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Courtney Kevin lucidchart home network

​1. In my connection the internet cloud goes to the modem which hooks up two ethernet cables to my playstation 3 and my wireless router. The wireless router gets my internet connection that is named "yomamma". The wireless router gets connection for my two laptops. Laptop 1 is a compact and the other is a macbook. Also it connects all of our phones. This usually costs about $240 a month.

 2. Our internet connection is "yomamma" and it contains our computers and cell phones.

3. I learned that my wireless router was connected to mostly everything of mine.

4. I would tell them not to use a lot of things for example like T.V.s cell phones and computers because the amount people use the more it cost per month
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Fleece, Clio, LucidChart, Homework

My internet comes into my house through a phone cable, because I have Verizon FiOS.  It then goes through a Modem, and next through a wireless router.  Our FiOS plan costs $85/month, which means it costs about $1,020/year.  My household has a lot of devices that use our internet connection, including phones and a TV.  Altogether, these devices are 2 Mac desktop computers, 3 Mac laptops, 1 TV, 3 house phones, and 2 cell phones.  When we were learning about networks, my "OMG moment" was learning how different everyone's networks are, and how they don't even go into people's houses the same way.  I had never really thought about networks as things that could be unique to each household.  What I would tell people they need to know about having a home network would be that you should know every part that your connection goes through before it reaches all of your devices.  That way, if something goes wrong, they will know to check every part for the problem. 
MyNetwork (1)
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d'Hermillon, Felix, Tech

The way that this works is that you can choose out of the five different ways to except the process. You can either choose WIFI, cable, phone,dish or fiber optics. They attach this to your house and this is how you except the internet. Then you have a modem that is connected to your Ethernet cable which is connected to your wireless router. From your wireless router you can have either a wireless connection or connected by cable. Then you can have things running from your wireless router such as your laptops, phone, xbox and more. Then from your wireless router you can have an airport express and have wireless speakers, wireless printers and more. That is how you work this system.
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Monroe, Sandra LucidChart Home Network

At my house, we have Verizon Fios. When you have Verizon which is a phone modem, all of your information comes from a phone cable. Connected to my phone cable I have WiFi, so that I can use laptops, tablets, ipods, phones, etc. Connected to our network we have three Iphones, mine my sisters, and my moms. We also have three laptops, mine, my moms, and my sisters. Lastly, on my WiFi we have a Wii. When we were talking about different networks in class, i learned a lot. I had no idea that there were so many different cords or so many different things that could be in your home network. For example i didn't know about Ethernets, or Airport express'. I think that if I had to tell people about having an ISP, I would tell them to go and look at all the cords they have, and to see what each thing is connected to the other. I would also tell them that it gets very easy, if you break it down, and you do what we did with the charts.
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Borock, Carolyn, lucid chart, Comcast

How the internet works: 
Connects by first having cable internet connection. Then have service provider which is Comcast,thats is connected to a modem. And the modem is connected to the ethernet. That is connected to the main computer. And it has wifi goes to all my devices, such as a laptop,iPod, phone...etc 

2. Explain your L.A.N. Local Area Network - all the devices on your internet connection.

The devices I have on my internet connection is mostly wireless besides my main computer and my printer. The wireless devices are 3 laptops, an iPod, 4 phones ...etc

3. Reflect on what you learned about networks, did you have an OMG moment that you learned something new and interesting? if now write about what you learned.
Yes I had an omg LOL moment when I learned something new. i learned that the internet doesn't just come out of no where. 

4. what would you tell other people that they need to know about having an ISP/Home network?
I would tell them that they need to know that it's not magic, it starts with the cable internet connection that you need a service provider.That internet cable connects to the modem and the modem connects to the ethernet cable. That cable connects to the main computer and the modem is wireless. And that connects it to all my devices.  

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Denny, Shaion, Lucidchart, Fios

My internet connection comes in the same way everyone else. It all starts with the cloud which represents the internet. My ISP (internet serves provider) is Fios. From that my ISP cable is connected to my modem. Next comes the router, mines is a wireless router. Before that comes the ethernet connection which connects everything. Back to the wireless router, it sends out a wireless signal which lets give the internet to my wireless devices. I would say my "OMG" moment is when I had to figure out how everything worked and was connected to each other. My "lol" was hearing about the cloud and finding out about how quick the internet was even though it goes through a lot of processes. I would tell someone that when trying to describe their internet connection make sure they add in the ethernet cords because they are very important.
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Vellozzi Elizabeth LucidChart/ Comcast

My home is connected to the "cloud" and my modem. My modem is connected to a wireless router. This wireless router allows internet access for 3 laptops and my iphone. My internet provider is Comcast. When learning about internet connections, I would say my OMG moment would be when I found out the internet and world wide web are not the same thing. I could also say that that realization was also an "lol" moment because I often refer to them as the same thing. To answer the question "what would you tell someone about what you learned about the internet?" I would have to say I already have told someone what I learned in class. I went to my friends house after school one day and before I even said "hi", I said "did you know the internet and the world wide web aren't the same thing". It blew my mind so I guess I just decided to share it with my friend.
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MERIWETHER, JORDAN, LucidChart, Home network

The internet starts out in a cloud (not a real cloud) and is bought to different homes through multiple service providers. My internet service provider ( or ISP) is Comcast, they connect me to the internet as long as I pay a fee of $55 each month which is $660 in a year. The internet comes into my house through a cable that goes in the my computer. My internet is also connected to my
laptop, xbox, and my portable gaming systems.
MERIWETHERJORDANLucidChartHomeNetwork (1)
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Clampet-Lundquist Maggie, Lucid chart, Home network

The LNA (Local Area Network)  I use is called Netgearcl. The phone, computers, Wii, and t.v are all hooked up to my network. I learned that each piece of information that you type into the computer  has its own method of transportation to get to you. Its more complicated then I thought. I also learned that information that is not appropriate for school, or for something else a wall that lets information through blocks this bad information which is basically a fire wall. My OMG moment was when i learned that the modem didn't make everything work but it was used to restart the internet, get it up and running. One thing people should know is that you can lock your wireless provider so only you can use it, and others can't.  
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Yousuf, Myrna, LucidChart,Home Network

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Verison. My internet comes through a wireless modem. Which then gives me access to Wi-Fi in my house. The device that are connected my internet are two laptops and a iPod.My internet goes through the Modem and to the Wireless Router and the Wi-Fi allows the internet to connect to my devices.
I learned that there is whole entire chain system that allows me to connect to my internet or any other internet connection. Internet just doesn't appear it travels from one thing to another to reach your devices. For example, you need an ISP who has to connect a modem or another device which needs to connect to another router and then connects to the devices.

I would tell other people to know how much they are paying for their ISP per month and per year to find out the total cost. This can help them decide if they are getting a good deal for their money.
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My network

My Local Area Network is comcast, and all the devices on it are , All of our cell phones with Wifi, My laptop & My mother and fathers. Our Desktop, and our x-box. Something that I Learned about networks is that everything your put on the internet can be seen. i actually watched A OMG moment on the movie Cyberbull. The movie was about a girl who got her first computer, and how she created a " Clicksters" (facebook) Page, and how she got bullyed. But her mom could see everything she was doing on her page. 
  One thing that i would tel people about there networks is to get a hard password on them. Other wise people could hack into your network and run up your bill.
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El Alfabeto
















































doble b







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Girls Soccer Wins Public League Championship!

The SLA Girls Soccer teamed defeated Philadelphia Academy Charter School (PACHS) 4-2 on Wednesday Oct. 31st to capture the Single “A” Public League Championship. 

Sophomore Alyssa Winner scored two goals and Aateeyah Sherrieff and Korah Lovelace each added one a piece for the victory.

SLA never trailed in the game, but it took a penalty kick by Lovelace 25 minutes into the second half to break a tense 2-2 tie. Winner iced the game with a rocket into the side netting with 10 minutes left to play.

SLA opened the scoring early with Winner hitting a direct kick from 25 yards out into the upper-right corner above the goalkeeper at the five-minute mark of the first half. PACHS equalized off a scramble following free kick in the SLA end of the field 18 minutes later and the teams entered the half tied at 1-1.

Sharrieff opened the scoring in the second half on a scramble in the goal mouth following a bobble by the PACHS keeper at the seven-minute mark of the second half. PACHS soon equalized, however, and the game entered a tense period with neither team producing scoring opportunities.

The 2-2 tie was broken when Michelle Torelli streaked down the left wing to chase down a loose ball in the PACHS defensive end. Her hustle earned a penalty as she was brought down in the box by a defender. Lovelace coolly converted the penalty kick in the lower right corner of the net to give the rockets the winning goal.

The playoff win by the Rockets avenges a 2-1 loss to PACHS during regular season and brings their record up to 10 wins and five losses.

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Q1 Benchmark: Book Ending Rewrite

​The link to the new book ending, of Everyday, by David Levithan, is here.

When the project was introduced, I wasn't entirely sure what book I'd write it on. I had a choice between Jazz by Toni Morrison and Everyday by David Levithan.

I had already read Everyday, but I had no passion to do a project on it since the book's ending disappointed me so. I was in the process of readying Jazz, but that book was very hard to follow, and I wasn't concrete in my idea to redesignthe cover idea.

I then had an idea: why not read a book I might potentially like and do something on that? The prospective book was Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green. I had began reading the book, and unfortunately lost it.

But, that's beside the point. I had an innovative teacher suggested a splendid idea! Why not rewrite the ending of Everyday?!

I decided that was a swell idea and created an ending I thought was suitable for the end of the book. My intentions for the ending was to give a structured, yet broad, idea of A's life after Rhiannon. I felt like A, the main character, leaving Rhiannon with a suitable boyfriend was fine, but A's life really mattered at the end of the book, and I feel like readers don't get any idea what that might ensue.

My ending included Revered Poole, an antagonist in the story, and I wanted Poole to introduce A to people like his kind. A then meets a soul named Rose, who's just like A, in that Rose goes from body to body. They become "sort of friends" and A decides if there should be an association between them.
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Q1 Benchmark: Book Review

Over the last month I read the Fifth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I watched as the war of the five Kings wound to a close. I tasted the meals while reading George’s famous descriptions of food. I hurt when my favorite characters felt pain, and I smiled every moment they didn’t die tragically.

George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons is the fifth 1,510 page installment to his A Song of Ice and Fire series continuing his stories of the fictional continent of Westeros. While a healthy appreciation for fiction is certainly needed to get through such a large book, I can say that the series has much more to offer than originally meets the eye. Dance continues the story telling style of using “point of view characters”. Chapters are divided up by character, telling the story through their eyes.

For readers unfamiliar with this style of storytelling, let me tell you that it makes it very hard to hate one character more than another. Martin creates a world of gray areas. Much like real life, every character has a reason for their actions. This leaves it up to the reader to draw his or her own opinions. The maddening part of this type of storytelling is that those characters who might otherwise be considered the “bad guys” get to show their own perspective. I found it frustrating that George R.R Martin didn’t let me fully agree with the “good guys” or completely hate the “bad guys”, but I will say that it kept me on my toes. It keeps the story relatable and interesting more than anything else.

One issue I’ve had with the series so far is the inclusion of characters that don’t drive the plot in any way. This continues in Dance. For example, Quentin Martel’s inclusion in the story doesn’t serve any purpose other than to give exhausting details about unimportant places. His entire story can be summed up in the sentence “ The heir to Dorne travels east to find his queen.” I found myself caring little about him and more for what his actions mean to other characters. To those readers who don’t care about every detail but still want to be able to understand the plot, skipping Martel’s chapters is a safe way to save time.

While I love this book and hope everyone reads it. I also had to read the other huge books in order to get to it. Dance is completely plot driven, and will not make any sense unless the first four books are read before hand. If you think you are up to the challenge of reading such a long story, I guarantee that you will enjoy yourself. If you’ve made the journey through the other four books, congratulations! You are in for another thrilling installment to the series. Remember though, George R.R Martin in infamous for killing off major characters. In A Dance With Dragons, winter is coming, and that certainly doesn’t mean he’ll relent.

.By James Prell

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Días de la Sémana

The Days of the week, or Días de la semana. Monday es lunes Tuesday es martes Wednesday es miércoles Thursday es jueves Friday es viernes Saturday es sábado Sunday es domingo The spanish Días de la semana start on lunes, not domingo like with the english days of the week. Also, another rule for the days of the week, is that unlike in english you do not capitalize the first letter of the day. The letters are always all small.

This is a chart, that will lead you into my video, listen carfully, and please forgive that the audio is off time.
Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 1.21.39 PM

Spanish Alphabet Rafi

Abuhena Hares


A: ah
B: beh
C: seh
D: deh
E: eh
F: efe
G: hey
H: hachi
I: eeeh
J: hota
K: kah
L: ele
M: eme
N ene
Ñ: enyeh
O: o
P: pe
Q: cu
R: ere (or erre)
S: ese
T: teh
U: ooh
V: beh
W: doble beh
X: equis
Y: y gre-ge-ga
Z: seta

The purpose of this lesson is to teach about the spanish alphabet which is quite similar to the english one but has its key differences which will be highlighted.

Here is a video about two people reciting the alphabet. Here is another video about a real life situation.