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Growing To A Teen

​I pick out 3 different people depending on the part of Philadelphia they live in and interviewed them on there school life. I basically asked question of how school is and if they had any problems, what was their way of overcoming it.

Crossing boundaries means to create something new. It doesn’t mean to become a president but it means that you are going through a phase that was hard and you were successful with it. Crossing boundaries could be a good thing or a bad thing it all depends on what you are trying to do. It’s like working hard for something you want. Interview people and cutting them was hard. Each person said things that meant a lot but it had to be cut out . I learned that just because we all live in different parts of the city it doesn’t mean that we didn’t experience the same thing. I can say out of the 3 people I had interview I had at least a story to relate with each person I interviewed. When Mike said, “Do not procrastinate” I should of listened to him. I started my podcast on Sunday and I didn’t finish it until around 4 am. But I feel as if it was worth it because I feel proud of what I had done. When i read my feedback, it made me happy, because i had positive notes. But just like any other things i new it was missing something so all i did was just lower the music so people wouldn't get distracted by it, but they will get entertained. My strengths was editing the whole podcast but my weakness was trying to find things to cut out of the interview, because everything said was really good but i cant keep all of it.

edit 2
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Where's the line? by Jovan Lewis

The following interviews are people of different ages and genders talking about what they think the difference is between outright violence and self defense, there was also a good song that fit this topic too.

The experience for this project was interesting it was fun and I liked interviewing the people I did they had good answers and I had good questions. What I think about Crossing boundaries is that it doesn't necessarily have to be literal or physically crossing a boundary it can also be boundaries in your head for example. What I learned in these interviews that the line is intent. When your intent switches from protecting yourself to harming the other that is when you cross the boundary.
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Come see SLA's art installation on 22nd Street between Arch and Market

"SLA Language and Identity" by Mr. Block's English 2 and Srta. Manuel's Spanish 4

The purpose of public art is to tell stories, unite communities, and beautify spaces. Art installations transform every day walls into works of art. It is a fundamental element in the culture of a neighborhood. A community without art is a community without life. 

As Mr. Block's English 2 studied the intersection of language, power and identity, Srta. Manuel's Spanish 4 explored public art in all its different forms. Together we created this art installation to beautify the space and communicate our understanding of how language, art, power and identity play out in society."

A complete gallery of photos of this project can be see here.
Radio interview with WHYY "Can Art Change the World?" here.
A blogger writes about our installation here.

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Fight The Power.

In this interview, my father, Nathaniel Bracey, tells of the protest at University of Connecticut in 1974. He organized hundreds of students in to one building to show that they weren;t leaving until their demands were met. Tune in to find out more about the rebellious decision that could've jeopardized hundreds of people's education.

The greatest idea you can garner from this project is that change comes in many ways. The protest my dad organized wasn't violent or long, like other notorious protests were (L.A Riots). Nor were there any famous activist in the group of students. In the end, they still got their point across, and were able to make a change in their life, and the others around them. Now I understand that if the idea is solid and just, others will follow.


S.E.X how big is it in your life. With people around you, With you. Are you pressured to have sex? Have you ever been pressured to have sex? I know you heard those, “Wait til your married,” Did you? Are you going to?

 Crossing boundaries is when someone does something out of the box, or at least something that most people would have chose a different option. With doing this topic that there are many ways that people can cross boundaries and it doesn’t have to be something as big as start a revolution but something small that still could at least changed one life, or stuck out to some people. 

I learned a lot of things after doing this project about not only how to do this interview but about myself, and my friend. I finally got the idea of interviewing people and making sure that I asked questions that the reader would have to think about and if I didn’t get the answer I wanted to go around the subject and bring it back to the big topic. In this topic I learned that the actual editing could be hard to do because you don’t know what to take out and keep in because we are the person doing the project we believe that everything is necessary and its not. Some of my strengths were coming up with the questions, getting the interviewee to come out and speak from what she believes in. A weakness would be my editing and coming up with a good opening paragraph.
English Project 2

It Don't Matter if You're Black or White

You deal with it in and out of school, and in and out of work. Sometimes without even realizing it. What am I talking about? Well you'll just have to listen
real interview
It was really hard editing this podcast. I didn't expect to be up all night. The topic that I was original going to do didn't give me enough to work with so after spending more than half the time working on that, i decided to throw it away. I started on on this topic because i knew that my cousin had a long story about this and had some very strong feelings about it. i interviewed her and her brother for two straight days and got some very blunt answers that really helped me out. I saw positive and negative sides to this situation and came up with a really good conclusion: everyone had a different opinion depending on what they have been through. 

'When changing your religions just mind your own opinions" - Niyala Brownlee

     In this interview, you will here about the experience of one person switching religions and in what ways other people had viewed their decision. Also her view on how big of a deal it was for her.​
       While doing this project I have learned that you should never really pay attention to others opinions. You can take them into account but they should not effect your decision in the end.
Interview fro english on religion and crossing boundaries

Becoming a Man

Christopher Davis, my father, was born into an unstable situation. He was the oldest of 4 brothers who lead a life of destruction. His brothers were always in trouble and getting locked up and getting into things that were completely` against the law. When his brother Dervell was shot at 16, he knew that he had to get his life together or he and the rest of his brothers would look just the same. Moving away at 15, made his life different. He wasn't on the streets and getting into major trouble, instead he was out there trying to find something better to do with his life. Looking back now, he realized that his brothers, now only 1 left and in a bad condition, should have followed a path that he lead. 
My Song 8

''Crossing boundaries for love'' by Sarybel Meléndez

           What is true love? What are you capable to do for true love? Can true love make you cross any boundaries? Carmen Carrion, a 45 yr old woman from Puerto Rico will tell us the story about when she found the love of her life, and even though it wasn’t exactly the perfect one, she decided to cross the boundaries in order to stay with him. 

Reflection: What different things did you learn or realize while doing this project?

I learned so many things. First, I learned more about my mom’s story. I knew some things about it, but not the whole story with details. I realized how much impact this had in my mom’s life. Also, I learned how to work with Garage Band, which is pretty cool.


As a deep understanding of this project, I learned that sometimes ‘’crossing the boundaries’’ is not bad, and that you should always follow your heart. My mom didn’t follow her's, and now she’s paying the consequences. Overall, this was a great project and I learned tons of things. The experience of doing my first interview ever was really fun. 

Final English Podcast

The Life Of A Single Mother

Intro: hello everyone listening my name is Brandon Mangum and I’m coming to you from young bran international broadcast. The topic I’m going to talk to you about today is on new single mothers. The main questions for this topic is “how do single mother stay finically stable while taking care of kids? and how does only having a mother in the kids life affect them?


By doing these interview I learned the kids could be deeply affected by some of the truckles the parents face. One example I notice is when Marie talks about having her older son take care of his sister because she couldn’t since she has to work. Her son picks his sister up from the daycare and walk with her home, and take care of her while there home. Marie put a lot of responsibilities on him. I can relate to that because my mother puts a lot of responsibilities on me as well. This makes me feel better because now I know I’m not alone other and placed in the same position as me. Another thing I notice is how in both interviewees talk about their trouble with transportation for their kids. Marie said that sometimes she couldn’t be there or take him to basketball games he had. My mother said something similar; she said that she couldn’t take her kids to any after school activities. Overall I learn that it could be many different obstacle that a family with one parent will face, although it might me hard to deal with, most likely you will find a way to over come those truckles.

interview 2
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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders. Listen to the story of one immigrant teen( not really an immigrant just moving to a new country... but not really) and how they adjust to a new culture . From Puerto Rico to America. Enjoy.

Crossing boundaries is an assignment where we record interviews of people and their stories who cross societal boundaries. I guess, social, or just anything out of the norm.I learned through this project that people actually take out the time to listen to these things called podasts. I culture of digiphiles i didn't even know existed, that aren't blind. But besides that, I learned that Puerto Rico is considered a third world country.I agree with the comments from my piers, they are absolutely right. My strengths in this project were being able to construct a nicely edited piece, I suppose.

My Song 5 2

"Accepting the Mistaken Blame"

In my podcast, I had a interview (with a bit of comedy) with my Dad about how accepting the blame that isn't suppose to be intended for you is crossing a boundary. I suggest you turn the volume down before listening.
Racial Advantage

Family Ties

Every single person has different values, I interviewed members of my family (and Lexy) to see their specific views on their family, what they think those values are, and why they’re important for the family.



During this project I learned more about my family and the people around me that I interviewed. I learned their views on my topic and saw that we actually had a lot in common when it came to family values. I was expecting to have very different values from my family and friend, but it turned out that what we thought was important was actually very similar. Some of the unexpected challenges during this project, for me at least, was actually hitting the target length for the podcast, and then after that, adding the affects to it. I thought it was difficult because I’ve never done something like this before, I’ve played around with garage band but never to this extent. Another unexpected turn was that I couldn’t get the interview I needed from my grandmother, so I had to talk to the rest of my family about it. I had wanted a certain interview (the one that made me want to do this topic) but it turns out that my grandmother couldn’t see me in time to get it done, so I talked to my mother, my brother, and my dad instead to get some of their views in shorter stories, instead of my grandmother’s one long story. The crossing boundaries in my podcast I think were kind of different. It wasn’t a huge thing my family did, but just little things that crossed some kind of boundary. Kids being bullied, that made my dad realize his own values, and standing up for the kid being bullied, in some small amount, would be crossing a boundary, not giving in to peer pressure. I think that boundaries that came up in my podcast had to do with the little things my parents did that maybe went against what everyone else thought, and stood up for what they believed in. That tied in with my theme because generally, when they crossed some sort of boundary, they realized a value that they hadn’t seen before. 

Family Values
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Single Life by Octavius Collins

Preview: This interview will consist of the college life of a single parent, with no job & raising to twin boys.

Stereotypically single mothers are consider women who are raising children alone. In most situations the father's a dead beat dad, incarcerated, or dead. Considering my situation, my mother was not in this alone. Describing her life in college and what it was like to raise her 2 twin boys along with the help of her mother, and grandmother, my family will speak on the single parent life of my mother. crossing boundaries genrally in my opinion is going against ones higher authority. 
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Interracial Dating: Is it still a taboo topic?

​This interview is about the topic of interracial dating and how those around me whom are very close to me feel about it. 

Crossing boundaries to me, means to step out the the boundary zone that was set by society and do something that is unexpected. This taboo topic is one of which fits this description completely. While I was interviewing these two [My mother and my best friend Joey] I learned that love is not always about what someone looks like on the outside, on the inside is that main thing that counts. It also gave me a better look at my mother and my close friend, it showed me that they aren't shallow and they view people in a better way. I agree completely on everything they said, and I feel as though people who listen to this will also respect their views. Interviewing is a good way to learn about others, different topics and yourself. I learned a lot, and this project was a great way to learn about society altogether. 

For Futuristic gain

 Doing this video gave me a new insight about my mom. It helped me re-evaluate what I'm grateful for and why. I had fun creating this project. I learned something new. Maybe you can too.
My mother and I never talk about much so this was a nice way to connect her. Her story fit right in with the topic as well. She crossed social boundaries by going to a new place and fitting in whilst being different. It was cool to hear her story. Hope you enjoy.


To start off, I rather enjoyed this project. I got to learn new things about my mother. And she did really well of being her natural, funny self. The editing process (even though it was said to be hard) went pretty smooth as well. I must admit that it does not meet the time requirement by two minutes. However, I feel that I have the quality that most of the longer timed podcasts have. I liked how it wrapped up, and I really appreciated what my mother had to say. It was strong and empowering, and I was inspired by her. It stayed on the general topic of crossing boundaries. The over all process went okay, even though for about three days I had to wait on my mother. She isn’t to blame however, I’m the responsible one. It was getting down to the wire. Major crunch time. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but I don’t necessarily like to be in spots like that. I like the calm feeling that the podcast has and I don’t think I over did anything. Maybe my music could have been a problem, I’m not too sure. It all depends on the reader. I don’t think I asked to many questions, I just let it flow. One thing to I noticed is how my mom begins sentences with transition words even without being asked a question. I added them in later.  Getting back on topic, I think I did well. Not perfect. But well.


Relationships Gone Wild!!! by joshua melendez

In this pod cast I wanted to see how people who are in relationships deal with working with each other. Also how they separate their home life from their work life. So I interviewed my cousins Darryl and his girl friend Charlene. That way I could get an insight on how they deal with this situation in their daily lives.



When doing the interviews it was better for me to have fun while trying to get my work done because it was more interesting not only for me but also for the people I interviewed. That’s what made the interview flow sound real and not scripted. That is what also made the people who I interviewed feel more comfortable. So they had no problem laughing in the interview or just making it sound like a regular conversation.


While I was doing this project on garage band I learned things that didn’t before about garage band. I learned how to fade out the music and bring it up when I want to. Also I learned how to change the volume on things. I learned how to use garage band by not only asking for help but just sitting down and just playing with garage band on my own. So I learned how to do things on my own.


Things I would tell my peers is to have fun when doing an interview because it makes it more fun for you and who ever you are interviewing. Also try not to just ask questions that are going to get a “yes” or “no” answer, or would just get a sentence, or two response. Try to ask questions that would build up to a story. That would also make the person your interviewing feel more comfortable because their telling a story and everyone loves to tell stories.

jawn jawn

"Violence and Self Defense Same Yet Different" by Jovan Lewis

​The following interviews are people of different ages and genders talking about what they think the difference is between outright violence and self defense, there was also a good song that fit this topic too.

Couldn't upload right so heres the link

The experience for this project was interesting it was fun and I liked interviewing the people I did they had good answers and I had good questions.
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Young Ambitions By: Anthony Best

As a young man he nearly built an empire. The potential was scary, but the treachery that stumped his progress was far more wicked. Here is the story of how working from an early age built a man that aimed high, even in an environment which perferred him not. I interview Robert Latimore, my grandfather, and he reflects on the most important 15+ years of his life.

What I realized about this project was how cool my grandfather was. I love him and will be very sad when he goes. Anyway, I also learned how the things you do when you are young can effect you when you grow older- in personality and ambitions. I know a lot about my grandpa but he has so many stories from his life I havent even begun to hear them all yet. When I heard he was available I jumped for joy. 

When I edit my project (its not done) I will have to take out not only parts that need to be taken out, but other non-relevant parts that I may find cool. I'll have to part with them. I agree with all of my peer comments. I think my interview is generally good and will be even better once the final product is produced. My strength is choosing the perfect person for the interview. I didn't even choose a topic for my grandfather he literally just told me what he wanted to tell me and I got an amazing 20 minutes out of it.
Interveiw 1
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"Sample Podcast Title" by Ms. Pahomov

Your preview paragraph goes BEFORE the audio file -- a short and sweet paragraph that gets the reader interested in your podcast. Give some clues or hints about the story, but don't give away everything! Write something so that your peers will want to listen to your work. It should be 3-4 sentences.

AUDIO FILES GOES HERE -- use the "multimedia" button to load it and make sure it plays without downloading

AFTER the audio files goes your written reflection. Target length for reflection: 300 words.

Prompt: What different things did you learn or realize while doing this project?

Possible categories for reflection:

  • Crossing boundaries - what does it mean, causes and effects, cost and benefits
  • The experience of doing interviews – what did you learn and discover, about others or yourself?
  • Editing and producing your product – anything unexpected?
  • Comments from your peers – agree or disagree, and why?
  • Your own strengths or weaknesses
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Education? Why bother?

This is an interview about how a man's view about education changed through his life

English interview
  • When I did this project I realized education wasn't valued by my parents when they were kids. This surprised me because of the emphasis they put on education now. Crossing boundaries means to go against things that society expects. It means to go against the status quo. There is always a cost when crossing boundaries. It just isn't always apparent. The cost my parents was money. They didn't make as much money. The only weakness I had was my procrastination. After I got started the project was easy.
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"The Powerful Effects Of Overcoming A Dysfunctional Childhood"

While doing this interview I've learned many things. First of all I've learned to trust myself and listen to what wisdom always tells me. I've learned that it is important that every person has faith and know that they can do all things if you only believe. I also learned how to improve my way's of treating people, especially treating family members and peers. After listening to the final product of this podcast, the whole conversation really touched my heart because a lot of the stories that my grandmother was talking about, we both kind of shared the same problems in our lives. At one point in my life I thought that I was less important and not as intelligent as others. But towards the end, I've learned that I was a very intelligent student and that I had a lot invested in me, as far as my faith was concerned. It was such a joy to do this project and talk about the boundaries that my grandmother had faced and how she overcame those boundaries by listening to what wisdom told her. I challenge everyone to hear this inspirational podcast because you will truly be changed. Enjoy.
Interview Here

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From Jamaica to the USA: Spencer

We all come across boundaries in our life. Some are bigger than others. But what about one, that boundaries that span countries. Those are some of the most challenging of all. I know someone who had to do something like this. He is very close to me. This is my Father Michael Spencer. He was born is HarborView, Kingston Jamaica. He moved from Jamaica to the US when he was nine. There were more than just geographically changes in my Dad's life. He changed to a new culture, a new economy, a new life style. Everything except for the kind of cloths he wore was changed. He was put into an entire new world, without a say in thE matter. He overcame the challenges of being a foreigner in a new country. This is his story.

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The LunchBreak

​Preview: You are going to hear a story  from to someone who migrated from one area to another and how she had to adjust to life in their new environment.


I believe crossing boundaries generally have to do with two situations one is to better your life or the life of others and the other is to break a norm because you don’t that it fits with ones personal morals. For example moving to America was a way for Kristi’s dad to better his family’s life with the new job opportunities he could obtain in the United States. I found this project to be very fun and creative because we all got to research are own diverse subjects and explore as journalist. This made it more engaging to me because I had the ability to not make it boring. Also during the videos I learned a lot about the different and cultures in Germany and Albania. But I found that editing and creating a podcast extremely hard because some times you cant get the volume or the correct deletion of bites to fit correctly.


Strengths: Good Questions, Made it seem like a real radio/podcast, Volume lacked background noise for the most part.

Weakness: Choppy Editing