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Juan's Podcast

This interview talks about single mothers having to raise there kids on there own.S So they deeply talk about it and express there feelings.


- Crossing the boundaries can be good or bad at the same time depending on what you are planning to doing. If you are crossing the boundary to become happy or something that you always wanted to be, then it has a good impact on your life. It shows that you went far and beyond to succeed in life and make it somewhere where people said you wouldn't. But if you are crossing the boundary the wrong way then it can effect your life as a total piece. If you do something wrong it can lead to death, jail, or even death of the ones you love the most. Therefore no matter how you look at boundaries once you crossed them, you might not know what is going to happen after you do.

- I learned a lot bout myself but not only that i also learned a lot bout my family members, somethings that i would of never knew and looking at there thoughts from a perspective that we barely see on a daily basis. Other i found out how it feels to be a single mother even though I'm not a women or girl but the sense that they were talking touched me in a way where i felt how they felt .

- Nothing was unexpected it was pretty easy just learned a couple things to do on the garage band which was fun larding bout.

- I agree with them they said it was a pretty good interview and that i was on topic throughout the whole thing, everyone has a whole opinion of there own so i really can't agree and disagree because it isn't right or wrong.

- My strengths were to be able to med with  the music and also being able to put everything together. Weakness was to be able to get everyone at the same place so i can be able to interview them all to get it all done. But i worked passed that and got it done on time.


Social Networking is a Powerful Thing.

Social Networking is a powerful thing. We use it on a daily basis to communicate and many of us aren't very as appreciative as we should be about it. For this assignment, I interviewed my dad and his take on what he feels about social networking and what it was like to grow up without it. He speaks of his take on as to what they considered social networking and how things that seemed yet so futuristic are being used today. The positives of social networking and negatives are discussed on how it affects society and how people portraying themselves is important as a whole.

Here's My Project:

 Crossing boundaries is portrayed in two ways throughout my project. Personally I crossed boundaries with being different from the typical teen who has Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Skype, ect. Since I don't have one it showed how it really could effect me by just not having one less thing because people look at this for jobs and educational purposes. Being so that I knew that affects of how people portray themselves is important through social networking, it was a large impact on my decision of not having any social networks. Social networking of course is a wonderful thing, but it has its ups and downs. Having a father that was on a social network who gave me about my future, could possibly have affected my decision as well since many teens probably don't have talks about social networking with their parents. 

During this interview process I learned more about my father's take on social networking. Previously, I knew that my father was on a social network and thought it was a wonderful thing, but I never knew that he grew up in the time of the Dick Tracy Era. Nor did I know about the Grape Vine and what that was until he explained it. It was interesting to know that Facebook was going on the stock market, considering that I would have never expected it. It was very interesting, but also helpful to have a parent's view on social networking that wasn't necessarily for or against social networking. 

In the beginning of my project, recording my intro was live, so it wasn't much rehearsed. It was shocking to see how much you could learn about multiple persons in less than 5 minutes. With editing my project, I had to edit out a lot of "ums" and moments were Jackie and myself were mean to each other. Although, I felt it was necessary to leave the thing like "Daaaamn" from our reactions because they were what we really felt.
 I learned that social networking makes you an easy victim of judgement.

 Through peer editing, Some of the comments I agreed with whiles others I didn't. I changed the kind of music I used in the beginning and balanced it out as I was told to. Although, I didn't agree with taking out the music as a whole, but I did make it less distracting. I thought the music brought the project together as a whole to engage the audience, especially considering that my dad talked for most of the time. My strength, but weakness at the same time was editing because it was difficult and took up a lot of time with the project. It was difficult to chose certain parts because I felt like everything was pretty important, so I decided to just take some key components and edit out things that weren't as detailed as others. 

My Uncle's travels

I interview my Uncle and ask how he feels his job has affected his personal life, with his family and with his friends.  

Q3 English Benchmark
Crossing boundaries can have a lot of different effects some good some bad, however the goods usually seem to outweigh the bads, my uncle talks about how if he were to do everything over again he would do the same way.  For him the boundaries that were crossed geographically were much more positive than they could have been negative.  A personal experience that I had with was when I went to costa rica in seventh grade and there was so much nervousness and other negative feelings that had to do with the trip but in the end the positives really outweighed the negatives of the trip.
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Many people have dreams when they are little. Farfetched dreams that are soon washed away in the tide of life. However sometimes people see their dreams come true. In this podcast we will hear the story of someone who saw their dreams come true... My mom I'm Khari Evans stay tuned.
mom's interview 2


Editing and producing my product for me was a learning experience. At first I thought that it would be an easy project and could be done quickly. I got my interview done quickly and had a ok sound quantity. However after listening to Ira glass of this American life I thought otherwise. One line that stuck-out for me is when Ira was talking about killing (cutting) the interview was the most important thing to do in a podcast. When listening to his show you can see how cutting helps a podcast become better. Listen to podcast last year helped with what not to do. When I was interview my mom I learn a lot of stuff that I didn’t know before and because that I might have went off topic. These are the things I cut while editing. Editing for me before this topic was just to fix mistake, but in podcasts the editing is over of a way to control the flow in a story. One thing I would like to do next time is interview more people and ask better questions. I don’t think that I drew the interviewers in as well as I could. All and all I liked the project.


My mom I feel was a great interviewee however she was sleepy when I did it and that was not the best time to interview her. For this fat I think that sound quality might have suffered. My mom’s room however was a good place to record. Thinking back another person add to the interview would have probably made it better. I had planed out having another person in the first place but found that I could not meet with that person. I also want to interview people in the school for that would have been fun foe everyone.      

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Love Struck!

​This podcast is like a teenage reality show. It's discusses about how teenagers lower their standards in relationships. Both they were disrespected, and they stayed in the relationship. Maybe they were fed up with the person they were in the relationship, and it was not what they expected. Teenagers have long lists of the dream girl or guy they want. This list is called standards; lets see what type of standards these teenagers have.
Enlgish Podcast



Crossing boundaries could mean several of things. Depends on how you cross your boundaries. But what I learned from my project is that the over all definition is basically stepping out of your comfort zone or normal routine. It sometimes can be a good thing, and sometimes bad. Plenty of people cross their boundaries with money. Many over spend on their budget, and try to live a life that they can’t afford. That’s stepping out of their boundaries. Just like in my podcast, all three of the teenagers I interviewed stepped out of their boundaries, due to relationships. They had standards set on how they want their love life to be and why. But they couldn’t find someone to live up to those standards. It was interesting because while creating this video, I realized that us teenagers want a love life that can come later.

            It was fun to interview people my age that can relate to me. I could hear where they were coming from and I knew exactly how they felt when they were conversing about their story. I know we all have these specifics standards, but I realized we don’t really know exactly what we like. In the interview the teenagers had very high standards, then afterwards said they changed their standards. But the not so fun part was the editing part of the podcast. I found it hard to combine all three interviews. Then picking music and the volume of what level I want my music to be at. It took me longer to edit than to interview the teenagers. But the editing paid off, because my peers said I did a great job with everything including the editing. I agree with them, I got rid of any background noises or anything the person I was interviewing said that wasn’t helping my podcast. I went in doing this podcast with an open creative mind. One strength in my podcast is how I interviewed several teenagers and then combined them, to make it more interesting. One weakness is that my questions could have been more detailed and rich. This podcast project was interesting and very fun to do.


"Best of Both Worlds" by Henry Poeng

There are so many things we take for granted everyday. From  the value of a dollar, the instant access to the internet, and all these little things. This podcast is about my brother, Jimmie Poeng's experience. There was no such thing as wasting in his vocabulary. Everything was precious, and everything he had was a need and not a want. Join us as he tells his story from the beginning to today.
Interview, English qrt3 Benchmark, Henry Poeng


Honestly, I was really nervous going into this project. Why? I will never know, but it was a great experience. Just sitting there thinking of ideas on how to start, end, and just keep it interesting. That was fun. The best part was listening to past projects and seeing how each one was different from the next. I got this idea and thought, “Well since they’re all so different, why not make mine normal?” So that’s exactly what I did, and I think it did it pretty well. Just a straight forward interview plus background music. This came complete with question and answer. But with strengths come weaknesses, which I feel I had plenty of. During the interview, I had some problems coming up with questions because as a new one came up, it got knocked down. This continued to the point where I couldn’t even think. Also, I think that I jumped around too much with different subjects, and that it affected the quality of my project. Too many last minute changes and not enough peer edits. But overall, I am pretty proud with my work. Then again, anyone would be proud of their work if they spent three hours editing everything. Also, another strength that I feel my project and the interview has, is that it conveys a great message. A message that I feel everyone should listen to, and that they should take the heart. I only wanted to do this specific subject because I wanted people to realize that they have it good. I know I do. 


Journey to America by Michael Roth

How many of you have moved homes, or even towns? All of you have at least changed schools. Now imagine not just leaving behind your school, but everything you know. Journeying far in search of opportunities, and into a new and unfamiliar land, where everything is different.
The Journey to America

When doing this project, I learned a lot about my great grandfather, more than I thought there was to know, when it came to this story. I also learned a bit about myself. I learned that I should really plan ahead when I'm doing a large project, to make sure that I'm not up late the night before it's due tediously and expertly editing together around six tracks of pre-recorded information. I learned that when my mother says "this sort of thing always takes longer than you think it will," she is right. I also learned that when she is right, she doesn't stop telling me about just how right she is. I learned that my grandmother knows a lot about her father, and is ready to tell me about him if ever I ask. I have also learned that certain situations may push somebody far enough that they do things that they originally didn't think they could do. People aren't always what they seem to be. If you saw a picture of my great grandfather at the age of 90, you would certainly not think that he had accomplished so much at such a young age. Next time I see an elderly person, I'll wonder what surprising story they have in their past. Maybe they stowed away on a ship, maybe they escaped a tiger in the woods. There's really no way of knowing without asking. The whole story makes me wonder what I would do if I was forced into a similar situation. What would I be capable of?

Jamie Sets Fire to the Rain.

Listen here please (: 

Jamie Murphy has a very interesting family, and I’m not just talking about their personalities. Her father gave Jamie’s mother the greatest dream in the world, a child. He was just supposed to be the sperm donor, which is normal for these kinds of situations. But Jamie, being the unique person as she is, also has a unique family situation.


While I was doing this project, I thought this was going to be easy and I would get it done and out of the way. I was totally wrong. When you interview someone, especially for a project, you have to have almost three times the length of interview before actually putting it all together. You need to edit things out, add things in, and make it all work. It was also hard finding time that you and the interviewee could meet. She has this and I can’t do it now because I have this, and it was just so hard to get it together.

            When you cross a boundary, you face a lot of different things. It is possible that you can lose friends and be judged if people do not approve of whatever boundary you are crossing. You can also be praised for how you stand out. In this case, Jamie has two loving parents that would do anything for her, when statistics show that she was only supposed to have one parent.

While I was editing this podcast, I realized that I had to be very careful with how you phrase the questions that you ask, because after I asked a question, Jamie would answer it in a way that didn’t make sense for my podcast. She would go on about a story that was not relevant to what I was asking. I had to ask her different questions in order to direct her in the direction that I wanted her to go in.

My strengths for this project were definitely editing, and asking questions to get Jamie to go in a certain direction. This was easy for me because Jamie and I are very close and I know how her brain works. She knew that if I asked a question that pertains to something, she knew how to answer it. However; I did have many weaknesses in the project. I did not really look at the time with this project. I kind of put it off, but once I got going, I really nailed it I think.

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Who Can I Trust ?

Growing up isn't easy and sometimes neither is making friends. Knowing who is real and who is not, lets you know who is trustworthy. Coming into a new environment with new people comes easy for some to make friends but for others it takes time. This podcast is about my friend Imani and how she feels about trusting family and friends.


Who Can I Trust Podcast_

Crossing boundaries can be for the better and for the worse but in this case it was for better. Doing this interview I learned a lot, like how worst of enemies can become the best of friends and sometimes it can be hard to trust your own family.

When doing the interview it flowed really well and I got everything done in one take. After the first question she felt more comfortable and the conversation got more interesting even making me want to hear more. Editing wasn’t really a problem either, I cut out weird endings and added intro and outro music. Hearing her stories also made me see her personality for a different point of view instead of asking as a friend, I asked her as a curious person. Sometimes someone’s life wasn’t always what it is now and things from their past effected their life today.

The feedback my peers gave me was very helpful and influence a better idea in what to say in my intro. I agree with a lot they said and over all they said I did a well-done job in my draft. Over all I think I did a good job, I’m happy with my final product. 

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On your Own By: Goldie Robins

​I interviewed my sister and two of her friends. They are currently on a gap year program called, Nativ in Israel. They are sharing experiences of where they are currently from where they were in the beginning of the program. They are somewhere they weren't originally suppose to go, so seeing what they are doing and how it is different from the places they lived, like Florida, Philadelphia, and West Chester PA. Enjoy! :)
Kfar Interview Julian Steph and Leah

I honestly thought when this project was give, "oh, this is easy!". I got my interviews done on time. I had everything, and I was not behind once during this process. It was the fact of editing it. This is about a 18-19 minute piece, I am still editing parts out but I just find it hard...and time consuming! I thought getting the interviews were easy and my interview is well done with sound, talking about what boundaries they are crossing and the differences they are going through. I learned a lot about what was happening and what my sister and her friends were doing across the Country. I actually got something out of it by learning that she was sick, yet still having lots of fun! It was a fun interview and I was very happy I could end up getting it done, because I thought it would be just an idea and not actually happen. By having such an amazing interview, it is hard to edit and have a final product. I only want to cut so much, but it is hard because I NEED to!  Nothing has been unexpected to me during this benchmark process and so far I thought it has actually gone pretty well. When reading peer revisions, I do agree with a lot of what they are saying. I know I had to edit things out because of it being to long and I was planning to add music just did not do it yet. I had good positive feedback and that was what I was hoping to get. I just hope I don't decide to cut out the wrong question or information. I liked this project and I thought it was done well. I just wish there was more time to do it. 
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Promises of Prom

The podcast you are about to watch is about prom. To most proms are seen as a ceremony that only takes place during your high schools years. The podcast talks about prom from three different people. One who didn’t go to prom, one who did, and who will one day go to prom
Promises of Prom 1



During this project I learnt many new things and skills. I leaned that garage band is a awesome application that can be useful for more projects. While editing it was hard to know when to stop so for future reference I know that in order for your final product not to sound so chopped up, you have to spend more time editing then interviewing. What was unexpected was that I could turn my garage band work into iTunes songs. That helped me understand better because I deal with music files a lot. Also the project taught me that crossing boundaries doesn’t just mean to cross boundaries that decide the world. When I heard some of the other projects one was about hair. While others were about race, so the range of boundaries that people could cross was a wide one. From this project I think crossing boundaries means to go past the normal’s of society and try to stay there. By doing this it can cause the person much pain or discrimination from peers but the effects can lead to a new social normal for society. It would cost the person many things for example, it could cost a person their job or family support but to reap the benefits of it can be beneficial for everybody. If a person were to not move from their seats when told because they are colored, they are setting new criteria that not everybody has to move. That person crossed the boundaries of race. From doing this project I learnt that not everything is important as I thought. If you don’t go to something it doesn’t mean you will not live your life or that the world will destroy itself. Even though from the project I also learned that I will be attending my prom because I cannot have the thought that something happened and I wasn’t there. Learning that I realized I’m nosier than I thought. All around this project was fun and new because I never used garage band before.




Work can be Hard

In this interview I'll be talking to my grandpop about his job. He worked there for 37 years but recently retired. I'm interviewing about how was it working at a job that long, what type of things he keep across. And since he was working there for so long, what type of people did he come across, so here's our interview.

Crossing boundaries means that you may upset others because they don't necessarily agree with what you're doing. They feel as though you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing. They feel as though that you shouldn't be at the level you're at because of your race, the way you look, or the way you act. There always going to be people who feel as though you're stepping into the wrong territory.

While doing this podcast I learned so many things, things that I never even think was important turned out to be very important. I knew that my grandpop working at his job for those many years that he came across some problems even though when he used to come home he wouldn't really complain about it. I also knew that some of the people working at his job had racism because it was only a few blacks working there. While I was interviewing my grand pop I started to feel bad about not wanting to listen to him, like my grandma was the always the one talking about how she grew up and the people she had to deal with. Like if would want for my grandpop to tell me how he feels. So after doing this interview I will start to ask my grandpop about how he feels.

I think what my peers told me really helped because I like taking advice. I think getting advice from others is a really good thing because they pick up on things that you didn't notice. And sometimes it can be bad getting advice from your peers because they might not give you anything at all. I felt like I did really good with getting my interview done but not with the editing. The editing is like the hardest thing for me to do.

My Song 2
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Growing To A Teen

​I pick out 3 different people depending on the part of Philadelphia they live in and interviewed them on there school life. I basically asked question of how school is and if they had any problems, what was their way of overcoming it.

Crossing boundaries means to create something new. It doesn’t mean to become a president but it means that you are going through a phase that was hard and you were successful with it. Crossing boundaries could be a good thing or a bad thing it all depends on what you are trying to do. It’s like working hard for something you want. Interview people and cutting them was hard. Each person said things that meant a lot but it had to be cut out . I learned that just because we all live in different parts of the city it doesn’t mean that we didn’t experience the same thing. I can say out of the 3 people I had interview I had at least a story to relate with each person I interviewed. When Mike said, “Do not procrastinate” I should of listened to him. I started my podcast on Sunday and I didn’t finish it until around 4 am. But I feel as if it was worth it because I feel proud of what I had done. When i read my feedback, it made me happy, because i had positive notes. But just like any other things i new it was missing something so all i did was just lower the music so people wouldn't get distracted by it, but they will get entertained. My strengths was editing the whole podcast but my weakness was trying to find things to cut out of the interview, because everything said was really good but i cant keep all of it.

edit 2
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Where's the line? by Jovan Lewis

The following interviews are people of different ages and genders talking about what they think the difference is between outright violence and self defense, there was also a good song that fit this topic too.

The experience for this project was interesting it was fun and I liked interviewing the people I did they had good answers and I had good questions. What I think about Crossing boundaries is that it doesn't necessarily have to be literal or physically crossing a boundary it can also be boundaries in your head for example. What I learned in these interviews that the line is intent. When your intent switches from protecting yourself to harming the other that is when you cross the boundary.
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Come see SLA's art installation on 22nd Street between Arch and Market

"SLA Language and Identity" by Mr. Block's English 2 and Srta. Manuel's Spanish 4

The purpose of public art is to tell stories, unite communities, and beautify spaces. Art installations transform every day walls into works of art. It is a fundamental element in the culture of a neighborhood. A community without art is a community without life. 

As Mr. Block's English 2 studied the intersection of language, power and identity, Srta. Manuel's Spanish 4 explored public art in all its different forms. Together we created this art installation to beautify the space and communicate our understanding of how language, art, power and identity play out in society."

A complete gallery of photos of this project can be see here.
Radio interview with WHYY "Can Art Change the World?" here.
A blogger writes about our installation here.

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Fight The Power.

In this interview, my father, Nathaniel Bracey, tells of the protest at University of Connecticut in 1974. He organized hundreds of students in to one building to show that they weren;t leaving until their demands were met. Tune in to find out more about the rebellious decision that could've jeopardized hundreds of people's education.

The greatest idea you can garner from this project is that change comes in many ways. The protest my dad organized wasn't violent or long, like other notorious protests were (L.A Riots). Nor were there any famous activist in the group of students. In the end, they still got their point across, and were able to make a change in their life, and the others around them. Now I understand that if the idea is solid and just, others will follow.


S.E.X how big is it in your life. With people around you, With you. Are you pressured to have sex? Have you ever been pressured to have sex? I know you heard those, “Wait til your married,” Did you? Are you going to?

 Crossing boundaries is when someone does something out of the box, or at least something that most people would have chose a different option. With doing this topic that there are many ways that people can cross boundaries and it doesn’t have to be something as big as start a revolution but something small that still could at least changed one life, or stuck out to some people. 

I learned a lot of things after doing this project about not only how to do this interview but about myself, and my friend. I finally got the idea of interviewing people and making sure that I asked questions that the reader would have to think about and if I didn’t get the answer I wanted to go around the subject and bring it back to the big topic. In this topic I learned that the actual editing could be hard to do because you don’t know what to take out and keep in because we are the person doing the project we believe that everything is necessary and its not. Some of my strengths were coming up with the questions, getting the interviewee to come out and speak from what she believes in. A weakness would be my editing and coming up with a good opening paragraph.
English Project 2

It Don't Matter if You're Black or White

You deal with it in and out of school, and in and out of work. Sometimes without even realizing it. What am I talking about? Well you'll just have to listen
real interview
It was really hard editing this podcast. I didn't expect to be up all night. The topic that I was original going to do didn't give me enough to work with so after spending more than half the time working on that, i decided to throw it away. I started on on this topic because i knew that my cousin had a long story about this and had some very strong feelings about it. i interviewed her and her brother for two straight days and got some very blunt answers that really helped me out. I saw positive and negative sides to this situation and came up with a really good conclusion: everyone had a different opinion depending on what they have been through. 

'When changing your religions just mind your own opinions" - Niyala Brownlee

     In this interview, you will here about the experience of one person switching religions and in what ways other people had viewed their decision. Also her view on how big of a deal it was for her.​
       While doing this project I have learned that you should never really pay attention to others opinions. You can take them into account but they should not effect your decision in the end.
Interview fro english on religion and crossing boundaries

Becoming a Man

Christopher Davis, my father, was born into an unstable situation. He was the oldest of 4 brothers who lead a life of destruction. His brothers were always in trouble and getting locked up and getting into things that were completely` against the law. When his brother Dervell was shot at 16, he knew that he had to get his life together or he and the rest of his brothers would look just the same. Moving away at 15, made his life different. He wasn't on the streets and getting into major trouble, instead he was out there trying to find something better to do with his life. Looking back now, he realized that his brothers, now only 1 left and in a bad condition, should have followed a path that he lead. 
My Song 8

''Crossing boundaries for love'' by Sarybel Meléndez

           What is true love? What are you capable to do for true love? Can true love make you cross any boundaries? Carmen Carrion, a 45 yr old woman from Puerto Rico will tell us the story about when she found the love of her life, and even though it wasn’t exactly the perfect one, she decided to cross the boundaries in order to stay with him. 

Reflection: What different things did you learn or realize while doing this project?

I learned so many things. First, I learned more about my mom’s story. I knew some things about it, but not the whole story with details. I realized how much impact this had in my mom’s life. Also, I learned how to work with Garage Band, which is pretty cool.


As a deep understanding of this project, I learned that sometimes ‘’crossing the boundaries’’ is not bad, and that you should always follow your heart. My mom didn’t follow her's, and now she’s paying the consequences. Overall, this was a great project and I learned tons of things. The experience of doing my first interview ever was really fun. 

Final English Podcast

The Life Of A Single Mother

Intro: hello everyone listening my name is Brandon Mangum and I’m coming to you from young bran international broadcast. The topic I’m going to talk to you about today is on new single mothers. The main questions for this topic is “how do single mother stay finically stable while taking care of kids? and how does only having a mother in the kids life affect them?


By doing these interview I learned the kids could be deeply affected by some of the truckles the parents face. One example I notice is when Marie talks about having her older son take care of his sister because she couldn’t since she has to work. Her son picks his sister up from the daycare and walk with her home, and take care of her while there home. Marie put a lot of responsibilities on him. I can relate to that because my mother puts a lot of responsibilities on me as well. This makes me feel better because now I know I’m not alone other and placed in the same position as me. Another thing I notice is how in both interviewees talk about their trouble with transportation for their kids. Marie said that sometimes she couldn’t be there or take him to basketball games he had. My mother said something similar; she said that she couldn’t take her kids to any after school activities. Overall I learn that it could be many different obstacle that a family with one parent will face, although it might me hard to deal with, most likely you will find a way to over come those truckles.

interview 2
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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders. Listen to the story of one immigrant teen( not really an immigrant just moving to a new country... but not really) and how they adjust to a new culture . From Puerto Rico to America. Enjoy.

Crossing boundaries is an assignment where we record interviews of people and their stories who cross societal boundaries. I guess, social, or just anything out of the norm.I learned through this project that people actually take out the time to listen to these things called podasts. I culture of digiphiles i didn't even know existed, that aren't blind. But besides that, I learned that Puerto Rico is considered a third world country.I agree with the comments from my piers, they are absolutely right. My strengths in this project were being able to construct a nicely edited piece, I suppose.

My Song 5 2

"Accepting the Mistaken Blame"

In my podcast, I had a interview (with a bit of comedy) with my Dad about how accepting the blame that isn't suppose to be intended for you is crossing a boundary. I suggest you turn the volume down before listening.
Racial Advantage