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Teen Entertainment

The process of creating our campaign wasn't the hard part. Lexy and I originally started it with a real simplicity, we were bored, and we had some good ideas. After the initial idea and the proposal of the idea, we stuck with the same general goals on what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We came up with ideas on how to promote our campaign to shop owners (who were our original target audience) we wanted to get it out that all teenagers weren't bad and that we needed things to do. We thought about putting posters up near these places who banned teenagers, but we didn't really have a way to get them to listen to what we had to say. That in itself was a challenge that we couldn't seem to overcome. Our ideas were ok but they weren't anything that would make people listen, and they certainly weren't something that would change shop owner's and adults minds. About halfway through trying to come up with better ideas, we thought about changing our target audience, which in itself would sort of change our campaign. Instead of targeting the adults, we'd target the teens, and instead of promoting more places to let us in, promoting already established events and places for teens to go. We came up with the idea for a sort of database website, something that would have all of the upcoming events for teens to go to, places like south street to hang out and things like that. We wanted teenagers to know that there are things for them to do, if they just look for them. 

We created a website and put links in the sidebar to places like the Theatre of The Living Arts on SouthStreet. Free summer concerts, the electric run, and other events that teens could go to. I created posters with a slogan that Willie came up with (you should get out more). I kept them simple while still attention grabbing. I put them around school, around the city, and also around my own neighborhood. Willie made videos and Lexy created the website. We worked well considering we had changed our entire campaign in the middle. Since we did that, another one of our challenges was getting our stuff out into the world. Since we didn't have much time to leave it up, not as many people saw them and visited our website as we would've hoped, but we still did good for the time that we had. We didn't real assign each other any roles, we kind of just took on the ones we wanted and threw out ideas to help each other along the way. It really was a collaborative effort to get this done and I'm happy with what we've accomplished. 

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Devante Taggart's Process Paper

When we were first assigned the project our group brainstormed different ways to get information across about our topic. We wanted people to know how important we thought dropping out was and try and persuade people not to make that decision. Dropping out is a problem a lot of people face whether it be when deciding to go, not to go or during their admittance. 

We decided that we should distribute the work as equally as possible . My group members were Robert, Joshua and Aazimah and we all had a similar outlook on how we should get information across. We are all avid users of social networks and know that information spreads across them like wildfire. So, our first step was creating a twitter page that we could use to spread tidbits of information to our followers. We did a lot of research at the beginning of the project so we decided to use that information and anything we found later on the twitter page. 

We figured we needed to reach College students personally though so we decided to make a college visit to inform them. How could we as high school students teach college students though ? We figured there’s no time to talk to everyone so maybe a message that they could pass on to a friend would be better. That’s when the flyer idea arose and we decorated it with college paraphernalia and a few college dropout facts that we thought were important. We also created a poster that we put up near their campus which we think received good critique. It was also very simple and straight to the point that dropping out doesn’t lead to good things, but instead financial difficulties.

We created a video that was more of a pro and con illustration of dropping out. It portrayed a successful finisher of college and an unsuccessful drop out. The video was short and to the point. We figured instead of beating around the bush and just throwing information at people in a video we should just show two possible options. Simple yet possibly effective, because no one wants to be on the down side of a situation , so people would be pushed to stay in school. 

Overall i think our components were effective as a whole. Separately our twitter page was one of the most successful components because we gained a lot of followers which meant people must have liked the page and the information given. Our video wasn’t that much of a success because of the technical difficulties and the same for the flyers because not many students wanted to stop and receive one. The Poster was believed to receive good critique because it was simple and people looked and made comments. 

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Aaron's Process Paper: English Benchmark Quarter 3

After our groups were told what their topic was, my group decided to break up the work into four’s. Ayoola and Tiege worked on the website, Vannary worked on the brochure, Ethan worked on the T-Shirt and I worked on the song. at first it took us a while to come up with the ideas to use to capture our audience, our audience were the parents of the children. We felt that we could reach the parents through the children and once the children are hooked the parents have no choice to look up what their kids are talking about.

Since I had to create a song, I had to come up with an idea first. Which was really hard because I didn’t know where to start. At first, I wrote a song that listed fast food restaurants and spelled out Obesity. That song was horrible, so what I did next was went home and watched the Beyonce video where the kids and her are dancing in the lunchroom. After that I started to write and an idea popped into my head.

So with that Idea, I created Get up and Move. After the classed listen to the song, some people said it was pretty corny but I felt like at least you heard the message get across. Other people told me that they thought the song was good because they understood what I was getting at and they got the message just like that. 

I liked working with my group because everything flowed together. Even though we didn’t together 100% of the time, I felt as if we presented what we knew, what we learned and what we felt would grab the attention of the children’s parents. 

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Tsion Habtamu Process Paper

            When we first were assigned this project and told to consider the many issues that Philadelphia faces as a city, I had numerous ideas. Originally, I found the public school district funding to be an aspect of the city that needed to be majorly revamped and for that reason I chose to focus on that issue. After watching the first round of presentations another issue seized my attention, thus I chose to further explore the predicament of Philadelphia housing infrastructure.

            Our group began planning ways in which we could best execute the project. With that said, we all had different understandings of what we hoped to accomplish by the completion of the benchmark. After some discussion, we agreed that the mission of our group is to raise the city’s awareness of the frequency and general amount of home abandonment in Philadelphia. We took into account ways in which information is successfully conveyed to us, and applied things like social networking, visual art, and film into our project.

            One of our first ideas was to have a small-scale model of a Philadelphia neighborhood, emphasizing the ripple effect of an abandoned home. It was my job to create the model and my initial thought was to make it using birdhouses. The model would then be placed in an open urban environment with a QR code attached. We considered places like Rittenhouse Square and along side the Schuylkill River. As we continued to flesh out the details of the QR code and which of the many places we could have placed it, we came to the realization that birdhouses are not easy to come by. So we ditched the birdhouse idea, and stuck to flyers.

            The division of the workload wasn’t an issue for my group. Since we hoped to have an up and running website, flyers posted throughout the city, a video (PSA), social networking pages (Facebook and Twitter), and a letter addressed to Mayor Michael Nutter, there was definitely enough work to go around. Korah and Michael paired up to work on the video and website, while Anthony and I wrote the letter to the Mayor and composed the flyers. We collectively shared input on the social networking sites and did so seamlessly. Overall, we successfully divided and conquered.

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Keyaira Doughty English Process

Our group decided that we wanted to raise awareness about teen pregnancy in Philadelphia. We wanted to show how teen pregnancy is a big issue within the philadelphia communities. Teen pregnancy is a societal problem, personal problem, and family problem. 

My group members are Helen, Shannon, Jeffery, Micael R, and myself. When coming up with ideas on how to get our problem known and acknowledged around the school we wanted to see different ways that would not only be seen/ heard but be beneficial. When I was creating the posters my first thought was to post posters around the school with facts about teen pregnancy. Though knowing statics would be great we thought that they would be too boring for people to read. So we came up with the idea of posting different picture on a poster and then stating a quick sentence that would leave the readers with a quick thought.

We split our group into different sections that people will be in charged for. Helen, Shannon and I were in charge of creating/designing the posters that would be that hung up around the school. Jeffery is in charge of creating a twitter account in which he will post different topics, and facts about teen pregnancy and Jeffery was in charge of finding a website that resulted back to teen pregnancy and creating a QR code for it. 

When working with my group members about what would be in the poster seemed to be the most challenging aspect of our project. Finding away to be different, amusing, but serious was a little difficult for us to come up with. Although this part took us a day or too to work over, we finally came up with away that would be beneficial to our viewers. I enjoyed working with my group and I think we did a great job pulling everything together.

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School District Process Paper Rbracy

We were assigned the Philadelphia's issue of the school closings, and how this is a problem in the community. The Save Our School Campaign we, was directly designed and produced to inform the teen's over social networks about Philadelphia's School District closures. My group and I took the approach of creating knowledge based social networking campaign.   

In my group we assigned each other creative ways to spread our message.Reviewing this campaign's, overall production and effectiveness, the real impact my group made was strong for the 2 day we had promoted it. We had our target set on teen through social networks, we found and told them through our video Facebook like page and website. The Facebook like page, made by Jameaka, supported our want to get teens involved in saving there schools. The page ended up getting multiple of like around 26, we are proud and grateful that those 26 are taking the time to view and look at our campaign. The YouTube video, edited by Tamatha, was effective as it gave the viewer of the video a solution to the problem and communicating this through a visual. This video had 28 views in the two days promoted, this was effective as it also linked two the website and Facebook like page. Finally Amanda and I were assigned to create a website which consisted of our purpose, effective media, and interview to tell our audience.

The campaign was in some ways a success and sometime lack a few small components that could have made a difference. Producing a campaign isn't hard than it may seem as our Campaign, got it's views, but were they the targeted viewers? Getting the campaign's information out there was the hardest part. I felt if my group and I focused on way that teen are attracted too, we could have had our focus audience and had more of a productive campaign. 

The campaign was a success, and with a few small components changed, it could have made the difference that it was supposed to make. Our group did a great job portraying the website YouTube video and Facebook like page. We took in the fact that we may have not reached all our goals, but we can and are able to find the flaws of our project. Overall, I enjoyed working with my group and felt like we used the most productive way to reach and spread information on the school district closings, by using social networks. 

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Michael Roth Process Paper

In creating our project, on teen pregnancy, there were some challenges, but for the most part we didn't find ourselves stuck. Initially, we didn't really do that much work on the campaign, but after a little bit we began to formulate ideas, and we soon after carried out the ideas. Personally, I worked most on the presentation itself, our twitter account, and some conceptual ideas relating to the posters that we put up around the school.

We all worked together for most of the project's sections. In fact, one of the first things that we did as a group was have a long brainstorm regarding ideas for the project. In that one brainstorm came most of our final project pieces. We all voiced what we thought might make for an interesting and eye-catching poster, and we also discussed possible other methods of getting our message out, as well as what the message should be.

In the end, we created a twitter and we put up many posters. The twitter was primarily managed by Jeffrey Schwartz, with some input from the rest of us. The posters were put up by Keyaira and Helen, and were designed by all of us. Jeffrey and I created a fake iPhone conversation that was used for both the twitter account and one of the posters. I found a website with (somewhat amusing) reasons to wait until marriage before having sex, and we made a QR code and taped it to our posters.

While we can't say exactly how many people viewed our posters, I can confidently say that many SLA-goers have seen the posters hanging around the school. I think that the five of us made the project well and avoided having any problems. The challenges that we did face, we overcame with ease.
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Jschwartz Process Paper

Putting together the project was a group effort and I think because there was successful collaboration and idea support our final product was clear and comprehensive. That being said, we very few problems in our attempt to convey the risks, factors, and general facts of teen pregnancy. Group participation, teacher approval, and a clear message were all things that were needed to be coalesced, and in the end we created a solid project.

I had wanted to use some form of social media to present a good portion of the project. I felt, in today's teenage mind, the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become the fundamental means of communication between teens. My group and I chose Twitter, because of the many similar pages on teen pregnancy. Facebook would have been harder to use because a page's post is only properly represented if that person has a myriad of friends. Similarly, for a person on Twitter to be heard, that tweeter needs to have a large amount of followers, but the level of prevalence of a Twitter post was found to be much higher than that of Facebook.

Once our Twitter was customized and we had a good number of tweets, we moved on the next main part of the meat of the project. My group had the great idea of putting up posters with quick facts and catchy slogans to catch a reader's eye. We put up the posters which are only about 2 square feet, in the stairwells and hallways, because we thought we could have them be seen by the most people. On all of the posters, my group included a QR code linked directly to a teen pregnancy website. This website was full of reasons why it is best to wait until marriage to have sex. We felt it was good to choose the website because it provided factual information as well as humorous descriptions of what might happen to an unwed teen who has sex. 

Lastly, we wanted to figure out a way of calculating how well our project was received to the public. We thought about ways to count the number of visitors on the QR code linked website, or just record the number of followers we have on twitter. I feel the best way we examined how well our project was received was our in-class presentation. The class had questions, which to me, is a result of curiosity of the topic, which was our goal. 

As a whole my group members Helen, Mike, Kieara, and Shannon, all created a project that presented what teen pregnancy can do. When we took initiative to give each other jobs and make sure everyone stays on task, our objective was always in sight and we finished in a timely fashion. I would definitely do this project again with the same group. 


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Ethan Reese: Process Paper

The process of designing my part of the project was actually one of the more successful parts of my duty to the group, I felt that my shirt design was simplistic and a great way to get the important information out and than if people wanted to know more they could as me about it. I also played one of the biggest roles in the design of how we would present ad pull all of our parts together, I feel that also the design and flow of this presentation was also a above average. Even those these parts were very successful in my opinion the design of both had some problems, a couple of the slides on the presentation were boring and bland for the first and second draft but on the third draft I had finally gotten it just right. The design of the shirt was also flawed because it was mainly designed in a box which made it hard to transfer to a t-shirt. 

The production of my product wasn't difficult but rather tedious, I had ordered the customized t-shirt that hadn't come in the mail which was a real disappointment because I was excited to see peoples thoughts on it. 

Finally the implementation of my product into the overall project was simple considering it was just showing the designs on the shirt in a slide show presentation, but a challenge of presenting to like this I think was the loss of a wow factor throughout the presentation.

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Process Paper

Jalisa Smith

Through the process of this project I learned to use my strengths to my own ability. In the beginning Taylor, Raeven, Nuri and I did some quality research that already went hand in hand with the research that I had done from the previous project that Raeven and I had done. From the research that we did we planned what we would be doing as a part of our campaign. My individual portion was to complete and edit the video and work on the discussion that we would be having in another class. We all took the chance to do what we were good at in order to make a good campaign. 

For my individual portion where I edited the video, I implemented another one of the group members portions which was the Ad that was made for the campaign. For the video, I tried to only use what I thought was crucial for the audience to see. For example, when I edited out certain parts of the video I made sure to keep the parts that were crucial for the audience to pay attention while not being led astray by boredom. We all collectively decided that the message we were trying to get to our audience of teenagers, which is to get tested. 

I think that process wise, we were off because we had so much other work to do individually so we really tried to get everything done in a short space of time. Though we did use our time wisely by creatively making an advertisement, PSA, Twitter page and having a group discussion with another class; it could have been of higher quality had we tried to actually plan everything out according to one another’s personal schedules. 

I personally had a lot of fund doing this project. I think that it’s because of my personal opinion towards the topic I chose. My set interest is what really made this project a lot of fun. I also thought that from doing this project I was able to learn more about the importance of taking care of yourself and people around you while learning more about the community I live in. 

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Process Paper, Anthony Buchanico



  Process Paper

At the start, Korah, Michael, Tsion and I all had a pretty clear understanding of what was to be accomplished by each person and when we really cared that we had it done by. We hadn’t really strayed too far off task from the main point and showed this by checking up every now and then. Overall I feel as though our group is doing a fair enough job with getting the project done while understanding the limitations and priorities of one-another. A good example of this was the concern with other benchmarks going on at the time. Michael and Korah both have their pre-calculus benchmarks to work on and it was a lot of work for them, so it was better and easier to just let them work on their bits when they could rather than forcing them to abandon their math benchmarks.

This project isn’t difficult in terms of tasks and work. The only real things that make it difficult are the tedious tasks of getting physically involved with your subject and making due with what restrictions you have. For instance, the first goal that our group had in mind was the idea to use birdhouses to represent how one broken birdhouse can ruin the others as a whole. Sadly, our group figured out that birdhouses cost a fair amount of money and that if we wanted to complete this project we would have to dish out about $60 in supplies, which nobody in our group was capable or willing to do. With that we quickly stopped thinking about that aspect of the project and went on with what we were doing. We tried thinking of several ways to replace the birdhouse idea and came close to it, but overall we couldn’t think of something that we were as happy with when we had the bird house.



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