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Q3 Art Reflection

In the final drawing I completed the ceiling tiles and the outline of the room. I drew two of the tables in the room and started on the blinds. I drew the cabinets on the side wall and some of the columns. If I could do this project again I would pace myself better and focus less on specific details and more on the whole picture. I think Sydnye's drawing is very successful because she has a complete picture and it follows the rules of a one point perspective drawing. I learned that in a one point perspective drawing all the lines are horizontal, vertical, or orthogonal. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

IMG_0212 (1)
1. ​Rubic-
Back wall: 18/20. I think I drew the back wall pretty accurately.
Side wall: 17/20. My side walls are a little off to me but I still think they're accurate.
Ceiling: 17/20. I think my ceiling looks great but I think it's off a bit.
Floor: 15/20. My floor has a nice outline but looks bland.
Table/Chair: 16/20. My table looks great but the stool looks weird.

2. I would change the look of the stool. It's bothering me.

3. Sidnye's drawing is awesome. Not only is it completely accurate, but it has a lot of detail.

4. One point perspective focuses on the perspective of one point.
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Q3 Art Reflection

​a. I feel like I have completed everything on the rubric that was required at least decently. Some of the lines or shapes however I feel could be straighter or neater.

b. If I could re-do this project I would definetely take more time to fine-tune certain areas of the back wall for example. Some of the lines could surely be done better if I had more time.

c. One that I think is very successful is the one hung up on the smartboard. It has a very nice style to it and everything looks clean and well-done. 

d. One Point Perspective is an art style that has a vanishing point that every other object points towards. It's a very effective art style for drawing things in the distance such as rooms or train tracks. It's a style that demands that you have patience but it all adds up to a major difference in the end.
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Q3 Art Reflection

1) I feel that to meet the 100 point requirement I met all the different categories (different walls, ceiling).  Each one of my walls has details and I tried my best to follow the one point perspective techniques such as door ways and the windows and especially the alcove.
2)If I could change anything about my drawing it would be my tables and chairs, not that I particularly think they are bad but I am much more proud of the walls.
3) I think that Liv's room drawing was very successful, all the lines look perfectly horizontal and vertical. Appears to follow the one point perspective rules.
4)I learned that while looking around you can view certain things in one point perspective if you have the right mindset, and this mindset really helped me complete the drawing and be proud of it. 
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Q3 Art Reflection (A. Swartz)

a. I feel like I accomplished all that I could, since I don't consider myself particularly good at art. I hope I did all of the parts to the best of my ability. I like the back wall and ceiling best since those were the things I had the most time with. I enjoyed working on this, just wished I had more time since I work slow sometimes.

b. Time, and I'd be a bit more careful. There were some sloppy parts of my drawing that I would have fixed I could have. 

c. Seyni (N)s. She chose one of the walls that was, like, actually more challenging than a big window. The lines are light and it looks clean and precise and stuff. Also there are a bunch of things in it, she did a lot. It looks very good.

d. That it is very annoying to do, yet rewarding if done correctly. It looks really good if right, but not so good if wrong. I don't really like it a whole lot, since it is mostly rulers, and I have this weird trouble drawing straight line with the rulers. At least it isn't shade-sketching.
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Art Portfolio Quarter 3

Within this quarter of doing Art two times a week, I focused more the shapes of life. Meaning that all objects have a three dimensional shape to them and I tried to show through evolution how something could look two dimensional can be changed to look three dimensional. To show this I used a lot of black and white with radiation to show all the individual shapes. At the end I was able to produce pieces of work with three dimension and have the objects look real, not still. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

I feel like I accomplished the back wall/window in my drawing. The side window was almost finish but is still pretty good. If I were to do this project again I would take advantage of the time I had to do it. I would contribute every second I spend in this class to my drawing. I think Ijustice's drawing was successful. I think his is successful because he completed the outline of his room and reach the point to where he could have added details to the room. I learned that one point perspective is more than just an art technique. It's quite hard to find it in real life but it's there. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

I do not feel like I accomplished anything with the final project. It is due to the fact that I did very little of it. If I could do it again I would spend much more time and do a lot more on it. It is successful it sexems because the person has drawn in the past.  The best drawings were from the artists. That it is all straight lines.
FullSizeRender (4)
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Q3 Art Reflection

I think I was able to draw most of the room. Even though it took me a long time, I think I did the tiles pretty well. I feel I used my time wisely and didn't procrastinate as much as I usually do. I also think I did fine on my windows even though it was pretty hard. If I could do this project again I would try to finish it. I would also like to see more chairs and tables. I think Jonathan drawing was successful. His drawing has the doors, the windows, the tables and the chairs. He was able to finish. I learned that one point perspective is not as looking and drawing what you see. There are steps you have to follow to get a good drawing. 

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Q3 Art Reflection

I feel like I did a good job on my door and a little on my windows.  If I could do this assignment again I would use my time wisely and I would work harder on my cabinets.  I liked Johnny's drawing because his drawing looks neat and he has a very little amount of eraser marks.  I learned that things look better in person than in a picture.
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Q3 Art Reflection

I do not think I accomplished anything on my final drawing. This is because I did not have the same amount of time as the rest of the class. I think if I had the same amount of time that I would be finished my drawing and think I was successful. I would change the size of the paper. The bigger the canvas/paper the harder it is to capture your vision. 
I chose Jonathon Salvidar's drawing because I think it shows how hard he worked on it. He shows how he used all the techniques we learned in class and it shows he used his own skills.
I learned about the vanishing point and what angle to draw your objects.
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Q3 Art Reflection

I feel like I did my ceiling half way right and I started of my window correctly. If I did this project again I would probably change my time management, I spent way too much time on one thing. I found Jonathan's drawing, I think his drawing is successful because he meets all of the requirements and he was almost finished. Plus it looks really nice. His drawing has the windows, table, chair, wall, and ceiling. I learned that is quit difficult. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

1. I felt as if I accomplished a good portion of my drawing given that we weren't allowed to work on it outside of class, and didn't have much time. I tried very hard on making all of my lines straight, and connected to my vanishing point, to set a good base for the rest of my drawing. 

2. I would try and manage my time, by rather focusing on one part, to try to get a draft done first, and then worry about details later. 

3. I think Kaamil's drawing it really well done. His lines are dark, and all line up with the vanishing point. I also think his windows are done really nicely.

4. I learned from one point perspective how to make things appear closer or farther away, and then also bigger and smaller.  I also learned how to use the vanishing point. 

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Q3 Art Reflection, Gerveni

I am very proud of my drawing because I spent a lot of time on this and I feel like this is one of the top drawing I've drew this year. If I could do this project again I would've used my time more wisely because I didn't get a lot done the first class. It would've been really helpful. I think Johnathan's drawing was successful. It met all the requirements, and he included lots of detail. I learned that it's not a simple task or skill, and it takes time to perfect your drawing.
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Q3 Art Reflection

I feel like I accomplished the ceiling and generally neatness and precision in my final drawing because I made sure my horizontal lines are horizontal and that my vertical lines were as straight as possible. For my ceiling, I measured the distances between the horizontal lines and the ceiling line to make sure that the lines turn out straight.
I would pay a tiny bit less attention to detail and precision because that took a lot of my time.  I should've managed my time better since I ended up not having the chance to draw the windows. 
A drawing on the wall that I find successful is Lyle's because I know that during the class periods, he was always focused and working efficiently. His drawing incorporates all requirements and unlike other drawings, it is evident that he used a ruler to draw all of his lines and they can be traced back to his vanishing point.
I learned that when drawing in one point perspective, the first step is usually by drawing a small rectangle. The diagonal lines are called orthagonals and they must be able to be traced to the vanishing point. One point perspective makes your drawings look more realistic. 
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Q3 art reflection - Friend

I feel as though I did the tables and the right wall with the door on it correctly. Well at least better than the other parts of my drawing. If I could do this project over again I would spend more times on making the ceiling better. I would also do the windows on the wall better as well the window on the side. I would make the back windows a thicker and not as skinny and I would make the side window taller and thicker. In my opinion Lyle's was the most successful in red stream. All the lines were straight and He seemed to do all the tasks correctly. There is also a bunch of detail in his that makes it look just like the room. From this unit I learned that drawing in one point perspective is very difficult especially when the objects and structures have to be three dimensional. I also learned that in the real world there is no such thing as one point perspective.
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Q3 Art Reflection // Dukes

Personally I don't feel like I accomplished really anything, it looks to me like a drawing that someone just started. Because I have only things from the beginning of the drawing and not the important parts of it. I only really just finished the outline of the tiles and the walls, so if I was to start over I would work on more and talk less, even though I was not talking and not working. I would just talk less so I could focus more on the drawing. The one that I think was successful was this drawing that had all of the requirements in it and it looked nice. Everything was organized and there wasn't any extra lines or eraser marks on it. I think that they went above and beyond for the amount of time that was given to work on it. All in all I would just say that it is a good representation of the classroom (By the way this is me describing Johnny). I learned that one perspective drawings are much more difficult to draw then free hand drawings. 
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Lyle Seitz/ Final Drawing

I think I accomplished most of what was needed for the assignment, but I didn't have enough time to draw anything past the door on the side wall. I think I could have also added more tables and chairs, but again, I did not have enough time. Despite these things, I think I did pretty well.

If I were to do this project again, I would spend more time on each individual piece of the drawing, instead of the whole.

I think Sopheary's is really good, and she did a good job on her ceiling tiles. They look like they are perfectly spaced, and she must have spent a long time on them.

I learned that there are lines called orthagonals, that come from the vanishing point, which is where the image vanishes to.
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Art drawing

I feel like I had did my best and I will get a good grade in art.

I would create a new wall with coloring

I know that my drawing is very successful because I had tried my best and I also had added detail.

I had learned that it can be hard, and I would always have to try my best. I cannot let anything else get in my way I just need to focus on what I need to do.
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Q3 Art Project Reflection

I feel like I have accomplished the ceiling tiles. I was pretty challenging at first, but I tried to make it work. I would probably have took my time instead of rushing to finish it. One drawling that I seen that was successful was Java's drawling. She made it look realistic and it looks like she put her hard time and effort into it. I learned with doing this that it takes time and it's skill that you learn over time to be successful at. 
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Q3 Art reflection

 I feel like I did not accomplish much, because I missed half the work time due to sickness. If I could do it again, I would take it home and work on it. I think Elias's drawing is successful, because I know he put a lot of work into it. I learned that one pt prespective makes your artwork more sharp and accurate, but it is not really a form of art, just a template.
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Q3 Art Reflection, Regino

I think that I haven't really accomplished much with my drawing. I only drew the back wall, side walls, ceiling and floor without any details. But I feel as if the only thing I have accomplished is creating the segment where the door and the wall break up to meet the door. What I would do differently in this project if I were to do it again is draw in another person's perspective. A final drawing on the wall I think is successful is one that has a lot of visible eraser marks. I can tell that the person worked very hard on their project and made sure that it was proportioned. Also, it's evident that they used mathematical calculations to carry it out. Lastly, I learned that one point perspective can be really hard if you have a depth perception problem.
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Q3 art reflection, Sell

I think that I tried to fulfill all the requirements, one thing that I messed up on a ton was the center point. I kept on having to redo that. I really wish I could have added windows and doors on the side and also more decorations around the room. I think Java did a really good job on her drawing, it is detailed and pleasant to look at, it has strong proportions and looks realistic. I learned about how realistic it can look, if done well it appears very real. I think one point perspective could and probably is used in engineering and other concept designs. 
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Q3 Art Reflection

  • a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back
  • I feel like I accomplished especially because I am horrible drawer but I took al lot of time to do it so I think I accomplished a lot. 
  •  wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.
  • b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
  • I would probably change my chairs into stools and  change my visual point cause my roof wasn't going right . 
  • c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
  • I think that  Tito's drawing was good because he had every essential and had very clean lines.
  • d. What did you learn about one point perspective?
  • I learned that your visual point  and that going and seeing in a point perspective. I also learned it that straight lines come in place.
  • Displaying 20150408_120420.jpg
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Q3 Art Reflection

In my project I really focused on getting the ceiling and floor nice.  I really made sure I had the right amaount of tiles as in real life.  And I worked on one of the side walls. 

 What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing? 
I feel I accomplished my ceiling and floor.  By getting the lines right.

 What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?
I would have added the table and stool and manage my time better by being not such a perfectionist. 

Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?
Jonathon's drawling is really nice I like his shading and how his lines are different shapes.  And He got what he had to get done in the drawling. 

What did you learn about one point perspective?
I learned that it can look different if you are at different levels. And that everything goes back to a vanishing point.
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