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Melanie Harrington Q2 Media Fluency

In my slide i made the title large so that the audience is drawn to it. Surrounding the slide are little "me"'s . I used repetition and designed the "me"'s to travel in a circles so that each me would lead into the next. Then, i wrote some words that described me. The end of each word lead the readers eyes right into the begining of the next one.
Melanie Slide
​After some thought and constructive criticism from my peers, I decided to make some changes to my slide. First off, I noticed that my picture was not aligned with anything in the slide, so I moved it over to aligne it with the green text box. When I moved my picture over, the words shifted so that "responsible" was overlapped with the "me's" on the side. I changed "responsible" to "dancer" so that it fit in the slide and all the words were about the same length. Also, I had to aligne "cat"  because it was off on it's alignement to the word "caring".  
Revised Melanie Slide

Micah Getz Q2 Media Fluency

I used a bunch of different things for this. 

I used:
  • Rule of thirds
  • Make type big
  • Visual theme
  • Color schemes
  • Keep it simple, a point from this web site.
Micah's Tech Me!
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Q2 Media Fluency

The size portion of my slide was very important. I tried to make whatever parts of my slide that had text in it, big and readable from maybe about 5 feet away. I tried to make this slideshow as bright as possible. I made sure that all the colors mixed and looked well together, and that there were a few colors and pictures that actually popped out first to the reader’s attention. I also tried to make this slide very visual. As you can see, there are a lot more pictures on here than text, which should better catch people’s attention and keep it. Honestly, if there was a slide with mainly text, it would be very boring and dull. There was a lot of bleeding within the pictures as well. Most of the pictures don’t fit in the “frame” which makes it more engaging, and making the image seem a lot larger. I don’t like empty space, and felt like empty space shouldn’t be on my slide, so that’s why there is none. The visual theme was just basically me and my life, so everything that was put on here had a personal connection with my life.


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Amy Chen Q2 Media Fluency

During my final copy
I took out the picture that are not needed 
I also took the idea that my classmate gave me like make the picture bleed
I keep my slide short with using 3 major sports 
I also change the color of my picture and background 
I kept my text large and baby blue because I want the audience to focus on it 
that is pretty much 


As you can see I change my slide 
I change my color of the background 
and i eliminated the picture that are not needed 
I also made my words bigger 
and using less word
the reason why the color on my background is tan is because i want to start to blend in with the background
I keep my front a baby blue so the audience can focus on it 
I use the rule of 7 words only
because i want to keep it basic 

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 12.33.04 PM

As you can see, in my slide you see a check sign or a nike side
the reason why I put this in the middle is because it lead you to the path
when you look at the slide
you see the arrow that point to the top 
well, when you look at my slide and follow the arrow
you see the football, baseball and the basketball
its like a circle so when you follow the circle 
it lead you to my favorite position that i play in these sports
as you can see in baseball my favorite part is catching the ball
and in basketball my favorite part is shooting the ball
and in football my favorite part is catching the ball 
another reason why i put the nike sign is because 
nike is a brand with all sports stuff
and when it come to sport
i always go to nike and shop
so not does it just describe my favorite sport
but also describe my favorite brand 

Me slides
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I chose this picture because it defines what i like the most in this world... gymnastics. it doesn't have a lot of words so its short and simple. The quote is my favorite quote becuase its exactly how i feel.
tech slide
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Media Fluency

I added the things i did to my slide because I wanted to easily and simply show my love for photography. I did not use a lot of words because I didn't want people to focus on the words, just on the photos, and me talking.

-The fist photo I added was taken in Cap Cod last summer.
-The second photo I added was taken at the Grand Canyon last December.
- The Third photo I added was taken at the Grand Canyon last December.
- The forth photo I added was taken In Florida last April.
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Alexis Dean Q2 Media Fluency

When designing my slide, I used many of the tips and tricks from presentation zen to improve my already thought out design. The rule of thirds was a major slide setter for me. Meaning that I wanted balance to my slide as well as my world and I feel like the way that I arranged my pictures and my phrases and/or names on my slide would ease the way the audience viewed my slide. I also incorporated empty space and negative space into my slide because I could have made a collage for my presentation slide, but I wanted to to be audience friendly as well as an expression of me. I choose empty space because I feel like that is the way I live my life. In certain points having surroundings at all moments/areas and then whenever I feel be able to have my own empty space. I used tracking for my letters instead of kerning because I dont like when things are uneven or even just a little bit off. (I guess that's my ocd for ya lol) Other than that I used something called the 7 x 7 rule for my one slide to describe myself. The 7 x 7 rule states that there should be no more than 7 words on a slide other than the title. On my slide, there is exactly 7 words that all have many descriptive ways to explain myself without making my slide look junky.
Alexis's FInal Slide
From the Classroom discussion, I learned alot and received some really good feedback from my peers. The things I changed to make my slide better where getting rid of the words that I used to describe me and to have the pictures bleed into each other to each other to create more of a collage effect and to make my slide pop. In class I learned that less is more and by making your pictures bigger and having them bleed, creates for a really good slide and that was our mission. To become good designers.
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Alex Held's Slide

Things that made my slide better were the following:

- few words

- big letters

- pictures

- things that appeal to the viewer

- eye-catching material

    When I started designing my slide, I wanted to create something that personified who I was and what makes me up- what I do and see almost every day of my life. I wanted to make something original that told who I was without writing a paragraph about myself. I used many of the helpful tips on the Presentation zen website to guide me in creating a productive slide. I used the 7x7 rule to limit the words I have on my slide. It states to have no more than seven words on my slide. I wanted to keep it short and to the point just like the "glance media." I also incorporated the "rule of thirds" into my slide by using both images and text to lure the eye into the slide. Again, using the tips, I utilized the "blank space" and "one slide, on point" rules to the best of my abilities. I left blank space because those are the things in my life that I do cherish, some more than those that I put on my slide, but I know deep down that they do mean more to me and do not necessarily need to be displayed. I also just wanted to get my point across and not say much at all.

    On my revised slide I added a black fill to the blank spaces with colors that did not fit in with the rest of the slide as I was commented on during my presentation. 
Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 12.32.44 PM
My Slide
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Kenny Nguyen Q2 Media Fluency

I tend to talk about my slide with reasoning of why I put each picture by using some of the vocabulary words from "Presentation Zen" and a resource of my own. Notice I didn't include a lot of words because I think that pictures mean more than just words, and pictures are more attractive. :)


What I changed about my slide is that I added more pictures. I took out the "I love pop music" picture because it doesn't fit in with the slide and the other pictures. The slide don't flow along with that picture. I moved my picture to the center of the slide so that it would stand out. I learned not to add too many pictures to the slide. It would draw the attention away, like the main idea. I also learn to keep it simple and to make the slide make sense.

Screen Shot 2011-12-12 at 12.38.15 PM
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Alyssa Winner : Q2

Some of the things to make my slide more effective and that looks nice were things such as: 
- not using many words
- a lot of pictures
- no cartoon pictures
- didn't use effects
- used colors that fit well together 
- the font fits the slide well 
- no music or videos

and the one from class 
Keynote about ME for tech
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Me Slide and Script

I chose this layout because it is eye-catching and simple. The colors bring out each other and allow the viewer to take in the image in a short amount of time. This is my full name and this quote represents who I am and who I strive to be. I created this based on information attained from, and
HULL - ME Slide
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Lobbying Blog #3

Johniera McClain
American Government

Blog Post #3 Lobbying: Street Clean Up 

 The status of legislature pertaining my lobbying topic is not necessarily well this year. As for the people in council that supports the lobbying topic, there has not been much done and said that supports the issue that apparently is at hand. Honestly, if contacted possibly that would change because there even is a Committee on Streets & Services that hold Chair, Vice Chair, and Members that are dedicated to help support the streets of Philadelphia and also try hard to prevent an unsanitary environment. The opponents that may thwart the succession of my lobbying topic would of course be the people of Philadelphia. Sadly, they may be the biggest opponents that I have although, if more legislation such as founded before ( ( the City of Philadelphia and their Philadelphians would be more submissive to keeping their city cleaner.

             Definitely the skateboarders in this issue would be the people of the Committee on Streets & Services. ( Closer to me would be of course be the Vice Chair (Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez). She is the councilwoman of the 7th district in which I do reside in. She indeed would be someone that I would and need to move that would be a decision maker. The issue that I do have with the city, I believe is not necessarily a controversial topic. I think it is reasonably fair and agreeable. I do not think I would have many or even at all any allies.

             A peer of mine that would definitely be someone I could possibly coordinate in this issue would be a dear friend of mines names Rashaun WIlliams.( He is one of the founders of Phresh Philadelphia. Phresh Philadelphia is a non-profit organizations which is developed and motivated behind three very important goals; Community Development, Community Clean-Up, and Community Empowerment. Rashaun is someone as well that I do know that is passionate about the similar issues at hand in Philadelphia.

           I can and in dire need to influence the people of PHILADELPHIA. With that, some things that I should do is go to the city council meetings and go right to them and get suggestions on what I could possibly do to help with the public contribution of Philadelphia, cleaning wise. Hopefully that may spark some ideas with legislation and help move people in authority engage on my lobbying topic. As of currently there are a City Council Meeting that can be attended on December 7th at 10:00 am that is the meeting of the Whole Council. (

        There are not any specific time frames, although I know personally I will get some information that I gather and present it thus forth at the meeting of the whole council at their next meeting. 

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Liza Cohen Quarter 2 Media Fluency

I chose to make my slide look this because I wanted it to be a clean looking advertisement while saying everything that is needed to say about me. I chose the background to be white because it is a very clean color and it goes with everything. I made my name and title black because it contrasts really well with white. I wanted my name and title to be the same font because I didn't think it was necessary to make it all fancy, with different fonts. I just three simple pictures and make them big so they stood out, without being too much. 


I made the changes to my new slide based on learning from my other classmates presentations. I learned to make my slide as simple, clean, and understanding as possible. My slide was already clean and simple to begin with, but nothing is ever perfect. So, I decided to revise my slide just a little bit more. I took out one of my pictures, because it just wasn’t necessary. I changed the color of my background because just because white goes with everything, doesn’t mean its that attractive. I changed the background to orange because its an appealing color and it stands out. I decided to even delete another picture, because the colors of the picture just weren’t clashing with my background. I enlarged the last picture I had and deleted my name and title. This give my slide a fresh and appealing look. In conclusion, this is how I improved my slide and now it looks great!

me slide hull tech
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Lobbying Blog 3: Safe Chemicals Act

This is a good year for my lobbying topic. In fact, I am hopeful that the Safe Chemicals Act will be passed this year. There are a few reasons for this optimism. Firstly, I found my topic through an article in Scientific American, which means that the bill has been in the news. The article made some suggestions for the improvement of the bill, but was definitively supportive. Secondly, my bill has strong allies in the Senate, where it currently awaits a vote. Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey first introduced legislation related to toxic chemical control in 2005, and has been fighting for the idea continually. 

On the 17th of November, there was a hearing about the bill. I was able to find the video of the hearing online. Lautenberg opened with remarks about the bill's history. He explained that he'd talked to Republicans about making the bill bipartisan, and talked to Chemical Industry companies about their suggestions, too. He also said that most of the Democrats on the Committee for Environment and Public Works have become cosponsors of the legislation. There are 12 cosponsors in total. In fact, OpenCongress does not list any organizations currently opposing the bill! Despite all this, major chemical companies are not in full support of the bill. In the November 17th hearing, American Chemistry Council President and CEO Cal Dooley talked about his problems with the Safe Chemicals Act. He said that the bill "remains very similar to the bill which was introduced in 2010, which we consider unworkable." Most of his problems with the bill hinged on the tough standards for data and regulation, many of which would be difficult for the EPA and chemical industries to meet. However, he seemed to be willing to work with Lautenberg and other senators to make the bill more workable.

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 2.49.38 PM
Senator Lautenberg (above) and the President and CEO of the American
Chemical Council (below) speaking at a hearing on November 17th.
Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 2.56.26 PM
I know a lot about the history of the Toxic Substances Control Act, which the Safe Chemicals Act would override, and know that the chemical industry played a large part in writing that bill. I am worried that the Safe Chemicals Act could go the same way as it's predecessor, and end up as a basically useless measure. For this reason, I need to advocate for the bill in its current, strong form.

Although there are twelve senators cosponsoring the legislation, none of those senators are from Pennsylvania. I can write to Bob Casey and ask him to cosponsor the bill, or at least to pledge his support. I could also write to Pat Toomey, but I am doubtful that he will support the legislation. I recently saw an advertisement of his that was paid for by the petroleum industry. I was not able to find the ad online, but did find an article about the American Petroleum Institute's advertisements for Toomey and various other candidates. This makes me think that Pat Toomey cares more about big companies and industries than environmental or citizen health. I can still write to him, and explain my position.

When I first started to research the Safe Chemicals Act, I found the website Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. This site is an effort to pass legislation like the Safe Chemicals Act, and they have a sign-up for interested citizens. I already gave them my email, so I will be receiving updates on the bill's progress and opportunities to help. I also can write a letter to my Senators through their website. The website even has their own celebrity: Jessica Alba is working to push the Safe Chemicals Act through Congress!

One of the features on their website allows visitors to send a message to senators Casey and Toomey. I have not decided whether to send the senators a message through the website, or whether to send them one on my own. Either way, I will certainly be adding my voice to the many who call for the Safe Chemicals Act to be passed. 

I was not able to find any upcoming dates for meetings, committee hearings, deadlines, or anything like that. However, during the November 17th hearing, Senator Lautenberg said that he would be calling for a vote in the Senate soon. Because of this, I need to act now! At the moment, the only person I can influence in particular is Senator Bob Casey, by asking him to cosponsor the bill. I think that, with enough pressure from Pennsylvanians, Casey would support the bill. Pat Toomey, on the other hand, will probably not. I can still send him a message, to show my beliefs.

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My Monologue..

Love or Logic.






The blood flows in, then out, then in, and out again. It never stops. I’m always here. I support you. I keep you healthy. I keep you...alive!




So why…when I simply try to help the girl along, do you say no? Why must you constantly say no to my ideas/shoot me down?! She loves him! So when I say go ahead, do what I say, I know what’s right…. must you tell her to “stay strong”!?

Your idea of moving on, is turning the other cheek, simple as that.

It’s not that simple though! You don’t know love! The pain to  “Keep her head up”,  and have every other friend tell her ..:” Well next time it will be better…”, to move on...get over it. It hurts!

 (Screaming with anger)

She doesn’t want to! Can’t you feel her crying those tears every night!

(Speaker get’s quieter, calmer)

I can…They’re for him. She loves him. Let her love him...please?

I’m begging you…I rarely do that. you usually are right, but this is different.

It’s love. I know love, I breathe it, feel it, live it.

(Takes a moment, as if they’re listening to someone, rolls eyes after.)

Okay, so yeah you’re the “mother board” ( actually do the quotes sign here), the big commodity around here, I get that. But maybe you don’t know everything! Maybe I’m right this time. Love is my thing, and it’s clear she’s in love with him. Yes, yes, I hear you, I know he hurt her, but maybe he’s changed. Maybe he’s a better person now. People change all the time. What if he’s the one? And your getting in the way of that, your telling her to walk away. You could be ruining it for her!


( stops to listen, as if someone else is talking, then madly replys)

No, Of course I don’t like seeing her get hurt, how could you even say that!

But pain is a part of everything, especially love!

As long as she makes the right decision ….the pain will be worth it.

I think he cares. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe your right, but look at her, when she hears his name, her eyes light up, even I get excited…

So maybe this one time, I am right, maybe this time she can listen to me, people tell her to listen to her heart, they’re right. So you’re the brain, logic isn’t always right…love isn’t about logic…it’s about so much more than that.


Even if I am wrong, it won’t have happened for nothing, because if she doesn’t go after him now, she’ll always wonder. It’s better to know, and not regret what could’ve happened. If she doesn’t learn this lesson with him, she’ll learn it with another guy. That’s what life’s about…It’s the lessons you learn, and not the things you could have done. It’s everything you did.



“10 seconds that seemed like 10 years”

“10 seconds that seemed like 10 years”


The screams of the audience, the cries of love ones and family. The burning light above shining down on my body. Sweat and blood dripping off my skin. Gloves colliding with muscle and skin. There I am exchanging punches in the ring. All my months of training, all my dedication, all my time devoted to this fight risking my health and my body all being tested to its maximum limit. A minute and half into the 8th round. I can barley lift my arms, my heart racing and my body swollen from the brutality torture in which I put it through. I grew angry and I lost all since of control all sense of deplaned I went back to the streets I swing a vicious left hook and I missed and the other man landing a titanic blow to my right temple sending me to the floor. The right side of my face is just a loud ring like a land mind that went off and exploded an eardrum. My whole face went dumb and im laying there on the ground as everyone stands and my carrier flashes before me as the ref counts. A million and one thoughts ran my through my destroyed mind. Time seemed to stop and I lay there covered in blood, sweat and tears. My perfect carrier 34 victories and 0 defeats. Was this it? Is this the end of my perfect record? My vision blurring and the loud ring still not allowing me to hear accurate. I try to find the ropes to get back out but the ropes seemed to be a thousand miles away. I start to remember my past fights. My father, mother, brother, family, and wife everything hits me. Like being hit with a thousand jabs aiming right for my face. I start to grow angry with my self because I threw everything that I learn away just because I got angry. The voice of my father begins to fill my mind. Everything else just fades away and im in the ring with my dad in the corner. Im shadowing while my father is telling me what to do. My hands are just a blur with my lighting speed. My body just cuts threw the wind as I move and wave back and fourth. My father tells me that it’s not about winning or losing but about giving it your all. That’s when suddenly, my vision came back to me and I can hear the ref screaming 5. Five, five more seconds are left in order for me to get up and im still lying on my stomach. I grab the 3rd rope and I fight to get up but my body is refusing me to. Seven! The refer says as im only on the second rope. The other guy is in his corner laughing and already giving a victory taunt to the crowd as if he won already. “Nine!” And im on my feet grabbing the ref as im telling him im ok and ready to fight again. The ref stops and gives me the “okay” to fight. The other fighter stands in amazement and disbelief that I got back up after the titanic blow. My eyes rage with fire and determination as my father screams in my corner and I hear my mother and wife screaming my name in the crowd. I banged my gloves together and I walk into the middle like a tank ready to run him over. He hits me a few times but I no longer feel pain. Im a beast, a beast ready to kill. I take a lot of hits not trading back. My father screaming to hit back but I know what im doing. I stand there letting him hit me as he laughs. Then, my mind snap and I duck on one of his hook and I come right off the ground with a furious upper cut sending him back and I connect with a right hook sending him to the ropes and I just unleash hell on his body not giving him not even a second to collect his though to see nothing. I gave him hell in less than mille second I want to kill him I want to finish him off until he falls and the ref holds me back and sends me to my corner. I have won, I had came back from near defeat, I have over come my fears I have proven everyone wrong I have won this amazing fight…

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The Shark's Spirit

Nicholas A. Doroba


Gold Stream




Water. Salty, blue and wide open. I am king of this place and I do what I want. What’s up dolphin? (Swims other way) Nobody likes me, they fear me, but yet I do not hurt anybody, I just want to be friends. I swim through the waters, close to shore, guarding the little ones and their fun. There are feet dangling from the waist down, children’s feet. I want them, but I do not go in for the attack. Instead, I circle below and warn off any fish that want a taste. I am not a bad fish. I protect the people and instill safety in the waters. I am not your average fish…I am a good shark.

Typically people judge me just because I am a shark, and suddenly everyone is screaming, like I am going to eat their heart. When actually, I guard them. I don’t like other fish that try to hurt humans, especially the little ones. So, I stay. I swim up and down the shoreline in search of endangerment. I hear the water ’s ripples faster than usual, almost as if groups of people all trying to get out of the water at once. I search, and I find. I see…a swarm of shark’s trying to ambush the beach and take as many people as they can. My worst enemies, my old friends…the ones that turned against me when I became devoted to being a good shark.

I swam up with an aggressive movement to try to fear them off, they laugh and ignore me. I never backed down before and I wont back down now. I fear I will probably lose but I know I still have to try my best to protect everyone.  I swim around and go in for a bite of my enemies tail when he whips me in the face and I loose some teeth. Lightheaded, I know I must try harder. As I attack another shark, I watch as another one swallows a child…whole I might add. As I daze off watching what just happened, a boat from the coast guard had pulled up and before I knew it…my life flashed before my eyes. They misjudged me just because I was a shark, and killed me…when really I was helping save the lives of the people on the beach. I now watch as my spirit, my body…afloat to shore and everyone crowds around thinking that I…I was an endangerment, just because I was a shark.

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Julian Makarechi Q2

i put some of my favorite artist which are : lil wayne, Drake, Biggie small and Kanye West.
My favorite sport team are: the eagles, sixers and ACMILAN
and i will share some of my favorite quotes and lyrics.Also i will talk about the picture of me in biochem
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hello franciscoajeda

¡Saludos desde Filadelfia! 

¡Hola! ¿Soy jian qué tal? Soy mas o menos. Mi cumpleaños es el venti ocho de abril y tengo quince años. Soy de China, pero vivo en Filadelfie por dos años. Me gusta ciencias, videojuegos y escuchar a la música. ¿Qué tipo de musica escucha? No me gusta nada E-mail, la television o de trabajar.
Me gusta mucho los libros de comico, sin embargo mi usar un poquitoMe gusta leer los libros, de cocinar y surfear la red en estar de vago con amigosFiladelfia es una ciudad entre la ciudad de Nueva York y la capital DC. Filadelfie es un ciudad increiblemente bonito. Quiero saber mas de ti, ¿como qué música te gusta escuchar? ¿qué te interesa?
¡Responde cuando puedas! ¡adios!

Con cariño, jian

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¡Hola! Me llamo Alyssa yo viva en Filadelphia, ¿y tú? Es una ciudad bastante grande. Se conoce como "La ciudad de Amor Fraternal". Hace calor en el verano, hace fresco en el otoño, hace lloviendo en la primavera y hace mucho frío en el invierno. Mi familia es mas ó menos grande. Tengo una hermana se llama Emma y una hermano se llamo John, es muy muy molestóno. ¿Cuanto ay en tú familia? Mi familia es de decendencia europea. Tengo quience años y mi compleaños es el vientiseis de agosto. 

¡Sadie es mi mejor amiga! Los fines de semana me gusta domir también de vez en cuando cocinar. Me gusta platicar con amigas y practico deportes tales como soccer (fútbol). No me gusta nada cantar y leer o sola. ¡Tengo encanta hablar me amigos y amigas! Y como si fuera poca mi habladora y loca y boba y rubia! ¿Qúe te gusta hacer? ¡Yo quiero saber mas sober de ti!

P.S. Añádeme en Facebook (Alyssa Winner) y Twitter (@winalot21).
Photo on 10-20-11 at 12.13 PM

¡Hola Juan Vitora!

Saludos desde Filadelfia


Mi llamo Wynn Geary. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es doce en Febrero y soy de Filadelfia. En Filadelfia es mucho mucho frío y no me gusta nada. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta escuchar música (me enchanta "noah and the whale" aquí aye vidéo), me gusta surfear la red y pasar un rato con amigos y depende del día ir a la escuela donde yo puede estar con mi mejor amigos. No me gusta nada bailar ni escribir. Mi es, sociable también artístico, creativo, Moreno, y muy extraño. me decencia europea, specifically alemáno, irlandéso, italiano y galés. ¿Y tú? ¿cómo eres?


Bueno, me voy porque tengo que completamente me tarea


Chow, Wynn Geary


P.S. Añádeme en facebook (Wynn Geary) y Sígame en twitter @WynnGeary


Mi en la schuylkill río
​​Mi en la schuylkill río 
mi facebooky twitter cuadro 
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¡Hola Xavier Villalobos! Qúe pasa!


Querido Xavier,

¡Hola! ¿Que tal? Mi nombre es Donesha Lee. Soy de Filadelfia pero vivo en Filadelfia tambien. Yo soy africano - americana, tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es veintiedos en junio. Me enchanta estar de vago con amigos. Mi amigos son muy cómicos y bobos. Soy muy divertida y boba . Yo soy muy sociable, habladora,adorable. ¿Cómo eres tú? Me gusta cocinar, practicar deportes, ver la tele, y ir al cine. Me encanta escuchar música gusta Béyonce, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, y mucho mas. Uf, no me gusta nada hablar por teléfono, nadar, correr, y trabajar. No me gusta nada. Ahora ya de mi ahora cosas hace tu?

Con cariño,


 Donesha Lee

P. S Yo soy los Facebook "Donesha Prettyface Lee"!  :)



Photo on 11-7-11 at 9.22 AM
Mi amig@ Bryanna, Haneef, Khadija, y Amani. :)
Photo on 11-1-11 at 11.40 AM #3
Photo on 11-23-11 at 12.33 PM
Me encanta Trey Songz.
Screen Shot 2011-11-23 at 12.38.48 PM
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