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We Will Bury You

“You do not have the funding required to produce such an automobile.” The sentence echoed between my ears. We had worked on a modern design for quite a while now, only to be shot down. We even had working prototypes driving around Mlada Boleslav. The Skoda 120 was to be our first modern car since the occupation began. It would have shown the world what Czechoslovakia was made of. I started to think about the factory. I have friends who are foremen there. In fact, I’ve been there many times. We have the capacity, I know it. Our workforce is among the most highly skilled in all of the Socialist Republics. The Skoda 110 has been highly successful. We’ve turned a profit for as long as I can remember. We've done internal research to ensure that we can mass produce a front wheel drive car.

You know what, it isn’t about the company. It’s about power. The revolution scared them. Dubcek scared them. Now Moscow knows what we’re capable of. We aren’t like the other socialist republics. We have capabilities that they don’t. We were industrialized before the war. They don’t like that we aren’t the others, who depend on the Soviets for resources and money. We could easily sustain ourselves without them. Everyone in this country knows it, but the Soviet implementation of fear keeps us from talking.

They don't care about us. They want us to wish we were them, but we're better. We fought with peace, they brought it to violence. They're no better than schoolyard bullies. We will need to beat them with industry. Violence would bring us down to their level, which is just what they want. If the car is built, we will have a world class small car that we can make large amounts of money exporting to the West. However, doing this is nearly impossible without going through Soviet hurdles. Since they already don't like us, the chances of the idea being approved or funded are infinitesimal. If we don't build it, the Soviets will know we are willing to lay down and take punishment until we are just like the others. Despite the potential issues with that, there's still a positive side. By accepting our punishment without retaliation, people like me will not need to fear imprisonment or death.

There's no way just accepting their decision is the better option. I would disappoint my entire research and development team. All the work we did would have been for nothing. All the 15 hour workdays and all the company's money, for nothing. The designers even already have a body built for it. I can't let them down. We have to build the car.

Flash forward, 1983: I regret what I said. I have been reformed. There is no reason to improve something that isn’t broken. The Gulag system has shown me the truth. I thank the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for re-educating me. I should not have doubted them.

Just Let Me Stay

Principal Brown come on don’t do this to me. Please you can’t! You  just can’t...we go way back. I was there when this place first opened, I know who pulled all the pranks, I remember the first graduation class back in 94’, and it just keeps going. I am the backbone of this school. Me and others, all have put so much time and effort into this place, so that the students can feel like home. Each and every year when new ones come, they come to us and start the next chain of stories to be held. It’s our job, it’ our life, and you want to replace us with me ones.

What if we replace you huh! You wouldn’t like that at all so why you doing this to us?

Remember back in 96’...when we got that stink bomb. You remember that and guess what? I know who did it. His name was Chris. He was a Junior, one of the bright ones too. He was a pretty good student too, but he just got in with the wrong crowd. You remember them, the so called thugs back then. They were bullying him, everywhere he went they followed. They were making him do whatever they wanted him too, and they told him to make and plant it into your office. And so when it went off, you remember how he came to you and told you who did it? You remember principal.

You believed him too easily, and expelled the student that he told you, but all the evidence was planted on that student. The students that bullied Chris planted all the supplies, and plans in his locker, so of course he couldn’t explain why it was there. A complete set up. He couldn’t do anything but accept the fate that was for someone else.  

The thing that made it worse is that you were so filled with rage, that you never considered the fact that he could have been framed, and maybe he didn’t do it. Don’t try to lie. The case was just too easy and you never thought twice about it. You punished the wrong person for a crime he didn’t do, and the bullies had a great laugh. After you expelled him, Chris came back to me got his stuff, but he couldn’t leave. The bullies came back, threw him in me, and thanked him for doing their dirty work.

Before they left they told him, “Tell anyone and you’ll regret it.” I can still hear their painful words, still see how badly Chris shook with fear, and I was the only thing around that could help. I was the only one who knew what really happened, and that’s just the start of my memories.

What about in 2000, when you thought the school was going to close, and all your hopes were in a students project being picked as the country’s best. You remember that girl? Her name was Amber, and where did she house her winning project? In me. I was the lucky locker to keep her project safe. I had all her notes on how to build it, produce it...I was the one that had the inspirational words on it from previous years that motivated her the entire way. I was always the one that was the first to see her, and the one that always said goodbye. I was the one that was always with her, and always knew what she thinking. I was the reason why she succeeded.

Now let’s not forget about the 2006 senior prom. You remember what happened, they couldn’t decide on who to pick as the ‘Queen’ but really, there was one true winner but they felt bad for the other girl who got into a car accident the day before. She was going to be the winner, but because of her accident, she had to stay in the hospital. So they went down to the hospital and crowned her there. They even came up with the idea to make a nice little video of it, and that got shared with the school the next day. They made that girl so happy, and she needed that for her recovery. I saw it all, heard it all, watched them get all excited about it, and saw them put it into action.

I grew as this school grew over the years. I know who steals the pretzels from your office, I know what the teachers do once all the students leave each day, and I know so many secrets from almost every student in this school. They never think that I’m listening to them while they walk past, but I am. If I told these secrets I could ruin so many lives. What I know can never be forgotten. What I know must be shared, but if not, at least let it live on in my memories. So I’m begging you, not to replace me with that new crap. Let me stay and be with the family that I grew up with.

I want to see how it all goes down. I want to see my family grow. I want to spend my last days rusting away watching them grow up, and go in the world.  

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The world of Kara

Tech--Lazorko (1)

My slide looks the way it does, because it gives the audience a yearning feel for background information behind the word. I decided to increase the size of the text, because that seems to catch someone’s eyes, compared to whether it was smaller. I also made the text color a dark red, because it pops out over the black and white image of me.  I chose the idea of hope, because it is something we all want to have at certain times in life. The picture of me is looking at something, and that something is hope. Based off my ME MAGAZINE, I hope to have goals for my future, and a successful life in school. This slide shows how one word can have so much meaning behind it.

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All about Elani!

Family and friends are a big part of my life. “I love my life and the ones in it.” I made my slide look the way it does because I thought that it would be cool to just have one picture describe me. The image also describes me in only a couple of words. I think that just seeing the picture as a whole made me want it. In my opinion the picture itself was enough for my slide and I didn't need anything else. I decided to make the words really big so everybody can see it and I decided to have the background white so you could see the words more clearly.
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Media Fluency

Untitled presentation

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

My slide looks the way it does because I tried to make my slide look different and creative from watching the video that was shown in class. In the ¨Presentation Zen¨ he said that your slide should look interesting and that your colors and images should pop. Watching the video helped come up with some ideas.

What influenced your decision making?

The links to the tutorial gave a lot of good ideas for my slide and using the sources provided helped a lot. In class you gave us some advice to look at exaplmes to help us with our slides, so I took it and tried to come up with some ideas.

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Media Fluency

All About Me!

Why did you make the slide look the way it does?

I made my slide look the way it does because I tried to be creative and take important advice from the tutorial video we watched and links provided. The video showed how to make your text bigger and different, so I thought that was cool and could make my slide more interesting.

What influenced your decision making?

The tutorial links and video gave me a lot of things to think about for my slide. So, I used some of the information provided in those sources to help me make my final decisions for my slide.

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"Keep Your Head Held High.."

Tech Presentation
The reason I made my slide look like this is because we kind of had to be "unique" but it also had to be about ourselves. This is about me because the quote "Keep Your Head Up High Princess, Your Crown Is Falling." relates to the fact that it's basically the reason I am the person I possibly am today. I always used to listen to the bad stuff people would say about me and it really brought me down. Every day I literally walked to school hanging my head down low, my friend walked up to be picked my head up and said "Your crown was falling." I made the letters big and bold because it is the thing that needed to stand out the most. I put a picture of the little girl and made the crown bleed and fall off her head a little. Then I have a picture of me, to indicate that I grew up, forgot what people had to say about me and held my head up high with the crown on top of my head. 
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Who is Tito?

Tito's Tech Slide

Hey Guys, I decided to make this slide how it is because I feel like it is the best way describe me. I usually stand out from the rest of the group in the things that I do and so I thought that it would be a cool characteristic to use. When I was making this slide I originally had no idea as to what to do, instead I spent one day surfing the web for information about slides like the one that I needed to do. I mainly used the sources given to us on canvas for the actual knowledge and explanation type of research but I spent the rest of the time on google images, looking at examples and figuring out what it was that I wanted to aim for. I ended up incorporating quite a few elements from the other slides, like bleeding certain things out of the page, using a box to figure out the alignment of specific details and many other things like the colors and shadows/blurs to give the whole slide a mood. Overall it seems pretty simple, but I that was what I was aiming for.

2nd Draft

For my second draft of my slide, after uploading the first one and getting evaluated by my peers and my teacher. I decided to make some changes based on what they said.

The first change which I did was to remove some of the gray circles on the slide, I was told that too many of them would make the viewer disoriented and also would look too messy. I decided to remove about half of them and increasing the spacing between them while still keeping the bleeding effect. Other changes that I made were things like adding clouds to the top, removing a lot of the white text and overall enhancing and trimming the original picture.
Tito's Tech Slide
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All About Me Slide, Sok

I wanted to incorporate food and a laptop because that is what I spend the majority of my free time on. To add color, I made the text on the laptop a bright shade of pink. I chose this image as my backround because I thought that it nicely bled out of the image and that there was a good amount of emptiness distributed throughout the picture. Plus, it had food and a laptop on a bed and it gave off a cozy vibe which was what I wanted.
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Me Slide -Davis

​The main aspect that was included in my Me Magazine was fashion. I made sure the background I chose was mainly neutral colors and made sure that the word/s I used were in a bright color to come off as eye-catching. When there are too many words present, the slide looses it's purpose. Therefore, I chose to use only one word.
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Lyle Seitz- A presentation Slide

I made my slide based off of something that people all over SLA usually think of when they think of me. I used a picture of the Backstreet Boys as the main focus of my slide, because when people usually think of me, they think the cool folders I have, all with the Backstreet Boys. I then put my name with a question mark because people also think ‘whoa what just happened’ after they spend some time with me. I wanted my slide to look really simple, so I didn’t add many elements to it. I thought of the apple ads, and saw how much they put on their ads, they don’t have many components to them, but they look really good. I also thought the Backstreet Boys were a good choice for me because they are so full of life and youth just like me.  

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All About Me Slide - Sandra Watson

Vogue Musica is my billboard. i choose that title because I i really like to listen to music more than anything in the world. Vogue is a very popular magazine that was made in paris a place I really want to go one day.  The background was shown to represent my love for  music as vogue shows my love for paris and traveling.

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My Slide - Friend

The reason I made my slide the way it is, is because the color blue seems to be a cool color which is usually appealing to the average human eye. I used the Caesar Dressing font because this font is used by The Caesar Hotel which is an eye capturing hotel and most people look at  because of its font. The reason I chose to use the words I did is because people like the truth so thats what I gave them. I added that animated picture of me because it went with the theme of the slide and also told who I am. The picture shows me wearing a hoodie of my favorite color which is blue. It also shows me with a controller and headphones which represents me being a gamer. I left the background white because it would help draw more attention to my slide. In a way it’s like moth to a flame. I left everything spaced out but not too spaced out because this gives people a sense of organization but not a sense of emptiness. This is my slide.

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Kaamil Jones - Presentation Slide

I made this slide look like this because I wanted it to look really simple. When doing this I thought about Apple, the company. I looked at their ads and saw how simple it was and how they had simple colors like black, white and grey with a pop of color. Also from reading the articles and thinking about the IKEA ads It was just simple and focus around the pictures instead of the words.

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All about me, Feliciano -Hayes

My slide includes both text and pictures. I made the text visible to the viewer, and short so it can be read quickly. I made the text have a color that agreed with the background so that it could be seen from a distance. I put up a simple collage that has pictures of things I described in the slide so there would also be a visual aid to catch the viewers attention. The picture has selfie, a picture of me and my friends, a picture of my eyes, and a picture of me on the beach with some of my friends. When I first made my slide it had a lot on it so I removed any non essential information/pictures.  One thing that made my slide authentic was that the color scheme I chose represents how I have a very happy and bubbly personality (even though when I get made I will become the complete opposite.)
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All About My Slide

My slide that I created is based on my ME Magazine. My magazine was about my dance life, so thats why I have a photo of a ballet dancer. Making my slide was very difficult for me, because most of the time I was wondering if I had too little or too much. A source that helped me make my slide was an article called “Top Ten Slide Tips” by Garr Reynolds. I learned a lot! One big tip that he gave was to keep your slide simple. Reynolds said to use slides with a horizontal or Landscape orientation. He also said that the image should be the main part, so I thought about rather than having just multiple images, use an image as a background, and a small amount of words. I think this helps keep the audience focused on you, but can look at your slide, without getting distracted from the presentation.
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All about me

My slide includes some nouns that describe things in my life, like family and rowing. I put these in my slide, because words are important too. I made the color of the slide orange, because that is a bright color and will catch the eye easily. Most people don't put many pictures, but I think adding more pictures and less text is important, because most people look before they read. 
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