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Quarter 4 Benchmark Reflection

This English school year I tried my best then messed up sometimes but now I know my mistakes and can help me in the future. Looking back at the year I grew as a writer and improved in other areas. Everyone is at different levels but no matter what if you put everything you can into the work you will get the grade you deserve.


My strengths in English are reading books and collaborating with others about the story.  My weakness in English is my process with the projects I wait until last minute or don’t stay focused in class but I think from the beginning of the school I have gotten better at that, also my spelling I want to work on my writing a lot more I am very creative and I think if I really try I can have great pieces of writing.


Going back and looking at my work Is funny also something that all students should do because you get to change things, know what you need to work on also remember your year. It’s funny because it’s like oh my god I wrote that or what was I thinking if its something that you didn’t think you would write or do. Some issues that occurred were my journal entries because my journal entries were not organized and fully done I went back and polished my journal entries. 


The piece I am most proud of is my Macbeth creative. I did a keynote with my own pictures and some from the Internet that show lady Macbeths journey. I feel as though I did my best on this project. What I wanted to do was make people understand her change through my own pictures and how I thought this the picture should be and others understanding it. I worked on it whenever we had time to, I was focused.

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"What If...?" History Benchmark: Dr. King assassinated in 1958.

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 12.47
To view my project (which is a webpage), please click here.

Point of Divergence: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1958.

For my point of divergence, I focused on Dr. King getting assassinated in 1958. Historically, Dr. King was stabbed in 1958 by a woman named Izola Curry. In reality, he barely survived. However, for the sake of this project, the stabbing was fatal. As a result of the incident, America was altered. The Civil Rights movement became far more violent, as Dr. King was a supporter of nonviolent protests. Malcolm X stepped up and led the movement after Dr. King passed away, making him more distinguished in it.

As a result of the POD, the future America would continue to be segregated. After Dr. King passed in 1958, Jim Crow laws were once again enforced because the Civil Rights movement became violent. This forced the country to enforce segregation so that another violent casualty could not occur. Since the laws were enforced, African Americans eventually became more tolerant of them. The reason is because the supporters of nonviolence would never find another leader like Dr. King to bring them together.

I liked the fact that this project allowed me to think deeply about an outcome of a different situation. I have always found myself wondering questions like "What if this happened instead". This project gave me the opportunity to explore this thought for a lasting topic that I find very compelling, the fight for equality. It was however difficult finding primary sources that would support my point of divergence, as there were not many available. For example, it took me a while to find the psychiatric examination records of Izola Curry (the woman that stabbed MLK). There were not many primary sources about her out there, most were secondary. Luckily, I eventually found what I was looking for when going on a website about his life.

A very interesting fact that I learned was that changing the date of a small event could greatly change the world as we know it. At first, I didn't think that my point of divergence would have changed the world today by much because Dr. King was actually assassinated. However, by changing the date that it happened, the future turned out very different. There were so many differences as a result of my POD that I could only focus on one change. Otherwise, I would have been writing an entire book.

Systemic changes impart history because most historic evens occur that a group of people come together. As individuals, we are puny. But together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, I could have improved my project my going through a checklist. If I had made one early on, I could have checked my progress throughout the entire process. At the end, I felt like I was unsure whether or not I was missing something.

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Imani Rothwell Journal

My art really reflect the growth that I have done. Before I was not so artisic and the only thing I would draw is stick figuers. Through this year I really am starting to engjoy art. My first tile I did with a friend. We thought this would be cool since it is a hang out spot. My next I wanted to feel like a kid again and do some hand painting. I even got some friends to come and join in. My last its an expression of my happiness. I was happy and I just colored from the heart. I had two more tiles but my iphoto or phone was working. Sorry you could not see them.
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What if History Benchmark: What if President Garfield Lived?

Click here to view vuvox presentation 

Point of Divergence (POD): 
The metal detector, that was created by Alexander Graham Bell, would detect the bullet located in President Garfield and his doctors would be able to remove it and heal from infection allowing him to recover and live. 

I chose this POD because I thought it would make the most sense to change this point of President Garfield's life. It is ironic because when the procedure was preformed with the metal detector, Alexander Bell and the physicians did not realize that the reason the metal detector was malfunctioning was because Garfield was actually laying on a metal bed frame. Metal bedframes were very uncommon at that time. If they had realized this, they would have been able to successfully remove the bullet. 
My idea of what 2012 would be likfe today, would be true equality. Although there are many attempts to dissolve the tention between races, there is still much conflict. With the effort that Garfield planned to put forth would have broken down that barrier and equality wouldn't be topic of talk any longer. 
I enjoyed actually making my project. It is very visual and there are not many words so the answer does not exactly jump out at the viewer and I like that. I feel as though my project is very creative. The internet tool that I used was great to work with. On the other hand, it was a little faulty so it was somewhat difficult to get such things as links, pictures, and audio to work correctly. I believe that was the most challenging part of creating my project. After reading just a small amount about James Garfield, the first thing that came to my mind was true equality. 
The most interesting fact was definitely the POD. I just found it very interesting that if they had realized that the metal bedframe was the cause for the malfunction, Garfield would have fulfilled his term in office and most likely would have changed many things and even created a stronger government.  
The actions of individuals can change history because everything can become a chain affect. This could be in a positive or negative way. This means that big things can change which can totally alter history.  
When systems change, typically the impact affects more people and create more change. Therefore, systemic change can drastically impact the historical record. Systems are all around us so if one were to change or not to change, that could lead that system and many other systems down a different path creating a different outcome. 
One decision can absolutely influence the historical landscape drastically. Like I have noted before, everything is a chain. Decisions come from "this" or "that." This creates a bigger impact because typically when one thing changes, as does another. One decision can change a person, a group of people, a company, a government, a country, the world. 
I think the only way this would be improved would be if I was able to get all the information for the pictures I used but other than that, I am very satisfied and very proud of the work I have created. 
I would do all of my citations first rather than after the fact because it would have created more organization and an easier way to give accurate credit to all the photos I used. 

3rd primary source (not included in presentation)  
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For q4 art I experienced with photography and I played around with different levels of photos. I also played around with the lighting of my photos so that I could try to to figure out what works for me and my photos. One of the things that I learned throughout this journey was that the lighting really depends on the complexion of the person and the background that they are in. Another thing that I learned was that the background could take away from or add to the picture. THis is a picture of some very beautiful people who volunteered to do a photo shot for me and I believe that their pictures came out wonderful the light and the way that she enjoyed taking the photos.
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Q4 Artwork - Doroba

The 4th quarter was one of the best quarters of art this year for me. I had fun with my drawings this quarter, and put in my best work. The projects were interesting, to be able to draw something that is in motion and express emotions through art were really cool. 

The abstract emotion project, my emotion was 'loneliness'. All the blue circle represent normal people, and then the one solo red circle is the person felling lonely.I have seen other art pieces similar to this one, and I wanted to be able to create on like those myself. In the abstract motion art, I did those swinging balls, to show one of the balls in motion, I put it as I would see the ball swinging back to hit the other balls. I used some cool, funky paint for the background and slowly blended them together in circular motions to give the background a little spice. The abstract art I used a center point and just kind of drew wavy lines coming out and a multicolored background to bring out the rays of lines. The close up drawing of a lilly was on of the best I did, I think, How the pastels blended together were perfect with bold lines and a black background really bringing out the flowers peddles. 

photo 2
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CSheridan;What If Benchmark

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.51.33 PM
Here is my Q4 "What If" benchmark.


What if the Social Security Act was not passed by Congress?

Click here to view my final product.


            For my project, I decided to change the history of the Social Security Act. My main question was “What if the Social Security Act was not passed by Congress?” After researching about this topic, I found out that this act helped provide financial support to the homeless, unemployed, elderly, and disabled. It gave them a small income just so they were able to obtain the proper necessities of life. During the Great Depression, unemployment devastated the lives of individuals and had a critical effect on the economy. Older Americans as a group was particularly affected by this crisis even though improvements in medicine meant people were living longer. Yet many elderly Americans faced age discrimination that made it difficult to find employment. The Social Security Act basically provided unemployment insurance for workers, aid to needy children who had lost one or both parents, and disability insurance for workers who could not work on account of an injury.           

            The future that I envisioned resulting from my POD was that young adults were not gaining jobs due to the fact that older workers had first priority. Also, from this drastic change it left the sick and homeless with no hope to living a normal life. From all this, the unemployment rate would continue to increase and eventually leading to massive protests and riots against the government.

            The most challenging thing about this project was connecting actual primary sources to my new topic since they were completely different events. I was able to relate pictures to my POD because they are more flexible and can be changed easily. I really liked how I could choose my own idea and develop my own masterpiece. It was difficult at times to make something that did not have a drastic domino effect on society, but after several tries I was able to choose something I am proud of. If I could do this project all over again, I would probably add more fake primary sources because that is when you can add creativity to your final product. For example, I really wanted to make a video newscast of my POD so it was as if it was realistic. Overall, I am very satisfied with my final product, and it is something that I am really proud of.

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Art Blog - Q4

This quarter I painted all of my drawings and just painted on what interested me most. Thorough out this quarter I painted 5 paints and drew a couple of abstracts. Because of the missed day of my teacher my art work was thrown out and pictures couldn't be taken of the first few of them. The first pictures I drew with pastels and the work was abstract art filled with many different colors. The next weeks work was a tree that was brown I painted it with pink and red flowers. The next week I painted a changing sunset in the valley with the blending  colors red orange yellow and colors in between that. The next week I painted a replica of the rap groups Odd Future's "OF" donut on a large piece of paper. The week after that I started a new painting and was going to paint the superman symbol. During that week those got thrown out and so I started and tried to recreate these projects. Through this quarter I completed my assignments in every class and enjoyed it as I was painting them.

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Q4 USH BM Jakobi Martin-Howard


  • Describe your Point of Divergence.
    My point of divergence was, What if, Osama Bin Laden was killed in the Battle Of Jaji in May of 1987, during the Soviet War in Afghanistan.  I chose to focus on this because I thought it would be unique to imagine a world, as well as a life to some without Osama Bin Laden, of course I couldn't touch on the topic of 9/11, but since that's what most know Osama for, many would never know who Osama Bin Laden was.  

  • What is the future you envisioned resulting from the POD? (short summary)
    I envisioned the future being a lot more peaceful.  Muslim's wouldn't be looked at as aliens or outsiders, they'd be accepted all across America.  Terrorism would be as common as well, Bin Laden was famous for his terroristic acts, and since him, terrorism has become more common.  I believe if he was killed in 1987, many terroristic acts that took place, wouldn't have happened.
  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?
    I liked the fact that we got to choose what we wanted to look into and what we wanted to focus on.  Most projects are assigned, but this one was what ever we wanted it to be.  The most challenging part about my project, was not talking about 9/11.  9/11 was a big part of Osama Bin Laden and his image and how he became known to many people in America, and it's weird because if he was killed in 1987, many people wouldn't have ever know who he was, not only because 9/11 didn't happen but because around that time, he was just coming into the light and grasping power.
  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
    I found it very interesting that Osama was a very wealthy man and that he helped fund a whole rebellion, it makes me wonder many different things.  One being that if he never inherited the money from his father and his family never became well known, would he have ever been involved in the battle of Jaji and would he have ever been any different from any other Saudi Arabian man born around around that time.
  • How do the actions of individuals impact the historical record?
    Actions of individuals impact history A LOT.  Osama was one of the leaders in the War On Terror.  If he had died in 1987, there would've been no war.  Terrorism wouldn't have been as popular either.  As I said before people link Osama Bin Laden to terrorism, all the time, but with him dead, terrorism wouldn't be that popular and wouldn't be used as much world-wide.
  • How do systemic changes impact the historical record?
    Systemic changes also affect history a lot.  Osama Bin Laden was a dictator and allowed people to believe in terrorism and that America was their enemy, and even though he has died, his ways live on.  Many of those in the Arabin Nation and Muslim nation see Americans as their enemies.
  • How influential can one decision be in the historical landscape?
    One decision can be very influential, Osama bin Laden proved that, he chose to fund the revolt and with that one choice he began a full out war.  Without him funding the the soldiers and recruiting soldiers, there wouldn't have been a full out war, I believe that there would've been a couple of battles and fights here and there, but not a full blown war.
  • How could this project be improved?
    I believe that I could've improved the project by researching the Battle Of Jajji a little more.  I think I could've been able to find a better and more interesting way for Osama to be killed.  
  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your process for the project?
    I would change the death of Osama, I would make it a lot more interesting and research it a lot more.

Primary Sources.

Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 10.35.38 PM
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Kamilah's Quarter 4 Art: Rise of The Ink

​During the fourth quarter, we were required to do two hours of work per week of anything we wanted. Originally I tried to stick to the list of art that was suggested that we tried making but I quickly got bored with doing that as my interest grew in something else; drawing in pen. I spent a lot of the quarter having to draw in pen because i could never find a pencil. Then i realized that there was a skill in drawing in ink and that I should pursue it so I did. Just about all the pictures below were done in all ink and I experimented in all of them with shading and the use of thin and thick lines. 
Photo on 5-31-12 at 1.12 PM
Photo on 5-31-12 at 1.12 PM #2
Photo on 5-31-12 at 1.11 PM
Photo on 5-28-12 at 9.46 PM
Photo on 5-28-12 at 9.45 PM
Photo on 5-29-12 at 8.50 AM
Photo on 5-28-12 at 9.47 PM #2
Photo on 5-22-12 at 9.32 AM
Photo on 6-1-12 at 10.29 PM
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Q4 Art Work qmalik

In this quarter, i choose not to follow the projects but instead of given projects, i tried to focus on drawing faces, hands and stuff like that. I total made 9 drawings including eye, lips, 2 portraits, flower, butterfly, shoes, eye with eyebrow, hands. I tried my best to do shading well so that they look realistic. I never drew hands because i cannot draw. But in this quarter, i tried to draw them, it does not look more realistic as other drawings but still i did my best and improved in drawing hands. And also, i did not make pictures of drawings because it doest not look good so that's why i scanned them.
Here are my drawings :)
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Q4 Blog Post - Fangda

In Quarter 4 I mostly working on my Capstone project, some photos and some anime character drafts I designed. I didn't draw any artworks with color because I think my creation needs to be trained more instead of my skills. Most of the characters I drew is designed by me. But the first one is an exception. I love this character so much that I don't even consider as a fake character any more. The character, Furukawa Nagisa from the anime "CLANNAD" has her soul. It is portrayed so well in the anime that I have been strongly influenced by her. I drew the this anime using sketch techniques and it seems so well, better than I had imagined.
And here is another draft for Nagisa and her family in the anime who touched me deeply in my heart.
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What If?

Daily Motion Pictures PDF
The point of divergence of my project was that G.M.B. Dobson, creator of the photoelectric spectrometer dies of influenza in May 1927. Through his invention, the world learned about the ozone layer, and the harmful affects that it has on humans. Media erupted with news about the ozone layer depletion, and what that meant for safety precautions. Things such as sun screen were invented to protect the UV rays from damaging our skin.

The world would be in an entire frenzy. The world eventually would die off from skin cancer. Research shows that skin cancer has a specific strand that can imbed itself into DNA, therefore passing it on to other generations. The vision was that anyone over the age of 50 definitely has skin cancer, because there was no sun screen, precautions, etc. taken to prevent these things from happening. That also means that all the generations below also have that strand of DNA. The life expectancy decreases, along with the population, and the world looks similar to the movie I Am Legend. The major difference is that, there are no zombies. The way that strand gets into DNA was one of the most interesting things I learned from this project.

The historical records of G.M.B. Dobson are very few. There are pictures, but very few quotes besides magazines. I had to rely on text book information and things such as that to gather extrapolations. This individual changed the system of life we know of today. Even though the ozone depletion didn't stop the world from continuing to destroy it, but at least everyone is aware of the concept of Going Green.

If I had to do this project over again, I would change the way I presented the radio show. I liked how it looked for the website, but if I had the help/resources I needed, I would have recorded a live radio show, and made it feel more real. However, I already had a listening piece, and I thought the audio+video approach would go better for the website. Overall, I enjoyed creating my final product. I wish I could have shown more pictures of "present day", but I didn't want to take too much from previous movies or clips to express that. I would rather the viewer have the option to picture a world so small that everyone knows each other.
[Back Up] URL:
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Artist Statement:

For our last quarter in art we were given 6 similar but different art projects. 3 of which were under the topic of abstract and the other 3 were observation drawings. At first I was confused as to how I should go about my abstract drawings. After researching different paintings and drawings I was able to get an idea of what I would do. My favorite abstract projects were the photographs I feel that my drawings don't show the same emotion as my photographs do, they speak more to me. During the time that I would draw I would need to find inspiration and I found little of it. While on the other hand I would be able to find paint and mix it and find so much uniqueness with in the mixture. For my observation drawings I found that I was able to use lessons from our 9th grade year and put it to work. My favorite art piece would have to be the landscape drawing in which I was able to see more artistic ability with in me that I thought I didn't have. I was able to capture details from the view of a window and show a sections of Philadelphia's center city. Through out the time that I drew the landscape drawing I was able to connect with a different aspect of life and leave reality. If I were to enhance this art piece I would draw what I saw and not what was there. 

​Below are my art projects: 

Abstraction Emotion-
Art 3.
​Abstraction Motion
Art 54.
Art 1
​Observation Drawing - Close up drawing
​Observation Drawings - Landscape
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English Journal #15: 

I want to write about colors. Green trees, blue skies, white clouds, my pink shirt. Colors. I want to write about sunshine and happiness. We shouldn't think about yesterday, or 3 days from now. We should be thinking about this moment and the wonderful things we can make out of today. I want to write about now. Sometimes things are too stressful that we get caught up in that. I do that too, benchmarks, softball, and relationships. I want to write about taking a step back and enjoying life for what it's worth. 

English Journal #26: 

My own poem: 

We don't know what we get ourselves into 

So we have to kids the mistakes we wish we 

never made. 

Tomorrow's a brand new day. 

A new day of insecurities, worries, and 

mistaken identity.

A new day of fear that people will

find out who we really are inside.

We don't know what we get ourselves into. 

The fake smiles, and constant agony of already of 

trying to be "better" than we

already are. 

We all have something to hide. 

English Journal #43:

"One boy told me" write 3 lines that stand out.

- We're all poets when were little 

- Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop.

- I do and don't love you, isn't that happiness?

Write a story incorporating one of the lines: 

Oatmeal cookies make my throat gallop. The crunchy taste, gets richer with each bite. The coarse texture, bumpy but fragile. But if broken, crumbs everywhere. On your favorite shirt, stuck to the corner of your mouth, and all over the table. Then comes mom, sponge in left, paper towel in right. She cleans you up just right. Just so you can enjoy your favorite cookie, with a cold glass of milk by its side. 

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I don't really remember the inspiration behind my artwork. I painted what I felt like painting at the time. My photography is on a different website and is broken down to different categories. I took pictures of my surroundings and things I wanted to remember. 

Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.16 PM #2Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.16 PMPojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.16 PM #3Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.17 PMPojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.17 PM #2Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.17 PM #3Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.18 PM #2Pojedyncze, 1-6-12 o 2.18 PMSkan 11DSC_0242DSC_0240DSC_0241DSC_0244
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Co-Direction & Stage Management - SLA Play

​Aaron V. Johnson

Mentor: Mr. Mark Miles


For my senior capstone I co-directed and managed the stage design for a play written by Julia Boyer.


My role comprised of rehearsing with Julia and the cast of the play, blacking out the windows in the drama studio, moving the stages from the school cafeteria to the third floor drama studio, hanging up curtains, and managing the stage lighting. My responsibilities differed from Julia’s as I worked behind the scenes while she managed the actors and the props. Originally, Julia and I planned to sell tickets to the play, titled Office 309, but in the end chose to make the three performances free to the SLA community during two Friday lunch periods and one final performance after school on the same day.

Annotated Bibliography:

"How To Direct a Play." Squidoo. Home Entertainment and Theater, 2010. Web. 1 Feb 2012


This website gives helpful insight on how to direct one’s first play. Helpful ideas include finding the cast as soon as possible, hiring a crew of at least three people, depending on how large the set is, and creating a production concept. The most important piece of information I received from this website is the importance of a production concept. To do so, the director or writer needs to think of a piece of artwork or writing piece that ties to the core of the entire play and explain it to the cast and crew. This artwork or writing piece should make everyone understand the ideas behind the play and what types of feelings to create during the production.


"Martenson Edward." Theater Management. Yale School of Drama, 2010. Web.


This website incorporates the idea of audience involvement with the characters’ points of view. It gives the example of giving a brief survey to the audience in advance, before completion of the writing of the play so the writing is relatable and draws people in.


Chaikelson, Steven. "Theater Management and Production Concentration." . Columbia University: School of the Arts , 24 September 2010. Web.


This website talks about process goals needed during the production of a musical or play. A key concept that is mentioned several times in the document is the importance of collaboration. The writers explain that collaboration is important because directing a play takes an ample amount of time and the work should be split in half to avoid stress. Also, more than one opinion tends to be helpful when working on a play or musical because theoretically “Two heads work better than one.”


Brookes, Fran. "The Production Manager." Theater Education. Education Theater Association, 27 December 2009. Web


The article, “The Production Manager” is a detailed step by step process on everything from set crews, characters, to guidelines for directors and writers of play productions. The article also tells the story of two people who work together to make scripts and produce them in front of a live audience. One of the writers also works as the manager while the second doubles as the stage manager. Together they have created an amazing duo that produces up to six plays a year. The two are interviewed by Fran Brookes where they talk about their strengths and weaknesses while working together.


"Behind The Scenes: Production Management." . Shakespeare Production Management, January 2012. Web.


This source is a brief explanation and step by step guide book on how to produce the greatest theater production possible. The first step is to hire and work with people you trust and can rely on. The second step is to find a space that is cost effective and that will also gain valuable customers and audience members. The third and final step is to create something concrete that you are proud of and want to share with the world.


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JMcClain's Quarter 4 Art Blog

Artist Statement: Abstracty Motion. 

I choose to use very vibrant colors for this piece. I found that to me abstract meant bright and for that I used the brightest charcoal pastels I could. I started off with a simple drawing that I did not know where I was going with. It was simply just some circles and swirls never ending in pencil. That was my goal at first. I wanted the piece to at first show some sort of motion happening, without the traditional circle, black and white wheel that looks like is moving. Then I wound up taking those swirls and coloring them with black charcoal pastel. I did not like that very much, so the next time I tackled the project I had used black paint, turns out that came out very good. Some how a very brilliant idea came to my head and I just thought of vibrant, bright, and appealing. I realized that abstract meant vibrant, and striking to me so that is just what I did. This is my final piece. 

An abstract piece that shows motion in a very odd way. 


Artist Statement: Dandelion Dreams

I decided to freely draw something I just came across on Google when I was looking up flowers randomly. I studied a picture of a dandelion, it took my attention and I  tried to replicate it the best way that I could. I concentrated on the dandelion and on a 8 x 11 sheet of paper I drew it on paper. It turned out to be a simple drawing of a dandelion in pencil on a piece of brown construction paper. I know if I would of pushed my artistic thinking I could of been dead on with the dandelion and add color to the flower but all in all I still end up being very content with what I came up with. 

Artist Statement: Leaves

During class one day, I doodled in my book. Excuse me, I found a project I could turn in for Advanced Art however. I drew a leaf. A very pretty leaf, one that is of elegance. Haha. This leaf then bloomed into flowers of leaves. In my notebook I tried doing this in pencil and in pen. I personally felt more connected to the leaves drawn in pencil. That started this piece right here. I first started with one leaf and started making bunches of flowers all over the page with them. I loved the pencil so much I kept it just like this. Because I had chosen a yellow flimsy piece of paper to work on I wanted to add a touch of shading and smudging of pencil to fill in such openings. The piece turned out to be very good in my opinion. I loved even more how it came about just by the boredom of a class for me. 


Artist Statement: Leaves Part II

Apparently I like leaves, and as a fan of nature, I then turned this project into a project dealing with leaves as well. However I have also received this idea from a formally drawn sketch of leaves. I wanted to replicate my own version and this is what I came out with. It took me about two hours, a few differently sharpened pencils and a huge eraser to finish this.  I wanted the leaves to look like the ones you would pick up on the ground just walking by to school. I examined the photo, and took a mental note of the curves, crevices, and gentle lines and strokes. There is always room for improvement however I can say that this piece did come out the best of my ability. I say this because I was so focused on the leaves, that I forgot to really examine the stem that connected each of the leaves. I figured that if I was also to even attempt to color this in I would deter the image and be unpleased with the turnout. I like simple, modern, and plain - straight to the point things so this was a challenge studying the littlest details but on a good note this was a piece made by me and even has my very own signature. 


Artist Statement: Culinary Arts; Baking and Art

Even though, I was not marked off for the 25th of May for my Advanced Art Assignment, I still manage to create and whip up some art. I love baking. Baking is what I love. It is that simple. My Capstone Mentor, Ms. Carmen Castro allowed me to work with her on one of her cake orders for a regular customer of hers. Ultimately, the cake was a fisher man that was in his boat sleeping, not even realizing that he is fishing out the lake a whole car! The theme of the cake was just beautiful. As far as it pertains to art, I helped create the decor of the cake. I made a bucket, an S.O.S. life saver wheel, some worms, and the fishnet. I also made a fish that managed to not end up on the cake but that was okay. In order to do such things I used rolled out white fondant that I had to sculpture and mold into these various things. This indeed was a challenge, however I still managed to create artwork. For the bucket, I rolled the fondant into a ball and then simply stuck my finger in the middle of it to create an opening. I then shaped the fondant into a nicely shaped bucket. I then rolled an extra piece of fondant to create a handle to my bucket. Once that was finished I took some black food coloring and water and created the color gray to paint the bucket with the paintbrush. I did this thing with all of the things I created. For the S.O.S life saver wheel I simply rolled out a piece of fondant and took some red dye and place 8 strokes on it. Very simple and easy. The worms had to be my favorite to make. I ended up with five small pieces of fondant and I just rolled it, then swirl them to form the worms. Then I took the brown food coloring dye and brush some on the worms. I placed the worms in the bucket. AHHHH! Awesomeness. For the fishnet, I simply just flattened a piece of fondant and took a necklace of "Jerry Springer Beads" and embedded them into the fondant to make the print. Lastly, I have a fish. It didn't make out to be apart of the cake but I did make one. It is shown below as well. This had to be my favorite art project of the year. It included the elements of art and baking. Two things that are inevitably added to the career of my dreams... 

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Sazon Penelope y Emily

Waiter: Hola, Que tal?
Customer: Bien, gracias. waiter: mi nombre es pablo, Customer: Hola pablo, mi nombre es
Imelda Waiter:¿Estás listo para ordenar? Customer- Sí Customer- Voy a tener...el pollo sobre la pasta y sopa de tortilla Waiter- Bueno ... cualquier otra cosa?Customer-No, gracias. Waiter- ¿Qué quieres beber? Customer- Voy a tener el coque, gracias. Waiter- bueno.


Waiter- Aquí tienes, buen provincia
Customer-Gracias-perdón? Hay un pelo en mi sopa! Y una mosca! Y el pollo está muy fría!
Waiter- Lo siento mucho! Yo lo arreglo!
Customer- Gracias.

Waiter-aquí tienes, debe ser mejor.
Customer- Gracias


Waiter- ¿Quieres algo de postre?
Customer- Si....Voy a tener el pastel de chocolate y helado de café
Waiter- Bueno


Waiter- Aquí tienes.
Customer- Gracias.


Customer- Pérdon? Me gustaría que el cheque por favor.
Waiter- Aquí tienes
Customer- Gracias.
Waiter- Gracias por la punta, tener un buen día

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Art Blog- Quarter 4

Here are the pictures of the things that I have done:

Facial features
Abstract Motion
Abstract Emotion
More Abstract 
Observation Landscape 

Throughout Q4 art I focused on abstract art the most. The resources that I used in order to create my pieces of artwork were oil pastels. These oils pastels helped in order for me to create a different texture and look than my usual drawings. The main technique that I used throughout this process was smudging the color once it was already on. Overall for this project, the main focus was not to only attempt to draw adeptly but to ensure that I added emotion and enjoyed drawing.

The first picture here that I have done is an observation landscape. I took a picture of SLA and then decided to draw it from the perspective of which I saw it. I wanted to add a car in front of it to make it look more realistic. When adding the colors it was hard to make outlines. The oil pastels are thick and the blending was quite difficult, but overall I think that it came out looking well. When make the bricks, I attempted to give it more of a look by adding different colors of oil pastels and making marks with a pencil inside. This gave the picture more texture. 

When doing this drawing I originally was looking for a picture of abstract when I came across a picture of a women. She was just regularly drawn. I decided to add a little bit of my own flare to it by making the face abstract and adding highlights into her hair. When doing this I made sure to make her face with multiple colors. I think this made it look better as I also included shading. Inside her lips, you can also see the details as it fades out. The most challenging portion of this drawing was the chin. When attempting to making the chin shading I colored too dark. After a while I decided to lighten it up with an eraser so that it would look a bit more natural.

For this portion of abstract, I did two drawings. One of the drawings was sort of a fish mixed with a bird and other designs. The other drawing depicts a flower. The flower picture was really just me making colors blend and closing my eyes and pointing out the first three colors that I saw. These colors were blue, black and pink so I blended them together to make a cool picture. The fish/bird drawing started off with me just drawing swirls, from there I made strokes with the oil pastels and blending colors in what looked like can be a wing. 

The two photos above of abstract motion were suppose to depict movement. I wanted to do something unique that made me feel like my head was spinning or reminded me of walking. So both of these drawings are mainly lines and oil pastel smudges that I made with my finger.In the first drawing I tried to make a flower type thing that add a tornado type feel coming out of it to add more emphasis by adding swirls and making finger nail marks. In the second drawing I also tried to make some things look like they were falling a bit. 

Art = )
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.48.05 PM
The four pictures in the painting above was suppose to depict abstract emotion. The purpose was to draw what I was feeling. Each picture depicted my moods the different days and how I felt. I focused on this because it was my main aspect of drawing. There was a lot of blending of the oil pastels in all the pictures, but the last. In the first picture I also made eraser marks in the red portion to make a different texture than I was used to. Overall, I feel like these pictures set the tone of my life lately. 
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What If Project

here is the link incase it doesn't show at the bottom

  • My point of Divergence was for George W. Bush to never become president.
2. Al Gore would become president and instead of everything going downhill things would get better. Like the war wouldn't last as long as it did.

3. I liked that we got to change something. I thought that trying to make all of the events exact and have them make sense most challenging.

4. I never knew that George W. Bush did cocaine or got arrested for drunk driving.

5. It can change if things get better or worst.

6. I could've also included a video or something digital.

7. I would start it a lot earlier.

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La casa de perfecto para Judy Colon!

Esta casa está en Miami. Es muy grande, elegante y extravagante. Esta casa es perfecta para Judy Colón y su familia grande. Su familia grande necesita muchos dormitorios y baños. Está cerca de la ciudad también cerca de la playa, así que Miami es perfecto. También está cerca de tierra abierta porque le fascina jugar al tenis. Judy le gusta el tiempo en familia, así que va a construir una sala de cine y sala de juegos.  No esta lejos de la playa pero la casa tiene una piscina porque le encanta nadar y la familia también.

¡La casa tiene TODO!
  • Cuarto dormitorios (una cama, un armario, una tele, una cómoda, juegos de video)
  • Dos baños, una para adultos, una para niños, grande y limpio.
  • Una sala grande, ¡Perfecto para el tiempo en familia! Muy relajante.
  • ¡Una cocina grande! (estufa,horno,microonda,refrigerador y ventanas.)
  • Un comedor, Grande, de lujo, elegante.
  • El garaje, dos carros grande garaje.
  • Porche para familia BBQ
  • Jardín que tiene un montón de flores bonitas
  • “Mini Beach” para día usted no necesitar salir tu casa.
  • l