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English Journal Entree

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly?
Sometime people just don't understand what it means to be a human. 
I think that humans treat each other like trash, some people do bullying,
some are to be racist to others. There are people who treat others badly   

based on their looks or maybe even based in their culture. People become 
disrespectful just to catch the people attention and isn't able to change there               
attitude. There was a reason why we were made into this world, to change 
the lives of others and not create violence.  

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards others.

We'll first, people change all the time. Once you get to know a person. 
Later in life they become to change slowly, from becoming to being nice to a cruel 
person. As a friends with another person, you call each other best friends,
but then as people change along the social media. You realize, who were your true friends and who wasn't. Becoming friends and letting go, can go along with how humans often humans treat each other badly.
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History Journal #41

What is more powerful ​Violence or non violence? 

Non- violence is more powerful. I'm not a violent person at all. You have to be really...desperate when you have to get to a level where you need to HARM someone. I should be able to fight for my rights without having to throw a bomb or having someone throw a bomb at me. And war? It shouldn't exist. It shouldn't have to exist. In reality (no offense to anyone who has family or friends serving, I respect them highly) they don't fight for their country. They're pawns fighting for their king and it's all just a game. And we are simply players in this chess game of life and unfairness. If I'm a soldier why would I want to fight for someone who made poor decision and then puts us all in danger? Why does it get to the point where we must get below the animal line and actually fight and not come to a mature consensus. We need to worry about having a safer world and solving our problems, rather than having our thumb hovering over the red button ready to nuke anything and everything. 
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Journal #21 & Journal #39

General Understanding:

Reflection teaches you that you're not perfect

Journal #21

​"We Wear the Mask"

MASK= Public Face

1) Protecting; shows happiness

We wear the mask that stares; but hides
It shows interest but never speaks or tries
This principle we pay to normal human live
With regret and disappointment we smile 
And my mouth with myriad subtleties

Why should the world be based off of traditions
In counting all our fears and cries
Nay let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.

We smile, but, heavens see our souls,
to thee from tortured souls arise
We thin, but our actions are small,
We try to release but the beasts watch
We wear the mask!

Journal #39

How do you define freedom?
Provide an explanation for your definition.

I believe "freedom" is the ability to live by your own words and the ability to make your own decisions without being controlled physically and/or mentally by one's decisions. I also believe it is being able to express yourself freely.
  • do as you please
  • way of feeling
  • relief of something keeping you trapped
  • illusion
  • mental
  • speaking, action, living w/o rules
  • free speech
  • no fear of judgement
  • not oppressed
  • controlling yourself
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English Journal #40

Idea : Seeing things in a different lenses helps create a better understanding of the world

English Journal #40 (4/25/13) - Describe what it felt like to be crowded together. In what ways do you think this compares to what they went through in the book ?

It felt like being in a cage. Everybody's body heat made the experience very uncomfortable. There was no place to sit down, so I couldn't imagine standing for hours to days on end. It felt dark. This certainly doesn't compare to the real thing in Night : we were just in a classroom. We had places to go to the bathroom and food in our stomachs. They didn't. But it does give some insight. It was probably dark and highly uncomfortable not being able to sit down. They had the fear we didn't: the unknown. We knew we wouldn't be held up in this position for oh so long. We had to sit back down and get on with class. But those prisoners didn't know what was going to happen to them or what they were going to be headed up against. 

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Never Shall I forget

Never shall I forget the day he held me in his arms, 
For I did not want to let go. 
Never shall I forget the late night phone calls, 
The ones that were had so that he would be the last voice I heard before bed. 
Never shall I forget how much I love him. 
Never shall I forget the person I gave my heart to. 
For all these things worth remembering, I never shall forget. ​
Never shall I forget the day I saw him. 
I fell in love instantly and I knew we were meant to be. 
Never shall I forget the day I got the courage to talk to him. 
He liked me too. 
Never shall I forget the day he asked me to be his. 
Never shall I forget our first kiss by the backstairs. 
Never shall I forget the butterflies I get every time I hear his name. 
Never shall I forget the day he said I love you... because I love him too. 
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History Journal #27

Idea : Seeing things in a different lenses helps create a better understanding of the world

History Journal #27 (2/19/13) - In your opinion, what are the different messages of the cartoon ?

The smaller fish represent the poorest of people, stating there is no justice. He doesn't get anything, but he gets eaten. Behind him there is a bigger fish ready to eat him, saying there is some justice. He represents the middle class. He's still able to eat something, but he knows he is going to get eaten. Then behind him, there is the biggest fish, saying the the world is just. He represents the higher class. He gets to eat everything with no repercussions and nothing to worry about. The idea of this cartoon is that the higher-ups see everything as completely fine because everything is going their way, and they don't get reprimanded for their actions. They can ignore the lower classes without a care because their life is great. The poorest of people have the worst of luck, but they see the world as it really is because they can't help but not ignore the lives of people higher than them.

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English Journal #9: "I Wish I Could..."

​I wish I could love myself. I want to be able to walk anywhere without having my head down and eyes looking down like they're burdened by ankors. Having the self esteem of a pile of garbage. When looking in the mirror I see Medusa. I see a thing that is ugly; is unwanted; is never going to be anything. To me, I am trash. I am hideous and only filled with fake "I love you's" from guys who want to get in my chastity belt pants and buttoned collar top. I just wish...that I could love myself. I want to stop adding scars on my arms.
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English Journal #6

​Why do humans so often treat each other badly? And ....  What different thing change this cycle of negative behavior towards others. 

You know Mr.Block I can not tell you what make these dumb people act like this. As a young child you might not believe this but I was bullied as a child. I was picked on and pushed around around and stepped on top of. I never did anything to the person or either the people. I am and always was the sweetest kid. I may have a thought they are insecure with their selfs. 

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English Journal 42

​What prevented adults from acknowledging the simple truths of a twelve-year old boy? Can you think of other examples of groups of people failing to recognize reality?

Adults have been conditioned their entire live to believe a cetain set of truths. Evryday those children say the Pledge and then they learn. They drone out the Pledge until they are unconscious of the words and their meanings. Schools teach subjects separately and there are different units. They are not taught to look at the world as an interconnected place.
“No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."-Assata Shakur 
The adults feel that criticism of the country, especially a huge part of the American pie, represents a lack of patriotism. In most countries, like in Nazi Germany, a lack of gusto patriotism is/was treason. It may not be a law in the united States to not speak poorly about the country, but their is still an unspoken, unwritten one. 

  • Indoctrination: teaching of the se of beliefs that are not questioned.  

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Journal Blog Post

Journal #41​

" 'I am talking about societies drained of their essence, cultures trampled underfoot, institutions undermined, lands confiscated, religions smashed, magnificent artistic creations destroyed, extraordinary possibilities wiped out...' - Amie Cesaire, Discourse on Colonialism

I agree with this sentence because this is essentially what happens to societies through out history.  The Native American's population pre-colonization was in the millions.  Now, after colonization, Native Americans are only about 2% of the U.S. Population.  The Native Americans that did survive the colonization and the things that came with it (smallpox outbreak), were often put in schools that strip them of their culture, their Gods, their beliefs only to be more Eurocentric, which to the colonizers, is more civilized."
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History Journal #14

​"The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief. And by dangerous I mean thought provoking. I mean: people might get killed."

There is no doubt in my mind that I agree with this quote. It is saying that beliefs can be the most dangerous thing when it comes to fighting. Beliefs are what set people apart and the reason for all the conflict in the world. Any human being in the world has his own beliefs whether they decide to share them or keep them hidden. An idea is already bad enough because it leads to disagreements. But with a belief, there is something personal, and people stay very true to their beliefs and easily become enraged and offended when people disagree.
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English Journal #42

What prevented adults from acknowledging the simple truths of a 12 year old boy? Can you think of other examples of groups of people failing to recognize rality?

To say that they have no not acknowledged his truths is inaccurate. They simply did not acknowledge them as true, their truths are different from his. The adult's truths were to see 'liberty and justice for all.' That was what they wanted to, and did, believe. That was their truth and because many people disagree with their truth does not make it untrue, in the same way that it does not make the 12 year old boy's truth untrue. They are simply true in different ways.
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History Journal # 29

The Somebodies who don't require to have dreams. Who chose to signal out the bad luck rather then the good. Who see others as resources rather then names to be remembered. Who require no need to pray as luck always find them. Who have an entire neighborhood mourn when then meet an unjust death.
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History Journal #37

​What is colonialism?

Colonialism is a method used to control another civilization by enforcing your ideas and beliefs as well as maintaining a military power. Colonialism is the ability to control the countries, government, laws and economy. It is a strategy to turn the "uncivilized" into the oppressors image. 
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I Wish I Could ...

Journal #10

I wish I could live in a world where no one was judged. I know it's cheesy and the line "I wish I could live in a world where ..." is used a lot, but nothing ever seems to change. As much time as we spend trying to act the best we can or try and make the world a better place we are the main ones causing all of the problems. We never treat others how we would like to be treated and we only focus on ourselves. I know I do this all the time, putting others down to make myself feel better or to make my friends like me more. However I also know what it's like to be on the other side of the joke and it's not a good feeling. It's not okay that we live like this and that in our society bullying is somewhat okay. I wish I could change the way we all look at each other and not make it all about beauty. 
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Lisa-History Journal #14:

"The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief. And by dangerous, I don't mean thought provoking. I mean people might get killed.
-Sarah Vowell

I agree with this quote because having a belief is what we live for and we fell really strongly about it but an idea is a thought. An idea may not turn into killing because we will not feel as strongly about it but if we think that killing is the right path than it will be more likely to turn into that.
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English Journal

English Journal 8:
Write a made up story about fall.

We sat outside on the porch. Looked as the rain slowly fell from the sky. I got up walked to the store and I turned around and someone was following me, he walked with two black dogs. He was looking right at me with a creepy smile on his face. He wore all black the dogs growled. I started to run. I could feel him gaining on me and I looked back only to find that he was a few feet away from me. I tired to pick up speed, but I just couldn't. I eventually came to a halt and looked back again, almost positive that the man was there. Behind me was the man and his leaches. I looked down only to see that his two dogs weren't connected to the leashes I turned back around and was tacked to the ground by the dogs. They barked, growled, and bit at me and I lost all my hope. Just as I stopped resisting captain underpants saved me. *Fin*
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History Journal #32

Has industrialization led to more harm than good, more good than harm or a lot of each?

I believe that it has brought more than good because it made a lot of of small businesses go out of business and the factories would pollute the rivers so the environment was affected and also the product quality went down for example before a shoe makes would make only like one pair of shoes a day specifically made for one person but now factories made hundreds a day due to a higher population and demand.

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English Journal #10

​Finish the following statement!
I wish I could...........

I wish I could start my life over. Starting with beging comfortable with  the way I look and the way I feel about myself. Don't get me wrong I love who I am, there is just something I can not do. I can not walk through a crowed of people with out feeling like some type of weirdo way. I always wonder what people may think when they see me so I lower my head in shame, but when you think about it what am I a shamed of. I don't know why this happens to me, but I really tired of this shit. I need a way to gain my selfasteam. When people come and talk to me first it makes me like oh ok I can maybe be a good freiend or person. 

I wish I could read people minds. So I can see what people think od me. To see weither or not the people who smiles in my face are really there for me. This is why I hate going to a new school and why I hate doing somethings. Because I live in fear that someone is talking mad crap about me and for some real ass reason im sick and tired of it and I wish so bad I wish that people didn't come off so dumb then I wouldn't want to feel this bad way. 

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EJ 39 jian zhang

What is freedom? Freedom does not exist. It never did and it never will.
The reasoning is simple, we as humans created this thing called "freedom."
Due to that, freedom have different meanings to different people.
When a word changes base on one's opinions, that word is a mere illusion and thus doesn't exist.
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Journal 10/11/12

English Journal Entry 6:
Why do humans often treat each other badly? 10/11/12

I think one of the main reasons people treat each other badly is because they're insecure. When a person is insecure they tend to attack others that have the things that they wish they could have bit know they never will. For example, a girl that doesn't thing she's very pretty, sees a girl who she finds very pretty, instead of saying "Wow she's very pretty." she'd most likely say "Ew look at that girl. She's probably a slut."
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Journal Blog Post

Journal #45

" 'The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering it's prison" - Fyodor Dostoevsky'

I agree and disagree with this statement.  I think that the degree of civilization should also be dependent on how many people are imprisoned.  Sure the way convicted felons are treated makes a difference in which countries are more humane, but ultimately what matters in a "civilized" perspective is how many people are incarcerated and how effective the system is at rehabilitating them to be citizens of society.  The most uncivilized countries are the most lackadaisical by throwing people in jail and leaving them in a cycle that only throws them back in jail."
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English Journal #6

Why do humans treat each other badly?
Humans treat each other badly because we isolate people and put them into categories. Everyone outside of your group is different and therefore not likable in most cases. The people in all of the groups have babies and raise them to believe in the same things and act the same way. 

What different things change this cycle of negative behavior towards each other?
Rebellion. If more children rebell against their parents they are breaking away from these groups. As you can see, little kids have no care in the world about who they hang out and play with. Things like race, religion, language and all the other barriers that separate us don't mean a thing to them. We could learn a thing or two from them. 
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Lisa-History Journal #9:

"If I were personally to define religion, I would say that it is a bandage that man has invented to protect a soul made bloody by circumstances. ~Theodore Dreiser, 1941

Pick one quote about religion. Respond to the quote in depth(agree, disagree, connection...)

I think that this quote means that the blood is like our difference and the bandage is covering up our differences and it gives us a sign that we could feel like we are safe. Just like with religion, we could all be different, but religion gives us something to fall back on.
I also think that the bandage represents healing because if we do something wrong we could go to religion because it gives us something to believe in even if we feel hopeless. religion is something that could give us a meaning in life.
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Journal 11/5/12

English Journal Entry 1:
Write about a challenge that you are facing. 11/5/12

One of the biggest challenges i've been facing over the past few months is deciding whether or not to continue hanging around some of my friends. They've been in my life for about 3 years and they've probably been the best three years of my life. Although the past few years have been great, I start to think about all of the bad things that came from being with them all the time, and now what i'm wondering is it really worth all the trouble?

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