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Globalization in Philadelphia - Blase Biello

Overall, this was a pretty interesting benchmark and I really liked the amount of creativity we were allowed to implement into our project. The most challenging part of this project, would definitely have to be figuring out what to actually take pictures of. Although, I knew common globalization themes, finding examples of them was definitely challenging. The way I went about collecting the images was just taking my normal route to/from school with a sharp eye. I had the themes in my head and I just scanned all of the environment until I found a nice representation. My favorite image is the picture of the lime. I really like the quality of that picture, especially how the limes in the background are blurred out - it captured nice. I also like it because of the label, showing how far that little lime has traveled; it's interesting. Evidence of globalization is definitely prevalent all around Philadelphia, you just have to keep your eyes open and analyze your sights. I think the images of globalization are just as present in Philadelphia as they would be in any other large city. I think this because all of the big cities have the urban center and then the outlying rural area that gets effected along with the city. I learned a lot of information about Philadelphia; including some information about the history of Western Union and the history of global trade. 
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Las Cazuelas

Senorita Manuel got a wonderful restaurant to cater pueblo food here to our school library.
There's the picture I took of all the food I tried(sorry, I forgot dessert) 

Nombre de Plato: Pollo Cazuelas 
Opinión: Muy bien, muy "zesty". 
Unos ingredientes: Pollo, cebolla

Nombre de Plato: Tacos Durados
Opinión: Muy "dry". Maso menos. 
Unos ingredientes: Pollo

Nombre de Plato: Fijoles con Arroz
Opinión: Me encanta arroz.
Unos ingredientes: Arroz y frijoles..jajaja.

Nombre de Plato: Chuletas Tentación
Unos ingredientes: Chuleta 
Comentarios: Mi favorita :) 
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Español 3 Q4BM Semana #5

Meaningful Questions and points:

  1. What is your native language? 
  2. Was it difficult learning a new language? 
  3. What are some things you remember from your experience of learning a new language? 
  4. Have you kept your native language, and or passed it down to other generations? 
  5. What were some benefits or downfalls  in your life growing up in a bilingual home? 
  6. What were some difficulties in attending school or work when english was not the primary language spoken at home? 
  7. How has learning two languages helped your life?

    Este audio es de los preguntas ariba. Yo hablo con una de los estudiantes de SLA, quien sabia español. Este audio es de Franklin
Spanish w_ Franklin
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Las Cazuelas

​En ingles por favor: 
On Tuesday, we had a catered, Mexican food luncheon. It was a wonderful end to our unit on food. We explored many different cultures of hispanic food, including, Venezuelan, Pueblo Mexican, and Peruvian cuisines. We had a chance to savor Pueblo food. This is how it went: 
Nombre Del Plato: Sope de Maiz

Opinión : me gusta

Unos Ingredientes: maiz y frijoles, con sour cream

Comentarios: Yo recomiendo  poner la salsa

Nombre Del Plato: Tacos dorados 

Opinión : No me gusta 

Unos Ingredientes: pollo y maiz

Comentarios: Fue aburrida

Nombre Del Plato: Arroz

Opinión : me gusta

Unos Ingredientes: arroz y zanahoria y cebollas 

Comentarios: Me gusta con los frijoles fritos. Yo recomiendo comer los dos juntos.

Nombre Del Plato: Pollo Cazuelas 

Opinión : Me gusta porque es picante 

Unos Ingredientes: pimientas verde y pollo

Comentarios: ?Fue cocida al horno o cocida al pan?


Y algo de tomar.... 

Nombre Del Bebida: Horchata

Opinión : me gusta , es dulce

Unos Ingredientes: leche, azuca'r y arroz

Comentarios: yo fue fascina, me gusta porque es co'mo helado. 


Nombre Del Plato: Tres Leches

Opinión : me gusta

Unos Ingredientes: Biscocho en leche: leche,azuca'r, 

Comentarios: Fue dulce y cremoso.

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Henninger Conversation, Post 5 - Deportes


•  What will be your topic of conversation be? 

Sports, deportees, in other countries.

•  What are 5 questions related to your conversation goal that you can think of ahead of time to ask your partner?

 - ¿Te gusta deportes?

 - ¿Qué deportes juegas?

 - ¿Qué deportes se puede ver en la televisión?

 - ¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?

 - ¿Tiene usted un atleta profesional favorito?

•  What are you looking forward to about this conversation? 

It will be interesting to see what sports are popular there versus the US.

•  What are you nervous about? 

Not everyone likes/plays sports so it may be difficult to have a good conversation about it. 


• Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person? 

I spoke to Luiz, 16, from Brazil. I chose to speak to him because he was around my age and I thought the conversation would be easier and simple. 

• What did you learn about them? 

I learned that he likes soccer and basketball. He also told me that people knowing about American football is rare in Brazil. He's only seen one American football game. 

• How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal? 

It helped me get a better idea of what life is like for a south American teenager. In many ways it's very similar to my own but there are definitely some differences. 

• What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? 

I learned about sports in Brazil.

• What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again) 

I wish I could have continued the conversation for longer and get more information. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 1.39.17 PM
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Spanish Post

In this conversation me and Estafan talked about football, we argued because he said that he liked the Chargers and that said the Eagles sucked.  He told me that he likes Calvin Johnson and Antonio Gates and they are two of his favorite players.  He said that the eagles were crazy and that they were worst then the Chargers.
Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 1.32.44 PM
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Post #5

My final blog post dealt with governmental issues in a large countries. I spoke with a girl from Brazil. She told me that the problems are universal and that the government tries to control it but something it doesn't work. I realized that the stereotypes for Spanish speaking countries are not contained in only Spanish countries but it's a worldwide problem that some countries have found a way to handle and some haven't. My partner this week talked about the president trying to handle the problems but not having much control. There was more to our conversation but it did not save.
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How to save Bell Pepper Seeds

envi sci

Bell peppers are probably one of the easiest vegetables to collect seeds from. Mainly for the fact that all their seeds are found on the core of the pepper, and the process of removing them is really simple. You first cut the pepper but try to avoid the core, basically cut around the core, that way it’s easy to remove the core and seeds. Once you cut the pepper, you remove the core. Once the core is removed, you then take a knife and carefully scrape the seeds off it. You then take the seeds and place them into a bowl and let it dry for about 3 days. You will know it is dry when you can snap them in half. Once they are dry you can just put them in a container and or envelope, label them, and BAM! You got yourself bell pepper seeds for the springtime. One of the cool parts about these seeds is you can actually store the seeds up to 3 years. So you have some time to plant them. 

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"Collapse" of American Dream (animated)

"Collapse" of American Dream (animated). While this cartoon is highly biased in its approach, it does a good job of explaining the relationship between the FED (Federal Reserve Bank), the US Govt and the taxpayer. It approaches the age-old debate between regulation and deregulation, state vs federal authority, and private vs. public control of our markets. Lots of questions should follow.
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation
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La Cazuelas

On tuesday we had a luncheon from las cascuelas. It was really cool to see all the food . I really enjoyed the food and my favorite was the chicken with green sauce. I liked both of the drinks. The juice had an interesting taste and it was pretty different, from your average fruit punch. I really enjoyed the milk cake it tasted like rice pudding.
2012-05-22 14.16.54
Sopas de Maiz - Me encanta! 
Unos Ingredients : Tortillias

Tacos dordados - Muy intersante
Unios Ingredients: Torrtillas

Pollo Cazuelas- ME ENCANTA!
Unios Ingredients: Pollo

Chueletas Tentacîon - no me gusta
Unios Ingredients: cerdo

Tres leches- muy bueno
Unios Ingredients : leche

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Las Cazuelas

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 10.57.06 PM

1) Pollo Cazuelas 

Muy muy bien! Delicioso! 



2) Tacos Durados

simplemente bueno


de mal gusto 

3) Fijoles con Arroz



Me gusta mucho 

4) Chuletas Tentación



Por lo general yo no me gusta chuletas, pero yo encanta estos Chuletas Tentación

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Las Cazuelas

Nombre del plato: Horchatta

Opinión: ¡me encanta porque es muy diferente!

Unos ingrediente: leche, azúcar, y canela


Nombre del plato: Tacos dorados

Opinión: ah es mas o menos, para masticar difícilmente

Unos ingrediente: pollo, pan, y flor



Nombre del plato: sopes de Maíz

Opinión: no me gusta, muy seco

Unos ingrediente: pan, maíz, y habas



Nombre del plato: pollo Cazuelas

Opinión: ¡me gusta! Porque es muy mucha de sabor

Unos ingrediente: pimienta, y salsa



Nombre del plato: Chuletas Tentación

Opinión: ¡muy bien! Porque es muy oferta

Unos ingrediente: pimiento



Nombre del plato: tres leches

Opinión: ¡me favorita! todo era perfecto

Unos ingrediente: leche, azúcar, huevo, y flor

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 10.27.00 PM
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Conversation Blog #5

Katherine was a stranger before i meet her in LiveMocha and since then talk alot and alot when we have time and when we are both on skype she has help me practice with my spanish by only writing to be in spanish and me writing back to her in spanish as well. She has been a big help too me.
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Sopes de Maíz: No me gusta sopes de maíz porque no tiene mucho sabor.


Tacos Dorados: Me gusta tacos dorados porque pollo fue bueno, pero taco podrías habe tenía más sabor.


Pollo Cazuelas: Esta fue el grande comida yo comió. Que tenía mucho sabor y fue cocido bien.


Tres Leches: Tres leches fue grande. Es muy sabor y delicioso.


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Las Cazuelas

On Monday, we had a Mexican feast in Spanish class. It was very exiting! I enjoyed getting to try all sorts of new foods. Also, lo siento  for the lack of original pictures. They were taken on a friends phone, and this friend accidentally deleted them.

ps- Thanks to Senorita Manuel for applying for the grant that gave us the huge discount on the luncheon!


Nombre de Plato: Chiles rellenos
Opinión: Mas o menos. El queso fue extrana textura. 
Unos ingredientes: chile y queso
Comentarios: Nueva queso.


Nombre de Plato: Tacos dorados 
Opinión: Muy muy deliscioso!   
Unos ingredientes: la tortilla y chocolate
Comentarios: es mut interesante y crujiente


Nombre de Plato: Jamaica 
Opinión: Me gusta mucha!  
Unos ingredientes: El flor de hibiscus
Comentarios: Muy deliscioso y dulcha.
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Las Cascuelas

On tuesday we had a luncheon from las cascuelas. I was really excited for it and at the time I was really hungry to. I really enjoyed the food and my favorite was the rice. I didn't taste the milk but I did taste the juice. The juice had an interesting taste and it was pretty different. I never tasted juice like that and I was surprised because I thought it was taste something like fruit punch. All in all I really enjoyed the food.
2012-05-22 14.13.51
2012-05-22 14.14.00
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Las Cazuelas

​On May 22, 2012, our spanish class have a luncheon on different foods. I am a very picky eater, I enjoy most of the foods but some i didn't. I was so curious on how the food might taste like but at the same time I was scare to try it because I'm not use to eating new foods.  Just from that day, I learn a lot about spanish foods. i found their style amazing and i love how they made the chicken. When I ate the chicken I though that I was in heaven maybe even dreaming. I love eating meat and the next thing that i know was that I went up for second for chicken and pork. It was a amazing experiment. I kinda regret not trying new things, hahaha. 
Nombre del Plato: Tres Leches 
Opinión: No, me gusta nada porque al dulce
Unos ingredientes: leche, postre
Comentarios: al dulce 
Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.42.10 PM
Nombre del Plato: Chuletas Tentación       
Opinión: Me fascina!! Es mi favorito.  
Unos ingredientes: el ajo, chuletas, la pimienta , la sal
Comentarios: Muy Bien! yummy!
Photo on 5-22-12 at 2.25 PM
Nombre del Plato: Pollo Cazuelas    
Opinión: Me fascina!! También mi favorito.  
Unos ingredientes: el pollo, el ajo, la sal, la cebolla 
Comentarios: delicioso
Photo on 5-22-12 at 2.26 PM #3
Nombre del Plato: Jamaica
Opinión: No, me gusta nada porque al dulce
Unos ingredientes:  flores
Comentarios: al dulce 
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Las Cazuelas

En ingles por favor. In spanish one  as the year ended we started talking about different hispanic cultures. A major thing we learned about was the type of food, and ingredients. It was a very fun start the the fourth semester. On May 22nd we got to experience food from a restaurant called "Las cazuelas." heres my opinion on the food.

Sopes de Maíz (round corn tortillas)
Me fasinca.
Maíz y frijes

Tacos dorados (crispy tortillas)
es muy perfecto.
Pollo y salsa pireante

Pollo Cazuelas (chicken with a spicy salsa)
¡me gusta picante pollo!
Pollo y tomotllo sauce

tres leches (el Postre)
¡me encanta!
leche flour y canela

Jamaica (a drink made with flowers)
Muy bien muy dulce
Agua, flor y aucar
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Proyecto de Conversación: Slapdash Endings

Annisa Ahmed
Español lll, D Band
Conversation Project: Week Five

Antes de Conversación:
What will your topic of conversation be?
    Either trends/clothing styles or trying to find out what the other does for a living.
What are you looking forward to about this conversation?
    Well, I am mostly looking forward to an ongoing conversations that will hopefully be the longest ones yet.
What are your nervous about?

    Nothing in particular, I just want it to go well.

Después de Conversación:
Who did you speak with and why did you choose them?
     As always, people pop up and I join the conversation.
What did you learn about them?
    I am now aware that Mauro is from Chile and works as a tour.
How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your goal?
    It was more of a dud than what I was used to. Along with the other talks I have had this week, most of the people have asked for my Facebook name or a Skype username, neither of which I have, so yeah.
What did you do well according to your goals?
    Not really. The convo was not really long nor did I get to really ask any of the questions I wanted to. 
What specifically do you need to improve on?
    Staying on task because time and time again, I jump around and never really get on the topics I planned on. Plus, I get distracted pretty easily.
Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 8.27.55 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 8.28.15 PM
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blog post 4

This week, i talk to my partner about how jobs are over there and how they are different from the American jobs. we also talk about how they work harder the Americans but they get pay less than the  American.This plog post i short because of the disconnection and i was able to get to then again.  

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 2.01.32 PM
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Las cazuelas

​Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 my spanish one class had an all spanish cuisine for lunch, which was very delicious. There wasn't one thing that I did not like. Me being a picky eater, that's a really big thing. I wanted to eat another whole plate, but I was full from my lunch that I had 2 hours ago. I actually forgot that we had the lunch in that day, but that's beside the point. I really enjoyed the food and the drinks that were served. The drinks were like a mixture of thing that you wouldn't really find in regular drink. My favorite drink was the white one with the cinnamon. It reminded me a lot of egg nog. The red one was good as well,  but the white stood out the most to me. Our class should do things like this more often. I like hands on learning and this was a perfect way to help me learn my spanish food.
Photo on 5-22-12 at 2.21 PM #2
Mi comida es muy delicioso.

Me gusta todo en mi plato

Photo on 5-22-12 at 2.21 PM #3
Mi amigo Kenny amor todo comida. 

El dos platos.

kenny es muy hambre para las cazuelas comida
Photo on 5-22-12 at 2.21 PM
Me encanta todo comida

Gracias Senorita Manuel para la casuelaz comia.

Es muy bien torilla.
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Las Cazuelas

The luncheon had my class trying new foods and experiencing a part of another culture. I learned that it is definitely great to be open minded, because there is a good chance that you'll find something great... like the awesome tres leches cake. 
las cazuelas full plate labelled.001
Nombre del Plato: Chuleta Tentación
Opinión: Es muy delicioso! Me encanta la especia. 
Unos ingredientes: Chuleta, mole 
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo a otros que les gusta carne.

Nombre del Plato: Pollo y las cazuelas
Opinión: Me gusta, porque los ingredientes saben muy bien juntos. 
Unos ingredientes: Pollo, frijoles, maíz, arroz 
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo
Nombre del Plato: Sopes de maíz
Opinión: Es bueno. Tiene unos empapados. 
Unos ingredientes: Tortillas de maíz, frijoles
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo... pero comes cuando hace calor. 
Nombre del Plato: Tacos dorados
Opinión: El sabe es bueno, pero el plato es dificil comer.
Unos ingredientes: Tortilla, pollo
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo para personas con dientes fuertes. 
las cazuelas cake plate
Nombre del Plato: Tres Leches 
Opinión: Me encanta; es mi favorito.  
Unos ingredientes: leche, postre
Comentarios: El plato es muy dulce, pero lo recomiendo a todos.   
las cazuelas jamaican
Nombre del Plato: Jamaica
Opinión: Me gusta mucho porque es dulce. 
Unos ingredientes: unos flores
Comentarios: Lo recomiendo
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Las Cazuelas

We had a very good luncheon during Spanish class. The food was fantastic and very enjoyable to eat. We kept on eating and eating. Next thing you know that your plate is empty. A lot of people went to get their second plate. I had to admit, I was one of them. My favorite was the tacos dorados. It was very crispy. And for dessert, we had a piece of cake. But some had more than one. It was kind of like a buffet, which I like. Almost forgot, the drink that I had was amazing. I believe it was rice milk. I learn that there are many foods out there that I haven't tried. And I'm glad that I tried everything that was available. It was the best experience form the beginning of the luncheon to the end. 
Tacos dorados

Nombre del Plato: Tacos dorados 

Opinión:  Es muy bien. Me gusta.

Unos ingredientes: el pollo, el huevo, la sal

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo porque es muy bien.
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 5.42.31 PM
​Nombre del Plato: Arroz

Opinión: Es muy delicioso. ¡Me gusta!

Unos ingredientes: el arroz, la cebolla, la sal

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo.
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 5.45.37 PM
​Nombre del Plato:  Pollo Cazuelas    

Opinión: Me encanta porque es muy tierno.

Unos ingredientes: el pollo, el ajo, la sal, la cebolla 

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo porque es muy bien y tierno.
Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 5.48.33 PM
​Nombre del Plato:   Chuletas Tentación       

Opinión: Me encanta chuletas t
entación porque es mas o menos picante. 

Unos ingredientes: chuletas, el ajo, la sal, la pimienta 

Comentarios: Lo recomiendo.
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