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Where I'm From

I am from dusty drawers that haven't been opened in years,

from wood polish and rags.

I am from the music who has the shame of not being listened to.

I am from the cracks between the sidewalk,

taking in all of the dirt

never forgetting where it came from.

I'm from the squeaky space in the door and under the floor boards.

I'm from the loud and the soft.

I'm from the confused and the straightforward.

I'm from the old and the new,

being told this and that.

I'm from the close and the distant,

from when my and granddad didn't talk for 12 years.

I'm from the knee my grand mom replaced 3 times,

just to walk. 

In my drawer is an envelope,

saving up hope,

pushing keeping in the good, 

not sure if its in my grasp.

I am from 16 years,

feeling like a blink of an eye.

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Where I'm From

Katherine Hatzidais

​I’m from the hills where no flatland survives.

I’m from the green trees and the flowing crick.

I’m from the honeysuckles we use to pick.

I’m from the old country and also from New Jersey.

I’m from potatoes & feta cheese.

I’m from the top shelf where all the treasures are found.

I’m from the neighbors who make all the sound.

I’m from the top of the steps on Christmas day.

From assume you will make an ASS out of U and ME.

But I’m from a place where fun can be.

I’m from the old-fashioned family.

From the ones who don’t belong.

I’m not from the place where good is good enough.

I’m from you won’t survive if you don’t act tough.

I’m from the string bean and meatball dish.

From the stuffed peppers.

I’m not from the American stuffed peppers.

I’m from a pool where family and friends are invited.

I’m from a taco dip that’s oh so tasty.

I’m from the summer where it’s so zesty.

I’m from my bed full of pillows.

I’m from a small town.

But I’m from many places. 

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Where I'm From Marina Pyfrom

I am from a place of toxic air that kills our lungs

from the tragic land of Philly 

West Philly raised me

I am from a place where murders, robbers, and thief's are accepted. 

Idolizing these bad characters on the television 

And then becoming them.

I may be from a neighborhood thats not so good

but I do not let that affect my success

I am child of God.

I am a believer

I will not let negativity mold my personality.

From being told never let a man put his hands on you

I am a witness testifying 

I may not have known the victim personally but I still care

I am from a family that preached the idea of helping others. 

From volunteer work to feeling like its still not enough 

I am a person who hides their emotions

From acting like everything is ok to totally breaking down. 

I am a teenage girl with morals

I am not blinded by the lies and dishonor of boys

I am from a place where the pregnancy rate is increasing

From boys putting fantasy lies in their girlfriend's head. 

To soon being left with a baby and broken heart.

I am from a family that believes education comes first

From long stressful nights of homework 

To being incredibly happy to receiving my report card. 

I am a high achiever 

I am a dreamer

I am from a family where I am accepted for being myself and I love it. 

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I Am From ( Earth Stream ) Keiasha

I am from struggle

Determination to do better than my family members

I can’t count on others but on my self

From tears and laughs

Smiles that are fake as plastic

I’m a goof ball

And serves a fantastic ball as well

And dribbles at my own risk

I am from music that soothes the soul

Where talking to others is hard

Who mom expects everything from you

Who little brother is just annoying

And my little sister who I call “Girl”

Working and Learning a priority

Christians who believe in God

Where pizza and hot dogs are a main food

Guess its just our favorite

I am from almost drowning in a pool

From always being the short chubby girl

Now I am the one they want

I am from a dangerous place

But the people only see that

Not the good in the area

I am from doing what I love most

Living and caring for those who care for me

I’m from things that turn into disasters

Hard to over come things

But do live through the hard times

I am from “ what if my father would love me “

Never had one to do so

Whom mom struggles but it strong

I’m from a life where wrong is right and right is wrong

Either way, I am from me and I plan to stay that way

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I am from ..

​I am from the thick,

Smoke filled air choking your lungs.

I’m from the there’s no tomorrow,

So today it must be done.

I am from the walls that scream,

The floors that hold tears,

I’m from the roller-coaster life.

That never has one theme.

I am from the rough, dry rocky ground

That grazes the sol of your feet like sandpaper.

I’m from the over salted food

When everything tastes like a caper.

I am from the cry and die

The gay no way

no shame to the name.

or it will be the last you say.

I am from the microphone with no sound.

i am from the guitar that’s missing one string.

I am from the house that has no doors.

I am from a some sort of some thing 
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I am from Maddie walls


I am from the big blue house at the hill,

That old front door that never opens.

I am from the big backyard which always

Held way to many kids.

The trampoline everyone wanted.

I am from secret attic trips, dyer rides,

 and roof top adventures.

 the craziest big brother ever.

I am from “but I gave her a pillow” and

 “you fell down again”.

I am from scootty shamaster, kiki, 

and grandmoms with a thousand names.

I am from big family get togethrs

And families stick together.

i am from ninja Barbies,

 toys in freezers CSI investigations.

I am from queen of the boys

And everyone’s princess.

I am from quiet corners

And sleeping standing up.

I am from the halls of an old cathiloc,

Strict straight stand still lines.

I am from long walks holding hand I love yous,

Best parents a kid could have

I am from love in good times and bad,

One big crazy family

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Bernicia Guercio "Where I'm From"

Where I’m from (Definitely not from Earth)

I am from the love, desire of two others

From something that once was

I am from the Brady bunch

From three brothers and two sisters that drive me insane

I am from polish wood stocks and barrels

From the bullets that drop to the ground

From the trees that tell stories

I am from the blue

From the blue trucks, blue cabin, blue container

I am from the names

From Gersh Berry, Tony, Tonia, Ant, 

From Fat boy, Pete, Chunk, Bebop, Ella bella

And the miss pronunciation of my name

I am from the family that made enough food to feed an army

For our army of eight

I am from the cuts and bruises that didn’t hurt

From the toughing up, don’t be a baby, wimp

I am from the scratches on the hard wood floors that tell history

From the mocha colored walls that argued

And the refrigerator that died like seven times

I am from the laughter of my Bebop

From the joy that one look brought

I am from time

From the time we all laughed

The time we all crying

The time I fell and they helped me up, the time they didn’t

The oh yeah times to the oh damn ones

I am from the loving every moment

I am from hating every moment

I am from the time that passes

One day everything I have will be gone.

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Where I'm From_Manna-Symone Middlebrooks

​I am from speech,

from manners and smack talk.

I am from the slap in the face

(Swollen, throbbing, it tasted like freedom)

I am from blueberry bushes 

the Cranberry bog 

whose waters disrupted my reflection I remember

as if my own image of me was unsure.

I'm from 5- Flavor Pound Cake and casted broken limbs

From Heffas and Booty Scratchers.

I'm from the get it dones 

 and shoulda-woulda-couldas 

from Fake it! and Own it!

I'm from let the church say……Aaaamen

with a sip of blood wine 

and holy ghost dances or preaching fits reenacted for fun.

I am from Sweet Cheeks and Hot Fudge sundae

From candy, diabetic sweet potato pie and flavorless soul food.

From the buds my grandmother lost 

to the hunger,

the freckles misplaced located on legs.

I dream of the world in a box

chaotic organization,

confused orientation

suspend themselves.

I am from a time--

lost in time--

searching for past, future, and present reality

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Where am From - Allison Patterson

Allison Patterson

Where I am From

I am from rock albums and records
I am from Allison Road and the Gin Blossoms
From guitar players named Rachel and actresses named Zoe
I am from Dr. Scott and Rocky
From Janet and Brad
I am from Halloween weddings and living a walk from your old high school
I am from nurses and coffee
From Wawa hogies to East Falls
I am from home coking and gardening
From straight A’s and college degrees
I am from sleeping late and Sunday breakfast
And waffles made right at home
I am from hurricane cookies and milk
Trips to Delaware and gorgeous beach homes
I am from funny moments and inside jokes
Family memories and lots of laughs
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Where I'm From - Cyndi Lynn Sheridan

Cyndi Lynn Sheridan
English 3 - Rami
September 8th, 2011

Where I’m From

I am from the bright city of brotherly love.
The moments I create,
the breathes I take, and
the love I share
it all relates back to who I am-
no matter where.
I am from the traditions I speak,
the religiously unforgotten savior I seek.
I am from the arms of an angel,
glistening confidence that strengthens my entire day.
I am from the pizza aroma
that fills each Friday evening with tummies of delight.
I am from the anxious soul
who’s heart beats rapidly each
Christmas morning, and
Thanksgiving feast.
I am from the heart of steal,
that is never broken nor shattered through
obstacles of fear.
I am from the friendships that change
but hold a deeper lesson within the pain.
I am from the challenges I set,
to the journeys I take.
Supported by a family ever so great.
I am from the place I call home.
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"Where I'm From" by Justin Pullins

Where I’m From
by Justin Pullins

“I’m from the living room designed be an inviting,
where a portrait hangs above the sofa.

From my desk, my movie collection, my book-self, my possessions,
I’m from Tammy, Bryant, Marie, Kiemp, Dorthy and Walter,
From Spring Breaks in the Poconos,

From hard work, independence, responsibility, and respect,
I’m from snack foods and Kindergarten memories,
From the Northeast, with its hot summers and cold winters,

From the best of the business world, and the bluest of collars
I’m from the world where television and films are gods,
From memories that grow with wisdom.”
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Where I'm from by Maggie Long

I am from the bugs and insects,

the lawns and trees.

I am from know-it-alls and wanna bes,

I’m from the 2 car house and swingsets.

Im from stars and late nights,

And carnivals for school.

I am from Allentown.

Im from friends next door and diversity when I walk down the street.

I am from the city where I make friends everyday.

I am from the trees being bombarded with gum,

Big ducks going down the street.

I am from, “Where is the constitution center?”

Im from the block parties and college parties.

The flags of each school coloring the city.

I am from the homeless trying to get pity.

Im from the cornerstores supplying lunch for kids,

 and thrift stores supplying clothes.

I am from the sprinklers in the streets and the water hose.

I am from “Do you want fries with that?” and culinary masterpieces.

Im from Cheese steaks and football Sunday.

I am from Philly.



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Where I'm From by Kimberly Cayamcela

I am from humblesness 
form music and laughter
I am from hard work and strength
(delicious smells, friendly hearted)
I am from the empire state of mind
the city that never sleeps, the multi-
cultural people i'd see will forever stand in 
my memories.
I;m from the skies, grown up with lies,
that not everybody is a friend but an enemy
My family comes from dopey, grumpy, and doc
too funny, close-minded, and old
I'm from the South Americas
from eating empanadas, hot chocolate and
home made bread, from the sweats ,y 
father took, and the screams my mother cried
Above the thoughts my father had, there
lied silence a man who had to learn a total different language

I am from love  a family who will always stay strong
i am from ambitious a young woman who has come to this country to succeed
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Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I’m from tree to tree
home before the street lights
wash your hands before dinner
elbows off the table
From Mr. Magic
Morning Dance
Mrs. Jones
What You Won’t Do For Love
I’m from calling shotgun
but still sitting in the back
From Secane
To Germantown
Willow Grove Ave
To Arch Street
Clarinet to Sax
Back to Clarinet
Back to Sax
I’m from discontinued Teddy Grams
Breakfast for dinner
Chicken flavor ramen
I’m from 130.

Daniel Wirt- Where i am from

I’m from soccer to baseball
From sunshine to rainfall
I’m from a boring city
Stuck in the USA

I’m from weekends by the beach
I’m from the sting of the jelly fish  
I’m from the scent of the sea water

I’m from a one man house
From  dogs, to fish, to cats
I’m from editing videos to video games
From getting straight A’s

I’m from bike rides that last 30 miles
I’m from runs that last 13
I’m from a full active life

I’m from listening to songs about “bitches”
From listening to the soothing sound of the violin
I’m from a country with a lack of knowledge
From a country that knows everything
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Where I'm From

I’m from Row Homes
where you can hear the arguments next door.
From clothes on the bed, pillows on the floor, a hinge with no door.
“When your room is clean for a month you’ll get it back!”
I’m from T-bones, So-suns, Ray-Rays
You name it, we have it!
I’m from game nights every other Sunday
Your family against mine.
From Christmas at my house and Thanksgiving at yours
But lets leave so we don’t have to help clean up.
I’m from “Lil Mama this and Lil Mama that.”
from Church and your best outfit on Sundays
I’m from Macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and chicken.
From Barney at night and Teletubies in the morning.
I am from a loving family. One I will never give up.
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Where I'm From (A Slam Poem)

[Freedom Time_Snippet]

Stand up 

And recite the dysfunctional religion created by 

People referred to as Master 

Plastered words into our minds to believe 

That our existence on this earth was a mistake, a sin 

Barefoot our ancestors walked for miles and miles 

With back scars screaming for a voice to save the child 

The same child birthed by a raped negro mother 

That negro child gave birth to a child and that child 

Without a father -

Wonder why teenage fathers of today run away from their responsibilities 

These slave masters were pimps before black folk even thought of the name

I often shun my head away from the black community in shame 

Obama cannot  redeem us as Harriet Tubman freed us 

They inflicted words into our throats to make us believe we need Jesus 

Looking above the sky to the north star, wade in the water 

The same waters that trouble us to this day because we sink in our ignorance 

Frolicked pieces of paper represented our freedom 

One signature by one Master and we thought our shackles were lifted 

Not as in smoking, but as in without the slightest clue that we will never be -


[A Natural Blessing]

Someone explain the N-word 

Not Nigga but Nappy 

Afro-picks to the kinks make the curls so happy 

Natural is beautiful, even if you refuse to represent it 

Admit it, no relaxer can change the pigment around your laughter 

Skin color is irrelevant 

But unruly heads make society so tender, 

It's a hec-a-hard to separate the ignorant, 

Oops, I meant the "ignant" to the melanin 

Fists of pride we were discovered in 

Still had origin when stripped of rights by the government 

Motivational speakers, activists, we were all of them 

Even with the two strand twists, locks, braids, cornrows, afros, blow-outs & hot-combs 

Hair will never define our capabilities 

So don't limit me to stereotypes because of my originality 

Personality is more than a clenched fist and a microphone, 

And if you don't like it, then you can close your eyes or go home 

Cause I'm gonna wear my afro, you ain't gotta ask bro 

I was born Proud and Pride was a given 

I won't give in to a limited standard 

Straight hair won't tame me, 

A nappy head won't change me 

Accepted or Rejected, 

I am a Natural Blessing 

[Art of Noise]

I'm from a place so authentic that it would be too disrespectful to describe with my intelligence 

So listen with your eyes and see with your ears the feel of what my truth might reveal: 

All of my Grandmother's children have soul from our 8-counts to the bend in our toes 

Arches on our feet so we don't stomp on the spirits setting us free 

Torchetaes and pottybooraes 

We knew these words before we could spell them, let alone pronounce them 

Our rhythm rampaged through our hearts 

There was no such thing as a break 

Next was the buffalo shuffle, another 8-count 

While we could still feel the vibrations from our tap shoes in our sleep 

Every Saturday was a ritual for repentance 

The minute your heels touch the floor of the studio, 

Your sins forgotten, forgiven 

For now is the world that you live in 

For the next 34 saturdays of the year,  


Nothing else matters. 


I'm from a place where I'm not accepted for who I am. In some way, shape or form, I am always picked apart for my skin color, originality or my body type. So where I'm really from is a phrase. 

"It ain't where you from, it's where you at…"

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Where I'm From - Jessica Hinton

I am from a popular city.

Warm Summers, a rainy Spring, and a snowy Winter.

I am from Monument road, where the leaves and flowers

scatter the yard.

I am from "dust this, clean that, do this, do that"

I'm from New Year's Day brunch

with people filling the house.

I'm from hands on waist

Arms Crossed, stern look disciplinarians.

Church going, "Amen"

and prayer reciting Christians.

From the strong veterans

serving our country

and protecting the family.

I am from great cooks and amazing bakers

sending beautiful scents around the house. 

From the Davenports from Virginia

with a poultry farm

and many acres of land.

I am from loving friends 

who are there to talk and laugh whenever we need it. 

I am from singers, dancers, and musicians

performing their talents for many to see.

I am from family that sticks together through the 

ups and downs. 

I am from a strong, powerful, and diverse lineage.

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Where I'm From

i am from reggaeton music dale papi,
with the depths of the roots,
old and new
school, books, ipods
what makes me move is what i am

bellydancing, Shakira mah inspiration!
Argentina, spanish, abuela i’m from
philly to the depths and lights

hurts and pain
from my cousin
lives day by day in our hearts

i’m from empandas
whose insides are delicious
of variant fillings

By: Michelle Torelli
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Where I'm From

I’m from waking up at 5:50 wondering “Where the time go?”

From 40+ growing exponentially it seems

Family I mean 

From people I seem to contrast drastically 

Where I’m may not say much,

To my aunt’s got a whole novel, and then some 

I’m from my grandparents who lived nearly a century 

Who seem to have left behind ever more than they thought they would

I’m arguing about who would kill who: “Batman or Goku?” 

Not realizing, better yet, not caring we’ve got work to do. 

I’m from walking in back, because apparently I walk too slow. 

“And we’re in the back AGAIN.” Stephen says. 

Making jokes at the people in front, 

They know we’re talking about them, but that’s the fun right? 

I’m from never getting any work, when my friends are around

I’m from a point in which I thought I couldn’t escape 

Told I was too quiet, or stupid 

Second I open my mouth: “Wow he’s really smart!” 

Really? I didn’t know. 

Sorry I wasn’t born with the size of a dart 

I’m from straight D’s to straight A’s

Haha, I lie, there may be few B’s in there 

I’m from seeing my friends all set on their careers and life choices 

But all I want is to experience everything

Visit everywhere, do everything

Well, not everything but you know what I mean

I’m from me, where are you from? 

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Where I'm from

I’m from the birth of People

I’m from the home land.

I’m from dirty fields.

I’m from blood sweat and tears.

I’m from a home filled of amazing smells

And, dirty socks.

I’m from a loving family.

Who I want to kill

But, always in goodwill

They only want me to fulfull

Everything that I’m capable in.


My bed, my lovely bed

With Red sheets

So loving, so amazing

When I come home tired it’s blazing with delight

I just want to cuddle with it forever.



I’m the most delicious food you’ll ever eat.

It’s amazing and I can only find it in my amazing house

Her spouse is an amazing guy.

He’s my dad, and I love him

But, he can be an ass.

I’m Mohamed, and I love my House!

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Where Im From

I am from a religious mom
A playful dad and
Loud, Annoying siblings running around
Where everything is everywhere
Where nothing can be found
I’m from a family
where food is everything
Mixed-Tradional foods, should I say
Indian and Tibetan
- A Mixed Cultural family
I’m from inner city, where
No one knows their neighbors!
I’m from different country
with a complete different background
From the rest of the kids in here
where everybody knew each other
I’m from a veteran dad
who cares about health
if I were a little out of shape,
he’ll say “Bhumo la, you need to cut down on that food”
Or “You better start working out again”
I’m from a spiritual mom
who always quotes “God”
who always loved me more than anything.
I’m from a small blue room
with a small television
always on disney channel
I’m from a school
filled with talented students
I’m from making my head
bigger and bigger, day by day.
I’m from an english class
with us writing a poem
called “I am from..”

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Msanders poem

I am from a stereotype.
where I’m suppose to do this.
I am basketball court
to make every shot
even though I can’t.
I am from the joint
that my neighbor smokes everyday
I am from the joint
that my other neighbor smokes everday
I am from the lone kid
who watches his neighbors
smoke and drink.

But even though I live hear.
I would change nothing about it.

I am from neighborhood
who watches for me.
I am from a buddies
who would fight for me.
I am from a loving family.
who cares and loves for me

I am from a tradition
of neighborhood sport parties.
I am from a tradition
of neighborhood fried chicken.
I am from a tradition
of neighborhood love.
I am from a tradition
of family Christmas.
I am from a tradition
of family Easters.
I am from a tradition
of family Thanksgiving dinners.

I am from the bads.
I am from the goods.
I am from a family
Full of neighbors.
I am from a neighborhood
Full of familes

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Where I'm From by Morgan Marant

I’m from out of service SEPTA lines
and traffic jams on the expressway
I’m from the hustle and bustle of a city
From West Philadelphia born and raised
Said a famous actor
But that’s my story
I’m from the hood fireworks before independence day
From little girls double dutch on cracked concrete
From manhunt games going into wee hours of the morning
From a type A mother
And a hang-loose father
From two complete opposite sides of the spectrum
Im from snapping peas women
And washing collard greens in the bath tub
I’m from church on Sunday
Bible study Wednesday with a youth group who is nothing but callow
From retreats to hiking, biking and fishing
I’m from a city where nature & a city is no more then a mile away
I’m from a town who bands together in the face of injustice
I’m from a family who does nothing but support me
I’m from a school where being quirky and outlandish is the norm
From a world where technology is on the rise
From a mind where intelelect is the only answer
From a street where crime is only a stereotype and not a fact
From a father who protects me
I am from blessings and miracles  
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Where I'm From, By Sasha Sapp

Where I’m From: By Sasha Sapp


A once quaint streak of depressingly similar 18ft wide, boxy, West Philly row homes-

now infested with the bellows of


Is where I’m from.

Where voicing verbal lashes of insults with your very best friends are the norm.

And if the insult wasn’t “good enough” then

“That shit was ass”

is the retort for your failed attempt of humor.

Yep, I’m from

Teeth chattering and hand numbing winter nights of 20 and below

On a cold and unwelcoming cemented porch

Where adolescents bundle air tight with each other’s limbs and torsos

like horror-struck kindergarteners

clinging dearly to their mothers with a suffocating iron grip on the first day of school.

Where being together in the cold of the night was more important then being warm, cozy and sane


I’m from

“Yo, what’s ya name?” and “Damn, who’re you?”.

Where apparently silence isn’t taken as “I’m clearly NOT interested”.

I’m from summers of sweating puddles, shopping obsessively, and

Singing badly.

I’m from persistent car alarms screeching ear-popping pitches,

all because our football decided to take air in its own route.

Where shades of mocha, caramel, and vanilla

strut underneath towering tracks of the EL,

pushing aside outward differences for a mere moment-

is where I’m from.

Yeah, I’m from

Horrendous animal nicknames, tedious trips to the “Papi’s”, and

hyena-like fits of laughter with my very best friends.


I believe I’m from those days

with my very best friends.



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