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Los Das de la Semana!

To learn how to ask the days of the week in spanish, you must know the days of the week in spanish! Here is a list of the translated days of the week from spanish into english.
Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 12.29.31 PM
Now remember, the days of the week in spanish are always lowercase.

Say you go to write the date on your paper, but you forgot what day it is! How would you ask the foreign exchange student from cuba sitting next to you what day it is?

To ask what day it is, you need to know how to ask what day it is! 
Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 12.49.32 PM
Here is a video of one student asking another student what day it is. Enjoy!
days of the week
​Now here's a lesson from my pareja, Stephanie on weather and greetings/goodbyes! 


Days of the Week in spanish!

​Planning to go somewhere this upcoming weekend? And you’re also trying to remember the days of the week in Spanish for a quiz on lunes in school?

It may seem that it is a lot to remember because there is also on stuff such as how to “today is……” and the six other days of the week. Honestly, it’s not that complicated.

What day is today?: ¿Qué día es hoy? 
It's.....: Es....

Here are links below that will help you with asking the weather in spanish, tell time, and say proper greetings:

Maybe you should try checking out this chart:


Helpful Notes:

*Monday is always the first day of the week in español

*The days of the week in español are never capitalized

Video Task Introduction:
You are in spanish class and your teacher doesn't allow you to speak english at all while you're in there. A friend of yours needs to know what's today's day. He asks you in spanish and you respond. This video will show you the correct way of asking in spanish.
Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 8.44.33 AM
Movie on 10-25-11 at 1.36 PM

Dates and Months

​It’s important to know your months and dates in Spanish. It’s not that bad, its basic stuff such as the twelve months, number of the dates, how to say, “today is…” etc. For example, you don’t know your friend’s birthday but you’re trying to memorize the dates and months in Spanish at the same time for school, or practices for whatever.

 Hoy es el # de _______(mes) : It’s the # of ______(month)



 es el veintiuno de mayo

(It’s the 21st of May)

 es el once de junio

(It’s the 11th of June)

Video Task Introduction:

I was in mexico, and a boy name Brycen came up to me and asked what was the date of today and I responded back in Spanish to him saying the date was October 24. Here’s a video of something like this:

Here are links that will teach you how to ask about the weather, time and how to say proper greetings in spanish:

Screen Shot 2011-10-23 at 11.04.41 PM
Movie on 10-24-11 at 10.15 AM
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The Common Courtesy

 Have you ever wondered how you can be polite and well mannered to Spanish people around you? Being polite requires sayings like “excuse me”, “thank you”, “your welcome”, “please”, “farewell”, and many more. And here, this lesson will teach you how you can speak/pronounce and write courtesy phrases.

 Imaged if you were on the bus and you need to get off, you would politely like to say "Excuse me" in spanish to a lady who was speaking spanish on the phone earlier. Or you are in a store will a spanish spoken cashier, it'll be polite if you said "thank you" in spanish to the young man. 

The links below will show you how to ask the weather in spanish, ask about time, and how to say proper greetings:

Here is a chart that will help you: 

Screen Shot 2011-10-20 at 8.42.47 PM
Movie on 10-26-11 at 12.22 PM
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How to speak with an elder, ¡En Español!

If you've been saying ¿Cómo te llamas? to random men in ties, then you've been doing it wrong! The proper way is to say ¿Cómo te llama USTED? Because it shows respect,

Haji's links:




Say you meet someone of importance and need to ask their name while showing respect?

Here's a video showing the incorrect and correct terminology: 
espanol usted BLOG

How to have a basic conversation, ¡En Español!

Meeting someone for the first time:

Hello: iHola!

What's your name?: ¿Cómo te llama(s) tú/usted?

How are you?: ¿Cómo esta(s) tú/usted?


Nice to meet you: ¡Mucho gusto!

Same to you: Igualmente.


Bye: ¡Adios!

See you later: ¡Hasta luego!

See you tomorrow: iHasta mañana!

 Haji's links:




Say you’re walking down the street and you see a fine girl, but she’s Puerto Rican! What do you say? Here’s a video of this example: 

espanol hola BLOG


Day's of the week in Spanish
 lunes- Monday
martes- Tuesday
miércoles -Wednesday
viernes- Friday
sábado- Saturday
domingo- Sunday

W-doble ve
Y-i griega

Happy- Feliz
Sad/Mad- Mal
So-So- Mas o menos
Great- Excelente
Okay- Bien
¿Cómo está?- How are you


What is your name

¿Como se llama?- What si your name
Me llamo (your name)-My name is (your name)
Mi nombre es (your name


Lo que son las cuatro estaciones del ano?

Lo que son las cuatro estaciones del ano?

What are the four seasons?

In order to ask someone for the tell someone that four seasons and what the seasons are in spanish

The months of the season
What the seasons stand for like winter, spring, summer or fall

Movie on 10-27-11 at 9.51 AM #2

Here’s a video of Timothy teaching the class the 4 seasons and what they stand for.


Cuando es tu campleanos?

Cuando es tu campleanos?


When is your birthday?

In order to ask someone when is their birthday
You need to know
How to ask for someone birthday
The numbers
The months and dates

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 8.49.01 AM
Movie on 10-26-11 at 8.56 AM

Basic conversation in Enspañol

Learn how to say hello, good bye, whats you name, where are you from, and how are you

- Chart
- Video
- puzzle

here is a link to the puzzle

Real life situation: Your meeting a person for the first time and your asking them questions in Spanish.
Movie on 10-27-11 at 8.52 AM





¿Qué tal?

How are you?

(Muy) Bien, gracias.

(Very) Well, thanks.

Más o menos.


¿Y tú?

¿And you?

¿Cómo te llamas (tú)?

What's your name?

Me llamo

My name is

¿De dónde eres (tú)?

Where are you from?

Soy de

I'm from

Yo también.

Me, too.





How is the weather?

            In this topic, you will learn how to tell the weather in Spanish. If your going to Mexico, and you need to know what to wear, then you would have to know your weather in Spanish. For example, if today in Mexico was very cold and it was snowing, your would say “Hace mucho frío y está nevando.”

Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 7.48.55 PM
Now lets watch a video of Audrey asking me what the weather is like outside.
Movie on 10-26-11 at 12.25 PM #3
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What time is it?

This topic will teach about how to tell time, and how to ask the time in Spanish. Why do you need to learn this? Because, lets say for example, that you are heading home to your family, but the time for your flight is in Spanish. So, you would need to how to tell time in Spanish if you are going to catch your plane in time. From 2:00 to 12:00, you would say “Son Las….” Then the time. For 1:00, you say “Es la una”.

Screen Shot 2011-10-26 at 6.02.47 PM
Now that you know your time in Spanish, lets watch a video of Brycen asking what time it is to his friend.
Movie on 10-25-11 at 1.38 PM1
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¿Qué hora es?

Knowing how to say what time it is.
Knowing quarter after, quarter of, on the dot, :05, :15.
Knowing how to answer people when they ask you what time it is.

- flashcards 
- video
- worksheet

Here is a link to the flashcards 

Real life situation: You need to know what time it is but the person your speaking to only speaks spanish. You need to remember how to ask what time it is and what they are saying!
Screen Shot 2011-10-30 at 7.13.09 PM
Movie on 10-24-11 at 1.58 PM

Fracking- Lobbying Assignment #2

Hydraulic frac­tur­ing or “frack­ing” (will explain everything about fracking under the EPA)  is a tech­nol­ogy used to extract nat­ural gas that lies within a shale rock for­ma­tion thou­sands of feet beneath the earth’s surface.

minding companies are really pushing fracking really hard because it put up more pay for them and also jobs. they are now trying to buy off homes. so for example they will pay a person who has land on a minding and they will pay them money so that they can drill on their land. Landowners in shale gas drilling areas have reported foul smells in tap water, and toxic chemicals, such as benzene, have been detected in water from wells near drilling sites. In some cases, tap water can even be set aflame because it is contaminated with volatile chemicals because of shale gas drilling. the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempted hydraulic fracturing from regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act, shale gas drillers don’t have to disclose what chemicals they use. 65 chemicals that are probable components of the fracking fluids used by shale gas drillers. These chemicals included benzene, glycol-ethers, toluene, 2-(2-methoxyethoxy) ethanol, and nonylphenols. All of these chemicals have been linked to health disorders when human exposure is too high.

Water contamination from shale gas drilling could be threatening the health of thousands of people. so they way com pines feel about it all is if you feel as though your water or your air is being polluted then you should call who ever is in charge. this way it can be taken care of as soon as possible. the state feel as though its very important that it gets taken care of asap.   

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¿Que tiempo?


Learn the temperature words
How to convert from celsiuis to fahrenheit

- A video of Marcus and I translating the words
- A song of how to say the words in spanish 
- Crossword puzzle
- Flash cards

Here is the link to the song:

Link to the crossword puzzle:

Here is the link to the flash:
Movie on 10-27-11 at 8.06 AM


Ricardo Smith Felix Hayes

Before we start you have to know the important numbers first​       

Uno or Una= 1  You say Una when telling time
Dos= two
Ok first you state the hour then use y to separate the minutes if any.

You say es la when using 1 or una ex. es la una y dos. I just said 1:02
You use son las for numbers 2-12 for hours. So you state hour then use y to connect for minutes 1-30 if any. So it would be either es la una y diez 1:10 or son las tres y ocho 3:08.

Then for minutes 31-59 you state hour ahead so if it 3:45 you say cuatro which is 4.Then connect minutes to hours with menos. Lastly state how many minutes it would take to get to next hour. Ex. if 5:45 then you say sies menos media

If its AM then you put de la manana
Afternoon PM is de la tarde
Night PM de la noche

Amnesty Day Blog Post #1

            I am lobbying for another Amnesty day. A large amount of the immigrants in America are here illegally. However, a lot of them have been living here peacefully, working, and contributing positively in some way to the United States. Though not all illegal immigrants are contributing positively to the US, all illegal immigrants should still be granted citizenship. That way we can crackdown on more of the crimes going on with them because they actually exist in our system. Deportation is always an option as well, but I feel like prejudice is playing a role in this too. It seems as though the government doesn't want anyone else from outside the country to be here. It's already difficult to get into the US legally, so why on Earth would they let illegal immigrants stay?
            I chose this topic for two reasons. The first reason is simply because it's interesting to know that instead of pardoning people for trying to live a better life, they're wasting their lives away trying to find and deport them. Twelve million is a huge number to be trying to get rid of when we have so many other things to worry about in the US. We might as well just give them citizenship. Most of them aren't planning on leaving anyway. The second is reason is because I understand what these illegal immigrants are going through. I have so many family members in Nigeria praying to get their Visa to come over to visit at least. Most of them have been denied. Their intentions are in no way harmful to the US, they are all healthy beings, and can contribute loads of things to the US but for some reason they were all denied. Nigeria is filled with extremely obvious corruption. Though the US is corrupt as well, they're better off here where the corruption is sugarcoated to the max and can still walk the streets without having to see a huge war tank and it’s launcher pointed in their direction. Basically, these people mean no harm. They're not here purposely to break the rules. They're running from something or looking forward to something, that's pretty much it.

The main supporters of my lobbying idea are immigrants. The main opponents of my lobbying idea are the majority of the government (seeing as how they have yet to have another amnesty day). There is a pending legislation dealing with my lobbying idea. It talks about securing the border and granting the immigrant workers legal access to actual jobs.

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Days of the week

Ricardo Smith Felix Hayes
Band X

What is today-¿Que dis es hoy?

What was yesterday-¿Que dis ayer tue?

What is tomorrow?-¿Que dis Manana Sera?







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Basic Greeting

​Here are some Basic- Everyday Spanish Greetings:

Como te llamas-What is your name
Como estas-How are you?
Qual es la Fecha de hoy?-What is today's date
Que tiempo hace oy?-What is the weather?

Buenos Dias-Good morning
Buenas noches-Goodnight/evening
Buenas Tardes-Good afternoon                                                               
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La hora

Have you ever thought about telling time in spanish, well it's as easy as telling time in English!

  1. First, here are some basic things you need to know in order to tell time in spanish.
Una= 1 (in time-telling una means one.)
Dos= two

      2. Esla VS. Son las
You say Esla when you say anytime that has the hour of 1.
Son Las when you use any other hour

It is very easy..... If not here is a short video showing the teachings.
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Felix Hayes Ricardo Smith
Band X

What's The Weather like-¿Que Tiempo Hace Hoy?

Sunny-Hace Hoy

Windy-Hace Viento

Snowy-Esta Nevando

Cloudy-Esta Nublado

Rainy-Esta Hoviendo

Now is a video to let u see how it's pronounced 
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Months, Dates

Felix Hayes Raekwon Smith
Band X


Spanish English
Enero January
Febrero February
Marzo March
Abril April
Mayo May
Junio June
Julio July
Agosto August
Septiembre September
Octubre October
Noviembre November
Diciembre December

When you say the date you always say the date first then the month. For example if its may 1st you say uno de Mayo.

Now here is a video of Ockbar Awesome and Anthony Rodriguez III explaining the months in order
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Greetings, How Are You, Responses, Goodbyes

Ricardo Smith and Felix Hayes
Band X
Spanish       English

​¡Hola!               Hi
¡Buenos Diez      Good Morning
¡Buenas Tardas   Good Afternoon
¡Buenas Noches  Good Evening 

How are you
¿Como estas? How are you
¿Que Tal How are you
¿Como estas usted? How are you (Formal)
¿Como estas ustedes How are you (Plural)

Bien Ok
Mal Bad
Màs o menos so-so
Feliz Great
Mal/horrible horrible
Excelente Excellent

Adios Bye (Formal)
Hasta manana See you Tomorrow
Hasta luego See you later
Chao Bye (Slang)
Mucho gusto Nice meeting you

Now here is a video of Felix and Ricardo having a conversation
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