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Q3 BM: Collapse: A Comparison between Burma and Peru

​Here is a link to my PDF walk through of my evaluation of Burma and Peru's "collapse-ability".

For this project I examined Burma and Peru. Burma is a country in Southeast Asia, plagued with civil unrest. The people of Burma struggle constantly with the authoritarian government that has committed so many human rights abuses. Peru on the other hand is found in South America where it is frequently exploited for it's precious natural resources such as rich mahogany forests and plentiful gold.
For this project I was blown away by Kim Bush's pdf exploration of India vs. China in terms of collapse-ability. Unfortunately, I lack the artistic skill to really make mine as nice looking as hers, so I was a bit disappointed by my final product. I think the information is good, but I do wish that I had picked a more interested medium.
When comparing these countries, I was supposed to judge them based on the five point framework: environmental damage, hostile neighbors, friendly trade partners, climate change and society's response to environmental change. This was fairly easy to do with these two countries. I accredit this to the fact that there is fairly plentiful information on these topics for these countries.
If I could change anything about my project, I would have chosen a more interesting/unique format. I briefly thought about doing a prezi, but I came to the conclusion that my laptop is a bit too old, and can hardly handle pop-up ads, let alone the rather draining task of running a prezi.
All in all, I really liked this project as it gave me insight to how a country's strengths and weaknesses can be broken down into a fairly simple set of categories. This new found knowledge will help me in the future to consider how countries rise and fall, and keep that in mind when media hype seems to block out even the strongest of arguments.
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Q3 BM: Collapsibility of Germany and Moldova

germany-flag moldova-flag

This right here is the link to my humble little benchmark for the third quarter.  It's on Wordpress, because Wordpress is neat.  Also, it's a valuable learning experience.  I've used Wordpress before on occasion, yes, but I intend to use it more frequently since at the end of this year I'm planning on starting up a writing blog/site and Wordpress is just perfect for that.  Anyway:

Now, what do you think of when I write the words "Germany" and "Moldova"?  Nazis don't count.  For Germany, you're likely thinking: highly efficient, industrial, wealthy, with a female leader.  Right, that's all well and good.  Now, as for Moldova: your initial thought may very well have been: "What on earth is Moldova?  More accurately, where is Moldova?"  That's a perfectly valid question, Moldova is a largely unimportant and horribly poor European country, it's acceptable if you're not entirely sure of what it is or where it is or if it even exists.  Still, Germany and Moldova have several frightening things in common that make them both fairly likely to collapse.  Read the blog for more information!

When I started this, I instantly knew I wanted to do a Wordpress, both for the aforementioned reason and because I was working with severely limited time thanks to outside obligations taking up two of the days I could have used to work.  Wordpress is simpler than, say, an iMovie, and I am most assuredly not making an iMovie ever again due to the way senior laptops work (that is, not at all).  From there, it was a matter of throwing the collapsometer together and collecting some sources.  After that was all complete, I went back and added my thoughts on the similarities and differences between Germany and Moldova for each category.  The five point framework was fun to work with for this project: Germany has a wealth of sources and articles sitting around.  Moldova does not.  It was difficult to rate things too, knowing that poor conditions tend to be exaggerated.

This project was admittedly rushed since: 1) I was losing quite a bit of time and 2) doing anything fancy with it seemed like too much trouble.  A Wordpress appealed to me because it was simple, fast, and still looked nice.  It was a great choice, sure, but a comparatively lazy one.
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David Ashmare Jr. Reflection

  1. What suggestions would you make in order to improve this project for next time?
  2. What advice would you give yourself (or someone else) to be successful for the next project?

This project gave you some guidelines, and then set you free to learn anatomy, be creative, and manage your own time. Finish the following sentences:

  1. The thing about this kind of learning that works best for me is….
  2. The thing about this kind of learning that is a challenge for me is...

I liked the whole general idea of the project. I've never had one or encountered one like this. We had to basically raise a baby. I think one way to improve the project, is to not have healthy babies. That's so normal and boring. My baby had PKU. I never even heard of PKU before this project. It taught me a lot about how people with this disease have to live a different life. They have to be on a strict diet or they would be at risk. With more out of the box diseases and disorders, I think it will make things more interesting.
The advice I would give someone else would be to choose their partner wisely. I know, I'm a senior and I'm still having trouble with choosing my partner over my friends. They also shouldn't assume that someone will get their work done. It would just be smooth sailing if one chooses someone who is reliable, hard working because they project isn't that hard, unless you make it difficult. I would definitely take my own advice next time. I love my partner as a friend, but when working, I should know by now how I work and how she works and it just didn't work out as well as I imagined.
The thing about this kind of learning that works best for me is the fact that it teaches me to be independent. I rely less on being told exactly what to do step by step. This is something I have to continue improving at because in college I'm pretty sure I'm going to encounter this type of learning. However, something that was a challenge for me was turning my creative hat on. I'm not creative at all. I like being told that teachers want the work to look like this or have this certain type of information because then I don't have to think outside the box. It's all right there in front of me, which is how I prefer to learn because then I know I can put in 110% of my effort into making sure that the work I turn in is what the teacher asked and then some.

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Julia's Q3 BM: Mali v Chad


Click the picture above for the link to my benchmark. The countries I compared are Mali and Chad. I did research with key words that fit with the 5 point framework and collected articles and blogs that provided decent information. Then I put the scores into Prezi and made a video of my analysis. It was challenging because I had never used Prezi before.

When I had to decide what numbers to give the countries, I found myself torn about exactly what number to give. However, the fact that I judged both countries in the same framework, the numbers seem pretty fair to me. But to someone else, the numbers may seem out of whack. The framework itself seems to cover all of the things that could make a country collapse. The benchmark description also helped make it more straightforward.

Originally, I wanted to make a product similar to Kim Bush's. However, I wanted to make mine more interactive and I am happy that I branched out and tried Prezi. I wish I made my project more visually appealing: more pictures and video in the Prezi itself. Now that I have the experience with Prezi, I could do that more confidently. My other idea that I wanted to try was to make a game show with the two countries. But with my computer having issues and the fact that a video is not interactive, I am glad I stuck with my idea.

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Mi Proyecto

Mi nombre es RubyJane Anderson. Tengo 15 anos. Vivo en Filadelphia. Me gusta hago muchas cosas. Soy muy comica, por eso me gusta para actuar a el teatro. Yo tambien soy sociable, por eso tiene sentido que ir al cine con amigas. Por ultimo, tiene dos perros, por eso tiene sentido que comina mi perro. Mira a este sitio web para aprender más acerca de las personas en mi vida!

Se trata es Zoe. Es mi amiga! Es muy intellgente, por eso ella estudia mucho y le gusta leer mucho! Tambien es divertida, por eso tiene sentido que jugar videojuegos, especialmente Pokemon! Zoe es muy talentosa. Juega guitarra y violín. Ella tambien canta. Ella es mi amigo porque ella es divertida.

Estamos Ruby y Cathy. Tenemos quince anos. Vivimos en Filadelfia. Estamos sociables, es por eso que pasar un rato con amigas. Estamos artística, por eso nos gusta dibujamos. Somos habladoras, por eso tiene sentido que nos gusta hablar por telefono. Por último, estamos muy interesados ​​en la moda, por lo que nos gusta ir de compras a las tiendas de segunda mano.

Ellas son Anna y Jaime. Ellas son mis amigas. Ellas son muy creativa, por eso ellas dibujan y bailan. Tambien son simpaticas, por eso les gusta hacer servicio comunitario. Por ultimo, ellas son atleticas por eso que tiene sentido que les gusta corre y practica deportes.

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Uyen Nguyen Quarter 3 BM

Here's a link to my IWEB comparison of Brazil vs. Ecuador five point frame work. 

                                     Screen shot 2012-03-25 at 9.03.42 PM

It's being present in a form of iWeb as you can see above. The whole idea of using online site to create a website is really fun and creative, but I like to kick it back old school just a little. iWeb is actually a really interesting program to use because it allows you to do as many thing as you want on it. You can pick your own template and create your own web page without staying on the internet for too long and you also don't have to worry about the internet crashing on you, deleting your hard work. iWeb live right on your computer and also save every process of your work until the final produces! 

Brazil and Ecuador? Why? Why Braziladorian?
I was actually assigned to work with a group to investigate in issues in the south region and Brazil/Ecuador happened to be my expert. Since I took a lot of time investigated in these two countries, I took some interest in wanting to learn more about the two together and find out it's similarity and differences. The five point frame work gave me an opportunity to learn more about both of the countries together and individually. 

I came up with an idea of making a comparison video between the two countries using footages as well as short video clips to make it more entertaining and active. However, there were not many videos that were informative and useful for this specific project. After all, the iWed didn't fail to let me down, it was a really fun and interesting tool for me to use during the process of building this project. Perhaps it will be fun for others to view and get engage into the iWeb as well. 

When giving this project, I came to a conclusion that I will enjoy putting this project together and enjoy the content part of the project. However, though out the research process, I've learned a lot about both of the countries together and individually. I would say that the research would be the best part of this project. I really enjoyed learning a little more about mining and the relationship that mining have opened Brazil as a whole. Also it was also interesting to know more about Ecuador since it's a small country from the south region that not many people talk about. I would say that learning facts between the two countries opened my eyes to see the other side of these two countries as well as how it's function. 

I decided to make an iWeb to shows my knowledge and understanding form this project. However, if I were to do this project again. I would like to create a game or a video talk rather than using this method to show what I've learn to others. I feel like this is an informative way to teach others about the two countries and it's five points frame work. But it was not one of the most creative or fundamental ways to get viewers active and remember what they learned. 

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Spanish 1 BM Q3 - Amy Chen



¡Hola! Me llama Amy Chen. Soy tienes quince años. Soy practicar baloncesto, softball del juego, hacer ejercicio todos los días es por eso que soy apto. Sin embargo, soy es muy inteligente porque estudio, leer, trabajo todos los días. También responsable, porque yo ver después de la familia y cuido a los niños. Me gusta tomar la fotografía es por eso que nunca yo tenido nada que ver. Soy editar un montón de gente es por eso que soy creativo. Salgo con me novio tiene sentido que soy guapa.



Su llama Sophia Henninger. Ella tiene 17 años. Ella es atlético, por eso ella  practico deportes. Sin embargo ella no le gusta la tarea. Ella es un bien amiga porque ella es cómica, agradable, impresionante, y dé el buen consejo. Ella está trabajando duro todos los días haciendo estudiar todos los días y hacer tarea. Ella también es sociable porque ella le gusta habla a la nueva gente. Pero ella también lleva las cosas serias. Esto por qué ella también es seria



Mi equipo de baloncesto. Somos son atlético porque practicamos deportes y practicamos todos los días. Mi equipo de baloncesto son cortos y altura. Algunos de ellos son muy altos porque ellos juegan cuando ellos eran jóvenes. Sin embargo, nosotros estudiamos, hacer tarea, y trabajando duro Porque necesitamos alto grado para tocar durante los juegos. Ayudamos mutuamente durante los juegos y prácticas porque somos un equipo. Nosotros muestre el trabajo en equipo en cada práctica y juegos.



Sus nombres son Warda y Alex. Ellos es muy el cuidar porque ellos ayude a mucha gente hacia fuera en la preparación y deberes de clase. Sin embargo son muy cómico porque son como la fabricación de bromas y de la cara divertida. Ellos le gusta estudia y leer, es por eso ellos son muy inteligente. Les gusta habla en el teléfono eso tiene sentido que ellos sean hablador. Sin embargo, ellos un poco perezosa porque ellos gusta relajar.

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Importance of John F Kennedy fight for Civil Rights in early 1960’s America

Process paper

This project focuses on civil rights reform, the reaction of different people in the 1960’s and the revolution that occurred to give more opportunities to African American or non- white Americans.  There are many events under president Kennedy that were important for civil rights.

One example is "The Birmingham Desegregation Campaign." During the summer of 1963, Blacks  protested to get the attention of the President and the Congress to give them equal civil rights.

The second example is many events in the nation that tried to prevent the 1964 Civil Rights Act from being passed in Congress. Kennedy had to fight to get supporters to back his act. This impacted African Americans then, and there are many effect that have lasted until today.

I picked John F Kennedy because he is an important person when looking at reaction and reform.

After world war 11 African Americans spoke up more when they were not treated well or equally. They began to protest more and demand protection of civil rights.

To find sources for this project I looked for articles about people’s reaction, JFK and civil rights events.

When I started this project , I wanted to look for a topic that really includes the reaction, reform and revolution. I think by looking this topic I can learn all important things.


"The Birmingham Desegregation Campaign." Amistad Digital Resource. Web. 09 Jan. 2012. <>

       In this article the protest that happened all across the country during the summer of 1963 is detailed.  It explaine how Blacks  protested to get the attention of the president and the congress to give them equal and civil rights.  There is a link to a video that shows how the protest became violent but were not going to stop unless the president acted. This is a good summary of the violence, the planning, and the courage of those who were fighting in the south for Black Americans to get rights.

"Civil Rights Movement - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum." John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum. Web. 09 Jan. 2012. <>.


     This is an article that summarizes events that lead up to the passing of the Civil rights Act of 1963. The article presents three main events that lead up to this. First, the working conditions in Birmingham Alabama is discussed.  Next, the article talks about the March on Washington, and finally it talks about how President Kennedy started the legislation process but was killed and President Johnson carried on with the act. This an excellent article about the timeline of events that lead to the Civil rights Act of 1963 becoming part of American Law.



"1964 Civil Rights Act." Spartacus Educational. Web. 09 Jan. 2012. <>.

    The article is about how events in the nation at the time tried to prevent the Civil Rights act from being passed in Congress.  There is a discussion about how Kennedy had to fight to get supporters to back his act.   Next It follows up with how the congress  how the argued against passing the bill in when they met.   Finally, it continues to show how this impacted African American who were tried to be persuaded not to support the Act.  The article should have had more details about the struggle between the supporters and those who were against the act.This article was too short but it gave a clear summary of the fight to get civil rights legislation passed.



History News Network. Web. 09 Jan. 2012. <>.

       This article tried to get into President Kennedy’s head and his thought process.  His thoughts about  race,ethics ad being determined to help African Americans is examined.  It was a question of doing the right thing from 1961-1963.  The article analysis conversations Kennedy had with with brother about event taking place in the south to discourage African Americans from getting equal rights. He was trying to decided if this was the right thing to do at that time:  give Blacks equal rights.



“John Kennedy and Civil Rights." History Learning Site. Web. 09 Jan. 2012. <>.

      This article summarized important events during his presidency however it ask an important question:  did Kennedy support civil rights.  The article answers the question by saying Yes  Kennedy did according to the writer. It talks about his promises in  speeches before his election, and during his time in office.   It outlines how the speeches did support civil rights for African Americans but that Kennedy did not live long enough to talk about his support and see his promise come true. This is a good summary of the JFK time line and events that lead him to think about Civil rights during his last term in office.


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Q3 Benchmark- Filadelfia Proyecto

Project Reflection Questions

Respond in English:

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment? 

  •  The assignment was to create a website with a few how-to's, descriptions of favorite place, and things tourists from spain, or any spanish speaking country, could do if they came to Philadelphia. Every group made a google doc, and did the majority of their work on there. Then once we'd peer reviewed all our work, we posted it all on a website with pictures.
What did your group decide to do and why?
  • We decided to each do a tutorial on how to do something useful here in philadelphia, like how to ask for basic directions, or hail a cab. We also all did a word bank, and put a few pictures of the places we talked about in our place descriptions.

What did you learn from doing this project?  

  • I feel like I realized I know how to say a lot more in spanish, then i thought I did. Which is really a confident boost, and shows me that even if I don't feel like I understand everything we're doing, that I'm still taking a lot of it in.

How do you feel about your final product?

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same?

  • If I could do the project over, and had more time I would have liked to make some video tours of the places we talked about in our project, and also to have created a better website, if we'd learned how to use google sites it may have been easier.

  • I think our final project is good though, theres a lot of good information.
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Drive Review

To first start off my review, I was force to see Drive, a movie directed by Nicolas Windng Refn of a stuntman whom has a very mysterious, private persona. When I first watched this film, I thought of how much it compares to The Transporter. A film directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen and one of my favorite actors to watch, Jason Statham playing this killer bad driver. Watching a movie like Drive made me dislike it because it was nothing to what I was use to like in The Transporter. After watching this film again, I've taken interest in the close up shots of Ryan Gosling’s entrance in the first 10 minutes of the film and throughout the whole movie I was noticing many close-up shots. I felt like the director, wanting a majority of the shots to be close-ups so that we can get a better feel of the characters and what they go through. Just like The Transporter, there's a robbery scene and a get away scene from the police officers. Ryan was just so non-chalant, driving away from the police officers. You've seen no fear in his eyes. He was just so concentrated and what he did and how he did it. It was different and I liked how suave and chilled it was compared to the transporter. Both actions packed with rules to follow but both drivers persona was very different. I really like the scene where it introduces the drivers "everyday life" and how his skills gave him another life to "cherish".  


I did not have any interest in this movie at first because of the lack of dialogue throughout this movie. I felt like it was a silent movie with just noise. I wanted more dialogue, more of a story to this movie. That's why at first I didn't like it. But after watching it a second time, I was more focused on the individual characters and shots. They were good but if the movie were as good as the characters and the shots themselves, I would have enjoyed it the first time I've watched it. My favorite scene in this movie was the elevator scene where Ryan devoured the face of the man that was seconds away from killing him. You've heard this very tranquil song; "A Real Hero" by College Ft. Electric Youth while Ryan was crushing the guy face. You can hear the crushing of the skull and you can see the fear in Irene's eyes. After the job was done, Ryan turned his face in accomplishment and fear because of the look on Irene's face horror in her eyes. That one scene was just so powerful and spoke so much about Irene and Ryan’s character. The shot was amazing the lighting focusing on the characters expressions made you feel like you've just taken their place. It felt like I was in the film right there beside them because I was so drawn in.

The props in the film created the characters. Ryan and his scorpion jacket he wore throughout the film. I felt that the jacket was very symbolic. I felt the jacket was his way of hiding his true self to the public; he was a killer badass within. He didn't have as much objects with him early in the movie until close to the end where he smashed the living hell out of Cook's hands played by James Biberi with a hammer. I felt the pain and was just afraid at how much power Ryan had. The bird's eye view of Ryan made you feel like yeah, I was the badass but now this bird has power of me now, I'm helpless. 

Ryan was just a very interesting man to the viewers, his neighbors, and friends. He put himself in a situation where I felt was a waste a time to get involved with but maybe that was the point of the story to have some dramatic twist. Ryan may have wanted to get involved just because of Irene, the girl he fell for who is taken by a man who came out of prison for a crime that dealt with money. Standard, Irene’s husband just got out prison to yet put him self into a situation again dealing with money. He had to pay off cook and Ryan made himself available in order to help out Standard. Standard gets murdered and Ryan wants to finish the job for the safety of Irene and her son. His love for them is strong and he wants to make sure the people who done this to Standard will receive serious pain. He is stopping at nothing, he has his mind set on determination and driving.

There were many scenes where I felt grabbed my attention thoroughly. Where Ryan had the moment in the elevator with Irene and the lighting dimmed only on them two. The scene was very powerful showing so much emotion within the characters at that one moment. How Irene went from not wanting to get involved with Ryan but in the elevator cracked. Another scene that showed so much power, it held my attention the whole time was when Ryan drove away at then end of the film. Although it was the ending scene I felt like this was his life something he couldn’t let go of. A connection a relationship with driving that no one could bare to take away. At first, the thought of Irene and Ryan together made me think that would be the relationship in the film but its exactly all about the people you let in your life there’s more.

The scenes that were well connected to the overall storyline were Ryan’s driving. His driving skills throughout the film created his character created who he was. Nothing and no one got in his way of what I believed he loved to do. I can honestly say that his connection with driving is like my connection to Channing Tatum. He is a character in the film that made the scenes more interesting and dramatic in a way although the film was kind of quiet in my view. The overall film has a sense and achievement in getting you at the edge of your seat when you least expect it.

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Abest reflection q3 benchmark

The benchmark was to create a website in a group, guiding a tourist from a spanish speaking country around Philadelphia. 

I learned from the benchmark to see traveling from a different perspective. I also learned to create a guide in spanish using my knowledge of the city i live in.

I felt like I didn't quite know how the site was coming along in terms of my partners completing it. There wasn't much communication it was sort of just 4 people working on one thing. If I could do it again I would talk to my teamates more to produce a better project

late submission, is late.
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Spanish_BM-Sabian Rosales


Hola, mi nombre es Sabian Rosales. Tengo quince años. Asisto a Science Leadership Academy. Mi gusta a jugar electronico, es pore so que yo jugo videojuegos. Los videojuegos favoritos Journey y Castle Crashers. Mi encanta musíca por lo tanto yo toco el piano. Mi gusta perros(pugs) y (pufferfish). Mi encanta mathematicas, por es por lo tanto tiene sentido que yo estudio y estiendo Mathematicas. Yo soy althetico es pore so que me gusta nadar y montar en bicicleta.



Hola, nosotros nombre somos Sabian y Dwight(perro). Dwight tiene siete años y Sabian tengo quince años. Dwight y Sabian son primer amigos. Nos gusta comer. También nos gusta dormir y abrazarnos. Nos gusta correr y también nos gusta jugar. Mi encanta mi perro Dwight.



Mi dos papas son personas epicas y bonitas. Los dos son doctors, mi papa Vic es veterianario y mi papa Noel es pediatra. Mi papas trabajan duro. Ellos son muy intelligente y simpatico. Ellos gustan libros es por eso que les gustan leer. Mi papas son deportisa es por eso que montan en bicicleta. Mi papa Vic gusta baloncesteno y mi papa Noel gusta computadoras y los muy libros electronicos.


Mi perro es Él Dwight y Dwight es comico. Mi perro Dwight es negro y blanco. Parece que Dwight tiene calcetínes blancos. Le gusta dormir todos el días. Le gusta jugar con juguete chillón. Le gusta comer es por eso que él es poco gordo. Le gusta cuando yo y mi familia rascamos la panza. 

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BM3 aeddy

The benchmark was a guide for people to use when they come to philadelphia. Our group decided to choose different guides to do different things but they all tied together. Like calling for a taxi, ordering food, understanding the U.S currency ect ect...

I learned from this project that being a guide isn't that easy as you think, it's easy until you have to convert all of it to spanish. Also I got to understand Euros better too, since I was working on the money section. 

I felt really good about our final project. To me, it was pretty good for our first website and it looks neat and the sections were easy to find.

If I had to re-do this project I would add more sections, pictures, and videos and some cool facts about philly and more. 

Here's the link to our site:
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E2.U5: Q3 Benchmark

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why? The assignment was to create a website to show a person that speaks spanish from another country what to do in Philadelphia. Showing them where to eat, how to have fun, how we celebrate, and what to do. As a group we decide to do a wide range of food places, different categories. We then showed the important thing to know when your a tourist in Philadelphia. Such as , how to tip. We chose fun events and events that can relate.

How do you feel about your final product? Final product is ok, I feel like it was rushed. I Tried to do as much as I could.

What did you learn from doing this project?  I learned how to extend my spanish. How to broaden my aspects and explain things.

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same? Try to get my partners to edit more, and help more. Change the design.

Link: file:///Users/sarenashuman/Dropbox/Public/E2_U5_BM/

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Q3 Spanish BM

Here is My group's website 

For this project we had pick places and events someone coming to Philadelphia could visit and we gave descriptions and directions. We also gave directions on how to do a certain thing in Philly.   We decided to choose small places so that our places would not be so broad.

I learned more about how to give directions

I feel as though the final product could have been done more beautifully.

If I was to do the project over again I would put in more detail and information.

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Hohenstein Spanish Q3 BM

I learned about how to give instructions in both english and spanish. I also learned about how to translate understandably.

I felt good about our final project but I wish that we had used more sidebar items.

If I could do this all over I would spend more time fitting the words with the pictures.
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Adlowitz Reflection

The Q3 Benchmark was to make a guide of the city like pick out a restaurant, a few places to go, and events that only happen in Philadelphia. We also had to show the person reading what we wrote how to do something in the city. My group taught people how to ride different forms of transportation while I taught the reader how to order a cheesesteak the Philadelphia way. My group and I decided to choose different places to visit, different events to focus on, and different foods traditional to our city. 

I learned a little bit more about Philadelphia, I learned how to describe some of my city in 

Spanish, I also learned that I know more than I think about Philadelphia. 

I feel like my final product is very good and has a lot of unique components to it. I feel like I provided good examples of things unique about Philadelphia and they were highlighted throughout mine and my group member parts of the project. 

If I could do it over again I would've wanted to show people some of my favorite restaurants around the city to get certain foods and stuff. I would've also wrote more about the Sports Complex and how much I love going to all different types of sporting events there. I think I would've kept my event and places the same but I would've added more restaurants.
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Respond in English:

Respond in English:

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why?

I learned a LOT about how to present a project on a blog

I feel ok about how the project turned out but I feel more could still be done.

If I were to do it over again I would film each part on location

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Español Proyecto-M Saunders

The assignment was to make a guide to get around in Philadelphia.  We did a web site so that people could see it easier.  I learned that it was harder to explain the place you lived all your life to some one else that may not know it as well.  I think that the projects turned out all right.  The Spanish could be better but for the project it wasn’t that bad.  If I were to do this again I would try and explain the places better so that some one could better understand the place.

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España Proyecto-Ryan Shaw

What was the assignment? What did your group decide to do and why?
What did you learn from doing this project?
How do you feel about your final product?
IF you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently.

The assignment was to make a guide for visitor's from Spain. We decided to do the common things of Philadelphia, and we tried to explain the things to do while in Philadelphia.

I learned a lot of vocabulary, and sentence structure.

I think that people from Spain would find this guide moderately useful. 

I would try to find better instructions, and get my work reviewed by the teacher.
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Q3-Español Proyecto

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why?

The Assignment was to make a website to help the experience of a spanish speaking person coming to Philadelphia. We had to include places, event, types of food, and ways that the culture is different in Philadelphia. 

What did you learn from doing this project?  

I learned about some Philadelphia event that I have never even heard of. I also learned where some things were in Philadelphia that I never saw before. 

How do you feel about your final product?

I think that overall the project worked out okay. The website turned out to look very cool. 

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same?

If I could do this project all over again, I would plan out exactly what I wanted to say for each topic before I just started writing it all in spanish. 

Directions for Blog: When you are on the blog, to look at what each person did, click "flipcard" in the header bar. After clicking on that click "author" below the header bar. After doing that you can see who did what. Next to my posts it will say "Dejah". 
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Filadelfia Proyecto ~

Cliquear Blog de groupo...

La blog de yo...

Respond in English:

Describe the Q3BM: what was the assignment?  What did your group decide to do and why? 

  • We had to pick a part that we learned from this section, watch a few videos and use them as examples. Then we had to apply what we knew to our favorite places with our table. My group decided that we would all do different things and then combine them all at the end of the project.

What did you learn from doing this project?  

  • I learned how to give people directions and to apply that all onto a website.

How do you feel about your final product?

  • I feel good. My group did all of their parts for the work and that made the whole project come together. There are a lot of parts with pictures. 

If you could do your project all over again, what would you do differently/the same? 

  • I would make sure that we add more pictures and know how to work the google sites better.

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E2 Q3 BM Max Amar-Olkus

The assignment was to make a website for a Spanish tourist to use when they come to America. We decided to make a guide about how to order in a restaurant, how to hail a taxi, and how to understand American currency. 

I learned how to use google sites.

I feel good about my part.

I would add more pictures to the website if i had to do it again. 
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Spanish BM Q3


This assignment was to explain sites and events of Philadelphia in spanish. As a class we listed tourists sites, events, restaurants and place we liked to visit in Philadelphia.Since we worked in groups, my group decide to pick place we liked and what others who viewed the site would be interested in visiting someday. Doing this project I liked how to describe the city I live in, in spanish and explain what Philadelphia has to offer. I like my final project but I could always be better. If did it again I would add more photos and describe the place more in detail. Also I would of added videos so the viewer could get a better understanding
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