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Parte 1 de Bryanna Jones y Donesha Lee

Donesha Lee y Bryanna Jones
Espanol Cuento

Hay una familia en la ciudad de Nueva York. Hay un papá, una hija, un gato,un perro, pero hay él ratón vive debajo de fregadero .Él animales tiene un problema. La familia tiene un gato y un perro. Él ratón es muy inteligente, pero el otro animales no le gusta raton.

“Tenemos qué problema, el inspector es venido mañana por nosotros.” decir el ratón.
“Ay dios mio!” decir el gato.
Que vamos a hacer.” decir el perro.

Secreto ÉL BUHO

hay una familia en bosque de antártica. Hay un papá,una mama ,un hijo, una hija. la familia tiene tres casa pequeña.La familia tiene el bú el búho es muy importante .el búho tiene un secerto .el búho está triste. El búho llora.El buho le dice al papá ,"el mar mamacocha no sta contento. Mamacocha va a dessiri el mundo".Hay un problema es probelma grande .El buho le dice al papá "sur comina en las montañas. 
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Artist Statement Creighton

​Through out this quarter we all used basic steps to improv our art work. But in the last two quarters, we have been working on shading, vanish point and reflection. In this quarter we worked on Self portrait small, Self portrait Large, Color wheel,texture, shade, journals.Idid not do the 2 point perspective, although I did attempt to try it I will show you my attempt on my blog.This quarter is beginning to show our skills and how they are improving and how they are beginning to grow and become more artistic. 

For this first part of the project we were assigned Two self portraits. Small and Large. Both of them included shading, shadow and great sketching. All of these skills that we have learned so far in advanced art. It did not take me a very long time to do my drawing even though I tried my best.I noticed that the smaller portrait looked like me a bit more than the large it was harder to line the lips and other small features that aren’t big but very easy to catch the human eye if crooked. Below are my two drawing both small and large and remember this is my best.

For the rest of my projects they weren't the best because they were rushed. But I did try my best and I feel I deserve at least a B. 

photo 3
photo 4-1
Color wheel 
photo 1-1
Shade (3)
photo 1
photo 4
photo 3
Texture Hair, Water, Scales 
photo 2-1
photo 2
photo 1
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Business unit project

Group members: Priscella Neives, Page Wayman and Qaswa Malik
 We chose to present it through slideshow and we picked our question " What causes systematic and individual change?"
We answered this question by finding the systematic and individual changes of Obama and Teddy Roosevelt including that always leaders are responsible for bringing changes and making new laws and systems to fulfill the needs of their nations.
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Infographic Reflection

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.34.11 PM

a. What went well? 
We found a lot of resources, which helped in our understanding.
b. What did not? 
We could not use more infographics for a good visual.
c. What would you do differently next time? 
We would use more and unique infographics
d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise : It was concise.

Be Visual: Its visual was good but use of graphics was less.

Be Transparent: It was a good overview of all the information of the topic.

Be Different: It was not much different.

Be Accurate: Resources were very informative which made it accurate.

Be Creative: It could be more creative and gracious if we add more inforgraphics. 

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El Secreto de la Puma

Hay una familia en el zorro de Filadelfia. Hay un papa, una mama, dos hijo y una hija. La familia tiene una casa pequena. La puma es muy importante. La puma es muy loca. La puma tiene no secreto. La puma le dice al papá. " El tigre no esta contento. El tigre querer a destruir nosotros. Hay un problema. Es un problema grande.

La llama le dice al papa, " Sube la árboles mas alta con tu familia. La familia camina hacia la árboles.



Mini self-portrait:



For this quarter we were assigned to do a mini self-portrait. Meaning we all had to take one picture of ourselves and draw our bodies, and faces with detail onto paper. This taught me a lot about positioning a picture onto a piece of paper, and analyzing and drawing shapes and face structures and applying it on to another artist based object.

At first, when I began to draw I sort of sketched out a few things with my eraser just to get myself started. I figured that by doing this it would make the rest of the process of drawing the picture a lot easier, also this way, I was able to position the picture in the right form on the paper. Then after I finished doing that, I took my pencil and began tracing over the lines in which the eraser already made. After I finished doing this I already began to see the outlining shape of my face. So then I started to draw my hair. Drawing the hair was a little difficult for me because I wanted my hair to actually look natural, I didn’t want my hair to look Juvenile. So I began drawing my hairline, and my cheekbones, and the rest of my face. I then drew my neck and a little bit of my arm. After that I began to draw my eyes. My eyes were surprisingly easy. I colored my eye in very dark with pencil, and then left one part of it white, because in the picture my eyeball was placed in that very spot, so I wanted to make that part become more noticed. Then after that I began to draw my other eye, and my forehead wrinkles, my lips, and my nose. Drawing my nose I have to say was probably the hardest part of that whole portrait. I think it was because my face was sort of tilted, and so I guess drawing my nose was a little bit of a challenge for me.

Overall doing this project was a little difficult but not too much, I had some struggle, but I believe by doing this project I have learned some techniques and skills that will help me in the future.



LARGE self-portrait:


For this assignment we had to make the same picture, except it had to be in larger contents. Everything in the picture had to be positioned and coordinated with the last picture that we drew. In this assignment we were given the choice of pencil or charcoal. I chose to do both because I pretty much did the whole thing in pencil but I wanted to make some things darker and lighter, so it was pretty cool to add that effect.

When I began this project, I first put my picture into Photoshop and put it on 24X36 and by doing this the picture in Photoshop was the same size as my canvas. So by doing that it really helped with the positioning of the project. I began the portrait by doing my hair first, and drawing the shape, and outline of that. I then began to draw the structure of my face, after I did that I drew a line vertically, and horizontally. I did this because it is way I can position the eyes, mouth, eyebrows etc.  I then began my eyes, and my eyebrows. After that I focused a lot on my hair. The shape of my hair I believe was good, but making hair look like hair was a little difficult, but I believe I succeeded. I then began to draw my lips, and a little part of my arm, and my neck, and then when it was finally finished I stepped back and looked at my drawing and I was pleased.

In conclusion, this project taught me a lot of techniques I could use when doing large projects. Some parts of this, I was a little unsure, but overall I believe I did a good job on this project.



Shade (4)  


         For this assignment we had to pencil shade four figures; one was a shading where it was dark on the top and then as you get towards the bottom of the paper the tone got lighter, another was when the shade began from the sides of the paper. It started off dark and got light as it hit towards the center, the third picture that I made was a shading that was made into two triangles and from each corner the shade was dark then as I traveled down the shading went into a lighter tone. The last one I did was a shading of a rectangle with a circle embedded inside. I shaded the rectangle first, and then the circle.

            When I started this project the first thing I did was create a boundary or a border for all my pictures just to give myself an idea of where to begin shading. I then took my pencil and I would start off dark and make my way down to lighter tones. I did this because I figured it would be easier to go from dark to light, than from light to dark. I think the hardest part about this project was I think figuring out which shade should come next to meet the last tone which is white, so I guess figuring out a tone leading into white I think was a little complicated.

            Overall this project taught me a lot about tones, and the different shades in which a pencil is able to produce. I believe I did a fairly well job on this project.



Texture (3)


         For this assignment we were conducted to make 3 drawings. Drawing #1 was to create scales, so I decided that I was going to do a snake, another drawing we had to do was make water, I made an ocean with a reflecting sun, and last, we had to make realistic hair.

            The first project I did was the snake. The snake wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, because as I watched the tutorial on how to make the snake scales it turned out to be a quite an easy process. in order to make snake scales, and make them  neat, and blend in together, I was initiated to draw evenly spaced lines down the snakes spine, and in between those lines I created a type of oval shape, which created snake scales. The other project I did was the sun reflecting onto the water. To do this I first created a horizon. Then I began lightly shading the ocean with my pencil leaving a little space of white to show the reflection of the sun. The last one that I did was the hair. The hair was fairly difficult for me I think because how to make realistic hair you have to really study your dark and light shadings, because when your making starands of hair there are some parts that are dark and light which makes hair look natural on paper. To make the hair I used my pencil and I lightly did the outline of some ones hair on google and I then began to do the dark areas first and then I began the light areas, and then later into the project I began connecting the front of the hair to the back.

            I believe this project was a huge challenge for me, but I’m happy with my pictures. I think overall I did a job well done.




Point Perspective   


         For point perspective we were all given an assignment in which we had to look out the art room window and draw simultaneously the buildings and objects that we saw.

            I began this project by first drawing two lines that cross each other and with those lines I was able to make the picture that I observed outside the window, making it look realistic. In the picture I drew every object in which a human eye could catch. I drew buildings, the street lights the horizon, the other little buildings in the background etc. I have to say the hardest part about this project was positioning the scene onto paper.

            Overall I think I did a fantastic job drawing this scenery, this was also a little of challenge but I was able to push through, and get it to look alive, and realistic, as if your standing 22nd street.



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Third Quarter Artist Statements. : )

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.03.23 PM
Above as you can see i tried to go with a different idea of the self portrait. Instead of doing my whole face I decided to just draw half of it and then for the final product put the other half of my face in a picture with it. As you can see it didnt really turn out how i wanted but it still works. I think being to draw myself was kind of weird cause im so use to seeing my own face yet I didnt even know how to start the portrait. It was weird to look at myself and capture all the little details. Overall I liked the process just not the ending product. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 9.57.46 PM
For the next project I decided to practice with shading. This I found to be one of the hardest projects. Part of it being because shading has always been difficult for me. I always found it to be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to drawing. I chose to do the circles since they seemed to be the easiest. I did three different sizes to try out and learn to do different sizes all at once. In the end I liked the way the biggest one turned out so thats why i included two pictures of that one and on the middle one I made it to stand out. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 9.55.51 PM
For my next project I chose t go back to something I did the second quarter which was use photoshop. I picked a random picture I had on my desktop and just went crazy. For this I wanted to make the center of the feather stand out. I always found it to be the prettiest part of the picture. Its so bright yet simple. I also love the overall color of it. The shade of blue and green makes the picture go from being simple to a really eye popping picture. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.04.19 PM
For my next project i did something a little more different. I chose to not use paint or anything like that but use a thread and needle. Lately I been into eagles and I thought it would be cool to draw it and then instead of color it or paint it go over it with thick thread since normal one wouldnt really show defeating the purpose of it. At first I had to ask for help from my mom. Even though it was hard to start it out i found myself enjoying the project. Overall im really happy with the end result and i have to say this is my best project this year. 
Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.10.57 PM
For my last project I decided to go back to photoshop. This time i chose to photo shop a picture of the track team at one of its meets. It was a picture i took by accident but it still turned out pretty to me. Even though it was a nice picture i still think that the brightest of the sun brought the picture down. This is why i made the picture a little bit more light with the red of the track so it could blend in with shadows. 
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Texture, 8.5x11”each (3) - water, fur/hair, scales

Doing different textures was a lot of fun. I enjoyed drawing water the most, because I could draw my swine and be creative with the ripple and my water. Drawing scales on a snake was difficult. But I watched the video to make sure I did it right, and I was happy with how it came out. Of course the artist drew it a little better, but I did good for my first time. Drawing hair was boring but fun, because hair is difficult. You try not looking like an amateur or making it look just like lines on a circle. I drew a short cut; it could have been a little better. But overall drawing texture was an interesting experience
photo (13)
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Self portrait, 24x36” large - charcoal or pencil


Going in to this project, I was so confident. I did the smaller portrait so now I’m a little more comfortable. But the only thing I was nervous about was drawing on big paper. Trying to draw at a bigger size is difficult. But I started out on what I know, so first I drew my head, and made sure my chin was looking right. The mirror is a big help because if you draw what you see it will come out great. Then I started with my eyes, but this time. I added shading and darker lines, so it can look more real. My nose I did better this time, better than the small self-portrait. My hair was different style from my smaller self-portrait, so my ears were covered. I added shading in my hair and then tried to show my cheekbones more. I was happy with the final product.


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color wheel, 18x18” - watercolor

For the color wheel first I watch a video and looked at different color wheels. I did mines a little different; in each triangle I did one color but different shades. The colors I did were red, pink, purple, blue, orange, green, and yellow. This was the more fun and coolest picture of this quarter. I enjoy painting, and mixing colors. You’re experimenting with new ideas and beautiful colors. After I was done painting each, I outlined it with black. After drying for two days, my color wheel turned out so nice.


photo (16)
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El Secreto Del Cordero

Hay una familia en el río de Narnia. Hay un papá, una mamá, un hijo, y dos hijas. La familia tiene ina casa pequeña. La familia tiene una cordero. Es una cordero miniscula. El cordero es muy importante. El cordero tiene un secreto. El cordero está triste. El cordero llora. El cordero le dice al papá, "El presa, ChuChu, no está contento. ChuChu va a destruir el Este Nernia." Hay un problema. Es un problema grande.

El cordero le dice al papá, "Nadar hasta el río más alto con tu familia." La familia nadar hacia el río más alto con la llama. El río más alta se llama Hunillcacoto.

Quarter 3 Artwork

This quarter I decided to break away from the assignments Ms. Hull had for us and do my own thing.


A couple of months ago my grandfather gave me his old SLR film camera to use because he didn't want it anymore. I was thrilled to have a nice film camera because of my love for photography. When I first tried to figure out how to use the camera I came out with a completely blank film. I gave it up for a while but then one of my mothers coworkers worked with me and showed me how to use the camera. We went to a park near my house and she showed me how to change the apature and the f-stop. She taught me how to tell how much exposure I needed and just the basics of working a film SLR camera. I brought the film to a CVS to be developed and was pleased that every picture on the film came out. Not all of them came out well but they were something. Most of them did come out surprisingly well. The hardest part of learning about the exposure was being inside of my house because the light wasn't as bright and natural. I didn't edit any of the pictures it is simply how the film came out which I really like the affect it has.

For the waterfall pictures I put both in despite how similar they were because I couldn't decide which I liked better. On the one hand the 1st has an erie look to it and I happen to like how it is unfocused but the 2nd I was able to focus the camera on the water and the dirt so it came out clearer.

Also the photo of the bridge uses the rule of thirds which my mom's coworkers told me about. I has 3 different points of focus and everything isn't straight on which makes it more interesting and appealing to the eye. 

Color Wheel: 

For this assignment I stook to Ms. Hull's plan for us. The assignment was to make a color wheel made of 12 parts and only use primary colors. I struggled a bit at first with knowing how to mix the colors to get the lighter and darker shades but I eventually got the hang of it and I'm proud of the outcome.


For this assignment we were meant to draw three different textures but I decided to draw a bunch of scales and make it my own a bit. I drew scales that look somewhat like a dragons scales and then I colored them in with different shades of green and blue. I really like the outcome I think it really turned out how I wanted it to.
this one
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.44.48 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.45.07 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.46.44 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.46.06 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.45.40 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 10.46.18 AM
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Q3 Art Work - Prisilla Nieves

In our Q3 Art class we've expanded our creativity to different levels and we've had to draw portraits, paint color wheels, work on texture, etc. For the 8in & 11 in small portrait, drawing myself was a bit difficult. I had to get every little detail and draw it in a small piece of paper carefully to make sure it looked like me. However, drawing a larger portrait of myself was even more difficult due to the measurements on the paper having to be larger than your original human-size. I think I might have drawn my head a little bit bigger >.< ... However, I think that the drawing does resemble me. The textures of hair, a school classroom and water was fun to draw and had to be pretty much precise of different aspects. however I added some of my own creativity to make the drawings look fun. My favorite part of Q3 was the color wheel. I love to paint, so mixing primary colors to get make secondary ones was very fun! I enjoyed it very much and I love all of the bright colors in there. 
"Whatever you make in this world, is a piece of art." 
Photo on 4-12-12 at 1.47 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 1.48 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 1.49 PM #3
Photo on 4-12-12 at 1.53 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 1.56 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 2.40 PM
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El Maltrato Infantil

Alex Johnson:

 Este es dos cartes de un caso de abuso infantil. Los cartes describe los indicadores del maltrato. La pelicula que vimos por este unidad se llama "El Bola". La pelicula se trata de abuso infantil, y la tema de denuncio o hacer la vista gorda. Me encanta esta pelicula mucho.

Para Laura,

            Este es un informe de abuso infantil. El denuncio de caso número 019-35A7. Pablo, también esta conocido como "El Bola". El padre, llama Mariano, esta el abusador. Hay mucho evidencia del abuso. El amigo de Pablo, llama Alfredo, denunció la situación a su madre. Alfredo se describe a todos los moretones que vio en la espalda y las costillas de Pablo. También, el se describe las mentiras de Bola.

            Este es un documento de la maestra de Pablo. Se describe los eventos de clases todos los días con Pablo. Ella describe a Pablo como un chaval enérgico, talentoso, y inteligente. Ella escribe.

“Pablo esta un chaval bueno. El es justo cuando nosotros tenemos los discusiones de clase. También el recibe buenas notas y su ética de trabajo es muy alta. Es muy obvio que él es un estudiante que puede ir a lugares. Pero es muy difícil para hablar con el ahora. Pienso que él se cambié de alguna manera. Después del semana pasada, veo un mejor cambio en él. Ahora, él tiene un mirada en sus ojos que es oscuros y triste. En mi opinión, creo que algo está pasando en su casa. El no pasar un rato con su grupo normal y también al ha estado fuera de la escuela sin excusa durante varios días.”

            Este es muy ridículo. Porque los niños tienen que sufrir. Pablo esta sufriendo en su casa. Es muy, muy necesario que para obtener los documentos del hospital por Pablo. También, por el caso, entrevistas de los amigos de Pablo y Alfredo.


            Señor Alejandro Montevista


Por Chavales Internacional, 

            Este carta es de la madre de un niño. El se llama Pablo pero todos llaman “Bola”.

“Por Alejandro Montevista,

Su padre, mi esposo, lo abusa Pablo. El padre, Mariano, le pega a Pablo mucho. Si se mira la espalda de Pablo, puede ver los moretones y cicatrices. Antes de ahora, tenía miedo de denunciar el maltrato infantil. Pienso que ahora es necesario a no hacer la vista gorda, y entonces necesito denunciar a la policía. No sé mucho de la ley de abuso, pero pienso que ustedes deben prevenir esto comportamiento preocupante. No es justo a someter Pablo a este maltrato y crueldad. En el pasado, me enfrentaba con el padre, pero todo el tiempo me gritaba. Hasta recién, no pensé que era capaz de darle heridas y dolor a Pablo. Yo sé que el comportamiento del padre es inaceptable.

            Por favor ayúdame,


Pienso que nosotros tenemos un responsabilidad a ayudar el chaval. Escribir de nuevo muy pronto para que podamos contactar con las personas y los organismos apropiados.


            Alejandro Montevista

Child Abuse Awareness
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Quarter 3 Projects

The first image is a valentines day card that I made using a heart to be able to use it different color use, going from pinks to black and white only. 

Then Isabella and I wanted to make a street art character. So that's my surfer guy.
Photo on 4-12-12 at 2.46 PM
Photo on 4-12-12 at 2.48 PM
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Self portrait, 8x11” small - pencil

First off I started off with a moan. I hate drawing my self, and I don’t believe in my talents. But I grab a sharp pencil and start to draw. I draw the shape of my head, and carve my chin. I start to draw my eyebrows and eyes, it was my best work. Then I started to carve my nose, while I stare in the mirror. Nose was the hardest part, but I tried. I did the ears next, as exact as possible. The hair was most fun and creative. I added color and different strokes to my hair. I feel like I did well; now next time when I draw my portrait I will be confident.
photo (15)
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Q3- Art Projects by: Dejah Harley


New York Trip 

In January I went to New York with my mom and god-mom. Before the year started I wanted to take pictures of all the big events that I have this year. I want to be able to look back and remember these things. Therefore, I took pictures of the architecture in New York along with random things I saw and moments in my life. I began experimenting with lighting to get good pictures even when it was really dark outside. 

The only things that were challenging to me were playing around with my camera. To see all of the cool things and effects I was able to do. This video is just my journey in New York throughout those few days. Most of the pictures look similar in quality. The cool thing that I learned was you can make pictures look really similar even if they are in completely different effects. Enjoy this video. 

Here is a link. 


For Christmas I got a lomography camera. It is the Diana f+. It was originally made in the 50s/60s and sold as a toy camera. It was only sold for one dollar. However, the quality of the photos caused a uniqueness that photographers loved. Thats the reason why I love this camera. It has a greenish undertone to the pictures making it look like it is almost in a comic book effect. 

I encountered a lot of problems when doing this project. It actually was not taking the pictures it was finding a good place to get them developed. This camera takes film the same way that disposable cameras do. Therefore I went to the same places to get them developed such as Rite Aid , Walgreens, and CVS. Each place that I went to, they ruined my pictures. I then went to a professional shop and they were able to retrieve a few photos from one roll of film that cvs was going to ruin. Below is a link to the video with the few pictures I have from taking pictures on 6 rolls of film. Overall, it was a good experience, but make sure you research every aspect of it a lot before you begin. 

Here is a link. 


With this project, I drew a picture of an eye. It is the first picture below. I did not intend to paint an eye when I began painting. I drew a circle to start off with and then I accidentally had a flat top on the top of the circle. Then, I decided I was going to turn it into an eye to even cover up that mistake. After I drew the outline of the rest of the eye to make sure I didn't make anymore mistakes, I gathered paint and began to paint it. After, I added the final touches like the eyebrow and eyelashes. And the background is the skin tone of a person that I tried to create. 

Two point perspective

With  this project, I drew a picture of my name in block letters using two point perspective. I drew a horizon line and at each end of the line I point a dot to symbolize the vanishing point. Then, I drew a line from this vanishing point as the outline. It should look like a sideways diamond. Then I drew letters within the diamond to form my name but still forming two point perspective. It was really challenging making the letters go into two point perspective. The picture that I drew for the first time is the second picture below. 

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Spanish Goals

- Hold a conversation with someone about possibly any topic. 

- Use conjugations

- Use verbs correctly

- Stay on topic! 

-How was your weekend?

- What's your city like?

- What do you like to do in your free time?

- (Maybe a topic about music, or television shows, or anything else that I might be able to relate to.)
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My Conversational Goals

-Become more familiar with using conjugations in speaking rather than writing.

-Replacing words like uh,um, and like with bueno, pues, and este.

-Learning some of the shortcuts or slang that native speaker use.

Describe yourself.

Describe your daily routine.

What were you family or friends doing this weekend?

What are some slang words that you and your friends use?

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