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ILP Update

My ILP has been going great so far. I usually sit in the back of the store and eat food. One time they allowed me to try some new software and I even got to create a poster. Sometimes I have to carry boxes into or out of the store and if someone purchases a product I might be called to put the display product back. 
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Asher Swartz ILP Update Thursday 11/12/15

Last Wednesday, 11/4/15, I attended my first ILP session with the ACE Mentor program.

It went very well, I think. I enjoyed it a lot, and am looking forward to the rest. I was a bit awkward, the only other kids from SLA are Juniors, but next time another Sophomore is coming. I can probably work on the whole "not being awkward around strangers I don't share a whole lot in common with" thing.

I am generally just looking forward to anything. It is a program that shows a broad view of engineering, and I am just excited to learn more.

I have only had one meeting, but I think they provide pizza everytime as it is somewhat late in the day. I like the food part, though we do have to answer questions to get it, but that isn't a problem. I feel like we're also going to be visiting active sites (not the enzyme kind, the building kind) which is gonna be cool.

I think I need to definitely work on the social thing, as I probably look a little bit weirder than I really am. Its important to remember that collaboration is an important part of engineering, and I need to do that better.
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ILP Check in #2

In my ILP I have been working with amazing people that have been helping me learn how to use Excel. Now that I have mastered Excel I am now organizing important data. I love my internship because it is everything that I wanted to do and then some. Next week on Wednesday 18th I will continue to organize information and learn more about budgeting as well as  how the School District budgets their money. What I look forward to is to working with Ms. Karla and enhancing my knowledge of this practice as a whole. 
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My ilp is working at the franklin institute making lesson plans and teaching freshman lessons next marking period i am looking forward to teaching and i think its a good fit for me
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ILP Update- 11/12

I am meeting with Jeremy when I get an email back confirming my ILP. I have reached out to a day care that my friend goes to for her ILP. Nothing has gotten in the way, I am just waiting for a reply. 
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Jamie Polson's ILP October post

My first ILP in the month of October was I was an Intern for A production of Watership down.  It was directed by A man named Allen Radway who also goes to my church and that is how I found out about it.  It met Mondays-Saturdays from 7-11 pm.  It happened at Drexel University and was really fun.  Some days we would go over the script and do read through's, other days we would act like rabbit's and interact with each other as rabbit's.  Other days we would just do theatre games and fun stuff like that.  We practiced doing shadow puppets a lot because the show had a major puppetry aspect to it which was another reason why I joined.  Since I am a minor the University did not allow me to be on the campus and would have charged my family and I millions of dollars if I got hurt in any way because they did not want to be responsible.  So I had to stop doing that ILP but I saw the show on the 6th and it was amazing!!  I would highly recomend it to anyone who likes theatre  
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I have an ILP #2

Ilp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far. I enjoy not listening to the teachers I can do what I want... kinda. 

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Wes Midgett ILP Update

My ILP is at the Hacktory in University City. At the moment DM + D is moving locations so whenever I go there I am helping them pack up and transport there things to the new location. So far, everything is going well and I am getting to know a lot of new people. I am looking forward to moving into the new location and starting to work on a project.
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Chernowski: ILP check in

My ILP is working on Project Stargazer, a subgroup of project Space at The Franklin Institute. It is a student ran project creating virtual realities in space and using the Oculus Rift to perceive an environment, specifically space. In order to learn the coding program, we are currently doing a mini side project. I am really excited to actually be relearning C++ and using it in an actual in the real world project. I think this will really help me later down the road because I really want to pursue this further and learn even more, so having a good foundation is great. It also really helps with my part in Robotics as I can be of more assistance in a field I wasn't part of before. Next week the new volunteers will be receiving their IDs.
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I have an ILP #2

Ilp is going great. My Ilp is at my old school, Alliance for progress charter school and what I do there is just help the teachers with the kindergarten class during their gym class and when its time to go home. Im looking forward to working in that field someday and just for now seeing how things go. Nothing major has happened so far. I enjoy not listening to the teachers I can do what I want... kinda. 

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Charles's Ilp

My Ilp is the Ace Program but I haven't attended the meeting on the 10 of November because I had a family emergency. I am going to attend on November 24 though. I have a task to bring in a picture.
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Library ILP #2

At the central library I am going to be doing video reviews with Hannah Dunakin on different music, movies and books which will be posted on the libraries social media accounts. So far we have been making good progress, though we haven't yet completed a video. So far we have mostly been planning and writing a script and readying our materials. I'm looking forward to using the libraries green screen, I think that should be fun. 
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Advanced Art Photo Gallery by Jared Trusty

The four assignments that I had to do was a self portrait, bat cut outs, a free draw, and a ceiling tile. To create my projects, I made sections on my pages and ceiling tile. On my ceiling tile, I cut the board into 4 sections. From the origin i could then draw the facial features of the character that I painted. For my self portrait i divided my head into six parts to create my eyes, nose and mouth. Everything else that I added to my face would follow from space. My free drawing is a picture of Athena. She has a shield on her left hand, spear in her right hand, and an owl on her left shoulder. For some reason I wanted to just draw my visualization of her. My ceiling tile had a little more thought, I decided to paint a character from Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is one of my favorite mobile games and i believe it best represents me. For the bat cut outs I tried to form a bat symbol just so add a little extra to the assignment. In my self portrait, i used a symbol pose to achieve a full resemblance of me. My shading of my skin is not accurate but my facial feature match completely.

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Jesse's Q1 Art Portfolio

In the first quarter my artwork does a good job of showing a little bit of myself within them. Within each assignment I work on a unique aspect of what is expected to make the art my own. For the most part a recurring theme is my passion, sports. In both the ceiling tile and drawing I chose to honor two of my favorite athletes (Patrick Peterson and Claude Giroux respectively) by recreating them in my art.

For the bats assignment I chose to incorporate my favorite super hero and show another side of myself by opting to make the "Batman" bats as opposed to conventional Halloween bats. Finally the self portrait is literally a reflection myself completing the inner journey my art shows. My art this quarter show my passions and likes and then finished by showing how I see myself.
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1. my LAN is my lap top, my phones, my tvs.
2. I really enjoyed this experience, I learned a lot thanks Ms.hull!!!!
3.I would tell my friends they need to learn more aboiut what the cable chords are and how to use them.
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Leo Cassel-Siskind Assignment 3

2. I have a few devices that connect to my Local Area Network. There are four phones which includes two iphones, a blackberry, and a slide phone. We have four computers and a printer which connects to one of the computers. 

3. I had one when I realized there was a distributer, because it seems obvious that there is one, but I had thought that everything goes seperatly to the device.

4. I would tell them what devices I have in my house and what my internet service provider is.
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DeRock, Online Identity

1. The video is also a activity. It plays through the boys day, in the boys day he is bullied both physically and by cyber bullies. In the video/activity you can watch it through and see how his day goes, by being bullied or you could click a purple eye that comes on the screen to make that moment of his day better.

2. It's a perfect representation of how bullying can affect someone. He was in pain and crying throughout the video and bullying need to be stopped.

3. I don't really use social media, so I appear as another random person on the internet.

4. People can't perceive who I am because I am unknown on the internet, the only things that comes up is a Facebook account that I don't use.

5. A internet trolls goal is to ruin people's life if they are on the internet, it's like in bad neighborhoods, you will get stared at because its not you area and in their eyes they think they own the internet.

6. A positive result of online anonymity is that people can't find out personal information about you, and a negative result is whatever people find when they look you up, they'll believe it's you.

Link to picture -

Screenshot 2015-11-13 at 8.30.17 AM
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Lauren Nicolella


a. When I search my name I find Facebook profiles that show up and then images of my close friends and my aunt show up.

b. I found that my SLA email comes up, but my family also shows up. 

c. This matters because it shows how the internet connects somehow to me in different ways 


2. Jayla Wright (personally doesn't show up)

Successful, competitions, YouTube, makeup, actress.

a. The five words that I was told somewhat describe me, mostly the One Direction part because that's a big part of my life, also my friends because my super close friends show up. 

b. One Direction, vintage, friends, SLA, Facebook.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 12.06.12 PM
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1. In class we watched a video about a little boy who was being bullied.

2. This video makes me very upset that people around the world are being bullied and most of the time the witnesses don't speak up when it's such a simple thing to do.

3. I do not appear online at all, instead there are a lot of random women.

4. I think people don't really have any perception of me because they can't find me. They may think I am anti-social. The truth is that I never use my full name on the internet.

5. The goal of internet trolls is to disturb the peace and get negative attention.

6. The positive results of online anonymity are that people will not be able to see any bad things about you online, the negative results are that you may not learn from your mistakes if you're never caught.

Dog With Mustache
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Quarter 1 Senior Art

This quarter in senior art has been extremely fun. I am happy to say that I look forward to this class on days when I have it. Senior art is an outlet to let go of all my stress, and focus on creating something nice. We learn how to mix colors for different shades, to blend and create shadows, and we learn this independently, so it feeds out drive. 
This quarter we had multiple assignments: ceiling tile, drawing/painting, charcoal still life, jack-o-lantern/ bats, and a self portrait. We could do these projects at any time, as long as it was done by the end of the quarter. I started with the ceiling tile, then self portrait, jack-o-lantern, still life, then painting.I had two favorite pieces.  
My first favorite piece is my ceiling tile. In my tile, I painted the Drake Nothing Was The Same album cover on it. I worked the longest on this project, because it was hard for me to mix the skin, and there was a lot of blending with this painting. It took me about a month to finish it, and even though it is not perfect, it am very proud of the effort I put into this project. 
My second favorite piece is my jack-o-lantern. I did this project on the eve of Halloween with my six year old cousin. It was a fun bonding experience, and I think that I made my most interesting, and intricate pumpkin of my life so far. I decided to carve a big pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin. When hanging out candy, a kid old me it was a pac man eating another pac man. 
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Christina Santana

¡Hola!, me llamo Christina Santana. Soy de Filadelfia. Tengo catorce anos.

Soy un poco baja, cómica, y súper sociable. 

Me encanta cantar. Me gusta comer, y hablar por télephono. No me gusta nada hacer la tarea, y dibujar.

¿Y tu?

IMG_9052 (1)
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Who Am I Online?- Christina Santana

In class today we watched a video about the affects of bullying before and after it is prevented. Our class activity was pairing up with someone, and looking up their name on Google to see what we would find. What the video brought to mind for me was the realization on how common bullying can be for some people.  Online I am a tiny clothes wearing Hispanic dancer. I do not think people perceive me well based on this appearance because it is not professional. The goal of internet trolls is to bring down other for their personal enjoyment. In my opinion I think there are only cons to online anonymity useless someone is using it to post an honest review on a product, on food, etc. 
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Matt Reed

​Hola, me llamo Matt. Tengo catorce anos. Soy de Filadelfia. 
Soy altO y gordO.  Soy creativO y fuerte
Me gusta algo dormir. No me gusta nada tremendamente  nadar 
Que te gusta hacer 
Screenshot 2015-11-10 at 3.01.02 PM
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