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Blog Post 5: "Conocer" vs. "Saber

Conversation question addressed: Cuales la diferencia entre "conocer" y "saber"?

So this conversation will be discussing with different people about the diference between "saber" and "conocer". I don't really have any discussion questions ahead of time...but I want to ask questions like:

"Como tu ta?"

"Que estudias?"

y "Cuales la diferencia entre "conocer" y "saber"?"

I'm anticipating a few interesting, but not really difficult conversation. 
Post Conversation:

conocer y saberrrr
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What color are you?

This week, I was interested in knowing what my friend, Maria, is main mistaken for. Although she's Latina, her pale skin can make people think she's many other nationalities. I wanted to know which. For myself, I'm unmistakably one race, so I wanted to the the perspective of someone who has to deal with being called one race versus their own. 
what youre mostly mistaken for
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Venezula vs. US

This week, I decided to talk to my friend, Maria, about her country versus the US. Since she moved here when she was 5, it wasn't much to remember. But, I tried to pick her brain to see if there was anything of significance to mention. I was intrigued to see the perspective of a person that wasn't born in the US and how it's differences make it so.... unique in the experience here. 
venezula vs US
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Blog #4

​I wanted to learn how to use irony in Spanish. I was hoping that I would get a legitimate answer that would better me. However, all I got was a lengthy paragraph on how I should not learn how to use irony and that it is too complex for someone learning spanish.

Me-¿Como usar ironia en español?

Leandroadalfo-La ironía es una forma de argumentar compleja y que precisa de un cierto nivel de intelectualidad. Como recurso lingüístico avanzado y altamente comunicativo, no creo que su uso sea el más adecuado para una persona que está aprendiendo un idioma, y tampoco creo que una persona con escaso dominio de un idioma pueda hacer uso de la ironía con su verdadero valor.
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Blog Post 5

  • Who you spoke with and why you chose that partner

    - I spoke with multiple people but unfortunately, unable to screenshot our conversation because I kept on closing my laptop and when I opened it, it'd say error. However, the last conversation I had was with Kathlyn D. from Spain.
  • What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?

    - I learned that she was 16 years old and that her friends went to the huge protest that was organized for schooling. She couldn't go because her parents didn't allow her to. However, they all got the day off from school. 
  • How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goals?
    - I was able to keep our conversation going and I understood what she was saying. I was able to reply fast without using translator. I learned a lot of basic words and how to question a matter. 
  • What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations? What specifically to you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)

    - I think keeping the conversation going went well. I knew how to question when she said something weird, without sounding like a newbie. I tried to sound as if I was familiar with the language by fixing my grammars etc. 
  • Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.49.51 AM
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    Las Cazuelas

    ¿En ingles Por favor? On Mayy 22, classe de espanol uno experienced the foods of Puebla, Mexico. While eating these delicious foods we got to speak to the amazing chiefs. They told us that cooking was their passion and is an art form that they enjoy doing.Not to mention one of the caterers was a boxer but this was his second love.I would recommend this food to any one who is willing to take their taste buds on a cultural journey. 

    ¡Aquí las cocinas!
    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 7.51.02 AM
    ​Tacos dorados
    Muy dorado por qué delicioso 
    Flour,paste, tortilla
    Yo quiero mas Tacos dorados

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 8.02.37 AM
    Sopa de Maiz
    mas o menos caliente y pequena
    los frijoles,tortilla
    facil hacer

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 8.09.27 AM
    Chuletas Tentacíon
    Caliente y resistente
    Crushed peppers,peprika
    Mas comida
    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 8.18.59 AM
    Pollo Cazuelas
    Delicioso,pequina,mas o menos blanco
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    Las Cazuelas

    Yesterday, we had the Head Chef and owner, and chefs of "Las Cazuelas" because we had a luncheon that Senorita Manuel has ordered for us. 

    Tres Leche 
    Me encanta porque Tres Leche es me favorita
    Leche, Flour
    Porque es muy delicioso.
    Pollo Cazuelas
    Es muy juicy
    Pollo, sauce
    Muy Juicy
    Sopas de Maiz y Tacos Dorados
    Sopas es dry y Tacos es muy dry tambien
    Pollo, tortilla, fritos
    Similar Cambodian comida
    Arroz, Carrot
    muy delicioso 
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    MPyfrom- El Proyecto de Conversacíon (Parte Cinco)

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 9.23.54 AM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 9.24.00 AM
    For my last week I took the challenge of having a conversation about the current economy in the United States. I chose to have this conversation with my friend Prisilla. I asked for her opinons about the economy in America and what needs to change, also her views on the president. To prepare for this conversation I made pre-made questions so I'd be ready to start the conversation appropriately. Soon after I let the conversation kind of go in its on direction. This was a very fun and useful conversation. I also learned a lot about Prisilla and views on the America's economy and the president. 
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    Las Cazuelas

    ​Today we had a luncheon from a mexican restaurant, and it was muy muy fabuloso! We got to ask the chef and the owner questions, how he became a chef, about internships and how the food was made with love!

     Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.31.58 AM
    Tacos dorados
    no me gusta!

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.32.07 AM

    pollo cazuelas
    muy delicioso
    tastes zesty!

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.32.15 AM

    Chueltas tentacion
    mi gusta!

    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.32.31 AM

    Sopes de maiz
    mi gusta!!!!!
    Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.32.31 AM
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    Bruskin Hardware: A Short Documentary & Website

    Bruskin Hardware: A Short Documentary & Website


    By: Matthew Scuderi


    In School Mentor: Chris Alfano

    Outside Mentor: Irvin Bruskin



    My capstone project focused on the history and overall establishment of a local South Philadelphia historic hardware store through the means of a short documentary and website.



                For my capstone, I decided to improve my joint history and English benchmark from my junior year and completely renovate the website that I created for the project. A website alone seemed too quick and easy, so I compiled a short documentary that took hours of work throughout the school year to complete. In the documentary, I focus on what the store is, what it is like, the history of the store, and I touch on many other aspects of the store via narration and interview answers from the manager of the store. The website focuses on most of the same things as the documentary, but offers further exploration of the store and the history behind it with photos and text. Included in the website is also store information. Through the process of this project, I spent time planning the website’s features, planning and conducting narration and interview question, filming, and film editing. Through this project, I learned many things about the hardware store that I did not know before and also gained a lot of learning experiences from web design and film editing as well as storytelling.


    Capstone Project Location (Website):
    Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 6.26.54 PM
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    How has conversation changed over the recent years

    ​For my last blog post I decided to ask and see what some of the significant changes in how people talk in spanish were over the recent, about 10-20 years maybe a bit more or less, are and if there are any in the spanish language.  

    Yet again I was able to interview my old spanish teacher, Meastra Sandra.

    In this blogpost I have learned that the way that people talk has changed over the years significantly in both languages.  Through these blog posts as a whole I have learned that the two languages are actually very similar to each other.

    One place that you can find some examples of how the language has changed near the bottom of the page is here. 

    Another place that you can find more about how the language has changed over the recent years is here.
    Interview #5
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    Proyecto de Conversacion #5

    I spoke to Ray from SharedTalk. Honestly, I spoke to many, many people and they just stopped replying after I asked for a joke. 

    I just continued to do what I always did and speak to people about their day. Then as soon as I asked for a "chiste" they either didn't know one, didn't understand, or just didn't say anything. 

    The only flaw with this conversation is that no one wanted to give me a joke. Maybe they don't value jokes in Spanish speaking countries. I tried to Google a few jokes, but I never understood the jokes. I guess I could have kept trying, but after ten people stopped replying after the mention of a joke, I felt like I hurt them in some way. One person not knowing a joke is fine. But when everyone just stops replying, it seems like something bigger. 
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.09.15 PM
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    Blog Post #5: Música en Colombia

    Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person?
    I spoke with a male from Columbia named Alejandro. I did not choose this person, this person chose me and I seen that spanish was his native language so it worked well for the both us beings though I wanted to learn/work on my spanish and he wanted to learn/work on his english. 

    What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?
    I learned about his favorite type of music and what type of songs he likes and I found out that he is a fan of a band called "Def Leppard" and he talked about what songs he likes. I found it pretty funny how since I said I liked music and I am from philadelphia, he sent me a youtube video of a music video of a song called "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen. (

    How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal?
    This interaction helped me move towards achieving my personal goal because I wanted to learn about people in other countries music tastes and not only did I learn about their music taste but I shared with them the music we listen to in America. He didn't know who Nicki Minaj was so I sent him the "Super Bass" video and he liked it.

    What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations?
    I asked questions about what type of music he liked. 

    What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)
    I think next time, I need to work on asking my partner to speak in spanish because I always give up and start speaking english whenever they start to speak english because I understand that just like me, they also want to learn a new language so I have to be fair. 
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.29.55 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.48.18 PM

    Conversation Numero Cinco

    Goal:Effects of the language in persons life.

    Las Preguntas:

    ¿Comó aprendes español?

    ¿Tienes la clase de español?

    ¿Qué haces en la clase?

    ¿la clases esta amable con tu vida diario?

    ¿Cuándos uso español?

    ¿Hablante do lenguajes esta bien? ¿Qué es unas ventajas?


    Yo-Hola chica! Tienes un minuto?

    Yo-necesito preguntar para el blog.


    Yo-Primero, cómo aprendes español?

    Ella-Yo soy de Puerto Rico, así que crecí escuchando y me metieron en un programa de inmersión en español en la escuela primaria.

    Yo-Tan hablas español desde que infancia...muy interesante.Explicas la programa por favor?

    Ella-Así que el padre puede decidir si o no para el niño estar en el programa. Pero básicamente se trata de todas las clases (ciencias, matemáticas, escritura, etc) todos en español. Crees que va a ser duro, pero tiene un hijo a aprender cosas más rápido.

    Yo-Muy interesante…¿Tienes la clase de español ahora?


    Yo-Yo tambié clase de español tres.¿Qué numero tu tienes?


    Yo-si si..yo tengo la clase próximo año.¿Qué haces en la clase?

    Ella-Trabajamos en la gramática y la conjugación de diferentes períodos de tiempo. Para que las cosas gramaticales en lugar de la palabra como un todo.

    Yo-Si, yo hago cosas similares en español tres.¿La clase esta amable con tu vida diario?


    Yo- explicas por favor

    Ella-Lo hace porque me ayude a ampliar mi vocaulario y mi programador para cuando en mi día que entran en contacto con alguien que hable español. Ya sea un visitante en la escuela o uno de mis amigos me ven en la calle.

    yo-Bien bien…la clase ayuda en conversaciones similares a eso...jaja.¿Cuándo uso español?

    Ella-En español clase jajaja Pero cuando voy a mi tienda de la esquina que tiene los puertorriqueños en el mismo, cuando veo a mi familia española o cantar canciones en español.

    Yo-si si..¿hablante dos lenguajes esta bien?¿qué son unas ventajas?

    Ella-Sí. Es muy divertido. Sobre todo cuando se los pone a ambos juntos. Pero sus ventajas es que puede una ventaja en las personas desde la lengua más común que se va a enseñar en las escuelas es el español. Me siento como el idioma está creciendo y va a ser el segundo al Inglés.

    Yo-si si están completo gracias!


    I contented talking to Brianna Perrin. Somewhere between this conversation and the last I considered talking to a stranger but I thought it would be better to continue with the same person. From this conversation I learned what to expect in spanish four next year. I also learned about immersion programs. I also learnedd how Brianna benefits from being bilingual. This time around it was easier to come up with questions without having to write them in english first. I'm not sure if that is because I'm getting better at writing questions or because my goals are easier to reach. I still feel like my conversations are more like interviews. So that what I'm definitely going to try to improve on for the last conversation. Maybe for the last conversation I won't plan out questions, just have a normal conversation.

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    Blog Post 5- Education and everything eles

    ​Hey this is my last bog post! This blog post was supposed to be completely dedicated to education in spain, but the conversations did turn out to be exactly like that. The two people I interviewed were Drake from Colombia and Mariano from Argentina. They were both studying to get a degree in business just in two different ways.

    Some Vocabulary-

    Secondaria- High school
    technio-technical school

    aprendar- to learn 
    negocio- business
    ¿tu eres estudiantes de universidad?- Are you a student of a university?
    Barato- inexpensive 

    colegio- college 

    From these conversations I did learn a lot about education. I learned that Drake goes to a technical school that only last 1 year. I also learned that Argentina has a similar school system as ours, they go to school till they are 18 years old. College is also 4 years in Argentina and according to Mariano it isn't that hard to get accepted into.  You can learn more by reading the chats I posted.

    Internet Source

    From the internet source I found that  public schools in Argentina  are free and similar to America kids have to go to school when they are 6. Also school is only 4 hours a day there and they attend secondary school for 5 years.

    "EDUCATION IN ARGENTINA." Argentour. Web. 20 May 2012. <>.

    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.08.26 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.11.24 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.28.29 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.32.55 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.44.39 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.44.47 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.54.29 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 8.54.37 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.00.43 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.13.50 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.15.53 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 9.29.46 PM
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    Las Cazuelas

    Mi Plato de Comida de "Las Cazuelas"
    The restaurant called "Las Cazuelas" came to SLA to give Spanish 1 students an opportunity to try some of the foods from one of the many Spanish Speaking Regions that we learned about. I attempted to try everything, some things were amazing, while some Entrees were... well... not my favorite.

    Aquí estan los platos comí.

    ​Tacos Derados
    Opinión: Está muy bien, pero el pollo esta seque.

    Unos ingredients: Pollo y Tortilla.

    Comentarios: ¡Me gusta el Tortilla del Tacos Derados mucho!

    Pollo Cazuelas

    Opinión: Me gusta el pollo mucho, la salsa esta picante!

    Unos ingredients: Pollo, Pimienta (Mucho!) y más.

    Comentarios: No me gusta comida picante, pero el Pollo Cazuelas es muy differente. Es una comida favorito para yo.

    ​Tres Leches
    Opinión: Es mas o menos, no me encanta comida húmeda.

    Unos ingredients: Leches (tres), huevo, crema, y mas.

    Comentarios: Tres leches está una comida mas o menos, pero la crema de tres leches es muy bien, me gusta mucho!

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    blog post 5

    Who did I speak with and why did I choose that person?
    I spoke with a boy by the name of Alexis Roldan and he was 17 and from Colombia. I spoke with him because he was my age. It was the youngest person I had talked to and was someone who wasn't yet in college/ university. So i wanted to get their take on why they were learning another language. 

    What did you learn about them? What did you learn from them?
    I learned that he is doing it because of school. He wasn't very good at english and the entire time i talked to him he was speaking in spanish. When i asked him to speak some english to try and practice he did a little. The only stuff he really knew was the basics such as asking me how old are you and where are you from. 

    How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your personal goal?
    It enabled me to see why people that are my age are learning a different language.

    What specifically did you do well according to your goals/expectations?
    Well I was successful in collecting the information that I needed and spoke mainly spanish for the majority of the conversation. 

    What specifically do you need to improve on? (Quote specific things you said or did and what you would have done or said if you could do it again)

    Getting better at not using things like word reference. It is nice to have but sometimes i need to get better at forming sentences with the words I already know. 

    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.45.03 AM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.54.47 AM
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    Las Cazuelas

    We had the great opportunity of having Las Cazuela cater food to our class. The food was very tasty and it was different from what we were used too. The luncheon gave us all a chance to experience different Spanish foods and broaden our horizons. We were encouraged to try everything and learned not to judge just off of looks. I enjoyed all of the dishes but I loved the Tacos dorados the most! 

    Nombre del Plato: Sopes de Maiz

    Opinión: Es mas o menos no me gusta frijoles

    Unos ingredients: los frijoles, el pan, la sal, y la pimienta

    Comentarios: No lo recomiendo, no me gusta

    Nombre del Platos: Chuletas Tentacion:

    Opinión: !Muy Bien!

    Unos ingredients: chuleta y la salsa

    Comentarios: Lo recomiendo, su muy fantastico!

    Nombre del Plato: Tacos dorados

    Opinión: Me gusta mucha!

    Unos ingredients: pollo y frito tortilla

    Comentarios: Lo recomiendo, es como un taco

    Nombre del Plato: Pollo Cazuelas

    Opinión: ¡Muy Bien! Me gusta mucho, un poco caliente

    Unos ingredients: pollo, la cebolla, y pimiento verde

    Comentarios: La comida es muy fantastico 

    Nombre del Platos: Jamaica

    Opinión: !Muy Mal! No me gusta

    Unos ingredients: jugo

    Comentarios: No lo recomiendo, no bueno


    Nombre del Platos: Tres leches

    Opinión: Es mas o  menos, dulce

    Unos ingredients: leche, postre, y crema

    Comentarios: su muy dulce

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    For my fifth and final week I want to focus on the system of education. This time I will be using sharedtalk, as I found it more effective to use than live mocha or friends. My question for this week is "how is education structured?" I don't have anyone from a particular country or background that I want to talk to answer this question, as I'm open to any place to learn.

    Que es la sistema de académico evolución en tú país como? Son ahí grado?
    Cómo es secundario educación estructura?
    Son ahí mandato grado?
    Que es la estructura de universidad?
    Que es un popular campo de estudiar en universidad?

        Similar to my last conversation I had, one of my questions was wrong, but quickly corrected by the person I was speaking to.  The person I was talking to Alberto was from Guatemala, and explained to me how their education system worked. The question was at first misinterpreted and he told me about his own experience in education in Guatemala, which isn't what I asked, but glad he did say. I meant to originally include a more personal question for the person, as I have done in the past, but it slipped my mind with this one. I found out that the education system is Guatemala is similar to our one. Small children attend something similar to kindergarden and at five begin to enter the basic cycle of education, such as a graded system. Following that, the children's academic life becomes more diversified, as they have more options to expand their education. Children between the ages of 14-17 are trained for a more specific. 17 year olds often then go to college to further their education, graduating when they're 23 or 25, similar to in the States.
        In college, the general structure is that there are 52 courses that are often taken within the five years that someone attends, till they obtain their degree. Much like the credit system that we have our here. I found this interesting, because it seems that there's a similar structure of education that doesn't just exist in the US. My last question for my partner was misunderstood, but I essentially wanted to know what were popular universities, as how in the states we have extremely prestigious ones. I wanted to know if there was anything similar to the Ivy Leagues that we have here, or the Big Ten. I asked my question again, but my partner still did not understand it. I took it upon myself to look up the best university in Guatemala, and found that it was the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, which was a very small school, with only 421 students attending. I found that very interesting, as it's even smaller than some liberal art schools (and even SLA.) Overall, this person was especially helpful with conversation, and I learned a lot about their educational system in relation to our own.
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.01.03 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.12.22 PM
    Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 6.12.12 PM
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