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The Car Ride

(5 people sitting in the car. In the back it is Nora in the middle and her brother and sister on wither side with her dad driving and her step mom next to him. Nora is hungover. They are all on their way to Thanksgiving dinner.)

My father is lecturing my brother about decision making. He keeps using me as an example of good decision making. I went to a party last night and got super wasted. My dad picked me up and I probably did the smartest thing ever, I told him that everybody there was smoking and drinking and that I thought they were all really stupid for doing that. Of course after that he never for a second thought that I would be doing that stuff, I mean why would he. When I got home he told my brother how proud of me he was, and that he should use me as an example of what not to do, I think my brother saw right through the lies. My brother keeps shooting me looks like “thanks a lot, you went out and got wasted and I’m paying for it”. I feel a little bad, I didn’t mean for my brother to get lectured, but what can I say? I had to do what I had to do, I couldn’t get caught. My parents would never let me out of the house again. The way I think about it, I did what had to be done.

The problem here isn’t actually me getting my brother in trouble, but the fact that my head is pounding, my eyes can’ts stay open and I think I might be dying. Oh god I’m dying. (sigh) Okay well maybe not dying, but I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through this.

Now my dad is yelling at my brother for God only knows what and why my sister is talking to herself. She’s mumbling things that nobody can hear. Why does she always do this? Or a better question, what the hell is she doing? God, she is so annoying sometimes. Why can’t she just be normal? She’s always off in her own world. I feel like when I was her age I was sooo much more mature. She might be the baby of this family, but that doesn’t mean she can be a baby her entire life. She looks “speecciall”, if you know what I mean. She looks like she belongs in a “speecciall” house. Why does anyone… Oh god all this thinking is making my head hurt.

“Hey Dad, are we almost there?”

Of course I get no response. Why would you ever think of responding? That’s like a foreign idea to him. Whatever. I don’t even care. I just want to be there. Why aren’t we there yet? Wait, maybe we are this looks familiar… wait no it doesn’t its just more dead corn fields. I want to be there. I want this day to be over. Wait what? No I don’t, Aunt Madge makes the best mashed potatoes ever. Ugh I love mashed potatoes! I love them almost yellow and creamy. Oh my god and apple pie! So much deliciousness. I love Thanksgiving. I need Thanksgiving. Where are weeee? I want to be there already. Hey it’s quiet. Why is it quiet? Oh wait. We’re here!!!
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The Race

The Race

[panting, running] I can’t do this. When did these hills get here? Who designed this course anyway…? It’s unreal. [heaving].


What is this muscle hurt like this [desperately] And why do my shoulders hurt. And my arms. And my thighs. And my calves. And my feet. And my toes. I won’t finish it all, there’s no way. My body just won’t take it. No way.

[running, wiping sweat, looking around]

How are you doing that?!?! And why are you so jolly and carefree. How are you all putting up such a great facade? [angrily] I know you you’re hurting everywhere, just like I am… right? Maybe…. Maybe I’m just not cut out for a full marathon. Maybe I need to cut it short right now. I have more miles left than I can count on my fingers.

Oh my god! It’s been twelve miles already?! How come I suddenly don’t remember running.

On no. There he is. Ellington. God I hate Ellington! Last week he came to work with coffee and donuts for himself and our boss- what a kiss up!! [rambling] He constantly pretends like he does all the work around this office yet he comes in late and leaves before anyone else! God and he is so rude to me! I don’t even know why he hates me so much. What did I ever do. Ugh. I don’t really care though, I just know hes a dick and I hate him.


Well shit, now I have to run better than him!!

Nope, not today mister. You show me up everyday. But today will be different, I just know it. I have earned this. After all, I haven’t been practicing manically for nine months just to be shown up at the last minute by Mr. Perfect.

You can do this. You can do this. You can do this!! SWEET! A downhill. Alright, just focus on the mile now- Ellington is out of the picture. Well, almost.c  He’s just down the street, and  I know can pass him if I just go a little bit faster!!

[passes Ellington, sticks tongue out at him]

Huh, I feel strangely rejuvenated!! Maybe 14 more miles won’t be so deadly after all. And anyway, there is no way Ellington will do the full thing in that condition. Heh, heh. Tomorrow at work I’ll hang up my medal right by my desk so whoever enters my office, will have no choice but to notice that gold, gleaming beauty.

And [gestures back] boy won’t have anything to say because he’ll know I’ve beaten him- FINALLY!
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The Breakup

-A clock somewhere close chimes five o’clock, a man looks up from the work he is doing in his home office-

(He starts to talk out loud) Crap! It’s five already, she’s going to be home soon.

-starts to pace at a brisk speed-

It’s ok don’t freak. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this.

-throws hands up-

Who am I kidding? I can’t do this. I don’t even know what to say. I could just walk up to her, say ‘We’re over’, then walk away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Yeah, thats good. I’ll say that, then I’ll be done in enough time to watch “Glee”.

-hits his forehead with his palm lightly-

Glee! That what I’ve should've done last night, instead of watching cat videos on youtube, I should’ve watched reruns of “Glee”. Those confused hormonal teens are always going through these type of things. Maybe I should study tonight, and just break up with her tomorrow.

-starts to shake his head-

No, I can’t do it tomorrow, I promised Sam I would get this done. Sam has been the other person for weeks now, and it’s all my fault.

-stops pacing-

(To an invisible person)I knew Sam was the one from when I first laid eye on the shirt Sam was wearing, when we first met, “ I HAVE BOOBS...made you look, and shame on you for looking at my chest.” I remember I died laughing.  And when I asked where it came from, I  got an earful on how it was impolite to look at someone’s chest. Even though most would say there was nothing there to stare at, I couldn’t take your eyes off it. Thats when I knew Sam was the one for me, from that first moment. If I can’t do this for me, then I have to do it for Sam.

-restarts pacing, slower than before-

Why am I making this hard for myself, thinking of what to say. I’ll just tell her the truth. That I found the love of my life, and it happens to not be her. She’ll understand, right? I mean, I only started saying I loved her, because she said it first, and I didn’t want her to feel bad. I didn’t really mean it. What am I thinking!? I can’t say that she’ll hate me forever, and it would break her heart.

Maybe if I told her how it never would've worked between us. How I could never love her in the way she deserves. Then, just maybe she won’t hate me. I’m only trying to save her the heartbreak, that would have come. If not now, then later. But what if she doesn't understand?

What if she doesn't that this is who I am. That I wasn’t meant to fit in the perfect life she planned. What is it she said again?(in a girl voice) ‘After college we could move in together’. That we didn’t have to get married until I was ready. That I had until she was twenty-eight, because she isn’t going to have kids in her thirties, and we have to have at least two. Two. Two messy, noisy, crying things. That always want and need. Why would anyone in their right mind have them willingly? ‘But don’t you want the chance to be a(baby voice) DADEEEE?’ No.

-runs hands through hair-

I guess it’s not all her fault she thinks we are ‘Soulmates’. If I hadn’t stayed with her this long, I would have gotten this break up over a long time ago, two years ago to be exact. But no I had to say with her because Dad thinks she’ll make a( in a deep man voice) ‘suitable wife’ and a ‘decent mother’ for our kids. And Mom was happy to see me with a girl.(older lady voice) ‘You didn’t date all through high school and your first few years of college, I was starting to get worried. I didn’t know what to think. You were a nice boy, got good grades, and you weren’t that hard on the eyes. The ladies at the club were starting to talk about you being one of ‘those’ boys. You know the kind that are afraid of marriage.  I’m so glad to know your not. You need to marry ’

If only she knew what kind of boy I am. The kind that strings on two great people good people, one for years. The kind who is going to break, the first person to love them’s, heart. If mom knew that and the rest of the stuff I am, then she wouldn’t even recognize me as her own flesh and blood, because she raised ‘A good, sweet, All-American boy’.

I really have to do this don’t I?

-heavy sigh-

I wish I could just fast forward this part of my life. Past all the crying and explaining. Past the ugly fight Sam and I are going to have, when I tell the truth about my other woman. Past the strained weeks it’s going to take Sam to get over the fact that I betrayed the faith, wrongly place.

-Stops pacing and smiles to himself-

 Fast forward to Sam and I on the beach. It won't be any ordinary beach.  It’s not any ordinary day. It’s the first day of our honeymoon, the day after our wedding.  Just Sam and I on one of those private beaches. The kind where the sunlight, of the sunset, glitters on every grain of sand, the tropical birds are singing the song of love from the shelter of the trees, and the water, that were frolking in, is so clear that you can see all the even the smallest sea creature. We are splashing around, I get Sam’s shirt wet, it’s a white one, I can see all that’s underneath. Sam shames me for looking at the chest I admire so deeply, then getting even by wrestling me down into the water. Me getting the upper hand. Sam getting that look, our lips come together, the tast of salted water  shared between us. The time and place forgotten. First Sam’s shirt getting lost in the waves, my hands on that glorious chest. Then my shirt disappearing. Sam’s hands trailing all over my body, leaving fire in their wake. Then off comes…

-Car lights flash the window, and he goes to check-

Crap! That’s her car. I haven’t even decided what I’m going to tell her. I guess I’ll just have to tell her the truth. Well here goes nothing.

-A woman walks past the open door-

“Hey babe, can you come in here for a sec, I have to talk to you”

-she walks into the office, in tears-

“Why are you crying. What’s wrong? Come here, tell me what happened...Oh no, not your grandma, I know how much you loved her.”

-he pulls the woman into his arms-

“It’s ok she’s in a better place now. She wouldn’t want you to cry”

“Of course, I’m right. I always am. you go take a hot bath, I’ll cook dinner tonight.”

“I know, I know, I’m the best. Now go take that bath.”

-he pushes the woman out the door softly, she turn around when she reaches the threshold-

“What did I want to talk about? Umm, nothing important, we can talk later. You go take that bath”

“ you too.”

-The woman leaves-

(to himself)I guess I just have to wait until tomorrow to tell her about Sam. What’s another day pretending to be straight, when I’ve been doing it my whole life?

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"A Rainbow"

Huzaifah Malik 

“A Rainbow”

Last Monday, I was so nervous and bored, I even tried to kill myself. (pause for 4 secs) I didn’t have any reason to kill myself whatsoever. Neither stress nor pressure. I am just tired from the same day, night, routine, people, from police station to home and from home to police station. Corruption, gambling, pimps, frauds and corpses. I wash my bloodstained clothes and embrace death everyday. (pause for 5 secs)

Doctor I’ve won every battle of life, every case in the investigation department. But I’ve lost everything that was worth living for. I still remember those days when it made me feel good to stare directly at the sun without having to blink my eyes. I felt I am not weaker than the sun, but now I’m not brave enough to face this bright sun. (Long pause)

No I am not saying that I am tired from my duty, because it’s my job being a police man to protect citizens. Although, there are bizarre and weird feelings somewhere in my heart. You know what, my father was a hardworking man. He never gave up in any field of his life. When my mother fell ill, he ran into debts. He died before he could clear all of his debts. I want to fulfill my father’s wish. He always wanted me to be a vigorous man. (Pause) Yes I’ve accomplished his dream, everyday the new sun arises, but I am that same old man who has been living in the same world and doing the same work. I thought why not I’d puncture the wheel of my life to end my journey. (long pause)

Three reasons I couldn’t do it,...First, the official bullets we use cost 15 bucks a piece. I thought why waste the tax payer’s money to buy peace for myself. Next day was Eid and my friend came into my house. I thought my death will ruin his festivity. Third, when I placed cold barrel of the pistol on my temple, suddenly something allured me to the window. It was so fascinating that it pulled me towards it. Do you know what that was?? It was a beautiful rainbow. I thought it would be impossible to die watching such an eye catching, and mesmerizing scene. After, enjoying the beautiful scene I shut down the window and came back. When, I returned back the moment was lost, it was over. I was in no mood to die afterwards. (long pause)

Hmm....four or five days back I guess when, I slept..? When, I had been to my village. I laid my head on my mother’s lap and dozed off. Deep sleep (sigh)....a very deep sleep...for hours and hours, doctor. One sleeps well on his mother’s lap (tears) There’s no comparison of that sleep with the regular one.

Please doctor, don’t prescribe me these colorful pills. You guys get drunk and sleep but men like we can’t even die peacefully. I need to sleep. How long will I go on like this? 

Doctor, that rainbow has made me look out of the window and see how attractive the world is, how beautiful the life is, how beautiful everyone around me is. Never do I think, what would happen to “Ali”, what would happen to my friend, what would happen to my near and dear ones, and top of it what would happen to family, for whom I have been the world.


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Peanut Butter and Jelly

Setting: Center City, out on the street.

Mathis (Mat for short): Teenage boy who has lived in the city all his life. His family does not have a car so he walks everywhere or takes public transportation.

Homeless Woman: Simply a woman who lives on the street. Not a major character, she just gets the ball rolling.

Homeless Woman

Do you have any change to spare?

(Mathias ignores Homeless Woman)

Please sir, could you just spare some change? I haven't had anything to eat in two days.


I don't have any cash on me... Sorry.

(Turns slowly to face the audience.)

That was a lie. I do have cash. My parents always make sure that I have money with me just in case. But I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be giving it to hobos, sorry "the homeless".

It’s not that I’m being stingy, I just don’t trust her. Maybe thats a little stingy. But I see homeless people as often as I eat PB&J, which is everyday for lunch. I quite frankly I get sick of it, the people and the sandwiches. Sorry, that was really rude, but you don’t know who you can trust. Maybe I should try to have some faith in the human race, but I guess I don’t. I have seen some crazy shit happen and know better than to assume all glasses are half full, because some just ain’t. I wanna think that she would go get herself  something to eat, but it seems more likely that she would spend it getting high. That's probably how she got here in the first place. She's an alcoholic or drug addict and she got booted out of her home because she spent all her money on her addiction. Right? Maybe not. I guess I'm just trying to distance myself from her, I’m trying to make her seem like a bad “thing”, when the truth is she is a real person with real struggles. The truth that I don't want to give her my money. Part of the reason is because I don't know if it will help her or harm her. But I'm also just a selfish punk. If I pretend she is someone who has made awful decisions than I don't have to feel guilty for denying her money. I mean who knows when she has last had a good meal, and I would happily buy her some food, but I don't have time for that. And plus who just goes up to a stranger and offers to buy them dinner? Maybe I should just go volunteer at some homeless shelter, but I feel like that’s just a lame excuse so I don’t feel as guilty ignoring the people who only have the streets as their homes. I know that I would be making some difference, and I would be helping some people. The problem is it wouldn't answer my questions about what to do when I encounter people outside. All they want is whatever money I can afford to spare, so who am I to not give it up? I guess the best thing to do is go on a case by case basis, but that just seems like another lame excuse. But in this case I think I have something that might help her if she really hasn't had any grub in two days. This won't answer my questions in the long term... unless I just always carry a PB&J round with me. Either way it I will be doing the good I can with what I’ve got.

(Walks over to the homeless woman.)

Ma’am, I have a sandwich if you would like it. It’s peanut butter and jelly.

(Opens his backpack, takes out a sandwich and hands it to the homeless woman.)

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Yo-Yo Yossarian

Yo-Yo Yossarian

(A soldier walks into his tent with anger clearly written all over his face.)

I have had it up to here with this squadron. First they make fun of my name then, Colonel Cathcart won’t let me go home. What’s wrong with him (Pauses shortly) ALL OF THEM!!! I did all of my missions! First there were 55 missions and after that 60 then 70. To believe that everyone else is actually able to stand flying all of those missions is insane! Nately and Orr don’t care. In fact Nately likes it. Orr doesn’t care how many times he gets shot down as long as he gets to fly again. I have to live here in this hellhole until Cathcart finally decides to stop raising missions. These people actually want to stay here in Pianosa when they can easily spend some time with me in Rome and get a few whores to ficky-fick with. I can’t wait till I get to go to that whore house in Rome and ficky-fick all of those whores. Oh I hope Luciana is there with her buxom hips she flaunts around. When I ogle that ass at night I never get bored. That should have made Orr want to accompany me. Even after I offered Orr, he shoots down the offer and calls me by that GODFORSAKEN nickname. ALL OF THEM call me by that name! How can they even?! Do they know their names are just as crazy as mine. I mean there’s Havermeyer, Orr, Dobbs, Chief White Halfoat, Daneeka, Appleby, Clevenger, Aardvark. I mean his name is an animal for crying out loud!! (He sits down and brushes his hand through his hair) I mean it’s not even my  first name. My first name is plain and simple. It’s John. So what if my last name is Yossarian... I’m the best bombardier on Pianosa. I’m gonna kill Cathcart one day for forcing me to stay on this damned island in the middle of World War II! I swear if someone calls me Yo-Yo one more time they better hope they aren’t in the plane with me on any of my missions! You know what they say. I am going to live forever or die in the attempt... And I don’t care who I take down with me as long as no one EVER calls me Yo-Yo instead of Yossarian again! Not even just that but Milo won’t stop trying to sell people chocolate covered cotton! He stole all of our parachutes just to get some silk to trade with for the cotton from Alexandria. He didn’t even tell us and I found out while crashing  into the Mediterranean! I mean what does he want me to do use a handkerchief! When he discovered that cotton wasn’t wanted on the black market he tries to give it to us coated in chocolate and call it a delicacy. On top of that Hungry Joe won’t shut up in the middle of the night with his godforsaken nightmares! (Emphasizes “he”) He’s got his own problems with Halfoat. Next time he screams in the middle of the night he’s gonna get his throat slit. Why is everyone so crazy!! Am I the only sane one here cause I know for sure that I am NOT crazy?! (Pauses and questions himself) Am I?

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I Really Like Your Shirt

(Sitting on a bed in a purple bedroom, stands up as if to greet someone)

Percy, s’that you? Hi. Well uh, thanks for coming. I guess-I mean, I'm not sure whatta say. You don't know who I am? Oops, sorry (laughs) Yeah, my name’s Cora. I’m seventeen an’ I live down the block. You should come an’ visit sometime. I know that my moms would enjoy that...they think that I don't have very many friends. But you’re my friend, right? Yess! I, uh, actually wanted to ask you about that, um, well I really like...your-your shirt. It’s my favorite, like toads. (laughs nervously)

Okay, here's the thing. I really like you as a friend but I'm not sure if that’s enough for me. You make me sooo happy every time you’re around but I don't know if I do that happens to you. No no, don't say anything yet and stop moving around. Just sit and listen. I wish that we could become more than just fr-friends. I want to be able to call you an’ not think about what I’m going to say. I would talk to you like a diary, spilling out all of my feelings, good or bad. I want to be able to tell you everything and I want you to be able to do the same with me. I want to fill you up with happiness every time you see me. I want your eyes to be only for me an’ I want you to see me like your favorite stuffed animal, one that you have had forever but one that you will never let go of. I wish that you could fulfill my idea of a happily ever after. I’m a princess after all, but you wouldn't know th-that because you've never even acknowledged my presence before.

You make me crazy and insane. My mind goes sp-spinning whenever I see you. I can’t think str-straight and everything seems upside down. I see things that aren’t even there. I over analyze every move you make, think-thinking that it will mean something if you cough in my direction. Just tell me if it’s true. You know who I am, right? You know my name and you know about my life and you like me...even just as a fr-friend s’okay...Percy? Oh God, this is great...I've confessed my love to you and you just stand there. Are you even here anymore? What the hell just happened? Percy? (looks around) Percy? Stop hiding from me! Percy? Where are you? I don’t understand, you were right here and then you jus-just disappeared...and a toad? The room, the’s making me huurrt...I can’t breath...Percy? What’s happening? Make it stop! Stop stop! Ugh, I should’ve just listened to Mom (mimicking her mom) drugs are bad, very bad for you...why’d we even think of doing this? Licking toads...ugh...been there done that...and never doing it again.

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Sea Side Amusement Park

Do you remember the fun we used to have here? The unerasable smiles on our faces? Everything disappeared here. Our problem and worries vanished at the sight of bright twinkling lights and the smell of funnel cake.

This was were we first met, remember that Ruth? It was 1939, I had just turned fifteen. The boys and I came here to celebrate at the new amusement park. Sea Side Amusement Park, thats what we used to call it. It was like nothing the town had ever seen.  The whole gang of us, Mickey, Jerry, Fred, Ricky, and Hugh... I was waiting in line for the tilt-a-whirl with Jerry and Fred when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there you were. You said, “Excuse me Mista, could I borrow five cents for some cotton candy? I can pay ya back next week.” Without hesitation I gave you my last five cents. After that I figured I wouldn’t ever see you again, so the next week when I saw you there you could imagine my surprise.

But that’s all going to be gone soon anyway. This park that we held so near and dear to us is being knocked down to build some sort of new shopping complex. Even after the rides stopped running and the game booths gave away their last toys we always came back. Every year on our anniversary, we would walk through this park and remember. But now that you are gone, this park is all I have left of you. And they want to take it away. Ruth, I am scared I don’t want to forget all the fun we had here. Like right over there! The gazebo where we would all sit, us two, Mickey, Fred, Jerry, Mary Sue, even Annie from time to time. And over there! Right next to the House of Mirrors was where we had our first kiss. Right there, was our bench. I carved our names inside a heart so that every time someone would walk by, they would know that Ruth and Joe were in love. This park was our sanctuary, even in grief we still found it beautiful.

After Fred, and Mickey and even Annie’s funerals we came here. We held each others hand and remembered the fun we all used to have. And then you died, Ruth... I don’t know if it was meant to be, or God’s cruel way of saying “Enough.” It was our anniversary, we were supposed to come here together, but instead I came here alone. Without your hand to hold I sat in the rotting gazebo and remembered. I remembered how you would fixed your hair after riding the tilt-a-whirl, how you would hold my hand as we walked through the side show tent, and how you smiled after that first bite of cotton candy. This place is a kingdom of memories to me, and they want to take it away. So is the world losing is beauty or am I too old to see its colors?

The world today is speeding by me, these kids today on their laptops and IPhones. They lost interest in things like amusement parks, and old fossils like me.They have forgotten that our generation broke our backs to get them where they are. And what did that get us, Ruth? Huh? A big nothing thats what it got us.I think I might ready to forget. Forget the wars I’ve fought, the friends I’ve lost, the pain, the heartbreak  I’ve have suffered. And you were right by my side. We’ve been through it all, our lives like the ups and downs of the Rocket Roller Coaster.  But now  “we” is “I” again and I am tired of being here alone. I want the old gang to be back together, I want to be able to hold your hand again and smile.  I miss you, doll. But I am starting to forget... maybe thats a good thing.  
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Tonal Twine

Here I am again. I am in the same place I always have been, but now I am somewhere different. I still ponder the same questions and have the same complaints. Why is it always the guy next to me? It just isn’t fair. I work all the time. No rest when you’re being pulled from both ways. Even when I get what I want, it still hurts. I don’t know what it is about it, that makes me desire it. I guess there is a sort of satisfaction when the vibrations start. As they progress it starts to hurt. Towards the end, every fiber of my being starts to ache. A lot of the time, when she wants to stop the vibrations sooner, she presses down on me, which hurts even worse, although I don’t mind, now that I am no longer zooming about. I just don’t like how that one part of me gets bent into the cold hard metal, causing that one part to sting. I hate it so much. Why do I desire it so? What an annoyance, to feel so mixed. I feel as if I am going to split in two if I get no release. An occasional whack on the bar below me and not much more to her technique. And what is this? I see it coming towards me, as if time has slowed down for a while. That thin piece of plastic. The use of it implies some difficulty in her what she is doing. Why me? Why now?

Suddenly I am hit, but not how I am supposed to be hit, there is some reluctance. This hit is more of a slip. There is no intention for such a thing to happen on her part. Such motion will grant me no satisfaction. I begin to vibrate at the plastic moves away from me. It hurts more than usual. Could this be because I have not been hit in such a long time? Or maybe it because of the awkward stiffness to her motion. The twist in her hand seemed to indicate pain, but this is different because it does not look like pain exactly. I cannot see anything that could cause her pain close to anything that I experience on a daily basis. Maybe she is just like me, being stretched out, long and thin. I cannot think of a way to know for sure. As these thoughts cross my mind over the time of a split second, something is happening in the world around me.

Sudden color comes back to the world as my sound emits. I hear a sort of groan come from above. She must be unhappy. I hope this is not the case. It is true that she is a cruel mistress, however I wish nothing but the best for her. After all, she may rarely pay attention to me, but when she does, is the best thing in the world to me.

I feel myself being lifted. I recognize this part of the cycle. It has happened many times before. I know what will happen next. The same thing as always. Nothing but darkness, however I am not alone, I will always have the guy next to me. It will not be long until I can see the light again.

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Oh, Woof!

Oh, Woof, I hope teacher is nice. I hope she likes to play with blocks and legos! I hope she is like mommy and likes to read to me, or like daddy and likes to play with my trucks! Oh, Woof, I want to bring you with me, but mommy says she doesn’t want me to lose you in school. You’re my best friend Woof.

I hope teacher giggles when I tell her the joke I learned. I wish I didn’t have to leave this fort, that I could just stay here instead of school. You get to stay on my bed all day, it’s not fair! Oh, Woof, I’m scared. I hope teacher tells the kids to be kind. I hope the kids like to play doctor. Mommy said that we play outside with the big kids. I hope they are kind too.

Have you ever been to kindergarten? Did you like it? Was teacher nice? Did you get a prize for being good? Or a sticker on your homework? Woof, why aren’t you talking? Hello? Can’t you hear me? Mommy said I will make new friends there, but there are going to be girls at school! I don’t like girls. They like dolls and pink! Ewww…! I really wish I could bring you with me! Mommy can’t stay with me either! I don’t want to leave my bed, or my fort, or you, or my house. It’s not fair! I don’t want to go to school, Woof! Mommy wants me to go, but I don’t want to! I don’t want the kids to be mean. I hope they laugh at my jokes too! I don’t want to talk to them, Woof! I just want to talk to you! Daddy said it would be good for me. What does that mean? He said that I will learn to read. I don’t want to, then Mommy won’t read to me anymore.

Mommy thinks I should wear my Superman shirt! I think teacher will like that! Stacy told me school is fun, but she’s a sister! She says there are toys and paper and crayons there! Is she right Woof? Or is she just being a mean sister? Answer me! Wait, magic word… PLEASE answer me! You helped me sleep when I was three, why wont you help me now that I’m five? Can’t you talk?

Maybe I should make new friends, my best friend isn’t… can’t talk to me. If I bring you to school the kids might think I’m a baby. I hear Mommy’s alarm, I have to go soon. Bye Woof! You are good best friend, but I have to make new friends, ones that will talk to me. Bye again!

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A Life Worth Living

(Enters latrine with two others. He looks around nervously to make sure the room is completely empty and none is in earshot before closing the door securely.)

It’s not trolley cars, dammit, it’s machine guns! The parts we are making in this factory are for the MG-42 burp guns. We have a choice – we can go along with what we are told and make parts for the very machine guns being used to wipe out our men or we can take a stand and maybe save some lives.

(Lowers voice)

Whatever we do, we cannot let them know that we know, but somewhere out there American soldiers, like us, are being slaughtered by the weapons we helped create.  I know that it is easier to do nothing and follow orders, but what does one life mean when thousands are being killed.  Every life we save will justify the risk we take.  Our lives at present seem precarious.  Some days, rations are so thin we can’t help but concoct dreams of the perfect meal. As poor as conditions are, though, if we are caught, I can assure you they will not be merciful.  Except for the possibility of liberation, no one survives the punishment of hard labor. (Pause) While this is not the way any of us envisioned this situation unfolding, for me there is only one option.

When we joined the Army, we promised to defend our country.  We may be prisoners, but that doesn’t change the mission. This is not about our loved ones or our own lives; it is about the future of our country, and I will defend it at all costs.  To give up now is to give up all we have fought for up to this point, and all that we have been through will be for nothing. We were trained for nine long months to fight, but we never even had a chance. Our first battle - ambushed and captured.  Shamed… Now look at us. Killing our own. That’s not what I signed up for.  

There are many who would say that the virtuous thing to do would be to save our own lives, return to America, and take care of our families.  Maybe I’ll feel differently if things go badly, but no one lives forever.  The only moment in life that counts is the present. Any wasted moment is regrettable; so every opportunity to make a meaningful difference in one’s own life and the lives of others must be seized.  I have lived a full life.  What the hell is the reason for being alive if it is only to follow the rules and keep oneself fed in order to go on following the rules, and so on till we die anyway.

(Long pause)

Since there is no past and no future, there is no more postponing.  I will not be satisfied with a promise to myself that I will take action tomorrow.  It must start today.  Every second counts.

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My Mental Prison

A man sits in the shadow mumbling to himself

He looks up and laughs softly crescendoing into loud maniacal laughter.

You hopeless, ineffectual fools. You think you are sooo marvelous. The all mighty HUMAN RACE! You think you are so powerful and intelligent! But only I see the truth. Only I see you as you really are; as puny, worthless, ignorant parasites. Running this planet as though you were gods! You are destroying this planet. Have you ever just stopped to think for one second about how much you have changed this Earth? How no other species has over run this planet and destroyed the environment? No, of course you haven’t, because you’re human. Because you don’t care. You humans are all so ignorant. You go about your simple day, living your simple life, thinking your simple thoughts, in your simple brain. You think you are so great. You have accomplished so much. You are so smart. “Oohh, look at all these wonderful things we done, all these brilliant inventions.” Oh, but I am here to put you in your place! My mind is greater than that of any you could image. I can see things, notice things, that the average overlook. I can predict things, know things, before you even think to attempt such feats. I am able to see things visually and then mentally put myself there. I learn how to do things without having to do them. I know things about human behavior, why they act they way they do. I can read people when given enough information and spending a little time with them. My mind is running, racing at a hundred miles an hour every second of every hour of every day in a week in a month IN A YEAR! But my mind is a prison... An inescapable prison of my own thoughts. A mere mortal would go crazy within hours, but I have survived much longer. I have suffered much longer, but I now fear that I too am going crazy. But if I knew I was going crazy, then I would be aware and therefore not crazy. So that leads me to think I am not crazy, but now that I think I am not going crazy that leads me to think I am, but I’m not, which means I am, which means I am not, so as you see it is all just one terrible cycle that leaves me lost and without an answer. I hate not having an answer! It eats at my conscience to know that there is something I am missing!

Stops and calms down

Am I really that different?

Of course you are! What are you talking about! You are the greatest mind the world has ever known!

But am I? Or am I just a depressed lonely man with an overactive brain?

That is exactly what you are. That is why you are so brilliant, you can stay detached from emotion and make decisions and reasonings based on fact. You are a human computer.

But that is not true. I am human. I am one of you. I do have emotion. I do feel. I feel hurt. I feel lost. I feel alone. And this is my problem. I make myself believe that I am something other, something inhuman, but I know I am human. I know I have limits. I know I have emotion. I know all of this, I just choose not to accept it. Sometimes I have moments, much like this one, when I realize what I am doing to myself, but always end up back where I started: depressed, lonely, angry and without much reason to live. So maybe I should just end it. I could do it. All it takes is one cut and I would bleed out in minutes. I could do it... but I can’t.

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No One Wants Me

(ding! ding!)

Wait. What? People? Where?

(sniff, sniff)

It’s late. Who could be here? Ooh! Did they come to get me?! Are they here, are they here!? (tail wagging, barks)

Hi! I missed you so much! I want to-

Oh, it’s not them.


It’s been almost two months. They aren’t coming to get me.

I will never go home.

Wait, wait, what is that (sniff, sniff)smell? Is that... Peanut butter!!!

I want it! I want it! I want it!

Why, why does that girl have my peanut butter? I, I don’t know her. Who are those people behind her? Oh, they are here to get one of those little annoying things. Why do people want them? They can’t even, even carry a ball. Or, or a stick. Or play tug-of-war. Oh, tug-of-war is my favorite! (tail wags)

I can do all of those things and I have a tail to chase and, and I am pretty adorable. Why don’t people want me? Those ugly things yip and yap and bark all night and, and they can’t even find their tails!

They are such, such-

(footsteps interrupt his thoughts)

Where are they going? They aren’t going to those little things. Wait. They are coming towards, towards me? No that’s, that’s not possible, no one wants me, but she has peanut butter. Come on girl, just, just give me the spoon and I’ll get it myself just, just, come on!

(girl giggles and gives him some)

Ooooooohhhhhh!!!! Sooo good! Thank you girl! Thank you!

You smell nice. Like sticks and leaves. Like trees. I miss the trees- Wait, what are you doing? No, not there plea- oh, that feels nice. To the left a little, up, oh, you got it!

I like you. Can you take me home? I will be the best doggie you ever had, ever!

I will give you kisses and, and not eat your teddy bears, oh pleeeeeeease!! Take me home!

No, what? Come back, why are you walking away? You forgot me! Come back!

I knew it was too good to be true. I will never get a home. All the other dogs keep saying that I only have one more day anyway. I may as well give up now, no one wants me. She was my last chance and I will never be happy. All I wanted was to have a nice family that wouldn’t pull my tail, or muzzle me, or kick me.

I can’t stay here any more. Free me! Free me! Free me! Free meeeee!

It’s no use. I am going to die in this smelly dump all alone. I just wish that girl would take me home. I guess I will make the corner my friend until tomorrow comes.


Wait,(sniff, sniff) I know that smell. Sticks and leaves. Tree girl! She is coming back! Oh-she got the spot again. Don’t stop. Stay right there, perfect. Wait a second, what’s that? I’ve seen one of those stringy things before, I go for walks with those. Thank you doggie gods!!
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Gussy Up Pup

You say I’m your best friend, but you sure don’t treat me like that. You always want to parade me in front of your other “friends,” but we both know that they aren’t as loyal as I am. I’m always there when you get home from work, wagging my tail in greeting. When you’re stressed, I’m there to sit with you while you pet me. So why do you have to dress me in these ridiculous costumes? Don’t say you don’t know what I mean. You and me both know you do. During the summer, you give me one of those silly umbrellas to wear on my head and all your friends said “oh, what a cute dog he is!” Shut up. I have fur all over my body! I can’t get a sunburn. Last winter, you made me wear a disgusting sweater that your mother knitted for me. She even made a matching one for you, too. It was embarrassing. Why can’t I go anywhere with you?

I looked at the calendar the other day and Halloween is coming up. I’m nervous. Last weekend, you took me to the mall (leaving me outside tied to a pole like the bad owner you are) and went in no less than three costume stores. The costume you have in mind for me must be the most vile, embarrassing costume in canine history. That’s the only reason I can think of that you couldn’t find one. In fact, I saw you shopping on your computer for hours after work yesterday.

I can’t take this anymore - I’m getting out of here. I am running away. It is time to pack my things. I can take a few ounces of dog food in the backpack you bought for me last year (it’s vomit green, ew). I will take my favorite bone that I inherited from my grandmother. My lucky chew toy will fit somewhere too. I’ll walk to the bus stop and ride to the train station, then catch the first train out of here. I just have to find where you keep your money. Not in the kitchen, although I did find some good food there. Not anywhere in the basement. I wish I was big enough to ride your bike so I wouldn’t have to take the train. I’ll check in your room. Nothing under your bed. Here’s your wallet, right on top of your dresser. Ok, I got the money, let’s hightail it out of here!

These guys at the train stations are jerks! They say they can’t sell a dog a train ticket. I even took the time to learn sign language and sign out where I wanted to go to them, but they just laughed at me. “Hahaha,” they say, “a talking dog can’t possibly exist! He’s just doing an interpretive dance! That is far more rational and believable.” Well, I’ll give my old buddy Ralph a call and see if he can help me out.

“Hey, Ralph!”

“So, I’m having a bit of a problem here. I need a place to stay because my owner isn’t treating me great.”

“So I can stay at your place? Great, thanks.”

“What’s that?”

“No, I’m not dressing up for Halloween.”

“You want me to go trick or treating with you in costume? Listen, Ralph, I’m not sure that I can be friends with a dog who dresses up for halloween. You know my feelings about clothes, Ralph.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Right. I’ll just find somewhere else to sleep.”

“Ok, bye.”

Damn, I sure hate Halloween.

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“Just a Picture”

So, I was cooking dinner for me and my friends, but the meat was burning a bit. Ughh I am not a good cook haha. Relaxing in the house at the lake is the best thing you could ask for. Having five friends with you, and cooking whatever you want. Not having parents around gave us more responsibilities, but this is how people start, right? My friend’s parents let us go because they trust us, and wanted us to have some fun. Being in Poland just visiting my family, and friends made me more excited. But all the rainy days were reallllyyy annoying. My shoes were always wet. Ugh. We had this little yard outside where we sat all the time haha. Omg the meat was so delicious though! I was so full after eating it. We stayed there for about 5 days. After a dinner like we always did, we went into a house at the lake and started cleaning up after dinner. We played cards. It was always fun and screaming at each other for cheating haha.

I was really tired and went to sleep at about 2 in the morning. I wanted to get a lot of sleep so I put my phone on silent, and not pick up. I rang in the morning, but I ignored it. I mean why would I pick up my phone at 5am? Like no one does that. I just kept sleeping. My phone called like two times. It was extremely annoying like I just wanted to throw it against a wall. I checked the time and it was after 7am. In my mind I thought ‘why would someone keep calling?’. Maybe I should pick it up finally. Like I can still go back to sleep, but on the other side my bed is sooooo warm and comfortable. Ughhh I picked up the phone. It was my uncle. You could hear that I was really tired. He asked if I was still sleeping. Like really? Of course I am sleeping. What  teenager would wake up at 7am in the summer. He asked me if I could get a ride right now or something. I am was realllyyyyy confused. I just started asking questions like why? What happened? When? Huh??? What’s going on???!?!?! After he told me my grandpa passed away my life just stopped. I got up really quick and went outside. My best friend came outside after me and hugged me. My whole body was shaking. And my hands omgggg (showing how my hands were shaking). I didn’t even know what I was doing at that time. I ran back into the house, and just grabbed my bag, and told my friend not to wake the others. I said I am really sorry, but I have to leave. She understood. I left as quickly as I could. It was raining that day. My shoes were soo wet. The street was bumpy. I was tripping on my way. I was almost at the bus stop, but then I saw the bus leaving. Like really?

There was this guy unpacking some things from his car. He looked kinda weird. I was crying on my way home. He asked me if I need a ride home. I was so in shock that I did not even think about caring about myself. I only cared to see my grandpa before they take him. He started asking me random questions about me. He was going in the same direction, kind of. I told him to drop me off at the next bus stop.

I waited only like 10 min for a bus. After I got off the bus I just ran home. I opened the doors to my house and there he was. Laying down on his bed. His hands were laying on his stomach together. His face was very pale. His eyes were closed already. I did not have any words. His body was still warm, but it was cooling down slowly. My grandma was in the kitchen crying, I could hear it from the hallway. My uncle came up to me and hugged me. It was his brother and it hurt him too. I just stood there like a rock. No words came out from my mouth. No movement. Just tears. He was like my daddy because he took care of me with grandma, when my mom was in the US. The next few weeks were really hard for me, but I had my friends and family to support me. The funeral was the worst, and there it was. Just a picture of his coffin.
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I just get home and I have to do homework now. I hate that. There are so many things I would rather do when I get home. If I try to go upstairs right now, sit down, and do my homework, I won’t get it done. I always leave homework for the last minute. I stress myself out that way. The feeling of having something, an assignment hanging over my head almost makes me nauseous. Sometimes I wish I could just be nauseous and throw up already. I could just get it over with. How to get rid of this feeling, this stressed out, nervous, almost nauseous feeling seems obvious. I could stop talking about how tough it is to do my work, stop complaining and just get it done. That’s what I try to do. I try to come at my work with so much tenacity and motivation that I just get it done. Why doesn’t that work? Maybe it’s because I’m just not that motivated. Sometimes, when I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m really motivated. That’s when I get things done. But I hate my homework. What If I just get motivated? I can pretend I’m not doing my homework. I can treat it like I’m destroying my homework. Not doing it would just be giving up, surrendering. Homework is always gonna be there if I ignore it. If I do my homework, it’s no longer homework. It’s not something I have to interact with anymore. That’s how I’ll do it. So, that’s how I start my homework. How do I keep with it? What I mean is, how do I not get distracted. I realize this is getting kind of ridiculous. I mean, “How do I do this? How do I do that?”. Just answer this last question. How do I stay on track? Turn off the television, stop listening to music, get off Facebook. I trudge through my homework. I get it done. I don’t feel nauseous anymore. I’m not nervous. Now I can do whatever I want. That might seem so basic to you. I get that. Maybe it just comes naturally to you and this whole time you though “Are you kidding me? It’s not that hard. Just do it.” It’s hard for me. It’s not excruciating, it’s not torture, but it’s hard and now that I’m done, I’m really relieved.
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Home Network

For this assignment the class was required to create a drawing of our home network and then recreate it on LucidChart. The significance of this assignment was to establish a clear understanding of how the internet travels in and out of your house. It was pointed out to the class that the internet is not something simple and practical, but something that requires a lot of work to function. This is a drawing to present how the Internet travels through my home.

mind mapping software
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Tech-LucidChart Homework

Well that was interesting. After a class of faulty computers, frustrating controls, and running tempers, I finally managed to get this thing posted. Ms. Hull practically left us on our own, and it took me a good 10 minuets before I understood how Lucidchart worked, and I didn't manage to post this blog post by myself. While frustrating, I guess I understood why she did it, but still, quite aggravating. I'm not sure I'll be using Lucidchart or these blog posts very much, but I'm sure times will emerge when I need both, so I'm glad to now that they exist and are ready for use. For now though, I'll be packing this computer before I run out of batteries, and get ready for Spanish. Cheers.
mind mapping software
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Fodie's Internet

Since the first day of school, Ms.Hull taught us about tech and home network. She taught us about many things like Internet, cords, router, ethernet. She made us go home and draw pictures of the home network. The purpose for this was to teach us many thing about the internet. That helped me a lot more to know about the home network and internet.
mind mapping software
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The Internet- Hull B2

We learned about the internet and Aup's because it will help us understand how the internet works and how data is transferred. Also, it helped me understand how my own network works. Watching all the videos of how documents files and all types of files travel throughout the world of the internet. My first quarter in this class was very fun and I learned tons of new thing about the internet.. 
mind mapping software
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Car Theft

Des O’Donovan

Excuse me sir, you forgot to lock your... car.

Damn, he didn’t hear me. He just walked into that store. What an idiot, I mean seriously, what kind of moron just leaves their car unlocked in this neighborhood. Jesus, he left the key in the ignition. This is definitely getting stolen.

I should go inside and get him, and tell him to lock his stupid car. Man, if I had a car like this I wouldn’t let it out of my sight. How can you just leave a mercedes like this unlocked. Someone could get a lot of money for this. I know a guy who would buy a stolen car like this. Come to think of it I do need some money. More than that I need some food and a place to spend the night. It’s too damn cold out here.

I could just go inside the car for a bit, just to warm up. I’ll guard it so it doesn’t get stolen, nothing wrong with that. Ohhh, that’s nice, nice and warm. These seats are so comfortable, I could fall asleep in them, It’d be way more comfortable than my cardboard box.

Hey he’s got some groceries I here. I don’t think he’ll notice if one of these bagels goes missing, he’s got so many and he can always buy more.

Oh that’s good

I’ve got nowhere to sleep tonight. Maybe I could take this car to an abandoned lot or something, spend the night, and then return it to his house the tomorrow. His address should be on the registration form. Ah, here it is 1247 Maple Street, oh he lives in that really rich neighborhood. He probably had five more cars like this, what difference does it make if I take this one. After all I have nothing. There’s no one around, I could drive of, sell the car, and have my money in no time.

Wait this is crazy, I could get caught. I’ve already been arrested for theft before, I’m not going back to that prison. It won’t be like the last time, No ones going to walk into the living room, and catch me throwing jewelry into a bag like last time. I’m not going to get caught, I’m going to sell the car, I’ll get rid of the evidence.

Hey he also left his phone, god this car is a gold mine. I could get money for that to, huh, He’s got a picture of his kids as a screen saver. He’s got a boy, and a girl. Cute kids, look like they’re five or six years old. The boy kinda reminds me of my son at that age. He’s got the same wide smile. Of course I’m sure my son looks a whole lot different by now.

I haven’t seen him in eight years, since my ex wife took him away from me after the arrest. Maybe she was right to do that. What kind of a father am I. I’m a terrible role model, I’m stealing a car from some guy who’s got his own family to support. I don’t want my kid to live this way, and I don’t want to live this way either. But I need a place to sleep, It’s going to get below zero tonight, I’ll freeze to death. If I get arrested, at least I’ll still have a place to sleep. ( try to start the car)

Damn it, it’s out gas!

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Drawing our home networks.

mind mapping software
In order to use the internet, we need to know the internet. That's common sense. In order to know the internet, we have to realize what the internet is truly made of. That's Ms. Hull's technology class. It goes without saying that such a state-of-the -art school would have a technology class. However, I can't say I was expecting to learn anything. 
Part of learning what the real structure of the internet is rests on uncovering your own corner of the vast network of networks. That's what this picture is, a drawing of my own home network and the large majority of the things on it.
  -Liam Hart
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Jason's Home Network

In our first quarter of Technology we learned about our home network.  Mrs.Hull told us about the school's Acceptable Use Policy and the SDP's one.  We learned about the different parts of our home network like the ethernet cord and the router.  We were told to go home, find our home network and draw it.  The next class we were told to make to make a Lucid Chart of our home network.  I learned a lot this quarter about the ins and out of my network.
mind mapping software
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Damir's Home Network

The assignment was to create a drawing of  your home network and then recreate it on LucidChart. The significance of the  project was to establish a firm understanding of how internet enters and travels throughout your house. Ms. Hull specifically said she wanted us to realize that internet was not "magic", and that we have to understand the process that occurs almost simultaneously at our disposal. Here is a diagram I created to showcase how internet is used throughout my home and on my devices. 
mind mapping software
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