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Ella tiene el pelo muy largo con los ojos marrones .Tiene una hermana pero no tiene hermano. Tiene un gato. Tiene veinticinco años.  
photos of beyonce by beyondbadge.blogspot
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El pelo negro 
El pelo largo
los ojos negros
Un perro y vienti cinco gatos
Ella tienen cuarenti ocho años
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Traevon tiene el pelo negro y liso. Traevon tiene los ojos negros. él tienes dos hermanos menor. tambien, él tiene catorce años. 
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Christina :)

Christina tiene el pelo negro y corto. Ella tiene los ojos marrones y ella es mi hermana menor. Ella tiene una año. 
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Divorce Flow Chart

Click here to view our "Steps to Divorce" Flow Chart.

The bureaucratic process that Amber and I detailed with a flow chart was the process of getting a divorce. In the simplest form, a divorce is the process of ending a marriage and contains many different factors that can quickly escalate the process into an expensive, time filling process. Things like personal property and custody of children almost always extend the process along with numerous disagreements between the two spouses. The paperwork that Amber and I filled out was straight forward only because we filled out the form that did not require us to inquire about children or the split up of property between the two former spouses. If there was one thing I could change about the bureaucratic process it would be the never ending loop of paperwork that would have to be filed if disagreements are made between the two spouses that would result in a stand still for quite some time. I think the systems have become so complicated because of many other laws that have passed that present obstacles for these processes. Also, these obstacles are present to prevent exploits of the system and to provide checks and balances.
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Filing for FAFSA

  • Here is the link to our flowchart: 

The bureaucratic task that my group and I selected was filling out FAFSA forms for college. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is basically an essential part of the college process because it allows colleges to see whether or not you are eligible for financial aid, grants, and/or work study programs to help pay for college. 
Essentially the overall process for this bureaucratic task is self explanatory and it really involves a lot of paperwork that you should already have before you start the process such as your driver's license, your social security number, and tax records from the previous year. You basically answer all questions that apply to you and once you finish, if you are older than indicated on the form, you have to sign your name and agree that what you put on that form is completely accurate. If you are under the age depicted on the form, then you have to have your parents fill out their information and both of you sign together indicating everything on the form is completely accurate.
The paperwork was really easy, it was pretty self explanatory and straightforward as I stated earlier and all you needed to do was have your information ready, read the directions, and answer the questions as follows.
I don't think I would change anything about this process because overall it's very easy to do, nothing really complicated, nothing overwhelming, all you need is your paperwork and you're good to go.
I think that some of the other systems have become so complicated because it sort of requires it because people try to get over on the system all the time and the harder you make that system, the harder it is to try to play the system. This in particular is set at the level it is to make this part of college process as painless as possible given there are other things people have going on, especially seniors in high school. 
Overall this was a particularly great project to have participated in and I really learned a lot from this experience. I know now how to fill these types of forms out with no problem and feel really accomplished now that I have been able to get practice.
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Business License Flow Chart

Link to project here.


The task that me and my partner decided to do was obtaining a business license. Which is the paper you get that says it is legal to have a building that you run a business out of. If you do not have this license then it is impossible or illegal to make a profit out of a building. To get this license you need to file for a number of different things. But to be short and to the point you need to apply for all of the L & I approvals, these are the things you need in order to ensure that the building will be properly ran. Then you apply for a tax account number, pay the fee that you will need, and send everything in. Once you send it in you will have to wait and see if you get approved, if you don't you must start from the beginning but if you do then you can start filling out the business license form. Send that in when you are done and wait for that to get approved as well, and once it is you well get your license.

This project wasn't hard it was just very tedious and time consuming. The paperwork was hard to find but not hard to follow. The work was very straightforward but because we needed to make the information up it made it more difficult because we didn't know what everything was. But with everything no matter how difficult it was the process flowed together. I don't think I would change anything about the process on the flow chart because with out all of the steps on there you might get denied before they even look at your information. So it's better to have every little detail than to not have something it's wrong.

I think this process is so complicated because they don't want just anybody owning a business of any kind. You need to know exactly what and where everything will be, there is no time for mistakes or "going with the flow" after you get the business. It will be time for getting the money and being successful, which I agree with I just wish everything was easier to find. I think for this project there should be a hint to where the students could find the information.

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Block Party Permits

​Link to chart.

The bureaucratic process in which we chose was the block party permit application. It is a simple, yet somewhat expensive process in which people who wish to plan and hold a block party must go through. The process only requires two sheets of paperwork and and varying amounts of money depending on the day of the week and the number of streets blocked off.

Our process was rather simple. It only took two days to get everything together and we were able to get everything else edited within the remaining in class time given. On the second class I counted the amount of students in the class and got the signatures of three quarters of them them which was the proportion needed. Beyond that the paperwork was simple and very straight forward.

If I had to change one thing it would be the fact that you have to pay more money of weekdays. I would also make the time needed to reserve the space longer as to give more time for bus routes to be informed. This would in term lower the prices of block parties by a significant amount on weekdays.
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Learner's Permit, License & Registration

             For the bureaucracy project we had to pair up and choose a task. The overal driving process wasn't difficult however it took a lot of research to understand some of the forms and to really be able to identify what has to come before what in the process. In my partnership first we assigned the roles for each other and then we both started looking for paperwork. I created the flowcharts while my partner filled out the forms and went back and made suggestions so that I could edit. The paperwork is very straightforward once I understood the process in which they needed to be signed and also what the different abbreviations for forms were. 
             If I could change anything I would change the registration process because even though it's very simple finding the papers making sure you have them all is the difficult part. 

Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for receiving a Learner's Permit & a Driver's License. 
Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for how to Register your Vehicle. 

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Income tax flow chart ( Tyler & LaMaya


​here it is flow chart

  • Briefly summarize the bureaucratic 'task' that you selected.
My partner and I filed income tax returns in order to report all of our income and to determine how much of our total income will end up being taxable income. The taxable income will be subject to the income taxes at marginal tax rates. We also file this income tax to keep the services that the government has provided for us. The government use the revenue that comes from the amount of income taxes of the tax payers.
  • Reflect upon the paperwork that you needed to fill out. Was it straightforward, easy, difficult, perplexing, etc.
The paper work that we had to fill out was the w-2 fors and the w4 forms i think that the forms could have been much more straight forward instead of asking for estimates and then to add line 6 to line 5 and divide number 9 by 1 and 2
  • If you could change one thing about the bureaucratic process that you flow charted, what would it be and why?
I think that if i could change one thing about to process I would make the process papers more straight forward and less time consuming it makes it so that you need every paycheck or credit card report
  • Why do you think the systems have become so complicated? 
I think that the systems have become more complicated because thats the way government like to make things i think its a way to discourage people not to do them so in the end they still end up getting more money.
  • Other thoughts, reflections, feedbac
I enjoyed this product i feel as if now i know what my grandparents go through when they sit on the phone for hours with the tax people with the music playing

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Disibility and Social Security

My partner and I did Social society and Disibility.   What we had to do was to research the process and the requirements of how to get disibility. From there we had to break down each of the steps that was required. We came up with certain questions to add within the process. From the questions you branch off and see if they meed the requirement.  my partner filled out the paper work from what i seen it was alot of information to go through. I would not change with the way it was flow charted. It will be easy to be followed. The systems become so complicated because there are more requirements that people required. Once I knew where I was going with this project it was fairly straight foward.

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Bureacracy Project Reflection

Please post to the SLATE blogger a reflection that encompasses these points - also post the image and the link to your flowchart:
  • Briefly summarize the bureaucratic 'task' that you selected.
  • Give an overview of your process
  • Reflect upon the paperwork that you needed to fill out. Was it straightforward, easy, difficult, perplexing, etc.
  • If you could change one thing about the bureaucratic process that you flow charted, what would it be and why?
  • Why do you think the systems have become so complicated?
  • Other thoughts, reflections, feedback.
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Chart- Passport Lauren and Rafiq


My bureaucratic task that I had to perform was applying for a passport. The process is fairly easy when renewing a passport. Basically, your passport has to be in excellent condition and mailed to the office. But before that a form DS- 82 has to be filled out. it would take about 5-7 days for processing.The paperwork was pretty straight forward to fill out. Easier that filing out the first time applicant. All the steps seem like they all should be there as a security measure. I figure some process has to be difficult because they have to be very detailed and it makes it that must harder for people who are trying to commit fraud. Especially for the traveling section, I think it has to be complex in some way to stop illegal and potentially dangerous people from entering and for citizens in other countries to make sure they are protected. This project could come in handy in my future if I would want to renew my passport, since it goes out in June 2012.
Here the link to the project
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Income Tax Flow Chart (LaMaya Mapp + Tyler Hankinson)

Link to Flowchart:

Income Tax Flowchart

The task that we selected to do research about was Income Taxes using the 1040 and W-2 form.  During this process Tyler and I decided to come up with a definition of this process. We both tried to figure out why we file income tax in order to understand it better. We both came up with, "We file income tax returns in order to report all of our income and to determine how much of our total income will end up being taxable income. The taxable income will be subject to the income taxes at marginal tax rates. We also file this income tax to keep the services that the government has provided for us. The government use the revenue that comes from the amount of income taxes of the tax payers."  Learning and understanding the 1040 and W2 form was long and hard but it was worth it because we will be using this information soon enough in the future.  Making the flowchart was difficult because there were so many things to talk about and so many directions to follow, so instead, we summarized the process. The paper work was easy but LONG. It required basic information of payments that was given to us. I would only change the fact that it was long and the math needed to do the work. It's probably long and complicated because many people cheat on their taxes when filing for income and when they do, they will be sued by the government.

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 12.35.34 PM
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New and Improved slide ! By Karoline Castillo

What I learned from the constructive feed back is that you don`t want to make your slide too tacky. Keep the slide percise and to the point. Also i learned not to put too many words on it. The audience does`t want to read a bunch of nothing, or get bored, so only put up what you want them to see. Make the color of your background match your picture, and pick solid colors. When you present i learned that you have to use the vocabulary, and you MUST wear your lab coat, talk to your classmates not Miss Hull ! I changed my slide completely. I made the picture bleed of the side to make it more interesting, and i took out all of the words and just added my name so my classmates won't get bored reading. I used black and white because i like the classic look to it, and the picture had a lot of white so a black background would make the pictures pop and stand out.
New slide
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