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A Cranberry in Harlem

“ I have some good news to tell you .. “ ( Laughs nervously ) “ Well, hopefully it’s good news to you.. but today I .. I went to the doctors and they told me .. they told me I was pregnant. We are going to have a ba-” ( Face turns into utter despair ) “ Wha - what? It’s not yours? Tyrek, yes it is. You’re the only one I’ve ever laid down with. How could you say something like that? “ I’m keeping this baby, I’m loving it already and you’ll learn to love it too.” “ Don’t say that Tyrek! How could you just walk out on something so precious?” “ It is precious, you’re such an asshole. You’re just like you’re father, he left you and now you’re leaving your child. ( Actor says this forcefully ) It needs you just as much as it needs me ! I cannot do this alone, I need you to be here for me! Can’t you see that you’re everything to me.. to us.. to the baby.” “ Don’t you walk away from this, don’t you leave me here alone.” “ Tyrek ! Tyrek, where are you going.. Tyrek .. “ ( He leaves although he was never on the stage)

( Actor sobs ) I know , I know he had other girls and I wasn’t the only one .. but I was in love. I was blinded by the gifts he gave me, the love I thought we shared and the sex.. and I forced myself to believe he could be with me, and only me. I thought maybe, maybe this child could fill the void he had with me. I thought maybe if I gave him something, to love and to care for he would see that I wasn’t like everyone else, every other girl “loved” him because he had money, and flashy cars.  He was in the streets so he was going to give them the “ hood” love every girl craved..  I loved him for more than just the material things, I loved him because he had a sweet side, where he showed affection beyond compare , ( sort of start angrily rambling here ) where he told me he loved me too and now he’s leaving me here, without any help, any guidance.. and he knows I can’t take care of this baby alone, he’s know I’ll suffer without him !

( speaking to self) Calm down , calm down.. cause you don’t need him. You don’t need that no good ass nigga, who is leaving you and your baby for dead. I will get through this by myself, I do not need that tall, dark, buff and handsome man … Wait no what am I doing, I have to get over him, I just have too. ( Leaves the stage)

Ajanae's song

Little Miss Devastating

“”Little miss perfect.” “Daddy’s favorite.” “Number one athlete.” Is there a title that you don’t hold? Hmm Alice? What do you mean where is this coming from? No YOU listen to ME. You always complain about how hard it is to be you. Do you know how hard it is to be me? Why must you never listen to me!?

Well now you’re going to listen. Whether you want to or not. Here’s what I have to go through every single day.. I wake up to the sound of my alarm on my phone. Do you know why I set one on my phone even though daddy wakes you up every morning? He only wakes YOU up. He forgets about me! So I have to wake up 5 mins AFTER you to not ‘disrupt’ your father-daughter morning hug. Then I go downstairs to fix myself breakfast. I know what you’re thinking. But Sky! Daddy ALWAYS make us breakfast. WRONG! He always makes YOU breakfast! I remember going to him one morning and asking “Hey Dad? Where’s my food?”. Want to know what he told me? “You have two hands. I’m not your maid. Make it yourself!” And because i’m such a “nice little girl”, I did. I sucked it up, and watched as you ate your perfectly cooked pancakes and made my own burnt ones. Then we went to school. We walk to school with YOUR friends. Why? Because I don’t have the capability to make friends when people have my seemingly perfect sister to go after. The same ones who call me Clumsy Sky. Want to know why I’m so ‘clumsy’? Because when you’re not looking, they trip me. They make me land on the sharpest rock they can find. I’m not clumsy! I’m just abused. Yeah! Didn’t think I knew such big words did ya? Well I’m smart too! But the teachers hate me! Mocking me when I get the questions right for a change. “Oh. So you DO know something”. Criticizing me if I got it wrong, like “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” to the point where I don’t participate anymore. I don’t participate not because I’m lazy as you call me, but because I'm scared of having it happen continuously. Then we go to gym. More like the place where I stand and watch you do your routine, while I am never getting called on to show them all what I can do! Why won’t she ever call on me, I wonder!? But you wanna know why!? It’s because you’re there. Because everyone LOVES Alice. I bet all the people watching this broadcast are worried about their poor little Alice. They want to get her away from the maniac with a gun! But I’m not crazy! I’m just abused. (starts crying) I just want to be loved too. I want to have the attention you always complain about. The kisses from daddy. The friends. The happiness. I want to be happy! So I sat there and I pondered, “How can I be happy?” And I came up with a solution. I can make everyone sad. I can take away the one thing everyone loves so dearly and cares about. You. Then to complete the balance, me. After all twins go down together right? RIGHT? Oh stop crying you baby. We’re both going to go to a place where we can both start over. So say your goodbyes to the camera. Cause we’ll never see them again. “Bai bai everyone!”
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My Tech Slide

Tech Proj (1)

My slide as you can see is my name constructed by all of the things that make up who I am. First, there are lines under the images to show that I am still learning new things, gaining interests and still forming my identity. In addition to that, the first two letters, only have one image duplicated multiple times but the i in my name has multiple images. This relates to the theme that my identity still forming. I will also explain to you the decisions that I made about the format and appearance of the slide.

The A in my name has all baseballs. This is because of my love of baseball. I have played for 11 years and hope to bring my talents to SLA to win the championship. The V in my name has all lobsters. This is because my family goes to Maine every summer. We eat lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seriously, it’s gross. I have been going to Maine since I was 7 and have always loved it because of its natural and rural simplicity. The I in my name has a couple different pictures. As I said before, this symbolizes the ever evolving part of my identity. The pictures on the top of the I are a stylus, the SLA logo and a bulldog. The stylus represents my love for writing. The SLA logo represents what this school means to me and how SLA will influence my future. The picture of a bulldog represents that I’m a dog person and hope to have a dog when I’m an adult. The middle image is a flame. This doesn’t represent Brendan’s mixtape, sorry. This represents a fire that happened last April across the street from my house. Two houses literally exploded due to a gas pipe somehow fusing with the heater of my neighbors house. The first bottom picture represents my appreciation for rap. I have been listening to rap since I was 7 or 8 and it kinda runs in the family. The second picture is a question mark. This symbolizes how I feel like I’m a little misunderstood. I feel like people are sometimes too quick to make assumptions about me and then use that assumption to label me. The last picture is pretty self explanatory. I’m one of the only guys you’ll ever meet who likes reading. I will now explain the format and design of the slide.

I wanted to make this name collage because it represents all the things that I associate myself with in a clear and creative way. In the IKEA billboards that were good, the design was simple, could be looked at for a few seconds and instantly be understood. I feel like this slide is easily read and people understand that it says “Avi” and has images that represent who I am.

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Creative Writing


He had been casing the house for almost two weeks, checking to see when they were home and if they had any security. From all he could gather, they didn’t, so he saved the date for all his plans. Self gratification and law breaking, something could look forward to.

Thursday definitely. They both work late until at least 10pm and they’ve got no reason to come home early. With them both gone by 7:30am I’ll definitely have enough time to do whatever I want. Get in, take all their shit, and get out, no muss no fuss. No kids, no dogs, no hangup. Absolute perfection.

He really put honest hard work and time into this, which considering the context spoke volumes to his character, or so you’d think. You’d think he was malicious, that he had a grudge for those with more than him, or that he had something against this particular upper middle class couple. But if that's a bet you’d make, you’d loose. Jax had no real motive, aside from boredom. He had gone to high school, graduated, and went to community college, had a place of his own and a job. But, all that aside his life was terribly mundane and not exactly what you’d call exciting. So he got a little inventive and decided killing time, and getting rich would be more fun.

Find a prospect, pop a squat and watch. Boom, two to four weeks killed depending on the difficulty of the environment. Break in, lift, sell. Another night, another score; simple as tying your shoes. I don’t have what I need for this yet though, and that could prove problematic.

Jax took out his phone and dialed for Leo.

“Hey man, you home? I’m gonna be stopping by real soon today.” He could hear Leo rustling around at his place.

“Yea, I’m home. When you coming through? Cause honestly right now I’m not really good for company.”

Was he lying? Why would he feel the need to do that, I know everything he does, he’s a goddamn crank dealer, pimp, with a pawn shop that doubles as a home. That's all common knowledge, so why the fuck is he jerking me around?

“I was planning to stop by soon. I’m maybe five blocks away, so about a half. I’m walking.” He could hear Leo on the other end exhale then suck his teeth.

“Yea I guess that’s all good.” With that he hung up.

Putting his phone back in his pocket Jax stood from his seat on the stoop that in the past few days had become his home, lit a cigarette and started walking. After strolling about five blocks he dipped into the first alley on his left, and started banging on the green caged door blocking his entry into Leo’s. After about 15 minutes a blonde girl wearing a grateful dead t shirt and heels opened the gate in front of the door. Jax followed her back up the stairs into Leo’s.

“Hey man, I guess you can see that I was a little busy before you called.” He was sitting on the couch in the back room the stairwell lead to, his feet up on a milk crate with nothing else but an ashtray sitting on top.

“Yea well, whatever. I just need my usual, I have a job coming up and I need to be prepared.”

Leo looked up at him, his mouth contorting into a smirk.

“Your stuff is all behind the counter upstairs on the shelves. Get your shit then you can pay me after the job, I know you’ll have the money then.”

“I’ve got the cash now, that’s not an issue.”

He was too busy with his blonde, resuming what was most likely keeping them busy for fifteen minutes while he waited outside. Leo gestured for Jax to leave, so he made his way upstairs.

He’s so damn rude, you’d think having a job that left him talking and dealing with people all day he’d be nicer, or at least more polite. There was a black duffle on the floor next to the shelves Leo told him about. His supplies were inside, drill, screwdriver, duct tape, and obviously the most important, the bag itself.

The days leading up to his plan were just as mundane as the rest of his life usually was. Squeezing himself into lecture halls, cramming for finals, and trying not to run himself into a wall, but when Thursday finally rolled around Leo’s whole life felt different. His sight was clearer, and he was unusually calm. With a clear schedule and all his tools in toe he stopped just long enough to buy a coffee and a new pack of cigarettes at the gas station a few blocks away.

It’s only 6:30am, so I have an hour to survey what’s going on in there before I run in there blind.

After sitting on a neighbor's stoop obscured by bushes for almost an hour, the perfect time had arrived.

The car rolled out the driveway on and down the street, leaving a pristine and empty house open for Jax to raid as he pleased. After waiting almost a half hour he made his move. Crossing the street and walking up to the back door, being careful to look like he knew what he was doing and as if he belonged there.

Aright, let's get this door off its hinges, get in, pocket whatever, and get out. Start with the kitchen and dining room, then up the stairs, down the hall, and follow suit all the way up, then a final sweep down and out the door.

Following the plan Jax moved through the kitchen and dining room, gathering up all the silver, then moving stealthily up the stairs, to the master bedroom, taking jewelry and anything else of value he could find. After looking through the rest of the house he got to the third floor, and noticed a difference of the carpet in the hall and under the final unopened door in the house.

The entire house is carpeted the same, accept this room. They probably got the best stuff in the house in this room here.

With that thought he slammed open the door to a pink wonderland. A little brunette girl sitting in the middle of a bed with butterfly comforters surrounding her, she just sat there and stared straight into Jax’s eyes. He stood there dumbfounded for a couple seconds, then whirled around again and pulled the door closed again.

What the hell, I didn’t know there were any children in this house at all. She looks at least six, she should be in school or something right? How well did she see me? Why is she in bed in a house alone at 7:00am?

He had been standing there in a whirlwind of thought and concern when he heard a tiny shuffling behind the door, then felt little fingers poking his ankle from under the door. He turned around, lowering himself to the floor and laying down so he could see under the crack of the door. There he found a pair of chestnut brown eyes staring back at him.

“What’re you doing in this house all alone little one?” Jax asked out of a genuine place of concern from the bottom of his heart. The little eyes just kept looking at him, unblinking, and focused.

“They always leave me home, I just stay in bed. I’m quite, so its okay, right?”

“No baby girl, it’s not okay. If you want to, you can come with me, I’ll open the door and we can go to my house, and you can play games and run around.” He just laid there, on the floor, waiting for her to respond, or to try and poke him from under the door again. She just laid there and looked back at him, and for the first time Jax truly hoped that someone would see the good in him and trust him, she needed someone to take care of her, and maybe, just maybe he thought he would be the one to do that for her.

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As of now I finally have an ILP with my church helping with getting things organized and starting more youth activities and meetings within our community. This Saturday will be my first time attendeing the program andcordinating an event with my pastor and his staff 
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E Band Columbia 

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Cristina (Hoteles)

Hay muchos hoteles en Bogotá Colombia! Los hoteles son extravagantes y hermoso con muchas actividades. Nos quedamos dentos la Hotel Vilar Americano,  cuando estábamos Bogotá. El hotel costo sesenta y dos dolares por cada noche. ¡Es un precio fantástico!.Tuvimos no problema con el personal porque ellos muy agradables.  En el hotel, comimos en un restaurante dos veces a la semana. Cuando nosotros fuimos a la isla de San Andrés y Providencia, quedamos en Hotel Lord Pierre para un poco mas. Los hoteles fuimos muy divertido y relajante. Porque tuvimos lugaras agradables para quedarse, nosotros fue muchos impresionante sitios alrededor Colombia, tales como discotecas.

Maria (Nightlife/Clubs):

El verano pasado mis amigos y yo fuimos Colombia. Una vez yo llegué, dije mis amigos, “Yo quiero ir al mejor club!” Fuimos a clubes en Colombia. Bailamos en Theatron de Película. Escuchamos bueno música. Pudiste tuviste mucho bebidas y miraste los bailarines. También fuimos al club: La Negra. Conociste mucho las personas bonitas. Una persona dijo, “Yo quiero a Armando Records.” Así que fuimos a un concierto en Armando Records.  El concierto estuvo muy caliente, pero fue divertido.  Empecé a cantar con los amigos y mis nuevos amigos. Una vez fuimos al hotel, dormimos todo la noche.

Jesus (Tourist Attractions):

Supimos mucho turista atracciones durante nuestros tiempo en Colombia. Primero nuestros fuimos la ciudad Bogotá. Bogotá es el capital de Columbia y es muy popular. Nuestros a la oro museo. Vieron pudimos encima de 55,000 oro el pesados y material de pre hispanic cultura en Colombia. Después fuimos a la noventa y tres parque. Fuimos café Renault y tener café y famoso torte de chocolate. El dia siguinete fuimos la isla de San Andrés y Providencia. Nadamos en la océano, quis habla con nativos, pudimos las olas. Fuimos a las Bogotá. Vener visitar otra attractions incluyen nacional café parque, de Bogotá botonical harden, y Amazon selva excursíon.

Angelica (Restaurantes):

Colombia tuvieron algunos de los más restaurantes elegantes en Sur America. Con una mezcla de culturas diferentes, tuvieron muchas estrellas porque de la comida y el diseño. La semana pasada, estuvimos Matiz y La Tartine. Otras restaurantes populares son Rafael, Capital Cocina y Café,  Carmen Medellin, y Restaurante Club Colombia. Matiz tiene cuatro fuera de cinco estrellas para la comida, que fue muy delicioso. Encantamos el diseño también. La Tartine tiene cuatro estrellas porque su influencias de Europa, África, y América pero tienen los platos de Colombia. Cuando visitamos, sirvieron nosotros el “Lomo Angus” y es nuestro plato favorito a Matiz. “Lomo Angus” es bistec Antes la cena, fue tiempo de los postres. Nuestro postre favorito es un pastel. Su nombre del postre es “flores de carnaval”. La comida fue muy delicioso y quisieron a comer a los restaurantes de nuevo.

  1. What was our favorite attraction?

  2. What rainforest is in Colombia?

  3. What hotel did we stay in?

  4. What was our favorite dish?

  5. What restaurants did we go to?

  6. What city did we stay in?

  7. What hotel did we stay in?

  8. What island did we visit?

  9. Why did we love going to Colombia?

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I have been searching for an internship but I finally landed on Arch street Preschool. So far I have visited once and I really like it, I think my time there will be enjoyable. 
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Updated ILP

As of now, I am volunteering at Arch Street Preschool. It is going well, i like the environment, the students, and the teachers. I worked there for the past two weeks and I really enjoy it. 
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​For my ILP I am taking the law class on the second floor in Ms.Sessa's biochem room. I only went once and I kind of like it so far. We haven't really done anything other than talk about our rights as people. But hopefully it gets better as I continue on. 
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ILP Hadleigh Stammers

My ILP is at Russell Byers Charter School. I go every Wednesday and help out with the 4th grade. So far I have helped the teacher, Ms. Romanek, file and organize her classroom and also engage with the kids. When I get there the kids have a guided reading class and I help them read in small groups and make sure they understand what they are reading. It is fun to work with this group of kids because I enjoy the age group; they are not too young and also not too close to my age. I also look forward to my ILP because I used to go to RBCS, and it brings back good memories from when I was in elementary school. 
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Tia Updated ILP

I am still volunteering at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School as an assistant coach for cheer leading. I continue to teach around 14-15 girls every Wednesday and Saturday different stuff. I work with a older mentor that helps with the girls. I also do paper work and help after hours within the school. I help get the girls physicals and contracts together throughout the season. 
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The past few times that I have been at my ILP, were the best learning experiences for me because I was doing different things and I was learning more about the different things that go on at the Cat hospital. A few weeks ago, I actually got to assist in restocking the boarding room and meet some of the cats. I am still learning about how the cats behave in different environments and what different types of cat breeds there are.  I am looking forward to learning about cat behaviors and even more about what goes on at the cat hospital. 
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Zahirah: ILP

My ILP is at a school in Olney. I go there every Wednesday, and stay until 4:30, which is when the afterschool program staff come. I work with kids in grades 5-8, and help their teachers grade tests. My mentor is  Ms. Mac, and she's a social studies teacher. 
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I will be starting my ILP at WXPN this Wednesday, and I am really excited to get started. I am going to be working with a sound engineer at WXPN, and am hoping that this opportunity will help me learn more about the music industry, and I will be able to use this information that I learn in greater extent in the future. I am hoping that this will be fun and I will get to learn a lot too.
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Check In

My ILP is going well, some weeks I cannot go because I have debate but Allison is very aware of that. We are just helping the freshman out by walking them to their classrooms and doing certain things that will later help Allison with the freshman and that's pretty much it. 
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My ILP Jessica Celli

My ILP is going great! I'm doing grant research for Girls Thinking Global, and I'm making good progress with the list they've given me. While the work isn't exactly glamorous, it teaches me time management. I can do it anywhere and anytime, which really works for me. 
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Seyni Ndaw: ILP

My ILP is still going well. I haven't gone much in the last month except for once or twice because of illness, but when I do go my mentor says I do good work. I'm still mostly working in administration with phone calls and stuff, but occasionally I also help organize clothes or file stuff away. I think I've already surpassed the 15 hour minimum of the first quarter. 
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Right now I am ILP'ing at my mom's job. She is an accountant at a company where they organize huge sheets of metal and sell them. I so far have just helped out with little work and meeting a couple people but this week I will be taking a tour of the plant, getting to know personally what everyone does in the company; having a conversation with everyone. So I am really looking forward to doing that and seeing how that goes. 
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