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Quierda Angie Gonzalez

¡Hola! Soy Allen Harmon
.Tengo 15 años.Me cumpleanos ed 30 de Octubre.Soy de Filadelfila. Me gusta baloncesto y béisbol, y tú? Me no gusta leer y cómer. Secundaria es difícil. Mucho tarea,me tengo que ir.
Photo on 10-26-11 at 9.47 AM
This is me.

Wynn Geary Q2 media fluency

My friends make me; this is the phrase that inspired my slide. My text and photograph are set on a simple white background that represents my life without my friends. the text contrasts sharply with the background using bright fun colors, they represent my “hopefully” bright personality. The font I chose was  “taller evolution” I chose it because it still stayed with my other theme minimalism (for ease of reading), while still being exciting. Lastly there is the only picture, well its not actually the only picture, this is where “ my friends make me” comes in, this photograph of me is made up of pictures of my friends and I. It’s called a photo mosaic. I thought it would be perfect for this project. I chose this photo because the background is white and blends in with the background giving it a smoother, less choppy look.


Thank you 

websites that promote minimalism:
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¡Hola Mayerlin!

Querida Mayerlin,

            ¿Qué pasa? Mi nombre es Bailey. Estoy enferma ahora. Sin embargo, es casi desaparecido. Me siento un poco mejor que la semana pasada. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es diez de julio. ¿Cuándo es cumpleaños? Vivo en Filadelfia. Hace es bastante viento hoy.

¿Qué te gusta hacer en Maracaibo? Me encanta es bailar. Cuando baila, me siento libre. Mi también es cocción pastelitos, es por eso que mi amigos llamar me magdalena. De vez en cuando me gusta dibujar o jugar con mis amigos. Uf, no me gusta nada ir al escuela, que puede ser aburrida a veces. ¡Pero me encanta mi maetros! Simplemente no, el trabajo. ¿Qué música te gusta escuchar? Casi siempre yo escuchar a Beyoncé y Glee Cast canciones. ¡Me encanta su música! La música es mi vida. Me ayuda a concentrarse.

Soy es muy boba y baja. Odio mi estatura, a menudo es muy agravantes. Mis hermanos reír a mí mucho. ¡Tengo cinco hermanos! Es una locura en mi casa. ¿Tengo hermanas y hermanos? Personas dice yo soy súper extraña. Aunque es cierto.

  Me tengo que ir ahora. Mi tía dice que me tengo que ir a dormir. ¡Adios¡ ¡Espero conocerte algún día!
Photo on 11-24-11 at 4.07 PM
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Lobbying Post 2: Education Reform

On November 8th, many people hit the voting booths to elect new local officials. Joining them at many booths around the nation, were lobbyist. In an effort to give a spark to the movement, education reform supporters like Michael Petrill of the Fordham institute visited the polls to try and gain support.

This has been a active year for education reform lobbyist, with the recent rise in charter school funding, discourse in congressional budgeting agreements, and growing concern of America's education race. An example of some of these committees are the 'Democrats for Education Reform" or "Stand For Children", who recently spent over $75,000 each on their respective campaigns. The groups most recently expressed their policies to the Denver School Board earlier this month. Denver teacher's union president Henry Roman expressed concern over the issue, saying "its becoming high stakes" when you have "groups out their that can write checks for tens of thousands of dollars".

On the contrary, there are a number of different political figures on the state level that has expressed urgency regarding education reform. In 2011, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie outlined a new agenda regarding education budgeting and curriculum reform. Other politicians in city councils in cities like New Orleans and Nashville have pushed for large scale reform, but federal acts like No Child Left Behind still linger in the mist of the argument.

Because it is such a wide scale lobbying topic, it is difficult to pinpoint specific officials to reach out to. In my research, there are many examples of politicians that are fighting on both sides of this battle. Locally, State Rep. Ronald G. Waters is a good example of someone who has advocated for the Philadelphia Community is his efforts with the Dream Act , Kensington CAPA school, and the There Ought To Be A Law contest (along with Sen. Anthony Williams). The city council of Philadelphia has recently funneled more money into after-school programs in an effort to keep more students in school. However, it will be interesting to see how this evolves with the recent elections.

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Bethany Carter's skit

Seen one


Rachel, a reporter from New York, just got of a plane from Florida. She is currently looking for Ana who she will be living with as she works on an article for a small paper about Spanish restaurants in Florida.



Rachel: Well here I am. Hopefully I can find where I need to go.


Ana:(walks up to Rachel) Are you Rachel?


Rachel: Yes, are you Ana? It’s so good to be here. Do you mind if we get right to work? We don’t have a lot of time.


Ana: Sure, but do you not have the whole week?


Rachel: Unfortunately I have to leave tomorrow night so this article will be able to get in the paper in time. I was thinking that today I could interview you so that I could have most of tomorrow to write the article.


Ana: Well I will be having some friends over for dinner but that should not get in the way.


Seen two


They have finished the interview and Rachel feels that the article wont be good. Ana’s friend Maria just walked in.


Ana: Hola Maria. Estaré para comida pronto.


Maria: Como esta tu invitado?


Ana: Ella es la periodista de Nueva York.


Maria: Yo necesito dejo. Tango muchos problemas por que trabajo. No necesito la periodista hará más problemas.


Rachel: Yo no hago problemas para tú.


Maria: Yo habla español?


Rachel: Un pequeño. (turning to Ana) What kinds of problems does she have at work?


Ana: She works at a tomato farm. It’s not a good job.


Rachel: Well ask her if she will be willing to talk about it. The article is going no were and it might help her out if people knew about the problem.


Ana: She won’t do it, she would get in trouble. 


Rachel: But I would not use her name or say anything that will point to her. Tell her that if she is up to it to come here tomorrow morning so I can get the information before I leave.   


Seen three


Maria has decided to talk to Rachel as Ana translates.


Maria: Yo trabajo un tomate. Por un treinta y dos libras yo consigo cuarenta y cinco centavo. A veces nosotros no conseguimos dinero por mesas.


Ana: I work in a tomato field. For a 32 lb I make 45 cents. Sometimes we are not paid at all for mouths.  


Maria: Supermercados tienen muy infuencia. La CIW es exige supermercados pagan un centavo por libra. La mayoria de están de acuerdo. Trader Joe's es evita de acuerdo.


Ana: Supermarkets have a lot of influence. The CIW is demanding that supermarkets pay one cent more per pound. Most have agreed. Trader Joe’s is avoiding agreement.


Rachel: Wow, I never though that in this day and age something like this could be in America. 


Ana: Because almost no one knows about it.


Rachel: There must be something we can do.


Ana: The best thing to do is to get the word out like your article. No one can do it on their own but if many people work together we can make a difference.




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MPyfrom. Vamos a Protesta!

Spanish Protest Trader Joe's
PSA Translation:

Trader Joe's se niega a pagar un centavo más a los trabajadores. Un centavo puede hacer la diferencia. 

Trader Joe's refuses to pay a cent more to the workers. One cent can make a different. 



Vamos a Protesta

Lets Protest!

¡No apoye Trader Joe's! 

Don't support Trader Joe's 

¡No compre en Trader Joe's! 

Don't shop in Trader Joe's!

¡No pense sobre Trader Joe's!

Don't think about Trader Joe's!

¡No camine en Trader Joe's!

Don't walk in Trader Joe's!

¡No coma de Trader Joe's!

Don't eat from Trader Joe's

Por favor Ayuda a los trabajadores de CIW.

Please help the CIW workers. 

  • What is it like to work as a tomato picker in Florida?

Los jefes tratan los trabajadores mal. Ellos se pagan poco dinero para trabajo duro. Ellos trabajan horas largas y hace calor. 

The bosses are treating the workers badly. They are paid little money for hard work. They work long hours and its hot. 

  • What’s the problem with purchasing tomatoes from Trader Joe’s?

Los personas apoyan Trader Joe's y no importa sobre los trabajadores. 

The people support Trader Joe's and don't care about the workers. 

  •  What can we do about it?

Nosotros puedan escribe cartas a compañias grandes sobre problema y protesta. Muchos grupos de personas puede hacer la diferencia. 

We can write letters to big companies about the problem and protest. Many groups of people can make a difference. 

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Jennifer Perez, Q2, Media Fluency

This is my own slide that I had made for my presentation in Technology. To create my own proper slide is that I had learned from the websites such as and others. The website that I had mostly used and learned from, was from the site apple. There was a video that I was showed in class and showed me how to use the tool alpha. The tool alpha helped me a lot to create my slide. Alpha wasn’t the only tool but there were others tools like the text box, font, and inspector. Apple wasn’t the only website that I had research on. There was another website but I haven’t pay much attention to it, but it had inspire me to do my slide and inspire me to be creative. In the slide there are quotes I had gave to myself as advice. These advice and quotes that I had put in my slide, shows and represent me as myself never giving up and that I have faith to keep moving forward.


Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 12.04.00 AM
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Trader Joe

Para trabajar en una cosecha de tomate en el estado de florida  puede ser un poco duro porque en tiempo no le pagan los suficiente por el trabajo que ellos hacen. Ellos ponen muchas horas de trabajo para algo tan poquito. 

Lo que nosotros podemos es peliar para atrás  y tratar de negociar con los jefes de trader joes para que los Granjeros le paguen lo suficiente por el trabajado que ellos realisan.

El problema con los tomates de Trader Joes es que los jefes de los Granjeros que cojen los tomates están abusando de ellos por no pagarle lo suficiente. 

trader Joes is basically taking advantage of the Mexicans and are getting tomatoes cheaper than everyone else because they know that the mexicans can not fight fight back but are still abusing the workers by giving them barely enough to mataining themselves.


Trader Joes is basically taking advantage of the Mexicans and are getting tomatoes cheaper than everyone else but is abusing the worker but giving them barely enough to mataining themselves.

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Trader Joe's: Maria Latorre

Front and back

La de español:

Di No a Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's pudo tener buena comida, pero saben de donde vienen?

Trader Joe's han braseros. Los braseros son los niños y también los papás, mamás, abuelas y abuelos. Los niños empiezan a trabajar cuando cumplen diez veces empiezan a trabajar cuando se cumplen seis años. Trader Joe dan 40 a 45 centavos de dólar por cada caja que se llenan y para el salario mínimo de los trabajadores tenían que trabajar durante diez horas de brujas en el trabajador Unidos sacia no puede trabajar durante diez horas.

Trader Joe's no quiere dar los braseros 1 centavo más por cada caja de relleno. Esto es cada importent de los braseros ya que ciento que se puede dar entonces la esperanza de que algún día puede llegar a los niños a ir a la escuela.

¿Todavía quieres comprar en Trader Joe's?

Si es así, sería considerado como una de las personas que no creen en el derecho humano, pero alguien de la que prefiere ser ignorante de cómo otros sufren para conseguir que sus tomates.

Sólo un céntimo más, por qué no?

Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 10.15.52 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 10.18.33 PM
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Trader Joe's - Allison Patterson

Braseros no puede permitirse el lujo de enviar a sus hijos a la escuela. Sus hijos tienen que trabajar en los campos. Ellos no tienen los mismos derechos que el resto de América.
Trader Joe’s no va a dar a los trabajadores un centavo más por cada caja de tomates recogidos. Esto significa mucho. Un centavo hace la diferencia a estas familias.
Tenemos que dejar de comprar sus alimentos. Es necesario que el boicot y protesta Trader Joe's.

Tomato pickers can’t afford to send their children to school. Their children have to work in fields. They do not have the same rights as the rest of America.
Trader Joe’s refuses to give it’s workers 1 cent more for each box of tomatoes picked. This means a lot. One cent makes a difference to these families.
We need to stop buying their food. We need to boycott and protest Trader Joe’s.

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Bryanna Jones

​For my slide design I studied the methods of Presentation Zen. Some of his methods were "Color,Size, and Emptiness", I used a few of his methods to focus on throughout my process to make sure the outcome of my slide was put together as well as possible. Also I used the site Using the images posted on the second website helped give me a visual representation of my slide should look like.

Color: My Background color is a pitch black which is a cool color but when i made my text a pastel pink the two colors complimented each other which gave it a nice contrast.

Size:The size of my images was very important because if two big could over power the slide. If done to small it could be simply looked over, so making it the right size was improtant.

Emtiptiness: crowding a slide was another important key if two much was put on one slide the viewer will not know where to focus, but constantly staring at the items that are not important.

bryanna keynote dance
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Trader Joe's

 Being a tomato picker in Florida is hard work. As a tomato picker, you lift heavy buckets filled with tomatoes over and over again for hours at a time. It's intensive labor that no one wants to do, and what makes this even worse is that they're paid below minimum wage.

  As consumers, there's many things that we can do to show the company that we want their workers to have fairer wages. We can protest the store, holding informative signs, telling other customers about the tomatoes and to not buy them. Protesting is a good way to go about this, because it helps us get out message across in a passive way.
Trader Joe's
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