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​Creative Piece : Perks Of Being A Wallflower is a book by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie is the main character and he writes to an anonymous person. This book is written as a letter format and it's told by first person point of view. I decided to respond to all of his letters, writing only one letter to Charlie. I made the paper look old and added minor touches so it looked like it was written in 1992. 
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Into Thin Air IRP

Mitchell Berven-Stotz


Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer is an adventure and tragedy novel. The thing that makes it different from most books of that kind, however, is that Into Thin Air is a completely true story. It is about the 1996 mount everest disaster, in which many people died during one storm, at or around the summit of Mount Everest. Even more interesting is that the author of the book, Jon Krakauer, was a part of the event. Into Thin Air was a bestselling nonfiction book when it came out in 1997.

About the Book:

In Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer is assigned as a reporter for Outside magazine, an outdoors themed magazine. Krakauer is a climbing enthusiast, and had wanted to attempt to summit Everest since he was a child. He got assigned to summit everest with a New Zealand based guiding organization called Adventure Consultants, led by an extremely skilled long time climber named Rob Hall. Along the way, Hall’s team worked with the Mountain Madness organization led by American climber Scott Fischer, and several other groups, including a group shooting an IMAX film, led by world renowned climber David Breashears.

While starting as a seemingly average climb, a surprise blizzard storm kicks in. This blizzard will go on to kill over seven people during the course of a single night, from the many dangers that can arise at high altitude, away from immediate assistance. There are a huge amount of things that can kill you during mountain climbing, from frostbite, blood clots induced by altitude, and brain effecting illnesses that remove almost all common sense or judgement and puts a clock on one’s life.

The primary conflict of the story is that of person, or in this case, people vs nature. These people go up against one of the largest natural dangers on the planet, Mt Everest. In that sense, you could say that their conflict is with themselves, since they are putting their own lives in danger. However, the main expeditions of this event were prepared and practiced to the utmost degree, and, in all honesty, should have survived easily. It was the natural forces of a storm and altitude illnesses that caused the disaster, not a significant human error.

My favorite character in the book was Rob Hall, the leader of the primary guide group, Adventure Consultants. He was extremely reliable, a good person to be friends with, and he just seemed like a good guy to be around. His power over most of the people during the event inspired me, and showed me what it meant to be a true leader, something I joined Science Leadership Academy to do.

I think that it is important for readers to realise that this is a true story. These terrible and shocking events actually happened, and they killed real people, with real families. I think that it is extremely important for people to realise that the events that take place in fictitious tragedies can also take place in real life, and that people should honor the life they have. If you plan on risking it, make sure it is worthwhile. I’m not even sure if I would risk my life even if it was worthwhile, though.

Personal Experience:

In an odd sort of way, I can relate Jon Krakauer’s Everest expedition to when I joined high school. I entered high school and judged those who were around me, just like Jon judged the people who climbed with him. I thought of some people as below me, wondering how they made it into the school, whether they were up to the challenge. Some people I thought of as above me, with skills I couldn’t even compare to. However, as I went through my freshman year, I got to know a lot more about the people around me, and started to realise that, they were all capable people to various degrees, though they all had their own personal pitfalls. Not everyone was as skilled at everything, but everyone had their own special skills.

However, unlike the people in this book, I have never been in a life threatening situation. Sure, I was nervous and scared during my first few weeks of school, but then I got used to it. I was in an overall safe environment, and I knew this. The people on that fated mountain were not so fortunate. They were dropping like stones as nature and faulty judgement threw them under the bus. They had no way to ensure their own safety, and they lost those that they could believe in, such as their guides.


I believe that Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild is an exciting and interesting book, for a niche audience. I found it intriguing, but it is not the type of story that caters to most readers. Due to the fact that it is a work of nonfiction, written by a journalist, it is full of detail. Those who like detail will love this book, but those who just want action, or romance, or comedy will find this book lacking (It does have a lot of suspense though). It is a book that aims to give as exact an account of a terrifying and traumatizing experience. It was written as a form of personal healing for Jon, adn it is not a book for the weak hearted.

The problems I have with the book would be hypocritical, and go against what I said previously. I personally do not like the slow speed of the book, which, at 305 pages, does not seem like it could possibly fit so much detail into the pages it provides. I would have liked for a bit more visualization and action, but I take what the book can give. It was completely gripping, and I found it highly interesting. It was absolutely worth the read.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy facts, suspense, and those who want to come to grips with the true terrors of nature. This book is not for the weak, but it provides a story that will interest all who can stand this type of tale.

My creative project was a custom Minecraft map that highlighted key features of the mountain highlighted in the book. Also, if YOU want to get a small experience of what it is like in high altitude conditions, breathe through a straw to simulate high altitude oxygen levels.
Correction: Steppe, not step.
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Element Project

In Mrs. Hull’s art class we created a drawing based on an element in the periodic table. During this process many things were difficult, but I was lucky enough to overcome them instantly. When I first started this project, I had many questions. Like, how I was going to create the print into the paper, the history behind the element, in order for me to create a unique picture so that it somewhat related to the element. I stated some inquiry. I then researched the history behind the element and found out that the element Ruthenium is a very rare, hard, lustrous, brittle, silvery-white metal. It is one of the top 6 rarest elements in earth. Therefore I decided to draw a unicorn. Unicorns are rare. That was my second idea, but it was my best. In order for me to make a decision I had to collaborate with my colleagues to help me pick the best idea. I had three ideas, and the unicorn idea was the one they encouraged me to do. I also liked that idea, so I choose to draw the unicorn. Since I’m an artist, I always mat my drawings. I really enjoyed matting this particular drawing because I’ve never done this type of drawing. Presentation came in, every artist has to present their drawing the best way possible, matting this drawing presents the drawing in a professional way. Like I said, I never did a project like this before. The process of this element drawing, has taken a long time, but it’s been worth it. I learned many things. Including a combination of science and art. It’s been great. 

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

Miles Cruice-Barnett

A Review of

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

This book is about a boy who was born with too much cerebral fluid inside his skull. This caused brain damage that gave him a ton of medical complications. He had 42 teeth instead of 32; he was nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other; he was super skinny; his hands, feet and skull were abnormally large; he had many seizures that just caused more brain damage; and he had a stutter and a lisp. So as you may guess, he was bullied quite a bit. He likes to stay inside and draw cartoons because it is “safer.” His name is Arnold Spirit, but most call him Junior. He lives on an Indian Reservation and goes to the local school with his best friend Rowdy. Rowdy is big, aggressive and very protective of Arnold. One day Arnold decides he is going to leave the rez school and go to Reardan, the white school 22 miles away, so he can get a good education. The book is about how he copes with poverty, bullying, death, and much more.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is engaging, funny and just overall well written. The main character Arnold only has one friend: Rowdy. Everyone else at his school makes fun of him and beats him up, but not Rowdy. Rowdy protects Arnold and they have a very strong friendship. They both like to read comics. Arnold like to draw cartoons for Rowdy. Their personalities really complement each other. I could really relate to this because I too have one really good friend that I do everything with. I am sure that many people have that one friend that is always there for you.

When Arnold tells Rowdy he is going to go to a white school, Rowdy is fraught with anger. He is upset that his best friend is leaving him for a bunch of white people. Arnold asks him to come with him to Reardan, but Rowdy refuses. I can understand how Arnold felt. When you have to do something for yourself, but your friend does not like it, it is difficult to chose between your own needs and keeping your friend. I think that if you must do something for yourself, do it your friend will get over it. If they don’t, they are not a real friend. For the rest of the book Arnold sticks with his decision but tries to get Rowdy to understand and to be friends with him again. I think that the writer did a really good job of showing how Rowdy seemed like he still wanted to be friends, but was too stubborn and insatiable to change him decision.

One of my favorite characters is Arnold’s Grandmother. She lives with him and has that old and wise but strong kind of personality. At one point in the book Arnold is being bullied by this giant guy Roger, and his friends. Roger finally pushes him over the edge and Arnold punches him in the face. Roger is stunned, and when Arnold challenges him to a fight he runs away. Arnold is very confused because where he comes from nobody ever runs away from a fight. He asks his Grandmother about it and she replies that she thinks that he respects him. Arnold thinks that she is crazy, but he trusts her anyway, and she turns out to be right. This and other things his Grandmother does make you lover her and respect her without even really knowing her. She does not have many lines or very important ones, but you will definitely lover her spirit.

As Arnold gains respect he falls in love with a pretty white girl and ends up sort of dating her. He also finds a new best friend of sorts. Never to be as good a friend as Rowdy, but certainly a good start. His name is Gordy and he is the smartest kid in the class. He is smart, friendly and gets metaphorical boners from reading. Arnold also tries out for the basketball team with no expectation that he will make it. He ends up surprising himself and making varsity starter as a freshman.

As I read this book I think about how now he has transferred to a white school, made friends, made varsity basketball, has a girlfriend, etc. So why is there still more of this book? You then realize that it was never just about fitting in at Reardan, but about making amends with Rowdy. The basketball team has their first game against his old school and Rowdy ends up knocking him unconscious. They only have one more game against them at the end of the year and Arnold is determined to beat Rowdy. He thinks that somehow if he does everything will be ok.

Besides Rowdy the book is also about his older shut-in sister, Mary, and how he inspires her; life as an indian; death; drinking; poverty; and much more. The book is very enjoyable and relatable, and emulates a story that could be very real. Absolutely real. Absolutely true.

Some Awards For True Diary

2007 National Book Award for Young People's Literature

2008 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, Fiction and Poetry

2009 Odyssey Award as the year's "best audiobook for children or young adults", read by Alexie (Frederick, MD: Recorded Books, LLC, 2008, ISBN 1-4361-2490-5).

2010 California Young Reader Medal, Young Adult Book (eligible to win once during its first four years)

The Diary was also named to several annual lists including three by the library industry.

"Best Books of 2007", School Library Journal

2008 "Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults", Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

"2009 Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults", YALSA

​Some of my favorite characters
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Lord of the Flies Book Review

Lord of the Flies Book Review
By Zack Hersh

Nobel Prize winner William Golding's classic "Lord of the Flies" explores and exposes the darkest parts of human nature, and the childhood desire of independence. Shield your eyes if you must, as insanity and gore take hold.

When a group of British boys crash land on a desert island, their first reaction is "Yeah! No Adults!". But when it comes time to govern themselves, that's when they start to head down a slippery slope and the tension starts to rise. 

Ralph, the main character, discovers a conch shell, and when he blows it, all the other boys that were on the island come to the sound of the shell. This earns him the spot as Chief, much to the other main character, Jack's, dismay. 

Ralph's goal as chief was to keep a fire burning all the time, so that if a ship passed by, it would see the smoke and come rescue them. Jack, however, could've cared less about the fire, and more about hunting, and his role as head of the hunters.

As the chapters progress, the tension between the two rises, and is ultimately pushed over the edge when a ship passes by, but Jack and his hunters had let the fire go out so they could go hunting. A furious Ralph calls Jack out in front of all of the boys, and Jack leaves to form is own tribe. 

But his new tribe didn't play by the rules. Each day, the members grew more and more savage in their hunting clan. Their only cares were the hunt, and trying to one up Ralph's group. They attacked them unprovoked, and stole from them. They were aggressive, and highly dangerous as more and more savagery was brought out in them.

The book also speaks of a "beast", whose existence is unjustified. The thought of it strikes terror in some, but challenge in others. The boys attempt to find it and kill it, but are never successful. 

But the "beast" also strikes respect, especially from the "savages". During a fateful hunt in the heart of the climax, the savage tribe hunts down a pig for their feast and pyretic dance. As an offering of respect to the beast, they cut off the pig's head, and put the bloody thing on a stick, and jam it into the ground. This "Lord of the Flies" represents the craze and bloodthirst in these boys, but also the so called "beast" being the humans themselves.

This boiling conflict can definitely be described as people versus people; Jack versus Ralph and their building tension that is ultimately set over the edge. But also, Jack's lot of boys versus Ralph's lot. It can also be described as person versus self, with Jack and Ralph both unaware of what this island has birthed and planted in them. This fast paced, high intensity, inter webbing conflict is exciting and engaging throughout the entire book.

Another significant character, and my favorite, Piggy, is also a boy on the island. As his name implies, he's fat, but as Ralph realizes, he's very bright and is an excellent thinker. This earns Piggy Ralph's respect, and friendship. They use Piggy's glasses to light the fire. This is a symbol of how someone may seem useless-- fat and lazy, but are more valuable then perceived. Piggy is also a significant symbol in the book. He represents civility, as he keeps this while everyone else is being subconsciously changed by the island and the lack of rules and civilization. His appearance, paired with his intellectual capacities and ability to stay rational justifies this. Much would be different in the book without him and his mind. 

As it seems every character and item is symbolic, there is much to take away from this masterful craft. The Pig Head represents the humans being the beast. The conch, I believe, represents order and something to go around or follow. Something sacred and divine, but fragile at the same time. Ralph represents order, and civility, while Jack represents savagery and primal instincts. This balance, or fight, between order and savagery is a main theme to take away, and how people's desire for power can bring out these primeval surges.

I think I, and many others can relate to this book and learn from this book. While I've never been stranded on a deserted island having to govern myself, I feel I can relate to Ralph. I have had many experiences where I have tried to keep everyone orderly but their "primal urges", or craze, was difficult to. Like Ralph, I got very frustrated by that, because when everyone is going nuts while your trying to keep things orderly, it's annoying.

I also feel that if some of my friends were in this position, they would be succumbed to the beckoning of the urges of savagery and human darkness, but in society, they're not. We never see what these boys were like before landing on the island, but we can get a pretty good idea from how they develop, evolve, and change when going through this.

Overall, I feel this craft of literature is stellar writing. From the deep symbolism, heart-racing conflict, and picture-painting detail, I loved the book despite the grossness of it, and despite the lunacy and bloodshed that took place.

The rich symbolism is a strong strength. So much can be learned and taken away from this story, from each character and item, and this quality is a distinct strength.

However, while I thoroughly enjoyed it and was thoroughly impressed, there were a few easy to spot weaknesses I would have changed. Golding uses the same words over and over, and it was slightly infuriating to read. There was too much word repetition, such as "savage" and "hunt" being way overused. In the same way, every time he said "Ralph's fair hair" was aggravating, like the word repitition. Also, I feel he included things that didn't matter or affect the plot. like four pages about a littlun crying.

Despite all this, I thought this was a phenomenal book. It's quick moving pace, deep symbolism, and powerful themes made it a keeper in my eyes. If you can get past the gore, the savagery, the killing, and the insanity, I would recommend this book because of all this. There is much that can be learned and interpreted from this book, and if you dare look past the present topics that make us nauseous, it will challenge your analytical capacity and leave an impact.

My creative piece was a paper mache Lord of the Flies, a Pig Head on a Stick. I decided to leave it uncolored so that it was up for interpretation and you could imagine what it looks like, the expression, the blood. It is like watching a movie, then reading the book. When you read it, how you picture it is set in stone because of the movie. I didn't want it to be set in stone like that, which is why I chose to do this.
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Wonder by J. R. Palacio at first seems like a book about a fifth grader with a deformed face. The main character August Pullman starts school in fifth grade, after being home schooled. His older sister Olivia starts high school the same year. The book is about August's first year of school, the struggles and discrimination he faces because of the way he looks. Throughout the book different characters tell the story, so that we soon get to know the thoughts of August, Olivia and all of their friends. I think that this is a genus way to write a book. There is no better way to get to know the characters, than to be put right inside their minds and see the world around them in their eyes.

It is hard for me to have a favorite character because all of the characters have such different views on what is happening throughout the book. However, the character I can relate to the most is Olivia, because of how she lost one of her best friends from middle school when they came to high school. I really enjoyed reading this book partly because of the way that I is told, but partly because this is such a different topic than I have ever read a book about. There is nothing I can say that I would change in this book, but I would also love if there was a sequel to the book, because I have become so attached to the characters that I want to read more about them. But in the meantime I will be sure to tell everyone I can to read this book, because there is no reason you should not read it.

In the story, all of the characters face various conflicts that span from losing one of  your best friends, to having people discover something about you that although is a major part of your life, it was nice to forget about every once in awhile, and those are only the problem that one of the characters has to deal with. Although everyone has their hardships throughout the year, the book is mainly about realizing who you are, and how you fit in with everyone else - even though everyone else is trying to figure out who they are aswell. This is a really amazing message to spread, it is important to figure out who you are, and where you belong, but also remember that everyone else is trying to figure this out at the same time. Most importantly that nothing is set in stone, and anyone can make a change.

For the creative portion of this project, I made a playlist that August Pullman (the main character) might listen too. A few of the songs are mentioned in the book, a few of the songs go along with themes and events in the book, and some of them are just songs I could see August listening to based on his personality, and who he is in the book.

August Pullman’s Playlist

Space Oddity................................................................................................David Bowie

Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side...............................................The Magnetic Fields

Major Tom (English version)......................................................................Peter Schilling

Star Wars Main Title...................................................................................John Williams

Spaceman........................................................................................................The Killers

Lonely Boy.............................................................................................The Black Keys

Young Blood...............................................................................The Naked and Famous

I’ll Rise............................................................................................................Ben Harper

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Catcher In The Rye Review by Serge Mass

Catcher In The Rye by: J.D. Salinger

Review by: Sergei Mass of SLA

Catcher In the Rye is by far one of the best books I have read in a while. It has some very exhilarating life experiences that the main character Holden Caulfield. The book also has some pretty important life lessons that recur throughout the bulk of the novel.

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear the name “Catcher In The Rye”, they probably think of “foul language” or “complete waste of time” or even just “boring”. Well, that was me before I picked up this book... Until I started to reading the book.

The book starts out with the boy Holden telling his story about how he ended up at Pencey Prep which is in Pennsylvania ( PA stand up!). He is failing all of his classes and he is not doing completely well in school. He has been asked to leave the school and to move out because it is a boarding school. From there he gets into a fight with his jock roommate that is going to go out with an old friend of Holden. Holden is a weak kid so he loses. Then he starts packing his stuff to leave the school then he hears that one of his old teachers are sick and he stops by to talk about what’s going with life and everything. Then Holden leaves for New York. He goes to a hotel and decides to stay there for a few nights because his parents are not home. It was a bad idea for Holden to stay at that hotel. He discovers that his neighbors across the hall are putting in work. So Holden goes into a slump of loneliness and does what all lonely men do and go to a club to find someone. He ends up meeting a hooker. He takes the hooker and pays her and spills his heart out to her. She leaves and the Pimp comes back and beats Holden. He did not bother trying to fight back. Now I don’t want you to know too much. You need to read the book!

Throughout the story the Author throws out a few key lessons in the story which I like and I think are helpful. One is worry about yourself before worrying about others. Now in the story Holden is a skitsofrantic and he is always worrying and having all of these connections to his dead brother and multiple girls that he loved at once. He is one of those people that thinks about others before himself. Now that is not a bad thing at all, but if you do it too much it can bend and change you. If you have not noticed, Holden is in a mental institution when he is writing this because he worries about others.

The other thing I picked up from this book is to worry about the present, not the past. Holden is writing about this years after any of this stuff happened and if you live in the past and not the present, you will get NOWHERE in life.

I honestly had a great time reading this book. It was a very twisted chain of events that happened to a school student. The high level of intellectuality of the Author is definitely at an all time high. This book is not your everyday novel of a kids life. This is deep shit. I really liked how the author used the time era as an advantage in this novel. It really set the mood and made it interesting to read. The whole 1950’s Manhattan set the book because I can picture most of this stuff in my head and I love New York.

Another thing I liked about the book is that Holden is a complete nut. It really gave a broad spectrum on the book and it shed light on the deeper parts of life, but in a crazy person’s mind. The little things that an author does in a story changes everything really.

I would really recommend this book to anyone. The reason I said it is for everyone is that this book is a mix of everything. Even if you don’t like it in the beginning, you will end up liking this in the end. The other reason it is for anyone is because the lessons that are taught are very good life lessons that will help you get far in life. The last reason I recommend this book is because I really enjoyed it. Even though I am not a book kind of guy, I really liked it and i’m picky. If I liked it, i’m sure you would like it too. Now pick up this book today and start reading.

Creative Piece: This piece of art signifies the title of the book “Catcher In The Rye”. In the story Holden identifies himself as the catcher in the rye, to save kids from their innocence. He has to stop them from falling off the cliff of rye and into growing up.

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Negative Space

 A. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space between the figure or object. It's not the object it's the areas around it. 

    B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, I found my negative space by cutting around the bird. all the access paper is the negative space. 

 2. in your still life drawing? I drew the objects first then shaded in the space around it. I also erased all the detail inside the objects. It should just be a shadow. 


  C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space? It helps an artist to see in negative space because it's easier to see the entire picture not the small pieces of the drawing. 

    D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not? It depends on the artist if they put specific detail in their negative space then it might look really nice. But for me, I pay attention to detail so negative space doesn't help me as much. 

Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.03 PM #3
Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.03 PM #4
Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.03 PM #5
Photo on 6-6-13 at 8.04 PM
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Neuromancer Book Review

Neuromancer Book review

Neuromancer was written in 1984 by William Gibson. It was one of the first major works in the cyberpunk genre, and won multiple award, including the Nebula Award, the Hugo Award, and the Phillip K. Dick award. It inspired movies such as The Matrix and video games such as Shadowrun. The cult classic Johnny Mnemonic was based on a William Gibson short story of the same name, set in the Neuromancer universe. There have been numerous attempts to adapt Neuromancer to media such as video games, movies, comic books, and even opera. They have mostly been unsuccessful, but a movie adaption is rumored to be in the works.

Neuromancer tells the story of a computer hacker named Case who, after being caught stealing from his employer, has had his ability “jack in” to computers destroyed. He becomes a hustler in the slums of Chiba City, Japan, relying on hard drugs to keep going. After running up numerous debts to crime lords and nearly killing himself with drugs, he is picked up off the street by a mysterious woman named Molly. She pays off the the crime lord and takes him to her boss, Armitage, who repairs Case’s brain and liver, but with a catch. He has had toxin sacs inserted into his liver. If he does not finish the job in time, he won’t be able to jack in anymore.

In the first part of the job, Case and Molly steal a Flatline Construct from the company Sense/Net. The construct contains the consciousness of one of Case’s mentors, named Dixie.

Armitage is shown to have a mysterious past. Case and Molly discover that he served in the Battle of Screaming Fist under the name Corto, and went through a large amount of trauma.

The group heads to the colony Freeside, where an AI named Wintermute resides in the Villa Straylight, a massive home owned by the family/corporation Tessier-Ashpool.

It is revealed that Wintermute is only one half of the AI inside the Villa Straylight. There is one other, which is hinted to be much more powerful, but Wintermute is prevented from merging with it by Turing regulations. Lady 3Jane, a member of the Tessier-Ashpools, has the secret word that will allow them to merge. Molly and Riviera, a member the team recruited in Istanbul, go into the Villa Straylight to retrieve it.

It is revealed that Wintermute has been controlling Case and the others the whole time, through Armitage, Finn, and Case’s old friend Julius Deane. Wintermute took Corto’s shattered personality and rebuilt it into Armitage.

Case and Dixie, the flatline construct, unleash a powerful virus on the Tessier-Ashpool software defenses as tasked by Wintermute. Armitage’s personality begins to break down, and reverts into that of Corto. Responding to this, Wintermute kills him. While in the Villa Straylight, Riviera turns on the group, siding with a ninja and Lady 3Jane to capture Molly. Case and the Zionite pilot Maelcum go after her. Case jacks into cyberspace, and while the virus is destroying the Tessier-Ashpool defenses, retrieves the secret word. Wintermute is able to merge with the other AI. Case’s toxin sacs are removed, and Dixie also gets his reward by being destroyed.

Case has a conflict with himself. He loved cyberspace, and when his brain was sabotaged he lost it. Towards the beginning of the book, Case says that he “still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly. All the speed he took, all the turns he'd taken and the corners he'd cut in Night City, and still he'd see the matrix in his sleep, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colorless void…” Case tries unsuccessfully to block everything out and forget, and it puts him in a vulnerable place for Wintermute to exploit him for his plans. While Case is breaching the Tessier-Ashpool defenses in preparation for merging Wintermute with the second AI, he loses contact with Dixie. Case starts to lose hope, but then Wintermute says “Hate'll get you through. So many little triggers in the brain, and you just go yankin' em all.  Now you gotta hate.” Wintermute has manipulated Case to the point where the only option is now for him to hate. Since Case has so many things to hate, such as Wintermute killing Armitage, frustration at the slowly dissolving toxin sacs in his liver, and others, he is able to retrieve the secret word and merge Wintermute and the other AI, Neuromancer.

My favorite character is Wintermute. In the beginning of the book, the job that Armitage has tasked Case to do seems so simple. But as the plot unfolds, you find out that Wintermute is controlling not just Armitage but other people that Case knows to fulfill his own goals, without much care for any of them. When the personality that Wintermute has built on top of Corto into Armitage starts to break down and revert, Wintermute kills Corto and sabotages one of the ships, knowing it is a sacrifice but it will cause less damage in the long run. It’s also fascinating to compare Wintermute to its counterpart, Neuromancer. Neuromancer is able to see patterns in behavior, similar to psychohistory in Asimov’s Foundation but on a much more detailed scale. While Wintermute can only directly interact with humans by changing things in the environment and manipulating certain people, Neuromancer can see patterns about to happen - such as that someone is about to die - and then make it happen to manipulate someone that way.

One of the important themes from Neuromancer is to not rely on something too much, because if it gets taken away, you can be ruined. Case thought he was invincible, so he stole from his company without thinking of the consequences. He ended up losing the most important thing to him, and trying to compensate, ruined his life.

I could relate in some ways to Case’s love of cyberspace. I love computers, and rely on them without thinking for many of the things I do. If I could somehow never use computers again, it would probably be a devastating thing for me.

In my opinion, Neuromancer is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read. It is full of amazing details in scenery, characters, and plot and has many interesting inventions specific to its universe. I would strongly reccomend it to anyone who has an interest in sci-fi, especially cyberpunk - it practically invented the genre. It is an exciting novel with a lot of depth, and definitely worth a read.

Creative Project

My creative project is a scene from Neuromancer in video game form. Near the beginning of the book, Case asks Dixie if he ever tried to hack an AI. Dixie responds by telling him the story of how he tried, and ended up flatlining(dying, so called because of the flat EEG). To play my game, click the download link and decompress the zip file downloaded. Launch the application extracted from it. For best results, choose 1280x800 resolution, uncheck windowed, and choose “Fantastic” graphics quality, unless you are lacking in the graphics card sector(in which case choose a lower setting). To melt ice, click the mouse button. To move, use the WASD keys. To quit, press esc.

Download links:

Windows (x86_64)
Windows (x86)
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The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most controversial novels that have ever been written. It was written by J. D. Salinger in 1951, who died in 2010, and was based loosely of off of his teenage years. It took him a decade to write it Many people think that it is one of the greatest books that have ever been written, where as others find it be pointless, and to lack any real plot. Despite all of the controversy The Catcher in the Rye was on the New York Times Bestsellers list for twenty nine years. Despite it’s popularity, The Catcher in the Rye has not been made into  a movie because J. D. Salinger did not sell the movie rights.

The Catcher in the Rye is very controversial book. Many people, tried and are still trying to ban the book, and it’s not kept in some book stores and libraries. Many schools consider the book to inappropriate for students. This is due to the fact that the book consists of a lot of bad language, and profanity. It deals with some suggestive themes, such as under age smoking and alcoholism, sex, sexual harassment, and prostitution. When the book was published in 1951 these themes were seen as inappropriate to put in a novel. Times have changed, but the book is still very controversial. Personally I think think that the book is’t that inappropriate and it should not be banned. 

Holden Caulfield is an upper class sixteen year old boy from New York, growing up in the 1940’s. He is cynical, unhappy, and confused, and doesn’t have a lot of direction in life. He doesn’t like many people because he finds them to be “phony”. 

He attends Pencey Prep school in Agerstown Pennsylvania, and he doesn’t like going there because he thinks that it’s full of phonies. He is expelled due to his poor academic performance, and he runs away to New York City.

He stays in New York for two days. During those two days, he basically goes around the city. He goes to bars and clubs, where he drinks, smokes, and meets women. He meets people lots of other people too. The mother of a boy whom he went to school with, a cab driver who argues with him about where the ducks in Central Park go when the lagoon freezes over, and a prostitute. He also runs into people he already new, like a former male english teacher who flirts with him, a girl friend who annoys him, ad his little sister Phoebe who he likes. Holden doesn’t really like most people. The conflict in the book is basically Holden Vs. the world. His character is very interesting, but he’s so cynical and whiney that I don’t really like his character that much. My favorite character would have to be Phoebe because she’s nice, and caring, and she cares about Holden and understands him. Throughout these two days Holden has an opportunity to reflect on his life. He reflects on his past, his future, and the rest of the world. 

It is difficult to summarize the plot of The Catcher in the Rye because there really isn’t one. It’s sort of a personal Journey of teenager growing up and finding his place in the world. Holden is alone in the world, and reader should take away that it is ok to feel alone sometimes, and that everybody does. 

I think I can relate to Holden because I am also  a teenager, and going through the same awkward stage in my life. I’m still trying to find my place inn the world. I hate a lot of people. I find many of them to be obnoxious jerks. I also sometimes feel alone in the world. 

I would say that I liked the book. It really made me think. It kind of shows what it’s like to be a teenager, and what it’s like to be alone and hate everybody. J. D. Salinger has some interesting thoughts and ideas that about the world that he shows in this book. It’s a very unique kind of story. It doesn’t really have much of  a plot, but maybe thats how the story is met to be. I might be nice if there was some sort of bigger climax, but maybe that would ruin its appeal. 

I would highly recommend this book. It  makes you think about the way the worlds is. I would especially recommend it to teenagers, because it deals with the awkward teenage experience. It is very relatable for teenagers. I think that it’s relatable to all people, because in some way or another we all felt that sense of being alone, and against the world that Holden Caulfield felt in The Catcher in the Rye.

Here's a link to my creative portion. It a collection of poems write from the pint of view of Holden Caulfield, based on events that occur in the book " The Catcher in the Rye"
It does contain some profanity, but any profanity used in the poems is from things he says in the book


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2nd Annual Rough Cut Film Fest 2013 @ TFI 6/13 630-830pm

​Come join us in Franklin Hall at The Franklin Institute for an evening 
of thought provoking, entertaining and hilarious films. 

Thursday, June 13th. Doors open at 630pm and the show starts at 7. 

Enter Franklin Hall at TFI from Winter Street 

Go to to reserve your free tickets. 

RCFF2013Opt (1)
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The Fault in Our Stars: Thieu

For the last semester of the Independent Reading project, I am reading the book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. John Green is an American “young adult fiction” author. The book also reached number one on the New York Times bestsellers list. Time magazine called it “damn near genius.” It has many excellent reviews and people seem to really enjoy it.
           The main character Hazel Grace is battling stage 4 thyroid cancer and she attends a support group for kids living with cancer. There she meets a mysterious, tall, and deep, male she is attracted to name Augustus Waters or Gus for short. Their relationship begins getting closer when they start spending more time together. There is a person vs. self conflict. She doesn’t want to let anybody in because she starts to think that she’s a burden. For example, in the story she says she’s a grenade; one day she’ll explode. She’s saying is that she doesn’t want to be close to anybody because she doesn’t want anybody to mourn over her if she dies. This feeling affects her relationship with Gus because he seems to have feelings for her. My favorite characters in this story are Gus and Isaac. Gus is an gentleman who respects Hazel. He’s also my favorite because he’s very deeps and sentimental. For instance, symbolically he puts a cigarette in his mouth but never lights it because his quote is,
“it's a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don't give it the power to do its killing.” That quote speaks to me because he’s not letting what kills him any fear. I think that, that was such a strong quote to draw from the story. Isaac is also one of my favorites because him and I are alike. He’s gone through a tough heartbreak when we needed them the most. It’s really hard struggling with cancer and having to be blind, while also losing your true love. Who ever reads this book should take away the real emotion behind every character. Hazel is a misunderstood teenage girl who’s having sudden feelings for a guy and she feels like she’s a burden. Augustus just wants to live in the moment and not letting his cancer stop him from doing anything. Isaac is angry and feeling abandoned because his “true love” left him because he became blind. The parents of Hazel are frightened everyday because there’s a chance they’re going to lose a daughter. There are many important themes in this story like, never let anything scare you, or if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.
Aside from connecting with Isaac, I can also compare myself to Hazel Grace. The way she feels like nobody appreciates her and she feels lonely all the time is the exact way I feel most of the time. She usually never goes out of her house and neither do I. Maybe it’s because we don’t want people staring at us and judging us. Everywhere she goes she gets judged or looked at because of her oxygen tank. Everywhere I go I get judged and stared at because I have an abnormal body. It’s not something we asked for, nor can fix.
In my opinion, I’m in LOVE with this book. Have you ever had the feeling that it’s going to be an amazing book, while only reading the first chapter? That’s how I felt when choosing this story. It grasped my attention quickly and I’ve been very fawned of it ever since I’ve been reading on page one. The strengths of the book has to be the characters and the relationships between each other. It’s so realistic and interesting to read to the point I just want to place myself into the story. Another strength of the book is that it’s not overwhelming with so many things or else I would be really confused. There weren’t really any weaknesses about the book. It has a great expansion of words not yet recognized in my vocabulary, so it was difficult for me to understand what the author wrote to Hazel and Augustus. If I could change something about the book it would probably be the events that happened to Isaac. But if it weren’t for them, the reader wouldn’t feel the emotions of sorrow and sympathy towards him. The events happened to him causes excitement and visual aspects of the book.
You can understand what’s happening in this book fairly easy. I would target this book more toward teenagers though because we can relate to the relationships, heartache, and situations these characters are going through. But adult are welcome to read this book as well. This was on the New York Times Bestseller List for a reason.

IMG_2585Creative Portion

The cigarette is the same cigarette that Augustus puts in his mouth from time to time. Three puffs of smoke for three different quotes. From top to bottom, the first quote Gus says," It's a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth but you don't give it the power to do it's killing" Augustus means he's not going to let the object that's killing him any power to hurt him anymore. He's not showing any mercy or fear toward the object that hurts him. The second quote is from Hazel, "I'm a grenade" in the story she feels like she puts a lot of stress on her loved ones because she is told that her cancer is not curable. This shows that she's very conscientious of others because she knows she might just explode (die) at any moment. The last quote is from Gus and it says, "Oh i wouldn't mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you." From this quote, Augustus shows his true feelings for her. He will always love her no matter what happens, even if she dumps him or is out of his life. It goes from Gus being brave(top) then Hazel using her cancer as a bulwark for her real feelings for Augustus then Gus falling for this girl who he would do anything for. It shows the evolution of this conflict going back and forth from Hazel to Gus. 

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Capstone Process Paper

Here is the link to my doc. 

I made a confectionery cookbook. In my cookbook, I found a holiday for every month; international and in the US, and found, developed and modified recipes to fit within the holiday’s culture. Usually I would either try to find desserts eaten during the holiday, but if I could not, I would find popular desserts from that country or ingredients that native to that country and incorporate those instead. I chose this project because my family does a lot of baking. My cousin actually teaches a baking class and enters competitions where she develops her own recipes and I felt really inspired to try to learn up on these things myself. Next year, I’m actually going to help her in one of her competitions. My mom and grandma also bake and have their own specialities; my mom’s is cheesecake and my grandma makes a lot of amish and traditional desserts and is amazing at decorating cakes. I really wanted to keep the baking tradition alive in my family and by doing this project, I feel like I could continue it by learning as much tips, tricks, and techniques as I can. As with the international aspects, I wanted to incorporate other holidays besides one that are very common here in the United States. While I did pick a couple, most of the holidays are from other countries. By doing this, I worked with ingredients that were more uncommon and learned a few techniques I wouldn’t have otherwise.

To complete my capstone, the first thing I did was find a different holiday for every month. Once I had done this, I looked to see what different things I could make. I had to find things that would pertain to the holidays in the corresponding country, but was still something in my skill set and appetizing to people here in the United States. Making the treats delicious for people in the US was important to me because there are many people who limit their flavors to chocolate and vanilla, but I wanted to show that new things may be just as good or even better. Once I had laid out a few recipes, I began making them week by week; trying one recipe per week. If the recipe did not work out, I would either try to remake it that day if there were enough ingredients left over or I would try to make it again the following week. When I was at least a little satisfied with a product, I would bring it to school so people could try them and give me feedback. Manna was especially helpful with this because she was very honest and not afraid to tell me when something had a weird taste or needed something extra.

In order to keep on schedule, I made a timeline and had notifications sent to my phone that told me the agenda of each week. I also had the entirety of May for revisions.

My biggest obstacle was the green tea cupcake for Independence Day in Morocco, which symbolized their national drink; green tea with mint. I probably tried this cupcake about 5 times before deciding to try something else, which took a large chunk of my time. The first cupcake came out too dense for my liking, so I tried a different recipe and even considered using the base mix for my mint cake. This used mostly egg whites to make the cake very light and fluffy. I also could not find matcha, or green tea powder; I could only find instant green tea, which has the flavor, but is mostly composed of sugar. Therefore, every time I made the cake, the flavor was not as strong as I wanted it to be. In the end, I decided to just make my own peppermints to focus more on the mint aspect of the national drink. To complete my capstone, I used a lot of cooking blogs. Usually I would trust food network or some other big name cooking company more than food blogs, but the recipes for the big companies were more complex than they needed to be or they simply did not have what I was looking for. The food blogs had innovative recipes that I could work off of, even if I had to modify these recipes more. I even used a few foreign blogs that used the metric system. I had to convert different ingredients into the imperial system, which is really risky especially when it comes to baking powder. In order to do this, I also had to use online converters.

I am most proud of my entire final product. I was able to pull everything together and even though I had some trouble, I was able to have at least one recipe for every month. I am also very proud of my recipe for September. I didn’t really find a holiday that took my interest in September that did not take place in a country I had already focused on, so, since it is my birthday month, I included a recipe that I had developed myself. It does not appeal to everyone and it may contain an acquired taste, but nonetheless I am still proud of it because there are some who do like it. When it comes to baking, I feel like as long as something is liked by someone, it was worth making.

From this capstone, I learned how to manage my time well for a long term project. I also learned that it is best to leave a gap of time for revision to make up for mistakes and obstacles that may prevent a timely finish.

If I could do this all over again, I would start earlier and I would look at more video tutorials on certain techniques, such as folding and creaming. I would probably find a way to link the recipes better by maybe having a common theme or sticking to one place. I was not able to include as much information as I wanted to because I had limited space and I didn’t want whole pages filled with information. In my eyes, having full pages of written information would take down the creative aspect of my final product.

I made SLA a better place by encouraging people to try different things. People usually only want mundane things that could be bought from anywhere or made with a pre-made mix, but I wanted to encourage diversity when it came to the things they ate. Usually when I had people taste test things for me, they either did not really like that certain thing, they had never had it or were reluctant to try it. I, however, wanted different views on different items and so I pressured people to try things. Even if it is not something they would eat on a regular basis or something they would choose over their favorites, at least they had tried them.

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Jiwon Choi: The Sky is Everywhere

Jiwon Choi (Red)

The Sky Is Everywhere By: Jandy Nelson

   The book The Sky is Everywhere is a young adult fiction book written by Jandy Nelson. It was first published on March 9, 2010.  The Sky is Everywhere was a popular book from 2010-2011. This book has a lot of interesting facts including that this book was the author’s first novel that was published. This book was noted as one of YALSA’s 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults and earned starred reviews from the Publishers Weekly and Voices of Youth Advocates. It was one of NPR’s top five teen reads of the year, ABC 2010 New Voice Pick, one of Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books for 2010. This book was also nominated for the Best young Adult Fiction category on Goodreads. The Sky is Everywhere is about Lennie Walker’s conflicts and struggles in her life after her sister suddenly dies. 

   Lennie Walker always spent time with her older sister named Bailey. She was always tucked safely in Bailey’s shadow until Bailey suddenly dies. After Bailey dies, she finds herself struggling to let go of her sister. Lennie also finds herself struggling to balance the two boys that were nonexistent in her life before. Toby, Bailey’s boyfriend and Joe, the new boy in town. Toby is the boy that comforts her, the boy that helps her remember Bailey. On the other hand, Joe is the musical genius that every girl loves. He takes Lennie’s sorrow away, letting her to let go of her sister when she is with him. Now, her life becomes dangerous. It is like a timer to when the bomb is going to explode. Toby and Lennie does things that make her regret, make her think that she betrayed her sister. In the other hand, she finds out that Joe likes her and she is the happiest girl in the world. One day, when Joe sees Toby and Lennie kissing, she almost ruins her relationship.  Later, Lennie goes through many painful discoveries. She finds out that her mother’s loss is tied in with Bailey’s death. She also discovers her sister’s secrets, the reason why their mother left, and her grandmother's pain. In the end, she tries to understand everything, and she lets go of Bailey.

     My favorite character in the story is Joe because of his personalities. Also, I like him because I think that I want to be a person like Joe; he is a guy that is perfect. He is a musical genius; he can play any instrument well and can compose songs. Moreover, he is handsome, kind, and calm. He is a character that has almost no flaws at all to me. I want to be a person like him, and that is probably why he is my favorite character in the book. 

     Death was the most important theme of the book. The book mostly revolved about Bailey’s death and how Lennie is dealing with this. However, I believe there were other important themes like love and life. Lennie’s grandmother’s love, Joe’s love, Lennie’s love, and Toby’s love. Each character makes mistakes in the story that they regret, and thats how they start to live life. They make mistakes, and learn. This book is really sad, and I had a lot of heartbreaks while reading the story, but the funny and cute moments automatically put a smile on my face. 

   The character that I relate to the most is probably Lennie Walker. I can relate to her because I have felt the way she felt, and I have made mistakes that I regretted like she made mistakes and regretted. When my grandfather died, I couldn’t get over the grief for days and weeks. I always felt sorry because I have never done anything to please him. I wanted a second chance to see him again, to say that I love him, that he doesn’t need to feel lonely. I couldn’t let go of him easily just like Lennie couldn’t let go of her sister easily. Furthermore, I make a ton of mistakes that I wish I can take back after the mistake is done. They aren’t like the mistakes that Lennie made but I know how she felt when she made the mistakes and regretted them. That is probably why I was very fond of Lennie. 

   I really liked the book. It was very sad at times but it was a really cute book. I never read a book like this type before, therefore, it was really new to me. I liked this book because I was able understand Lennie after a while. She went through a lot over the short period of time and I was really drawn to her and of course Joe. 

     Some strengths of this book are the characters in the story and the storyline. I like the fact that the characters in the story make mistakes just like people in reality. Also, the storyline was a topic that I was able to follow easily because I know that many people know the feeling of someone precious to them gone. I was able to feel really emotional during the book, which I think is the biggest strength. However, I didn’t like the ending of the book. I wanted to learn more about the other characters, but the story ended in a disappointing way. I was really mad when I found out when I found out that it was the end of the story because it didn’t really seem like an end of a book. 

     I would definitely recommend this book to others. It is a beautiful book to read. Once you start reading the book, you can’t let go of it. It also makes you want to know what is going to happen next.... Even after the last page of the book. However, if you don’t like romance, you wouldn’t want to read this book because there is a lot of romance and romance stories in the book. 

    Finally, I want to share a few quotes from the story that I thought were touching to me. A few of them were: 

  • “The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.”
  • “My sister will die over and over again for the rest of my life. Grief is forever. It doesn't go away; it becomes a part of you, step for step, breath for breath. I will never stop grieving Bailey because I will never stop loving her. That's just how it is. Grief and love are conjoined, you don't get one without the other. All I can do is love her, and love the world, emulate her by living with daring and spirit and joy.”
  • “I wish my shadow would get up and walk beside me.”

  I really love the second quote because I know that every time I lose someone who is really meaningful to me, I will always feel that way. It happens to everyone in this world, losing someone that they really love. Along with, having to get over it. The first quote is what really encompasses the book in my opinion. It even says part of it on the book cover, and I agree. We haven’t thought that the sky is everywhere except the earth, and this quote let me think about this for a moment. Lastly, the third quote is just what I always thought about. Sometimes, I would look down to my shadow on a sunny day, and I would ask myself the same thing as the quote says. 


"The Sky Is Everywhere." By Jandy Nelson. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2013. <>.

"The Sky Is Everywhere | IndieBound." The Sky Is Everywhere | IndieBound. Indiebound, n.d. Web. 29 May 2013. <>.

My Creative Piece

Chapter 38: The Alternate Ending

    After Gram and I are done getting ready for Uncle Big’s wedding, I go outside to my front porch. I see Joe walking to my direction, but not alone. He’s coming with Toby. I walk up to them, fraught with confusion. 

“Hey,” says Joe. 

“Hi, Joe... What’s going on?” I ask him.

The two boys looks at each other and smiles.

“We decided to become friends. I’ll teach him how to skateboard, and he’ll teach me music,” says Toby with a smile on his face.

“What?” I ask, still confused. 

Joe comes up to me, directly looking at me in my eyes. “I don’t want to just forgive you and love you without being comfortable around Toby. I understood you, so... I decided that I Toby should be understood also,” says Joe, “your sister isn’t going to approve me and you if I hate her fiancé.”

I hug him tight, so tight that I feel like my body is bursting into pieces. I hug him tight because I’m thankful that someone like him is in my life. I know that he’s way too good for me, but I know how my life feels without him. 

I smile at them. “Gram is preparing dinner, lets go in you two.” 

   After Joe and Toby leaves, I go into the woods heading towards the cemetery. The hot afternoon sun is blazing upon everything; the trees, the grass, the flowers, and over the graves. I walk over to Bailey’s grave and sit down beside the gravestone. I reach for my bag and take out the letters that Gram wrote for mom over the last sixteen years. I don’t want Bailey to be the only person not knowing anything about our mother. After all, she was one of the people desperate to find mom. Unlike me. I open her little cabinet door and I see something lustrous. I reach in and pull out a ring. Then, I feel the pain that I felt all over again. I imagine Bailey having her baby, married to Toby. I imagine her wearing the ring that Toby got for her. I imagine her smiling to the sky, happily. I imagine her reading the notes that Gram wrote for mom. Then, I imagine her, Toby, and her baby as one family. Without anyone being hurt, or sick. 

     I miss you, I tell her, You’re going to miss out on so many things. I look at the ring for the last time and I put it back in. I pack my bag and get up. I put one hand on her gravestone, starting to tear up. I start to walk back to my house when I see Bailey with a beautiful smile on her face. I see her ring on her finger, and her stomach that is sticking out a bit. I run up to her and hug her.

“What took you so long?” I asked Bailey.

“Lennie, I’m not missing out on anything. I actually like where I am; the peaceful, painless sky. Even if I’m in a different place from where you are, I’ll always be right next to you. Now, don’t worry about me and go to where you belong,” says Bailey. 

     I realize that I’m crying now, I know that it has to happen. So, I wipe my tears and let go because I know that I didn’t lose anyone. My sister, Gram, Big, my new brother, Toby, and my boyfriend, Joe. They are all right here, next to me. 


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Voces Inocentes Rbah


Rugeiatu Bah

Esta la reseña es sobre un niño que convertio a los 12 años. Tenia que ir a la guerra pero no quiere porque tiene los seres queridos. También sucedió durante la guerra civil, familia pobre que está tratando muy duro a través de la guerra. En mi ensayo  gustaría hablar sobre cómo esta historia se conecta con mi vida como un niño durante mi guerra civil que deprimente También, el una tragedia y las luchas de huir de los rebeldes, porque pasé por lo mismo y cuánto derechos que tomaba distancia de nosotros, tratados como animales.

En el año 1980, habia una  guerra civil. Eso sucedio en elSalvador. Esta guerra era triste, mucha gente dejaron a amigos y familia. Proteger Las casas de la familias fueron destruidas por soldados. En El salvador participó en la guerra. Cuando tenian 12 años, los soldados vienen en la busca de ellos a los niños soldados a luchar contra su pueblo, a veces, a sus propios amigos de la infancia. Esta película es Chava, que vive con su familia. Es de uno de los que cuidan las casa por  los problemas que dejó su padre con la familia. Por eso, Chava y su familia pueden no intento hablar por los rebeldes, así que por todos los medios Chava intentó ocultar, a veces él y sus amigos se quedaban  a permanecer allí hasta que los rebeldes hojas.

   Clip 1: tiempo de 1:30:03-1:35:03

5: Derecho a la no tortura esta parte fue la parte cuando los rebeldes llegaron a este lugar en la noche donde se alojen el Chava y sus amigos por la noche. Era el medio de la noche y empezaron a disparar y matar a la gente que ayudaba a ellos, y caminan a un lugar bajo la lluvia y sus pies fue sufriendo no toman cualquier roturas o qué tan nunca.

 Clip 2: tiempo 20-26

26: Derecho a la educacion se trata sobre el derecho a tener educación, cada niños asistieron a la escuela bastante.De hecho, este donde los rebeldes solían tener los muchachos de la edad, van a la escuela y obtener la lista. Además, su educación fueron bastante bien, aprendieron lo que todo el mundo aprendió. Por lo tanto, esta regla no estaba mal, hasta que sacar a los muchachos de la escuela para luchar.

Clip 3:30-37 este clip es el derecho a vivir libre y tener justicia. Los rebeldes no les dio el derecho a tener estas cosas porque quemar un montón de sus casas. A veces venían y sólo se rompe en casa de pueblo, deseo me siento está mal. Puedo relacionar esto porque durante la guerra civil de mi país los rebeldes lo mismo. Duele ser tratado así y no hay nada que puede usted podría hacer al respecto.

Contar la Historia,  aprendido mucho de este proyecto y de la película. Como dije antes, puedo relacionar a esta película mucho más que nada porque sé cómo se siente. Durante la guerra de la rebelde de mi país la rebeles apoderar hicieron estas cosas a mi familia, amigos, etc.. Se llevaron cosas de nosotros, nuestros derechos, en nuestro propio país. Nuestro pueblo hizo estas cosas a nosotros y Chav propio hicieron exactamente lo mismo a ellos. Esta película es un peliculón.

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Q4 Bench: Faysal - Who I Really Am

Left stranded in an unknown world called Earth with no memory of her past was Faysal. At the age of 8 she was found wondering the streets of our planet and taken to an orphanage. There, for some reason she could never seem to fit in. The other children there wanted no part of her. They could feel the difference between them even though neither she nor them knew exactly what that difference was. At the age of 18 she leaves the orphanage and sets out into the world on a mission to discover who she really is.

Full Story Here: 

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Son Los Estados Unidos Libre?

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 12.13.31 AM

El propósito de este proyecto es a muestran que el mundo es injusto en algunos lugares. En particular, los Estados Unidos necesitan de ayuda. Se dice que la problema no existe. Al contrario, la problema sorprendentemente todavía existe. Esto es muestra en la película, cuando los trabajadores eran tratados como cerdos. Fue difícil para ellos encontrar apoyo, pero al final, lo hicieron.

Esta película es acerca de un personaje llamado María en la clase obrera. Ella comenzó a trabajar para una empresa llamada Ángel Cleaning Company, ubicada en Los Angeles. Como lo veo yo, ellos no tratan sus trabajadores muy bien y hablaron mal a ellos. Ellos no tienen los derechos que merecen. Entonces, comenzaron la manifestación por un cambio. No hay más remedio. Todo esto tuvo lugar en la década de 2000.


Artículos 4, 5, y 9 se rompieron en la escena donde Pérez manda los trabajadores a volver al trabajo sin descanso:


Artículo 4 dice que la esclavitud está prohibida y inutil. En la película, los obreros son tratados como esclavos en muchos aspectos. Uno es que no se les da un descanso. Históricamente, los esclavos eran obligados a trabajar sin parar. Por lo tanto, esto puede ser considerado una forma de esclavitud.

Artículo 5 dice que nadie debe ser tratado de una manera cruel. No dar a los trabajadores tiempo para relajarse es una cosa muy cruel hacer. Además, la forma que Pérez habló con ellos en el clip era muy antipático. Hablaba como si fueran perros, no las personas. Hay podría lograr de una manera mejor sin duda.


Artículo 9 dice que si alguien está en el exilio, debe tener una razón legítima. En este escenario, tacaño Pérez manda todo para volver a trabajar. No sólo envió las personas que asistieron a la reunión. Decidió que todo el mundo era culpable. Esto es injusto para las personas que no tenían nada hacer con la reunión.

En esta película, he aprendido que los derechos humanos son violados todos los días sin que se note. Estoy preocupado por los que tienen que sufrir en esto. Me parece que nos centramos en el trato injusto en todos partes pero los Estados Unidos. Debemos escoger a fijar nuestros propios problemas antes ayudar otros. Entonces, estoy feliz que visto esta película. Me enseñó sobre algo que no creo que normalmente sobre. Ahora que he completado esta unidad, sueño con el mundo finalmente ser perfecto. Sin embargo, dudo que va a pasar. Mientras las personas apoyar a las empresas que traten mal sus trabajadores, el ciclo continuará.

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Esto pelicula es acerca de los derechos humanos siendo lleavados porque la gente representan relgion. la pelicula parece que rasgan los derechos de las personas fuera de ellos. A lo largo de la pelicula que desea ver al gobierno llevar a la gente el orgullo, la religion y culpar a otro gentes. El savador cathloic iglesia son objetivos en este evento. El Salvador es gobernado por un gobierno totalitario corrupto y los pocos ricos regla las masas aquejados por la pobreza. El pais esta a punto de una guerra civil de un ano de duracion timultuous, diez.

En 1980, cuando escuadrones de la muerte militares continuan sus juergas de muerte violenta, Romero sigue denunciando, ganando la atención internacional. Para romeo es en este punto desglosado En esto pelicula no se permite #uno - los hemaos nacido libres e iguales , #2- no discriminas , #4- ninguna esclavitad , #7 todos somos iguales ante la ley & #19- libretad de expresion. El gobierno le quita lo que se dijo en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. La gente oro y oeo pero en la final de la dia no puedo hago nada.

0:05:14- 0:08:22 muestra claramente que cuando se trata de relgion ellos no tienen un voz. Se trata de un acto de la policia estan trio en la carro y en 1:26:54-1:28:10 es una parte de la pelicula cuando una persona habla de dar la oportunidad de una salida de este lio. Esto demuestra hasta la policia sabe la lucha, pero debido a dictador duro es dificil escapar o lucharr. Cuando se mira a romero tu puedo ver el dolor, la dificultad, la pasion de querer mas para los gentes. En esto dos tiempos se nota mucho en lo que hace el gobierno y como se rompen las reglas.

En general la pelicula es basico y hacia adelante. No hay no mucho de los derechos concedidos, pero quitado. La pelicula es muy intersting theres un monton de accion . Ver esta pelicula abre mis ojos en el gobierno. Me entero de la forma en que governemnt tratar de hacer que se vea igual que su para siempre, pero al final el es malo. Despues de ver esto yo estaba en shock con los derechos que le fueron arrebatados.

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La Vida y la Muerte de Oscar Romero

La Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos es un documento que fueron escribiendo por la Asemblea General de las Naciones Unidas a raíz de la segunda Guerra Mundial. Tiene artículos sobre los derechos humanos básicos que incluyen toda la gente en el mundo. Eso proyecto va a demonstrar como los derechos humanos universales fueron violados durante la conflicta en El Salvador durante los 1980’s, como mostrado en la película Romero. La película se trata de la vida del cura Oscar Romero, y sus intentos a alcanzar un acuerdo entre los dos facciones y lograr la paz a la patria.

Romero se trata del cura Oscar Romero, quien fue un voz fuerte contra de las fuerzas militares en El Salvador durante la guerra civil en los 1980’s. El conflicto fue entre la militaria del gobierno y las guerrillas que consistados de los civiles. La militaria empleó escuadrones de la muerte a sofocar las guerrillas y por eso, muchos civiles fueron matados en sus intentos a destrozar los rebeldes o en el fuego cruzado. Al tiempo mismo, un cura se llama Oscar Romero fue nombrado a la posición de arzobispo. Eso no fue controvertido porque el gobierno espera que Romero apoyaría sus acciones, o por lo menos, no se opondría a los. Eso es lo que ocurre al principio, hasta un amigo de Romero esta matado en el conflicto por hablar contra los crimenes del gobierno. Despues de esto acontecimiento, Romero empieza a luchar el gobierno opresivo en un manero pacífico. Oscar escribe cartas y hablar contra de la violencia hasta esta asesinado en una iglesia durante la misa.

Ejemplo #1:

En esta escena, la gente religiosa estan traendo sus niños para ser bautizados. No hay violencia, y la ceremonia continua ininterruimpido. En esto caso, el derecho 27, el derecho a libre participación en la vida cultural, está protegido. La bautizatión es una ceremonia sagrada en la cultura católica, y (por ahora) pueden celebrar en paz.

Ejemplo #2:

En esta escena, Romero está hablando con unos militarios que están sitiando un grupo de guerrillos que han capturado un grupo de militarios. Romero dice que los guerrillos no son una amenaza y puede persuadirlos a salir si los militarios les permiten sobrevivir. El soldado esta de acuerdo, y se permite a entrar en el edificio. El militario se proteja el derecho 11, que es el derecho a la presunción de inocencia. En lugar de matado los guerrillos, el soldado elige a esperar para ver si los soldades capturados fueron matados o no.

Ejemplo #3:

En la escena anterior, el soldado dice que los guerrillos pueden salir. Sin embargo, su capitan no está de acuerdo, y da un orden a arrestarlos. En el cárcel, Ramón oye la tortura de los presos. Cuando se da cuento de Romero es el arzobispo, el director de la cárcel se ofrece a liberar a él. Romero rechaza la oferta. Romero está protegiendo el derecho numero 27, que dice que todos los humanos tienen los mismos derechos. Ramón no va a salir a menos que los otros presos pueden salir también.

Arzobispo Oscar Romero fue uno de los santos principales de mi escuela intermedia y mi mama vivió en El Salvador durante esta conflicta. Entonces, yo sé mucho sobre las escuadrones de la muerte y la situación politica durante esto tiempo. Pero, lo que no supe mucho sobre fue la respuesta de los estados unidos. Supimos todo sobre la conflicta, pero no hicimos nada para ayudar. Me gusta pensar que los estados unidos actúa en la interesa de los derechos humanos, pero es obvio que a veces, eso no es el caso. La película hizo un buen trabajo de mostrar la conflicta del punto de vista de la gente en El Salvador, y como sus gritos de auxilio quedaron sin respuesta. Por eso, necesitaron tomar su vida en sus mismos manos.

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Voces Inocentes amillatt

Para proyecto necesitamos ver una pelîcula sobre una lucha por poder. Luego escribimos análisis sobre derechos humanos. Este proyecto es importante porque no se que los acontecimientos pasar. Yo aprende sobre los acontecimientos y unas tragedia mi clase de historia nunca discutir.

Vi una película Voces Inocente. Voces Inocentes que se trata de un niño, Chava, quien vive en El Salvador en el 1980’s. Durante el tiempo en El Salvado tenía guerra civil. El gobierno de El Salvado necesitó mucho solados por la guerra. Entonces el gobierno les hizo los niños envolver en la militaria cuando los niños tienen doce años. Chava tiene once años y estas  asustado que tomarán immieidentante depuse lo cumpleaños. Este son la tensión entre Los soldados. Un tio de Chava es parte de el rebelión, quien luchan con soldados en público. Durante todo la película, el  tio de Chava ayuda Chava sobrevivir la guerra y esconderse de los soldados.

Un parte de la película es cuando la goberinero cerró todos las universidades y escuelas en El Salvador. Los niños y los adultos no tienen acceder educación, cuál contra derechos humanos. Conforme de Artículos de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos “26. Derecho a la educación.”. Este derecho importante tener porque educación ayuda extremo la pobreza. También este derecho ayuda la clase obra(Chava) llegar la clase alta. Educación Da poder los gentes. Sin embargo el gobierno no quieren los gentes son confianzas porque los gentes con confianzas tendremos una manifestación y luchar contra lo.
 Otra un parte de la película cuando el cura toca música en los altavoces exterior de la inglesa. Dos soldados dicen una amenaza a el cura y dispararon los altavoces. Conforme de Artículos de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos “19. Derecho a la libertad de expresión”. En película, los soldados contra la derecho del cura porque el cura debería ser capaz. Los soldados no tienen derecho controlar que nadie hace con sus pertenencias.
   Por último un parte de la película cuando los soldados raptar dos niñas por de la calle. Dos niñas luchan los soldados pero los hombres poner en lo coche por la fuerza.  Conforme de Artículos de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos “5. No a la tortura y 3.Derecho a la vida, a la libertad y a la seguridad.” . Las acciones de los soldados contra las niñas derechos humanos porque estar en contra de lo voluntad. Los soldados podría violar los niñas y asesinan possibilmente.
Para mi Voces Inocente  es muy interesante y llamativo porque la película tiene tono deprimente. Mi gusta la película porque fue emocionante. Creo que antes ver este pelicula quiero aprender mucho las guerras en America del Sol.  
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Voces Inocentes En Silencio

El proposito de mi projecto es mostrar que los soldado violaron los derechos humanos. Voces Inocentes es una pelicula en Salvador y hay una guerra grande y a los 12 anos los soldados lleban a los ninos para sir soldados tambien pero los ninos no quieren ir, entonces se esconden arriba de su casa. todos estaban alli ahoras hasta ellos estaban seguros. Yo voy a ser los derechos humanos de tortura, derechos a educacion y los derechos humanos de todos los seres humanos tiene derechos a igual proteccion.

En Salvador había una guerra grande y los padres para guardar a sus niños seguros y sobrevivir, Chava y los otros niños se subian arriba te la casa para esconderse encima de las casas para quedarse de los soldados.Tiene que cuidarse por que cuando cumplien 12 los soldados los lleban y los torturan para sir soldados. El tio de chava trata de ayudar los pero no puede mucho. Y chava y sus amigos se encuentran en un problem y los amiogos de Chava los soldados los matan. Tienen que ver la pelicula es muy buena. 

El video que vas a ver es un video que los soldados estan violando los derechos humanos por que son personas mas grandes y mas poderoso no tiene que matar los ninos, es tortura por las mamas por que son sus hijos y tambien para los ninos por que los soldados lo madaron en la cabesa, ningun ninos debe ir por eso
My Great Movie

En este video vas a ver que los soldados violaron el derecho de educacion por que los ninos que los estan llebando ellos quieren aprender y no ser soldados. Eso es violando el derechos humano por no dejar los ninos a ser ninos y estudiar, y no llebarlos a ser soldados para matar gente. 

My Great Movie

El video que vas a ver es un video que los soldados violaron el derechos huamanos de todos los seres humanos tienen derechos a igual proteccion, los personas no estan protegetos por que los soldados quemaron las casas de las gentes. Eso es muy mal por que son las personas casas y ellos tienen que vivir a y. 

My Great Movie

Cuando estaba videndo esta pelicula “Voces Inocentes”  muchos sentimientos corrion por mi cabesa por que era triste viendo eso mucho los soldados llebaban a los hijos y las mamas llorando por sus hijos y tambien cuando los soldados quemaron las casas y matando a gente es muy triste viendo todo eso, yo aprende mucho videndo esta pelicula como unas personas tuvieron que sufrir. La impresion de la pelicula era muy bien. Me encanta esta pelicula, por que se ve tan real que es tan excelente. En mensaje de la pelicula, pues no creo que tiene uno por que yo creo que mas quiere dicernos que hay muchas personas en este mundo que pueden aser muchas cosas y sin sientimiento. El projecto es bueno como lo tenemos que aser por que mostra que aprendimos de los derechos humanos y yo aprende mucho de los derechos humanos. 

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Bread and Rose

El propósito de este proyecto era que necesitamos ver una película y tratar de ver las similitudes que la película y los derechos humanos tienen. Nuestra película que analizamos era “Bread and Roses” se trata de unos trabajadores que no tienen los derechos humanos que todos los demás tienen.

Esta película se trata de unos trabajadores de una compañía llamado “Angels”. Todo comenzó con una muchacha llamada “Maya”. Ella cruzó el borde de Mexico ilegalmente gracias a unos coyotes. Ella fue a los cruzó porque ella quería buscar un trabajo. La hermana de Maya la agudo en conseguir un trabajo. The reason she wanted a job is to send money back to the rest of her family in Mexico. El año en la película era 1999 y tuvo lugar en “Los Angeles”. El papel de Maya era para mostrar que incluso los limpiadores pueden cambiar la ley. Maya simboliza los de la clase media. Había tensión entre los empleado y el empleador. Es una vida difícil para el trabajador. Ellos no tienen ningún día de vacaciones, la hora del almuerzo, o el bienestar, y la ayuda médica. Ellos tenían que trabajar 18 horas al día y que obtendrían menos que el trabajador normal debe conseguir. El personaje principal de una chica mexicana que ayuda a cambiar la situación de los obreros.

Los derechos que han sido violados eran, “derecho a que la ley protege tus derechos”, “derecho a un juicio justo”, “derecho a la libertad de expresión”. Todo esto fue violado en el clip que he elegido. El clip que tomé fue cuando los luchadores sindicales fueron arrestados por expresar sus sentimientos de una manera pública y pacífica. That was the first right that they had violated y era el “derecho a la libertad de expresión”. Se fueron a la cárcel y, eran detenidos hasta que los liberaron, pero para maya, no pudo salir porque encontraron sus huellas digitales en un robo. Es por eso que le dijeron que se fuera del Estado y para no volver nunca más. Si ella vuelve al estado los policías van a detener de nuevo, pero esta vez ella se va a la prisión federal. Aquí ellos violaron el “derecho a un juicio justo” porque no le dieron un juicio, pero también protegen el derecho que toda persona tiene. Era el “derecho a que la ley protege tus derechos”. Sí, se separaron los demás derechos, pero éste se le dio a ella. Maya hizo un crimen por lo que le dan a elegir. Fue ya sea ir a la cárcel o ir de nuevo a México. La ley trataba de proteger sus derechos, pero que puede llegar una persona que cometió un delito. Hay que respetar la decisión de ella, y la decisión era regresa a méxico.

Para mi me gustó la película, pero no me gustaría verlo de nuevo, porque no es el tipo de película que me gusta ver. No estaba mal, pero era un aburrimiento. Nunca pude verlo de nuevo. Creo que esta película tiene un gran mensaje. Fue interesante ver las cosas a los ojos de limpiadores de edificios y cómo se podría luchar para hacer un cambio.

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