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Negative Space Drawing and Cut-out

What is negative space? Imagine an object. A table, for example. See the legs and tabletop. That is the positive space, the object. Now, try to imagine the spaces in between the legs and around the tabletop without imagining the table itself. Do you still see a table? It may help to draw it out. This is negative space; the spaces around the positive space that guide our mind to see the positive space and how we treat it can make all of the difference when creating a work of art (be it a photograph, drawing, collage, etc.).


In drawing a table atop which our teacher placed stacked stools and a plant, I found it very difficult to only see the negative space without confusing it with the positive. Because of this, I first drew my image as I would were I depicting only the positive space, detail included. After this process, I colored in all of the negative space around the objects. I then went in and, though it pained me, erased all of the positive space detail I had originally created, which left me with a drawing completely comprised of the negative space that I had colored in. While the end result was a functional negative space drawing, this method did take a while to complete. I, however, felt as though I needed the positive space guide to really understand the negative space, so I appreciated the extra time spent drawing positive space detail.


In my cut-out collage, creating negative space was much easier. For the house, I simply traced the image, cut out the positive space, and glued it onto the background. For the detail on the house, I cut out the spaces that made up the detail (negative space) and the underlying green showed through those spaces so that our mind saw it as the part I had just cut out.

For an artist, it is very beneficial to work in negative space because art is all about perspective, and focusing on negative space allows access into a perspective that we are not used to using in our daily lives. We tend to draw and create art from memories of the object we are attempting to recreate, but what we think something should look like is not always what it looks like. In one of our very first art classes, Ms. Hull, our teacher, told us to “treat the object as if it were a foreign landscape”, which proved to be the most useful lesson. If we focus on the negative space that we are unused to seeing, we erase all of our preconceptions about its features, thus treating it as a “foreign landscape” and creating a more accurate representation of the item.

The space in between spaces- or negative space, is arguably the most useful tool in creating art. Positive space is only half of the battle, to fully create an aesthetically pleasing and accurate drawing or work of art, one must masterfully use negative space, so that our brains can complete the image we want them to see. Even though we are not fully conscious of all of our mind’s activity, when we look at an object we see both negative and positive space. The positive detail is what jumps out to us, as it is what we are most used to, but the negative space is registered by our brains and subconsciously taken into account. Whenever we create art, we work, at least in part, from out memory, and the key to making the most of that resource not to only see what jumps out at us- the positive space, but to delve further into what we already see with our subconscious mind and access the negative space that also lives within the resource of memory.
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Negative Drawing and Cutout

Negative space is the empty space around an object or the objects surroundings.  It allows the eye to see the main part of the drawing.

In my cut out, I found the negative space by cutting out the pieces that were shaded in darker and using that on the left side of the page so that the blue would be the focus and the black paper was the negative space.  For the other side I did the complete opposite by cutting out the other part and then using the blue as the negative space.  For the stool drawing, I drew the still life first and then colored in all the space around it.

It helps an artist to use negative space because it makes their illustrations more accurate.  It also allows artist to focus themselves and their drawings.

Negative space is useful in creating art because it makes your drawings more precise and accurate.  It also allows you to see what you’re doing in a different way.

photo 2
photo 1
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Card Q4 Benchmark

  • What did you set out to do? - I wanted people to know more about my mom and all the things in which she does in her life.
  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?- It gives people a look at someones personal life and lets them be able to explore deeper into this persons thoughts and possibly make different stories and get different ideas from it. 
  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?- To see the life my mom lives and see how it effects me.
  • What did you gain from doing this work. - Getting a deeper understanding of what my mom actually does.
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Negative Space Reflection

photo 1
photo 2

A. What is negative space?

Negative space is the part of a drawing or photograph that surrounds an object. It helps to highlight the image and draw attention to multiple parts of it, in a way that makes it look simple. Negative spaces lets you see the outline of the  

B. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your stool drawing?

1. In my cutout, I was able to find the negative space by looking at the stencil and identifying the two different colors. Based on those colors, I could see that the white shapes were the negative space and the dark grey areas were the objects. This helped me figure out what I should cut and how it compares/fits in with the other spaces.

2. In my stool drawing, I found the negative space by looking at the things behind the still life. This made it so that I was able to focus on the outline of the shapes. I shaded in the space that wasn’t part of the main objects in the drawing, which is the negative space.

C. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

It helps an artist to see in negative space because it adds depth to the drawing or photograph. You get to see some parts of the drawing that you wouldn’t usually be looking at.

D. How is negative space useful in creating art?

When creating art, you can do some very creative techniques with negative space to add depth and interesting aspects to your drawing. One thing that an artist can do is utilize the negative space to make the viewer see multiple images in the drawing.

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A Chapter of my Life

  Growing up I never really had the childhood I ever wanted . When I was 5 my parents got a divorce. They went their separate way. My father went to stay at his sister house. My mother moved back with her parents. And as for me and two youngest siblings, we stayed with our mother. When my parents separated we was too young to understand or know the reason why. We just know that my parents hated each other. They never spoke about it. Nor the family. All i ever saw was when my father came to visit my mother never spoke to him. She acts if he’s not there. As days passes my parents never spoke to each other. My father didn’t come as much and my mother moved on and didn’t care as much.

   When my father left I never understood why he had to. He and my mother should of slept in different rooms. It would of made things better.  When he came to visit the only time I ever saw him was every two weeks or every other month. Whenever he came he would take me and my brothers out shopping, out to eat and do all the other stuff. When he was done he would leave and we would not see him until the next two weeks or month . He always told us before he left that he was going to work to make money to take us out again. The hours we spent with my dad were the best times ever. We did so many things and it was one of the most unforgettable things ever. Even though he wasn't around like he was suppose to he would always talk to us. Tell us how we should be. Don't be like him and my mom . He wanted us to Grow up and be somebody. Have a good life . Go to school . And to make sure I listen to my grandmother"Everything he told us,we would listen . My father wasn't a bad father, even though he wasn't around he would tell us right from wrong .

  I remembered when he took us fishing it was something really unexpected. Before we got to the place I pictured it with trees,  the lake and a deck where we can sit and fish. But Instead of that when we got there, comes to find out we were at the back of the airport at a dirty river fishing for fun. We never really caught anything. But we did still enjoyed ourselves. Another time was when we went to his sister house. She had a party and he thought us how to climb on the walls in the hallway where we would put one foot up against one side of the wall as the other foot on the other side of the wall . And we would repeat the same steps until we touched the ceiling. We kept doing until we grew tired of playing. That night when we stop his sister started to scream out my fathers name and it scared the hell out of us because we thought something had happen to her. But instead she was screaming his name because there were foot prints all over the side of each wall from our dirty feet. She just kept yelling and yelling and yelling until my dad agreed to buy paint and repaint the walls.  It was hilarious because as my father was painting he still would crack jokes and make everything more exciting.  Although my father wasn't around as he was suppose to, he still acted like one. He would still come around take us out, and made sure we make the best of it.

 My mother on the other hand. She wasn't around as much as she was suppose to nor how my dad was . Even though we lived in the same house. When we moved to our grandparents house I barely saw my mother . She would work, And after work she would go out and get  a couple of drinks with her friends. On the weekend she would go out, come home late, and sometimes she would not come back home until the next day, or sometimes weeks. I remembered when she took us out over her friends house and we slept over there because she was too drunk to come back home. When we got back to our grandparents house my grandmother was screaming because she was worried sick about my brothers and I. I remembered he saying “why would you take the kids with you if you know you wasn’t gonna come back home. You are drinking and taking your kids with you something bad could of happen. My grandmother used to get mad everyday and every night, because my mom would always go out. She would scream at everyone because my mother would never come home . It was like ever since my parents split my mother was a different person. She drinks more, goes out everyday, she was never home. I never understood her feelings at the time or how she was reacting at that time. But not only hurting herself but she was hurting my grandmother.

  My grandmother would be very stressed because at the time my family didn't have much . She went to work, she made sure my brothers and I was well taken cared of. But other than that living in a 3 bedroom house apartment with like 10 people living there was really difficult. My grandmother was a family person. It didn't really matter to her how many people was living with her. She just love the family being together. My grandmother loved her kids and her grand kids she did everything for us and was very over protective. It used to drive everyone crazy. Especially me. She never wanted me to go outside because she thinks something bad might happen to me. Even If she would go to work she would tell our neighbor and her friends to make sure I stay in the house. But I really didn't care because I always had my brothers to play with. I never blamed my grandmother for doing the things she did because she always wanted to make sure I'm on the right tract and don't end up like my mother and father. My grandmother practically raised my brother and I growing up, after my mom left and father. She taught me many things, showed me how should I handle and do things. How I should not end up like my mother leaving her kids.

As I got older I started to realize that I don't need my parents anymore. Even if they came around once in the blue moon. I would go to school, come home, eat , do my homework, help my brother with his homework and play with my baby brother. My grandmother always told me "As a big sister , my duties are to go to school, come home do my homework, eat, and make sure my little brothers are ok because I would be like another mother to them" and I was only 12 when my grandmother told me that. I know that it may sound weird but it was really true.

  As years come I was about 15 years old my mom and dad started to come around more they started to show my brother in I more attention when we didn't need it anymore. It was really hard really hard for my brothers and I to reconnect with parents. I till this day don’t blame them for leaving us. They was young , married,  having kids , going threw a break up.

  Now as years comes my parents has gotten along, but they are still split. My father has his own house and mother has a new husband and a child. And she does not live with us anymore.  My brothers and i are still living with my grandparents because we chose not to live with any of our parents. Everything is not that confusing anymore now that i am older and now that I am a young mother, who is married. about to graduate high school  , and have a baby, I don't want to follow the same foot step my mother and father has done.  I want to make sure even if I gone thru a break up I would not let my emotions, feelings, or anything affect my relationship with my child. Or even if it stresses me so bad, to the point where I'm about to lose my mind I will never leave my baby. Everything that I have gone thru with my parents barely around has taught me to be a better parent to my child.  Looking at my child grow each day sometimes makes me question myself why would my parents want to leave my brothers and I . Do they love me , as much as I love my child. No because they actually left my brothers and i with my grandparents. Than decided to come back in our life when we are old enough to understand things and how we are able to take care of ourselves and live on our own. Everything does not matter to me. The only thing that those is my own little family that i have. I would always remember those words that my grandmother told me. To never be like my parents, to be strong, and believe that their are better.

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Quarter 4 Benchmark

For this quarter, I set out to tell the story of the beginning of my life through a photo montage. 
I was focusing on my childhood in Europe and how family is deeply embedded in my humanity.
I think I met my goal of telling my story through pictures and a voice over because, a photo is worth a thousand words and although I am speaking a small amount of words on on behalf of such a great amount, the unspoken words within the photos allow the audience to capture their own interpretation from the pictures. I hope after watching this, the audience will know a side of me that they may not know automatically after knowing me separately from my family. I say this because throughout the video I clearly speak upon how my sister has molded the person that I am while my parents cultivated my spirit. I gained a little more knowledge about myself after completing this project because I had to put myself in a position of really owning up to who I am to be able to talk about myself. 
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Q#4 Benchmark

  • What did you set out to do?
For this english benchmark my goal was to craft a reflective piece on my experience with facing challenges in my life and how that related to me becoming a diplomat in society. From my experiences I've also tied this with me going to college and how I expect my college experience to prepare me to become a better leader in the future. 

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
While writing my passage I've decided to describe all of my experiences in depth. Usually in story telling authors always describe their stories in depth and also include imagery, which I have decided to include. 

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
I would really like the audience to take my personal experiences with facing challenges and incorporate them into their own lives. I don't want them to take exactly the same scenarios however, I would like for them to generate there own ideas based on my scenarios that I have given them and use it for their own lives.

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
I've gained better confidence for explaining my struggles and my plans for improving my future. I feel better explaining my situation and I also feel confident that my story would help to improve other people's views on how they deal with their own problems.
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Just an average week

THIS IS A ABSTRACT screenplay that i wrote that focuses on a boy who is dealing the problems of rejection, school work and social awkwardness. He goes through the week with his friend dealing with everyday normal things. 


INT. BEDROOM-Early morning

Branden is waking up to the sound of his phone alarm. He turns off the alarm and stares at the ceiling for a few seconds. He sighs then rolls out of bed to his right. Branden is wearing basketball shorts and a tee shirt. He grabs his phone.

EXT. STREET- Early Morning

Branden is walking down the street with his headphones in his ears. He’s looking around Danny walks up holding two energy drinks.They stop and stare at each other for a second until Branden keeps walking. Danny pulls up beside him.


Yo nigga you know we have to finish that project today right?

Branden ignores him and keeps walking.


Then after that we should start thinking about

when we are going to film the rest of the movie because I have

to go to my aunts wedding on thursday. Who has a wedding on thursday?

Branden keeps ignoring him.


Nigga I know you never listen to music in the morning.


Couldn’t you catch the hint I didn’t want to talk?

Its only 8:13, meaning I have two minutes until

you can talk to me.


After seven years as best friends I thought

i would be used to you being an ass but no.

INT. Hallway

Its a group of kids standing in front of a classroom door. They are laughing and smiling while one guy is telling jokes.Branden walks over. He stares at a girl in the circle. She glances back then continues to listen to the guy talking. Branden goes over and pulls Danny out of the circle.


Yo,nigga we gotta work on that project.


Yea cool wanna work here?

Branden stares at the girl, then back to danny.


Right. So the classroom it is.

INT. Classroom- Evening

The two are eating on a couch while other students pass by. Their quiet. Danny occasionally types on his laptop.


What time does the wedding start?


I dont know maybe like eleven, twelvish.




She’s going you know.


Obviously, she’s your cousin.


Well you know what im saying.

It doesn’t have to be so awkward between you two.

Danny stares out of the window towards the girl.


Tell that to her boyfriend.


Yea I mean tommy is a nice guy.


Danny. (pause) Shut up.


EXT. Alley Way- Evening

Branden is walking down the Alley way by himself. He’s blasting music in his ears. He looks around. There are a group of guys standing at the end of the block. They all notice branden. He keeps his head down and walks slightly faster.They guys walk over to him.



GUY #1

Yo boul let me talk to you for a second.

Branden keeps walking pretending he doesnt hear them.

GUY #1


The group rushes towards Branden.Branden takes off. He cuts around the corner and jumps into a parking lot. He looks back back and sees three people chasing him. He cuts through some cars then heads behind a wall. He looks back. The three guys are searching for him.



Someone appears behind him. Putting branden in a headlock.



They beat him up and steal his bag.


Branden walks into his house, barefoot and goes up his steps.

INT. Bedroom.

Branden slides into his bed and stares at the ceiling.


Branden wakes up in the morning to “Started From the Bottom” blasting outside his windows. He puts the pillow over his ears but eventually gives up. He looks at the ceiling for a second before rolling out of bed. He grabs his phone.


He starts brushing his teeth while scrolling through phone. His phone starts ringing. Its Danny. He answers.


Yo wassup


Aye! Glad to hear your not girling anymore. Anyway get dressed we’re chilling with some girls I met yesterday. Bring your A game nigga. No moppy shit.


Dude (pause) I got work to do. Plus-


Stop girling! I’ll be there in thirty. Be dressed.


Im going to tell my mom not to let you in.


Pssh. Yea right, your mom loves me. Had I known her a couple years early I might have been your step pop instead of Richard.


Branden walks down the steps entering his living room.His mom and Danny are laughing at a conversation there having.


Hey honey! I was just telling Danny about me and Richards trip to the Bahamas.


Yo you ready? We really need to get started on that assignment.


Yea sure.

EXT. Street

The two leave Branden’s house and walk down to the car parked outside.


So about these girls. Man-


Where are we going?


Uh. We gotta meet them at Tommy’s place.


What!? I hate his jokes dude.


Don’t focus on his jokes nigga focus on the girls. Besides he already picked the ugly friend, so all of the pretty girls are for the pickings.


What if he tells the story about the kangaroo.


Even he’s sick of that story dude.


They stop outside of a house as a dude walks up to the car.


Sup broski’s.


Hey nigga.


Sup Branden haven’t seen you in a while. Thought you died.




You know, with all three of us in this car it reminds me of that time I was at the zoo and this Kangaroo...

INT. MOVIE theater

All three step into the Movie theater. They look around. Three girls are sitting on a Bench.

DANNY (whispers)

Look Branden, dont fuck this up.

A girl runs over to Tommy. He picks her up for a second which then leads them into a awkward make out session in front of everyone. Danny shudders then focuses back on the two girls in front of him.


Um...Yea so any way. Hey Tina, Katie this is my friend Branden.



They walk to the the Theatre in the group. Branden remains silent while most of the talking occurs. Danny obviously picks Tina and falls back Leaving Branden and Katie ahead of the group. Branden looks back and only sees Katie. She smiles.


So are you excited about the movie?


Well yeah, I guess..I dont know actually. WHat are we seeing?


Um When Donkeys attack 2.The one where they take over the white house.I heard its so realistic.


I find that hard to believe.

Anyone that thinks donkeys taking over the world is a jackass you know?


Uh. My Dad just saw it and he’s not a jackass.

They stare at each other awkwardly.

BRANDEN (whispers)


The group walks into the movie theatre. Katie sits on the outside next to Tina. Branden sits in the middle of Tommy and Danny while they sit with their dates.


The Group of guys walk to their car. Tommy and Danny are smiling while Branden is staring at the ground.


Well. That was fun.

I had alot of fun, what about you two?


It was great.


How about you Branden?



What I thought.

INT. Car.

They dropped Tommy off so now they are just driving in silence. Danny phone rings.


Hey auntie. What! I guess.

I can be there in like five.

Danny hangs up the phone.


Hey we gotta take a trip down to my aunts.


Naw nigga take me home.


Its not gonna take long you Don’t

even have to get out of the car.

They pull over outside of a house. The girl from inside of the circle at school is on the porch. Of course she is. She’s Danny cousin. She’s with the dude from that day two. Of course she is. Thats her new boyfriend.


Dont burn down my aunts house

while I’m inside please. AYO steph

where is auntie?


Inside she’s spazzing though. Ryan could you help him?



Ryan stares at Branden in the car then turns inside the house with Danny. Steph and Branden stare at each other. Its a awkward silence. For at least a minute the two go from looking at their toes to each other then back to their toes.Steph walks over.






How have you been, we don’t really talk anymore?


Good.How about you?





Your boyfriend seems nice.


Dont be an asshole Branden.




anyway we should talk more.

It doesn’t have to be awkward between us.

You didnt even come to my moms wedding. And you know how much she loves you?


yea i been busy


Bull but anyway see you later.

Danny come back and gets into the car.


Glad to see you didnt kill each other.

Danny drops branden back home. He gets into his bed and he goes to sleep. He wakes up to his phones alarm the next morning and stares at the ceiling.

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"Time" by Roger Bracy

My First Project - Medium

Thinking about what story to base this last english benchmark on I was clueless wasting my time procrastinating. I waited, until I came across this video. I was doing my regular rounds of internet surfing. Through a long stretch on Facebook I discovered a video that spark this idea about time. A young man about the age of 23 from Harlem, New York was speaking on time. He told the viewers that they have 84,600 seconds a day to live. He then compared it to the fanatical aspect saying, if you had 84,600 dollars in your bank account every day that you’d spend it as much as you could each day and get the most out of those 84,600 dollars. He concluded that time works the same way, our 84,600 seconds we get each day should be used to get the most out of each day.

Rolling on this train of information my mind arose, as I was looking over twitter and I notice an image of a clock. Now the clock in this picture was getting stretched in two directions. One side was easy to figure out, common apps we use everyday like a phone call Facebook or Instagram. The other side of the photo let the viewer know that there was a person that  the clock (representative of the time) belonged to. All of this fell into my theme of ways we waste time which is actually one of the most important and FREE qualities of our lives as humans.

These are the things I hoped to get the viewer (along with myself ) to gain during this Story "Time":


Time is valued to some and overlooked by others.

We as human are taught directly out of the womb, what day and time we are born.

As humans, universally, we count how many years, months, days, and seconds we have spent on this earth

Time is very valuable because time isn’t refundable.

Time isn’t just paid at an hourly rate. Time is all around us, anywhere you venture there is time posted up walls wrist and cellphones.


The Relationship between time and humans will have analyzed into a story about how we concede, sponsor, and  dissipate it our everyday lives

I will have story full of real people and their interviews on how they view their time on this earth.

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For my project I wrote a story that had a lot to do with art and how people perceived it. There were three pieces of art that were important to the main character that I was able to bring to life thanks to my mother. I took these art works and showed them to several people so that they could talk about what they though each picture represented. This way I can convey the fact that art is just a story without words, and that it can be a different story for each person who sees it. This is exactly what I set out to do and I believe that it worked out well. This is something that I hope the readers can take with them. This experience has made me a better writer and I appreciate that. The link for my scroll kit with my story is below. Warning: The audio for two of the recordings have a lot of background noise. 

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The boy

The boy - Medium
This story is about a boy who is in love with a girl with meaning. I set out to show what high school boys really want, but often times can't have because the girl is in a relationship or they are too scared. I believe I accomplished the task at hand. Since I created a short film, and the script had poetry in it, I felt that it reflected art plenty. I was creative and expressive, and I wanted my words to be hurt. I hope the audience understands the story, and get the message I was trying to deliver. It's confusing and powerful, but it's very moving and unique. I gained the power of story telling, and I learned from my own thoughts and other input. It took lots of work to create a 3 minute film. Plenty of outside sources and help. I learned the importance of storytelling and time management.
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Skilled in the art of Video Games?

With this project I set out to show that the ways that games have us learn skills aren't that different from the ways that we might be able to learn skills for the the real world's use, in fact some may even overlap in some situations, maybe not the ones that let you fix the office stapler or the ones that let you take on the fire breathing dragon to save the town, but some.  My video tells the story of some of the skills that people who play games might have been learning without really even noticing it, a bunch of them have some real life applications too making it all the better.  I hope that people will, after watching my video, gain a different understanding of how we might be able to use this growing trend of games sucking us up into something that can really benefit our lives in the real world, that we don't just have to keep using the old methods that really can't compete with a world that was engineered to grab and hold someone's attention we can being to meld the two into a better state of learning and working for everyone.  I think that while doing this project I certainly deepened my understanding of all of those things even more so than I have with similar projects in the past.

Video Can Be Found Here

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Poverty in America

I produced a series of art work that can be displayed across a wall. From the first picture until the last picture, a story is told about poverty. I was able to create three pictures that compliment each other to create the final product.The pictures are also in black and white volume. I choose to tell my story of poverty in America to show the urgency of the matter. I did this to show the effects on children who live in poverty and show the American struggle to make it. 

Story: I would like to make a story based on poverty within America. I would like to show the effects on children who live in poverty and show the American struggle to make it.  

photo 3
photo 1
photo 2
Originally, my objective was to present a piece of creative work in the form of drawing. Through the weeks, I wanted to be able to document my process by creating a website that has pictures of my pieces evolving into its’ final product. I never show things like that. But, I wanted to try. However, I became way too busy to even do two project into one. I couldn't make a website, design it, figure out what to draw, then draw it and then take pictures--- it just becoming too much for me. So, the idea of documenting was done! But, drawing what you feel and what you see is a challenge within itself but the outcome is always amazing. I hoped to gain confidence throughout this benchmark by taking a leap of faith. It was definitely something because I never did anything artisty if it wasn't for art class. I hope my audience is able to see my story and appreciate it because it did take up a lot of time. 

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Q4 Benchmark Taylor Thomas

  • What did you set out to do?
  • For this Benchmark I set out to make a music video to an inspirational song that included the inspirations of myself and others. I chose the song Walking On Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves in Memory of the most inspirational woman in my life, Beth Hildebrand-Jordan. She passed away in August and this song has reminded me of her since.
  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
  • My product show the stories of how I gain inspiration to do the things I want in life. I also put at the end of the video a text to let people know that they can comment on my video and write what inspires them, so that I can learn their stories.
  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
  • I hope that my audience sees that some things can inspire them without even knowing that they are being inspired. You would be surprised at what you can find inspiration in, or what you can think about while you are doing little every day things.
  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
  • I gained a lot of knowledge about myself and about my family and friends from doing this project. It was very difficult for me to pick what was going to go into this project because some of my family and close friends did not want me to record them doing certain things but they did allow me to put in pictures of what their inspirations represent, so hopefully they will watch this and become inspired to make their own videos.
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What school did you come from ?

Artist Statement:
What I set out to do is tell my personal story about the different school environments I've been in and compare them with my peers. My work incorporates the art of storytelling because in the video I created, the students are in fact telling there own story about the schools they attended. In the film I ask a series of questions in which they go in depth with their answers so the viewer can possibly relate to some of the stories being told. I hope that the audience gains a better understanding that even though we all come from different school environments we all have the ability to do our best because we all got accepted into SLA and enrolled. I personally gained a better understanding of how to tell a story and one that is not just my own. I feel like making this film helped me gain confidence in myself that I can be storyteller.
Personal Story:

As a young child I have always loved school, learning new things everyday was always just a wonder to me. Math in particular has always been my favorite subject, there is just something about numbers that I really enjoy. Problem solving has always come naturally to me even in everyday situations, knowing that I have found the solution to things has always been a good feeling. Growing up, I attended a private school called Ivy Leaf located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia until it closed my 6th grade year in 2008. Ivy Leaf was an all black private school and I loved it there. I still until this day communicate with some of my friends from there. After Ivy Leaf my parents enrolled me into St. Raymond’s an all black catholic school also located in Mt. Airy. My first impressions of the school weren’t so good. It was smaller than what I was use to and I wasn’t entering school with people I knew. After a while I started to warm up to my peers and eventually made friends. Now that I’m in high school enrolling into a public school was a different experience but not that much because SLA is so much different from other Philadelphia public schools. There were a lot of new things I wasn’t use to, such as not having a uniform or dress code, taking public transportation to and from school, using a laptop as my foundation of learning instead textbooks, and having classes that were vastly diverse. At first SLA rubbed me the wrong way but now that I’m a senior I’m actually glad I came here.

Below is a video of me interviewing my peers on their experiences at the school(s) they attended:
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Q4 Benchmark

  • What did you set out to do?

In this benchmark I set out to create a piece that will tell a story of something that impacted my life in a tremendous way. I decided to make this piece of art very personal and make myself vulnerable to the public. I used the lovers dictionary and the book of qualities as mentor texts what I created is very similar. This work is more than a replication of those pieces, but a journey that documents a peak time in my life.

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?

It incorporates this art by telling a story. As a storyteller I set out with a goal, learned new things, gained new experiences, and wrote along the way. My final products goal is to tell a story in a different way than I would usually do it.

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?

I really don’t want this piece of work to go viral. I would like to keep it between Rami and I. My only hope is that she gains some understanding of the things that happened in my life and how I have progressed into something different. 

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 

My only hope was  to fulfill my passion as a writer with this piece of work. Discover who I was as a person and analyze the various situations in my life. I think I am very accomplished with this piece and it is filled with many thoughts and emotions. Overall, I enjoyed this process and I am nervous for someone other than myself to read it. 


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Artist Statement:

  I set out to learn about seniors and their struggles throughout this year. How my work incorporated the art of story telling was by incorporating different thoughts and answers to the questions I asked. To make it have that type of story flow, I incorporated how I felt during this senior year. What I hope the audience gains is insight on how other seniors felt during this year, and whether it was similar to how they feel or not. What I gained from doing this work was that, the majority of the students I interviewed had the same answers, and they were more laid back during there senior year.

Senioritis-A lack of motivation by  students who are close to graduating, which  also includes laziness and a lack of studying.

  Every single thing distracted me this year as a senior, I’m actually pretty surprised how I was given A’s in the majority of my classes this year. My procrastination kicked in five time stronger than it was in 11th, 10th and 9th. I have a lot of regrets as student this year, because I wish I was more organized. I wish I was able to just complete the assignments instead of day dreaming or binge watching series. At the beginning of the year, I was a go getter as always, then I get comfortable, and lazy. I began to get side tracked by other things, I was always distracted by either something or someone.


  After a couple of months, school was no longer a place where I was able to peacefully do my work. Instead of doing my assignments in school I would wait until I got home to do my work. Home, wasn’t a place to do work either, I didn’t know what I was able to do to over come my procrastination and senioritis. I began to make check lists for myself every week, including the different assignments and projects that were due each week. I had to make the change to become more organized, because when in college, I won’t have the time to procrastinate and wait until the last minute.

  This senior year,has widened my eyes to the things that I never really payed much attention to. I’ve learned from my mistakes in order to not make those same mistakes in the future. I intended to better myself, so I could become more organized, but I never knew how that was going to happen, or how I would discipline myself to became this person I wanted to be and become after high school in a learning area. 

Media: Podcast

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Briana's Manga

For this project I really wanted to finally make a successful chapter of a manga I've been working on for quite some time. I enjoying drawing so I didn't see anything better to do than to draw. Since I'm not mega great with writing, I'd figure I just tell my story in a way I could best tell it...which happens to be drawing it out as a manga! What I hope is gained from this from my audiance is that they can see the hard work that was put into this drawing as well as the story because drawing isn't easy nor is it a quick thing to do (especially drawing like 50 panels in total for only 27 pages). I think I've gotten better drawing wise as well as I know my limit. I understand how much I can do in a day and how much I can finish over a period of time. This was never supposed to be easy so I hope that others can see and witness all of my hardwork within these 27 pages. 

Click here to read Vol. 1 Chl. of Watashi no hason Buraddo. 
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Can You Dance!

Dancing is an act of expression, through this project I hoped to show that anybody could dance as long as they were able to move there bodies. In my proposal I aimed to show many people dancing but I was inspired to do interviews and show videos of different types of dance to show the broadness and variety of different types of dance. The wide variety of dance shows the story that dance has evolved so much that it has become different forms and there are many different opinions on dance which shows the story that dance is what we make it. I hope the audience gains the confidence to never say that they can't dance. I want the audience to feel able to understand that dance is just a physical form of expression that is supposed to be fun and not over thought. I was gained a scene of enjoyment and happiness from this project. While doing this project I realized how much, I myself enjoy dancing and the excitement of watching other dance/ express themselves. I feel as if this project helped me to know how I can relieve stress later in life and what I can do as a hobby.
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Qrt. 4 Benchmark

Korah Lovelace

I wanted to create a  visual story that depicted inequality in the U.S and how young people grow up masked by their surroundings. I think it is important to show how helpless and innocent children are in a world ruled by adults. My work incorporates storytelling by using the worlds of a song and footage to match my interpretation of those words. I hope my audience gains a perceptive of a child in a world of corruption with very little assistance to escape poverty. By doing this project I gained a lot of experience editing film and trying to depict an ever changing vision.  

Song: Double Dipping 

Artist: Subliminal Orphans (My Uncle’s Band) 

Footage of Military and U.S events I didn’t tape myself:   


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Rhen Wars: Battle for Superiority

​You are the Supreme Overseer of your own army of Warriors, Spell-casters, Assailants or Mythical Creatures.
You must fight to the last man in a battle for magical energy, or Rhen. The purpose of the game is to deplete another players Rhen, or to have the most Rhen at the end of the game, which would be when a player has run out of cards to draw.
Each deck type comes with 5 different types of cards in it. You have Soldiers which are your basic units. Generals are more powerful units that cost more Rhen to summon, but have more powerful effects. There are three main types of effects: BattleCries, which activate when they are first summoned; Last Wishes, which activate upon death; and Secrets which allow a card to be face-down where it can't be revealed to an opponent unless you choose to. Generals and soldiers cannot attack the turn they are summoned. The Overlord is the sole most powerful card in the deck. They can attack the turn they enter the playing field. All of these cards named cost Rhen which is the number on the left side of the card and you must pay from your Rhen pool to do so. Every player starts out with 50 Rhen and every turn after the first, each player gains 20 Rhen a turn. At the start of the turn each player draws one card. 
The last two card types are Flashes and Barricades. Barricades defend the user himself from attacks on enemy monsters when they have nothing else to defend themselves with. You can only have three Barricades in play and Barricades don't cost any Rhen. Flashes are instants that can be activated from the hand at any point and are generally cheaper than most other cards in the terms of Rhen cost.

Each player's turn takes place in this order. Start Phase, Main Phase, End Phase.
There is no Start Phase during the first turn but for every turn after that the Start Phase is the time where a player draws a card and gains 20 Rhen to their total Rhen cost. The Main Phase is where everything goes down. You can summon, and activate Flashes as much as you want, as long as your Rhen is greater than 0 by the End Phase. During the Main Phase you can also initiate combat between a Soldier, General, of Overlord and an enemies Soldier, General, Overlord, Barricade or player. When a combat is initiated, there is a time for any effects to be added on to any item within the combat. After that one items, Attack/Health, which is the first and second numbers on the right side of the card, is compared to another items, Attack/Health. If the first item has a higher Attack then the second items Health or vice versa then said item dies. When a Soldier, General or Overlord die from a combat then the other player gains however much Rhen it says on the card to their total Rhen pool. This is not the case if it died from a card effect. During the End Phase, any changes made to the Attack/Health of something on the field become 0, and any damage dealt to something that didn't kill it goes away as well.

That's all the rules and here is a printout that you can use to have games with your friends. There are even some blanks cards if you want to card your own. Have fun!!
Artist Statement:
When I made this card game I set out to get rid of all the things I dislike about other card games that I play, like Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Each battle tells a story about the prowess of a player and in a match of say, 3 or 5 you end of telling a story of the Rhen Wars. How the Mythical Creatures devoured the Warriors, or how the Spell-casters enchanted the Assailants into defeat. How the Warriors, killed all the Spell-casters; Or how the Assailants hunted the Mythical Creatures into extinction. The battle can go anyway and each one tells it's on story and is different from any other. I hope that when the audience plays my game they will find it enjoyable, and I hope to learn how people grasp to new ideas.
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Q.4 HipstaShakur

Click this HipstaShakur

  • What did you set out to do?
My goal for this project was to show people who I really am, have them enter into my mind and see how I think. I wanted for people to get to know me better because people really don't know anything about me besides the things they heard. 

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?
My work incorporate the art of storytelling because it tells my stories. Each poem is a story about me and is something that I've been through and experienced. Each poem shows how I handled hard situations, failure and rejections.

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
I hope my audience gets to see me for who I am and not who they think I am.

  • What did you gain from doing this work. 
I gain a sense of expectance from this project. Not from others but from myself. I allowed myself to be open and not care how people treat me after they see my work. I am me and nobody going to change that so they might as well accept me for me.
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Negative Space Drawing and Cutout

Negative space is the negative or empty space around the object. In the cutout project, you could find negative space with the tan (the left) surrounding the pink and the pink space (right) surrounding the tan. Because of the negative space, you could really tell what the picture is supposed to be, a tree. It just stands out more because of the negative space and with the colors contrasting it. In the stool drawing, the negative space is the shaded area. Negative space is important because it really gives effect to what your picture is.
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The Beginning of the New End by Byshera Moore-Williams

Artist Statement:

I have always been a fan of science fiction. X-Men was one of my favorite shows as a child. I had never worked with it before so I set out to write a science fiction story and make a diorama of one moment in the story. I ended up making a digital image instead for two reasons. One I think that it looks cleaner and more put together. Two I didn't really have time to make and paint all of the parts I would have needed for a diorama. My work incorporates storytelling because I wrote a story that you can draw your own images from and an image that you can make your own story out of. I have gained the knowledge of working with a new genre and another change to improve my digital art skill. I hope that my audience gains some enjoyment and appreciation of the genre the way I always have.


The year is 4040. There is a new world order. In 2050 there was an uprising of the third world countries and the impoverished of Americas. The battle resulted in nuclear bombing and air strikes. But those would were once on the bottom came out on top. Now the world is built of an artificial atmosphere and so run buy the fat king and queen. There are now only three classes with three gods. Pigs for the extremely wealthy. Owls for the middle class that is thought to be wise and rats for the lowest class.  This is the story of Cyferia a young girl in the Owl class. She, her mother, and her grandfather are on the way to Prince Irose manner so that he and Cyferia may be married.

The beginning of the new end:

Another day in Athasar. Its a perfect seventy five degrees.The factories were making clouds and the cocos had there daily gear tightening before they want off flying just like they did everyday. The glass and bronze egg shaped buggy was making great time to Princes Irose’s manner. Which is to be expected when you are getting pulled my two steel horse, the best that money can buy, there is no reason you shouldn't be. “The road is much smoother here. Don't you think? You could take wonderful walks here. It will be an amazing home Cyferia.” Her mother's words cut through her thoughts. However she was right as they moved closer and closer to the home of Prince Irose the road had become a lot less rough but Cyferia really didn't care how smooth the road was. “Can I keep one of the horses?” She asked her mother is a lethargic voice that matched her mood perfectly.

She was dressed a lot like one would if they were going to see someone down the black river. A long dark grey dress that cover her from neck to hands and a grey lace vale. “Why of course not dear. The Prince will have horse that you can ride.” Her grandfather looked at her mother with the same tiredness that his granddaughter was experiencing from waking at three this morning so that they could make good time. He had been quiet for most of the ride sat next to her facing the front of the buggy. He unlike her mother and herself wore what he always wore. A brown metallic suite with a black tie and a white shirt with his favorite black shoes. Cyferia was wearing a white dress with gold pieces of gears and clocks hanging off her waist. She hated the dress however this is what the so called great Prince Irose had sent her and it was what she wore.

“Cyferia do smile when me meet the Prince.” her mother said as she forced a smile onto her own face. “I wonder if the Fat King and Queen ever roll down their smooth roads.” Cyferia said under her breath. “Why of course not dear they can't risk losing any weight.” Her grandfather whispered to her. They both laughed at their newest inside joke. “Father please do be kind to the Prince. And no making jokes you two, we are honored guest and must act as such.” Once her mother finished her statement she began checking the clocks on her daughters dress to make sure they were on time.

“My poor dumb daughter one would think that you would have more wits about yourself.” Her grandfather paused to pulled out a small gold owl and attached it to Cyferia’s dress. “The rich are nothing that we should fear or respect they are alone here to show that this world is working the way it should be. However we all know it is not and I will never stop scuffing because of the Fat King and Queen or the Fat Prince for that matter.” When her grandfather was done talking he looked out of the glass buggy to see how much longer he had to share space with his youngest child and only grandchild. For even though he loved them both he hated small spaces. “I didn't know we were meeting the Fat Prince.” Cyferia said looking at her mother through her vale. “We’re not. We are meeting one of  the noble Princes. Your grandfather was just talking nonsense.” Her mother was obviously upset with what Cyferia grandfather said.

She was one of the only people that thought that the Fat King and Queen were doing any more then sitting up in their castle eating. “It makes sense to me and if it was up to me there would be another rebellion.” both her mother and grandfather looked at her but they were two totally different looks. Her mothers was full of shock and fear, while her grandfathers had a pride full look on his face. “Where did you hear about the rebellion?” Her mother said in her womanly soft yelling voice. She was leaning over so that her face was only a hand space apart from Cyferia. Cyferia took a deep breath and said “Mother your father is 463 years old and you let him watch me when I was young. Don't you think he would tell me about the rebellion. In Owls name stop treating me like a child.” Before her mother could say anything else the buggy stop. The coach robot was at the door opening it up on the left side so that her and her mother could get out first. His blue and gold medal looked worn when it was compared to the gold and bronze five floor home that lay in front of them. “Thank you Aqual. Please be very careful with the bags.” Cyferia said rushing out the buggy and to the door the home. Her mother got out next and then her grandfather last handing the robot something very small. “Aqual please be very careful I’m feeling that something strange is coming.” Aqual looks into his hand and sees a small golden owl. “Oh sir thank you I am honored and of course sir I am always careful.” As the family walked up the long winding steps the robot gathers each of their bags.

Before they can make it halfway up the first set of steps they hear a voice form what seems to be the top of the house. “Hello guest, please come no further I will have my butlers come and get you. Welcome to Irose Manner. You will be treated like family from this point on.” As the nameless and faceless voice echo fades into the metallic leaves of the trees four very buff and well maintained  robots in what looked like black and white dyed silver were rolling down the steps with large rhinestone pillow in one hand and a snake tray in the other. “Wow, what a way to spend your inheritance.” Cyferia said before the last of the four stopped in front of her. “Hello madam Cyferia. An amethyst pillow with gold trim along with a tray of rose punch and blondes.” She was shocked that so much work had gone into planning out each of these small details. As she sits on the pillow and the robot slowly rolls back up to the door that they had just exited from. Her mother had a pillow of sapphire with white tea and lemon cakes. Her grandfather had a pillow of real feathers and a plate of whiskey and a cigar. Each one the these things must have cost at least a million silver. Cyferia could not even imagine what the inside of the house looked like if this was just the greeting.

As the doors of the manner opened Cyferia was slowly let down for her pillow. The great hall of this house had a very large fireplace plated with diamonds and silver. The artificial fire was one of the  elegant that the family had seen. On either end of the fireplace was there was a set of square spiral steps. By the time that Aqual was let down from his coal pillow three young men were standing in front of the family. And the two robots where on either side of them. the one that seemed to be the oldest stood in the center. He was tall at least six foot three. He had tanned olive skin, eyes of night and hair of coal that was well kept. He had light scruff on his jaw line. His larger muscles did seem to make him heavy enough to be thought of as a noble however his clothes said otherwise. He wore black trousers that were well fitted, a lime green button up shirt , a white scarf that was fouled into it and a pair of round black glasses. He looked more like a scholar then a noble. The one of his left looked more like a doll them anything. He was no bigger than 5 feet tall. He had eyes like the river of live a mix of blue and green. His hair was black like coal but his dark skin made his eyes look that much bigger. He was wearing a blue and pink swirled pattern top that looked as it it have been filled with foam in the arms. His pants and shoes matched the pattern. He was the biggest of the three boys. The one on the right of the tallest was only a bit shorter close to 6 foot. He was wearing an all black suite with what looked like a sapphire crusted top under it. His shoes seemed to melt into the gold floor.

“Welcome to Irose Manner.” All three of them said in unison. At bit tired of the show Cyferia steps forward and says “Which one of you is Prince Irose. My mother and I have business with him.” The three boys didn't move for a few moments and then the one in the center  finally says “My lady, I'm very sorry if our hospitality has hindered your meeting. My Prince Irose is to my right. and his brother Prince Emat is to be left. I am Ezok their tutor and caretaker.” When he bowed it draw Cyferia’s attention to his bare feet on the gold floor. “Please come with me to the library my lady, we can start the meeting there.” Ezok’s walk was very proud his height only added to what looked like the skillful walk of a knight. The arches of the doorways were decorated with ravens feathers and copper, all five of them. The extremely long hallway have doors between each arch. No one looked at them, ask about them or dared to open one. At the end of the hall there was a door that when from the floor all the way up to the sealing. Ezok reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a key that was almost the same size of Prince Emat. He used the large grey colored key to open the even larger matching colored door. “Welcome to the original library of rats. Here was where the first rebellion of the broken people meetings took place. Every plan that they ever made, decision they ever had, and fight that was ever won, was planned right here along with many other things. The story of the rebellion lives in this very room. Because of the Irose families involvement in the great rebellion they were granted the luxury to build their home around this monument. You do know the story of the rebellion yes Madam Cyferia, Madam Eldema, and Sir Luforus.” They all were very still as Ezok finished his rounds around the oval room moving books back in place and tidying the desk. “The rebellion is not to be taught in schools.” Eldema said looking straight at Ezok. He laughed at the the comment. In fact he was laughing so hard that he was almost doubled over. “Prince Irose if you would be so kind take your brother to the play room. This meeting is going to be a lot longer then I had thought and we would not want him getting antsy, do we.” “Of course brother Ezok I will be back as soon as possible.” The lean body quickly took the little boys hand and left through the large door that the group had entered through. With in seconds the both boys where gone. Ezok moved from the desk to the door closing it only a little and then the auto lock set in. He then moved with the same swiftness he moved to a book that seemed like it belonged in a poor mans house not in the home of a Noble Prince. “With your permission Lady Eldema, I would like to tell you three a story.” As he says the last word he opens the book an a blinding beam of blue-white light eliminated the room.  “Yes I mind. My father has filled my daughters head with enough nonsense. I thought we were here to talk about.” She took a long pause. Ezok looked on confused. “I am so sorry. Prince Irose is still much to young to be married off. He is but sixteen and your daughter must be.” “Eighteen.” Cyferia said. Interjecting her self. “If he is not interesting in marriage why did he send me this dumb dress? Why are we here?” Ezok walked back around the table and laid the book on the table. “I need your fathers’ help. The dress was a gift to get you to come. This was not an invitation of marriage. I am afraid I have a much more pressing matter.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.57.18 PM
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