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Pipeline Monologue Project

​We have been doing research on the Keystone pipeline that will run from Canada, through the U.S, and end in Mexico. We've done a project that requires us to write a monologue from the perspective of anyone or anything the involves the pipeline. These are the monologues please enjoy.

The Lucky One
  (Sitting in a chair twidling his thumb.) You are scum. You (Pause) are scum. A sick, vile virus among the population of humanity. You think your riches or your big fancy house makes you special, makes you unique? You are nothing more than a mosquito, sucking the blood out of society and those who depend on what it gives. You and everyone similar to you are meer insects to people who’ve had to crawl and struggle their entire lives to get by. People without chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, or fancy butlers serving them five star meals. Those are people with real riches. I can sit in this chair all day and lecture you on this. The sad part about it is people don’t care as much for human riches as much as they care for small green slips of paper with dead white leaders on them. And for those who do have it use it to hide from the real world like cowards while they watch us struggle through life from their high placed pedestals.

  Why did I try to steal from you? What would you care or understand? I’m going to prison regardless. Hmmp well if you must know I’m no criminal. A thief, but not a criminal. No, they are not the same thing! A criminal is someone who purposely breaks the law because they are too lazy to get a job and make something of themselves. Now there are two types of thieves. People who steal because they want to or people who steal because the have to. I steal because I have to. The funny thing is it wasn’t always that way.

  It was about a year after that pipeline was made. I lived in a rural area not too far from the pipeline and my family business was around that area to. I worked as a tourguide, take people through the forest, let them experience nature, stuff like that. It was called Natures buddies. Of course you’ve never heard of it, probably not good enough. You’d be that one person who had no one to come with. (Pause) Oh yeah, you married? (Pause) You have any kids? Yeah (mumbling) I bet even your parents be too ashamed to come with you. Anyway! I made a good salary, settled down, got married. Hmmp, I remember when I first met her. She came in for a tour one time with her friends, we talked for a little bit after the tour and we just connected ever since. I knew she was the one from that first hour we talked, but I guess you wouldn’t know about that would you. Soon after she gave me something to live for... two kids. They were my pride and joy and I really felt that it was just gonna get better from there. Thats when... it happened. (Pause) The pipeline burst. You probably heard about it. (Pause) Yeah but the only thing was they were sugar coating it. The the pipeline spewed thousands of gallons of oil a minute and ravaged the wilderness and everything else around it for miles, including our business.

I was out of work. Soon after I lost my home. In the blink of an eye I had no job, no home, and my emergency money was running dry. I felt like a boy in a book I read called House of the Scorpion when he was locked in that room because they found out he was a clone. I tried for months to get a job but no everyday job wants to hire someone who tread through the woods talking about trees and animals. Hmmp, you’d think people be more grateful for the tour’s we gave. I tried everything, I learned that those fundraising things they have on commercials are all bullshit. Just a bunch of people who steal from the public and barley give any of the money they raise toward people who need it. They’d much rather take almost all of that money for their own self purposes. Another thing I realized was that those who had plenty of money to give to a corner full of the homeless are the one’s who most likely would give us the finger and drive off.

My money was running dangerously short. My families ribs slowly began showing more definition everyday. I knew I had to do something. Then it hit me, Robin Hood stole from the rich to help the needy. As bad as it was I had two option, either steal food until I can find a real job, or watch my family wither away. That’s why I’m here now. This isn’t what I wanted, this is the life I was forced into. I know you have to call the cops, just please whatever you do keep my family out of it. They deserve better than me anyway. (Pause) What?! Your giving me this? But... but... this is ten thousand dollars, your just giving me this? (Crying) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Ever since that incident I’ve thought I of myself as unlucky, but now I see I have a loving family and now I can support them. Thank you.

Hood Tales
(Sitting on the steps when friends walk up) Sup man. (handshakes are given) Got some stuff on on my mind you know. Here walk me to the store.

  You know how that pipeline is about couple miles from here. (Puase) Well, I heard from an article that an engineer named Vokes said there were some weak spots in the pipe where it is most likely to leak and got fired. No one gave him a reason why he was fired but it’s easy to say that they fired him because he knew the potential danger. (Pause) Thats what you think. My stepdad did some work on that jawn when they was building it. Even he said that though there were some faulty areas, but after what happened to Vokes no one was willing to risk their job by speaking up.

   (At the store) Yo you want something? (Pause) Imma just get an Arizona. (Go into store and gets an Arizona.) Yeah but anyway, my stepdad said was that one weak spot happens to be just off the city. (Pause) I know of all the places right here. I don’t know if it’ll leak on us thats the problem. You know my mom don’t work, my stepdad just got promoted to work on constructions like the pipeline so he’s never around, I’m tryna finish my last year of high school and get into college. Another thing is you know that UCLA gave me a scholarship for politics and basketball. Only thing is if I do go my mom will be by herself most of the time and with her drug problem already bad I doubt think she can handle it, but if I go to Community College I can stay and support my mom but I won’t have nearly as many opportunity as I would if I went to UCLA. If something does happen with that pipeline if I’m not around my mom aint gonna be able to do nothing to help herself, if I am around and it happens we’d be homeless, but at least she’d have me around to keep her sanity intact. So I’m most likely gonna stay here with my mom. I know I’m giving up my dream but my mom means more to me then that and since my real father left us to rot and my stepdad is never around it’s my responsibility to take care of her because no one else will you know. (Gets back to his house.) Na man I can’t play ball today, gotta get some work done you know. (Pause) No prob man thanks for listening man, needed to get that off my chest. Talk to you later.  

Under My Wing
(Laying on the ground) Ah, my wing. Hello! Hello! Can anyone hear me!? Oh whats the point? Without my wings, I’m nothing but a small chicken appetizer served with a side of oil for any predator that finds his way to me first. (Looking up) Speak of the devil. Let me guess, you heard my struggling and it lead you to me. Yup, I can tell by the way your eyes are widening and licking your lips. Whew, the last thing you ate didn’t treat you well did it? Look, I know how you predators work; you sniff around til you find some poor, weak, defenseless creature to stuff your face with. You found me hear laid out on the ground and thought, easy meal. But I will give you a fair warning, you really don’t want to eat me. Why? Because I’m contaminated. I know, just a way for me to not get eaten huh. Well, let me tell you how it happened. See, you heard of that pipeline that was built under us? Yeah well about a week ago so I’m just walking around minding my own business, when out of nowhere all this oil spewed on me. That was just the start of my problems. So I escape the oil pool and thankfully I didn’t consume enough to kill me (mumbling) lucky me. Once I escaped I realized that the extra wait prevented me from flying, so I began searching for something to eat. Because frankly I was really hungry. So as I’m looking for some bugs to eat, out of the blue this giant metal hits. At first I thought it was a big predator so to stay alive I played dead. It turned out that it was just a couple of humans. So they leave and it was then that I realized that I had broken my wing. I walked and walked for miles searching for help until I finally broke down here, and the rest you already know. Bet you don’t wanna eat me now huh haha. Yeah bet you won’t whoa... (crunch crunch) (swallow)

Little Sasha

My sister and I are living the dream. I mean there’s nothing to explain or say but that we are the daughters of the president of the united states. What 12 and 14 year old do you see living in the best house in America. But this life does have its flaws. Everywhere I go, i hear someone go, “Hey what's your dad’s next move:” Or hay how did your dad really kill osama. But as of late people have been asking “Is your dad gonna accept that pipeline proposal?” Now I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with these people. I’m just a normal 14 year old girl trying to live my everyday life. I don't have time to worry about a stupid pipeline. I mean between me and you i think my dad is gonna accept it. My daddy promised jobs to the unemployed people of the US. And i did some research, Well when i mean research i mean snooping in daddy’s office. And this pipeline can provide thousands of jobs. It also is a good and safe,cheap effect way to transport oil. And its a lot closer. But then what if the pipeline leaks. We are gonna get covered with oil. Its gonna be the gulf of mexico all over again. I hate this. This one of the flaws of being a first daughter. When will this ever change.

Obama Drama

(In oval office)
Damn. This is not a good look. I'm the president of the United States and Its the day of the speech and i'm STILL not sure on whether or not i'm gonna accept this pipeline or not. I mean I don’t want to but then again I do. What a president I am. I did promise jobs and this would be a good look for the economy. But what if it leaks. Then i’m gonna receive so much criticism and i don't need that during the run for my second term. OMG they just announced me. Ok i can do this. I have my mind made up this is what I’m gonna do. God bless america! I want to thank you. The americans, the citizens of The United State Of America.  I want to  talk a little about the keystone pipeline. Now its been some speculation regarding on whether or not i’m going to accept the application for it or not. Now, it does provide safe, abundant, cheap reliable energy. It also a benefit to having it as close as home as possible. If we don’t act now, it’s eventually is gonna find its way into the market. Some even say that its the safest most effective way to transport oil. BUT, When i think of this i think of how not long ago, we had this real bad oil spill around the gulf of mexico. Now, with all that oil, if it were to leak again, what are we gonna do as americans to clean it up. But you know what when it’s all said and done, its about the americans. And this project happens to provide over tens of thousands of jobs for the US population. And i remember specifically when i went into office one of my biggest promises was to find Jobs as a lot of jobs for the population of america. And thats just what i intend to do. Therefore we will start operation of building this pipeline, for the sake of the government, the climate, and the fate of the US citizens! Thank you and God bless America! That was my speech i Remember it like it was yesterday. Now those very words have came to bite my ass. I heard from my high school best friends. He actually introduced me to Michele. Yeah we had some good times. “Barack, How you doing? Oh yea yea im doing fine. HAD me a nice little house down in cali... But u know they are taking control of my land. Yeah Yeah, Me and my family are living in this hotel right now.. I just wanted to call and tell you how much of a bright president that you are. Thanks a Lot barack (CLICK) That was the worst click. What he did was what the kids now a days would say. He banged on me. That click was the click of failure. And that’s what i was. I had never thought that this pipeline would take a toll like this. I was so worried about what my people would think and call me a hypocrite but now they are calling me worst. A failure. I Have failed the people of the United States. “Biden Get in here, The nation had a promotion for you”!
- Maybe instead of using the teacher use one of the girls.

<iframe src="" width="500" height="375" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Pipeline Monologue video</a> from <a href="">True Black</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

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Hummel, Lauren, Lucidchart, Home Network

1. The internet comes into my home through a cable.

2. My ISP is Comcast.

3. N/A

4.On my home network I have 3 laptops, one desktop computer, 2 iPads, television, PS3, Wii, and 3 iPhones.

5. All of these things are connected to my network wirelessly.
Hummel, Lauren, Lucidchart, Homenetwork
In technology class, we learned a lot about networks such as how they work and what we use them for. My network consists of basic components that all networks need to be able to work. First is the Internet that lives in a cloud that is everywhere which is where you get all of your information. Then, there is the cable that comes into your house that connects you to the Internet which is provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and mine is through Comcast. Next, your cable connects to the modem which the information from the Internet flows through to get to the router which is the next part of the chart. The modem translates the variety of numbers and codes in order for us to see them and understand them. I thought this was very interesting and I would like to know more about how this works. The router in my home is wireless and is the Airport Extreme form Apple. the router sends the information to all of the different devices on the network. On my network is 3 laptops, a desktop computer, 2 iPads, 3 iPhones, a television, PS3, a Wii and our printer. It all secured under our secure network. I learned all of these things in the first few technology classes because until this class I knew very little about my network. To have a home network you need to know your networks name and passcode also your ISP and how the internet comes your home. 
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Lindsey Jones Lucid Chart 570K1

     The internet comes in through the cloud from my ISP (cable) and into my house.
My ISP is Verizon Fios. It will cost $125 per month and $1500 per year. The things on my home network are my iPod, laptop, desktop, printer, television, and Playstation 3.The internet comes into my home via ISP cable, connects to my modem and router, which then connects the internet to all wireless devices. After spending a majority learning about the network, I can honestly say that I've learned a lot. I learned about basically all of the components that make up a wireless network. Also that not everyone's networks are the same and depending on what is apart of it, certain things are needed and some unneeded. For example, an ethernet cable is only required when a device doesn't have wireless capabilitites. That is when the network comes way more complex. I also learned about the history of the internet. Such as that the worlds first computer occupied an entire room (I've seen it before by the way). Overall, I learned a lot about the creation of a wireless network and it's components.

     If you are looking into getting into making your own network, make sure that is secure! You never know what is on someone's mind and how it can affect you without you even knowing them. Choose passcodes that only you can remember and aren't easy to crack. For example, replace certain letters with numbers or symbols to make your passcode more complex and difficult. Then create a key that you will remember. Also, NEVER give out information about your network to anyone unless someone that you trust such as a family member. Have fun getting into making your own network, and stay safe.

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Hopkins-Baker Sydne Lucid Chart Hopkins

During the experience in tech class we learned a lot of about being safe on the internet. By not posting bad pictures showing and saying things you don't want to see because it stays out there forever. I knew most of this stuff before but I had OMG moment is when Ms.Hull showed us the video of how the info is transfered thorough our computer and it showed how a big machine checks anything for viruses and more. That was real cool to me I never knew that actually happened, I just though the website just poped up from the internet you never really think it's that complicated. What I want to tell people about having a home network is enjoy having internet. With me I really use my internet most of my house is connected to the wifi. And of coarse the wifi is connected the modem and the modem is connected to the internet (www.) Connected to my wifi is My MacBook, my iPod my moms iPod, my moms laptop, my cellphone my moms cellphone our netflix on tv an for some reason of tv uses the wifi.  If you are really interested look up your home network and the specific details that make it work.
Class Questions:
1.My internet comes in from the modem in the top floor of my house. The modem is connected to the wifi . The internet is really just a cloud in the sky that's goes to the modem.
2. My internet provider is comcast.
3. My internet is in a bundle with the house phone and internet so it's $60 a month. 
4. My home network includes tv, two iPods, my Macbook, two different laptops, and a printer.
5. These things are connected by the wifi wich is on the same floor as my room  then theres this huge cable. That runs down to the basement to the where the modem is.  
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Dyson Stephanie Lucid Chart Home Network

My home network. Probably somewhat inaccurate, but this is the basic concept.

My entire home network is connected to the cloud, or the internet. This comes into my 'luxury condo' (even though I just live in a nice little town house) through my phone jack. This connects to my modem, given to us by Comcast, which administers the cable to my tv and the internet to my home. The modem is then connected to our wireless router (Though it's still called 'NETGEAR', it is very secure and password protected). Connected to the modem and the router is an ethernet cable, which administers ethernet to our xbox and our ps3. All of our phones and laptops are then connected to the wi-fi that the router administers. Our printer is connected to our latpops through wi-fi.
All this is complicated for me. I understand that it is and can be pretty straightforward with a little more understanding and practice, but at this moment, it is confusing to me. It's all so cool, and I find it extremely interesting. I'd love to get into it more in the future, but it's a little much at the moment. I did put my router up higher in my house so that the internet falls down into the basement where I spend most of my time and I don't have to reset it as much.
For anyone who has a wireless network or is considering it- secure your network! As complex as it is, for people that know how to do it well, breaking into it and screwing around with it is fairly easy. Always be prepared for the 21st century!

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 9.22.32 AM
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Baustista-Garcia, Alejandro, Lucidchart, COMCAST

1)My internet comes through the lobby of my apartment then to my room.
2)My ISP is Comcast.
3)My internet cost 39.99 per month and per year it cost $480.
4)My home network is an ethernet.
5)Things are connected wireless and one wired.

this diagram represents my home network, the cloud above represents the internet that is provided by Comcast, you can learn how my internet goes through  hat goes trough my home through the ISP wire the it goes through the the modem that makes internet available  to the
wireless airport that spreads the internet across other devices like phones, movies, television, 
and printers.
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Caswell-Warnick, Morgan Network Post

To begin, my house is connected to the cloud. After that, the internet is connected to my house through an ISP wire, which connects to the modem. This is a Verizon modem. After it is connected to the modem, we have four laptops wirelessly connected to the internet at my house. We have my SLA MacBook, my step-dad’s MacBook, my sibling’s computer, and my mom’s work computer. Also, we have two iPhones on the network. We also have two printers, one is hardwired in through an Ethernet cable and the other is a wireless printer.

Our internet is password protected, through a very very very long and complicated password. So, we have a secure network. Also, we keep the modem on the first floor, so we have the strongest signal there. Although we have a relatively small network, most of the computers and phones are used on the first floor. So it makes sense to keep the modem there, so we have the strongest signal there.  
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Kelly Allison Lucid Chart Verizon Fios

My Network-

At $40 a month, my internet is provided by Verizon Fios. This internet comes into my home from the ISP cord (cable). My setup at home was pretty easy for me to understand and explain. My modem connects to my router, which then hooks up to my printer, speakers, USB port, Fios tv, and my laptops. 
Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have learned many interesting things. I never knew that if you setup the modem in a high position in the house, it will keep the internet underneath, as in like the basement, more stable. Some of this stuff kind of confuses me because I have never really been into too much. I hope throughout the year I can learn a lot more that will help me with using my laptop and understanding my network. I never knew that the term for what connects the modem and the router, and even a home computer or desktop, was called the ethernet. Most of the terms we have learned have become very useful to me and I look forward to learning more. 
If you are looking into your own ISP/Home network, the main thing you should know it to secure as best as you can. Especially in today's world, there are many ways to hack into your internet and cause for it to run slow or potentially cause viruses. You should benefit yourself by looking into a security process in order to make sure your network is safe. 
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Shuter Jesse Tech Network Project

Assignment 1:

1.  It is comes into my home from underground.

2.  Xfinity is my internet service provider.

3.  Per month 60 dollars per month, 720 per year. 

4.  My desktop computer, 4 laptops, 4 smartphones, my xbox, and 3 tablets, are all on my home network.

5.  All of these things except for my desktop computer are connected wirelessly, the computer is connected by a cable.

Assignment 2:

 On our network we have our desktop computer connected by a cable, and 4 smartphones, 4 laptops, my xbox and 3 tablets connected to our network wirelessly. So far I have learned a lot about my internet, I didn't know how it was connected and what gives us our internet from our service provider. I would tell other people that they should know how their internet is connected, with a router and or modem, I think that is important and most people will not know how that works. I also think that is important to know how the internet itself works. This is because the internet is becoming such a big part of everyday life that it is important to understand how it works and why it is important.

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Hershey, Dillon Lucidchart Home Network

The devices in my network are my mom's iphone, my dad's iphone, my laptop, my dad's laptop and my mom's laptop. I learned about all of the names of the different cables that connect to the router and the modem. I would tell the people who are just getting a network that they should have the wireless router at the top of the house because the wifi falls down and so then you would get more wifi around the house. My cable comes into my house through the alley and then it runs through the basement and then up to the router and then it runs to the wireless box. We have Comcast for our internet service provider.
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Ross, Daniel, Lucidchart, COMCAST

This picture is a representations of my home network. Comcast is my service provider. My phone and laptop is connected to the wi-fi. I learned that service providers can have all types of firewall. The wi-fi can only accept certain number of users. The ethernet cord is hooked up to the desktop because the desktop cant use wi-fi. We also hook it up to the xbox so we can have xbox live.
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Soledad Home Network

My network.

This is my home network The cloud represents my interent and as you can see below is the devices that are connected to it the devices that also have acces to the connection. You can see the modem which connect to the devices aswell. You can see that there are phones and conputors.
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Johnson Dejanyia Lucid Chart 09FX03005745

Assignment 1: This diagram is a showing of how I receive my internet. The internet connection comes into my house through the internet cloud and my modem receives the connection. Once in the house it comes to my third floor and drops using wi-fi, which drops down to all other floors. My ISP(provider)is Verizon. For the use of Verizon every month, it causes $112.00. The total costs for the year is $1,344.00. Everything is connected to the network because of the wifi that I have in my house. Anything that is not wireless, is connected through an ethernet cord. On my home network, there are multiple items. I have three cell phones, two computers, a printer, and a laptop. All of these things are through my ethernet and wifi.
Reflection: The diagram above shows the network that I have in my home. It shows how everything is connected through my local area network. On my local network, there are multiple devices. On there is two laptops, a laptop, three phones, and a printer. I also learned a lot in teaching myself. I learned that there is more to it then just a modem and a pc. I learned that there is a ethernet cord, a internet and more!!!!If there are people out there that would like a home network, I would tell them to look over things and study what you are getting into. I would also tell them to change their password for their home network connection. This is so no one can find it out!! This is what I learned in my Tech experience.
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Turner, Jamie, Lucid Chart, Comcast

Jamie Turner

11-2-12         Orange stream

My Network

2. There are a lot of things connected to my L.A.N. network.  We have three I-phones connected to the network, two computers, one Mac Book Pro and one Toshiba.  We also have a wireless printer that is connected to the network.  I have a Play Station 3 that is also connected to the network.  Those are all the things connected to my router.

3. I learned that the internet is like a giant cloud and everyone who has a router has an entrance to the cloud.

4. If you do have a router put a password on it so people cannot use it without your permission.

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Thomas, Lauren LucidChart HomeNetwork

Comcast is my internet service provider. The coax cable travels from the telephone pole outside of our house into the side of our house, which runs through the walls where it is connected to our Modem. Our modem is then wired to the wireless router, which is locked. The router is wired to the desktop, whereas all of our other network devices are wireless. Our printer is wired to the desktop and our laptops are wirelessly connected to the printer so we can print wirelessly. 

On our home network we have an iPhone, iPod, HTC Touchpad and two laptops that are always connected. They are connected to the router wirelessly. 

The internet is $150 per month; we have the triple play. 

What I have learned from this project is that you have to have your network secured so no one can use the internet you pay for. 
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My network Sattera Mark

  This is a diagram of my network. My internet server is comcast. I learned that the internet is connected to my house by the telephone. Than to a router that's connected to my modem. The modem is connected to the ethernet which is connected to a wireless router. The router is provides my phone, iPod, ipad, and labtop with internet. 

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Mass Serge Tech Network Project

Hello everyone, this is my internet network at my house. Its pretty easy to take in. I made this with lucid chart. If you like my chart please feel free to comment or tell me what I could of done better. Thanks :)


Sugrue, Anna LucidCharts VerizonFiOS

1. Where does the internet come into your home?
-The internet comes into my home via a Verizon cable that is connected to the cloud.
2. What is your ISP?
-My internet service provider is Verizon.
3. How much does your connection cost per month?
-My internet connection costs $41.99 a month.
4. What is on your home network?
-On my home network I have three laptops, two iphones and an ipad.
5.How are these things connected to the network?
  -These things are connected to the network wirelessly.

My internet connection starts in the "cloud" or the interent at large. The internet is wired into my house using a cable cord supplied by Verizon FiOS. The cable connects to the modem, which transfers the signal to the wireless router by an ethernet cable. The wireless router sends a wireless signal, creating our password protected home network "stonegables" which connects my laptop, my brothers laptop, my dad's laptop, two iphones and an ipad. 

From this assignment I learned that when the interent isn't working the problem could be in the modem and not the router where I normally look. I also realized that the internet is plugged into almost every home in the world and still keeps working and running and connecting people all over the world. From this assignment I now fully understand the full complexity of the internet and how amazing the technology in this day and age is.

I would tell other people that keeping up a home network is not as complicated as it seems. Your home network is centralized in your router and you should look in to all the fun appliances you can connect in order to fully utilize your internet service. I would also tell them to always have a password protected  network so that your personal information isn't accesible by other people near by. 

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Roberts, Andrew LucidChart - ZWZ13

This is a diagram of my home network, which is named ZWZ13.  My internet, provided by Verizon Fios, comes from the cloud to my house via a fiber-optic cable.  It enters what I call a "Fiber-Optic to Wire Transfer Box", which is self-explanatory.  The signal is sent by wire to my landline and a Modem/Router, which then wirelessly connects to three laptops (my Mom's, my Dad's and mine) a tablet (Toshiba Thrive) and my Wii.  There are no phones connected to my network, as my family does not use smartphones.
While I was designing this diagram, I learned more about my LAN (Local Area Network) than I ever would have otherwise.  I previously knew that there was a box in my basement and that the router (which I later learned was a Router/Modem) gave me a connection, but I did not know precisely how.  
There is one thing wrong with my network, and that is that it is not named.  Unnamed networks are a sign to pirates that a network is not protected.  I have informed my parents of this, but they have forgotten. 

My Intranet


This is a diagram of my intranet. Your intranet is your internet network. If you have internet in you house then that and whatever it connects to is your intranet. My internet comes from Comcast, my Internet Service Provider (ISP). It comes into my house through a cable wire that connects to my modem. The modem then connects, with an ethernet wire, to the wireless router. I have a Netgear wireless router that then connects, wirelessly to my iPad, my sisters iPad, my family laptop, my school laptop, and my wii. It also connects with an ethernet wire to my desktop computer.

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Schwingel-Sauer, Zoe, Lucidchart, COMCAST

My Network
My network starts with the internet. The internet comes through my I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) cable cord, which is Comcast. Then then cable cord is connected to my modem. My modem is connected to my home computer through an ethernet cord. My modem is also connected to my wireless router. The modem is connected to the printer, the speakers and the U.S.B. My wireless network is used by two laptops. Something new I learned through discovering my L.A.N. (Local Area Network) is what the ethernet does. The ethernet cord connects the modem to the home computer, which "gives" the home computer internet. Before, I always thought that the internet working was directly related to the monitor, however now I know it's not. The one major concept that people who want to learn about having a home network, is that it's never just one item. Your home network is never just a computer, it's always something more. If you have a desktop computer, you must also have a modem, an I.S.P., and depending on what you want, you might also have a printer.
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My network

For my home network all of the items I own, is connected to the internet. The company I use for my house that provided internet and telephone network is Verizon Fios. It is connected with a fiber optic glass wire. This is connected to my modem that connects to my Verizon Fios wireless router. The wireless router gives wifi connection to any wireless electronics if they have the password. For example, 3 IPhones, a xbox 360, Ps3, a printer, 3 laptops, and my television. I learned what connects to what in my house and how the internet works. I also learned that even my printer is connected to my wireless router. I would tell someone that doesn't know anything about Internet and what not. You have to research a lot depending what network you want like Verizon, or Comcast, or Direct T.V. 
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Over the last couple of weeks, my class has been focused on the keystone pipeline project. We as students all had an amazing and unique view of how we can get our massages across in a greater idea. We were asked by Our History teacher to write 3 monologues. As writers we all know that if we were ask to only write one, then the process of getting our points across, would have been a little too to easy. We believe that if you get your point across, not knowing what to say because you have loss all your ideas on the other one’s, and you are still manage to make sense of what you are talking about, then to us, that’s a very good definition of mastering and know what you are talking about. I wrote 3. I was the Pipeline itself, a 7thgrader and the soil. It was fun to find differ ways to come up with such creative pieces. I hope you enjoy.

I will fight for my rights.


Life gets hard as time goes by. I always knew this day would come, I knew that I was going to be a big part in this country, It all started when my ancestor wooden pipeline was created, 1865, in essence. I knew that I would be developing, because The Governors think that everything has to be developed. Like bye, your pushing it, is was never that serious.

 I can feel all the pressure to the society, How everything is being “developed” according to the Head of states. It was always prophesied that I would be the topic of conversations. Later on in the years they develop domestic and international markets in a big way where they wanted to make things better so that they can get more benefit out of me. I loved all the attentions and all the fame. I loved the presidential debate, and the fact that I was center of attention?

I was a little too hype. But this was not what I wanted to be. I was concocted to help people and make life easier. My mission has failed because now they are using about 7billoin of the U.S.A poor people’s money. I will be the biggest and the longest pipeline ever built. According to my family history “The project, which would be the longest oil pipeline outside of Russia and China, has become a potent symbol in a growing fight that pits energy security against environmental risk, a struggle highlighted by last year’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico”. This is not my motive if I can help I would. But as for now it is what it is I hope they will not build me and if they do I am asking everyone who will be effect by me to please forgive me.



The people of Camden.


It’s that time of the year I receive seeds and crops from all parts of the United States. Farmers, gardeners, and non-profit people provide me with my needs. They give me their only hope so that I can grow them. They Moisturize, and feed me with water. Some people even go all out and get some special minerals and put them all over me. The famer treats me with respect and they show that is an honored to be in partnership with me. The famers of this town are the only reason why I can produce.

 I have always loved helping people out here because they are very grateful. It was about last week I received an old farmer who came from Canada, he had an old friend of mine. Her name Shovel, she told me that she was just used to dig and plant down Canada. He when on and on about how she over heard, her masters speak on the behave of the Governors. They were going to upgrade the country but she never finished telling me because he had to go. her last words were you will not be here forever. I mean if this is their decision then there nothing I can do about it. But before this end I will like to speak about the time and what I have done for this place.

 I am very important to them. I was a lot of help in all kinds of way, economically, house issues and even safety. So now is not the time to turn this fine little town we call Camden over to the hands of the amateurs. They don’t know what it takes to build a nation. So they’re trying to manipulate the brain of these good citizens, so that they can "so call” provide a lot of jobs for the people. The people of this town trusted me with their properties.

 Now everything is clear I understand what Shovel was telling me. What she was saying is that they were building a pipeline all threw the U.S. I’m afraid, because I know that it is going to effect me in a big way. Couple years ago there was oil spill. It killed all the trust the people of the town had in my kind. These people were left empty some of these people whole life depended on me. Camden has always been poor towns were, people depends on the food they grow, without a good and healthy soil there is no Camden.


Mother do you even know what this means? (Pause) To you, to me to the land of the free. This is my home, and my comfort zoon; I don’t know what I will do now. I was born and raised in  Nebraska, I started day care down here and also elementary school. It is cruel and arrogant that the United States is breaking their promises. What happened to “land of the free”, or “is it free of the land”. Did that even make any sense? That is exactly how I feel. The fact that America holds false promises and false hopes is bothering me. 
I dreamed that one day I would make it out of  here and be able to come back to a place that I once called home. Mother are you listening? (Pause) Mother this is not fair I am not moving, I refuse to leave, my friends and my school. (crying) You know what, I will send a letter to the Mayor. Dear Jim Suttle
I am currently an 7th grade student at New foundation charter school, I heard that I was suppose to be moving because of a construction, They are suppose to be building a pipeline from Canada and all threw the United States. I don’t even have to tell you, about it because you know. I’m asking for your help, my mom is poor and we live in a project, who knows if we’re be able to find a home like this one. Sometimes you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. The only reason why you are able to go back and help out in your community is because you yourself have a place call home. 
Since my mother and I heard about the good way of making things better, she has not been eating or saying anything for days. Who knows if she’ll die from worries? Not only that I am losing my home, but I am also losing my life. My mother is the most important person to me, she hasn’t even spoke to me in days. How would you feel? If my mom dies I am killing myself.

Sincerely: From one of us who cares.
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9-11th Grade Picture Day 2012

9-11th grade yearbook pictures will be taken on 10/23 and 10/26. Students will report to the library with their streamed classes. All students will be photographed for the yearbook. Picture order forms were also sent home with students through Advisory distribution. Please refer to the below picture day schedules to determine when you/your child will be sitting for a photo. Questions can be directed via email to Mr. Reddy at Yearbook orders are also still being taken until November.
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