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Teige Dougherty's Capstone

Teige Dougherty

Joshua Newman, Outside school mentor

For my senior capstone I have been steadily training musician’s in several different genres and styles so that they can put on a performance. For the most part the musician’s have been very experienced and many already have several years of music in training. The concert was comprised of two guitars and a cello.


1) .Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Web. 29 Jan 2014. <>.This citation provides information about the place where we will be playing. It helps to know that the hospital that we are playing at. The hospital itself was founded in 1855. It is currently heralded as the best children’s hospital in the country. It wins hundreds of awards every year. 

2) . Musician's On-Call. Web. 29 Jan 2014. <>. This source is about a group that already does what I am trying to do. They connect musicians with hospitals. They believe that music can help raise anyone’s sports and help them have the will to continue fighting through their condition. The organization has been functioning since 1999. This is almost 15 years of service to this noble goal. 

3) Wigram, Tony, Inge Nygaard Pedersen, and Lars Ole Bonde. A Comprehensive Guide To Music Therapy : Theory, Clinical Practice, Research, And Training. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.     ThThis source was helpful for several reasons. It helped me to comprehend the different effects on people through music. These effects can vary from lowering blood pressure, to increased drive. Both of these things can be  instrumental in helping a sick person get better. Most cancer studies say that an increased drive is one of the most important 

4) Pavlicevic, Mercedes. Groups In Music : Strategies From Music Therapy. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2003. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.This source is all about how the key to music therapy is that the group as to find an equilibrium between the music and the listener. It is all about how if the group is out of sync the music will not influence the patient correctly and if there is dissonance involved it can actually cause trouble within the patient themselves. 

5)Innes, Anthea, and Karen Hatfield. Healing Arts Therapies And Person-Centered Dementia Care. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 30 Jan. 2014.This link refers to the use of music to treat dementia, in elderly patients. Apparently music stimulates certain parts of the brain that help fight dementia. "Music therapyallowed Mrs. M to feel included and form a bond with the therapist, even if only for a few moments. It allowed her to utilize her voice, thereby reinforcing her awareness of herself.” This is talking about a woman who was in desperate need of help. Then someone taught her to sing for herself, and it enabled her to be more aware of her surrounding. 

6) "Redefining How to Learn Music." Jellynote. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.This is the main source that I have used for collecting the pieces of music. Most of the different pieces are ensembles of different instruments. These include, House of the rising sun, Game of thrones theme song, Sherlock theme song, Let’s dance to Joy Division, We are going tone friends, and Seven nation army. There are many more that this website has provided sheet music for. This is written in a way that I can read, in treble and bass clef. 

7)"Music as a Healing Bridge: Stuart Fuchs at TEDxBuffalo." YouTube. YouTube, 13 Nov. 2013. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.
One thing that his source brings, is information on how to create  safe space for music to help people the most. The kind of energy that is needed to bring happiness to the patients. It also has to do a lot with the helpful aspects of music to the spirit of someone who is experiencing tragedy. The many guy who is talking is giving a TED talk all about meditation in music. This is helpful specifically for helping someone meditate through music. That is essentially what we are trying to do, while simultaneously providing entertainment and distraction.

8)"Music Therapy: Music Can Help Cancer Patients." YouTube. YouTube, 12 June 2009. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.This is a video about the many uses of music therapy. It shows that it was used to help people who have cancer and it shows that it works. It was also talking about a young child who was having severe trouble with asthma, and had trouble relaxing, but once he started music therapy he was able to calm down and take a deep breathe. This essentially saved his life, because it enabled him to continue breathing on his own.

9) "American Music Therapy Association." What Is Music Therapy. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.This is an organization that does this type of music therapy. They believe that it is a revolutionary practice and this source helps me understand specific things about how it helps people and where it creates an atmosphere that could help a sick person heal. "Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.

10) HealthDay, WebMD News from. "Music Therapy May Help Teens With Cancer Cope – WebMD." WebMD. WebMD, 01 Mar. 0000. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.This is an article from WebMD, which is a reputable source for health information. This means that what they are saying is probably true. This article talks about how cancer patients benefit from music. This many be for several reasons. One reason is that it may help them coupe with their situation. Another reason why this might be helpful is for company. A lot of these patients don’t see people unless they are for tests and things like that. 

Below is a picture of the event itself. It was held in Rittenhouse square. *Note this photo was taken by the organization Humans of Philadelphia.
Here is a recording of one piece of music that was improved.
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Sarybel Meléndez - Capstone

For this project, I decided to do something related to what I love doing the most... makeup. I have always loved anything that’s beauty-related, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge about makeup with other girls from SLA. 

I created a blog where I wrote several posts about the basics of beauty and makeup. I figured this would be a good idea since not a lot of people know how to apply makeup, or how to choose the right kind of makeup. On this blog, I share my knowledge about makeup and also share beauty tips that will help girls know more about these topics. I also did different girls’ makeup. I used ninth graders as models and did different looks on them. 

This was an incredibly fun experience. I love writing about beauty and makeup, so it was really fun to write and share what I know with everyone else. I also enjoyed meeting new girls from the ninth-grade, doing their makeup, and connecting with them. 

Link to my blog

Link to my Bibliography 

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YATW Blog #3: Sex Trafficking in India

photo 3 (2)

Hello readers and welcome back to my blog! Back in my blog post #1, I spoke about what sex trafficking was and how it was affected the Southern Asia region. Organizations were listed that support victims of sex trafficking. In blog post #2 original research was conducted via email with the help of Free the Slaves organization. In addition a news story on CNN connected sex trafficking to the U.S. Today  the project will be finalize by explaining my “Agent of Change” and reflecting on information gained through this process.

In my prior research I have been in contact with various organizations that support victims of sex trafficking in providing them homes and shelters along with counseling. It is noticeable that when money is donated to these organizations they use it to enhance their campaign in order to educate others about sex trafficking. The actions that have been taking place are exactly what needs to be done to inform the inhabitants of this earth of the misfortunes that exist in this world. For my “Agent of Change” I created a slideshow presentation to present my advisory about sex trafficking in India.

To make change happen I took part in enlightening the minds of my peers on the horrors of sex trafficking, especially in the country of India. After completing this project I feel satisfied as an adolescent that has not only informed herself but others on a topic that not many are addressed about.

Although I am proud of the work that that has been produced It was possible I could have added to my “Agent of Change” or even done better . For my Agent of Change awareness could have brought  to a larger audience through a fundraiser. The money would have gone to an organization that I have been in contact with in order to thank them for information that they have provided for me for my previous blogs. However this can still be fulfilled because change still needs to occur in the world and I can personally promote change on the issue of sex trafficking.

I would like to begin with acknowledging and thanking Ms. Dunn for presenting us with the You and the World project allowing us to get involved with real world issues that we are interested in. I would also like to give thanks to Free the Slaves organization for providing me with key information in order to speak on this issue with more insight. As well as Ross Kemp for creating an insightful documentary entitled “Extreme World Series 3 1 of 6 India”  that granted me a new perspective on the struggles of the women in India.  In addition I would like to thank my advisor Mr.Reddy for allowing me to present to my advisory and my own advisory for being attentive while I was presenting and participating when I asked questions. This project has made me realize that change needs to happen and I hope that one day it will take place.

photo 3 (3)
photo 5 (1)
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YATW Blog #3: What Lies Ahead

Well, hello again. It’s me, Quinn Grzywinski, back for my English project YATW: a journey that began over 5 months ago, when we chose a subject of importance to us, and were to write three blog posts about it to raise awareness. For those not in the know and who haven’t read my previous blog posts, I recommend for you to check those now. My first blog: “Arbitrary Future” detailed the current situation of overpopulation and what it could mean for the possible future, along with statistics and predictions of the coming decades. My second blog: “Why I’m Wrong” focused around survey I sent to get data on how aware people were of overpopulation, and how much they considered it a problem. In spirit of the name, that blog mostly told of how unexpected my results from that blog were, and that people do know of overpopulation, so I consider that survey a failure seeing that it really didn’t pick up how much people knew about it. But it’s time to put those two behind us now, as I turn my weary opinion on overpopulation to here: my third and final blog. I’ll be talking about my Agent of Change project, a little about how the world seems to be taking notice, and making a final statement about, for humanity, what lies ahead.

Let’s begin talking about how overpopulation is being taken from various people and places around the world. And with any study of various options, it depends on who you talk to and who you listen to. If you listen to to Alexandra Paul: an environmental activist, the solution is simple.  

According to her TED talk, she’s been interested in overpopulation since a young age, and for her, all you need is to educate woman, something that appears to be running trend for when I try to answer for myself how this issue can be dealt with. Something so simple, so simple perhaps it’s overlooked; that’s a mindset that needs to change. 

You needn't even listen to Reuters: a global photography website, for they show you 14 haunting pictures of the overcrowded world, perhaps hoping that the seeing the issue face to face will have a greater effect. Personally, I urge to check out these pictures, they’re truly eye-opening and may really make you realize what overpopulation looks like. I don’t pretend to be an expert on overpopulation, it’s just something I became interested in, but I’d like to make a presumption on how overpopulation is taken by the public. If I may draw a slight parallel to global warming(though I think overpopulation is less widely considered); the problem isn’t that some people aren’t talking about it, it’s that we the media don’t listen to it. Why? Maybe because it’s scary. Scary to think that less than a century from now we could be caught up in a resource war, run out of wheat and bread, and have a planet of shouldering over 10 billion people. I don’t mean to be prophet of doom, but as I said in my first blog, it won’t be a gradual thing, it’ll be more like falling off a cliff. We need to just turn and face this issue, even though it might be frightening to talk or even think about, because no matter how much we deny it, it’s not going away. It’s getting nearer, and alarmingly fast too.

For my Agent of Change project, I wanted something a little more personal something that would get people actually interested in the issue. I couldn't have fundraised even if I wanted to, since I wasn't exactly sure which organization I would benefit, and even if the money I raised would actually be spent helping stop overpopulation. I didn't have anywhere in particular I could volunteer either, so the answer was to grab people’s attention and leave it to them how much they wanted to find out about this issue. I just needed to make sure the message was compelling enough.

The images you see above and below that I've posted onto this blog are snapshots of the posters I made for my Agent of Change project. The posters are hand-drawn, using images taken from the internet, with my own tagline to go with each of them, along with a list of links to check out. I made sure that the images I chose were either uncomforting or surreal enough to grab passer by's attention, and it took a lot more work than you would first think. Why posters? I just like the idea of instead of someone donating to a nameless charity and forgetting about it the next day, they would see these attention-grabbing posters, day after day, until they finally considered the message they were trying to convey.

I like to think that through both my survey that  was done for blog #2 and these posters that I have created, a small faction of people are more aware of overpopulation. I explained thoroughly in blog #2 how my survey was a failure; which also leads back to the presumption I stated above. I may have made people be reminded that overpopulation was, you know, a “thing”, but that was it, and it would soon leave their minds without the grim facts to keep them focused on it. So all in all, even as I made these posters, I felt like whatever I did, it simply wouldn't make an impact, and be in the end, purposeless. Maybe I shouldn't be over-thinking this, but even these blogs I doubt will make an impact on anything. I guess I really can’t get out of this somewhat depressing mindset, fortifying my final opinion on this project.

So what would have kept people wary of overpopulation for my Agent of Change? I don’t know. I wanted posters, something personal and attentive, but if I were to do this project over, I would want something with a bit more impact. Yes, seeing the posters day after day may have attracted a few curious peers, but seeing the short amount of time they were actually up on the wall, I doubt it. A redo would put the “Rueter theory” into effect, remember those photo guys which I mentioned? They showed without telling, letting the reality of overpopulation sink in through just a few photos. Surrealism is good, but I feel like using real life photos of the problem may have been better, and also, a longer duration of how long the posters were on the wall would have helped too.

Now I feel kind of bad. I’ve let this final blog post turn into some sort of grim rant on how nobody takes this issue seriously, the reality that the world will be extremely different in the next 60-80 years, and my own uncertainty on the impact of this YATW as a whole. Sort of a downer of a finale.

But maybe that’s for the best. I don’t want to act like this whole thing is no big deal. I don’t want to sugarcoat the facts, to leave readers with a “yeah, everything’s fine” attitude. Because it isn’t fine. These are the facts. I’m not going to hold back as I say this. Overpopulation is currently one of the greatest threats to mankind, and needs to be dealt with immediately. Not leave it to the next generation. Not wait 50 years. Now. This isn't going away. This isn't some distant horizon to look upon. The future, our future, is in our hands, and if we all act like it doesn't exist, it will tear our society and our planet apart.

So please, tell your friends. Tell your friend’s friends. Tell your grandparents. Tell your crazy uncle, your 7-yr old niece, your gym instructor. I can’t promise anything. I can’t say everything will be OK. I can’t decide for you what you will do about it. All I can do is leave you with some words of warning and a choice about how you’ll take them.

This next decision is yours.


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Pete & Los Escaleras de Afuera

Erase una vez un niño llamado Pete. Él eran uno de los primeros estudiantes de SLA. Pete amo salir a fuero y ser en la naturaleza. Pero no tenía tiempo de ir afuera en escuela secundaria. Extrañaba ir afuera en el aire fresco.

Un dia decidido ir al oficina y hablar con Principal Lehmann. Pero Pete nunca fui al oficina antes. Era muy asustado, pero sabía que necesitaba hablar con Lehmann. Finalmente se levanta su nervio y entró el officina de su principal. Cuando entró la oficina, vio que no era tan malo, como él pensó. Pete explicó a Senior Lehmann que el quería tener tiempo afuera cada dia. Lehmann dijo que quería dar Pete lo que quería, pero no era posible.

Pete era muy triste y enojado. Necesitaba ser solo. Corrí a un armario vacío en el fondo de la escuela. Era tan enojado que empezó pegar el pared del armario. Pego tan fuerte que el pared empezó a derrumbar. En el otro lado del parede no era nada, solo aire fresco. Pete empezó a formar un plan para tener tiempo afuera durante su día en escuela. Decidió derrumbar una pared de abajo en los armarios en todos los pisos. Después iba a construir escaleras que son afuera del escuela y cuando caminada a sus clases pudia ser en el aire fresco.

Cada día durante su almuerzo Pete fue al armario y derrumbó parte del pared. Tomó Pete casi todo el año, pero finalmente todos los armarios no tenían un pared de atrás, solo un hoyo que miraba afuero. Pete realizo que no iba a tener tiempo para construir los escalones si quería terminar su proyecto antes del final del año. Decidido que necesitaba visitar el oficina de principal Lehmann otra vez.

El proximo dia Pete fue al oficina y explicó su plan y su dilema. Lehmann ear enojado, pero admitió que era impresionado en todo el trabajo duro que Pete hizo. Lehmann permito que durante el verano el iba contratar trabajadores de la construcción para hacer escaleras afueras.

Cuando la escuela empezó el próximo año todos los estudiantes amaban a los escaleras nuevas. Nadie sabía que era Pete quién trabajo tanto para tener los escaleras de afueras. Pero esto no importaba a Pete, la única cosa que siempre quiso tener era unos minutos afuera en la aire fresco.

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You And The World Blog post #3: Agent Of Change.

Hello, everyone! It is Fodie Camara. I’m in the 9th grade and a student of Science Leadership Academy. In English class we were asked to write three blogs about something that we care about. I picked the issue of hunger. To me this a very important topic. If you don’t remember, my first blog post, talked about hunger-related facts and how it affects kids and the local community. My second blog post talked about my interview with my Advisor and the Food Can Drive that I’m organizing.

So for my third and final blog post, I’d like to talk about what people are actually doing to stop hunger. There are a lot of things that are currently happening to stop hunger. People and organizations are trying to raise awareness so more people can know about my topic of hunger in our society. This is definitely taking advantage of social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They’re also setting up Food Can Drives in more and more schools to then donate and distribute to the needy. And more and more groups like Stop Hunger Now, Coalition Against Hunger and Philabundance, continue to form.

Food Can Drives are helpful because it immediately provides support for the hungry people in our city. The previous school I went to- Penn Alexander- maintained a Food Can Drive throughout the eight years I was there, and it was a success every single year. We had about 1,500 cans collected last year alone, and that was in only a couple of months. It’s common for us to see campaigns that raise awareness on Facebook and even Twitter account, and this motivated me to do the same.

There about 650,000 hungry people in the central part of Philadelphia alone! Image how many more people are hungry in our country? I pursue being an Agent of Change by actually staying to my word and organizing a Food Can Drive at my current school- Science Leadership Academy- because I wanted to continue what I worked on previously.  While I know this won’t make a huge difference with  hunger in Philadelphia, maybe other people will start their own because they see how successful mine was.

At the start of this Agent of Change project I didn’t really know how I was going to do this Can Drive. I had a sense of what I was going to do, but I started out with nothing and then went step by step like getting a box and putting it in the Advisory Memo to inform people that they could donate cans. I felt that I did a pretty good job on this project, especially starting the Can Drive as I was getting more and more cans everyday. I learned about myself as well in this project. I now know that I can really get something done by putting in effort and focus. I learned that other people felt the same way that I did because they brought in cans too and did their part in trying to make a difference.

I think I could have done better by presenting my project because I didn’t get a huge amount of cans at first, and I should have presented my topic in every Advisory in advance of the Drive so  I could get more cans and more people to know about my topic. I could have also done better by putting two boxes on each floor and putting signs in the hallways. I’m still proud of what I accomplished, but it could have been better.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated and helped me to make this Food Can Drive a success. Shoutout to Ms.Dunn for helping me with every step throughout this long process, and also a shoutout to Mr.Herman for being the best Advisor for helping me get the box and everything!

photo1 (12)
photo2 (3)
photo3 (6)
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Victoria Yarbrough's Capstone


For my capstone, a fellow classmate and I decided to do a dance club for the school. At first we were doing it for SLA Center City and then decided that it would be nice to also extend the club to SLAB. First we decided what songs we was going to dance to and then came up with some dance moves. We were going to have our club as an after school activity every Wednesday at Beeber but at the end, it turned out to be one of their mini-courses for the 4th quarter. So then we came up with a lesson plan on what we was going to do with the students and what we wanted them to get out of it. We decided that we were going to teach them a couple of dances and then as their final project, have them come up with a dance on their own. During the process I’ve learned that patience is really important to have because we had to wait until the students and teachers cooperated with us. And that leadership skills were needed for this club because we were working with ninth graders who think they know everything.

Click here to view our website and every other aspect of our mini-course at SLAb. 

Annotated Bibliography

Teaching Dance & Running the Club

Modern Dance, Techniques and Teaching.

Shurr, Gertrude, and Rachael Dunaven Yocom. Modern Dance, Techniques And Teaching. New York: Dance Horizons, 1980. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This book teaches you how to teach people the techniques of dancing. It also gives you a couple of classic moves to enhance just about any choreography sequence. It is important to know how to teach people because it puts your members at ease as well as yourself. If you know how to treat people the whole process goes a lot smoother.


Time Management

Tator, Rosemary, and Alesia Latson. More Time For You : A Powerful System To Organize Your Work And Get Things Done. New York: American Management Association, 2011. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This will really help us out. With this piece of information we can learn how to manage our time and how to get things done effectively. We can maximize our time and not waste weeks completing a single task.


The Management of Clubs, Recreation, And Sport

Sawyer, Thomas H., and Owen Smith. The Management Of Clubs, Recreation, And Sport : Concepts And Applications. Champaign, Ill: Sagamore Pub, 1999. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

Because we plan on making a club, it is best to know how it works and what it takes to make one. This book teaches you the ways to keep a club going past a few weeks. It also tells you techniques in how to keep club members interested and itching to come back which is really what we need to keep this capstone alive.


Hip Hop Choreography

Jam, Mega. “'23' ft Miley Cyrus choreography by Jasmine Meakin (Mega Jam).” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 1 Dec. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

This youtube video is a dance video of one of the people one of us is subscribe to on youtube. She is a dance instructor and she puts all of the rehearsals she does onto her youtube page along with the tutorials of her dances. We selected this video because it will help come up with some dance moves we can do. It helps to figure out what music is best to dance to. Viewing this video will allow us to see how other people dance and what they think are good dance moves.


“Dance Team- Dance Technique.” Varsity. Varsity Brands, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

This website gives us information about the techniques of dancing, it gives information about different turns foot alignment and tips in improving your dances. This information will allow us to dance the correct way with the right alignment and body position. Knowing this information before we actually start dancing will save many injuries to us and the people who are dancing with us. We could use this information on our website because if people want to copy any of our dances, they first have to know the techniques we used.


Williams, Brenda. “Where Did Dance Come From.” ezine articles. Sparknet, 2014. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <>

This article by Brenda Williams is about dance and where it comes from. She goes to say that no one actually knows how it originated but it’s an important part in ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. While reading this article I learned that dancing was first seen in Egyptian times, in their wall paintings. This article doesn’t help with how we dance but it does help us to know where it come from. Also it will help us with our website because “knowing” where dance come from can be the introduction to our website.


AdrianVanOyen. “50 Epic Dance Moves.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 25 Nov. 2012. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

We chose this video because it showed us what not to do as a dance. This is kind of important when it comes to dancing because you want to make sure that you don’t look crazy when you want people to take you as a serious dancer. So doing doing some of these dances in public will not accomplish this. This allows us to get away from the “bad” dancing and towards the better dancing.


Jam, Mega. “‘Where Have You Been’ Rihanna  choreography by Jasmine Meakin.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 7 Aug. 2012. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

This video had some intriguing moves that we would like to learn and then put together with our own dance moves. It helps to learn from other people who are more experienced than us because we can learn so much and enhance our own knowledge of dancing.


Jam, Mega. “‘I’m Out’ Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj choreography by Jasmine Meakin.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 7 Sep. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

This video had some intriguing moves that we would like to learn and then put together with our own dance moves. It helps to learn from other people who are more experienced than us because we can learn so much and enhance our own knowledge of dancing.


Delving Past Hip Hop

GreatAmazingWorld. “Best African Dance Lessons Tutorial Video- Dancing on the Clock.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 4 Jul. 2013. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

This source is especially useful because it delves into more than just hip hop dancing. It is important to look at where dances came from and most hip hop dances have African roots. With that being said we will be looking at the root of dancing so we can fully understand modern dancing. If you know where your stuff comes from it is easier to understand and perform the modern stuff.


fitforafeast. “Salsa Basic Dance Step- learn Latin Dance Lessons for kids.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 1 Nov. 2009. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

Having a knowledge of dances from different cultures only enhances our techniques. It gives it a flare and steps outside the box of just hip hop. It’s important to not only understand the dancing you like to do. You have to know about multiple dances because each dance style is influenced by another so it’s best to know multiple to better understand what you’re doing.


therohitmathew. “Indian dance moves.” Online video clip. Youtube. Youtube, 5 Dec 2011. Web. 28 Jan. 2014. <>

Having a knowledge of dances from different cultures only enhances our techniques. It gives it a flare and steps outside the box of just hip hop. It’s important to not only understand the dancing you like to do. You have to know about multiple dances because each dance style is influenced by another so it’s best to know multiple to better understand what you’re doing.


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Robert Jenkins Capstone

Name: Robert Jenkins

Mentor: Chris Lehmann - I selected him because he’s the coach of the Ultimate team and has experience in running ultimate tournaments and leagues. 

Summary: My capstone was to host a high school ultimate frisbee tournament called Huck To The Moon.

Abstract: For my capstone, I decided to host a high school ultimate tournament that would work as a fundraiser for the Ultimate team. Originally this project  started off as a two day event with 16 teams, but due to heavy rains I had to postpone the event to the following weekend which caused a conflict with a number of teams spring break schedule. Through out the process of organizing the event I learned about money management  such as budgeting.One of the hardest factors of completing this project was keeping a step-by-step plan and sticking to it.Even though my plan was derailed by early contract fall outs with locations and team payment scrambling due to that confusion.


Rick Atkins(PADA)

Atkins, Rick. Personal interview. 29 Dec. 2013.

Rick Atkins is PADA board president and is in charge of alot of logistics for the organization such as insurance/waivers and field permitting. The Philadelphia  Area Disc Alliance is the cites ultimate facilitator offering playing opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.Through different programs and subdivision such PADA YO and PHUEL. 

Brit Bigley(PADA YO)

Bigley, Brit. Personal Interview. 5 Oct. 2013

PADA Yo is program with a goal of teaching and increasing the overall popularity of Ultimate Frisbee.They send out experienced players to various middle schools and recreation centers throughout the city to instruct a 10 week program about the principles of Ultimate and Spirit of The Game.Brit Bigley served as my primary contact into this program she assigned me to the recreation center and middle school pick-up in the fall.

Charles Boehm

"Pennsbury School District." Pennsbury School District. N.p.,  27 Jan. 2014.

A middle school in the Pennsbury School district that was the orginal site for my event.It offered a playground space that could fit 11 fields comfortably.Ultimately the event was moved from this space because of a in school event that made parking access for both function impossible.However the experienced helped learn how secure fields.

Friction Gloves

"Friction Gloves - HOME." Friction Gloves. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

A start-up company providing a product call friction gloves with the mission statement that they are the all purpose Ultimate Frisbee glove.The company is serving as an official sponsor for the event.The sponsorship helps  to  bring a fun factor the event with a  face that is becoming familiar in  Ultimate sporting it.This also brought to my attention that a cool thing I could have is a Capt./Coach packet which is where every teams captain gets a free gift.

Anthony Iwazsko

Iwazsko, Anthony. Personal interview. 

Former President and current board member at The Washington Area Flying Disc Club.He provide insite on how to run an ultimate frisbee tournament and what to beware of while negotiating prices on different services.Such as what should be expected from field spaces if the cost over a certain wage.He also describe different tournament brackets that would be ideal for a 10 team tournament.


LeagueVine By Mark Liu

Liu, Mark. "Explore Leagues." TD Tuesdays. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.

The website provides a blog called TD tuesdays in which they breakdown different aspects of running a tournament.It covers everything from the necessities  such as food and water.To kind of fun factor you can add in order to turn your ordinary tournament to 5 star event that teams are begging to come to in the next coming years.The website also has an application in which you can use it as an alternative score reporter.


"Home - Philadelphia High School Ultimate Education League." Home - Philadelphia High School Ultimate Education League. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

Philadelphia High School Ultimate Educational League is the local High School league servicing teams from the greater Philadelphia area and surrounding counties.The league's serviced as a product base for the tournament with over an anticipation of more than half of participating teams coming from this league including SLA based teams.

Cathy Roberts

Roberts, Cathy. E-mail interview. 6 Jan. 2014.

Cathy Roberts is an event planner and SLA parent. She has helped me with planning out non-ultimate supplies such as what caters to hire and stores I should look at in order to save money.She also has helped me develop a list of companies I could try to get potential sponsorships from and how  to market the event to them to each one of them. 

Tino Leto Fields (SCCSA-Norbert Sax)

"SCCSA Soccer: Southern Chester County Soccer Association." SCCSA Soccer: Southern Chester County Soccer Association. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

Tino Leto is the primary athletic facility for SCCSA and the official location for Huck To The Moon.The fields have recently been opened back up to the public after a complete renovation in the spring of 2012.SCCSA is Southern Chester County Soccer Association that works with providing spaces for soccer events.

Savage Ultimate

"SAVAGE | The ULTIMATE Apparel Company." SAVAGE. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014

An apparel company based out of  South Carolina, that specializes in creating customize gear for ultimate frisbee teams, tournaments, and leagues.Heather Olin is the head of tournament sales at Savage Ultimate, I contacted her for a potential sponsorship from Savage.They offered discount on custom gear bearing that we sell $300 on gear at the tournament.Ultimately this source was unhelpful because it create an opportunity in which I was not guaranteed any benefits and with this being the first time SLA is hosting a ultimate tournament I have no past data to support how much revenue we could expect on the day of the event.



This is  an article on how the tournament director would promote and sale his tournament to potential sponsors. He broke down his methods depending on the type of sponsorship he wanted, what was size  and national recognition of the company and who he would have to contact.For example in his pitch to Gatorade he used graphical analysis and company testimonials to show how successful he was with smaller sponsors.Foreshadowing that if he was giving a bigger budget he could expand to much more profitable event.


"Disc Golf | Frisbee Golf | Innova Discs | DiscMania | The Wright Life." Disc Golf | Frisbee Golf | Innova Discs | DiscMania | The Wright Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

The store sales Ultimate  Frisbee Wooden Trophies in which tournament directors can have their tournament logo engraved onto a wooden disc.i used this source because it's where I plan on but the tournament awards from.

USA Ultimate

"USA Ultimate." USA Ultimate. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2014.

The governing body for ultimate frisbee in United States and Canada.The organization host a lot tournament at the masters, club, college and youth level.Along with being the general holder of information about tournaments hosted by individual organization through its score reporter application. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 2.59.36 PM
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Octavius & Juan Podcast 1

Part 1 for Stats Book
All members were present during this podcast
The way we did this podcast was that we both recorded chapter by chapter having to speak on all of them by themselves then we was able to have a little discussion at the end of it to see whats ones opinions were and what we got from it at the end of the chapters. 

We read from chapters 1-4 being able to speak on those

Podcast #2

Podcast #2

Group Members:

Taylor Ximines
Ananda Knight
Tyikenyua Anthony
Tsion Habtamu

What Our Group Discussed:

Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7.

How We Discussed It:

To discuss this we started at Chapter 4 and went in chronological order by chapter numbers. We talked with each other and brought up points that we liked or may not have liked.

Any Points of Conflict/Disagreement In Discussion:

Not really but Tyi was the only one that was constantly finding things that she did not like in the book. Or it would be something that she disliked. Other than that there was no disagreements.


There were really no questions that came up. Sometimes we would ask for each others clarification on certain topics but other than that none.


Owen Grzywinski Capstone

Intro Paragraph:

Mentor: Don Marcos

My Capstone was teaching a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira after school on Tuesdays.

For this project, I knew that I had to do something that was unique to me. Something I cared about and would be willing to work on for a whole year. It didn’t take a lot of thinking for me to come to the idea of teaching Capoeira. I have been taking lessons since I was eight and it’s been a huge part of my life for more than a decade. I knew that I could bring this to SLA with me and share it with my fellow students. 

Class was a huge success and I would like to thank the students who took it with me. I had a lot of fun throughout this entire process. I chronicled each class and took hundreds of pictures and videos, what I present are the ones that I felt were the best. 

I hope you enjoy learning more through my presentation! 

Annotated Bibliography 

1.) "The Capoeira Blog." The Capoeira Blog. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This will be my first time teaching a class completely by myself. I’ve subbed for my teacher before but I know all my fellow students and they aren’t beginners. This will be new to me, I have no doubt that I know enough to teach a month long course but I need a way to organize my thoughts into a lesson. This site gives tips on how to do that and things to keep in mind. It’ll be good to reference what the author says if I feel I need help, he makes good points and I’d do well to keep them in mind as I start my capstone.

2.) Capoeira, Nestor. The Little Capoeira Book. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic, 2003. Print.

This book was written by a famous Capoeira master and is widely regarded as the authority on Capoeira history and lore. No other book on the same topic comes close to Nestor Capoeira’s novel. My teacher told me to read this years and years ago when I first started, saying that it would give me a more complete picture on what I was actually learning and where it came from than what he could tell me. I recommend any one who practices Capoeira to read this book. It gives information that is crucial for any “capoeirista” to know.

3.) " - Strategies For Teaching Challenging Kids Martial Arts." - Strategies For Teaching Challenging Kids Martial Arts. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This is another site that gives tips on how to teach martial arts to children. This wasn’t specific to Capoeira like the first source was, but many of the themes are the same. Things like, plan your lessons, mix up the routine and peer to peer practice are all things that seem to be pretty universal for all types of teaching, not just Martial Arts. I can use this source much like the way I’m going to use the first one. I’ll look at it if Im having trouble with my students and need an idea on what to do.

4.) "How To Workout For Capoeira | San Francisco Capoeira." San Francisco Capoeira RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This site gives some ideas on the workouts that builds the strength that Capoeira demands. I can use this for the beginning of class when we’re warming up. If I need ideas on what to do I can reference whats written here. This will be good to give the students an idea of the level of fitness that they’ll be developing in class and what they’ll be expected to maintaining as long as they’re training.


5.) "How to Warm Up Properly and Avoid Injury." Nerd Fitness How to Warm Up Properly and Avoid Injury Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Jan. 2014.

Honestly, I know how to warm people up before exercising. I’ve been taking Capoeira since I was eight and I done the routine that I plan on using for my class literally thousands of times. I know it like the back of my hand. I don’t really plan on using the information on this site just because I already know it. That being said, if I feel like my students need something easier than what I have planned, I can look here for some basic exercises and ideas.

6.) "Workout Injuries: Prevention and Treatment." Workout Injuries: Prevention and Treatment. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

This site goes over common injuries people get while working out and how to treat them. While reading over the page, I realized that I’ve seen most of these happen in person and know what to do when they happen. However, it’s better to be prepared incase something happens instead of just hoping I remember something correctly. I can reference this site before class and refresh my memory on what to do if someone gets hurt.

7.) "ASCAB Philly Capoeira | Project Capoeira." ASCAB Philly Capoeira | Project Capoeira. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This is my masters site for our group, ASCAB Capoeira. I’m not going to use this site for help per say, but it will be good to have to show my students. There’s videos and other sites that show what Capoeira is supposed to look like that they can see to get an idea of what I’m trying to show them. Basically it’ll be a reference point for them if they want more information.

8.) "Top 10 Common Teaching Mistakes For Teachers To Avoid." Elementary Education. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

Yes I know this isn’t the most reliable site but it has some fair points. I figured it would be a good idea to look at some sites and figure out some common mistakes that teachers make. Some of them are pretty straightforward, no cursing at students, duh. Others not so much and those are the rules that I’ll need to keep in mind as I do my capstone. If I read through this site a couple times just so I’ll remember what not to do it’ll hopefully make my capstone that much better.

9.) "Ginga Solta | Facebook." Facebook. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This is my groups Facebook page. Yes I know Facebook is frowned upon in school but this is a good thing for me to have! My teacher, Martin Rueter manages this page and lets everyone know if there is a demonstration that he needs help with or if there’s been a change in class schedule. I can also use this page to make a call out if I need help or want to bring some people in to show off to my students. It’s not so much the information on this page that I’m after, but the ease of which I’ll be able to share my class with the rest of the Capoeira community.

10.) "3 Teaching Strategies: Do You Dictate, W&S, or Nudge?" Ikigai Blogging the Martial Way. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014.

This a site that gives tips on how to teach martial arts specifically, not just in general like what I’ve been looking at. It makes good points and was fun to read, nothing really new to me though. It’s still good to get ideas from other people though, there isn’t just one way to teach and that stays true for my capstone. Taking everything I’ve leaned over the years and then mixing it things I read online should maximize my chances of being a good teacher. 

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You and the World Blog post #3: A Post for Change

This blog post is the third part in a 3 part series on our English class' You And The World project, where we each tackle a problem in our society that we want to spread awareness about. Blog #1 is about our initial research on our topic. Blog #2 is about our field research, where we gathered data ourselves based on survey results or observation. I took a survey of everyone in our class on their opinion of littering.

A signed SOSNA trash bag

In my research between now and my Blog #2, I looked into organizations like the South of South Neighborhood Association who hold neighborhood cleanups periodically, where they supply grabbers and garbage bags (pictures below) to small groups of people who help clean up the street. For my Agent of Change assignment, I participated in the first SOSNA spring cleanup of 2014. I put an ad in the school memo for it, but nobody could make it there. Neighborhood clean ups are a great way to get involved in improving the environment and beautifying your city, and other than that, it's great exercise for your back and arms. A few more interesting things were that we filled up around 10-20 trash bags over about 9 blocks and a couple parks, there was a 4 block stretch where there were no trash cans (except for one belonging to a business), and that the quality of the sidewalks and surrounding buildings appeared to be a big factor in the amount of trash in those places.

Various supplies provided by SOSNA

This was a fun project, and I’m looking forward to participating in litter cleanups in the future. The project has also taught me alot. Mainly that people don’t litter just because they don’t care. It’s also because they just don’t want to touch those gross garbage can handles when it’s so easy to just toss your stuff on the ground, but I digress.

Even though our city is bad in terms of cleanliness, it's only considered the sixth dirtiest city in America. Others include Atlanta at #5, Los Angeles at #4, Baltimore at #3, New Orleans at #2, and the Big Apple itself, New York, at #1. The cleanest was Cheyenne, Washington. Cheyenne even received the EPA’s Clean Drinking Water award in 2009. According to the website, they use special precautions and techniques to prevent large plants from leaking toxic fluids into the water supply. This may help with problems involving larger structures, but it wouldn’t be as effective here. If we as a whole really want to do better, we can encourage more cleanups and stricter laws in those places.

To conclude this post, thanks to Andy from SOSNA for agreeing to let a group of SLA students join their neighborhood cleanup of this spring. Also, big thanks to the 22 people who took my survey on littering (except for that one guy, you know who you are). And thanks to Ms. Dunn and Ms. Lucy for their continuing influence and support.

Annotated bibliography (Sources for #2 and #1. See hyperlinks for #3.)

Take this survey about littering!

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Q4 Reflection 6

Michelle Friedman

Senorita Manuel

Reflection 6

Quarter 4

Piden Reforma Tras Caso de Policia Indocumentada

Ahora, las personas en los estados unidos tienen una problema con inmigración. La

problema esta muy grande, pero no todos las personas entienden que necesitamos hacer algo. Pero, ahora, algunas de las personas que no entienden que necesitamos hacer algo, van a entender que nosotros necesitamos hacer algo porque algo muy importante sucedido. Hoy en los Estados Unidos, estan once míles personas sin documentadas para vivir aqui.  Estos personas vivian en peligroso porque el gobernio puede deportase ellos.

Carmen Figueroa fue una persona importante en los políticas en los estados unidos. Carmen Figueroa fue una detective de policía, pero los oficiales descubrieron que ella esta un inmigrante ilegal. Este situación presente una problema muy grande porque mucho de tiempo cuando tenemos inmigrantes ilegales, ellos trabajan en trabajos muy fáciles y trabajos que no estan muy importante por el gobierno de los estados unidos. Pero, este situación es significa porque Carmen Figueroa es una mujer que trabaja en la industria de policía.

Despues de yo leí este articulo, yo aprendí algunos de palabras nuevas. Cuantos palabras nuevas en este articulo estan  advirtieron  y descubrir. En inglés, advirtieron  es “warning”. Y descubrir  es “be discovered” en inglés.

Word Count: 202

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Aazimah and Drue.


We both sat down and compared notes, like we have during the entirety of this book discussion. We took turns going back and forth about what topics grabbed our attention and what we wanted to discuss further. These two chapters didn't bring out any disagreements between the two of us. Final questions were just about our thoughts on the book as a whole. 
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Q4 Reflection 5

Michelle Friedman              Quarter 4

Señorita Manuel

Reflection 5

Descubren más de 400 especies en el Amazonas

Ante todo, yo quiero enseñarles algunos palabras nuevos que yo aprendí. La palabra primera está “descubrir”. Este palabra está muy importante para este articulo; en Ingles, descubrir significa “discover”. El artículo está sobre la increíble selva amazónica. La selva amazónica está el “Amazon Rainforest” en inglés. Estos son todos de los palabras nuevas que yo aprendí después de leyendo el artículo “Descubren más de 400 especies en el Amazonas”.

De los cuatro cientos cuarenta y uno especias que cientificos descubren, todos los animales están muy interesantes. Están doscientos cincuenta y ocho verduras, ochenta y cuatro peces, cincuenta y ocho anfibios, veinte y dos reptiles, diez y ocho aves, y un mamífero. Los científicos descubren las especias durante cuatro años- 2010, 2011, 2012, y 2013. Muchos de los especies nueves viven solo en la selva amazónica. Hoy, el el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza (WWF) dice que las especies que viven solo en la selva amazónica necesitan va a protedidar.

Yo pienso que animales en la selva amazónica estan muy importantes para personas y para el mundo. Los verduras y peces estan importantes también. Hay muchas animals estan moriendos. Animales como el oso polar. El oso polar vives en el polo norte. 

Palabras: 209
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A.) Negative space is the empty space in a drawing. It the main point of the drawing.
B.) I found the negative space in cut out are different colors.
C.) It helps an artist to see negative space in a drawing because  see things in a  drawing that you wouldn't usually see.
D.) Negative space is useful in art because you can do some cool and interesting things. 
photo 2 (1)
photo 1 (1)
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Q4 Reflection 4

Michelle Friedman


Reflection 4

Quarter 4

Inconstitucional prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania

Recientemente una persona escribió articulo por el periódico, Metro Noticias Las Vegas con el título: “Inconstitucional prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania”. Yo vivo en Pensilvania y yo se que el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania es problema muy importante. Es problema muy importante porque cuada nosotros vivimos con el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania, es como nosotros dijimos que nosotros no tenemos cuidado por los hombres y las mujeres gay que quieren vivir sus vidas como todas de las otras personas.

Cuando yo leiste el articulo, yo aprendi cuandos palabras nuevos que yo no se antes de leer el artículo. El hombre que instigó el cambio es un juez. Un juez es el persona que trabaja en un tribunal y práctica leyes. En ingles, “juez” es “judge”.

En Pensilvania, el juez federal hable que el prohibición de matrimonio gay en Pensilvania en inconstitucional. “Algunos de nuestros ciudadanos se sienten profundamente incómodos por el concepto de matrimonio del mismo sexo. De todos modos, el hecho de que el matrimonio del mismo sexo provoque incomodidad en algunas no vuelve constitucional su prohibición”, escribió el juez al justificar su decisión.


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Lexus, Kila, Amanda, Zaria, Katherine: 2nd Podcast

​In this podcast the group discussed chapters 4-6. All members of the group were present in this podcast. We focused on how graphs could be perceived in different ways by how it is designed. We also talked about how different studies and test don't always test accurately. We brought up numerous examples from the book to support our opinions and compared ideas from the book to what we learned in class throughout the school year.   

Our podcast:

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Laura De Jesus Capstone

Project Type: Presentation Keynote ​

Student Name:

Laura De Jesus

In school mentor’s name:

Ms. Martin

My capstone is a presentation about Teen Pregnancy and Abortion.


The goal of my capstone was to make a presentation to teach and show the freshmen about the statistics of teen pregnancy and abortion. The main reason I did this project was to inform other people around the same age group about the things that could occur after you are pregnant and that there are options, everyone that has a story without answers would be heard and understood. This project is not only bringing me out my comfort zone but also making me feel like I am a better person for helping others in the future and right now. I have been working with various people and have done a lot of research to be able to get all the information that I have now. I have learned more than I expected to learn in the matter of such a short amount of time. As a result of my project I have been able to get something out of it that I never thought I would get which is confidence, this a milestone. But the main thing is the fact that I am learning at the same time as the students. I hope that the students learn as much as I did during this process, because I want them to leave with the same amount of knowledge that I left SLA with.


Birth Statistics

I chose this source because it is the most beneficial because it is from Pennsylvania Philadelphia. I selected this source because the information that is given is accurate and useful. It is a reliable source and used for important purposes.  It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project.  I chose this source because it is a part of life, it is something that people don’t talk about is religion and the trace back to how it is viewed with teen pregnancy and abortion.

"Birth Statistics." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Birth Statistics")

My Abortion My Life

I chose this source because I feel like it is a powerful source, it is giving out the stories of others and what they went through when they went through abortion and what they felt. It is useful because you are learning what the struggle is and the life lesson. The only limitation is that it is stories and things of that sort which limit me from really using any of that. But on the other side you are leaning a story of another person.

"My Abortion My Life." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014.  <>. ("My Abortion My Life")

Planned Parenthood: Abortion

I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides all the information that I need for this topic, it keeps the issues that are at hand. It is informing the people that are going through this there are options. One limitation for this source is that there is only telling you the options, meanwhile if you go to the actual class you learn more because they are information session.

"Planned Parenthood: Abortion." . N.p.. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>. ("Planned Parenthood: Abortion")

Planned Parenthood

I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project, it is the main source of my information and where I will be getting my data from. I found this source useful because it has everything in one and all types of different links and date information for all of the topics that are involved in my final project. One limitation for this source is that there is too much information and some of it is not needed and some of it is repeated, but other than that this a useful source and comes in handy.

"Planned Parenthood." n. page. Print. <>.

Religious Beliefs No Barrier to Teen Pregnancy

This is a source that is different because it is involving religion. It is giving information that is useful and comes in handy. I chose this source because it is a part of life, it is something that people don’t talk about is religion and the trace back to how it is viewed with teen pregnancy and abortion. I found this source useful because it made a difference on how I viewed certain things. One limitation is the fact that there is information but it is limited.

Peck , Peggy . "OB/Gyn Religious Beliefs No Barrier to Teen Pregnancy." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. (Peck )

Teen Birth

I chose this source because it accurate but also because it is informative also. I chose this source because it is beneficial to my capstone, it is telling people who need help and giving out options. It gives out information that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, because there are some options that are from them. One limitation is the fact that there is information but it is limited.

"Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 Population Ages 15-19." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 Population Ages 15-19")

Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries

I chose this source because it is beneficial to my capstone, it is telling people who need help and giving out options. It gives out information that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, because there are some options that are from them. I selected this source because while I was interviewing my friend this is where she went to get her information and help to make up her mind on what was the best for her. I found this source useful because although it is slightly different than the other sources it is that it is religious. The only limitation is that the information is somewhat limited.

"Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries ." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Haven: Water Street Ministries "

Teen Mom

I chose this source because the fact that it is real life and reality. Also for the fact that it is something that people can relate to and have a connection with them. It is useful because it is showing the life after teen birth and that is something nobody really thinks about because they aren’t focused on it. The information that is given through this show will showcase the main point of my presentation.

"Teen Mom." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.  ("Teen Mom")

Teen Mom

I chose this source because it is showing the progress that has been made since the world has been in contact with the show. The data that is shown is useful and informative. I chose this source because it is reliable and has valuable information. It provides information that is useful. I selected this source for the simple fact that it is the main purpose of my project, it is the main source of my information and where I will be getting my data from.

"Teen Mom' Shows May Have Cut Teen Pregnancy Rate." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>. ("Teen Mom' Shows May Have Cut Teen Pregnancy Rate")

Teen Pregnancy

I chose this source because the fact that it is real life and reality. I chose this source because this is the outcome of what could happen. Things change when the things around the surroundings change. The story behind the information is useful and interesting. I found this source useful because it is a source that is informative. Teaches you life, the only limitation is that it is in Texas and not in Philadelphia. It makes you wonder what it is really happening. It is empowering.

"Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 45.7 Percent When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town." . N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

("Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops 45.7 Percent When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town")

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.46.18 AM
Capstone Senior Year
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Alexis Babcock Capstone

Digitalized Capstone:

Mentor: Mr. Herman (Digital Photography and Digital Video Teacher)

Summary: My capstone is a journey to discover what a “Lexy Babcock” looks like through analyzing different genres and elements of famous photographers. 

Abstract: The idea derived from my love of photography. After seeing a project last year that related to photos of Philadelphia, the wheels started churning. I knew that I wanted to work with photography for my capstone. I first played around with the idea of creating sculptures made of photographs that I took, which turned into a photo-gallery event. That became the goal: presenting myself in a photo-gallery night. When I finally was able to let go of my focus on the final product, I started to focus on myself and photography. I decided that I was going to figure out what a “Lexy Babcock” photograph looks like. I researched photographers that I admire in various genres of photography. I decided that I would look into elements they use and in a way mimic them. I’ve struggled with equipment, finding models, securing locations, etc. The challenges I’ve faced that made the process worthwhile. The photographs that I took will be in a photo-gallery event on June 6th.


Source 1: Alessio Bolzoni

Bolzoni, Alessio. N.d. Photograph. Alessio Bolzoni Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

When I was looking into editorial work, I came across Alessio Bolzoni. I picked him out as someone to be inspired by because of the way his models are. He’s known for putting his subjects in weird, structured poses and sometimes creating patterns out of models. I’d like to try this because it’s completely different than the other candid, natural photographs I’m also going for. 

Source 2: Alfred Eisenstaedt’s work & bio

Eisenstaedt, Alfred. VJ Day, The Kiss. 1945. Photograph. Life, New York. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

When studying photographers, I had to include Alfred Eisenstaedt. He’s famous for his candid photos, most specifically “VJ Day, The Kiss.” Everyone has seen this photo. I want to be able to catch moments like he did. Moments that everyone can appreciate. I’m hoping that as I continue to study him and his work, I will be able to find a way to catch these moments without interrupting my subject. People tend to be different with a camera around so I’m using his secrecy as an element that I want to mimic.

Source 3: Exit Through the Gift Shop Documentary

Exit Through the Gift Shop. Paranoid Productions, 2010. Film. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

I chose Exit Through the Gift Shop to put on my bibliography because it goes along with me finding my niche and my brand. Banksy, an infamous graffiti artist. He has a clear style, an anonymous outspoken street artist. His work is consistent and it’s something that I can look to for inspiration. I’m hoping that after seeing this documentary, I’ll notice a pattern in my work.

Source 4: David LaChapelle: Heaven To Hell (GO)- David LaChapelle

LaChapelle, David. David LaChapelle: Heaven To Hell (GO). Cologne: Taschen America, LLC, 2010. Print.

I’ve chosen to look at LaChapelle’s work because he is currently one of the best photographers. He uses a unique theme in every one of his photoshoots. Many people want them to shoot him because he’s so over-the-top. His avant-garde, colorful style is what draws me to his photos. He likes to push boundaries and take risks. I’m going to mimic his use of Color Saturation and Avantgarde style for a photoshoot. My photoshoot is going to contain people looking as if they’re in space with funky colored clothes and over the top makeup and hairstyles.

Source 5: Peter Lik’s personal website that contains his work

Lik, Peter, and . N.d. Photograph. Peter LikWeb. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

Peter Lik has absolutely beautiful landscape photos. From the beach, to forests, they are all colorful and leave you feeling like you’re there. Many of his photos are perfectly centered and structured. Most of his photos are cut to look extremely wide, and without a lot of length. This idea helps guide the eye. I’m going to take up this idea, but add my spin of an urban environment. I want to achieve that natural beauty and color where it’s unlikely to see it.

Source 6: Terry Richardson: Terrywood- Terry Richardson

Richardson, Terry. Terry Richardson: Terrywood. Bologna: Damiani Editore, 2012. Print.

Like David LaChapelle, Terry Richardson is also a very desired photographer. He shoots all of the stars. What I love about him is that there is a very distinct style that he has. I admire his consistency. I want to study his photography to possibly discover what my person niche is. His photos tend to be very raw. His models, no matter who they are, look completely in their element. Bringing out natural emotion is something I’m hoping to do when I practice portraiture. He also tends to use a plain white background. It allows the person looking at the picture to focus on the person, less than everything else. Although his photos aren’t always up-close and personal, there’s a very intimate feel and everything is always well lit. Nothing’s hidden or left to figure out. I’m going to use this idea of blunt portraits. 

Source 7: Tips and Advice for new Photographers

Rowse, Darren. "11 Tips for Beginner Photographers."Digital Photography School. N.p.. Web. 31 Jan 2014. <>.

I cited this source because it’s important for any type of photo. It’s a list of tips and tricks for people who have little experience in photography. It’s important for me to remember these because they will help my different photoshoots. It will help me keep from forgetting important elements such as: clothing, lights, other equipment, people, or a product. I picked this website over a few others I saw because I felt like it was more useful than others. This one talks about basic necessities. Some other sources were too detailed and overwhelming. This is the only helpful one. 

Source 8: Cindy Sherman’s Cindy Sherman: The Early Works

Sherman, Cindy, and Gabriele Schor. Cindy Sherman: The Early Works: Catalogue Raisonné, 1975-1977. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012. Print.

Cindy Sherman is easily the coolest photographer I’ve ever studied. All of her photos contain the same model, herself. She puts herself in all of these crazy costumes and becomes millions of characters. The idea of self portraiture is scary unless it’s a selfie. By studying her work, I want to develop a set of photos of myself dressed and posing as multiple different characters. I think this photoshoot and studying her will help me to put myself in the place of my models. I’ll be able to understand what they’re feeling and how to make my photographs and connections with people better.

Source 9: The Wade Brother’s website containing all of their work

Wade, Lyndon, and WadeDavid Lindsey Wade. N.d. Photograph. The Wade BrothersWeb. 28 Jan 2014. <>.

After checking out the Wade Brother’s website, I noticed they had a variety of work. They worked with many different companies to do their ads and commericials. I was going to use them to study editorial; commercial things, but I came accross one of their personal projects. It was called “The Birds,” which I soon figured out was designed with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in mind. Their version is very dramatic and creepy, but it’s very original. I’m going to use their use of mimicry by showing my perspective on Disney Princess’ storylines. They also use pops of color in their very dark and creepy photos. I might take up this idea and make it my own. 

Source 10: 30 Pictures from the past

Wain, Alex. "30 Unique And Must-See Photos From Our Past." So Bad, So Good. N.p., 30 May 2013. Web. 30 Jan 2014. <>.

All of the photos on this blog post are from important moments in history that were captured in photographs. I’m looking at them for inspiration for a photoshoot. I want to do something with a black and white, vintage style. These photos are candids also so I’m hoping to incorporate that also. I’m thinking about mimicing the idea of famous photographic memories and create my own memories in history with sets that I create. 

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