices such as printers, phones, monitors, and gaming consoles. I learned a lot of information on networks. I, myself am not technologically savvy so, I got a lot of useful information from this. I had no clue that so many of my devices were connected to two things, a modem and router. Another thing that I learned was that the internet is the base of everything, network related. The thing I would tell people about having an I.S.P./Home Network is that the system is much more complex that you think. My view on the internet and how it work was nothing compared to what it actually was. 
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The months in Spanish

For everyone who wants to know how to speak some spanish here is a guide to helping you ask questions about the months and answer them all in spanish

Notice how the months in Spanish are not capitilized. This is because they are not capitlied unless they start a sentence.

One way I memorized this is part of a song (I think). It goes like this.

Enero, febrero, marzo y abril
Mayo, junio y julio estàn aquie
agosto y septiembre
octubre y noviembre 
Su nombre es diciembre

It's very helpful when you forget how to prononce the months (which I do a lot). Anyway I hope this is helpful.
Here is a video about how it helps you in everyday life as part of my school project.
(Note: Viemo got hit by Sandy so it's taking a while to upload).
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Derry, William, lucidchart, home network

The Local Area Network is verizon. The devices on the internet connection are a macbook, desktop, xbox 360, iPad,iPod and a printer. I learned a lot about networks. Such as what networks look like. Also I learned that having a home network is not cheap. Furthermore not everyone has a home network. I also learned that the internet works better from above. That meaning if you have your modem on the top floor of your house the internet would work better. This is true because internet falls down. I think that everyone should have an home network. Also having a home network is useful because you do not have to rely on another person's home network. It is better to have your own network. 
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Isabella's Home Network

1) I use my laptop and phone to connect to the internet. 
2)I learned about how the actual internet connects, and that it is more than just my router. I never even cared or payed attention about how things that I use daily actual work. The main thing that I learned and found interests in was my ISP, which is connected with comcast.  
3)I would tell them that even if it IS expensive to have a home network, it does help a lot. But when you do get home network, you have to make sure that all your wires are plugged in and connected in the right places.
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Thy Network of Wilson Biggs

WbiggsHomeNetwork (1)
My LAN is consisted of three iPhones, three laptops, a Wii, and a Blu-Ray player. I didn't learn much that is new, because I knew a lot about networks beforehand. If you want to set up a network, make sure your router both has an ethernet out and a wireless broadcaster. The ethernet is faster than the Wi•Fi, but it's a cord and needs to be wired to each computer. For computers on the same floor as the router, ethernet would be helpful.
WbiggsHomeNetwork (1)
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Michaela's Home Network

final thing
​This represents my home internet, and how it works. My I.S.P. (internet service provider) is Comcast. The internet comes in through my modem, and is distributed to all my devices wirelessly. The devices that is distributed to are my speakers, my smart phone, my computer, and my printer. 

I have learned a lot about network, how they work, and who uses them. I have also learned how to be safe on line, and to not do anything you will regret, because it is there permanently. 

I would tell other people to be conscious of what you do on the internet, and use it for good reasons, and not bad.
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¿Qué hora es?- The Times in Spanish.

When you are in a new and strange environment and your'e pressed for time it can be difficult. In this lesson you will learn on how to ask what time it is  and how to know what someone's response would be. The chart below has been made so that you can try to learn how to say the times in Spanish. (note: when you say menos cuatro you must say the hour that is after the time, EX: 5:45= Son las seis menos cuatro). Below is a video demonstrating a real life situation of a student in a new school asking when to change times.

Please note: the audio may be a bit off in the video and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.35.33 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.35.58 PM
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Josh Berg's Home Network


​My home LAN consists of my Airport connecting to all of our devices. the devices connected include: My mother's phone, our computers, and an Ipod. These devices are the ones that make up my overall home-network and the chart you see before you.

I learned just how much more complicated it is than what I may have thought. There are a lot of different factors that go into in the long run, having working internet. I think that many people do not know how there internet works and why it works. It is difficult to appreciate something you don't know about. It is also important to be knowledgeable yourself so you may inform others and spread the knowledge about. This way we can all reach a higher plane of knowing and existence. 

I think that people should take the time to learn about their home networks so that they can appreciate them fully. I was not aware of how much goes into it and I think knowing more about it made em appreciate that I have it more. The internet is a great tool that is important to know about in a more logistical manner.
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Los Meses de Año + La Fecha - months and dates

This is ment for some who is trying to figure out there friends birthday. 
Below is the chart is a chart to teach you all the Months in a year and the dates. 

 English- My birthday is June 24 
 Spanish- Mi cumpleaños es junio de veinte y cuatro 

Chart of months: found at
Chart of dates:
*Please note 
31 is Treint y uno
Below is a video on how two friends ask each other when there birthday is so they will  know when they should get them a a present. 

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.26.58 PM
​*Sorry for the inconvenience of the delayed audio 
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Tú vs. Usted: Informal vs. Formal

The difference between tú and usted is that Tú is informal (for talking to your friends) and Usted is formal (for talking to an adult). 

- the way you use the words can change the whole meaning of the sentence

  • you dont always have to say tú or usted after you ask a question
  • you only have to say it when the word is not in parenthesis 

These are some examples of how to use the words

click here for a real life situation of how to use tu vs usted.  

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.17.10 PM
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Los meses (The Months)

This picture explains the months. Just double check your spelling for the months, and the accents.
Also, a very important rule for las mesas: Make sure you don't capitalize any of the letters in the month's names.

For example:
May = mayo
June = junio

See? NO capitals!!

Other than that just have fun and memorize your months!
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.05.55 PM
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Amelia's Home Network

The devices in my network include two laptops, one droid phone, one Wii, and one desktop computer. I learned what happens when you insert a web address. I think that was amazing how fast a computer processes that. I would tell people that the internet is very elaborate and intense. I never thought that a computer does so many things as fast as a snap.
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¡Gracías!: How To Be Polite

When being polite in spanish, there are a lot of things to remember
There are three ways to say excuse me in Español: Disculpe, perdon, and con permiso. They all mean different things, as well. 
There are three ways to say thank you: Gracías, muchas gracías, and muy amable gracías. 
Finally, there are three ways to say you're welcome: De nada, por nada, and no hay de qué

Use these flashcards to learn how to be polite in spanish.
Click HERE for a video of a real life situation of when to use courtesy phrases. 
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Daís de la Semana

​Today you're going to learn about the days of the week in Spanish. 
-Don't capitalize the days of the week in spanish

-the week starts with Monday, not Sunday. 

Click here to see our set of flashcards. 

In this video you will see two friends who are planning a trip. 

Click here to see that video. 

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