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Video Blog - Sec. 1 of 14th Amendment

For the video, I focused on gender and the workforce. Because of last minute changes, I presented this video as if I was doing something on a daily basis, which was a video blog that I usually do every week about anything. Thing is, it is pretty long so I knew I wouldn't put this in the competition, BUT I felt as though anything that would be cut out from what I have, would leave out major important details. 

Benchmark Reflection

I chose that topic because it revolves around me a lot. I am a hard-working female, and so are other females in my family. I felt that it was important to show everyone that females are also important. 

What frustrated me was that my plan A didn't work (plan A was the original benchmark plan on moodle), so my project is my plan B which was turning it into a video blog. I liked that better actually because I was able to be myself, and express my opinions and facts. If my timing was better, it would've looked better than what is shown now.

I really enjoyed interviewing my great-great aunt, who worked at Pennsylvania Hospital for 41 years. She gave a lot of interesting thoughts, facts & opinions. Also, one of my C-SPAN videos were interesting too (the 2nd one shown). I learned something that I felt should've been in my project, which about the Womens Act.

I complained about timing this whole project, and I know it's my fault. It took me forever to come up with a topic that I really wanted to stick with. Once I came up with that, I rushed into creating a script for myself, and a plan. Come to find out, plan doesn't work. So it also seemed as though I was rushing through this project, but also I was taking advantage of time. That could've been handled better. Also, I went OVER the time limit.

I really LOVED that I was myself. I didn't have to put on some type of character, & I used a method that I do on a daily basis. I was about to combine that into a project and it didn't seem difficult to me on how I wanted to show it. I just wished that if my timing was better, everything would have been way better that what I displayed.

During this project journey, I learned about how the women became involved with the 14th amendment, and how important it is. I also learned how the Equal Protection Clause would affect women if it didn't exist. I also learned from both my aunt and mother that we need equal share and we will get there. It's just a shame that we have to work 5 times as hard as Caucasian females, and males in general.

C-SPAN Video
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english advertisment

My advertisement is showing and explaining to kids that you don’t need fancy and expensive shoes to fit in with others. You should be happy for what you have. The majority of kids fall into the trap of buying these fancy and expensive shoes just so they can be popular.  In my opinion people should like you for you not the sneakers you have.   It should only matter on how the person is treated.  If a person is nice to you then be nice to them if not then not. If I was to do this benchmark again I would not change my process because it was an easy structure for me to do and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with going through things.  The class’s feedback was very helpful in helping me with making a successful advertisement

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"Enchanted"- The First Amendment

We chose to do this project because the first amendment; dealing with freedom of speech and expression; seemed to be the one with the most flexibility behind it. Generally we had to find a creative way to represent freedom of speech and expression and connect it with some of the c-span footage we gathered.
We used Joe Biden's speech on technology and combined it with a music video for a song mentioning governmental struggles and societal issues. I believe that it was a strong mean of communicating the topic in a creative way because it uses a common american style of music to convey it to certain audiences. The different angles and video transitions allowed us to emphasize different aspects of both the song, cspan footage, and styles of the video.
If I were to do this again, I'd try and use different environments for our music video. Although I liked that we were able to project video footage on his body which showed our creativity, however I think if we used more diverse amounts of footage, then the topic may have been stronger.
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¡SLA necesita el reciclaje!

Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre reiclaje en SLA.

Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue el coste de el contenedor de reciclaje. 

Me gusta el PSA de mi grupo porque nosotros contribuimos igualmente

Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría los trabajos en mi grupo.

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La Corte De Amor

La Proyecto de Serge, Gabriel, y Sophia, de la mesa Mexico. 
  • Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre...My group and I did a PSA about... cómo los árboles son importantes
  • Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue...By creating this PSA, the most important thing I learned was... cómo subjuntivos útiles
  • Me gusta el PSA de mi group porque... el niños es muy comica
  • Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría...If I could do the project again, I would change... cómo utilizamos nuestro tiempo para trabajar.

La Corte De Amor
La Corte De Amor


Pauline, Manna, Lulu and Allen 

Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre el Schuylkill río contaminación y . Por crear el PSA, la cosa mas importante que aprendemos fui gallons en Schuykill y los botellas en la rio. Me gusta el PSA de mi grupo porque el es muy bonita y tienes muchas information!
Español 3- Q2_PSA


  • Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre recicle y como el efecto en la media ambiente. 
  • Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue es importante a a tener un limpio medio ambiente.
  • Me gusta el PSA de mi group porque facil a trabajar con.
  • Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría la minutos, tal vez la video es corto y resumido más.
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