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Q1 E2 Art: Bailey Collins

​I have taken the advanced art class before. I opted to do the work of a 4 day art curriculum so that I could put my work into something I haven't already done before. 

Eugéne Atget: Pioneer of Documentary Photography

Eugéne Atget was born in Libourne, France in 1857. He is so commonly remembered for pioneering what is known as documentary photography. This type of photography is somewhat very similar to street photography which is more common now. Eugéne Atget is remembered for his initiative to document all of the architecture and street scenes of Paris before they disappeared into modernization.

Like so many famous artists, many of his photographs weren’t published until after his death. He began to become recognized by other photographers just two years before his death.

Eugéne Atget’s parents both passed away during his young adolescence. His maternal grandparents raised him in Bordeaux and after finishing high school, he went into the merchant navy.

Atget moved to Paris in 1878. He auditioned for acting classes and failed the first time, and then was allowed in when he auditioned again. He was still drafted during the time he was in drama school, and he was expelled for only being able to be there part-time.

While living in Paris, he became an actor with a traveling group. They stayed in and around Paris still. He met his wife, Valentine Delafosse Compagnon, who was an actress in Paris. She died just a few years after they were married. Eugéne Atget gave up on his acting career in 1887, due to an infection of his vocal cords. After he gave up on his acting, he moved to the provinces and took up painting, but was not successful.

Realizing he would never have a career in painting, he still spent his life as an amateur painter. His first photographs date back to 1888. In 1890, Atget moved back to Paris. He settled down as a commercial photographer, and put on a sign on his door that read, “Documents for Artists.”

In 1898, Eugéne Atget began to specialize in what is known as “Old Paris.” This became his project for nearly 30 years. This idea of old Paris was a  campaign to preserve and document pre-revolutionary architecture. Many of Atget’s photographs are of building facades and the streets of Paris, because he felt that he needed to document and archive the city before the construction of Paris Métro.

Atget stopped taking pictures almost entirely after the First World War (1914-1918). In 1920, Atget offered to sell a portion of his glass-plate negatives to the government. He wrote a letter to the Minister of the Fine Arts and wrote, “For more than 20 years I have been working alone and of my own initiative in all the old streets of Old Paris to make a collection of 18 x 24 [centimeter] photographic negatives: artistic documents of beautiful urban architecture from the 16th to the 19th centuries. . . . Today this enormous artistic and documentary collection is finished; I can say I possess all of Old Paris." The government purchased almost 3,000 of Atget’s negatives for 10,000 francs.

In the 1920s, Atget became noticed in modern art’s avant-garde. This wasn’t long before his death in August of 1927.
Recreated Piece
For art class copy
For art class-2
For art class
Copy a Master

The Scream by Edvard Munch
For art class-7
For art class-9
For art class-11
For art class
For art class-10
Emily Smoking-16
Personal Photography
Emily Smoking-2
Emily Smoking-3
For art class-4
Emily Smoking-5
Emily Smoking-7
Emily Smoking-14
Emily Smoking-6
Emily Smoking-12
Emily Smoking-13
For art class-3
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Copy a Master: Piet Mondrian

I decided to copy the master Piet Mondrian I found his paintings to be very well done and beautiful. Since I am really interested in math, I thought his paintings were amazing. His art is an amazing representation of how math relates to art. He uses squares and rectangles along with symmetry. Although he painted this painting in 1920, I find it to be very modern and trendy. I like how he used primary colors in his work and I enjoyed copying his work. I made 4 types of the same painting, one in sharpie, one in colored pencil, one in crayon and another in pastel charcoal.
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Art History: Piet Mondrian 1872-1944

Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 on March 7, 1872. Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl, is recognized for the purity of his abstractions and methodical practice by which he arrived at them. He radically simplified the elements of his paintings to reflect what he saw as the spiritual order underlying the visible world, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language within his canvases. In his best known paintings from the 1920s, Mondrian reduced his shapes to lines and rectangles and his palette to fundamental basics pushing past references to the outside world toward pure abstraction. His use of asymmetrical balance and a simplified pictorial vocabulary were crucial in the development of modern art, and his iconic abstract works remain influential in design and familiar in popular culture to this day. Piet Mondrian died on February 1, 1944 at the age of 72.
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Wynn Geary Q1

Found Object Sculpture:

“Personal Jesus”

Before my grandparent’s house caught on fire, I was able to take this Jesus statue out of the house. I really wasn’t a fan of the color and I got inspired by the Depeche mode song that was covered by Johnny Cash and later Marilyn Manson “Personal Jesus”. The idea is that everyone has a personal Jesus, someone to hear their prayers, someone who’s there. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.19.28 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.23.12 PM
Copy a Master:

Andy Warhol Cats:

For my copy a master I chose to focus on Andy Warhol and his collection of cat drawings. These  pen and water color pieces are fantastic and really capture Warhol, they were unique and simple but filled with character and color.

Click Here to view the the first original piece and the 2nd original piece

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.33.38 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.30.19 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.26.56 PM
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6


This fall I’ve been working on a giant rebrand for Engchat, A website that encourages communication collaboration and conversation in english teachers. The site it run by SLA’s very own Meenoo Rami. I worked with Ms. Rami on lots and lots of variations of the logo. 

Engchat On White

The logo when through many stages (pictures shown below) and finally we decided to strip down the entire logo to just our typography and to incorporate our favorite aspect of the logo, the pencil hashtag. I made the hashtag pencil colored and we came up with something that we absolutely loved. 

Below is an image of the logo at different stages throughout the design process.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.44.38 PM
At one point during the process of making the logo, we had lots of things that we wanted to put on the logo and lots of ideas for the logo but we hadn't yet come to a solution about to put all of the things we wanted into a single image. I came up with the idea to laser cut all of the design elements I had created and then using the piece, allow my client to build their own logo out of paper. This was helpful for 2 reasons, I got to see what style my client wanted and my client was also able to see that with the number of things they wanted in the logo it was almost impossible to not make it look over crowded. Below are some images of logos that we made
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 9
Photo 3
Photo 10
Photo 12
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Quarter 1: Drawings - Lesson C, Dakota Foster

My name is Dakota Foster and I am a senior at Science Leadership Academy. For this blog post, I will be showing you the art work that I did in my art class. We had to look at lessons that our teacher provided for us on a website called This set of drawings are from the Lesson C called Draw with Lines. I would have to say that this set of drawings were the hardest for me because I was never good at drawing faces or animals. So, I took my time when drawing these pictures because I wanted them to be the best they could be. 

My favorite drawing is in the lion because i really like how it looks. It was fun drawing it and I like how the lion looks more like a cartoon than a real lion. The hardest drawing for me was the drawing of the face with the girl with the large hair and the big eyes, her name is Kira. This was the hardest for me because I was never good at drawing faces. Never good at drawing faces of people either, I didn't really understand how the light and where it would hit. I didn't understand how the face was set up and where to put the lines to make the face look symmetrical. I would say that I did pretty good on this drawing to compared to the lesson it looks identical. I even had people say that the drawing looks like a girl that goes to my school. 
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Art- Johnson- Q1

​Since I have taken this advance Art class before I decided to do the 4-day Art plan. This challenged me more over the quarter. I decided to draw two characters to challenge myself. I really enjoyed drawling my art work over the quarter. 

The master that I copied for the Sunflower drawling was Georgia O'keeffe
Georgia O'keeffe was born in November 15, 1887 to March 6, 1986. She was born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.
 She was first recognized by the New York art community in 1916. In the beginning of 1929 she was working on her drawling in New Mexico. I really liked drawling her Sunflower picture I thought it was really beautiful.


image (1) copy
image (2) copy
image copy
image (1)
image (2)
image (6)
image (3)
image (5)
image (4)
Photo on 11-10-13 at 5.16 PM
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Copy a Character: ​Bemo (Adventure Time), Eve (WALL-E), Cockroach (WALL-E), Ice King (Adventure Time)

I decided to copy characters from my favorite television show on cartoon network and one of my favorite disney movies. I think Bemo is so adorable, he is a game system. Ice King is a crazy man that has ice powers. The cockroach is almost like WALL-E's side kick, I think that he was so cute even though he is a bug. Eve is a robot that has the task to come to earth and find a plant, she then falls in love with WALL-E. I love all of these characters and I found them fun to draw.
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Quarter 1: Drawings - Lesson B, Dakota Foster

My name is Dakota Foster and I am senior at Science Leadership Academy. For our art class, we had to draw these lessons that our teacher provided for us on a website called These are my drawings for Lesson B, which is called Learn to see. In this lesson, we were learning to see the different shapes in certain objects, the lines that were used in the objects, and how the space around the objects is placed. These are my drawings for the every step of the lesson. 
I would like to stay that this lesson was had for me in the beginning with drawing the duck but by looking at my drawings you can see that I started to get better at drawing. The easiest drawing for me was the drawing of the values which is where I drew the different shapes in different orders on the paper. My favorite drawing would have to be the Gremlin. I would say that was my favorite because to me that looks like the best thing I have ever did in my life. I didn't think I was going to be able to draw it that great compared to the lesson. When looking at my drawing and the lesson, they are very similar and I am very proud of myself for doing it so well. 
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Q1 Art A-F

I didn't expect art to be so stressful. I am very critical on my work and feel if it isn't perfect then I need to trash it. I can't express how much paper I've wasted from doing the same pieces over and over, but practice makes perfect. I feel I have progressed somewhat in doing these few pieces and I feel that my craft at having a steady hand has increased drastically. This art semester gave me more experience on drawing and I can not wait to increase my drawing skills even more.
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Article #8 “Accidente de avión cobró 8 víctimas en Bolivia”

Temperance Moore
Melanie Manuel 

Este artículo es sobre ocho personas murieron y nueve resultaron en al accidentarse en un avión de la aerolínea boliviana Aerocon. Mientras intentaba aterrizar en un pueblo de la Amazonía de Bolivia. El artículo dije, “El director del hospital de Riberalta, Jaime Claros, citado por la edición digital del diario La Razón, indicó que hay ocho víctimas mortales y nueve heridos, dos de ellos graves.” También, el artículo dije, “Un vocero de la aerolínea boliviana dijo que la empresa de momento solo puede confirmar que la aeronave llevaba a bordo a dos tripulantes y 16 pasajeros.” Un avión se incendió aterrizaje. La terminal amazónica no tiene correcto equipo para accidentes.    

Elegí este artículo porque yo era curioso sobre el tema. Yo pienso esta triste que muchos inocente personas murieron porque de accidente que podría se evitó. También, la terminal amazónica debería obtiene equipo porque que es peligroso. Yo pienso la terminal amazónica es responsable para las muertes porque no tiene equipo. Yo estoy de acuerdo cuando el artículo dije, “En declaraciones a la agencia estatal ABI, Morales dijo que ha pedido "una profunda investigación" y exigió "sanciones drásticas para la empresa".” También, el artículo dije, “En septiembre de 2011, otras ocho personas murieron al estrellarse un avión de la misma compañía en la amazonía boliviana. “ Yo pienso la terminal amazónica debería clausura.

Word Count: 222

"Latino News and Opinion." Accidente De Avión Cobró 8 Víctimas En Bolivia - . N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Nov. 2013. <>.

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Spanish Reflection #10

Chris Tran


La Comparación de Messi y Ronaldo

Este artículo se trata de el juego de Los Rockets y Los Knicks en el jardín de Madison Square. El equipo de Los Rockets tenía impuso con Jeremy Lin vivía a el jardín de Madison Square. Con veintiuno puntos y cinco asiste en el juego contra Los Knicks, quien Jeremy Lin jugó para Los Knicks hace dos años. Los jugadores quien jugó bueno es James Hardin con 36 puntos y Chandler Parsons con 22 puntos. Los Rockets un equipo fantástico quien van a play-offs nunca y gente piensa Los Rockets van a play-offs. Los Knicks van a play-offs, pero sin Tyson Chandler. Yo pienso los Knicks van a play-offs en un oportunidad paqueño. Yo pienso los dos equipos es fantástico, los dos estilo de jugar es mismo. Pero con James Harden,Dwight Howard y Jeremy Lin jugar casi perfecto. Los Rockets van a estar un equipo perfecto.   El vocabulario que yo aprendí en el artículo es vencieron o vencer. Vencieron o vencer es impuso canta gente y impuso con trabaja duro. Yo encontrado la palabra en esta sentencia en el artículo.

“Chandler Parsons agregó 22 puntos y Lin 21 para los Rockets, que vencieron a los Knicks por octava ocasión consecutiva, a pesar de una noche más bien tranquila de Dwight Howard, en gran medida superado por Andrea Bargnani.” (Fox Deportes)

Word count: 221

Work cited:

"Rockets Resiste Y Supera a Los Knicks." Fox Deportes. Fox Deportes, 15 Nov. 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2013.   <>.
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Briana's Drawings A-F (E2)


Outline the space of the duck wasn't hard at all. I found it effortlessly easy to do so with such a simple shape. It took me about 2-5 minutes to actually finish it and outline it with marker. I felt at ease when drawing this. 


After drawing the outline of the duck, I had to draw the duck. this was easy too, all it was was the same shape with some circles and a couple of lines. This made me realize how easy it is to draw when you know the shapes and components of the thing you want to draw.


Lines of symmetry! It was pretty fun doing. Though at times I dread doing it, it's something everyone needs to know how to do. How to draw the reflecting image so things are the same sizes on both halves is mandatory. That's kind is step 2 of art. 


This had me for a bit of time. It didn't take long, but it wasn't as short as I thought it should have been. I had to make sure both sides was the same size with everything. If it wasn't, it would have messed up the picture as a whole. Since it was symmetry and delusion, it had to be right to make you think, "Is it 2 faces, or a vase?" 


With this one I had to draw without looking at the paper. I had to focus on the object I was looking at only. I was surprise how close I was to having the bottle I drew right. I'm not good with not looking at the paper nor memorizing how something specific looks so this was a nice challenge for me to do. 


Lines and shading was the name of the game for this one. I had to see the comparison between shade and well, not shad. xD (The light parts) Also I had to draw straight lines without a ruler. Being able to draw lines free handedly is something that comes in handy for sure. This lesson was simple, but important. 


I had to use what I learned with the free handed lines and the shading in my gremlin drawling. I liked that it was something new and that I was actually drawing something at this point. This also used the symmetry rule as well since one side had to look exactly like the other side. I liked how all the components that I had to use in the previous drawings were applied to this slightly advanced drawing.

I had to draw a puppy. I wish they had me give the dog some eyeballs. He kind of looks weird. I mean, a dog without eyeballs? Anywho, drawing this wasn't hard either, I just didn't like the fact that the dog had to look like it was sick. 


NEGATIVE SPACE~. I had to not draw the actual chair, but the negative space around the chair. So I shaded everything around the chair instead of drawing the outline of the chair itself since, I mean that was what was asked of me. For me negative space is kind of difficult to wrap my head around, but I try to work with it. 


Everyone loves horses right? I liked drawing the horse, but I hate drawing animals. I should probably say that I don't like drawing real things(?). I enjoy drawing cartoons/anime so drawing things out of my comfort zone is a little bit more challenging in my perceptive. 


I had to draw myself. I didn't like it at all. I hate drawing people because I know I'm not good with it at all. The fact that it turned out pretty well made me a little proud of myself. I took my time with this one so I think my effort in it came out greatly. 


How to draw shapes and used them to our advantage was the name of the game. It was a simple drawling to do really. I mean, it was sort of the starter course of what the other lessons were going to be about. I guess it was trying to show me how often shapes and curvy lines are used in drawings. 


I had to draw a kola. I don't really like kolas so I thought this drawing looked ugly. I didn't like it at all. I mean it looked similar to a kola I guess but I just don't like how they look in general. It didn't take long to draw, but I didn't enjoy it as much as some other ones.


Leo the lion. This was more cartoonish than real so it was MUCH easier to draw it compared to the horse. I thought it was pretty cute as a picture. It was really simple to do, just some circles, ovals, triangles, and some straight lines and BAM! A leo the lion. 


Finally speaking my language, ANIME. I actually didn't like drawing this one at all. It was ugly. Anime doesn't look as bad as they portrayed it which made me angry I had to draw this joke. I'd appreciated if they put some actual effort into the anime parts like they did everything else. If they could draw amazing irl things, why couldn't they draw a simple anime face correctly? (Just a little rant. #otaku)



Again. I hated that I had to draw part 2 of this "anime". It looked ugly. Even the old 1980 animes weren't as horrible or ugly as the ones they used. They need to improve greatly on these. >:( This was simple to draw as well and it wasn't exciting to do. 



I drew this fish sexy. (LOL) I know I messed it up, but I kept it the way I drew it anyway. I liked the way I drew my fish better so I didn't throw it away like I usually do with other drawings that come out wrong. I had to give myself a pat on the back with the attractive looking fish.



UNDER THE SEA. The under water creatures continues with a starfish. To be honest, I rushed this one because I didn't really want to draw it. Also, the fact that it had all these extra little details made me rush through it even more. But hey, it got done~ and not to bad if I do say so myself. 



It lives in the water…well, I'm pretty sure gators live in the water and crocs live on land. Anyway, I had to draw it. That as well looked dumb to be honest. -3- The lessons started to get a bit boring. Guess the theme was "Things that live in the water."



A little mer-boy. That was ugly too. Based on my comments it would seem I didn't enjoy drawing these things, and it's true I didn't. They were childish to do. I mean they;re just ugly to me. A lot of them are. I don't know how to describe it other than they are ugly little cartoons. They didn't really put effort into those either. Well to me they didn't. :/ But I guess it's to help others get better with drawing in general. 



Flowers…or tulips. One of the two, I can't really remember. This was just knowing the different shades in pencils and what not. Like 2h is pretty light while 8B is the darkest type of pencil to use before you start using charcoal. (To me) it's literally the darkest pencil shade before they hop into charcoal sticks. 



SQUIRKLES!!! I like doing squirkles, well, I like saying it. They're pretty cool to do. It's another way of shading! I would have never thought of doing that. You learn something new every day it seems. 



Lightest to darkest squirrels. The light tones compared to the dark tones. I like the little ombre effect that is given when you do do the light to dark. And SQUIRKLES. Um, this wasn't like a "draw this" it was more of a secret to keep with you. A little mini lesson to go. I really liked learning about this. 



I LOVE DOING EYES! And the fact that I could apply the squirkle rule with the dark to light ratio of shading made it even more interesting. I never knew I could do that. My eye looked so cool! They blended really well. 



When actually applying squirkles to cartoon things again… it made me dislike it a bit. (xD) In all seriousness though, it wasn't that bad. I really did have a blast with these pictures. They didn't take as long as I thought they were. They seem like the were but the thing with squirkles is that you can go at a really fast pace and have it still look professional. 



I had to apply squirkle shading to a cartoon face. I thought I would do bad with this one but again, it came out pretty good. I wasn't always good with drawing a character and making sure people knew it was black. (In other words, my shading always looked bad and the skin complexion was never right in my eye.) But doing this has showed me all it takes is a little practice. 



Squirkling with trees. This was REALLY easy. I felt like I was just scribbling all over the place and it somehow made a tree. I can stress enough how much fun Iw as having with lesson D. :3


My blended in blob of squirkles. The blob looked dumb, but the shading looked pretty good. I didn't really like doing this one cause it sort of sucked the fun out of the other things but I got by. What can I say? I expect a lot of drawing. I like doing it but I don't like being forced to draw ugly things because then I most likely won't take it as seriously as other things. (This I know for a fact.)



I had to make a 3-D effect of the fruit by using squirkles. I didn't like doing this because I think I did it wrong. It didn't come out right in my eye. :/ It doesn't look like it has a 3-D feel about it. So even though I did it, I feel like it's wrong… like a math problem. 



The view of PERCEPTION. I liked doing the little cute faces with the squiggly balls. It didn't take too long, but it felt like it did. I thought I did pretty good with this picture too. It looked like they were about to come right out of it. 



The vallies and the mountains. Sometimes, they are the most easiest things one can do and yet still not have mastered. This wasn't bad at all. All I had to do was draw some mountains and do the thing I like doing the most, SQUIRKLES! 



The VANISHING point! All i had to do was put a vanishing point and then draw what ever I wanted to draw away from it. Then, I had to connect the pieces to from the vanishing point to the thing I wanted to draw. Since that sounds so complicated, I did the easiest thing possible. A box. 



Vases and vases. 2 different vases to make them look more realistic. For this one all I had to do was…draw. This one was the easiest thing to draw. All it was was… vases. I don't know what else to really say about this one. 


Different shades of pencils. All I had to do was practice and see if I could master the light to dark ratio in general. Pretty simple for this one. Nothing really new in this lesson, at least not yet. 


More mountains! I had to draw them and then shade them if 4 different shades. This wasn't to hard to do either. Just more lessons on shading and the different kind pencils you can use to achieve the shades.


There were like 12 different pencils I needed to do this one and I didn't have 12 so I had to improvise. I mean it worked out in the long run but, I didn't like it. I took a lot of time out of my hands drawing then shading in everyone of them. I kind of rushed it cause I started to get bored with it after a while.


Light to dark in wavy lines. This was just like #23 in a way. Nothing really new with the light to dark. You can only do so many until it starts to get, well, boring.


KOBRAAAAA. Pretty sure he's in G.I. Joe. I used to love that show. The remake of the cartoon, not the original one. :/ He literally never won but I still liked the remake more because that's what I grew up on(?) Anyway, this was kind of cool to draw. He had a lot of shading to do but, it was cool to do for the most part. 


Combo of squirkles and dashes. Different shading techniques to make something look more completed I guess. I didn't like how it looked but I liked that it switched up the shading stuff. 


Another 3-D with dashes/curves. I don't really like it because I think I did this one wrong too but, I think I did it better then the other one. It could have been better in my taste but 3-D is like on another level for me. (Cry)


Still light to dark ratio things. :/ It was no point to this one but I guess they thought it was needed after about 3 of them. It was there. That's it really about this drawing. 


A cool little scenery. I liked it a lot. It didn't take too much work to make it look cool. Even though this is true, I still drew it wrong. ( to me at least) 


I LOVED THIS ONE! I think this was the best one I drew in a long time. Well, not in a long time but out of all the drawings drew this one was the best to me. It wasn't a time consuming thing but it still came out great. 


An amazing looking tulip with great shading. (Being too cocky) I messed this one up too to be honest. It's pretty good. Not bad if I do say so myself. I liked drawing this little picture so it was pretty quick to do. 


I didn't like the seahorse. It was ugly to me. I know I didn't draw it correctly. It looks similar but I know where the flaws are.  


Light on a mug is what I had to draw. It wasn't hard with this either but I mean, it wasn't exciting. It was really simple to do. Just the same old guide to shading.

SPOONS SPOONS SPOONS. A cool looking spoon with some shade on it. It's pretty cool. I liked the little circles on the handle part. This was pretty fun to do. 


This one was weird. I got it done in the end and it wasn't hard but it looked funny. A bit intimidating but all well's that ends well. I did the lines and what not but I don't think it looks right. And that's the end of that chapter. 

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“Guatemala divida ante la peticin de anular la codena a Ríos Montt”

En este artículo, se dice un tribunal condenó a Ríos Montt por genocidio y crímenes de guerra, y le dio ochenta años en la cárcel. Perro, Ríos Montt ahora es una libre hombre por que gentes con autoridad se dice Ríos Montt es innocente. 

Ríos Montt dijo que la sentencia era un “show político internacional que va a afectar el alma del corazón del pueblo guatemalteco”.

Ríos Montt se dice mentiras! Yo no creo Ríos Montt es inocente. En la semana pasa, yo visitado Guatemala para estudiar Español. Yo estaba en Guatemala para un mes. Durante mi visita, yo aprendí mucho de Guatemala y la historia de Guatemala. Yo leí mucho libros, incluye “Yo Soy Rigoberta Menchú.” Yo visitado lugares que eran campamentos guerrilleros durante la conflicto interno. Yo aprendí mucho de la conflicto interno y Ríos Montt. 

Yo no puedo creer Ríos Montt se determinó ser inocente. Ríos Montt es responsible por la muerte’s de muchos gentes indígena. ¡Ríos Montt es responsible para un genocido! Necesito un otro juicio ahorita.

Los gente’s que dice Ríos Montt no es responsible por genocido o crímenes de guerra es empresarios. Ellos tienen una razón para diciendo Ríos Montt, y la razón es dinero. El Tribunal condenó a Ríos Montt por genocidio y crímenes de guerra. ¿Por que los empresarios que dice Ríos Montt es innocente? Por que los empresarios que dice Ríos Montt es inocente es amigos de la gobierno y Ríos Montt.

Navi Pillay, La Alta Comisionada de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos Humanos, creo que Ríos Montt es una criminal. Navi Pillay no esta incorrecto. 


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Q1 Reflection #7: Granger practicará esta semana

Este artículo habla de un jugador de baloncesto en la NBA. El se llama Danny Granger, es un Forward para los Indiana Pacers. Ahora los Pacers son primos en la liga y han ganado sus primeras ocho partidos. Granger ha jugado en cincos partidos en año pasado por que tiene una lesión en su gamba, y tambien no a jugado este año. Pero, Danny Granger ha comenzado a practicar este Miércoles per il primo tiempo en casi un año. Los fanáticos serán muy contentos y excitados por el retorno de Danny Granger por que es jugador que puede ser un líder y ganar partidos. Granger es jugador que le gusta tirar el baloncesto mucho. Con esto comenzó histórico los Pacers puedan intimidando los otros equipos con la presencia de Danny Granger. El entrenador de Granger era muy cauteloso con la lesión de Danny porque quieres que el puede jugar en Indiana para muchos otros años. Entonces, Danny ha tomado su tiempo para retornar. Danny ha tenido dos lesiones a tiempos diferentes. El primo era el año pasado en su tendón de la rodilla izquierda. El segundo era en Octubre en su pantorrilla izquierda. Será Interesante para ver como Danny juega en ritorno y se puede ayudar su equipo a restar el número uno.

Word Count: 213
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Q1 Reflection #6: “Fotografían a un 'unicornio asiático', uno de los animales más raros del mundo”

Este artículo hablando de un typo de animal más singulares de la Tierra, el saola. Debido a que son tan poco comunes, y bastante esquivos, el saola se conoce como el "unicornio asiático". Tambien, el saola se conoce como el "unicornio asiático" porque que tiene dos cuernos paralelos bastante cerca el uno del otro. 

En este semana, científicos capturaron imágenes de un saola en un forestal. Comentó William Robichaud, coordinador del Grupo de Trabajo del Saola de la Comisión de la Unión Internacional para la Supervivencia de las Especies de la Naturaleza "Estas son las fotografías más importantes de animales salvajes tomadas en Asia y quizá en el mundo, por lo menos durante los últimos diez años" en un comunicado de prensa del Fondo Mundial para la Vida Salvaje.

Muchos saolas se quedan atrapados en las trampas de alambre que los cazadores colocan para atrapar. Yo pienso que este es muy triste. Perro, el hecho de que científicos capturaron de un saola en un forestal significa saolas está en menos peligrosa. 

¡Yo pienso que este es increible! Me gusta animales mucho, especialmente animales extrañas como el saola. Yo creo que el saola es muy guapo y bonito. Estoy muy emocionado por los fotografías de los científicos capturaron de un saola un forestal. Me pregunto que otros animales extrañas yo no se en el mundo. Yo pienso que es mucho. Yo no quiero saber todos los animales en el mundo, porque yo pienso que es importante tener misterio en naturaleza. 

Me gusta el hecho de que no hay saolas en cautiverio. Me gusta pensar de el salvaje saola en naturaleza, sin jaulas o otros cosas de humanos.

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