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Trader Joe's Project

  • what it's like to work as a tomato picker in Florida 
    The work is really hard and painful. They usually work in horrible conditions and for little pay. 
  • the problem with buying tomatoes from Trader Joe's
    Trader Joe's has refused to boycott companies that make it possible for these conditions to continue. The workers would like one cent more per bucket of tomatoes.
  • what we can do about it 
    We can boycott Trader Joe's and write letter to the CEO. It's not fair for working people to earn less than minimum wage. 

Q2-Stop Motions

The first three projects for the quarter were stop motions. A stop motion is basically when you take pictures to make a video. You can do this by taking pictures of things in progress.
    With my first two stop motions I focused on the things that we do with our hands. The first things that came to mind was food and water. Therefore, I took one picture at the beginning and moved my hand 2 centimeters closer to the Reese's™ cup like I was trying to eat and took a picture. I keep doing this every two centimeters until I took a bite of  the Reese's™ cup. Another part of this stop motion was my friend drinking a bottle of water. The same concept of taking the pictures that was applied to me biting the Reese's™ cup was applied to her reaching for her water bottle and drink it. After taking all those picture i uploaded all of them from my camera to iMovie. I Then, make each picture fit the screen and take up only .2 seconds of the video. This was able to make it so that it would look as if it was a video playing. Sadly this video cannot be uploaded. However, I uploded the video to my blogger account. Here is the post.
    With my third stop motion I took the project a step further by making everyone who agreed to help do a dance. The dance I chose for them to learn was the robot. It was simple and I knew the perfect song that I would play in the background of the video. The same concept used to make the last stop motions was applied to this one. The only thing different was that I edited the video to make it seem like it was more of a music video or a trailer for a song. The song playing in the background is "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. The video is shown beneath this post.
    The things that i learned from doing this project are that it is important to keep the same frame or dimensions of the picture to make it seem like the video has more of a flow. I problem that I had while making this project is that you have to take many pictures for the video to be long. Within the second video, I took 140 pictures at it is less than a minute long. Overall, I had a good time doing this project.
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Don't Buy The Tomatoes/No Compra Las Tomates

Click Here for the website to my project. (Aquí es la pagina de mi proyecto) 

La solución ... a difundir el conocimiento ds buena idea por qué muchas personas puede saber sobre las situación y habla sobre maneras hacer mejor. 

Los mandatos son correctos en el parte de "What You Can Do/Qué Puede Hacer". 

Me gusta el formato, pero yo no quiería un foto de los tomates, porque es muy típico tener. Quiero las personas a imaginar la situación con su mente.

Trader Joe's Tomatoes

For this project we had to create either a movie, flyer, or anything we would like to do to create an advertisement to make a difference at Trader Joe's. Para ester proyecto hemos tenido que crear una película, volante, o cualquier cosa que nos gustaría hacer para crear un anuncio para hacer una diferencia en Trader Joe. I decided to create a video because I'm more of a visual person. Decidí crear un video porque yo so más de una persona visual. It's a big deal because farm workers in Florida are working their hardest to give us our healthy eating. It's fair enough to give them a one cent raise because it could make a difference in someone's life. They're working harder then most of us so let's be nice and agree to this event. Es difícil trabajar como obrero agrícola, porque el clima es horrible. Creo que debería haber una petición de estos trabjadores del campo para obtener un aumento.


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Un Centavo Más!

Working as a tomato picker in Florida is very difficult. Not only do these people work for long hours, but they are also mistreated. For every 32 lb. bucket of tomatoes they pick, they only receive 50 cents.

The problem with buying tomatoes from Trader Joe's, is that the C.I.W is trying to form an agreement with them to make them buy their tomatoes for one cent per lb, to help the Immokalee workers in Florida.

What we can do about it?
- Aprende más información.
- Dona a la CIW
- Hablá a mercados locales sobre la CIW
- Sostén
- Hablá con más personas sobre la CIW


Uno Centavo Mas

The workers in Florida have to face extreme injustices. When Trader Joe's was asked to pay only one more cent for the tomates they buy they refused. Done y sostena la causa!!!
Front Page
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.34.34 AM
Back Page
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.34.45 AM

Say NO to JOE!/¡Decir NO a JOE!


Los imigrantes de Florida trabajan muy duro  (quizas mas duro que el Americano). Pero los trabajadores ganan 50¢ for 30 libras de tomates. Muchos son obligados a trabajar, con menos del salario minimo . Es in-humano!! 

¿Porque Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s contratan a los trabajadores y los trata mal. 

¿Como podemos ayudar? 

Paren de comprar tomates de Trader Joes.

Ayuden a la protestar.

¡Mostren apoyo!

¡Manden letras al central de Trader Joe’s!


The migrant workers in Florida work EXTREMELY hard (maybe even harder than your average American). However, they only make 50¢ for every 32 pounds of tomatoes. They are often threatened and forced to work but do NOT receive minimum wage. Thats in-humane!! 

Why Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s are the ones who are hiring these migrant workers and treating them so poorly.

How Can We Help?: 

STOP buying tomatoes from Trader Joe’s!!

Help protest! 

Show your support!

Send letters to Trader Joe’s Headquarters! 

Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.42.51 AM
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.41.41 AM

Trader Joe's

There is one in English and one in Spanish.

The tomato pickers work in bad conditions, they are not treated well. Trader Joe's does not want to give a one cent raise to the workers. The workers only get paid about 45 cents for a 32 pound bucket of tomatos. Los trabajadores son tratados mal en el campos. La condiciones es muy mal. Pagado una poca dinero para much tomates.
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.34.07 AM
Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.33.55 AM

Trader Joe's Cancion

Letras de cancion

Yo trabajo por doce horas, 

no tengo molto(much) dinero. 

Necesito comida 

por mi familia 

Yo trabaja por I C W (ee - say - beh)

yo soy no está un esclavo

Trader Joe's should change their ways

If they want their dinero. 

Trader Joe's es muy mal 

y no sé que tal? 

Trader Joe's es no justo. 

No parte el dinero. 

Yo trabaja por I C W (ee - say - beh)

yo soy no está un esclavo

Trader Joe's should change their ways

If they want their dinero. 

Nos trabajamos por 

poquito centavos. 

Los tomates es 

muy, muy pesado

Yo trabaja por I C W (ee - say - beh)

yo soy no está un esclavo

Trader Joe's should change their ways

If they want their dinero. 

No vocales. Solo música. 

Yankee Doodle
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Wed. Nov. 30 -

8:15-9:20 = A
9:25-10:30 = B
10:35-11:40 = Advisory
11:45-12:50 = X

Thurs. Dec. 1 -

8:15-9:20 = C
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!Hola, Javier Soto!

​​Hola Javier Soto,
¿Qué tal? Me nombre es Nomi. Tengo catorce años. Me cumple es el diez de septiembre. ¿Cuando es tu cumple?
Soy de California, pero vivo en Filadelfia. Filadelfia es bastante grande cuidad. En Filadelfia es hace mucho frio y nublado. ¿Qu
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Me encanta escuchar musica, nadar en la piscina, y pasar un rato con amigos. No me gusta nada bailar, ni jugar videojuegos. ¿Y tu? ¿Qué te gusta hacer? 
Soy muy intelligente porque me gusta leer. Soy muy alta, divertida, y trabajadora. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres tú
Bueno, me voy porque tengo que estudiar.

Con cariño,
Nomi Martin-Brouillette

Escribir de nuevo rápidamente! 

Esta yo, y mi mejor amiga en la Plaza de Filadelfia Museo de Arte. 

Esta yo y mi mejor amigas.

Esta yo en mi cumpleaños en la cafetería de mi escuela. 

Esta yo y mi mejor amiga, Emalyn.
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Lobbying Post 3

Chaka Fattah supports the Clean Energy Act which would say that he is supportive of the anti-fracking movement, however he is a governmental figure and fracking brings in money which is probably why he doesn't make a direct stand quite yet. However it isn't just him it’s many Philadelphia representatives are staying quiet on the issue because the people whom are sincerely benefiting from fracking are these big oil companies. To be honest these companies are actually the ones support and fund these campaigns of our officials.
Not to mention that government has had a history to have been involved with these businesses which would explain the Dick Chaney loop hole that basically negates the Safe Water Drinking Act. However the EPA said they would “weigh rules” on chemicals in fracking.

The people would be the most essential to turning this thing over because the people are everything in America. If this truly is a government by the people for the people our officials should not allow this to happen to us. Even if the officials aren't for the people they are definitely for themselves and keeping their jobs. The people are the biggest power that I would need for this issue and that could sway any political democratic political leader. There is an anti-fracking movement, but the fact they aren't big in the media tells me they aren’t big at all. There was a event November 3rd called  "No Fracking Way," which had a pretty good turnout which is great however I've heard very little since then and I don't know if they are in collaboration with anti-fracking movement.

.anti-fracking symbolno-fracking-way-fb-graphic

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