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Lobbying Issue: Funding for Philly Youth Poetry Movement (Phase Three)

Occupy Philly
The status of my legislature seems to be in a "good" year because majority of my representatives (local) support PYPM so as a whole my lobbying issue seems to be in good standing. A policy has not yet been written for this issue because of other pressing issues such as the Occupy Philly Movement. Because in recent weeks, this movement has kind of taken over on the list of priorities and the city is trying to deal with it as best as they can non-violently and legally. As you can see in the photos below, the city has it's hands tied with this here Occupy Philadelphia.

The stakeholders in this issue right now  are Mayor Nutter and the city council members. The allies I have on board are Mayor Nutter and the city council members. Basically right now everything is kind of a waiting game because of all of the unrest so once that subsides and they handle the problem or come to a compromise with the protesters I can move forward.

The founder of PYPM, Greg Corbin, is helping me with this issue because he really wants PYPM to be more of a national maybe one day even global change but before thinking big we have to think small. We want to take more misguided youths off the street and allow them to express themselves in a more creative and productive manner rather than terrorizing random people just for the fun of it. The dates we have to look out for are the next city council meetings pretty much and see when the next session is.
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Lobbying blog #3: Get your bike paths on!

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 4.55.25 PM
Based on some of the changes that have been approaching to trafficking and traffic related, there are some good news about my lobbying topic. I'm excited to say that this is a good year to promote and talks about bike paths Philadelphia! It is important to know that Philadelphia bikers are being supported and have their rights to bike safe. 

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 5.12.34 PM
On November 3, 2011, ​Philadelphia Councilman Bill Greenlee has becoming active with Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia as well as being able to help bikers spoke their minds. Mr. Greenlee had been able to answer questions for the Bicycle of Great Philadelphia as well as the citizens regarding to biking issues in the city as well as state. Many of the questions are relating to laws regarding to bikers violation, safety and as well as getting funding for more bike path in and out of the city. 
  One of the key questions was, "Would you support the installation of innovative infrastructure such as buffered bike lanes, like those on Spruce and Pine, on a select number of streets to create a citywide bicycle network that is safe and inviting to ride for those from age 8 to 80?." This question hit the key point on my lobbying topic for paths as well as getting involve with brighter ways to get though traffics using different type of vehicles and bikes. Greenlee also mentioned that, " I support bike lanes when they are safe and where communities are directly involved in the process. I believe there are streets where bike lanes are not safe for bikers, pedestrians and drivers."
Read more about the assembly and Bill Greenlee respondes to Bicycling Questionnaire HERE!   
Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 6.28.06 PM
As I mentioned in the second blog as well as the issue above, Mayor Nutter was also a part of the Bicycling Questionnaire, Mayor Nutter also responded, "I support Bike Share. We have explored this issue, and I very mindful of initial or start-up costs and would be interested in proposals that minimize City costs." Also Mayor Nutter had mention to convince the Streets Commissioner about staffing priorities.(
Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 6.55.00 PM
          Not only that council chairs are getting involve in the issue, many Philadelphians as well as biker hearts are fighting for their rights as well as protesting for bills and laws to pass. Bikers also participate in many events including, "Philly Naked Bike Rides," as well as other events to support their strong press for what they love and their passion for biking. 
According to my lobbying topic, there are no big legislative argued. However, Mayor and many city council as well as traffic court are aware and is supportive of the situation and keep it moving. With the help of the people as well as chairs men,  it will take on the point and keep changing. 
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imani's letter to ...............

Querid@ solangeli cardozo     14                                                                                                ¿ Qué mas, chamo? Solangeli Cardozo. Soy imani Holness. Soy Tengo catorce años, moreno soy de filadelfia. Se conoce como " La ciudad de Amor Fraternal". Es una ciudad entre la ciudad de nueva york y la capital.  Me gusta ir de compras pero muy tambien béyonce y  Adele, dormir,y ver la tele. No me gusta nada lady gaga,y tampoco leer, trabajar, .                                                               

¿ y a ti? ¿ qué te interesa?. Soy inteligente porque soy estudiar. Soy increiblemente deportista. Soy bobo casi siempre. ¿ y tu? ¿como eres? Beueno, me voy porque tengo que ir a la escuela.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Adios amigo!! 
Photo on 10-18-11 at 6.28 PM
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¡Hola, Ricardo!

 Querido Ricardo,

¡Hola, mi amigo! ¿Cómo estás, tu? Soy Kenny Nguyen y soy de Filadelfia. Se conoce como " La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal."  Filadelfia es una ciudad entre le ciudad Nueva York y la capital. Mi cumpleaños es el dieciseis de diciembre. Tengo catorce años. ¿Y tù? Hace frío en Filadelfia. Sin embargo, hace bastante sol. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy en Maracaibo?

Me encanta comer y ir al cine con amigos, pero no me gusta nada leer ni cantar tampoco. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qué tu gusta hacer en Venezuela? Mi favorito artística es Lady Gaga. A ella le increiblemente fascina bailar y cantar. Soy muy trabajador, bajo, y inteligente tambièn. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? Responde cuando puedas. Bueno, me voy porque tengo que dormir. Cuídate. ¡Adiós, Ricardo!

Lady Gaga música aquí.

                                                                                     Con cariño,
                                                                                     Kenny Nguyen

Mi en Hollywood, California en junio 2011.
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¡Hola Robin Garcia!

Querida Robin,

 ¡Saludos desde norteamérica!    

¿Qué tal? Estoy muy cansada. Tengo catorce años; mi cumpleaños es vientinueve de abril. ¿Y tú, cuándo es tu cumpleaños? Hace súper frío en Filadelfia sin embargo hace sol. ¿Qué tiempo hace en Maracaibo? 

Me gusta mucho leer (​un libro me gusta: The Alchemyst), es por eso que soy inteligente. Es una broma; soy un poquito boba. También, me encanta dormir - soy increiblemente perezosa. Además, soy morena y bastante baja. Este, odio practicar deportes y verano. Detesto hace calor. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Cómo eres tú?

Me fascina axolotls.
Es mi foto: 
Screen Shot 2011-11-18 at 10.08.49 AM
Bueno, me voy porque tengo que relajar. ¡Adios! 

Con cariño,


Saludos E-pal!

Querida, Esthefany Medoza

Saludos desde, Temperance Moore

¡Hola! ¿Qué más, chama? Soy Temperance, estoy muy bien y tú? Yo soy alta y morena con rubia tinte. Soy loca, boba, y contento jaja. ¿Cuantos años tienes tú? Yo tengo 14 años y mi cumpleaños es Marzo,12. ¿Cuando es tú cumpleaños? Soy india americana y africano-americana. Yo vivo en filadelfia, es una ciudad bastante grande y es hace frío. ¿Y tú? Me gusta musica (rap,hip-hop,r&b,gospel, alternative), ir de compras, ir de la cine, leer, videojuegos, surfear la red, pasar un rato con amigos, y tambien comer. Pero no me gusta nada estudiar. ¿Y tú? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que comer senar. ¡Adíos! Responde cuando puedas.

Con cariño,
          Temperance Moore
Photo on 11-10-11 at 1.48 PM #2
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Hohenstein Technology Who Am I Slide

I followed the website "presentation zen" the most. I got ideas for my color scheme. Then I found pictures that expressed my idea and followed my color scheme. I then used ideas from Zach Holman about kerning and alpha. Once I had all of the pictures and words on mine I wanted to keep the scheme so I added little stars in the same color of the rest of my slide. I did this because it added a sense of completion that I didn't feel was there before. I chose my color scheme because it added contrast. I feel that I showed that I knew what I was doing and I didn't make it too complicated in the process.
Hohenstein Technology Who Am I slide PDF
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¡Hola Emily!

Querida Emily,

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Symone. Estoy muy muy muy bien! Tengo catorce años, y mi cumpleaños es el catorce de abril. Soy un poquito baja, y muy boba. Soy creativa, inteligente, habladora, y divertida. Soy un poquito deportisa, y muy muy muy simpátic porque no me gusta antipática personas. Soy tambien africano americana. Pero vivo en Filadelfia. Hace muy fresco en Filadelfia, y a veces sol, depende estacíon. ¿Y, tú? Me fascina ir de compras, pasar un rato amigos, salir con mi novio, comer mucho, relajar, y escuchar música. No me gusta nada correr, y leer. Es muy aburrida. ¿Qué te gusta hacer en Maracaibo? ¿Qué música te gusta escuchar?

Añádeme en Facebook: Symone Arianna y sigame en twitter @optimisticly__, Chao amigo!!

Con cariño,
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Emalyn Bartholomew Slide Presentation

​I chose my the things to put on my slide mainly because they reflected who I am. I also tried to stick with some main colors, with a few exceptions. My colors were red and black. I have a yellow flower that adds some major contrast, and also the Statue of Liberty for contrast. I have some white on there, which is generic and contradictory to the other colors in the slide. I like the way my flower does not go across the whole page, and it is not a full flower. I thought of doing that because of what we learned from the Ikea ads.
emalyn's slide
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Fracking: Blog #3

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 1.24.25 PM
​As a lobbyist, it's important to know where you and your issue stand. From where I am, me and fracking look promising. This year and last there has been a lot of legislature and protests about my topic, getting involved now would only be a matter of contacting the right people. 

In Pennsylvania's senate are people who are on my side. A few of these are Daylin Leach, Camille George, and my representatives I mentioned in my 2nd blog post. They and other members of PA's government have created laws such as Resolution 110686 and HB 2754. Fracking has also recieved a lot of media attention. The documentary "Gas Lands" by Josh Foxx (now an important and influential activist against fracking) was one of the original cries for help, but newspapers have covered fracking numerous time. They recently linked the recent earthquake activity with hydraulic fracturing. Marcellus Shale protests are now not uncommon, including an Occupy Pittsburgh in protest of fracking. While this is a good first step for my cause, it is also important to recognize the power my opponents hold in government. 

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 1.17.28 PM
CEO's of gas companies have, for many years, held influence in our governmental policies. One example is Alan Walker (who I discussed in my 2nd blog post) he has been given authority over Economic Development- the making of jobs for energy. Walker was once the CEO of Bradford Energy. Another example is T Boone Pickens, who pushes for the United States to be independent from foreign oil, but at what cost? These men, and many others have mixed oil and gas with politics and politicians cannot find their way out. 

Regardless of powerful opponents, the little people have to press on. There are politicians in the PA government that I could work with to change the course of fracking. I personally know Daylin Leach, who is a member of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. He is in the minority in that particular committee. But even the chair, Mary Jo White, has brought legislation about tightening hydraulic fracturing standards. These are the people that I would work with concerning my issue. Additionally, I would coordinate with lobbying groups. The Sierra Club is an activist group with a branch in Pennsylvania. They have been strongly opposing fracking. 

Below: Daylin Leach at a Fracking Protest
Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 1.15.34 PM
In terms of timing, no big legislation has been proposed recently, but that doesn't mean that time is not the essence. I can still work, participating in protests and sending letters to the politicians who can help me with my endeavors. An upcoming event is a No Fracking Protest on November 30th.    

These factors all add to the knowledge a young lobbyist like myself needs. I now know who to coordinate with, who are my opponents. More significantly, I know who I can influence and what that means for my issue. 

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Ray, Q2 Media Fluency

“I used to walk down the street like I was a f***ing star… I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.”



“Unique! Special! Unlike No Other! Two words, one phrase. Three things I hear all the time. I know I am capable of being great and I know that I am all three of things, but sometimes I refuse to believe it. Why? I don’t know. I guess its because I’ve had a lot of things happen to me that made me feel like I wasn’t unique or special.


I am a person who dream big! HUGE!


·     I want my fantasy to become my reality.

·     I will never let someone take away my humanity.

·     I know I am capable of being someone great.

·     I dream big and I don’t let anyone stop me. That’s what makes me unique, and special, and unlike no other.

·     Because of who I am and what I believe I will make all three of these words come alive!


My slide, I think, incorporates what we've learned. It has a bright blue background with large chocolate brown letters. The background makes the letters POP! The size of the letters is also used from the websites. Each letter is above "100 point" font.
Slide show- me
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About Me Raekwon Smith

I’m a 14 year old boy who loves family, sports, and video games. I Love to just chill and be with my family and have a great laugh. I like to have a good time cause life isn’t a video game you don’t respawn when you die, so I live it to the fullest. I go to I think my favorite of my 4 schools I've went to which is SLA-Science Leadership Academy. I believe I can do anything I put my mind to accept dribbling a football for 10 seconds straight.  
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Who Am I? Presentation Page.

​Erratic is a word meaning random which is a main part of who I know I am. I decided to put the main things that describe me in the powerpoint page because it's who I am. Duh! I also put in the few things the that presentation Zen link said makes a presentation look great. Like bleeding! Contrast and of course not cluttering my page with messiness but leaving some blank spaces. Or as said in presentation zen, take a chance! Also the kerning of my words were actually modified to fit my piece.

Jennysha Cruz


 I learned quite a few new vocabulary words from each and every presentation presented by my fellow class mates. Also learned new ways to improve the slides multiple people have created in the class discussion. 
WhoamI, Tech, Jcruz
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  I made sure I did the following...
1. Make type big and noticeable.
2. Get a picture that makes one point and on subject.
3. The slide is easy to read and fun to look at.
4. Needs to look good!
5. I got some help from some websites.

   I first stared with a picture. I chose a guitar because music is a big thing in my life. Every one in my family plays music, and Ive been playing guitar for over three years. I hope for one day I could apply my musical skill professionally. I made the words big and in bold. The letters were red so it would be noticeable. I change the color of the explanation point to match the back round of the picture. This way it could be easy on the eyes. Id try not to have to much to say. The rest of the words were in white because it matched with the rest of the slide.
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Nikki Adeli Media Fluency Q2

This slide shows me. It might be simple, but really, its very complex. I'm a very complex person as you can tell. I'm from Mississippi, but I live in Philadelphia. I attend Science Leadership Academy...GO ROCKETS! I also have an amazing sense of humor! I love my friends, they are my everything. I love music! Just to name a few I love LMFAO, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj. I also love sports! My favorite teams are Real Madrid for soccer, Miami Heat for basketball, and the Eagles for football. Also, I am a National Spokesperson for a youth health program called Fuel up to Play 60. When I watch TV I love watching Modern Family, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the Middle. They are hilarious!!! This is just a little bit about me. Talk to me to learn more! :)

p.s. My family mean the WORLD TO ME. I didn't put them in this because they can't be in the category as all my other interests. They are in the category of their own. They are spectacular. I love them more than I love myself...that's a lot of love. 

Now to the school and technology perspective of my project. For the background of my project I chose to have a dark gray. I chose a shade of dark gray because gray matches a lot of colors. I also had a lot of pictures that had a lot of color so I wanted to use gray because it fit perfectly. The link below really helped me. This helped me figure out where to place each picture. For example I placed the Fuel up to Play 60 logo next to the rainbow picture of me and my friends. This and the colors fit very well.

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Klarissa Hudson Q2 Media Frequency


“Hello class. My slide is about the effects of peer pressure. It says that peer pressure equals disaster. That’s just what I think of peer pressure but someone else might say differently. I’ve had many experiences with peer pressure and this is the way I describe peer pressure because of it. In elementary school peer pressure got me into a group of girls thinking I’d be picked on less if I was apart of their click. Another peer pressure was when my boyfriend wanted me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with but I did it anyway to make him happy. Both pressures ended in me being hurt more than before. So to me peer pressure equals disaster. I chose this backround just to show what disaster and give the presentation color and picture. Then I put white letters to contrast the design and used cracked letters to give the words some pizaz. I tried to keep the words simple and nice so I chose peer pressure and disaster. Thank you and that’s all.”  

I learned that the way pictures and words are done make a big impact and image on people and their thinking. The size, shape, color, and way it’s positioned effects it’s outlook to others. Contrast is pretty darn awesome in slides and shows a lot. I like experimenting with slide designs and pictures and colors. I also used this source. I think it looks better this time than before. The words and font are clearer and more legible. The white lettering is better looking and contrasting than the orange lettering.
Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 11.36.33 AM
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Q2 Media Fluency

Because many suggested that I get rid of the quotes on my slide, I decided to do so and delete them, because like they said, it actually is more meaningful. Additionally, the audience felt that the words were covering my face too much. In actuality, it was supposed to cover to have the audience focus on the text. To improve the contrast even further, I switched everything to the opposite side. So now, the yellow period is even more outstanding than the other text to solidify the statement on the slide. Finally, to make the slide come back to life, I fixed the shadowing on the text to make sure it still had the "night and day" effect to it. 

Throughout this slide design unit, I learned a ton. I used to think that slides were designed so that you can read them to your audience. It turns out that slides were used for a reason far from that. I now know that slides are nothing but a VISUAL AID, meaning it’s supposed to help you a little bit by helping you remember key points in a presentation but a Keynote of PowerPoint presentation is 90% made for your audience to follow. I learned from websites like Presentation Zen, Zach Holman, and that less is more, picture backgrounds can be modified via Alpha, and that color contrast is key in a slide.    

Hi everyone,

My slide is entitled “The Dreamer.” For my color scheme, I used a pallet of light-ish primary colors, because the contrast with each other very much. The background of the slide was composed of a fade from yellow to a baby blue. The yellow represents the day, while blue represents the night. The yellow of the background in the slide “shines” a light onto the letters in the slide and the letters then have a shadow. I used the website as a reference to see which colors contrasted the most with each other so that the words would be relatively clear. The punctuation and quotes in the slide are in different but bolder colors to emphasize the statements.

            The text is shown to be very important because of its boldness and contrast to the background of the slide. I adjusted the kerning on some words so that they would appear more or less important and impacting on my audience. Since the quotes are in the upper left corner, they almost sway the audience to look at the bottom where the more important text is, the title. I used plenty of emptiness to keep my slide very simple to understand, and so that when the few words on the slide were read that the audience could look at the speaker. The picture bleeds off of the slide, and the picture is also in a way “looking” into the yellow light of the background on the slide.

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Brian's ABOUT ME Slide Post

Hello, my name is Brian. I have many hobbies. I love to hangout with friends, listen to music, play sports, and mostly dance.

When I was little I use to sit outside and listen to Michael Jackson on my CD Player, yes CD Player that’s how long ago it was. Even as a kid i use to dance, at my Aunts party I did the moon walk with my cousins uncle. We had everyone laughing and clapping and singing along.

I love to shop for hats and shoes. Nike is the best! 

My favorite music artist would definitly have to be Drake.

My favortie movies are all the Transformers and all 3 Step Up movies.

My favorite sports are football and basketball.

Personal slidepdf
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!Hola, Angie!


¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas, muchacha? ¿Qué pasa? Mi cumpleaños es el vienti seis de diciembre. Tengo catorce años. ¿Y tú? Yo tengo dos mayor hermanas. ¿Y tú? Yo soy muy alto y deportes y cómic. Caul es tú calór favorita? Me favorito es verde. En Filadelfia, el tiempo es frio e de vez en cuando fresco. Mi amigos son mucho divertida y cómic. ¿Y tú, muchacha? Yo soy increiblemente habladoro y bastante trabajadora. No soy nada perezoso o timido. ¿Y tú? ¿Le gusta es fútbol o beisból? Me favorito deportes es balconcesto e fútbol. Mi familia es mi vida. Mi pápa es muy, muy inteligente y sociable. Mi dos hermanas son súper cómic sin embargo bastante seria a veces. Mi primavera escuela fue católico. ¿Caul es su escuela nombre? Pues, tengo comer la cena, lo siento mi amiga. ¡Hasta luego!
Me 2
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Philadelphia City Wage Tax - Blog Post 3

The status of my issue remains unchanged and not debated at the moment. I have researched legislation through Philadelphia's city council, the level in which my topic applies, and I have found no changes in the City Wage Taxes of Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue nor changes in the city's plan for wage taxes. Things seem to be simply at a stand still for my topic and this is probably because of the timeframe given for the rates that we currently have, which is from July 1st of 2011 and December 31st, according to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue. One official that I have found "opposed" to high City Wage Tax is the Philadelphia City Council President, Anna C. Verna, who according to City Council's website had been, "… a consistent supporter of wage and business tax reductions…" 

However, it is unclear who exactly is against the City Wage Taxes. It appears that the City Wage Tax has not been a issue that has been brought to light in city council and neither are their any organized supporters or lobbyist against the current tax rate. However, one very interesting point was brought up by a local tax reform advocate named Brett Mandel, who according to WHYY's article, Good News: Lower Philly Wage Taxes in 2009, states that if the city generates more casinos and such, the City Wage Tax will decrease along with property taxes based on the revenue that the casinos produce. So in a long run, I could lobby for casino construction in Philadelphia, making my opponents those who are against the casino creations. With my issue pertaining directly to the taxes, I do not know who I can go to or write to other than the officials in city hall. 

According to the mayor's website, "… as a result of the recent downturn, the City has established a rate reduction moratorium on further City-financed reductions… until 2014 or until economic pressures lift." What I am thinking from this is that the city as well as legislators see the wage taxes as something that benefits the city more than most things. What the city and legislators aren't considering is how much the wage tax takes away from paychecks, including those who can barely afford the costs of living. My opponents are going to be those who support the City Wage Tax and those who benefit from the tax (nonprofit organization and institutions). There has been no policy written to address the issue at hand, so I believe I will have to come up with one with someone a council member or the mayor himself. 

I believe that city council members are essential to the outcome in which I wish to occur. I will need council members to agree with a reduction of the City Wage Tax and I would then need them to propose ideas to the council and in the long run to the mayor. As far as people to support this cause, I am sure I can people from all over the city that agree that the Wage Taxes are too high and should be reduced. In the end the mayor would have to make the final decision and hopefully the wage tax can be lowered without hurting our city in any way. With the lack of debate and discussion of the City Wage Taxes, I would say that there is no time limit or time frame. 

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¡Hola Leydi Pirela mi nuevo amiga!

Querid Leydi Pirela,

Hola Leydi, soy Alexis McCormick, tengo 15 años. Mi cumpleaños es el agosto 12,1996. Soy un el verano bebé. Soy nacido y criado en Filadelfia la ciudad del amor fraternal. Me gusta escuchar música y cantar y salir con mi novio Michael may lindo es mucho moreno. No me gusta nada dibujar y jugar videojuegos. Soy un poquit boba y cómica. Podría sentarme para el día hablando de algo divertido, soy muy bueno en eso! Jajaja Es por eso que tengo muchos amigos. Yo tengo novio,  y el es muy lindo con migo, lo quiero mucho. ¿Y tu tienes novio? ¿Como estas ? ¿Cómo eres tú? ¿Qué haces para divertirte? Quiero saber más sobre lo que me gustaría saber, espero que podamos ser buenos amigos Cuando no estoy en la escuela yo estoy con mi novio o si no estoy con el, estoy con mi amigas Wendy y Angelina y Marisa,bailey, yo mi gusta comprar ropa de secreto rosa Victoria. Me encanta tu nombre tanto!  ¿Cuál es tu casa, como? Yo tengo  ojos azules  y tengo pelo rubio y yo no mi gusta nada cocinar pero si mi gusta comer, pero no estoy gorda . Bueno, me voy porque tengo que estudiar. Espero a escuchar de ti pronto y escuchar todo sobre su vida maravillosa. adiós :)

Con cariño,
my baby
Este es mi novio va a trabajar.
Photo on 11-4-11 at 9.51 AM
Mi mijor amiga Wendy ! <3 
Photo on 11-4-11 at 10.17 AM
Mi mijor amiga Angelina .
Mi mijor candador Prince royce ! <3
Y este soy yo.
Mi hermoso ciudad.
Mi mijor amiga Marisa
Aquí está mi canción favorit Precio por Royce!
Photo on 11-1-11 at 11.20 AM #3
Mi mijor amiga Bailey.
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The Good Friends : Episode 1 (Thanksgiving Special)

1st Episode TGF
Check out the first episode of The Good Friends! Get the latest news on movies, benchmarks, college and the do's and don'ts for Thanksgiving. Also find out who was picked to be the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Sorry it took so long to get to SLA's homepage. But for those of you who did not see the link on twitter and facebook, check it out here now! =)


While I was doing this slide I thought about how I would put all the thing about me into one slide. I did alot of other slides before I choose this one. I basically made every thing combine, I used just a few colors, I used the circuler theme to have the reader focus on the topic and then focus on the other thing, and there is repetition with color.
Who is Monisha Das copy
I changed my slide to this, so there will just be one main topic, which is "Who is Monisha Das?". I used the color scheme combination of the colors black and white. I tried to stay simple and not have to much stuff on the slide, this way it will get the message through and not have a confusion. I made these changes because my other slide looked a bit messy and had to much things going on. 
Who is monisha das
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