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before and after

before picture
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.50.13 AM
after picture
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.49.53 AM
my slide was not that bad. my class mates told me too change the letters in the word dance. they told me to match the word "dance" to the color of the dress and shoes. what i also had to change was the size of both of the pictures. for my after picture i made both pictures equal.
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Before vs. After

I chose black so the white letters and white earphones are emphasized.

The picture of me is very simple and I have a very intricate swirl of thoughts representing music. I speak music to represent I represent it. Note that the word "are" is not very important, so it is relatively smaller.

From, I learned that a slide should not cram info. From I learned that there are certain colors that contrast , so I have a black background. From, I learned how to use Keynote’s Alpha. taught me to  use the word “you” or “your” far more than “I” “me” or “we.” And to make things pop out.

I bled my picture out the side and made the headphones pop out against the black. My thoughts of music spiral from my head into ooblivion. There is a minimum of words on my slide. They are absolutely relavant. And they are tilted slightly


After the constructive criticism, I made my head less choppy-looking by making it curve inward. Also, I made my face and the thoughts bigger because it is the main point. Instead of speaking, "melodies" , I made it a Larger , more intricate  letters underneath it. 
techppt copy
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2nd Slide

This is my new slide. In the slide I focused on depth and contrast. The most basic contrasting colors are black and white. On the white background I had all my images in black, and on the black background I had everything in white. The way the images get larger from left to right is the way I used the concept of depth.
Graphic design
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Tech Slide 2

I had to change the colors of the beginning letters to make them stand out more to show that they are the notes of the instrument. I also changed the smaller letters to a brighter color so they are easily visible from far away.
Nadir Meeks tech project

Alexis McCormick_Media Flouncy

​See the differences? 

The things I changed with my slide was very simple for example, since my presentation I learned that I need to change my text and color so it was more noticeable, and I change the way the text is laid out and put a little bit of pop into it.
new before and after
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Blog Post 3

The curfew topic hasn't really been spoken about since the end of the summer. There was only one official who was against the curfew law but even she presented her thoughts on the other side of the argument saying that it may be necessary because of the Philadelphia parents who don't parent. Her name is Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. She is a spokes person for the kids in Philadelphia. The mayor has to decide about the Philadelphia curfew and everyone on the committee has to help make the full decision. 
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spanish E1 u4 SLA

Un gran escuela en amistoso personas.
Sla poseer muy entonces cuatro cientos estudiantes y benti profesoros.
SLA pero vivo en 
Mi mucho gusta SLA. SLA es a muy muy amistoso y comico.

spanish 1
spanish 2
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Dos Favorito Clase

Clase: Bioquímica
Profesor/a: El Señor Sherif
Actividades en la clase: Hacer experimentos, trabajar juntos en el trabajo de clase, y aprender a trabajo una grupo.
Responsibilidades: estar preparado, prestar atención, y participar.
Materiales: La computadora, un cuaderno, un lápiz, y seguridad gafas.
Opinión: Me gusta porque es divertida, trabajar duro, y informativo.

La Clase de Bioquímica:


Tengo la clase de bioquímica los lunes-jueves todos los días menos miércoles. En la clase de bioquímica mi hacer experimentos, trabajar juntos de clase y aprender a trabajo una grupo. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora, un cuaderno, y seguridad gafas. Señor Sherif es muy inteligente y simpático. Sí Señor Sherif enseña bien porque su método de enseñanza es el mejor. Sí nosotros somos aprender mucho. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora y un lápiz, pero nosotros somos tienen que ser muy trabajar duro. Sí, bioquímica es mi favorito clase porque la clase de bioquímica es muy difícil y enseña tú para trabajar duro. ¿ Y a ti? ¿ Te gusta tu clase de bioquímica? ¿ Qué te gusta hacer experimentos?

Espanol project

Clase: Geometría
Profesor/a: La Srta. Thompson
Actividades en la clase: Hacer la solución de problem de matemáticas y aprender ecuaciones.
Responsibilidades: Estar prepardo, tomar punto, y participar.
Materiales: La computeradora, la carpeta, la calculadora,y un lápiz.
Opinión: Me fascina porque es dificil y trabajar duro.

La Clase de Geometría:

   Tengo la clase de geometría los lunes-jueves todo los días menos miércoles. La clase de geometría es muy importante. En la clase de geometría mi hacer la solución de problemas de matemáticas y aprender ecuaciones. Para la clase mi necesito una computadora, una calculadora, y una carpeta. Señorita Thompson es muy simpático y seria de las matemáticas. Sí mi enseña bien, mi enseña mucho. Sí nosotros somos aprender mucho. Para la clase necesitan para tener éxito en la clase de geometría es su comprensión cérea de las matemática. Sí, geometría es mi segundo favorito clase porque la clase de matemáticas es muy difícil pero mas o menos fácil. ¿ Y a ti? ¿Te gusta tu clase de geometría?

New Project 2

Mi escuela SLA es divertida, extraño, y muy diverso. La escuela tener un café para comer y relajante. SLA tener muy estudiantes. SLA tener cuatrocientos- cincocientos estudiantes. La escuela escubicacíon en céntrico Filadelfia. Mi opción de SLA es muy diferente porque la escuela hacer actividades.

Screen Shot 2012-01-30 at 7.12.35 PM
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"Me" Slide

Before my slide seemed to be cluttered and all over the place. Ms. Hull told me that the less I had the more eye catching it would be. I added just one picture this time with a quote so that my slide was more focused on the quote and not so much the pictures, which is why I don’t have pictures on there. Next I used alpha on a the pencil to get rid of the background that it came with. By adding the pencil I think it looked more creative and make it seems as though I wrote it myself. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 9.27.32 AM
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Ryan Francis Benchmark Reflection

  • Why did you choose this topic?'
    I wanted to make a song and a music video displaying my ability to exercise my 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. By doing so in the song, I said a lot of things that people would be able to make a discussion out of with their own set of ideas

  • What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?
    I liked the challenge to go above and beyond the usual history project. it gave us a chance to be creative and effective, and have our own say on why we appreciate certain laws in the constitution 
  • Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
    "The Freedom of the Press provides little, or no, additional protection than the Freedom of Speech itself, because the Court has worried that a "reporter's privilege" would be too difficult to define" I found this interesting, because I formally thought that reporters could talk about whatever they wanted in stories 
  • Where did you run into trouble with the project?

    Getting the project onto the course blog -_-, that was the most challenging part, because we had internet problems, FLV converter problems, and all of that. Our process was spot on though.
  • What went well with this project?
    When we got our ideas together, we flew off and finished the project easily. I finished the song, and Tariq & Jason and I filmed and edited the video. It was also successful for us to work with someone who's not even in our class. Jason was part of the D-Band AmGOV class
  • If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?
    If I could do it over, I woud take more of an academic approach to the project, instead of trying so hard to be creative and to stand out among the other projects. We kind of made a music video surrounding the C-Sband footage
  • What did you learn?
    I learned that I can be creative when it comes to history projects, and that not all history projects have to be boring, a lot of reading and hard to focus on. During this semester of AMGOV, Ive learned that I can make engaging projects in which people hold interest in, and in which people can really look at and have a lot to talk about with it.
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Clase: Español
Profesora: La Señorita Manuel
Actividades en la clase: leemos, "Quizlet" y hablamos
Responsibilidades: No hablar ingles, no hablar ingles.
Materiales: La carpeta, la computadora, unas pluma y un lapiz.
Opinion: la clase de espanol es muy facil y dificil

Clase: African american historio
Profesor: el señor Bierd
actividads: leemos y "evernote"
Responsibilidades: no hablar to amigos nada
Materiales: La computadora solo
Opinion: la clase de bierd es muy interesa. 
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Tech "Me" slide

When you see my slide it is very simple. In the background the viewer can see pointe shoes and in the front you see the words dance, sing,love live. I wanted to make sure that my slide was very simple and didn't want to much color contrast. I kept the colors simple with black, gray and the hot pink shoes and words. I used the pop of hot pink to catch you eyes. I catch the eyes of the viewer I made the text for each word different. For this slide i made sure that it was not to much going on and that each space of the slide was used wisely.
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I changed my slide a lot courting to my first slide because a lot of pictures and words was going on in the slide so i changed it and made it simple.
Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 1.04.11 PM
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BMW car ad

​For my advertisement I chose to do a ad that was clear and got its message across to everyone. In my opinion nowadays ads has becoming "mind twisters". Ad producers gets their message across but it makes the audience think about the ad for a while then they get the message. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 9.03.24 AM
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Ronald Harper's Tech slide.

I made many changes to my slide, I've listened to people's comments on others and realized that you don't want to put to much on one slide. People won't pay attention. I took many things out of my slide that wasn't needed there. I believe that one picture and my "stage" name will explain al that's needed to know.
Tech Slide
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Jeremiah Cunningham Tech Slide

I changed my slide because it was too much going around. i just thought about everything that was on my slide and just came up with the backboard idea. I love basketball and i thought of how when u always hit the backboard the ball goes in. And basically if you hit for the backboard you get what you want. The same with life, when you hit for what you that spot, you will always get your way.
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Tech slide, redone.

The property that I changed about my slide was the background color. I started off with a white background, and then changed that to a black background. I thought that the white background would help with the theme of snowboarding because the snow is white. Although the black background provided vivid contrast to make the pictures stand out.
Tech keynote slide
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My slide on soccer

This is my slide on soccer. Soccer for me is more than just a sport. I live soccer. Every chance I get, I want to play soccer.
I started playing when I was 9 years old. I didn't know how to play the sport, but as the years went on, I got better and better at it. 
One day I hope to play for a professional team. 
For this slide, I used the features on Keynote. It helped me organize my photos and my title. I also wanted to pick a color that would make the photos on my slide stand out so people could focus on them more. The photos were the main thing I wanted everyone to focus on.
Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 8.48.02 AM
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My 2nd Slide In Building Media Fluencey

In my 2nd slide I learned how to use Alpha to try and take the background out of the person dunking photo to make it look like he was dunking on the Rim hanging on the side of the slide wall. I also used Alpha to take the background off of the Rim to be able to hang it on the side. I used a color scheme of brown, Black and Red which isn't to bright and I didn't put to much on there because I didn't want it to be clustered. I didn't put to much on my last slide either but the pictures weren't alined right. I made the text big also so it can stand out and red is a good color to use to make it stand out more. In this slide I changed everything around and went with different pictures that looked good.
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Blog/ Artist Statement

​This quarter was all about being creative. We had to take 200 photos change 5 of them into photoshop. We had to copy a master, do an internet sculpture, large clear object and a bike. However we couldn't get to the bike drawing but everything else was completed. It has been a fun quarter and doing a lot of things.

One thing I'm very proud of my internet sculpture, I made a house. When not really a house but something that looked like one. It has a little tree inside of it because it was already Christmas time, so why not put a tree inside. This quarter wasn't my best quarter, I sort of fell off getting caught up in other things. Though I still manage to get my work done. 

At the end of the day, I'm proud of all my work. Here they are below.
Here's a link to 5 of my 200 photos:
And here's my 200 photos :

2011-11-17 14.51.48
2011-12-06 10.01.55
2011-12-15 14.28.20
2011-12-15 15.04.49
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Kimberly Cayamcela Q2 Art Work

For the second quarter, I have done the following:
-Large Clear Object
-Internet Sculpture (Julene Harrison;
-Edit 5 Photos 
-Copy A Master (Katrina;
-Random Drawings. 

In this second quarter, I have seen improvement in my drawings. I'm not there quite yet, but my realistic drawings are more detailed than before, and it has turned out really well. By this I mean, I am much more satisfied with my work than before. It helps me to watch YouTube videos of how to add realism to a drawing as well as searching some drawings online. I begin a piece by picturing in my head how I want my ending result to look like. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of joy- I smile and like to show off my work to my parents and friends. When people see my work, I'd like for them to tell me what they think of my art work. I expect them to tell me if my work was done well or bad- I'd like for them to tell me where they think I need improvement in. Over all, this quarter was fun. I liked doing the internet sculpture and editing the pictures. I love photography, and editing is fun because by editing a photo I can make it even more eye-catching. My little mermaid was fun to draw. While drawing it, it made me want to draw characters from my favorite Disney movies. For my random drawings, I really liked how my hand came out to be. I started out by putting my hand in an odd position and taking a picture of it. For my baby drawing, I saw a cute looking baby and decided to draw it but instead of a baby boy, I drew a baby girl. And for my last random drawing, I drew a woman. I saw it somewhere and it never erased from my memory. I love things that stay in my head for a long time and I draw it.  

art pic 1
art pic 2
art pic 3
art pic 4
art pic 5
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Film Review : The Island

The Island, written by Caspain Tredwell-Owen, directed by Michael Bay, and released in 2005, is a sci - fi thriller about two people who find out that they are clones,created only to be harvested for for their organs. In the beginning after the first initial scene of the main character having a vivd nightmare of drowning the movie proceeds to show the Mis- en- Scene. A modern futuristic environment with people whose daily lives are regulated according to the standards of others. Most of the shots beginning of the film are medium shots with lighting that dramatizes the shot. To me it seems like the lights are always positioned so that shines from directly under or above a characters faces.This gives their faces a sort of shadow about them. The shots in this film don't differentiate until the middle of the film when most of the thrill and action takes place.

The Dialogue in the film gives just enough information so that the viewer's curiosity is only furthered. Most of the dialogue in the film is not accompanied by music or the music is very very low. The music , just like the camera shots, doesn't start to become more prominent until the action and thrill starts. In some scenes it takes the place of dialogue. For instance, when the main characters leave the environment the movie opens in , the music is loud and gives off the character emotions. The characters themselves were well casted wonderfully, I felt each person was really into their role. They made it seem believable, well as believable as this story could be.

The editing of this film was particularly good during the most action packed part of the film when a lot of car crashes and building breaking was taking place. The point of view of the camera changed from close up to  to wide or panning.The actors the coloring and everything else, to me blended beautifully. I quite enjoyed this film. I cannot say that I was blown away by it buy did enjoy it. i could see myself watching this film again or suggestion it to someone I know. Over all i give this film a 7.5 out of 10.

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