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¿Conoce usted sus meses y las fechas?: Do You Know Your Months & Dates?

Do You Know Your Months & Dates????? : Telling someone with short-term memory loss today’s month and date.


In order to tell someone the month and date you need to know:

1) The months and how to pronounce them

2) Numbers and their pronunciation

3) How to ask as the month and date


Click on this link for flashcards of each word and number you need to know and a pronunciation of each one below when you scroll down. You can do test, scatter, or space race if you choose to.


Below is a song that I made so you can remember the months of the year.

Spanish Benchmark

Now you will see a short video of a student telling her old spanish grandpa with short-term memory loss what todays date and month is below.

Movie on months (1st benchmark)
Here is a link to Michael's lesson on the weather.
Here is a link to Michael's lesson on the days of the week.

Numeros y numero de teléfono: Numbers and phone numbers

            To learn how to ask recite your phone number, you need to know the numbers up to nine. Here is a chart to have you learn them:


Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 9.53.29 AM
​You also need to know how to ask for someone’s phone number, as well as tell someone your own. Here is how you do that:
Screen Shot 2011-10-27 at 10.03.50 AM
​ In this video, Leah is sad because she didn’t complete her homework, so she asks Emmanuel for his phone number so she can get the homework next time.
Movie on 10-27-11 at 10.13 AM #2
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When can we meet up? ¡Los días de la semana!

In order to make plans, you must know the days of the week! 
Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 8.46.11 AM
You might have noticed that Monday is listed first in the list. This is because in Español, lunes, or Monday, is the first day of the week. Another surprising fact you might have noticed is that the letters are not capitalized. In Español, you do not capitalize the days of the week. 

This is an example of Alexis asking her new friend, Emalyn, who happens to be a spanish speaker, what day she is free to hang out.
Movie on 10-24-11 at 2.42 PM


Topic #1-




Title- Hola!


Well when you go to corner store you’re going to want to know how to say hello or goodbye and how are you doing and also you’re going to want to know how to reply as well. So I am going to help you out and make this a fast and easy learning process.



Spanish*                            English*


Hello, hi, hey


Goodbye or have a nice one

¿Como estás?

How are you (older)

Como está

How are you (age group or friend)

¡Muy bien, gracias!

Very well, thank you

¡Buenos dies!

Good day or good morning

¡Buenos tardes!

Good afternoon or good evening

¡Buenas noches!


Y tú

And you

lo que está pasando


Whats happening

cómos se va


Hows it going

 ¿Como te llamas?

whats your name(older)

¿Como se llama?

Whats your name (someone in your age group)

Me llamo or Yo soy

My name it ______




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¡Los números! Phone numbers in Español.

In order to know how to get someone’s phone number - or give yours - you need to know the numbers first!

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 8.33.34 AM
Now that you know the numbers, it’s time to lean the question. 

There are a few ways to ask for someone’s phone number.

One is: ¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono? 

This should be used amongst friends and peers. 

To ask someone with higher authority than yourself their phone number, you should change the “tu”, to “su”. So it is now “¿Cuál es su número de teléfono?”

If someone asks you your number, you should respond with “Mi número de teléfono es...” or “Es el...”

Here is an example of two partners working together on a project and and needing to be able to contact each other.

Movie on 10-24-11 at 2.33 PM
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The single mother takes action.

{As she gets up form her front seat and steps up to the microphone}

I am Bon Qui Qui a loving single mother of four. I want to voice my opinion on the TransCanada XL Pipeline. {She says while picking up the paper with her speech written on it.

 I think this is very important factor that could change my children’s lives and me in both positive and negative ways. I would 1st like to thank my state representative for picking me as one of the people to speak at this meeting. She grips the microphone as if she was nervous and then says

 “ I Love my Children” but I also would love for them to have a better future. This is a plan that is proven to provide many more jobs, but the jobs aren't safe working around air-born chemicals eight hours or more a day. Also it is not safe because if the XL pipeline were to break, crack, or get a leak there may be chemicals that could endanger the workers. This is where loving my kid’s come into factor. Since the love I have for my kids is the thing I put first she says as she releases her tightened grip on the microphone and smiled. I love my kids and this what makes me both for and against the TransCanada XL pipeline the life of my children could be put into danger if the chemicals were to be spilled out or leaked into our water resources which can be dangerous for my children to drink. If this does happen to the faucet water the there would be no other way for me to provide water for my children since I am already unemployed and bottle water is to expensive to fit into my budget.

Put two things that are important to me in life hand and hand I’m not quite sure if I’m for it or against it because I want to best possible future for my children and I would love to get them the things the want when they want it, which consists of getting a good enough job. Also I would love to give my children as much safety as possible and the TransCanada XL Pipeline is not guaranteed to be safe. So with that said I think it should be held off until it is completely safe. She stoops toward the microphone and says “Thank You”. Then walks off while being applauded.



Shanayia Roland

Copper Stream

Making a good end of career reputation.

Hello, everyone and Welcome to the TransCanada XL Pipeline meeting. I am Ed Stelmach and you all know me as the Political Leader of Alberta Canada. Today I will be addressing my views on the XL pipeline.  He puts his paper on the podium.

I will be backing down from office on October 1st and my decision is to go with the XL Pipeline. I would support the TransCanada pipeline because Alberta Canada is such a beautiful and natural place and with the XL pipeline being a provider of natural oil that will make our economy better I think this was a very brilliant plan. He Picks up his paper and begins to read the viewpoints of his speech.

Alberta Canada will be very lucky if this plan goes through because it will bring many tourist, many allies and, many other countries to rely on our natural resources. This will provide Canada with help if we ever need it and a bundle of money coming from different things. This also will not take up as many resources as it will be producing. This wont be using as many resources because after the needed resources are used once they are reused. An example of this is the water that the XL pipeline uses, once it is used once it is used continuously for the rest of the process. He flips his page and begins to look over it as if decided not to say everything he had written.

I want the best for my citizens and I would like to lift the burdens of poverty, a failing economy, and higher taxes. I would like for them to have things like better education, easier living styles, and less of a stress form working tremendously hard every workday for their families. This is the opinion that I have and after being in office like I was it might make you have the same opinion because this seems to be the turning point for us. I know that my opinion counts because every opinion counts but mine will change minds, decisions, and life styles. Hopefully the next person in office see’s it the way I do. Thank you for attending and caring enough to listen. He grabs his papers, folds them and leaves the stage.

Feed back

+Stage direction

+Conflict and confusion

+Passion and caring.


? Revision?

? Repetition?

? More thankful in the beginning and?


Losing a Father

                                                                                                Oct 16, 2015

{She sat at the kitchen table and wrote}

Dear Ed Stelmach and President Obama

            I am Shanayia Roland and I am a United States citizen. I don’t know much about the Canadian government but I know enough about the US government to address my opinion on the TransCanada pipeline leak. I am a 12-year-old girl living in Montana and my father was one of the 5500 people who took the job, but was also 1out of the 500 people died while working. I would like to address the leaks in the TransCanada XL Pipeline. She fiddles with the work jumpsuit that she holds in he hand, she smells it and then begins to speak as she writes:

 I guess this is what failure and lost lives smell like, that would be the smell of tar sands. The tar sands smell stuck in my fathers work jumpsuit as I hold it in my arms and mourn about my father’s death. I don’t blame you guys for the failures of the XL pipeline I just blame you for not making sure that this plan was safe before you guys did it for the better economy purposes. The economy was not worth 500 lives lost because of the leaks in the XL pipeline. Also 7 billion dollars was put into the pipeline that is now wasted because of the leaks. Now my mom and me are trying to save as best we can on water because faucet water isn’t safe. Tears from her eyes failing onto his jacket as she writes more:

We struggle with out my father he supplied our income, now my mother will have to find two jobs which will be even harder to find now because there will be a rescission even bigger there the one in 2011.

I thank you guys because you are both leaders but my fathers gone and I’ll never get him back. It’s as his life is as important to me as the economy is to you. As he sat stuck under slowly running out of air the economy slowly become the worse it ever was before. It was like two hearts failing at once. She hugs the jumpsuits tight as if it were her last hug to him, tears we’re pouring down her face she finished by writing:

 I don’t know if you’ll read this but my voice is little now but it will get bigger. In loving memory of Percy Roland.                                                                                                                                                 Sincerely,

                                                     Shanayia Roland 10/16/2015

trascanada pipeline
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​¿Cómo te llamas?: How to have a basic conversation

¿Come te llamas?: How to have a basic conversation

Basic conversation come in handy for many situations. Here is an example:

Meeting someone new

Anita: Hola!

Daniel: Hola!

Anita: ¿Como te llamas?

Daniel: Me llamo Daniel, y tu?

Anita: Soy Anita.

Daniel: ¿Como estas Anita?

Anita: Muy bien, gracias! Y tu?

Daniel: Eso agotado!

Anita: Mucho gusto!

Daniel: Igualmente!

One very common question used in this dialogue was:

¿Como te llamas?

¿Como te llamas? means what is your name. ¿Como te llamas? is the informal way to ask what is your name. The formal way to ask is: ¿Come se llama?

When asked this question, you must respond with one of the following with your name: 

Me llamo...(your name)

Yo soy...(your name)

Mi nombre es...(your name) 

Another question used in this dialogue was:

¿Como estas?

 ¿Como estas? means how are you. ¿Como estas? is the informal way to ask what is your name. The formal way to ask is: ¿Como esta usted?

When asked this question you can respond with some of the most common followings:

Muy bien...very good/doing well

Mas o menos...doing okay/fair

Muy mal...doing horrible/very bad

Or, you could use some of the more specific and elaborate emotions in the chart at the bottom.

Lets look at another dialogue:

Margartia: Hola!

Matteo: Hola!

Margartia:¿Como estas?

Matteo: muy bien, y tu?

Margartia: Muy bien!

Matteo: ¿Como te llamas?

Margartia: Soy Margarita, y tu?

Matteo: Mi nombre es matteo

Margartia: ¿Matteo, De donde eres tu?

Matteo: Soy de Brasil pero vivo en Cuba. Y tu?

Margartia: Soy de Argentina pero vivo en Cuba.

Matteo:¿Margarita, Cuantos anos tienes tu?

Margartia: Tengo 14 anos, y tu?

Matteo: Tengo 16 anos. 

In this dialogue, 2 new common questions were used: ¿De donde eres tu? & ¿Cuantos anos tienes tu?. 

¿De donde eres tu? means where are you from. ¿De donde eres tu? is the informal way to ask where are you from. The formal way to ask is: ¿De donde es usted?

When asked ¿De donde eres tu? you usually answer:

Soy de...where your from.

But if you want answer with more information you can say:

Soy de...where your from...pero vivo en...where you live. 

For example, I’m from Mississippi but I live in Philadelphia. So I would say:

Soy de Mississippi pero vivo en Filadelphia.

¿Cuantos anos tienes tu? means how old are you. ¿Cuantos anos tienes tu? is the informal way to ask how old are you. The formal way to ask is: ¿Cuantos anos tiene usted?

When asked ¿Cuantos anos tienes tu?, you answer: old you are...anos. 

But to answer this question you must know your numbers. At the bottom is a chart to help you out!


When ending a conversation, a polite way to end is by saying: Mucho Gusto.

Mucho gusto means nice to meet you. When you say this, your partner or the person you are talking to would say Igualmente. Igualmente means likewise or I feel the same way.

Screen Shot 2011-10-23 at 2.14.58 PM
Screen Shot 2011-10-23 at 5.49.43 PM
Basic Conversation
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The Alphabet!

¿Como se escribe?: The Alphabet 

When learning spanish, you MUST know this...the alphabet. If you don’t know the don’t know spanish.

One key component to the alphabet is the B and the V. They both sound the same so don’t be fooled

Another key component is the N and the ˜ . They are NOT the same letter. The N is pronounced more like the english the N and the ˜ has a Y twist to it. En-yeh is how it is pronounced 

Below is a chart of the letters and their pronunciations:
Alphabet chart



What my partners and I will be teaching you today it how to say basic greetings in Spanish. The main thing that you need to know for this lesson is how to say things like hello, how are you, etc. We have created a chart below to help you breeze through this lesson. What you should now do is look over the chart and pick a phrase in English that you want to know than look at the translations and repeat it in Spanish.


Boy 1- Hello.
Boy 2- !Hola!
Boy 1- Hello how are you?
Boy 2- ?Hola, como esta?
Boy 1- Good afternoon
Boy 2- !Buenas tardes!
Boy 1- Good morning.
Boy 2- !Buenos dias!
Boy 1- Hello, what's up?
Boy 2- ?Hola, cual esta para ariba?
Boy 1- Hey man, what's up?
Boy 2- ?Hey el hombre, cual es nuevo?
Boy 1- Hey girl, what's poppin?
Boy 2- ?Que pasa chama?
Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 10.22.10 AM

Days of the week in Español

Say if you are walking down the street and you enter a store in México and you schedule a apointment on the monday but you dont know the days of the week this lesson will teach you it.
espanol days


Who are my representatives?

Governor Tom Corbett, he proposed the $1.5 billion budget cut. He believes in cutting the strings from Harrisburg, which allows individual schools to do what's best for their students. Corbett has a lot of power, but the real focus is on the two latter politicians.

Representative Mike O'Brien voted for my topic, saying that statewide budget cuts were not a good thing. He is district one. His public policies are mostly for public education, he believes that full-day kindergarten, smaller class sizes, and pre-k learning are most important for his people. His biggest community interest is to make sure casinos pay the taxes directly into the community like they are supposed to.

 Senator Larry Farnese, elected in 2008, is in charge of district one which ranges from Port Richmond, Fairmount Park, South Philadelphia, Center City, and the Navy Yard. HIs policies are for public safety, economic development, and job creation. He led the passing of "Caylee's Law." He voted against the budget cut, saying that it would "devastate" both the education and job market.
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El septiembre pasado, mi mama y yo fuimos a ver PennState partido de futbol de Americana. El estadio en feliz valle.                 

El junio pasado, yo fue a un juego de béisbol  a veintiuno y evitar. hemos perdido, pero quedó en segundo lugar

El junio hace cuatro anos, mi hermano y yo fuimos a Busch jardines. Acabemos de llegar de una montaña rusa.

El augusto pasado, mi todo  familia fuimos Yankees partido.

El junio pasado, mi papa y yo fuimos boda de mi mamma y mi Papa, en Scranton.

El augusto pasado mi hermana y yo fuimos foto y mi cumpleaños, en mi abuelos casa.


What grade would you assign yourself for each category?

Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Approaches Expectations


Does Not Meet Expectations













Strengths of your process or product

Weaknesses of your process or product

Knowing peers who can help

Knowing the  words

The story behind my product i think is a strength

My voice over didint work

How did you apply the SLA core values to your project?
I collabarated with my peers to put my project together
I did a reflection on the project
I presented it on the blog
I had many inquires to answer
I researched words i didnt know.

What did you learn about Spanish through completing this project?

I  learned more worrds and  what they mean.

What did you change about your final project based on peer feedback?  What did you change based on Srta. G’s feedback?

I Changed a few spelling errors.

If you had the opportunity to start your project all over again, how would you do it differently?

Try harder on the voice over it didnt work

Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

I did it gave me a chance to remember my past summers.

Do you have any suggestions for me if I do this same project next year?

No i thought it was fun and good.

Pipeline Monologue Project

In this monologue, there were many issues portrayed in a unqiue way. How a single mother has  experience the pipeline project frist hand. Another view is from a politician wife, the Rep. from Texas. These role are taken and shared, so that many views are taken into consideration of the project.

Dairy Entry  - 1080p
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Lobbying Pro Patient Protection and Affordable Care Law #2

Of the Senator that I would most be able able to appeal to would be Sen. Bob Casey Jr.. Sen. Pat Toomey would support my agenda ever as he is a typical right-wing senator, reluctant to fund medicare. Casey was born in Scranton to already political family. He went to prep school and taught in philadelphia while in college. He initial ran to governor but lost. He then became Pennsylvania's Treasurer.  He ran for senate in 2006 and has held the seat since.

What makes him a good center to my lobbying efforts is his view toward health care and care of young children in general. As treasurer he make daycare and other programs for the younger generations more affordable. Then a senator he focused on assuring CHIP stead in operation and other beneficial health care programs. He seems very rooted in helping the less capable just as the overall health care law was intended. He does seem very generic brand democrat but he does seem to focus a lot more on health care than the usual. 

He is more cautious and thinks further ahead than other senators. The health care law is taking that approach so it's understandable he would support it. For example, he is requesting aid for fema storm aid before we even have had a snowflake. He cares about the individual counties of his state.He fought to save community development. We share values about important to a community togetherness. I think he can take this beyond philadelphia and push my agendas to the national level.

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Q1BM: Español Proyecto de Dakota


What grade would you assign yourself for each category?

Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Approaches Expectations


Does Not Meet Expectations













Strengths of your process or product

Weaknesses of your process or product

- pictures

- sentences (structure)

- verbs

- recordings

- some conjugations 

- simple

How did you apply the SLA core values to your project?

I used collaboration to practice saying the words on my slides and checking over each other's work.. I used presentation by using Keynote and recording everything that was on my slides. Which is presenting, just not in the typical way. I used inquiry because I asked questions to other students on how to format sentences, how to say certain things, and asking if they can check over my work.

What did you learn about Spanish through completing this project?

I learned about the past tense verbs. I knew about them before but, I couldn't ever memorize them, which I can do now. Also, I learned that ir and ser have the same conjugation for past tense. 

What did you change about your final project based on peer feedback?  What did you change based on Srta. G’s feedback?

I changed a lot of verbs because they were in the wrong order. I changed where I put some commas at and other punctuations.

If you had the opportunity to start your project all over again, how would you do it differently?

I would practice more on the pronunciation because I know those could be better. Also, I would do the project on a different application like, IMovie or IPhoto so I could add more effects and such.

Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?

I did enjoy this project because I was able to see my friends' pictures from when they were younger. We got to have fun and laugh each other. While, we learned how to talk about the pictures in Spanish. 

Explain this project in your own words.  (the mission, etc.)

The mission of this project was to demonstrate what we learned from the previous lessons. We had to learn the past - tense verbs about our past summers. Also, we had to use the new adjectives, verbs, and locations that we learned to talk about our past summers.

How did you apply the SLA core values to your project?

Everything fell apart when it came to the recordings. It was really challenging for me to get it to sound right. Even when I thought it sounded right, I knew it was probably wrong. I just tried my best to make sure it was understandable.



Lobbying Pro Patient Protection and Affordable Care Law

​There is a push towards eradicating the law. It is meant to make health care more assemble and affordable to the people. It also aims to better the health of the country as a whole. There are republican and other right wing groups trying to see this happen in contrast to group trying to prevent a change or even trying to introduce more changes. I figure it would be best to leave the law in place an give time to see the effects. I think anything more would border socialism.

The law has been divided through party lines. With very few oddballs, democrats generally support the bill while republican support it. This stems to from their basic views on government. Since the right advocates for less government involvement in everything, health care isn't any different. Meanwhile, the left sees the law as an opportunity to fix a broken system through regulation. It's still a very heated debate and the laws affects are coming into reality slowly. It's only been a year since the bill became law so there is still time to backtrack and erase the affects of the law after the next round of elections.

I understand there are different views and there are many ways to go about the system but if this law is halted there won't be any to show for the democratic majority of Obama's presidency. It won't be going anywhere as of now but we are seeing the affects and so for I am optimistic. I am able to stay on parents medical insurance for longer than i could have before and the loop in the system seem to getting fixed. Local change will come and I want to see it happen. It won't if opponents have their way, so I find it something worth lobbying for.

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Clear Object Drawing

​In this drawing, I really wanted to show the lines that actually formed the cup. I noticed how when you see something clear, it basically shows you the edges and everything (including the edges on the inside). That is what I tried to accomplished.

Materials I used for this were just a plain old pencil, paper, and charcoal. I tried to do some shading, but was confused on where to actually shade, since I didn't really see shadows. At least, I didn't think they were shadows, they were more link glossy areas after the edges.
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Blog Post #2: Curfew

Representative: Maria D. Quinones-Sanchez
Maria is a very outstanding women in my point of view. She was born on November 21st in Philadelphia, PA. The 7th district is represented by her and what she does. She's been in office since 2008 and will stay in office until 2012. Out of the office she is a wife and a mother with two kids. In the November 6th election of 2007 she had a whopping number of votes with 80% of them. Out of all of the district representatives, Maria is the youngest one. Not only known for the reduced crime rates by her but also the increase in the economic opportunity, she has accomplished amazing achievements.

When the whole "Curfew law" was being put into action, Maria was all in for it. She wasn't going to fight against it because she knew this would help not only in the city but also around the 7th district as well. Even though I don't agree with her and the whole curfew, I do believe she is doing it for the right reason. Maria and I are similar in different ways, for example we're both Latinos and making a different in the world. I say that we're both making a difference in the world because when she's doing work around the city, I am as well with my community service.


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M Saunders Spanish Project

Spanish Project
Photo on 10-23-11 at 7.51 PM
Año pasado julio.  Yo fui veado rancho en New Zealand verano pasado.  Me favorita veado en la foto.

Yo fui New Zealand.  Me mama y yo visita amigos en New Zealand verano pasado.

Mi mamá y yo fuimos un cueva en New Zealand verano pasado.  Cueva muy interesante.

Mi familia y yo fuimos Chicago primavera de 2009.

Mi familia y yo fuimos un Negro Americano Historia Musica en Chicago primavera de 2009.

Mi familia y yo fuimos parque de diversiones en Chicago.

Yo fui en un baraco paseo verano pasado.

Mi familia y yo fuimos acuario en Chicago.
En foto langosta.

Mi familia y yo fuimos zoo en New Zealand.
En foto leon.

Mi mama y yo visita familia y amigos en Ocean City, New Jersey verano pasado.

Mi familia y yo visita Orlando, Florida verano pasado. En foto dragon dagger.

Jschwartz Spanish project

​​This project was to show what you did over a summer in spanish. It was more then just explaining that you had fun but we showed it through pictures.
Inquiry- Señorita G asked us to do this project
Research- I used my past notes and my peers to help me finish this project.
Collaboration- Other students in my spanish class helped me with the project and I helped them.
Presentation- We had to organize our final product into a slideshow.
Reflection- I am now answering these questions
I learned a lot of things like proper conjugation of verbs, and using imovie.
I knew most of the spanish before the project and studying helped me remember when I did the project.
I would try to organize my time better to finish the project a little sooner. Also I would try to elaborate on my pictures more.
I liked this project because i love spanish and showing my summers.

El Verano Pasado: Roger Bracy

This project was basically about what we did this summer, and use what we have learned in class this quarter to express are experiences in the past tense. We had to find photo and explain who was in them, when they were taken, and where were you at. Then decide and make a project reflecting your descriptions of your work. 


What grade would you assign yourself for each category?

Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Approaches Expectations


Does Not Meet Expectations













Strengths of your process or product

Weaknesses of your process or product

The descriptions were easy to do because they were of my family which makes it easier to explain.

imovie helped me a lot to make my project look as good as it does. this was also similar to use.

Recording gave me some trouble, trying to make my speech clear and loud was the main difficulty for me. 

Peer edits didn't help me as much I did some edits by myself. I think as a class we could do better on critiquing each others work.

How did you apply the SLA Core Values to your project?

Inquiry- we were questioned and we answered “Qué hice el verano pasado”

Research- we found pictures of the past figured out where and when they were taken.

Presentation- I used imovie, added pictures, and voiced over with garageband

Collaborationwe all critiqued all of our projects to make them better.

Reflection- I looked over what I've put out as a final project and feel like I've done a great job with the concept.

I learned to use the passed tense of some Spanish words (basically conjugated)

I also learned more uses of iMovie.

What I would do differently is go through and edit twice and make sure different eyes see my work, so it's not only me critiquing my work.

I did enjoy this project because of the process I felt it was a good beginning benchmark for the start of the year.

Lobbying Blog Part Two: Public Officials

Someone who represents me and my lobbying topic is Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez.

(photo source:
She is the vice-chair of the committee on streets and services of Philadelphia. Her responsibility is to help keep the streets, bridges, alleyways, driveways, and the roads clean and free of garbage. “All matters relating to the surveying functions of the city.”

In the past, as it has been researched there has been a bill that was passed by the Mayor on October 21st, of 2009 that has been sponsored by Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez. Which is bill that amends the provisions of Philadelphia’s code regulating dumpsters. The bill describing that dumpsters need to be in licensed areas, kept well painted, and etc. The link to the PDF version of the enacted bill 090123-AAA is here.

I currently live in the Seventh District of Philadelphia in which is the District that Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez is the democratic council member of.

A streets department program called “Philly Spring Clean Up” was started in 2008 and the even was most definitely a great event. The turn out was amazing, so for the past four years there has been annual events where Philadelphians help clean up around April. In 2010, for the Philly Spring Clean Up event, Mr. Jason Dawkins from Mr. Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez has acted as project coordinator  to organize  volunteers for the event. Within the Philly Spring Clean Up, the Philadelphians that are resided help de-weed, clean up parks,  remove debris from areas, repair benches, help paint and etc. In 2008, it was confirmed by ‘Keep America Beautiful’ that the Philly Spring Clean up event for the single day had the largest city-wide clean up on record. Ever since there has been this amazing event that happens in the spring to help the beautification of Philadelphia. Being as though Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez is in the help of beautifying Philadelphia, I feel as though she is a great person who represents me and my lobbying topic.


Here is a link about Ms. Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez from ‘Technically Philly about her thoughts tax reform and etc.

Other Links concerning my Lobbying Topic:
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The point of this project is to learn how to pronounce spanish, and how to apply it in a creative way. In this project, the sla values were applied by my process, how I researched, then, how I presented it. I learned preterites, and how to pronounce them. At one point in the project, when I did the voice overs, everything just worked, which was very good. I would maybe add a few more pictures, or maybe even add more captions to the pictures. I very much enjoyed this project, because it did teach me a lot. 
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