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Klarissa Hudson Q2 Media Frequency


“Hello class. My slide is about the effects of peer pressure. It says that peer pressure equals disaster. That’s just what I think of peer pressure but someone else might say differently. I’ve had many experiences with peer pressure and this is the way I describe peer pressure because of it. In elementary school peer pressure got me into a group of girls thinking I’d be picked on less if I was apart of their click. Another peer pressure was when my boyfriend wanted me to do something that I wasn’t comfortable with but I did it anyway to make him happy. Both pressures ended in me being hurt more than before. So to me peer pressure equals disaster. I chose this backround just to show what disaster and give the presentation color and picture. Then I put white letters to contrast the design and used cracked letters to give the words some pizaz. I tried to keep the words simple and nice so I chose peer pressure and disaster. Thank you and that’s all.”  

I learned that the way pictures and words are done make a big impact and image on people and their thinking. The size, shape, color, and way it’s positioned effects it’s outlook to others. Contrast is pretty darn awesome in slides and shows a lot. I like experimenting with slide designs and pictures and colors. I also used this source. I think it looks better this time than before. The words and font are clearer and more legible. The white lettering is better looking and contrasting than the orange lettering.
Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 11.36.33 AM
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Q2 Media Fluency

Because many suggested that I get rid of the quotes on my slide, I decided to do so and delete them, because like they said, it actually is more meaningful. Additionally, the audience felt that the words were covering my face too much. In actuality, it was supposed to cover to have the audience focus on the text. To improve the contrast even further, I switched everything to the opposite side. So now, the yellow period is even more outstanding than the other text to solidify the statement on the slide. Finally, to make the slide come back to life, I fixed the shadowing on the text to make sure it still had the "night and day" effect to it. 

Throughout this slide design unit, I learned a ton. I used to think that slides were designed so that you can read them to your audience. It turns out that slides were used for a reason far from that. I now know that slides are nothing but a VISUAL AID, meaning it’s supposed to help you a little bit by helping you remember key points in a presentation but a Keynote of PowerPoint presentation is 90% made for your audience to follow. I learned from websites like Presentation Zen, Zach Holman, and that less is more, picture backgrounds can be modified via Alpha, and that color contrast is key in a slide.    

Hi everyone,

My slide is entitled “The Dreamer.” For my color scheme, I used a pallet of light-ish primary colors, because the contrast with each other very much. The background of the slide was composed of a fade from yellow to a baby blue. The yellow represents the day, while blue represents the night. The yellow of the background in the slide “shines” a light onto the letters in the slide and the letters then have a shadow. I used the website as a reference to see which colors contrasted the most with each other so that the words would be relatively clear. The punctuation and quotes in the slide are in different but bolder colors to emphasize the statements.

            The text is shown to be very important because of its boldness and contrast to the background of the slide. I adjusted the kerning on some words so that they would appear more or less important and impacting on my audience. Since the quotes are in the upper left corner, they almost sway the audience to look at the bottom where the more important text is, the title. I used plenty of emptiness to keep my slide very simple to understand, and so that when the few words on the slide were read that the audience could look at the speaker. The picture bleeds off of the slide, and the picture is also in a way “looking” into the yellow light of the background on the slide.

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Brian's ABOUT ME Slide Post

Hello, my name is Brian. I have many hobbies. I love to hangout with friends, listen to music, play sports, and mostly dance.

When I was little I use to sit outside and listen to Michael Jackson on my CD Player, yes CD Player that’s how long ago it was. Even as a kid i use to dance, at my Aunts party I did the moon walk with my cousins uncle. We had everyone laughing and clapping and singing along.

I love to shop for hats and shoes. Nike is the best! 

My favorite music artist would definitly have to be Drake.

My favortie movies are all the Transformers and all 3 Step Up movies.

My favorite sports are football and basketball.

Personal slidepdf
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!Hola, Angie!


¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas, muchacha? ¿Qué pasa? Mi cumpleaños es el vienti seis de diciembre. Tengo catorce años. ¿Y tú? Yo tengo dos mayor hermanas. ¿Y tú? Yo soy muy alto y deportes y cómic. Caul es tú calór favorita? Me favorito es verde. En Filadelfia, el tiempo es frio e de vez en cuando fresco. Mi amigos son mucho divertida y cómic. ¿Y tú, muchacha? Yo soy increiblemente habladoro y bastante trabajadora. No soy nada perezoso o timido. ¿Y tú? ¿Le gusta es fútbol o beisból? Me favorito deportes es balconcesto e fútbol. Mi familia es mi vida. Mi pápa es muy, muy inteligente y sociable. Mi dos hermanas son súper cómic sin embargo bastante seria a veces. Mi primavera escuela fue católico. ¿Caul es su escuela nombre? Pues, tengo comer la cena, lo siento mi amiga. ¡Hasta luego!
Me 2
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Philadelphia City Wage Tax - Blog Post 3

The status of my issue remains unchanged and not debated at the moment. I have researched legislation through Philadelphia's city council, the level in which my topic applies, and I have found no changes in the City Wage Taxes of Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue nor changes in the city's plan for wage taxes. Things seem to be simply at a stand still for my topic and this is probably because of the timeframe given for the rates that we currently have, which is from July 1st of 2011 and December 31st, according to the Philadelphia Department of Revenue. One official that I have found "opposed" to high City Wage Tax is the Philadelphia City Council President, Anna C. Verna, who according to City Council's website had been, "… a consistent supporter of wage and business tax reductions…" 

However, it is unclear who exactly is against the City Wage Taxes. It appears that the City Wage Tax has not been a issue that has been brought to light in city council and neither are their any organized supporters or lobbyist against the current tax rate. However, one very interesting point was brought up by a local tax reform advocate named Brett Mandel, who according to WHYY's article, Good News: Lower Philly Wage Taxes in 2009, states that if the city generates more casinos and such, the City Wage Tax will decrease along with property taxes based on the revenue that the casinos produce. So in a long run, I could lobby for casino construction in Philadelphia, making my opponents those who are against the casino creations. With my issue pertaining directly to the taxes, I do not know who I can go to or write to other than the officials in city hall. 

According to the mayor's website, "… as a result of the recent downturn, the City has established a rate reduction moratorium on further City-financed reductions… until 2014 or until economic pressures lift." What I am thinking from this is that the city as well as legislators see the wage taxes as something that benefits the city more than most things. What the city and legislators aren't considering is how much the wage tax takes away from paychecks, including those who can barely afford the costs of living. My opponents are going to be those who support the City Wage Tax and those who benefit from the tax (nonprofit organization and institutions). There has been no policy written to address the issue at hand, so I believe I will have to come up with one with someone a council member or the mayor himself. 

I believe that city council members are essential to the outcome in which I wish to occur. I will need council members to agree with a reduction of the City Wage Tax and I would then need them to propose ideas to the council and in the long run to the mayor. As far as people to support this cause, I am sure I can people from all over the city that agree that the Wage Taxes are too high and should be reduced. In the end the mayor would have to make the final decision and hopefully the wage tax can be lowered without hurting our city in any way. With the lack of debate and discussion of the City Wage Taxes, I would say that there is no time limit or time frame. 

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¡Hola Leydi Pirela mi nuevo amiga!

Querid Leydi Pirela,

Hola Leydi, soy Alexis McCormick, tengo 15 años. Mi cumpleaños es el agosto 12,1996. Soy un el verano bebé. Soy nacido y criado en Filadelfia la ciudad del amor fraternal. Me gusta escuchar música y cantar y salir con mi novio Michael may lindo es mucho moreno. No me gusta nada dibujar y jugar videojuegos. Soy un poquit boba y cómica. Podría sentarme para el día hablando de algo divertido, soy muy bueno en eso! Jajaja Es por eso que tengo muchos amigos. Yo tengo novio,  y el es muy lindo con migo, lo quiero mucho. ¿Y tu tienes novio? ¿Como estas ? ¿Cómo eres tú? ¿Qué haces para divertirte? Quiero saber más sobre lo que me gustaría saber, espero que podamos ser buenos amigos Cuando no estoy en la escuela yo estoy con mi novio o si no estoy con el, estoy con mi amigas Wendy y Angelina y Marisa,bailey, yo mi gusta comprar ropa de secreto rosa Victoria. Me encanta tu nombre tanto!  ¿Cuál es tu casa, como? Yo tengo  ojos azules  y tengo pelo rubio y yo no mi gusta nada cocinar pero si mi gusta comer, pero no estoy gorda . Bueno, me voy porque tengo que estudiar. Espero a escuchar de ti pronto y escuchar todo sobre su vida maravillosa. adiós :)

Con cariño,
my baby
Este es mi novio va a trabajar.
Photo on 11-4-11 at 9.51 AM
Mi mijor amiga Wendy ! <3 
Photo on 11-4-11 at 10.17 AM
Mi mijor amiga Angelina .
Mi mijor candador Prince royce ! <3
Y este soy yo.
Mi hermoso ciudad.
Mi mijor amiga Marisa
Aquí está mi canción favorit Precio por Royce!
Photo on 11-1-11 at 11.20 AM #3
Mi mijor amiga Bailey.
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The Good Friends : Episode 1 (Thanksgiving Special)

1st Episode TGF
Check out the first episode of The Good Friends! Get the latest news on movies, benchmarks, college and the do's and don'ts for Thanksgiving. Also find out who was picked to be the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Sorry it took so long to get to SLA's homepage. But for those of you who did not see the link on twitter and facebook, check it out here now! =)


While I was doing this slide I thought about how I would put all the thing about me into one slide. I did alot of other slides before I choose this one. I basically made every thing combine, I used just a few colors, I used the circuler theme to have the reader focus on the topic and then focus on the other thing, and there is repetition with color.
Who is Monisha Das copy
I changed my slide to this, so there will just be one main topic, which is "Who is Monisha Das?". I used the color scheme combination of the colors black and white. I tried to stay simple and not have to much stuff on the slide, this way it will get the message through and not have a confusion. I made these changes because my other slide looked a bit messy and had to much things going on. 
Who is monisha das
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Q2 Media Fluency

Hello class

I have given my slide the title of "Just Taking My Time" because that is exactly what i do with my life. I don't rush things, I never do things all at once. The tortoise is a strong representation of my life.

I bled the picture to make it seem as it was coming onto to the slide from offstage.
The tortoise was a visual aid for my slide.
There is also lots of empty space so the audience can focus on just the words and the picture.

The bolded and contrasted "TIME" is so the audience can focus on that one word and know it is important because it stands out.


From this project I have learned presentation zen. I have always seen billboards and slides with good eye-catching designs. I have never known the proper names for the effects until now. I have learned about “bleeding” and “kerning”. I learned about the basic fundamental knowledge of slide design. Color contrast, boldness, and font is something I improved in. I feel that knowing more about the slide design will help me with presentations in my other classes.  

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HOLA! Qu Pasa?

Querida Rosibel,
¡Hola! Me llamo Adam Feliciano, tiene quince años. Yo soy puertorriqueño, alto, guapo(jajaja), muy cómico, y inteligente (la imagen de arriba soy yo). Soy de Filadelfia pero vivo en Filadelfia también. Aqui, Filadelfia es bastante grande y es muy divertido porque tu puedes hacer muchas cosas. Por ejemplo, tu puedes salir con tus amigos a los partidos, ir al cine, ir patinaje, y mucho mãs. ¡Qué chévere! ¿Si? Me escuela se llama "Science Leadership Academy". Me encanta mi escuela porque tú tiene mucho libertad. En la almuerzo tú puedo caminar alrededor de la escuela y para la comida fuera de la escuela. Pero no me gusta nada con la tarea porque es mucho para hacer y porquito difícil. ¡Es realmente bueno aunque! No me gusta nada ayudar en casa, leer, ni correr pero me fascina nadar, ir al cine, y pasar un rato con amigos. ¿Y tú? Aqui tiene un origin étnico muy diverso qué hace qué la cuidad mucho más interesante. Filadelfia no es caliente todo en año. Hacer calor en junio, julio, y agosto. Esta fresco en septiembre, octubre, noviembre, marzo, abril, y mayo. Esta mucho mucho frio en diciembre, enero, y febrero. Ahora te lo dije poco sobre mí, me gustaría saber poco acerca de usted. ¿Cuáles son sus intereses? ¿Cómo es la vida allí...? ¡Bueno, me voy porque tengo hambre y necesito auydar en la casa, adios!

Con cariño,

Adam Feliciano

¡Aquí está mi escuela!
A continuación se muestran imágenes de Filadelfia en la noche.
A continuación es el vídeo de la ciudad de Filadelfia.
Philadelphia Aerial Footage
"​Puerto Rican Parade"

Yo estaba allí, pero no en el video. ¡jajaja!
2011 Puerto Rican Day Parade
Si usted quiere mantenerme en contacto, me añade en

: Adam Phaze Feliciano

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¡Hola! Naivy

Querido Naivy,


¿Qué más? Mi nombre es Emmañuel. Tengo quince años. Soy arficano - americano. Vivo en Filadelfia. Se conoce como “La Ciudad de Armor Fraternal.” ¿Qúe tal? ¿De donde eres tú? ¿Qúe tiempo hace hoy en Maracaibo, Venezuela? Me gusta escuchar música, practiacr deportes, y ir de compras. Me gusta Kobe Bryant y él es basante deportista. No me gusta nada leer, estudiar, y trabajar. ¿Y a ti? ¿Qúe te gusta hacer en Maracaibo? Soy muy cómico y bobo, sin embargo soy inteligente. También soy muy delgado y lindo. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres tú? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que ir al baño. Responde cuando puedas. ¡Hasta mañana!


Con cariño,


Photo on 11-5-11 at 1.44 AM #2
Photo on 10-6-11 at 8.27 PM #2
 Fotos of Filadelfia comida, Filadelfia amas parque, y mi familia.

Am I a Man or a Coward?

Brandon Mangum 


Am I a Man or a Coward?


            I’m so happy we got out of school early; I had a fun time today. The only bad part of the day was that I have to attend my ILP. It’s all the way on spring garden and broad St. It starts soon so I had to hurry up and get there. I walked to the trolley and I took it to 15th street. After I arrived at 15th street I had to wait for the train. As I was waiting I notice about seven boys that were near me. I didn’t think anything of it the time; I just kept on playing the games on my phone. When the train came I walked on and sat in the first seat I saw. The boys that I saw at the train station walked on the train towards the far back. After waiting on the train for 3 minutes, I got up because my stop was next. Then all of a sudden the seven boys walked up next to me and surrounded me on the train. Two of them had their fist balled up. He looked like he was going to punch me but before he could the doors opened and I quickly walked out. I went up all the stairs until I was finally above ground. For a quick second I thought I lost them, but sadly, that wasn’t the case at all.


Why are those boys running towards me? Did I do something to anger them? Should I run away? I wish someone could answer my questions but unfortunately there is no one to answer them. I increased my speed and pretended like I didn’t see them, hoping they will stop running and not mess with me. But I couldn’t be more wrong, the gang of boys just ran faster towards me with balled up fist. I knew now I only had once choice, which is to run. I ran across the street, trying to dodge cars and avoid getting killed or very badly injured. I’m ducking under tree branches, jumping over fire hydrant, and hopping over gates. I never got so tried in my life. But I couldn’t help but think that I was acting like a “bitch” by running away from those boys. I started to feel like a coward or a punk because I didn’t stand my ground and fight those boys for whatever they wanted. I always called my self a man but can I still say that after what I’m doing now? A lot of men that I know would never run away from other people the way I did. Maybe I should stop running catch my breath for a little and try to flight all of them, I mean that what a man would do right? A true man wouldn’t like other people implant for into them, causing him to run. If I were a real man like I think I am, I would just flight with pride and if I lose at lease I lose being a man instead of a “pussy”. I started to slow down as I thought about it some more. Should I be a safe coward or be an injured man with pride? 

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¡Hola, Rafael Sandrea!

Querido Rafael,

¡Hola! Me nombre es Bailey Britton. Tengo catorce años. Soy de Filadelfia. Me cumple es el enero veinte siete. ¿E tú? Soy muy boba, muy habladora, y muy deportista. ¿É tú? Me gusta bailar, cocinar, y pasar un rato con amigos. No me gusta nada leer, correr, y estudiar. Tengo rubia. Soy más o menos dibujar. Bueno, me voy porque tengo que ir estudia y comer.

Bailey Britton
Photo on 10-19-11 at 6.29 PM
Este soy yo.
4-up on 10-7-11 at 10.01 AM (compiled)
Este es mi mejor amiga Angelina.
Photo on 10-30-11 at 4.07 PM
Esta soy yo y mis primos, Emily y Derek.
Photo on 11-4-11 at 7.16 PM
Esta soy yo y mi primo Karson.
Photo on 11-11-11 at 5.35 PM #2
Esta soy yo y mi amiga Carolina.
Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 11.28.43 AM
Esta soy yo y mis mejores amigos, Angelina y Alexis.

¿Qué Más Alex Garcia?

Hola! ¿Qúe más? ¡Me nombre es Nikki Adeli! Tengo catorce años. ¿Cuando años tienes tú? Me cumple es el veintiseis de Noveimbre. ¡Es en cinco días! ¿Cuando es tu cumple? Soy muy cómica y deportista. ¡Tambíen, soy guapa! ¡Jajaja!

Soy de Mississippi pero vivo en Filadelphia. Yo vivo con mi mamá y mi hermana Bahar. Mi papá vives en Mississippi.

Tengo una hermana. Se llama Bahar. ¡Mi encanta mi hermana! ¡Bahar es muy inteligente y bonita!
Me encanta practicar deportes. ¡Me encanta fútbol! Mi equipo de fútbol favorito Real Madrid. Me encanta Cristiano Ronaldo. Es increiblemente lindo. ¡Jajaja!
Tambien me encanta eschuchar musica. Me gusta LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, y Chris Brown. Los fines de semana, me encanta estar de vago con mis amigas. ¡Me encanta mi amigas! 
Photo on 10-12-11 at 12.58 PM #2
No me gusta nada mentriosos ni asesinos. Además me tambien no gusta nada ayudar en casa ni correr. ¡Jaja!

¡Bueno! Tengo que ir a hacer mi tarea. ¡Uf!


Con Cariño,
Nikki Adeli 

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Hey everyone, my name is Marcus Burrell and I am going to explain to you, some of the reasons why I put these pictures on my slide. The pictures that I chose represent who I am as a person, like my flaws, and who I truly am as a person.My picture is the back, and is the biggest picture because i am the theme.Certain pictures that are on my slide can say a lot about who I am without any words. There's more to me than what meets the eye. I can't be judged on my appearance. I am like a book and you have to explore to find out the true meaning of that book. 
tech project
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Q2 Media Fluency

When creating my presentation, visual was an important factor. When creating an all about me slide you wouldn't want to create a whole essay. This would only bore the crowd that you are presenting to and confuse them on what your talking about. For instance, my slide below doesn't include a lot of words because I want the crowd to listen to me and take a couple of seconds looking at the slide. In addition to this, COLOR matters. When I created my slide I chose colors that gave a pattern on my slide. I didn't choose to bright or to dark colors together because then it would look a hot mess and would most likely make you color blind! On my presentation, my pictures were divided into portions. For example, one portion talks about my motivation while the other represents my culture or favorite foods. Last but not least, "alpha" was a very important role. The reasoning for this because without cropping your pictures, your presentation would look very tacky and look as if you didn't put any time into it.
adam feliciano
​Slide Reflection:

After my slide presentation, I realized that I had too many pictures too close to each other in which it didn't look organized. In addition to this, I also realized that since this presentation was about me, I should have name in bold and enlarged. Then my first name was the most important to me so it should be unique. Therefore I had the letters in different fonts. Other than that, everything else was okay.
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Melanie Harrington Q2 Media Fluency

In my slide i made the title large so that the audience is drawn to it. Surrounding the slide are little "me"'s . I used repetition and designed the "me"'s to travel in a circles so that each me would lead into the next. Then, i wrote some words that described me. The end of each word lead the readers eyes right into the begining of the next one.
Melanie Slide
​After some thought and constructive criticism from my peers, I decided to make some changes to my slide. First off, I noticed that my picture was not aligned with anything in the slide, so I moved it over to aligne it with the green text box. When I moved my picture over, the words shifted so that "responsible" was overlapped with the "me's" on the side. I changed "responsible" to "dancer" so that it fit in the slide and all the words were about the same length. Also, I had to aligne "cat"  because it was off on it's alignement to the word "caring".  
Revised Melanie Slide

Micah Getz Q2 Media Fluency

I used a bunch of different things for this. 

I used:
  • Rule of thirds
  • Make type big
  • Visual theme
  • Color schemes
  • Keep it simple, a point from this web site.
Micah's Tech Me!
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Q2 Media Fluency

The size portion of my slide was very important. I tried to make whatever parts of my slide that had text in it, big and readable from maybe about 5 feet away. I tried to make this slideshow as bright as possible. I made sure that all the colors mixed and looked well together, and that there were a few colors and pictures that actually popped out first to the reader’s attention. I also tried to make this slide very visual. As you can see, there are a lot more pictures on here than text, which should better catch people’s attention and keep it. Honestly, if there was a slide with mainly text, it would be very boring and dull. There was a lot of bleeding within the pictures as well. Most of the pictures don’t fit in the “frame” which makes it more engaging, and making the image seem a lot larger. I don’t like empty space, and felt like empty space shouldn’t be on my slide, so that’s why there is none. The visual theme was just basically me and my life, so everything that was put on here had a personal connection with my life.


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Amy Chen Q2 Media Fluency

During my final copy
I took out the picture that are not needed 
I also took the idea that my classmate gave me like make the picture bleed
I keep my slide short with using 3 major sports 
I also change the color of my picture and background 
I kept my text large and baby blue because I want the audience to focus on it 
that is pretty much 


As you can see I change my slide 
I change my color of the background 
and i eliminated the picture that are not needed 
I also made my words bigger 
and using less word
the reason why the color on my background is tan is because i want to start to blend in with the background
I keep my front a baby blue so the audience can focus on it 
I use the rule of 7 words only
because i want to keep it basic 

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 12.33.04 PM

As you can see, in my slide you see a check sign or a nike side
the reason why I put this in the middle is because it lead you to the path
when you look at the slide
you see the arrow that point to the top 
well, when you look at my slide and follow the arrow
you see the football, baseball and the basketball
its like a circle so when you follow the circle 
it lead you to my favorite position that i play in these sports
as you can see in baseball my favorite part is catching the ball
and in basketball my favorite part is shooting the ball
and in football my favorite part is catching the ball 
another reason why i put the nike sign is because 
nike is a brand with all sports stuff
and when it come to sport
i always go to nike and shop
so not does it just describe my favorite sport
but also describe my favorite brand 

Me slides
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I chose this picture because it defines what i like the most in this world... gymnastics. it doesn't have a lot of words so its short and simple. The quote is my favorite quote becuase its exactly how i feel.
tech slide
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Media Fluency

I added the things i did to my slide because I wanted to easily and simply show my love for photography. I did not use a lot of words because I didn't want people to focus on the words, just on the photos, and me talking.

-The fist photo I added was taken in Cap Cod last summer.
-The second photo I added was taken at the Grand Canyon last December.
- The Third photo I added was taken at the Grand Canyon last December.
- The forth photo I added was taken In Florida last April.
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Alexis Dean Q2 Media Fluency

When designing my slide, I used many of the tips and tricks from presentation zen to improve my already thought out design. The rule of thirds was a major slide setter for me. Meaning that I wanted balance to my slide as well as my world and I feel like the way that I arranged my pictures and my phrases and/or names on my slide would ease the way the audience viewed my slide. I also incorporated empty space and negative space into my slide because I could have made a collage for my presentation slide, but I wanted to to be audience friendly as well as an expression of me. I choose empty space because I feel like that is the way I live my life. In certain points having surroundings at all moments/areas and then whenever I feel be able to have my own empty space. I used tracking for my letters instead of kerning because I dont like when things are uneven or even just a little bit off. (I guess that's my ocd for ya lol) Other than that I used something called the 7 x 7 rule for my one slide to describe myself. The 7 x 7 rule states that there should be no more than 7 words on a slide other than the title. On my slide, there is exactly 7 words that all have many descriptive ways to explain myself without making my slide look junky.
Alexis's FInal Slide
From the Classroom discussion, I learned alot and received some really good feedback from my peers. The things I changed to make my slide better where getting rid of the words that I used to describe me and to have the pictures bleed into each other to each other to create more of a collage effect and to make my slide pop. In class I learned that less is more and by making your pictures bigger and having them bleed, creates for a really good slide and that was our mission. To become good designers.
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Alex Held's Slide

Things that made my slide better were the following:

- few words

- big letters

- pictures

- things that appeal to the viewer

- eye-catching material

    When I started designing my slide, I wanted to create something that personified who I was and what makes me up- what I do and see almost every day of my life. I wanted to make something original that told who I was without writing a paragraph about myself. I used many of the helpful tips on the Presentation zen website to guide me in creating a productive slide. I used the 7x7 rule to limit the words I have on my slide. It states to have no more than seven words on my slide. I wanted to keep it short and to the point just like the "glance media." I also incorporated the "rule of thirds" into my slide by using both images and text to lure the eye into the slide. Again, using the tips, I utilized the "blank space" and "one slide, on point" rules to the best of my abilities. I left blank space because those are the things in my life that I do cherish, some more than those that I put on my slide, but I know deep down that they do mean more to me and do not necessarily need to be displayed. I also just wanted to get my point across and not say much at all.

    On my revised slide I added a black fill to the blank spaces with colors that did not fit in with the rest of the slide as I was commented on during my presentation. 
Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 12.32.44 PM
My Slide
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