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            On of the biggest challenges we had as a group was that it would be pointless to do something in the school because our school already has a high graduation rate. This meant that no mater what we did and how we presented the information we would have to reach out to people outside of the school. This is what led us to choosing a web site because it is easier to get a web site to people we don’t know. Another one of our ongoing challenges as a group is that it was hard for us to agree on something because all of us are very opinionated. After some time I stopped caring about how we made the web site and what it looks like because I was tired of arguing over a color.

One thing that was nice was that I had this topic before so we had all of the previous research. This helped because we did not have to look for the information we needed for the project. We only had to show the current information in a different way. Also because I already knew about the current situation it was easier to know what we would need to look at, like attendance.

            Once we decided to do a web site we had to decide what each person would do. Over all everyone worked on their parts individually and put it together once everything was done. I worked mostly on the statistics because I felt confident in what statistics were the most important. Over all I am glad that the project is finished and hope that the web site will reach people who are at risk of dropping out.   

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Isabella Tognini

            On the first day of the project, we all assigned ourselves specific components of our project. The component I was responsible for was making a video, which would be the main element of the campaign. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to iMovie, so I figured it would be the best thing for me to do. The first thing I did was let Siani and Loren finish finding statistics and putting together a brochure, which we planned to give out to people. The other component I helped with was the name of the campaign, which was "Homeless Faces of Philadelphia". Both Sammy and I tried to combine our ideas and keep in contact with the rest of the group, and update them on new ideas. My group and I got along pretty nicely, so there really were no disagreements or complications.


            My original idea for the video was to take my own photographs of the homeless in Philadelphia. I came to school equipped and ready with my camera to photograph throughout the city, I even came with a bag of change as a small token for the people who let me take a photograph of them. But as I set off on my journey, camera in hand, money in pocket, I was overwhelmed by the sadness of their desperation and felt that photographing them for my agenda felt inappropriate. Also, that my small token of a couple of dollars for this project was meaningless, so instead I chose to use available images to tell a story. But the deep impression that was made on that day will stay with me for a long time. 


Since I was not able to go through with my original plan, I decided to compile as many pictures as I could from the Internet, all of which were taken in Philadelphia (so it wasn’t completely random). When I got to around twenty-five, I thought it was best to make the campaign video around fifty seconds long, so it wouldn't be too overwhelming for people, since homelessness is a very serious subject to begin with. After that, I tried to find music that would be appropriate for the assignment. The first thought that came to mind, was The Pursuit of Happiness, which I think depicts the subject really well. The song that I found was actually called "Homeless" which was when Will Smith's character found out that he has not where to go with him and his son and it really renders the feeling of desperation. Once I had the pictures and music, I needed quotes or lines that could help me get our message across. Sammy and I worked together to put a few lines together, which I think represented our message very well.


Overall, the project went smoothly. My group collaborated pretty well, each of us knew what we had to do and we accomplished our goals, even if some of us didn't do what we were originally going to do. I believe our final project turned out to be really meaningful and effective (I know this because it made my Mom cry). 

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Neighborhood Schools

​Process Paper

First of all let me say that I really thought that this project would be simple to do considering that I had the topic for 2nd quarter benchmark. Turns out I was wrong. I found it hard to put all the research that was previously collected into a website that would be shared with a great part of the community. It’s not that I have presented my work to a larger audience outside of SLA. It’s that this had to be professional because professionals would be viewing this.

Our goal with writing about Neighborhood High Schools was to inform people how they can help to encourage students to stay in school. How it is an important thing to have when it comes to getting a jobs and making more money a year than you would if you didn’t have a high school education.

The only other challenge for this project was making sure that out website could/would be viewed by people outside of SLA. The link to the website was posted on Twitter to Education Philly.  One the other hand a success we had was being able to come together to create a website and posters that would be distributed to those affected by neighborhood schools.

Overall, I think our attempt is going to be successful. We're knowledgeable and being high school student who fully want to graduate, we understand that having a high school education can open more opportunities than not having one. Like going to college.


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Neighborhood Schools

Process Paper

First of all let me say that I really thought that this project would be simple to do considering that I had the topic for 2nd quarter benchmark. Turns out I was wrong. I found it hard to put all the research that was previously collected into a website that would be shared with a great part of the community. It’s not that I have presented my work to a larger audience outside of SLA. It’s that this had to be professional because professionals would be viewing this.

Our goal with writing about Neighborhood High Schools was to inform people how they can help to encourage students to stay in school. How it is an important thing to have when it comes to getting a jobs and making more money a year than you would if you didn’t have a high school education.

The only other challenge for this project was making sure that out website could/would be viewed by people outside of SLA. The link to the website was posted on Twitter to Education Philly.  One the other hand a success we had was being able to come together to create a website and posters that would be distributed to those affected by neighborhood schools.

Overall, I think our attempt is going to be successful. We're knowledgeable and being high school student who fully want to graduate, we understand that having a high school education can open more opportunities than not having one. Like going to college.


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Child abuse

Throughout this project I found the most difficult part to be not having enough time to really think of a more creative way to campaign my topic. Also I didn’t have the option of picking my own topic and group, so I just wanted to get the project done. I chose to create an iweb, by doing so I found it easy to organize my information and have a polished and clean-cut presentation. The theme to have the information in black and white makes the topic I am presenting more serious. I can’t have bright rainbow colors describing child abuse because it gives off the tone it is a joke. I think my group members worked well with the exception of a few people. Because they were assigned such important roles in the project it was frustrating because that meant people had to pick up the baggage they left.

            In the beginning we were going to target DHS as our audience. We then changed our audience to have more effectiveness for the topic. We decided to target adults, we figured that these issues start at home some the parents should be aware of the effects. Also we provided a page with the signs of child abuse so people know exactly how a person being affected behaves. We added a site tracker to our page so we can show how many people look at our site. My group members and I also posted our website link on twitter to spread the word. We found by doing that a lot of people even teenagers went onto the site to check it out. This project overall was very fasted paced and straight forward which was difficult but got the job done with some of my teammates.


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Eryn James Process Paper for Q3 Benchmark

Our group worked on a website to inform people about Child Abuse. We used a multitude of directions to come from that would help us get people to take the time to look at our website and just for people to understand the problem at hand. One portion of the project that I personally worked on was the media portion. We decided, as a group, that we should use images to show people what child abuse looked like on the outside so that they would take the initiative to go and find out what abuse does to children on the inside. So my job was to find images that I thought would have a hold on people after they saw them.

Challenges for us as a group was finding the time out side of class to communicate with each other and to focus while in class.  In class we’d get off task and start having a conversation about child abuse or an image I found or a statistic or something but in the end we found a way to incorporate the information form the conversation into our website. At other times we’d totally get off task and start talking about other things that had nothing to do with the project. Personal challenges I had was trying to find a sufficient amount of pictures that didn’t look cheesy or that had the effect that I wanted it to have on our viewers. Another personal challenge I had was being absent one of the days we had to work when we only had a few days to work on the project.

Successes that we had as a group was that when we all put our heads together we came up with really good ideas and found really good information to compile onto our website. We all brought some effective input to the table when we were brain storming on the project. We all also gave an equal amount of effort and support during the project as well as had a good time working with each other, in my opinion. Personal success that I had was pulling my own weight on the project and not asking for unnecessary help. Also, coming up with good ideas and pitching them to the group was a success I had. I also over came one of my weaknesses in group work; I wasn’t distant and I took the initiative in communicating with my group. 

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For this quarter I decided to choose to do my own project involving photography. I always had a interest in photography and I never tried to purse it. But this quarter while I was researching on independent art projects to do and I stumbled upon a page on abstract pictures. It had everyday objects but in different angles and shadows. The project looked really cool to do and interesting. I wanted to see if I could recreate my own abstract art and edit them to see what it would be like.

It was hard at first because I am just a rookie taking pictures and I am not good at photoshop so this project was going to be challenging to me but I was up for the challenge. This project challenged me in the best possible way and I really want to try more things with photography.

 This is my process...
For the first part of my project I wanted to start in school. I wanted to see if I could take everyday things and make it portray a different image or emotion by editing it. I went around the school taking pictures of stairs, gates, lockers and other random things posted around the school. My goal was to see it I could make them totally different from what I originally saw them 

Below is my pictures from around the school 

For another part of my project I chose to find different pictures on the internet that was already abstract or different. My challenge was to tak art that was weird and crazy and portray a feeling already and change it into something that was almost unrecognizable to the orignal work. Working in it was hard because it was difficult to erase an emotion of a picture and portray a new one. I used different shadows and lights to give it a new refreshed feeling. The work below the school picture shows my work.

Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.08.17 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.08.49 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.09.24 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.10.34 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.11.08 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.11.45 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.15.10 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 10.15.45 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.24.59 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.25.40 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.26.05 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.26.32 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.26.52 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.27.14 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.27.33 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.28.02 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.28.43 AM
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Process Paper, - Gun Violence

What a project? Nothing more then working with a group of friends and coming together to build a presentation about life-changing situations that people live through everyday. In which increases awareness, changes opinions, and as well as changes behavior. A topic that will change everyone’s mind for the better!

         “Gun Violence,” the topic that walked upon us. Gun violence, is a type of violence that is used with a firearm to threaten or inflict harm against someone or something. Violence, behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Well, first, we brainstormed ideas. We thought of different type of mind changing situations, marked them on the board, and wrote which three we’re most interested in on a card. But me, I wasn’t in class that day. Well mainly, that whole week maybe. I forget. Then, I arrived back in class, the topic already handed to us as well as the introduction of the benchmark. I wasn’t worried about what we had to do, I was more worried about getting it done and being there to communicate and collaborate with my teammates. My group mates suggested that we all do two video’s each. One person did videos and everyone else did the stats, the weebly, editing… etc. I don’t exactly remember everything. My group mates guided me in the right direction to do well on my part of the benchmark, but then again they didn’t want to put too much on me. But overall, it turned out to be a pretty good project!

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Process Paper

Our campaign was on school funding. Originally, I was going to create a poster or some other form of visual media for the project. In the end, Taahir took on that role by himself, and I took control of compiling all of our elements together on our Weebly, while adding some more write ups on our mission and what our topic was.

I feel as if our Weebly is laid out in a effective way that will allow viewers to look at it with ease and grasp what our campaign is about. The website has a Mission page, which comprehensively states what our goal for this campaign is. There is an About page where I had written a write up about what exactly is happening to our schools due to the budget cuts, and the importance of school funding. Above, is a multimedia ad-campaign that was created by Callie. I had placed the ad-campaign above because I had observed that most sights place a more visual way of obtaining knowledge first because it is the quickest and easiest way to gain knowledge about the topic. However, some people do prefer to just read the facts and what the topic is about, which is why I wrote the write up below. I also made a section called „Student Voices,” where I put Andrew’s work. There is a page dedicated to Artwork and Posters, where Taahir is displaying his work. In that section, I also added a little comment at the bottom, inviting other people to send in and artwork or posters that they had created about school funding. I thought by allowing other people to contribute to the artwork and poster section would spread the word or make people more interested to get involved. I also created a page called „Take Action,” created to give people a little insight on what they can do as an individual to help fund our schools. It also has a small section with some up and coming events that people can check out. 

My main goal was to combine all of the information we had learned about in a comprehendible and aesthetically way. I think the website will provide people with a general overview on what is happening in the Philadelphia School District regarding budget cuts, as well as what they can do to help.

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Process Paper-Arlana Brown English Benchmark

Arlana Brown

Process Paper


Quarter 3 Benchmark



This project overall was a great opportunity to get very influential message across. For this project I was chosen to be in a group dealing with the topic of Neighborhood High Schools. At first I really didn’t know how to tackle this topic but with the help of my group members I was able to accomplish it. We all realized that we had different plans for the future of our campaign, but we all got together and put our creative minds together and this is our product: MARCH FOR EDUCATION!


My first option to present this campaign was to have a video with us stating facts and appealing to youth. The video obviously did not work out but we choose something else. Before we could do anything we needed a motto or slogan. Since our topic was Neighborhood Schools we needed something about education. We each agreed on the motto “It’s either now or never, your education lasts forever.” The motto I believe sets us off very well for a successful campaign. The motto is appealing and gets our point across.

We came in to difficulty with a medium for our project. We choose a Google site but realized it wasn’t too appealing and decided to change it. We put all of our information on and our campaign came to life.


I was in charge of the posters and getting the message across. I choose to use a schoolhouse with a red background because red usually sticks out and gets the message across. With our website we have a picture and a message stating what we are about. I believe the biggest problem was actually figuring out how we would impact the community and get this word out. Saying that we do not go to a neighborhood high school so how would we be able to get this message across? We took a pledge to spread this as best as we could. We are putting it on social media and posting it around our neighborhoods. Our campaign is still growing and we will be near our goal educating everyone.

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Process Paper - Literacy (Tucker Bartholomew)

When my group initially got together to discuss ideas, we realized we all had a different vision for how things should be put together. One thing that really helped us combine our different 'visions' was when we individually looked at an ad campaign, and then wrote up reports for the Moodle assignment. This was helpful because it enabled us see what we liked in ad campaigns, and what we thought was effective, and ineffective. While we all liked the idea of the website campaign, and I especially liked the idea of having a simplistic layout, with three different sections for each chapter of research. I ended up dividing our final website out into three sections with a welcome page. This worked nicely because it let us give our information out in pieces, and then use a video as a PSA.

Aja, Quinn, and Nashrah did a great job with the posters we used as part of our ad campaign, but we had to get them out into the world somewhere. Eventually, I was able to set up the posters at a small school in West Philadelphia called Jubilee School. They also let me take some pictures with the students sitting around them. These pictures were crucial for a PSA video I had decided to make because it gave concrete examples of our 'product' being used. I pieced the video together using the pictures I took of the Jubilee kids, and rolling video shots of our own school library. While the visual effects in the video are simplistic, the worded narration is the main focus. I used Stevie Wonder's song, "Higher Ground," not just because it is a great song, but it's sort of an uplifting song. The mood of the video runs synonymously with the theme of our project, which is to motivate people to read.  

            Before the start of this project, literacy percentages for Philadelphia were not something I knew a lot about. Because of my lack of knowledge, I knew that research would be key in how I pieced together my final products. Since I really had to research the topic, I was able to gather a lot of statistical information about our theme. I was able to write descriptions and short essays on the website explaining why literacy is so important, and why it shouldn’t be ignored.

            The biggest challenge of this project was not in content, but in visualization. I did not realize that iWeb was not in use by Apple anymore, and I didn’t find that out until after our website was finished. Luckily, I realized that if I made the project into a keynote and linked the file as a download, I could easily get the link’s URL to the 'public'. The final keynote was really easy to make because I already had the design from the iWeb, and it accurately depicted our research in an informative and effective manner. I'm also able to tell how many times the file is downloaded from the link by looking at the main page on my Cloud app. 

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Process Paper: Homelessness

In the beginning of our project, we originally planned on doing a website. We made a weebly but something happened and they wanted us to pay; there were just some complications. In the end we decided to make a video and publish that and hand out brochures and post flyers in different places that had little strips that people could tear off with the link to the video. On the site that the video is on, we can see how many people have viewed our video which can we can use to track our success.

We originally planned on going out and taking pictures on our own but we ran into some moral issues with that so we managed to get a few of our own pictures but then found some of the other ones on the internet. This didn’t really serve as a problem; it just sort of set us back at first because we couldn’t think of a way to get the pictures without taking them. Then it came to us; Google! One issue that we did run into in the end was our brochures and flyers, they were nice and everything but they didn’t really portray our project the way we had planned them to, so I had to stay up and fix those and print them out. We originally planned on doing a simple flyer with a quote then a link to our video. The flyers that Loren made though had a lot of words and pictures and just didn’t really catch people’s attention in a quick way, which is what we were aiming for.

In the end however, we pulled it all together and managed to get everything done and the way that we had envisioned it. Siani researched all the information we asked her to find, Loren made the original flyers and brochures, Isabella made the video and I made the keynote presentation and worked with Isabella to fix the flyers and brochures. I really like how our project turned out and I think it’s a good result of our hard work.


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Process Paper (child abuse)

In our project Nowhere to Hide was a website made by four other group members other then me. We all worked together to create a page to show to the DHS. I felt like with this project we had more freedom then what I thought we were going to have. Our main topic of the project was child abuse. The design of our project was set up with different sections of the websites. Our original plan was to break up each of the parts so each group member had a section to work on.

            In my own opinion I think our original plan did not work out the way that it should of. We completed the very first part saying what we were going to do, and each of us as an individual did that and helped each other out with the research. Then it actually came to the making of the project, our website and I feel as most of the work was pushed onto Toni, but she also made it that way. I only say this because I would ask her what she needed help with and she would never answer me. We would also be in class and each of the group members including me would get off topic and talk about something else. Then when it was time to work Toni would tell me to do something and I would.

            To me it seems like I did absolutely nothing for this project but, I helped. I gave ideas on ways to set up the website and what we could use or how we can sort out the information. I also helped advertise our website we can have people not only in the SLA community see what we have been working on. Also whenever a group member asked em for help I was there to help them. I was suppose to be helping Toni put together the project and video part of the project but she never gave me the chance to help. I feel as though ig I were told to help and was given what to do from my group members I would of felt like I contributed a little more then what I did.

            As a group I believe the project did come out successful though. Through the parts of us getting off topic, some members not doing their parts, or others just not working at all. I think we pulled through a good and clean campaign that is ready to be shown to the workers and representatives of the DHS of Philadelphia. 

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Project Reflection!

For my group’s project we had to debate a lot of things. First of all, one of the most important debates that we had, was what particular way of presenting we will do, and while it wasn’t a large debate since we all are obviously stronger with websites than any other way of presenting, we still argued a bit, over what we should do. After that, came the actual debates. I wanted to have a lot of things some of them being very important, like wanting the color of the font not to be black, however, since all three of my group mates said that black will be the very best color, we have decided to go with the black color, and things like that.

After all of the debates were over (well, not all, there were more to come) we have decided to go with the Iweb, black font, psa the way it is, and having to work with my least favorite type of website maker, however, I grew to like it after this project. I found that it is a lot easier to use than any other type of website maker. However, after the whole website was done, and we were ready to upload, we couldn’t publish it, and thus we decided to move back to the idea.

Through a lot of debating and not knowing what, why and how to do and or start this particular project, we ended up with what we have right now, and it actually turned out to be very good. We were also debating on how we should implement it, and the best way that we found was to publish it, and twitter/facebook/myspace people about it, and make sure that people know about it, thus if some people know about it, others will come around, and so on, in a never-ending circle of social websites, this website will be the light in the end of the tunnel for the students that are in danger of dropping out.

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For the 4th Q BM I worked with Arlana, Iraida, and Abe. Our topic is Neighborhood high schools. We started an organization called March For Education. We decided to make a website for our Organization. At first we made a website through Google. It was okay until we noticed that the site looked dull, and boring. So Arlana decided to make a website through Our new website is called

         On the new site people can give us feedback on what they think about or organization. We have statistics about Neighborhood Schools, which should make any person want to join the March For Education. The drop out rate in America is 37%. That’s is pretty bad. During the process of research of this project I learned about how bad off the neighborhood schools, and schools in general are.

         During the process I was responsible for three things, and they were setting up the website, drawing a picture of a hand/taking a picture of our group, and editing the grammar on the website.

         I set up the pages on our original site. Those pages were Home Page, FAQS page, Video Page for our PSA, Contact Us Page, and Overview of our Campaign page. We started to put work on here, but we didn’t like how the site looked, so we made a new website. Arlana transferred all of our work to the new website. My next job was posting a picture of a hand that had our slogan in it. Our slogan is, “It’s Now or Never Your Education Last Forever.” Under the hand it says join hands and March For Education.

         The process for making this project for me should have been easy because of the small amount of work I had to do. I at first was bored with this topic because it was about neighborhood schools. Why do I care about neighborhood schools, they have nothing to do with SLA. Well I was wrong for thinking that. After I learned that most teachers don’t care for the students in neighborhood schools, and that the students don’t learn as much as they should, my attitude changed. There is no reason why the drop out rate is 37%. That is awful. So I can say my process in making this project was good & bad. I’m glad this project was made.

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Process Paper

Andrew Chalfen

Process Paper



When I heard that I had creative rights to make this project into my own artistic style I knew I was going to have fun with it. I was given the topic of school district funding something that I strongly feel is a large issue in modern day education systems around the world but especially in the Philadelphia public school district. I’ve had other opportunities to learn about school district funding so when this project was assigned I was actually quite prepared as far as ideas went. As far as actually creating the project I knew the things I wanted to avoid were a long written paper, or something that involves a lot of technical work. I don’t very often enjoy writing and I’ts hard for me to incorporate any type of visual component into a paper. I also get easily frustrated with computers so any advanced website or “prezzi” would have to be left for my other group members. The way I was best at contributing was through social media.


I brainstormed my favorite social media ideas and decided to go with the one that stuck out as the most interesting. I have a lot of connections to high school students from schools all across Philadelphia. I used these connections by asking a diverse variety of students a sequence of questions. I chose students from all different ethnicities and cultures in over fifteen different Philadelphia public and charter schools. The point of these questions was to ask the students how school district funding directly affects them and their school communities. Its not often students are given a voice in the decisions that affects their everyday lives so this project means more to me then just a grade. I honestly intend to keep up with this research and at some point submit my data and finished product to the school district itself. I will outline what data has been collected, what the data says about our school systems, and what positive suggestions students have contributed.


A major challenge I was faced with was identity. Many of the students I interviewed did not want to be identified given that their candid responses could be considered disrespectful. I opted to include pictures of the students but keep names out. This way I can show what exterior appearance the students choose to personify without giving anyone the opportunity to find out more about these students.


My group and I have worked together well. At the beginning of the project we all outlined goals for ourselves and for the group. Each member has contributed in their own way and had a positive impact on this project. I really enjoyed the idea and process of this project and would highly recommend Ms Pahomov to continue it in future years. One suggestion I would make however would be to mandate some sort of outside sources. Kind of like how I got information from students at other schools, any of the projects in the class could have used a source outside of SLA, I don’t know how many others took advantage of that. Overall I would say great project and I feel strong about what I contributed.

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My group's topic for our project was on homelessness in Philadelphia. I was initially going to help with the design and flyers but then noticed how though I'm good at that, I am also good at doing the research in order for my group to continue on other things. So that became my job for the group, searching for any facts and statistics on the homeless in philadelphia. At first I thought it was going to be easy, but then it turned out to be a bit difficult and frustrating because there has not any new information or updated research on the topic in the last 3-4 years. Though that information is just as good, I was searching for news from now. For years I've known about the homeless and as I traveled around Philadelphia I've gotten to see them up close. But recently, in 2012, I noticed a lot more than usual. Maybe they were there all along but I wanted to know how that happened, if it had something to do with todays' economy or something personal. After numerous attempts, I was able to find some of the answers I was looking for which made me feel a little better and got the info to the rest of my group in time to do their part. 

Overall I think I did a good job on my part but it could have been better. I haven't seen the keynote yet by Sammy or the pictures Isabella took, but the pamphlet and flyer Loren made with the information and facts was really good. We each had skills that was able to done and joined to make one good group. I still think that our group's project turn out well and I can't wait to see the finish project the day of presentation.
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Benchmark Reflection


    For the project I was assigned to work with jesús, Taylor and Steven. The group was good for me because they were people I easily got along with. Although we all had things that made it so we couldn’t work we addressed those thing and the project went through very smoothly. None of us argued or complained about where the project was headed which made things easy on everyone. I was left in charge of the video and website. I did the best I could for the website which was a slight bit difficult based off of what we had, but the video went great. Jesús was a great help making the script for the video and finding some other components for it. I handled the rest of the video and although I wasn’t in class some days I made sure I got what I had to do done while out of class so we could have all of our components done on time. I worked on the production of our video component, which meant I had to film, act and edit the footage we got. Taylor and Steven helped me with acting and Jesús gave me stuff that would further help me edit. In the end I would love to work with this group again because we worked together very well and all made sure we got out work done on time. Everyone did what he or she had to do and no one even began to argue during the course of the project. I feel that we worked as a good team and everyone got done what they had to get done.

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Child Abuse

I choose the topic child abuse because I thought it an issue that is important but pushed aside. So for this project my group divided the work process and we decided to make a website. I was assign to do the statistics. First I started to do my research on child abuse. As I start the was a lot of information on child abuse and I wasn’t sure where to start digging for information that would make our project stand out and would have fact that was collected by reliable sources.

 I went through and I checked the different websites that I thought would be useful. I came upon one website that was called U.S Department of Heath and Human Service   Administrator for Children and & Family. The website have a lot of database that was very useful. For example the have pie chart PDF. They also had information on adoption, how many cases where reported. These database and research dates back to 1995. This website provide national data on adoption, foster care, child abuse and neglect and child welfare. I would recommend this website to and one who wants information on child abuse. I have went trough most the PDF and information on this website to find information on our topic. So I choose to do child abuse in the last four years. Researching on the statics of child abuse helped to bring cross our topic and give more meaning to the presentation.

 We used the statics to emphasize that the child abuse is still happening. We hoped this caught the audience’s attention. First our audience was supposed to be the DHS but we didn’t know how to create the project that it wouldn’t be offensive. There is a chance it would be a big issue if we take on the DHS and say they aren’t doing their work, after we are teenagers. So we change our audience to the parents and the public in general. Toni put the website together with the information we all had put in. I found a website counter that worked so we could see how many people viewed our website. Then for the promoting part of our picture we all went on Twitter and promoted our website. Now over a thousand people view our website. I went on Facebook and promoted some more and there was a lot of responses form a lot of people. So the website counter one of the way that we used to measured our success. Our website was published this we and has more that a thousand views. Also the comment I got from the people on Facebook was great, they appreciate the information that was produce and the think that child abuse is important. One challenge that a few times there was a couple absences and we did get to use the time wisely, the rest of the group that was there came together and worked to finished the project. I think our campaign was successful. 

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Child Abuse

In the beginning when we first had started this I already knew that personally my strong factor was to get all of the statistics. I work best with numbers so when my group and I decided that that I could do the statistics I was actually really ecstatic.

Personally when I did my research I was looking for the wow factor, I needed like information about how many kids were really getting abused. Also I took out information about like what types of children were being abused. I also found one of those statistics that is like every minute a child is being reported for child abuse.

I feel as if my strengths in this project had to be like getting my statistics to Toni, who was our collector in our group, fast. Like I had already gotten most of my information within the third class period and I had sent her all of it.

In my group we’re making a iWeb, personally I saw it being put together but probably not going to be ale to see the finished product. Last class we talked about adding some more things to it, just to make it like more flashy like a counter that says how many people have been on the website.

I feel as if I liked my group, we all had different strengths but altogether we worked pretty well at getting this benchmark done.


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Campaign Independent Reflection

For the campaign, I was responsible for a number of things. One, I was in charge in dividing the work for people so everyone gets a fair share of the work. I helped keep my group members in line and keep constant contact with them to make sure they were being productive. I helped create the proposal, which was also part of the division of the work aspect of it. Sometimes it was hard to do this since some group members often didn’t show up to class to help work on it, leaving some of us to do most of the work.

I also made the keynote component of the campaign. The keynote consisted of statistics and images that I had to search for on the Internet. One major challenge of doing this was finding the stats itself. It was difficult enough trying to find specific statistics on our topic, but having to do it for a particular city resulted in multitudes of useless sources. I had to dig through and read almost every source in order to find meaningful enough information. Then I had to make sure these statistics were accurate by searching for more sources that mentions said information in order to validate its accuracy. I then got the idea that a timeline element would help the audience see how Philadelphia has progressed with our topic, which I implemented.

Event though I was only able to find only a handful of information, I’m optimistic in the way I have set up the presentation, that it is enough to leave an impression. Also, I’m confident that having the video, keynote, website, and posters put together will result in an engaging and effective presentation for the audience. And the fact that our other components are also able to cover the outside audience assures me that we did a swell job as a group. 

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