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Watson,Williams,Whyte Video 1

Sandra tells David the weather when he needs knows how to dress to go outside

(This is on the only video on facebook because it would not send from my phone to here so you could still watch it .)
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Spanish BM Videos 2 & 4

Situation #2: Weather report on Fox 29 News. The anchors Aniya & Israh introduce Madison giving a 3-day weather forecast.

Situation #4: Mom, Mariana and daughter, Lexi, aren't getting along very well and go to seek help from a therapist, Aniya. This video demonstrates basic getting to know you questions.  
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Spanish BM Videos 1 and 3

Situation 1 shows Madison is late to class. She stops her friend Aniya in the halls to ask what time it is. Aniya is unsure of what time it is. She runs to class to see Israh. She asks Israh the time and she figures out she is not late to class at all.

Situation 3 shows Aniya and Madison chatting. Their annoying friend Israh walks up and gets in Madison's space and asks way too many questions. Aniya and Madison then get annoyed and walk away. 
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