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unchain the Voice Blog Post 3

​For my  Agent Of Change , I did a presentation for 7th and 8th graders at Cornerstone Christian Academy. I spent lots of time preparing  for the presentation . I made sure that I included everything from my first blog post, to research .. to real life applications , and activities. I believed my Agent Of Change was great and fit my topic to the best of abilities because it the message was specifically targeted towards them . Also  i got two differnt outcomes from the grades. The 8th graders had more a narrow range that the negative term snitvhing was actually a term they used against each other to get them not to speak . Whe i had a potion for them to share out they laughed at some one's experience. So it just  shows how  un educated they were about the topic. I believe the 7th graders did a much greater job with it than 8th grade. I wish i would of done 6 grade too because it seemed like the younger the grade the more input they had and more of an open mind to the topic . I think as i did in my research and interviews that experience can corrupt the mind. It also helps get influeced by other people . The younger the mind the more vunerable it is to information .  My project was on the difference of snitching and speaking out . A lot of kids do not know what it is because they are uneducated on the topic but no one will teach tme because it seems irrelavent in the communities but it is very relavent because what happens is people are teaching kids not to tell the truth and not to speak up . So the brain becomes more corrupt when it does not know which way to go . 

I did not know these things before my final presentation at my old school . I only had a narrow way of thinking . I actually just did research on the computer but no website will hit exactly the root of the problem is . there is no website that describes how this topic tears friends, families, and communities apart. It is time to act now before it corrupts society as a whole . 

I liked my topic very much . It was very important to me because of personal experience and it was very unique but   there were other topics I would want to hit on even though this one was very interesting . i fi had picked another topic, I think that i could of made a bigger impact. This was a big impact but not as big as i wanted it to be . If I had to do this project all over again , I would do a different topic and make sure all my check points were in on time . I would also take many of the pictures on my phone so I would not have to wait or miss pictures because people forgot or did not do as I asked for the pictures. i belive it came out well though as a Semi- organized piroject. I do not think I will continue my  being an agent in this topic but maybe another , one that i could stick to or maybe not one but many. I will be an agent of change forever.

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Social Anxiety and Depression

Sydney Montgomery

Mrs. Giknis

English 1

For my You and the World project I wanted to raise awareness about Anxiety and Depression. In the beginning  I had it all planned out and knew exactly what I wanted to do. This was until I realized that what I had planned to do was entirely too much for what little time we had. This project was one of the most stressful things I have ever done. With this being something I am really passionate about I am very disappointed with how the entire project turned out. I was originally going to interview one kid from every grade and make a small documentary until people started backing out and I had to forget about the whole idea. I had my heart set on this documentary and all my ideas just came crashing down before my eyes. I then decided to do a survey and send it out the whole entire school. After I sent out the survey, I waited four days and did not get a single response. Time quickly started running out and I had to find a new idea. I then e-mailed individual kids and luckily got responses. For my Agent of Change, I finally decided to take pictures of people who answered the survey and take picture of them with a description underneath each photo about the teens have suffered with anxiety and or depression and how it has affected them. I’m still very far behind on my project even though I have my idea ready to go. At this point I have lost all motivation for this project. Even though I like my idea, it’s not something I’m very proud of. I feel I could have done so much better with getting the word across. The whole point of my original idea was so that it would be something someone couldn’t miss. Hopefully when I hang the pictures people actually take the time out of their day stop and read.


Jae Regino                 Jhazzelle Majarucon

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Glowing And Growing: Changing Domestic Violence One Nail at a Time

For my research, I found many reliable sources which gave me guidance during this project. I found numerous statistics and images, yet the only thing I wish I could have included are real life incidents. This is incredibly challenging to find, seeing as not many people are comfortable or in a safe enough environment to speak out about their personal experiences. I feel like it would have added another level of depth and feeling when thinking about domestic violence. I want to know more about how people get away with abusing and how they initiate the violence.

For my original research, I got to talk to a representative from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence(NCADV). It was so amazing to talk to someone who’s job was centered around ending domestic abuse and I gained a lot of knowledge after speaking with them. I would have contacted them sooner though, because I got no luck at any other organization and would have reached out to the NCADV first!

My agent of change achieved my goal somewhat, but my hashtag I created didn’t get as many responses as I would have liked, but many people did paint their nails and drew X’s on their fingers. I’m not sure if it really had a value to everyone, because it was supposed to raise awareness and spark an interest in the participants to learn more about domestic violence. As I have stated in the past, education and speaking out about this sort of “hidden” issue is what will help us to come together and try and stop allowing this violence to continue in our communities. I hope it actually did accomplish raising awareness and proved to be more than just nail polish, and proved to make a difference, one coat at a time.

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Living Like an Impossible Tongue Twister...

I have conducted a lot of research about Social anxiety for my first two blog posts. In my first blog, I researched about what exactly social anxiety is, what social is like in other people's lives, how to cope with it, and the treatment. For my second blog post, I educated myself more about this issue and talked about it in this second blog but I also interviewed a friend of mine who suffered from social anxiety. I asked her questions such as how social anxiety affected her life and her responses were similar to the people who have social anxiety as well. I was surprised by how social anxiety not only affected her life but it also affected the real her. For my agent of change, I have decided to partner up with Jae Regino and TK Saccoh because not only did we use a similar issue but I believe that we all work very well as a group and it would help all of us in the last part of the project since we all have a good insight about this issue.

Currently, my partners and I are working on our website to educate the public about social anxiety. The point of this website is to also help the people who suffer from it with the help they need or an advice from us and we will respond to whatever they intend to share with us. After working on this website, we will share it on social medias and spread the word to other people about this. Our site is not a site where people just browse information but they could leave comments or share their stories. If you want to make a change in the society you could either donate or do a simple task both on this website. This task is called the "Tongue Twister Task". This is basically like a challenge where everyone are welcome to participate in. In order to participate, you make a video of yourself or whoever you're with and do a tongue twister and say it for three times. After doing the task, you nominate 2 or more people to do the same thing and to post it on social media such as: instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.

In the paragraph above this, I talked about this website where the "Tongue Twister Task" is located at. Like I said above, this task is an awareness to social anxiety. People with this condition avoid public and social situations and it's as if their lives are an impossible tongue twister. I am glad that we thought of doing the website and the tongue twister task for the agent of change because this will not only educate people about this big issue but it will also help people who suffer from social anxiety. My partners and I are pursuing the website and the tongue twister task for our agent of change. We started asking other people to do the task and it has been successful so far.

First, we asked one person if he could do the task while we videotape him. After he does the tongue twister he begins nominating a person and the person who was nominated nominates another person and it just keeps going… That is how the change started. At first, I felt uneasy about doing this project because the amount of things that we were supposed to do was intimidating but now that I know pretty much what I want to do, I feel comfortable in doing this project and I enjoy doing this very much even if it takes a lot of time and effort. What I learned about myself is that I tend to enjoy big projects as long as they involve other people not just the lessons we learn in class. What I learned about others is that they will support what you do just as long as it is for an important cause.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 6.51.27 PM.png

These are the people who participated in the "Twister Task Challenge" and here is a link if you want to see them.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 6.24.40 PM.png

This is the home page of our website with the quote from this website said by Thomas A. Richards,Ph. D., a psychologist and a director.

I feel like I could've done my research for my agent of change earlier because this part needs a lot of research and consumes time. Me and my partners still need to ask more people to join this awareness and the people who were nominated to do the task needs to record themselves. We just basically want this awareness to spread and let people know about social anxiety and after doing this awareness hopefully people learned something out of this project my partners and I did.

Here is my annotated bibliography!

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Public Speaking: Social Anxiety Change & Awareness

In my first blog, I conduct research online about social anxiety and discussed what I’ve gathered/learned from it. Then, I conducted research on my own concerning people that suffered from social anxiety disorder in my second blog. The society we currently live in is made by and for neurotypicals. Neurotypical means “neurologically typical,” referring to those who do not suffer or have not experienced any mental trauma or disorders. Deciding to make a change in society about social anxiety and/or public speaking has always been a goal for me. Currently, I’m working with Jhazzelle Majarucon and TK Saccoh for our Agent of Change. I’ve decided to form a team with them because I believe that we’ve never worked on anything school related. I want to be able to create a bond between us that not only involves friendship, but also work.

My previous research had gathered much needed information about those who need help and others who have those close to them suffer from social anxiety disorder. I reasoned with my group that we could create a change in the community through the Internet. We used the Internet at our disposal because of the fact that a lot of people use it everyday in a sense where they communicate through social media. Some people may be more comfortable sharing their stories in the Internet anonymously.

Our main goal to end social anxiety is to get people to speak up about their stories and situations. Many people are uncomfortable with sharing their information, but that’s alright. It’s a part of the process, and we understand. Although, even if they did tell us their stories, we wouldn’t just read it and try to deem it as a loss cause. My team and I would actually help them by communicating online because we want people to feel accepted in society. The society we live in isn’t just for neurotypicals, everyone can live in harmony even though they’ve faced problems in their lives.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 8.40.48 AM.png

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 8.40.57 AM.png

Figures 1 & 2: Here is the home page of our website. It links to our blog posts and information we’ve gathered about social anxiety.

Raising awareness and helping educate those who don’t know much about social anxiety disorder is a part of our Agent of Change as well. Not only do we want people to contribute by telling us about their stories, but we also want them to participate in the #ToungeTwisterTask. This challenge is created for those who want to raise awareness in social anxiety, which affects 1 in 8 people. By participating, people can make a change, using the hashtag and posting it on their social media networks. The idea is that people who suffer from these conditions avoid social and public situations. Their lives are compared to a tongue twister, confusing and hard to get out of the way. Participants in the challenge can post a short video of themselves reciting tongue twisters, and/or they can donate to the cause by the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 8.41.12 AM.png

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 8.41.23 AM.png

Figures 3 & 4: This is the part of our website that includes the pages where you could share your own story of social anxiety. Or, to raise awareness for social anxiety by reciting a tongue twister.

So far, we've gathered several people (teachers, students, family members, etc.) to do the #TongueTwisterTask, and video taped them. We compiled them in a folder.

Click here to view my sources.

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Funding Philly

Making the Change to Schools

Blog 1  is all my initial research.  I found most of my sources during this time, and layed out all the basic information I could find on school funding, for example why we are missing funds, and I touched on how the more money spent on each student has a big impact on the quality of their education, and in turn how well they do,

In Blog 2 I found out why Philly schools have less money then other school districts even though they are smaller.  Also, I interviewed Mr. Lehmann, and asked him about how a lack of funding has affected our school, and what changes he thinks should be made.  

Right now, I am creating a poster to spread awareness about the current plan of the school district, to get rid of school nurses, like nurse Kelly who is our school nurse today.  Students already need more medical attention, and throwing in someone who we won’t even manage is not the way to go.  My poster tells people what to do to spread awareness, as well as gives a very small summary on some the key points on my topic, which is the problem with school funding.   


Before I found out about the recent events going on with school nurses, I was trying to get in contact with an already established organization, so I would not have to start from scratch.  If I had contacted multiple organization, and gave myself more time, I might have been able to get a hold of one, and do some work there.   However, I am really enjoying the poster idea a lot more than I would have, if I had worked with an organization, and probably just done boring paperwork, and not feel as accomplished.  Now, with my posters, I can make a change in my own school, by putting them up all around.  I am glad we did this project, because it’s one of the onlt things we have done all year that will truly affect anything beyond the information learned in the project.  It gave us a lot of freedom, and we get to see our work accomplish something hopefully.  

Annotated Bibliography



Christian McCormac

Ms. Giknis

English (X Band)

29, May 2015

As you can tell from my first and second blog post my topic is airport security. Specifically how Airport security guards abuse their power. My first blog post showed that I feel strongly about this topic because whenever I personally go through a scanner I feel as though my privacy is being invaded. For my second blog post I found a former airport security guard and asked him to answer some questions I had. After he answered my questions I learned that some airport security guards also believe that by doing there job they are invading the personal space of others. This led me to decide to make posters for my agent of change. These posters were simple and educated the public on the topic of how airport security guards have too much power.

As I was researching my topic I found numerous websites like this one that informed the general public on how airport security guards have too much power.This showed me that my topic was a major problem yet for some reason it isn't talked about a lot. After I realized this I decided that making flyers would be the best form of action to take.

As I was passing out the flyers some people started talking to me about how they don't enjoy going through scanners because ¨they leave little to the imagination¨. When I thought about this comment I realized the main problem. The airport security guard that I interviewed did not like doing his job. Therefore it is possible that the source of the problem if not airport security guards but the actual government. After further research I learned that the TSA is the one that comes up with these rules and regulations. They are the ones that come up with these rules and regulations that lead to people feeling as though there personal space has been invaded.

Throughout the timeframe in which I have been doing this project I feel like I have done a good job of educating the public on airport security. At first I thought that when I was passing out the flyers people would simply just throw them away, but after I had that small discussion with the man I realized that I'm not the only one that feels so strongly about this topic. Although I have not made a world changing effect on the world, I feel like I have successfully educated the general public on the general difference between safety and harassment. I feel like I have paved a good road for me to do something along these lines for my capstone.

Here is my annotated bibliography.
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Screens and teens glows and grows

​So for my project one thing that was awesome in the research was that I was able to find so much information and cites that were about my topic.  What that meant was that I had more cites to source and to summarize in my annotated bibliography.  I had a lot of fun collecting the information in my annotated bibliography because I am really interested in my topic how screens affect teens mainly because I myself am a teen.  I want to know more about gorilla glass and how it's made and how is it the strongest glass.  Also I wish I had found how phones and cameras were made because since I am a video and photographer I am interested in that.

In the original research it was quite tricky to get a hold of Jeff Adams the google guy who if I really needed him to give me the information I could have gone over to his house because he lives a few blocks away from me so I could have walked.  But he responded within the deadline but barely so if I were to do it again I would ask a lot earlier to give him time to respond and give me time to possibly go to his house.  When I did get a hold of him he gave me a lot of valuable information that only a google employee would know such as whether they get breaks from their screens to optimize work time the answer yes.    

The Agent Of Change went well in my mind so far it hasn't gotten many views only views from me however when something goes on youtube it is there forever so there is no saying when one person sees it then shares it and other people see and who knows I could get internet famous but that probably won't happen, and I am happy with 4 or 5 views.  If other people do see it I hope they learn about the problems I adress in the video and don't just watch it cause they can.  I hope to make more videos like that to raise awareness of social problems.

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Drug brochure

For the ¨You and the world¨ project, My issue around the world is drug abuse around the United States.  For my agent of change , I made a brochure for teachers and students at Science Leadership Academy. The brochure consisted of facts about drugs and tips you should take if someone around you, or maybe even you are experiencing an addiction to drugs. Other than my brochure, there are many rehab centers near your neighborhood  who are looking for people who are addicted to drug, so they can get help as soon as possible. In my last two blog post, I talked about how the United States as a whole is affected by drugs and how us as citizens should take awareness of this major issue.

My opinion on drugs abuse is that I think that it is unfair that when the topic of drug abuse comes up, people first thought is adults. I feel as though older generations needs to pay more attention to teens who are a risk of becoming addicted to drugs. Today, the rate of teens who are using drugs have increased insanely because older generations are not paying any attention to their children and young people. I feel as though there needs to be a drug programs just for teens because if a teen is in a room with all adults it creates an uncomfortable environment. Me being a teen, I know that I would feel more comfortable with people who have things in common with me. Although there are websites on the internet about steps to take on what to do if your are experiencing addiction, We need something to do after we finish all these complicated steps. We need something that teens can rely on.

So far during this ¨You and the world¨, I have talked to my friends about using drugs on the daily. Also, I became more aware of how many people are using drugs, tobacco, or even alcohol in my neighborhood.  In addition, I have also tried to persuade a few friends of mind to stop using drugs, Some tended to get upset, but I don't mean to make them upset; I want them to know what they are doing to their bodies and the people around them.  Here's a link to my brochure if you or anyone around you are affected by drugs.

This rough photo above is a preview on of my drug brochure. If you or someone near you is experiencing drug abuse and addiction please use this information here above.  You may also find a few inside Ms. Giorgio's room or with the school counselor. If you live in or near the area of southwest, they have them inside the SouthWest Police Athletic League on 58th and Elmwood.


Magnífica casa Diseñado por Tajnia y Syeda

Nuestra casa es una casa de dos pisos en la ciudad de Filadelfia, que es moderno y muy grande. Tiene un interior sencillo que contiene tres dormitorios, una sala de estar, comedor, cocina, garaje, almacén, una habitación, tres baños, habitación familiar/biblioteca y patio. Es en la ciudad con muchas ventanas para disfrutar de la vista. Dentro de las paredes están pintadas de colores vibrantes y ligeros, con suelos de baldosas. Algunas de las habitaciones son sencillas y modernas y las habitaciones y el patio trasero son muy elegantes. Es una casa muy grande que es muy amplia, con muchas ventajas para disfrutar.

Screenshot 2015-05-31 at 8.43.24 PM
Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 5.40.09 PM
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"Hands Up!, Guns Downs!"

With this sustained journey in finishing up my You and the World Project, I am closing this portion of the project on what I wanted to do for my Agent of Change piece. With doing my recent blog post, I did my own research and learned things about certain parts in Philadelphia that I did not know even existed which is why in my first blog post I was just so new to the project. But from then, it’s been a whole different spin on the information I now know. With thinking about doing my Agent of Change, I wanted to find a way for people to recognize the horrifying murders in Philadelphia caused by guns. With putting a little more depth into this project, recently today there was a march on Woodcrest Avenue in Philadelphia. The people were marching and singing. They held a sign saying “Taking Action To End Gun Violence” and marched on the site where a man was gunned down and killed in a robbery.  What they wanted people to take from this march was to use the gun related murder to stop other losses. How are we as the city of Philadelphia going to stop the shootings in our very own streets? With observing all of resources and space I had, I thought that it would be helpful to make SLA aware of this serious situation. With the help of my friend Ella who has a similar project as mine, we made an infographic  to show different statistics and facts about gun violence with teens and Philadelphia. We printed about 50 posters with this reliable information and put them all around SLA.

This is a picture of one the posters on a wall placed around the school!

With making an end to this project, I have learned a lot about gun violence and all of the shootings that happen in Philadelphia. After knowing  about a situation that triggers my mind, I am happy I was able to make a small contribution to this problem. This is something that I can relate to personally and many others can too. I hope people can see and take away from this project the collective need for us to gun violence..  I hope people will stop and take the time to read the posters and be aware of what is going on in the city they live in. This is nothing to be played around with. Everyone deserves to be safe and feel comfortable in the area they live in. After doing this project, I know that I can make my voice heard and help to be one of many advocates needed to end gun violence. I would love to do more outside of this project to gain other people’s attention to go along with me to say no to guns. But overall, I was happy to do this project and what I accomplished. I think this is something that everyone that everyone can see as a problem in our city . It is my hope that we will put our hands up together on this issue so that people will put their guns down. So I close this to say, do you want to live in Philadelphia or KIlladelphia?

For my annotated bibliography, click here!


La Casa De Nisa


Esto es Nisa.Nisa tiene dos padres, dos hermanas, una abuela y dos perros. Ella le gusta ver la tele y pasar un rato con amigas. los padres tiene dos carros. ella no le gustan los deportes y no le gusta cocinar. Su Madre le gusta cocinar para familia. Sus hermanas tener que una por separado dormitorio. la abuela tiene a dormitorio. Ella familia tiene que estar juntos.

La Casa Diseño


                La Casa De Nisa tiene cuatro pisos. El Sotaño tiene la cocina, cuarto de lavado y sala de estar. Ellos todos comer en sala de estar. uno dormitorio para dos hermanas, y uno dormitoro para los padres. La abuela de Nisa para dormitorio con uno ventana. Nisa tiene una todos piso. Este casa es mucho divertido para la todo familia!



         #1. garaje

# 2. Familia nisa para ver la televisión juntos.

# 3.El donde sus cocineros madre.

#4 habitación de lavandería

#5.El baño- el baño es para las dos hermanas de Nisa.

# 6 dormitorios Hermanas de Nisa

#7. Segundo dormitorio de la madre y el padre de Nisa

#8. Segundo padres baño- tienen un cuarto de baño

#9. abuela tercer dormitorio Nisa

#10 . Baño de Nisa- ella el baño tiene bañera

#11.- Dormitorio de Nisa-  Nisa tiene una televisión de Netflix y HBO Go


Diez Frases

1.Nisa le gusta ver la tele.

2.Su familia tiene dos coches y se necesita un garaje.

3.Familia de nisa le gustas la televisión  juntos.

4. la madre de Nisa le gusta cocinar

5. Nisa le gusta lavar la ropa.

6. Sus hermanas le gusta para ir al baño

7. Sus hermanas de Nisa le gusta dormir

8. Sus padres le gusta para leer juntos.

9. El cuarto de baño tiene una ventana

10. La abuela de Nisa le gusta dormir

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My Insight of the Website

On my first blog post I basically described what I chose for my You and the World is the issue of animal abuse. I chose this topic than any other one because I have a lot of history with understanding animals that were abused and I want to educate the public about the topic. Also, I see animals as living creatures just like humans are living creatures.  Animal abuse is simply when an animal gets harmed, neglected, and/or a does not care for an animal responsibly by a person. In other words, to hurt or to be cruel to an animal would be against the law no matter what.  This the significance of the public being aware of the issue is really serious.

On my last blog post I described my survey for my original research and why I did it. I collected data on a survey so I can educate the public about animal abuse because my main goal was to educate the public. Unfortunately, the results helped inform me on my You and the World issue because this research show how uneducated the public is about the issue of animal abuse. The average person would fail my survey! This added to my understanding of animal abuse that a lot of people do not take animal abuse seriously.When I was done my research I had some strong personal opinions on how people did on my survey and I was disappointed. For example,  the average grade for my survey is a failing grade. One thing that I was still wondering about was why my community is so uneducated about animal abuse.

In my research,  one thing that has been done raise awareness of your issue and to elicit positive change was making a website like the one I did. I made this website for my school because when I did my survey the majority of the people who took it failed. The point of it was to educate the public because it contain all kinds of facts about animal abuse. Another thing that has been are currently being done yearly to raise awareness of  my issue is animal abuse awareness month. During the month (which happens during april) you are asked to wear bright orange to grab people's attention and when they ask you why you are wear a bright orange shirt you say that it is for animal abuse awareness. My opinion on these ways on change are agreeable but wearing an orange shirt it not going to be the only way to change. In my opinion wearing a orange shirt will make people aware of the issue but it will not lead them to make change. For example, if a lot people went to government building and demand for stricter laws for animal abuse then that would probably get people to change.

As I said earlier in the blog for my agent of change I pursued  to make a website. The reason why I did made this website  was because when I sent out a survey to my teachers and classmates about animal abuse and the majority of the people who took the survey failed. Therefore, after that I came up with the idea to make a website to educate the public about animal abuse so my peers in school would be more informed about it. My website contained to inside and outs of animal abuse. This website informs the reader about topics such as factory farming, dog & cockfighting, animal testing, and circus abuse.

This is a screenshot of me working on a software to create my website.

My change has not been so big but I at least informed so people about animal abuse so you could say that I have made multiple changes. Just look at this screenshot of these comments for example. In addition, these comments made me feel great through this project I learned that I not only made a website to inform people but to make them more aware. As I was making this website I learned that if I put in a lot of hard-work and time that things can get done the way that you want them to. Also, I learned that now some students in my school are more educated about animal abuse than ever before. One thing that I feel like I could have done better was to start the website earlier because it could have looked so much more professional. For example, I could have found more research on different types of animal abuse. One thing that has to change is how seriously people take animal abuse. Although, there were many people who learned a lot about animal abuse, I noticed that people still do not take it as seriously.


You're Bigger than the Trigger - The Final Chapter

Continuing on my adventure in my You and World project I am here to talk to you about the change I have made, and how I have become my own Agent of Change. In my last blog post, I took the research into my own hands and decided to use the people right in front of me and what they thought about gun control. After getting mixed responses, it made me realize that our city is full of a variety of people, and I can’t do anything to make them change what they think and feel about it, so my best option is to make it known, and aware, which I think is what I wanted to start out with when writing my first blog post. While thinking about what I wanted to do for my agent of change, I continued my research and began to look at the bigger picture. What is going on now to help this issue? I soon found that as we speak people are fighting for a bill to be passed to advocate ammo limits. The more I researched, the more I found people fighting for what they thought was right, like I was. Maybe I can’t get a bill passed, but I know I could do something. Looking around at my community, and from my results from the survey I gave, drew me to a conclusion that I could instead by lecturing people, I could draw people in and interest them. Before I knew it I had made my own infographic with my friend Madison who was also doing a similar project. After we had filled the infographic with facts about guns involving teens in Philadelphia,we printed about 50 and put them all around school.   


Here is a picture of one of our posters on a wall in our school.

Coming to a conclusion of this project, it has taught me a lot. After being able to do something I was passionate about, and actually knowing that a 9th grader was able to make a small difference in a huge issue actually feels pretty good. I am hoping that people will stop by my posters and take the time to read them and think about what's going on in our world, and maybe, just maybe do something to help change it. Now I know that I am capable of doing something that I came up with, and it not going completely downhill unless I really work hard on it, which I think I did. Of course, there is so much more I want to do, change, like spending more time informing others, and possible speaking someone who is really active in fighting for gun control, but for what I did, I am still proud of what I accomplished. Like it says on my poster, you’re bigger than the trigger, so before you pull it, I advise you to think about the world around you!

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The Verdict: What Citizens Can Do In The Face Of The Law.

  In my first Blog Post, I summarized the problems of complaint process against an officer when made by a civilian. Then in my Second Blog Post ,I interviewed a person who deals with these complaints on a daily.

For my Agent Of Change I have started a petition to show the Police Department that this is what the people of Philadelphia want. We want these investigations to available to the people both in law and legislation.


my petition on The hyperlink is down below

People are noticing and sharing this with their social groups. This will help people understand the issue and be vocal about it. I feel like I made a voice for myself and others that have been wronged by police brutality in the greater Philadelphia Area. I learned that even though Philadelphia hasn't had a law changing martyr case like Ferguson or Cleveland that these kinds of shootings do happen and that they are not uncommon.

   I could've tried harder to reach out to more people and hear their opinions. I think this could have helped my project have more than one view. Having a more diverse view on the subject would help others understand it more. I still need supporters for my survey which you can sign here. Share it on social media and tell your friends and family to take it!

Screenshot 2015-05-30 at 1.46.18 PM.png

one comment made by a classmate under my petition.

The National Police Accountability Project, is a movement organized to fight for justice when police do not conduct themselves according to the laws. They do this through the legal system, using lawyers to help victims of police misconduct deal with their legal struggles.

This way of changing the situation is  mobilizing the people of Philadelphia and others affected by police misconduct to make legislative change in how we handle police affairs  and violence in minority groups of the greater Philadelphia area and other cities.


  This project has helped me understand a great deal about Philadelphia and what my Dad 

does for his job. Until this project, I didn't fully understand how the city suffered because of

the way we handle police misconduct. Just because they didn't turn into national cases that the 

entire nation followed doesn't mean they don't happen. It helped me understand what my Dad 

(Kelvyn Anderson) is working for. He is working for the citizens of Philadelphia and their right 

to see justice served even if that justice is locking up one of the “good guys.” In the end I come 

away with a better understanding of Philadelphia.

Here's an idea America, go back to school!

To every story, or at least most, there is a beginning, middle, and end. In my journey through American Historical, Political, and Civics, I started at the bottom of American knowledge. Moving through my own research, things got worse. People did a lot worse on my test for this topic, with approximately 75% of people failing to answer (a minimum) 6 questions correct. As of now, nothing has and is being done to change American Intelligence. The truth is, the American government does not care to do anything because if the public is ill-informed it benefits those elected. What is even more disheartening is without awareness at the least of american ignorance, the trend will continue of Americans failing to pick candidates for elections who accurately represent their views. Some of you may be confused so here is the explanation. My topic covers civics and politics, and politics was the category citizens were least proficient in. Not being proficient or knowledgeable in politics has a huge downside because when election season comes around, those who are clueless (in politics) are more likely to pick a candidate that is manipulative and does not represent their views because they have no idea what they are doing. Instead of handing out flyers on elections days saying which candidate believes in what, education before hand and at young age is the best way to cure ignorance.

My graph from Last Blog showing the disconnect of knowledge

Education, however effective it may be, has its faults and weaknesses. The biggest weakness being that students will not remember most of the information they are taught. That though, is another issue. Other methods would be as I first suggested, handing out informational pamphlets every election. The disadvantages with that, is you have to repeat the process, waste paper and you don’t actually plug the leak, you just mop up the drops. A third course of action would be to call out politicians for not being honest. That would be too time consuming, irrelevant and the amount of pushback from government you would get would be too much to handle. Considering all that I stuck with Choice 1, education. Now I had to zoom my lense in even more, did I want to petition the School district to teach 12th graders about elections or should I make a generalized lesson plan for teachers to use. The lesson plan is what I did, it could be used any time and is more accessible as well as adaptable. So I got a template/example from a teacher here at SLA who teaches some political happenings, and I modified it to fit my subject.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 23.51.41.png

A screenshot of my LP

As a short description, this lesson plan who have the class mainly focus on researching candidates and comparing what for say, is in the papers, to what's on a non partisan or non candidature affiliated website. I chose this to be the focus because if not everyone has access to the neutral websites, through research they could deduce the most accurate and or honest medium of information.

Change is slow and most likely come to light when the next election rolls around as my LP was not finished in time to be used. That part disappoints me, but working on an LP is no picnic and you have to make sure it covers what you want. I wanted to show what information people are missing out on and prove that being uneducated is detrimental. Having done all 3 parts, I feel baffled at the lack of knowledge on the topic from the public as it is not uncommon to be wrong on this topic. I also feel that could have done something else, but appealing to the public is a daunting task as they aren’t very open to or willing to change their habits/ways.

Going over it all, the one part I would have changed was the focus of my LP. Being too specific missed out on the other important topics that I had worked on and excluding them was as if I had done the work for naught. Though you, yes you! Can make my time well spent by taking the time so when you grow up and vote, you vote with confidence that you made the right choice for you. You help the country (and me!) by weeding out the unqualified and adding the right people to politics. Be the better person and study up when voting, you’ll thank yourself for being smarter than the average citizen.

Works cited

Changing The World...

In the last 2 blog post I talked about my Moms condition and I shared a link to my interview that I did with the Doctor, if you didn't get a chance to see the video Here it is. In my first blog I introduced all of you to MS and what it is and how it affects the people around me This my first blog post and My second blog post talks about the Original Research that I did, you can view my 2nd Blog Post here. Things that are being done to help raise awareness for MS, like I mentioned before millions of people have MS and they do know about fundraisers such as Walks throughout Philly starting from the Art Museum. They have a bunch of things that they do throughout the entire year Visit this Website  for more info. Doing these fundraisers they raise thousand and the money goes toward research and maybe one day finding a cure for MS, all hopes are high that one day they will.  

For my Agent of Change my Mom and I and a couple of other family members did the MS walk about 3-4 weeks ago here are some photos that I took from the top of the Art Museum Steps.Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 9.08.59 PM.png

Before the walks start they have little booths set up for your convenience and they give you water bottles. Once you return to the Museum they give you food to take on the way back home. Also for my Agent of change I gave a presentation to my class about MS, basically an overview of what's going on, give some examples of the symptoms that my Mom has and things such as that. I have the video Right here click on the hyperlink to see the video that I did in English and the slides that come with it. I felt like doing this project was very interesting in a way, but what really interested me about this project was that it just wasn't some essay or presentation. Going out into the world and actually making a change really changed my view about Project Learning.This project was like a stepping stone into someday changing the world. The idea and things that other people did like coming up with hashtags and making accounts on Twitter was really creative and I'm actually happy that we did this project because I wouldn't have learned so much about my Mom and the disease that she's fighting. I was also really thrilled about doing the original research part of the project I thought that was really fun and cool to do an interview because I have never did one before.

Things that I could have done better with was giving the presentation. I was a little scared the first time just presenting to the class. I still have a lot to cdo and much more to learn about MS and myself.


Stats Q4 BM Podcast 3

Group members present during this discussion: Raz Reed, William Amari, Edgar Pacio.

What your club discussed: During our third podcast we discussed chapters 8, 9 and 10. Sorry there are so many files, we had to keep stopping the recording because there's no way to pause on QuickTime.

How you discussed it: We summarized each chapter and the examples given in them. For chapter 10, which ended the book with a series of questions each person should ask his or her self when reading a statistic, we explained each question and examples of potential answers.

Points of conflict/disagreement during the discussion: We agreed on pretty much everything.

​Questions that came up as a result of the discussion: Now that we've covered the entire book, is there anything that Mr. Miles wants to tell us about statistical manipulation that we haven't heard?
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 1
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 2
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 3
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 4
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 5
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Sexism Toward men: III

So for blog post one as most of you know I wrote about sexism toward men. With in that blog post I wrote about what sexism toward men is, research on it, how it affected me personally, different scenarios in which sexims toward men took place and group of people who are trying to stop sexism toward men. For blog post 2 I did more research and original research. My original research included a survey which I emailed to people and a field observation In which I went around finding sexim toward men in public. I found at least seven events. I did some more research. I found this article and video about a woman explaining how sexism affects men too. There was also an article on what happens when men experience sexism. After even more research I found that there is a group of people called MRAs. It's an acronym for Men's rights activist. What they do is go around on college campuses, post pictures on the internet and protest about sexism toward men. This group has been around since the 1970s and has been doing a good job at challenging sexism toward men in my opinion. Some people say that MRA is a counter to feminism because ¨men never want to be excluded¨ which is a pretty sexist comment, but hey that's why I'm here.


In my opinion I think this is a pretty good way to change things. It's very similar to what MLK and other Civil Right activist did and that seemed to work out a lot. There is a lot less open racism today than there was 40 years ago. So if MRA's keep this up Sexsim toward men should drop. Right? However I do feel as though they could try to become a lot more popular considering the fact that not many people (that I talk to) know they exist. I myself didn't know they existed until about a week ago. And just to clarify, I am NOT saying that Sexism toward men is as big as racism. For my agent of change I did a presentation in advisory on May 28th. For my presentation I created a powtoon which talked about sexism toward men and gave some visuals. I also got up and talked more about the topic myself and answered questions because there were just somethings that wouldn't fit into the powtoon. I think it went pretty good. The only problems were the music wasn't working in the powtoon and someone asked me a question about the name of my sources and I couldn't remember them all.


So far from doing this project I've only seen two people change. My 16 year old cousin who is a female has become less sexist. She used to only associate with females, except male family members, and would make rude remarks about the male gender. She would also tweet some rude things as well such as ¨all males on planet earth must be eradicated¨ and does not follow any males on twitter. If you ask her about it she says that she means it. But about a month ago after she read both my blog post I saw her with two guys and gave them a hug goodbye (just friends she says). I couldn't believe it. The other change was in my aunt. My aunt will Force males at her house to sit criss cross on the floor to eat but females can sit on the furniture. She makes all her of sons and nephews to go outside and play in 90 degree weather but her daughters and nieces have the freedom to stay inside all day with the AC on and just chill. Her reasoning is ¨girls just need to be away from you filthy boys¨. But the other day after reading my blog posts, she allowed my male cousins and I to stay inside. Great! If my blog post had this effect on two sexist people I should show it to a couple of Feminazis.

To be completely honest I was a little anxious about doing this project. The reason is because my friend Elias and I talked about me doing this project and how it was controversial and how I would negative remarks, and jokes made about it, which I did. Even though I got some negative remarks I was still able to get positive comments and moral support. Remember, light can't exist without darkness.  After doing this project I learned that myself was sexist. The reason is because I used to expect things of men such as toughness, strength, and even expecting men to be straight. Now I don't expect anything of anyone. I also learned some things about my schoolmates. After I emailed my survey I discovered that a lot of people are or were sexist. And I don't mean sexist as in stereotyping even though , I mean sexist as segregation and discrimination which is extremely wrong.

I feel as though I could have done blog post 1 better because it was confusing for some people. An example is someone thought I was relating Ray Rice to MRA's which I wasn't. Also some people felt as though I was taking it as joke or trying to troll for some reason even though I was being serious. I also know that my annotated bibliography needed work. I didn't have a lot of resources and I don't think it was even properly made, but I was never taught how to do one and feel as though that's something we should have went over with in class. I also didn't have a lot of time due to family issues and religious reasons. Overall though I think I did a pretty good job though. and remember, Stand up, Stop sexism.


I'm Not Done Yet

Blog Post #3. Wow we are already here. But since it's been a while let's just do a little review. In my first blog post, we learned why I'm here in the first place: To raise awareness for ALL Mental Illnesses. ALL meaning not just Depression, or Bipolar Disorder but also ones like Alexithymia and Hysteria. We learned that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from Mental Illnesses, I being one of them, yet Americans know so little about Mental Illnesses. That brings us to my second blog post which described the little that Americans even knew about a problem that affected around 20% of them. This blog post tried to change that by providing information about Mental Illnesses that seemed to be forgotten, exploited the lies of the myths of Mental Illnesses and all in all just tried to change a small portion of people's perspective on Mental Illnesses. But there was another change that happened that changed a larger portion of people's perspective. My Agent of Change.

My original Agent of Change, as mentioned in my previous blog post, was a walk organized by NAMI Walk. NAMI Walk is the leading Mental Illness Awareness Organization in the United States. This Walk was held on May 16, 2015 and all in all they raised over $80,000 for Mental Illnesses just through that one walk out of their many. My original plan was to be apart of this walk but as fate had it, I was in the hospital that weekend and was not able to participate. This was very unfortunate as this was my main plan for making a change but as I, sadly, cannot rewind time, I knew I just had to come up with a Plan B. My plan B consisted of a presentation to either the two counselors of my school or a class presentation. But as fate would have it, I ended up in the hospital again, the following week. So once again my entire schedule was thrown off track. Although I never got to present my presentation. I shall still link my presentation so you may view what I had tried to do.

This was one of my slides in my presentation and I felt the need to add this because it basically summarizes the main point of my presentation.

This is not the end folks. It's just the beginning. Sure this might be the third and final blog post, but it doesn't mean this cause ends here. You can still help raise awareness for mental illnesses. You can still make a change. I shall not end here. I refuse to let this be a one time thing especially when I didn't get to make a change. I refuse to let this cause end here. I shall make my return so until then, don’t forget that the person next to you may just have a mental illness so be cautious of what you say, because you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Le Annotated Bibliography

To Sum It Up

For my You and the World project, I have been working on the topic of Affirmative Action. For those who aren't familiar, Affirmative Action is the process in which an establishment uses special precaution to create equality between all genders and races. Briefly, for my first blog post, I chose to focus more on the data and statistics that accompany Affirmative Action. Basically bringing out a lot of the actual solid facts that would be used to develop a more well rounded opinion. For my second blog post I chose to invest in a more different approach. Even though I had quality information I wanted to see how real people felt. With this I interviewed four different people, two students and two teachers, to discover their reactions and surprisingly, they were very similar. I found that a general idea was that Affirmative Action is not the best solution, but it's something needed in society at the moment. For my Agent of Change I decided to make a website dedicated to the central ideas of what Affirmative Action consist of and how it works. I did a website because it's something that will always be there, and it would be accessible to the masses.

Image result for affirmative action

( This is an image depicting what a large community of people would consider Affirmative Action to be.)

Before assembling my website I did more research to find if anything is being done in support or in opposition to this issue. I actually found that the main thing being done are protest. At first I didn't think it was that much for trying to fix this issue, but upon thinking about it it's a great idea since attention is being drawn. The more protest that are being done the higher the chances change will occur if there is constant pressure from the public. Look at Black Lives Matter who basically did the same things and are known throughout the nation. I think that is a great way for all of the people who want more attention on Affirmative Action to get it. The best source of change that can be done is to physically going out there and fighting for what you want. I'm in complete support of it.

Back to my own Agent of Change, my website was meant to be a site that would provide viewers with all sides of the Affirmative Action debate. From the time I spent researching, it was evident that most websites were trying to convince you whether Affirmative Action was completely great or should be abolished immediately, but this website more informative than persuasive. Readers learn the ins and outs of Affirmative Action while viewing all sides to help create their own depiction of it. This way a very good way to change this because I got to put some of my own opinion on it but mostly informing those who don't know much about this as to what it is because it's something that's often swept under the rug. I think this has been a good change as long as people are reading it. As long as people are reading it, informing themselves, and leaving with at least more knowledge or a better understanding of the topic it has been a good change because I'm helping those who don't know, know about it.

I feel that doing this project really brought everyone closer to the a certain community, and made them more involved with their issues. Because we have spent so much time working on these issues and learning so much about them we have a more personal connection to them, and even no more than what we did before. While we informed the public and our peers, we did the same thing to ourselves. I also learned that that we have a diverse group of people who are all affected or have a strong connection for a wide variety of things. Most importantly, I learned that my classmates as well as myself a willing to put the hard work in for something we believe in. If I was to do this project all over, I would have given myself more time to do some of the task before they were do. I handed everything in on time, but there were times when I was trapped for time because I procrastinated. The only things that seems to be left are to monitor what our Agent of Change has done to help or bring awareness, and to simply keep following it.

Annotated Bibliography

Image Makes All the Difference

So here we are, almost twenty years into the 21st century. We have touch screen cell phones that double as GPSs and even 3D printers. With this boom in technology and information, you would think that most of the issues we faced in the past would be far behind us, right? Well no. Despite all the problems facing our world today, women’s rights may be one of the most ongoing movements in the past decades. I’ve given a lot of information on this topic and its impact on society, but I struggled a bit with how to tackle it in the real world for my "You and the World" agent of change. How does one girl change an issue that is so huge within a short amount of time? Well if I had Obama’s number maybe I’d only have 98 problems, but I don’t. Even though the internet is a vast plethora of information and discovery, I only had so many resources. Since this is such a general and widespread issue, I figured the best way to create change was to spread awareness. The best weapon against wrong-doing is education. Educating those who have no use of gaining this knowledge otherwise is a more powerful tool that I had to use to my advantage, so I took that and ran with it, resulting in a presentation! I presented a small slideshow in front of my stream mates and it went pretty well...besides me sounding like Porky pig with all the stuttering I did. Other than that, I spread awareness on a topic that I’m very passionate about and hope to do more work to change it in the future. It surprised me how many people were also aware of what was going on in our society as well, because it’s not usually a topic brought up amongst kids and teens. I received great feedback from my very active audience and couldn’t be happier with the turnout. Even Ms. Giknis was inclusive in the discussion and added some really great points. I also referred to some topics I covered in my blog posts 1 and 2 which helped me explain the issue of women's issues even further. I gave some of the statistics about the low numbers of women in certain fields and educational programs, talked about equal pay, and also shared some of the results I collected from the survey I took in my second blog post. One point that I brought up was the issue of the images we

re given about a certain issue or topic within our society. The example I gave was how when women enter the workforce, they are constantly making decisions between family and career, as if there’s no in between. Either you’re a loving mother who would rather stay home and shake formula all day or a hard-working businesswoman who has no time for marriage or children. Why should we have to choose? Why can’t both worlds be blended into one to create a world of working mothers with supportive benefits and stable households? It’s all about image. If the image that society places on what a breadwinner looks is that of a male than that’s what will occur. Women feel that the world isn’t ready for our takeover as presidents, CEOs, astronauts, and even receptionists or painters. We should all be proud of what field we are in and not let gender stereotypes or misogynists hinder us from pursuing our careers, and we also shouldn’t be ashamed if we are making more money than our husbands/partners.

I would use social media as a source of delivery for all this research and information I’ve collected, but it was an idea a lot of people partook of and I wanted to do something slightly original. Even though presentations are somewhat mainstream, I figured it would be the best form of spreading the word.

Currently, there are numerous organizations that run specifically to target the issue that face the female working community. One I found was this website, which spreads awareness on women’s issues and also donates to a number of different causes that support the fight for women’s rights. So far, I think I’ve created a significant change in the women’s rights movement because of my blog posts and also my agent of change. I hope to have my message spread globally, but I would also like to partner with some organizations to create a change that has a huge impact on society and is original in its planning and design. Here is my annotated bibliography.
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