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Alexa Eddy Q2 Media FLuency

I made my slide the way it is because its how I envisioned it. I put red and black because deep down those are my two favorite colors. I put the picture of a person writing because I love to write, especially if I’m writing song lyrics because I’m a songwriter. I love songs that are deep and lyrics that really have a deep(or dark) meaning. That’s the reason why I have the saying (I made up) “Secrets lie between the lines” also I put random lyrics from songs I picked out because I love the meaning of them plus my name with the saying and the lyrics have the color red so its like a contrast to the dark surroundings around them. The picture on the bottom left has Ronnie Radke singing and the lyrics (not all the lyrics who ever made the picture didn’t do it right) to this song “Cellar door” by the old ETF. I chose that picture because cellar door is a deep, sad, dark song that is said that it was written because Ronnie’s girlfriend committed suicide. Lastly the pen at the side I put there because as I said before I love to write. For shape I love how squares and rectangles fit neatly so thats why I keep pictures in squares, also it goes with the whole theme....
Alexa Eddy The Secrets
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Max Amar-Olkus Q2 media fluency

For my slide, I chose a large sized font that has high contrast against its' background. I gave the box where the words are a shadow and a mirrored effect. The picture I used is of me at my graduation. I edited the picture so the bow-tie and flower are the only things in color. I put the words where they are because your eye is drawn to them. My eyes in the picture are pointing at the words. I wrote "criticize everything" because that is something I do. I have been told many times to stop being so critical but it's just my nature. This is a part of me and I except it.
tech slide
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Hayes, q2, media fluency

I am very talented, being in rapping, or basketball. Those are things that i excel in. I am good at other things but they don't stand out like my 2 passions. Also i have lots of swag, and i can dress good. Color had alot to do with my picture and the words. For the words i used colors that i had on, or colors in the background. For shape i had to take out other people by cropping the image. For texture it meant how clear the picture was, and how it appeared. So now everybody knows i like basketball, and rapping. I also enjoy having my swag right. 
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Stephen's Q2 Media Fluency

On my presentation I made sure I didn't clash the COLORS like using two bright colors like Green and Yellow. I used one Bright color (yellow) and black as a dull or a shadow for the letters. I made sure the SIZE of my picture was huge by making it my background. I made sure the SIZE of my letters where huge I have a font SIZE of 96. For the SHAPE of my picture I tilted it a little bit to the right. For the PATTERN of my slide I made the text color the same as the color of the wall in the background, also I made the shadow of the text the same color as my shirt. For the TEXTURE I softened the edges of my picture so in comparison the part of the picture I want you to look at looks more sharp. For the EMPTINESS in my slide I just had my picture and the text and left everything else blank. For the ALIGNMENT I made my text go straight down while the picture is tilted slightly so you should see the text first.
Stephen's Slide For Tech
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Hola, Manuel

Hola!, Manuel ¿Que? Tal


Querido, Manuel

Mi numbers es Traevon. Soy de Filadelfia. Mi cumpleaños es el veintiocho de enero. Tengo catorce años. Me gasta cantar, nadar, ver al tele y jugar videojuegos. No me gusta nada escribe, mas o menos leer, dormir estudiar.

¿Y tú? Soy un poquito perezosa, muy inteligente, sociable y cómico. ¿cómo eres tú? Tengo dos hermanos, se llaman Amir y Aaron. Tengo una hermana también su veces hace fresco, hace calor, y hace frío porque los diferente y cambias a veces, a muy estro. Añádeme en FacebookTraevon stickman gray’’.Adiós!Tengo que ir al la baño.


Traevon Gray

Photo on 11-24-11 at 1.01 PM
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¡Hola Stephanie!

¡Hola! Me llamo Penelope. ¿Como estas? Yo soy mas o menos. ¿Y tü? Soy de Filadelfia. Filadelfia es famoso por “cheese steaks”. Tengo un gemelo. Ella nombre Sophia. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es viente uno abril 1997 ( 21/4/97). Soy morena y artistica. Tambien, soy simpatica y un poquito boba. Mi favorita color es verde. Soy una mezla de razas: Africano-americana y italiana. Me encanta jugar videojuegos y dibujar. Tambien, cuando tengo tiempo libre pasar un rato amigos. Odio ayudar en casa y trabajar y bailar.  Los fines de semana  me gusta domir.  Depende del dia nadar y ir al cine. Me gusta a veces surfear la red. Cuando tengo tiempo libre Me gusta ir de compras. Mi Facebook: "Julia De".

Lo siento, Tengo ir al baño 

¡Adios amiga!

- Penelope :D
"Cheese steak"
4-up on 11-23-11 at 11.08 AM #2
Mï :)
4-up on 11-23-11 at 11.21 AM
Soy y gemelo "Sophia"
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
fences paramore
Stabilo - Flawed Design
Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary
Müsica  :3
Photo on 11-23-11 at 11.59 AM
4-up on 11-23-11 at 12.03 PM
Dibujé esto
Utada - 1. On And On
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Querida Albany Ballestero,

             Hola me llamo Stephanie lin. Estoy de buen humor, tengo dieciséis años, mi cumpleaños es octubre siete. Soy de Nuevo York pero vivo en  Filadelfia. Hace fresco aquí a veces pero también hace calor y hace frío.

Mi interesa surfear la red y estar de vago. No me gusta nada trabajar o practicar deportes. ¿Qué te gusta hacer (en Maracaibo)?

             Mi características, soy baja , asiática , china y tengo pelo negro. ¿ y tú ? ¿ cómo eres?

De vez en cuando mi estar de vago con amigo.  Me interesa dibujar con Qing Chen. Es mi mejor amigo. Ella es baja y Delgada y tímida.

¿qué música te gusta escuchar?  Responde cunada puedas.



                                                                                                            Con cariño,                                                                                                                    Stphane lin

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Photo on 11-1-11 at 11.04 AM
Mi favorita foto.

Querida Génesis,     

¿Cómo estas? Soy Amani. Estoy emocionado a hablar contigo.  Tengo quince años y Mi cumpleaños fue 11/11/11.!Qué chévere!¿Cuando es cumpleaños ? Sabes me vivo en Filadelfia. Es otoño/invierno, por hace fresco. ¿Qué tiempo hace en Maracaibo?

¿Qué te gusta hacer en Maracaibo? Me gusta cantar y como se dice tweet.  Me gusta Adele y Beyoncé. Me encantar Lady Gaga. No me gusta nada correr porque soy muy perezosa. Sin embargo, me gusta bailar. En Filadelfia  chicos y chicas bailar con Jerseymusic. (link to a video of us dancing) . Soy muy baja pero mucho sociable y habladora. No me gusta nada aburrido gentes. Es por eso que mi amigos es loco. ¿Comó eres tú?

¡Ay dios mio! Me casi no recordar mi familia. Me tengo una hermana, Selah.  Es molestón. Tiene tres años. Es mucho cómica , sin embargo antipática. Le encantar juego Angry Birds y escuchar música. No le gusta nada escuchar mamá ni correr. Mi también. ¿Cómo eres sú familia?

Bueno, me voy porque tengo que ir al almuerzo. ¡Adiós!



                                                                                                Con Cariño,



Photo on 11-13-11 at 11.26 AM #2
Mi Hermana, Selah.
Photo on 11-15-11 at 3.26 PM
Solamente mi.
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Tech Project

In this slide I have used all of the methods from Presentation Zen and the slide design website. One of the things that I have learned was that slides have not only text but pictures to support what your slide is showing about your presentation. This method is called Visual Aid. It makes the crowd's attention focus on you and your slide. On Presentation Zen it said here that human's used their sense of looking than any other sense. So you have to add a picture to make that sense even stronger.

I also use the method of using big fonts to make your crowd read less but to think more of how your presentation is like and think of what your presentation represent. In the article about slide design for developers it stated that "letters can be part of an actual presentation". Just like how pictures support the wording on your slide. Words on your slide can also support your visual aid.Also making words bigger in your slide stands out and brings the meaning of your slide out even more.I also leave out lots of space because if you add more and more to your slide. It will cause confusion to your audience.
the best 2
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lobby blog post three


 The status of the Curfew law in Philadelphia is it has been passed by city council, so I would say it was a good year. It is a good year because it passed on October 27th 2011. 14 out of 15 elected officials indicated support of the curfew law.  The curfew law is not a simple issue to get an agreement between citizens of that city. For example if you go up to 10 different people you would most likely hear different viewpoints from all of them on how they feel about the issue.  People who are against this law are were graduate students, activists, a former, public school teacher, and several frequent government critics, including MOVE member Pan Africa and Wali Rahman, an independent candidate for mayor who identified himself as part of the Black is Back Coalition. Despite these individuals being against it the curfew law was passed.

The stakeholders in the curfew law are average citizens, parents, teens, and city council themselves. The curfew law can affect these individuals in a lot of different ways. For example how curfew can affect the average citizen is that they are worried whether their environment is safe to go out for a walk. They do not want to be worried to leave the own house.  Curfew laws affect the parents because it would reflect on the way parents raise their kids whether they could be trusted or not.  Curfew affects teens because it tells them what time they have to be in and certain teens choose to disobey the rules and ruin it for the teens that don’t have anything to do with things.  The curfew law affects city council because they have to keep up on the teens behavior when they have much important issues to work upon instead of worrying about how teens act and behavior this shouldn’t be their responsibility.

Since there are no allies or decision makers to move the main focus is keeping the curfew law from being revisited and city council changing their minds about what they have now.  The main purpose is to decrease the amount of people getting in trouble with this law.

No one is working on this currently since this law has passed on October27th.  Since this law has been passed there would be no reason to coordinate.  The only thing you would have to do is to follow upon the story and if any issues come up they can be addressed if something occurs, then you can coordinate with someone.

A person that I can influence is the mayor City Council. are the two major people that are the most important to be influenced because you do not want them to go back and revisit making them change their mind about what is currently out there now.

As of now there is no time frame. There are no time frames because the law has passed October 27th 2011. If there was something that occurs you can address the issue in that time period.

As of now there are no key dates meetings, committee hearing, deadlines etc.  None of this is happening because the curfew law passed on October 27th. If something was to occur you could always address that issue when it happens then you can have a meeting or hearing about it.


here is a video to check out on this page as well 

People should watch this video because it would help parents make sure their child is safe before sending them out and them getting involved what it happening. (in website please check out)

Michael Nutter51308
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¡Hola Ginny!


Dear Ginny,

   ​¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas? Estoy bastante bien. Mi nombre es Sieanna y tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños el cinco de septiembre. ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? Mi religión es hebreo. ¿Hay prácticas culturales tú eres que participan en, en Maracaibo? Soy de Filadelfia pero vivo en Filadelfia también. Es una cuidad bastante. 
¿Qué tiempo hace en Maracaibo? En Filadelfia, hace lloviendo y bastante frío y nublado también. A mí, está muy mal tiempo. Me odio llueve. Me gusta mucho la primavera. ¡Es bastante bien tiempo por mí! ¡Me gusta mucho escuchar música! ¡Me encantar Michael Jackson, Chris Brown y Hot Chelle Rae. También, me gusta mucho escribir, escribo poesía es mi favorito. Me encantar jugar videojuegos también. No me gusta nada ayudar en casa. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Te gusta escuchar música también? ¿Qué música te gusta escuchar? Yo soy puertoriqueña, africano-americana- una mezla de razas! Soy también muy inteligente porque me estudiar mucho. También, soy mucho sociable porque me encantar pasar un rato con mi amigos. Gusta, cuando tengo tiempo libre, mi y mi mejor amiga Amani, ella es muy bonita y inteligente, nosotros gusta salir y nosotros siempre escribir poesía juntos. Soy más o menos alta y un poquito guapa. ¡También, Soy muy divertida! soy cómica y boba; me encanta bailar en las fiestas de tonto. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que comer y estudiar por escuela. ¡Responde cuando puedo! ¡Hasta pronto! ¡Qué le vaya bien!


                       Con cariño,


P.S. - Mi Facebook es (Bam Fully'Motivated) Mi Twitter es (Bam_TheOriginal) =)
Photo on 11-22-11 at 1.45 PM
AQUI ES MI FAVORITO CONCIÓNS BY Michael jackson, Chris Brown y Hot Chelle Rae:
- ¡Disfrutar!
Michael Jackson - Breaking News
"Breaking News" by Michael Jackson
Chris Brown - Sweetheart [FULL SONG] [Boy In Detention] 2011
"Sweetheart" by Chris Brown
Last One Standing - Hot Chelle Rae w_ Lyrics
"Last One Standing" by Hot Chelle Rae
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Researching the Issue

Middle school athletic cuts have flown under the radar, besides one Philadelphia Inquirer article and the STARs Organization, there has been no attention on it. State legislators Mike O'Brien and Larry Farnese are both against the budget cuts. My opposition was mostly, Arlene Ackerman, who is no longer in power. Yet, the $1 million cut, was possibly the $1 million that Ackerman was paid to leave the district.

There has been no legislation written to fix this, mostly because it hasn't had any attention. If one is written it would most likely have to be done by a school district official. The stake holders are all the legislators that want to make a brighter future for Pennsylvania youth. I need to have Leroy D. Nunery II on my side if I want to have the budget cuts reversed. I honestly don't think anyone can oppose this, because the youth is the future and you see the obesity rates in the current generation of kids. The STARs organization, Sports Teaching and Reaching Students, is an organization that I can work with on this topic. The time frame for this is to fix the budget by August, so that it will be fixed for the 2012-2013 school year. 

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Kashif Ahmad- Fracking in PA Blog Post #3


This year has been a good and a bad year to my lobbying topic. It's been a good year because franking was supported by many people throughout the city such as the gas company, Bob Rucho and others. It also has been a bad year because not everyone has been supporting Fracking. Some of that people are the residents of the areas that tracking is taking place in. One big issue is the contamination of water. People fear that water is going to be contaminated with gas therefore instead of just water coming out from the water pipe, gas will also be coming out with the water. 

On November 20, State Senator Bob Rucho took a tour to the northeast Pennsylvania by Chesapeake Energy, which is the world's top shale gas producer. Now state paid trips has been offering to lawmakers and legislative members so they can see for themselves what actually happens during the franking and so they can permit tracking in different areas. 


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Lobbying 4

2012 for a long time was said to be the big year for gay rights. Several states such as Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, and New Jersey have been working towards positive attntion towards gay rights with the hopes of adding the legalization for gay rights to the ballot that year. New York is the only state that has made progress so far  but hopefully not the last. Lobbyists Ed Crabtree and Theresea Rosenburg have been lobbying for gay rights in local theaters and high population areas hoping to positively influence people on the issue. 



Two presidential candidates are giving a good name to the issue with the upcoming election. John Huntsman and Ron Paul aren’t exactly “supporting” gay rights but they agree that states should have the right to govern that for themselves.  For republicans, this is a huge step. Unfortunately, equally powerful people are on the other side of the spectrum. Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are both powerfully against gay rights but the latter seems to have a huge reserve of force and allies.


Not only does Santorum take a huge stand against anything related to equality for gays, he is a part of the GOP whose current objective seems to ruin Obama’s every attempt at ridding the U.S. of the DOMA and all of its unconstitutionality.

However, allies against the DOMA have recently made progress, having the bill recinded and even passing a vote to give same sex couples social security benefits.  Since the DOMA was originally what gave states huge power in terms of gay rights, its revocation is paving the way for inequality to finally be ruled unconstitutional.

Although it isn’t right, it helps the issue that people speaking badly about gay rights are punished. A    man had his salary cut after speaking out about his dislike for gays and their right to marry. He took his supervisor to court but the simple fact that a stand was taken against it gives hope to many.



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Lobbying Blog #3: The Curfew

Trying to get the full image in without the multimedia embedding code deleted my blog post.  That is why the images are small.


I found this recently and I think it's pretty interesting to note.  For the most part, cities with enforced curfew had a crime rate that lowered from 1999.  San Jose and Long Beach are the exception, and so is Oakland (which had no curfew). 


This is a pretty good year for the curfew law, since it is a very recent thing and lots of officials are right on board with it.  After all, everybody enjoys lowering the crime rate, right?  Right.  The curfew is a very active piece of legislation, and it is constantly being revised now: for example, the curfew times being different for certain age groups.  I don't necessarily agree with this since it encourages judging people by appearance, but a curfew is better than none and if this is what needs to happen, then so be it.  However, the public seems to think differently: they think we should be trying to change these kids, educating them perhaps, and not punishing them.  On the other hand, some very important people support the curfew.

The best thing for me/supporters is, the mayor supports the curfew and actively seeks to improve it.  For someone in favor of the curfew (someone like me, for instance), he is a very powerful ally.  Because he is the mayor.  While Clarke represents my district, he is not quite as influential or powerful as Mayor Michael Nutter.  Nutter recently won his re-election, which is a very fortunate thing for supporters of the curfew.  It extends the time frame quite a bit, actually.


A mayor who does not support the curfew might throw a wrench into the whole plan.  That's why it's important to act quickly.  That's why it's important to convince the people of Philadelphia that the curfew is a good idea that improves our city.  No matter what stance the mayor after Nutter takes, the curfew would have the support of the people and would be very hard to get rid of without any sort of backlash.  In a system that encourages winning the admiration of the public for the sake of reelection, it's important to appease the people.  If the curfew comes to be well-received, it would likely stay in place.  Nutter getting another four years has extended the time frame considerably.  Before, it was a matter of working with a few months.  Now, it's a matter of a few more years.  We have much more time to make people come to see that the curfew is mostly a glorious thing.

It's also important to influence Darrell Clarke, the representative of my district.  It doesn't seem like he ever spoke to the curfew, but he said people have the right to voice their opinions.  It's hard to gauge his opinion from that, but at least if I ever speak to him I might have the chance to get my point across to him.  During the Cold War, the government held an idea known as the domino theory.  They believed that if one country fell to Communism, others would follow in some sort of menacing red chain of dominoes.  Not that the domino theory comes into play quite the same way here, but I think it's reasonable that influencing a district representative would partially influence others.  Any representatives not quite on board with the curfew would likely come to support it if the other representatives do.  It might just take a little push and a bit of convincing, is all.  Like dominoes.

Dominoes with fancy degrees and legal knowledge.

And suits.

Since this is such a big issue, it's a reasonable assumption that the curfew is going to come up at every city council meeting, just as it did right around the time we left during our class trip.
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Rail Transportation Lobbying - Update #3


In this portion of the lobbying task, it was time to investigate the current legislative powers and the likelihood of Amtrak Funding legislation. So far, this appears to be a good year for such legislation. While some members of the House and Senate feel as though the American railroad lines should be sold to private corporations, the majority still feel as though funding Amtrak would be the best for supporting railroad transportation. This is also portrayed in the media, which is covering the issue fairly well. In addition, the key person for new Amtrak legislation is Senator Frank Lautenberg of NJ (of which I am a constituent). This has some benefits and downsides in influencing such passage. While certainly helpful to be able to discuss the issues directly with the congressperson introducing the bill, it is, in common terms, "preaching to the choir." In other words, he doesn't need to be influenced to support such legislation.

The key group lobbying in support of this legislation is the National Association of Railroad Passengers. It would certainly be possible to join efforts with their group to lobby for the common goal of funding railroad transportation. Time spent influencing key legislators necessary for such passage will predominately include discussing the issues with the members of the congressional committee focused on studying the feasibility of railroad privatization and the opposition to such funding in both the House and Senate. While this was one of the primary concerns of congress, the focus has shifted to balancing the federal budget, so this time would be best spent discussing the issues with the committee members and waiting for the federal budget situation to be solved. Since such focus has shifted, there are no current meetings or hearings on the agenda; the committee has already presented their findings in support of Amtrak, but have not determined an appropriate amount.

Overall, there is much support for the issue, especially amongst those who have researched the topic; however, due to more pressing issues, the legislation has been placed aside for issues of greater priority. Once such legislative discussions return to focus on rail issues, the full force of the lobbying can resume.

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Lobbying Blog Post 3 - I Think We Need A New Congress

Originally this blogs' focus was directed to all the fat cats on wall street who did dirty deals that ultimately led to the 2008 recession. Although it is still in the back of my mind I feel that I need to refocus and accept that what is done is done. It is in the past and it is time to move forward into a new prosperous re-emerging economy, right? Wrong.

A lot of people are disappointed in congress, our elected officials, not because they failed but because this seemed like our budgets last hope and they failed. Now if they don't have an answer in a year they will cut a minimum of 1.2 trillion dollars evenly from all U.S. programs regardless of size(Welfare and other very important social services exempt). This has essentially turned into a war between the two sides(like it wasn't before) and sadly to say, a war where you can clearly see news sources take sides point and case. These two articles are just blatant examples of how at war the republicans and democrats are I think the first article says how the republican unwillingness to do something with taxes is the reason we failed. Excuse me if I am speaking too frank but I really don't care which side was the catalyst to the failure, the real problem is the failure itself and congress' inability to fix our problem.

Back to what I said before about congress inability to fix their own problems it is a solution to their incompetence and it is that we lobby for new elected officials. We as a people can say "my elected official is not doing their job, get him out of congress." As I partly expected after learning that Pat Toomey is on congress he is related to congress' inability to fix their financial problems. The super committee is a culmination of six democrats and six republicans who were sent in to balance our budget as a special task force. Now as cool as special task force sounds they failed just like our regular task force and pat toomey was on this so called super committee. Now with the things that I said about him previously and this recent failure I truly think that Pennsylvania would benefit from a change in our elected official. The only people who I can influence are concerned citizens and people who feel that repeated failure is not tolerable.

To end off this I rarely agree with Obama statements but when he said he will veto anything to try to get congress out of this mess the easy way is all I was looking for someone to say. I believe that he agrees with a reelection.

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Lobbying Post #3 - Curfew

Again, my issue is curfew, speaking on how teens will get accused on doing something bad. None of the representatives agree with me, but other philadelphians do. To the government, it may seem like good publicity, but to everyone else it's horrible. Nothing has happened, yet. But if the law gets more out of hand it wouldn't even be an teen flashmob anymore. It probably would be a city flashmob. The government is my opponent. Apparently, I don't have any type of power or authority to change things, but I know someone does.

The people I would have to go to are philadelphians, mostly parents. In my research, parents have more problem with this issue than teens, and it was directed to both groups. Then there's two different parent groups. There's the group that know their kids doesn't do anything, but yet they still get accused. Then there's the parents responsible for their kid's actions, but still have an attitude. I am more on the side of the innocent parents because those are the one who are most involved. The other parents would probably want to start some type of riot. Who knows.

The council members that was a part of this was Reynolds Brown, Miller and Green. All three agree with it, even my own representative of my district agrees with it. But they don't understand ALL of the outcomes.

I can influence teens and parents. Basically, we have two options. We can agree that the government will have a better way to determine where teens are going, or we can all disagree with the way it's being approached. That is my problem with the law. I felt that it was rushed a little. And they don't have a way to determine who's disobeying and who isn't.

I would like to apologize on my other blog post for wrong assumptions. On September 22nd 2011, it was introduced as a bill, which was directed to teens hanging out at City Hall and University City. Recently it was made an official law. It was actually a bill since 2007. By comparing the 2007 bill and the 2011 bill which is now an official law, it became more strict.

There are no meetings coming up on this issue just yet, but what I would like to do is to go to city council and have them listen to why I'm lobbying about this issue.

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¡Hola Ronald Vega! Saludos desde Klarissa.

Querida Ronald Vega,

¡Hola! ¿ Qué mas? Me llamo Klarissa Hudson y tengo 14 años. Me cumple es el Julio 22nd. ¿ Cuåndo es tü cumple? Soy de Filedelfia. Hace mucho fresco pero mucho solo. ¿Que tiempo hace hoy en Maracaibo?

A ella le muy encanta cantar y bailar y escribe y leer. Sin embargo no me gusta nada comer y ir de compras y estudiar. Pero me muy muy muy encanta dibujar y salir con mi novio y escuchar musica y jugar videojuegos. ¿ Y a ti? ¿ Qué te gusta hacer en Maracaibo?

Es bastante baja y extraña. Es también deportista y trabajadora. Es a veces sola y platicar con amigos. Es morena baja marron y marron ojos. Es ademås una mezla de razas. ¿ Y tü? ¿ Como eres?

Bueno, me voy porque tengo que dormir. Adios amigo. 

Con cariño,

                                                                                               Klarissa Hudson
Photo on 11-21-11 at 2.55 PM
Mi amiga Leah y yo. (Left is Leah. Right is me.)
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¡Hola! Mariana Torres.


Estoy tan emocionada de poder escribir. Bien, Mi nombre es Angelina. Soy de Filadelfia se conoce como "La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal." Yo tener dos hermanos y cero hermanas. Mi cumpleaños es 04 de diciembre. Tengo 15 años. lo que me gusta hacer es  platicar con amigos y estar de vaga. Salir con mi novio y ir al cine y hablar por teléfono. No me gusta nada leer y ir a la escuela. Tengo un mejor amigo, pero él murió el año pasado, Se fue a la playa y se ahogó en el agua. Así que perdí a mi mejor amigo. ¿Tienes un mejor amigo? si es así ¿cuál es su nombre¿Qué te gusta hacer? ¿Le gusta practicar deportes como el fútbol? ¿Estás contento de estar yo escribiendoasí que voy a hacer la tarea para escribir de nuevo tan prontocomo puedas!

- Angelina Pingitore :) 

Photo on 10-6-11 at 9.01 PM #5
esta es una imagen de mí y de mi novio^
Photo on 10-17-11 at 10.44 PM #2
^Esta es una imagen de mí, Angelina.^
Photo on 10-18-11 at 2.56 PM #3
Esta soy yo y mis amigos. Estoy en el lado izquierdo en la parte delantera. ^
Screen Shot 2011-10-31 at 10.40.47 PM
Estoy en el rincón de una pequeña caja con mi perro
Photo on 11-4-11 at 10.17 AM
Esta soy yo y mi mejor amigo :) 
"La Ciudad de Amor Fraternal." !
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Kern Clarke - Lobbying Blog Post #3

While there hasn't been an official policy regarding my lobbying topic. There have been many strides to keep that from having to happen. Such as the formation of many different committees and departments that are ​prepared to deal with the current issues with a short term fix.

The allies that are needed in order to help move this issue are people such as the city council members from the respective parts of Philadelphia that are mainly being represented which are most because only Center City isn't being represented. It will also be very helpful if the person in charge of the streets department is Clarena I. W. Tolson was an ally because she is in charge of most clean up projects that happen in the city of Philadelphia, and has a very large following when it comes too those kinds of things.

The main organizations that are working on this issue are organizations such as the PMBC (Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee) and the City Of Philadelphia Streets Department. The Philadelphia streets department are the ones in charge with everything having to do with the streets of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee are a committee are a part of the Streets Department's Sanitation Division. They were formed specifically to allow residents of neighborhoods to take action and organize block cleanings. 

Philadelphia Streets Department:


The person in charge of the streets department is Clarena I. W. Tolson. 

There are many ways to get them to assist me in my lobbying but not directly. For example the have an online request form for traffic control signs. They also have their very own hotline that deals with requesting "curb your dog", and "no littering" signs. They make you contact the PMBC.

Street Sign Form: 
Sanation Street Sign Hotline: 215 685-3981

Philadelphia Greenworks Project: 

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Silverman Q2 Media Fluency

Silverman Q2 Media Fluency
My slide is a direct play off of my English Me Magazine (the two articles with the most focus were about baking scones, and axolotls). I also kept the magazine's original color scheme, so it was a bit tricky trying to keep the contrast balanced so that the dark indigo wouldn't swallow the lighter teal. 

The words AXOLOTLS and LOVE are written over the upper lefthand third of the keynote, so that and the stark colors should help eye movement. Since the cream color used for SCONES is the least exciting though it has the most contrast, I made it the biggest word. In a slightly darker color there is a small mirroring effect, also an attempt to let SCONES have a large impact. Generally, people look at the largest, brightest aspect first and I hoped to use this to my advantage. 

Something like: Suddenly there is a big sign saying SCONES! What ever could it be referring to? 

Also, the different font (which has serifs) also gives the word a more elegant feel which I feel embodies an actual scone; in the same way, the letter font for AXOLOTLS and LOVE are without serifs and are a bit more playful. 

I decided not to use an actual picture as I am unfamiliar with using multimedia in that manner, and it would detract from the overall slide as a result. Using several different colors was my way of creating more interest.
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Lobbying education reform 3

The status of my lobbying topic, education reform is not doing very well as of this year. There has not been much change between the committee and council members that support my topic. There has been a lot of talk but no real action with education reform. President Obama gave a speech in July of 2011 and again on september 23 2011, stating that his administration would provide relief from the no child left behind act, he directed secretary Duncan to move forward with plans to provide flexibility to states looking for greater relief under the law, this law was supposed to make sure that every child got an excellent education. 
         Even though this was set to take place, very little change to be seen. In fact there has been more negative change then positive. Because of the failing economy the Pennsylvania public schools with about $1.5 billion in education sector cuts and a 50% cut for state-owned/funded four-year colleges. This has caused many several schools such as Cardinal Dougherty to shut down. There has been a lot of talk and few meeting about education reform, but no real action has taken place to benefit education. 

           I also found several places during my search, places that I could visit in order to sit in on the meetings regarding education reform. At some of these place if and when I get a chance to speak I will bring up foreign education systems. What is working for the other countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Japan that is not working for the states. During these meeting I also wish to bring up the case of the feeling that the schools bring to kids, and whether we should change it. Whether we want the kids to fear or feel safe in schools, are all things to bring up.                                                                                                                      The representation of US schools in the world community is also of concern and something that should be discussed.  The fact that neighborhood schools in the states are in conditions compared to at times worse then jail is a growing concern. In the past being educated and able to attend school was a privilege and a dream for a lot of kids, now days it is seen as a nightmare waiting to end. Its time to change the views students have on school to a positive one. 

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 10.57.47 PMScreen Shot 2011-11-22 at 10.55.39 PMScreen Shot 2011-11-22 at 10.56.53 PMScreen Shot 2011-11-22 at 10.56.11 PMScreen Shot 2011-11-22 at 10.55.28 PM

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 11.06.28 PM
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