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Formula For Love

“Change, the meaning is simple. To make the form, nature, content, future course, exstora, of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be, if left alone.” (Dictionary) Many things need to be changed, many things don’t; many things have changed, and many things haven’t. Change is hard to control. You can’t pick it up and shape it. You can’t move it from one place to another and you can’t just ignore it. Change happens for reasons whether they benefit a person or not. What about changing something about yourself? Sure you can change your looks, weight, and the way you think, but can you change the way your heart works? The feelings that come with it? Can you really change love? And if so, someone must show me the formula for that.

Taking my current relationship, no matter what happens I will always take my boyfriend back. My boyfriend, Michael, of three years. Now, three years is a long time, many things can happen in a matter of days so what about a matter of the years. Over the course of our relationship, Michael started to hang out with new people and with those new people, came new habits. Michael became a drug user. No matter what drug he took, he didn’t care about the effects. He didn’t care about losing his life, he didn’t care about losing me. Over and over again I would tell Michael to stop because he was going to hurt himself. He didn’t care and continued to do as he pleased. Breaking up with him did nothing because after every apology, I would take him back. The thing is, he still did the things that were tearing us apart. My relationship is like a roller coaster, there are always ups and downs, nothing goes as planned. Over the three years, I’ve been with Michael. I’ve been in situations where its either to stay or go. Because I care so much about Michael and I’m not ready to give him up, I continue to stay. Because of this I’ve taken people calling me a pushover. Though I’m not a pushover with everyone, when it come to Michael I’m a total different person.

“Im done!” No matter how loud I say it, how many times I say it, nor how I say it.  I'm never sticking to it. I do see how I am a pushover. I continue to say “last chance” but I always give him chances more than he deserves. Michael knows me by now, and if I say “last chance”, he knows what to say to pull me right back into his trap again. And yes, I fall for it every time. Michael has me wrapped around his finger and he’s been playing a good game with that. The bad thing about this is, because I always take him back, he is always going to walk all over me.

It’s sad to say we broke up for many reasons, some important and some silly. In many situations, he was the person to do something wrong. Where I had my heart broken. No matter what, I would always try and push the situation in the back of my mind like nothing ever happened and try to move forward. It is like a cycle. I remember one time I told him to go home after we were hanging out one night. The last words that came out of my mouth were, “I love you, call me as soon as you get home and DON’T stop and talk to anyone”. Him being his normal self, tells me exactly what I want to hear and goes off. I waited up till four o’clock in the morning finally realizing that he’s out and not going to call. He calls me the next morning and tells me his mom fell asleep and his phone wasn’t charged so he had to sleep at his friends house. That was not the first time he used that excuse. I cried and complained and he said “I’m sorry I won’t do it again okay.” The following night I told him the same thing, and what does he do, leaves with a promise and “sleeps” over his friends house.

No matter what he does to me, my feelings will never change and I am starting to see that he may not be the best thing for me but I can never push myself to let go. I didn’t know what it is, I mean I'm a young girl who has a job, who is still in school and focusing on her studies and future. He’s the total opposite! Michael is not in school, because he dropped out at 9th grade, he does not have a job and is currently in a juvenile jail since August of 2013. Since day one, he pushed every button I had but I won't let him go. Since he was sent away a few males have been trying to talk to me.These boys were intelligent, handsome and well behaved, but nothing changed my mind about Michael. I don’t know what is going to change my feelings towards Michael.

It is time for me to open up my eyes and see what the world can offer me. So far life seems to help me out. Now lets see what else it can to. Though this didn’t happen yet, I need to find a guy that I see is worth my time. I need to find that guy who wouldn’t hold me back from my dreams. The guy who my parents actually like, although it doesn’t matter what they think because I’m the one who is in the relationship, but it still counts. Someone needs to show me good times, similar to what Michael and I had. Someone needs to walk into my life and show me the right way of being in love. And I need to let that person in!

Relationships can be very hard to handle. In my opinion, a relationships are not suppose to be perfect, nothing is perfect. There should be arguments, tears, and sometimes regrets. The way I always looked at relationships is that if its really meant to be. The two people will always come back to each other no matter what situation happened a day, a month, or a year ago. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes someone has to get hurt for them to learn. But what if they never learn? At the end of the day I don’t think I will never really be able to end it with Michael, no matter who comes into my life. Not because of how much love I have for him, but how much we’ve been through with each other. I have learned an existential amount of things about both myself and Michael and I hope one day I will be able to use all of the knowledge.  


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A Brief Encounter

Part One

We always thought that they would find us. We always thought that they would come out of the sky and either hail or annihilate us. But that was sci-fi material. In fact, the first contact occurred just outside of the orbit of Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star in the constellation Centaurus. Imagine our surprise. The search for extraterrestrial life took us further than we had dreamed, and yet the answer lay not four and a half light years away. We thought it would be Hubble or Maximus or any of our other long-range telescopes that would discover some blip on the surface of a planet on the outskirts of some solar system and then, suddenly, bam, we would have discovered alien life.

But, in 2137, a research team sent to collect data from our neighboring dwarf star was astounded to find an oblong, deep black device etched with slender markings lodged in the webbing of their spacecraft. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. Certainly it couldn’t be natural. No environmental condition or mineral forming could have created the complex patterns and glyphs that were carved into the artifact. There was only one explanation: something else was out there, and we were not alone.

Once news of the discovery reached Earth, chaos of biblical proportions shook the foundation of societal laws. The planet split in half, one side wishing to pinpoint and contact the aliens, and the other wishing to hurl the device into the sun, never the wiser to its origin.The latter group decided that, to ask the questions of where and why the object had been sent, would be to risk the safety of the entire planet. They established their borders along the equator, forcing their counterparts out of the Northern Hemisphere in the largest land-exodus in recorded history. They colonized the now half-abandoned cities of the Northern half of our planet and began to amass resources, communication technologies, and, eventually, armies. There was no way they could stand by and let the one thing that was keeping them alive dissolve. The extraterrestrials didn’t know we existed, and they intended to make sure that never changed.

Those who wished to search for answers formed new borders along Central America, Northern Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. But countries no longer needed to exist. Within the confines of both the North and the South there was no need to distinguish differences that had plagued humanity since the Middle Ages. Black and white, gay and straight, only intellectuality was favored above all other traits. Now there was a greater goal. They attempted to resolve the issues between the two sects, but to no avail. Tensions rose steadily higher.

The conflict reached a boiling point in November, 2155, when the second greatest discovery of the century was made. A team of researchers working on decrypting the artifact’s etchings made a landmark breakthrough, managing to decypher almost half of the entire set of markings through a computer algorithm. Some of the characters depicted stars we had seen in our own night sky. The others pointed to a massive planet the size of three Earths, their home. If we could find the astrological locations of the surrounding stars, we could find the planet they so desperately wished to share.

It was a map, and it led us right to them.

A Brief Encounter

A bright green light flashed for a brief second on the dashboard and then was gone. The radar swept slowly from sector to sector, detecting nothing but the emptiness of space and a few small asteroids that quickly passed. Outside of the long glass cockpit window, tiny lights shone brilliantly throughout the dark sky, both closer and further away than seemed possible. Annabelle had travelled for seven months, stopping for neither obstacle nor repair. At speeds a hundred times that of light, the ship had travelled nearly eighteen parsecs from its port on Earth, the farthest any ship had been from the motherland.

In his small crew’s quarters, the sound of Lukas’s slow breath traveled across the cabin and filled the silent halls of the ship. The health monitor displayed a steady heartbeat that rose and fell, noting the rhythm of his sleep. His boots and suit hung just by his feet next to the bed. Lukas had settled in ten hours before, and was just now beginning to stir.

The heavy olive eyelids that held back his sight slowly separated. Lukas stretched his arms out to either side and twisted his back, feeling the tension of a long rest leave his body. He rose to his feet and slipped inside of the deep crimson spacesuit that he had worn a thousand times before. He admired the fit in the mirror opposite his dormitory. Though it was well equipped for any environmental challenges, it was made of only a thin composite material a mere half-inch thick. Even so, it was lighter than cotton and more breathable than any shirt Lukas had worn back on Earth. A golden insignia of two meteors fleeing from a sleek spaceship embroidered the center of his chest. The boots he decided to leave behind. He wouldn’t need them; he wasn’t going to leave the ship today.

Feeling a slight dryness in the back of his throat, Lukas slunk slowly out of his quarters and down the hall to the bathroom. The glass door slid open as he neared, and he reached just inside to fill a cup of water. The cool taste of the liquid filled his mouth as it slid down the back of his throat. He walked to the galley and opened a vacuum-sealed container of beef, bread, and dried fruit, staples of a modern Earth diet. He would need his energy for the day to come.

Lukas heard a soft click and a sudden rush of air as the halls filled with fresh oxygen. The environmentally-controlled ship left nothing to be desired. Temperature and toxin-monitored water flowed from every tap and spigot around the crew’s quarters, and nuclear heating tubes kept him safe from the almost negative one-hundred degrees celsius temperatures that crept just outside the spaceship’s hull. The whole system was run by a super-computer stored away somewhere in the ship’s many engineering rooms. Sometimes, when the Annabelle would pass too close to a star, it would have to enable carbon-conduction cooling methods to keep its sole passenger from baking alive. Lukas was happy for the protection. After all, space is a dangerous place.

The LED screens of the pilot’s monitor flashed bright blue for a second and then flicked fully on as Lukas approached the cockpit. He settled into the deep, leather arms of the captain’s chair and turned to face the bay window that lay before him. Almost immediately he shrunk back away from the emptiness that lurked outside of the thick glass wall. It was too much. For months he had stared out at the black and found only black staring right back. Now as he approached his destination he felt a knot form in the pit of his stomach. All of his preparation, all of his thoughts and imaginations about what he was about to discover were about to be reaffirmed or swept away with the alien winds.

Setting out from Earth, he knew he would be lonely. He had no delusions as to the distance between his flying tin-can and the orb of rock that he called home. After he switched to post-light speeds, he was no longer to contact anyone on Earth. Their communications simply could not reach him fast enough. But it was not without cause that he now flew through the vacuum of space. He flew for discovery and wonder and everything that had ever made a person stare breathlessly up at the night sky. But more importantly, he flew for peace. He flew for the end of the war that had raged for thirteen years between the North and the South.

The preparations for Lukas’ departure were made long before the location of the alien planet was know. They would be ready, they thought, so they could finally have the answers when they needed them most. But, after the map had been drawn, it was only a few short months before the first bullet left its chamber. The North couldn’t stand by while its southron brother destroyed the one thing keeping them safe. The South couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. They launched their space shuttle, and the fighting began.

Annabelle was a capable ship; her top speed was one hundred and fifteen times that of light, and it relied on a warp drive system well ahead of its time. For the Southern scientists, however, that wasn’t fast enough. They wanted to be alive to see their ambassador reach the alien planet and peaceful encounter on a much different scale than had ever been seen before. So, much like its pilot, the Annabelle Lee was not the first choice for the mission. That honor went to the Red Baron, a highly advanced project that boasted some new technology sure to revolutionize space travel. But in the midst of a military skirmish surrounding the research base in Sao Paulo, the Baron was incapacitated, its navigation system ripped from its skeleton and the uranium cores that powered it stolen. There was no choice left. The launch had to go on.

Lukas was the third best astronaut in the lineup. Out of ten applicants, he was the second best navigator, the third best translator, and the worst fighter. But instead of succumbing to the pressure and dropping out of the ranks, Lukas stuck through the training and came out on top. He knew something the others didn’t. He craved something they hadn’t even begun to consider. They were not traveling sixty light years to conquer or to invade. They were going as ambassadors. Lukas understood that the only way to stifle the effects of war on Earth was to ask the questions that nagged at humanity’s heart. He alone could bring the message of peace to the aliens, and he alone could bring it back to Earth.

“What is our ETA?”

Lukas’ question rang about the steel walls of the cabin. A soft click of machinery swiveled the front-facing monitor to his eye level and a soft feminine voice answered his call.

“Approaching Gemini 3 -7 from rear-orbit. Acceleration negative one thousand kilometers per second. Arrival in 13 minutes.”

He stood and turned off the monitor, shutting down the cockpit lights as he went. Before he left he activated the automated external defense system linked to his spacesuit and designed to protect him from harm. The mission was to prevent violence, but he was blind against the unknown species, and he had no way of knowing what was out there.

Lukas made his way to the back of the ship where the loadout room was located. He donned a set of black composite gloves. They could withstand heat up to three thousand degrees Celsius and stood against cold just as vicious. He attached a small micro computer system to his back that would give off environmental readings and detect life forms within a thirty foot radius. A helmet of impenetrable diamond glass covered his head down to his shoulders, with a display that showed toxin levels in the air and the amount of oxygen left in his tank. He would be fine, he reasoned, thirteen hours of air was enough to get out and explore and then come back to the ship. Thirteen hours and he would be back on the ship, he told himself. All he has is thirteen hours.

His heart was racing inside his chest as he reached for the leather holster strapped to the wall. The clasps fit snugly around his waist, and he adjusted the belt so his laser gun would be just next to his hand. He lifted the gun from its place on the rack and looked it over twice. The carbon fiber handle fit nicely in his hand. It held enough power to level a house, if he needed it. For his life and the thirty billion back on Earth he prayed that he wouldn’t.

“Arrival in one minute at landing zone Alpha. Conditions stable. Wind speed thirty miles per hour with heavy sediment.”

“Doom. Doom. Doom” his heart seemed to scream at him. “Don’t open the door. You don’t know what’s out there. You don’t know what could be waiting.”

The Annabelle buckled under its own weight as the landing gears struck the hard alien ground. Three hundred and fifty to trillion miles, and he had made it. He took a deep breath to try and calm his heart and untie the knots in his stomach, but to no avail. His fingers shook as he raised his glove to the bright orange release button on the steel door in front of him. His hand fluttered nervously around the hilt of his laser gun. Annabelle shuddered and the door fell from its hinges to the ground below.

Ffffwwwwwwwwwww. The wind and dust howled into the ship as Lukas stumbled forward. The alien sediment trapped in the wind blew around his helmet, and he could not see but fifteen feet in front of him as he walked down the ramp. His feet found the rocky soil at the bottom of the ramp first, but his knees were soon to follow, digging into the cold, tan ground. He wasn’t sure if his eyes had seen what lay before him or if his imagination had conjured it.

A pale grey, muscular creature ten feet in length lay unmoving on the ground below. In its four seven-fingered hands it clutched sharpened poles made of the same black material as the artifact Lukas had studied to prepare for his mission. Its feet were like solid blocks of stone, dauntingly huge like its massive arms and torso, and callused from intense use. A surprisingly sophisticated face sported a pair of tusks that grew from just behind the alien’s jaw in the place of teeth. A long flat nose pointed up at the sky. Quiet and blank were its three blue eyes as they seemed to stare into the space in which Lukas had been standing. From its chest leaked a clear red liquid which had stopped flowing some time ago.

Lukas climbed shakily to his feet and stepped over the body. Tears now leaked from his face as he walked, but he pressed on. An alien hill loomed before him, but he could not find the capacity to climb it. Strewn across slope were dozens of other alien bodies, thrown about like ragdolls. Their tusks shown proudly in the light of the two suns. Their blood ran cold in the tan dust around them.

Taking a deep breath, Lukas turned and began walking towards a small shadow at the

edge of his vision. He strained to see a metallic looking object floating a few feet off of the ground. He picked up his pace and the object grew larger in the distance. His boots slammed one after the other on the hard rocks below his feet. The metal began to take form. Lukas slowed down to a walk as he realized it was the wing of a ship; his hand dropped to the pistol on his thigh. Slowly he walked left and ducked under the wing. The ship felt cold to the touch as he brushed his hand against its side. He took a step back and looked up. His knees buckled and his eyes watered as he stared at the side of the spacecraft. If his mission was to protect Earth from the attack of the aliens, it was complete.

The red letters on the side of the ship read: The Red Baron, Earth.


Captain’s Log

Captain Robert Stark II

May 25th, 2180

The Red Baron

Our destination was Gemini 3 -7, and we were to arrive on the 20th of May. We flew the Baron out past the orbit of Pluto to a location safe enough to test the new engine. Spirits were high as we knew we would be the first on the aliens’ doorstep. A ship was sent out some years before us, but more as a last minute resort than a full attempt at mission success. It was piloted by only one pilot, with no crewman or defense teams. By creating a wormhole in space-time we would be able bypass its travel speed infinitely. With this new technology we could go where and when we wanted in a matter of days. It took the Baron thirty six hours to prepare for launch and thirty minutes to create a wormhole. We entered not knowing if we would return, but without a single trial run, we were successful. We entered Gemini’s orbit and landed safely.

For a few days the aliens were nowhere to be found. We sent out search parties every six hours to check the surrounding hills. The rocky crags that overlooked landing zone Alpha were covered in thousands upon thousands of dark green bushes which we later attributed as the aliens’ primary food source. We found no animals on Gemini for the first couple of days, but eventually a couple dozen grey snake-looking creatures approached the ship. That was it, until we made first contact.

The aliens are a brutish bunch of foul-smelling creatures. Ten feet tall, skinless, and greyer than the London sky, they have three eyes bluer than the rivers that streamed around the landing zone. Two ugly, sharp tusks protrude from their mouths, and they have no teeth at all. They are quite primitive, and when we first discovered a small group huddled in a cave, they were brandishing long spears made of an unknown mineral. Seeing us at the mouth of the cave, they quickly grouped together and pointed their spears at our throats, shouting in some incomprehensible tongue. We made quick work of the lot and carried one back to the ship in a bag for DNA analysis. But it was not long before more, a force of about one hundred, quickly followed. They surrounded the Baron and locked us in the cockpit, forcing us back with their spears. Here we await what, death? Triumph? We hold our breath.

God save our souls.


My Changing Life: From the Worst to the Best

In life, there will be many changes ahead. Sometimes, you have to change for the better, but many people takes the path that leads them in the wrong direction. There are times where you don’t want to make the change because you feel uncomfortable about it or scared of people making judgements. For a better change, one must accept the consequences of it and live with it. Sometimes, developing a change can be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. In addition, you’ll need to learn how to sacrifice the things you love to make this change. In this essay, I will be writing about my close relationship with my brother and how he has affected my life before and after he moved out from Philly to California in 2009.

When I was little, I remember my brother would come home from high school and he would buy me meatball subs like twice a week. They were delicious. We were very close and we would tell each other everything. On the contrary, I am a shy person and I didn’t like expressing my feelings or thoughts to whomever I’m around. However, with my brother, it’s different. I remember the time when I accused my brother for the bad things that I had done around the house. I blamed everything on my brother. But now, I feel guilty in doing so. Ever since the day he left to California, my life changed completely. That is because my brother was the only person that I was close with. He was always there whenever I needed him. When my brother left, I thought my life would change negatively because he was the one who has been guiding me towards my goals and I relied everything on him. When he left, I felt horrible, thinking of what my life would be like living without my brother.

Loneliness tried to overcome me day by day. But the memories of my brother was haunting me. I tried not to think of him, but the voices that I hear everyday from my family saying how much they miss him didn’t help my self-confidence in overcoming the memories of my brother at all. I always wanted to change for the better when my brother left. It was hard overcoming the change, especially if you live with people that always recall back details about the missing person. The only person that I could talk to overcome my loneliness was my brother. Back then, I wasn’t close with anyone, not even my friends or my parents. I rely mostly on my brother to be there and to help me out with things. This time, there wasn’t anyone to help me. I had to learn to be an independent person and it was definitely hard trying to be one.

I tried to see my brother’s departure as a good thing. Maybe he will live a better life there in California than in Philly. I try not to think of all the negative things when my brother is gone, which was my accomplishment as days goes by after his departure in 2009. I seldom look back at the times of our brotherhood. Instead, I attempted to learn to do things myself. I came up with a mindset that I want to become an independent person.  I believe this is the best decision that I have ever made. Although, I made some serious mistakes before, but I learn from them. We all learn by the mistakes we make in life. That’s how we gain experiences for the actions we do everyday.

In sustaining this change of becoming an independant person, I had to sacrifice and give in to a lot of new things. The first thing that I had to do was to ask more of my parents of the necessities that I may encounter. Usually, it’s my brother that I go to for the things I need. Although, I do ask my parents for stuff that is more significant. Other than that, I just simply go to my brother. But during the course of myself coming to a change, I had to learn to become more independent such as making my own choices. This is where everyone has to go through in one way or another when becoming a teenager. This is my way.

I started realizing that I was making my own radical choices as life progresses. Some were bad and some were good. I made a choice to stay committed to school and maintaining my personal life and social life. Making the choice of being committed to my schoolwork has been rewarding for me. This made me more noticeable in the family. I was a straight A student in middle school and teachers absolutely loved me. Of course there were some rough times during the school years, but I make the best of it. That’s what I was taught to do. It was hard trying to be on top of my game in school, when you didn’t have anyone at home helping you with your homework, unless you call a friend up. My parents didn’t know English. They went to school in Vietnam, their hometown. Therefore, everything was up to me, even the decisions that I decided to make, whether to not do the complex homework or to get help. I was independent.

At home, I was the one who would do all the chores and help around the house. There are times where I have to lead directions in a car to a specific destinations because my parents are bad with directions due to their lack of English. I was playing the role of my brother. Ever since my brother left, I was left in charge of cleaning and helping my parents out. Everything falls on me now. I have to take the role of my brother and myself. At first, I was irritated because of the many things I have to do. But in a way, I find the best of it. By having the role of my brother and myself, I learned to do things more efficiently and collectivity. It was kind of a benefit for me because I get to handle the jobs of what an adult would do. This helped me become a more organized and responsible person in life. I made the worst to become the best advantage for me. Sure, it is hard. But it’s life and I would have to learn these type of skills sooner or later.

A couple years after my brother’s departure, I knew that I was in good shape and I was heading towards the right direction. I started to realize that change is possible. I was able to make significant choices for myself in becoming an independent person. I learned that motivation and determination was the key to accomplish something big in my life.  I changed significantly from when my brother was still in Philly between now and present day.

At first, I didn’t think change was possible because it was such a big change to my life. I know that I would get over the fact that my brother is away, eventually. I just didn’t know when I would get over it. Turns out, it is possible. I became a better person through the hard times that I have been through and I learned from it such as learning about the things and responsibilities that I had to do in my house without my brother. I am glad for this change and for my brother departure’s. Because of my brother’s departure, I was able to learn on how to become independent and relying less on others. This was my way of change of becoming a teenager and a young adult.


Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Stream: Fire

Jules James

The only way change could occur is with the help of people. The only way we can prevent bullying is with the help of people. People of the world plays a salient role when it comes to making a positive change to the world and I think I explained this well in my video. I basically explained what type of things people could do to stop bullying and I also explained to them what things they are doing wrong, that unfortunately continues the bullying cycle. Bullying has efface a lot of lives and caused people to lose their happiness. If we let everyone be happy with the life they live without being harangue then a lot more people would be happy.

One way I informed my viewers on their role to create change is I created a brief skit to show people what they can do when you are witnessing someone getting bullied.I showed them that if they speak up it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It could save people’s lives and help other people calibrate their life. And other way I informed my viewers on how they can create change is I told them different ways they could stop bullying. Some of the things I included was, “...stop the rumors, teasing, threats, name-calling, and everything else you do to a person to make them feel less of a person.” I also told them to keep their hands to themselves.

The key to being a better person and ending bullying is simple. Treat others like you want to be treated. Let’s all play our role correctly and let’s end bullying.

Click here to watch my video.


Sticks And Stones

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.” (The Christian Recorder) Growing up I used to hear this saying a lot from adults. But I never believed the second half of it after going to the 4th grade. Sticks and stones do have the ability to break bones, but words can be just as painful when used in a negative way. Words may not actually hurt your body, but it can cause emotional harm. When someone speaks negatively toward me, I get a pain in my chest the same way I would if someone had punched me. Whether you’re getting stones or words flung at you by others, both hurt the body and mind.

I used to always try to live by this saying when I was really young. I thought that I would be strong enough to hold my head high and not be afraid of anyone. And that I would always stay strong against people who didn’t like me. I wanted to be a big girl like my sisters and mother. I wanted to be tough like my brother and father. I had dreams of being the next Serena Williams shredding up the tennis courts and letting all girls know that they could do it one day as well. But I quickly lost all of those dreams and goals in my life.

My brother and my middle sister began making fun of me everyday when I was in first grade. Picking on me because I wasn’t skinny and tall like them. Pointing out the fact that I wasn’t able to learn as quickly and do math as well as them. At first I tried to ignore them because I knew that they were my siblings so they must love me, at least a little. But then my grandmother started pointing out my size. Every time we went to visit her, she’d pinch my cheeks and separate me from my sister by saying, “chunky girl, big girl.” My sister was big girl because of her height and I was chunky girl for my weight. My grandmother would always say that I looked thicker every time I went over her apartment.

After that I started to lose some of the confidence I had but tried to stay strong because I still had my parents, my friends, and my oldest sister. But with time my mother started to point out how different I was from everyone else. She would make me sit with her and do “Hooked On Phonics” to try to make me smarter. This just made my siblings make fun of me more often than before. After that she tried changing what I ate, but I wasn’t eating badly to begin with. I used to eat fruit and vegetables all the time but I was just naturally a big figured child. No one understood that back then though; to them I was the little girl that must have been sneaking candy and cookies from the cabinet at night. The confidence to stay strong and stay positive was slowly slipping out of my grasps but I tried clinging to it in hope that things would soon get better.

After second or third grade children at my school began acting the way my siblings did. Making fun of my full figure and how chunky I looked compared to everyone else. My mother had bought baggy uniform clothes for me to wear everyday. I thought it was so that if I got bigger I wouldn’t look like a stuffed turkey. I didn’t have the fancy fitted uniform or the cute hairstyles like the girls had on in my school. My parents didn’t have the time or money to send me to my godmother to get my hair done all the time. And my mom had too much pride to just pay my godmother back later. But with baggy clothes and my hair in big braids, kids distanced themselves from me. I lost all of my friends after that point, no one wanted to be with the chunky short girl during recess.

I’d just sit on the cement watching everyone play or do jump rope by myself in the shade. I loved being active, it gave me such a satisfied feeling inside. Then I decided, if no one would talk to me as a friend, then maybe they’d talk to me as a teammate. My brother started bringing me to school early so I could play football with boys in my grade. And for some time, it felt really good to have kids my age to bond with. But then some boys stopped playing because they didn’t like the fact that I was better than them in a man’s sport. I was a big black girl that knew how to run and had the capability of hitting hard; which scared many boys at my school because I wasn’t all small and dainty like the other girls that wailed at the slightest hit. So after a while I stopped playing football all together and went back to my shaded spot alone. The game wasn’t fun when no one wanted me there.

I had no friends, no second half or partner in crime, and no shoulder to lean on or ear to whisper into. I’d just go to school, do class work by myself, come home, do homework in my room, eat dinner quickly, and then go straight to bed. I didn’t dare talk to my family about how I was feeling or what I was going through because I didn’t trust them. My middle sister started playing tricks on me and leaving for school without me in the morning. And my brother started his addiction of making promises but never keeping them. My father never spend time with me while he wasn’t at work. All he cared about was his two precious older daughters and his sports on television. I didn’t even like my family the way I used to anymore. I had no one by my side for comfort anymore. At a young age I was on my own in a situation that I couldn’t really understand and had no one to ask about it.

The only thing that kept me hopeful about things changing and getting better was my love for sports. My love for being seen by people as I showed off how good I could really be at something. I would always shout at kids in school that someday I would be famous and sexy and then they’d be sorry for treating me like trash. But as time went on, my father told me that I was too different to ever make it to Serena Williams’ level, I then lost my will for change. Sports was the only thing that made me truly happy in life. It was the only activity where I could try to shine and be be free. When I was put on the court, all my troubles and fears went away. It was just me being the the girl that I kept locked up inside. But when my dad took away my dreams of doing what I love as a career, I had nothing left. I lost my love for myself.

There were times when I’d come home and my mom would ask me how my day was. I’d just give a small smile and say it was okay. I could have reached out to her and actually told her how miserable I was at school. But I could no longer find the confidence to speak up. I didn’t know how to tell her that kids were bullying and avoiding me. I didn’t know how to tell her that I actually preferred the way they treated me over the way I felt when I was home. I could no longer stand to sit in the same room with my family for too long without getting upset and that made me feel even worse. These five people are my family; i’m supposed to love them. I’m supposed to have a bond with them that is stronger than all others because they are my blood. But after all I went through; and was still going through, I couldn’t feel a strong bond anymore. I felt like an outsider in my own home; unloved by all the people that I thought were my family.

If no one loved me and cared for me, then maybe I shouldn’t love myself. I really started to believe that there was something wrong with me. If everyone I knew thought that I was ugly and fat, then I probably was. And I could no longer stand to look at myself knowing that I was unattractive to people. Mirrors, make-up, nail polish, and pink were things that I no longer messed with. No amount of make-up and pretty clothes could disguise how ugly I was. Every time I dressed up and looked in a mirror I’d just start crying. I felt ugly inside and out and there was nothing I could do to change it.

I thought; if no one believed that I could do anything great and become known, then there was no point in me creating goals and dreams and a passion for anything. I lost all interest in trying to become something in life because deep down I couldn’t bare to have anything else taken away from me after I developed a love for it. I had lost everything that I held dear to my heart; everything that made life worth enjoying. All I could do was live day to day with a fake smile taking everything that people threw at me. I no longer had the confidence or support to make a change in my life. I failed in staying strong and loving myself when everyone began turning on me; I ended up turning on myself. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but it’s words that broke my heart.

"Sticks and Stones (nursery Rhyme)." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 15 Mar. 2014. Web. Mar. 2014. <>.

Being Discriminated

I am not a true American, I am Chinese. My family has an accent.To many, I have squirted eyes. To many, I am neither white or black, I am yellow. As one of the Asian population in America, I too, got discriminated.

It was when I was living in an African American neighborhood that I heard racial slurs against my race. I had experienced verbal abuse. I lived a tense lifestyle for ten years within this neighborhood while my family opened a Chinese take-out restaurant. Everyday, it seemed like an instigation of an incipient disaster.

Maybe it was the sudden difference of treatment in Chinatown, my previous residence, to this tiger’s den in South Philly. My family probably struck the wrong nerve of these predators. It seems tranquil for a month of the store’s opening. It was as if they had been eying for a killer blow on their prey.

Then, there comes a series of attacks. They threw trash cans around the restaurant. They spit on the windows and smashed one of them loose. They threw firecrackers every New Years and Memorials Day, ruining our hope for a new beginning. They wrote prejudice remarks on the walls. They used the restaurant to hide and sell drugs. Due to the calamities, my parents got into fights frequently. My mom blamed my dad for letting her and me come to the U.S. to suffer. My dad blamed my mom for being negative despite of his efforts to fix the business.

The school I attended was no better. Some of the students are the siblings or children of the people who ransacked my father’s restaurant. There were several times when I walked on a vacant hallway and the same boy would grab my arm, bursting out “chingchong,” “chingzhongzhong." I would then swung my arms loose and walked away without a word while he laughed. If some people blamed for my reticence, I agreed. I felt disappointed about my cowardice. But, any of my verbal attacks would direct a series physical attacks toward my parents. I would rather suffer quietly for the sake of my loved ones who protected me numerous times. It was the time for me to protect them instead.

The violence continued, but it exacerbated. During my freshman year, my dad noticed a boy who trashed the store, the other day he followed me to school, so my dad walked me to school. There was one time when the boy wanted to push me down the stairs and my dad threatened him to beat him up if he did. Then, several months later, a group of robbers cut the lock of the restaurant’s back door and took a new flat-screen TV, boxes of cigars and candies. My family lost thousands of dollars and are in debt. We were bankrupted.

All these times, I just hide upstairs until the hollering downstairs subsided every night. I did nothing. I felt worthless and selfish. I also lost my confidence to speak and I also developed anxiety problems.

When I look back, I always think about how pathetic I was. It was not until I went to SLA, that I regained some of my once gregarious self. The prejudice and discrimination against my race needs to be changed. I think one of the prevention of change is the fact that many Asian immigrants are illiterate and their problems could be overlooked by the police. In order to combat discrimination as an individual, I should fully participate as a translator for the owners of Chinese restaurants in that neighborhood, so our family and other Asian families have better protection. The police would be more cooperative in solving our problems on discrimination.           

I could solve this issue, I need to know the origin of prejudice. Based on my research, I found out that one of the causes of prejudice is frustration. One group of people might felt underachieved and released their aggression on other minorities who have a higher chance of success than them (Asians are minorities, but they have positive stereotypes, such as intelligence). Or Asians could be a scapegoat for resentment towards the dominant group. Therefore, resulting discrimination against the Asian population.

It is truthful to be said that in my situation, the blacks are the only ones who are cantankerous. If I said that, I would be lying. My family are also putting oil on fire, even though they were unconscious of it. The blacks may view my family’s attitude as an act of belittlement towards them, just like my family looks at the actions of the African Americans as discrimination.

We could solve this problem by eliminating this miscommunication. It could be assuaged by bringing the two conflicting races together in a camp or other institution where they will be given a task to be achieved only if everyone cooperated. This method was carried out in 1953 by two psychologists named Muzafer Sherif and Caroline Sherif. In which their colleagues ran summer camps for teen boys and letting two groups of boys compete with each other. As the competition grew fierce, the two groups became more aggressive against one another. Aside from the one method I have mentioned that worked, the other ways were dismissed. For instance, agreeing on compromises are forsaken because only the leaders agreed. It is also proven that verbal warnings are useless in maintaining respect, tranquility and understanding on both sides.

Another way to ameliorate discrimination against Asians is to gain more awareness by passive resistance (protests, marches, etc.). But, it would not be efficacious if it lacks the attention needed to create a bigger change. Also, the question as to why there are more sensitivity on discrimination on African Americans is critical. If you listen to BBC or FOX News, Asians are rarely mentioned. Sometimes, I feel that people sometimes forgot our presence in America until they see us on the streets. There are simply not enough publicity in the mainstream.

Also, most schools do not have a curriculum that teaches Asian history or their struggles in America. It comes down to the question of why people have the desire for change when they are not emotionally attached to the problem? Most curriculums taught the Atlantic slavery several times. It makes the younger generation feel a sense of sympathy and rage on the treatment of African Americans, therefore the topic of prejudice against African Americans is a sensitive topic. Since, there is a void of lessons taught about Asian slaveries and struggles, people sometimes forgot that we are being discriminated as well.

Unless the publicity and a slight change to the schools’ curriculum to inflict a more successful protest, passive resistance would only gain minimal results.  

To me, discrimination is not just a political issue, it is also affecting victims’ lives. To some Asians who can not speak adequate English, they are constantly ignored by the public when they seek help. When the people trashed my dads restaurant, the police leisurely took their time to solve the problem. This agonizing experience transformed my past outspoken self to my current timid self who still wants to recover.

There is really no need to inflict harm on others. It would only create more hate between groups. Discrimination could be prevented by group contacts and active protests. I wish for a better tomorrow for Asian Americans who suffer the same experiences as my family.

Source: Ballantine, Jeanne H., and Keith A. Roberts. Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge, 2007. Print.

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Global Fiction Book #1 Final Project – Daniel Varnis

12 pieces of information from the source
  1. Around 28% of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight.

  2. 1.2 billion people live in India. 110 million of them live in the slums.

  3. India is the second most populous country in the world.

  4. A bulk of that extreme deficit comes from South Asia.

  5. 186,000 children under the age of five die each year are a result of diarrhea.

  6. Aid has to come into the slums with fresh water because it’s not accessible for most people living in the area.

  7. 90,000,000 people in India don’t have access to this free fresh water, either.

  8. With 17% of the world’s population (over a billion people), the water crisis in India is only getting worse and is becoming life or death for millions of people.

  9. Measles is also one of the reasons why children in the slums are dying.

  10. Not every child who lives in the slums has access to a [somewhat] quality education.

  11. Most people in the slums don’t understand that it takes a while to escape poverty, so they try to make quick money in hopes that it will alleviate all of their problems.

  12. Less than a third of people have access to sanitation in India.

Six significant quotes from the book
  1. "Everything around us is roses," Abdul's younger brother, Mirchi, put it. "And we're the shit in between." -Prologue, p. xii

  2. “She was less and less sure she wanted to go to Vasai, less and less sure her husband would live to get there. She wanted a more hygienic home here, in the name of her children's vitality.” -Chapter 5, Ghost House, page 83

  3. “Abdul wasn't sure how much money his family had left after fixing the house and paying his father's hospital bill. But he thought that whatever remained should be paid, in order to be innocent. He wanted to go home to the place that he hated.” -Chapter 7, The Come-Apart, page 107

  4. "My flowers live because I don't keep anything dark in my heart. I let the bad things come out into the air." -Chapter 12, page 179

  5. "Do you ever think when you look at someone, when you listen to someone, does that person really have a life?" -Chapter 13, p. 198

  6. “Abdul could control his many desires, but not this one. He wanted to be recognized as better than the dirty water in which he lived. He wanted a verdict of ice.” -Chapter 15, p. 220

Six excerpts from my own writing about the book
  1. It’s not common for the people in the slums to find any form of jobs, so having Rahul’s foot in the hotel will allow me, as a reader, to see the two sides to these contrasting styles of living (rich vs. poor).

  2. When reading this book, the reader has to take into consideration the horrible living environment/environments when making judgements about someone or something.

  3. Although Fatima lied about many things, setting herself on fire was an act that did a very good job displaying her senses of self confidence and individuality.

  4. How are you going to allow all of these high class events to occur, knowing that the people in your own country are dying from poverty and famine?

  5. The people of the US are probably so drawn to this book because of what it pertains to. Although we do have a lot of homeless and poor people in the US, we don't have large cities of people that has a poverty rate of 100%. Reading behind this book allows us, as readers and Americans, to learn about different cultures and ways of living in India.

  6. All in all, even though this was a really good book, it came to a close with a very sad ending. Some good things did come about towards the end, however, there was an equal amount of bad things that occurred.

​Infographic (click to enlarge)
easelly_visual (1)
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Artículo 7: Vestirse Como un Hombre, Mujeres Patriotas


Quarter 3

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Vestirse Como un Hombre, Mujeres Patriotas

Una vez que una mujer estaba viva. Una mujer muy valiente. Ella también era Latina durante la guerra civil americana. Esto significó que no podía servir en el ejército. Sin embargo, su nombre era Loreta Velezquez, y es una inspiración para muchos. ¿Por qué? Cuando le dijo que no podía luchar en la guerra, ella vestida y pretendía ser un hombre. Esto es cuánto amaba a su país. Vaya, asombroso. Patriotismo es aterrador.

Así que aquí viene Loreta vestida como un hombre, rompiendo los límites en todas partes para todo el mundo. Excelente. Buen trabajo. ¿Cuál es el problema con el patriotismo? Prepárate. El patriotismo es aterrador porque se les llaman los jóvenes héroes para suicidarse. Es aterrador porque convencer las masas de enemigos falsos y crea un populoso de ciudadanos enojado y beligerante, xenófobo y chauvinista. ¡Las naciones más patrióticas son los más opresivos y dictaduras violentas en la historia! Lo hemos visto recientemente en el Oriente Medio y hoy en Corea del norte, y los Estados Unidos no son una excepción.

Es muy bueno que Loreta promovió la igualdad para las mujeres, y es bueno que ella pensó que tenía motivo para luchar, pero patriotismo sí mismo es el mensaje equivocado a enviar. 

Número de Palabras: 205

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." Rebelde Con Causa. Al Día, 19 Mar. 2014. Web. 19 Mar. 2014.

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Congratulations to Carver Science Fair Students - Part 2!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year's Carver's Science Fair. Special recognition goes to the following students:
  • Jared Trusty, 2nd Place & Special Award - Engineering
  • Calamity Jung-Allen, 1st place - Behavioral Science 
  • Tiarra Bell, 1st Place - Earth Science
  • Tamira Bell, 1st Place & Best of Fair - Environmental
  • Jordan Merriweather, 3rd Place - Environmental
  • Katia Hadjeb, 2nd Place - Environmental
  • Nevrid Nezif & Tahmid Bhuiyan, 1st Place - Team project

--The Science Department
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Mi Familia

Esta es una foto de mi familia. Mi primo se llama Dan. Dan duerma todas los dias. Mi hermano es Willie. Willie practica deportista mucho. Mi padre es Doug. Doug es un trabajador. Doug siempre trabaja. Mi mamá es Susan. Susan siempre camina con el perro. Mi otro primo se llama Grady. Grady está en una banda. Grady toca el banjo todos los dias. Bill es mi tío. Bill va pescar todos los dias. Mi tia es Patty. Patty juega al tenis todos los dias. Mi otro tío se llama Ben, el siempre le gusta jugar fútbol.
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El Sumario 6

Sieanna Williams                                                                                          Q3

Srta. Manuel

Distrito Escolar demandó por violación de la libertad

Al parecer, no sólo el Distrito Escolar de Filadelfia tiene un problema con los días de nieve incontrolables y la codicia, pero ellos no van a permitir empleados masculinos para hacer crecer sus barbas más allá de un cuarto de pulgada. Porque de esto, el Distrito está siendo demandado por Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos para “entrar en la libertad religiosa”.

Un hombre que es aparte del pleito, oficial Siddiq Abi-Bakr, pregunta ser excusado del regla porque de su religión del Islam, pero el Distrito continuaron él regañarle para su barba longitud. Vamos a hacer una pausa de un segundo. ¿En serio? ¿Que te pasa? ¿Como puede rechazar una persona hacer caso omiso su religión porque usted no quiere masculinos tiene barbas más largo de un pulgada? ¿Más de eso, como puede pedir una person cortar su barba a todos? ¡No es justo!

Hoy, yo aprende que este regla estaba pasó en 2010. Eso no tiene sentido. Así lo veo, pelo y ropa es una manera de discurso. Es en lenguaje porque pelo y ropa es moda, es expresión. ¡Como yo lo entiendo, este regla es un violación de libertad de expresión! ¿Como estaba este regla pasó? Si probablemente no parece gustar, piensa en ello: ¿por qué Siddiq Abi-Bakr se aparte del pleito? Su barba es aparta de su religión que dice él tiene que mantener su pelo como un hombre. No puede tomar eso de él. Es so fe, su vida personal. Simplemente porque su y un otra persona no tiene el mío mismo, no significa que él tiene que seguir las reglas de su. Eso es la razón que no me gusta como en cualquier corte de los Estados Unidos, tú tiene que poner su palmo en la Biblia y “Jura decir la verdad, toda la verdad y nada pero la verdad que Dios te ayude.” Eso es el más falta de respeto alguna vez. Yo espero que el Distrito de Filadelfia aprende su lección sobre entrar en la libertad religiosa.



"Latino News and Opinion." Distrito Escolar demandó por violación de la libertad- . Web. 16 Mar. 2014. <>.

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El Sumario 5

Sieanna Williams                                                                                          Q3

Srta. Manuel

Los Oscar más vistos desde 2004

Como todos sabemos, que ha sido otro año que Leonardo DiCaprio no recibió un Oscar. Este año, 43 millones espectadores de Estados Unidos vivieron La 86th edición de la ceremonia de entrega de los premios Oscar de Hollywood. Este año era mi primero tiempo veo los Oscars, y yo estaba ansioso al fin para el premio Mejor Actor ir a Leonardo DiCaprio.

Todo noche, actores y actrices recibieron sus Oscars primeros. Yo, como todos otras personas en Facebook y Twitter, sabemos en nuestros corazones que este estaba la noche que Leo ganaría su Oscar primero. Desafortunadamente, el Oscar fue a Matthew McConaughey. Yo ví muchos películas de Matthew McConaughey, y él siempre juego el papel tonto. Desde mi punto de vista, este película que ganó su el Oscar, Dallas Buyer’s Club, estaba la película primero dónde su papel es serio.

A los Oscars, Jared Leto gana el Oscar primero para la película Dallas Buyer’s Club, que él jugó en con Matthew McConaughey. ¡El tráiler de cine estaba fantástico! Yo recuerdo pensado, “¡Ay dios mío, yo tengo que ver esto película, lo mira como A Girl Like Me: A Gwen Aguero Story!” Es la razón que yo casi entiende por qué Matthew McConaughey ganó el Oscar para Mejor Actor. Yo cree que la película tiene que ser más mejor de Wolf of Wall Street. Sin embargo, todo persona que vió la película, dígame que lo estaba muy terrible. Ellos dijeron cosas como: la película estaba muy desorganizada; los papeles de Leto y McConaughey esteban nada especial, en facto, sus relación estaba poco claro. Yo estaba consternado oír esto.

Leonardo DiCaprio gusta decir que él no importa si él no gana un Oscar. Pero nosotros todos sabemos no es cierto. Él, cada año que el no gana, tiene un cara muy triste. Los críticos de los Oscars siempre dijeron, “Leonardo DiCaprio ha básicamente ya ganó un Oscar, por eso él no necesita uno.” ¡No importa! ¿Si él merece uno como usted dice, por qué no da él uno para once? No es justo.

Yo sé que Leonardo DiCaprio no tiene nada demostrar y él merece pero no necesita un Oscar, pero cada año que él no tiene uno, es u otro año qué él restos uno de los más actores subestimados; y cada Oscar para Mejor Actor que no va a Leonardo DiCaprio es un otro Oscar simplemente desperdiciado.



EL PAÍS. "Los Oscar Más Vistos Desde 2004." EL PAÍS. EDICIONES EL PAÍS, S.L, 5 Mar. 2014. Web. 16 Mar. 2014. <>
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Artículo 6: Puños Rápidos y Instintos Carnales


Quarter 3

Alejandro Marothy

Señorita Manuel

Puños Rápidos y Instintos Carnales

Hay un boxeador llamado Swift. Tan, algunos boxeador fue entrevistado sobre boxeo y parece ser un tipo genial. Desde los albores de la humanidad, hemos amado luchar. El boxeo es un moderno expresión de esa desear. Lo que demuestras Swift es que los seres humanos quieren dañar a los demás. Algunos están más evolucionados que otros, y no quieren hacer daño pero amar. Esto es algo bueno para la sociedad actual, pero debemos admitir la verdad de fuerte minoría de seres humanos. La verdad es que muchos seres humanos tienen un carnal necesidad de la violencia. Algunos lo expresan a través de guerra, otros a través de la abuso doméstico. Pero muchos lo hacen a través del espectáculo de boxeo.

Los boxeadores son más inteligentes que dicen ser. Ellos conectados a una de las minorías en el mundo más grandes y más explotación. También tienen esta necesidad carnal de violencia, pero encontrado una manera para recibir cubos de dinero en lugar de gasto cubos de dinero en cumplimiento de ese deseo. Esto es brillante. Sin embargo, el realidad sigue siendo que sin necesidad de violencia, sin una populoso revierte, no habría ninguna necesidad del boxeo, y Swift no tienen trabajo. ¿Vamos todos a crecer, sí?

Número de Palabras: 205

Trabajo Citado

EFE. "Latino News and Opinion." En El Ring Con Danny 'Swift' García. Al Día, 13 Mar. 2014. Web. 13 Mar. 2014.

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YATW Blog#2 Music

In middle school, I took part in an extracurricular program called Play On Philly. (POP) The program started in 2011 and I’ve been in the program since the first day up until I graduated. I enjoyed everyday of it and I liked their teachings but what really made going worthwhile, were the friends I’ve made. The program became popular really fast and we’ve had concerts at some pretty cool places like the Mann Center, the Kimmel Center, and nursing homes. We’ve even had a concert in New Jersey. To show my gratitude to POP I’m going to assist the viola players with their studies.

As a form of research I interviewed my former viola teacher. These are her answers to my questions:

1. Do you believe that music can change the lives of children for the better? If so, how?

“Yes, I have been a teacher for over 13 years. I have witnessed time and time again when focusing on a musical goal and achieving it has elevated self esteem and self worth.”

2.Have you witnessed a change in behavior or mental traits with the children you’ve worked with? Were these changes beneficial?

Yes, I have

“Yes, I have seen how playing in a group with a common goal can give a sense of belonging and purpose.”

3.Do you believe music is a powerful thing? Why?

“Yes I do. I feel that music can reach a person on such a deep level. It can give an outlet to express your feelings.”

4.Does it affect your life in a major or minor way? (Other than being a teacher.)

“Music does affect my life. I am a violist and I have traveled to many places and performed with amazing people. I can express myself through my playing.”

5. Is there a downside to learning the ways of music? If so, have you witnessed it in the children you work with?

“No, I honestly feel like there are “literally” no downsides to learning music. It is not only intellectually stimulating, it is therapeutic.”

6.How do you as a teacher make it a better learning experience for your students?

“I am very dedicated to my students succeeding in both music preparation and in real life. I push my kids to always exceed their limits.”

Her answers add to my understanding because I’m learning from the teacher’s perspective rather than a student’s.

There’s been no new information on the effects music has on the brain, so I’ll just do a recap on why music is beneficial to the mind. Studying music and playing an instrument can increases one’s intelligence, problem solving skills, enhances their hand-eye coordination, increases memory capacity, improves discipline, builds self-esteem, etc. Music is also therapeutic and can even change your whole view on the world. There’s even been a study that confirms that when musicians play a duet, their brainwaves synchronize. Music truly is something special.

Paragraph#4 What Im going to do

As an agent of change I’m going to go to my old school where the program is held, and I’m going to assist the new violists with their musical studies. I’m going to help them with their reading, give them tips and advice, help them tune their instruments, etc. Throughout my time as an agent of change I’ll document what I’ve been doing and use some of what I will write for blog#3.

For the next blog I’ll be talking what I did as an agent of change. I’ll have some pictures and maybe even a short video. I’ll also have a description of the experience and have a review from the teacher I was assisting (maybe from the students as well).  

interview 2
Interview 1
Interview 3
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Yo Encanta Mi Familia

Esta es mi familia. Mi mamá es trabajador. Mi mamá lee africana americana historia libros mucho. Mi mayor hermana Aisha trabaja en peluquería.  Ella es muy creativa y talentosa. Mi hermana Holly y mi hermano Amin escriben poesía. Ellos encanta cantar. Amin canta terrible y Holly canta suṕer bien. Holly estudio en Americano universidad en Washington DC.  Yo escribo poesía y dibujo. Odio cuidar a los niños de Aisha. Porque ellos hablan y comen mucho. En el verano, vamos a la playa y nadamos y comemos. Cuando tenemos tiempo libre nosotros vamos al cine.

Quarter 3 Reflection 6

Quarter 3 Reflection 6 March 14th, 2014

Zack Hersh Señorita Manuel

DC y Atlanta: Amenazas Serias para los Phillies

Por Will Gonzalez

Mi autor favorita, Will Gonzalez, vuelva otra vez con otro artículo, y, como de costumbre, es un artículo de deportes, sobre los Phillies, nuestras héroes de la ciudad natal aquí en Filadelfia. Pero esta vez, lo todo no está arcos irises y mariposas por los Phillies. Los Phillies han estado tropezando en entrenamiento de primavera, bateando y lanzando pobremente, que crea muchas preocupaciones para ellos yendo al dentre la temporada. Mientras hay problemas interior, los Phillies también tienen que ocuparse de los Bravos de Atlanta y los Nacionales de Washington, DC. Ambos equipos han estado haciendo bueno en sus respectivos entrenamientos de primavera. Para una cosa, los Phillies no tienen mucho en la manera de jóvenes en su equipo. La mayoría de los jugadores en los Phillies son encima de 30 y estan teniendo más años. Mientras, la mayoría de los jugadores en los Nacionales son debajo de 30. Ellos tienen jugadores muy buenos como Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, y Ian Desmond, sin mencionar sus lanzadores excepcionales. Los Nacionales son una seria muy grande a los Phillies. Si eso no fue suficiente, los Phillies tienen que ocuparse de los Bravos, un equipo que han estado dominando entrenamiento de primavera. Podria estar una temporada difícil por los Phillies.

Palabras: 230
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Q3 Artículo #6 (#2)

Will (Guillermo) Amari

Señorita Manuel


Ernest Hemingway a Marlene Dietrich: Te imagino borracha y desnuda

El escritor, Ernest Hemingway 1899-1961, y la actriz Marlene Dietrich 1901-1992, eran juntos todos los tiempos en los años de los treintas. Señor Hemingway gustado señorita Dietrich y él escribió una carta sobre Marlene Dietrich. Ahora la carta es por venta por cincuenta mil dólares. Para mi, que es muy loco. Sin embargo, yo tengo millones de dólares, yo comprar la carta.

La carta era más sobre la famosa actriz. Esta carta con muy explícita y surrealista. En la carta, Ernest Hemingway escribió que él imaginó Marlene Dietrich borracha y desnuda. ¡Ay dios mios, Ernest Hemingway con asombrando!

Ernest Hemingway y sus amor, nunca casado. Ella era muy famosa en las películas y ella no encanta Hemingway. Muy triste. Ellos visitar París y Nueva York juntos. Hemingway muerte en el año de 1961 y Dietrich vivido.

Yo leí el artículo porque me encanta Ernest Hemingway y sus escritura. Yo aprendí que señor Hemingway escribió borracha cartas sobre sus interesante de amor. Yo también aprendí muchas nuevas palabras como: explícita, asombrando, borracha y desnuda. Este artículo era muy interesante.

Yo quiero leer la carta que Hemingway escritura. Sonidos bruto pero estoy fascinado. Yo leí libros de Hemingway. Un de mí favorito libros es “El Sol También subir.” Es un bonito historia.

Palabras: 212

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Spanish Q3 Reflection #6

Cartoons in spain


gancho- hook

caricaturas - cartoons, caricatures

infintil - childish

crecar - grow up

chistes - jokes

Casi todos sabe algo sobre la revista “the New Yorker”, y por yo, el gancho principal esta la caricaturas. Se eso suena infintil, pero la mejor artista Gary Larson (creador de los cómicos Far Side). Yo asumí que las caricaturas del New Yorker fueron saber a través del mundo. Cuando lee este artículo, pensaba fue mal. En España, tiene un artístico muy bien se llama Antonio Forges, o solo Forges por su apodo. El es en sus 70’s y todavía está trabajando en su arte. Aparentemente el es un de los más famosa artísticos de caricaturas en España. No se mas sobre ello antes de leyendo el artículo en “El País” pero pienso que mi tija me dijo sobre este hombre. No se si fue Forge en particular pero, sobre algo con caricaturas. Ese tijo vivo en Barcelona cuando estaba creciendo y probablemente sabe más sobre España.  

Ahora que se un poco sobre este gran icono en el industria de arte en España voy a pensar de él y sus caricaturas. Aparentemente, cuando comienzo dibujando él hizo alrededor de trenta dibujos y chistes y ese colección es lo que hizo reconoció. Solamente un noche de dibujando hizo su carrera.   

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Spanish Q3 reflection #5

La Película “Gravity” de Alfonso Cuarón


definir - define

disfrutar - enjoy (v)

el resto - the rest

casi - almost

tremendamente - wildly

soportar - stand,bear (v)

debido - due

Anoche fue los Oscars, los premios que puede definir una pelicula. Este año fueron muchas entradas fantástica, incluso “12 years a slave” “Dallas Buyers Club” “The wolf of wall street” y my favorita “Her”. Pero, nada de esos ganaba muchos premios que “Gravity” con Sandra Bullock y George Clooney.  Este año he estado disfrutando los peliculas gran y esperaba Gravity a ser en con el resto. Despues de escuchar los opiniones bueno, invitaba mis amigos al cine. Todos de nosotros pensamos vamos a ver el mejor pelicula de este año per... estuve decepcionado.  Casi todos de la película fue tremendamente improbable aventuras en espacio. Lee un libro de un astronauta, y el dice que necesita dejar al teatro por que no podia soportar como improbable lo fue. Voy a dar crédito donde credito esta debido. El director, Alfonso Cuarón , hizo un buen trabajo de fabricacion el espacio en la película a mirar realista. Probablemente debo dar mi credito a el personel de pantalla verde, ellos que hicieron mayoría del trabajo.

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Spanish Q3 reflection #4

Stanley Kubrick


intrigado - intrigued  

homenaje - homage

retratar - portray

trastornado - deranged

Hay quince años de el director famoso, Stanley Kubrick, y sus peliculas. No pienso que veía todos de esos.  Tengo más miedo de “The Shining”, cuando fue en séptimo grado mi maestro de espanol me dijo sobre ese película y fue intrigado. No veía “The Shining” pero, escucha que es fantástico. Recentemente, miraba “American Psycho” y me gusta ese. Ese película tomar inspira de la original “Psycho” una película de la famosa, Alfred Hitchcock. Se este es muchos grados de separación, pero Hitchcock y Kubrick compartan muchas cosas. La caráctar de Norman Bates en Psycho (y su homenaje Patrick Bates en American Psycho) tiene similitudes de los carácteres de Kubrick. Jack Nicholson retrata un hombre trastornado similar que Anthony Hopkins en su rol en Psycho. De todos modos, Kubrick hay contribuía mucho a la industria. Mucho esta interesante, mucho esta oscuro, pero todos esta importante.

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Spanish Q3 reflection #3

La historia de Yoko Ono


bajar- lower

choque - shock

cólera - anger

Me gusta “The Beatles” mucho. Escribí un reflexión sobre esta banda una pocas semanas pasada. Durante la clase de espanol siempre estoy escuchando a música.  Quizás, alguien va a venir y me dijo a bajar el volumen. Más del tiempo escucharé a The Beatles. Tengo todos de su recordas, y hay escuchando a ellos desde será un pequeño niño. Reviví sus historia, de sus álbum primero a “Let it Be” (sus álbum final). Mis padres y sus amigos fueron y todavia estan fanáticos de este banda fantastica, y ahora estoy un gran fanatico. Recientemente, he estado escuchando a “Abbey Road” su final trabajo que fue grabado cuando fueron juntos. Tengo nada pero respeto para ellos y me gusta todos de sus música. Cuando se separan muchos personas fueron triste. Un gran parte de la culpa se fue a Yoko Ono, la esposa de John Lennon. Recentemente, ella cumple ochenta años y todavia esta contenta. Despues de “The Beatles” cuando Yoko y John fue vivían juntos, John fue asesinado en Nueva York. El mundo fue en choque y sus cólera se fue lejos. John tenía dos hijos en su vida, Sean y Julian, uno con Yoko y la otra con su esposa primero Cynthia.

Hecho Divertido: En la canción “Hey Jude” Sir McCartney esta cantando sobre Julian Lennon cuyo apodo en el momento fue Jude.  

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