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October 13th, 2434

He lies there. Blood gripping the outline of his body, bold red.

His eyes.

Both eyes open.

His left eye had rotated to the left. About 1.5 centimeters.  His right eye rotated up by 1 centimeter, and to the right about 1. His brain lies 2 feet away from his skull.

Still functioning.

His brain sends waves through the eyes of the body. The brain begins to search back through the memory cells to recall the events. In fatigue, it goes straight to day 1, when the brain developed.


October 13th, 2433


            Jonathon awakes in his bedroom perfectly dosed with sleep and energy for the day. He pushes on the glass box surrounding his bed. The top opens at first touch but Jonathon was in a hurry. He was in a hurry to go to Enhancement Facility. He wanted to be on time to be able to receive his award. He stands on the Transportation Apparatus and selects turbo. Jonathon had no time to waste. As he stepped off the TA he caught a glimpse of himself. Jonathon wouldn’t waste time on anything except for one. And that was himself. He examines himself in the mirror and gives a quick wink. Jonathon is very conceited and has the truth to back it up. “Oh hey Kayla. Yea yea I know its big. I won it just for you”. He says in confidence. He then looks down and thinks of what can go wrong. He can either win the 32nd grade science fair trophy and get the girl, or loose the fair to his nemesis Kevin Muleon. He then shakes off the thoughts reassuring himself that his project will definitely win for he has been studying all year and the neurologic vitamin tablets were a key to his success. He then preceded two steps forward and 5 steps to the right. The halls were narrow and short. He approaches a clear cylinder about 10 feet in height and can fit 2 average people in width. He dials the machine to “light breakfast “ and enters the cylinder. He steps out and gathers his belongings for the Fair and flees out the door.

            As he stepped on the TA he began to feel light headed. His vision came to a blur. His blood pressure was on the rise. His heart racing.


December 30th, 2433

            Jonathon’s parents came to visit him at the hospital. His mother. Short and pudgy. Her complexion so pale as the white cows Jonathon learned about in Enhancement Facility in grade one. Since that day Jonathon called his mother “moo-ma”. But today. Her cheeks were a soft yellow. Her eyes low and sweat covered her face.

“Jonathon is diagnosed with bran cancer…we are not sure exactly…Creutzfedlt… no cure…sorry for your loss…” The voice of the doctor played throughout her mind as she slowly left the hospital. There was no hope for her son. His disease is found one in every million persons and there is no cure. The protein in the brain mixed with unwanted prions causing his brain to slowly deteriorate. One cell killing 10 every minute.



January 1st, 2434

            Jonathon has entered a coma.


January 2nd, 2434

            Jonathon awakes from his coma. His eyes have changed from a brown to a light hazel. The diagnostics made by the doctor turned out to be wrong. Actually, it was a complete opposite. Jonathon’s brain cells were actually developing and reconstructing themselves. He develops brain cells 10 times faster than an average human. He bursts out of the wires hooked onto his body. As he arose from the bed his face showed no expression. The veins on his temples were pulsating. His body moving but not with his intention. His mind has taken complete control of the body. With one glance Jonathon changes the walls in the room to dust. His body then moves towards the control center of the city.


As he levitated across the city windows shattered, buildings were collapsing and the ground shook. The frequencies sent from the brain have taken an inhumane toll. As he approached the control center his eyes changed from hazel to clear. The brain was attempting to reach the city’s control tower. The tower was capable of communicating on a global level. Once the tower was under the brains possession he can control the world. The amount of destruction the brain caused left no chance for any army to stop him. Within minutes the brain used the tower to gain complete control of all humans in the world.


February 3rd, 2434

            It has been one month. The brain is commanding the world and reconstructing the environment, creating monuments devoted to Jonathon.


October 13th, 2434

            Jonathon’s brain continues to develop. In size and in strength. Jonathon’s brain is growing by the minute. Jonathon’s skull was not. The brain soon began to push against the top of the skull. As the pressure increased Jonathon began to feel pain. Every bone, every nerve, and every muscle in his body felt as though electrocuted simultaneously. The top of his head began to tear starting from the back of the neck to his far head. Jonathon falls to the ground and his brain rolls out of his skull. The brain has exactly 24 hours to stay functioning. With no legs or arms there was no possibility for the brain to find an alternative body. 

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My life as a Cambodian By: Maleena Mel

Maleena Mel

Benchmark/ Gold Stream

My life as a Cambodian


"Omg look at that Chinese girl hair. That shit long."

"Thank You, I Said"

"The lady have to hurry up with my food mane, she is taking for ever…. Ayo Chinese girl can you

Speak Chinese and tell them to hurry up with my food because they taken forever."

"Not to be disrespectful but I aint Chinese… So can you get my race right because its annoying me."


"You herd what I said"

"Oh This Chinese girl really tough… She sounds a little black…."

"You mix wit black, Because You sound like it"

"Look listen, I aint Chinese, nor black, I am Cambodian."


The girl looked at me really hard, and she looked really mad. So I asked her what was she looking at and is she "okay? What is a Cambodian?" I didn't explain to her what Cambodian was, so I just kept it as that and I just left and walked out of the Chinese store. Later on that day when I was walking to my cousin house my grandmother had called me. My grandmother dosen’t understand English. Really so I was speaking to her…



"Gah Lena, Tewh Nah?" (Where are you going?)

"Yom Tewh Tih Monica" (Im going to Monica house)

"Tewh Twuh aye?"(Why are you going there?)

"Yom Ock Sop" (Im bored)

"Okay, Mow Tieh Mouwng tuwp" (Okay come home at 10:00 o'clock)



A little girl had asked me was that Chinese I was speaking. And I told her no. She said why were you talking so fast? I told her to go home because didn't your mom ever tell you not to talk to strangers? She said okay Chinese lady.


When I got to my cousins house she had a friend over and she was Puerto Rican, and when I was talking to my cousin mom her friend said were you speaking Chinese, I told her your like the 3000th person who asked me that. Than she said are you? I responded back no, do I sound or look like I'm Chinese. And she had the nerves to say yes. I told her where was she at, and she said Monica’s house. So I asked her what was her race? She responded back Cambodian. Than I asked her this is a Cambodian home right? And she said yea. So I said now think about the question you just ask me? Than she was like oh? You still sound like your Chinese because you talk just like them, fast and never take a deep breath. I replied back with anger. So I just kept the conversation as that. My cousin tried to not make it as a big deal, but all I see is a woman that was trying to be funny. When she wasn’t. I had told Monica that it was not funny and she tried to be funny, and when it comes to my race, culture, and language I speak. People like her should not just say things out of there mouth like she did because people like me wouldn’t like it. Later that day I ignored her friend all day until finally as soon as I was getting ready to leave she came out of nowhere and apologized to me and told me that she was wrong for doing what she did, she thought it was funny but than it wasn’t because she didn’t know I would of taken it that way. I told her I take things like that seriously and she dosen’t even know me so she shouldn’t just come out of the blue with it. Afterwards I just went home and slept.


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Weading and Witing is a Hawd Thing!

Nicholas A. Doroba

English BM – Language Autobiography


 Weading and Witing is a Hawd Thing!

“Come on just say it.”

“Stop being a baby!”

“I don’t want to.” I said.

 It hurt that they laughed and made fun of me. Instead of helping, they shouted out sentences for me to say. After seeing that my slur was just humoring my family, I couldn’t find the confidence to speak. It tore me down and I felt like there was something wrong with me. I was the only one in my family with a speech impediment.

Whenever I could, I would go to my room and sit on my bed. Sometimes in tears as I practiced words aloud to myself, “wun, wabbit, wace”.

Waking up to go to school every morning was the best. I loved reading out loud; feeling like the instructor was special, until I realized that the class wasn’t reading along and paying attention to the book. They were listening to me stumble over words and repeating myself, laughing at me. I felt alone.

I researched a little bit, and Polish people tend to have trouble with pronouncing their r’s. One can notice my accent anywhere. Everyone always does. They say I sound like Elmer Fudd from the Looney Tunes. I could understand why people would look at me if it were an uncommon thing, however it is a very common ‘language’. “Elmer's speech impediment is so well known that Google allows the user to change the search engine language to Elmer Fudd.” (Wikipedia, Elmer - Speak).

When it came time for second grade, I decided to step up. I hated being mocked and laughed at all the time. I told my parents that all I wanted was to speak normal.

They didn’t really know how to help me, other than to have me practice words with the ‘r’ sound in it. In school, one other kid in my class had an accent problem, too. She went to the speech impediment class twice a week that my school had offered. I told my parents about the class, and they filled out all the paperwork for me to go. On the first day attending, I was a nervous wreck. Thoughts went through my head; I felt like it was the end of the world. To my surprise, we didn’t even practice working on my speech until the 4th visit there. The teacher wanted me to become comfortable speaking around her, so that she got to know me a little bit. Every night, I would come home and practice the words on the paper she gave me. I would write them over and over again, repeating them aloud to my mom and myself.

“Were you born in New York?” asked my teacher.

“No, why does everyone think that?”

“Well, people from New York tend to have a problem with fully pronouncing their ‘r’ sounds.” she replied.

Actually, I was born and raised in Philadelphia and have lived in the same house my whole life. Never, still to this day, have I visited New York. It confused the hell out of me when I was little why everyone asked if I was from there. Now that I am older, I realize that people often judge a person by their accent, and assume they know where their from.

As I grew older, my accent became more and more unnoticeable. The two major things that impacted my speech impediment were the classes, and also experience. As I became older, I felt as though people stopped paying attention to my accent.

I listen to people when they talk and pick up on their accents. I was listening to my little sister Julianna tell me a story last summer and couldn't’ help but notice that she sounded just like me when I was younger. I sat down with her and told her to repeat some words for me.

“Say Rob.” I said.

“Wob.” She replied.

“Say race.”


“Say track.”


Hearing my little sister speak is the cutest thing ever. Now I know that I am not the only one in my family, so there must be some type of gene passed along. I know she will do just fine and will grow out of it. Practicing words over and over will help her strengthen her speech skills. It’s almost like hiding our language history, and changing how we speak to fit in with the ‘modern day, ordinary language!’

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From Uglies to Beautifuls

A world filled with creatures who have eyes, hands, feet- the same characteristics as a human; but are not human beings. They're called Uglies. It's ironic because once they become teenagers, they become Beautifuls. When they are Uglies, they are: ugly, shy, and confused. Once they metamorphasize into Beautifuls, they are: beautiful, friendly, talkitive, energetic, loving, and... gain power. No, not that, “I'm stronger because I'm older” kind of power. They actually gain super powers. Crazy, I know. What's even crazier is that, I fell in love with Greig who was a Beautiful. He didn't tell me he was, not until he propsed. There is a consequence when you marry a Beautiful, you begin to gain super powers. I gained the power of invisibility. I'm telling you a little too much of the endings and not the beginings. So let me tell you how I came to know of Greig and how exactly it is I fell in love with him.

The day I met Greig was quite hilarious. I met him at Shoprite. As I was picking fresh tomatoes at the produce section isle 1, a man came up to me awkwardly, 

“You are beautiful, mami!” Damn all spanish speakers. Is it just me that gets annoyed when someone calls me mami, or am I the only one? I would have been polite only if he had not ended it with “mami”. 
“I didn't know I was your mom. Ugly b*tch!” 
“Who you think you talkin' to, ma?” 
“I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER. Now leave me alone.” 
“Can't a brother get your number though?” and that is when Greig comes along raising his voice up, “Hey man, she's my girl. Now if you could kidly leave, I'd appreciate it.”
I was in dismay. Who would want me as their girlfriend?, I thought to myself. As I kept trying to figure out if it was one of my friends, I turned around to see who it was. I saw a man in his mid twenties, nice medium cut long hair, aqua blue eyes, and a fit body. I agreed saying in my most convincing voice, “See, this is why I wanted you to leave. My boyfriend John gets pissed off when other guys hit on me.” What a gullible being, the man believed me and simply responded, “Oh, my bad. Have a nice day y'all.”, and left. After he left we both laughed for a good 5 minutes. 
“You're a great liar!” 
“As are you...uhm- what's your name?” 
“Oh right, how could I have forgotten to introduce myself. I'm Greig, and you are?” 
“I'm Cataleya. Nice to meet you. Thanks for pretending to be my boyfriend!” 
“Oh no problem, I save girls lives, that's what I'm known for.” “Haha, clever of you to say.” 
“I try, I try. I need to get going now, I left my dog at the house, I must go and take him out for a walk! May I have your number?” HE JUST ASKED FOR MY NUMBER, MY NUMBER. 
“Of course you can have it!” I gave him my number along with a hug.

I knew that it was too good to be true. Who was I kidding, a guy with perfect looks going for me? My friends would always joke about how I would become a nun, and I'm starting to believe I will. In the beginning of December I received a phone call from Greig. “Hey Cataleya!” I didn't recognize his voice. It was about 3 months since I met him. “Mathew, is it you?” I asked confused. “No silly, it is Greig. Do you remember me?” 

“Oh. The man who's job is to save girls lives. I do remember!”
He giggled, “Yup, that's me! I was calling to see if you would be interested in going on a date with me tomorrow night at Red Lobster. I'll text you the address.”
To not make myself seem desperate I pretended to have plans. “Hmm. Let me check my calendar. Just a second. Perfect, I have nothing planned for tomorrow so, yes I will take your offer. See you tomorrow night!” 
“Okay great Cataleya. See you tomorrow night.” Once I hanged up the phone I realized I did not have a dress to wear. Since I was bored anyway, I decided to go to the mall to see if I could buy one. After hours of searching for one, I found the perfect dress. Tick-tock, tick-tock, I was counting down the hours that were left until my date. 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, and it was time to go to Red Lobster. I got there early, I didn't want to make a bad first impression. Dinner was nice. We talked for about 2 hours straight, then ate. And all of a sudden, as he was drinking his Fanta orange soda, he had to leave. He used the same excuse as last time, “I left my dog at the house, I must go and take him out for a walk, sorry!”. After that he called and apologized. I forgave him of course. But after a while, it made me suspicious. I didn't want to ask him if something was wrong so I waited for him to let me know what was happening. Monday morning he called me to ask for us to meet at Municipal Park; he sounded worried. I agreed to meet him at 5 o'clock sharp. He wasn't there on time. I waited for an hour, and as I was getting ready to leave he showed up saying, “Wait, don't leave just yet.” I sat back down on the bench and asked, “Is everything alright?” 
“No, not at all.” 
“Why, what's wrong?” 
“Promise me you will not walk away.” 
“I won't. I promise.” This is when the explanation of him being a Beautiful began He told me that his kind was not permitted to mate with humans. He also let me know that for those who do mate with humans, are killed by their mother. I was a little scared to know that I've been interacting with a non human being for the past 8 months, but surprisingly, I did not care. I loved Greig, from the second I met him, so why should I be scared now? He was running late, I saw it in his eyes. 
“I love you Cateleya. I will always be here. Just look up at the moon as I will be watching the moon every night. He kissed me, and that was it, he didn't even bother giving me the excuse of having to go walk his dog because I knew the truth already.

Three years passed. It was my 28th birthday, 12 o'clock sharp. And I was looking at the moon remembering how sweet and sincere Greig sounded when he said the words “I love you.”. I heard a voice that sounded just like Greig. When I was thinking about him saying “I love you.”, he was behind me whispering “I love you”. 

“Holy crap, it IS you!”, I reacted. “Shouldn't you go back to Moonapia before they come and find you?” 
“We don't have to worry about me being killed anymore@ There are new rulers in Moonapia that have permitted for Beautifuls to mate with Humans.”
 He got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me Cataleya?” Tears of happiness fell down my cheeks. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!” Jokingly we call ourselves the fantastic 4. We have a daughter Casey who has the power to teleport, a son who is incredibly fast, and as for me-I can become invisible when ever I want to, and Creig has always has the power to read minds. 
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Video: Click here

Personal Questions:

1.Como se llama?

- Mi nombre es Augusto Loth

2.De donde esto?

- Soy de Boston, pero vivo en Filadelfia, Pa.

3.Cuanto años tenie?

-Tengo veinte cinco años.

4.Cuando es tu cumpleaños?

- Mi compélanos de tres julio

5.Que universidad assiste?

- Mi graduación la universidad la Boston


My Questions:

1. ¿Por qué usted quiere este trabajo?

2. ¿Qué tú especializarse en la universidad?

3. ¿Qué vas a hacer para este trabajo?

4. ¿Qué va a cambiar con usted en este trabajo?

5. ¿Qué experimente por la trabajo?

6. ¿Por qué quieres ser parte de este trabajo?

7. ¿Por qué quieres ser un planificador de la boda?



1. Yo quiero este trabajo porqué es que me gusta hacer.

2. Mi especializarse en la levantamiento, en movimiento y la organización.

3. Mi gustaría traer todo que sé, y compartir y trabajar duro.

4. Yo Me será útil para todo el mundo y hacer todo bien.

5. Yo trabajo en la Shop Rite, Wedding Movers, y UPS.

6. Yo gusta la organización y  movimiento, este trabajo perfecto por especializarse.

7. Yo quiero un planificador de la boda porque yo gusta hacer también mi mama trabaja un planificador de la boda también. 



Comentarios / Recomendaciones

1. Bartolo Rinaldi



-        make more eye contact with the camera, as though you are talking to the interviewer

-        more emotion as though you are talking in real life


2. Serafina Bezhani



- put a lot more expression in your voice

- don’t sound like you are reading off of something or like what you are saying is rehearsed… because it sounds too rehearsed… make it sound less coordinated make the flow in which you are saying the things more natural

- end it by saying adios or thank you for your time because a wedding planner is a serious job and does not ask for a “peace” in the end.


3. Milana Kemp


I think you did good. I think that you did a whole lot of writing. Some of your endings are a little off and the vocab but other than that you did a great job.3



I think you should start off with them saying hola. Also try not to just read off paper, try to memorize you lines


5. Anthony



You do a good job over all. The formatting idea is nice and such as well. Just work on common things such as adding emotion to your voice and such like a real interview. Have eye contact and act like you would as though it’s an interview. Speak fluently and clearly although you did that fairly well. Not much else to say.


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Medium Coffee, Extra/Extra

As a junior at Science Leadership Academy, me and a few other students were selected to participate in a world-renowned science fair. The winner, would become rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams. And I knew exactly how I was going to win.

The first week of January has just dawned upon us, and I was once again by myself working in my kitchen. Like any other morning, I ordered a cup of coffee from the automatic coffee maker. “Medium extra/extra, on the way!” it replied with a robotic voice, and I began the day's work on the project I was sure would win the science fair. It was an amazing machine that was capable of switching the minds of any two beings into each other's bodies.

     As the coffee maker began pouring my coffee into a styrofoam cup, I was nearing the end of the project’s completion. So I went and got the mouse and and the canary, I had previously bought from the pet store, and prepared the machine for its first testing. Once ready, I gazed at the perplex items spinning and whizzing in front of me, holding the coffee I was too excited to drink, and prepared the switching process. To my relief, the machine whirred and hummed into action, my grin stretching from ear to ear.

     The machine rumbled, and began to glow a vibrant yellow in front of its targets. The bird, though, startled by the sounds, began to flutter around. The bird flew into the air, flinging itself onto the machine. I watched in horror as the laser-like gun swung towards me. And with a terrible trippy whirl of colors, I felt my body fall to the floor and everything go black.

     When I awoke, what I assume to be a few minutes later, I first noticed that I was almost 5 feet shorter. Then to my horror, realized that I also had no arms... nor legs. Then finally it dawned to me, that I was no longer myself... but my automatic coffee maker. Instantly, I knew something horrible happened. But I knew how my object worked, and it could certainly be reversed with the switch of a toggle.

     So instantly I began to set up a rescue plan. I began to teach myself how my new body worked. The boiler, the cream and sugar inserter, the speaker and the pouring spout. Through the device's motion-sensing detector which I could use as an eye, I could see my cell phone sitting on the counter. Aiming carefully, I began shooting packets of sugar at it. Obviously, I like to keep a lot of sugar inside, so I was quite in luck. Yet as more and more bounced pathetically off the phone, I began to feel exhausted.

Soaking the packets in cream before launch proved a smarter idea. A soggy packet of sugar finally knocked my phone to the floor, but it had just occurred to me that I had no way to dial someone for help. I had to wait for one of my parents to come home. Surely this couldn’t last for too long.

After hours of misery and guilt gave no progress, I was left with a terrible regret for the day's events. Determined not to give up hope, I began to pour cups of coffee to maintain my entertainment. I fought not only my own freedom, but also still maintained the thought of also winning the science fair. I soon found my sugar and cream dispenser to be empty, and sank again into a deplorable depression.

     A large bang shocked me from my unaware slumber. Before me, having fixed himself up from the floor, stood my own body. It looked me with a slight happiness. “I have been upgraded.” it announced in a slightly concerning monotone. The kitchen was silent as I struggled to understand the situation. Then it said, “Would you like some coffee?'”

     The idea dawned on me, and I wasted no time in seeing the possibility of this revelation. I told the coffee maker, which was now in control of my body, that I really needed help. It observed me cautiously, then asked if I would like that with extra cream or sugar. Maintaining patience, as difficult as it was at this point, I explained the instruction more detailed. I watched with great anticipation as my body of seventeen jerked its way out of my kitchen. It rounded the corner down the steps, and there was a hopeless crash. It had tripped down the steps. But to my relief, I heard it continue on its way out the door.

     Minutes passed... then hours. I entertained myself shooting expresso packet projectiles at the bird. On the morning of the third day, the day of the science fair, I accepted that the coffee maker had failed in its control of my body, and that help was unfortunately not on its way. Grasped by the despair of one who must solve the puzzle of coffee maker suicide, I accepted the situation, and unfortunately my fate.

     Driven on by an unrelenting hatred towards my creation, I began expelling the entire amount of water in my boiler. As the floor filled with boiling hot water, the first hints of deadly steam flickered in my mechanisms, I began the acceptance of my coffee-suicide as the water would soon be reaching the counter.

Once the plumber had visited and cleaned my kitchen, I was identified as the fault, unplugged and sent away to a repair shop. The owner there, finding nothing to remove but a faulty speech chip, soon put me up for sale. I only know this because, on being reconnected to the power outlet, I found myself in a shiny, open room, which looked very similar to that of the teachers lounge at my school. Missing my electronic voice, I could only listen to the conversation of the teachers, discussing the odd conduct of their participants in the fair. The end of their discussion stopped at his arrival. I gazed at the door in silent misery, as my body stepped vibrantly into the room, displaying its newly designed poster-board. At the top of the list I could only make out, “Medium coffee, extra/extra.”

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"Common Deception"

​Paige Wayman
Water Stream

The human flesh. It creeps up my carcass like a spider reaching to kill its prey. I feel the burning sensation fume onto my skin. I zip, and tuck, the human flesh around mine to embody human-like traits, but no one can see beneath this clothing - layer of lies I live.

 Nightfall. The night was dark and timid, like one that is illustrated in the children’s books, when the witch glides across the aphotic sky. It was silent, not a sound was made. It was 4am. I had just came from the scorch ring demons that live below. I am defined as a 12 year old boy; living in Syracuse, New York, with a wealthy mother of two, and a dad who has more affairs than Bill Clinton, but little do they know. I am not what I perceive to be. I full not only the world, but also myself, into pretending to be something far beyond my reach. I lie my way into the human race, I walk amongst them, I praise their flag, I go to school, I eat and breathe in their presence, but is that enough?

They’re not like us. The greatest aspect about the mortal world is that they contain a wondrous gift called, feelings. We don’t feel, emotions are only a state of mind. Where I’m from, feelings are forbidden. The boss of our colony believes feelings are a way of human nature. To eliminate one from feelings, at five years, we remove the hearts from every child. It’s a horrible dark thing to encounter. You can hear the scream and anguish from the child to the highest peak of the venomous forest. The dark clouds hover the world as the scream gets louder, they enjoy the sound of pain and agony, it’s the blood which keeps them alive. I felt the pain of the little girl.  I felt the knife as it drove through her hepatic vein, and the pulmonary artery. I felt the cry, I felt the intrigued sadness, I felt the anger, and the hatred.

Myself. Being me, is not something I want. I’m a monster. I’m the one your parents say to watch out for, I’m the one your friends say never to go out with. I’m the one that can fool the world. I’m the one that can make you drown in your own blood. I’m the one you should never trust. I’m the one you shall never love.

The Moon. After the human form of me caressed my body, I sent out for my bed. The only place where safety is a promise. I crept through the window of my cluttered room. My mortal parents are asleep. I hear their dreams, their thoughts, and their fears relating to their long run down days at the office. I hear my brother, crying, and sweating with terror. I cant read his dreams, his mind is controlled by someone much more powerful than I. Oh, how scared the poor fella must be. The dream is dangerous, its a poison, its a defining characterized image of the world I am embarrassed to say I’m apart of. I decide to leave Tim at his dream if any disturbance, could kill him instantly. So I slipped on my pajamas, and stared at the moon, the moon stared back. Its lucent light gleamed where my heart should be, but wasn’t. The light didn’t hurt. It was soft, and elegant, it touches my body with such grace, and respect. If only nights like this could last forever, no pain, no sorrow, no suffering, only the light, and the noise of nightfall.

It’s Saturday. Tim was already awake. I heard him downstairs talking about the new Forge game coming out today. I also heard the words “no,” and “you already have 36 games you don’t even play with,” and my parents characterizing Tim as “Spoiled.” I began to block out the conversation, and focused on getting dressed. Even though its been two years I’ve been part of this earth world. I am still not used to the need of a “shower.” A shower is defined as water particles falling down from a faucet like object which hovers over a something called a “bath tub,” and while your in the shower, you use a substance known as soap, which is stuff that supposedly makes you smell good.

I dried myself. The feeling of dryness releases the tension on my false coating. As I dressed my body with jeans and a T-shirt I sat there on the edge of my bed, staring at my frame. I can’t help but stare. It’s amazing how I can look like this; so beautiful so innocent, so human, while underneath I look like a sloppy joe.

The Mirror. Mirrors aren’t true, their lies through a 2 inch piece of glass. Mirrors are expected to define our existence, by glancing at the reflection of a person that should be but isn’t. They fool us. We’re not what they want us to be; we’re the exact opposite. I’m not what the mirror sees, I’m much worse.

My home. I live nowhere. The world contains nothing. It’s crowded with emptiness, but filled with the sadness of corrupted souls. The world of Sheferous has no life, no meaning, and no defiance. It’s made of arousing fires, causing the atmospheres to look sluggy and gray, killing everything in its path. Volcanoes erupt, oozing out the deathly substances of lava. The living, do not live hear. The kind and generous do not live here. The love and the caring do not live here. I live here.      

The outer layer of ourselves. We are feared by many, due to our misleading appearance. We are naked, clothes are forbidden. Our ears are angled upright, our fingers are clawed, our skin is pink and wrinkled, like a shaved chi Wawa. I am sent to earth as a spy, my world wants to destroy and conquer. I pretend to be an orphan, in which my parents adopted 10 months ago. I have been going back and forth from Sheferous to earth, feeding my colony the updates, and information about the world that will soon be theirs.

Who am I? Hello my name is Gretty, I am a boy who is 4,000 years old, and I was sent to earth to stalk the lives of billions of people. As a disguise, I wear a body suit, which slowly and painfully transforms me into a human. Who would’ve guessed it?

The Good Life. I walk in unison with my family. Holding hands, side by side, buying ice cream, biking along the river, fishing with my dad, my mother congratulating me on my excellence. Tim and I jumping, rolling, skating, screaming, doodling, watching, laughing, enjoying, going, and never stopping.  This is my world. I live here.

Fading into darkness. As night casted over, I slipped out of bed, getting ready to go to the world that initially runs through my blood. I went out into the night; blackness was showing its true colors. I stood in the middle of the street; I closed my eyes and imagined the fire, the smoke, and the lifeless zone. I opened my eyes when I heard, deaths scream. I was here, but god knows I didn’t want to be. After living hear for so long, this world still gives me the creeps. I shivered and shaked in terror as Henderous (leader of the colony) called my name.  His voice was in full command. You could hear death parting from his lips.

“GRETTY!” Henderous thundered.

“Yes, Sir,” I said, as the words trembled through my mouth.


I told him about how they have a something called “The holidays” coming up in a month, and within the series of events called the holidays there would be a huge ceremony called “New Years.” I explained to him that new years is a holiday in which earth celebrates a new decade. He then decided, he would strike them on that very date, January 1st. As he spoke of the torturous language of death, I felt my body drop to the floor. I felt my mind spin from one direction, to the other. I felt my knees weaken. I felt my teeth chatter. I felt the thought of, a land so precious, and so well respected, crumble down, and transforming into a world where staying alive is never a promise.

New Years. Chaos erupted. People; Burning, running, gliding, yelling, crying, saving, praying, hoping for an end of the pain, and the sorrows. Buildings; crashing, slamming, jamming, creating a fog of dust. Fire; flaming, boiling, dancing to the sound of ending lives. Henderous; roaring, towering, defeating, smashing, creating a world where death is a sport, not an action. The creatures far and below; biting, fighting, killing kids, mothers, sons, cousins, grandparents, pets, anything living. ME; watching, despairing, hurting, standing, nowhere, nothing, empty, souless, mindless, heartless, this was the end.



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The Little Heart-attack - Sci-Fi Story_Tenzin

I sat on my bean bag, frustrated. Why couldn’t I be as smart as my father? With his support, I should be on top of the world like him. He always treats me as though I’m his only child. Every time there’s a major crisis, I have to be with him because he doesn’t want anyone but me with him when he’s trying to solve something big. I guess I’m his inspiration. I wish I had someone as an inspiration... I wish I was my dad. Even though he’s old and annoying sometimes, he’s known as the smartest guy in the world. These days there are so many technologies that work with humans that people are getting lazier and lazier, day by day. Like what Dr. Ngawang once said about the technologies in 21st centuries and I quote, “Someday, technologies will take over the world and life as we know it, will be a lot easier.” I have to agree with the quote because it is true that technologies have definitely taken over the world and life is easier but life is too easy that everyone is getting more and more brainless. It sure is simple with bots doing all the works for us and you don’t have to think because everything is done for you. Researches have shown that there has never been this many obese people in the world. Every single household own a chef-la; she cooks all the meals and since she does all the cooking, there’s no need for anyone to be cooking. My dad has been telling me only 1% of whole population in United States has an IQ of 50 or more and they are encouraged to participate in the “----------”. He is the leader of that group because like I said earlier, he was named the “smartest guy in the world”. 

I remember that day... The day my dad was pronounced the smartest guy to be alive. Year 3000, to be exact. Mr. Rondolsky gave a whole speech about my dad and how appreciative he is of him. He started of mentioning my dad and his alien friends from Mars and how he was the one who bonded with the aliens after 5 centuries of the humans thinking aliens are here to destroy our planet. When reality, they were actual nice beings. Even with their vicious, odd looks, dad figured out a way to talk with them through frequencies of sound waves with the little knowledge of physics, he had. Then he started talking about all the popular inventions that my dad had created in his life when he was a young. I could see his envious face even today. I want to see someone, who look up to me. I mean I still have time to shine. I’m only 23 and my dad, well my dad is really old. Now that I’m mentioning his age, he’s turning 76 this weekend! 

I’ve planned a special secret birthday ceremony for him. He has no clue I’m planning it. Even though I feel as though he may have notice my behavior a teensy bit strange for the past few weeks because I have been getting home late at night. Though he never bothered to ask why I was coming so late. Every time I came in, he was in his lab with his machine gears working on a new robot called “Gee”. Gee, on the other hand was specially dedicated for his girlfriend, Gina. Gina was a decent woman for him and i accepted her in the family because she wasn’t dumb like the rest and she reminded me a littlle of my mother. It is such a tragic that every decent women that my dad married, ended up dying. My mom died when I was 13 due to a machine malfunction. The worst part is we couldn’t find her body because she was stuck in the time travelling device. Gina died 2 years ago because of my aunt. My aunt, well she’s a robot. She’s a human robot, meaning she looks completely like a human and has human organs except her brain. Her brain is made out of metal with chips. Her head is abnormally large but she is a beautiful creature. 

“Gavin! Gavin! Wake Up! Are you okay?” my lovely sister blurred in front of my face. 

“Yes..... Yes, I’m awake, Kasia.” I replied with pain in my neck. I had fallen asleep on the bean bag. “How did I end up falling asleep!!” I asked to myself because last time I checked, my sister was watching the television on her bed while I was on the bag, reading. I’ve never fallen asleep reading a book, no matter how boring or annoying it is. 

“You looked really tired when you came in.” Kasia replied with a smile. Then it all came to mind. I was really tired last night with all these preparation for my dad’s birthday party this weekend. Wait, it is 2 am. His birthday will be tomorrow. I forgot the day was already over and new day is about to dawn. I remember I wrote a status up on my “Walls Of Faces”, social networking center saying I was organizing a birthday party for my dad. After only a second later, I ended up with 1 million 203 people giving me suggestions. Almost everyone of them were dumb, someone said “Kiss him for me” and then it became a trend of thousands saying “kiss him for me.” It was annoying as hell because my iRobot started acting weird cause of all the notification I was getting at the same time. To be honest, I was pretty jealous of how popular my dad was and how everyone seem to like him. That’s where all these junk popped up in my head, which made my head throb and fall asleep unconsciously.   

With the help of Myla and Hollis, we finished all the decorations for tomorrow. Myla was one of the house maid that my dad had made for me and Hollis is my homework helper that I purchased at the mall. I got my speech ready and that included... Dun- dah- tah! my first new invention; a robot that can feel emotions. I’ve worked my butts off for this for 2 entire year while I was in college. Aside from that, today went by so quickly, I didn’t even realize I forgot to eat. I was starving! I begged chef la to make me a chicken noodle soup and some salad. I don’t know why but I wanted to be healthy tonight. The dinner was delish as always so i headed to sleep praying for tomorrow to go well. 

“Mr. Gavin! Today is Professor Adonis Forest, bracket my father bracket, birthday.” Myla announced coming with a fresh pair of tan pants and a black tuxedo shirt, near my bed. I realized I have still forgotten to register “Professor Adonis Forest” as my dad on her brain chip instead I put in brackets because I was lazy. 

“Thanks Myla! I got it! Leave the clothes on the table. I’m going to take a shower in a second. Tell chef-la to make me a vanilla bean coffee for me this morning. Oops! and don’t forget to wrap that gift for me!” I said with such anticipation, Myla got right to work. My shower lasted for about 5 minutes and I rushed through out the door with my brand new clothing. 

At the party, my aunt successfully brought my dad to the ceremony without releasing the secret party. When he came in and heard the loud “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, he almost collapsed. Everyone hushed while he wheezed; that very moment left everyone skipping a heart beat knowing the consequences of him dying. I had a playback of what would actually happen to me and the whole nation if my dad actually died. There would be no one as smart as him and there won’t be any changes to the whole planet even after million of years after his death. There will be only few smart ones and they’ll take over the world instead of helping each other out like my dad. However, he got up and all I hear is a huge sigh of relief from the crowd. Then I got up to the stage and got ready for the speech. 

“I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to come here from all over the world to celebrate my dear father, Adonis Forest’s 76th birthday! I want to thank my two baby robots, Myla & Hollis that has helped me organize this party. Now I would like to share some of my thoughts and wishes for my dad for his upcoming years. When I think of my father, I don’t know how to describe him. He’s the greatest man I will ever know. Now I know that every dad wants to hear their kids say I want to be just like my father and I am going to say it with actual deep feelings because I truly do envy him and when I grow up, I want to be just like you, dad.” I start my speech and I looked up and I can see everyone with an awe spark in their eyes. Then I continue, “ I really can’t imagine anyone as great as you to be my father. I am truly blessed to have you as my dad. You’re the best dad I can ever have.” I look up and I can see my dad tearing up but with a bold face. Then I get ready for the zenith of my speech. “. . . I would like to say that I’m going to be a married man soon.” The whole crowd goes nuts congratulating me starts blowing up champagnes. I skim through the crowd and see my dad in disbelieve as though he’s having some trouble. l reflected, did I just blurted something ridiculous in front of the crowd? instead of saying I’m getting married? The next thing I know, my dad’s on the floor and everyone hushes. 

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Mercedes Keese


1. ¿ Como te llamas?

Me nombre Mercedes Keese.


2. ¿Cuánto anos tienes?

Yo soy viente ocho anos.


3. ¿Qué universidad tú fuiste?

Yo fue universidad de Columbia.


4. ¿Qué anos tu graduarse?

Me gradué en el dos mil catorce.


5. ¿Cual es su asignatura de especialización?

Me especialicé en biología.


6. ¿Qué puede tú dar a la hospital?

Yo soy dedicado a mi trabajo y un a trabajador.


7. ¿De donde tu trabaja?

Yo trabajado en la universidad. Yo dijo los nuevos estudiantes  sobre la universidad. Yo también Ayudé a la universidad de Pennsylvania y Thomas Jefferson Hospital. 


8. ¿Por qué tú quiere ser un neurocirujano?

Quiero salvar vidas.


9. ¿Qué harías tú si perdido a un paciente?

Yo haría encontrar lo que hice mal y arregarlo.

10. ¿ Por qué quieres trabajar aquí?

Es un buen hospital.


11. ¿ Por qué debería contratarte a tú?

Yo soy dedicado y me gusta la oportunidad.


12. ¿ Cuál fue su trabajo anterior?

Yo fui un asistente de nodriza.


13. ¿ Por qué quiere dejar su trabajo?

No es lo que quiero.


Peer Editing



Comentarios / Recomendaciones



I think that your video is very good. but you should have some where that the questions stand out from your actual questions. make a vid l0l!




I would say that you should stay to be more clear  so that I can have a better understand of what you are saying.





slow down and pronounce your words so we can hear what your saying.




I think that you should work on your accents in your script.




Make sure you correct some of your sentences.

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"My People" Sci-Fi Short Story amillatt

The smell of body odor and pungent deodorant consumed the dry forest air. Before thoughts could come to my mind I see her. From the height of this tree, the frail girl resembles Lily. On the tips of my toes, I  cautiously move to the edge of the enormous branch, until I can get the perfect view of her. I am wrong.  Still about 100 feet off the ground, I gaze at her innocent, sky blue eyes. These eyes seemed to hit the sun at the perfect moment, as if she planned it. Her eyes wandered around, scanning every inch of her surroundings. Her eyes slowly crept up to my location, and I lowered my body until my camouflage jumpsuit was practically conjoined to the branch. This human girl is either maniacal or doesn’t have any sense of direction. If my civilization knew she was in this close of a proximity to our refuge the situation it could mean disaster. I have to save her, she will be killed in seconds if she moves anymore. There are  no more than 100 hundred if my kind , that is why we have an electric force field that bubbles around our land, only our blood can pierce the strong current. I pop my head back up and study her shimmering pink dress, why would you wear that hideous creation? She appears harmless, but with the increasing numbers of disappearances of my people I should make a more judicious decision.  I pull my body up swiftly and leap downwards barley touching the branchs . A few seconds later my right foot collides with the ground , eye to eye with the now frightened girl. I get a closer look at the features of her face, 11 or 12... my age. Following the sharp pains in my neck, a grin erupts on her face. My vision becomes unclear, the dark brown tree trunk and her straight blonde hair swirl together. I fall to the ground, paralyzed, numb.

“This one is tiny compared to the rest, she will be worth about a thousand. We did it again.”a possible mans voice, fighting back is pointless. A trap is the only thought that I could form.. a trap...

My eye lid swiftly spread apart, the throbbing of my head overpowers my thoughts. I lift my upper body up and lift my hand up to try to comfort my forehead. My hands reach about two inches before they are shocked. A force cuff, is restricting my hand to this icy metal table. I am dressed in a thin hospital gown that stop a little pass my knees. Dejva strikes me, I see the fire. The four story white building was burning and then I turned around to the  naked crowd running into the pitch black woods. Then another image of me looking through a greenish fluid that my body is submerged in. I see a human striking a scientist, knocking him down. The scienctist  does not move,he just lies stiff in the corner of room. A deep males voice drags me back to reality, our eyes meet and then part just as fast.

“How much fluid will be obtain from this creature, Peter?” He questioned the nervous man beside him, holding a clipboard.

“The creature is a female and the smallest I’ve seen of her kind. She must have been one of the last ones created.” He says in confidence. Peter is correct right that night when it happened was when a considerable duplicates of me were being produced. I am nothing more than an experiment. My kind is designed to hold the cure for cancer, but I am the only one who was perfected. The others only show a glimpse of the actual cure, but are still valuable to the humans.  An obnoxious beep interrupts my thoughts.Then Peter rushes to the computer set up on the other side of the room. He takes one look and then yells out.

“Sir, we found it” turning towards the older man with a deep voice, confused by the information he rushes next to him. The wrinkles around Sir’s month scrunch together to form a smile.Then walks back to my metal table, fear tightens my every muscle in my body. As if it matters because the force cuffs cover both my feet and hands, trying to move would be painful and useless.

“So your the creature that my boss has been hassling me for and now your here. This should ensure that I am promoted” then turns to Peter “ I want every part of it’s body separated  and sent straight to the lab. This cure will bring in millions” Sir said with excitement. “...and save millions of people.” he added on uninterestedly. Instead of being disturbed by the thought of being ripped apart limb by limb, I drifted away. I thought of my human friend Lily , whose parents helped my people escape from the fire. The family is made up of 3 people, one man who teaches my people who to constructed the force field, a women who teaches us and a brown hair girl who I grew up with. Those are the only humans I was supposed to trust and I did. Until they were banished after my people started to disappear, but I was certain it couldn’t have been them. I never got to officially say goodbye to Lily, so that is why I was in the forest. I went up in the tree, for a better view.

“This might hurt a little.” Peter states as he sticks a needle  straight into my green vain .

“Why did you destroy our building?” I  asked because I was never told about that day, I just have flashbacks. He looked at me with a mixture of shock and confusion. I understand his confusion because my kind aren’t supposed to under any circumstances speak to humans. My people are worried about our location being revealed, so that became a rule. After a few moments he responded.

“I didn’t do anything, religious extremist despised your creation. They said that the whole experiment was funded by the devil. The exact day that the scientist discovered that you were the cure, the extremist had already started to over take the laboratory. They set the whole place on fire by night. Their were going to be thousands just like you, who would have changed lives and science...”He trailed off. The needle had vanish from my arm.  He must have lost someone close to cancer. Lily told me that scientist were desperate for a cure because 70 percent of the humans had developed some form of cancer. I can’t help but blame myself for those deaths. Then I remember how they inhumanly experiment on my people, they rip them apart  and test pestilent chemicals on them. I sympathize the emotional and physical pain from both side. I stare at Peter as he  pulls a white mask over his mouth and picks up one knife from a set of about 10.  He cuts a square through my dress over my stomach. Then slowly pierces my thin layer of skin. I look straight at him the whole time, the pain is unbearable  after Peter starts trying to cut through tissue. I start to loose conciseness, but I am satisfied. My people will no longer be hunted or brutally tortured. Now my people can thrive as a  peaceful civilization and hopefully Lily and her family will return. I wish i would have got that goodbye, then my berating stops. My eye fling open an then darkness, complete darkness...

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.55.39 PM
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I always had trouble getting up. After tough nights, I would always have trouble. The night before he was on Jupiter, tracking down a Rogue Agent from the United States Government. It was a tough night, but he had some clues on where he was.

After getting waking up,  I went to get breakfast and i saw a  name tag of one of the waitresses. Her last name was the same as the Dylan, the Rogue Agent. He could see His eyes in her, because they were such good friends in the academy.


Cole: You’re slowing down Bro!
Dylan: No, I’m not. You’re just cheating!
Dylan: Watch out!

I roles out of the way and Dylan shoots the training drone.
Cole: Thanks Man, I don’t know what I’d do without you

While i was eating at a Cyber bar, I see a waitress. She has the same last name as Dylan but I doesn’t make too much of it. As I was eating my breakfast. I find something at the bottom of his cup. A phone number, I dials it.

Cole: Long time no talk, Dylan.
Dylan: I was hoping you’d get the message I gave you
Cole: You know I have to bring you in, you’ve gone rouge. It’s my job now, like it was your job.
Dylan: Please Cole, Meet me at a Warehouse in 324 Sabbath. We have things to talk about, and things for me to show you.
Cole: Okay, but you need to show me something that will prove your innocence. Or you I will have to bring you in.
Dylan: Deal.

AsIi was walking to the Warehouse, I become completely surrounded by people with blasters and masks on. They take my weapons, And search for any bugs on me. They say: “He’s clear”. So they take him to the warehouse. And, he finally sees Dylan for the first time in 5 years.

Dylan: Long time no see man.

Cole: A little over the top for just a meeting huh?

Dylan: I told them to trust you, they’re just usually OCD about that kind of thing.

Cole: Who is the “They”

Dylan: The Rebellion.

Cole: What?

Dylan: Cole, the people you work for. The Government we so truly think are good people, are actually bad people. They run underground operations in Galaxies around the Universe the enslave the people to make money Cole. They are bad people, The government is not who they are anymore. They are just run by people who want money, people who will do anything for it.

Dylan is running after someone,  he is a Rogue Agent also. After a chase through the Ice burgs of Pluto,  the man gets into a hover car and so does Dylan. After a back and forth. Dylan shoots down the Hoover Car and makes The man crash, badly injuring him.
As Dylan goes to finish the rogue agent, he finds out that it’s his father
Dylan: Dad?
Dad: Long time no see, Son.
Dad: I knew they would make you do this, they always do
Dylan: Who? Who are you talking about! Why did you go rogue on us? You were my Hero!
Dylan: Dad!
Dylan: Ever since then, I have joined the Rebellion and we have been digging and digging until we found something that could bring these people down.  
Cole: What?
Dylan: This..
Dylan takes out a sort of external hard drive.
Dylan: This is something that hold everything. Everything they ever did everyone that worked for them. All the operations they had run. And, all the money they stole. This could bring them down if we get it into the right hands. You.
Cole: What? What do you want me to do with it?
Dylan: Get it into good people’s hands. Go back to Earth, And find Edward McMulle. He is a Supreme Attorney who is working for us. He wants to bring them down as much as we do.
Dylan: Will you join us? Bring them down, make the Universe a better place?
Cole: I’m in.

After arriving on Earth with the Rebellion. They wear their identify changing masks, they completely change the outlook on their faces so they don’t need to hide or run. They hid in plane Sight. After going to McMulls office, they find out that, McMull is dead. They called his death an “Accident”. Shocked and confused, I start feeling fearful for my life and my families.  But, Dylan gaves me comfort, and told him that with they’re actions. They will make my children’s lives better.  “I understood” I said.

After their only chance of bring down the Government is dead. They needed to take immediate action. They needed to go into the Government building. And, take the President. Try to talk to him. But, it isn’t going to be easy. It’ll probably be a fire fight, Dylan said.

3 weeks later,  I called my family. And told them that I was conducting a mission on Saturn. And, I told them that I loved them, fearing that it would be the last time talking to them.

As Dylan Brings in all the guns and ammunition. I am reminiscent of years before when we were working for the Government, killing people we thought who were bad, but were actually innocent. It was killing me thinking about it.  Their were 20 of them, 20 of them going in to a heavily guarder building, it’s  basically a suicide mission Cole was thinking. But, it needs to be done.

As everyone gets into the Ship, Dylan gives me a hug and says ‘Thank you”. I just nod and proceeds. As they near the Government facility two aircraft droids are flying along them. And ask for their clearance. As the rebellions ship doesn’t comply they start banging on the ship and then shots starting firing, one by another the aircraft droids were going down. And, the gunner had a hot shot. As the decanted. Blasters are fired and everyone takes cover. One by one, the droids get shot down. But, one by one. One of the rebellion gets show. One after another. 20, 19, 18, 17. I was counting as he saw his friends being picked off one by one. Dylan and I were tag teaming this. They were blasting threw everything. As they got to the doors. There were only 10 of them left, they weren’t even in the building. As they go in, they are completely mortified to see that the Government is completely ready for this attack and have hundreds of droids lined up to fight. “Someone tipped them off” Dylan said. As they see their doom,  Dylan tells me  he’s sorry.

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Jessica Hinton Sci-Fi Short Story

"Clashing with Clones" 

We’re finally close to perfecting this formula! Liam and I have been working on this for 2 years now. Now our ideas are finally coming a reality. All the hard work, long hours, and countless trials we’ve been through, are beginning to pay off. I knew we would get to this point sooner or later, but I honestly did not believe that it would turn out the way it did. This morning, we’re meeting with the Dean of the school, to discuss what we’ve come up with.

As I swiftly made my way across the campus to the Dean’s office, I can’t help being slightly nervous about our presentation.

What is he going to say? Will he approve? What’s our next step? These few thoughts swirl around my head. I feel as though I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, for some reason I just can’t seem to rid these thoughts from my mind. I arrive at the office door, with a plaque that says “Dr. Mark Clover, Dean of University”, took a deep breath, and knocked.

            The door opens, and there stands Dr. Mark Clover, Dean of Tasker University.

Well hello Dr. Connor, very pleased to see you”, exclaims Dr. Clover.

                        Hello sir! Nice to see you as well”, I replied.

As I entered, I took the time to glance around the room. Dean Clover has a pretty nice office. I’ve always admired the art that covered the walls, and the huge windows that overlook the East side of the campus.  I then caught sight of Liam sitting in a chair in front of Dean Clover’s desk. I went and beside Liam, in the chair adjacent to him.

                        Are you ready?” he whispers to me as I take the seat.

                        Yes, I think so” I hesitated.

                        Alright… let’s do this,” he declared.

And now… the meeting begins.

            As I quietly sat in the seat, I tried to think positive, and keep my composure. It’s not everyday that you’re sitting in the Dean’s office, awaiting for a make or break decision, that could change your life. 

            Well gentlemen, look how far you’ve come,” stated the Dean as he strolled to his seat. “What information do you have for me today?

                        Sir, we’ve finally come to the end of testing. This formula we’ve created is strong enough to get rid of all the clones that were mass-produced. The array of chemicals that we’ve conjured up, have the power to shut down the clone within 3 minutes.” Liam states with excitement in his voice.

                        That is impressive. Does this formula have any effect on humans?” questioned Dean Clover.

                        Thank you sir. It does not have any effects on humans. It is not made for humans, so it won’t have any effect on us” replied Liam.

                        Excuse me, but we’re not exactly sure of the effects this could have on humans. We never tested…” I stated, before being interrupted by Liam.

                        Yes, but we did not see any need to test humans. Yes, the clones are more important to worry about. The effect the formula might have on humans is not nearly as much as an effect it has on the clones,” Liam interjected. 

            The room was silent for a few seconds. Who would speak next? What else does the Dean want to know?

                        I have one last question… Dr. Liam, you told me earlier, that this could make us loads of money. How soon can we start producing and selling this?” asked Dean Clover.

                        We could put this on the market within a few months. No questions asked.” Liam blurted out.

                        Actually… no we can’t. We have not finished the appropriate tests to assure that this product will get rid of the clones. If it is not correct, the clones will just continue producing, and will wreak havoc everywhere,” I retorted.

The office got silent once again. This time, I was confused… there were new questions that entered my mind.

                        “Why would Liam discuss manufacturing this, and we hadn’t perfected it?”

 We already discussed that this couldn’t be marketed yet, so why did he go behind my back? I pondered.

                        It is clear that there are a few minor details that the two of you need to work out. I’ll let you two go, and discuss them, and once they’re sorted out, we can come back for another meeting. Thank you for your time Dr. Liam, and Dr. Connor”, Dean Clover stated as he stood up and shook our hands.

Once outside of the office, Liam immediately began jumping down my throat about the comments I made.

                        Why would you tell him it wasn’t ready? We’re almost done with our testing. We’ve already gone through the “business” side of this, so there shouldn’t be a problem”, shouted Liam. 

                        Listen, we can’t produce something unless it is complete and perfect. I can’t lie to him, and tell him that we’re completely finished with them”. I shot back at him

                        Connor, I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I will work on getting more money for us. With the formula, we’ll be getting paid a large sum of money.

                        Liam, you can’t possibly believe that this will do well on the market without the proper testing. That’s not smart, and you…

                        Honestly, if you have such a problem with it, then fine. Don’t worry about getting a paycheck. We don’t need to worry about humans… this is for the clones. It will have no connection at all.  Liam stated, as he began to walk away.

As, Liam walked away he turned back around to give me an “evil look”. Something just doesn’t seem right. After Liam walked away, I had this weird sensation that something would just go wrong. I stood there confused about how I should handle this little ordeal, but also worried about what would happen next.

                        “What are we going to do about the clones? How much more testing needs to be done? Is Liam going to begin to produce it? What can I do to stop him?”

Little did I know… that soon my worries would become far greater than anyone could have expected. 

            As I entered the laboratory the next morning, I was startled to see what had taken place. Vials lying around, chemicals spilled, broken glass, and papers strewn all across 3the floor. What do I do now? 

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Time Capsule (Short Sci-Fi Story)

“There has been a new experiment of Time Travel by Kirb Gluten, scientist of  England, who is here with us in Philadelphia, as he will be giving a public speech to young scientists in the Central Library of Philadelphia, to describe his ideas with the public of America, without further ado now over to you Kirb” CNN reports.
“Well thank you, as I must say...”
“Turn this off now Berto, go play outside or something before it gets too dark!” my mother declared with fury.
“I have to finish homework Ma’ I don’t have to play outside.” I screamed as I run up the steps and went into my room.
I guess she will or no one will ever understand, besides Kirb, about everything of time and space... I wish the world was a better place, I mean... it is but I wish people could appreciate science more rather than sports and all that nonsense... It is freezing in here...!
“What Berto!?”
“It’s freezin’!”
“Oh well! Goodnight, sleep under your sheets!”
“C’mon Ma’!”
Of course she doesn’t answer me, as always... Whatever, I’m not going to bed, I need to still change the capsule on the wall in the bathroom but first I NEED to finish watching the news snippet. I get up off my bed as it shrieks, tip toeing to the door, turn the knob and out I went. Skipping a few steps of the stairs, plopped onto the couch, as I then quickly turn the TV on. Yes! Kirb is still on TV!....
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” my mom gasps in fear, I hear the distinct tone in her voice.
I drop my remote and jetted up the steps, bursting through the door I see a 12 year-old girl with clothes seeming extra large and tears trickling down her face.
“Mom why... What?!.. How did this happen!?”
“Who are you?!, I don’t know what happened, one moment I was staring into the hole of this wall then I was chatting with my grandmother and playing cards!, I want to go back!”
“Why did you look into the hole in the wall?! That’s my time machine that has so many side effects...please Mom, stop crying!” I was so nervous, I had to extract the titanium and place it in the aluminum container so my mom would not catch gaze on it again.
“Who is mom?! I’m Ella, who the heck are you!?”
“Nothing, no one, just listen to me, you’re my mom but you just forgot everything because you used my time machine...” my palms were drowning with sweat, I knew there was only a little time until the side effects of the time machine would kick in on my mom.
“So the hole is a time machine? I just peaked, I don’t understan..” her voice cracked as tears poured down her face even more.
“Forget about it, we need to go find Kirb, the scientist who has the same structure as my machine.”
She didn’t say a word...Not one single syllable as she just followed me out the door, down the steps, and outside into the night well dawn almost. We were walking so fast, it felt like we were running, but I could not run, the side effects would take in more heavily on my mom if we did so. We were almost at the Central Library, Kirb always starts early, everyone is fascinated with his work, I hope I get his attention. We walked through the pathway, and up the steps of the library. Then, I began banging on the door as I saw Kirb. I signaled him to come over, he had the most puzzled, scared look on his face as he hesitated to open the back door. He would NOT take his eyes off my mother, I slowly turned my head and came to find a 5-year old with red eyes as my mother. I quickly picked her up, over my shoulders, as Kirb opened the door.
“ boy, have a lot of explaining to do, I understand what you’re going through, hurry before she becomes deformed..”
“Sir, Mister, K..K...Kirb, this is my mother, there has to be something, she only has about 10 minutes left, my side effects...” I could not stop trembling, I felt as if there was a knot in my throat.
“Which element did you use?”
“Umm..Titanium 101x, I meant to adjust it before I went to bed but..” I could not even finish my sentence as my body became weak with anxiety.
“Hurry, to the auditorium..grab your mom and just throw her into the machine.”
“No time for questions, throw her in the machine and I will follow with the titanium so I can identify which part of time period she was in...Did she say anything when she came to our era?”
“She was playing cards with her grandmother.”
We did not speak much further as we ran into the auditorium, I threw my mother and Kirb actually caught her while entering the portal. Within milliseconds my mom returned back to normal and Kirb then came exactly one minute later.
“Wow, my head hurts, as I said boy you have a LOT of explaining to do..”
“Thank you Kirb!”
“Berto, what are you thanking him for?”
“For saving you.”
She gave me a puzzled, loving smile and replied, “Go outside and play, Berto.”
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Short Story

Prisilla Nieves


                        Dinosaurs, Humans, What’s Next?


Scientists have proven that dinosaurs have existed in Earth’s last life and that humans are the living species living in the present, but people are wondering what’s next. Many of the human species believe that a combination of humans and robots will take over the next world. Advanced technologies discovered by human brains have led to many amazing ideas like laptops, iPods, electricity, etc. However, Robert Palituccini made the most amazing idea in 2087. He believes that humans and robots should not only work together, but work as a whole, literally. The combination of robots and humans would be a dynamic and revolutionary change for the afterworld.

Feisels. Palituccini believes that this is a great idea. However no other scientist wants to help him with this project. “BOOM. BOOM” those were the noises people heard once the Earth began to collapse. “Help, help. My son is near the great whole” yelled a lady for her child. “The world is ending, the world is ending” yelled another citizen. “Yes, yes. The moment I’ve been waiting for!” yelled Palituccini. “Yes, finally. I will be able to make my plan work!” he would still yell. Palituccini had built a robot two years ago and had stolen a five-year-old child a year ago for his idea to come true. Rumors of the world ending were everywhere, but people never paid attention to these rumors. “I’m going to…” Palituccini didn’t have time to stay on this Earth. He grabbed water, food, first-aid kits, oil, his scientist tools, the two-year-old robot and the 6-year-old child with him and began to launch his rocket. The sounds of explosion everywhere began to worry him. “Am I going to make it out of this plant on time?” he would ask to himself. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOOOOM” was the only noise heard left on this planet. Palituccini closed his eyes in hope that he would be out on time.

Soon after the loud noises, Palituccini opened his eyes to the beautiful sight of outer space. He used the map he map he created to get to the plant he wanted to go. 8,760 hours passed by on this rocket and there was the image of the planet he wanted to land on. The only that had oxygen other than Earth. Planet Versony was a perfect place to create the first Feisel. There, he put the now three-year-old robot and the seven-year child into a fusion that would make them join together as a whole. This process took thirty-six hours and Palituccini waited patiently for his ideal dream to finally occur.

Palituccini opened the fusion box door and there it was, his most creative creation of all times. The feisels had beautiful shiny-fleshed skin and operated on oil. Its mind was greater than any other scientist in the old planet earth. It was even greater than Palituccini’s. He loved this creation so much that he wanted to make more of it. As a matter of fact, he wants a whole new world filled with Feisels! In order to create more Feisels, Palituccini had to cut off a piece of a Feisels and put it in the fusion box. Thirty-six hours alter he had another Feisel. Every three days his inventions would expand more and more until there were one thousand Feisel all under Palituccini’s control.

Once the planet Earth began to show it’s sign of life again, Palituccini went back on his rocket. He only went back with ten of his Feisels though because 990 more couldn’t fit in the rocket. Arriving to Earth, there was more oil and less water, which was a good thing. Feisels run on oil and Palituccini was the only full human left. Palituccini left his first Feisel creation in charge on the New Earth planet while he went to get the other Feisels. Once the 990 Feisels arrived on Earth as well, they built a whole new Earth. Flying cars, almost-invisible technology and electricity charging Feisels was the New Earth. Almost everyday, Feisels would build something new in their countries. Palituccini began to age now and was at no worry. His first Feisel creation was like a son to him and he left the Earth on his hands while leaving peacefully. The New Earth is made of Feisels and the most advanced technology in history. Once this Earth is over with though, what will come after is the common question.  Feisels will never know.



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Space Sick

​By Jenn Wright

How hard and uncomfortable this seat feels is the only thing that matters to me right now. It is a flood, the way the rap music from the earbuds of the high school boy opposite me seep into the cracks of my subconscious. In this one bus ride, my last bus ride, the only thing I can think about is the bass of the song and just how much I actually do hate siting on this bus everyday, twice a day. 

But, I mean I just don’t understand why this is necessary, though. It was ONE party. My parents are just going to drastic measures! The Academy? Really? Shooting me into East Jesus Nowhere in outer space is not what I need. Honestly, I’m a good kid. I clean my room, I walk the dog and complete my brain uploads. Why exactly they think sending me off to some ‘school’ is a good idea is a mystery to me. Apparently this is they way they learned as a kid. Being taught by a person? Having to sit in a lesson all day? It  all makes no sense. 

I have two days. It’s two days until I have to board an intergalactic flight to my doom. 

I meet up with Jeremy at Mario’s Pizza. 

“The ACADEMY?! You must be kidding me. You’re yankin’ my chain, right?” 

“Unfortuately, I am neither kidding or yankin,” I match. “It’s happening, dude. I might doubt it if not for the fact that my dad has been talking non-stop about it.” 

Jeremy leans back in his chair and shakes his head with his typical smirk, “You are in for it, man. I’ve heard they have no internet!” This was something I hadn’t heard before. No internet? I gape at him; that is unreal. Jeremy seems satisfied having shocked me with that tidbit.

Later on that night, Mom comes in to talk to me. I couldn’t handle any more tears. Luckily, she looked stoic instead. 

“Now honey, you know this is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You know that Itzahseekret is a very different planet than ours. You’ll need your--”

“I know mom,” I interupted, “my winter coat. We’ve been to Ryland for holiday, it’s basically the same planet, right?” She nodded, but she bit her lip as if she wasn’t so sure I really did understand. Mom just hugged me gently as if she had never done it before and left me to “my own devices” as Dad called it. She doesn’t really want to send me to the Academy. My dad is the one. He believes in learning your lesson to fullest extent; whereas, Mom just follows along thinking it’s what is best for me.

I loaded up my Digi-screen and the holographic image splayed out in front of me. I came to a plain website, probably a free, not to mention ancient, Geocities site. I skimmed over a short text describing the school. Something about books and something called a classroom, I think? Finally, I found a photo. The actual Academy was not quite what I expected in terms of aesthetics. I thought at least it would look modern, maybe made of all glass or something cool. Not quite. It was ordinary in all aspects like the kind of stuff you see in 2000’s movies. The inconspicuous rectangluar shape and unassuming brown color did not give me any indication of what was inside. 

I spend the rest of the night and the next night searching the internet for something to cling to. I’m used to knowing exactly where something is and exactly what it looks like from my Digi-screen. I don’t go anywhere without checking it. The lack of information keeps me awake. With no luck, my ceiling offers no repreive. I wake up knowing no more than what Dad and Jeremy have told me. The bus route and people on it that I know by heart do not seem as alien anymore. 


I wake up on the day I’ve been dreading since I was caught doing it. Don’t make me bring it up again, ya know, the party. My mom flips my light on without saying a word.  Dad’s been waiting for something like this. He went to the Academy too, so technically it’s legacy. In his day, it was some sort of honor.

 “Made me a man!” he recounts to me for, I’d safely say, the billionth time.

Now, it’s pure punishment and that is exactly the point--punishment. Breakfast is a quiet event on all fronts. I imagine the house will be this way when I’m not here. As Dad and I are leaving, my Mom doesn’t say much but just looks me in the eyes with tears in hers. She hugs me for about 4 hours before my Dad finally beeps his car horn to wake up the whole neighborhood. Different though,  Dad talks the whole ride. He is beside himself with excitement.

“Sound as if you’re happy to be rid of me.” I tell him.

“No,” he answers, “just happy you screwed up enough to convince your mother this is good for you. The Academy will do you some good.” 

As we approach the flight station he gets more serious. “Kid, be good for once and don’t make your mother and I have to come get you.” 

I don’t know what it is; my parents think I’m a hooligan. I think they read some parenting book that says as soon as I hit 17 I must be close to criminal. 

Dad just claps me on the back and drives away. Not that I expect much else, we have a no nonsense relationship. 

He warned me about the flight days ago, though, and hell it is. The turbulence is horrible and I now am aware that I do in fact, get space sick. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.25.25 PM

Parker, Steve. "US Flag | Flickr - Photo Sharing!" Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Web. 13 Jan. 2012. <>.

Designs, SmartBoy. "The Sparse Planet | Flickr - Photo Sharing!" Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Web. 13 Jan. 2012. <>.

Fotography, Sarai. "Outer Space Simulation | Flickr - Photo Sharing!" Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing. Web. 13 Jan. 2012. <>.

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​Lost in the Past

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.25.28 PM

Letter to the reader:

 This story is written from the point of view from the main character, Adrian. It’s is a collection of her diary entries that captures the story of when she got “Lost in the Past”. This story is also considered to be a sequel to the real series of where she is living in the past and has to find her way home. Therefore, the end of the story is kind of like a cliffhanger. This format was done purposely, not because it was not finished. Enjoy!


October 28, 2125


“You remind me of your mom when she was your age”


The infamous line, but it has no meaning to me. I say this not because I hate my mom, oh god no! I say this because I never met her. It’s weird though, I feel like I knew her my entire life. I love her unconditionally. You see, my mom died while giving birth…to me. Yeah I know, that’s a hard pill to swallow. Whenever someone brings her up I can’t help but be reminded that I’m the reason that she is no longer with us But let’s be honest I am the reason.

Every year around my birthday, my grandparents tell me stories about my mother. It seems like every year I learn more and more about her. Although I love the second hand stories, I want to know what my mom was like firsthand. The idea may seem a little far-fetched, but I’m almost confident that It will be easy.

Everyday after 6th period, all of the juniors have to go to Time Capsule class. Before we graduate, we must know how to properly operate a time machine. Even though our training just started a few weeks ago, I feel confident in my ability to work the machine. I mean, it’s as hard as it looks!

Tomorrow, after class, I’m going to hide in the coat closet until Mr. Briggs locks up. At about 6:00 the school should be empty, and then I will borrow a time machine. I’m a little nervous… but hopefully nothing goes wrong. Wish me luck!


Xoxo Ariel :)


November 22, 2025


Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve last written in here… Well let me get you updated! I’ve been in the past for about a month, but in the future it would have only been a few hours. My mom and I are best friends. Oh yeah, did I forget to say that I found her?! I went back into the past far enough that her and I are the same age. It’s so cool! But what’s even cooler is that we practically look like twins. I think that’s part of the reason we became so close. She introduced me to her parents today. Yup, my grandparents. They look so much different so they do in the future. They appear to be a lot younger and happier… but I guess that should be obvious.

Oh yeah, she told me about her boyfriend today. I’m surprised that it isn’t my dad. I wanted to ask her about him but if there is 1 thing I learned in Time Capsule class, it’s do NOT temper with the past. I must follow the rules, especially since my existence depends on it. But I gotta go! I’ll try to keep you posted!


Xoxo Ariel J


November 25, 2025


A few days have passed, and a lot has changed! Where do I start? The other day I met my dad at my mom’s school. He looked nothing like how he does in the future. Anyways, the whole time we were at school she was saying such horrible things about my dad. At first it funny until I started making jokes about how one day she would end up marrying him. She seem utterly disgusted by the thought, and kept repeating that no one would marry a man so dumb. I snapped. I didn’t know what else to do. I blurted out that she would marry “a man so dumb”. I told her I was from the future. I told her I was her daughter. I told her about her death. I told her everything. I was a victim of word vomit. We learned about this in Time Capsule class. Some people can’t handle what they see in the past and as a result, they blurt out the future. It never ends well after that.

            My mom… Catherine she thought I was crazy. She left. She left me there and continued to scream insults at me. I thought she’d understand. I forgot that people from the past cant fathom the things that happen in the future. Immediately after I went back to where my time capsule was… or where it should have been. It was gone! It had self-destructed. I knew this because right where the time capsule used to be was nothing but rubble from the time capsule. I panicked! Then I thought about it… I had altered the future, my future. I remembered back to when we had learned about the cons of going to the past. One of these was that there was always a possibility you wouldn’t make it back because of something you might have said. The time capsule would be the first thing to go. Without a time capsule, I wont be able to get home and no one knows where I am. Back home it hasn’t even been an entire day yet… No one would know to come looking for me. And if they did, they wouldn’t even know where to start. I was trapped, and my only friend… my own mother thought that I was looney. A weirdo. I don’t know what to do, I haven’t completed that chapter in time capsule class. I was lost in the past. 

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July 18, 2030. 

I’ve finally found it. I’ve found the perfect specimen, who will prove perfect for my creation. Intelligence, average height, devoid of any mental or physical defects, amongst other things. She also shares my dream, the dream of creating the perfect human. Someone devoid of all frivolous emotions such as: jealously, anger, happiness, lust, or sadness. It shall only think through rational thought and rational thought only. It shall be selfless, having no need for such irrelevant things like money or wealth. Too many people of the present are fueled by their emotions and their own selfish needs. Countries going to war because of something like oil? That’s preposterous. How can thousands of lives be lost in a meaningless war just so I can fill my gas tank? Idiots! All of them. We humans are imperfect by nature, too controlled by own emotions. Even as I write this, I’m becoming enraged at the current state of the so-called “human race”. My anger solves nothing, anger begets nothing. Nothing but violence and more suffering. I will create the catalysts for the new world; they will be perfection, perfection that will breed more perfection. I will God and they shall be my Adam and Eve.


September 24, 2042. 

I’ve done it. After years upon years they are ready. But not now. I can’t let them go out into the world now. The world isn’t ready for them, it’s full too much of imperfection. I have a better solution, I shall place them in an remote area, we were they shall begin the new world there. This way they won’t have any interaction with those of imperfect nature, and thus taint they’re imperfection. Yes, this is what I shall do. But there is one last thing to do. I must take my own life. I must do this, because I am imperfect. I exist as the very my creation intend to rid of. If I’m to see my dream come to true fruition, ALL imperfection shall be gone. 

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(Untitled BMQ2 Sci-Fi Story)

Waking up in the morning, rushing to the shower, and waiting for mother. We went through this pesky process of cover-up to the extreme.

“Mom,” I signed “why do I have to go through this process every morning?”

She looked down. She seemed afraid or more ashamed. I couldn’t tell. The way she furrowed her eyebrows and pursed her lips tight with her candied red lipstick let me know there was something to it. Other than the fact that I cannot speak clearly but I can hear while she and my sister, Julie, can speak makes me wonder.
“Do you know why everything you say sounds so foreign to you or not the way we say things? Why you look like me, but you have transparent skin in addition to a tail?”  
Where is she going with this?
With hesitation, I signed, “What -- what are you trying to say..?”

“I’ll explain later. Just go get ready for school.” I saw the tears in her eyes as she said that statement. I walked away and obeyed. I hurried and got ready.

I covered my transparent pink face with some beige substance. It made me look more like my mom and Julie. When I got dressed, I had to wrap my tail around me and put on my normal clothing. It was my daily routine, but I felt like I deserved some answers. Why couldn’t I be like Julie and just wear some comfortable sweat pants, tie my hair, and not bother with covering my face so early? Doesn’t everyone do this? How do we truly know a person’s identity?

I got lost in my thoughts and forgot to wake Julie up for school. I always have to wake up an hour earlier just to get ready and she literally rolls out of bed looking like me after I do everything. She’s flawless - or just what mom wants. Either way, this was unfair.

“Bye, mom!” yelled Julie. I then stomped twice to let my mom know I was leaving. It was something we created since I was little. I could never pick up on speaking properly so when we weren’t nearby one another, I’d use noises.
Same old day. Same boring classes. My life is like a book that has already been written, but today I had a knot in my stomach. It’s probably the school lunch. 3:30 came. I was anxious to get home and here what mom had to say.
As I walked up the driveway, I saw a van. I guess it was mom’s coworkers. I went to the front door. Looked for my keys and put them into the lock. As the door clicked and I turned the knob, I could hear scurried movement on the other side of the door. I saw mom sitting with someone and wondered where the other people were if they had a huge van outside. There was a giant computer setup in the middle of the living room. As soon as I saw it, I saw my reflection and I was glowing. There was a weird thing on the screen. It sounded like white noise, but I could understand it.
Mom, what’s going on?

“You’re not who you think you are - I got a donor. You’re the way you are because someone thought it’d be ‘interesting’ to put you, an outsider in me along with your sister. We couldn’t abort you because we didn’t know and it may have harmed Julie. But hearing you dislike changing yourself every morning got me thinking and I called some people. Sweetie.. they’re here to help you.” She said as her tears rolled down her cheeks.

Shocked. I could not respond. I knew I didn’t fit in because of my tail, but when I see everyone with different skin tones, I thought that it was okay.  I got answers to my original questions, but now more questions remain. Then suddenly, some men appeared from behind me.

Who am I? I am a mistake in society due to one’s curiosity. I don’t know what happened after the men appeared, but now I can speak. I can walk amongst you and the rest of society without being revealed. My name? Not available. My reason for being on this planet with you? You’ll due time.

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Gravity-Bound by Ruben Burenstein

Ruben Burenstein
Q2 benchmark
Water stream

Sci-fi story


Tony just got done with his third patient for the day, he looked at his “Best Doctor Ever” mug, on the right side of his desk, after taking a long sip of steaming coffee, he looked at his list of appointments for the day, his next patient Tim Mcmillan was supposed to be there in a few minutes for his appointment. Tim has schizophrenia and recently was very unstable, so Tony thought this session could do him a lot of good.

As time passed by Tony got increasingly nervous, Tim was never late to an appointment. Tony decided to do something after painful 30 minutes had gone by, Tony to called Tim’s phone. Tim always picked up his phone and came to his appointments on time, but this time the phone was disconnected. Tony understood the signs; he had seen it enough times with his patients, he knew now all he could do was go home, watch TV, and see where it happened.

Tony arrived home at around 8:40, as he entered his home he thought about adjusting his bracelet for 50% gravity, but decided not to at the last moment. Tony had never liked the government being able to control your gravity, of course as a kid he had played with his bracelet, like everyone had, but now as an adult he knew how controlling these were. Tony had a clean record, meaning that the government would process his requests first if he wanted to adjust his bracelet, and Tony knew this, but he still wouldn’t do it. Tony had worked out that he should only use this when in a lot of danger from someone on the outside, for example if one of his patients brought a weapon to their appointment.

The news was basically the same as every other day; some weather for the next few days, a storm was brewing over the west coast, and then some local news. This was the section Tony was looking for, he was just listening for Tim Mcmillans name, waiting for the inevitable, when he would find out what had happened to his former patient. Tony started to drift off, but then he heard it, “A local mans gravity was raised to 300% today as police surrounded him. Witnesses say the man was yelling gibberish in a hostile manor for about 3 minutes before the police arrived. The police who arrived on the scene shot immediately for fear that this man could cause potential harm to civilians.”

This took Tony a long time to digest this information, he had seen people in the newspaper that were Gravity-bound before, but never to someone who Tony known well, especially not one he would talk to every 2-3 days for almost a year and a half. Tony turned off the TV and laid down on his couch, pondering what he should do about this predicament. Tony realized that the government was getting increasingly strict with their use of the PYC machine, at first they would only use in high-risk, hostage like situations, but as more machine have been built, the use is much more common in every day life, but never used for harmful purposes like it was today. Tony could read the signs better than others, so his final thought before drifting off to sleep was that he should do something to show the government how wrong they were.

The next few months went by in a blur, doing his daily routine over and over, watching the world changing around him. Every once and a while, one of his patients would be Gravity-bound, with the governments increasing intolerability of any type of misbehavior. Tony was slowly loosing patients, everyone that could come to him was either too scared to go outside, or had been Gravity-bound. He pondered what to do, and eventually decided to actually get up and do something about it. Tony had never seen anyone stand up to the government since the PYC machine was invented, and he wanted to make a statement.

Tony spent weeks planning how this would go down, he gathered about 700 people to march on city hall. Tony made signs, having tons of people come over and help him plan for this event. He closed down the office to work solely on this project, not that it mattered; he only had 2 patients left. The plan was to attempt to get in to city hall, and look for the PYC machine controlling the city, or the people who control it, and talk to them sensibly. If they found the machine first, they would stand there until someone they could talk to showed up. The main idea was to not be violent at all, so that the government couldn’t take any forceful action against them.

The time had come; Tony was the first on the scene, observing the landscape until people started arriving. The security guards outside started to notice something was up when about 20 or so people gathered in a group in front of city hall. The group continued growing until almost 150 people were there, then they started making their way in to city hall. Around half made it in to city hall easily before the security started organizing them in to a line, making them walk in between security guards in order to enter.

This is when all hell broke loose, one of the protesters in the line brushed up against a guard. The guard took this opportunity to take out his baton and hit the man. About 6 people around this brawl joined in, while the rest of the bystanders watched. In less than 40 seconds, the 4 protesters involved in the fight had been Gravity-bound, the starter being killed by the guards afterward. The other 3 were led off in handcuffs. Seeing this kind of treatment appalled Tony, especially with the realization that he had caused this to happen.

Things only got worse from here; the protesters arriving outside saw the commotion and ran in, causing a ruckus much worse than before. This started a riot, between all of the guards and many of the protesters. Tony could only stand there and watch as one by one his companions were Gravity-bound and arrested, or Gravity-bound and killed. Tony even watched as one mans gravity was turned up constantly, until eventually his bones were crushed completely.

Tony ran. It was all he could do, his people were getting over run and shut down. Edging his way around the destruction that he caused, seeing fallen comrades everywhere, beaten by the batons of the law enforcement. Past all of the men whose deaths he caused, barely making it under the radar of the guards. 100 feet until the entrance, 50 feet, halfway down the steps, just 20 steps and a small courtyard until he was safe.

Tony made it safely down the stairs, but then he was spotted by one of the guards outside who recognized him as the leader. Tony heard the guard yell out, but ignored him and continued running, then right as he was about to take the last step out of the courtyard, it happened. His body just stopped working like he was used to, Tony was forced to the ground, and couldn’t get up, he had been Gravity-bound. He was surrounded, a gun pointed straight at him.

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