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Internet sculpture (tech jewelry)

Browsing the internet for craft ideas, I found some pictures of jewelry made using old computer parts.  I decided it looked amazing and wanted to make some myself.  People have used computer parts to make other things, too, like desk organizers, furniture, and in one case even a hamster cage, but I thought jewelry would be best because I have enough furniture, my desk clutter is beyond help and I don't have a hamster.  Also, jewelry is easy to transport between school and my house, it's hard to screw up, and I can make the product fit the materials I have instead of the other way around.
As I was trying to get my hands on a computer whose owner would approve of me permanently disassembling it, I imagined writing in my artist's statement that the hardest part of the project was simply gathering the materials.  It wasn't.  I put up notices on Craigslist and Freecycle saying I was looking for old computer parts and eventually a woman on Freecycle offered me an old printer.  Without really considering how much the average printer weighs, I walked to One Logan Square to pick it up.  Even taking a bus more than halfway back, I had to constantly stop and rest on the way home.
I thought the hard part was over.  I brought it to school the next day, a Wednesday, (in a rolling suitcase) so that I could take it apart with Mr. VK's tools (a pair of pliers and two screwdrivers) while the school stayed open for report card conferences.  I spent a good three hours sitting in the third-floor ballroom taking the printer apart while parents waited around giving me strange looks.  The ink didn't come off my hands for days.
The next day I once again took advantage of the half-day and conferences to work in the third-floor ballroom with VK's tools, this time taking apart just the cool-looking pieces so I could use them.  The biggest challenge was cutting the motherboard up into pieces.  Motherboards primarily consist of fiberglass, copper, and epoxy resin, but there are many attached components such as memory cards and connectors to other parts of the machine that are impossible to cut through except with tools that VK probably wouldn't let me use even if he had.  I removed as many of the attached components as I could with the pliers before deciding how to cut the motherboard.  I used a pen to draw outlines on the smoother "back" of the motherboard.  I had to keep in mind what kinds of jewelry I wanted to make, where the holes were on the motherboard (I could probably have made holes in it with a screwdriver, but they would have looked messy, so I preferred to use the ready-made holes), and what parts would be easy or hard to cut.
Again, I spent about three hours working before my mother insisted I come home.  I hadn't finished cutting the motherboard so I used my own scissors, which worked somewhat but caused the edges to crumble and get lots of dust everywhere.  Aside from the motherboard, I'd brought home some plastic gears colored wires that I thought I could use.  The wires ended up being hard to work with so I gave up on using them.  Fortunately I have my own hot glue gun and jewelry materials (cord, clasps, earring hooks and bobbi pins) so I managed to finish everything at home.
By the time I was done I was sleep-deprived, my arms were sore, my fingers were sore, my hands were covered in ink, and I'd probably breathed a lot of unhealthy chemicals, but honestly the whole project was incredibly fun.  I'd never done anything like it before, so even though it didn't go as I'd expected I really enjoyed it.









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How to Become a Foster Parent

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 9.06.08 AM
​For this project, Anna and I decided to show the process on how to become a foster parent. When doing research, we learned that the process to becoming a foster parent is very complex and the requirements depend on what kind of child you'd wish to adopt and how your living situation is. Most of our information came form Anna'a aunt who recently become a foster parent for two young children. She gave us a step-by-step list on what needed to be done and also copies of the paperwork needed. 

The majority of the process to become a foster parent dealt with paperwork and filling out all different types of forms. We needed to fill out paperwork from financial information to the types of shots our pets received. Most of the paperwork was straightforward and started to become redundant. Most of the forms asked for the same thing, such as name, social security number and who lives in the household and your marital status. 

If I personally could change anything about the actual process, I would probably change the fact that classes need to be taken. When someone becomes a parent by giving birth, they aren't told to take classes to learn how to be a good parent. By telling people who want to become a foster parent to take classes, it kind of tells them that they might not know what they're doing. If I were to change anything about the flowchart we made, I would make it so that it was more detailed and went off in different directions depending on if you couldn't fill out the paperwork correctly. 

Becoming a foster parent is a very complex process and I believe it should be that way. These children are in foster care for a reason and finding them a "perfect" home to live in is necessary. All this paperwork and background checks need to be made because the government i placing these children somewhere and making a mistake like giving them to a worse family would be wrong. 
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Lobbying Post #3: College Tuition

This is a bad year for the relationship between college students and the government. Students are frustrated with the constant  increase of tuition prices. It has reached a piont where they feel as if the only way to change their predicament , or at least get a more immediate attention to it, is to protest. This usually leads to violence or arrest for students students, which is good for no one. So far there has been little news about anything changing in favor of the students.

For private institutions trustee board members are the people who carry the authority when it comes to tuition increases. However, for state colleges if little funding is given from the government, increases are inevitable. To change anything, I believe, the support of state officials are needed, they would most likely be them most accessible  To attempt to try and plead the the U.S. Department of Education to fight for education to be seen as more of a priority.Students around the country are protesting the constant rising of their tuition prices.

I believe to make any type of change college students must really look to who is in what  office in their local areas, more specifically who is their state representative. Students should come together and try and contact their representative to get this issue addresses and to ask what should they be doing to really change their predicament besides protesting or just dropping out. Hopefully by doing this there will be more done about this within the next year or so. If not college may be too far out of reach financially, for many high school students in America.

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Nomi Martin-Brouillette Second Slide

For my second slide, I reinvented everything. I started from scratch. I put a picture in the center of my slide, because that is what someone who is looking at this's eye will be drawn to first. I put a quote on top, and then added the people on the bottom to provide balance to the slide. I used the same color's through out the slide. My color palate included white, green and black. The earth in the middle gave a contrast and helped the colors blend together nicely. Everything I put on the slide was purposely placed to provide a sense of unity. 
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 8.26.02 AM
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Receiving A License To Carry A Concealed Weapon In Philadelphia.


Semaj and I chose to partner up to apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm in Philadelphia. I thought this process would be a hard one but to be truthful it turned out to be more easer than we both thought. All it really took was time research and paper work.


All we really had to do was google apply for a license to carry a concealed firearm in Philadelphia and it come rite up paper work in all. We found out that all you really needed to do was fill out papers and supply a few documents. We printed out our papers and filled them out the way we would if we were to actually apply for the license.


The paperwork part was no hassle at all. When we printed them all out we used fake names and numbers that was need. We did this to show that we knew how to fill these out just like we would in real life.  


If I could change one thing about the bureaucratic process I would have to change the fact that if you answer one question yes then there is no need to proceed because your not eligible and I think that it not fair really because you really never know anyone’s situation to just go off of a yes or no question.


I think the systems have become so complicated because there are a lot more issues and details that need to be addressed within our society so to try to ensure the safety and simplicity of our society certain precautions need to be made to make the jobs of people in the system easier. Not only easier but also safer self-defense and protection is so important because people now a days are really crazy.


I found this project fun and interesting just like my partner but I think she had more fun with it. It took me a few to truly understand the processes but with her help I caught on very fast and once I got it I was on the ball and I good to go and that is when it became fun and interesting. 

Here's the link to our actual FlowChart. 
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Applying to become a Foster Parent- Anna Roman

history flow chart

My group member, Shelby, and I worked on the process of becoming a foster parent. Since we couldn’t find to much about the process online I emailed my aunt, who was a foster parent and went through all of this process before, and she was able to contact the foster care agency she went through and they sent us a bunch of information and paper work for becoming a foster parent. Once we got all of that information we were able to start recording the process and filling out the paper work.

The paper work wasn’t really difficult but just asked for a lot of information. It was not just one packet of question or information you had to fill out but there were several papers and packets that we had to fill out. Some of them were basic information one but also ones that talked about your house appliances and how they worked as well as criminal and FBI clearance forms. The paper work also included the different things you would have to send to let them know your certifications, for example, if you CPR certified you would have to send them proof of it.

If we had to change the bureaucratic process flow chart that we made, we could possibly of made it longer like more detailed in places. When we talked about the list of requirements we could of made a bubble for each individual one and talked about the yes and no’s of those as well. But I was happy with how ours came out.

Going back to how detailed the paper work had to be and also how long the process is to become a foster parent, it shows how protected they have made the foster care system. Becoming a foster parent isn’t like applying for a driver’s license, well fare, or anything along those lines. There is a child involved in this process. So before they just give a child to someone they really have to do a background check on who the person and family is so they know that when they let the child stay with this family or person that the child is safe and will be taken care of. The process is a pain in the booty, but it makes sense why it is so long and detailed.

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Hip Hop/Breakdancing Club

I know that everybody has a talent in dancing 
We are starting a club that has to do with hip hop and breakdancing 
I was wondering do anybody want to join 
Also, if you want to learn
we will teach you
its the best time to show your TALENTS 
If you have any question PLease 
contact me at!!!!

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Q2 Media Fluency

My slide contains many of the skills taught on the Presentation Zen and Slide Design website. I incorporated enlarged size to grasp attention. The concept “One slide, one point” was an idea I remembered when creating the slide. I left empty space, as recommended in Presentation Zen to put focus on what I believe was important. Finally, I gave a visual theme by having the font of the quote coincide with the border of the slide.
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Gabriel Musselman Slide 2

Tech Slide
In this slide, I demonstrated the use of bleeding, color contrast, and size comparison. I used neon colors against a black background to make them pop off of the screen. I also used other techniques; i.e. the burst of neon blue in place of the dotted "i".
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Brian Birkmire

In this slide I demonstrate color contrast. I wanted to keep the slide simple, so I color coordinated the quote with colors that would go right with the picture. Since the quote had the same word I colored that word because it's so important to the quote and it makes the quote pop.
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Lobby Against Fracking (#3)

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 1.41.15 PM
    Hydraulic fracturing is being opposed by 78 percent of elected officials who have had a say in what companies are going to drill in our waters. Although this is the case, these companies are still drilling. How could this be the case? That is what Iris Marie Bloom, director of Protecting Our Waters has asked numerous times. Unlike many politicians, Bloom has a clear following and is pushing forward every possible obstacle at the drilling companies to get them out of Philadelphia's waterways. Iris Marie Bloom has held steady protests throughout the city since July of 2010 to get her point across, averaging a turnout of nearly six thousand people each protest.
    At each of her protests, Bloom brings together nearly sixty five organizations that have their targets set on removing drills from waters around Pennsylvania and other states. While the protesters realize that these companies have contracts within the city and would lose large amount of money by withdrawing from their projects, they still refuse to acknowledge any environmental or health risks. In the case of hydraulic fracturing, the cons vastly outweigh the pros and no matter the cost of the drilling companies, the drilling must be stopped soon enough.
    While big name protestors like Iris Bloom and Tracy Carluccio have important roles in removing drilling companies like Marcellus Shale and others, the real influencers of these drilling companies are the citizens that come out to these protests and have felt the affects of fracking.

Click Here to send a delightful postcard to Governor Tom Corbett.

    Many students, including in this class are focused on putting a stop to tracking within Pennsylvania's boundaries. Ali Ahmed and Rashaun Williams are just two of the students who are taking a stance on the fight against fracking. Together, we would red to influence Governor Tom Corbett and even the White House to fight for our cause to get something done about the pollution in our waters. So far, millions of petitions have been sent to Barack Obama's federal representative demanding a "No" vote against fracking.
    We are already out of time, as tracking has been polluting our waters for nearly fifty years now, and while it has more recently inhabited Philadelphia it has plunged the city's drinking water from the fifth on the leader board to dead last in terms of cleanliness. In the past three years the water in Philly has been utterly destroyed by chemicals. Meanwhile, we're all drinking it.

If you still don't understand hydraulic fracturing, this great song should help you out.
PowerShift 2011 by David Turnbull
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Lala Doumbia

In this experience I found out more about making slide and how to do presentations. I learned when you make a slide, simple is better. I liked the way Ms.Hull set us for failure. 
Love 2
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Reflection/Chance piece


 I learned quite a few new vocabulary words from each and every presentation presented by my fellow class mates. Also learned new ways to improve the slides multiple people have created in the class discussion. 
WhoamI, Tech, Jcruz2
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Second Slide

I change the background of the slide because at first, it was just white and it was rather boring. After I spoke and presented my slide to Ms. Hull, however, we decided that it would be nice to make the background a nice blue color to make my pictures pop out. We also added a little bit of green color to the back of my soccer ball slice in my "A" to make it look a little bit more full. The last major thing that we did was make the "L" a smaller size, so that it fit with the rest of the letters.
New slide Hull Tech
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Julian Makarechi-

​ I changed my slide around because I noticed there were to many pictures in the wrong place. After my piers presentations I learned to use designe technics like bleeding my pictures and contrasting. Also if one of my pictures was cut off I learned to put it on the fram of the slide. In class I learned how to give criticism on someones project too.
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Sadie Final Slide

I changed the whole aspect of my slide by adding a black background first. The contrast between the dark background and the bright colors adds a lot to the slide. It gets the point across while still telling you so much about my topic. I bled the fist off the bottom because it would look weird if it was just in the middle. I wish that the black around the side would come off as well. However I feel like this is a big improvement on the slide. THe viewer gets so much out of it. 
Tech one slide

Hohenstein B2, Slide again

I changed the fonts in my slide. This added more style which gave my slide a more eye catching appeal. I also changed the opacity of some of my words and pictures. This made them fade into the background which allowed my focal point to change to the items that really mattered. I made it so that people wanted to look at my slide and when they did they would see what really mattered first. 
Hohenstein Technology Who Am I slide pdf2

Ray, Q2 Media Fluency

This slide is a bit different from my last one. The colors are more eye catching and the picture is more descriptive. The slide is still simple, but it has a bit of a "kick" to it.
Second Slide for tech

penpal latter

Rabbi Awsan                                                                                  


:fev piczz:photo 3.jpg


 Querido  Paula Romero



 Me llamo Rabbi. Soy de Bangladesh pero vivo en filadelfia. Mi cumpleanos es el diez y nueve de Julio.

Soy un estudiante en S.L.A.

Yo soy simpático, deportista, alto, inteligente y hablador.

Me gusta pasar us rato con amigos.

Me gusta la comida china, la pizza, la hamburguesas, la comida india, me gusta compras .

Me gusta jugar fútbol, Squash. No me gusta voleibol y la natación.

No me gusta comida italiana, No me gusta comida mexicana.

¿Y a ti? ¿Que te gusta hacer?

¿Y a ti? ¿Qué te interesa?

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Learning Computer Programming at The Franklin


In one of the Fall mini-courses at the Franklin Institute, 20 freshman SLA students learned to computer program in Scratch. The workshop was led by postdoctoral fellow Dr. Deborah Fields from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Some of the best students completed by these junior programmers are shown below. We're very proud of their creative work! 

Cooking Popcorn
By Jian Zhang

Yoü and I
By Enthony Chhin and Jamira Carter

Christmas Scratch Project
By Jaime Christmas

Scratch Project Final - Choose Your Own Character
By Traevon Gray

Running Across the Boardwalk
By Jasmine Nieves

Bored Funny Me
by Betty Louis

By Naihema Powell
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Pen Pal

Querido Eduardo Romero,


         Saludes desede filadelphia. Me llamo Raekwon Smith. Yo tengo catorce anos. ¿Cuando anos tienes? Mi cumpleanos es dos de abril. ¿Que tiempo hace hoy.


Me gusta deporte el baloncesto. No me gusta futbol. Me gusta comida Americano. No me gusta musica Chinese. Me gusta musica el rap. No me gusta classica. Me gusta video juego. ¿Que te interesta?


Yo soy alto y grande. Yo soy guapo, Africano Americano y Moreno. Yo soy inteligente, interesante, comico, simpatico, y divertido. Yo soy meso menos serra. ¿Como eras tu? Bueno, me voy porque tengo que hacer tarea y jugar baloncesto. Mucho Gusto, adios

                                                               Con carino,

                                                                                                  Raekwon Smith

My pic
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Pen Pal Letter

Querido Dalia Viera,                                     

Me llamo Arcela Johnson. Soy de Colombia pero vivo en filadelfia. Mi cumpleaños es el doce de enero. Yo tengo Catorce años.  Yo soy Morena, yo soy alta, yo soy una mezla de razas y guapa. Yo soy cómica, simpatica, también inteligente. Yo soy talentas, creative. Yo soy habladora y boba. Me gusta air de compras, pasar tiempo con amigos. Me gusta leer, cantar y dormir. Me gusta pasar un con amigos.Me gusta bailar siempre. Además no me gusta jugar videojuegas, practicar deportes y ayudar en casa. No me gusta trabajar. Me gusta la música pop, la música rap. Me gusta comida chcolate, fruta, pizza y ensalada. Me gusta el futbol Americano. ¿ Cuantos anos tenes? ¿ Que  te gusta? ¿ Como eres t'u?



Arshelle Johnson


Photo on 11-9-11 at 3.19 PM 2
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