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10% Project

For my 10% Project, I decided to film myself presenting three of my favorite animals at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. There I am an Explainer in Outside-In, the children's nature section of the museum. I am also known as the "Bug Lady" because I primarily handle things like cockroaches, isopods, scorpions, and my personal favorite the tarantulas. The video below features three animals, a rosy haired tarantula, giant cowbird, and Eurasian legless lizard.
10% Project
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President Barack Obama Speaks To The Class of 2012

President Barack Obama addressed the Science Leadership Academy Class of 2012 at The Franklin Institute today. In his remarks, President Obama challenged the graduates to change the world, stating, "There is somebody in this room who’s going to help make sure that we are defeating diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer.  There is somebody in this room who is going to help revolutionize our agricultural sector, or our transportation sectors, or will invent some entire new industry that we don’t even know about yet." The faculty of SLA could not agree more! 

Thank you to President Barack Obama for an incredible gift that the graduates will take with them for the rest of their lives, and congratulations to the Class of 2012! 
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Quarter four Tyler Creighton art !

For the fourth quarter we were given about 6 sculptress to complete. Instead of ms Hull checking the work in the end she checked it week by week. Or every two classes. There was no designated order in which we had to go in so I took it upon my own hands to go in my own order I chose what I thought would be the most complicated to do first then the least complicated to do last. I feel like all of my work had a lot of effort and commitment. My skills improved by a lot and grown amazingly in this last quarter in all of the art areas. By taking my creativity and directing it in different fields I Believe my art is now something I can call my own. 

In the first picture I chose to do abstract motion I chose to draw a ballerina and how he tutu moves by the way she spins. What inspired me to do this is my passion for dance. I am a dancer. It took me quiet some time to make this drawing and many of times I was using the earased more than the charcoal. I didn't out as much effort into it as I did my other drawing because it wasn't going the way I saw it in my head but I feel I did a pretty good job. 
In this second picture I did abstract and I was inspired by my thoughts in this picture. It took me two class periods and a half to complete this. The reason it took me so long was because I used oil pastels . I put a lot of effort in this piece . I feel I deserve a lot of credit from it . This piece shows my passion for color and life and somehow it explains my life CRAZY! 
In this third picture it focuses on abstract emotion. It might be pretty confusing but when I did this piece I thought of different things I like and how they make me feel inside. The fish shows my freedom and inside it shows how happy I am and how my mind is every where and colorful. When I thought about this painting I thought about life in general! It took me a while to do this and the tools I used were colored charcoal. The messiness shows how much of a mess life can be and the white shows the blankness (I that makes sense) 
In this picture it is an observation drawing. I had to look at pictures of the mutter muesem and  find a flower that caught my eye and 
Draw an up close drawing of it. I chose a really small yellow flower and drew and up close drawing of it and the vines around it. 
These are just extra projects I decided to do 
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End of year portfolio: EThan

Ethan Reese 6/4/12

Mr. Block is my english and world history teacher he taught us many units over my sophomore year. However, one has sat with me to this day. This unit was learning and discussing the power of language. One quote of mine that really stuck out from my Language autobiography is one that I stated as one of my general understandings. “Language is the most powerful tool in the human’s arsenal.”

This is something I contemplated for hours upon, language is the most powerful tool in the human’s arsenal, I repeated it to myself over and over. Until I finally understood what it meant to me, it meant that language has the most effect on humans and our cultures. It meant that language was the most powerful weapon with the strength to bring the largest army to its knees or, it could heal a culture and reinvigorate its people, had the power to turn men to immortals. Language is not something good or bad, it all has to do with how you use this weapon of mass destruction.

A quote that connects this idea of language holding an all mighty power would be          “Language is the first step into a culture”*. This statement is saying that language has the power to introduce you to a culture and by entering that culture opens your eyes to a whole new world. One of the things we seek in this life is diversity, we want to learn as much as we can and one of the best way to do this is language immersion. People use language to relate with each other and create relationships. Without language we would be babbling mindless bodies wandering through life alone.

A second proof of general understanding is a quote from my language autobiography, “Language is the world’s greatest treasure and its greatest curse”. This quote was something I had strung off of my first quote “Language is the most powerful tool in a human’s arsenal”. What this meant to me was that language has the potential to do great things, I could not imagine life as being an illiterate. All of my friendships I have ever had have come through the connection of a shared language. However it is a curse to the world, people have caused war, famine, and inequality in this life by using language. I do not find language to be something good or bad, I do find it to be an important part of human cultures.

My last proof of general understanding is a quote from my grandfather “Language has the power to start or stop wars, to have one nation silenced or have them all shout out at the same time”. This spoke to me and I knew I had to use it for something I just never knew what, it ties directly in with my general understanding. What this really means is sort of like every quote I have been using that language is a double edged sword that can persecute and destroy or repair and unionize. In this quote he is saying that language can bring peace between nations and end conflicts or one insult spoken through this language can cause an uproar between two nations.

Language is a hard thing to comprehend, some imagine a world without language to be a good thing, they see it as inequality will dissipate and conflict will cease to exist. However they do not see the flip side of that coin, that a world without language would be a world of brutes and barbarians being uncivilized and unorganized. So for as of now I have learned a world of language is a world ten fold better than a world without.

My second general understanding comes from an assignment meant for the book night I changed it around a little to make it a statement more than a thought. GU (power changes everything?)

“Power leads to one of two paths, the first being a path to enlightenment and an age of prosperity in the world. This path is the path of equality and justice, the second path leads you to war and hate. This path is what causes inequality and poverty in the world and sadly is the path most followed”.

This quote I feel has been one of my better pieces of writing, a very similar quote came from the same paper. “Power is a double edged sword, that either is used as a tool for justice or inequality.”. In this quote I use an old proverb of something being a double edged sword, meaning that both ends do something. I translated it into power which in this quote meant that power does one of two things makes the world a better place or on the flipside makes the world a worse place. What this quote really meant to me was that, looking at dictators and rulers from the past people notorious for abusing or rightfully using their power. We can really get insight into what power really is and look at how our different systems work.

A second quote I used came from a game I play, Fable. The game is about being a ruler and making choices that lead you to power, and how you use that power to be good or evil. “Power does not just belong to the powerful, but to all. The powerless just forget just how powerful one child, woman, or man can be. This realization is what causes either peace or violence amongst a civilization.”. This quote is something that I never thought much of until one day when I was playing it and it hit me this has to be in my paper. What this quote really means is that the people in power abuse their power because no one else steps up to oppose or up hold their promises. This ties in with modern day government and about how there are a lot of people in power that are corrupted and make the world an unequal place. Which we discussed amply in Mr.blocks classes.*

Overall this year has taught me many things but the lessons that have stuck with me the most, are discussion of power and language. This is why I chose to use these for my general understanding. I really hope that this shows what my year has been like with my English and World History teacher Mr.Block.

* - Pieces of work I am proud of-

You can see all of my work on this page. - My history - My english

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Humanities Portfolio 2012

Over the course of the year, the amount of work that i received was consistent and always flowing through.Even though at times it was hard to do work not because of the difficulty of the work but just the amount of the work itself.So I say I am not a poet I am not saying I can not write poetry per say but in all actuality Im saying that i can't ever compare to the great writers of the past that made work so powerful that it is still used today.I had the inspiration to do my love poems after looking after all of the poems that reminded me of a person that heavily influenced me in my younger years.It was very rough at first but then towards the end of the poem I learned that not every line of  poem has to rhyme like in the books in elementary school.

The studies that we did during the year were very vast and hot handed.One of the ones that I recall the most was the one we did during the assignment we did about but buddha.It was a very emanational in a way because it had to a lot with predominantly religion and I looked into it and I in a way found a lot of peace by just meditating.Some quotes are

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. Thiese are just some eye openers of witch i was in triggered by.

When we hit the french revolution I was moved by the hardships that were faced by the lower class people. The had to change all of the opinions that they had because they were not able to express them because if they did express them they would be "shot down" and not listen to.One day when the people that were treated harshly got tired they rebelledd and fought back. even thought they know they were going to die they still went for it because they knew this was necessary to have a better and more well rounded life.It payed off! Lives were lost hearts were broken and in the end they now have their freedom because of what they did.

These  were just some of the many example pieces of work that I did this year.



french revolution :

Quotes from, budhha:
Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 9.32.06 AM
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what is religion 

 I believe that religion is believing in a high power to look after you and or seek help to . No to some people religion is just some way to get money or just a conspiracy to get people to buy or belive in something that is not true nor real.For most people GOD is the first thing that comes to mind when in al reality religion can be anything for "eating a water melon before bed because the seeds will make you stronger " to "cleaning a house every week will help lift the spirits and bring good luck".At the end of the day religion is defined by believing in something and sticking to it in my opinion.

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Are My Hands Clean?

What are some different messages?

some different messages are that to make the clothes that wear before they get to us the go through a lot of countries and regions of the world that forces people to work for little to no money

How do you answer the question?

I think that mine are not clean because of the fact that i know the hard ships that they face and yet i still keep buying then and supplying the manufactures with money 

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journal #4

what was one of the worst jobs you ever had to do?

When I was younger my family owned a corner store and for my friends they thought it was really  awesome but for me on the other hand  it was not. Behind all the food and money was a team of people that never stopped working because it was constantly always being rushed for the demand of food and goods.My job when i got home from school and until it was closed was to fill up all the refrigerators with all of the soda and juice that it had so that they would be cold for the morning rush. I had to carry,move and sell stuff that I had to put back at the end of the day. It was not AYZE YOFii

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