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Lobbying Blog Post #5 Occupy Movement

 The Occupy Movement is an international protest movement, that is directed towards economic or social inequality.  The first occupy movement was the " Occupy Wall Street" which was primarily started by a Canadian activist group called Adbusters. 

 We are the 99%, is a slogan political slogan used by Occupy Protesters. The Slogan originally  was a name  of a 28 year old New York Cities, tumblr page.  I feel like its important that I ad this to this blog, because people are marching because they believe that they are the 99%. Marching because high paid people in the world, such as CEO's of big corporations are paying low tax rates and are causing this country problems. 
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Lobbying Blogpost #3


This topic hasn't really been spoken about since the end of the summer. There was only one official who was against the curfew law but even she presented her thoughts on the other side of the argument saying that it may be necessary because of the Philadelphia parents who don't parent. Her name is Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. She is a spokes person for the kids in Philadelphia. The mayor has to decide about the Philadelphia curfew and everyone on the committee has to help make the full decision. 

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Studying the Issues

    Children are the future and as such should be treated with the utmost respect and guided with discipline.  However this is a difficult task.  Children are changing but the methods of which they are dealt with have not.  Schools aren’t as stimulating the minds of the youngsters nor are the extra curricular activities provided.

    In relatively recent years access to information has rose exponentially.  What a child can get from a teacher, a text book, or even his or her parent is only a mouse click away.  This can can and has caused many children to develop authority issues.  With children knowing more than the people set to teach them there is very little left for them to use to differentiate themselves from adults.  They start to see themselves as equals to adults and some times police or other law enforcement officers.

     There are many small groups that share similar ideas for better schools, although some for different reasons. All of them are equally important however it would be nice if there was a single figurehead to lead the movement in solidarity.
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descripcion SLA

​SLA es a divertida y inteligente la escuela. SLA has muy deportes. tenemos fùtbul
bàsquefbol y otro deportes. At SLA tambièn tenemos clubs. poesía club 
es a club que nostros at SLA. SLA es located en filadelfia en centro de la ciudad. me amor SLA!
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Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre basura en el rio. Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue mas basura en el rio es muy mal. Es no bueno. Yo Aprendí fue no lance basura en el rio. Mi gusta el PSA de mi group porque trabajamos bueno junto . Mi grupo es un bueno grupo. Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría es el PSA.  PSA sobre polucion en Filidelfia, no sobre basura en el rio PSA.
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Training Day Review

There wasn’t a consistent track that played in the movie but there were sounds of the street (ambient sounds) that helped make up for that. Also, there was rap music to go with the urban scenes. There wasn’t much narration in the film but the dialogue was great. There was much expression and sternness in the way Denzel Washington spoke and helped me understand how much of a low down person he was. Ethan Hawke’s dialogue let me know he was unsure of what to do at first but was a smart man. Their dialogue really got me to believe that they both became their characters.


The acting was amazing. Starting off with the minor characters, Snoop Doog and Dr. Dre really amazed me being as though they are musical artists and their acting skills were so good. Most singers/rappers who try to go into film that I’ve seen rarely succeeds and this was one of those rare cases. Macy Gray always plays the roles of drug addicts so seeing her in this role was the perfect fit.  Denzel Washington from what I know about him as an actor, he usually plays the “good guy” roles. After seeing Training Day, I began to believe that the “bad guy” thing was for him because he did an exceptional job. Ethan Hawke is an actor who I am really unfamiliar with but as far as his role, he did a good job as playing an officer who would just take orders at first but as the day went on, he grew to not just take orders.

For me, there weren’t really any new camera angles that really “wowed” me. Not that any of the angles were really bad, they just didn’t excite me too much. The lighting worked for me. There were parts where there was a little more exposure than it should have been but besides that, the lighting really worked for me.


(INSIDE THE BODY OF REVIEW: Discuss overall structure of the film)

Act I- Set Up

When Ethan Hawke had the phone conversation with Denzel Washington, we got an idea of what kind of person Denzel was.

When Ethan met him at the coffee shop, it was more clear of who Denzel would be as a character. The conversations between Ethan and Denzel in the car let us know how Denzel felt as about his job which was he felt like he was above the law because he was a top cop.


Act II- Confrontation


This wasn’t shown in the movie, but Denzel got into a confrontation with the wrong Russians apparently which led to him owing one million dollars to them by midnight the following day or he would be dead. Throughout the whole day, he ran a series of schemes in order to get the money he needed which got him caught up in the end.



Act III- Resolution


At the end, Denzel set Ethan Hawke up and left him in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Hawke came and found him and put a good fight with Denzel. Ethan ending up beating him up & shooting him but not killing him, that job was left to the Russians.


I thought this would be one of those movies where the bad guys get away with what they’ve done at the end of it.

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14th Amendment

My partner mike and me chose the topic of the 14th amendment because we felt as thought it was the closet thing that related to us both. I liked how the project was kind of straight forward in different aspects. The most challenging thing about this benchmark was the editing part making everything flow right with each other. I could have improved my project more by going in depth into some of the parts of government that really controls how things go. I mostly ran into trouble with the editing and really showing how it pertains to my life. I believe that gathering information for mike went well he got to a good point with that. I would have more focus on the stuff we had to just mention cause we didn’t know much about. 
History BM
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Mix Tapes_Dj Malo

Mixers Statement 

The art of mixing musc is basically finding the perfect balance of a specific field of music and then making it make utter and complete sense. You might think its like putting your favorite playlist on shuffle but in reality its taking every song in your playlist and song that you used to like and were and still are good songs and playing them for the enjoyment of people. Like the quote from Aldous Huxley says "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.".

HOpe You EnJoy

Below are the links to the 6 mix tapes I made this quarter






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Reflexion (:

Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre la contaminación en el río. 

Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue como conjugare los verbos. 

Me gusta el PSA de mi grupo porque el vídeo es muy diferente. Es profesionales.   

Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría nada. Es muy bueno y explicativo. 

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2nd Quarter Artist Statement.

For the first picture we want to make fashion sketches and we did but we thought of making a collage with everything that influenced our drawings.

For the second and third picture we had to draw an animal in the style of Tim Burton. I loved this project. I got to be really creative and have a lot of fun with it. 

Photo on 1-17-12 at 9.52 AM
Photo on 1-3-12 at 10.33 AM
Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.32.25 AM
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Reflexion ! :]

  • Mi grupo y yo hicimos un PSA sobre contaminacíon en el rio. 
  • Por crear el PSA, la cosa más importante que aprendí fue no tirar basura en allí! Esta es nuestra agua potable y no quiero beber aguaasquerosa.
  • Me gusta el PSA de mi group porque trabajamos mucho en ello.
  • Si pudiera hacer el proyecto otra vez, yo cambiaría nada. Me encanta mi proyecto.
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Rdoyle Routine

This was a fun project and was good practice with vocab and was easy to explain my daily routine in a few quick steps and if i were to do it again i would do a lot more steps and make a full video.

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2nd Quarter Artist statement Tyler Creighton

The second quarter wasn't quite the same as the first. The art is beginning to expand in different ways and forms of art. It changed from a simple drawing and shading to paintings, sculptures (by choice) and photography. Starting the quarter off we drew a large version of our clear object that had a shade and a shadow. We did this in the last quarter so it wasn't very complicated.The more advanced projected that we progressed to were bicycle drawing, sculpture, and our 200 photographs project.  

What i enjoyed the most was doing the photo project and editing 5 of them. We took 200 photos and picked five of them that stood out to us then edit them. After that, we went into photoshop and edited the pictures anyway we wanted to.I had fun feeling like I was a photographer and snapping photos of something that was still or moving objects.

Below, I have posted the main pieces of art I did this quarter. In order from top to bottom:
Large Clear Object
Five Edited Photos That are edited and stood out to me 
I look forward to doing the projects for next quarter.
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Lobbying Post #4

Since researching the internet as well as calling around didn't do much I would plan to physically visit to get the information I need. Along with visiting I would have a letter or proposal saying exactly what my issues and concerns are. However this will not be enough because I am only one person I have thought of starting a petition of some sort and getting people of philadelphia to sign and share their thoughts and concerns so they can see how much it is affecting the people of Philadelphia. With this I should be able to at least get an answer as to why It is not paid much attention or why they aren't willing to give it that much time of day.
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Lobbying Post #3

After more research and actually calling around I was not able to find anyone who showed support or much interest in my issue, because of this there is not much media attention or even people opposing except for the people who issue restraining orders and are used to it. Simply because that is the system and has been for a while so It does not need change.They have much power because there are not many voices yelling out to change it their theory and opinion on the subject will have more power. 

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Lobbying Post #2

In research it was very difficult finding Public officials that paid this issue much attention in the city of Philadelphia. Also I was not able to find information on how he has voted on this issue. This topic seems to be swept under the rug , not much of a concern. 
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Lobbying Post #1.

I am lobbying to change the way the process of restraining orders are handled and who has access and rights to them. The motivation behind this comes from a personal experience of not only being stalked but threatened and being overwhelmed with just wanting freedom and peace from the situation. However Iw as told I couldn't do anything about it and that a restraining order was not available for my situation.The main supporters of my Idea so far are only other citizens who have gone through a similar situation.The main opponents of the idea are basically everyone who issues them and is comfortable with the law of restraining orders.From researching I have yet to  find any pending legislation on this topic or issue . I would love to see a piece of legislation declaring that If someone has been threatened or stalked and  can prove so they should have legal freedom from having to see or deal with the person . For example if the person is following  you and you can prove it , then go to the police the person should suffer sentencing or if anything a fine.
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I couldn't get the Audio to work in the flv.

Primero, yo me despierto en mi cama a las 6:00.

Después, yo me ducho con jabón y champú.

Entonces, yo me seco, con la toalla.

En cuatro, yo me pono, con vaqueros azul, la camisa , botas negro, y cinturón negro.

Entonces, Yo cepillo de dientes.

Entonces, Yo me desperto mi hermano.

Finale, Yo voy a la escuela.

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